The Bijuu Wars

A Bijuu Prank Gone Bad!

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Chapter 12: A Bijuu Prank Gone Wrong!!!

The Bijuu. Known to some as the Ten Sacred Beasts, created by Kami to protect and watch over the Elemental Lands. These mighty beasts also wield ultimate control over the ten elements of nature itself, creating harmony and balance in the world. Well now they do, but a long time ago, that definitely wasn't the case, considering another explosion that just occurred in Konoha.

"For the love of Kami, Shizune!" Tsunade screamed from behind her paperwork.

"What is it Tsunade-sama?" Shizune asked nervously.

"Please don't tell me Naruto and Sasuke are at it again with their training?" Tsunade was rubbing her forehead, trying to relieve some stress. "I swear if those two knuckleheads don't stop, I'll personally knock them all the way to Suna!"

"Uh Tsunade-sama...they've been at the academy all day helping Iruka with some demonstrations." Shizune said. "With the exception of Hinata and the rest of the Uzumaki clan, everyone else is on missions."

"Then who in the world is it causing all of that noise!" Tsunade yelled as Sakura rushed into her office.

"Tsunade-sensei, you are not going to believe this!" Sakura said with a sense of urgency.

"Let me guess, you know who's causing all of this commotion." Tsunade grumbled.

"Yes, it's Akane-sama, Mai-sama, and Yugito-sama!" Sakura replied.

"Say WHAT!" Tsunade screamed.

Sakura was correct. Apparently Konoha was witness to something the world has not seen in thousands of years...a Bijuu sibling squabble!!

"Where do you get off calling me a chicken, you furball!" Mai screamed, launching another volley of fireballs at Yugito and Akane. "And it's bad enough Moonie over there had to stick her hairy snout into all of this!"

"Who are you calling hairy! You're just mad because you know your big sister could kick your feather butt all over Fire country!" Akane screamed back while she dodged the fireballs. "Besides, you're just jealous over the fact that you still can't get a boyfriend!"

"So miss prim proper princess thinks she can talk big! Did you really think that because you had everything going so well you could rub it in our faces!" Yugito tried to pounce on Akane with claws ready to rip into her.

"This coming from 'Daddy's spoiled little brat!'" Akane grabbed hold of Yugito before she landed, and slammed her into the ground. She was about to follow up with a Light charged punch, but got a sharp flaming kick in the face from Mai."

"Who said you could hit her Moonie! I don't recall you being able to do whatever you want just because you're the oldest of us girls!" Mai was already on the ground wrestling with Akane when Yugito jumped in and the three were in a full on cat/bird/fox fight???? Luckily Tsunade got a hold of Arashi and the rest of the bunch and arrived at the training field to see the three Bijuu sisters going at it full force.

"WHAT IN KAMI'S NAME ARE YOU THREE DOING!!!" Tsunade roared, but Mai, Akane, and Yugito were still going at it. That of course made Tsunade even angrier. "Kasumi, give me Capsule No. 1." she demanded.

"Uh, are you sure...." Kasumi said nervously.

"I SAID NOW!" Tsunade exploded. Kasumi quickly grabbed the capsule out of her pouch and gave it to Tsunade, hoping not to be on the receiving end of her wrath.

"Now as I was saying..." Tsunade said after taking the capsule and focusing an insane amount of chakra in her fist. "WHAT ARE YOU THREE DOING!!!" With that, she slammed her fist into the ground, ripping it to pieces. That much force was enough to get the three Bijuu sisters to stop what they were doing.

"Uh...Tsunade-sama?" Akane asked when she saw the flaring killer intent coming off the Sannin.

"Just what in the world caused you three to start fighting like a bunch of kids!" demanded Tsunade. "I'd expect this kind of thing out of Naruto and Sasuke, but you three?"

"Mai-chan started it! It's all her fault!" Yugito whined, which was rare. "If she hadn't started nitpicking at me again!"

"Oh yeah right! You just had to be your little crybaby self and start whining at some decent advice." Mai retorted. "Everything would have been fine if Old Maid Moonie didn't butt in!"

"Who are you calling an Old Maid! I was trying to give her some GOOD advice, you know the kind that you don't know how to think of?" Akane replied as the three started bickering again.

"Uh, did those three get doused with the Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion or something?" Kasumi asked. "I mean they're acting like a bunch of kids."

"Well if they want to act like that, I'm gonna treat them like that." Tsunade said, with a vein bulging in her forehead. "ALRIGHT YOU THREE KNOCK IT OFF NOW!" With another vicious slam, she got their attention, and they stopped this time. "Now if you three wanna act like a bunch of kids, you're gonna get treated like a bunch of kids. My office NOW!"

"But Tsunade-sama." Akane tried to reply, but Tsunade wasn't hearing it. She instantly summoned Katsuyu and used a little chakra to go even more demonic!!

"NOW!!!!!" she demanded. It was so bad that everyone, even the ones that weren't in trouble, hightailed it to her office!Back in the chamber of doom a.k.a Tsunade's office…

"Now explain to me, what in Kami's name lead you three to start bickering at each other? For heaven's sakes, you're older than I am!" Tsunade asked, wanting to know what was going on.

