The Bijuu Wars

2008 Holiday Special part 2

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Neokenshin: Merry Christmas dude! And as everyone knows neither RasenganFin nor Neokenshin own Naruto, but each owns their respective characters and ideas.2008 Holiday Special: The Origin of Kasumi: Part 2

To recap, Team Illumina had traveled to the alternate dimension where Naruto, his wife Hinata, his two kids Himawari and Minato, and his mother Keisei lived. After an insane battle demo that had Naruto and Sasuke thinking that they should never underestimate an opponent, ever…the group went back in to enjoy a nice holiday party. However, the power went out and that left the bunch bored with nothing to do. So Kasumi finally gave in and started telling the story of how she first got her Illumina Power and how her life was before she came to Konoha. While she was telling the story, Haku and Mika arrived to meet the group, and was quite surprised to see everyone here for the holidays. After catching her up, Kasumi told more of her story and was about to get into another part when Sakura noticed something extremely strange…

"Ok this has really been bothering me…but why is Haku sucking her thumb?" asked Sakura when she saw K. Haku slurping away. The moment she asked that question, a red flag shot up.

"Thumb, I wasn't sucking my thumb." K. Haku quickly pulled her thumb out of her mouth and hid her hands behind her back. "I just had my chin resting on my hands while I was listening to Kasumi-chan."

"No you weren't! I clearly saw it! You were sucking on your thumb!" Sakura said, getting a groan out of five of the girls, while the rest of the group had a huge grin on their face.

"Thanks a lot Haku-chan! You just had to let this get out!" K. Sakura groaned, knowing full well just what was going to happen.

"Kasumi-chan, do you mind if we tell our friends a little side story before we get back into your story?" asked Akane as she pulled out a large photo album. "I think they all should hear this one."

"Oh come on Akane-sama! Do you have to do that! I mean it was bad enough when Sasuke…" K. Sakura started babbling, but K. Sasuke easily got her quiet by putting a pacifier in her mouth. That really caused some heads to roll.

"Ino, did I ever thank you for telling me how to get her to calm down?" he asked. K. Ino just looked over and started laughing her head off.

"Time for embarrassment city." Kasumi said, taking out her stuffed Sasuke plushy. "At least I have Sasuke-chan to keep me safe."

"Guys, what in the world is going on?" Naruto asked, very confused at what happened.

"Take a look at this album and you'll see." Akane said, opening it up to show off all the pictures. Everyone started looking when Sakura had the first reaction.

"Is that Sasuke…and ME?????" she was fairly surprised when she saw the picture of K. Sasuke changing a baby K. Sakura.

Sasuke took a look at the picture and agreed, "Yep, those cheeks are yours dear. Still as cute as ever I might add."

"How did that happen to you guys?" Haku was laughing when she saw the pictures of her counterpart and K. Neji.

"About a month ago, Kasumi, Haku, Sakura, Tenten, and I were working on a Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion for Tsunade-sama." K. Hinata explained. "Everything was going fine, but we forgot to put a sealing reagent into the formula."

"We thought that the potion wasn't working right, so we added our own chakra to give it a jumpstart. Unfortunately that made it blow up." K. Haku continued the explanation. "The five of us got doused with the stuff and next thing we know…we're in diapers."

Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Chouji, and Shikamaru just looked at each other for a bit, then started busting out laughing.

"Dude, you had to change diapers for a week!! That is hilarious!" Naruto was cracking up at the whole thing. "Hey was it as bad as the time you guys ended up having to change Hima-chan and started screaming for your lives?"

"It was NOT that bad. Hina-chan was a good little girl, weren't you?" K. Naruto asked of his fiancée.

K. Hinata nodded responsively, "Uh-huh. I was Nawuto's special wittle pwincess!" She soon realized just how she said it, and smacked herself in the head. That immediately caused her older self to start laughing as well.

"I wouldn't laugh too much Hinata-chan, especially once Naruto knows just what can put you to sleep in an instant." K. Naruto said with a smirk, causing Hinata to have a second thought, while Naruto was ready to get the info in a heartbeat.

"Dude are you serious! There is one thing that can do that!" Naruto was surprised since he thought all she needed was her husband to do that.

"Yeah, it's Pi….." K. Naruto began, but Hinata instantly put her hand over his mouth and whispered something in his ear.

"If it's what I think it is, for the love of Kami do not tell him!" she was hoping he'd keep quiet, and luckily for her…he did.

"Sakura, as for what you're seeing, after the girls returned back to normal, they suffered a few side effects from the potion. Hinata still does her 'little girl' voice around Naruto, and apparently from what Hiashi told me, she'll leave the kitchen a mess just to get a hold of some cinnamon buns, then she plays the innocent girl bit to get out of trouble. Kasumi will occasionally be very picky at dinner, and uses her Sasuke plushy when she wants to feel protected." Akane began to explain.

"And don't forget the occasional mega burp that's louder than Chouji on a good day." K. Sasuke added, getting a heavy blush from Kasumi.

"Sasuke-chan!!!!" she pulled her plushy closer to her to try and protect herself from more embarrassment.

Akane continued with her explanation, "Haku will sometimes suck her thumb, and there have been nights when she does sleep with a security blanket. Sakura has had one or two eating binges, and if she starts getting frantic, you can calm her down with a pacifier, and Tenten…"

"Neko-chan has never been a problem, since all you have to do is pull out this catnip mouse, and she's perfectly tame." Kyoji said while K. Tenten was batting a catnip mouse.

"Akane-chan, this is unbelievable! So the boys ended up playing 'dad' for a week and you got to enjoy grandkids?" Keisei asked while she looked at more pictures.

"Honestly it was one of the best weeks we ever had." Akane replied. "You know…maybe Naruto and Sasuke should see what our boys went through."

"But we already have kids Akane-sama. I think we could handle that kind of a situation." Sasuke answered, with Naruto nodding in agreement.

"That may be true, but you two have never dealt with a hyper Hinata and Sakura, unlike our two." Akane held up a small vial containing a green liquid. "Our boys know just what those two can get into, and if I'm right, Hinata would have you running all over Konoha like a madman Naruto."

"No way! She actually brought the stuff!" K. Naruto said in excitement. "Oh man, you guys are in for a load!"

Sakura and Hinata just looked at each other, wondering just what was in store for them. "You're really not planning on using that potion on us…are you???" asked Sakura.

"I wouldn't THINK of something like that." Akane said sarcastically as she secretly handed the vial to Keisei.

"Yeah, she wouldn't but there's nothing that's stopping Keisei-sama!" K. Sasuke secretly whispered to K. Naruto.

"I still say Hinata wouldn't be a problem at all. If she's anything like K. Hinata, she'll be a perfect little princess." Naruto said confidently.

"Sakura would be the same way. We could handle that job easily." Sasuke boasted. "We're two of the best dads in the universe."

K. Naruto and K. Sasuke figured they'd take the duo up on their challenge. Pouring two cups of tea, K. Naruto asked for the vial of the potion. "Oka-san, how much of the potion do you add for just 1-2 hours of the effect?" K. Naruto asked as he got a hold of the vial.

"Just one drop. That would have Hinata and Sakura as 3 year olds for that long. Just enough time to see what Naruto and Sasuke could do." Akane instructed. "Any more and the girls would either be younger, or would stay at a reduced age for a longer period of time."

"Alright. Well boys, if you're that good, put up, or shut up!" K. Naruto added one drop of the Rejuvenation potion to the two cups of tea, then pushed them in front of Hinata and Sakura. The four stared at the cups, nervously wondering just what was about to go on, when Naruto had a light bulb click in his head.

"Wait a minute! These two would be a piece of cake to handle! Hinata was a quiet type when she was little, and Sakura was a shy little wallflower!" Naruto suddenly remembered how things used to be. "We'd be able to handle this no problem at all!"

"Naruto, I hate to say this...but you're completely wrong. See the potion the girls were exposed to didn't have a sealing reagent, that's why it caused an unstable effect on them, regressing them not only physically, but mentally too. So they did act like they were when they were infants the first time." Akane said, getting a grim look from Naruto and Sasuke. "Since I've added the sealing reagent, the full mental effect is nullified. The girls would act the age that they were regressed to, but mentally they would retain everything they know now, and could unconsciously bring forth traits of it."

"That means if we expose Hinata to cinnamon rolls, and you kept them from her...oh you'd feel the fury of a 3 year old with the chance to bust out some Jounin level skills and some Juuken style wrath!" K. Naruto said, causing Naruto's look to slowly change.

"And Sakura...oh if you though that little punch Naruto got earlier was bad, just think of what would happen if she had a temper tantrum with her super strength!" K. Sasuke added in. Naruto and Sasuke's overconfidence suddenly dropped, especially when they saw two evil smiles coming from their wives.

"You know Hinata...I think it would be fun to torment the boys for a little bit." Sakura was slowly reaching for one of the teacups. "Maybe this will get them to cool their egos for a bit."

"True, and I still need to figure out something about punishing Naruto for that extra instant ramen I said NOT to get." Hinata was doing the same while Naruto and Sasuke were getting nervous.

"Now Hinata, you wouldn't want to do something rash. I mean what about Hima-chan? How would she react to seeing her mother younger than her?" Naruto asked, hoping to stop his wife.

"Naruto's right Sakura. What about Haru? It could really shock him you know!" Sasuke could feel the tension building.

"Hima-chan, what would you say if you got to have Mommy as one of your friends for an hour or so and you got to drive Daddy crazy?" Hinata asked, getting a big grin out of Himawari. "And what if she had ears and tails like you too!"

"Really Mommy! That would be a lot of fun! We can play with Cousin 'Kemi-chan and Kitty Cousin Riyu too!" Himawari cheered, happy to know she might have another friend.

"And Haru, ever wanted to see what Mommy would look like if she was your age? We can make Daddy play with both of us too! And I'm sure Grammy Mikoto would have something special for us too." Sakura said, causing Haru to start getting curious.

"Haru-kun, won't that be fun! Our mommies are gonna be just like us for a little while!" Himawari was getting ecstatic. The fact that Hinata gave her full permission to drive Naruto crazy was the start, but now her mom would be helping her as well? How much more fun could you give a four year old, with two tails to boot!!!!

Naruto was feeling more tension by the minute! He didn't want to admit it, but sometimes Himawari could be a handful, but to have Hinata added to the mix, especially when he didn't know just what she could be capable of? "Hinata, seriously, do you really want to do this? I mean it's ok, I can lay off ramen for a day. Just don't do this to me, please!!"

Hinata couldn't believe this. A day, one freaking day? He actually had the nerve to say he'd stop eating ramen for one day, just so he didn't have to go through another challenge that he actually feared he might lose. Well, this time, Naruto Uzumaki was going to take that challenge, or eat his words trying! She flashed a glance at Sakura and knew exactly what needed to be done. "One day huh? You know something..." she said slowly.

"What...what is it?" Naruto nervously asked.

"One day's not good enough!" Hinata rapidly flashed through some familiar hand seals before touching her own forehead and Sakura's head as well. "KITSUNE DISGUISE JUTSU!" Instantly she and Sakura now had a set of ears and a tail each. Almost faster than Naruto and Sasuke could blink, the two grabbed the cups of tea with the potion and downed them instantly.

"NO!!!!!!" screamed Naruto and Sasuke, as they watched one of the most shocking things in their married lives.

"Let the challenge begin!" K. Naruto said while K. Sasuke was on the floor cracking up laughing.

The moment Sakura and Hinata finished the potion their transformation was instant. POOF The next thing everyone knew, the two ladies of the Uzumaki and Uchiha families were now....

"KAWAII!!!!!!" screamed every single girl in the room when they saw the now 3 year old Hinata and Sakura.

"So who's cuter? Hinata or Himawari?" Kasumi asked as Naruto tried his hardest to pull his jaw off the floor.

Himawari walked over to her mother, who was now a year younger than she was. "Mommy??" she asked, staring deep into Hinata's pale eyes.

"Mommy? I don't see a mommy. My name's Hinata. What's yours?" asked the new chibi Hinata.

"I'm Hima. You wanna be friends?" asked the sunflower princess.

