Gunstar Shinobi Heroes


Gunstar Heroes meets Naruto in a new interstellar adventure!

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Gunstar Shinobi Heroes

Naruto: Dude!!! This is sweet!!! You're doing a story merger with this game!

Neokenshin: Of course! Who doesn't like Gunstar Heroes! That game is friggin awesome!

Naruto: Oh man I am so hyped! I can't wait to see this! Ok screw the waiting! Kishi owns me, and Treasure owns the Gunstars, but let's get this party started!!!!!!

Chapter 1: I am a Gunstar Hero

Things were at its climax. The Empire was in shambles, but it didn't matter. The destructor, Golden Silver was awakened from its slumber and was headed full speed back home. Right now it was a race against time to stop it from getting there or our home would be destroyed in an instant!

"Damn, why can't this thing go any faster?" Red looked at the console and saw the speed maxed out on the Gunstar 1 Turboship. "Doc, can't we do anything to catch up to that freak!"

"Red, I've already pushed the boosters to maximum. There's nothing more I can do!" said Dr. Brown over the viewscreen. "You're going to have to try and destroy it out there!"

"But Dr. Brown, we've tried every weapon combination possible! Nothing is penetrating Golden Silver's shield!" cried Yellow.

"Wait what if we combine all four cartridges. Maybe it will be enough to destroy that thing." Blue asked, hoping for a solution.

"Blue, that's insanity! Gunstar 1 was only modified to work with your current weapon configurations! Even attempting to use 3 cartridges is dangerous enough, but all four could potentially destroy you all!" Brown screamed. "I won't allow this!"

"Look Doc, we don't have a choice. It's either us or our home." Red stated. "And as Gunstars it's our job to protect our home from danger."

"I know. That's why I didn't want to tell you about this." Brown said as a small door slid back on the control console. "These four slots are for your cartridges. After hearing all of Red's crazy ideas, I figured I might as well try something. "

"So what is this weapon called Dr. Brown?" asked Purple.

"This is the Gunstar Buster Cannon. It takes the main attributes of each of the four cartridges and combines them into one ultimate blast. It uses the speed of the Force Cartridge, the lock-on abilities of Chaser, the precision of Lightning, and the power of Flame. "Brown explained as the four Gunstars loaded their cartridges. "Be warned, you only have one shot so you have to make it count."

"Got it Doc." Red replied as the weapon began to charge. "Well, this is it. Time to prove why we're called Gunstars."

"I don't think you should be giving a speech like that just yet." The group heard an incoming transmission and switched to an auxiliary viewscreen.

"Bro! What are you doing?" Blue noticed that outside was Green in his mech Seven Force.

"I still have a mission as well. You didn't forget, did you?" The screen switched over to show Green in the cockpit of his mech. "Luckily I had two crazy brothers and two annoying little sisters to help me get my head clear."

"Glad to hear that." Red replied. "But what are you going to try? Gray and his goons tried getting close to that thing and they got torched!"

"Seven Force is strong enough to hold off Golden Silver, but only for a few seconds. Use that window to launch the Gunstar Buster Cannon and finish it once and for all." Green said, causing everyone else to understand his motive.

"Big brother, you can't do that!" said Yellow. "At that range, you'll…you…?"

"I'll be saving the world alongside my family." Green flashed a smile as he held up his badge. "That's what it means to be a Gunstar."

"Green, you can't be serious! This is suicide!" screamed Blue. "You can't leave us!"

"Red, Blue, you two surpassed me in everything. Skill, courage, strength, ability…our home is lucky to have two Gunstars like you. Yellow, Purple, even though we aren't related by blood, you're still my little sisters. I want you two to keep an eye out for Red and Blue, and make sure they don't get into any trouble." Green said. "You four are now the leaders of the new Gunstar Heroes. Make sure you show that to everyone back home."

"Big brother!!!" Yellow cried as Green closed transmission. The team looked out the main window to see Seven Force blast off towards the destroyer.

"Brother, thank you. You're a true Gunstar." Blue said quietly as he held Yellow close to him.

"Alright everyone, it's time to end this." Red said as the meter on the cannon read full. Green was able to get a hold of Golden Silver and hold him off. Red placed his hand over the activation button, only to have Purple place hers on top. Yellow and Blue followed suit as they all took one last look at their brother. "This is for Green!"

