The Bijuu Wars

2008 Holiday Special part 3

Neokenshin: Sorry this one took too long. Yeah I know it's after Christmas, but I kinda got burned out at the very end.

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K. Naruto: Why on earth would he do that?

Naruto: You know how the previous two crossover, our team always did something to show we were better than your team? Well...he slipped up and revealed the stuff we always lose at.

K. Naruto: Like the way you couldn't handle a toddler Hinata?

Naruto: That and...the stuff we normally do to have fun. Apparently your guys....well...


Neokenshin: Sometimes I love being an author. Belated Happy New Years and all that! Enjoy everyone.

2008 Holiday Special: The Origin of Kasumi part 3

Last chapter we find Kasumi revealing more of her origin about how she got her powers and how she ended up in Konoha. On a side note, everyone found out about the "baby" adventure when Kasumi, K. Hinata, K. Haku, K. Sakura, and K. Tenten were all turned into babies for a week. Things went even crazier since Akane brought the Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion and K. Naruto and K. Sasuke challenged their doubles to another competition. Of course Naruto and Sasuke's egos were overinflated, so Hinata and Sakura took the potion, turning themselves into 3 year olds for about two hours. This in turn drove Naruto and Sasuke absolutely insane and the duo finally admitted that their doubles were better at taking care of hyperactive kids. Kasumi also finally learned that it wasn't the blood transfusion she got from Akane that changed her completely, but the fact that Akane gave her the Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion that night.

However things went sour when it turned out that Pein himself decided to attack Konoha. Knowing the village would have its defenses down due to the holidays, he sent his Deva, Preta, and Animal Paths in to cause massive destruction. Naruto, Sasuke, and the Illumina Knights rushed to stop him, but a problem with their powers took the Illumina Knights out of commission. Naruto and Sasuke weren't too good as Pein had them locked in a Shinra Tensei. The biggest twist came when Himawari took Kasumi's Light Transformer and used it to become the Divine Illumina Knight…who happened to be Kami channeling himself through her! This of course gave Akane, Mai, and Yugito some grief, since they always thought that Kami didn't meddle in human affairs. But the Kami-controlled Himawari just told them that he had to have some fun. So after utterly defeating Pein and sending him running, Kami restored Konoha and took his leave. Unfortunately Himawari channeled energy from the Illumina Knights as one of her attacks, and without Kami's presence, her body couldn't contain the insane amount of power. Now it was a race against time to find a way to remove the energy before she dies from the power overload.

"Of all times, why now!" Akane stressed as she was overlooking Himawari. The young kitsune hanyou was lying on her bed struggling to survive from the overload of Illumina Energy she took in.

"Nee-chan, calm down! Look all you said is that we have to do an energy extraction. How hard can that be?" questioned Mai. "We have 4 Bijuu here, we should be able to do it."

"It's not that easy Mai-chan. We can remove the Light, Fire, and Gravity Elements from her no problem. But the other elements are different!" Akane replied with a dire look.

"What about us? We're the ones that control the elements. We should be able to extract it." K. Naruto said. "How hard can it be?"

"Naruto, it's a lot harder than you think. First off you can't access your Illumina Forms. Something in this world has caused a severe disruption after you all transformed earlier today. I have no idea what it is, but without your ability to transform, accessing your Illumina Energy is a fantasy." Akane explained. "If you tried to extract the energy from her in your normal forms, you could possibly kill her and yourselves!"

"Damn, there has to be something that can save my little girl." Naruto cursed, seeing the hopelessness.

"I don't know, this would be a big long shot, but it's possible it may work." K. Hinata said as she got an idea. "If we purify her demonic Kitsune chakra and energy, then extracting our Illumina Energy might be easier."

"How do you propose that?" Sakura inquired.

"We use Light Chakra purification." Kasumi said, sensing K. Hinata's idea.

"Girls, are you sure you'd even be able to do that? I mean a purification takes a lot of energy and concentration. The only person I know that could do that technique with little problem is your Aunt Kagome!" Akane said, not realizing what she revealed.

"What! You mean Kagome-sensei is a Bijuu as well?" Kasumi replied, not knowing that her Light Chakra teacher happened to be her aunt.

"No, she's pure human. But she is married to our baby brother Inuyasha, the Gobi." Mai said. "But why Moonie hasn't said any of this, I'll never know."

"Look, we have to try ok. If we can purify her demonic side, it may make removing Illumina Energy easier from her." Kasumi said, prepping for the purification. "Hopefully it won't be too serious."

"Kasumi-chan, I have the charms set up." K. Hinata motioned after she placed four paper talisman charms around Himawari. She then took a small vial from her pouch as Kasumi did the same.

"Alright, now we dust with purification salt." Kasumi said as the two sprinkled salt all around the little kitsune. "Now to begin."

The two channeled a bright pink chakra into their palms and began to chant…

"Heaven and Earth divide, open the channel. Call forth the impurity, let it be cleansed. Restore that to which it first was," the two chanted as they focused the energy. Placing their hands over Himawari, "HIKARITON: KONPAKU KIYOMARU! (Light Release: Soul Cleansing)" As the pink chakra entered Himawari, everyone could see that her kitsune features were slowly vanishing.

"Unreal, they're actually purifying her demonic side." Naruto said in surprise.

"Look, we don't know just how long she'll stay as a normal human. Everyone else position yourselves around her and get ready to draw out the Illumina energy." K. Hinata ordered as the other eight Knights took position, while she and Kasumi finished with the purification.

"So what do we do now? Since we can't transform, how are we supposed to draw out our elemental energy?" K. Haku asked.

"Try to keep your focus on your own gem's wavelength. Each of you should notice that your energy feels a certain way." Akane explained. "Try to feel that same energy inside Hima-chan, and concentrate on pulling it out of her."

"Here goes something." K. Naruto said as he and the others started to focus. Slowly but surely each started to glow with an aura of their matching color.

"Is it supposed to be this difficult?" K. Sasuke said while he was struggling to keep his focus. "It's like trying to pull a nail out of a block of cement with a pair of tweezers!"

"I dunno, I've never felt anything this intense!" K. Neji said, while he wiped the sweat that was forming on his brow.

"Just keep going! We gotta save Hima-chan!" K. Haku was having her own struggle with the extraction as well.

The ten kept focusing as hard as they could. It seemed things were getting nowhere but slowly, ten colored lights started to rise out of Himawari's body.

"Just a little more!" K. Naruto was in serious pain. Having to draw out his Illumina Energy in his normal form put untold stress upon him, as it did everyone else. "Almost…" Almost instantly each of the ten lights shot into the gem of each matching knight. It also caused all ten to be thrown back violently, leaving them all extremely weak.

"New rule…make sure we can go Illumina before doing this again." K. Sasuke was breathing heavily from using so much energy.

"I have to agree brother. This was even intense for me as well." Itachi added as he slowly got to his feet. "But we have more pressing matters. How is Hima-chan?"

"She's still in serious danger. Her body has had too much damage done to it." Akane said, taking out a scroll from her kimono. "I think I can synthesize a restoration formula to start repairing the damage."

"Will she still survive?" Hinata asked, hoping not to hear bad news.

"She'll be ok. For now I'm going to have her take a kitsune restoration potion to begin healing her damaged chakra system and anything else damaged. Once the purification wears off, her natural kitsune healing will help as well." Akane said as she began to mix ingredients. "Keisei-chan, can you come here for a second?"

"What is it Akane chan?" Keisei asked as Akane took a small needle from her tools.

"I need 5 drops of blood from you. This will help stabilize the formula. I've added my own, but with two Kyuubi, it should enhance the potion enough to speed her recovery." Akane said as Keisei held out her hand. She pricked her counterpart's finger and got the sample she needed. "There, it's done. Sakura-chan, can you prep a small area on Hima-chan's arm. I need to inject the first dosage very shortly."