"Uh-huh." Hinata nodded her head in agreement, getting a smile out of Himawari. "Hey you got tails!"

"Yup. I'm a kitsune. Grammy told me that I'm part fox." Himawari replied. "You got one too!"

"So…I'm a kitsune too?" Hinata said curiously.

"You sure are. And you know something, I hear someone has cinnamon buns for you." K. Naruto whispered in her ear, causing her to jump.

"Cinnabuns!!! YAY!!" Hinata cheered in excitement. To hear someone had her favorite food of all time had her excited.

"Yep, and he has them for you too!" K. Naruto pointed to his counterpart, causing Naruto to slightly freeze. The look in his eyes said 'That's right. Time to see just what you can do.'

"And Hima-chan, he also has pineapple for you too!" K. Sasuke whispered to the sunflower princess. Oh when she heard that magic word, Naruto knew he was in BIG trouble.

"I hate you guys." Naruto said before he got tackled by both Hinata and Himawari.

"Come on daddy! Me and Hinata want pineapple and cinnamon buns!" Himawari said as she pounced up and down.

"Cinnabuns, cinnabuns!" Hinata cheered constantly.

Naruto slowly got himself to his feet, "Alright you two, come on. I'll get you something in the kitchen." He led the two girls to the kitchen in the hopes of keeping them under control. As for Sasuke....

"Daddy...mommy's a fox now." Haru said as he pointed at Sakura. She was just staring around, getting a good look at her surroundings when she caught on to everyone staring at her. Almost instantly she took off running behind Mikoto, scared out of her wits!

"You're right Haru...she is. Too bad that's now how I wanted to picture it." Sasuke groaned. "Might as well get her and see what she wants to do...that's if we can get her to quit hiding."

"You know, I thought Sakura would have been the same loudmouth forehead girl like normal! Who would have thought she'd go back to her wallflower stage." Ino chuckled.

"Now now, be nice. This is probably just a rush for her." Mikoto said, hoping to get Sakura calm. She did have an idea of what to do though. "Haru-kun, can you come here for a second."

"Uh ok." Haru said, heading to his grandmother.

"Keisei-chan, Akane-chan, can you take Sakura for me for a minute?" The two Kyuubi nodded and had gotten Sakura to come to them. When she saw the two kitsune, she felt a little less nervous, simply because she thought she was a kitsune as well from the jutsu. But she still hid behind the two from everyone.

"Grammy Mikoto, is mommy ok?" asked Haru.

"She's fine Haru-kun, right now she's just a little scared of everything that's going on. She probably sees everyone else as something that might hurt her, but I have a way you can change all that." Mikoto started to explain. The little Uchiha paid careful attention to what she was saying. "Here's what you need to do. You need to..." she began to whisper something in his ear, getting a nod out of him. Haru had his mind made up and was ready. "So if you do that, she'll be ok. Can you do that for me?"

"Okay Grammy Mikoto." Haru said, moving over to where Akane and Keisei were. He took a deep breath and faced everyone in the room, "Alright stop staring at her head! Sure the forehead is huge but that means a big…uh… BRAIN…that's it. STOP STARING!!!!! She's my friend and no meanie is gonna stare at her!!!!"

Boy that threw every single person for a loop! Haru Uchiha, known to be somewhat of a wallflower himself, actually stood up to an entire room full of people like he was the Hokage himself or herself currently. Of course they all saw Mikoto's smile and knew it was for Sakura. What really got them was how he walked over and introduced himself!

"Those big meanies won't stare at you anymore, ok." Sakura was still trembling slightly, but when she heard Haru, she started coming out of her shell. "It's ok. I won't let them do anything to you."

"Thank you...I guess." Sakura said slowly. "But...who are you?"

"My name is Haru. Wanna be friends?" he held out his hand for her own, hoping to draw her out.

"My name is Sakura." she took hold of his hand, and somehow, the two unconsciously entered a Haruno Persona Bond. That instantly caused Sakura to loosen up and feel a lot better.

"That name is pretty. Like your ears." Haru's compliment really turned it on. Sakura was already blushing!

"Thank you. And thanks for protecting me." Sakura smiled, knowing she was now with a really good friend.

"Hey, my mommy said that my daddy was gonna play with us. Wanna do something?" Haru said, causing Sasuke to groan again.

"Ok." Sakura said happily as the two went over to Sasuke.

"Come on, let's find something to do." Sasuke grumbled as he led the two in the kitchen. "Maybe we can help Naruto in the kitchen."

"Miki-chan, just what did you tell him to do?" Akane asked, wondering how Haru would just stand up to everyone like that.

"Oh that's a trait that all Uchiha males possess." Mikoto said, causing K. Sasuke and Itachi to become intrigued. "Sasuke-kun, don't tell me you forgot about that already?"

"Uh, what did I do?" he asked.

"All you Uchiha males have a thing for showing off a small trace of bold ego. I just told Haru to walk up to everyone and act like he was stronger than the Hokage, and that if he did that Sakura would feel better." Mikoto said. "Sasuke did the same thing when he was 3 years old."

"I did?" K. Sasuke asked.

"He did?" said Itachi and Shiori.

"Of course. See we had gone to Kiri to visit some old friends of the Uchiha. They had a little girl that was just as shy as Sakura was. Well, I told Sasuke to stand up to myself and Fugaku, and say that he would protect her from anyone that scared her. Needless to say, she came out of her shell in an instant!" Mikoto was already laughing at the reactions on everyone's faces. "Seriously, he hammed that up so badly! Sasuke was standing in front of us with his chest all huffed out, trying to look all buff!"

"Sasuke-chan...don't quit your day job." Kasumi patted him on the back, cracking up herself.

"Wow, I didn't know I did that. But I do kinda remember that girl. I forget what her name started with." K. Sasuke said in thought. "I do know she threw a mean snowball."

"Sasuke-kun, what if I told you I remember who she was. And what if I told you, she's closer to you than you think." Mikoto said, suddenly silencing the whole room.

"Oka-san, what are you talking about?" K. Sasuke said. "You still remember her?"

"Well it just came to me. I hadn't really thought much about this, until now." Mikoto said, her attitude changing suddenly. "And I do want to apologize to her as well."

"Apologize to who Mikoto-sama?" K. Haku asked, when she saw Mikoto stare straight at her.

"To you. Yes Haku, you were the girl that Sasuke did that for. Chances are due to all the things that happened to you while you were growing up, you had probably forgot that memory." Mikoto said, definitely getting a shock out of the kitsune girl. "See Fugaku was very good friends with your mother. In his early days as a shinobi, the two met while he was on a mission. Your mother had been injured and Fugaku helped her back to Kiri. From then on they had always kept correspondance."

"But if you knew about me, then why didn't you come find me after my mother was killed!" Haku whined. "Why didn't you keep me from living a life of a missing nin!"

"Haku, believe me, if Fugaku or I had known about what happened to you, we would have brought you to Konoha in a heartbeat!" Mikoto said, hoping to keep her from getting angry. "Unfortunately a few months after we left Kiri, that's when tension started rising between Konoha and Kiri, and we couldn't even come close to getting in."

"Haku, she's right. I was in constant talks trying to prevent any type of war from breaking out between our two villages at that time." Arashi added in. "When Kiri had sworn in the new Mizukage, he didn't like the peace between our villages and it just got worse from there."

"Well, at least I know it wasn't your fault Mikoto-sama." Haku said. "But at least I know now that I could have had a different life back then."

"True, but if you did, do you think that you would be the person you are now?" Mikoto asked. "For all we know, if you had come to Konoha, you might have ended up engaged to Sasuke instead of dating Neji." That definitely threw a needle in Kasumi's haystack!

"Oh so you'll go and act like a total ham for my sister, but not for me?" Kasumi complained. "And that line, 'she threw a mean snowball', what was that all about!"

"I was 3 years old Kasumi-chan! I didn't even know you existed yet! What was I supposed to do!" K. Sasuke tried his best to cover his shame, but it didn't seem to work. That's when K. Haku really threw a curve ball into the mix.

"Sasuke-kun..." she said coyly while twirling one of her tails. "Thank you for being so nice to me back then." She started batting her eyes, definitely causing some heated emotion.

"Uh, well I..uh..." K. Sasuke started sweating from the heat. But Kasumi was another thing.

"Oh no she is not! I swear I am going to kill her!" Kasumi thought to herself. "This is just great! My fiancé is a total ham, and my sister is making him worse!"

"Always knew you were a lover boy Sasuke." K. Naruto joked about. "Now you're wooing my other sister!"

"Hey now, it's just something that happened way back." K. Sasuke replied with a grin. "No big."

"But I should reward you properly. And I want to do that now." K. Haku said, reaching up and giving him a small peck on the cheek. That definitely put the nail in the coffin!

"Oka-san..." Kasumi said as calmly as she could.

"Yes Kasumi-chan?" Akane asked, knowing what Kasumi was probably going to do.

"I wanted to tell you...that the Uzumaki clan will be returning home with one less member...because I'M ABOUT TO KILL HAKU!!!!! she screamed in rage.

"Nya! You're just jealous because Sasuke-kun was my big strong hero when we were little." K. Haku stuck her tongue out, definitely adding some gas to the fire!

"Run...NOW!" Kasumi said in a omnipotent voice as she was just about to dash after her sister when K. Sasuke stepped in. "Sasuke-chan....if you don't let go of my tail right now..."

"Sorry sweetie, can't let you kill your sister now. It is the holidays." K. Sasuke said, starting to tickle the very tip of one specific tail, instantly causing Kasumi to drop to the ground.

"Oh Kami you don't know just how mad I am at you right now, but whatever you do, PLEASE don't stop! That feels sooooo good!" Kasumi said as a wave of sheer pleasure washed over her rage, causing Kasumi to twitch in pure delight. "I swear Sasuke Uchiha, when we get home I'm not going out with you for a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!"

"Yeah that always gets her." K. Sasuke said as he continued to tickle her tail. "Well, time to make sure she doesn't kill anyone else." With that, he touched the very tip of her tail with a little bit of heat added. That was the ONE thing he knew would have Kasumi in a pile of wet hot noodles...short of more intimate measures.

"Don't even try that one!" she quickly pulled her tail out of his hands, trying to compose herself. "You know that's the one thing that will drive me absolutely batty!"

"So no killing your sister?" K. Haku asked as she helped Kasumi off the floor.

"Not till we get home at least." Kasumi said, brushing her hair out of her face.

"Ok ok! We've suffered through the baby embarrassment, Naruto and Sasuke are being driven insane by their kids, K. Haku's already set her death wish, and I wanna hear more of Kasumi-chan's story!" Akemi complained. "It's bad enough I gotta be here without Maru-kun."

"Hmm, good thing. Otou-san, how many ANBU do you have watching him?" asked K. Naruto.

"Probably not enough! I'll have to double their efforts!" Arashi nodded.

"OTOU-SAN!!!!" Akemi screamed in embarrassment. "Why do I get this treatment and Kasumi and Haku didn't!!! You only embarrassed her on the first date! I can't even go to the ice cream shop without being watched! What's so bad about ice cream! I mean I've only kissed him twice in the past 4 months!"

"Hmm, so we're going to have to cut off his lips." Arashi said. "That should take care of that problem."

"Might need to have the tongue removed too. No telling if he's tried using that as well." K. Naruto added in his trademark manga thinking pose, getting a few groans from the girls of the bunch.

"It was on the cheek you big dorks!!! Oka-san, will you please tell them to leave my boyfriend alone!" Akemi whined. "It's not fair that I get picked on like this!"

"Naru-chan, be nice now. You should be happy that Akemi-chan has such a nice boyfriend. I hear the boy she's dating takes after you anyway." K. Hinata said, hoping to give Akemi a little bit of solace. "He's a promising shinobi, and very dedicated to his village, his friends, and his girlfriend."

"You're just trying to help get me and Otou-san off her case again, aren't you Hina-chan?" K. Naruto mumbled.

"Just go with it, the poor girl goes through enough! Besides, if you do, I may give you an early Christmas present." K. Hinata replied.

