The Bijuu Wars

Baby Blues part 2

Neokenshin: Well since most of the cast is incapacitated, might as well have a special guest do the introductions with me.

Temari: I wondered when I'd finally get to join you here. Gotta say, it's quite nice.

Neokenshin: Yeah it ususally is. Well except for when Chouji raids the fridge.

Naruto: For the love of Kami man! How could you do that to me!

Neokenshin: What! So you're babysitting for a few days?

Naruto: But why did it have to be Hinata!!!!

Neokenshin: The viewers like it. Oh and you might wanna get back to the kitchen...I think she's trying to get the cinnamon rolls again.

Naruto: Aw man!!!!!

Temari:Wow, he runs pretty fast.

Neokenshin: Yeah, it's good comedy. So you wanna get the chapter started?

Temari: Sure why not. As always Neokenshin doesn't own Naruto. And luckily he didn't have me suffer through all this.

Neokenshin: You sure about that?????

Temari: Uh.....never mind!Chapter 11: Baby Blues Part 2

Needless to say, the first night wasn't all good. Naruto somehow got lucky, as well as Kyoji. And Neji barely got a good night's sleep after finally getting Haku asleep. But Sasuke was a different story...

"How is she doing it? I still can't believe that Sakura can sleep through all of Kasumi's crying!" Sasuke said, pacing around his room with a very upset Kasumi. For some reason, Kasumi wouldn't stop crying! Sasuke thought she was fine, but he had no idea what was keeping this girl up!

"Great, it's 2AM, and I'm still up. Why did I have to be nice and put those soundproof jutsu on Oka-san and Shiori's rooms!" Sasuke griped to himself. "Wait, maybe I can call Naruto! Hopefully he can help me out! This is his sister after all!" So he went to his phone and called Naruto...but no luck. "Naruto you idiot, pick up your phone!" Still nothing.

So he called Neji...same thing. "Crap! I really need some help here! Maybe she's not back until tomorrow." While he was flipping out Kasumi was still crying full force. "Kasumi-chan, please! Tell me what's wrong! I'm doing my best here! Don't you want your plushy? See, it's little Sasuke-chan!" Oh that made things worse! She was crying even louder than before. "What am supposed to do!" Sasuke was at his wits end. "Wait, maybe Tsunade-sama can help me!" With that he set Kasumi down on his bed, picked up the sleeping Sakura and placed her in the carrier on his back, then picked up Kasumi. He grabbed their bag and took off running full speed towards Tsunade's mansion.

Tsunade herself was sleeping quite peacefully. It had been a fairly slow day with missions, so there wasn't very much going on. Everything was fine until she heard someone pounding on the door of her mansion.

"Shizune! Answer the door!" she yelled from her bed. When the pounding continued, it finally woke Tsunade up, and let's just say a Sannin with no beauty very angry. "I swear when I find out who that is, I'll knock them into next week!" After putting on her robe she went downstairs to the door where the pounding still continued. "WHAT IN THE WORLD DO...Sasuke?"

"Tsunade-sama, you gotta help me! Do you have anything that can stop this kid from crying!" Sasuke pleaded in desperation. "I'm at my wits end here!"

"Sure Sasuke, come in. You can explain everything inside." Tsunade said, leading Sasuke inside. "Now why do you have two baby girls with you?"

"It's Kasumi! For some reason, she can't stop crying!" Sasuke said in stress. "I don't know what it is, but she just won't go to sleep! I've made sure she was changed, I've given her a bottle, and I've even given her a plushy that looks like me!"

"Wait, what did you just say? Did you just say this was Kasumi?" Tsunade questioned. She wasn't sure if she was hearing things or she was just still asleep!

"Yeah, this is Kasumi, and Sakura's asleep right here. Apparently they were working on some kind of Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion for some reason in the medical center, and it backfired on them! Hinata, Tenten, and Haku had the same thing happen to them!" Sasuke said. He was in a complete panic! "But is there anything you can do to help me!"

"Calm down Sasuke, and give me Kasumi." Tsunade said, taking the crying kitsune from his arms. "Now let's see what's wrong." She sent a green chakra into her hand and placed it on Kasumi's back. "There's the problem. She just has an upset stomach. Tell me, what did you give her to eat?"

"Well, Oka-san gave her a jar of some green stuff. I think it said strained broccoli or something?" Sasuke said. "She ate it, but after her bath it just went downhill from there."

"Well there's the problem. Kasumi hates broccoli. I thought you knew that about her." Tsunade replied. "I remember that from her ninja profile."

"Hates broccoli...when did she...oh yeah! I completely forgot!" Sasuke smacked himself in the head for not remembering that. "I must have been so caught up with trying to take care of the girls that I absolutely forgot about that."

"It's ok Sasuke. Just from the way you look, I can tell it's been rough. Don't worry, I have just the remedy for her." Tsunade headed into the kitchen and took a few herbs from the cabinet. She then took some milk out of the fridge and poured it into a pot on the stove. After bringing the milk to a simmer, she added the herbs. "These are designed to help stomach pains. So once we give her this, it should help her feel better." Tsunade brought the milk from a simmer and poured it into a strainer over a funnel. After capping the bottle, she squirted a little on her arm to make sure it wasn't too hot, then gave the bottle to Kasumi, who started chugging the milk like crazy.

"Ok and I thought Naruto was bad when it came to eating!" Sasuke said, staring at how fast Kasumi took down that bottle of milk.