"It's all their fault! I had nothing to do with this!" Yugito started passing blame.

"Oh blame us! You only want a reason to have our tails shaved!" Mai retorted.

"She wouldn't have the reason if you didn't try to pull off one of your stupid ideas Birdy Bird!" Akane spat out. "You know whenever we try to have a little fun, and we don't tell Mew-Mew-Chan, she starts acting like a brat!"

Everyone else just stood back and watched the three argue. Honestly it had to be the most insane thing they ever saw.

"Ok, please tell me I'm asleep?" Naruto said after hearing the arguing. "I am not seeing my mother and my aunts acting like a bunch of kids!"

"Dude, you're not sleeping." Sasuke said, just as dumbfounded. "They're really at it."

"Haku-chan…did we ever get that bad?" asked Kasumi.

"You're the smart one and you're asking me?" Haku replied. "There must have been something in the water."

"Hey girls, how much you want to be Tsunade-sama grounds all three of them?" Mikoto let out a slight chuckle, just before she got a death glare from Tsunade.

"Keep it up Mikoto and you'll be joining them." Tsunade had her killer intent radiating, instantly shutting Mikoto up. "Ok, before I decide to absolutely lose it and put all three of you in the hospital for a few days, I want Akane to explain to me just what happened!"

"It's always Akane, miss goody goody." Mai said under her breath.

"Anything you'd like to contribute, Mai?" asked the Sannin, paralyzing the Shichibi in her tracks.

"No." Mai peeped out.

"Ok Tsunade-sama, what we were doing was planning a prank on the kids. We've been kind of bored and well, we needed something to do. However the prank we were going to pull off would have had me locked outside of my house in my underwear!" Akane said, easily stunning everyone in the room. "That's what happened last time because Yugito started whining, and Mai went overboard!"

"Wait, you've done this before?" asked Hinata.

"Yeah, when we were kids. Only this time we were going to prank our brothers, but somehow they ended up getting the jump on us! Yugito ended up tied to a tree, Shinja was somehow covered in chocolate pudding, Makoto ended up getting her tails shaved, Mai got locked in a freezer, and I was locked out of the house in my underwear!" Akane explained. Everyone just stared at her for a bit before they busted out laughing.

"Ok, that has got to be the biggest load of baloney I have ever heard!" Naruto was holding his side from laughing so hard.

"Naruto…it all happened." Mai said in a serious tone.

"Well ladies…enlighten us, why don't you? I think we can all use a bit of story time before I figure out your punishment!" Tsunade said with arms crossed. Akane, Mai, and Yugito all blushed, knowing just how embarrassing this story was.

"Might as well tell it. At least we don't have to worry about Dad getting on our cases." Mai whispered to Akane.

"Well it goes like this…" Akane started her story.(Flashback! A/N: Ok, I never really came up with a name for Akane back in the past, so she's just gonna keep her name. It'll make things so much easier!)

The afterlife, heaven, paradise, the land high in the clouds…whatever you call it. It is the home to the almighty creator, Kami. It is also home to his 10 children, known as the Bijuu. Each one modeled after a noble animal, controlling an element of nature itself. In this realm of peace and harmony…

"WHOO!!! Bro, nice crater!" Hiroshi, the Ichibi, age13 said while he crawled out of a large hole. "But you won't get the best of me!" Hiroshi charged full speed into his brother Tsukune, the Yonbi, age 12 spearing him full force into the side of a mountain.

"You call that a hit! Man you are weak! I bet Dog Boy could do more damage!" Tsukune replied after throwing his brother off him.

"Don't tempt me! DOG PILE!!!" screamed Inuyasha, the Gobi, age 11. He came flying out of nowhere to crash land into his two brothers. The three carried on, literally causing mass destruction in a 15 mile radius! Of course their two older brothers just looked on.

"There they go again." said Daisuke, the Sanbi, age 14. "I guess it was lucky that Otou-san created that training field for them to have fun in, wouldn't you say so Ryu-kun?"

The eldest of the Bijuu just looked on while he sipped a drink. "Dude, one must not look upon the land as a place of destruction, but as a place of creation. The little dudes are just expressing their creativity." said Ryukotsusei, the Tenbi, age 16. "It's like the surf, man. Ya gotta keep hitting the small breakers until the time is right. Then you hit the big one and totally shred that thing! The pinnacle of ultimate dude-dom!"

Daisuke just looked up from his book, trying to translate his brother's words. "Uh, whatever you say Ryu-kun."

And that's pretty much how the boys were in the Bijuu household. Ryukotsusei was the surfer dude, Daisuke was the bookworm, Hiroshi and Tsukune were pretty much...well like Naruto and Sasuke, and Inuyasha was...ok he was like Hiroshi and Tsukune, but not as bad. Now the girls...they were a completely different story!

(End Flashback)

" Uncle Ryukotsusei...the one who went all evil and power hungry...was a surfer dude?" Haku asked with a confused look.

"He wasn't just a 'dude'!!! He was THE dude! The idiot went to the beach every single chance he had! And what was worse, he often took Daisuke-kun with him just to have him create tsunamis that he could surf!" Mai replied. "Oh and don't get me started on my nerdy twin brother! Total geek!!!"