K. Naruto couldn't go wrong with that."Hey Otou-san, let's go easy on this guy. I heard he's not that bad, and ya know, Akemi-chan should be able to take him if he tries anything. I mean she is a Kitsune Princess, and an Uzumaki, and we all know that no one pushes an Uzumaki woman around and gets away with it."

"You're right Naruto." Arashi agreed. "Well munchkin, I didn't wanna do this, but I might as well give you an early present." He pulled a small scroll from his cloak and handed it to her.

"Arashi, being generous already? I'm surprised." Mai said.

"What, is this a decree saying I can't date till I'm 16 or something?" Akemi said as she opened the scroll. To her surprise it was much different. "Why didn't I see this coming!"

"I'm your father, I can keep stuff like this hidden." Arashi replied.

"What did it say Akemi-chan?" K. Sakura asked.

"It said that due to circumstances beyond his control...namely Oka-san, Auntie Mai, and Auntie Yugito, I now have full immunity from any ANBU spying on me while I go out with Konohamaru-kun. I also can't be picked on anymore by Naruto-nii-san either, but he can still do the over-protective big brother thing every once in a while." Akemi said, feeling much better. "So now I can have fun like a normal girl."

"WHY COULDN'T WE GET SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!" Kasumi and K. Haku blurted out.

"You never asked?" Arashi said dumbly, causing everyone to groan after hitting the floor.

"Let's just get to the next part of Kasumi-chan's story." K. Ino said, hoping to quell the insanity.(Flashback)

It had been about 10 months since Japan revealed their newest weapon against OMEGA, namely the Illumina Knights. The scales were greatly tipped now that the Alpha Alliance had this new firepower against the terrorist organization. This also meant the 6 teenagers were rarely without action, as they were in constant training. All had undergone extreme martial arts training and were all certified 2nd degree Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do. Kasumi and Kyosuke did constant training in hacking computer systems and technology. Kari and Megumi were focusing in covert espionage and spy tactics, while Hayato and Shinji studied demolition control. They were even inducted as officers in the Japanese Military, so that was another thing going for them. Luckily being an Illumina Knight had ONE

"Finally! We actually get to enjoy some fun in the sun!!!!" Kari was stretched out in a beach chair, basking in the sun.

Recently the team had come to America and was on patrol, helping to eradicate remnants of OMEGA. Their most recent destination was Miami, Florida. They had gotten wind of some OMEGA activity and was sent to assist the US Military.

"Honestly Kari-chan, I couldn't agree with you more!" Megumi replied. She was stretched out on a beach towel while Hayato was rubbing sunscreen on her back. "All this training has really worn me out. I mean how much fun was it to spend my birthday stuck in an airplane?"

"At least you didn't spend it alone. We were all there to enjoy it with you." Hayato commented. "But I do agree, this relaxation is not only good for the body, but for the mind as well. Though we should stay vigilant, as our work is not done."

"Got that right. Hey bookworm! Take a break for crying out loud!" Kari yelled. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying the rest, but Kasumi was on her laptop working away.

"I can't! I have to go over these plans for that base we located in Germany. If our intel is correct, that may be where they are housing the Fusion Core. I can't just sit back and let OMEGA get away with this." Kasumi said, typing away.

This of course had Kari even more upset. Ever since they all became Illumina Knights, everyone would take what little free time they had and actually enjoyed it, but Kasumi...nooooo that girl stayed working even if she was taking a nap! This time it didn't matter if it made Kasumi completely angry, Kari decided that Kasumi Mitsumiko would enjoy a day off for the first time in her teenage life!

"Shinji, Kyo, come here for a bit." Kari flagged the two down after they just came out of the surf.

"What's up Kari-chan?" asked Shinji. Kari whispered her plan to the duo and the two were in agreement. First up, stage one.

"Kari-chan! What's the deal! I have a lot of important work to do!" Kasumi said in frustration after Kari closed her laptop and took it from her.

"Oh you have a lot of work alright, a lot of work getting some fun in the sun! Get her boys!" Kari commanded as Shinji and Kyosuke grabbed a hold of Kasumi.

"Hey, cut it out! Seriously, I have way too much work!" Kasumi struggled her hardest, but that wasn't going to work.

"Kasumi, your job today is a very difficult one." Kyosuke started.

"You are hereby ordered to play in the sand, do some surfing, make a sandcastle, whatever! And you're going to start by getting in the ocean!" Shinji added as he and his brother tossed Kasumi into the water.

"Think she'll actually do it?" asked Kyosuke.

"She doesn't have a choice. I locked her laptop in my storage case. And since it needs my thumbprint to open, she's not getting it till I say so." Kari said as the three watched Kasumi come up from the water.

"I hate you guys so much right now." Kasumi pulled her hair out of her face but before she got her footing she got tackled by Kari back into the water.

"Yeah we know. But come on, even bookworms like you have to take time to have fun. Besides I think there were a few guys over there checking you out." Kari said, pointing to some people that walked by. "I'm telling you, that two piece I picked out for you really shows off your features."

"Kari-chan! You know I don't really like to go into all that stuff." Kasumi started blushing from the embarrassment.

"Whatever! Considering that you're smart, you have a drop dead gorgeous body, and boobs that are bigger than mine, what's to stop you from getting any guy you want!" Kari said with arms crossed.

"KARI-CHAN!!!" Kasumi crossed her arms in front of her chest in even more embarrassment. "They're not…that big, are they?"

"I'm surprised you haven't sunk a battleship with those torpedoes, now come on and flaunt that look of yours! We're at one of the hottest beaches in the world, we're officially relaxing from work, and we have nothing else better…" Kari said before Megumi interrupted her.

"Hey guys, gotta cut the beach party short. Looks like we're going back to work." Megumi flagged down the bunch when she heard a radio transmission come in.

"Great, what did they find this time?" Shinji complained. "It's not another training camp again is it?"

"I don't know, but whatever it was, it sounded critical." Megumi commented. Better find out what the higher ups found."

"Crap. So much for 'Operation Get Kasumi to have fun.' Hold on Kasumi-chan, let me get you your laptop." Kari went over to her storage case and placed her thumb on the pad, unlocking it. She handed Kasumi her laptop and quickly got it set up."

"Well, let's see what we have now." Kasumi typed in a few commands and started playing a video transmission that the group had been sent. It was from Prof. Yamamoto, who had been working directly with the group. Needless to say, the message was definitely wasn't what the group wanted to hear at all.

"So this is it…the information was correct." Megumi commented about the message.

"Hard to believe that after all this time OMEGA headquarters was located there." Hayato added. "I guess we need to prepare for our final battle."

"Definitely. Guys, it's time we destroy OMEGA and the Fusion Core once and for all. Looks like we're headed to Germany." Kasumi said as she closed her laptop.

"Sweet! I can finally get some schnitzel and bratwurst!!" Shinji said, rubbing his stomach.

Kyosuke was the same way, "Don't forget about the knockwurst and sauerkraut!" Of course the rest of the bunch stared at the duo like they…well they were idiots.

"You guys are total idiots, you know that?" Kari said in disgust.

"Hey, we just have a goal. We go in, blow the hell out of OMEGA, then chow down at Oktoberfest!" Shinji said to her.

"Yeah Kari, did you really think that after all this, we're still a bunch of brainless idiots? This is the final battle, the time when we go in, show these losers just what it means to mess with the Illumina Knights, and totally save the world." Kyosuke added. "There's 5 billion people counting on the six of us, and I'm not about to let them down over some sausage."

"Then let's gear up guys. The military has a plane waiting for us." Kasumi said, as they all packed up.

The group quickly headed to the base in the city to get their final briefing, then loaded up into a plane headed for central Germany. Over the next 24 hours, the six spent their time going over every last bit of intel on the base, knowing full well they would be running into everything that OMEGA had left to throw at them. Sleeping didn't come easy as well, since the six teens knew that this could be their final fight...and maybe even final day on the planet. More hours passed as the group arrived at their destination...

"Well, this is it. Time to end the threat once and for all." Prof. Yamamoto said to the team. He had contacted them over the computer and was explaining what needed to happen with the Fusion Core. "You have to remember, once you set the detonation code, you'll have 5 minutes to get out of the base. Otherwise you six are issued to use full force. Everyone inside is affiliated with OMEGA so show no mercy. End this terrorist thread once and for all."

"Understood Professor. This is our final transmission. We'll contact you when we finish the mission." Kasumi said as she closed off communication. She turned and looked back at her five friends, hoping that this mission would be the last mission any of them would have to suffer through. In all honesty she never wanted her friends to deal with this stress, and hopefully after today, they could all go back to living normal teenage lives.

"So Kasumi, you scared?" Shinji teased, knowing that she probably was scared.

"Yeah right! Like I'd be scared of something like this." Kasumi said with an obvious tremble in her voice. "Like I'd be scared of walking into what could be my last day on earth, not even having the chance to experience a real life with a family, living alone for 15 years with no parents, no siblings, no nothing!" She then fell to her knees and broke out into tears. "It's not fair! Why did I have to spend my whole life with no family! Why did I have to be the one to suffer like this! Why did my parents have to be the one to choose me for this whole Illumina Legacy thing! I never asked for this!"

"Kasumi, listen. You were given this mission because somehow, some other worldy force knew you were the right person to lead us." Kari said, looking Kasumi in the eye. "Hey, we could have easily said screw this, and not even chosen to become Illumina Knights. But we didn't did we?"

"Kari-chan's right. Besides, who says you spent your whole life with no family? As far as Shinji and I are concerned, you're like the nerdy little sister we hate having because she shows us up all the time!" Kyosuke said, causing Kasumi to suddenly stop and think. "That's right. We've never told you this, but we do think of you as family."

"Kyo-kun, are you serious?" Kasumi rubbed her eyes, trying to focus.

"You bet he's serious. Look, we've known you for how long now? Kasumi-chan, you may not have noticed, but you're with your family right now." Shinji added. "We don't care if you aren't blood related, we still think of you as a wonderful friend and sister. That's why we're here with you, and that's why we're not going to let our little sister die."

"So all of you feel the same way about me?" asked Kasumi, hoping everyone was true to what Kyosuke and Shinji said.

"True family is determined by the bonds and relationships made by people. It doesn't matter if it is a bond by blood or by friendship. Our bond is strong Kasumi-chan, never forget that." Hayato commented.

"That means quit crying, and get ready to seriously kick some OMEGA butt!" Megumi replied. "You can cry later after I beat the stuffing out of you at our weekly sleepover pillow fight."

"Megumi-chan, that is NOT going to happen!" Kasumi said, feeling her resolve come back. "Time to end this for good!"

The team ran to the cargo bay of the plane they were on, ready for their dropdown. Normally when jumping out of a plane, you'd have a parachute on, but the six teens had a more subtle approach.

"Now why are we jumping out of a plane with no parachutes on?" Megumi screamed as the group plummeted out of the plane.

"Who needs a parachute when you can do this! VORTEX STORM!" Kari yelled, unleashing a massive tornado to lower the group to the ground.

"It's times like this when I love being an Illumina Knight!!!" Kyosuke shouted out.

"You said it bro! This rocks!" Shinji added as they all touched down on the ground. "Hey there's the base."

"Well they told us, we hit them hard, and we hit them fast! And I know I'm gonna wonder why I said this..." Kasumi said. "But Kyo-kun, Shinji-kun, for the first time ever, go absolutely ballistic!"

"No kidding, you're not gonna get mad at us for doing our normal crazy schtick?" Shinji asked, quite stunned.

"No kidding. In fact, if I see you two doing something absolutely off the wall that ends up causing massive amounts of wanton destruction...I'll be cheering you on as loud as I can." Kasumi replied with a smile. When Shinji and Kyosuke heard those words come out of her mouth, they knew she was dead serious. After all the times they did something goofy, or blew something up, or melted something that wasn't supposed to be melted, hearing Kasumi tell them to go absolutely wild was like giving them a mountain of presents at Christmas.

" know we gotta do something REALLY big and REALLY stupid if Kasumi-chan is letting us now." Shinji said with a huge grin on his face.

"One word..." Kyosuke replied, leaving the rest of the group confused, but Shinji knew what he was talking about.

"What are you two talking about?" asked Megumi, slightly confused over the duo.