"Sure Akane-sama." Sakura followed direction by taking some cotton swabs and alcohol, and prepared to sterilize a small section on Himawari's arm.

"Just know that she's going to be feeling very sick for the next few days. Unfortunately Kitsune Alchemy doesn't know how to make decent tasting medicine." Akane replied as she prepped a syringe. While all this was going on, Haru weaseled his way in to see what was happening.

"Grammy Mikoto is Hima-chan ok?" he said worriedly.

"She's fine Haru-kun. She's in the best hands possible. They're going to make sure she'll be ok and that way she can play with you again." Mikoto said, calming the small Uchiha.

"But how did she get hurt?" Haru asked with a questioned look.

"Well, someone was coming after her Grammy Keisei and your dad and her dad tried to stop them." answered Mikoto.

"And she got hurt?" Haru said.

"Well she did, but from what I found out, somehow she was the one that helped your dad. We don't know how but she did." Mikoto explained, causing Haru to be even more surprised.

"I hope she's ok." Haru looked on as Akane was about to finish up.

"There we go. The potion should start taking effect here very soon. I've made enough to last for the rest of the week. All she needs is a small spoonful three times a day." Akane said as she sealed the remaining potion. "But unfortunately for the potion to take effect, we need one more thing."

"There's more! Akane-sama, what more will it take to make my baby girl better!" Hinata cried out before Akane flashed a smile.

"Oh this is a very special thing that needs to be done. But none of us can do it." Akane said, getting questioned looks out of everyone. "This has to be done by little Haru-kun."

"Akane-chan, you didn't!" Mai whispered to her sister.

"I sure did. You got your camera with you?" Akane replied back. Mai nodded when she flashed her camera. Yugito caught wind and pulled out her own as well.

"So Haru-kun, do you wanna help Hima-chan get better?" Akane asked.

"Uh huh." Haru nodded. If there was one thing he didn't like was when Himawari wasn't well and he couldn't play with her.

"Ok let's get you up here." Akane said as she hoisted Haru onto Hima's bed.

"I still don't get why she needs Haru to finish this?" Hinata asked.

"Oh I know exactly why." K. Hinata said. "We're gonna see our Seventh Kitsune Princess awaken to see her prince."

"Princess…OH!!!" Hinata said, finally catching on. "So Akane-sama planned this?"

"Yep. Chances are she made sure that after Hima-chan had the first dose of medicine, all it would need is a kiss from the one she really loves…namely Haru." K. Hinata said. "She may be four years old, but she does take after her mother."

Hinata looked back at Naruto, knowing exactly what her counterpart meant. "You're right, she definitely takes after her mother."

"Ok Haru-kun, are you ready?" Akane asked as the small Uchiha looked at his friend.

"What do I do?" asked Haru.

"All you need to do is wish real hard for Hima-chan to wake up, and then give her a kiss." Akane said. "Can you do that for everyone?"

Haru looked around and could see that everyone wanted to have Hima-chan back just as much as he did. "So if I wish really hard, and give her a kiss, she'll wake up?" Akane nodded and Haru knew what he needed to do. "Ok, I'll do it."

"Haru-kun," Hinata said as she walked over to him. "Thank you for doing this. I'm happy to know that my little girl has a strong hero like you." She quickly gave him a small peck on the head and moved out of the way.

"Yeesh Sasuke, he's getting more action than either one of us on a good day!" Naruto said. "What are you feeding that kid?"

"Don't look at me! I still say he gets some of that from his mother." Sasuke replied.

"Oh shut up you two and watch." Sakura said, getting the focus back on Haru and Himawari.

Haru now stood at another milestone of his 3 year old life. He was now faced with the trial of being the person to make his best friend better after she had been hurt. To know that his wish would be the one thing that could wake her up was a big thing. He had everyone watching so he couldn't really mess up.

"I wish that Hima-chan would wake up and feel better so we could play again!" Haru wished as hard as he could. He then reached down and placed his lips upon Hima's cheek. He didn't know that secretly Akane held a sprig of mistletoe over the two and that everyone else was taking pictures. After the kiss…

Himawari slowly opened her eyes to see everyone else all around her room. She also noticed Haru looking down at her as well. "Haru-kun?"

"Are you ok Hima-chan?" asked Haru.

"I feel really sick." Himawari replied, as the potion was taking effect.

"Aw my wish didn't work. She's still sick." Haru said in defeat.

"Actually Haru-kun, it did work. She's going to be a little sick, but she's going to get better." Akane explained. "You should be proud, you're a hero."

"I am?" Haru questioned himself.

"Yep, and my big hero deserves a reward. How does some chocolate chip cookies and milk sound?" Sakura said as she picked up her son into a hug.

"Ok mommy, that works." Haru replied. "Get well soon Hima-chan." He waved goodbye as Sakura took him downstairs for his reward.

"Hey princess, good to see you up again." Naruto said. "You had us worried out there."

"Daddy…did you get hurt?" she asked.

"Nope. You were able to help me out. From what I hear you even did a little bit more as well." Naruto said.

"Yeah, you really came through Hima-chan. If you weren't there we might have been hurt even worse." Kasumi said, getting a small smile out of Himawari.

"You ok Auntie Sumi?" asked Himawari.

"I sure am. So is everyone else." Kasumi replied. "Now you just rest and get better ok."

"Ok. I'm gonna take a nap." Himawari said, turning over to go back to sleep,

"Guess the saying was right. Big things do come in small packages." Naruto laughed. "Well guess I should keep an eye out for a delivery boy tomorrow."

"Not only that, but I need your help for something Naruto." Kasumi said. "I think after today, we need to do some last minute shopping for three unique kids. Tomorrow, can you send us back to our world for a little while?"

"Why would you wanna go back Kasumi-chan?" questioned Arashi.

"Auntie Sumi needs to make sure her gift for Hima-chan is absolutely perfect!" Kasumi replied. "Naru-kun, Sasuke-chan, can Natsumi-chan and Shiori-chan come with me?"

"Sure thing sis." K. Naruto agreed as he released the merger so Natsumi could be back out.

"Yeah, as long as there's no more fighting. I wanna actually enjoy my Christmas vacation!" Natsumi said, rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm in." Shiori said as well.

"Great. Also I need Itachi-nii-san to come too. Don't worry it will only be for a few hours or so. We probably wouldn't be gone for a whole day.

"Then let's finally have some fun." Naruto said as the power came back on. "Finally! We have power again!"And so the real holiday festivities finally began. First order of business was to get the last of the shopping done. Since the threat of "How the Pein tried to steal Christmas" was over, everyone hit up the shops for a good old fashioned shopping spree. As for Naruto, Natsumi, Shiori, Kasumi, and Itachi…

"So why are we back in your world again?" Naruto asked.

"Well first we need to go to the Training Compound. I need to ask Dr. Sakurano what went wrong with our powers." Kasumi replied as she led the way. "Also we have to get Hima-chan's present there…well hers, Haru's and Mika's as well."

"Ok…" Naruto said.

The group finally arrived to find Dr. Sakurano taking a break from locating the remaining Bijuu. Luckily in some strange case…Akatsuki apparently took a holiday vacation as well according to Itachi's intel.

"Nii-san, I still can't believe that Akatsuki is actually going on vacation for the holidays!" Shiori said in confusion. "Where in the world would they go?"

"Well, from what I've heard Zetsu goes back to Grass Country, Kisame heads to Kiri, some reason he likes the cold season since the fish are all going upstream." Itachi explained. "As for Kakuzu and Hidan, well no one really knows what those two do. I've heard they go to Tanzaku Town and hit the casinos for a week."

