The Bijuu Wars

2008 Holiday Special part 1

Naruto: WAHOO! It's Christmas time again!!!! Time to get loaded on presents!

Kasumi: Geez Naruto, we have to act more mature now. We're older so we can't be little kids anymore.

Naruto: Oh really, so you're not gonna act like one when you get your presents?

Kasumi: Nope. I'm going to open my presents like a diginified lady.

Naruto: Hey, your loss. I mean I did manage to get some info from an Anbu. I hear Otou-san is getting you that stuffed plushy collection you wanted.

Kasumi: HE IS!!! (Pulls out her stuffed Sasuke Plushy) You hear that Sasuke-chan! I get plushies!!!!!!

Naruto: And you said I acted like a little kid?

Kasumi(pulling her plushy close to her): It's not my fault. It's still a side effect from when I was a baby! Now quit picking on me or I'm telling!

Neokenshin: Well you two are in the holiday spirit. Then you'll love this year's special!

Naruto: Ok what is it this time? Transforming us back into elves or making us sing Karaoke again?

Neokenshin: Nope, not this year. Kasumi's the one that will tell you about the special.

Kasumi: I will? But I don't even know what it is.

Neokenshin: Don't worry you'll know soon enough.

Kasumi: Uh ok. I guess. If you say...

Himawari (Glomping Kasumi from out of nowhere): Hi Auntie Sumi! Did ya miss me??

Kasumi: Hi Hima-chan. So I guess we know what it is for the special this year.

Neokenshin: Yep, only this's way more different!

Naruto: So to kick off the holiday, you all know Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto, and that all respective characters belong to their creators. Enjoy the special!!!

2008 Holiday Special: The Origin of Kasumi Part 1

Konoha was bustling this year. The holidays had come quite quickly and the entire village was in decoration. Everyone was getting ready for the most festive time of the year with lights, Christmas trees, and decorations. And for one family, the holidays were about to get even bigger...especially since they were having special guests this year.

"Naruto! Are all the guest rooms ready?" Hinata called from the kitchen.

"Yeah they're all fine! We have more than enough room!" Naruto replied. "Besides I told the trio to stay in fox form so they wouldn't take up too much space."

"Now Naruto, it's the holidays. They get to stay in human form. Besides, their former queen is coming to visit. I think they'd like to look their best you know." said Keisei as she entered the living room. "You already know they aren't any trouble at all."

"You're right mom. Well, guess I better get going. Let's see, we're bringing...wait, how many people am I bringing back this year?" asked Naruto in slight confusion.

"You're bringing the entire Uzumaki family, Sasuke, Mikoto, and Itachi Uchiha, Hinata, Hanabi, and Neji Hyuuga, Ino, Chouji, Sakura, and Tenten." Keisei explained. "Now get going!"

"Ok, ok! I'm going!" Naruto said, preparing to open a dimensional tear. However he got stopped by a certain other kitsune as well.

"Daddy, where you going?" asked little Himawari Uzumaki a.k.a Naruto's Sunflower Princess who was now 4 years old, and still a handful.

"I'm gonna go pick up some very good friends that we haven't seen in a long time." Naruto explained as he picked up his daughter and put her on his shoulders. "You know something, I change that. WE'RE going to pick up some very good friends."

"Okay!" Himawari said.

"Now Naruto, if she's going, make sure you keep a close eye on her." Hinata said, giving him the look of "Don't screw this up."

"Hinata, don't worry. I have a feeling she's going to be a perfect little princess." Naruto replied nonchalantly. "Isn't that right?"

"Uh huh. I'm a good girl!" Himawari said with a smile.

"Hinata don't worry. Besides, I have a feeling the moment they all meet up, Hima-chan won't have a chance to get into anything!" Keisei laughed. "Plus, you should go make sure little Minato is ready to meet everyone."

"He'll be fine mom. I just hope he doesn't go tail crazy like Hima-chan did." Hinata said in concern.

"Naa, he'll be fine." Naruto said as he opened the dimensional tear. "Let's go Hima-chan."

"Yay!" Hima cheered as she and Naruto entered the rip.

"Mom, can I ask you something?" Hinata asked after the rip closed. "Why didn't you tell Naruto about the OTHER guests he's bringing back? I know we had more rooms made up."

"I figure I'd let Akane-chan surprise him. Besides, I can't wait to meet her sisters!" Keisei laughed. "That and I wonder how our Tenten's going to react when she sees her other self."

"The holidays do bring out the best in all of us." Hinata sighed as she went back to the kitchen to cook snacks for the arriving guests.

Konoha....well the OTHER Konoha...

"I knew setting up that warp to take us right to their front door would make it easier." Naruto said as and Himawari walked out of the portal.

"Hey, I smell something daddy." Himawari said as she picked up a different scent. "Smells like a kitty cat!"

"Hmm, well we'll just have to find out what that is." Naruto said as he opened the door. "Now how did my other self do this...oh yeah. Hey everyone I'm home!" Of course when he didn't get an answer that made things a little weirder. "Hmm, no one's home?" That's when he noticed Himawari picking out scents in the air, and she picked up a very familiar that she had grown very fond of even though she was only around 2 years old when she first picked it up.

"Yay!" Hima cheered as she jumped off Naruto and bolted upstairs to the second floor. The scent she picked up happened to be one she absolutely loved. Luckily the room that the scent was in happened to be open.

"Hima-chan, wait a minute! Don't take off...oh never mind." Naruto said, following the young kitsune back upstairs.

Speaking of upstairs, Kasumi was home, completely knocked out. She had just gotten home from a mission and literally wore herself out. However she'd been having some pretty troubled nights as she kept having the same dream over and over. After Akane had given her the pictures of her parents Minato and Kushina, she kept having a strange dream of seeing them again. She had told everyone else, but no one was sure what it could have been. Ino seemed to think it might have been repressed emotions from never knowing them, but not even she could be sure. But for now she was too tired to even dream, so she just slept. Though that feeling of peace was about to be short lived since she was about to get a very unique wakeup call.

As for Himawari...

"Auntie Sumi!!!!!!" Himawari said as she did a flying belly flop on to a sleeping Kasumi, startling her awake.

"Huh, what, who, why in the..." Kasumi said, trying to figure out what in the world just happened. Her vision was still blurry from sleep but as she was focusing, she could feel a death grip hug.

"I missed you Auntie Sumi!!!" Himawari said, tightening her hug.

"Uh, I too?" Kasumi said, still feeling groggy. When her vision cleared, she had some idea of what was going on, but was still confused. "Hima-chan? How did you get here?"

"I think that would be my doing." Naruto said as he walked into Kasumi's room. "Sorry we woke you up."

"It's ok...I didn't have anything else to do anyway since I got home from a mission yesterday." Kasumi said, as she pulled Himawari off her. "So what brings you two here anyway?"

"Well, first off I have to say, what in the world happened to you?" Naruto asked after taking a look at Kasumi. "You've definitely grown."

"Naruto, I'm 16. What was I supposed to look like?" Kasumi said as she pulled her hair from her face. "So how's Hinata and Keisei-sama?"

"They're doing quite well. Hinata's back home taking care of my son Minato." Naruto replied. "You're gonna love seeing him."

"So, they're coming to visit for Christmas again?" asked Kasumi as she had Himawari snuggle up to her.

"Not exactly. You're coming to spend Christmas with us." Naruto replied.

"Oh, ok." Kasumi said. After about 30 seconds it hit her and made sure she was wide awake. "WE'RE WHAT!!!!!!" Of course that was enough to be heard all over Konoha, Kangaroo's across the planet could hear her too and whimpered in fear.

About two hours later, after Kasumi had time to make herself presentable, most of the Uzumaki clan returned home, obviously wondering what caused her to yell like she did.

"Kasumi, what in the world were you screaming about! I heard you all the way at the Training Center!" Akane asked, hoping to get an answer.

" see..." Kasumi tried to explain before Himawari stepped from behind her.

"Great auntie 'Kane!!!" Himawari screamed before charging full speed towards the Kyuubi.

"No explanation needed! How is my little kitsune princess!!!" Akane squealed as she started tickling Himawari. "Look at you! You have just gotten so big! And that tail of yours! I know someone's been eating all her vegetables!"

"Uh huh. Grammy says it will make me strong like mommy." Himawari said politely.

"Then that's good. You are so polite, it makes you so much more adorable. Mai-chan, Yugi-chan, get in here!" Akane yelled. "Come meet someone special!"

"What is it Akane?" asked Mai. "Who are you talking to anyway?"

"Yeah Akane-nee-chan, what's the deal?" Yugito added.

"Remember when I told you about the Naruto from the other world?" Akane explained. "Well, meet his daughter, and Seventh Princess of the Kitsune Clan, and your niece, Himawari Uzumaki. Hima-chan, that's your Auntie Mai and Auntie Yugito!"

"Now this is awkward. I come in the house to find out I have a niece from a different dimension." Mai said as Himawari ran up to hug her as friendly as ever.