"Volcano." Kyosuke and Shinji said with an evil look

And a volcano they did create! The two never had a chance to use their double technique they created, fusing Fire and Earth together. Since Kasumi would yell at them every time they tried something off the wall, the boys kept this secret hush hush. But with Kasumi telling them to go absolutely crazy, well...

"Eat hot lava you OMEGA freaks!!" Kyosuke screamed while Shiji was laughing like a madman on crack. Using their new Volcanic Inferno technique, they summoned about 20 mini volcanoes, causing wave after wave of lava and magma to flow through the front gates of the base, consuming all in its path.

The team's assault continued as the six Knights rushed into OMEGA's base, taking out everything in their path. It was not an easy job however, as attrition set in from the endless amount of soldiers they were constantly forced to take out.

"Kari, Kasumi, head for the Fusion Core. We'll stay back and cover you." Hayato said, unleashing another wave of Shadow Bolts at more soldiers.

"Hayato, are you crazy! There's no way you'd survive against all those soldiers! You'll end up dead!" Kari screamed, trying to dodge the return fire.

"Whatever! You didn't forget me being here, did you?" Megumi said with a charming wink. "Remember, I control water. I can be as peaceful as a stream, or as violent as a raging tsunami, and they're about to get a load of the latter!" She drew upon all of her Water energy, drawing in every ounce of water around her, "Time for their bath! HYDRO STORM!" Unleashing a huge surge of water, Megumi drowned the waves of soldiers, but it was only a small part of the chaos. "Kasumi-chan, Kari-chan, just go! We'll meet you outside the base when this is over!"

"You better not die on us you two! Otherwise there's no more rice balls at my house!" Kari said as she and Kasumi headed further into the base.

"Oh, don't worry, I plan on making sure I get to eat every last rice ball that I can when we get back to your house Kari-chan." Megumi said to herself. "Hayato-kun, let's rip these freaks apart!"

"Remind me never to make you angry Megu-chan. That's never a pretty sight." Hayato said before Megumi kissed him.

"Oh you'd get worse if you made me mad. Let's move quickly so I can at least make out with you before everyone gets back." Megumi replied with a mischievous grin.

"Now that's worth rushing." Hayato agreed.

Upon moving further into the base, Kari and Kasumi noticed there were almost no guards around. Not only did that make the tension higher, but it also had Kasumi worried that the two were walking into a trap.

"Kari-chan, I really think we're walking into a trap. Why would they not keep any guards around when we're this close to the Fusion Core?" Kasumi looked around, trying to find anything suspicious but she found nothing.

"You might be right, but we're this close. I think we need to go out with a bang. OMEGA has done enough to this world, and it's time we stop this for good." Kari said, checking the other directions. "Besides, when we end this, we'll be able to go back to being normal teens. In two years we'll be at university and who knows where!"

"Yeah you're right." Kasumi said, not knowing she put her hand on a hand scanner, which lead to the room containing the Fusion Core Generator. "Hey what in the…"

"Kasumi-chan, that's the Fusion Core! We made it!" Kari said excitedly. "All we need to do is enter the detonation codes and this will all be over!"

"I'm on it. Just keep a look out for me ok." Kasumi quickly ran over to the main console and started going to work. She went through numerous files and menus until she found exactly what she needed. "Oh yeah, Detonation Ignition sequence. Time to light some fireworks." Kasumi went to work as quickly as possible and was about to input the final sequence when Kari caught sight of the worst possible problem.

"Kasumi, look out!" Kari shoved Kasumi out of the way just as a gunshot was fired, taking a bullet directly through her left lung.

"Kari-chan, KARI-CHAN!" Kasumi screamed after seeing her best friend grasping her chest. "What, who did this to you?"

"I finally have you Kasumi Mitsumiko." A large uniformed figure emerged from the shadows. He was decorated in numerous medals as if he were a victor of many battles.

"Who are you and what did you do to Kari-chan?" asked Kasumi while she tried to tend to her friend.

"I happen to be the mastermind behind OMEGA. I took this pitiful band of terrorists and created the most powerful organization in the world. I am General Tohru Orochi, remember my name as it will be the last one you ever hear again." Orochi said as he made his entrance.

"So what is it you want with me? What's so important that you have to attack the entire world?" demanded Kasumi.

"Easy, I want the power of the Illumina Legacy. With its power and the Fusion Core, no one would oppose me!" laughed Orochi. "And once I kill you, the previous members of the Legacy will be extinct and I will forge a new Illumina Legacy."

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Kasumi charged at Orochi, trying to strike him, but the general was one step ahead of her. Every time she attacked, he was able to counter her own moves and even used her own momentum against her.

"Pitiful. And you're the spoiled little girl that has put a thorn in my plans for so long. I will relish killing you." Orochi threw off his jacket to reveal his finely toned chest and muscled body. Upon seeing Kasumi down to the ground, he began his own assault, unleashing relentless strikes on Kasumi. The Light Knight did her best to defend herself, even trying to use her Starburst Cloak to sneak around for an advantage, but Orochi continued to counter her. She finally thought she had an opening and went in for a strike, but Orochi struck her with a fierce punch that caused her to crash into the consoles.

"You are pathetic! You know, that look on your eyes reminds me of a very familiar face. Oh yes, I remember now…it was the face of your worthless excuse of a father Minato!" Orochi cackled as he walked towards Kasumi. "It was so wonderful seeing him battered and beaten after I killed your mother. What was her name again, oh yes. Kushina, quite a beauty. She would have made a wonderful consort to me." He continued to laugh, not knowing that Kasumi's blood began to boil. "I took great pleasure in ending your father's life, and now I'll get to send you to see him while he and your pathetic mother both rot in hell!"

"It was you…you caused me 15 years of lonliness…pain…despair! It's because of you that I had no family to call my own!" Kasumi was becoming furious. Standing face to face with the killer of her own parents was enough to push her to the edge. "I swear on this…I swear on the name of Minato and Kushina Mitsumiko…I WILL KILL YOU!"

"Like you can do anything foolish girl. Your body is beaten, your friends are not here, and your so called best friend is slowly dying in a pool of her own blood. Admit that you have lost and I will make your death quick and painless." Orochi cracked his neck as he prepared to finish what he started 15 years ago.

"First of all, I may be beaten, but I will not back down. Second, my friends are always with me, no matter where I am. Third, Kari is not going to die. I will make sure of that." Kasumi's power began to go out of control. Her rage had taken her over the limit and she was ready to obliterate this freak. "And fourth…"

"Fourth?" Orochi pretended to be stunned.

"I'll be the one to give you a quick and painless death!" Kasumi surged forward, fueled by her rage and her Illumina power, and began to unleash a massive fury of Light-charged blows and strikes. She was so consumed in blind rage that she didn't know how much damage she was doing. Orochi was now on the receiving end of a vicious assalt that left him in the position Kasumi was once in.

"So you want to take over the world…enslave humanity…and kill innocent people?" Kasumi was breathing hard but kept some focus as a Light charged palm was inches from Orochi's face. "This time, who's the one on who's pathetic!"

"You can't kill me. I've studied you and I know that you are too kind and soft to kill needlessly. Every single one of my captains killed or sacrificed themselves, not giving you the chance to end their lives, and I know you will do the same by showing me mercy." Orochi smirked as blood ran down his face. "But you know, the moment you show mercy, I will kill you in cold blood!"

Kasumi had a cold stare on her face. Orochi was right. Kasumi never shed blood of anyone she fought, but this time, after 15 years of built up pain, rage, anger, and lonlieness…she earned one. "Mercy huh? Yeah I could show you mercy. But you know something…" her palm began to glow even brighter. "This time I will be the one to enjoy killing you!"

Orochi's eyes grew as he heard the dark, sadistic tone in her voice. "Kasumi, no you can't! I…I can give you power beyond your wildest dreams, I can give you unlimited amounts of money! Just name it and it's yours!"

"I already know what I want. STARBURST BEAM!" Kasumi unleashed a concentrated blast of rainbow colored light, completely disintegrating everything on Orochi from the chest up. The only thing she looked at was a lifeless half of a corpse. "The world doesn't need evil scum like you." Kasumi then took a second to deeply breathe, finally knowing that her parents were now avenged. She had never wanted to do something so drastic, but she was pushed to the limit and all of her pent up emotion finally burst out.

"Kasumi-chan…" Kari said weakly, trying to conserve her strength.

"Yeah?" Kasumi turned to see that Kari was doing her best to stay alive.

"Remind me…to never make you mad, ok." Kari smiled at her best friend.

"As long as your mom keeps making those rice balls, I'll be a happy girl." Kasumi laughed as she helped up Kari from the ground. She took what little Illumina Power she had and channeled into Kari's wound, trying to speed up the healing.

(End Flashback)"After that, we blew up the Fusion Core, and OMEGA was finally finished. All of us made it back home to Tokyo and was finally able to take a well deserved vacation." Kasumi said.

"Hard to believe you got that angry. I still can't believe you killed Orochi like that in cold blood!" Ino said.

"I'd probably do exactly what she did. I mean she was staring face to face with the killer of her parents. After what he did, he deserved it." Tenten added.

"That was really a memory I didn't like too much. It was the first time I ever killed someone, and what was so bad was that I took pleasure in killing Orochi. I guess I was just so enraged when he told me everything that I wanted him dead more than anything else in the world." Kasumi said, trying to keep her frustration down. "Though everyone didn't blame me when I told them. They said Orochi had it coming anyway."

"I still can't believe you fought like that with no chakra, no jutsu, no ninja skills whatsoever. That really shows just how amazing you are Kasumi-chan." K. Tenten said, wanting to know more about her friend.

"Oh please, I'm not that special!" Kasumi said, trying to keep her modesty. "Hey, anyone know what Naruto and Sasuke have been up to? They've been in the kitchen for a pretty long time."

"I'll go check on them." Keisei got up and headed to the kitchen. After peeking in, she froze and came back laughing hysterically. "Ok I have now just seen everything!

"Keisei-chan, how bad is it in there?" asked Mai.

"Oh you have to see for yourself!" Keisei directed everyone over to the kitchen where Naruto and Sasuke, the self proclaimed "World's Best Dads" were definitely not having things go their way.

"Hinata, get back here! That's my secret stash of ramen!" Naruto was busy running all over the kitchen after Hinata, who happened to have found Naruto's scroll where he kept all of his super secret ramen. "Hinata….Hima-chan, don't put sugar on the pineapple!"

"Gotta catch me first!!!" Hinata giggled while she took off running again. Naruto couldn't believe it. Somehow his wife as a 3 year old had more energy than he ever had on a good day! And all she ate was one cinnamon bun!

"I swear, all she had was one, and it's like she's got infinite chakra or something!" Naruto sighed. "Hey Sasuke, you doing any better over there?"

Sasuke trudged in after getting tackled again in a small spar with Haru. Unfortunately for him, Sakura decided to join in, and well…she did jump on him a bit. Though there was the problem that somehow she was tapping into her extreme chakra control, and every time she jumped on Sasuke, he could feel the pain…and it hurt! "Naruto…next time…you challenge yourself…to be the best at something…please do me a favor!"

"And what would that be?" asked the yellow haired shinobi.

"NEVER drag me into it again!" Sasuke grimaced as he felt his arm. He was sure Sakura somehow broke it, but then again…"Besides, what did I do to get sucked into this!"

"So…the 'World's Greatest Dads' have things under control, eh?" K. Naruto said with a smirk.

"You know, you should have told him what happens to me sometimes." K. Hinata said. "He should have at least known that when I was little if I had a cinnamon bun with a cup of apple juice, it made me very hyper."

"I could have…but I thought it would be more fun for him to find out the hard way." K. Naruto replied. "Too bad Hinata-chan stopped me before I could tell you what can calm her down. Then maybe you'd be out of this mess."

"Ok ok, so maybe we didn't expect this." Naruto said, pulling himself off the ground. "But still, we're gonna prove we're better at this than you two and that's final!"

"Alright then, just show us how well you do with this little situation." K. Sasuke walked over to Haru and Sakura who were busy driving Sasuke crazy enough as it was. He asked Sakura if she would go over to Himawari and Hinata for a second, and she agreed while he whispered something in Haru's ear. Haru looked at him like something was wrong, but K. Sasuke said everything would be ok.

