The Bijuu Wars

Some days you just want to stay in bed

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Chapter 14: Some days you just want to stay in bed

Tsunade sat in her office, wondering why she took the job of Hokage in the first place. Some days it was good, and some days it was just hell on earth. But today was one of those days that she really didn't want to exist. Right now she had to deal with a whole horde of insane hormonal teenagers...and 4 of them had only been teens for like 2 hours!!!

"Why is it that all my stress comes from you guys?" asked the Sannin as she stared at the teens. "Seriously, are you trying to kill me early?"

"Look it's not our fault! Yugito's the one that caused it!" Mai whined. "Why is it that everyone thinks we're all the ones that did it?"

"Let me remind you...the first time something like this happened, I had 5 baby kunoichi driving all of us nuts." Tsunade began. "Haku, you can stop sucking your thumb now."

"So that hasn't worn off yet, give me a break!!!" Haku complained as she took her thumb out of her mouth.

"Next I end up having an entire training field destroyed because you three ended up wanting to prank everyone, which we all found out turned out badly for you girls." Tsunade continued. "And now I've got my predecessor making out with his wife, his wife's best friend now has a crazy fling for blond headed guys, one of which is engaged!"

"Speaking of which, where is that cute Naruto! Narutooooo!!!!" Mikoto called out. "Where are you sweetie?" Of course Naruto was still hiding under Tsunade's desk for fear of glompage.

"Mikoto, sit down! As I was saying, in addition to you three, I gotta deal with Miss Diva over there, and I have a 10 year old cat girl who's probably looking to cause more trouble than any of you!" Tsunade added.

"It's not my fault I'm so popular. So the boys think I'm cute." Mai tossed her hair back and instantly had Kiba at her feet. And of course he was already drooling! "Aw you're so sweet Kiba-kun! Just like a big puppy!"

"Mai you're worse than Ino was in her Sasuke-fangirl phase!" Tsunade said. "But enough about that. And to top all of this off, I got one kitsune who's probably out to kill any guy that pisses her off because she's PMSing so badly!!"

"I AM NOT!!!!" Kasumi screamed. She was going to punch the wall, but ended up punching Sasuke in the face, knocking him through another wall.

"Ok, Kasumi, Naruto, Sasuke, Haku, and Kiba, you five keep an eye on Mikoto, Arashi, Akane, and Mai until the potion wears off. And if you find Yugito, do whatever it takes to keep her from driving the rest of us nuts." Tsunade said.

"So I still get to make out with Arashi-kun?" asked Akane while she played with Arashi's ears.

"Like I said, keep the clothes on and you can do whatever the heck you want!" Tsunade proceeded to get them all out of her office. "And for Kami's sake get Kasumi some chocolate ice cream before you get home!"

"I better get an extra large tub of ice cream." Kasumi stormed out after grabbing an unconscious Sasuke from his tails. "Let's go Sasuke!"

"Ok, stay clear of her and keep her away from sharp weapons." Haku made a mental note as she and the others left.

"Naruto you can come out now. Mikoto's gone." Tsunade told the Uzumaki heir and he slowly crawled out from under her desk.

"I swear Uchiha females are insane!" Naruto dusted himself off. "Now baa-chan, can you please give me a mission outside of the village until this is all over? Or at least have me do guard duty at Hina-chan's house?"

"Sorry Naruto, but I need you here. Look someone's gotta keep Arashi in line so he doesn't end up sucking on Akane's neck all day! Listen, after Sasuke pulls himself together, you three go train for a while. And take Kiba with you." Tsunade told him.

"Honestly Mai wore that skirt way too high. I think she was intending to give some guy a show. Though why it had to be Kiba, I'll never know." Naruto said.

"Oh whatever Naruto. I know good and well you got a good look and probably started picturing Hinata looking like that." Tsunade replied. "Don't lie now."

"Hey I wasn't the one picturing her like that." Naruto said. "It was actually Natsumi. Apparently she got the perverted side of me. Whatever though, I'll stay with them and keep them out of trouble." Of course inside Naruto's mind, Natsumi was trying to hide the small nosebleed she had while Inner Hinata couldn't stop laughing. He took his leave knowing it was gonna be a day he should have stayed in bed.

"Natsumi??? Never would have thought she'd be the perverted one." Tsunade thought to herself as she went back to her work.

As Tsunade went back to her work, and Naruto to make his way back to the group in hopes of surviving Mikoto's fangirlish-ness, Mai had other plans for the day.

"Ok losers, I'm outta here. Ino-chan and Sakura-chan are waiting for me at the mall and this girl is ready to shop!" Mai cheered as she started to the mall.

"Mai-chan you can't go! Tsunade-sama said we have to stay together today and try to keep Yugito from going crazy." Akane tried the responsible bit, but that wasn't working.

"Look Akane, we both know that I don't wanna hang out here, and you don't wanna spend all day with these losers. So why don't we do this? I'll go to the mall and shop till I drop, thanks to Arashi-kun's nice little credit card, while you go and find a nice little corner and show him why you're called the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Mai winked, letting Akane know exactly what she meant.

"Losers, what the!!! Who are you calling a loser, Chicken girl?" Kasumi snapped. "You're lucky I don't blast you into oblivion!"

"Kasumi, you seem to're just a half demon. I'm the most powerful Fire Demon in existence! So why don't you take your snappy little attitude and go home because you'd never be able to beat me, even if I sealed 6 tails worth of chakra." Mai was definitely getting heated, so much that the ground actually started to get hot itself. "Or do you really think your pathetic little Light powers could stand up to me? I seem to remember that I even wiped the floor with your precious little boyfriend even after he was in Overdrive, and you can't do that, can you?" Oh that really pissed Kasumi off big time!

"You know what, I don't care! I'll still kick your sorry butt back to that lame village of yours, Overdrive or not!" Kasumi issued her challenge, not knowing that it was her mood swings talking. "You and me, three days from now at the Chuunin Stadium."

"Bring it on foxy girl. I hope you're ready to get burned!" Mai was all attitude with her hands on her hips. In a few days there was gonna be a Konoha Chick fight like none other!

"Whatever chickenhead. Just be ready to bring it!" With that Kasumi took her leave and headed back home.

"Little girl needs to learn when not to play with fire." Mai flipped her hair in arrogance.

"Mai what's wrong with you! Are you trying to kill her or something?" Akane smacked her sister in the arm. "You didn't have to rub that in her face."

"Akane, I'm not gonna have some stuck up little princess think she can get the best of me. I'm not only a better fighter but do you see this package? I'm ten times sexier than she'll ever be. Honestly Sasuke would be better off with me than her." Mai replied. "I'll kick her sorry tails and then I'll have fun with Sasuke-kun. Now as for me, I have a mall calling. Ciao!" She then skipped off to meet Ino and Sakura at the mall.

"Yeesh, what a bitch! Was she always like this as a teenager?" asked Haku.

"Not all the time, but I think Kasumi being on her period had something to do with it. My guess is the mood swings somehow hit Mai at the same time." Akane sighed in grief. "Let's just get back home. Honestly I wanted to take her advice and go make out with Arashi-kun, but now I'm not really in the mood."

"Fine with me. You know I wonder where Mikoto went to?" asked Arashi before Akane snapped him back to reality.

"You are NOT to hang around that girl, you hear me?" Akane commanded.

"Ok ok! Fine I'll let Naruto deal with her. But I wonder...does Hinata know about this?" asked Arashi.

"Doubt it." Akane said.

Well the rest of them returned home only to find out...the place looked like a warzone!

"What the hell happened here?" Haku asked as she saw the living room look like hell.

"I have two words..." Akane grumbled.

"What two words?" Haku questioned.

"Yugito Nii." replied the Kyuubi.

On the other side of Konoha...

"Achoo!" Yugito sneezed.

"You ok Yugi-chan?" asked Akemi while she was eating an ice cream cone.