"GUNSTAR BUSTER CANNON, FIRE!" said the four Gunstars as they slammed their hand on the firing button.

At the front of the Gunstar 1, a large bay opened to reveal a quad barreled cannon. It began to glow in four different colors as it gained more energy. Once it was charged, the cannon fired, sending a massive beam of energy directly at Golden Silver and Green. Green looked on from his cockpit at the oncoming laser and only had a smile, since he was able to finally repent for his crimes while he was controlled by the Empire. Just before the blast hit, he closed his eyes and pressed one last button on his console.

"ITACHI!!!!!!" screamed Blue as the blast hit.

One year ago…

"Hard to believe we've finally become full time Gunstars." Naruto said as he drank his tea. "I never thought Gunstar training would be this tough."

"The only reason why it was so hard was because Big Brother wanted to make sure we were all ready. He has a lot of faith in us you know." Sakura replied as she sat down beside Naruto. "Though I do have to say, he really helped us a lot. After our parents were both killed by the Empire, we really didn't have anywhere else to go."

"Yeah, we really are lucky you know." Naruto said as he looked up as the sky.

Yeah that's me, Naruto Uzumaki. I'm 14 years old and live on Planet Konoha. Beside me is my childhood friend Sakura Haruno. We've been friends since we were little. Our dream was to enter Gunstar Academy and become the best Gunstars we could be. However when we were both 5 years old, our parents were killed in an attack from the Empire. For a while we had both been on our own, fending just to survive every day.

"I kinda wonder, what our lives would be like if we didn't meet Sasuke and Itachi?" asked Naruto. "Or even if we had met Hinata too."

"Well, I think we'd probably have either been killed by the Empire or ended up on another planet, just trying to get by." Sakura replied.

See the thing is our home Planet Konoha; along with Planet Suna, Planet Iwa, Planet Kiri, and Planet Kumo have been in constant war with the Sound Empire. Their leader, General Orochimaru Gray has staged constant attacks against all of our planets trying to find some strange artifacts. No one really knows what his purpose is, but it's bad. Luckily that's what the Gunstars are for. The Gunstars are a specially trained attack and protection force, designed by the Interplanetary Alliance to protect all inhabitants on any world from tyrants such as Gray. We use specially designed guns that allow us to use one of four special attribute cartridges, Force, Lightning, Chaser, and Fire. Some people say that there are four specially crafted guns that can only be used by the chosen Gunstars. These guns allow one to actually fuse cartridges to create weapons never seen before. But no one has ever been found that can use those guns.

"Guess we need to find out who our other teammates are. " Naruto said as he finished his tea. "We should head over to Doc's lab. She told us to meet there so we could find out who they are."

"Well, standard Gunstar Protocol says that two strikers and two navigators are assigned to a team, based on their performance in the academy. Then after five years of work, you're able to test up into the Gunstar Hero team if you're good enough. I hear they get custom colors, and can even use two guns at once." Sakura said as she and Naruto headed out of the café.

"Yeah I'd love to be a Gunstar Hero. Then I'd get to be teamed up with Itachi. He's like the best there is." Naruto replied as he and Sakura headed into town to Dr. Brown's lab.

The Gunstar Heroes…they were the best of the best in the Gunstars. Only the most skilled Strikers and Navigators were able to become one, and when you did, you were issued a color personalized uniform and your color was your new codename. Itachi Uchiha was the best. He was known as Gunstar Hero Green. He set records that you couldn't believe. Instead of waiting five years to take the test, he was promoted immediately out of the Academy. Two years later, he became captain of the team. Coincidentally, he was also the one that saved me and Sakura during an Empire attack. That's when we went to live with him and his younger brother Sasuke. Since then I've looked up to him in wanting to become a Gunstar Hero just like him. Sakura looks at him like her big brother, since she was kind of a crybaby back in the day. But thanks to Itachi, both of us, along with Sasuke were able to pass the academy and become Gunstars. Sasuke and I went on to become Strikers while Sakura became a Navigator. Since then Sakura has also developed a slight crush on Sasuke, but he tries to play it cool and act like it's nothing. Yeah the three of us were inseparable, and it only got better once the fourth person of our group joined up.