"Sasuke, just what did you tell him?" K. Sakura asked.

"Just watch. If I'm right we're about to see the creation of the Haru Uchiha Fan Club." K. Sasuke replied, causing Naruto and Sasuke to go white as a sheet.

"You wouldn't!" Naruto said.

"You couldn't!" Sasuke added. They all turned over to the kids to watch the chaos happen.

"Um…Hima, Hinata, Sakura…um, you're all really cute." Haru said with a shy blush. He then gave a quick peck on the cheek to each girl. That moment right there triggered something in all girls…the fangirl gene! The one thing known to drive any boy absolutely mad!

"I did. Have fun with this one boys!" K. Sasuke started laughing.

"Haru-kun!!" Himawari said with stars in her eyes. She immediately latched onto his arm and pulled him close.

"Haru-kun said I'm cutest!" Hinata grabbed hold of his other arm and pulled him close, immediately instigating a tug of war with her own daughter.

"Nuh-uh! Haru-kun said I was!" Himawari pulled back to get Haru over to her side. But Sakura was not one to be denied.

"No, Haru-kun liked me first!" Sakura wrapped her arms around her son and pulled him towards her.

"Me!" yelled Himawari.

"Me!" Hinata added.

"Me!" Sakura said, pulling harder.

All three were locked in a massive screaming fit over Haru while the little Uchiha was doing his best to not get pulled to pieces. K. Naruto and K. Sasuke were cracking up at the whole thing while Naruto and Sasuke watched their wives and kids fight over each other! It kept up for a few but Himawari got the upper hand and finally snatched Haru away from Hinata and Sakura.

"Told you he's mine!" Himawari blew a raspberry to Hinata and Sakura…causing the tides to definitely turn.

"No, no, no…not this Hinata, please for all that is good in the universe not this!" Naruto was beginning to panic. He watched as Hinata's eyes began to fill with water and her lips started quivering. It was building and he didn't want to experience it!

"Naruto, they're gonna blow! Take cover!" Sasuke said, covering his head.

"Did I mention I hate you two for this?" Naruto looked over at K. Naruto and K. Sasuke as they both just laughed before he covered his own ears. Of course he didn't see them take out a pair of earplugs and put them in before the madness.

"WAAAAA!!!!!!!!" wailed Hinata and Sakura. Those two were extremely upset! Having lost Haru to Hima just made things 10 times worse.

"Come on, Hinata, stop crying please! Here, I have a cinnamon bun for you!" Naruto pleaded, but that only made Hinata more upset. She started yelling even more.

"Naruto, that's not working! We gotta do something or they're gonna make us go deaf!" Sasuke said before K. Naruto and K. Sasuke confronted them.

"You know what we want to hear. Do it and we'll stop them for you." K. Naruto said calmly.

"All you have to do is say that one little thing." K. Sasuke added.

Naruto and Sasuke knew what it was. They were put in the position that there was finally someone better than them at something and they just didn't want to admit it. So it was either swallowing their pride, or getting their eardrums shattered.

"Come on Naruto, just this once! No one else is gonna know!" Sasuke said, hoping to get his friend to agree. "I'm at a loss here and I have no idea how to get Sakura to calm down!"

"But…but…oh alright!" Naruto finally cracked.

"We officially declare that you, K. Naruto and K. Sasuke are better than us at dealing with more than one hyper toddler!!!!!" Naruto and Sasuke said in defeat.

"Well Sasuke, shall we?" K. Naruto said, taking out a small flask from his pocket.

"We shall." K. Sasuke said in agreement as he took something else out of his pocket as well. The two walked over to the screaming toddlers and went to work.

"Hina-chan, it's ok. Here, have something to drink. That will make you feel better." K. Naruto said, holding the flask in front of her. Hinata stopped screaming just enough to get a small scent coming from the flask. She looked at K. Naruto as he smiled at her, and slowly began to drink.

"Sakura-chan, I have something for you." K. Sasuke held out a strawberry lollipop. "Don't worry, it's your favorite." Sakura saw it and immediately started slurping on it, easily calming her.

"I don't believe it. How…how in the world!" Naruto said in shock.

"Like we said, dealing with Hina-chan as a baby for a week taught me all of this." K. Naruto said as Hinata finished up her drink. "Feeling better Hinata-chan?"

"Uh-huh. But I'm sleepy." Hinata said with a yawn.

"Aw, come here little one. You can rest on Grammy's lap." Keisei said as she picked up the yawning Hinata.

"So you used that. Nice Naru-chan." K. Hinata said as she saw her counterpart drift off to sleep. "That always did work on me. But why do you have some now?"

"I always keep it just in case. You know if we're on long mission and you have trouble sleeping." K. Naruto replied. "Well since we've now proven that our doubles have their own weaknesses, let's go back and see if Kasumi-chan has more of her story to tell."

"He is right. I would love to hear more of Kasumi-chan's adventure." Haku said as she and Mika walked back to the living room.

"But what are we going to do about the kitchen? Wouldn't Hinata get mad over how bad it looks?" asked Tenten.

"Naa. I'll handle this." Naruto said, quickly forming a few clones to clean up the place. While they were cleaning everyone else got comfortable again back in the living room.

"So since you've already stopped OMEGA, what did you do afterwards?" K. Tenten asked.

"Actually after that, everyone else gave up their powers and gems. I decided to keep mine in memory of my parents and continued to work with the military for a while. That was what led up to my final day in my other world." Kasumi continued into her story.(Flashback)

It had been about a month after OMEGA's destruction at the hands of the Illumina Knights. Kasumi's friends all returned to normal everyday life while Kasumi stayed back to continue working with the military to make sure all traces of OMEGA were finally gone. From time to time she would help out in Tokyo with stopping small scale terrorists who still fought for OMEGA. Today however would be one day she would never forget. She had received a letter telling her to come to an abandoned lab. Somehow there was someone who had information about her parents and could possibly tell her more about the people she never knew. So she packed up her laptop, the case containing the Illumina Gems, and set off to this lab. After a while she arrived at her destination, taking note of the battered surroundings.

"Wow, as if this place could look any worse." Kasumi said, pushing over some more rubble to make her way in. "Why would someone even want to meet me here?" She continued to look around even more to hopefully find this person who could give her information. As she continued to look around, she started feeling very suspicious. "Why is it that something really isn't adding up here?"

"So the noble Light Knight finally arrives," said a voice from the shadows. "Looks like we'll be able to pay you back for taking out our leader!"

"What the…alright, who are you! What do you want with me!" Kasumi said, assuming her Knight form. "Are you leftover agents of OMEGA?"

"Of course we are. And we're about to make sure our fallen leader is avenged!" said the same voice as a group of thugs surrounded Kasumi, all armed with weaponry. "Time for you to die!"

"Oh crap!" Kasumi said as she turned tail and ran from the gunfire. She quickly ran through the dilapidated lab, not knowing that something was causing her gemstone to react. "I gotta get out of here!" Kasumi quickly headed into an empty corridor but soon found she was blocked by more terrorist thugs. She fell right into the worst trap of her life and now she really was in a life or death situation. "This isn't good! No matter where I go, they have me cornered!"

"Hope you like hell, girly girl!" screamed one of the thugs as they tossed a grenade at Kasumi. She jumped out of the way, only to trip over some rubble and land flat on her face. What was worse is that the grenade that was thrown at her was inches away from her.

"OH NO!!!" she screamed as she covered her face and braced for death to take her. At that moment when the grenade exploded, something was triggered in her gemstone. Seconds after the explosion, Kasumi felt herself hitting the ground. "What...I'm alive?" She patted herself down and looked around to see what happened. What she noticed was definitely not a dilapidated lab. "How did I get in this forest?" She got to her feet and looked around, not knowing what to expect. Just a few moments ago she was running for her life away from some terrorists, and now she was stuck in some kind of forest. "I guess I should try to contact FusaTech and see where I am." She was about to begin communication, but noticed nothing but static. "Great. Well I guess I should figure out just where I am for now. Hopefully there's a town or something nearby and I can try to get some kind of supplies."

For the next two weeks Kasumi walked through miles of forest, with no luck of any human communication. She did however find a spring with clean water, and had survived off of hunting small animals. Not having any extra clothes was hard enough, so whenever she washed the only pair of clothes she had, she would change into her Knight Form. At least that came with an extra outfit so she wouldn't be walking around naked. She then continued through the forest for another month until she finally came to what looked to be a village.

"Oh man, I can't believe that I finally got out of that forest!" Kasumi said to herself. "And luckily I found a village! Maybe now I can get some supplies." She took note of the large walls surrounding the village and the strange leaf shaped emblem above the main gates. What really shocked her was that people would suddenly appear out of nowhere when entering and leaving the village. "What are they doing? And how are they suddenly appearing like that." She tried not to let her confusion get to her as she made her way inside. Luckily the two guards at the front gate were dozing off, so she didn't need to worry about any questioning. Once inside she saw just how huge the village was. It was like Tokyo, but not as high tech. There were still modern things like electricity, plumbing, and the sort, but not many cars…in fact there really wasn't any cars anywhere. She even took note of the huge mountain that had four large faces carved into it. "What is this place?"

(End Flashback)"You were that freaked out over seeing Konoha for the first time? It's not that bad." K. Naruto said.

"Yeah well you forget, I grew up in a world that went a little more technological than Konoha. Tokyo was similar, but seeing everyone in Konoha not carrying around cell phones, having headsets in talking about business meetings and all that really scared me." Kasumi replied. "I mean I'm in a completely new world, what was I supposed to do?"

"Hmm, it also makes me wonder what Kotetsu and Izumo were doing sleeping on the job again. I swear those two get very lazy when it comes to front door guard duty." Arashi commented.

"Have to agree with you there dad. They're not too bad on the field, but that door turns them into bums." Naruto added.

"Whatever, now get back to the story." Ino said, wanting to hear more.(Flashback)

After taking some time to get a grip on her surroundings, Kasumi looked around for some shops where she could get things she needed. She did see that this world used a completely different currency than her own, and what little money she did have was now useless. Only thing she could come up with was to find a place to cash in the little jewelry she did have, a gold necklace and a pair of diamond earrings that was given to her on her 15th birthday.

"Hmm, well I guess this will be enough for now." Kasumi said, walking out of a trader shop. She did manage to get quite enough money for her two items, so the first place she went was to a shop where she could get camping supplies. The only place that came close was a shop that sold various weapons.

"Ko…noha Armory. Konoha, I guess that's where I am." Kasumi said to herself as she headed inside. Inside she saw the walls lined with all kinds of swords, kunai, shuriken, and other weapons for ninja. "What are all these ninja weapons doing here? What kind of place is this?" She was lost in her track of thought when the owner approached her.

"So taking an interest in our kunai, I see," said the owner. "I can tell you these are the finest and sharpest kunai in all of Fire Country."

"Oh, uh I see." Kasumi said in slight confusion.

"Now how many of these can we set you up with?" asked the owner.

"Uh, actually I was looking for camping gear. This was the only place I could find that might carry tents and other equipment." Kasumi replied, hoping to make herself look less suspicious.

"Well we can do that for you. I'll have my daughter help you out with that. Tenten, come here for a second!" called out the owner.

"I'm here Otou-san." Seven year old Tenten came from the back to see what her father wanted. "Whacha want me to do?"

"We have a customer. Can you help her out?" asked her father.

"Sure." Tenten said with a nod. "So whatcha need?"

"Um well, a tent, and maybe some camping supplies?" Kasumi said in question.

"Then we got everything you need right over here!" Tenten led Kasumi over to the camping gear and started pointing out everything. "Now you can use this, and this, and with this sealing scroll…"

"Sealing Scroll? What's that?" asked Kasumi.

Tenten turned and looked at her like she was crazy. "You're a ninja and you don't know what a sealing scroll is?"

"Actually I'm not a ninja." Kasumi replied, getting an even more confused look out of Tenten.

"Why not? Almost everyone here is a ninja. Now that I think about it, you don't even have a headband!" Tenten replied.

Kasumi was at a loss. How could this girl know so much! She had to come up with something and fast! "Um well, my dad ran a small farm, and he couldn't afford to send me to train as a ninja."