"I think someone was talking about me." replied the Nibi. "So Konohamaru, when are you gonna take me to Udon-kun's house!"

"Uh, I think he's gonna be out for a while, something about being allergic to cats." Konohamaru stuttered out.

"Maru-kun! You know she likes him. Why are you trying to hide him?" Akemi asked.

"I'm not! Honestly!" Konohamaru said in his defense.

"Well, we'll find him later Yugi-chan." Akemi said. "But I gotta say I liked that pillow war we had in the house! That was so much fun! Now you're sure that Oka-san won't be mad, right?"

"Of course! I know Akane-chan. She'll be too busy making out with her boyfriend or making sure Mai doesn't do anything stupid." Yugito replied. "But I got a lot more pranks to pull on those two. Hey Akemi-chan, do you know how to make clothes shrink in the washing machine?"

"No, I don't even know how to wash clothes." Akemi replied.

"Well I figure tonight we'll do a little special job for Akane and Mai. Wonder how they'll like it when I shrink all of their underwear in the washing machine!" Yugito laughed. "Then I'll put blue dye in Akane's shampoo, and pink dye in Mai's shampoo!"

"Isn't that a little mean?" asked the smallest Uzumaki.

"Akemi-chan, hasn't Kasumi or Haku picked on you for being the baby of the bunch?" Akemi started having flashbacks in her head. Even though Haku and Kasumi were two of the best sisters to her ever, they did pick on her, prank her, and even got her grounded a few times for stuff they did.

"We better get Kasumi and Haku as well. I want some payback!" Akemi was in new spirits as she and her aunt were beginning their reign of terror!

"I'm just gonna go home. Talk to you later Kemi-chan!" Konohamaru gave his girlfriend a quick kiss, then turned and ran the other way back to his house.

"Akemi-chan...let the payback begin." Yugito said as lightning and thunder began to flash and rumble in the background.

As for Naruto....

"Whew, luckily Mikoto isn't here. I swear I thought I'd never get away from her! Honestly, Sasuke's mom was insane as a teenager." Naruto said to himself while he was walking home. "Man I really hope that potion wears off." His mind was wandering, not knowing that he accidentally bumped into someone. Luckily though it was his favorite person.

"Naru-chan, are you ok?" Hinata said after Naruto bumped into her.

"Hina-chan, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." Naruto helped her up off the ground. "I'm fine, but are you ok?"

"Yeah, nothing hurt. Naru-chan, you look depressed? What's the matter?" asked Hinata.

"It's Sasuke's mom! Apparently after she got a dose of that Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion, she's been after me all day! She tried going after Otou-san, but Oka-san kept her off him. And because I look like him now, I'm her target!" Naruto said. "I mean you'd think she'd back off knowing that I'm engaged to you, but she said she didn't care!"

"Aww poor Naru-chan. Listen why don't I make my special prince feel better and cheer him up." Hinata said as she wrapped her arms around him.

"You always know how. And you wore that lavender fragrance." Naruto said, taking in the wonderful scent.

"I know it's your favorite." Hinata giggled as she placed her lips upon his. The two stayed there in embrace feeling the warmth of each other's breath. However what Naruto didn't know was that he wasn't kissing Hinata!!!! She was actually on her way to meet Naruto when she saw him kissing some unknown girl!!

"Naruto..." Hinata couldn't believe it! Her fiancé was cheating on her with another girl! "How could he!!!" After that sight she turned and ran back to her house in tears.

" all I have to do is go in for the kill and Naruto-chan is all mine!" Mikoto thought to herself. She actually trapped Naruto in a Sharingan Genjutsu and made herself look like Hinata! Since she knew that Hinata always wore a lavender fragrance, she wore one to mask her own scent and confuse him even more! But before she left, she made sure to set up Naruto...

"Naru-chan, I gotta run. I'll see you soon, ok." said the Hinata-disguised Mikoto. "I love you."

"I love you too Hina-chan." Naruto kissed her once again and headed home.

Back at the Hyuuga estate...

"HE WHAT!!" Neji screamed. "You have to be kidding me!"

"No, I saw it with my own eyes! He was liplocked with some other girl! I can't believe Naruto would do this to me!" Hinata was in her bedroom sobbing her eyes out.

"Wait, something just isn't right. Why would he go after another girl?" Neji was sure something wasn't right, but he figured he'd investigate before killing Naruto.

"I don't know, I mean I've been the best fiancée I could to him. I'm faithful, I love him with all my heart, but could he!" Poor Hinata was heartbroken. To think that her longtime love would suddenly do this to her.

"Look I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Something isn't right." Neji said. Listen why don't you call Kasumi and talk to her.

"I'm just gonna go to bed. I really wanna be alone right now." sobbed Hinata.

Neji took his leave and went back to his room. This was very strange for Naruto to want to cheat on Hinata. Best thing he could do was to call Haku and see if anything strange was going on.

"Hello, Uzumaki residence." Haku answered the phone.

"Haku-chan, it's Neji." Neji said. "I have something really strange to tell you."

"What is it Neji-kun?" asked the Ice Princess.

"Hinata just came home in tears. She said that she saw Naruto kissing another girl." Neji said. Of course Haku had an explosive reaction like he did. "Listen, don't say anything just yet. But I think something is really strange here. Have you seen Naruto with any other girls?"

"Unless you count the normal gang, not at all. I mean today Tsunade-sama assigned us a mission to stay with Otou-san, Oka-san, Mikoto-sama, Aunt Mai and Aunt Yugito, but that's all." Haku told him. "Apparently they were all victim to the Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion."

"I see. Well don't say anything for now. I think we should keep an eye on him just to make sure." Neji advised.

"Alright Neji-kun. I'll do that. Talk to you later." Haku said as she hung up the phone. Just as she hung up Naruto came home. "Naruto-kun, I thought you were still out with Kiba."

"Not really. I've been trying to stay away from Mikoto-sama. I did run into Hina-chan though." Naruto said as he sat down on the couch.

"How's she doing? She wasn't upset about anything, was she?" Haku figured she'd pry into Naruto to get more information.

"No way. I mean I did bump into her and thought she was hurt, but she was ok. I did tell her about how insane things were going around here." Naruto replied while he was changing the channels.

"Alright then. I'm gonna go work on dinner tonight since Oka-san won't wanna cook since she's still making out with Otou-san." Haku said while she headed to the kitchen.

"Kay. Lemme know if you need help." Naruto said while keeping his focus on the TV.

"Something is not right here. Neji said Hinata was in tears, but Naruto said she was fine." Haku thought to herself while she started getting things out for dinner. "I better keep an eye on him."

A few hours had passed, Mai finally returned with a massive load of clothes, and Kasumi was up in her room still being moody. Sasuke finally came out of his mini coma, so he and Shiori decided to check up on their love of their life.

"Hey feeling better, princess?" Sasuke asked as he walked in Kasumi's room. She had her TV on and she was pigging out on a very large tub of chocolate ice cream.

"Oh, hi Sasuke." Kasumi said downheartedly. Sasuke was pretty shocked when she didn't call him Sasuke-chan. "I feel miserable. These cramps are unbearable, and I just wanna cry right now."

"Look it'll be ok. I'm sure that pain can't be as bad as a Chidori in your shoulder?" Sasuke tried to cheer her up, but it didn't seem like it was happening.

"You think it's just gonna go away just like that! How could you be so mean, you insensitive jerk!" Kasumi was in tears over his comment, almost as if he stabbed her in the chest with a knife. "I thought you loved me!"

"But I do! I mean I'm here trying to cheer you up!" Sasuke started freaking out over Kasumi's sobbing.

"NO YOU AREN'T!!! You don't care anymore!!!! WAAA!!!!!" Kasumi was bawling her eyes out.