"And what about Pein and Konan?" asked Natsumi.

"Pein seems to stay in and enjoy the rain in Ame. As for Konan-chan…" Itachi said, not knowing what he muttered out.

"Konan-chan??" Kasumi, Natsumi, and Shiori all said at once.

"Don't tell me, you like her! But isn't she totally evil?" Shiori questioned.

"She's not what you think. Honestly she's a very nice girl when you get to know her. I'm just wondering how I'm gonna get her out of Akatsuki without her getting killed." Itachi said. "To be honest I wish she was here right now with me."

"So you DO like her! Well, we'll just keep that our little secret!" Kasumi said with a wink.

"This is what I get from my 3 younger sisters, right?" Itachi sighed.

"Yup. Now let's see what Doc is up to." Natsumi said as they entered the compound.

Itachi however still had his mind focused on the Origami Kunoichi. "Konan-chan," he thought to himself. "You would love this so much. I still swear upon my name as an Uchiha, I'll find a way to break Pein's control over you and free you from that prison. Next year, I'll give you the best Christmas ever."

"So, what brings you back? I thought you had all left for the holidays?" asked Dr. Sakurano.

"We did. Had a little run in with Pein in the alternate dimension." Kasumi explained. "Luckily he wasn't too much of a problem."

"Really? Did you have to use the Overdrive forms?" asked the doctor.

"Not really. Apparently our beloved grandfather decided to take control of Hima-chan and somehow endow her with Divine Illumina Powers." Natsumi replied. "All of us were out cold."

"Something was causing a severe disruption with our powers and it caused a backlash effect." Itachi said. "We were able to transform yesterday for a demonstration between the two Narutos and Sasukes, but after that we couldn't."

"I see. Let me take a look and see what could have happened." Dr. Sakurano said as he took a hand scanner from his desk. He began to scan over the group's transformers to get an idea of what might have happened. "I think I see the problem."

"What was it?" asked Shiori.

"Normally when you transform, you always go to your 3rd level of power without thinking about it. With all of you transforming at once, that much energy caused a disruption in your powers since in this world you have a connection to your Bijuu." Dr. Sakurano said. "Even with Akane, Mai, and Yugito in the same world, it wasn't enough to keep a harmonic balance."

"So even if we haven't met our Bijuu, we are still connected to them?" Natsumi said.

"Yes. Since they created the Illumina Gems, there is a constant connection to their energy. I also have to take a guess that since our Naruto and Sasuke were in a competition with their counterparts, they went into Overdrive, am I right?" asked Dr. Sakurano.

"Yeah, I gotta say those new Overdrive forms are definitely something." Naruto replied. "It gave me and Sasuke a challenge."

"I see. Well as for the rest of you, you can still transform. Just focus on only releasing your 1st level of power, then build your energy from there. You should be ok then." Dr. Sakurano said.

"That's great, since we only need to transform one more time while we're there." Kasumi said, causing the others to question her.

"Why would we need to go Illumina anyway?" Itachi asked.

"Well if we're going to officially induct Hima-chan, Haru-kun, and Mika-chan into the Illumina Knights, we gotta look our best." Kasumi said, definitely throwing everyone else for a loop.

"And just HOW are you going to do that?" Naruto said, wondering what the fox girl had in mind.

"After we all recovered I got a really good look at Hima-chan and she was absolutely adorable in an Illumina Outfit. Well the reason why I wanted to come back is to see if Dr. Sakurano can make three similar transformers, only they would do a costume change." Kasumi said. "I figure if he also puts in some communicators, the kids could have all kinds of fun with it."

"No powers, just costumes." Naruto nodded in agreement with the idea. "Not bad. I think they'd really like it."

"Hmm, that shouldn't be a problem. I can simply use the blueprint for your Star Prism Transformers, and make a much simpler design." Dr. Sakurano said. "It shouldn't take more than a few hours."

"Do you think you can even integrate that disguise program as well? That way we can add way more costumes for the kids." Kasumi asked.

"Not a problem. I'll have it all done in a few hours." Dr. Sakurano said as he pulled up the plans on his monitor. "I'll program everything into a laptop and have it all ready. Why not head to Ichiraku's and I'll call you when it's done."

"Thanks Dr. Sakurano, you rock!" Kasumi replied.

"So that was your idea for your present?" Natsumi said. "But why did you want me, Shiori-chan, and Itachi-nii-kun to come along?"

"Well, we gotta pick out some really good costumes! Like some of the ones we did for Halloween two years ago, those were cool. Plus I think Itachi-nii-kun could make Haru-kun look really good with his costume choices." Kasumi said, getting the girls more excited.

"Then what are we waiting for! Let's get to choosing!" Natsumi cheered, as the three girls ran off to find whatever it was they were after.

"Itachi…refresh my memory. One of those girls is a female version of myself, right?" Naruto asked.

"Right." Itachi said in a monotone voice.

"And what's really weird is that…she's just a spiritual manifestation?" Naruto continued, getting a nod of agreement from Itachi. "Then how is it that she's as real a female as Hinata!"

"Naruto, I may be a genius of the Uchiha Clan, but there are still some things in this world that we males will never understand." Itachi said as the two trudged behind.As for the rest of the troupe…

"I still say she'd look better in the green dress!" Mai argued, holding up a green dress.

"No way! The red one is much better! It matches her hair color!" Yugito retorted with her own argument.

"Are you trying to make the poor girl look like a tomato? It's bad enough your messed up fashion sense has her brothers scared to death!" Mai replied. "I still say the green will look so much better!"

"Um, what about the blue dress?" Kimiko said quietly, hoping to calm the two arguing sisters.

"NO!" Yugito and Mai both screamed, easily shocking the seven-tail, causing her to bolt out of the room like crazy.

"Hey Kimiko, those two still going at it?" asked Karin.

"Yeah, they're trying to get me into a dress for the party in a few days. Mai-sama wants me to wear a green dress while Yugito-sama wants me to wear red." Kimiko sighed. "I wonder how Kyuubi-kouhi does it! I mean I thought having two crazy brothers was insane!"

"Got me. Least I didn't get stuck in that chaos." Karin chuckled.

"Not really. See that pink dress hanging on the door?" Kimiko pointed to a very odd looking dress." That's what they picked out for you."

Karin just jumped back in disgust, wondering how anyone could come up with a dress that horrid! "Uh, wanna see if any of the other girls wanna go shopping? Maybe we can find something a little better than that!"

"I'm with you! As long as it keeps me out of those dresses, anything's better than that!" Kimiko said as she and Karin took off downstairs, leaving Mai and Yugito to continue arguing."Hmm, guess Karin and Kimiko caught wind of Mai and Yugito." Akane said while she and Keisei were enjoying tea in the living room. "Honestly those two are still just as bad as they were when they were kids!"

"I still can't believe that the other Bijuu are your siblings Akane-chan. To think all of you are brother and sister." Keisei said with a sip of her tea. "It must have been stressful being the oldest."

"Second oldest. I was the oldest of the girls, but my brother Ryukotsusei was the older one." Akane replied. "You know I wonder what he would be like if he never went insane with power. I guess the stress of being the oldest really got to him."

"He wasn't always evil?" Keisei asked.

"Are you kidding! He was more off the wall than Mai and Yugito! Tell me, have you ever thought that a ten tailed Bijuu would enjoy surfing?" Akane said, causing Keisei to nearly spit out her tea.

"What!" Keisei replied.

"Yeah, Ryu-kun was a total beach bum! Honestly his closet back at home…chocked full of shirts with island flowers. The guy was so crazy, every chance he had to come down to the Elemental Lands, he'd always drag Daisuke-kun with him just so Daisuke could make 200 foot tsunamis for him to surf on!" Akane said, causing Keisei to start cracking up laughing. "Seriously every time you talked to him he was like 'sup dudes and dudettes!' The guy was just plain nuts!"