"Aw I'm sorry. You would really like it. I'm gonna be one just like my Otou-san and be a weapons master." Tenten replied. "Well since you can't use scrolls, we'll just get you this backpack for the gear." She picked out a large camping backpack that made it easy for Kasumi to keep all of her supplies. After paying Kasumi said her goodbye, not knowing that she would run into Tenten again."

(End Flashback)"No way! You mean we met before you even became a kitsune? But why didn't I remember you?" K. Tenten asked.

"I don't really know myself. My guess is that since I only came in that one time, that was the only time we saw each other." Kasumi replied.

"Maybe you ran into the rest of us while you were in Konoha and just didn't know it." K. Ino said. "Did you ever come by my family's flower shop?"

"I think I just walked by it. But I never really stopped in." Kasumi said. "Oh well, back to the story."(Flashback)

For the next six weeks Kasumi spent her time camping in the forest. She rationed off the money she had and used it to buy two sets of clothes to change into, and also bought some food. Most of her day was spent trying to find out how she could get back to her own world, but that proved to be frivolous. She also kept her guard up since she found out that the village was full of ninja, and who knew how dangerous it could be if she was discovered. One night however, would be the night her life would change forever.

"Wow, I can't believe it's been three months since I've been in this world. I wonder how everyone else is doing back at home," she said as she stoked the fire once more. "I guess I'll get some sleep and then try again in the morning." Kasumi was about to turn in for the night when she noticed a large man running through the forest from the gates of the village. She noticed that he had something thrown over his shoulder as well. Whatever it was, it was definitely suspicious, so Kasumi kept her distance to investigate.

"Hehe, those fools. Once I get this Hyuuga back to Kumo, we'll use her to breed our own variation of the Byakugan and finally overthrow that pitiful Raikage!" said the Kumo nin. Apparently he was under the guise of a peacekeeper as he was present when the peace treaty between Kumo and Konoha had been signed that day. "It's a good thing this pipsqueak girl is quiet. Those extra shots of lightning chakra definitely put her out of commission."

"So he's kidnapped some girl! Just who does he think he is!" Kasumi said as she assumed her Knight Form. "Well whoever he is, I'm gonna stop him." As the Kumo nin was making his final preparations for his escape, Kasumi made her move. "Alright, let the girl go and you won't get hurt!"

The Kumo nin turned to see Kasumi standing there, poised for attack. "So they sent some Chuunin girl to stop me. Like that's going to work. I happen to be Kumo's top Jounin. You'd be no match for me."

"Oh really, well try to hit what you can't see!" Kasumi used her Light Power to bend the light around her, cloaking her in the moonlit night. "Time to take you out!" She quickly rushed in and started striking with punches and kicks, and somehow got the girl away from the Kumo Nin. Moving quickly she took her to a safe location, hoping nothing bad would happen. "Ok, you just stay here and I'll be back as soon as I can." She then turned to see the Kumo Nin getting back to his feet. Even after he took all those strikes, he looked like nothing hit him.

"So, you want to play that game, huh?" said the Kumo Nin. "Then how about I take it up a notch!" Within seconds he vanished and appeared right in front of Kasumi.

"How…how can you even see where I am!" Kasumi said as she was met with a lightning charged palm strike.

"Some shinobi you are. Using a pathetic excuse of a genjutsu to hide yourself." The Kumo Nin began to form some hand seals as lightning encircled his hands. "I thought you were gonna take me out!"

"Oh man, how is he using lightning like that! The only person I knew that could shoot lightning bolts was Kari. But I have the Wind Gem right here!" Kasumi said to herself as she shook off the shock. "I guess I'm gonna have to start using the heavy tactics now."

"Want more, well here it comes!" The Kumo Nin began his charge ready to strike Kasumi, but she had another plan…

"STARBURST BEAM!" she said, firing off her rainbow blast. She struck at the feet of the Kumo Nin, causing him to jump back, but she wasn't done. "RAPID FIRE!" Kasumi continued to fire blasts of light all over the place making it much harder for the Kumo Nin to evade. She did get lucky and landed a blast on the Kumo Nin, throwing him into some trees. "Oh wow, I forgot how tiring that was. I think I only have one shot left." She looked around to see if he was still up and running. Apparently he was caught off guard and took some heavy damage from the Starburst Beam shot.

"You pathetic girl! I swear I will make your death slow and painful!" said the Kumo Nin as he wiped the blood from his mouth. He formed a quick chain of seals, "RAITON: RAISHIN! (Lightning Release: Thunder God) His whole body became engulfed in lightning as he went in for the kill.

"One chance left!" Kasumi said, pulling in the very last of her Illumina Power. "Please let this work! STARBURST CANNON!" With that she unleashed a massive blast of light that collided with the Kumo Nin. Somehow he kept pushing through the light energy up until the point where he was point blank with Kasumi. Just before she forced the very last ounce of her power into her attack to blast him back and finish him off, he shot a lightning bolt straight through her chest, causing some critical damage to her. "Got…ya…" With that, she defeated the Kumo Nin, but was at death's door herself. As she lay on the ground, the only thing she saw was a masked figure that had come to her side.

"Do not worry, I am taking you to get medical treatment," said the mysterious figure. He removed her mask as Kasumi's eyes were closing. The only thing she saw before she blacked out was his red eyes.

(End Flashback)"And that's basically it. After that I woke up as a 6 year old Kitsune." Kasumi said.

"Wait…red eyes…Itachi, you didn't!" K. Sasuke said, thinking that he was the one Kasumi mentioned.

"I was. I had been on patrol that night and had seen Kasumi's battle. After she was critically injured, I took her to Akane-sama." Itachi said calmly.

"So…you saved my life Itachi-nii-san." Kasumi said warmly.

"I only did what I saw fit. You were some unknown person that protected Hinata with no recourse. It was only fitting that you not die that day." Itachi replied.

"Speaking of which, Kasumi-chan, there's something that you need to know." Akane said, causing the eyes to turn to her. "There's a lot that happened while you were unconscious."

"Like what Oka-san?" Kasumi asked.

"Well…" Akane said as she continued Kasumi's story.(Flashback…from Akane's view)

"Finally, done with all of this work for the night. I'll be glad to get home to Arashi and Naruto." Akane said as she wiped her brow. She headed out of her office and was about to leave when Itachi rushed in with one of the nurses. "Itachi, what's going on? Who is this person?"

"Hinata-san was kidnapped by the representative from Kumo. This girl apparently saved her life. But she needs serious medical attention." Itachi said as they began to check Kasumi's vitals.

"Do you have any information on her?" Akane asked as she assessed the situation.

"The only thing I could see is that she was using a very strange chakra. This was not like anything normal. Somehow she was using Light in place of the normal five elements." Itachi explained. "I also noticed no hitai-ate, so I'm not sure if she is a shinobi or not."

"Light Chakra…that's impossible! The only one I know that controls true Light Chakra is Inuyasha's wife Kagome! Unless…" Akane thought as she looked down at Kasumi's wrists. "The Light Illumina Gem! It can't be! I sent those away to that alternate dimension with Minato and Kushina over 15 years ago! How does this girl have the Light Gem!"

"Akane-sama, we've just checked the status of this girl. She's suffering from heavy blood loss! Unless she has a transfusion, she'll die," said one of Akane's nurses.

"What is her blood type? Get some transfusion packets and prepare her immediately." Akane ordered as she helped move Kasumi into an operating room.

"That's the problem! Her blood type matches nothing we have here in Konoha!" the nurse replied.

"Then it looks like I'll be the one to take care of this problem." Akane said as she pulled up her sleeves on her kimono. "Start prepping now."

"Akane-sama, you can't! There's no telling what will happen if your pure demon blood mixes with this girl! You could kill her!" the nurse warned.

"That or I could save her life. Remember, I happen to be the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the most powerful Sacred Beast in the Elemental Lands. If I can do anything to save this girl I will. Besides, Naruto would want to thank the person that saved his precious Hinata-chan." Akane said as she hooked herself up for the transfusion process. "As soon as she's hooked up, begin the transfusion immediately, and start cleaning and sealing her wounds."

"Yes Akane-sama," the nurse replied as the transfusion began. Within a few short minutes Akane's demonic blood was being transferred into Kasumi, triggering an accelerated healing in her body. Akane was also flooded with all of Kasumi's memories, from the beginning all the way to 30 minutes ago."

"This girl is Minato and Kushina's daughter! That's how she has the Illumina Gems!" Akane thought to herself during the transfusion. "I can't believe that she had to grow up alone for 15 years! No family, no childhood, well I won't have this. Minato, Kushina, wherever you are, I hope you allow me to care for your daughter. I hope you will be happy with what I will give her."

The transfusion ended, and Akane unhooked herself from the machine. She quickly went over and began to examine all of Kasumi's wounds, focusing her own healing chakra into her body. After getting Kasumi properly dressed, they moved her into a room where she could sleep and recover.

"Akane-sama, how is this girl?" Itachi asked from the shadows.

"Her name is Kasumi. She's fine now, but somehow she's been returned to this world." Akane said as she looked at the sleeping teenage Kasumi. "I don't know how, but I have a feeling that it was the Illumina Gems that did it."

"Illumina Gems?" Itachi inquired.

"Yes, these gemstones." Akane took out the box of gems from Kasumi's backpack, and also held up her transformer. "These are just six of the 10 gems containing the power of the Bijuu themselves. Somehow the gems of Ice, Lightning, Metal and Gravity, and Wood have been sealed, but that's ok for now." She took note as the Shadow Gem began to react as well. It slowly rose up and made its way to Itachi, waiting for him to claim it. "So it seems the gem has already picked it's wielder."

"I see. I take it this is a great power that I must someday learn to wield and harness." Itachi said, taking the gem and becoming the Shadow Knight for the first time.

"Yes, but not now. I had a vision that Kasumi will bring many good things in the future. However she, nor anyone must know about you wielding the power of the gem Itachi. Now is not the right time." Akane said as Itachi handed the Shadow Gem back to her. "For now stay in the shadows and watch carefully."

"As you wish Akane-sama." Itachi said, returning to the shadows.

"Now as for you Kasumi-chan, I cannot in good mind allow you to continue life as you are now. There are so many things you missed out on." Akane took out a scroll from her kimono and unsealed it, revealing a small alchemy set. "I do know for a fact that my son would love to meet you, but I don't think he's the type to have an older sister, so I'll just have to remedy that." She began to mix various ingredients until she created a green substance. Taking a syringe, she filled it full of the liquid. "Kasumi-chan, I know to some this may seem unfair, but I believe that stripping you of your teenage years and returning you to your childhood is the best for you. You deserve a second chance for everything you went through." Akane then took the syringe and injected it into Kasumi's IV bag, causing the green liquid to flow into Kasumi's bloodstream. After it all entered, she formed a few seals as a red glow engulfed her hands. "I know that you never got to meet Kushina, and I wish you could have. She was a wonderful woman, and I know she would have been the best mother to you. I only hope you will allow me to fill her place." Akane sent the red chakra into Kasumi, triggering her transformation into a kitsune. It also caused Kasumi's age regression to begin as well. Once she was finished she now looked upon Kasumi as a 6 year old kitsune hanyou. As Kasumi slept, Akane helped her into some more comfortable clothing and tucked the girl back in. "Sleep well Kasumi-chan. Hopefully in a day or two your life will be turned completely upside down…and for the better as well."

(End Flashback)Everyone was in shock to hear what Akane revealed. Not only did she already know everything about Kasumi's past, but she was the one that caused Kasumi's transformation.

"So it wasn't your demon blood that fully changed me?" said Kasumi in a slight shock. "You gave me the Kitsune Rejuvenation potion instead!"

"Kasumi-chan, when I was able to see your past from that transfusion, I couldn't sit back and let you go on like that. To never experience a real childhood, to never grow up in a loving home, to never even have parents! No person should ever live like that." Akane explained. "And after I learned about Minato and Kushina, and how they were killed before you even really met them, well I had only hoped that taking Kushina's place would be enough to fill a small void in your heart." At that moment Kasumi began crying her eyes out. "Kasumi-chan what's the matter?"