"Heh we're a little alike, aren't we Aunt Mai?" Naruto said, getting a swift slap from Kasumi.

"Shut it dork!" Kasumi said. "Ok, so we know about them, but what about you girls! I wanna hear about Aunt Makoto and Aunt Shinja!"

"Oh boy, now it gets worse!" Mai slapped her head. "Akane, if you make one, and I mean ONE joke about you know what, and I will roast you!" Of course this caused Yugito to let out a slight chuckle, since she knew what was going to happen.

"Hehe, time to really get in detail!" Akane said, continuing her story.

(Back to the Flashback!)

Now as for the girls in the home, Kami created them to be some of the most beautiful girls in existence! However...he couldn't make them perfect so there had to be some flaws...but they boys think he might have overdid it a little bit.

"Get back here with my top, you little runt!" Mai, the Shichibi, age 14 screamed as she ran out of her bedroom chasing after her little sister.

"Nya nya! Now you got nuthin to hide those crazy balloons on your chest!" taunted Yugito, the Nibi, age 6, and youngest of the bunch. "And you can't catch me either!"

"I am going to fry your sorry butt, you little hairball!!!" Mai screamed as she continued her chase.

And so Mai and Yugito continued their game of...bird and cat...wait isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Eh! Well it was enough to cause more chaos to the next to youngest bijuu.

"Hey you two! I'm trying to make myself pretty for my tea party! Quit making all that noise!" yelled little Shinja, the Hachibi, age 9. She was in her room, dressing herself up in front of all her stuffed toys, while apparently putting some kind of gloss on her eight serpentine tails. "Seriously, don't they know that a tea party isn't complete without Princess Shinja?"

"Honestly, I don't know what's more inflated, your ego or Mai's chest!" smirked 13 year old Makoto, the Rokubi.

"Why don't you go back to that smelly...whatever place you live in! I don't want you stinking up my room!" Shinja spat out, most likely meaning she wanted Makoto to go back to the dojo...where she normally stayed.

"Whatever. Least I know I could kick your snake butt all over this place with 5 tails tied behind my back." Makoto replied, easily getting Shinja riled up more.

"So what! You're just an idiotic tomboy! No wonder you can't even get a decent boyfriend!" Shinja retorted. That did strike a nerve in Makoto, but her sister was partially right. She was the tomboy of the bunch, and not really the girly type of person.

"Whatever." Makoto said coldly as she left Shinja's room. Though not before leaving a parting gift of an icicle spike through one of Shinja's dolls. "At least Yugito's not as stuck up as she is." she said to herself as she headed to the dojo.

(End Flashback)

"Where is Ino when you need her!" Sakura laughed after hearing about Shinja's description. "It's like those two are perfect clones!"

"Oh come on, Ino's not that bad...well...there was that time she did try to act all high and mighty when she was 9." Kasumi chuckled. "But I do gotta say this, Aunt Makoto really is like you Haku."

"Was, you mean. Besides, Tenten was the tomboy, not me!" replied Haku.

"Yeah but you probably would put a frozen senbon through something." Kasumi said.

"Maybe I should put a frozen senbon through your head!" Haku replied coldly.

"Knock it off you two. You're still on my good side, don't make me have you suffer like your mother and aunts!" Tsunade said. "Now Akane, please continue."


Of course in all the chaos, there had to be at least one person in the entire household to have some common sense...unfortunately Akane hated the fact that she was the one who had to have it. Her brothers were nuts, and her sisters were worse!

"Mai, why do you let her do that to you? You know she's just going to end up having you run around topless again." Akane said, helping tie the back of Mai's top.

"It's not my fault! Our crazy father is the one that did this! You know, you got lucky. You got to be the perfect one." Mai complained as she adjusted her top.

"Oh what, just because my boobs aren't as oversized as yours? Whatever! Besides, Kami gave us the ability to change our body composition. You could just shrink them down so you're not lugging all that weight!" Akane said sagely.

"But then I wouldn't have all those cute boys coming after me! You saw them when we took our vacation down to the beach? They just loved the way I looked in my swimsuit!" Mai giggled.

"What swimsuit? That thing was so small, you might as well have been naked!" Akane replied.

"Oh Moonie, give it up. Let a girl have some fun every now and then." Mai said nonchalantly. "So what's up for today? After I go tie up Yugito by her tails, I've got nothing else better to do."

"Mai-chan, do you have to be so mean? She is just a baby you know." Akane said while she took something out to start breakfast.

"Baby my foot! That mangy cat sure isn't a baby!" Mai replied as she munched on some grapes. "Hey look it's the dork busters!"

"Very funny Mai." said Daisuke as he and Ryukotsusei entered the kitchen. "So Akane-chan, what's for breakfast this morning?"

"I don't know Daisuke-kun, would you mind helping me in the kitchen?" asked Akane.

"Sure sis." Daisuke replied with a smile.

"Sure sis...whatever!" Mai mocked. "I swear he is such a geek!"

"Naa, I think he's just like the ocean, calm and peaceful, but at time's he'll really show out that rage of a massive wave." Ryukotsusei said. "Just gotta let him be his own dude." Mai just stared at her older brother and knew she was in a family of insanity.

