The Hinata Chronicles

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Training gloves are off!

So maybe having Ino become the next recruited partner wasn't as good an idea as Hinata thought. Trying to explain everything almost drove her crazy as Ino had so many questions and even started flipping out just because she knew something Sakura didn't. Hinata literally got on her knees and begged Ino to secrecy because she felt that everyone didn't need to know about things just yet.

"Hinata, get off your knees." Ino sighed at the sight of her friend pleading. "Look I promise I won't tell. See?" She held out her pinky and hooked it onto Hinata's. "Pinky Promise ok!"

"Thank you Ino. Right now I really just don't feel confident letting anyone else know. I'm sorry you might think this, but I didn't even plan to tell you, at least not for long while." Hinata let out a breath of relief knowing Ino would keep the truth hidden. "So I guess you want to know what all you can do, right?"

"That would be a good idea." Ino sat back down in the hot water near Hinata while she pulled up the skill window. "Hmm, so my skills fall into the categories of Mind Manipulation and Flower Style. Interesting."

"So your skills right now for Mind Manipulation are Mental Boost, Mind Transfer, Mind Destruction, Sixth Sense, Telepathic Transmission, and Psycho Strike. Right now Mind Destruction, Telepathic Transmission, and Psycho Strike are locked and you have 3 points in Mental Boost, 3 in Mind Transfer, 2 in Sixth Sense. For Flower Style you have Herbal Remedy, Herbal Boost, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Poison Dust, Vine Snare, and Blossom Storm. You have 3 points in Herbal Remedy, 3points in Herbal Boost, 1 point in Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and Poison Dust." Hinata actually thought Ino had some really good skills. Most of her abilities specialized in debilitating enemies. "As for your special ability…"

Ino's Special Ability-Mind Breaker: Ino may be a blonde, but she sure isn't dumb! Thanks to her green thumb, she's come up with some interesting cures with plants. Because of this, the entire party gets a 10 percent resistance boost to negative status effects. If Ino gains Medic abilities, this bonus is raised to 25 percent. If Ino has her Ultimate Gear, this bonus goes up to 50 percent and the enemy has a 10 percent chance of starting with a random negative effect.

Ino looked very interested at exactly what she could do. "Well, it seems I can really mess people up. Either wreck their mind or drive them crazy with my green thumb."

"I think you're going to be a big help. But I wonder how this costume system works?" Hinata kept trying to look for any information, but found none.

Ino stood up and grabbed Hinata's hand, motioning to get out of the water. "Let's go. Maybe we'll find out after doing a little shopping."

Hinata really wasn't up for shopping until she remembered that going shopping was Ino's affection quest. "Looks like I am going shopping. Getting Ino's Affection up wouldn't hurt either. Looks like I'm wearing the Purple Bra and Panties to the mall. At least it will get me out of the thong for a while…well until I need to go eat ramen with Naruto."

It was an interesting sight to see when Sasuke and Naruto found out that Ino now was a part of the party. Sasuke felt a cold chill a few times that Ino acted playful around him, but she did assure him that she wasn't going to go overboard just because she was now a part of a group that Sakura wasn't. The next agenda was the Costume System. It turned out that Ino had a unique out of combat ability. She apparently could take any type of clothing or armor and change it to 'Costume' status. What would happen is that any stats on the clothing would be reduced, but when said gear was equipped, it would now be what everyone sees, even if you were wearing something else. To test it, Ino took Hinata's jacket and was able to convert it into a Costume gear. She then had Hinata try on Naruto's jacket. Of course to Hinata, this was part of a dream come true, but then when she put her original coat on, it made Naruto's disappear like she wasn't even wearing it. But when she opened her equipment window, she saw that she still had Naruto's jacket on. Ino said that she wanted to make a costume set for everyone to have so they could get better armor and have people think they weren't geared properly. She also said it would finally give Naruto a reason to wear something else for a change.

Things had progressed pretty quickly over the next two weeks. The four still decided not to say anything about life being a video game to anyone else yet until they were higher level. For now they kept doing missions and noticed that experience was shared evenly while in Konoha, meaning Ino could still get experience for Hinata, Sasuke, and Naruto even though she was with her team. Hinata made sure to do the affection quest for each person every day, making sure to equip the right underwear to get a bonus. She figured wearing the extreme set to super boost Naruto's affection was too much, so she only went with the regular set. They all worked hard and managed to level up to around Lvl 25. As doing the D rank missions weren't bad as the group had a nice bank of money and could get some better gear, while keeping their costumed gear equipped to keep everyone in the dark.

