The Bijuu Wars


Coming back home after two years, things change thanks to Naruto's sister and her mysterious gems. But this time there's a whole new adventure. The sequel to A New Life in A New Land.

Adventure / Romance
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Guess Who's Back!

Neokenshin: Oh yeah, I'm back everyone!!

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Akemi: Not only that, but there's gonna be new friendships, new romances, new enemies...and even a new twist that no one will ever see coming!

Haku: Then what are we waiting for! Let's kick this thing into overdrive and get the party started!!

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Kasumi, Hinata, Tenten, Akemi, Sasuke, and just about everyone else...: NARUTO!!

Naruto: Hehe just kidding!

Neokenshin: Then ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you, the beginning of the next chapter in the Illumina Knights story...The Bijuu Wars!!

Author's Note: You will definitely want to read my first story A New life in a new land before you begin this one, or you will be lost big time!!

Chapter 1: Guess who's back!!

Konoha, otherwise known as the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Home to some of the most prestigious clans in the Elemental Lands, The Hyuuga, with their all-seeing Byakugan and Juuken Taijutsu, The Uchiha, wielders of the famed Sharingan, and The Uzumaki, known for…well…um…enough about that. Konoha is also home to the Kyuubi no Kitsune, strongest of the Nine Sacred Beasts. It is here where the Kyuubi resides with her family…ok, they're the Uzumaki, but no one's worried about that now. Konoha is also home to 10 of the greatest warriors ever known…The Illumina Knights. 10 Shinobi possessing powers over the elements themselves! It is said that anyone who faces these warriors are doomed to fall in battle. But once again that's not where our story begins. Instead it begins with a cat…named Tora.

Hidden in the shadows were three genin, having been out of the academy for about 4 months. They were classified as some of the youngest genin to graduate, two known for completing an A-rank mission before they were even in the academy. Only this time, things had gotten a little crazy with this so-called cat.

"Kitsune Light, in position," said the first genin.

"Kitsune Water, ready to go," said the second genin.

"Kitsune Healer, looking good," said the third genin.

"Excellent team. Kitsune Light, give the signal and move out," said a fourth voice, much older than the genin.

"Understood. Target is in position…Team Kitsune, strike now!" said Kitsune Light.

"Alright you stupid cat, we got you now!" said Kitsune Water, who happened to be none other than Hanabi Hyuuga, a four-tail kitsune and Fifth Princess of the Clan. The moment she jumped out of the shadows, Tora the cat saw her and instantly became scared.

"Oh no you don't! Get past this wall of foxfire you crazy furball!" added Kitsune Light, also known as Akemi Uzumaki, another four-tail kitsune and Fourth Princess of the clan. She also happened to be the youngest of the Clan of Uzumaki. Her foxfire created a wall that froze Tora in his tracks, causing him to be cornered. Tora panicked, seeing as he had nowhere to run, and before he could make a move, a pair of hands picked him up.

"Now see, that wasn't so bad," said Kitsune Healer, who was known as Hoshiko Hyuuga, Hanabi's cousin from the branch family. She was also a kitsune, but just a normal one, and only a two-tail. She slowly stroked the cat's fur and began to calm him.

"I swear this cat is getting more and more annoying!" Hanabi said, wiping the sweat from her forehead. "Why couldn't your boyfriend and his team take this one Akemi-chan?"

"Hey Konohamaru-kun is not my boyfriend! He just likes to buy me ice-cream." Akemi replied, pulling her long red hair from her face. Over the past two years she decided to straighten it and let it grow a little, now having it go down to her shoulders. "You should know that! He has a bigger crush on you!"

"Can we just take Tora-chan back to the contact? Besides don't you two have plans to meet someone today?" asked Hoshiko.

"That's right! They're coming home today! I completely forgot about that Hoshi-chan!" Akemi said. "We should go soon." She then got a radio communication through her wrist radio.

"Is it a confirmed capture?" said a voice over her radio.

"Yeah we got him, Momo-chan. Seriously, when Oka-san comes home, can we do something to make this cat less hyper?" asked Akemi. "I mean this is getting really boring. Not even Kasumi-nee-chan had to deal with this."

