The Bijuu Wars

Akatsuki's next move

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"Pein-sama, Itachi has returned from his mission." Konan led in the Uchiha to the leader of Akatsuki in their central headquarters in Ame.

"I see. So how was your mission Itachi." Asked Pein.

"Very well. It seems Orochimaru is being cautious. With our activity he has decided to maintain his low profile." Itachi explained as he took a seat at the table. "For now he still desires to take control of my foolish little brother for his Sharingan."

"And what of the Kyuubi?" Pein inquired.

"For now both the Shichibi and the Nibi have joined up with the Kyuubi. To take on all three would place me at a severe disadvantage. For now it would be better to bide our time until we can catch them off guard." Said the Uchiha.

"I see. You always were the intuitive one Itachi. That's why I think it would be good to give you this." Pein said, handing over a blue pendant. "You seem to be the logical choice to command the Sanbi. Kisame seems too reckless to wield the power."

"I see. This should help turn the tides against the Kyuubi and her faction. If you permit me, allow Sanbi to travel freely with me. This way I can maximize its potential in combat." Itachi asked.

"Very well. I trust you will produce great results Itachi." Pein commented.

"Also Pein-sama, allow me to extract samples of chakra from the Hachibi, the Yonbi, and the Ichibi. I've learned Orochimaru has some very interesting research equipment. I may be able to find some good uses for the Bijuu chakra to aid us in our endeavors." Itachi asked.

"Granted. I know you won't fail us Itachi." Pein said as he took his leave.

"Don't worry, I won't fail…the Illumina Knights that is. Soon Pein, you will fall at our hand." Itachi thought to himself as he placed the Sanbi's Hoshi no Tama around his neck. "Since I have returned, Konan-chan, would you like to join me in genjutsu meditation?"

"I cannot, I must aid Pein-sama." Konan declined.

"Konan, take some time and meditate with Itachi. I need all of you at your best." Pein called out from the back room.

"Yes Pein-sama. As you wish." Konan replied obediently.

"Let us proceed to my meditation chamber." Itachi said, courteously leading the way for the Origami Kunoichi.

As the duo entered Itachi's quarters, the Uchiha hung his cloak on the mantle. "Would you like me to hang your cloak?" he asked. Konan nodded, removing her cloak to reveal her lithe black kunoichi dress. It was short cut as it ended just above the knee, and was sleeveless. She had a small red rose just above the left chest for detail and wore her scratched hitai-ate as a belt. In respect to the sacred chamber of meditation, she removed her zori and went in to prepare for meditation.

"Do you prefer a certain incense?" Itachi asked.

"Jasmine shall be fine." Konan nodded as Itachi took out some jasmine incense sticks. He placed them all around the area and lit them with a small fire jutsu to allow the relaxing fragrance to emanate about the room. He then moved into position facing the Origami Kunoichi.

"Very well, I shall set the genjutsu." Itachi activated his Mangekyo. "Before we continue I must ask, have you felt any ill effects from the Tsukiyomi?"

"No, I have been fine. You may proceed Itachi-san." Konan replied as she stared directly at the Uchiha's eyes.

"Very well. TSUKIYOMI!" said Itachi, sending the duo into the illusion world.

(Tsukiyomi world)

"Excellent. Now let us begin." Itachi said, forming some quick seals. "LOCKING SEAL RELEASE!" After he touched Konan's forehead, there was a serious change in the Origami Kunoichi. "Feeling better Konan-chan?"

"Itachi-kun, I've missed you so much!" Konan said as she embraced Itachi. "You don't know how much I hate being the servant to that idiot Pein!"

"I know Konan-chan, I know. Until I figure out how to shatter his control jutsu on you, we have to keep playing our roles." Itachi replied with a kiss. He then changed the red moon mindscape to a normal daytime field where he had a picnic set up.

"So how's Mikoto-sama? And what about Sasuke-kun and Shiori-chan?" asked Konan as she and Itachi sat down to the picnic.