"Ok Sasuke, you go home and I'll stay and keep Kasumi-chan company." Shiori pushed Sasuke out of the way and went over to comfort her silver tailed girlfriend. "It's ok Kasumi-chan, I know he's insensitive."

"What did I do??" Sasuke was really out of the loop now. "I thought I was being nice!"

"Sasuke, it's a girl thing ok." Shiori was really trying to get him out. "And I mean a BIG girl thing! Go hang out with Naruto, go home, whatever!"

"Alright! Yeesh!" Sasuke said as he closed Kasumi's door.

"Why does he have to be so mean?" Kasumi whined into Shiori's arms.

"Don't blame him Kasumi-chan, he just doesn't understand us girls." Shiori did her best to soothe Kasumi's pain. "Hey, you look like hell. Why don't you get a nice hot bath, and I'll make sure the bed is ready so you can get some sleep."

"Are you gonna stay with me tonight Shiori-chan?" asked the kitsune heir.

"Of course. I'm not gonna leave my princess alone when she feels bad. You can cuddle up to me tonight. Now go on and get the bath ready. I'll come in and scrub your back for you too." Shiori wiped a few tears from Kasumi's eyes and knew she was feeling better.

"Thanks for being nice to me Shiori-chan." Kasumi sat up and started to make her way to her bathroom.

"That's because I love you, princess!!" Shiori said. "Now to get this bed ready. She'll need some extra heat so I'll keep some fire energy around her so her muscles can relax tonight, and what better way for her to get that heat than from me."

"Ok so maybe we should wait on Kasumi-chan. She's really not feeling good." Akemi overheard Kasumi in her room so hopefully Yugito wouldn't want to go through with the prank on her.

"Aw, ok then. But we're still getting Haku, right?" asked the nekomata.

"You bet. So what do we need to get first?" Akemi hoped Yugito had a good idea.

"What we're gonna do is this. After they all go to sleep, we'll sneak in and grab all of their underwear. Then we'll put it all in the washing machine and shrink it all!" Yugito said cunningly. "After that, we'll put the dye in their shampoo, and then…" Yugito whispered something in Akemi's ear that caused the fur on her tails to stand on end!

"No way! Even that's harsh!" Akemi was shocked to hear what Yugito planned. "I love it!"

"Luckily Akane-chan showed me how to make it work at a later time. They won't know what hit them!"

"Wow Yugi-chan, you're really fun!" Akemi said as the two headed into Akemi's room for more plotting.

So the night moved forward, dinner was a mess, and so was the kitchen. But when the house is full of teenagers…well it wasn't like that place got cleaned up. Turning in for the night was an even worse job!

"What do you mean I can't stay in my own room!" Akane cried. "But that's where my bed is!"

"I didn't say you couldn't stay there. I just said I'm gonna be in there with you! Otou-san can have my room for tonight." Haku stated clearly. "Tsunade-sama's orders you know."

"What does she think we're going to do in there?" Akane asked.

"Oh I have an idea, and it would have ended up with me freezing the entire room!" Haku retorted after remembering the past escapades of her parents.

"Fine. Good night everyone." Akane said as everyone went to their respective rooms. Though one couple was definitely going to get some closeness tonight…

"So do you want a pair of my pajamas Shiori-chan? I know you didn't bring anything." Kasumi said after she crawled in her bed. Considering she had started getting hit with cold flashes, she ended up wearing some thick sweatpants and an oversize sweatshirt, and she was still cold!

"Nope, I have everything covered. You're gonna need a lot of heat on you to help ease those cramps and I have the perfect remedy." Shiori walked out of Kasumi's bath in one of her bath robes after she had a shower. "Want to see what that remedy is?" Shiori untied the sash of her robe and let it drop to the floor. The next thing Kasumi was staring at was…

"I…uh…I mean…oh my god, you're hot!" There Kasumi was staring face to face with a completely naked Shiori. To think a girl that manifested from Sasuke would look this good! Her curves were fully developed from head to toe. Shiori even saw a very slight glint of red from Kasumi's nose.

"Yep and I plan to use all this heat to keep you nice and comfy." Shiori jumped in and got under the blankets next to Kasumi. "Now come here princess and snuggle up to me." She pulled Kasumi close and started using her fire energy to warm the kitsune girl. What really added an effect of pleasure was when Kasumi got close to Shiori's chest, which felt just like a pillow to her.

"So warm and soft. Thanks Shiori-chan." Kasumi felt the heat rush through her and she felt the pain from her cramping start to go down.

"Sweet dreams my princess." Shiori pulled Kasumi's lips to her own, locking them together for a small late night make out session. Kasumi was so caught up with all the heat from Shiori that she didn't notice her own hand move around to Shiori's back. Of course Shiori really put on the moves when she used one of her tails to slide that hand down…namely to a left cheek! That caused Kasumi to jump, knowing her female version fiancé was really making the moves on her! "A little bonus gift to give you sweet dreams." And before it could get any hotter, Shiori pressed a pressure point on Kasumi's neck, putting her to sleep instantly. "And hopefully, you'll be able to make my dream come true soon Kasumi-chan."

Now as for Yugito and Akemi…

"Geez what is Aunt Mai wearing, strings?" Akemi said to herself as she cleaned out Mai's underwear drawer…which was full of very skimpy thongs. "You'd think she'd have some modesty."

"Akemi, you got everything?" Yugito said as she came out of Akane's room with a large basket full of her sister's panties and bras.

"Yeah, I already took the basket with Haku's down to the laundry room." Akemi said as she came out with another large basket. "Man I really wanted to get Kasumi-chan too."

"I know, but she's really feeling bad, so it's ok to be nice to her. Now come on, I wanna show you just what we're gonna do." Yugito said as the two headed downstairs. They got to the laundry room and Yugito went to work. "First we throw everything into the machine at once."

"Will we be able to get all of this in here?" Akemi wasn't sure how she was going to get three very large loads of panties in one machine. "Also aren't you supposed to sort them by color or something?"

"Well yeah when you're doing laundry the normal way. Right now we're gonna mix it all together, add some soap and a lot of bleach." Yugito was pouring in the detergent and ended up draining a full bottle of bleach into the machine. "Then we set it to hot water. That's going to really make the colors run!"

"Wow Yugi-chan, you gotta show me a lot more on how to prank my older sisters." Akemi was actually having fun with all this. "We also gotta teach this to Hanabi-chan. I know Hina-chan probably picks on her sometimes too."

"Oh we will." Yugito turned on the machine and let the chaos begin. "We will."

The next morning….

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" Mai screamed from her bathroom. "My hair is all…it's all…I LOOK LIKE SAKURA!!!" After getting out of the shower, her bright blue hair was now hot pink…just like Sakura! "When I find out who did this I'm going to kill them!"

So she was fuming, but that didn't mean the chaos was done…

"You have to be kidding me? What kind of sick freak would do this!!!" Haku was trying her hardest to find at least one pair of underwear that wasn't either color stained or shrunk!

"Uh, Haku-chan, I know this may sound a little bad…" Akane slowly walked in to Haku's room feeling quite bashful herself; considering all she had on was the towel she wrapped herself in after her shower. "Uh, do you…um, well that is…"

"Let me guess, all of your bras and panties are now WAY too small and color stained too?" Haku said, figuring Mai got hit just as bad as well. "Sorry, whoever got you got me too. And what happened to your hair?"

"I think it was the same thing that happened to Mai-chan. Honestly this color is really bad on me." Akane looked absolutely miserable. When she was a teen, she did have strawberry pink hair, it wasn't as pink as Sakura's but she loved it that way because it brought out her eye color and her tail color, and now she had an ugly blue color. (A/N When Akane and Mai were teens, they were comparable to Moka and Kurumu from Rosario+Vampire, thus Mai flipping out at pink hair and Akane feeling miserable with blue hair.)

"Look, maybe it's just a one day thing. It will probably wash out eventually." Haku told her teenage mother. "Well, I guess someone's gotta do this." She changed into her Illumina Form and went to go wake up Arashi.