"Trust me Akemi-chan, I hate that cat just as much as you do. And you know you're supposed to call me Momoko-sensei!" Momoko replied. "Well, while we're in training."

"Sorry, force of habit." Akemi said. "It's confusing sometimes now that you're our jounin sensei, and the Sixth Princess at the same time!"

"Whatever. Just head back to the Hokage Tower, and we'll finish the mission. We need to get ready for this afternoon anyway. And don't forget to get in touch with Haku-chan. She has to go get the cake as well." Momoko said. "See you there. Momoko out."

"Gotcha Momo-chan." Akemi said, closing communication. "I have to thank Dr. Sakurano again for giving us these special communicators for our team. That and also gotta thank Sakura-chan for our new outfits too." Akemi shed her tunic, opting for a red sleeveless kimono top. She wore a black skirt with black shorts underneath, and had a pair of red fingerless gloves. She also kept her hair tied back in a single ponytail as well. As for Hanabi, she kept her standard pants, and sleeveless shirt, though she now changed her pants to a light lavender color, and added a lavender cargo vest as well. Unlike Akemi, she had cut her hair shorter now, going down to her neck. Hoshiko on the other hand wore a lavender battle dress with a pair of black shorts underneath. Being a year older, she decided to take a much more subtle look. Unlike Hanabi who wore her hitai-ate around her neck, Hoshiko wore hers around her forehead, though she had no reason to, as Hiashi removed her caged bird seal, and branded her with the new Hyuuga Unification Seal that was on her left arm.

"Let's go girls, I'm ready for some good relaxation time." Hanabi said, ready to get the mission over with.

The Kitsune Trio made their way to the Hokage Tower where an anxious wife of the Feudal Lord was waiting for her cat. She quickly snatched up Tora, started squeezing the life out of the cat, and then made her way back home, leaving the trio and Tsunade a little disturbed.

"Why do I keep taking that mission to get that cat again?" asked Tsunade.

"That's what I wonder every time you give us that mission Tsunade-baa-chan." Akemi said. "So have any idea when they're getting home?"

"Well Akane-chan's letter says they should be arriving in about an hour or so. As for Arashi, well they may get home tonight. I will say this; it has been pretty quiet without that knucklehead brother of yours around. I know Teuchi has been a little worried since Chouji can only eat so much without Naruto around." Tsunade replied. "But it will be nice to have them home. You know they're gonna be shocked to see how much you two have grown. I hate to say it Akemi, but you're actually looking a little like Kasumi, even though you're both adopted."

"Hey she's my big sister, and my hero. I mean would you want me taking after Naruto?" Akemi said, causing Tsunade to look a little shocked before she started laughing. "I'll take that as a no."

"Alright you three, you're free to go. Oh and Hoshiko, how are you adjusting to your Kitsune Chakra?" Tsunade asked.

"It still feels a little weird, but I've slowly started using it for my healing exercises, and it's paying off. I think if I take it a little bit each time, I can get used to it very quickly." Hoshiko said. "I'm still grateful that you wanted me to be one of the first students in your medic-nin program."

"Hey even though it's normal Kitsune chakra, I think you're taking it very well Hoshi-chan." Akemi added.

"I agree, and I have to say, both you and Moegi did very well, and are very promising medic-nin. Feel free to stop by anytime you have questions and I'll be glad to help you out." Tsunade smiled. "Give yourself some more time and you'll be ready to start working on some new techniques."

"I will Tsunade-sama! Thanks again!" Hoshiko replied.

"See you later tonight Tsunade-baa-chan! We're gonna go get things ready." Akemi waved as the trio left.

"So are you really ready for them to return? I mean who knows what all they've learned." Shizune asked while she set a cup of tea down.

"Shizune, you're just as ready as I am. Not having those four has made things boring. And yes, I do miss Naruto calling me 'baa-chan' as well. You know he really is like a little brother to me, and I'll be glad to have him home." Tsunade replied while sipping her tea. "Besides you know Konoha just isn't the same without them around."