"Oh and us finding out we were related to the Bijuu wasn't awkward??" Kasumi replied sarcastically.

"Good point." Mai agreed. "Ok so now that we have this cutie, what are we gonna do with her?"

"Oh I should have mentioned this. We're going to Naruto's for the holidays." Akane said. "Naruto dear, you can come out now."

"I wondered when you were going to introduce me Akane-sama." Naruto said.

"Mai, Yugito, this is Naruto...from the other dimension." Akane introduced. "Naruto meet my sisters Mai Housenka, the Shichibi no Houou and Yugito Nii, the Nibi no Nekomata."

"Wow, so the Bijuu are related here?" Naruto said in surprise. "That's new."

"Not really. But you'll learn more when we all get to your house." Akane said with a smile.

"Wait...what are you?" Naruto said, wondering just what was going on.

"Didn't Keisei-chan tell you? My sisters and their kids are coming too." Akane replied, leaving Naruto stunned.

"Okay....yeah. Well, I guess we should get everyone together so we can head out." Naruto said. "I don't wanna keep Himawari out too late."

"Now, now Naruto, I know you've had time to rest, but WE haven't had time to play with this cutie now." Akane said.

"Wait, won't that cause a problem? Too much cuteness could knock everyone out." Yugito explained. "We don't know just what we're dealing with here."

"What do you mean by 'too much'? Just what could be as cute as my little sunflower?" asked Naruto.

"You've never met Riyu-chan then. That girl is the epitome of cute." Kasumi said. "Trust me, she got it from her mother."

"Ok, don't say I didn't warn you!" Yugito said. "Oh Riyu-chan!"

"Yes Oka-san?" Riyu said as she entered the house. Of course when Naruto looked at her, he had to do a double take. Then strangely...he became entranced.

"Naruto, you ok?" Kasumi asked, knowing he was hooked. He just kept looking at Riyu, then at Himawari and started rubbing his eyes. "Naruto??"

"Ok, she's cute, really cute." Naruto said calmly. "But Hima-chan barely edges her out."

"You're saying that because you're her dad!" Kasumi laughed.

"Nothing wrong with that. And you haven't seen Hima with Haru yet." Naruto replied with a straight face. "Just make sure we're careful around everyone else."

"Wow, he really is just like our Naruto." Mai said, really taking note of the differences. "But that's not the point! Akane, Yugito, let the spoiling commence!!!" And with that, Akane, Mai, and Yugito bolted out of the house with Himawari in tow.

"Uh, did I miss something Kasumi-chan?" asked Riyu, since Yugito never really wanted anything.

"Nope. You're fine. Come on, you can go with me to go get everyone else." Kasumi said. "Hey Naruto, no sense in hanging out here."

"When in Konoha..." Naruto said, going along with everything.

After about an hour for Kasumi, Riyu, and Naruto, they finally managed to round up everyone and fill them all in. Of course it was odd that they were all invited to an alternate dimension for the holidays, but hey it's Christmas. So they all got packed for the trip while Himawari got an executive princess treatment before she got back. Naruto however was adjusting to many new things, especially a nekomata version of Tenten!

"She's...a cat!" Naruto said as he watched Himawari play with Tenten's tail. "!"

"Oh brother! Kasumi, this guy is asking me how I'm a cat, when his own daughter is a kitsune!" Tenten sighed in grief. "You don't get out much, do you?"

"Apparently not! So are we going or what?" Sakura said impatiently. "I wanna see little Haru again!" Everyone else was just as impatient, but somehow had kept an eye on Himawari while she was busy trying to pounce on Tenten's tail.

"I love kitties." Himawari said point blank.

"Yeah, Himawari loves anything that will give her affection right off the bat. Now I have to warn all of you. My Konoha is a lot different than it is here. We don't know where we're gonna end up, so it may be good for all the...well everyone with tails and ears to hide them, just until we get to my house." Naruto said with caution. "The village is still uneasy with mom around, so yeah it's still crazy."

"Fine with us." K. Naruto said, as every single one of them placed a disguise genjutsu on their ears and tails. "So are you gonna stand there or do we have to make you open the warp portal!"

"Yeesh dude! Give me a break! One more thing and this pertains to Sasuke and Itachi. We've been explaining everything since you know...our Itachi was a bad guy. Sasuke's really mellow, but he says it's just going to be weird seeing the person he hated with a passion as a good guy." Naruto said. "Just go a little easy on him, ok."

"Works for me." Itachi replied.

"NOW can we go!" Natsumi furiously said. "For the love of Kami! I wanna go see Hinata and the other kids!!!"

"Uh, it's best not to upset her. She's been getting kinda moody lately." K. Naruto whispered. "Better be nice to her."

"Oh...OH!!!!!!!" Naruto said, immediately realizing what he meant.

"What did you say Naruto?" Natsumi shot a death glare at her counterparts.

"Nothing!!!" Naruto and K. Naruto hastily replied.

"Good!" Natsumi said as she walked through the portal. Everyone else soon followed leaving the two Narutos to enter last.

"Dude, how do you handle that? I mean I know Hinata can be bad sometimes, but man!" Naruto exclaimed. "You gotta have a will of steel."

"You haven't seen what happens when all of them come down with it! I begged Baa-chan to send me on a LONG mission, but she wouldn't!" K. Naruto complained. "I tried to sneak out of the village, but Haku-chan found me. Stupid hunter-nin training."

"She's a hunter-nin?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah, second grade too! She's good! I was screwed the moment she set foot out of Konoha!" K. Naruto replied.

"Sucks for you dude." Naruto said as he and his dimensional counterpart entered the portal.

Upon arriving, everyone could see that the two Konohas were quite similar. However they could already feel the sharp glares of people directed at Naruto, even though he no longer had Keisei sealed inside him. But the glares were few, since a lot of people had come to accept him and his accomplishments as a respected shinobi. Luckily things weren't too bad, since they had arrived at a very good location.

"Ok, so we're at my house?" K. Hinata asked when she saw where they arrived. "Why did we end up here?"

"To be honest, I have no idea. When I leave this world to go to other worlds, I can go directly where I want to end up, but when I come home, I never end up at my front door." Naruto explained. "Whatever. While we're here, we might as well stop in. I'm sure Neji will be glad to see everyone."

(A/N Ok, with this big of a bunch meeting themselves, you guys know the tradition. All of NK's chars get the 'K' in front of 'em, even if they aren't Kitsune...with the exception of the Original Characters.)

K. Neji was about to say something when K. Haku shot him a glance, knowing exactly what he was gonna say. "Neji...don't even start!" she said, knowing he was probably going to say something all regal and prestigious.

"What! I wasn't going to say anything!" K. Neji replied, glad that he kept himself from another elbow.

"You better not!" K. Haku said. "Knowing you and your alternate self, you're probably still the same way!"

"I dunno. There was that night at Neji and Tenten's wedding. Boy Neji was a party animal that night!" Naruto laughed, as everyone else was stunned. "From what we heard it got pretty primal in their honeymoon suite too. I heard Neji ended up needing stitches all over after that crazy night!"

K. Neji and K. Tenten just stood there wondering just how insane their counterparts were! "Naruto, is everyone in your world insane?" K. Tenten asked.

"Not really. We just have out of control libido." Naruto said with another laugh, causing everyone else to groan in misery.

"I knew it!!! Ero-sennin has brainwashed everyone here!" Natsumi said. "It's the end of the world as we know it!"

"Now what's that about the end of the world?" asked Neji as he walked out to the patio of the Hyuuga manor. "And Naruto, mind explaining to me who all these people are?"

"Oh hey Neji. Say hi to a ton of friends of mine. Oh and say hi to your counterpart from another dimension." Naruto said as started all the introductions.

After 20 seconds of silence for Neji to process the information he spoke again.

"Pleasure to meet all of you. But I do have a few quick questions. Let us go to the guest hall and get out of this brisk weather." Neji said, nodding to one of the guards to have tea brought to the hall.

"Still as stoic as ever." K. Neji said, taking note that some things never change...namely the guards.

"Uncle Neji, where's Auntie Tenten and the baby?" Himawari asked as the group entered the compound.

"She's putting little Nikkou down to sleep. Our little bundle had a rough day today. She'll be down to see you soon." Neji replied. "As for Hanabi, I'm not sure where she went."

"This is going to be very weird seeing an older version of myself." K. Hanabi thought. "I dunno if I can take it."

The group entered the guest hall and all got comfortable, as to prepare Neji for a lot of explanations. Tenten had come down to join them, so things wouldn't be too difficult to repeat.

"So you are the group from the alternate dimension that Naruto told us about. Interesting." Neji said, sipping his tea. "What I find unique is how you and Tenten aren't a couple, Neji."

"Ah that, well, Tenten and I were more like best friends while we were genin. It was Haku that really enticed me." K. Neji replied.

"That's only because you were just as quiet and stoic as I was back then!" K. Haku said. "But I will say, you do know how to melt an Ice Princess' heart."