Hinata even discovered some new affection quests as well. One thing she did every night was work with her mom on her cooking. She would work on snacks and meals that would keep her team's health and chakra up, and learned that she could gain an affection point by cooking dinner for them. So each night she would work on making a breakfast and some form of refresher snack until dinner so she could finally prepare a good meal for her teammates.

After two weeks, Team 7 felt they were ready to move on to some more difficult missions. Before they headed out to get their mission, Ino met up with them, carrying three packages.

"Hey guys. How are things this morning?" Ino asked with a cheery smile.

"Hey Ino. We're good. Going to get a new mission today." Naruto replied. "What's in the packages?"

"Well, since I've been working on making costume gears, I found out that I can add a bonus stat to each set. I can give you a 10 percent reduction from a status effect. So I gave Hinata poison reduction, Sasuke has paralysis, and Naruto has burn protection. That should help you guys out." Ino handed over each set. "I think the better I get at it, the better protection you can get. I'm going to go by and get some fabric and chakra thread and start seeing what I can do." Before she left she had one more thing to say, "Oh yeah, thanks a ton for helping me with my stats and skills. Just boosting my Intelligence and Dexterity really helped with my Mind and Flower skills. Well see ya later!" Ino took off into the village.

After all of her training Ino had spent her 8 skill points increasing her Sixth Sense skill by 3 to max it, unlocked and increased her Telepathic Transmission skill to lvl 3, and put the last two into Herbal Remedy. Her stats were quite interesting as well.

Ino Yamanaka

Lvl 25

Strength 30

Agility 30

Vitality 23

Intelligence 60

Dexterity 50

Team 7 had done well with their skill and stat distribution as well. Hinata worked more on her Intelligence and Strength since she wanted to balance her healing and Gentle Fist. Sasuke wanted more into Strength to boost his Fire skills, and Naruto continued with Agility. So their stats and skills played out as such.

Hinata Hyuuga

Lvl 25

Strength 40

Agility 31

Vitality 20

Intelligence 65

Dexterity 35


Eight Trigrams 64 Palms 3

Rotation 3

Gentle Step 3

Byakugan Boost 5

Medicine Potency 5

Pressure Point Boost 5

Pressure Point Disable 4

Heal Booster 5

Naruto Uzumaki

Lvl 25

Strength 25

Agility 65

Vitality 30

Intelligence 35

Dexterity 38


Shadow Clone 5

Shadow Boost 5

10 points remaining

Sasuke Uchiha

Lvl 25

Strength 55

Agility 40

Vitality 30

Intelligence 40

Dexterity 34


Sharingan Eye 3

Illusion Breaker 3

Great Fireball 3

Phoenix Flower 3

Flame Dragon Missile 2

Naruto's Affection rating: 132/200-Best Friend status

Sasuke's Affection rating: 85/200-Good Friend status

Ino's Affection rating: 61/100-Good Friend status

"So what do you think we'll get today? I mean the D ranks are ok, but a C would really help make more money." Naruto said calmly.

"Well even after two weeks, our chances are pretty low getting a C rank." Sasuke replied. "We're just gonna have to hope we get lucky."

"I think it will be a good experience no matter what we get." Hinata replied with a smile. "But it will be nice to do something very different."

The trio made it to the Hokage Tower where Kakashi had been waiting…wait…Kakashi was waiting? They all did a double take with Naruto rubbing his eyes just to make sure it was true. "Yes, I'm here early. I can change things up you know." Kakashi slightly shook his head, putting his book away. "Now let's see what's in store for you today."

He opened the door to lead his team into the central atrium where the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi sat with Iruka by his side to help assign missions. As the group walked in, Hinata took notice of the pictures of the previous Hokage. One however that caught her eye was a picture of the Fourth Hokage. She stared hard for a second just taking the image in her brain. For some reason after looking at the picture, she couldn't stop thinking about Naruto. "Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze…He almost looks like he could have been related to Naruto." Naruto…one thing Hinata was constantly reminded about her crush was that he was alone in the world with no family. He never even knew the names of his parents. "I really wish he knew something, even just their names." Hinata turned her focus back to the task at hand but not before hearing a new chime. She was going to look at her bracelet, but didn't have time as they were about to get their mission.

"Well Team 7, here for another mission. I've heard a lot of good feedback about the work you've put in." Iruka said proudly. "You're off to a very good start."

"That's good and all Iruka-sensei, but we want something a little harder than all of these D ranks." Naruto complained as Sasuke nodded in agreement. "Do you have any C ranks?"