The new Kitsune Trio left the tower and decided to head to the first stop on their list, the new medical shinobi wing of the academy. About a year and a half ago, Tsunade finally was able to have the new wing built. It was designed for any academy student to learn all the basics of healing and to have them prepared for the field upon graduation. It was still quite small as there were only a few shinobi that worked at the hospital that could actually teach the skills needed, but occasionally Tsunade herself would come in and teach some classes too. Currently her two apprentices, Sakura and Ino were there doing some part time teaching as well. Sakura was currently in advanced medical research, and had greatly taken after Tsunade's skills, even acquiring her super strength due to her immense chakra control. Ino had gone on and become quite skilled in herbology and poisons. With her Wood Illumina Power, she had gained much knowledge from the best source...the plants themselves. She had even started working with Wood element ninjutsu, and was coming along quite well. (A/N also all the main characters that are normally in the anime are in their outfits from the Time Skip. The only characters to have new looks will be Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and all the characters that don't normally appear after the Time Skip.)

"Alright class, make sure to study over the chart of the blood stream and chakra networks, and keep practicing your Mystic Palm jutsu. Next week you'll have Tsunade-sama coming to quiz you, and she's even planning on doing some live demonstrations too. Take care everyone." Sakura said, closing her book. She watched as her small class gathered their notes and left for the day, only to see three familiar kitsune at the entrance to her class. "Hey guys, how's it going?"

"Hey Sakura-chan. You finished up for the day?" asked Akemi.

"Just got done with my last class. I gotta say I didn't think I'd already be teaching classes at 16. But luckily it's only part time. I take it you're done with your missions for the day?" Sakura said while putting her books and notes in her backpack.

"If you call going after that stupid cat a mission, then yeah." Akemi mumbled. "I swear next time I should fry that cat with a good dose of foxfire."

"Yipe! Yeah, that cat is torture! Even I still wonder why Tsunade-sensei keeps taking that mission." Sakura wondered. "So how are things ready for tonight?"

"Everything is fine. We're gonna go find Haku-nee-chan and make sure she picks up the cake. Other than that, we're just going around finding everyone to let them know the plan." Akemi said. "But I can't wait! I've missed Kasumi-nee-chan and Naruto-nii-san!"

"I have too. It's been a while since we've had a classic Kasumi Uzumaki sleepover. But of course, you're never too old for that. I still think that one we had after Haku-chan first came to Konoha was a blast!" Sakura said as Ino overheard her.

"You only thought that was fun because we saw Kasumi-chan babbling like an idiot after she walked in on Sasuke while he was getting out of the shower!" Ino replied. "It took you a good two hours before you flipped out and started giving her the third degree for details!"

"Hey I wasn't the only one that did that. I remember you asking just as many questions as I did." Sakura laughed. "Man those were some really fun times."

"And who says they have to stop. Now it can get a lot more insane since we have two years of catching up to do. It's gonna take at least a week of sleepovers just to get filled in on everything." Ino said. "So Akemi-chan, have you talked to Ten-chan or Temari-chan yet?"

"Not yet. We were heading over to the Uchiha Training Compound to fill them in." Akemi answered.

"Neji-kun should be there too. They have been training pretty hard and that's probably the only place they can go since Lee-san went to Suna. My guess is that Gai-sensei is driving them insane even worse now." Hanabi added.

"Ouch. I know Chouji-kun has gone just as crazy a few times. I think it's the spandex that gets him." Ino said, remembering some of the days when Chouji would come back from practice a little shaken up after hearing Gai's speeches about youth.

"Well, we gotta run. See you at the house tonight. If you see any of the guys, let them know the plan ok." Akemi said.

"We will. See you tonight." Sakura said, waving to the leaving trio.