"Well she is more or less a growing girl." Tsunade replied as she put Kasumi over her shoulder. After a few pats on the back...

"BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!" Kasumi roared out. Of course she did have a little grin on her face after that.

"That...was so awesome!" Sasuke was in absolute shock! To think that his fiancée ripped a burp that loud! "That's louder than Chouji's record!"

"Boys...still hopeless." Tsunade sighed. "So explain to me again why all this happened?"

"Well, from what Akane-sama told us, the girls were making some kind of Kitsune Rejuvenation potion. She said it was designed to help take years off your life and make you feel much younger. But the girls did something that caused the potion to blow up, and when we found them...well, you see the result." Sasuke said, as the two sat down in the living room.

"I see. Why do I have a feeling that I'm the reason they did this in the first place?" Tsunade shook her head, having a hunch that she was right. "On second thought Sasuke, don't answer that."

"Why not Tsunade-sama?" He figured he might as well try to see what's up.

"Lately I've been feeling kind of depressed about my age. And so you know, I'm not as young as I look. My guess is that the girls found out about this from Shizune and decided to do something nice." Tsunade said while she rocked Kasumi to sleep. "So I feel it's partially my fault the girls are like this."

"For once I actually feel good I wasn't involved in the trouble causing. But these!" Sasuke said in exhaustion. "Right now I really envy Naruto, Neji, and Kyoji."

"Yeah you look like hell. Stay here for the night, and tomorrow I'll see what I can do to help you boys. Ino and Temari should be back as well, so they can give you a hand. And why isn't Shiori helping you?" asked Tsunade.

"I let her sleep in. Akane-sama said it was my responsibility to take care of Kasumi and Sakura, and I have to uphold that responsibility." Sasuke answered. "If I didn't it could shame the Uchiha."

"Sasuke that is spoken like a responsible shinobi...and a good father. You know, I have a feeling you and Kasumi will make wonderful parents. Besides, how many boys get first hand baby experience using their own girlfriend?" Tsunade laughed. "Hey looks like someone finally went off to dreamland."

"Thank goodness! Now maybe I can get some sleep as well." Sasuke yawned heavily. "So where should we put these two?"

"Here you take Kasumi and head to one of the guest rooms. I'll keep Sakura tonight." Tsunade said, handing over Kasumi, and picking Sakura up off the couch. "Have fun Sasuke."

"Hey even a nap is better than nothing." Sasuke yawned once again. "Come on Kasumi-chan. Maybe now both of us can rest."And rest was greatly needed! The next morning was rough enough as it was, trying to get the girls dressed, get them breakfast, and get them ready for the day. Naruto however...seemed to have everything in control Somehow Hinata was much calmer around him and seemed to be more content as well. Since this was causing so much chaos, Tsunade decided to call in everyone and hopefully get something resolved soon. Too bad Ino and Temari couldn't stop laughing at all of this.

"Now it's official! I truly understand where Sakura got her giant forehead!" Ino was on the floor in tears. Everyone knew the two were best friends and rivals, but now Ino had a free chance to just unleash on Sakura. "Oh wow, I have got to get a TON of pictures!"

"Geez Ino, do you have to be so harsh!" said Temari while she assessed the situation. "Though I gotta say, maybe I should have taken that serum or whatever. It might have made Shikamaru a little less lazy."

"Oh brother." Shikamaru thought to himself.

"Alright enough comedy. As of right now due to this unforeseen event, we're now down five kunoichi, four shinobi, eight total Illumina Knights, and a full plate of cinnamon buns!" Tsunade said when Hinata let out a small burp.

"Uh she did it." Naruto said, pointing to Hinata, who had a nice little grin on her face…and some extra frosting around her mouth too.

"I know that! But seriously, we have no idea when the girls will be back to normal, so for now I'm assigning Naruto, Neji, Kyoji, and Sasuke a mission. You four will be responsible for making sure these girls are completely ok until we get them a cure and back to normal! This is considered a B-rank mission for Naruto, Neji, and Kyoji. Sasuke, this is an A-rank for you." Tsunade said a she finished preparing their mission folders.

"Wait, how does Sasuke get an A-rank mission?" Naruto complained. "We gotta do exactly what he does!"

"Yeah, but he's got to deal with Kasumi AND Sakura! The poor guy came to my mansion last night looking like he got hit by a train! I honestly should bump it up to S-rank for him due to how much stress he's gotta deal with!" Tsunade yelled back. "Unless you'd like to trade places with him Naruto?"

"He can have it!" Naruto hastily replied.

"As I was saying, since this is going to be VERY difficult, I'm assigning the rest of Team Illumina to aid these four. We're gonna be going through some really rough water, so I expect all of you to do your best." Tsunade ordered. "Am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am!" Everyone said respectfully.

"Good, now all of you go to the mall and do some shopping for those kids! And get some strollers so you're not killing your backs! Dismissed!" Tsunade said as the entire bunch ran out of her office. She thought back to earlier this morning when Sasuke explained everything to her, "So all of this was done just to try and make me feel a lot younger. I'll need to thank the girls for this."

Outside the entire group was trying to figure out just what the heck to do.

"Well we're stuck with five kids for the day. Might as well head to the mall first." Ino proposed. "You guys coming?"

"Can't. Gotta work on some more tracking of the other Bijuu with Dr. Sakurano." Shikamaru casually said.