"Naruto, you've only been a Genin for 2 weeks. There's no way you're ready for a C rank." Iruka said in concern. He didn't feel that Naruto was truly ready for something more difficult as most normal starter teams didn't take their first C rank until after their 2nd month.

"Yeah we are! Just trust us!" Naruto pleaded again. This time he piqued the interest of the Third, causing Hiruzen to look over at Iruka and nod.

"Oh alright, I'll see what we have." Iruka groaned as he started going through papers. As he was doing that the world seemed to slow down again as a large wheel appeared. Only this time both Naruto and Sasuke could see it.

"What is this?" Sasuke looked at the wheel carefully, seeing the spots where it had the letter D. in two section spots, there was a letter C.

Hinata moved over to examine the wheel more closely. "It's a Destiny Wheel. I had one of these to choose my team, remember? Apparently our mission is decided by a spin of the wheel."

Naruto saw there weren't many C spaces. "Two C spaces? That's not fair at all! The odds are against us."

Sasuke just smirked as he looked at Naruto, "Well idiot, maybe we just need to defy the odds. I mean you obviously did, becoming a Genin and all."

"He's right. Maybe you just have really good luck Naruto. Why don't you spin it for us?" Hinata figured a little bit of a confidence boost will help.

Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head with a grin on his face. "You know something, I will. Luck is on my side! Here we go!" He grabbed the wheel and spun it hard, causing it to spin fast. The wheel spun until it started slowing down. "Come on…."

Team 7 watched as the wheel slowed to its stop, revealing they would take…

"Well Naruto, you get your wish today. We have an escort mission for your team." Iruka found the contract and gave it to Kakashi.

Kakashi looked carefully over the contract. "So the Land of Waves. Very well then, we accept this C-rank mission."Another chime went off, this time all three could hear it. "We will meet our contact at the gates in two hours. Team 7, you need to pack for at least 2-3 weeks on this journey. I will see you in two hours." Kakashi suddenly vanished, leaving the three to head back,

Once they had gotten out of the room of the Hokage, Hinata quickly pulled up the Quest Log.

New Mission: Venture to the Land of Waves: Reward 1500 XP-Escort the Bridge Builder to his home.

New Mission: Master Chakra Maneuvering: Reward 1000 XP-Learn the secrets to walking with Chakra

New Mission: Learn about the Mysterious Ice Ninja: Reward 1000 XP, Possible chance to recruit to team

She then quickly checked a second log which for some reason contained notifications that only she was able to read. This one had a lot of text in it.

Ultimate Gear Mission Unlocked! The secret of Naruto's Birth: Reward Naruto's Ultimate Gear-Naruto has been alone ever since he was born. He deserved to know about his parents and only Hinata can learn the truth. Help Naruto uncover the greatest mystery in his life and tell him the truth about his parents!

"Naruto's Ultimate Gear Mission is unlocked? This must be really big! I have to do this for him. Not only will it finally tell him of his parents, but he'll have his Ultimate Gear as well." Hinata knew this was a mission she couldn't fail. And somehow she had a feeling it involved the Fourth Hokage as well.

Team 7 all went their separate ways to pack for the mission. Hinata had taken the time to check her backpack inventory and saw she could pack quite a lot of supplies. It dawned on her that she did turn on the ability for an expanded inventory, so she made sure to stock up on medical supplies and extra trail mix for the group. She also made sure to bring seasonings for cooking while they were out to at least make their meals better.

She did however have some concern about one of the quests given. She remembered about the Mysterious Ice Shinobi and the reward being a potential recruited character. That piqued her interest into seeing who it could be. She grabbed the guidebook from its place in storage and turned to check out the available characters. She knew there were 8 more with the rest of Ino's team, Team 8, an Neji's team, but there was a 9th character she had never seen before.

"Who is this Haku person? There's no picture here either." She looked over and didn't see much information about a background or anything, but when she checked the skill trees she saw that one tree said 'Ice Style'. Everything else was grayed out or in question marks. "So Haku is who we need to find out about." She made sure to keep the name on hand as she finished her packing. Before she left out, she noticed another message.

Key Item Received: Communication Bracelet-As you now have unlocked a mission outside of home, you are only permitted to take two teammates with you until your rank increases. As such, any remaining teammates will stay at home. This bracelet will allow teammates not in your party to complete missions and locate key items. The bracelet also enables communication with you and other party members to keep up date with missions and accomplishments. The Communication Bracelet also sends 50 percent of all experience gained by you to your teammates at home. It also sends 50 percent of the experience your teammates gain to you as well.