"Why did you go into your Illumina Form?" asked the Kyuubi?

"You don't have any underwear, Aunt Mai probably doesn't have any, and I don't have any. Someone's gotta go shopping for us, and I doubt you two wanna go into town while going commando." Haku said, definitely causing Akane to blush. "So just stay here, keep a robe on, and try not to fall out or anything."

"I guess trying to make out with Arashi-kun wouldn't be too good either." Akane commented to herself.

"Yeah, you might be right about that. Now I just hope Aunt Mai didn't melt his credit card. That and hopefully Konoha's Secrets is open this early. That and hopefully Kasumi didn't suffer the same fate." Haku said.

Speaking of Kasumi…

"That sleep really felt good. Shiori-chan really knows how to make those cramps go away." She stretched her arms only to find out she wasn't wearing the sweatshirt she had on last night. Matter of fact she soon found out all she was wearing was a pair of panties.

"Nice to see you're feeling better princess." Shiori had just come from the bathroom and was in the same robe from last night. "You're probably wondering why you're almost naked, right?"

"Yeah you could say that." Kasumi replied after she pulled her blankets over her for a little modesty.

"Since I kept you close to me last night, I could feel your body temperature. You started sweating really badly, so I undressed you. I wanted to go a little further, but I think that can wait until you're feeling 100 percent again." Shiori explained. "I do have to say, your skin is really soft against my own."

"I uh, well, um...wait why is my side of the bed soaking wet? Was I burning up and sweating that badly?" Kasumi soon noticed how damp it was.

"You were, but that was also after I noticed you tossing around. My guess is that your cramps were probably causing some pretty bad dreams for you. So I remedied that." Shiori said while she began to brush her hair. "You know that little point at the end of your tails?"

"What did you do?" Kasumi started to blush again.

"Well just a little bit of heat really loosens you up, but a lot of heat and you were screaming Sasuke's name in your sleep. I had to put up a quick soundproofing seal so no one would hear you. It's a shame because I really wanted to do that to you while you were awake…and I did feel a little bad that it wasn't my name you were screaming." Shiori said. "And I didn't go any further because I also know you're waiting until your wedding night before you give yourself to Sasuke."

"Shiori-chan, I…" Kasumi was about to speak but Shiori put her finger to the kitsune girl's lips.

"Kasumi-chan, there's something we have to talk about. Now's not a good time, but it does concern the future of our relationship. It's not bad, but there's a lot that I need to tell you and I hope in time you will hear me out." Shiori replied. "For now I got the bath ready for you. I added some special bath salts to keep your muscles relaxed. We don't want those cramps coming back now." With that she pulled her finger away and placed her lips upon Kasumi's, allowing her tongue to play with Kasumi's for just a second. "In the bath with you now. I'll go check on breakfast and then I'll be back up to wash your back, ok? After that we have training. You do have that match with Mai in two days, so you need to be ready." Shiori then left Kasumi's room, leaving Kasumi in a mess of confusion.

"She was upset that I didn't scream out her name?" Kasumi finished undressing and got into her bathtub, letting the hot water wash upon her body. "But last night when she kissed me and moved my hand…it was almost as if she wanted to go a lot further with me. I know she and Sasuke-chan are the same person in a sense, but…what if she's truly developing into her own person? And what if she wants a relationship like the one I have with Sasuke?"

So the rest of the morning was needless to say, interesting. Kasumi stayed confused most of the morning about Shiori, Akane kept her make out sessions to a minimum, Haku was frustrated with having to do underwear shopping in her Illumina Form, Mai was ready to burn the house down to find out who pranked her and Naruto…

"Ok, so she's mad…I don't know why, but she's mad." Naruto came inside with a very nice black eye.

"Naruto what the heck happened to you? You look like Ero-sennin after Tsunade-sama got mad at him again." Haku said.

"It was Hinata…I don't know what happened but when I went to see her this morning she called me a complete jerk and hit me with one hell of a haymaker." Naruto took some ice from the fridge and placed it on his eye. "She said she saw me kissing some girl yesterday and told me she never wanted to speak to me again."

"Well were you?" Kasumi asked.

"No! After we left Baa-chan's office, I ended up trying to get back home away from Mikoto, then I ran into Hinata, but she said she didn't remember running into me?" Naruto explained. "I don't know what the hell is going on."

"So she's mad at you, but you don't remember doing anything bad…yeah that doesn't sound right." Akane said. "Just give her some time and maybe things will get better."

"I hope so." Naruto said as he heard the doorbell. "I guess I'll get that." He went to the door and there was Hinata with a smile on her face.

"Hi Naru-chan how…" she began when she saw his face. "What happened to you!"

"Hina-chan, you don't remember? You let me have it because you said I was kissing another girl?" Naruto said in confusion.

"Oh uh, that. I'm sorry, I wasn't feeling like myself this morning and I took it out on you. Can you forgive me?" asked the Hyuuga princess.

"Of course Hina-chan. Say do you wanna come in for some breakfast?" Naruto welcomed her in and the two headed to the kitchen.

"Feeling better this morning Hina-chan?" Kasumi asked. "You seemed like you were really mad at Naruto."

"I guess it was a mood swing. Looks like you're not the only one going through Hell Week." Hinata said while she munched on a piece of toast.

"I guess not." Kasumi said while she continued her breakfast.

Breakfast kept up as normal with Haku starting to get very suspicious. Why would Hinata rip into Naruto the way she did, only to come over and apologize. Something was definitely not right. After breakfast Naruto and Hinata left to go into town while Kasumi went over to train with Sasuke and Shiori. Though things were about to get complicated even more…

"Where is that sorry fox!" An enraged Hinata burst through the doors of the Uzumaki compound ready to kill someone.

"Hinata! What the…what are you doing back here? We just saw you leave with Naruto over an hour ago!" Akane said.

"I've only seen Naruto one time this morning and that was when I gave that cheating loser the black eye! And now I see him kissing up on that girl again in the park!" Hinata was enraged, surely enough.

"What girl? Naruto only talks about you! Why would he do something like this?" Arashi said.

"It's because he didn't! The girl who kissed him did!" Haku said, realizing what was going on.

"Tell me who she is!" Hinata said. "I want to rip her in half for what she's doing to my Naruto!"

"In due time Hinata. However I think we should let your rage build up a little bit more, and then you'll get one hell of a fight!" Haku said with a plan.

Two days later…

Mai was prepped to get this fight over with. After Kasumi challenged her three days ago, she was ready to beat the living daylights out of that kitsune girl! But Kasumi wasn't about to back down from this. After the hell she had been through she was ready to shut that teenage chicken up!

"So you're actually gonna fight me? This is going to be way too easy." Mai was already dressed in her battle kosode and hakama, and she looked like she could care less about Kasumi. "I hope you're ready to get permanently burned little girl!"

"Oh I'll show you what it means to get burned." Kasumi said with a frozen glare.

"Ok you two, no holds barred. When it looks like there's an obvious winner, I'll call the match." Sasuke said as he was the official. "Now begin!"

While the fight began, Naruto was trying to hurry to the stadium. Hinata had met up with him and the two were running late, but they weren't going in the stadium just yet.

"Sorry Hina-chan, I didn't mean to make us so late!" Naruto said as the two were running up to the entrance.

"It's ok Naru-chan, there's no need to…" Hinata said but she soon stopped when she and Naruto came face to face with Haku…and Hinata!!!!!

"Took you two long enough to get here. My friend was getting a little antsy. I told her she'd be able to get some serious stress relief in." Haku said as the Hinata she was standing beside cracked her knuckles. "I think you have a lot of explaining to do Mikoto!"

"Mikoto! What the hell!" Naruto said as the genjutsu around him dissipated and he was now standing beside said head of the Uchiha clan.