"I see. But one more thing, why do you have your hair down Tenten? I always thought you preferred to keep it up during combat." asked Neji. "That isn't like you to have changed like that."

"Well...maybe I should show you why. Actually I think we all need to show you why." K. Tenten told him. "They are friends anyway."

"She does have a point. Alright everyone, drop the genjutsu." Akane ordered, as everyone dispelled their genjutsu in a puff of smoke.

"Genjutsu? But why couldn't my Byakugan see it?" Neji said to himself as the smoke cleared to reveal everyone now in their true forms.

"This is why I have my hair down. If I kept it in buns, then no one could see my ears." K. Tenten explained while she played with her tail. "And yes this is real. I am a nekomata hanyou."

Tenten looked carefully at her hanyou opposite, and couldn't believe it herself! She was staring at a teenage catgirl reflection of her own image. Neji on the other hand took one good look, then turned to his own Tenten, "Tenten dear, have you ever thought about wearing your hair down?"

"Neji Hyuuga, if you are getting ideas of me with cat ears...wait, never mind! I shouldn't have even said anything!" Tenten said as she saw a nice grin on her husband's face.

"I do happen to know a jutsu that will let you have them. It's not too hard. I think Akane-chan taught the Kitsune Disguise Jutsu to Naruto and Hinata." Yugito said, getting a sudden decline from Tenten.

"Oh yeah, I remember that. Boy that was fun! Hey Arashi-sama, got any tips for your 'son' so to speak?" Naruto said proudly.

"My boy, I have much to teach you before I go." Arashi said, patting Naruto on the shoulder while getting a stern look from Akane. "WHAT!! It's just a father/son heart to heart talk???"

"Yeah right. Well to make things to the point Neji, you're basically looking at the Kyuubi, Nibi, and Shichibi all in one room, plus you're seeing all of our kids. Hope that's not too much of a shock." Akane explained.

"Not at all. We see Hima-chan all the time with her ears and tail, and she's just a cutie to have around." Tenten said, while sipping her tea. "Now what am I gonna do with you Neji Hyuuga? I swear you really have been hanging around Naruto way too much!"

"I say the same thing time and time again!" K. Haku added, getting a laugh from Tenten.

"Well we don't want to stay too long, Hinata's home waiting for me, and I'm sure everyone can't wait to see Minato. Make sure to stop by on Christmas Day, ok?" Naruto said, as the group got ready to take their leave.

"Of course. We'll bring the baby by as well. Take care my friend." Neji said with a firm handshake.

"You know, before we go, maybe we should spar. It would be interesting to see the Juuken at its best." K. Neji proposed. "Plus it's always nice to see just how far one's skills have improved."

"Never better said. Even I look forward to a match like that." Neji smiled at the thought of facing himself in combat, someone of the same caliber.

"Give it up! And you can keep dreaming about the cat ears!" Tenten said as everyone else left.

"Oh but I intend to." Neji replied and smirked as he walked off to the dojo. As he walked out of Tenten's hearing range, he said to himself, "Mental note. Must learn jutsu from Yugito-sama before she returns home."

Next stop would have been the Yamanaka Flower shop, but Naruto could tell his guests looked tired, so they all decided to go to his house instead. Hinata was already busy running around with making sure everything was perfect for the guests. She was lucky that Sakura, Sasuke, and Haru showed up. Of course the big thing was how Sasuke's reaction would be to coming face to face with Itachi. Everyone kept telling him that it wasn't the same person, so there was no need for him to feel angered. Sasuke agreed to give it a try, but he said it would be difficult.

"Mommy!!! We're home! Guess who's with us!!!!!" Himawari screamed as she went inside.

"Well if it isn't my other self, so to speak." Keisei said as she greeted the group. "This time it's our turn. Welcome to our humble home."

"Keisei-chan, we are honored to be in your wonderful home." Akane said with a bow. "But enough of that stuff, because you know that's not our style! Now where's Minato! I wanna see that gorgeous little bundle!!!"

"He's upstairs sleep. He'll be awake in an hour or so." Hinata said. "Why don't we get all of you guys situated and comfortable." She started leading everyone to the guest rooms when she did a quick double take. "Hey wait, when did Tenten let her hair down?"

"Long story. Don't worry, I'll explain it all to you." K. Tenten said to her. "Come on Kyoji-kun, quit dragging around."

"Hinata, are they here yet!" Sakura called out from the parlor.

"Yeah, come on in and meet everyone. And bring Haru-kun too!" Hinata replied.

"Well now, things really do change after two years! You guys look amazing!" Sakura said, entering the main hall. "Come on Haru-kun, come say hi to some old friends."

"Hi everyone." Haru quietly said from behind his mother's leg.

"Haru-kun, come see! Auntie Sumi came!" Himawari said as she dragged Haru from behind Sakura. "See! There's Auntie Sumi, Great Auntie 'Kane, Auntie Haku, Auntie Hinata, Cousin 'Kemi-chan, and Cousin Nabi-chan!"

"Look at him! Isn't he so handsome! He looks just like his dad!" K. Hinata said when she saw K. Sakura kneel down before Haru.

"Hey Haru. Remember me?" K. Sakura asked, getting a solid stare from Haru. All of a sudden he took off behind Sakura's leg. "I guess he doesn't remember me." She was a little dissapointed that he didn't recognize her.

"Give him a little time. It's been so long since he's seen you, and I guess seeing a slightly younger version of his mom is a little freaky." Sakura said as she ruffled Haru's hair chicken shaped hair.

"Well he better not be afraid of me! Where's my absolutely adorable grandson!" Mikoto said, sneaking up behind Haru. She swept him off the ground and started ticking him, easily getting a laugh out of him. "There we go, no more feeling scared."

"Heh, guess that's what a grandmother does for her grandkids. Gotta love that magic they have." said Sasuke as he joined the group. "Good to see you again Mikoto..."

"Sasuke Uchiha if you call me that I swear I will ground you for a month!" Mikoto snapped, easily getting the entire room quiet.

"Uh...sorry...Oka-san????" Sasuke said, feeling slightly embarrassed.

"Now is that so hard! Now come here and hug your mother." Mikoto said, returning to a motherly attitude. Sasuke knew there was one woman in the world that he could lose a fight there was a second from another dimension he couldn't beat. "Sasuke-kun, Shiori-chan, Itachi-kun, come say hi to everyone."

"Here we go. Gotta remember, he's good. He's not the same Itachi." Sasuke kept thinking to himself.

"I could tell you have doubts." Itachi said, getting a slight nod from Sasuke. "It's ok. It must be very difficult seeing me standing here."

"A little, but I know about you Itachi. In your world, you stopped a coup against Konoha and have been a spy against Akatsuki and Orochimaru. The hardest part was just meeting you, but I assure you...I'll be ok. It's good to see you see the man that I wish my brother was." Sasuke said.

"Well, if we're following Oka-san's rules, then I am the man your brother is." Itachi said, holding out his hand in brotherhood.

"Thank you, my brother. It's good to have you home." Sasuke replied, firmly shaking Itachi's hand, before Itachi pulled him in for a hug.

"Now that's how I like to see my boys. Your father would be so proud." Mikoto said.

"Look are we gonna stand around here, or are we gonna do something!" Natsumi whined. "We're on vacation, so we need to be having fun!"

"Fun??? We could play Brawl? Oh wait you guys don't have Wii's in your dimension. No use in playing complete novices." said Naruto.

"Brawl?? What the heck is that? Something like Jounin Clash: Generation Zero?" asked K. Naruto. He figured his counterpart was talking about a video game, but had no idea since they had been playing the new Play Server 4 that the family got a few months back."

"Dunno what you're talking about. But we can play around with that later. You know...we could go raid Ichiraku's for a while." Naruto said with a nod. "I figure Teuchi could use the business."

"Naruto please! You'll give the poor man a heart attack from all the money he'll get! It's bad enough there's you and your counterpart, but with all the other guys here?" Hinata said, hoping to keep him out of trouble.

"Alright, alright! We could just go out to the dojo and spar for a while. Nothing wrong with some good training." said Naruto, getting an evil grin from his counterpart. "Uh, what's that for dude?"

"You got the best of us last time, but there's some new tricks up our sleeves. Hey Sasuke, think we should take our skills into Overdrive?" K. Naruto said, hoping to get some serious payback.

"Oh yeah! I like how you're thinking! This is gonna be a blast!" K. Sasuke added. "Sorry girls, looks like you're gonna have to join us."

"Do we have to?" Shiori complained. "I mean we're on vacation!"

"Naruto!!! Come on, it was bad enough in the practice sessions! Why do you have to do this now?" whined Natsumi. It was obvious that the last few times the boys had worked on their Overdrive power, it left the girls just as drained.

"Hey Naruto, you guys do have a hot spring here, right?" K. Sasuke asked, getting a nod from Naruto. "Good, then when we're done, make sure that the water is really hot. Natsumi and Shiori are gonna need it."

"Hot spring!" Natsumi suddenly perked up a bit.