Hinata looked at her bracelet and saw a new mode that said 'Chat' on it. Just to get an idea of what it did, she tapped it, bringing up what looked like a blank pad. As she moved her other hand over the pad, what looked like a pen made of light appeared in her hands. "I guess this is how I can send messages. It's pretty handy since I don't need a pen or anything." She wrote a quick message and saw that she could choose who to send it to. The only person available was Ino, so she sent it to her, letting the blonde know she was headed out of the village for a mission. When she was finished, the pad and message screen cleared away. Saving the game once more, she left her room with her gear to meet her team.

Upon getting to the village entrance, Hinata saw that Sasuke and Naruto were waiting. Kakashi had yet to arrive…again. This had become somewhat of a trending pattern over the past two weeks, one that Team 7 had hoped to be rid of. Since all they could do was wait, Hinata handed over some trail mix pouches to the boys and let them know she had extra healing equipment just in case. After about 45 minutes Kakashi FINALLY showed up with an older man…that one could definitely smell alcohol on.

"Who's this old guy?" Naruto glared hard at the old man. "And what's the smell?"

"These brats are the ones escorting me? That'll be the day if we get back alive." The old man didn't have much of a positive outlook on the situation.

"Don't worry Tazuna, I happen to be a Jounin and these three are very well trained. Sasuke was our Rookie of the Year, Naruto is quite talented with his use of Shadow Clones, and Hinata is very adept at first aid." Kakashi said reassuringly. "You're in good hands."

"Whatever. Let's just get going." Tazuna said grumpily as the group headed out. Kakashi took point while he had Naruto and Sasuke to the side of Tazuna, and Hinata covering the rear. This was good for her as another notification popped up.

New Area: Outside Konoha. Upon leaving Konoha, there are many things you can't predict. Enemies may be more difficult depending on where you are, and you may run into a boss battle if you aren't careful. Losing all party members will result in a Game Over, so make sure you save often. In addition, saving can be done anywhere, but you won't restore health and chakra unless you are at a campsite. Things may look tough, but remember…the greater the risk, the greater the reward. You gain more experience and have a chance to find rare materials, weapons, equipment, treasure, and maybe even new ability scrolls. Keep your eyes open at all times.

As Hinata finished reading the notification, she saw that everyone was facing forward while walking. She did a quick sweep with her Byakugan, then saved the game after about three miles out of the way.

Things were going smoothly as the group continued their trek. There had been no problems along the way. The journey would have continued on until Naruto accidentally stepped in a puddle.

"Aw man! Where did that puddle come from?" He shook his foot dry as best he could. "This sucks."

Sasuke was just going to look at him like he was an idiot, but then he noticed something weird. "Wait, what's a puddle doing here? It hasn't rained at all. The sky is completely clear?"

Hinata noticed the area as well, "You're right Sasuke. I've had my Byakugan active and didn't detect any signs of storm clouds."

"Maybe you three are just overlooking things." Kakashi said as he was about to start walking…only to suddenly be tied up in chains. "Ok didn't expect this."

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto called out, only to be told not to move. "Hey who are you guys?"

The two shinobi who had Kakashi tied up revealed themselves as Gozu and Meizu, the Demon Brothers of Kiri. Before they said anything else, the duo pulled their chains back quickly, immediately killing Kakashi. This left Team 7 completely stunned, especially upon hearing the new warning.


"Aw great, it's a boss battle!" Sasuke cursed himself at the situation. "Hinata, what's going on?"

"I'm n-n-not sure!" Hinata quickly pulled up her mission log and saw the announcement of the battle. Apparently this had a stipulation tied to it.

Defeat the Demon Brothers to progress into the game. Tazuna is required to live in order to move on. Do not let him die!


Don't let Kakashi die-FAILED!

Don't lose a single teammate.

Don't use any healing supplies in the battle.

"Wait, we already failed one of the bonuses! How were we supposed to know!" Naruto shouted out as the Demon Brothers began their attack. He saw the duo running straight for Tazuna and had to act fast. "They're going for the bridge builder!"

"What the…!" Sasuke turned quickly to see the duo ready to make a kill. He quickly activated his Sharingan and went on the offensive, but before he could make a move, Hinata had already taken up a defensive stance to protect Tazuna. Gozu had rushed in to sweep with his clawed gauntlet and take out Tazuna, when Hinata blocked it with her own arm, taking the slash in his place.

Hinata cried out in pain and grabbed her arm quickly, not noticing that her health bar changed color from red to purple and started decreasing slowly. "Ugh, that wasn't a good idea."