"So Naruto, I wanted to ask you, did you have any preferences as to who you wanted as your navigator?" asked Sakura. "I know that I really hope I'm paired up with Sasuke."

"Well that was obvious, considering the huge crush you have on him." Naruto chuckled, causing Sakura to blush.

"I…I do not have a crush on him! I just…think he's cool." Sakura said bashfully as the twiddled her fingers.

"Sakura, I've known you since I was little. Remember back when you were still a complete crybaby? The only time you'd stop whining was when Sasuke was around." Naruto laughed.

"That's because you'd pick on me all the time and he wouldn't!" Sakura replied with a punch to Naruto's arm.

"Hey you're my best friend…and I do think of you like a little sister I gotta look after as well." Naruto said, causing Sakura to blush even more.

"You…really think of me like that? Naruto, I didn't know." Sakura said.

"Look, we've been through a lot. And we've proven that we're an awesome team. It only got better when we met Sasuke and Itachi." Naruto replied.

"And don't forget about Hinata too." Sakura said, causing Naruto to start stuttering.

"W-w-w-what about her?" Naruto asked, hoping Sakura wasn't going to start probing.

"You know, I heard back in navigator classes that she really likes you." Sakura said.

"Me? Yeah right. We're just friends. Besides, why would she choose me anyway?" asked Naruto.

Sakura just had to bring up Hinata Hyuuga. See the thing is, Hinata's the daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga, head of Konoha Technological Industries. They're only the biggest and most powerful corporation on Konoha. They manufacture everything, ranging from communications, to everyday living supplies, even to weapons and equipment for the Gunstars. And that's nothing. Hinata's the most beautiful girl there ever was at Gunstar Academy. She's smart, nice, and just about any guy would love to date her, probably because she's also rich. From what I heard, she's supposedly been guaranteed a spot in the Gunstar Heroes because she's had private training, just like her cousin Neji, who happens to be in the Gunstar Heroes as well as Gunstar White. I do like her though, and she is one of my closest friends, but for her to actually like me more than that? Yeah right.

"Look Hinata wouldn't want anything to do with me. I'm just an average guy." Naruto shrugged his shoulders like he didn't care.

"Yeah an average guy that she has the hots for. Look she's even turned down dates and proposals from some of the most popular guys in school all because she's waiting for you to ask her out." Sakura said. "I'm being serious; you guys would make a wonderful couple."

"Yeah well…it would be really cool if she was my navigator. I mean she did get the highest scores out of all the graduates, right?" Naruto said. "That and she even tested high in the Striker test as well, so she could have done either, and there is also that rumor that she's already been admitted to become a Gunstar Hero as well."

"Naruto that doesn't matter at all. Just think about it ok, trust me." Sakura placed her hand on his shoulder to try and pep him up. "Now let's hurry, Dr. Brown should have our team ready."

Sakura and I headed over to the Gunstar Headquarters where we'd meet our new team, and then get our patrol assignments. There we'd meet up with Dr. Tsunade Brown, supreme commander of the Gunstars and top technological developer as well. So yeah not only does she lead all of us, she also works with Konoha Tech to make our gear as well. As we got to headquarters, the whole place was in a bustle as everyone was getting their new teams. She also used to be a former Gunstar Hero as well, being part of the elite Sannin Cell. They were known as the legendary team of Gunstars that stopped a massive crisis a long time ago. She used to be partnered up with Gray before he turned traitor and formed the Sound Empire. Of course Naruto and Sakura ran into some old faces as well.

"Well if it isn't forehead girl! So here to hope your team doesn't suck?" Sakura looked to see none other than her rival Ino Yamanaka standing there.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say Ino. Just because you scored higher than me doesn't mean my team is gonna be bad." Sakura sighed.

Ino send Sakura a glare as she put her hands on her hips. "Think that all you want. But I happened to get assigned to work with one a top Gunstar. I get to work with Asuma Sarutobi!"

"Nice." Sakura said sarcastically.

"Not only that but I get Chouji Akimichi and Shikamaru Naru as well. I heard they one of the toughest Striker/Navigator teams yet." Ino said as she stuck her tongue out.