"Same here. I need to help my dad today." Chouji added.

"Understandable. What about you Kiba?" asked Ino. "I know you aren't busy."

"Actually I am. Hana's really busy at the vet, and she needs some help. But bring the girls by later and they can play with the pups." Kiba replied. "Though I don't know if it will be safe for Tenten."

"Why is that?" Temari asked, but when she looked at Tenten, she knew. "Oh yeah...the cat thing."

"Good point, she hasn't looked at anything since taking a good look at Akamaru." Ino said. "Ok, well we'll catch up later. For now Temari and I will go with the boys to the mall. See you three later."So the four 'dads' plus Ino and Temari made their way to the mall. With so much to do, it was decided that they should split into two groups. Temari went with Neji and Kyoji while Ino went with Sasuke and Naruto.

"Here we go, Kiddy Shinobi. This place is perfect for the girls." Ino said with a smile. "We should be able to get them lots of new outfits."

"Ino, don't you think this is a little excessive?" Sasuke questioned. "I mean we're only getting them something to wear for a few days."

"Sasuke-kun, there is no way I'm letting your fiancée go around in just a t-shirt and a diaper all day. Now come on." Ino said, running full speed into the store.

"Sasuke, what have we gotten ourselves into now?" Naruto and Hinata just looked over at Sasuke. "We must be absolutely insane!"

"Well, there's not much we can do. It is an official mission you know." Sasuke sighed. "Let's get this over with."

Ino was already chatting with the store clerk, getting all excited about giving the girls a full blown clothes overhaul. Luckily Ino had made up the story that Naruto and Sasuke were babysitting their cousins who had just moved into town. She also made up an excuse that the kids lost all their things in a house fire, and by order of the Hokage, they were to make sure the girls had everything they needed. Of course the sales clerk was in tears after that, so she decided to make sure Kasumi, Hinata, and Sakura were loaded on clothes all at a very good discount.

"Ok so how does this look?" Ino had dressed Sakura up in a bright pink jumper and had a pink bow in her hair.

"Don't you think that's too much pink? She looks like a strawberry!" Naruto commented. He was able to get off fairly lucky with Hinata. After Ino dressed her up in a pair of lavender overalls with a purple shirt, Hinata seemed to be very happy, so Ino just stopped there. "Maybe add some orange?"

"Naruto, we are not dressing her up using your poor fashion sense!" Ino retorted. "Ok, we'll lose the pink. But first, what do you think about Kasumi?" Ino had chosen a light blue plaid jumper with a silver long sleeve shirt. She also got some silver barrettes and put them in Kasumi's hair as well. "See, she's wearing her favorite color, and even has some blue from Sasuke's outfit. Plus it's easy to change her as well."

"She's cute. I like it." Sasuke agreed.

"Ok then, once we get done with Sakura, we'll go stroller shopping!" Ino cheered. "Now how about something in red for Sakura."

"Great." Naruto and Sasuke mumbled.With Neji, Temari, and Kyoji...

"Temari, do you even know anything about kids?" Kyoji asked. "I mean seriously, you don't seem like the motherly type."

"Hey I had two younger brothers. I'll have you know, I had to take care of Gaara when he was born. Honestly, he was a handful!" Temari said, playing with Tenten's ears as she carried the chibi nekomata. "So I do know what I'm doing."

"Ok, ok! So where should we go?" asked Neji.

"Well you're a Hyuuga, so you probably get a lot of discounts at a lot of places." Temari said before they stopped at a store. "Why not here? Little Miss Kunoichi? I'm sure they have lots of clothes for the girls." She looked at Neji and saw him stand by and stare. The last time he had to go in this store was back when he had to spend the day out with Hinata, Hanabi, and his Aunt Hikaru. The poor guy was stuck inside this one store for nearly four hours! "Uh hey Neji, you wanna come back to the planet here?"

Neji snapped himself out of it, "Sorry, bad childhood memory. Alright let's get these girls some clothes or whatever." He then noticed that the whole time; Kyoji and Tenten were completely quiet. "Kyoji, just what are you doing to keep her so quiet?"

Kyoji just held up a toy catnip mouse that Tenten kept constantly batting at. "Catnip mouse. She can't get enough of it."

Temari and Neji just glared at him, "He is so cheating at this!"

So after an hour or so, they left the store with Haku now wearing a light blue dress with a snowflake on the front, and Tenten in a white shirt with a cat on it, and a pair of pants, also with a small patch of a cat. After meeting up with Naruto, Sasuke, and Ino, they figured they might as well do something fun for the girls.

"So any ideas? We've got all day and nothing else to do," asked Naruto while he was feeding Hinata a tiny piece of a cinnamon roll.

"Well, we could go to the park, but then they'd get dirty and I doubt Haku wants another bath after the three she had last night." Neji answered.

"Three? Neji, what in the world did she get into?" Naruto asked.

"Let's see, first there was the little makeover that she and Hanabi had, then she got loose and raided the kitchen and somehow ended up doused in teriyaki sauce. Oh that wasn't the kicker! Hanabi took her outside to the koi pond, and what do you know, she tries to go for the fish and ends up soaking wet." Neji explained. "Naruto, seriously, your sister is a bundle of mischief!"

"Oh I can add to that! Kasumi has a voice on her that could shatter your ears in a second! And I don't know how Oka-san did it, but when I tried to feed her last night, she was so picky!" Sasuke stated. "And Sakura…Kami help me, that girl went through three diaper changes! How can a kid go through three changes in one night!"