"They're well. Oka-san has been doing much better now that Sasuke is back home. Plus having Shiori-chan around does lighten the load for her. I think having two boys in the home is hard enough." Itachi said, pouring some tea.

"Well that's because I'm not there to keep you in line. Besides, I bet Kasumi-chan has it hard enough keeping Sasuke-kun in shape." Konan smiled as she munched on a rice ball. "But from what you've told me Konoha seems so beautiful. I still can't believe I had to stay stuck here for Christmas."

"Trust me, you would have loved to go with us. We went to another world where there was another Naruto and his family. Strangely enough we did run into you and Pein. You were trying to steal Christmas." Itachi chuckled as he played with Konan's rose in her hair.

"Aww that makes me sound so bad! Why is it that you have to be the only one that knows I'm a good girl Itachi-kun?" Konan whined.

"Maybe because it will be so much more worth it when things are finally better." Itachi replied while he fed her some grapes. "But I know you're not good all the time. I bet you have some bad parts in you."

"Itachi! I'll have you know I'm nothing but an angel." Konan turned her head away but Itachi turned it back to look into her eyes.

"I know, you're my blue haired angel, my Hikaru no Tenshi (Angel of Light)." Itachi said solemnly.

"You call me your Angel of Light, yet you control the powers of Shadow." Konan replied. "That doesn't make much sense does it?"

"When you're in love, it doesn't have to make sense at all." Itachi said, placing his lips upon her own.

"Why do you have to be so wonderful Itachi Uchiha?" asked Konan as she snuggled up closer to Itachi.

"It's something us Uchiha males have. Not really sure what it is." Itachi replied while he stroked her hair. "But I promise I'll save you, I don't care what it takes."

"I know you will. But for now just hold me in your arms," she said as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"At least here, you're safe. Even though it's an illusion world and only seems like a second in the real world, here you are free to be the angel you should be." Itachi thought to himself as he looked upon his sleeping angel. "Pein I don't know what you've done to her, but I swear it as the Shadow Knight, I will free her from you and I will enjoy watching your worthless life end."

For the next few hours the two sat together under a warm sunset. Even though in reality all of this was happening in less than a second, Itachi did all he could to keep his angel at peace. Though he knew it couldn't last forever, all that mattered to him was his love. But of course all good things had to come to an end…

"Aww do I have to go back to being that boring old Konan?" the Origami Kunoichi definitely hated changing out of her bubbly self.

"You know we have to keep everything secret, and I still don't know how to break Pein's control jutsu over you just yet. I'm sorry tenshi, but you gotta deal with him just a little longer." Itachi said while he ran his fingers through her hair.

"Oh alright. I'll be so glad when that guy is dead." Konan pouted. "But I'm gonna miss you, you know that right?"

"I know my tenshi. But I promise you, when I finally free you for good, I'll show you the most amazing night you've ever had." Itachi smiled as he looked upon his angel.

"I know you will Itachi-kun. And as always I know it's never good-bye, just see you next time." Konan said with a kiss.

"See you next time." Itachi formed a few seals and placed his fingers on her forehead. "SHINSEI MANGEKYO SHARINGAN: MIND LOCK!" With that he locked away his angel back into the silent and obedient servant of Pein. She then collapsed as Itachi released the Tsukiyomi.

(End Tsukiyomi World)

"Konan-chan, are you ok?" asked the Uchiha.

"Yes…I am ok Itachi-san. Even though our meditation is needed, I still feel a little strained. I shall be fine." Konan replied as she slowly got to her feet. "I shall tend to Pein-sama now."

"Very well. I have my own duties to attend to." Itachi said as he helped her into her cloak. After she fastened her zori, she took her leave. But before she did, "Konan-chan, before I must leave on my next mission, I believe we should meditate once more. As Pein-sama said, he wishes us at our best."

"I agree. We shall meditate once more." Konan said in a monotone voice as she left.