"You know I envy you Akane-chan. I myself wished that I had a chance to live as you did. I mostly spent my time growing up in the Spirit Realm, constantly having to learn about proper procedures for souls passing back and forth, demon containment, basically nothing but pure boredom for a few millennia." Keisei said as she described her past. "Though I did get lucky. A lot of times Koenma-sama would let me have a little fun."

"Like what?" asked Akane.

"Well there was the time that Botan-chan and I got to go and make all the souls that were checking in have to wear crazy ogre horns as part of the check in process. It was so crazy because the normal ogres that worked at the check in station thought that everyone was a normal ogre and they kept going through paperwork for hours. I think it took them a good 5 days just to get one soul checked in!" Keisei laughed, causing Akane to think her counterpart was definitely a little eccentric.

"Ok…so Keisei-chan does have her crazy side." Akane rolled her eyes.

"You know speaking of Botan-chan, I wonder how she's doing?" Keisei thought to herself.

Speaking of Botan…

"Oh great, Koenma-sama just had to send me to the other side of Spirit World and he expects me to have two souls ready in less than a day! It takes at least two weeks to get the proper protocol for this kind of thing." Botan said to herself as she flew over the cloudy plains of Spirit World. For the first time in almost 20 years she had to go and get two souls prepared for a journey that normally doesn't happen unless it was a special case. "Honestly if Keisei-chan was here, she'd probably have Koenma-sama rethink this."

She made her way back to the main office where ogres were running amok with paperwork. Even with the holidays coming close, there was still much to do with everyday tasks.

"Yeesh, you'd think he'd give everyone a vacation around here." Botan said to herself as she entered Koenma's office. "Koenma-sama, I've returned."

"Ah very good Botan. I see you've done well in preparing the two souls for their weekend trip back." Koenma said from behind his desk. "It's not often we send souls back, but considering the circumstances, I think these two have earned it."

"Koenma-sama, I do have one question? I know you said that you would be accompanying these two souls, but do you think I could go with you? It will be my first chance to see Keisei-chan in almost 20 years," asked Botan.

"Botan, that is preposterous. What led you to believe that you would not be coming? I thought that assigning you to prepare these two souls meant that you had to be their escort to the living world as well." Koenma replied. "I will not have you slacking on your responsibilities even if it is the holidays."

Botan was quite shocked to say the least, "Koenma-sama, I…I promise I won't fail you! I'll make sure everything runs smoothly for these souls. Thank you so much!"

"As I said it is a weekend trip, so you should pack accordingly. Now take these two and make sure they have everything they need. We'll be leaving on Christmas Day." Koenma said from behind his desk.A day later after Kasumi, Natsumi, Shiori, Itachi, and Naruto returned, Naruto thought it might be a good idea to finally introduce the others to a little thing he liked to call…the Wii, especially since it meant that he could probably inflate his ego even more by beating everyone in Brawl.

"So what's this game called again?" asked K. Sakura as she took one of the controllers.

"Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's really fun, see you get to pick from a bunch of different characters, then it's an all out brawl to beat your opponent into a pulp!" Naruto said, giving the group a crash course.

"Hmm, seems easy enough. Ok I'll play too." K. Hinata said, getting another controller.

"Hey we got room for one more. Sasuke, why don't you join me? We can play 2 on 2." Naruto said, flagging his friend down.

"Come on Naruto, you know they've never played this! It's gonna be just plain cruel!" Sasuke said telepathically. "Let's totally own them!"

Hinata and Sakura looked at their husbands. Even though they weren't telepathic, they both had the same idea…"Those two just don't give up."

"Ok, we'll set it up for 2 on 2. Me and Sasuke vs. you two. We'll set it for 5 lives. Basically you just need to hit your opponent enough so that their damage is high enough that one hit will knock them off the screen." Naruto explained. "By using the controller, you can also increase the power of your attacks."

"Sounds easy enough. Let's have some fun Sakura-chan." K. Hinata said as the game started.

"Yeah, we'll do our best!" K. Sakura replied.

"This is going to be a bloodbath!" Naruto and Sasuke thought to themselves.

Round 1…

Naruto picks Fox, Sasuke picks Marth, K. Hinata picks Pikachu and K. Sakura picks Peach.

The game starts…

"Hey, I thought you said you were gonna go easy?" K. Hinata said as she got knocked off the screen again.

"Yeah, we just started!" K. Sakura complained. "You guys don't play fair!"

"Sorry, forgot to tell you, it's no holds barred!" Naruto said as he knocked K. Sakura's character out again. "We play to win."

"Haha yeah! There's no one that can beat us!" Sasuke replied as he and Naruto won…with a landslide victory.

"They couldn't even hit us! Oh man this was too easy!" Naruto laughed.

"Yeah, we didn't do too well. Alright Sakura, we let them have their freebie. So are you two gonna play a serious match this time?" K. Hinata said, causing Naruto and Sasuke to turn eyes.

"You boys think you're all that, but this time we're the ones calling the shots." K. Sakura said, definitely lighting a fire in Naruto and Sasuke.

"Say WHAT! We just totally owned you two and now you think you're complete pros! Oh I have to see this!" Naruto said as he got another round ready.

"Um Naruto…there's something you need to know." K. Naruto said.

"Yeah and what is that?" Naruto replied to his counterpart.

"This game is EXACTLY like Jounin Clash: Generation Zero. And well…Hina-chan and Sakura-chan are the reigning Kunoichi Doubles Champions." K. Naruto said. "The final match they played in, then didn't even let their opponents get a single hit off."

"Say what?" Naruto and Sasuke said with a raised eyebrow.

"In small terms…you're about to get destroyed." K. Naruto said as the game began.

Round 2…

Naruto picks Snake, Sasuke picks Ganondorf, K. Hinata picks Ness and K. Sakura picks Zelda

The match begins…and it was a whole new ballgame!

"How is she doing that! You can't juggle a baseball bat like that!" Naruto said as he was getting bounced around in mid air.

"This is wrong! Naruto, jump, you gotta jump out of the way!" Sasuke said, trying to avoid K. Sakura's relentless attack.

"So you think it's fun to underestimate girls, huh? Sakura, Twin Strike Alpha, let's go!" K. Hinata said as she poured on the pain.

"Oh I love that move! " K. Sakura said as the two pounded Naruto and Sasuke relentlessly, then finished them off with a double baseball bat smash. That caused Naruto and Sasuke to instantly have their jaws drop to the floor.

"Sasuke…how…why…what…" Naruto spat out after getting beat so badly.

"Sorry, forgot to tell you, no holds barred!" K. Hinata laughed. "So you wanna play another?"

"Nobody and I mean NOBODY beats me at Brawl!" Naruto said as he started up another match.

Round 3 through…well it was a lot. And it wasn't good for Naruto and Sasuke.

"One…more…round!!!" Naruto panted out after losing to K. Hinata, K. Sakura, K. Haku, K. Ino, K. Tenten, Natsumi, Shiori, K. Naruto, K. Sasuke, K. Chouji, and K. Neji in 20 straight rounds. He even lost to Akane and Mikoto, and they were using a serious handicap!

"Dude face it, you got destroyed. Jounin Clash is like the hottest game back in our world and it is exactly like this. Whenever we're home, we play it all the time. It's an awesome party game." K. Naruto said as Naruto grumbled in defeat.

"Alright fine then, you may have gotten lucky there, but we got a game that Hinata and I NEVER lose at! Honey, get the pads!" Naruto said.

"Ok, now this is what I can have some fun in!" Hinata said as she ran to the closed and got two large metal dance pads out.