"Wow, you guys really had it rough. It wasn't that bad for…" Kyoji said before everyone cut him off.

"We know, we know! Tenten spent the whole night playing with that catnip mouse!" they all replied in unison.

"Well, Hinata was just a perfect little princess last night. That's right, who's Naruto's special little princess?" Naruto was tickling Hinata's ears, getting another laugh out of her.

"Naruto, you really like this whole thing, don't you?" Ino asked. "Seriously, you're treating her like she was your pride and joy."

"She is. I don't care if she was 16 or 16 months, Hinata means the world to me. Honestly right now I know exactly how Hiashi-sama feels about her." Naruto said while bouncing Hinata on his lap. "But I really wonder what she's thinking. To know that she can't do anything right now makes me feel like I need to be there for her more than ever."

"Wow Naruto, this isn't like you. I mean we all knew you love Hinata, but to be this devoted to her?" Temari replied while she sipped her smoothie. "You know, you're really gonna make a great dad in the future."

"You think so? I'd never really thought about that." Naruto said. "Oh, hold on, she's got some icing on her face."

"Naruto, you are definitely one of a kind." Ino laughed. "Hey let's take the girls for a ride on the carousel. I think they would like that."

So for the rest of the morning, they just had fun with the girls. Taking them on the carousel, getting pictures made in an instant photo booth, even going to the 'Build your own plushy' store. Of course when they walked in and saw Ino, the clerk asked her if she still wanted the life size Sasuke Uchiha custom plushy. She tried covering her tracks, but with Sasuke there, she knew that it was truly the end of her fangirl crush. She did say that she'd tell them to keep the templates for Kasumi though, and he let that slide. After walking around with the girls to figure out what each one wanted, they ended up getting Tenten a stuffed cat, Sakura a new stuffed bear, Haku a stuffed tiger, Kasumi a better stuffed Sasuke, and Hinata a stuffed Naruto, complete with fox tails and ears."Akane, I have to ask you something?" Tsunade called in Akane and was trying to get some information about what had happened. "Why do you think the girls went this far just for me?"

"Honestly, I have no clue Tsunade-sama. Maybe it's just that they thought you would enjoy being a few years younger?" Akane replied. "I thought it was a nice thing."

"Akane, were you in on this?" Tsunade was a little suspicious, but she figured she might as well ask anyway.

"For the first time, I had nothing to do with this." Akane answered. "Though it will be a shame in about three days."

"And why do you say that?" Tsunade responded in question. "I thought you'd want to have the girls back to normal?"

"That's true, but I only got to watch Naruto as a baby. Seeing Kasumi and Haku like this kinda renews my nurturing spirit as a mother. It almost makes me want to have another child." Akane said. "Didn't you ever feel that way Tsunade-sama?"

"To be honest, after last night I did. When Sasuke came to the mansion, holding Kasumi in my arms was so wonderful. You know, maybe after they're back to normal, you can find a way to perfect that potion and see if they'd keep it for you. I can schedule some missions every now and then if you wanted to have the girls all to yourself." Tsunade proposed.

"You mean we can keep the girls, right? You want this just as much as I do, don't you?" Akane had a feeling Tsunade was up to something.

"You do know your teacher too well." Tsunade smiled. "So they'll be back to normal in three days. Think the boys can hold out that long?"

"They should be just fine." Akane said. "But for now I guess I need to make up an excuse for a cure."

"Why do you need to make up an excuse?" Tsunade asked. "Why not just tell them the formula will wear off?"

"Because that will ruin the surprise when the potion wears off. Hopefully it'll happen when they're all asleep so they'll wake up to seeing the girls in their cute little outfits…after I modify them with some chakra thread so the fabric won't rip. I'd imagine it would be pretty bad for the girls to be standing in front of the boys in their birthday suits." Akane chuckled at the sight. "And you know, maybe I should talk to Akemi-chan about this too. It would be good for baby pictures.""Seriously Momo-chan, can a mission get any more difficult like that?" Akemi said as she and Momoko entered the mansion. "Honestly, who sends a genin team to babysit the Feudal Lord's kids for a few days?"

"Akemi-chan it wasn't that bad. You can't honestly say that you didn't have fun." Momoko said. "I can tell because you were laughing when you got to play in that ball pit with the kids."

"Ok, so I had a little bit of fun. But I swear, I never want to change another diaper as long as I live!" Akemi said too soon. Natsumi came running through the halls with Kasumi in hand.

"Oh hey, glad you're here Akemi-chan. Listen, she needs a change. Can you handle that for me, thanks a ton!" Natsumi said, handing Kasumi to Akemi. "I gotta run. Oka-san needs me to go to the store. Later!" And with that Natsumi was out of the house faster than a bat out of the underworld.

"Ok what just happened and who is this kid?" Akemi said, staring straight at Kasumi in confusion.

"Uh…well I think it's Kasumi?" Momoko replied, a little confused herself.

"Oh ok. I better….Did you say K-k-k-k-k-k-k-…" Akemi started stuttering. Was this really her older sister that she was holding in her hands? She stuttered for a few minutes before she screamed and fainted, while still holding Kasumi.

"Akemi-chan?" Momoko looked down to see Akemi was out cold. She then took Kasumi out of her arms, and figured Akemi just needed some air. "Yep you're definitely Kasumi. I can tell by your scent…which is definitely being masked by another smell…a bad one! Guess we'll find out what's going on later."