"If only I knew what he and Madara were planning…" Itachi said to himself as he got his cloak. "Pein…you're in serious trouble."In another section of the base…

"I grow tired of this. Konoha is defying me again!" said Tobi, but not in his usual voice.

"Madara-sama, I understand. Currently from Itachi's report we know they now house the Kyuubi, Shichibi, and Nibi. Apparently they've made contact with Rokubi, but have not made progress with recruiting." Pein replied.

"I see. That leaves Gobi as the only one that hasn't been in contact. They aren't making this easy for us Pein, especially those Illumina Knights. To think just one of them was able to single handedly defeat Deidara and Yonbi not once but twice." Madara said as he removed the orange spiral mask. "Mind you Deidara was a needless sacrifice, but still…"

"Madara-sama, what if we were to capture one of the Illumina Knights? We could gain much knowledge from them in this war?" asked Pein.

"Yes…yes Pein that is brilliant. But now is not the time, we must bide and be patient. For now we should focus on breaking their unity. It seems that as they work together, their power grows." Madara rubbed his chin in thought. "Once we catch them at their weakest moment, we can strike and take the upper hand."

"I believe that targeting their Jounin would be a good start. The news from our agents in Konoha show that these four have grown attached to the Knights over the years." Pein took out an envelope containing pictures of Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, and Gai. "Hidan could make very short work out of these four."

"That's if he doesn't start going on his Jashin nonsense. Very well, send him and Kakuzu to do some recon in Fire Country. For now Kisame will return to Kiri with me. I can have him continue to search for the Rokubi." Madara said. "For now I want you and Konan to stay here in Ame."

"And what of Itachi and Zetsu?" asked the Rinnegan wielder.

"Zetsu is continuing the search for Gobi. As for Itachi, allow him to go as he pleases. Next to you, he is my most valuable shinobi. That and he is the only family I trust. Having my daughter Mikoto and grandson Sasuke alive will only make things troublesome." Madara instructed while he replaced his mask.

"Very well Madara-sama." Pein bowed before his leader and took his leave.

"Soon, I will control the Bijuu and this world will be mine to rule." Madara chuckled to himself.Although Akatsuki was busy planning, there were four individuals who weren't really enjoying their stay in Ame…

"I swear it once I get out of this chamber I will feed those foolish mortals to my snakes!" Screamed the Hachibi. "I still don't know how I let myself get captured in the first place."

"Heh maybe because you went back to your old ways of being conceited again?" replied Shukaku, now referred to as Hiroshi. "Even now you still act that way Shinja."

"Whatever. If we didn't have to even come down here to watch this pathetic world, we'd be fine." She trudged through the murky sealing chamber to a small bed that she claimed as her own. "If I had my Hoshi no Tama back, I'd show them just what a snake can do!"

"Hey just be glad you're not dealing with Akane-chan's kids. Remember what happened to Tsukune? Naruto whooped his chicken butt big time!" Hiroshi said.

"Whatever. I do have to say, he is a very strong fighter. The same goes for our niece Haku. I think both have been trained well." Tsukune said as he took a seat next to his brother. "And Shinja, you'd be surprised. The girl that wields your power has a lot of potential."

"Well at least you said that Mai-chan and Yugi-chan are ok." Shinja sighed as she brought her knees to her chest. "But what are we going to do to get out of this hellhole?"

"For right now it seems that we are at a loss," said the eldest of the group. "Considering they now have me captive it will make things a lot harder, especially since Akane-chan and Mai-chan are the only ones that could potentially stop my destructive power."

"Always gotta be the logical one, don't ya dork boy?" asked Shinja. "Daisuke-kun, for once can you not always think? Besides, if you're more than four times stronger than I am, how did you even get captured?"

"The Akatsuki that captured me threatened the life of my daughter Nabiki. I couldn't risk her life, or the lives of the Kame clan." Daisuke stated. "I decided to surrender, rather than watch my people die."

"You…the guy who had the worst trouble talking to girls when he was a kid actually has a kid?" Shinja couldn't believe it. She knew Daisuke was so shy around girls that he could barely talk to them.