"Well at least they're being nice with that." Shiori replied, thinking the hot water would be good.

"Ok, if you boys are gonna do that, do it outside! That much will blow up the dojo and the house!" Akane commanded. "Hinata dear, you might wanna have some healing cream ready for these four."

"Akane-chan, have those two really progressed that far?" Keisei asked, wondering just what the duo had planned.

"Keisei-chan, when those two teamed up with Kasumi and Hinata to face off against Kakashi, they put themselves under the same conditions they were in when they were first genin…and they still beat Kakashi!!" Akane said, getting a shocked reaction from Keisei, Sakura, and Hinata. "You are going to be in for a show!"

"Oh dear!" Keisei said to herself.

Not even two hours had passed and the ego was already flying! But when you're talking about Naruto and Sasuke, what can you expect!

"Alright, hope you two have been training." K. Naruto said. "You might have gotten the best of us the first time, but this time, it's different."

"Yeah yeah. We'll see." Naruto replied while he tried to get a good look at what he was up against. "And so you know, I won't even use the Master Sword either. But don't waste time. We want you to hit us with the hardest thing you got right off the bat!"

"Ok, but we warned you." K. Sasuke said, smiling at his best friend and brother. "Kasumi-chan, did you bring any capsules?"

"Here you go. Just be careful ok." Kasumi said, giving K. Naruto and K. Sasuke each of the three Kitsune Capsules.

"Oh yeah, time to really unleash!" K. Naruto said, downing the capsules. "Hey one thing, when we get done with this, you two better fuse and throw that attack at us again. We got something you'll love to face off against!"

"These guys must be crazy Naruto! We whooped 'em last time, so what makes them think they can win this time?" Sasuke said, looking unaffected.

"I dunno, but they'll be in casts for the holidays." Naruto said as he saw the duo begin to summon their chakra...and it was a huge amount too! "Whoa, that's a lot of chakra!"

"That's eight tails worth of kitsune chakra! Trust us, we have a ton to use!" K. Naruto said, starting to form a Rasengan. The kicker was when he formed the second Rasengan in his other hand.

"Two Rasengans? Oh please! The Odama Rasengan won't be able to do anything!" Naruto scoffed. "You're going to have to do better than that!"

"Oh…I intend to! And who said anything about the Odama Rasengan?" K. Naruto smiled as the two Rasengans changed to a bright green color, forming two spiraling shuriken. "This time, I don't even need to be in Bankai form for this one!"

"Two Rasen-shurikens! What in the world!" Sasuke said in shock. "Naruto, since when could he…"

"Hey Sasuke, better keep your eye on me! You have your own worries to deal with! Now let's see how you handle the blood of Uchiha! SHINSEI MANGEKYO SHARINGAN!" said K. Sasuke as he took his bloodline to its ultimate level. "You do happen to know this little technique, don't you?"

"Amaterasu…you make me laugh." Sasuke said, revealing his own Mangekyo. "Alright, let's do this!"

While all the ego was flaring around, everyone else was on the sidelines wondering just how much more idiotic those four could get.

"Why do I get the feeling this place is going to become Ground Zero in a few minutes?" Kasumi said as the two continued to charge their jutsu.

"Because this is Naruto and Sasuke we're talking about. It doesn't matter if they're from different dimensions, they're both idiots!" Sakura added. "Besides, it's good they decided to do this now and get it out of their systems."

"Speaking of systems, Kasumi-chan, just what did you give your Naruto and Sasuke anyway?" Keisei asked, wondering what some capsules could do.

"Those were Kitsune Capsules. Over the two years that Hina-chan and I spent training, we studied Kitsune Alchemy. We were able to create three capsules that can enhance a person's chakra in three ways." Kasumi replied.

"The first is to amplify the strength of the chakra, making it nearly 10 times stronger. With that capsule, even a simple D-rank attack jutsu would have the power of an A or even S-rank jutsu. The second capsule works with the body to use the naturally produced waste from cells in order to produce more chakra." K. Hinata explained. "This would essentially give someone infinite chakra for a period of time."

"The third capsule actually enhances a person's chakra control by 10 times. This would push their control to near perfection and would literally turn them into Sakura or Tsunade-sama for a bit." Kasumi continued the explanation. "So pretty much right now, our Naruto and Sasuke are like two hyper powered clones of Tsunade-sama, with infinite chakra, and insanely powerful jutsu, AND a whole lot of Illumina Power to boot!."

"So what you're saying is…" Keisei said in shock of the explanation.

"Your Naruto and Sasuke are in big trouble if they go easy!" K. Haku replied.

"Alright Naruto, see how you like this!" K. Naruto screamed while charging with Rasengan in hand. "I hope you're ready for Hinata-chan to baby you for a while, because you're gonna need it!"

"The same goes for you!" Naruto roared. "Deal with this! FUUTON: RASENGAN!"

"DUAL RASEN-SHURIKEN!" K. Naruto yelled, as he slammed both of his attacks into Naruto's Rasengan. The two collided, but K. Naruto had the advantage. Forcing everything he had into the jutsu, it exploded into the huge dome of slicing wind, which in turn split into multiple slashing spheres of wind. As for Sasuke and K. Sasuke…

"AMATERASU!" the two Uchiha called out as they released their ultimate bloodline ninjutsu. Two black burning fireballs roared at each other, releasing an insane amount of heat as they collided.

"I told you, you need to do better than that Sas…what the hell!" Sasuke said as he saw his fireball being overtaken by his counterpart. "When did you…"

"This is what I've been doing since we last met! Now for part two! AMATERASU: DRAGON FORM!" K. Sasuke screamed, unleashing another wave of black flame, but in the shape of a dragon, ripping through the previous attack. Sasuke tried his hardest to avoid, but was consumed in the flame.

"Hey Sasuke, you know they're faking it in there. Why do they wait around like that?" asked K. Naruto as he saw his brother rub his eyes.

"Maybe they were slacking off and going easy?" K. Sasuke replied with a shrug. "I dunno. I still feel like they haven't given us their all."

"You do know when we unleash it, we're probably gonna be out cold for a while. Wanna run over and give Hina-chan and Kasumi-chan an early present?" K. Naruto said.

"Sure. The light show should be dying down in a bit so we got time." K. Sasuke replied as he and K. Naruto walked over, kissed their fiancées, and stood by to wait for the other Naruto and Sasuke.

"So why are you two over here again?" asked Kasumi as she fiddled with one of K. Sasuke's tails.

"We figure those two are probably kicking themselves for holding back, so we're letting them have a little space." K. Sasuke said. "Hopefully we didn't overdo it too much."

The wind and fire finally died down, revealing two heavily beaten and worn shinobi. Both couldn't believe just what happened, and knew that they really messed up.

"Sasuke, I think we really might have let our egos get the best of us." Naruto said as he tore some loose strands of cloth from his sleeves. "Maybe we should have gone full power."

"I don't get it! Two years ago, we totally obliterated those guys! We didn't even have to fuse, and we could still toy around with them." Sasuke replied, rubbing some ash from his face. "You don't think family life has made us slow, do you?"

"No way! The thought of losing my family from outside village threats keeps me going everyday. But still, they must have done some very heavy training to get this far. Still, you and I are the best there is, and it's time we show them who runs things around here." Naruto said, feeling a new fire burn inside him.

"Are you two done yet? We want to end this so we can go eat!" K. Naruto yelled. "I'm craving some good ramen, you know!"

"And like we said, make sure the hot spring is really hot for Natsumi and Shiori! We owe it to them!" K. Sasuke added.

"Very well! Sasuke!" Naruto said, sliding into position.

"Right with you!" Sasuke did the same and moved into a mirrored position.

"FU….SION….HA!" the two said, moving in perfect sync to complete the Fusion Dance. In a bright explosion, Naruto and Sasuke were no more, but now stood the fused form known as Saruto.

"You wanted this, well you have it!" Saruto said in a fused voice. "Now what are you going to bring!"

"First thing's first. You guys haven't gotten to see the entire group transform, so we wanna do that first, ok." K. Naruto asked. "That is ok with you, isn't it?"

"Actually, we don't mind. Go ahead." Saruto replied as he took a seat on the grass.

"Ok, who wants to do the call out?" Kasumi asked. "Wait! I know! Hey Hima-chan, come here for a minute."

"What is it Auntie Sumi?" Himawari asked as Kasumi kneeled down to her level.

"I need you to do something for me ok. When I wink at you, I want you to yell 'Illumina Knights, Transform' as loud as you can, ok. Can you do that for me?" Kasumi asked.

"Uh huh! I can do that!" Himawari nodded. "I'll do a really good job!"

"I knew I could count on you Hima-chan!" Kasumi said as she got back to her feet. "Let's line up, shall we?"

"I always love doing this. Seriously Kasumi-chan, we need to make a video or something. I bet you could add a ton of special effects to it too." K. Haku said. "We should look into that when we get back home."