About an hour later…

"Ugh, why does my head hurt? And who's poking me?" Akemi grumbled as she came to.

"Yep little Haku-chan still has it. Her poking can pull anyone awake." Hanabi said. "Akemi-chan, since when did you become the type to faint!"

"It was weird. I was staring at Kasumi-chan, but she was a baby for some reason." Akemi replied. She looked around and soon realized…it wasn't a dream.

"Uh, she is one Akemi-chan. And so are Haku, Tenten, Sakura, and Hinata-chan." Hanabi replied as the whole group was sitting around the living room.

"There's…five of them????" Akemi said in fear. "Can I faint again?"

"Don't think that's a good idea. Besides, Kasumi's wanted you to hold her for a while." Sasuke said. "Here ya go. Have some sisterly bonding time."

"Heh, ok." Akemi nervously said. "So…you're my big sister?? This is just too weird!"

"No what's weird is seeing Naruto and Hinata! But seriously, how are we gonna do this?" asked Natsumi. "Oka-san said she wanted to throw a birthday party for Kasumi and Haku?? Why in the world would she want to do that!"

"You know, now that I think about it, maybe it's because this is the first time anyone has ever seen these two like this. I mean no one has baby pictures of them, so you think she just wants to do something special for them?" Momoko said, while Sakura was playing with one of her tails.

"Makes sense. So should we make it a big thing, or just keep it small," asked Temari. "I mean it seems more like a close family/friends kinda thing since we are the only ones that know what happened."

"Just keep it small kids. Now, it's time we put these five down for a nap. Why don't all of you go take a break? You boys have been doing a good job." Akane said, coming from the kitchen. "Mai-chan and Yugi-chan can handle the girls."

"Well I have missed Ichiraku's for a while. Eh why not." Naruto said, handing over Hinata to Akane. "Thanks Oka-san. We'll be back later."

"Take care kids." Mai said as they all left. When it was just the three bijuu and the kids…"So are you sure Akane? We haven't been in our demon forms in ages."

"I know, but Yugi-chan always loved this. Besides, Phoenix feathers are known as the softest feathers in existence, right?" Akane replied. "And I remember those times when you had to babysit. I know you had fun back then."

"Yeah Mai-chan. Come on, for old time's sake." Yugito pleaded. "It'll be a good bonding experience. You are the one that wanted that maternal bonding, you know?"

"Oh alright. Besides the kids are getting sleepy." Mai released her flowing phoenix wings and picked up Sakura. "It would be a little uncomfortable in my full phoenix form, but I can at least cradle her like this." She brought her wings together and gently wrapped up Sakura, watching the little pink haired girl doze off. Akane and Yugito went full demon, becoming a large fox and cat respectively. Akane picked up each of the kitsune girls with her tails and cradled them around her while she got comfortable, using two tails for a pillow, while the other tails kept the girls warm. Tenten had already curled up to Yugito and was fast asleep while holding the two tails of the Nibi. Mai was the last one to doze off, but after looking at Sakura, all she could say was, "Someday I hope to have a little one as adorable as you are Sakura-chan."The next two days went by fairly quickly, mostly with the guys taking the girls out to keep the m busy while Akane, Mai, and Yugito decorated the house for Kasumi and Haku's unofficial first birthday party. When party time came around, the girls themselves were quite surprised…but when you're only about 16 months old, you'd be surprised at anything. Akane did get a lot of pictures, especially the ones with Kasumi and Haku covered in birthday cake! She was so much into mother hood mode that she spent the rest of the night taking pictures, even getting a combined bathtime shot of all five girls after the party. Once all the girls were asleep, everyone finally took a little bit of time to rest.

"Oh yeah I did get those pictures for you Hanabi." Neji said, handing over her camera.

"Pictures…right." Hanabi said, feeling a little upset. "Neji, is it right for me to try and blackmail Hinata? I mean I have in my hand the ultimate embarrassment for her. I can pay her back for so much torment she gave me when I was younger, but right now…I just can't do it!"

"Maybe this little fiasco has brought you two closer together as sisters?" asked Neji. "Besides, you should feel honored having a sibling."

"Hey you're just as lucky. You had to put up with both of us!" Hanabi retorted.

"That may be true, but still I am only your cousin, not your brother." Neji said. "So any idea as to what you're going to do now?"

"Give me some time to think it over." Hanabi said, flipping through the pictures on her camera. What Neji didn't know was that she was deleting all the pictures…except for one. "This one, I'll keep. I think Otou-san would like this one for his birthday soon." The last picture was a shot of Hanabi holding Hinata with both of them laughing.

After a few hours Sasuke had found Kasumi awake, so he decided to take a little one on one time with her out on the balcony.

"Didn't think we'd ever be like this, did you Kasumi-chan?" Sasuke said while playing with her ears. "As much as you try to spoil me, I never thought I'd be the one spoiling you all the time." The two looked out into the stars, simply spending their time gazing. "You know, even though you're absolutely adorable, I do miss the teen you. Akane-sama still said she's working on a cure, so I don't know how much longer I'll have to wait." He just stared at Kasumi who was too busy laughing the whole time. "I shoulda known you probably wouldn't understand." Little did he know…Kasumi understood everything.

"Sa…suke." Kasumi said quietly, causing Sasuke to jump.

"Did…did you just say my name?" Sasuke asked. "Come on Kasumi-chan, say it again."