"Of course. Though I do miss her mother. It was a shame she died when Nabiki was born." Daisuke took a small picture from his robe and showed it to his siblings. "For being only 4 years old, she's quite precocious."

"Daisuke-kun, she's beautiful." Shinja said after looking at the picture of Daisuke holding his little girl. "And she's a full demon?"

"No, she is a hanyou. But she can be a handful. For now I know she's in the care of her maternal grandmother." Daisuke said.

"I wonder…am I the only one that doesn't have any children?" asked the Hachibi. "Maybe it's even too late for me."

"Sis, look it's never too late ok. I mean once we get out of this hellhole, you'll find plenty of guys. Besides you don't have to look for another demon. I mean you see what Daisuke got, and he married a human," said Tsukune. "Besides, after all these years I think that Akane, Mai, Yugito, and Inuyasha all had good ideas by starting a clan."

"True, Now that I think about it, I wouldn't mind starting a family myself." Hiroshi said while looking at the bleak walls. "I need a good heir to carry on as the future Ichibi. I've thought about passing down my lineage to the boy I was sealed inside. I'm sure Gaara would make a strong choice now that he doesn't go psycho."

While the four Bijuu were discussing family matters Itachi entered their sealing chamber. Of course having never seen him, they didn't know that he was really the Shadow Knight.

"What do you want? Come to boast your superiority mortal?" snapped Shinja.

"He's just lucky that we're sealed and can't access our power right now, otherwise he'd die a painful death." Tsukune added.

"And look he even ignores us, such arrogance." Hiroshi commented while Itachi was making sure the chamber was fully sealed so that nothing got in, and nothing got out.

"Good, we are in complete privacy." Itachi said. "Forgive me Shinja-sama, I do apologize for the temporary accommodations you have to endure.

Shinja was a little shocked at the way she was just addressed. The person before her was in the same organization that captured her, yet he showed her respect. "Human, why do you speak to me with respect? Aren't you working to capture our brethren?"

"Forgive me again Shinja-sama, but in reality I am not as it seems." Itachi said, revealing his transformer and the Shadow Gem. "To be honest my little brother is betrothed to Akane-sama's daughter and is also the Second Prince of the Kitsune Clan."

"So you're…" Hiroshi started.

"Yes, I am on your side. I am Itachi Uchiha, the Shadow Illumina Knight. For now I am working undercover as a spy for Akane-sama. I am sorry for the harsh treatment, but I assure you we are working on a way to release you. I can say that Mai-sama and Yugito-sama are quite safe." Itachi said, getting sighs of relief from the four Bijuu.

"So why are you here Itachi?" asked Daisuke. "And I sense that you also possess my Hoshi no Tama as well."

"I do Daisuke-sama. Pein believes that by using your power, I can possibly cause a shift in power in the Bijuu Wars. Because of that he has allowed you to travel with me unsealed. Since I have your Hoshi no Tama, he thinks that you will stay in my service and be more useful to me on the field than to try and summon you each time." Itachi said while he released a special seal on Daisuke. "What I plan on doing is getting you back to Konoha to meet up with Akane-sama. From what she told me, having you, her, and Mai-sama will cause a serious power shift in our favor."

"I see, since we are currently the three most powerful Bijuu that would do much good for your faction." Daisuke said while Itachi was applying a special fake control seal.

"Not only that but Hinata-chan would be quite happy to have the chance to receive her Overdrive Power from her Bijuu." Itachi replied.

"I take it she wields the Water Illumina Power?" asked the Sanbi.

"Quite well. Plus she is a dedicated healer and alchemist. There, I have the control seal set. Do not worry, this will make everyone think I have you under an obedience seal. Once we arrive in Konoha I will remove it and return your Hoshi no Tama to you Daisuke-sama." Itachi said. "As for the others, if possible I need to get a large sample of your chakra."