"So you figured it out, didn't you?" Mikoto replied. "You just couldn't keep your nose out of trouble and let me have Naruto all to myself!"

"Of course not. Considering my brother is already engaged to a very wonderful person, and the fact that I don't like seeing my family hurt says a lot!" Haku snapped back. "Now I'd normally intervene, but I think the real Hinata has some words for you."

"Like she'll…" Mikoto started to say when Hinata used Shunshin to appear right behind her…with a loaded Rasengan!

"Time for you to do some explaining!" Hinata slammed the Rasengan into Mikoto's back, launching her at high speed through the entrance corridor and into the stadium where Kasumi and Mai had begun their fight. Before she took off after Mikoto she looked at Naruto and made sure to let him know she was pissed. "Naruto, I'll deal with you later." With that she took off to begin her beatdown of Mikoto Uchiha.

"Haku, what the hell was going on?" Naruto said in confusion.

"For once Naruto, this is not your fault at all. Mikoto had you trapped in the Shinsei Mangekyo Sharingan and made herself look like Hinata. Also because she's a stealth master, she easily masked her own scent to be identical to Hinata's. That's why you couldn't tell by scent. Her plan was to make Hinata think you were cheating on her and have you two break up so that she could get you all to yourself!" Haku explained.

"You mean…I was making out with Sasuke's mom!!!" Naruto flipped out over what he just heard. "Great, Hinata really is going to kill me."

"I doubt it. She's more pissed at Mikoto than you. But let's get in there. I can't wait to see this beatdown!" Haku said in haste.

Back in the stadium, everyone saw Mikoto come crashing in after Hinata's Rasengan. Then when they saw Hinata, that's when it started going crazy.

"Miki-chan! She was the one manipulating Naruto!" Akane said in surprise. "This is just great. My sister is going in an all out fight against my daughter, and my best friend manipulated my son! Why did I have to leave that stupid potion around?"

"Hey don't feel so bad my vixen. I'm sure the girls just have to blow off some steam. Give them a few and everything will be all better." Arashi said, hoping to calm her down.

"Arashi, did you forget? Even though Mai and Mikoto are teenagers, they're teenagers with a LOT of fighting experience! Hinata's dealing with the most powerful Sharingan user in Konoha while Kasumi is taking on the Bijuu of Fire! With all of this raging estrogen, that's not gonna be a cat fight down there, it's gonna be an all out war!" Akane explained. "Kasumi and Hinata are severely at a disadvantage even if they pulled out everything in their entire arsenal!"

"So it's bad, huh?" Arashi said.

"Honestly I just wanted to stay in bed today." Akane sighed.Down on the battlefield…

Mai and Kasumi…

"Look at you; it stinks knowing you can't even hit me because I can fly." Mai was hovering over Kasumi with her red flaming wings. "And this is all using just half of one tail of energy."

"Shut up you pathetic bird!" Kasumi launched a volley of light blasts, but Mai was still one step ahead. Even though Mai was in a teenage body, she retained all of her fighting experience and ability. And the fact that she was only using so little of her power and still hadn't taken a hit from Kasumi was saying a lot.

"I told you, I outclass you in everything! Now see how you like this little move." Mai engulfed her entire body in white flame. "PHOENIX SKY ATTACK!" She instantly entered a dive and shot at Kasumi full speed.

"That won't beat me. STARBURST GRENADE!" Kasumi launched a light grenade at the flaming Shichibi but before it could make contact, the heat from Mai's flame dissipated the light grenade.

"Told you it wouldn't work!" Mai screamed as she crashed into Kasumi with full force. She continued the assault with a volley of flame charged strikes, causing some serious burns on Kasumi. "Now why don't you shut your face and stay down!" Mai then struck with a vicious flaming kick that knocked Kasumi halfway across the stadium.

"Ok, that was painful." Kasumi said as she felt the burns all over her body. "But this pain isn't as bad as the cramps I was having earlier this week." She got back to her feet and knew it was time to turn up the intensity. Though she did wish she had Overdrive right about now. "Guess it's time to give her a little payback.

With Hinata and Mikoto…

"So you sneaky little tramp! Where do you get off trying to steal my fiancé?" Chakra was flaring from Hinata's eyes as she was about to really open a very large can of whoop ass upon Mikoto.

"That was easy. I planned to give Naruto a much better girl. Why would he want some dinky little heir to a clan, when he could have a clan head all to himself?" Mikoto replied as she activated her Sharingan. "Everything was perfect until Haku got in the way."

"Do you even know what you're saying? You tried to steal your son's best friend's fiancée away from him! Don't you have the least bit of shame?" Hinata snapped back.

"All's fair in love and war, princess." Mikoto replied without a care. "Now let's see how you handle the most powerful Sharingan in existence!"

"Fine…I'll show you the power of the Byakugan." With that Hinata summoned her Star Prism Transformer…and threw it to the ground. "I don't even need to use Illumina Power to beat you."

"It's your funeral." Mikoto said as she began her charge.

"Bring it on bimbo!" Hinata slid into a modified Juuken stance, ready to strike the Uchiha down.

Tsunade had gotten word of the pre staged battle and made her way to the stadium.

"Naruto, Haku, what in Kami's name is going on!" she demanded.

"How do we put this? Apparently Mai's ego got out of control and Kasumi ended up challenging her to a fight." Akane started to explain.

"Just like your sister to pick a fight with a PMSing Kitsune Princess." Tsunade said in grief. "So I take it they've just gotten started?"

"Yeah, but that's not all! Take a look at that!" Arashi pointed over to the second battle with Hinata and Mikoto.

"Why do I get the feeling that one is Naruto's fault?" Tsunade said.

"For once…it's not. He actually didn't do anything wrong." Akane told her.

"Akane, get rid of that rejuvenation formula when you get the chance…please!" Tsunade said. "It's bad enough with the real teenagers, but the rest of you are too much!"

"Yeah well, at least you didn't wake up one morning to find all your bras and panties had been shrunk in the wash." Akane said in grief. "I know Yugito was behind that somehow."

"Hey I got hit with it too, so I know she had to have an accomplice." Haku added. "Akemi's just lucky I don't freeze her in a block of ice for a month!"

Back at the battlefield…

"You really like pain, don't you little girl!" Mai kept up her relentless assault of fireballs that kept Kasumi on her toes. "When I get done with you, you'll be stuck in a body cast for months!"

"Gee Mai, you're really confident, aren't you?" Kasumi knew it was time she get the upper hand on this match, and luckily she had the thing she needed. "Well I'm going to show you why you have NEVER beaten my mother in a battle!"

"Oh please, I could beat Akane…" Mai suddenly realized she was right, she has never beaten Akane in combat.

"It's also time that I show you why I am the First Princess and Heir to the title of Kyuubi!" Kasumi began to pull in all of her chakra as she took two steps back. "You like fire…well play with this!" She started making some very familiar hand seals, but everyone that knew what she was doing was shocked.

"There's no way she can use that jutsu! What does she think she's doing?" Akane screamed out.

"She's going to take that sorry bird down, that's what!" Everyone turned to notice Shiori was doing the exact same seals, but why? That's when Akane saw it.

"Chakra thread…Shiori, you're giving her the chakra she needs to do the jutsu." Akane said.

"That's right. I'm not going to let my princess go down without a fight! And if this doesn't work, then Mai better be ready for what else we have in store for her." Shiori said. "Alright Kasumi-chan, let her have it!"

Kasumi heard Shiori and knew she was ready. "Say goodbye you stuck up bird brain!"

"Just what are you…" Mai said when she saw a flaming kitsune appear. That was when she knew she was in trouble. "Not that jutsu…"

"Feel the power of the Kitsune Royal Family! SHIKOU KITSUNE HOUKA TAIHOU! (Supreme Foxfire Cannon)" Kasumi screamed as she unleashed the ultimate Kitsune flame. "You like playing with fire, play with this!"