Just as Akemi, Hanabi, and Hoshiko were leaving, three more kitsune arrived at the gates of Konoha. One was a tall kitsune, dressed in a simple red kimono, with her nine tails flowing in the wind. The second was a seven-tail kitsune. She wore...(A/N Ok it's hard to describe new gear for some reason so here goes. Basically her outfit is similar to Shihoin Yoruichi's outfit, except the orange top is silver, and is sleeveless with the modified Uzumaki/Kitsune/Uchiha symbol on the back, she doesn't have the black sleeves underneath, if she removes the jacket, it's similar to Yoruichi in her Shunko form. The boots still go up to the mid calf, but are modified to look like ninja zori, and are silver. She wears a pair of silver arm guards, embossed with a kitsune emblem, an Uzumaki spiral, and an Uchiha fan. As for her hair, it went to her shoulders, and she now had a silver strand accenting it. As for her Hitai-ate she keeps it around her neck.). The third kitsune was also a seven tail; her long lavender hair flowed in the wind accenting her outfit and her lavender tails. (A/N Advent Children Tifa's outfit...nuff said!) The sun even reflected a glint of light off her pale lavender eyes. As for the two seven tails, they had both blossomed into beautiful young women, definitely filling out in all the right places.

"I have missed this place so much!" squealed Kasumi as she was finally glad to be home. "It just looks so beautiful!"

"I know I've missed it too. There's so much I want to do as well." Hinata said, taking note of all the new changes to Konoha. "I hope Otou-san, Hanabi-chan, and Neji-kun have been well."

"Don't worry, they're fine. They're all waiting for you two to return." Akane said.

Kasumi just looked over at her mother, wondering just how she would know that, "Don't tell me that's what you did when you snuck off for a week? You came back here!"

Akane blushed from having her secret revealed, "It's true I did. But only three people saw me, so no one else knew I came home. But that's not important. I know you two girls are dying to see all of your friends. Besides, did you ever think you'd be seeing your home a year older Kasumi-chan?"

"A year...oh yeah I forgot! I was 15 when I first arrived in Konoha." Kasumi remembered when she first arrived 10 years ago, remembering how she spent 3 months surviving in a forest by herself.

"You look just like you did when you first got here...though I think your kitsune features really accent your natural look. And Kushina would be so proud to look at how you've blossomed into a beautiful young woman." Akane told her daughter.

"Well you did say I do look a little like her, so I can see her every time I look in the mirror." Kasumi said. "So do you know when the boys will be here?"

Akane shook her head, "Not at all. They may be here already, but I can't really be sure."

"Oka-san, can I ask you one question?" Kasumi asked.

"What would that be little kit?" Akane replied, hoping to be of some help.

"When you and Otou-san meet back up, we're all not going to have to stay at Hina-chan's for the night again, are we?? I still remember there was a small patch of melting ice in front of my room from the last time. That and I think your kimono sash was hanging on my doorknob for some reason?" Kasumi said, easily remembering what happened after Arashi became a kitsune. That had Akane turning as red as her tails!

"Uh...well, I uhh, if you let us have the house for one night, will me getting a hold of Arashi's platinum card be enough to keep you quiet about that!" Akane said in desperation.

"Maybe," Kasumi said with a sly look. Hinata just laughed at the whole thing.

"I swear Kasumi Uzumaki, you're becoming more cunning than ever. I'm starting to think I gave you way too much Kitsune blood during your transfusion."

"So where's the first stop? Should we head back to your house Kasumi-chan?" asked Hinata.

"Why don't we do something Naruto would do…let's go to Ichiraku's. I haven't had a bowl of their teriyaki ramen in forever!" Kasumi said as she rubbed her stomach.

"Adopted and she still takes on the traits of the Uzumaki family. "Akane laughed. "Then Ichiraku's it is!"

"Shikamaru, did we get that new information put in to the system with the potential Bijuu locations?" asked Dr. Sakurano as he read over some data.

"It's all been put in. Right now we finally have a confirmed location on two of the remaining seven Bijuu." Shikamaru replied as he checked one of the monitors. "Thanks to the data given to us by Jiraiya-sama's spy network and from Itachi, we now know that the Nekomata Clan and the Nibi no Nekomata are about 200 miles southwest of Kumo, and the Phoenix Clan has been located to be 400 miles northeast of Konoha."