"Sasuke." Kasumi said, pointing directly at him.

"This is unreal! Wait, why am I flipping out? I mean I know she can already talk normally. But I mean…this is amazing!" Sasuke was dancing all over the balcony with Kasumi in hand over the fact that she said his name. Though it did mean one thing.

"Looks like the potion is wearing off. Guess tomorrow is the day we get our girls back." Akane said when she overheard Sasuke's cheering.The next day had the boys taking the girls out to the park. After running the boys ragged, the girls were completely exhausted…and so were the boys. They figured a good nap would do all of them well, so they ended up laid out all over the living room of the Uzumaki mansion.

"Alright, that was the last shot. The potion should wear off and the girls will be back to normal in an hour." Akane said, taking one final picture.

"Should we be here to explain things?" Tsunade asked. "This is gonna be a big shocker, you know."

"They'll be fine. Most likely the girls will turn red and the boys will laugh at all this, but it'll be good." Akane answered. "Now I say we go finish those albums. This will be some good memories for all of them."

An hour later, the potion finally wore off and like a normal jutsu release, the girls returned to their normal sizes in a poof of smoke. Luckily Akane modified their clothes so they would at least have a little modesty…well except for Haku and Sakura who ended up falling asleep without any pants on.

"Mmm, wow that was a good nap." Haku said as she rubbed her eyes. As her vision focused, she looked around and saw she was in the living room…on Neji's lap…holding a blanket…and wearing no pants. "What in the…"

Within seconds everyone else in the room was wide awake from the scream that Haku let loose.

"Neji! For Kami's sake, check Haku! Give her a bottle or something!" Sasuke said, barely waking up. "Wait, why does it feel so heavy…Kasumi-chan?"

"Uh…hi Sasuke-kun." Kasumi said, blushing like mad while squeezing her Sasuke plushy.

"Sasuke…why do I have no pants on, and what's this in my mouth?"Sakura asked when she noticed the pacifier in her mouth. "And why does it feel like I sat in a puddle?"

"Guys, what happened to us?" Haku asked after she wrapped her blanket around her waist.

"You don't remember do you?" Neji replied, getting all the girls to shake their head.

"All we remember was working on the Kitsune Rejuvenation potion and then it blew up." Hinata said. "After that it was all a blur."

"Well, to answer your question, when that potion exploded, you five were doused with it and ended up turning into babies." Sasuke said. "We've spent the last few days taking care of you. Oh and my guess is that you probably need to be changed Sakura." That put a huge shot of embarrassment on her face.

"So…you mean we were…and you…and…" Sakura started babbling before Sasuke put the pacifier back in her mouth.

"That always did calm her down." Sasuke said. "Yes we saw everything. And boy do we have some stories to tell!"

"Uh…how much blackmail material do you have on us?" Tenten said, trying to curl up and hide herself.

"Actually, we don't plan on doing that at all." Kyoji replied while he helped Tenten to her feet.

"To be honest we had a blast. Kasumi-chan, I gotta say, I have never seen anyone chug a bottle of milk, then rip a burp louder than Chouji in my life!" Sasuke said.

"Dude, she did that! Oh man that is totally awesome!" Naruto laughed, brightening Kasumi's blush. "If you think that's bad, Hina-chan was a handful! I mean this girl had me running all over the place! And that time she spit up on Hanabi! Priceless!"

"Hey that's not as bad as Haku was. Three baths in one night! I think Hiashi-sama couldn't stop laughing!" Neji added. "Yes Haku-chan, I do have to say you have the cutest cheeks ever…and I'm not talking about the ones on your face."

"Uh Kyoji-kun, was…was I any trouble?" Tenten meekly asked.

"Oh please! You were pretty much hung on your catnip mouse the whole time! Even when it came to feeding you, all you could think about was playing with that catnip mouse!" Sasuke said. "Now feeding, good gravy! What is it with you being so blasted picky Kasumi-chan? I swear everything we tried to give you, you just had to nitpick it!"

"Don't forget Sakura! Didn't you say she went through 10 bottles of food in one night, and that had you changing her like 3 times that same night?" Naruto said, laughing even harder.

"Oh yeah! It's like that food went right through her! I mean she filled those diapers full! Her mom was right, she ate like a horse!" Sasuke replied, cracking up even worse. Sakura had already jumped behind the couch and was hiding in embarrassment.

"I did all of that…and he even saw me naked!" Sakura was thinking her day couldn't get any worse. "I just hope Ino…"

"But I do have to say it was nice of Ino and Temari to help out getting some clothes for you girls. They really know how to shop."

"Naru-chan, just how many people know about this?" Hinata asked.

"All of Konoha. Seriously you five were named the cutest girls in the village." Naruto said, causing the five girls to freeze. "Boy that was easy. I knew they'd fall for that one. But seriously, Team Illumina is pretty much the only ones that know."

"Ok, now that I'm a complete and total mess of confusion…what are we supposed to do now?" Haku asked. "And for the love of Kami, where are some pants!!!!"

"For some reason you always slept better with them off." Neji replied. "But you did look cute sucking your thumb while you slept." Haku shot him a look that said 'you are loving every minute of this aren't you?' and he simply looked back saying 'every single moment!'

"Well I know that a little Pineapple Cranberry Juice will help Hina-chan get back to sleep after she's had a bath." Naruto said. "That and I know she likes having her ears tickled while she's playing in the bubbles too."