"I'm gonna kill Akane for this!" Mai quickly folded her wings in front of her to block the fire, but as intense as it was, not even she could block that flame. The Shikou Kitsune Houka Taihou was the one fire technique that was more powerful than her own white flame and that's why she never beat Akane in a battle.

With Hinata…

"It really sucks to know that you can't use ninjutsu against me." Mikoto was able to use her Sharingan to copy every single jutsu Hinata threw at her and send it back with even more strength. "That proves just how superior the Sharingan is to the Byakugan!"

"Say whatever you want, but I'm not going to let you downtalk my family!" Hinata tried to get close but Mikoto was still a step ahead of her.

"You talk big, but can you get through this!" With a blink of her eye, Mikoto caused black flame to arise around Hinata, encircling her in. "Not so good without your Water Illumina Power is it?"

"Mikoto, you should take advice from your future daughter-in-law. Don't underestimate me!" Hinata said, looking for every possible chance to escape.

"Oh I didn't. You underestimated me. I played on your rage and led you directly into my trap." Mikoto was taking her time walking around the wall of fire. "Now with you out of the picture, I can have Naruto all to myself and there's no one that can stop me!"

"I won't let you put a finger on Naruto!" Hinata felt her rage returning. "Keep him out of this!"

"Oh I can picture it now, in the future, we'll have the most wonderful children. Two girls with long blonde hair and dark eyes, and a son with solid black hair and Naruto's beautiful green eyes. And all three will have the cutest kitsune ears and tails too." Mikoto was falling further into her fantasy and it was driving Hinata mad. "And the only thing I have to do is get rid of you!"

"Just try it." Hinata retorted.

"Oh I will, especially when you see the ultimate version of the Amaterasu!" screamed the Uchiha master. "AMATERASU INFERNO!" Mikoto used her Sharingan to ignite the black flames into a dome that consumed Hinata. "Burn in hell you white eyed freak!""I told you not to get cocky." Kasumi looked up at Mai who was breathing heavily after that attack. "So are you ready to end this farce?"

"You pathetic animal! You dare try to prove your mettle against me!" Mai was completely enraged. Not only did Kasumi burn parts of her clothes, but her ego had taken a serious hit. "Forget going easy on you! Feel the wrath of the Phoenix!" Mai had enough. She was not about to let her teenage pride be shattered by Kasumi and that meant only one thing…

"Oh man, not this! Kasumi doesn't stand a chance now!" Akane said in shock.

"Akane, what's going on!" Tsunade asked. "What is she planning now!"

"Mai's always had this problem of losing her temper when someone shows her up. She did it to me all the time, but she knew she couldn't beat me. She knows that Kasumi doesn't have Overdrive and that means she's going to go full phoenix!" Akane said nervously. "Kasumi's in MAJOR trouble!"

"Well can't you stop her!" asked the Sannin.

"Yeah, if I went full Kyuubi and probably leveled half of Konoha!" Akane replied. "But I don't think you really want that now, do you?""You want to see real fire Kasumi…then deal with THIS!" Mai exploded in a column of white fire. The heat was so intense it could be felt all over the village. Even the ground started to bubble as it was slowly becoming magma.

"Uh oh." Kasumi said as she now stared face to face with Mai as she had a giant phoenix aura around her.

"You will bow to the might of the Shichibi no Houou! Prepare to burn in the immortal flames of heaven!" Mai screamed as she summoned a very large ball of fire. What made it more dangerous is that she began to condense it into a hotter ball of white fire. "See you in hell mortal!"

"I'm not going down that easy!" Kasumi screamed as she entered Bankai. "ULTIMATE STARBURST CANNON!" She drew in everything she had from her remaining kitsune chakra to her Light chakra and poured it all into her cannon. Mai concentrated her flame ball to its maximum and launched it directly into Kasumi's blast.

"You think that's going to stop me! I wiped the floor with your boyfriend while he was in Overdrive! Your sorry Bankai means nothing to me!" Mai forced even more demonic energy into her attack and easily got the upper hand.

"Leave Sasuke out of this!" Kasumi felt the force of the colliding attacks, and did all she could to keep up her assault. Mai was really forcing her to go all out!

"Ok…I'll leave him out of it." Mai said while Kasumi was struggling. She just got Kasumi down to her knees and knew she had the ace up her sleeve. "I'll just deal with someone else!"

Kasumi saw Mai shift her gaze towards the other person that was close to Kasumi…Shiori. "Shiori, get out of there!"

"Mai wouldn't!" Akane looked over and saw Shiori completely frozen in fear. "Mai, that's insane! Don't do it!"

"Say goodbye to your foxy girlfriend Kasumi!" Mai laughed maniacally as she got ready to unleash another bolt of fire towards the Uchiha girl.

"Shiori-chan! NO!" In that split second Kasumi lost her focus and Mai caught it.

"Got ya! PHOENIX METEOR!" Mai screamed as she caused her fireball to collide with Kasumi, igniting the ground in a pillar of flame. "BURN!!!!"

"Oh no…she couldn't have!" Akane looked on as she saw the column of white flame ignite. She even looked over and saw the dome of black flame from Mikoto and Hinata's battle. "What have those two done?"

"I swear…I will kill that phoenix!" Shiori said in anger. "How dare she take my princess from me!"

"Akane, you have to stop Mai and end this! She's completely out of control!" Tsunade said.

"Oka-san, she's right. You're the only one with the power to stop her. The way she is now, she's bound to destroy something else!" Haku said. "The same goes for Mikoto too!"

"I know. But how…" Akane said meekly. "How can I?"

"You don't." Naruto said while he looked at the situation.

"Naruto, what are you saying? Your fiancée and sister are down there probably dead now!" Arashi told his son.

"They're not dead. I can feel their chakra." Naruto said calmly. "And right now both of them are about to show us something brand new."

"Like what?" Akane asked.

"Like Hinata's true power and Kasumi's Kekkei Genkai." Naruto said with a smile.

"Since when did Kasumi get a Kekkei Genkai?" asked Haku. "She's never had a Kekkei Genkai!"

"Just watch." Naruto said as the battle continued.Hinata's fight…

"Looks like I should take my spoils and go home." Mikoto said confidently, thinking she took Hinata out of the picture.

"You're not going anywhere." Hinata said from the dying flames. Mikoto turned to see the Hyuuga princess in a blue flaring aura of chakra amongst her burnt clothes. Her voice was dark and cold as she stared down the Uchiha. "Mikoto you don't know just how much you're screwed do you?"

"There…there's no way you survived that! The Amaterasu Inferno is the most powerful form of Amaterasu! Nothing survives it!" Mikoto started to tremble at what she saw.

"Then you obviously don't know what happens when fire meets my Aqua Rasengan. The water protected me for the most part, but as for you…I'm going to shut you up for good." Hinata's eyes became darker as the trademark veins appeared. "I hope you notice that my divination field is considerably larger than ever. Not even Neji can create a field this large."

"Just what are you!" Mikoto spat out. "You're not human!"

"Oh I know that. I'm a kitsune. And I'm also the heir to the Hyuuga Clan. I've just decided to awaken, that's all," said the new Awakened Hinata. She thrust a palm strike in the air aimed at Mikoto's arm, and the Uchiha suddenly felt her arm go limp.

"What have you done!" Mikoto grabbed her arm in pain. "You didn't even touch me!"

"Like I said, I've used a more powerful form of a Juuken strike. Only the true lineage of the Hyuuga can perform such a technique. I can send out directed bursts of chakra and disable your tenketsu without even touching you." Hinata stood firm and cold as she disabled the other arm. "Matter of fact, I could even kill you without even touching you if I wanted."

"Hinata…please stop!! I'm sorry!" Mikoto pleaded in pain.