"Ryu…do you even know what you're saying sometimes?" asked the phoenix girl.

"Huh…whaa?" Ryukotsusei replied in a laidback voice.

"Never mind." Mai rolled her eyes as she went to call in her other brothers. "Hey Dog Boy, Nooki-nooki and Chicken Butt!!! Get in here for breakfast!"

"WHAT DID YOU CALL US!!!!" yelled Hiroshi, Tsukune, and Inuyasha after hearing Mai's made up nicknames.

"You heard me! Breakfast, NOW!" Mai screamed back as she slammed the door.

The three brothers looked at each other, already scheming some sort of payback. "Hey Tsukune, think old birdbrain needs to do some more laundry?" asked Hiroshi.

"I think so. She did slack off last time, so I say she needs more practice," said the Yonbi in an evil tone.

"Sweet. Come on mutt boy, and keep your mouth shut." Hiroshi commanded, riling the fur on his brother's tails.

"I am not a mutt boy!" pouted Inuyasha as the group went in for breakfast.

(End Flashback)"You just had to go tell them THAT part, didn't you Akane!" Mai said while Yugito was busy laughing. "Just had to rub in your little perfectionist bit."

"I did not! I just said that I didn't feel right walking around with a chest the size of Tsunade-sama." Akane replied, causing everyone, except Tsunade, to burst out laughing!

"Ok, now this is too perfect! I'm wondering who's worse, Aunt Mai as a teenager, or Kasumi when she was back in her old world!" Haku said from the floor.

"Otou-san, quick! Hide the boats!!!" Naruto was way too busy laughing from all this.

"Naruto, don't you mean 'FIRE IN THE HOLE!'" Sasuke said, causing everyone else, except for Tsunade, and now Mai and Kasumi to laugh even harder.

"SASUKE!!!!!" Kasumi said in sheer embarrassment. She looked down at her own chest and didn't think it was as bad as everyone said. "I said mine aren't that big," she said softly.

"Kasumi, you're just lucky we can all walk on water or we'd drown if we were all on the same boat!" Haku said after giving Kasumi a slight poke in the chest. That made Kasumi feel even worse, so she turned and ran to the closest person who knew what she was going through.

"Don't worry about those dorks Kasumi-chan, you're perfectly fine just the way you are." Mai said while she rubbed down Kasumi's ears to calm her. All the while Tsunade was overlooking her own voluptuous assets.

"I knew I should have gotten these things reduced," she said to herself. But getting back to the point, "Ok ok, enough jokes. Back to the story."

"Yeah hurry up Akane-chan. But first maybe we should leave and go somewhere with some extra space. That way Mai-chan won't suffocate us with those huge balloons!" Yugito cracked.

"Hey don't forget about Kasumi either!" Haku added.

Both Kasumi and Mai stared at their sisters in boiling rage, "I…am going…to kill you," were the words that slowly left their mouth.


Needless to say breakfast wasn't normal in the Bijuu household. Most of the time it ended up with Akane feeling like she really was a mom before her time, Ryukotsusei staring into space, Daisuke with his nose in a book, Hiroshi and Tsukune racing to see who could finish eating first, Inuyasha trying to get into the competition between Hiroshi and Tsukune, Shinja acting like a spoiled princess, Makoto telling Shinja she's spoiled and getting snapped back at, and Yugito continually making fun of Mai and her…assets. But this was how things were for this family. However today would be cause for some very unique pranks.

"You wanna what?" asked Mai with a shocked look.

"I think we need to prank the boys. Ever since Kami went on his mass creation trip, it's been really boring, and you have to admit, having the boys here without Kami is just perfect." Akane said with a sly look.

"Wait, aren't you supposed to be the responsible one here?" Makoto inquired while she finished her juice.

"Well yeah, but that's what makes it so perfect. No one ever expects the responsible one to be the sneaky one." Akane winked with an idea. "So what I'm thinking will end up having Inuyasha hanging from a tree by his tails, Tsukune will end up covered in chocolate pudding, Hiroshi will get his tail shaved, Daisuke will be stuck in the freezer, and Ryukotsusei will end up locked outside in his underwear. It's totally perfect."

Now this of course had the other girls very intrigued. "And just how long have you been planning this Akane-chan?" asked Shinja.

"Don't worry about it. Just get ready to watch our crazy brothers look like complete idiots." Akane said as she pulled the girls in to a huddle.

Meanwhile the girls had no idea someone was keeping an eye on them.

"So they wanna prank us, huh?" Hiroshi said as he overheard the girls. "Looks like the boys need to get our payback!"

"This really isn't a good idea. Maybe we should just avoid the girls for now." Daisuke was quite nervous considering trouble was looming.

"Oh shut up nerd boy. I'm with Hiroshi, we should definitely get the girls back, especially after Mai's stupid crack before breakfast," Tsukune was just as much wanting a little payback on his sisters. "So now how are we gonna do this?"

"Why are you asking me? Nerd boy is the brains, ask him!" replied Hiroshi.

"Hey, I have a plan!" Inuyasha said proudly, hoping to please his brothers.

"Yeah right dog boy. Ok why don't we…uh…well…" Hiroshi started but realized he had nothing. "Ok I got nothing."