Sasuke turned to see Hinata down tried to keep the fight together while holding his own against Meizu. "Naruto, I need some help here! Hinata's down and this guy isn't making things easy!" Sasuke blocked a claw slash with his kunai and stayed on the defensive.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Gozu went back after Tazuna with Naruto going to intercept. Naruto made it in time to hit Gozu, but what happened was that Gozu disappeared in a splash of water. "What the…oh crap! Sasuke, they're going to double team you!"

"Son of a…" Sasuke turned only to see Gozu right on him, nailing him with a harsh slash in his chest. Sasuke lost nearly three quarters of his health and his bar changed to purple as well, but the assault didn't stop. Meizu was right on Sasuke with his chain wrapped around his neck, choking the Uchiha.

Naruto ran forward to help out Sasuke but Gozu intercepted and kicked the Uzumaki in the chest, knocking him back toward Hinata who was trying to nurse her wound. In all the chaos, she had been frantically searching her bag for something.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata grimaced again as she struggled with the fact that she was poisoned when she defended Tazuna. Not paying attention to her own health, she used her medical cream to try and heal Naruto. Since she maxed out her Heal Boost skill, it doubled the amount of health she could restore and it boosted Naruto back to near full health, but what she really needed was an antidote pill.

"Thanks Hinata. Hey what's the matter? Why is your health bar purple?" He noticed the same for Sasuke who was fading really fast so he had to move quickly.

"It's poison! We have to move fast Naruto. Otherwise Sasuke will…"Hinata didn't even get to finish when she and Naruto turned and saw Gozu's claw in Sasuke's chest. Sasuke gave one final scream before his health hit zero.

"That's one! Let's get the rest brother!" Gozu laughed as Meizu released the now dead Sasuke. Naruto saw this and his eyes immediately went red.

Hinata lost track of her task and only remembered one thing. "Naruto's Will of Fire ability! He's going to go into Berserker mode!"

"No…you…YOU BASTARDS ARE GOING TO DIE FOR THAT!" Naruto went into a frenzied rage, rushing in faster and stronger than ever. The only thing on his mind was eliminating that which was in front of him. His first target was Gozu, who still had a smug look on his face.

"So the kid has some guts! Well bring it…" Gozu couldn't finish as Naruto landed a powerful strike in the chest, taking away nearly all of his health. Meizu was about to jump in but Naruto was relentless, taking out Gozu with the next strike. His power was unreal but he was so blind in rage that he couldn't see that his eyes turned back to Hinata.

"N-n-Naruto-kun?" Hinata literally froze in fear. "Naruto-kun, it's me Hinata! Please you have to listen to me!" Hinata pleaded with her very life to bring Naruto out of his rage but it was futile. He was too blinded by his ability that she could do nothing to stop his next attack. In less than two seconds, she took a devastating strike that sent her crashing into the trees. In his rage, Naruto had landed a Critical Hit on her and at his powered state, it should have killed her, had her special ability not kicked in. However there was another problem.

"Naruto….kun…." Hinata struggled to get to her feet and heal, but the poison did its damage, sapping away her final health point and sending her into the eternal darkness. At that point the words "GAME OVER" appeared before her as she stood in a black abyss. She was then prompted to load the game from her last save. Touching the "YES" choice, she felt herself being thrown back into the world. Looking around she noticed that she was back outside of the walls of Konoha, having just left for the mission.

"Hinata, are you ok? You look a little lost?" Kakashi turned back to see her in a temporary trance before she shook out of it.

She shook her head to clear it, "I'm sorry, I'm fine. Um before we go any further I need to do something. I forgot to give everyone something I made." She took her backpack off and started going through it to get something while Naruto and Sasuke me over to talk to her, trying not to alert Kakashi.

"Is that what it's like to die? That was not good." Sasuke felt very unusual having realized that he did in fact die.

"Yeah I agree. That Berserker mode is no joke either. And Hinata, I seriously want to say I'm sorry. I just couldn't control myself from attacking. Please forgive me. I'd never do that to any of my friends on purpose." Naruto pleaded over the fact that he did essentially attribute to her death.

Hinata felt relieved knowing that he'd never harm her intentionally. "It's ok, I know it wasn't your fault. But at least we now know what to expect." She then took four bags of trail mix from her backpack and also took four antidote pills as well. "Here, take one of each. Since we know they'll be working with poison, we should be careful." She then went over to Kakashi and Tazuna. "Here take these. It's just something to be prepared and it's a good snack for the road."

Tazuna looked as if he didn't care and stuffed the items in his pocket. Kakashi however became a bit intrigued. "Why an Antidote Pill?"

Hinata didn't want to catch on that she knew what was going to happen, "I just want to make sure all of us are ok. Never know when we might run into a rattlesnake or scorpion."