Yeah, that's Ino. She's been Sakura's rival ever since we entered Gunstar Academy. She's probably one of the most stuck up girls you'd ever meet and she'd always drive Sakura crazy every time she outdid her in navigator class. As for her teammates, Shikamaru Nara is like a total ace at navigating, but he just doesn't care. He says he became a Gunstar to add a twist to life, but I think he's just bored. And Chouji Akimichi, well let's say the dude is like a powerhouse tank when it comes to being a striker. But he's always cramming his mouth full.

"Well we gotta go. Gotta get our assignments you know." Sakura chuckled as she dragged Naruto away.

"Looks like she's still at it, huh Sakura." Naruto asked.

"Yeah she just loves making me mad. Well I'll show her." Sakura was obviously miffed.

We got to Dr. Brown's office where she was already getting a headache from giving out assignments. Honestly I don't know why she's getting ticked off. Maybe it was because I wasn't there to pep her up.

"Hey Doc, already going crazy?" Naruto said as he walked in.

"Naruto I told you not to call me that, you idiot!" Tsunade said in grief. "Just get in here so I can give you your assignments."

"We haven't even gotten to work and you're already driving people crazy, aren't you Naruto?" said a familiar voice. Naruto and Sakura looked to see it was Sasuke Uchiha waiting in the office.

"Sasuke, you're on our team?" asked Sakura.

"Yep. You're officially my navigator Sakura. Looks like you won the bet with Ino, huh?" Sasuke said with a cool smile.

"YES!!!" Sakura thrust her fist in the air in joy. "I knew I could outdo that yellow haired banshee! Just wait till she finds out! That's right Ino, you can totally suck my wake!!!"

"Ok so we know she's happy. So Doc, who's my navigator?" Naruto asked.

"Um, I am Naruto." Naruto turned around to see none other than Hinata Hyuuga standing at the door. "I…I hope that we can do a very good job."

"Uh…well…yeah me too." Naruto chuckled while he scratched the back of his head.

"Ok you four cut it out." Tsunade said as she got their attention. "First of all I want to congratulate each of you on graduating and becoming Gunstars. It means a lot to everyone on Planet Konoha that you will work to protect our home and to help protect the people of the other four planets in our alliance. That being said, you four have your first assignment. You'll be heading to the eastern territories for patrol and to help refugees out." She took a folder out and handed it to Hinata. "You leave in two days. So take today to spend time getting used to your team, go to the firing range, whatever you want."

"Thank you Dr. Brown. We'll do our best." Hinata said with a bow. As she rose up, Tsunade's assistant Shizune came barging in the office.

"Dr. Brown, the results are done! We've found them!" Shizune said as she dropped a folder in front of Tsunade.

"You're kidding right? You mean you found the four who can use those guns!" Tsunade immediately opened the folder and started scanning over the information. "I don't believe this! Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sasuke, don't move!"

"Um, did we do something wrong Dr. Brown?" asked Sakura.

"No, but I'm terminating your orders. You will not be deploying in two days." Tsunade said as she took back the folder she gave Hinata. "As of right now I need your badges."

"Hey I worked hard to earn this badge! Why should I give it up?" Naruto said reluctantly.

"Naruto just do it. I'll explain things when the time comes." Tsunade snapped back as she took everyone's badge. "Good. As of right now you four have been removed from the Gunstar Ranks. I'm sorry to say you're no longer Gunstars."

"WHAT!! I just got out of the blasted academy and you tell me I'm already done!" Naruto screamed.

"What's the deal! How can you remove us from the ranks when we haven't even started?" Sasuke added.

"Yeah I studied a lot to become a good navigator! This isn't fair at all!" Sakura said as well.

"Will you all shut up and listen for a minute!" Tsunade said, getting the four to go silent. "As I was saying, you're removed from the STANDARD Gunstar ranks. I'm not kicking you out of the Gunstar Force."

"Then what are you doing Dr. Brown? How can we still be in the Gunstar Force if we're not Gunstars?" Hinata questioned.

"It's simple. You four, come with me." Tsunade pressed a button under her desk to cause the bookshelf to slide back. "Your assignments are now changed."

"Whoa, hidden elevator. Cool." Naruto said as the doors opened.

"Shizune, handle the rest of the assignments. I'll return within a week." Tsunade said as everyone entered the elevator.