"Perfect. Akane-chan will be happy to know this information. Why don't you head home and rest some Shikamaru. I hear Team 7 is due to return home tonight, and you probably want to be rested to meet them." Dr. Sakurano said.

"As troublesome as it is, Temari would probably make me go anyway. I swear she's been spending too much time around my mother." Shikamaru sighed as he headed to the door. "But she is my fiancée and I do love her."

"Nothing wrong with that. I'll see you tomorrow. We can go over more of the data, and begin planning." Dr. Sakurano replied as he went back to his data.

"Neji-kun, come over here and hold these for me, will you?" Haku asked as she was trying to find some extra decorations to accent the house for the evening.

"Haku-chan, we were only supposed to pick up a cake. What else did you need?" he replied as he took the streamers from Haku. He looked at his longtime girlfriend, who was now dressed in an ice blue sleeveless version of her old sailor style Illumina Top with some light fishnet underneath, revealing her midriff, an white flat skirt with a pair of light blue tights underneath, a specially designed belt with numerous compartments for her gear, and she finished it off with two snowflake hairclips that sat right below her hitai-ate on her forehead. What was also noticeable was her seven ice blue tails as well.

"I need to get some extra decorations since my brother and sisters are coming home today! Jeez Neji, you'd think you'd be excited that Hinata-chan's coming back as well." Haku said, hoping to get the point across to Neji. "I mean we haven't seen them in over two years, so it will be nice to have them home."

"I thought you liked being the top kitsune in the Uzumaki household?" Neji asked.

"Well yeah I did, whenever Tsunade-sama didn't come by and ruin the fun that Momo-chan, Akemi-chan, and I would usually have." Haku said. "But still, with Kasumi-chan and Hinata-chan back, things are gonna get a lot crazier around here!"

"That's what I'm not looking forward to. If you were bad enough three years ago, now you gotta be worse!" Neji said. That of course hit a thorn with Haku, and nearly got a senbon in his arm…like the last time! "Hey, sorry! I didn't mean that you know!"

"You better not have. My aim is a lot deadlier now that I've been training with Tenten. And you forget, I'm a second grade Hunter Nin. I could drop you in one shot if I wanted," she said with a burning look in her eye.

"You wouldn't! Would you?" Neji asked, with a little fear in his voice.

Haku's death look instantly changed to a happy one. "Nope. Just kidding with you Neji-kun!" She gave him a quick kiss on the nose, causing the Hyuuga Genius to question why he gets on her good and bad side sometimes.

"Ok so we didn't go to Ichiraku's just yet." Kasumi said as they entered the halls of the Uzumaki Mansion. "Looks like this place was calling just a little bit more."

"Ahh it's so good to see this place again. I just hope Haku and Akemi didn't completely remodel the place while we were gone." Akane said as she slipped her shoes off. "Speaking of those two I wonder where they are?"

"Haku's out with Neji right now, but I'm standing right here!" Akemi said as she came out of the kitchen. As she saw the three she ran full speed and jumped into Akane's arms, glad to have her mother home. "I missed you so much Oka-san!"

"Akemi-chan! I've missed you too! And you've grown too! Already a four-tail as well!" Akane noticed.

"Yeah, I just got it about 7 months ago before graduation." Akemi replied.

"Hey don't think you're getting off the hook kiddo! Come here and give your big sister a hug!" Kasumi said as Akemi nearly tackled her instead. "Holy cow! You've definitely gotten a lot stronger! And I like what you did with the hair too!"

"I got the idea from my big sister." Akemi said with another monstrous hug. "You have to tell me all about your trip!"

"Don't worry I have more than enough time to tell you about it." Kasumi laughed as she got up off the ground.

"Akemi-chan who are you…" Hanabi came out from the kitchen to see what was going on, only to see Hinata standing right there at the door. "Hina-chan!"

"Hanabi-chan!" Hinata said as the two hugged. "How have you been!"

"I've been wonderful! How about you?" asked the younger Hyuuga.

"I've missed my favorite little sister." Hinata replied. "How is Otou-san? Have you been taking care of him?"