"Oh you can be sorry…after I make sure you never lay a finger on Naruto again!" Hinata slid into a very familiar stance and was poised to strike. "Now feel the devastating force of the Hyuuga! HAKKE ROKUJYUU YONSHOU! (Eight Trigrams 64 Palms of the Hand)" Before Mikoto could even blink, Hinata rushed in and unleash strike after strike, nailing each tenketsu. She finished up with a sharp palm strike that sent Mikoto crashing into a wall. What she didn't see was that as Mikoto crashed into the wall, she suddenly transformed back into her adult self! "Now I'm going to finish you Mikoto. DIE!" Hinata was so blinded by her anger and rage that she didn't notice Mikoto transform back. Luckily Sasuke stepped in just in time.

"Hinata, calm down!" He grabbed her wrist inches before his mother took a sharp strike. "That's not the person you were fighting!"

The chakra dissipated and Hinata returned to normal. "Sasuke…why are you intervening in this match? Where's Mikoto! I have to finish her off!" That's when Sasuke pointed at his severely beaten mother in front of Hinata.

"Hinata…I'm really sorry." Mikoto said while she tried to catch her breath. "I guess…I lost it when I was a teenager."

"Mikoto-sama! Oh no, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do this to you!" Hinata immediately started focusing healing chakra into Mikoto, hoping she didn't do too much damage.

"I deserved it. I just hope you and Naruto…can forgive me?" Mikoto said with a smile.

"Don't worry, you're forgiven. I just wonder how Naruto's gonna get over all this." Hinata said while she continued healing.

"Mikoto's back to normal! I guess that means…" Haku said when she noticed Arashi and Akane return back to their adult form.

"It looks like the potion is wearing off." Akane said. "I just hope Mai realizes she's got a lot of apologizing to do for all of this."

"Yeah especially for what she did with my credit card!" Arashi added.

"Uh Arashi-kun, you gave her that card so you could spend the rest of the day making out with me! Well might as well prep the beds back at home and get started on a healing serum for Kasumi." Akane sighed.As for Kasumi…

The fire died down and Kasumi was severely hurt. Her entire body was covered in burns and her clothes were ragged. She felt pain like no other running through her, but she knew she had one thing left to do.

"That's right, stay down you worthless fox! I told you that you could never beat me!" the still teenage Mai laughed as she landed on the ground. "Now I'm gonna make sure you never get in my way ever again!"

"Mai…you don't know when to quit, do you?" Kasumi said as she slowly pulled herself to her feet. "I guess I should be grateful that I lived that blast."

"Well you won't live when I burn every ounce of flesh from your body!" Mai said as she began to summon another flaming meteor.

"Mai, I want to tell you something. I'm glad you fought me today, you know why?" Kasumi said with a smile as a stream of blood trickled down the side of her face. "You gave me the chance to finally show off my Kekkei Genkai."

"What Kekkei Genkai. I know you were just some normal human girl that got turned into a kitsune by my sister! You don't have a Kekkei Genkai." Mai replied back in a snappy tone.

"Actually I do. But it's different from everyone else's." Kasumi said as she flicked her left wrist, revealing a second transformer. "See my bloodline limit involves my Illumina Power."

"So, what's that got to do with anything?" Mai said. "It's not like you're gonna get some special power."

"That's where you're wrong. See I thought my power was the ability to use another Illumina Gem by itself, but I learned otherwise." Kasumi said as she held up the Fire Gem. "See I found out that my Illumina Bloodline allows me to fuse the power of any gem with my Light Gem!"

"And that still means nothing." Mai continued to not care about what was happening.

"On the contrary. See when I fuse Illumina Power, it doubles my Illumina Power. Not only that but if the gemstone I use has Overdrive unlocked…I can use it as well." Kasumi said, getting a slight rise from Mai's eye.

"Ok so you get the power of a Double Overdrive. I took out both Naruto and Sasuke in Overdrive. You'd need at least four Overdrive Knights to beat me." Mai stated. "I don't see where you're going with this."

"I'm not done. See I've been doing some work with my Kitsune Capsules and I've come up with an experimental capsule. I call it an 'All or Nothing' capsule. It's risky to use because it might not work, but if it does, it will amplify my Illumina Power by 210 percent! And that's more than enough to finish you off!" Kasumi said, definitely getting Mai's attention now.

"That mean's she'd be…oh no!" Mai suddenly realized just what was about to happen as Kasumi slammed the Fire Gem into her other transformer.

"Time to show you what StarFire power is all about! GEM FUSION! STARFIRE ACTIVATION!" Kasumi screamed as she combined her two transformers. In a swirl of red and white energy her clothes were now repaired and she was now in a completely different color scheme. Instead of solid white with silver trim, her outfit now had a silver top with a red skirt. She now also had polished red arm and leg guards as well and her hitai-ate was red with a silver plate. "Say hello to my new StarFire form!"

"StarFire form! That's the power of her Kekkei Genkai!" Haku said in shock. "No way! And she's equal in power to two of us now?"

"She's using two gems Haku-chan. That gives her double the power and makes her twice as dangerous. She'll truly be a force once she unlocks her own Overdrive. But for now just watch as your Aunt Mai gets her feathery tails whipped!" Akane said, eager to see Mai finally get shut up.

"You better pray this doesn't work Mai or you're in serious trouble." Kasumi said as she took the All or Nothing capsule. Things got silent as no one made a move. Did the capsule work?

"Ha! It looks like your capsule failed! Guess I'll be the one to…" Mai said when she saw Kasumi literally explode.

"STARFIRE OVERDRIVE!" The waves of energy exploded off Kasumi as everyone could feel her power was immense. It looked like the capsule worked. "Guess you'll be the one to what?"

"Kasumi…come on now, you don't want to hurt your dear Aunt Mai do you?" Mai said nervously.

"Not at all, but she's not here. I'm dealing with some stuck up, egotistical, little prick named Mai." Kasumi said as she took to the sky. "Now let's see how you like my Overdrive attack…STARFIRE BUSTER!" Kasumi unleashed an insane salvo of sparkling white fireballs. There was no way Mai would even come close to surviving an attack like that. She continued the salvo until she literally exhausted herself of everything when she fell to the ground. As she fell she returned back to normal and Sasuke's Fire Gem fell out of her second transformer.

"Gotcha princess." Shiori was able to catch Kasumi just before she landed. As for Akane, she went over to check on her sister, who so happened to return to her adult form.

"You ok in there Mai-chan?" asked Akane when she looked in the smoldering crater.

"Akane…make sure…I never become a teenager…ever again." Mai coughed up a puff of smoke as Akane reached down to help her up. "And...also…"

"What is it Mai-chan?" asked her sister.

"Make sure…we really kill Yugito for this…badly!" Mai soon fell unconscious herself.About a day later…

"So you guys really aren't mad anymore?" Mikoto was literally on the ground pleading at Hinata and Naruto's feet.

"We're not mad Mikoto-sama, seriously!" Naruto said for the umpteenth time.

"Oh thank you, thank you! Look I plan to make this up to both of you! Trust me on this!" Mikoto said as she hugged the both of them. "I gotta get to the store, but make sure to come by for dinner tonight!"

"Ok Mikoto-sama, take care now." Hinata said as she left. "Wow, this has to be the most insane week ever."

"You're telling me. I still can't believe I ended up making out with my best friend's mother!" Naruto said in disgust. "I'm gonna be having nightmares about that for weeks!"

"And just how far did you get with her anyway!" Hinata questioned.

"Not that far! I mean we might have almost made it partway to Third Base…but we did kinda stop?" Naruto said sheepishly.

"You almost got to Third Base with my mother! Aw man, now I'm gonna have nightmares as well!" Sasuke exclaimed. "Thanks a lot Naruto!"

"It wasn't my fault! Yeesh, give me a break! Your mother was the crazy one!" Naruto retorted back.

"Still the fact remains, you kissed another girl Naruto Uzumaki." Hinata said crossly. "And as such you are hereby punished for one week. You're not getting a single kiss out of me."