"Gather round little dudes, I'll show you how you unleash the ultimate prank reversal. Just make sure to set out some chairs and smoothies by the door so we can watch the show." Ryukotsusei said, pulling his brothers close.

"Oh I have a bad feeling about this!" Daisuke said to himself before the boys entered their own huddle.

(End Flashback)

"Oh man, now it's getting good!!!" Naruto said in excitement. "Come on Oka-san you gotta tell us what happened."

"Well, I really don't like this part. Do I have to…" Akane said before she got a stern look from Tsunade. "Ok guess I don't have much of a choice."

"Great, here it comes. This is why I said I'd never listen to any of your crazy ideas Akane." Mai sighed.

"Remembering this part just makes my tails hurt!" Yugito said while stroking her own tails.

"Well I might as well get it over with because I know you are all going to be laughing your heads off after this." Akane said as she continued her story.

(Flashback)"Ok I have the tree trap set up. You got the chocolate pudding Shinja?" asked Makoto as she finished tying some knots.

"Well yeah, but why do we have to dump this stuff on Tsukune? I'd rather eat all of it." Shinja said with a face covered in pudding.

"Unbelievable. One minute she's a spoiled princess brat, and the next minute she's normal, stuffing her face with chocolate pudding!" Makoto thought to herself while she looked at her sister. "It's times like these when I hate being the middle daughter."

"Oh wow, she got the extra thick stuff. Hey save some for the dork busters, alright!" Mai said as she took the large bowl of pudding. "You did keep some of this stored away for later, right?"

"Uh-huh." Shinja nodded while she licked her fingers.

"And I thought Mew-Mew had a big appetite." Mai said while she set up the pudding. "Hey have you two seen Akane?"

"I think she's getting the tail trimmers. She said something about having extra so it completely shaves Hiroshi's tail bald," said Makoto as she tied her belt on her training uniform. "I think Yugi-chan's with her right now."

"Oh this is gonna be so perfect! I haven't had a laugh like this in ages!" Mai said with a smile.

"Uh what about that time we went to the beach and your swimsuit top fell off?" asked Makoto, easily reminding Mai of a bad moment.

"That wasn't funny!" Mai said when Akane and Yugito came and joined up.

"Ok I have the rest of the traps set. Are we ready to make those boys look like complete idiots?" Akane said with pride.

"You bet Akane-chan!" cheered Yugito.

"Good, then everyone get in position. Mew-Mew, you're up first." Akane said.Part 1…A cat stuck in a tree.

"Hey Inuyasha!!! Can you help me?" Yugito whined to her older brother.

"What is it kiddo," asked the dog demon.

"I was playing with my kite and it got stuck up in that tree." Yugito cried while she pointed to a tall tree in the back yard. "Can you get it down for me?"

"Hey you're a cat, why don't you get it." Inuyasha didn't feel like climbing any trees, especially not for his baby sister.

"Pleeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!" Yugito turned on the works, getting extremely sappy. "I mean you are my favorite big brother."

"Yeah right. I know what you're planning." Inuyasha said, brushing off her advance. Of course Yugito Nii was not one to back down, especially since she hadn't pulled out…the big gun.

"Inuyasha-kuuuuun!!!!" Yugito said, unleashing her ultimate weapon…the eyes. It was the one thing that even brought Kami to his knees, and there was no creature in existence that was immune to Yugito's eyes.

"I hate you right now." Inuyasha said after getting a sharp look at her eyes. That instant, he couldn't say no to her and was already on his way up, but he did have a backup plan. "You're coming with me, so hang on."

"Thank you Inuyasha-kun." Said the cat bijuu while she climbed on her brother's back. The two scaled the tree where Yugito's kite was and once they got to the top branch, Inuyasha moved forward to try and get the kite. That was when Yugito was ready to strike.

"I got you now big brother!" she whispered as she grabbed a hidden rope. "All I gotta do is…" Unfortunately…

"Hey cat brat, move faster next time!" said Hiroshi as he quickly tightened another rope around Yugito's two tails.

"Huh? What…." Was all Yugito could say before she now ended up hanging from the tree branch upside down by her tails.

"Wish we could stay but we can't hang out all day. Later pipsqueak!" Hiroshi laughed as he and Inuyasha jumped down from the tree.

"Get me down!!! This isn't funny!!!" cried out Yugito in pain. "OW!!!"

"That's one down, four to go." Inuyasha replied as the brothers ran off to the next target.Part 2-A chocolate covered snake.

"This is going to be so fun. That big chicken won't know what hit him!" Shinja chuckled as she went to get her target.

"Hey snakey, why are you talking to yourself?" asked Tsukune as he snuck up on Shinja.

"Oh, um, well I was…uh…hey can you help me out with something Tsukune-kun?" Shinja stuttered out.

"Why would I wanna help you?" Tsukune smirked back.

The snake bijuu started her charming, "Well I wanna draw Otou-san a picture, and I want you to be the one I draw. See I already got pictures of Ryu-kun, Daisuke-kun, and Roshi-kun." She showed off three pictures of her brothers in some very noble poses.

"Hey these are pretty good. So you wanna draw me like this, huh?" asked the Yonbi.