"Yeah he's ok. He keeps saying he's been bored since Arashi-sama isn't around. But he's ok." Hanabi said.

"That's Otou-san for you." Hinata said, before she noticed the third person at the door. "Hoshi-chan? Is that you?"

"Welcome home Hinata-sama. It is nice to have you back." Hoshiko said with a respectful bow.

"Hoshi-chan! I told you, drop the whole –sama bit! You had your seal removed, remember!" Hanabi reminded the girl that she was no longer bound by the Branch Family rules and no longer needed to show the extremely high level of respect.

"I'm sorry Hanabi-chan. It's been so long since I've seen Hinata-sama…I mean Hinata-chan, that I have to get used to it like I did for you." Hoshiko said, blushing slightly due to the embarrassment.

"Hina-chan is that one of your cousins?" Kasumi asked.

"Actually, she's is. Hoshiko-chan is also the reason I came back to Konoha that one week." Akane said. "So Hoshiko, are you adjusting to being a Kitsune?"

"I am Akane-sama. Thank you once again for everything you did for me." Hoshiko said with a bow. "Thanks to your help, I was able to even become a shinobi as well."

"But...what happened?" asked Kasumi.

"About a year ago, I was practicing my seals and Hoshi-chan helped me. Unfortunately I accidentally activated her Caged Bird seal, and it started going crazy. What was worse is that somehow her seal had been modified to start destroying her chakra system before it sealed the Byakugan. I was lucky that Otou-san released the seal, but we noticed that she was still in a lot of pain and her chakra system was still deteriorationg." Hanabi explained.

"I got a letter from Tsunade-sama explaining everything that happened. That's when I left the Kitsune Village and came back. Hiashi already removed the Caged Bird seal, and we needed to figure a way to save Hoshiko. We learned that she really wanted to be a medic-nin, but couldn't due to the Branch Family rules." Akane said. "Well with the seal removed from her, Hiashi said that she was no longer bound by that clause, so what I did was take a blood sample from Hanabi, and I used some Kitsune Alchemy to synthesize it. We used it to turn Hoshiko into a kitsune, but because I had modified the sample, it didn't contain the royal bloodline, so Hoshiko is just a normal kitsune."

"And a shinobi too?" Hinata said, because she knew that Hoshiko was originally not permitted to become a shinobi due to the Branch Family rules, and that the council was too stubborn to get over the old ways.

"I am. I'm in the first graduating class from the new Konoha School of Medical Ninjutsu." Hoshiko said.

"A medic-nin, that's awesome!" Kasumi said.

"Actually, she's our medic-nin. You're looking at one of the two top rookie genin teams this year!" Akemi said proudly. "And I was voted this year's top kunoichi!"

"That's only because you edged me out by one point in the final exam. Using that Foxfire Charge of yours got you the extra point you needed in the ninjutsu part." Hanabi replied.

"I guess we both have a lot of stories to catch up on." Kasumi said before she was suddenly glomped from behind.

"And I want to hear all of them too! How's my future headmistress of the Uchiha-clan!" Mikoto said with a strong hug from behind.

"I'm fine Mikoto-sama! It's nice to see you too." Kasumi said, before she was released. Mikoto then made her move and did something that Akane did before. She glomp-tackled her big time!

"You didn't forget what I did after the Chuunin Final Match, did you Miki-chan?" Akane said as she was having the life squeezed out of her by Mikoto.

"I sure didn't! And I was waiting for the day I could pay you back Akane-chan!" Mikoto said with a smile. "My best friend goes away for two years and completely forgets to write? What was I supposed to do!"

"Sorry Miki-chan! I just got caught up in Kasumi and Hinata's training." Akane said, getting back to her feet.

"Ok, so is anyone else coming to this party just yet, or do we have to wait until later?" asked Kasumi.

"The party isn't starting until the Kitsune Sisters are back in action!" said another familiar voice.

"Sakura-chan…Sakura-chan!" Kasumi squealed when she turned to see Sakura, Ino, Tenten, Temari and Haku all standing at the door. She and Hinata ran full speed and all of them got into the biggest group hug they could.