"Aw come on Hina-chan! That's just harsh!" Naruto complained.

"Well maybe if you're a good boy, I'll let you off for good behavior…maybe." Hinata replied.As for Akane, she was busy checking up on Mai…

"Ow my head." Mai cringed in pain as Haku put another ice pack on her head.

"You know it serves you right, you really had to taunt Kasumi like that especially when she was having those bad mood swings, didn't you?" Akane said while she changed a bandage on her sister's arm.

"It's not my fault I was like that as a kid. But I really still can't believe I actually gave Kiba a shot like that. Just how short was that skirt I was wearing?" asked Mai.

"Short enough to cause every guy in Konoha to pass out from a nosebleed!" Haku explained. "You really were a crazy girl as a kid, weren't you Aunt Mai?"

"Yeah I was. But now…" she cringed as another shot of pain ran threw her. "I kinda regret that."

"So how are our favorite older sisters doing?" asked Yugito as she and Akemi came in the room. Of course Yugito had already returned to normal as well.

"This is all your fault you know." Mai said. "If I wasn't feeling absolutely miserable, I'd kill you right now."

"Aw I love you too nee-chan." Yugito said with a smile. "But you should be happy. It gave Haku a chance to do some serious lingerie shopping."

"Yeah it woulda been really bad to see her in that ultra small spotted pair of underwear." Akemi added with a chuckle.

"You were in on this too you little runt!" Haku exclaimed. "Ok I'm with Aunt Mai, I'm gonna kill you as well!"

"Calm down Haku, they earned it you know. Their older sisters picked at them, and they finally got the payback they deserved." Akane said. "I say we all call a truce for now, deal?"

"Hey I'm cool with it." Akemi said as she held out her hand.

"Yeah fine." Haku reluctantly shook her sister's hand. "And once again Kasumi got out of being pranked!"

"Hey with the cramps she was having, I don't blame her! I had them that bad one time and it was horrible!" Mai said.

"Well, Akemi-chan and I are going out for ice cream. You three have fun. Oh and one more thing…" Yugito said before she and Akemi left.

"What is it Yugi-chan?" asked Akane.

"You might want some tail warmers for a while." Yugito replied. The moment she said that the fur on Akane and Haku's tails instantly fell off. Mai even felt her own tail feathers fall off as well.

"YUGITO!!!" Akane and Mai screamed.

"Come on Akemi-chan, I'll treat you to a big bowl of raspberry cheesecake!" Yugito said with a smile.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Akemi cheered, knowing she had another successful revenge prank."Hey how is she doing?" Sasuke asked as he and Akane entered Kasumi's room. Shiori had been staying with her the whole time while she was trying to heal.

"I'm ok Sasuke-chan. Other than being completely burned all over, I'm better. And my cramps are gone too." Kasumi said. "I'm sorry I used you as a punching bag a few days ago."

"Hey it's ok. I bounced back pretty fast." Sasuke said. "It was worse freaking out about the whole fiasco with my mom."

"Oh yeah Oka-san, how's Aunt Mai? I didn't hurt her any, did I?" asked Kasumi.

"No she's fine. Give her another day and she'll be back to normal. She did say she was planning on taking you out to the spa once you were healed up." Akane said. "Now what's this about Shiori wanting to meet with all three of us right now?"

"Well Akane-sama…I've been doing a lot of thinking." Shiori began. "Ever since we brought Aunt Mai back, there's been a lot on my mind."

"Like what? She hasn't put any crazy ideas in your head, has she?" asked Akane.

Shiori shook her head. "No, but she did tell me about something bigger. She told me about your Life Stream Seal."

"Life Stream Seal, what are you talking about?" asked Kasumi.

"Shiori, do you understand just where you're going with this?" Akane's voice became more serious. "You're talking about a complete life changing procedure."

"I know that. And I know it will even change more than just my life." Shiori said. "It will even change my relationship with Kasumi-chan."

"Ok I don't get it. Oka-san what is she talking about?" Kasumi wanted to know.

"A Life Stream Seal is a very powerful seal, designed to prevent an energy overload between two living things. I used to use them when I would come to the human world and merge with humans to learn more about them. The seal would prevent the human I merged with from dying when I separated from them." Akane said. "However in Shiori's case it would sever the connection she has with Sasuke."

"This means I would become my own person. I'd be just as real as anyone and I'd never have to merge with Sasuke ever again. He'd still have all of his chakra and abilities as if we were merged, but I'd have my own chakra system." Shiori said.

"But what you're really worried about is our relationship, aren't you Shiori-chan?" Kasumi figured something was bothering Shiori, but she didn't know that was it.

"See when I first manifested, I thought that I loved you because I was literally the other half of Sasuke and our feelings were the same. But after we left on our training journey, I started to think about you a lot more. I kept dreaming of us together, whether it be on a simple date at Ichiraku's or us walking on a beach. I soon realized that I developed my own real love for you Kasumi-chan." Shiori stated.

"But how come I never knew about this when we merged together?" Sasuke asked.

"I learned how to lock away certain things from you. That was the thing I chose not to let you see Sasuke. I didn't know how you'd react if you found out that I was becoming more and more my own person." Shiori replied. "And I didn't know how Kasumi-chan would react either!"

"Why would you think I would see you any differently? I love both of you with all my heart." Kasumi told them. "Even if you started becoming your own person, it wouldn't change things."

"That's just it Kasumi-chan. You loved both of us because together we were one person. What if Sasuke never existed and I did? Could you still love me like you do now?" Tears started to fall from Shiori's eye over the whole subject. "Would you want to be with me with the same love and passion you have for him?"

"I never thought about that." Kasumi said. "I can't believe your feelings for me are that strong."

"Kasumi-chan, that night I stayed with you; you don't know how happy it made me feel to hold you. When you were feeling so bad, I felt so strong because I could make sure you were ok. I felt like I could take on Akatsuki myself from the strength you gave me. I wanted so badly for you to take me and become passionate with me that first time, but I knew you were sick and couldn't!" Shiori cried. "But then I kept thinking of what would happen when I told you this. I kept seeing you reject me and only wanting to be with Sasuke!"

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Kasumi asked.

"I was afraid. You've been the only girl I have ever loved, and I don't think I could ever love anyone else, be it a guy or a girl! Kasumi, you have to understand, I want to always be by your side, even if Sasuke can't be. I want to be able to tell the world that you are my world and that no one can take you away from me. I want to be there on the day your first child is born and share in that feeling with you, even if I can't do the same for you." Shiori was literally spilling her emotions all out. Kasumi was at a shock herself. To think that Shiori developed on her own, the same passion and love that Sasuke had for her.

"Shiori, just what are you saying?" Akane asked, wanting to know what her intentions were.

"What I'm saying…is that I want to have you place the Life Stream Seal on me. I want to become a real girl that can always live in this world." Shiori said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "And after that…Kasumi-chan…"

"What is it Shiori-chan?" She noticed Shiori take a small box out of her back pocket.

"In two years, I want you to marry me." Shiori said, holding open a box with a diamond ring in it.

Yeah...I threw in the first mini-yuri scene in the whole saga! And yes Shiori wanted to go A LOT further with Kasumi. So now here's the big thing...What's Kasumi going to do now that Shiori proposed to her, knowing that she's already engaged to Sasuke! How is everyone else going to take this as well! Is it really possible for Kasumi to be engaged to a guy and a girl at the same time?????

And yes Kasumi's Illumina Bloodline is revealed. She has the ability to fuse the Illumina gems for double the power, plus a brand new arsenal of attacks, including a fused Overdrive. And what about Hinata, finally awakening her true Hyuuga ability. If she were to master that, she'd have Neji reeling in shock! Well things are just going to get a lot more complicated now, especially since it's leading all up to the biggest shocker in the Bijuu wars to date!

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