"That's not a bad idea. Hey make sure Sakura-chan and Akemi-chan aren't in the back. They gotta be seen too." Kasumi replied as K. Sakura and Akemi moved in line with the others. "We all set?"

"Ready here nee-chan!" Akemi said.

"We're all good on this end." K. Ino added.

"Then it's all up to one person." Kasumi said as she winked at Himawari. "Do it Hima-chan!"

"Ok! ILLUMINA KNIGHTS, TRANSFORM!!" Himawari yelled the best she could. "Did I do good Auntie Sumi?"

"You bet you did! You heard her team! Go for it!" Kasumi ordered.

"ILLUMINA ARMOR ACTIVATION!" K. Sakura called out.

"LIGHT ARMOR ACTIVATION!" Akemi said while activating her own armor.

"LIGHT/SHADOW/WIND/WATER/FIRE/ICE/LIGHTNING/GRAVITY/EARTH/WOOD PRISM ACTIVATION!" screamed the 10 knights as all of them activated their powers.

"I still say we gotta get something like that." Saruto thought to himself. "It just gets better every time I see it."

"Unbelievable. So this is what they all look like in Illumina Form." Keisei thought to herself. "I must say, they all look very noble."

"These kids. Always wanting to show out." Akane said. "But something doesn't feel right."

"You felt it too nee-chan?" Mai asked. "It seems like something is disrupting the flow of energy of their powers."

"I feel it too. Could it be something serious?" Even Yugito could feel the strange fluctuation as well.

"Maybe it could just be this dimension. But we should be ok. I doubt the kids will need their power after this." Akane said as the battle demonstration continued.

"Ok, since we're in our good clothes now, I say we finish this." K. Naruto said. "Shall we Sasuke?"

"But of course brother." K. Sasuke replied. "You ready over there?"

"You mean ready to kick your butt!" Saruto said with a laugh.

"You know you said that last time, and it didn't look like it was that way." K. Naruto scratched his head. "Maybe you weren't really focused."

"Ok, you want maximum power; I'll show you maximum power! I owned your Bankai forms last time, and I'll do it again this time." Saruto was starting to feel heated.

"That's fine. And yes you did beat our Bankai forms last time, but see we're not going to Bankai." K. Sasuke said, easily sparking some confusion with the alternate dimension group.

"You're not?" Saruto asked, wondering why they wouldn't fight him at their most powerful level.

"They're not?" Hinata, Sakura, and Keisei all asked as well.

"Nope. We're taking this fight to a brand new level." K. Naruto said, drawing out his power.

"This is all brand new, and let's just say…it was enough for Naruto over here to defeat the Yonbi." K. Sasuke added. That definitely confused the heck out of the other bunch!

"He defeated a Bijuu!! By himself!" Keisei was shocked at this news. She couldn't believe that in two years they had progressed this far. "Akane, is he right?"

"He's right. Naruto did take out my little brother by himself. And the fact that he and Sasuke can do this, well…the two could probably take out Ichibi, who's even more powerful than Yonbi." Akane nodded.

"Hey, don't forget me! I can do it too!" K. Tenten whined, feeling a little left out.

"I'm sorry kitten. We didn't mean to forget about you." Yugito said, giving K. Tenten a scratch behind her ears, which caused the neko girl to let out a low purr.

"So can only Naruto, Tenten, and Sasuke go to this new level?" Hinata asked. "Or can everyone else do it?"

"Right now it's just those three, but all of us will be able to soon." K. Haku said. "Just be careful and watch for flying Narutos."

K. Naruto and K. Sasuke had already gone into Bankai while Saruto was back summoning more energy for his attack. He was still wondering just what those two had planned, especially with this new level of power they had.

"Alright Saruto, time for you to see the power that stopped a Bijuu in its tracks!" K. Naruto said as he summoned the last of his power.

"This time, we'll make sure we're the ones that win this match!" K. Sasuke said, reaching his peak as well. "Now you'll see what a fully powered Illumina Knight can do!"

"Bring it!" Saruto said, awaiting the new duo.

"It's brought! WIND OVERDRIVE!" K. Naruto exploded in energy, glowing in a green aura.

"FIRE OVERDRIVE!" K. Sasuke did the same thing, but now was in a red aura while standing on two small puddles of pure magma.

"This is our new level of power, known as the Overdrive Form. In this state our power is a level of complete control. Wind and Fire now bend to our whim." K. Naruto said as he used his wind to move the clouds themselves and shape them into whatever form he wished.

"This is the power we used to defeat a Bijuu, and it is with this power that we plan to destroy Akatsuki and protect our brethren." K. Sasuke said, leaving more magma footprints while he walked around.

"Very well, I look forward to defeating this power and proving I am the better once and for all!" Saruto said as he took to the skies and charged his attack. "I hope you're ready for humiliation. KAO-KEN!!!!"

"I hope you're ready to eat your words!" K. Naruto replied as the winds grew even more violent.

"Take this! BIG BANG KAMEHAMEHA!" Saruto screamed, unleashing a massive energy wave.

"Feel the raging wind! OMEGA CYCLONE!" With a flick of his wrist, K. Naruto drew in the winds and created his massive cyclone. The winds were so strong that Saruto couldn't pierce it without putting in more power.

"We're not done yet!" K. Sasuke slammed his hands into the ground, and pulled out the molten earth, creating a mini volcano. "Burn in the flames of the Phoenix! PHOENIX MAGMA BAZOOKA!" K. Sasuke shot out a huge magma wave, combining with Naruto's Omega Cyclone to form a pure molten magma twister.

"I don't believe this! How can those two have gotten that much power! The sheer force is unbelievable!" Saruto struggled to push more and more energy into his attack. "I'm not going to let them get the best of me! I WILL WIN!" With his battle cry, he unleashed every ounce of energy in his body, amplifying his attack over 10 times. K. Naruto and K. Sasuke could feel the added energy, and they weren't planning to back down either.

"This match is ours!" K. Naruto screamed as he and K. Sasuke forced their remaining power into the magma cyclone. With all the power colliding, it began to overload and exploded, causing the three duelists to feel a massive backlash effect. It sent K. Naruto and K. Sasuke crashing through the forest, while Saruto landed extremely hard into the ground. The hit was so bad, it caused Saruto to defuse, and even caused Natsumi and Shiori to separate from K. Naruto and K. Sasuke.

"Holy cow!" Sakura screamed as she ran over to her husband in the crater. "Sasuke, say something!"

"I guess…they weren't…kidding." Sasuke let out a small laugh. "Just be thankful…Naruto…didn't try…to do something…really stupid! I don't…think I've been…hit that hard since…you were pregnant with…Haru."

"You're lucky I don't hit you again! What is it with you two and your egos?" Sakura said. "I swear, it's all battle with you boys."

"Sakura, talking to them about fighting is like talking to a brick wall." Hinata replied as she arrived at the crater. "They were idiots the last time they did this, and they're idiots this time. But maybe this knocked some sense into them."

"Doubt it. Since when have Naruto and Sasuke EVER had common sense when it came to fighting?" Sakura said while she dragged her husband out of the crater. "Well, let's get these yahoos back to the house."

Now with the OTHER Naruto and Sasuke…

"Least they proved how powerful the Overdrive Forms really are." Kasumi said, while she picked up K. Sasuke off the ground. "Hina-chan, do you think we can make a Kitsune Capsule to make these two smarter?"

"Ok, you're asking me this and you're the smart one? I don't think Alchemy affects brain development." K. Hinata laughed while she brushed some debris from K. Naruto's face. "Although I do feel bad for Natsu-chan and Shiori-chan. I bet those two are really hurting right now."

"They'll be ok. Naruto promised them a really good soak in the hot springs," said Itachi while carrying the unconscious Shiori. "But since all this is over, maybe now we can relax."

"Yeah, seeing all of this ego flying around give me a headache." K. Haku rubbed her head in a slight twitch. "And that goes double for you Neji!"

K. Neji took a step back, "Not saying a word."

While the idiots were out cold, everyone else decided to take some time to enjoy the town with their other halves. The two Choujis were at the Barbeque hut enjoying an endless supply of beef while the two Inos were wrapped up in Shinbou, keeping him fed, happy and smelling clean, considering he has a pooping streak that put Himawari's old record to shame. As for Neji, well K. Neji met back up for a good round of sparring that was a little more refined than the chaos that the Naruto/Sasuke bunch, while K. Haku and Tenten just sighed at how weird the two could be. Akemi, K. Hanabi, K. Tenten, and Riyu just spent the day playing with Himawari, while Kyoji just decided to be a lazy cat.

But one member of this huge troupe was coming to face a very difficult task…Haru Uchiha decided it was time he found out what was going on with the other Sakura. Haru walked up to his other mother slowly trying to figure out why there are two moms. But Sakura beat him to the punch.

"Come here Haru." Sakura said before picking him up and holding him in front of K. Sakura. "Now say hello to the other me. She isn't going to bite."