"Naru-chan, how did you know about that?" Hinata asked. He simply pointed to his head. "You told me."

"I guess a nap will do us all good anyway." Haku said, grabbing a hold of Neji. "Now be my plushy!"

"You gonna suck your thumb again?" asked Neji.

"Are you gonna say I'm cute if I do?" Haku replied, already with her thumb in her mouth.

"Here you go Neko-chan, time for a nap." Kyoji said, pulling out 'baby' Tenten's favorite catnip mouse.

"Mousie!!!!" Tenten started batting at the mouse in excitement.

"Hey Sakura, quit hiding in fear and just crash for a while. At least enjoy this while it lasts." Sasuke said after looking behind the couch.

"Sasuke-kun, how can I even show myself around the village now that Ino knows about all of this! She's going to torment me day and…" Sakura said before Sasuke took the pacifier and stuck it back in her mouth.

"Lighten up!" Sasuke said. "And I used extra talcum powder for you Sakura, so you're probably ok. Now get over here and get some sleep."

Sakura couldn't believe what she had just heard in the last 10 minutes. The fact that she found out she had been a baby for the past week, and Sasuke was the one that took care of her basically put her in shell shock! "Well as they say, when in Wave Country…" So she jumped back onto the couch next to Sasuke and Kasumi and everyone pretty much crashed for the next two hours.After everyone woke back up, the girls all had a chance to finally change and get back into some normal clothes. Akane took the time to do a full diagnostic scan to see if there were any side effects.

"Well girls, you're back to normal. Though due to how concentrated the potion was, you'll still have a few side effects every now and then." Akane said, looking over a clipboard.

"We're not gonna be stuck back in diapers again are we?" Haku asked. "Seriously, I don't think I ever want to do that again!"

"No Haku-chan, it's more mental. But its small things. Like you for example may occasionally suck your thumb for no reason." Akane answered.

"Kinda like she is now?" Kasumi chuckled.

"Yeah very funny, miss 'I still have my Sasuke Uchiha plushy'." Haku retaliated, since somehow Kasumi kept that plushy with her.

"But I missed my stuffed Sasuke-chan." Kasumi replied by hugging her plushy. "Kasumi-chan feels safe with Sasuke-chan."

"You'll only have those effects for a while, but they'll wear off. Don't worry, all of you are perfectly ok." Akane said, going over to her desk. "Now it's time I showed you all the pictures we got."

"Oh no, here it comes. Ready for our lives to be officially over girls?" Sakura said, afraid of what she was going to see.

"Actually, you'll be surprised." Akane said, handing over a large photo album. The reaction the girls had was completely different than they thought.

"Kasumi-chan you are absolutely adorable!!!! And that jumper you're wearing, that so compliments those barrettes in your hair!" Tenten said at the first picture.

"Look at this one! Neji trying to feed you Haku-chan! Oh man he looks like he had a time!" Sakura took note of a picture that had Haku throwing some food back at Neji.

"What about this one with Kasumi and Sakura fighting over Sasuke!" Haku said. "This is hilarious!"

"I told you girls it wouldn't be as bad as you thought." Akane said with a smile.

"Ten-chan, we have to show this to our parents! They'll flip at this!" Sakura said. " Let's go!"

"I'm right with you. Come on girls!" Tenten said as she and Sakura ran out of Akane's office.

"Sakura, aren't you forgetting something?" Akane said, holding up a pacifier. Sakura ran up and grabbed it, quickly stuffing it in her pouch.

"You saw nothing, ok!" Sakura said.

"Our lips are sealed Sakura." Akane said. Haku and Kasumi were about to leave before Akane stopped the two. "Girls wait a minute."

"What is it Oka-san?" asked Haku. "Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong. I found out that you were originally planning to give the potion to Tsunade-sama so she'd feel younger again. I want to tell you that was very special to her that you would do something like this." Akane said, preparing to cook up her proposition.

"She deserved it. She does enough for us anyway." Kasumi replied.

"I know. This is why I wanted to talk to you two directly on this matter." Akane took out a small vial containing the same potion as before, but it was a darker green. "Girls, this is the perfected Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion. The reason why it failed on you is because you forgot to add a sealing reagent."

"So what does this have to do with us?" Haku wondered. "You're not planning on using that on us, are you?"

"Only if you want to. Kasumi, Haku, neither one of you really got to live life to its fullest in your younger years. Kasumi got lucky when she was transformed into a kitsune, but she was only 6 years old." Akane explained. "I can modify this potion for the two of you can be as young as you wanted. And this is only something between the three of us and Tsunade-sama."

"Why is she in on this?" asked Kasumi.

"At her age she can't have children of her own, and from what I was told, she did take care of you for a night Kasumi when you had an upset stomach. She said caring for you was something she always wanted, but could never have in her life." Akane said, catching the girls' attention. "Girls you'll experience this wonderful instinct when you're older and have your own kids. But to give Tsunade-sama something like that…you don't know just how much joy you gave her this past week."

"It would only be us four that know about it? No one else?" Haku was a little skeptical, but maybe it might be worth it. Since she had been on the run with Zabuza at such a young age, not even she got to experience some of those times with her family. "I mean I remember what happened when we spilled the beans on Naruto's transformation pills."