"DDR???" everyone from the alternate universe said, causing Naruto's overconfident look to drop again.

"You have this too?" Naruto said as Hinata set up the pads.

"You kidding? Remember when you and Kasumi-chan went back to her old world? Well she brought home like all of the versions. She even brought the designs to build a full working cabinet. We put that sucker together and chakra reinforced it. The stuff they have in the games, we play in our sleep!" K. Haku said. "Now when it comes to making edits, that's where we have some real fun!"

"Ok, you got us last round, but this time I wanna see what you have along the lines of edits!" Naruto said, thinking that everyone else was just bragging.

"Guess it was a good idea to bring this. I'm glad they made them smaller and I got a lot of them back in my old world." Kasumi said, taking out a scroll. With it she summoned a slim line PS2 with a copy of DDR Extreme. She quickly wired it up, hooked up the pads and loaded up the game. "Hey Ten-chan, you and Neji wanna go first?"

"Yeah, it'll be good to have a rematch of the Speed Finals from 2 years ago." K. Tenten said as she stretched her legs out. "This time I'm gonna beat Neji."

"You've never beat me in a speed match no matter how many times you've tried. I didn't even use my Byakugan at all and I still beat you." K. Neji said as they got on the pads.

"Alright, Speed Rules. No songs under 220 BPM, 8X speed, Sudden Mode for the first round, ready?" Kasumi said as she picked the first song, which was Paranoia Survivor MAX on Oni difficulty. (A/N For those who haven't played DDR Extreme, This is THE hardest step chart in the entire game)

"With pleasure." K. Tenten said as she got ready.

"Bring it." K. Neji said as the song started.

The song started up and both K. Neji and K. Tenten went crazy on the pads racking up the combos.

Naruto's eyes went wide. He couldn't believe they were moving this fast and this accurate! "Ok, something is definitely wrong. They're dead on with their steps and getting nothing but perfects!"

The two finished the song, barely winded, and both scored a perfect AAA.

"You got lucky with that last note. Normally you miss it." K. Neji said, causing K. Tenten to get riled up.

"Whatever! I've been practicing and you know it!" K. Tenten replied. "Alright Kasumi-chan, give us an edit, an evil one!"

"Oh you want evil, I'll give you evil! This time Edit Rules, 1x Speed, Reverse, Dark. I hope you like this one because this is one of my most insane edits ever!" Kasumi cackled as she picked the next song, Healing Vision Angelic Mix(A/N This one's just as insane on Heavy Mode!). "Naruto, you may want to rethink about that DDR challenge after you see this. To date, anyone that hasn't played our style of DDR hasn't gotten more than 10 seconds into the song with this edit."

"Yeah yeah, seeing is believing." Naruto said as the song started. "I'll just…hey why are they crouched down?"

"Just watch." Kasumi said as the song kicked in. What they saw was pure sickening. Naruto had never seen that many arrows on one screen at one time. And K. Tenten and K. Neji were blazing away hitting step after step, throwing in turns like crazy, adding dropdowns, multiple arrow hits…even Naruto couldn't figure out how they managed to go through a complete run of mixed up triple arrow hits! What got even crazier was seeing the duo with Shadow Clones, pulling even more insane moves!

"Aw crud! You got lucky this time Neji." K. Tenten said as she saw her score. She got an A due to missing too many notes.

"As I said, you'll never beat me in DDR Tenten." K. Neji replied as the screen showed his score of a near perfect AA.

"So Naruto, wanna play?" asked Kasumi.

"I'm done with games for today. I think I'll go and take a walk." Naruto said, heading outside.

"I'll join you Naruto. After that embarrassment…yeah I need to clear my head." Sasuke added as everyone else started laughing.

"Naruto, honey! Wait up, I'll join you!" added Hinata, considering she just saw that even SHE was outclassed, and she was better than Naruto in DDR.As normal as life gets in a household full of doubles, sometimes things get a little bumpy.

"Hey Hima-chan, ready for a little check up?" Akane asked as she and Keisei entered her room. For the past two days Himawari didn't do too much since she was still recovering from the effects of the Illumina Energy in her system. The worst part was having to take the potion Akane made.

"Auntie 'Kane, do I have to take that icky medicine again?" Himawari complained as she sat up in her bed.

"I'm sorry sweetie, but it's going to help you get better. You really hurt yourself when you were helping your dad." Akane said as she took the potion out and prepared a spoonful. "All you have to do is take one spoonful and then no more for the rest of the day."

"Ugh, ok." Himawari said as she closed her eyes and sat there with mouth wide open. Akane gave her the medicine and she swallowed with a very disgusted look on her face. "Yuck! That tastes awful!"

"Kinda wish medicine didn't taste that bad. Alright, let's check and make sure everything is healing on the inside." Akane said as she took out a stethoscope. She took care and placed it on the little kitsune's chest to measure her heart beat and make sure nothing was erratic.

"That's cold!" Himawari said when she felt the stethoscope on her chest.

"I know. That's why I don't like it when I have to do this. It's never any fun, but I gotta do it so you can get better." Akane said, taking careful notes. "Hmm, this is definitely strange. Hima-chan, has your chest hurt any recently?"

"A little. It feels kinda funny sometimes. It also makes it hard to breathe." Himawari replied.

"I see." Akane said as she removed the stethoscope. "I think I know what the problem is."

"What is it Akane-chan?" Keisei asked.

"From what I can tell everything is healing normally, except it seems her heart isn't healing properly. She has a very irregular heartbeat, and that is causing problems. In most cases like this, you'd need a heart transplant." Akane explained. "I can try chakra healing, but I'm not sure how effective that would be."

"You know, I think I might have a solution to that." Keisei said, tearing open a dimensional rip. "I'll be right back." With it she entered the rip and within minutes she returned with a guest…a strange green person with two weird feelers on his head. He was wearing long robes and holding a staff.

"Keisei-chan, who is this?" Akane asked.

"This is Dende. He's a guardian in the world where Naruto and Sasuke first trained long ago. He's also the keeper of the Dragon Balls, the same ones that revived Hinata and Sakura." Keisei said, introducing the Namekian. "He's also a very proficient healer. Dende, this is Akane Uzumaki. She is known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune in her own world, and this little one is my grand-daughter Himawari Uzumaki."

"Greetings Lady Akane, Lady Himawari. I am pleased to meet both of you." Dende said with a respective bow.

"The honor is all mine Dende." Akane replied with a bow of her own.

"Hi green person!" Himawari said with a cheerful smile.

"So this is the little one you wish me to heal Lady Keisei?" asked Dende. Keisei nodded and Dende prepared himself. "Very well. From what you told me it should be no problem to repair the damage."

"Hima-chan, I need you to lay back down ok. In a few minutes you'll be all better." Keisei instructed.

As Himawari laid flat on her back, a gold light encircled Dende's hands. "Alright this shouldn't take more than a minute," he explained. He held his hands right above Himawari and sent the gold healing energy into her, carefully repairing the last of the damage. "There, all done."

Akane quickly moved in and checked Himawari's heartbeat again, "Perfectly stable. She's in good shape now."

"Does this mean I can play with Haru-kun now?" Himawari asked.

"Sure does, sunflower. Why don't you go start a bath real quick so you can get cleaned up. I'll set some clothes out for you and be in to help you in a minute." Keisei said as the little kitsune jumped out of bed.

"Yay!" Himawari cheered as she ran into the bathroom to get the water started.

"She's quite a bundle. I bet Naruto is having a time keeping her occupied." Dende replied.

"Oh you don't know the half of it! Especially now that he has a second child, he's really settling into the family life." Keisei said as she picked out an outfit from Himawari's closet.

"Probably another thing he learned from Goku. Honestly those two are quite similar." Dende laughed.