"Very well Dr. Brown. Good luck." Shizune said as the door closed and the bookcase slid back into place. "I hope those four will be able to do this."

Ok now this was definitely weird. I find out that I'm teamed up with my bro Sasuke and also with Hinata as well, only to find out we've been removed from the standard Gunstar ranks. But what are we going to be doing anyway?"

"So Doc, care to start explaining what the deal is? Why'd you give us the boot like that?" Naruto asked as the elevator stopped at an underground train area.

"You'll know more once we get to where we need to go." Tsunade ushered them out of the elevator and into a small train car. "Don't worry I'll explain everything in full."

"Ok, Yeesh." Naruto said as he entered the car.

I still had no idea what was going on. There was something Doc was keeping from us, and I really wanted to know just what it was. But I do gotta say, this train car she's got us in is nice…and huge too. It's like a portable base or something. After we got settled in, the train got moving and we were headed to an unknown location.

"Alright Doc, you got us in here, so you gonna tell us what we're doing?" asked Naruto.

"Yes. I want you to read this." Tsunade handed over a folder for the four to start reading.

We looked over the folder and to be honest…what we read was near impossible. Was everything she gave us true?

"Dr. Brown, this cannot be correct! How could this have happened?" Sasuke asked.

"Sasuke, everything in that folder is true. From what we know, Itachi Uchiha, the greatest Gunstar today has been captured by the Empire." Tsunade explained. "Not only that, but Hinata's cousin Neji Hyuuga, second in command of the Gunstar Heroes was critically injured. As of right now we have no idea if he will survive."

"I just can't believe this at all. They actually captured Big Brother! But how?" Sakura was in shock over the news.

"That's something we don't know. But we do know this. Gray has apparently used a mind control device and now Itachi works for the Empire. So as of right now the Gunstar Heroes are without a leader and co-leader." Tsunade continued with her explanation. "In addition to those two, the other members are all out of commission as well. Gunstar Ruby and Emerald were killed in action; Black and Orange were also captured and placed under mind control."

"Kakashi and Yugao were both killed! But those two were known as the Gunstar Gemstones! They were just as amazing as Itachi!" Sasuke replied. "And Lee and Tenten got captured too? Just what will the Empire stoop to?"

"You really want to know?" Tsunade handed over another folder. This time when the group read it, all of them looked like they just stared at death itself.

"Grey…Grey's trying to revive Golden Silver!" Sakura said, trembling at the news.

"Wasn't that the legendary destroyer of worlds that nearly destroyed Konoha so many years ago!" asked Hinata. "I thought that was just a myth!"

"It's real. You see long ago the first Gunstars defeated Golden Silver and extracted 4 gemstones from him. Those four gemstones resonate with the same four elements as the standard Gunstar cartridges, Force, Lightning, Chaser, and Flame. That is why only a Gunstar can destroy Golden Silver." Tsunade said. "However they didn't destroy him, only seal him away. And each of the gems was sealed away on one of the other four planets. The Force Gem is on Planet Iwa, the Flame Gem is on Planet Suna, the Chaser Gem is on planet Kiri, and the Lightning Gem is on Planet Kumo. We have reason to believe that Grey is going to send Itachi, Lee, and Tenten to each one of those planets. There's also reason to believe that he's looking to capture another one of our Gunstars as his final lieutenant. Unfortunately I couldn't cause a panic, so the remainder of the Gunstar Force has no knowledge of this."

"So what are we going to do? We have to rescue Big Brother!" Sakura pleaded. "To leave him with the Empire is just cruel."

"We have a team assembled, but right now we don't have them fully geared for this kind of a mission." Tsunade said as she went and opened a trunk by her desk. "Oh one thing I forgot, you should get changed." She took a package from the trunk and gave one to each of the four Gunstars. "It's going to be a while before we get to our destination, so you have time. There's two rooms for you down the hall. Naruto and Sasuke are on the left, while Sakura and Hinata are on the right. It's going to be about three days before we arrive."

So we got changed but what was weird is that our uniforms looked exactly the same, except for the colored shoulder pads, colored belt, gun holster, boots, and gloves.

"Well I do have to say I like the uniform. At least it's comfortable." Naruto said as he re-entered Tsunade's office. "And the color's not bad as well."