"What would happen is that Tsunade-sama would make sure that everyone is on a mission, and would send you two on one. You'd basically spend the time with her. Even Shizune would be gone, so it would just be you three. You'd even be paid for an S-rank mission as well. If you ever felt the burnout from being on missions, you could call it a mini vacation. We'd also make up fake identities, and if you wanted, you could hide your kitsune features as well. Only Tsunade-sama and I would know about this." Akane said. "The choice is completely up to you. If you say you don't want to do this, none of this will ever leave the room."

Kasumi and Haku took a little bit of time to think. Maybe it would be worth it for Tsunade. To be a shinobi was hard, and Hokage was hard enough. But to be denied the chance to be a mother…that was completely different.

"We'll do it Oka-san." Haku said. "So this means if we took the potion to make us like 3 years old, we could completely act that age…even if it meant being absolutely evil?"

"Haku, I think she'd welcome the challenge! She would want you to go full force! But that means you'd have to be ready for ANYTHING!" Akane said. "Even if it meant you faced her yelling at the top of her lungs."

"Being 6 years old was fun, but now that I'd have a sister to cause trouble with, I'd love it myself. And as you said Oka-san, it would make Tsunade-sama happy." Kasumi said.

"Thank you girls. And one more thing…the two pictures we got of you were wonderful. Now I have baby pictures of all my kits." Akane said, embracing her two daughters.As for Hinata…

"I knew you'd be up here Naru-chan." Hinata said when she saw him at the top of the Monument.

"Yeah, this is…hey why are you still wearing those clothes?" Naruto noticed she was still dressed in the same lavender overalls and purple shirt from earlier, and she was even carrying the stuffed Naruto plushy. "That can't be…"

"I went home and had a good long bath. Don't worry, I'm back to normal underneath. I just kept these as a reminder…and as a way to thank you Naru-chan." Hinata said, sitting next to him. "Plus I figured you'd like me like this, since your little girl has grown up now."

"You shouldn't have to thank me Hina-chan. I know if I was in your position, you'd do the same for me." Naruto replied. "It was a little rough at first, especially when I had to change your diaper for the first time."

"Did seeing me naked embarrass you that much?" Hinata purred.

"Are you kidding me? What was I supposed to do? I'm sitting here being told I have to diaper up my fiancée and rub baby oil and talcum powder all over her butt, when I've only gotten as far as second base!" Naruto replied. "I was flipping out the whole time."

"But you did a good job. I also heard from Akane-sama about the first night. She said you were just like Arashi-sama." Hinata said. "Naruto, even though a lot of what happened was really fuzzy, I do know that I was really scared during the whole thing."

"I don't know why. I wasn't going to let anything bad happen to you. That's how I am Hina-chan." Naruto told her as he gave her a small kiss on her head. "But you were so full of energy! You had me running all over the house!"

"So I have a mischievous side. Nothing wrong with that." Hinata smiled at him.

"You stayed in that pantry for three days trying to get a hold of the cinnamon rolls in there! Trying to get that flour out of your hair was a job enough in itself!" Naruto said. "But I will say, I am glad you're back."

"I am too Naru-chan. I missed having you hold me just like this." Hinata replied.

"I can hold you the other ways too. You did like staying cradled in my arms. Oh yeah, I got this for you. Something to remind you of this past week." Naruto said, taking out a small jewelry box. "It's a locket. I figured you'd like the pictures."

She opened up the locket to reveal a picture of her and Naruto laughing, and one of her and Naruto asleep. "I love it Naru-chan," she said as she quickly put on the locket. When she was done, Naruto hoisted her up by her waist and was twirling her in the air.

"Now who's my special princess? Is Hinata my special princess?" Naruto asked.

"Uh-huh! I'm Nawuto's special pwincess!" Hinata said in a baby girl voice.

"That's right!" He turned to yell over the edge of the monument. "You hear that Konoha! Hinata is my special princess!!"

Hinata pulled herself close to Naruto and held him tight. "And you'll always be my special prince. I love you Naru-chan."

"I love you too Hina-chan. You know…I think Oka-san might be able to make that potion again? Wanna take another day off???" asked Naruto with a huge grin on his face.

"Don't press your luck. I like being a teenager better." Hinata replied while they walked down from the monument.

"So you mean to tell me you don't want to have me put baby powder on that cute little bottom of yours again?" Naruto said, getting a blush out of Hinata.

"If you're a VERY good boy…I'll think about it." Hinata said. "But don't get your hopes up. Besides, it would be my turn anyway."

"Oh you don't wanna deal with me as a baby. Oka-san said I was way too much to handle!" Naruto laughed.

"I bet I could handle the challenge any day of the week!" Hinata said when Naruto picked her up into his arms.

"Not after I get some Pineapple Cranberry juice into you. Then you'll be sleeping like a baby." He laughed, knowing he hit a good spot.

Hinata wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself closer to him. "Awight Nawuto. I'ww be a good wittle guwl." The two of them just laughed the rest of the way back home.

Now tell me you all didn't enjoy this little sidetrack from the main story. And yes in the future, I may do a little short with Tsunade dealing with the duo of Kasumi and Haku as demonic 3 year olds! As for my next little project, with the holidays coming up, that means another Christmas Special, but this year will be something different. I think everyone will like it too. Also I'm planning the first of my "Bijuu Flashbacks". Time to see just what the Bijuu were as kids! If you think Akane, Mai, and Yugito are crazy now, just wait and see what happens when a 6 year old Yugito torments a 14 year old Mai!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little short. As always Read and Review!

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