Kakashi had a slight feeling that she knew something she wasn't letting on, but decide to go with things for now. "I see. Good thinking Hinata. Well then let's get moving."

The group got back into step as they continued their journey again. This time however when they got to the battle point they were ready.

"Kakashi-sensei, is there a technique that lets a shinobi hide in water?" Naruto asked, knowing about the Demon Brothers' setup.

"Why do you ask Naruto?" Kakashi wondered what would bring about such a questions.

"Well see those puddles up ahead? That's really unusual considering that we haven't run into any rain at all on this trip. Hinata's had her Byakugan active the whole time and hasn't seen a single rain cloud." Naruto said observantly. "I think we may be headed into a trap."

Kakashi was already a step ahead of Naruto. "Good eye Naruto. I didn't think you had that kind of perception to see a trap like that. Well whoever pops out of it will get a nice surprise. I'll let you three try and take them on." He continued walking as if nothing was unusual. As they approached the puddle, Kakashi anticipated the attack. Right on cue the Demon Brothers appeared, ensnaring him. However this time when the two dealt the killing blow, Kakashi vanished in a puff of smoke, leaving his Genin to handle the job.

Remembering their past mistakes from their last life, the three took a different approach. "Naruto, make the odds really unfair for them!"

"You got it Sasuke!" Naruto formed a cross seal, "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Immediately forming 100 clones, the Demon Brothers became surprised that a Genin could make so many clones. "Let 'em have it boys!"

While the clones went on the attack, the trio pulled together to do a quick strategy. "Ok Hinata, how are the objectives looking?" Sasuke asked.

She checked over the objectives and saw that one had been achieved. "Kakashi-sensei isn't dead, so we got that one. As for the others, no one can die and we can't use healing items until after the battle."

Sasuke took careful note of the objectives. "That means we can't use the antidote pills at all during battle." He tried to think of what could work. "If we can't use items, then that also means Hinata's Healing Cream is out too." Racking his brain, Sasuke tried hard to come up with an idea until it hit him. "Got it. Hinata, you and I need to do everything we can to keep from getting hit. Naruto, you can take a hit or two and even get poisoned as well since your life regeneration is triple what ours is. You may end up healing fast enough to counteract the poison."

Naruto looked at Sasuke like he was crazy. "You want me to get hit? Really?"

Hinata actually had to agree with Sasuke. "Naruto, Sasuke is right. You have the highest Agility stat out of all of us, making you the fastest. You have a better chance of avoiding a direct hit. And he's right, you have better regeneration than us."

Naruto started to have second thoughts, then figured what the heck. "Alright I'll go along with it." Naruto took lead and joined his clones on the attack. The Demon Brothers were holding fast against his clones with no problem. Naruto saw an opening and managed to get in a few good strikes on one of the brothers, but took some hits and became poisoned in the process. However Sasuke's theory proved to be correct. His health regeneration was enough to slow the poison to a near standstill.

"Guys, do something! I can't keep this up for long!" Naruto started to feel fatigued from his constant fighting. Sasuke and Hinata moved in and decided to finish the battle quickly.

"Hinata I'll take the one on the left if you take the one on the right." Sasuke sped up to go on his assault. Hinata gave him a quick nod and went for her target while Naruto continued to distract the duo.

"Gozu, watch yourself!" Meizu tried to warn his brother but Sasuke was already on him, striking him heavily until he landed a brutal elbow on Meizu's head, knocking him out cold.

"Meizu!" Gozu's luck was just as bad as Hinata started hitting chakra point after chakra point, putting Gozu on his knees. "Naruto, he's down!" She saw him come up behind Gozu with his leg pulled back.

"Oh you bet he is!" Naruto struck Gozu with a massive kick to the head, putting the other Demon Brother on the ground. "Looks like we win this one!"

Mission Complete! Defeat the Demon Brothers! Reward: 2000 XP, Poison Infusion Lvl 1 Scroll

Bonus Objectives

Don't let Kakashi Die-Complete! Reward 250 XP

Don't lose any teammates-Complete! Reward 250 XP

Don't use any healing supplies in battle-Complete! Reward 250 XP

LEVEL UP! Hinata reaches lvl 26! Hinata gains 1 Skill Point and 26 Stat Points. Naruto's affection increases by 1 point. Sasuke's affection increases by 1 point.

LEVEL UP! Naruto reaches lvl 26! Naruto gains 1 Skill Point and 26 Stat points.

LEVEL UP! Sasuke reaches lvl 26! Sasuke gains 1 Skill Point and 26 Stat points.