"H-h-h-hello." Haru said quietly. The little guy was in such confusion, wondering just what he was in for. Apparently his mother said it was ok, but when you're face to face with another person that looks just like your mom…well for a 3 year old, it is kinda scary.

"You know something Haru-kun, someone told me that there's something that helps you feel better when you're not around someone you're familiar with." K. Sakura said as Sakura set Haru down. She kneeled down to his level and could tell he was trembling, so she just held out her hand. "I want you to put your hand in mine, and just trust me ok."

Haru was very hesitant as he thought K. Sakura would do something to hurt him, but Sakura looked down and just nodded. Slowly he set his hand into K. Sakura's when she placed her other hand over his. "Are…are you gonna hurt me?"

"Nope. But I am going to do this," She focused a light blue chakra in her palms, doing something only known to the Haruno Clan. Her own eyes began to glow bright blue, as did Haru's. Within seconds the two were now in a merged mindscape.

"Haruno Persona Bonding…works every time." Sakura said as she watched the duo.

(K. Sakura and Haru's merged mindscape)

Haru stood in a large field, taking notice of the cherry blossom petals flying in the wind. He remembered this place since it was a special place that only he and his mom would go to whenever he was scared. Since he was there, he tried looking for Sakura, but instead had another visitor.

"It's your safe spot isn't it. A place where only you and your mom can come, right?" K. Sakura asked as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Uh huh. Mommy brings me here whenever I'm really scared. When I'm in here, I know that nothing bad can hurt me." Haru looked up at K. Sakura and could not only see that she wasn't going to harm him, but he could feel it as well.

"You feel it don't you? Only one person gives that aura off." K. Sakura said as she saw Haru begin to smile.

"I do! You're the nice lady I met a long time ago with Mommy! You took care of me just like she did!" Haru was feeling more and more confident with each moment around K. Sakura. To be in his safe haven with her was just like he was there with Sakura. "I remember you now!!"

"So you're not scared of me anymore?" she asked. Haru shook his head no, and ran into her arms willingly.

"You're warm like Mommy! I don't need to be scared!" Haru embraced her with all his might, knowing that he was in good hands. "But if you're not Mommy, who are you?"

"You can call me Auntie Sakura if that's ok with you?" she rustled her hands through his hair, getting another smile out of him.

"Ok Auntie Sakura." Haru tightened his embrace once more."

(End merged mindscape)

"Have a nice trip, you two?" Sakura asked as the other two came back to reality.

"Sure did Mommy! Auntie Sakura was there with me!" Haru said confidently. "She's not scary at all! She's warm just like you!"

"Then that's all that matters." Sakura dropped down to his level and began to tickle him. "And if I know better, Auntie Sakura is gonna help me do this!"

"Got that right! You won't get away from us!" K. Sakura jumped in as well. The two had Haru on the floor in tears from all the tickling they put him through. Haru on the other hand just kept laughing, knowing that K. Sakura was there for him just like his mother.

A couple of hours later after the idiots finally came to their senses, and after Natsumi and Shiori had a very long soak in the hot springs, everyone was enjoying the party that Keisei and Hinata planned for everyone. Everything was going well until a power surge struck, knocking the power out over the entire Uzumaki household.

"This is perfect! How can the power go out! Hinata, I thought we had that backup generator!" yelled Naruto as he looked for some flashlights.

"We did before you blew it up while trying to fix it with that lightning jutsu last time!" Hinata replied as she found some candles.

"Uh, you know we could just use Neji's Lightning energy and power the house?" K. Naruto suggested. "That shouldn't be too hard, should it?"

"Right...and then when he overloads everything and blows up the house, what will you say to that?" Natsumi retorted. She was still sore from earlier today, and still mad at K. Naruto for putting her through all of that. "Honestly Naruto, do you want to get us blown up AGAIN!"

"Hey why don't we just wait till the lights come back on normally. There's lots to do when the power is out." Kasumi suggested. "I mean I used to come up with things to do with my friends all the time back in my old world."

"You know something, Kasumi? We've known you for a little over 10 years now and you've never told us about your life in your old world." K. Tenten said. "So since we have nothing better to do...spill it!"

"Yeah, I'm your best friend and you've never even told me either!" K. Hinata added, getting agreement from everyone else.

"Oh, I guess it never crossed my mind. But it's all boring. You guys don't wanna sit through all of this." Kasumi said, hoping she wouldn't have to say anything.

"Look Kasumi, we know you were originally from this world, and that Akane-sama sent your parents to that other world before you were born. What we want to know is what happened before you came back home!" Natsumi said. "Tell us about your friends back home too."

"Alright, it's a long story so I guess everyone should get comfortable." Kasumi replied, taking a seat on the couch, with Himawari jumping up in her lap to sit next to her.

"I guess you want to hear my story too, huh?" Kasumi asked Hima.

"Uh –huh." Himawari said while nodding.

Kasumi could tell she was stuck, so she gave in, "I guess I should start at the time I first got my powers. My story starts in a city called Tokyo."

(Huge Flashback!!!!!)

Another day had gone by as 15 year old Kasumi Mitsumiko left Taiyo High School to head to her part time job at Fusaki Technologies. Ever since she had left the orphanage she lived in, she had lived on her own since she was 13. Her orphanage had gotten her a furnished apartment to live in, and helped her get settled when she stared high school. Even though she had tested at a freshman grade level when she was only 12, she was able to take a special test that would allow her to enter high school with her normal age group. So for the time being, she spent her time hanging around at Fusaki Tech, the place her dad worked before he and her mother were killed. Today however would be a day that would change her life forever.

"Kasumi-chan!! Wait up!!!" yelled a girl in the distance that turned out to be Kasumi's best friend Hikari "Kari" Kamiya.

"Kari-chan, I thought you had club meeting after school today?" asked Kasumi as her friend caught her breath.

"Got cancelled. So where you headed? Wanna go to the arcade for a while? You know they did put that new mix of Dance Dance Revolution in!" Kari said in excitement. "I can't wait to play the new songs!"

"I can't. They need me at FusaTech. They have some new products they want me to help test." Kasumi replied in a down tone.

Kari just stared with her hands on her hips. "Geez Kasumi, all you ever do is school and work! You're 15! You should be out having fun, meeting boys, enjoying life! I mean that's what my mom..." That was when she saw Kasumi's expression go downhill. "Kasumi-chan, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it that way!"

Kasumi knew Kari was sincere, especially since Kari had a family to go home to, while she spent her nights alone. "It's ok Kari-chan. I'm used to it. Been that way for 15 years."

"Yeah, but at least you have me and the group." Kari tried her best to cheer her friend up. "Hey, after you get done, why don't you come stay over at my house tonight? Since we don't have school tomorrow, I'm sure my mom will be ok with it."

"That works…I guess." Kasumi said with a little doubt. "Does your mom still make those rice balls that I really like?"

"You bet she does. I'll see if she can make some for you. Well I gotta fly! I'll bring the guys over to pick you up later! 5:00 right?" Kari said as she ran towards the subway station.

"Yeah, just come to the front gate. They'll let you in." Kasumi yelled out. "See you later Kari-chan!" She watched as her friend faded in the distance. "At least there are some things that bring a person peace in this world."

Speaking of peace, that was not something often seen. For the past two years, the entire world was in a state of war. A separatist group known as OMEGA (Organization for Malicious Engagement and General Anarchy) had declared war on the entire world, trying to vie for control of the entire planet. The five major countries of the world, Japan, the USA, Great Britain, France, and Russia, known as the Alpha Alliance, were doing their best to stop OMEGA anywhere it showed up, but lately their efforts were declining. It seems OMEGA had gotten control of a new prototype energy source, and was using it to fuel their plans, putting the world in even more danger. Little did Kasumi know, that her involvement with FusaTech would not only cause her and her friends to be involved in the biggest war of all time, but it would completely change her life forever.

As Kasumi got to her workstation, she kept looking at all the accolades and awards that had been awarded to her parents, Minato and Kushina Mitsumiko. She always wondered just what kind of people they were, but all she had to go on were the stories told about them. There were never any pictures archived, so Kasumi never got to see what her parents looked like.

"Ugh, more educational software? I swear I hate doing testing like this. You know, I really think Sho gets a laugh with all of this." Kasumi said to herself as she looked over the files on her workstation. "Guess it's more homework." She put on her lab coat and slowly made her way to the testing lab...for more boring tests.

Two hours later...

"Now why is it we've never come here to visit Kasumi in the first place?" asked Kyosuke Kagami, age 16. "I mean it's really something that she works for the top research country in Japan!"

"Kyo-kun, do you really think she'd want us to come here? They probably have her bored to death in there." replied Megumi Hayashibara, age 14. "For all we know, they're probably doing brain surgery or something on her!"

"Megumi-chan, are you a complete airhead? Why would the company that Kasumi-chan's parents worked for do some weird experiments on her?" Kari asked while she pressed the button on the intercom. "Honestly, the poor girl does what she can to get by. It's hard enough she lives alone."