"Welcome home sis. It's finally good to have you back." Haku said.

"Yeah, you don't know how boring it's been here!" Ino added. "Seriously, two years without a Kasumi Uzumaki trademark sleepover is just torture!"

"So sleepover princess, got any big plans for this one? It's gotta be pretty big since you two are back home?" Temari asked.

"Oh I can probably think of something to do." Kasumi said, sending a quick wink to Akane, who immediately blushed. "I think this time…we crash Hinata's house!"

"Yeah!! She's right! We'll have to do it at my house this time." Hinata said.

"Ok let's quit standing around and get inside. Neji! Bring in the cake!" Haku ordered.

"It's not that easy you know! Maybe if Temari's crazy fiancé wouldn't be so slow!" Neji complained as he held on to one side of the large cake.

"This is way too troublesome." Shikamaru said, as he carried in his side.

"Fiancé? Ok Temari definitely has some explaining to do." Hinata said.

"It's a long story Hina-chan. A VERY long story." Temari told her.

As the boys moved the cake into the dining room, Haku took the time to greet Akane. Of course she gave her a nice little chilly hug, but Akane expected that, since she told Haku to push herself even harder to get her seventh tail. "I take it that little chill was from the extra tail, Haku-chan?" Akane asked.

"A little. It wasn't easy going from a four tail to a seven tail in two years." Haku said. "But it was worth it."

"You'll have to tell me all about it, my kit." Akane said.

For the next few hours, all the girls started chatting about EVERYTHNG that happened over the past two years. Of course it was enough to literally drive Neji and Shikamaru insane, so the two of them ended up sitting out on the veranda the whole time. The party got more lively when Tsunade finally arrived and greeted the three returning kitsune. The sun was finally beginning to set when at the gates appeared six people in a burst of leaves.

"They actually put her face on the mountain??" Jiraiya and Arashi said.

"At least it wasn't her as an old woman. Then the town would probably run for cover." Naruto added. "But of course you didn't hear that from me." He was now dressed in black cargo pants, a black long sleeve shirt, a dark black and orange cargo vest, and his white cloak that he received on his 14th birthday. He now wore a black hitai-ate, and also wore a pair of black gloves with a metallic plate on them.

"Just be glad she wasn't here to actually hear you say that. She'd probably knock you into the hot springs again, and this time you couldn't use the Kitsune Girl no Jutsu to save your sorry butt." Natsumi told her male counterpart. She was wearing an orange kimono, and had her hair tied up into a simple bun.

"Same old Naruto." Sasuke laughed. His new outfit…(A/N Sasuke has his outfit that he now wears after his fight with Itachi. It's the short sleeve shirt, with the small Uchiha fan on the back, and the pants as well, however, he does not have the large waistcloth or rope belt that he normally wears. Instead, he wears a black sash and doesn't have the katana, but has a pair of twin nodachi.)

"Even after two years, there's some things that just don't change, do they?" Shiori replied. Unlike Natsumi, she kept her hair down, but wore a red and silver kimono.

"Well boys, hopefully our girls are home. I know what I'm planning on doing!" Arashi said, slightly drooling.

"Otou-san!!" Naruto and Natsumi said in embarrassment.

"What! I was just talking about giving Akane-chan a big kiss?" Arashi said with a shrug in his shoulders.

"Yeah right." Sasuke and Shiori replied.

"Look if you two crazy kitsune are gonna get primal or something, let me make sure my stuff is over at Sasuke's ok?" Naruto told his father. "Besides do you really wanna give Ero-sennin here some more ideas?"

"Oh trust me, I could write an entirely new series off of those two!" Jiraiya said with a perverse smile.

"TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!" Naruto, Sasuke, Shiori, and Natsumi all screamed.

"Let's just get to the house." Sasuke said.

The six made their way to the Uzumaki Mansion, only to pick up the noise that someone was having a party…without them!

"Ok, I say we bust the doors down on this crazy party. They can't start something like this without us! We're the original party animals!" Arashi said.