"I figured as much. Also to let you know those uniforms are the only ones of their kind. I've been working with Konoha Tech to make a material strong enough to repel gunfire, yet light enough to be maneuverable in." Tsunade explained as the girls entered. "And I see the girls look like they've adjusted quite well also."

"Hmm, well I don't mind the color per se, but I do like the uniform." Sakura said. "I woulda preferred pink."

"I think it looks good on you Sakura." Hinata said with a smile.

"Alright, now to finalize things." Tsunade said as she sat back down. "The real reason you four are wearing those uniforms is because as of right now, you are the new Gunstar Heroes."

"WHAT!!! You can't be serious! You mean to tell me that we're part of the top force of Gunstars!" Naruto said in excitement.

"Yes Naruto, or should I say Gunstar Red. You see we monitor every single person that goes through Gunstar training. We monitor things like leadership, teamwork, personality, and athleticism. And from what we've seen, Sasuke is a natural athlete. Sakura's teamwork skills are second to none. Hinata's charisma and personality kept the highest morale rate of anyone, and Naruto, you seem to have this air about you that just inspires people to be their best." Tsunade explained. "That's why we chose you four." Tsunade explained as she pressed a button on her desk. Behind the group revealed four custom pistols. "That's also why you four are the chosen wielders of these."

"Those are the Gunstar Blasters! They're said to be the ones used by the original Gunstars that stopped Golden Silver!" Hinata said. "They're able to combine cartridges and become more powerful!"

"Yes. We've done constant DNA tests to see who could wield these guns, and you four were the perfect match." Tsunade said as each one picked up a gun. On one side, a certain emblem appeared. "Naruto, your gun defaults to Force, Hinata you have the standard Lightning, Sakura has Chaser, and Flame is yours Sasuke."

"Hey why isn't there a second emblem on the other side of the cartridge monitor?" asked Sakura.

"That's because you can choose what your other weapon will be. With it you can not only switch to another weapon on the fly, but you will even be able to activate both at the same time, creating all new weapon combinations. All four of you have access to a total of 14 combinations with your weapons." Tsunade said as the group started getting used to their weapons. "I do have to recommend that you keep Lightning Saber, Hyper Vulcan, Fire Bomb, and Star Chaser as standards. Those seem to be the most versatile of the weapon combinations. "

"Oh man, this is so cool! The Empire's gonna hate dealing with us!" Naruto cheered.

"Also we're working on some special modifications and gear enhancements for you as well to use in the future. It will tune in to special weapon combinations, or be new gear for you as well." Tsunade said as she took out four badges from her desk. "Now to present you with your real assignment. Naruto Uzumaki, now known as Gunstar Red, you will lead your team of Sakura Haruno, Gunstar Yellow; Hinata Hyuuga, Gunstar Purple; and Sasuke Uchiha, Gunstar Blue to each of the other four planets in the Interplanetary alliance to find the gems to activate Golden Silver. Your second mission is to attempt the rescue of Gunstars Green, Orange, and Black. Once that is done, you can proceed to your final mission…"

"Our final mission?" Naruto asked.

"Yes your final mission…the destruction of the Sound Empire at all costs!" Tsunade replied.

"Yes ma'am!" saluted the four Gunstar Heroes.

"And Naruto…this is just the beginning of your dream. You're going to go far as a Gunstar Hero." Tsunade said as she dismissed the four.

"Thanks Doc, I promise I won't let you down." Naruto replied.

"Whatever. Just go get some rest for now. We'll be at the Gunstar Hero Training Facility in three days to get you started on your advanced training." Tsunade said. "Just know it's all up to you four now."

Hard to believe it but we actually did it. I mean I just graduated Gunstar Academy two days ago, and now I find out I'm the leader of the new Gunstar Hero team, and a wielder of one of the four Gunstar Blasters! This is just nuts! But as I said, I don't intend to let my team down, and I will follow through on my mission. Because that's who I am. I'm Naruto Uzumaki…and I am a Gunstar Hero.Ok there's only one GH fic that I've seen, so it needs way more. Plus Naruto as Gunstar Red...come on that's just too cool! But yeah this is gonna be a fun fic to work on while I work on Bijuu Wars. That and I just love playing Gunstar Heroes simply because it's fast paced, intense, and just downright fun as hell!!!! Well enjoy everyone!

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