SKILL ENHANCEMENT! Hinata's Byakugan Boost upgrades to Advanced Byakugan. Using a quarter of her chakra, Hinata can activate detailed X-Ray vision for 10 seconds to see through walls, bags, clothing, etc. to gather more information and details as needed.

SKILL ENHANCEMENT! Sasuke's Sharingan Eye upgrades to Advanced Sharingan. Due to Sasuke's diligent practice, his Sharingan now consumes 10 percent less chakra while active and enables a 2 percent chakra regeneration bonus while active.

SKILL ENHANCEMENT! Naruto's Shadow Clones are now Powered Shadow Clones. Naruto now gains an additional 10 percent experience while training, and due to his training, his clones now take two hits to dispel.

"Hinata, what did the messages say?" Naruto knew something good had to come since all of them received a level up.

"We all received upgrades to one of our skills." Hinata said happily as she explained the upgrades.

"So it seems that the more we use certain skills, then the possibility of upgrades can happen to give us better abilities than what we assign." Sasuke though over the whole bonus idea. "Do you think this might also affect jutsu as well?"

"It might." Hinata replied as she closed the window. "It could possibly lead to new jutsu creation for elemental jutsu as well."

The three Genin were still in conversation when Kakashi called them over after speaking with Tazuna. "Well team, it seems that our mission parameters were not what we expected, especially since we ran into two rogue Chuunin. This is now a B-ranked mission, way higher than what you Genin are trained for." He began to explain just what the real mission was and how it was now much more dangerous. "So technically we can return home and end the mission now if you choose."

Hinata, Sasuke, and Naruto all looked at each other before coming to a decision. Hinata had answered for the boys as well, "Kakashi-sensei, we've decided that we want to continue. Wave needs serious help against Gato and it's our job to help in any way possible."

"Hinata's right. Plus the only way we're going to get stronger as ninja is to take on tougher challenges that push us further." Naruto added his two cents as well.

"For once I'm in agreement with Naruto. We're not turning back." Sasuke said coolly.

"Very well. We'll continue and see the mission through." Kakashi said as he took point.

The group continued further into the forest headed to Wave. Hinata kept her Byakugan up to stay alert, but didn't use her new X-Ray ability yet. Things were going well when she noticed something strange.

"Hold on everyone." She looked carefully and noticed a white rabbit. "Does anyone think it's weird to see a white rabbit here?"

"What's the big deal, it's just a rabbit." Naruto shrugged off the comment with no care.

"Hinata's right Naruto. A rabbit's coat is normally white in colder climates where there is snow. The temperature's too warm here so the coat should be brown." Kakashi replied as he suddenly caught wind of something. "Everyone get down!" Immediately everyone ducked as a massive blade swept through overhead, cutting some trees before it boomeranged back to its wielder. The group rose to see another shinobi standing before them, this time wearing grey pants, a Kiri shinobi headband, the massive sword, and bandages over his face.


"Another Boss Battle? Here!" Naruto swallowed hard over the fact that they had just finished one previously and it wasn't very easy. "Hinata, what can you get on this guy?"

Hinata immediately went into observation to check Zabuza's stats.

Zabuza Momochi

Jounin Rank

Lvl 79

Strength 77

Agility 84

Vitality 75

Intelligence 67

Dexterity 88

Strengths: Water, Swordsmanship

Weaknesses: None

"He's Jounin rank! In fact his stats are almost as high as Kakashi-sensei's, if not higher in some places!" Hinata said nervously.

Both Naruto and Sasuke couldn't believe they were already in trouble again, this time in a more serious battle. "Hinata please tell me we saved after that last battle?" Sasuke was hoping she said yes because he didn't want to have to go through the Demon Brothers again.

"I…I…I don't remember!" Hinata was too scared of what was going on to remember if she saved or not. "I'm trying to save now, but it won't let me because we're in a battle!"

"You three stay back!" Kakashi got their attention before turning back to Zabuza. "Protect the Bridge Builder at all costs.

Kakashi went in full speed attacking Zabuza while the others stood back in defense. Strangely enough Zabuza wasn't going after them at all and it started to make them question what was going on.

"Have you noticed something? Zabuza's going after Kakashi, but he's not a playable character on our team." Sasuke said. "Isn't that a little weird?"

"What do you mean by weird?" Naruto looked confused as he tried to process the information.

"Look you idiot. What I mean is that even though we got the Boss Battle warning, we didn't get any extra objectives like we normally do." Sasuke commented back. "If we had Hinata would have told us by now. I'm thinking this may be a different kind of battle."