"Why would you need that Itachi?" asked Hiroshi. "You can't do much without us to control the chakra."

"Actually, our advisor Dr. Sakurano has figured out a way to use your chakra. With the chakra from Shinja-sama and Tsukune-sama, we'll be able to unlock the Overdrive Forms for Ino and Chouji, the Wood and Earth Illumina Knights. In addition we'll be able to finish the elemental armor for our support team. Your niece, Akemi Uzumaki happens to wield the first of the armors thanks to Akane-sama and Kasumi-nee-chan, the Light Knight. Since we also have Mai-sama and Yugito-sama, we've now finished the Fire and Gravity armors for our support team." Itachi explained as he pulled out three scrolls.

"And you need our chakra to help make the rest of the armors for now." Hiroshi commented.

"If it means dealing with these Akatsuki freaks, then I'm all for it." Shinja started forcing her remaining chakra into one of the scrolls. "I hope these mortals are ready to burn!"

"Well we know she's ticked." Tsukune replied while he was fusing his chakra into a scroll. "Guess they're right when they say never make a snake mad."

"To be honest, I'd rather deal with Shinja-sama than another snake." Itachi spoke of the Snake Sinning.

"Oh don't get me started on that piece of crap Orochimaru. I still plan on feeding him to my most venomous snakes for stealing my summoning contract. I know Manda already hates dealing with that worthless reptile." Shinja added. "Itachi if you can, keep him alive for me as long as possible so that I can sink my fangs in him myself!"

"I'll do my best Shinja-sama, but I do know that both Naruto and Sasuke are looking to kill him as well. You might have to fight those two for the snake." Itachi chuckled as he sealed up the three scrolls. "Before I forget, let me give this to you. It's from Akane-sama." He took out another scroll from his robe and handed it to the Hachibi.

"So she wrote us a message?" Shinja unrolled the scroll also to notice a picture of the entire bunch…when all the girls were stuck as babies for a week. "Who's the kids?"

"That would be your nieces Kasumi, Haku, and Hinata, and their friends Sakura and Tenten. Was a very fun week considering those five got doused in Akane-sama's Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion." Itachi laughed. "My brother Sasuke nearly went insane dealing with two babies at once!"

"I gotta say, those girls are quite adorable." Hiroshi commented. "Looks like Naruto had his hands full."

"Whatever you big softie. Well let me see what Akane-chan wrote." Shinja began to read from the scroll.

To our wonderful siblings…that got grounded!!!!!

We always knew you guys were the troublemakers of the bunch. Hard to believe that geek Daisuke got caught too. (Love you twin brother!). As you know things are really getting tense now. Don't worry, Itachi will be able to keep you updated on everything until we find a way to free all of you. At least for now Akatsuki hasn't made contact with Inuyasha or Makoto, so things are hopefully going to fall in our favor soon. Take care, we love you and miss you.

Your sisters

Akane, Mai, and Yugito.

P.S. Shinja-chan, as crazy as it is, if you ever have to fight one of the knights, be warned, Naruto, Sasuke, and Tenten are all strong enough to easily take you out in their Overdrive forms. If you can, try to fight one of them to throw the fight in their favor. And Hiroshi, we found out that even though you're stronger, Naruto and Sasuke together could still defeat you. We're just really hoping they never have to fight Daisuke-kun because there would be no way the three of them could win alone. Take care and hopefully we'll all be back together.

P.P.S-I always knew that conceited stuckup-ness of yours would get you in trouble Snake-butt! See what happens when you don't listen to your big sister? Ha ha!!!!! And I can still charm any guy better than you ever could! Love Mai!

"Wow, looks like they told you, eh Snakey?" Tsukune said while Shinja started cringing in anger.

"The moment I see that fat chested, air headed, bird brain, I'm going to slap her lousy beak off!!!!" Shinja said in rage.

"Well they did have that one time where the three of them got into an argument over a prank you pulled when you were kids." Itachi commented.