"Definitely. Come on Dende, I'll introduce you to everyone else. You can stay for a little while before you have to get back, right?" Keisei asked.

"That's right. I do have a lot of work to do as a guardian. But a little break is always good every now and then." Dende said as Keisei led the way downstairs.

The next two days went by pretty fast with all the hustle and bustle of shopping and decorating. Naruto did enjoy the visit from Dende since he hadn't seen him in quite a while, so it was good to have some time together.The big day finally came around and it was a lot different. Normally the Illumina Knights and their families had the tradition of the early morning splash ritual that Arashi and Naruto would partake in. This year was quite different…

"Auntie Sumi, Auntie Nata, wake up!!!!!" Himawari screamed as she charged into Kasumi and K. Hinata's room.

"What…time is it?" Kasumi said groggily as she rubbed her eyes.

"My guess…it's too early." K. Hinata said as she turned back over and pulled the covers over her head.

"Hima-chan, can we go back to sleep for another few hours? We promise we'll get up later!" Kasumi fell back and covered her face with her pillow.

"But it's Christmas!!!!" Himawari whined, which caused Kasumi and K. Hinata to shoot straight up.

"What are we doing? She's right! We shouldn't be sleeping in right now!" K. Hinata said.

"Yeah let's go get everyone else up." Kasumi said as they were about to run out of their room, though they still weren't fast enough.

"Yeesh were you two gonna sleep in?" asked Naruto.

"Yeah we've already been up for a good hour! Geez, lightweights! They still got a lot to learn." K. Naruto added. "Now get over here so we can open presents ok!"

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Kasumi said as she rushed to the massive bounty that was Christmas presents.

And there were presents galore! Everything from clothes to toys to games, it was a lot! But unknown to the bunch, the best presents were yet to come.

"Sasuke, get in here! Got new games dude!" Naruto called out as the Uchiha family came in for the holidays.

"Sweet! Hey I found an old smelly mutt outside, ya wanna let him in too?" Sasuke poked a little fun at Kiba, who also arrived with Haku and Mika.

"Haha, very funny. You're lucky I don't turn you into puppy chow." Kiba said as he walked in. Of course it was the first time he saw the alternate dimension group, so it was quite an experience. "Uh why are there younger versions of our friends here and why do they all have fox ears and tails?"

"Don't forget cat ears!' K. Tenten added.

"Try not to think about it Kiba-kun. You'll get a headache." Haku explained. "Oh and yes, that is the Yondaime over there drinking eggnog, and he does have ears and tails as well."

"Right...I always knew hanging out with Naruto would cause all of us to go crazy." Kiba said, still trying to comprehend everything going on.

"Whatever, just get in here and let's get some games going on!" Naruto said.

"Hold on Naruto, we still have one last present to give out, and now that Mika-chan is here, she can get her part of it." Kasumi said as she went and pulled out two briefcases from behind the sofa. "This is big so we had to make sure everyone was here."

"And just how big are we talking Kasumi-chan?" asked Akane.

"Oh very big. And keep quiet Naruto, no telling!" Kasumi said, making sure Naruto kept his mouth shut.

"Hey my lips are sealed." Naruto said innocently.

"Good. Now I would ask that the other members of the Illumina Knights please come forward." Kasumi asked as they all stood and lined up beside her.

"Illumina Knights?" asked Kiba, since he didn't know about everyone else.

"I'll fill you in on that a little later. Just watch for now." Haku told him as the special gift presentation continued.

"This year we've been graciously welcomed into the home of our wonderful friends and alternate dimension counterparts. And for some reason the holidays always end up with us trying to save Christmas or whatever. Well this year we...really couldn't do that." Kasumi said. "However we did notice one person step up and give her all to help us out."

"That's right, if it wasn't for her, we probably wouldn't be here right now. So we, the members of the Illumina Knights have decided, that based on this person's qualities, they shall be named an official Illumina Knight." K. Naruto continued the speech.

"However, we have thought about this, and found that it would be very difficult for this person to carry on the proud name of the Illumina Knights alone. So we have chosen two more that will stand beside our new member as Knights themselves." K. Haku added as the group transformed. Thanks to the information they got about not transforming at Third Level, they were able to easily transform.

"So it is with great pleasure, that we welcome these three, aptly named the Sunflower Knight, the Tiger Knight, and the Snow Angel Knight to the family of the Illumina Knights. Will Himawari Uzumaki, Haru Uchiha, and Mika Inuzuka please come forward and accept their new role." Kasumi said, opening one of the briefcases to reveal three transformers similar to their own.

"Wait a minute they..." Hinata was going to say but Naruto quickly interrupted her.

"Hinata-chan, trust me. They deserve this. Just wait and see." Naruto said.

"Auntie Sumi, what's all of this mean?" asked Himawari as she stepped forward.

"Well, you remember how we told you that you helped keep your dad safe a few days ago? What happened is that you used my Illumina Transformer to become what was known as the Divine Knight. So you got to be one of us." Kasumi said as she helped put Himawari's new transformer on.

"Not only that, but your dads need someone to keep them safe when we can't be here to help." K. Sakura said, helping Haru.

"So that's why we decided to name you three official Illumina Knights." K. Haku added while she helped Mika.

"We now want to welcome you, Himawari Uzumaki, the Sunflower Knight; Haru Uchiha, the Tiger Knight; and Mika Inuzuka, the Snow Angel Knight, as official Illumina Knights." Kasumi said with a big smile.

"Does that mean we're like you now Auntie Sumi?" asked Himawari.

"Well to an extent. But you can't be Knights without a special guardian to help you on your missions." Kasumi said, as she opened the second briefcase to reveal a laptop computer. "Keisei-sama, we would like you to be their guardian. We think that you can help them be the best they can be on all their missions." She then whispered in her ear, "Plus you'd be able to help them look really cool in all the costumes they can choose from."

"So this is what that is. You gave them all costumes they could play in." Keisei whispered back.

"Yeah, plus we put communicators in them so they'll have walkie talkies all the time to have fun. Not only that but this laptop has a program that lets you change their costumes. I'll show you how to change things later." Kasumi replied back.

"Oh ok. Well I guess I better keep playing my part." Keisei said as she cleared her throat. "Ahem, Kasumi-chan I do accept this wonderful honor. I'll make sure to give them all sage advice so they grow and become stronger."

"Then there is only one thing left to do. It's time they transform and join the ranks." K. Sasuke said.

"But how do we do that?" asked Haru. "And are we big enough?"

"Haru, do you know why you were chosen as the Tiger Knight? The Tiger is a strong and mighty beast that never backs down, is noble like no other; they always keep getting stronger to protect those that are precious to it." K. Sasuke explained. "You see, the primary Hand seal for Fire jutsu is the Tiger which the Uchiha clan excels at, and I see that same burning fire the Uchiha clan keeps in their heart in yourself. From what I've heard you've not only proven your bravery by standing up to everyone so they wouldn't make fun of Sakura, but you even showed your compassion and care by wishing that Hima-chan would get better."

"Oh, I never knew that." Haru said. "So I'm really that strong?"

"You're one of the strongest people I know Haru-kun, and I couldn't be prouder of my little man!" Sakura said, giving him a big hug.

"Now then, in order for you to transform, you have to say your activation code. Like our code is our element followed by 'Prism Activation'. Yours is the same way, except Hima-chan will say 'Sunflower Prism Activation', Haru-kun says 'Tiger Prism Activation', and Mika-chan says 'Snow Angel Prism Activation'." K. Hinata explained. Then when you say that, you touch the gemstone on your transformer to activate your powers, like this." She demonstrated her own transformation and made sure the kids got it down. "Think you're ready?"