"Yeah, I think Otou-san would really like seeing all of his boys like that." Shinja smiled, hoping to lure her brother into her trap.

"Ok where you want me at?" asked Tsukune as Shinja pointed to a wooden stump she created.

"Stand here on this stump and look like a great warrior." Shinja directed. Her brother took his position and posed while she created an easel from the ground. "Perfect! You look really good! Otou-san is gonna really like this picture."

"Heh well I am one of the fiercest warriors." Tsukune hammed it up.

"Yeah too bad you're gonna be one of the dirtiest ones when you're covered in chocolate." Shinja said, creating a small hand seal. It was supposed to snap some vines above Tsukune that held the chocolate pudding but she noticed nothing happened. "Huh? What happened?"

"Hey snakey, what's the matter?" asked Tsukune.

"I had a jutsu set up that it would cause leaves to fall slowly for your picture, but something's not working." Shinja said, trying to activate her jutsu again.

"Maybe you set it in the wrong place?" Tsukune said, playing dumb.

"I did not! I know what I'm doing!" Shinja whined as she pushed Tsukune off the stump. "It's supposed to work just like this!" She made the hand seal again and at the same moment Tsukune made a seal himself, causing a very bad problem.

"Hey snakey?" Tsukune said calmly.

"What!" replied the Hachibi.

"Look up," he pointed upward.

"What's up…oh no…" Shinja's eyes grew wide as the massive load of chocolate pudding instantly doused her.

"Hmm, chocolate. Good choice snakey." Tsukune said, licking a dollop of pudding off his fingers. "Hey Ryu-kun, thanks for the idea of lining her vines with stone."

"No prob, little dude!" Ryukotsusei said from the top of the trees. "Anytime."

"This isn't fair!!" whined the Hachibi while she ran in to try and get the pudding out of her hair, but not after slipping in the pudding a few times.Part 3-The pains of hair removal.

"Hehe this new hair removal formula Akane-chan created is perfect. That crazy raccoon dog won't know what hit him." Makoto chuckled as she set up the formula. She planned to trick her brother into thinking she knew a new technique to ease muscle pain with her Ice ability. "And I guess I can keep a little bit of this stuff. It makes getting the hair off my legs easier." Even thought she was a tomboy, she was still a girl so she did take care of herself as such. "Now for the wolf to stalk her prey."

Makoto made her way through the house to try to find her brother, but for some reason it had been fairly quiet.

"I know he's around here, I can smell him," she said to herself as she continued her search. She figured if he wasn't around she might as well head to the Dojo for the time being. "Just great I always knew something like this wouldn't work."

"What wouldn't work?" asked Inuyasha as he saw Makoto pacing.

""Oh uh Inuyasha, I didn't know you were there. Have you seen Hiroshi around?" She was first wondering what happened and why her brother wasn't stuck in a tree, but she shook it off.

"Nope I think he was doing something with Ryu-kun, but he didn't tell me what." He replied. "So why did you need to find him?"

"Oh uh, well I was going to show him a new technique. See I learned how to use my ice to ease muscle pain after training and I was gonna try it on him. I know he said something about straining his back after we had training last time." Makoto lied in the hopes of keeping her cover. "Well I think he was somewhere around the kitchen. I can go with you to find him if you want," asked the dog bijuu.

"I guess so. I mean if you want to." Makoto said.

So the duo headed towards the kitchen in the search of the Ichibi. Makoto kept thinking to herself that something didn't feel right but she couldn't be sure.

"I can't put my finger on it, but something really doesn't feel right." Makoto said nervously. "You ever get that feeling Inuyasha?"

"Not really. Must be your imagination." Inuyasha said.

"Well I guess Hiroshi isn't here. I'll find him later. I gotta run to the bathroom anyway." Makoto said.

"What are you going to do in there? Put on makeup for your fake boyfriend?" asked Inuyasha.

Makoto instantly turned red in embarrassment. "That's none of your business dog boy! Yeesh can't a girl have a small bit of privacy!" With that she stormed out of the kitchen. That was when Hiroshi walked in.

"Screaming wolf girl in 5…4…3…2…" Hiroshi counted down before he and Inuyasha heard a blood curdling scream from the bathroom. "Knew that genjutsu on the toilet would work."

"Wow, falling in the toilet. That's gotta be embarrassing." Inuyasha said.

"Yeah especially after I dumped that weird looking goop in there. I still wanna know what it was. A small bit fell on my arm and now there's a bald spot there." Hiroshi replied after looking at his arm. "Ahh well it'll probably grow back in a few days."

"So who's next on the prank list?" Inuyasha asked.

"If I'm right, Daisuke's gonna have Mai stuck in the freezer here pretty soon." Hiroshi said. "Come on, let's go watch!"

As for poor Makoto…

"This is so embarrassing!" said the wolf girl as she pulled herself out of the toilet. "Mental note…remind me to kill my brothers." She reached for a towel to dry herself off when she started noticing that the fur on her tails started falling out as well. "Hey what the…" When she noticed that she fell into Akane's hair remover, the house had another death scream roar through it.

"SOMETIMES I HATE BEING A GIRL!!!!!!!!" she screamed.Part 4-Frozen chicken.