The others just looked around at the large building, one taking the most notice, namely Hayato Tenken, age 17, and oldest of the group. "Look, we should just assume that all she does here is help in the testing department."

"Yeah right! I still agree with Kyo, I say she's being put through some sort of weird alien testing!" Shinji Kagami, age 16 and Kyosuke's twin brother, said in an eerie voice. "We gotta bust her out of here! That or see if she can hook us up."

"Ok Megumi-chan is paranoid, and you two are idiots." Kari said as the guard opened the gate. "Let's just go pick up Kasumi-chan and go to my place."

The five teens made their way through the halls, following the directions given to them to the testing area, where Kasumi was frustratingly taking another test.

"Hey brain kid! Take a break!" Kari yelled, getting Kasumi's attention.

"Thank Kami for friends!" Kasumi thought to herself as she ran out to meet her group. "You guys are early."

"Yeah, well, we figure you could use the company. So what do they have you doing anyway?" asked Kari as the group looked around.

"She's being mind probed! I knew it!" Shinji yelled when he saw the tests she was taking. "I told you this place is brainwashing her!"

"I wish. It's just more learning software I'm testing. It's supposed to help you focus and stuff like that." Kasumi replied with a sigh. "Basically it's boredom on a computer screen."

"Oh well, why don't you take off early and we'll go grab something to eat?" Megumi smiled cheerfully. Besides, I got the ok to stay at Kari's tonight so we can have a sleepover!"

Well, we're really not getting anywhere with this testing. I'll see if Prof. Yamamoto will let me go early." she replied as she took off her coat. "His office is this way."

"Lead the way Kasumi." Hayato nodded in agreement.

Thing were going fine as they all headed for Professor Jushiro Yamamoto's office. He was the head professor and the one that worked closely with Kasumi's parents until their death. He was also the one that got Kasumi the part time job at FusaTech. Even though she had known him for only two years, Kasumi looked up to Prof. Yamamoto as a father figure, since he had no children of his own.

"Prof. Yama, can I come in?" she asked as she opened the door to his office.

"Ah Kasumi, I thought you'd still be in the testing lab right now." Prof. Yamamoto said with inquiry. "Was there a problem?"

"Uh, not really. My friends just showed up early, and they wanted to know if I could leave early today. I mean I can come in and stay late tomorrow to make up the extra work!" Kasumi pleaded.

"Kasumi, now you know how I feel about you not keeping up with your work." said the professor while he removed his glasses. "I'm afraid if you leave I'll just have to give you a more difficult task later."

"Hey now, give her a break! She's only trying to have fun sometime! All you old guys know is work, work, work!" Kari blurted out before everyone held her back, trying to get her to shut up.

"So that's the infamous Kari Kamiya I've heard about?" Prof. Yamamoto walked over to the group for introductions. "Kasumi's told me a lot about you. And if I'm correct, the other girl is Megumi Hayashibara, the taller boy is Hayato Tenken, and the twins are Shinji and Kyosuke Kagami."

"Wow, he's good for someone that's doing probing research on you Kasumi." Kyosuke said, causing Kasumi to feel a little embarrassment.

"Probing research? I didn't know testing some learning software was probing research." The professor let out a chuckle as he went back to his desk. "It's fine with me if you want to leave early today Kasumi. I can tell you haven't been into your work much lately. Go on and have a good time."

"Ok, I'll see you tomorrow, if that's ok." Kasumi replied, happy to know she could leave.

"Take care..." Prof. Yamamoto was about to go back to his paperwork, when they heard a huge explosion outside the building. All of them rushed to the window to take a look and see what was going on. "This just had to happen today of all days!"

"Professor, what's going on? What's that large pod outside?" Megumi got a good look and saw a large drop pod outside.

"That belongs to OMEGA. Chances are it contains a platoon of their enhanced genetic soldiers. Why would they want..." Prof. Yamamoto asked himself, when he realized exactly what they would want! "The Legacy!"

"What Legacy? Seriously, what's going on here?" Kasumi was even more questionable as to what was going on.

"There is no time. I need you six to come with me." Prof. Yamamoto went over to his desk and pressed a hidden button underneath. The bookshelf in his desk slid back to reveal a secret elevator. "We have no time. We need to get you six out there ready to fight."

"Wait a minute, hold on! We can't go out and fight OMEGA!" Kari exclaimed in a state of fear. "We're just in high school! We'd be killed!"

"Not if you have our equipment. Now come on!" The professor herded the teens into the elevator, and took his ID card and swiped it, revealing a thumb pad. After pressing it and entering a sequence of buttons on the elevator, the group started to descend. What confused them was that the lights only showed the basement as the bottom floor, but when they passed that and kept going, it got more suspicious.

"Quickly, follow me." Prof. Yamamoto led them down a hidden corridor to what looked to be an underground command center.

"Holy cow! I knew this was some kind of conspiracy! This is like that place in America, Area 51!" Kyosuke was excited to say the least.

"I bet they have aliens here too. They gotta!" Shinji agreed while he tried to check out the area.

"Professor, what's going on? What are we doing here?" asked Kasumi.

"I had hoped to never reveal this to you, but we've been keeping you here for a reason Kasumi. You see we've been monitoring you to see if you were capable of leading your team." Prof. Yamamoto explained as he led the group into another lab. "The real reason you were given the job here was in the event that we could deploy your team against OMEGA, should the need arise."

"I...don't understand what you're saying? Who's this team I'm supposed to be leading?" Kasumi was even more confused.

"Look behind you." Prof. Yamamoto said as she only saw her five friends. "This is your new team. Actually they're your team for a reason. Each one of your friends possesses the attribute needed to support you."

"So we're some kind of team that is supposed to stop the most notorious terrorist organization in the world?" Kari frantically said. "Dude, you're crazy!"

"Tell me that after you start throwing tornados, and then we'll see who's crazy." Dr. Yamamoto said as he took out a large briefcase. "But what I have in here is what you need to begin this mission. You see, this was all started 15 years ago when Kasumi's father, Minato Mitsumiko was researching these." He opened the briefcase to reveal six gemstones, along with what looked to be...

"Holy crap we're friggin Super Sentai!!!" Shinji said in excitement. "This is unreal! I cannot believe we are Sentai!!"

"Shinji, you're not Super Sentai. That's just a TV show. This is real." said the professor. "Now as I was saying, Minato had discovered that these gemstones contained a unique element of nature, namely the prime elements of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, and the elements of Light and Shadow. He planned to use these gems to help bring the world into a new golden age in what is called The Illumina Legacy. Unfortunately, he was killed before his dream could come to fruition."

"So what's that got to do with us?" asked Megumi. "Besides, how can you be sure we're gonna go through with this?"

"That choice is yours. But to answer your other question, the reason why you were chosen is because we noticed each of you had a certain affinity to the gemstones. We've studied each of you, and have determined that you are the only thing that can stop OMEGA." Prof. Yamamoto explained as he started to hand out the transformers. "Shinji, we determined you have a rock hard spirit...and a rock hard head to match. This is why the Earth Gem has chosen you."

"Sweet!!! I bet I get to pound boulders and have rock armor and stuff!" Shinji said in excitement.

"Kyosuke, your will burns hotter than the flames of the sun. This is why you are chosen to wield the Fire Gem." explained the Professor as he continued to hand out the transformers. "Megumi, you were shown to be as peaceful and as graceful as a stream, yet you could be as fierce as a raging tsunami. This is why you are the wielder of the Gem of Water."

"Dude, I am so gonna light up the barbeque! Wonder if this new power is good for shrimp kebabs!" Kyosuke laughed as he put his transformers on. Megumi just looked over at him and confirmed that he, along with his brother, were complete idiots.

"Megumi-chan, I know exactly what you're thinking, and yes they are idiots." Kari said as she got her transformer. "So, when you said I'd be throwing tornadoes, I take it my power is Wind?"

"Precisely Kari. Your spirit is one with the ever changing winds. To move carefree, yet with much power," replied the professor. "As for the final elements. Hayato, you shall possess the element of Shadow, and Kasumi shall wield Light. As two opposing elements, you are like yin and yang, bringing balance and harmony to the team."

"I still think this is absolutely crazy! But if it's what my father wanted, well I guess I can't argue." Kasumi looked around and could see everyone was a little uneasy, especially knowing they were all about to go out and take on OMEGA. "What's your idea on this Hayato-kun?"

"I believe we were given a gift. It is our destiny to protect this world, and we now have the ability to do so. All of us believe in you Kasumi, and we know you will do wonderful." Hayato said with trust. "Professor, what is our next step."

"If you notice, your transformers have two matching poles. In order to activate your power, you must say your element, followed by 'Illumina Activation', and your transformation will be complete." Prof. Yamamoto explained while he was entering commands on a console. "Now get in the elevator, and get out there!"

"But what do we do then?" asked Kasumi while she and the others entered the elevator. "They're armed super soldiers!"

Prof. Yamamoto smiled with confidence. "That may be true, but they've yet to face the power of the Illumina Knights."