"You bet Auntie Nata!" Himawari said in excitement. "Come on Haru-kun, Mika-chan, let's show them how strong we are!"

"Ok." Mika replied with a smile.

"Then it's time." Kasumi said proudly. "ILLUMINA KNIGHTS TRANSFORM!....Hima-chan, how did I do?"

"You did really good Auntie Sumi." Himawari replied. "OK, SUNFLOWER PRISM ACTIVATION!"

"Gotta be strong! I'm a strong tiger!" Haru said to himself to build his confidence. "TIGER PRISM ACTIVATION!"

Mika just stood there watching the others, but she didn't really do anything.

"Mika-chan, you gotta do it too honey! It's ok!" Haku said, hoping to get Mika in gear.

"Oh, uh ok. SNOW ANGEL PRISM ACTIVATION!" Mika said.

In a bright flash of light the Illumina Knights looked upon their three newest members...and needless to say the girls went crazy...again!

"KAWAII!!!!!!" screamed all the girls in the room, causing the guys to cover their ears in pain.

"Oh my grandson is a cutie!" Mikoto said, putting Haru in a death hug. "Look at you all big and strong."

"Grammy Mikoto! I'm not supposed to be cute!" Haru said as he was being showered with hugs and kisses from Mikoto and Sakura.

"But you'll always be cute to us!" Sakura said, giving him another kiss. "And those colors...I love them!" Haru was now in the same outfit as all the guys, but his outfit was white and had red and orange trim all around. On the back of his upper robe, there was a tiger in front of the Uchiha Fan.

"So I get to protect my daddy now, huh Auntie Sumi?" asked Himawari.

"You sure do. And I think you're gonna do an awesome job!" Kasumi said. Himawari was now dressed as the girls, but her colors were orange and yellow, and she had a Sunflower with a small kitsune beside it on her back.

"Uh, um...uh..." Mika said, looking quite confused. "What do I do now?"

"You just look cute, little pup." Kiba said as he picked up his little girl.

"Oh, ok daddy." Mika said with a hug. She had now donned the colors of light blue and dark blue, sort of a mix between K. Hinata and K. Haku's colors. And on the back of her outfit was a snow angel.

"Now what kinda powers do we get? Are they like yours?" asked Himawari.

"Not quite. See your powers are special. You three have the ability to change your costumes so you can disguise yourselves, that way no one will know who you really are." Kasumi said, pressing a small button on Himawari's transformer, causing her costume to change from her Illumina Outfit, to a version of Card Captor Sakura's outfit. "Not only that but Keisei-sama can help you pick out new costumes for your secret missions."

"Wow this is so fun Auntie Sumi!" Himawari cheered at her new costume.

"Not only that, but you three have special communicators so you can talk to each other if you're not near." K. Hinata explained. This way you can stay hidden in the shadows so no bad guys can see you.

"Well we're gonna be the best Knights we can!" Himawari said in a proud tone. "Isn't that right Haru-kun?" Haru just nodded since he was still getting smothered in affection.

"I gotta say this definitely one of the best Christmases ever." Naruto said as he was about to get some eggnog. That's when there was a knock at the door. "Hmm, guess we have more friends over to visit. I'll get the door." He went to the front door to greet his friends when he was about to get the biggest shock of his life…even bigger than when he found out Hinata was pregnant with Minato! "Hey guys, Merry!" he said in absolute shock.

"Koenma-sama was he supposed to freeze up like this?" asked Botan. I mean I thought he'd have a different reaction.

"Apparently Botan, sometimes reactions are not what they seem." Koenma replied.

"Naruto, who's that at the…EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" Keisei screamed at the top of her lungs, which caused everyone to come running like mad.

"Keisei-chan, what is it? Did you see…" Akane said before she froze herself at one of the people she saw.

"No..." K. Naruto spat out.

"Freaking…" Kasumi added.

"Way…" K. Haku said as they all took a good look.

"Koenma-sama, Botan-chan, what are you doing here!" Keisei exclaimed at the sight of her childhood friend and her mentor.

"We've come for the holidays of course. Unfortunately we have a statue blocking the door." Koenma said. "Now maybe if we can move this thing?"

"Uh sure, but why are…how did you get them here?" Keisei asked as she moved Naruto. "I thought souls couldn't come back to the world of the living!"

"You mean they're dead!" K. Sakura, K. Hinata, K. Haku, and Kasumi all said at once.

"I dunno. I do have to say…I like the hair and the grin." Arashi said. "Akane-chan, what about you? I think she's the spitting image of you."

"Arashi…it's…it's…" Akane stuttered out.

"IT'S MY PARENTS!!!" Naruto screamed before he blacked out.

"His parents??" K. Naruto said.

"Of course. Allow me to introduce you to Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki." Koenma said, introducing the duo.

Arashi and Minato just looked at Naruto on the ground, "The fainting…he gets that from his mother," the duo said together with a big cheesy grin. Of course this got a sigh of grief out of Akane and Kushina at the same time.

"And I thought seeing Oka-san as a teenager was weird!" K. Naruto said to himself while he dragged Naruto back to the living room.About five minutes later they finally pulled Naruto out of his coma, though he was still completely out of it.

"Hey he's coming to." Minato said as his son stirred around.

"Ugh, what was in that ramen I ate?" Naruto said as his vision cleared up. "Arashi-sama, what's going on?"

"Well, for one thing, he's not Arashi, I am," said Arashi as he stepped in beside Minato.

"So I'm not dreaming?" asked Naruto.

"No son, this is all real." Kushina said as she took the compress off his forehead. "We're really here."

"This is just all, I mean wow." Naruto said as he took in the information overload.

"Look are you gonna get emotional now or do we have to wait for you to pass out and come back again?" Natsumi said with her arms crossed. "Just make with the hugs already! You know you want to!"

"Oh he doesn't have to, I'll start!" Kushina replied while placing her son in a death grip hug. "You've become a wonderful young man, my little boy!"

"Mom!! Can't…breathe!!!" Naruto barely spat out.

"Good, now start introducing us." Kushina said after she released him.

"Well, to begin…"

So after an insanely long introduction process, Kushina was now sitting on the couch playing with little Minato while the big Minato was giving Himawari a piggyback ride across the living room.

"Oh Hinata he is just a little cutie! I never thought my grandson would be this precious!" Kushina was so indulged in playing with Minato. "Who's a cutie, that's right? Grandma's little boy is a cutie!"

"Well he does take after his father…and his grandfather so to speak." Hinata said as she looked to see all the joy in the room. "But what I don't understand is how you're both here?"

"I can answer that question." Koenma said. "You see I've been keeping tabs on Naruto here since he was the one that has kept Keisei safe. Once we found out that Orochimaru was the one that tricked Minato into sealing her, we decided that Naruto needed to be rewarded for everything he's done, and that is why I've granted Minato and Kushina a weekend pass."

"They're here for the entire weekend?" Naruto exclaimed in excitement.

"Of course. Botan will be staying as well, since she is their escort back to Spirit World." Koenma stated. "It is of course part of her assignment."

"Now we really get to have fun Botan-chan! It'll be just like old times!" Keisei said cheerfully. "I can take you, Akane-chan, Mai-chan, Yugito-chan, and Mikoto-chan out for a wonderful day at the spa! Oh you'd love it!"

"Well I need to return back to Spirit World, but I do have one last thing I need to do. Keisei, this is for you." Koenma said, handing her a scroll.

"What's this?" Keisei asked as she began to read over the scroll.

"What is it Keisei-sama?" asked K. Haku.

"You could say it's like a demonic birth certificate. But I already knew that I was created by Kami. So why did you give this to me?" Keisei asked, when Akane started trembling.

"That's impossible! There is no way this is right!" Akane nervously said after looking at the scroll. "I mean, why wouldn't he tell me something like this!"