"After that little incident in Tanzaku Town, I don't think I wanna be called a party animal again. That's the LAST time I get slipped a shot of sake." Sasuke said, remembering quite a bad experience.

"Oh come on, it made a man out of you Sasuke!" Jiraiya laughed. "Just think, Naruto ended up getting more than you did that night!"

"Yeah and I stayed sick for the next two days afterwards." Naruto said as he opened the front door. "Alright people, the boys are back in town!" The moment he said that, Kasumi, Hinata, and Akane snapped up. They turned to see the three most important people in their lives, and they couldn't believe what they saw.

"NARU-CHAN!!" Hinata screamed. As fast as she ran you'd think she used Hiraishin to grab hold of Naruto.

"Hina-chan! I have missed you so much!" Naruto said, as he swung Hinata in the air in a circle. He couldn't believe just how beautiful she had gotten over the past two years. "And I gotta say…you're a total hottie!"

"Oh shut up and kiss me!" Hinata said, locking lips with her man.

"Told ya Hinata would be the first one to make the move, not Kasumi. Looks like you owe me 10000 yen." Haku said, holding her hand out in front of Tsunade.

"Fine, here you go." Tsunade grumbled as she put the money in Haku's hands.

"Sasuke-chan…" Kasumi said as she took in the time to just look at her beloved.

"So this is what you looked like when you first came to Konoha. I have to say it was well worth the wait." Sasuke said as she ran into his arms. "Yeah, I definitely like what I see."

"I said you would. And those eight tails really accent that wild hair of yours." Kasumi giggled while she ran her hands through Sasuke's hair. "You don't know how much I've missed you. Two years is way too long for us to be apart."

"Well my princess, I'm home now, and here all you want." Sasuke said, kissing Kasumi right in front of everyone.

"Double or nothing, huh? Looks like I cleaned up tonight!" Haku said as Tsunade handed her another 10000 yen.

"Haku, you're way too sneaky." Tsunade mumbled after losing a second bet. "Now he decides to get emotional in front of everyone? Give me a break!"

"Still wanna see if you win the one on Otou-san and Oka-san?" Haku said as she put her money away.

"You're on. I win though and I get back the 20000 yen, and you go after that blasted cat for a month!" Tsunade said, hoping she would win this time.

"Deal." Haku said, shaking on the deal.

"Now there's my beautiful vixen. Did you keep your promise on the day we left?" Arashi said slyly.

"Rawr, you bet I did. And I've practiced for two years to make sure I got those new tricks down perfectly." Akane said in a seductive tone.

"Oh, no, you can't be serious! Not now! We just got home!" Naruto said in panic.

"Naruto, I think she is serious!" Akemi said, fearing what was gonna happen next.

"Everyone, clear the house NOW!" Mikoto screamed, hoping to get everyone out as fast as possible from the oncoming insanity.

"Like I said Kasumi, you saw nothing." Akane said, as she took Arashi's wallet from his pocket and threw her the platinum card.

"Saw what?" Kasumi replied as she ran out of the house.

"Oh Haku-chan??" Arashi and Akane said together.

"You can't be serious!!" Haku and Tsunade exclaimed, knowing exactly what was going to happen.

"You better go Illumina for this one!" Arashi said, as a primal instinct began to take him over.

"I'll pay you when you get done Haku-chan!" Tsunade said, as she took off outside.

"I better get double for this!" Haku screamed.

"Catch me if you can Arashi-kun!" Akane said in a playful tone as she took off upstairs.

"Oh yeah, BY THE HOKAGE I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT WOMAN!!" Arashi screamed! "And it is so good to be home!"

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!!" Haku yelled at the top of her lungs.

"Whoo! I'm gonna get a whole book out of this one!!" Jiraiya said in excitement!

And there you have it! Team 7 is back, the group is much older and there's a whole lot in store for this bunch! This time you're gonna see all new demon clans, brand new Illumina Powers, and a whole lot more that I'm definitely not gonna spoil for you! You all made my first story one of the best I've ever done, and that's what I plan to do is to keep giving you an amazing story! I hope you'll continue to keep up with this story as I take the Illumina Knights to a whole new level!!

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