Naruto and Hinata turned back to see the battle continuing, and soon saw Kakashi snared by Zabuza's trap. She then noticed that everything started slowing down and becoming dark. "Sasuke, you were right. It looks like we have a choice to make." The three saw three options appear before them. "This is just like what happened with the Team Selection, but it doesn't seem luck based this time."

The three options that appeared were listed…

Stay back and do not interact with the fight between Kakashi and Zabuza and let Kakashi escape on his own

Charge in and attack Zabuza from all angles to help Kakashi escape

Find a way to distract Zabuza to free Kakashi

"So this is what we have to choose?" Naruto read over the three options and started to wonder what to do.

Sasuke looked over them as well and tried to think of something. "Well it's obvious we can't choose the first option."

Both Naruto and Hinata looked back at him, "Why not?" Naruto wondered what his reasoning was.

"Well doing nothing may get us killed. Plus since when have we ever done nothing in a battle?" Sasuke stated the obvious. "Now as for the other two options, those are more teamwork based. So obviously we need to pick one."

Naruto looked over the other two options, "If it were me, I'd say we charge in there full speed and bum rush Zabuza. He won't know what hit him."

"No you idiot! We need to distract him. He'd see us coming from a mile away if he rush him." Sasuke retorted, trying to get Naruto to actually think for a change.

"Yeah that's just like you, trying to be the smart hero. Just like always. We need to rush him!" Naruto went back on defense for his argument.

"Naruto you're going to get us killed you idiot!" Sasuke snapped back.

The boys continued arguing, leaving Hinata in a puzzled dilemma. That's when she noticed the two choices began to change.

Naruto says to rush Zabuza in an all-out assault. Side with him and gain 10 affection points, but lose 10 affection points with Sasuke. Cannot gain affection points with Sasuke for three days.

Sasuke has a plan to throw off Zabuza. Choose him and gain 10 affection points, but lose 10 affection points with Naruto. Cannot gain affection points with Naruto for three days.

"This isn't good. Both of the boys have a good choice?" Hinata looked at the two boys who now stood before her with a hard stare. Both were pressuring her to make a choice on what they should do.

"Well Hinata? You need to choose. What's it going to be?" Sasuke demanded.

"Yeah Hinata, pick something fast!" Naruto joined in with the demand.

Hinata stood there nervous. This was the first time she really had to make a choice between her two teammates and she had no clue what to do. Since they didn't have a save before the battle, she couldn't try both options to see what would work best.

"I….I…..I…..I choose….." All Hinata could do is hope the person she chose against wouldn't hold it against her.

So everyone was probably wondering just where in the world I've been for 3 months. Needless to say...I've been having to watch my son(who is now 8 months old at the time of posting this). He now knows how to crawl and is nearing the point of being able to walk...and that has literally kept me on my toes. Plus my wife went back to work(the life of a teacher is never done) and I have to watch the baby more often while she does assignments. Finish that off with helping my daughter move into her dorm room at college and well, it's been a busy end to the summer. Life as a dad is rough...but in all honesty, I wouldn't give it up for anything. So I will try my best to get to writing more and continue the game as best as I can! Till next time!

Current Character Stats

Hinata Hyuuga

Lvl 26

Strength 41

Agility 31

Vitality 20

Intelligence 68

Dexterity 35


Eight Trigrams 64 Palms 3

Rotation 3

Gentle Step 4

Byakugan Boost 5Advanced Byakugan 1

Medicine Potency 5

Pressure Point Boost 5

Pressure Point Disable 4

Heal Booster 5

Naruto Uzumaki

Lvl 26

Strength 25

Agility 68

Vitality 30

Intelligence 35

Dexterity 39

1 point left over


Shadow Clone 5 Powered Shadow Clone 1

Shadow Boost 5

11 points remaining

Sasuke Uchiha

Lvl 26

Strength 55

Agility 45

Vitality 30

Intelligence 40

Dexterity 34

1 point left over


Sharingan Eye 3 Advanced Sharingan 1

Illusion Breaker 3

Great Fireball 3

Phoenix Flower 3

Flame Dragon Missile 3

Ino Yamanaka

Lvl 25

Strength 30

Agility 30

Vitality 23

Intelligence 60

Dexterity 50


Mental Boost 3

Mind Transfer 3

Sixth Sense 5

Telepathic Transmission 3

Herbal Remedy 5

Herbal Boost 3

Stun Spore 1

Sleep Powder 1

Poison Dust 1

Naruto's Affection rating: 133/200-Best Friend status

Sasuke's Affection rating: 86/200-Good Friend status

Ino's Affection rating: 61/100-Good Friend status

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