"Oka-san, what is it?" asked Kasumi.

"Yeah Akane, what's the matter?" asked Mai.

"Keisei-chan…you…you…" Akane stuttered out. "You're my twin sister!"

"WHAT!!!!!" everyone else in the room all yelled.

"No way! How can she be your twin! You two don't look anything alike!" Mai said. "Not only that but we grew up with just one Nine-tailed sister!"

"Mai-chan, it's all here! Look at this." Akane said, summoning her own demon birth certificate. "Look at the date and time. Both are identical. Not only that but check the seal." Akane said as Mai and Yugito both overlooked the certificates.

"I still don't believe it. The only way it's official is if that seal reacts to…" Mai started to say when she saw both seals glow at the same time.

"Mai-chan…the seals…it's real! She is our sister!" Yugito said in shock.

"So that means…" K. Naruto said as he looked over at Naruto.

"We're…cousins???" Naruto was just as surprised.

"Koenma-sama, how is this possible? I thought that our world was completely different from their world," asked Keisei, hoping to get an explanation.

"Not entirely. You see, the one you call Kami created this dimension as he did the other dimension as well. From what I was told, he created you and Akane at the same time, but decided that one of you should be raised to be a guardian for this world. So he sent Keisei to me and I raised her, while Akane stayed in the other world." Koenma explained. "Besides if you wanted extra proof, just check Kasumi's Illumina Gem."

"My Illumina…that's right! Since it's based on Oka-san's own chakra it should react the same way to Keisei-sama's chakra as well!" Kasumi said, as she looked at her gem. When she held it near Keisei it started to glow.

"It's not Keisei-sama anymore Kasumi-chan." Keisei said with a smile.

"As if the holidays couldn't get any more unpredictable!" K. Naruto said with a chuckle.

"So I guess this means we need to go and nitpick at that old coot of a father for a while?" Mai laughed. "But for now, it's time to have some fun with our dear older sister."

"Keisei-chan, you might wanna run. Those two can be very evil when they want to." Akane said as the two were about to do something crazy.

"Akane-nee-chan, you're not out of it either!" Yugito said, holding up a pair of hair clippers. "We still never got you back for that little prank in Water Country, or did you forget?"

"Uh, well I…you see that is…bye now!" Akane said as she bolted out of the room.

"Don't you leave me here with these two!" Keisei was right behind her.

"Oh we're going to have fun now!" Mai screamed as she and Yugito began the chase.

Everyone just looked on as the 4 Bijuu were in chase. Of course when you have a family as insane as the Uzumaki family, nothing is ever normal.

"Gotta love family reunions," said Minato.

"Wouldn't have it any other way. How about some eggnog?" Arashi said as he held up two glasses of holiday brew.

"Haven't had a glass in ages. I'll definitely toast to that." Minato said as he took the glass and the two toasted in cheers. The two Yondaime just laughed as the festiveness continued for the rest of the day.Three days had come and gone, and it was time for everyone to return home. Naruto bid a tearful farewell to Minato and Kushina, but luckily he was given a special crystal that would allow him to keep in touch…something like a video phone. As for the four Bijuu Sisters, well they all made Keisei promise to come visit so they could catch up on all the old stories about her other siblings. Team Illumina and their family all made it back safely as the holidays once again came to a close. While they were all unpacking, Kasumi noticed something in her suitcase.

"I don't remember seeing this?" she asked herself as she looked at a strange blue crystal. There was also a note beside it as well. "Hmm, what's it say?"

The note read…

Good for one free spiritual visit. Will activate upon the moment the wielder falls asleep.

"Ok now I'm definitely weirded out. Whatever, I'll see what it does." Kasumi yawned. Even though they were travelling through dimensions and it took less than a minute, it still felt like they had traveled for days. She didn't even bother changing into pajamas and just plopped on the bed with the crystal in her hand. The moment she was out, the crystal activated.

"Oh great, now I can't get back to sleep!" Kasumi said to herself. "And why the heck am I floating…FLOATING!!!" She looked down to see her body motionless in her bed. "What is this, I'm not dead am I?"

"Not at all, but you are getting your spiritual visit," said an unfamiliar voice. Kasumi turned to see a strange brown haired man with glasses sitting at her desk.

"You'd think she'd be more intuitive, and look at this more rationally," added a second voice. Kasumi looked and saw a young woman…that had long brown hair, almost the same as she had before her transformation. "But that aside, I do have to say she has grown quite well hasn't she?"

"Uh who are you and what are you doing in my room? Wait…you're spirits, but why would two random spirits visit me?" asked Kasumi. The two spirits smiled and pointed to a picture on Kasumi's desk. "Wait…" Kasumi went wide eyed at what she saw. The picture they were pointing at was the one of her real parents.

"Looks like she figured it out Kushina. Always knew she was a bright girl," said the man.

"That's our daughter, a real gem isn't she Minato," replied Kushina.

"I can't believe this…you're my real birth parents Minato and Kushina Mitsumiko!" Kasumi said in shock. "But how did you know what I looked like! You were both killed right after I was born!"

"True, but we've been keeping a watch over you ever since you were on your own. It gets boring in eternity and we wanted to make sure you grew up ok. Though from what we've seen, the first time around wasn't too good." Kushina said. "Luckily Lady Kyuubi got to you first when you returned here."

"And it seems you're also keeping the Illumina Legacy alive as well. I remember when we first started working with Lady Kyuubi to find a way to put those gems to good use." Minato replied. "But Kasumi dear, there is also this little thing about you having a fiancé already. I think I need to take a good look at this Sasuke boy."

"Daddy!!!" Kasumi said in embarrassment. "Oh and you don't know how long I've waited to call you that!"

"I know sweetie. If only we could have been around to see you grow up. But just to see you now, you really do look like your mother." Minato said as he took a hard look at her. "And you do have her stubbornness as well."

"Mom, are you gonna let him say that!" Kasumi replied. "I say we can take him you know!"

"Sumi, don't mind your crazy father. He's waited for almost 30 years to say something like that." Kushina laughed.

"Whatever dear. But while we're on the subject of catching up, it is customary to greet those you haven't seen in a long time with an embrace if I am correct." Minato said while he pushed his glasses back up.

"Say what!" asked Kasumi.

"There he goes again with the brainy talk. Kasumi, just get over here and give us a hug!" Kushina said with open arms.

"Oh mom! I'm so happy I could finally meet you!" Kasumi said in tears as she ran into her mother's arms.

"And we're finally happy to meet you too Kasumi," replied Minato. The three just stayed in embrace, not wanting the moment to end. Just outside Kasumi's door a certain smiling figure turned to head downstairs.

"Maybe your grandfather isn't that bad all the time Kasumi-chan." Akane said to herself as she headed to the living room. "I'll make sure to let Kami know that you liked your gift. Though why he had to try and one up all of us again, I'll never know."

And thus the holidays are officially over. Yeah this one took a while, but I still got it out! So it turns out that Akane now has a Fraternal Twin Sister in Keisei, Naruto gets to meet his parents, and Kasumi finally comes face to face with her own parents. And it seems Itachi is getting a little careless as well, considering he let his romantic interest in Konan slip out.

Now that 2009 is in full swing, I have a lot planned for Team Illumina. The final two Bijuu will finally be located and the Bijuu Wars will get more intense. Of course there are going to be some heavy losses with the fact that Hidan and Kakuzu are now getting involved. Also there's going to be some flashbacks with a little bit of chaos between the Bijuu in their childhood, so everyone will finally know just what happened to Akane that caused her to end up outside her bedroom in her underwear that time! And...there's going to be an event so huge, it's going to change Team Illumina's lives forever.

Hope you all enjoy!

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