"You did all of that…and you didn't even need to!" K. Sasuke pulled her close to console her. "I just don't understand what made me so special! I'm not! I'm just a normal girl!"

"Kasumi-chan if we ever considered you normal, do you really think we'd be sitting here like this? I mean we're a bunch of kitsune, we have the Bijuu as relatives, we're spending Christmas with alternate versions of ourselves…two of which we turned into 3 year olds!" K. Sasuke said jokingly.

"Yeah, he's right. Honestly you're the best thing that ever hit Konoha. I mean you tell me, what other person can come up with some of the craziest schemes for a bunch of teenagers to get into? Remember Halloween two years ago, you were the one that had the nutty idea to prank Oka-san and had every single one of us scared out of our wits with that whole zombie jutsu thing!" K. Naruto added.

"Yeah and what girl could sit back and watch her mother, her future mother in-law, and alternate version of her mother, and the Hokage as teenage kitsune singing karaoke!" K. Haku continued with the compliments. "Especially when they were looking better than you in your own clothes!"

"Please don't remind us about that!" K. Naruto, Naruto, K. Sasuke, and Sasuke all said together.

"The point is Kasumi, it doesn't matter how your past life was, or what you did before you came to Konoha. You even said it yourself the day after we released you from Orochimaru's sleep jutsu, Kasumi Mitsumiko is forever gone." Arashi said to his daughter. "You chose this decision and now you're stuck with it. Now live with the insanity like the rest of us!"

"Oh alright." Kasumi said as she wiped her tears. "So since you all know about my past, you're not gonna bug me about it again are you?"

"No, we're just gonna nitpick you because you haven't sunk any battleships with those torpedoes on your chest." K. Haku said, causing Kasumi to go beet red.

"HAKU-CHAN!!!" Kasumi immediately covered her chest in embarrassment.

"She gets it from you, ya know." Yugito whispered to Mai.

"Oh whatever Mew-Mew-Chan! Ya spoiled brat!" Mai retorted, definitely riling the fur on the Nibi.

"You're lucky it's Christmas or I'd turn you make you into a scratching post!" Yugito spat out.

"Yeesh, who dropped you into a pool of water?" Mai replied. "Come on, I was just kidding!"

"Yeah right." Akane said to Keisei. "They're just lucky that Makoto and Shinja aren't here. Then the real chaos would have started."

"I see, you'll have to tell me about your other siblings sometime." Keisei replied back. She then noticed Hinata starting to stir around and then poof! "Hmm, guess Hinata and Sakura are back to normal."

"That nap was wonderful!" Hinata said as she stretched her arms. "I haven't slept like that in years." When her vision cleared up she looked to see she was sitting on Keisei's lap. "Uh…why…"

"The potion wore off. Gotta say you had Naruto running scared!" Keisei said. "And from what he told us you only had once cinnabun."

"Did he give me apple juice with it?" Hinata questioned, knowing just what happened to her when she had cinnabuns and apple juice as a kid.

"Yeah, and it wasn't pretty." Naruto sighed. "Since you're back to normal, does this mean that I'm off the hook for the ramen?"

"I don't know. So what else happened that has you looking so worn out?" asked Hinata as she took a good look at Naruto and Sasuke.

"Oh there was the little thing with Haru, but I dunno if you wanna know about that." K. Sakura said jokingly.

"Really now?" Sakura said, taking a good look at her son. "Just what could have involved him that caused Naruto and Sasuke some extra grief?"

"Well they did see their wives become Haru's newest fangirls." K. Hinata said, easily causing Hinata and Sakura to look over at Hima and Haru. "He did say you two were cute and kissed both of you as well."

"So we're now members of the Haru Uchiha Fan Club?" Hinata and Sakura walked over to the two toddlers. "Then we have just one question for Haru's number one fangirl…"

"What is it mommy?" asked Himawari, while she held Haru close.

"Can we still say how handsome Haru is? If that's ok with you?" Hinata asked. Himawari nodded so Sakura and Hinata made their move.

"Then we wanna say, we love you Haru-kun!" Sakura and Hinata reached down and kissed him on each cheek, getting a huge blush on his face, and a look of content on his face similar to a 16 year old getting kissed by Jenna Haze.

"Sasuke…that kid of yours…" Naruto grumbled. "First my daughter and now my wife!"

"And your mother too! I wanna be in the fan club as well!" Keisei said with a laugh.

"We're in too!" Mai and Yugito added.

"All of us are in as well!" Kasumi said, pointing to all the other girls in the room.

"Great, now we're in a room full of fangirls!" Sasuke smacked Naruto in the head while everyone else started laughing.

Meanwhile the village was under attack from the worst possible danger…"We will have the Kyuubi ready for sealing after this invasion is over, Konan." Pein said receiving a nod from the Origami user. "Once Kyuubi is taken the other 8 will be a breeze, speaking of a breeze, Sasori and Deidara should be securing the Ichibi soon and then the rest will be cake."

"I see, but wouldn't Kyuubi be stronger now that it is unsealed from the Uzumaki boy?" inquired Konan as she adjusted the paper rose in her hair.

"It will be of no consequence before the might of God." Pein decreed before he sent his other bodies forth.

"Naruto-sama, the Barrier has been breached. What should we do?" Asked the head of the nearest ANBU squad to Naruto's house.

"What are you asking me for? Go see Tsunade. She's the Hokage." Naruto replied wanting to get on with his holiday.

"I'm sorry Naruto-sama, but Tsunade-sama is…indisposed." Said the ANBU Captain.

"Let me guess, she drank herself stupid again with Jiraiya?" Hinata asked.

"Unfortunately, yes." replied the ANBU, getting a sigh out of everyone else.

"Naruto, what did I tell you about giving them that eggnog flavored sake!" griped Hinata.

"How was I supposed to know they'd go nuts!" Naruto replied. "Well then I guess I have to ask you guys for some help. Up for a little more fun?"

The ten Knights, plus their support members instantly summoned their transformers for combat.

"Tis' better to give than receive, am I right?" K. Hinata asked. K. Naruto immediately held a sprig of mistletoe over her head and gave her a quick kiss.

"Isn't she so generous?" K. Naruto said with a smile.

"As always. So let's go give these intruders a nice little gift…namely an Uzumaki butt whooping!" Naruto said before everyone bolted out of the house, save for Arashi, Kyoji, Keisei, and the kids. Apparently the sight of Arashi could through the village in turmoil since he was dead in this world, and as for the Bijuu Sisters, they simply went into pure Human form to help with medical support. One thing that wasn't seen was that Himawari snuck out as well…

"MULTI-SUMMONING JUTSU!!!!" Cried the Animal path, summoning another of Pein's large beasts. Screams of terror and anguish echoed through the village.

"Where is the Nine-tailed fox?" Pein's Deva Path asked Iruka, who tried to intervene and stop the Akatsuki.

"Why should you need to know! As far as I'm concerned you're an intruder who has no right to demand information!" Iruka stated, before Pein simply flung him aside.

"LIGHTNING HOUND!!!" Kakashi cried before a gigantic bolt of Lightning in the Shape of a Wolf struck the Deva Path. "Getting a little cocky here today, aren't you Pein?"

"Kakashi Hatake, you wish to oppose me as well? Tell me where the Demon Fox is." Deva Path demanded as he grabbed Kakashi's neck from behind. "Maybe then I won't let you suffer a painful death!"

But before Kakashi could respond with an ass-like comment Kasumi answered for him.

"You want Keisei-sama? Your going through US first!!!" Kasumi screamed, until she noticed just what the group was up against.

"Pein…so you've come for my mother, have you? Well this time, I plan to end this little farce of yours!" Naruto stated, but it certainly wasn't the reaction from Team Illumina.

"Pein! What in the hell man! Of all the Akatsuki, it had to be him?" K. Naruto griped.

"Naruto, we need to be wary. Remember, he has six paths, and his Rinnegan. For now we need to make sure that we protect the village and its people." Itachi said. "Plus we don't know just how strong this Pein is, so be prepared for anything."

"Itachi Uchiha…I thought you had been killed by your foolish brother? Yet you stand against me?" Pein questioned when he saw the alternate Itachi.

"Unfortunately, I am not your Itachi. I have always been loyal to Konoha and will continue to serve and protect my home. Even if that means destroying you!" Itachi said as his eyes now shifted to the blue hue of the Shinsei Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Not only that, but you're not dealing with just Naruto and Sasuke this time, you have to deal with the Illumina Knights as well!" K. Sasuke added, doing the same eye shift. "And trust me, you don't know pain until you deal with the true masters of the elements!"

"Pein-sama, this doesn't make any sense. Itachi is alive, and somehow there is two of the Uchiha, and the Uzumaki? What could this be?" inquired Konan as she assessed the situation.

"It is nothing Konan. Just stay back and prepare to capture the Kyuubi." Pein said as his Deva Path began to move forward again.

"Ok guys, this time we send this guy packing back to whatever rock he came out of! Naruto, Sasuke, Tenten, you guys might wanna hold off on your Overdrives unless it gets REALLY bad." Naruto said, prepping everyone for the coming fight.

"Mangekyo Sharingan!!!!!" Cried out Sasuke, revealing his Darkness Flame powered Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Kao-Ken!!!" Naruto yelled before pulling up a Red Aura and getting pumped.

The Village's best candidates for Hokage were at their currently highest levels of power but didn't want to push it with so many civilians around.

"Sasuke we can't go all out here, just like at home, we couldn't go all out because of the kids." Naruto telepathically relayed to Sasuke. "Plus we might as well give the others a sharp boost to their egos."

"Naruto, come on, you know we pushed ourselves to the near limit. Yeah you would have given us the win if you'd used the Spirit Bomb, but we need to finally realize, they're becoming our equals and from what we've learned, they will become masters in their own elements." Sasuke replied via the mind link. "I know we have that competitive streak, but right now there is no competition. They're fighting to help save our home as we did theirs 2 years ago."

"Sasuke, you're really serious about that? What the heck man?" Naruto questioned. He had never known Sasuke to be this rational about something, especially when it came to fighting. But as much as he didn't want to damage his own pride… "Alright, there is no 'who's better'. We are all equals here. But you owe me for this, got it?"

"Whatever!" Sasuke replied back.

"Now it's our turn to get into our Christmas Party clothes. Ready team?!" Kasumi yelled.

"Ready!!" Yelled the rest of the Knights.

"Illumina Knights Transform!!!"




But what they didn't know was before they activated the transformers the Gems were crackling with energy, preventing them from a transformation. Somehow power surge backlashed and sent them flying into a wall. Since K. Sakura and Akemi's armor is based on the same principle they suffered the same backlash, causing everyone to wonder what happened.

"Ughh…what was the number of that jumbo jet?" Kasumi said before everyone else passed out.

"Auntie SUMI!!!!" Himawari screamed as she ran to Kasumi and the others from her hiding spot in the bushes.

"Hima-chan! What is she doing here!" Naruto cursed himself. "She's gonna get herself killed!"

"Akane-sama, what the heck happened!" Hinata said, noticing the team down.

"I knew I felt it. After they transformed the first time, I felt a severe disturbance in their powers. I don't know what could have caused it, but I had hoped it wasn't this bad!" said Akane as she, Mai, and Yugito rushed over to check on the team.

Meanwhile, Naruto was pissed to say the least. First Pein attacks him during Christmas, and second, he can't show off his ego in front of his counterpart because K. Naruto was knocked unconscious, and now his daughter was even around the battle area!

"Ok, I'm gonna end this here and now! KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!" Naruto shot his Kamehameha wave directly at the Deva Path, though Pein was prepared since the Preta Path blocked the attack.

"Sealing Style: Absorption Seal!!!" Naruto's Kamehameha wave was absorbed into nothingness. "You will have to do more than that to defeat God, foolish boy."

"Then why don't..." Naruto and Sasuke were about to make their move, but The Deva Path used Shinra Tensei to intensify gravity around the duo making them flat on the ground. While the duo were restrained, Deva Path stepped up to them.

"Where is the Nine-tails? We know she is no longer sealed in you. That means I don't have to kill you, tell me."