"Now to find that geeky twin brother of mine." Mai chuckled. "Frozen turtles…you can't get any better than that!"

"Uh Mai-chan, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think there is a slight flaw in your plan," stated Daisuke as he overlooked everything.

"Daisuke-kun! What in the, what are you doing here?" Mai said in shock.

"Well it's obvious. I know you had a plan to have me end up locked in the freezer. Well I took a good look at it, and it really looks like it would backfire." Daisuke said intelligently.

"Oh yeah, and just what do you know about pranks?" snapped Mai. "I'll have you know Akane-chan and I went over this a ton and she said it was perfect!"

"Well, the premise is good, but see, if you notice, where you set up the oil slick," Daisuke pointed out. "What would have happened is that I would have ended up sliding down it, but since you have small traces of oil on your shoes, I would have grabbed you and spun around. That would have ended up with you sliding into the large slabs of meat in there."

"Really?" Mai herself was confused. Did she really not plan things out properly?

"Yeah, and see here. If you notice where you put the extra bucket of water, it would have missed me entirely. You have to slide it further back and set the tripwire closer so that when I hit the wire, I'll still be in motion." Daisuke explained. "Also you didn't have the door open wide enough."

"Wow Daisuke-kun, I didn't even know. I guess even though you're a geek, you're still really smart." Mai said.

"Well we are twins Mai. You probably have the same intelligence as I do." Daisuke commented. "It's there for you to use you know."

"Oh please. You're the brains and I'm the dumb blue haired blonde. The only thing I have going for me is my looks, and mind you they aren't that bad." Mai said in defeat. "Honestly I think you and Akane got all the good traits."

"Naa, we just have different ways of looking at things. Come on, I'll help you set up the prank again and we can do it right this time." Daisuke said with a smile.

Mai slowly cheered up, "Really? Thanks Daisuke-kun." To think her brother would help her set up a prank against himself. Well that definitely had Mai happy. So the two of them reset all the traps according to how Daisuke explained and Mai was very surprised with the result.

"Wow, it looks so much better than before. This time I really think it will work." Mai said in excitement. "You know I couldn't have done it without you Daisuke-kun."

"That's what I'm here for." Daisuke said. "Now let's test this thing out!" He quickly pushed Mai onto the stream of oil, sending her careening down the slick, causing her to get splashed with water before sliding face first into a large slab of beef.

"Ok…did anyone…get the number…of that moose?" Mai said dizzily before Daisuke closed the freezer door. His other brothers soon joined him.

"Please tell me she did not actually fall for that?" asked Hiroshi.

"Hook, line, and sinker." Daisuke smiled at a job well done.

"Yep, Mai is definitely the dumbest of all our sisters!" Hiroshi said. "Looks like it's time for the fall of the queen."Part 5-To skin a fox.

Ryukotsusei simply sat in his lounge chair, taking in the warm rays of the sun. Since there wasn't much going on he figured, why not, it would be a good time to work on his tan. That didn't leave Akane much in the department of hunting him down.

"Uh Ryu-kun, why are you just sitting here staring at the door to the house?" Akane asked.

"Simply taking in the view, sis," said the Tenbi. "Gotta say it's most righteous."

"Staring at the door?" Sometimes Akane really questioned her older brother. There really had to be something wrong with him from time to time." "Uh ok, hey have you seen everyone else?"

"Last I checked they were all busy doing something together. Dunno what it was though." Ryukotsusei replied. "Hey while we're waiting, why not enjoy a smoothie with me and mellow out."

"As much as I'd like to, I really can't. But would you mind helping me find everyone else?" asked the Kyuubi.

"I would but I gotta say, it would seriously damage my mantra. Besides, I think you might wanna do something about that spider on the back of your outfit." Ryukotsusei said nonchalantly.

"Spider…what…YAAAAAA!!!" Akane instantly freaked out when she turned to see a very large eight legged freak on her shoulder. "Get it off, get it off, get it off!!!!" Needless to say Akane was running all over the yard in terror. That was when her other four brothers came to join the show.

"Sweet, I see you made it for the show. Grab a seat little dudes." The Tenbi proceeded to hand out smoothies to all his brothers as they started lounging.

"This has been a most excellent day, wouldn't you agree Daisuke?" asked Hiroshi.

"Oh yes. I have to say it was very interesting at some of the things our sisters can do." Daisuke replied. "So Ryu-kun, why is Akane-chan running around like that?"

"Spider on the yukata. Got her whole outfit covered in a special scent that attracts them. Plus the dudette totally hates the eight legged dudes." Ryukotsusei said as he sipped his smoothie. "Give it a minute and they'll be all over her."

"Sweet!" said Daisuke and Hiroshi.

"Totally!" echoed Inuyasha and Tsukune.

So the boys continued watching Akane run around like a chicken with its head cut off. And true to Ryukotsusei's word…she soon had a swarm of spiders after her.

"This is so wrong! What do I do, what do I do!!!" Akane was freaking out big time.

"Hey sis, they're attracted to something on your yukata! You gotta get rid of it!" laughed Hiroshi.

"But how! I don't know what it is!" Akane screamed back.

"Try burning it off with foxfire! That should work!" Tsukune said. "Use a big burst and that'll get all of it at one time!"