"Oh yeah, that was a good day. Still gotta say that the chocolate pudding was a good idea Snakey." Tsukune said, while ducking eight swinging tails.

"Itachi, why couldn't I be the one you got out of this cell?" Shinja said as she went back to her bed.

"Don't worry, I promise to return as soon as I possibly can to rescue you three. Well Daisuke-sama, it's time we should take our leave." Itachi said as he moved to the exit.

"Of course Itachi, I mean Itachi-sama." Daisuke bowed in respect.

"Be careful out there you two. We'll be waiting." Hiroshi said as the two exited the sealing chamber.While Itachi was handling things in Ame at the Akatsuki base, Konoha was having problems of its own. It seems that the three Bijuu sisters were at it again…except this time…

"Shizune, remind me to have Akane burn that stupid formula for that Kitsune Rejuvenation potion!" Tsunade sighed. "I thought it was bad enough when the girls were turned into babies, but now this?"

"Oh come on Tsunade-sama. So Akane-sama and Mikoto-sama are now 16…and fighting over a 16 year old Yondaime. Mai-sama is now a 15 year old that for some reason Kiba has taken a liking to." Shizune commented.

"And let me guess…Yugito is now a 10 year old hyper cat that's now probably fighting her niece over Konohamaru!" Tsunade rubbed her head in pain.

"No, but I did hear that Udon hasn't been seen in days. Apparently he's got a fear of cats now." Shizune stated.

"Great, just great. That's all I need is more hormonal teenagers here. And what's worse is they're making out in my office!!!" Tsunade threw a bottle of sake at a plant, causing it to disappear and reveal Akane and Arashi making out.

"Arashi-kun, you know I like it when you tickle my ears right there!" Akane giggled while she was getting smothered in kisses from Arashi.

"Anything for you my foxy vixen." Arashi went back to working on Akane's neck.

"Knock it off you two!" Tsunade screamed at the two teens. "Yeesh, get a room for Kami's sake."

"Tsunade-sama, you really mean it? Come on Arashi-kun, I remember we have a very LARGE bed back at the house. I say we really break it in." Akane seductively said. Arashi was just panting like a fox. The two were about to bolt out but Tsunade stopped them.

"I don't think so you two. Have a seat!" Tsunade ordered. The two sat down on the sofa while the Sannin was pacing. "Now tell me how this happened again?"

"It was my annoying little sister, duh! Yugito thinks she's so cute because she's the baby of the bunch. I swear sometimes I wanna throw her off a cliff!" Akane replied in frustration. "First she gets Miki-chan to try and come after my Arashi-kun, then she tells Mai to hide all my clothes so I had to borrow something from Kasumi-chan, and now who knows what she's up to!"

"Akane, aren't you supposed to be the oldest girl in the group?" Tsunade asked. "That means you have to be the most responsible, you know."

"But it's not fair! For once I wanna be the girl that gets in trouble! I wanna enjoy the fun things in life!" Akane pouted. "I think you're just picking at me."

"Akane, I'm not picking at you. It's just that you actually have the most sense out of your sisters and Mikoto right now. Look, if you go through what I have planned today, I promise you can make out with Arashi all you want later…but that's it! The clothes stay on, got it!" Tsunade hoped her compromise would at least get Akane into a better mood.

"Fine. As long as Miki-chan doesn't try to put the moves on my Arashi-kun, I'm fine with it." Akane said. But that was only the beginning of the chaos.

"Down boy, now are you gonna be good for me today?" That was the lovely charm of one Mai Housenka, who apparently had Kiba with a constant stream of drool out of his mouth, probably because of the short skirt she was wearing. Couple that with the white long sleeve shirt and yellow sweater that gave Kiba enough fanservice to keep him satisfied till he was married, and you have Mai back in her teenage prime. "That's right, that's a good puppy."

"Ok, now I'm officially going to kill you Kasumi because I know somehow this is all your fault!" Haku complained as the group entered Tsunade's office.