The elevator rose to the surface where the six teens stood face to face with an entire platoon of OMEGA soldiers. It was now time for the world to witness the one thing that would bring an end to the war once and for all.

"So Kasumi-chan, any idea what the heck we're supposed to do?" Kari said nervously. "I mean we're just a bunch of high school kids against the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world!"

"Uh, well…hey Shinji, you got any ideas?" Kasumi herself was just as nervous, especially since she had been instated as team leader. "You're the one that said we're like Super Sentai, so what do we do?"

"Rookies! Isn't it obvious? First we gotta stare down the enemy, then tell them they have no chance to win. Then we transform, kick their butts and go home." Shinji replied with a nod. "Then next episode we do it all again!"

Everyone looked at Shinji like he was nuts, except for Kyosuke who was in full agreement with his brother. "Bro, that is so sweet! Those guys are completely screwed!"

"Ok save the small talk! Let's just get this over with so I can go to Kari's house for some of her mom's rice balls!" Megumi told the boys.

"Guess I'll start. Here goes something…LIGHT ILLUMINA ACTIVATION!" Kasumi led off.

"SHADOW ILLUMINA ACTIVATION!" Hayato followed next.

EARTH/WIND/FIRE/WATER ILLUMINA ACTIVATION!" Shinji, Kari, Kyosuke, and Megumi all said as well, activating their powers for the first time.

"Ok, all the negativity aside, I gotta say, I am absolutely CUTE!!!!!" Megumi squealed in her new outfit. "Kari-chan, you and Kasumi-chan are the same way!"

"Enough about the looks! I'm ready to open up the grill!" Kyosuke said in excitement.

"What did we get ourselves into!" Kasumi said to herself as the six teens entered battle for the first time.

(End Flashback)

"You know, Megumi sounds just like the kind of person Ino is." Tenten said with a laugh.

"Hey! I did not act like that! Well at least not in front of everyone else. I waited until I got back home to scream in joy." K. Ino retaliated to save face. Needless to say everyone was laughing at her about it.

"Well did you win that fight?" asked K. Naruto. "I mean to go up against a ton of super soldiers?"

"Naruto-kun, if she and her friends lost, do you really think she'd be sitting here telling us about it!" Natsumi slapped him in the head, hoping to knock some sense into K. Naruto, but it was a lost cause.

"Haha, she totally slapped you man!" Naruto laughed before Natsumi got him as well.

"And you're just as bad as he is!! Honestly I'm embarrassed sometimes to know that I'm technically you two." Natsumi sighed in grief. "Oh hey, what's that scent? There's more kitsune here?"

"Karin-chan and the trio probably just got here." Keisei said. "Karin-chan, we're in the living room."

"Hey what happened to the lights? Did Naruto blow a fuse or something again?" Karin said while she dragged in some bags. Of course after seeing everyone she suddenly did a double take and dropped everything. "K-k-k-kyuubi-kouhi!" She immediately bowed in respect of her queen, though her sudden stop caused a little bit of a pile up.

"Yeesh Karin, move your tails! This stuff is heavy!" Kimiko whined as she bumped in to Karin. "Why'd you stop all of a…sudden?"

"To think, this is who I entrusted the training of the Seventh Princess to." Akane said in false disappointment. "I expected more out of you two. Now Kimiko, where are your brothers?"

"Hey Naruto, you said to get double the instant stuff, right?" said Kohaku as he and Kitoichi followed inside. This caused Hinata to shoot Naruto a sharp look while he tried to cover his tracks. "Honestly, I don't see how you can eat all this stuff." When he entered the living room, everyone just stopped and stared. "Ok why is Karin and Kimiko on the floor and why do I smell the scents of like 10 kitsune in here?"

"Kohaku, you idiot! It's the royal family! They're here!" Kimiko tried to flag him down but with it being dark, even with their advanced vision, Kohaku wasn't the sharpest when it came to focusing.

"Royal…family?!?!" Kohaku's eyes grew wide as he saw all the kitsune staring at him with grins on their faces.

"This guy is supposed to be teaching our baby sister Kitsune Taijutsu? He's a seven-tail and I could probably kick his butt!" Akemi huffed out. "Disgraceful I tell you."

"Now where's Kitoichi. I know he's around here somewhere." Akane said, sniffing the air for his scent. "So he's hiding huh? Well not for long!" Placing her hand on the ground she summoned the worrisome kitsune to her presence. "Kitoichi, did you really think you could hide from me?"

"I…I…I…forgive me Kyuubi-kouhi! I overheard you speak to Kimiko before I came in and when you said you were disappointed in us, I ran and hid!" Kitoichi dropped to his knees, pleading for forgiveness. "Do not be upset with us!"

Akane looked down at the four kitsune with a stern gaze, "Works every single time."

"Akane-chan, do you have to be so mischievous?" asked Mai. "You had the four of them scared out of their wits!"

"I know that. Besides, when you're the queen, you get to have fun whenever you want." Akane said as she helped Karin and Kimiko off the floor. "Now let's get all these groceries put up and then Kasumi-chan can continue her story."

"Sure thing Kyuubi-kouhi!" Kimiko replied as she quickly got her bags.

"Ok before we continue, there's no need to address me so formally. I am your former queen." Akane said in a friendly tone.

"But you were our first queen, and we will never forget it," said Karin. "We'll never see you as any other person."

"Oh alright, I always did have some of the most stubborn kits in the world." Akane said.

"Speaking of stubborn, I think a certain stubborn blonde has some explaining to do about the ramen?" Hinata said with a stern voice. "You know I try to make a nice dinner every night."

"Well yeah, you do sweetheart. But can't a guy have a small snack every now and then?" Naruto protested in his defense, but Hinata wasn't buying it.

"Naruto, 10 bags of Instant Ramen is NOT a small snack." Hinata sighed as she went upstairs.

"I meant individually!!! Come on, even you enjoy the Shrimp Ramen I get, and there is a big chunk of Shrimp here!!" Naruto said covering his behind.

"Whatever, I'm going to get Minato. He's probably awake and hungry by now," she replied from the top of the stairs.

"Kohaku, take all the ramen and seal it in this scroll. I'll make sure you get extra helpings of teriyaki next time Hinata cooks it." Naruto quickly gave the kitsune a scroll. "Just don't let her see you seal it."

"Not a problem man." Kohaku said before rubbing his palms. "Oh yeah, extra teriyaki!"

"Why is it that boys always think with their stomachs?" Sakura asked, pondering the eternal question.

"I dunno, but it does explain why they're all empty headed." K. Haku answered.

"HEY!" all the guys in the room said in rebuttal. "We do NOT think with our stomachs!"

"Except for Chouji." Shikamaru threw in that last little comment, but neither of the Choujis said anything. They just kept munching while Hinata came down with the newest addition to the family.

"Well you wanted to see him, so here he is. He looks just like his dad in almost every way." Hinata said, carrying in her soon to be 1 year old and handed him to K. Hinata.

Minato opened his eyes and saw his alternative dimensional mother and reached up to her.

"Wow…he's so small. He's about as big as Himawari was when we met her." K. Hinata shifted her hold on Minato and nestled him onto her bosom, which was quite comfortable for Minato.

"Aaahh." Minato sighed in contentment, while K. Hinata blushed a little.

"It's like looking into the future." K. Hinata said while looking at Minato, who had a fuzzy outline from K. Hinata's POV.

"He's gonna be strong when he's older." Akane said. "Naruto was adorable when he was that age and he's deadly now."

"Heh, that's my boy. You better be careful Sasuke, he may give Haru a run for his money." Naruto said quite confident with his statement.

"Yeah right. Haru's already shown hints of Sakura's control. Just a few days ago, we were playing around and he actually hit me hard enough to leave a bruise on my arm!" Sasuke replied.

"The little guy is getting that strong?! And if he has his mother's temper, well…I feel bad for his enemies." Naruto laughed until he felt two fists in his face.

"WE DO NOT HAVE A TEMPER!!!!" yelled the Sakuras as they let Naruto have it. Haru just sat on Mikoto's lap, staring in awe.

"Always remember Haru-kun, never upset your mother or Auntie Sakura." Mikoto said. Haru's eyes went wide as he just silently nodded.

And thus we bring in the holidays with a twist! I had actually gotten some reviews and PMs about a prequel to Kasumi arriving in Konoha. Well I decided, why not make that a christmas present for all my readers. Also, with it being christmas, I had to kick off the first crossover of "The Bijuu Wars" so, me and RasenganFin got together again. But this time, we did something different. Since his bunch came to my world the last two times, this bunch is crashing the party in his world! That's right Team Illumina is gonna turn his world upside down! And his Naruto and Sasuke better be careful. They don't know just what kind of chaos is gonna happen! So let Crossover Chaos 3 begin!!!!!

K. Naruto: Whew, got to sneak in a word here. But yeah this year's crossover is gonna be a lot of fun. This time me and Sasuke are gonna finally outdo our counterparts, and it's gonna be big too! So stay tuned for part 2 and hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

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