"He's right! I can burn it off!" With that Akane channeled a large blue flame around her entire body and intensified it, completely burning off the spider…and her yukata…in the process. Now with the spider gone, she did feel accomplished, and also felt a little drafty.

"Hey sis, I always knew you liked pink stars!!!" Inuyasha said before he started busting out laughing.

"Pink…stars?" Akane said before she noticed she was standing directly in front of her brothers…in her underwear.

"I knew it! Embarrass her enough and she turns as red as her tails!!!" Hiroshi laughed. "This is just too perfect!"

"Dude, wait till she goes for the door!" Ryukotsusei pointed to the back door which he conveniently locked.

"Oh this is so embarrassing!!! Gotta get back in the house!!!" Akane said frantically as she tried opening the door. "Not now! How could the door be locked!"

"Hey Akane, missing something!" Ryukotsusei said as he held up the key.

Akane's eyes grew wide when she realized…her brothers knew all about the pranks. That must have meant…

"Akane…can I kill them, please?" Shinja said, getting more pudding out of her eyes.

"My tails hurt!" Yugito whined.

"If falling in the toilet wasn't bad enough…" Makoto said, keeping her bald tails hidden.

"I…kn-kn-knew s-s-s-s-something was up!" said a shivering, and blue Mai. "Remind…me to ne-ne-ne-ne ACHOO!!!"

"Well dudes, I have to say it has been a good day. I say we hit the surf!" Ryukotsusei said.

"If you mean the pool, then I'm in!" Hiroshi added.

"Oh yeah!" Tsukune followed along.

The four younger brothers all charged straight for the pool while Ryukotsusei had one last thing to do.

"I think you might need this," he said, handing Akane the key.

(End Flashback)"And that's what happened. I still can't believe my brothers saw me in my underwear that day." Akane sighed.

"Least you didn't fall for Daisuke's trick. He really proved I was a complete idiot." Mai added. "And I ended up with a cold to boot!"

"My tails were so sore I had to have Mako-chan freeze them for a full day." Yugito said while rubbing her tails. As for everyone else…

"That is just too hilarious!!! Oh man I cannot believe they completely flipped the tide on you three!" Naruto laughed.

"Seriously, our uncles are pure geniuses!" Sasuke added.

"So now you see why it was a bad idea? Knowing our luck we would have ended up just like that or worse!" Mai said. "I'm just glad it didn't happen."

"Oh whatever! You were the first one in on this until Mew-Mew over there remembered what happened!" Akane retorted.

"So now it's my fault! You're supposed to be the smart one! And of course the dumb one would agree to it anyway!" Yugito snapped back.

"Don't call me dumb you furball! You're lucky I don't roast you here and now for causing me to run around topless that day!" Mai was ready to strike back when Tsunade finally intervened.

"QUIET!!!" Tsunade roared. "While that was a very funny story and all, that still doesn't get you three off the hook for nearly blowing up my training field!"

"Great, I knew they would get me in trouble." Mai complained before Tsunade shut her up again.

"Mai did I say you could talk!" That instantly shut the Shichibi up. "Now as I was saying, I think you three need to set a good example for the kids, so I have a little project for you."

"Oh man, they actually got in trouble!" chuckled Mikoto. Unfortunately for her, Tsunade heard her little remark.

"And since you seem to be in such a good mood Mikoto, you'll be joining them," said the Sannin.

"But Tsunade-sama, I didn't do anything wrong in the first place!" whined the head of the Uchiha.

"I know, but you're not above helping your teammate are you?" Tsunade said.

A few hours later…

"So what did Tsunade-sama have everyone doing?" asked Sakura as she ate her ramen.

"Well she told Naruto to go out and have a field day on the Hokage Monument. Apparently giving him enough paint to cover a mountain kept him busy for a while." Kasumi said. "After that she had Oka-san, Aunt Mai, Aunt Yugito, and Mikoto-sama clean it all up."

"That doesn't seem like it would be hard?" Sakura questioned.

"True, but Tsunade put chakra restrictor seals on all of them and she had Hinata create purification seals for the Bijuu. So basically they have to clean everything up by hand." Sasuke said. "I think they just finished with the forehead of the Shodaime."

"Wow, I guess the saying is right…never tick off a Sannin." Sakura replied.

As for Akane, Mai, Yugito, and a very upset Mikoto…

"Oh come on Miki-chan! I said I was sorry!!" whined Akane while she continued to clean off paint.

"Don't talk to me Akane! I still don't know how I got stuck helping you and your goofy sisters!" Mikoto snapped. First she was mad because she didn't even do anything, and second she was mad because she got paint in her hair after having it done two days ago.

"Look what if I made you a batch of Triad Teriyaki! I know you like that, right?" Akane pleaded.

"Not even if you made me a week supply!" Mikoto went back to her cleaning.

As for Yugito and Mai, those two ended up throwing wet towels at each other for all the insanity.And the first of many of the Bijuu Kids escapades has begun. I do plan to have at least two or three more chapters of their insane escapades. Though my next chapter will be a little bit more exposition with Akatsuki and it's all building up to the biggest twist in the lives of the Illumina Knights.

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