"Auntie Sumi please wake up!!" Himawari cried with tears streaming down her face.

"Hima-chan, get everyone.." Kasumi said very weakly.

"Auntie Sumi, what's wrong, wake up!" Himawari was still upset over seeing everyone so hurt.

"Don't stay Oka-san protect...." Kasumi said before passing out and her transformer fell off and the Light Gem fell out.

"Protect what Auntie Sumi?" Himawari was still frantic. Her family was all hurting and she couldn't do anything. Suddenly Himawari heard a calming and ethereal voice.

"Allow me to help. Look at the Transformer." Said the voice.

When Himawari look at the changing device it had a new Golden Gem. She reached down and picked up Kasumi's Transformer and was hit with a sudden spark of knowledge, almost as if she now had more intelligence than a normal 4 year old.

"I know what I must do." Himawari said before taking the Transformer and putting it on.

"Leave, I'll never tell you where she is." Naruto said while under the strain of the gravity the Deva Path created.

"I guess I'll have to kill you then." The Deva Path said before taking a Kunai out of Naruto's pouch and preparing to kill him.

"Get away from my DADDY!!!!!" Himawari screamed as everyone else turned to see her standing there.

"Hima-chan what are you doing!" yelled Hinata, worried for her daughter's safety.

"Huh?" Deva Path grunted.

"I said leave my family alone!" Himawari stood firm as she took hold of Kasumi's modified transformer and placed it on her own wrist.

"Hima-chan, no! Don't use that power!" Yugito warned, when she saw what Himawari was trying to do.

"KAMI PRISM ACTIVATION!!!!!!" Himawari screamed before activating the Transformer.

"Kami Prism..." Akane thought to herself. "There's no way..."

"Nee-chan, what's going on?" Mai asked, as she watched the transformation.

"Apparently, our father just got involved in this battle." Akane sighed. "I knew the disruption with us being here stopped everyone else's Illumina Power, but this has to be the work of Kami himself. And here he tells us that he's not gonna get involved with matters like this!"

"Akane-sama, what are you saying? What's happening to my little girl!" Hinata cried out.

"Well...Pein just said Naruto is going to have to do better than God to defeat him...unfortunately God decided to intervene, and he used the Himawari to do it!" Akane explained.

"Akane-sama, I don't understand?" Hinata questioned.

"See, Kami created myself, Mai, and Yugito. This pretty much makes us his kids, and our kids his grandkids. Since we were the ones that changed Hima-chan into a Kitsune Princess, she carries our lineage. Meaning, she's in some strange of his grandkids as well. He probably considers her his great-granddaughter."

"My daughter is a demi-goddess!" exclaimed Hinata. "But..."

"Hinata, it's not like that. She's not a demi-goddess. We Bijuu don't possess divine power, only Kami does. Apparently he's channeling himself through her." Akane said as the group continued to watch on. "But I just hope his influence doesn't cause severe damage to Hima-chan."

A wave of golden power rushed from Himawari knocking Pein's Deva and Preta Paths away and disrupting the Animal Path's summons. The golden energy faded to reveal Hima, now adorning the standard Illumina Knight uniform, a solid white with gold trim outfit. She now bore a hitai-ate as well, but it had a gold plate with what looked to be an angel as a symbol. Her tail was now gold, as was her ears to match, and she now radiated in a pure golden aura. If K. Naruto saw her, she would almost look like he did when he took on Shadow Sasuke after being powered up from the Illumina Power Transfer.

"So, some petty child wishes to challenge God?" boasted Deva Path.

"I am no child mortal. It is best you retreat and no longer harm my family." Himawari spoke calmly.

"Foolish child, I can destroy you in one swoop. Do you really wish to greet death so quickly?" Deva Path cackled once more. "If so then I will allow you to meet your end."

"You speak so boldly, yet you do not know the power you face before you. You speak of being God when you don't even possess a micron of his magnificence." Himawari continued to speak in a cold and calm voice. "If I wanted to, I could erase your existence with the blink of my eye. However if I were to use my supreme power, it could destroy my great-granddaughter. But instead I will pass a more fitting punishment for an insolent whelp as you. Before I do, I think I should introduce myself."

"Very well, allow me to know the name of the one who says they are greater than God." Pein's Deva Path stood fast and stared down the young kitsune.

"I am known as the Creator, the All-Father, Alpha and Omega. I molded this universe with my very being and made it in my own image. To the Bijuu not of this world I am called Dad, Father, Otou-san. But to you I am called Kami. However that name is not befitting of this form I have chosen to speak through." Himawari spoke in a divine tone. "As for this form, I am known as the Seventh Princess of the Kitsune Clan, The Sunflower Princess, Daughter of Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki…my name is Himawari Uzumaki, the Divine Illumina Knight!"

That bold statement definitely shocked everyone there, but caused a much different look on three particular Bijuu…

"Oh brother, now he's just hamming it up!" Akane said as she smacked herself in the forehead.

"Nee-chan, you know whenever he's going to have fun, he acts like a total dork! He's worse than Hiroshi, Tsukune, and Inuyasha on a good day!" Mai said in grief.

"Just so you know, he's your father ok?" Yugito said, trying to pass the blame of embarrassment. She tried to sneak out of the area to prevent any other type of embarrassment, but that wasn't happening.

"Get back here Mew-Mew-chan!" Mai said, grabbing Yugito by her two tails and jerking her back.

Himawari stared down the three Paths of Pein, deciding on where to make her first strike. She did take note that Pein's Animal Path had been taken out from her transformation, so she set forth to take out Deva Path next. "You seem to be the leader, removing you will make sure that no harm will come to my family."

"Try as you wish, you will not succeed!" stated Deva Path as he stood firm. Himawari was almost in range to strike when Pein's Preta Path stepped forward to shield.

"Of course, showing cowardice by hiding behind another. It matters not. ANGELIC STRIKE!" Himawari's fist began to shine as it looked like two angel wings extended from the side of her arm guard. Everyone also noticed 10 beams of light, each coming from the Illumina Knights' gemstones channel into her own to amplify the force of her attack. The strike connected, and definitely dealt more damage than Pein expected, taking down Preta Path in one sharp strike.

"What? Preta Path is down?!" Deva Path asked.

"You were warned for your boastful pride. Haven't you heard that Kami can be very vengeful when people try to claim they are God? I think I remember the last time I got really angry, I wiped 3 entire nations from existence!" Himawari said as she sized up her next target. "However I must attend to one thing before I end this battle." She quickly turned and ran over to where Naruto and Sasuke were pinned down.

"Hima-chan, what happened to you?" Naruto said as he struggled to break free from the Shinra Tensei's field.

"Unfortunately you aren't speaking to your daughter Naruto. She is now a vessel for me currently." Himawari spoke as she shattered the gravity field with one strike. "But she is fine. I would never allow anything to harm my great-granddaughter."

"Uh, ok. Although it's very weird seeing my 4 year old daughter unleashing holy hell upon one of the most powerful members of Akatsuki." Naruto said in confusion. "But whoever you are, all I ask is that you do not harm her."

"She carries my lineage, therefore she will be fine. Now since I have used an ability from her kitsune family, I should now use an ability from her father to end this." Himawari said. "I believe you call that attack the Kamehameha wave?"

"You're planning to use that? Oh well, I guess if a divine being takes over your daughter, of course she'd know how to do something of that caliber." Naruto said. "Ok then, let him have it."

"With pleasure." Himawari said as she turned to her target once more. "Oh Naruto, you might want to go pick up that limited edition Little Miss Kunoichi doll set after this. Tell Hima-chan that it was an extra gift from Santa for being a very good kitsune this year."

"But those are all sold out! We couldn't find those anywhere!" Naruto exclaimed, noting that he really wanted to get that gift for Himawari this year.

"That's not what the delivery boy will say when you get the package tomorrow." Himawari said with a wink as she prepared to end this farce of a battle. "Now as for you mortal, I will be generous this once. Leave this village and do not return to attack my family or do you wish to challenge Kami once more?"

"Only I shall be known as God to this world! SHINRA TENSEI!" screamed Pein's Deva Path, unleashing a massive crushing wave of gravity.

"Pitiful fool!" Himawari screamed as she brought her arms back in the trademark pose. Her palms filled with a bright golden energy as her aura grew more radiant. "ANGELIC KAMEHAMEHA!" She unleashed the energy, more potent than Naruto had ever seen in his life. The sheer force burst through the Shinra Tensei, causing Pein to jump out of the way, not before he suffered some major damage.

"Pein-sama, it is best if we retreat and regroup. We are severely weakened." Konan said as she took hold of her injured partner.

"That would be wise. Let us be off." Pein said as he struggled to stand. "Be warned, we shall have the Kyuubi and thus our plans will be realized." With that, the two vanished in a swirl or paper."That was unreal! I've never seen that much power in the Kamehameha Wave. You HAVE to tell me…" Naruto said as he approached his daughter, but she stopped him in his place.

"No, my intervention cannot continue. Any longer and I risk severely harming Himawari's life." Himawari said. "I will however restore the damage caused by Pein. But before I go…" She walked over to Akane, Mai, and Yugito.

"You just had to get involved, didn't you?" Akane asked.

"Yeah, what's this about not intervening in the affairs of mortals?" Mai questioned.

"Birdybird, you should know, sometimes I have to have a little bit of fun." Himawari said with a slight laugh as she waved her hand over the Illumina Knights, healing all of their injuries.

"Ow, what in the world hit me?" Kasumi said as she awoke.

"That would be the tree Kasumi-chan. But you should be ok now." Himawari said with a large smile. "Oh I should give this back to you. Thank you for letting me use it." She removed Kasumi's transformer and took the golden gemstone out of it, replacing it with Kasumi's Light Gem.

"Uh, um…ok what in the world is going on here!" Kasumi said frantically.

"Your grandfather decided to come have a little bit of fun Kasumi-chan. He decided to use Hima-chan as a vessel for a while." Akane said with a sigh.

"So you're…" Kasumi said, eyes growing wider.

"You always were a bright girl." Himawari said, patting Kasumi on the head. "Farewell my family. May you all have a wonderful Christmas." With that, a golden orb of light emerged from Himawari, emanating all over Konoha. All the damage that was done by Pein had been fully restored and Konoha was back to its former beauty. After Kami took his leave, Himawari collapsed from the ordeal.

"Why is it what whenever the two of us are in the same dimension, something absolutely WEIRD happens?" Naruto asked his other self.

"Got me. I was just ready to chow down on the food!" K. Naruto replied.

"Everyone, we're in serious trouble here!" Akane said with a sense of urgency.

"Oka-san, what's wrong?" asked Kasumi, as they all went over to check on Himawari.

"It's Hima-chan…she's in critical condition!" Akane said as she began a diagnosis.

"Akane-sama, what's wrong with my little girl!" Hinata asked.

"When she attacked Pein the first time, did you all notice how she drew in energy from the Illumina Gems?" Everyone but the Knights all nodded. "Well apparently, while Kami had control over her, her body was able to contain that energy. But since he's left and she's back to normal, her body is still harboring all that energy. She can't contain that much power!"

"What are you saying nee-chan?" asked Mai.

"What I'm saying is that if we don't find a way to extract that Illumina Energy from Hima-chan, she's as good as dead!" Akane replied, shocking everyone. "As of right now, it's causing her body to go into apoptosis! It's literally destroying her from the inside out!"

"So what can we do?" Hinata asked. "There has to be something that can save my Hima-chan?"

"I don't know, but let's get back to the house first. It's better for us to be there where no one can see anything happen." Akane said, picking the unconscious Himawari off the ground. "There's no time to lose!"

So Kasumi's full past is now revealed, in addition to finding out more about Haku as well. So Everyone was connected in more ways than one. And what about Kami taking possession of Himawari? That definitely had to throw a wrench in things from Akane's view. But what's going to happen now that there's a critical situation on the line?...yeah right, there's no way we could let this story end like this! Part 3 will conclude my 2008 Fanfiction Season. After that, it's a whole new ballgame with the Bijuu Wars. The final Bijuu will be revealed, there will be more action, adventure, new romances, and one heck of a twist that no one will ever see coming from a mile away!

And to all our wonderful readers, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful New Year!

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