"My fault! How is this my fault!" Kasumi snapped back. "You're blaming this on me while our aunt is making both of us look bad in your clothes!"

"You know if I could say something real quick?" Sasuke jumped in before the girls went back at it.

"What is it Sasuke-chan?" Kasumi said, trying to blow off some steam.

"How well does baby blue accent silver fox tails?" asked the Uchiha. Kasumi immediately knew what he was talking about and she smacked him through the wall with a mallet she got from somewhere unknown."

"Sasuke now is NOT a good time to make me mad!" Kasumi was infuriated. The fact that Sasuke pictured her like Mai…well she was flattered but considering that this week was not the best of times, it just really pissed her off.

"Ow…looks like someone's hit by that time of the month." Mai said when she noticed Sasuke twitching on the ground.

"You wanna be the next one on the floor, Chicken Girl??" Kasumi's eyes were burning red in fury. "Right now I'm cramped as hell, having the worst hot flashes of my life, and I feel like I could rip all of Akatsuki to pieces myself! Tempt me again and you'll find out just how pissed off I can be!!"

"Kasumi, please don't kill anyone of my ninja. I still need them you know." Tsunade said, hoping said fox girl would calm down.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY????" Kasumi exploded, causing everyone else to quickly move away from her. This girl was definitely going through Hell Week alright.

"Ok, someone is a total weeeeotch!!!" Shizune whispered to Tsunade.

"You're not kidding. You see how she knocked the hell out of Sasuke!" Tsunade whispered back. "Ok, now where's Naruto and Mikoto? They were supposed to be here as well."

"Not sure Tsunade-sama. Last we heard Naruto went to go get her at the Uchiha Mansion." Haku replied.

"Well they're late. Might as well…" Tsunade began but she soon heard the voice of one blonde haired shinobi.

"SASUKE GET YOUR MOTHER AWAY FROM ME!!!!!" Naruto screamed as he ran full speed into the Hokage's office.

"Naruto you look like you've seen death itself!" Shizune took note of him gasping for air.

"Yeah, and her name is Mikoto Uchiha! It's like she has some crazy attraction to guys with blonde hair!" Naruto said as he hid by his teenage father.

"Yeah I think it's some weird trait in Uchiha females. Something about the hair drives them wild." Arashi told his boy.

"Hey Kasumi-chan, you're gonna be her daughter in law, you stop her or something!" Naruto said from his hiding space behind Tsunade's desk.

"Oh, so you're too chicken to handle this yourself, huh? Oh yeah it's always Kasumi this and Kasumi that. Well you know what?" Kasumi was getting heated again. "DO IT YOURSELF! I'm going back home to eat a tub of chocolate ice cream."

"Kasumi…Yugito and Akemi already ate all of it." Haku said, causing the First Princess to explode yet again.

"IS THERE ANYTHING IN THIS CURSED VILLAGE THAT ISN'T MESSED UP!!!" screamed the cramping kitsune girl.

"Now I know why I said I never wanted to go back to being a teenager." Tsunade sighed once again. "Alright let's get this…"

"Narutooooooo!!! Where are you my cuddly little fox!!!" Mikoto came running in the office looking for said ninja. "Hey where's my Naruto-kun?"

"Uh Mikoto-sama, you do know he is engaged to Hinata, right?" Haku said.

"So. I'll bag him anyway. I've always wanted to shag a fox, and Akane won't share!" Mikoto turned and stuck her tongue out at Akane.

"That's because Arashi-kun is mine!" Akane retorted with the same raspberry. Of course this meant everyone else was free to start bickering at each other again.

"I swear…I hate teenagers." Tsunade said in grief.So Itachi's in love with Konan, Konan's not really a Pein worshipping zombie, and Itachi now has Daisuke and his abilities. And just what the heck happened in Konoha that turned Arashi, Akane, Mai, Mikoto, and Yugito into kids???? And will poor Kasumi ever get a tub of chocolate ice cream to help with her awful cramps!!!! Find out next chapter!!!

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