The Bijuu Wars

The End and Beginning of Shiori Uchiha

Naruto: What the heck man! What is it with you and cliffangers like that!!!

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"You...want to marry me?" Kasumi was in complete shock. In just a few minutes Shiori revealed that she wanted to undergo a complete life changing process to become a true girl herself, and now this!

"Kasumi, I meant every word I said to you. You're just the same to me as you are to Sasuke." Shiori cried. "That's why I want to do this!"

"This is just so...sudden! I mean I'm shocked!" Kasumi said. "I mean"

"Shiori, you're dead set on this, aren't you?" Sasuke asked. "Does anyone else know about this?"

"You three are the only ones I've told." Shiori replied. "Sasuke, I've never told you this, but you need to know something right now."

"And what is that?" Sasuke wondered.

"When I said I love Kasumi with everything in my being, I meant it with the intention that I would even go as far as to fight you for her hand." Shiori told him. "That even means I would go as far as to kill you Sasuke if it meant I could be with her forever."

"Shiori, you can't be serious!" Sasuke was stunned. Shiori, the girl that literally manifested from himself would do something like this for love? "Are you insane? Why would you even say something like that?"

"You think I'm joking? I'm dead serious Sasuke. You don't know the pain I've been feeling over this! You don't know how it feels to think the person who means the world to you may never be there for you anymore." Shiori snapped back at Sasuke.

"Oh right, so now all of a sudden you're in love with her? Do you even know what kind of position she's in? How do you think she's reacting to all this?" Sasuke gave his rebuttal, but Shiori wouldn't hear it.

"This isn't sudden Sasuke! But you wouldn't know that because it's all been about you! I'd give her every single thing you could and more if I had the power to. You never once thought about what would happen to me, did you?" Shiori tried to keep from crying, but right now she felt like her heart was being ripped out.

"What do you mean I didn't care about you? You're half of me!" Sasuke replied. When he said that, it literally ripped the last bit of emotion from Shiori.

"Yeah I am half of you. I can't truly exist without you, can I? So it wouldn't matter if I didn't exist to you Sasuke. You'd still have Kasumi all to yourself, while I'd have nothing! You just don't understand anything right now!" Shiori shoved Sasuke out of her way, and then ran out of Kasumi's room in tears, leaving the three completely speechless. Sasuke however, was fairly upset over the whole thing.

"Wow, she was right when she said it would change our relationship forever." Kasumi said as she looked at the diamond ring she was just presented with. "I don't even know what to think anymore."

"I had a feeling this would eventually happen. When Shiori was created, she was literally a mirror image of Sasuke, with the exception of being a girl." Akane said. "I didn't know that her development could go this far, even if she is just a manifestation of Sasuke."

"I'll be back. I have some things I need to do. I'll talk to you later." Sasuke said as he left Kasumi and Akane alone.

"Oka-san, what do I do? I mean I don't want to hurt Shiori-chan." Kasumi said, hoping she could make the right decision.

"Unfortunately my kit, you're the only one that can make that choice. I wish I could decide for you, but this is something I have no control over." Akane said. "For now you should rest and meditate on this. I believe you'll make the right decision that will help all of you."

"I hope you're right Oka-san, I really do." Kasumi replied."Sasuke, what's going on? Shiori just ran out of here in tears. Is everything ok?" asked Hinata.

"It's kinda complicated right now." Sasuke replied. "Naruto, where's Natsumi. I need to talk to her."

"She just went to the store. But why do you need to talk to her?" he asked.

"That's on a need to know basis Naruto. So it's best if you keep your damn nose out of it." Sasuke replied as he left the Uzumaki compound.

"Whoa, what's gotten into him?" Naruto said. "He's never been like this before."

"That's because he just found out something very serious that would change his life forever Naruto." Akane said as she came downstairs. "And right now it would be best not to ask him or Kasumi about this. And I don't want you trying to get the information from Natsumi either. Understand? That goes for you especially Naruto."

"Ok ok! Though I don't get what the big deal is." Naruto said.

"Naruto I'd honestly believe you would know what the deal is, considering you and Hinata are in the same potential situation as Sasuke and Kasumi." Akane stated. Naruto and Hinata just looked at each other, wondering what she meant.Sasuke took off through the rooftops as quickly as he could to find Natsumi. Right now she was the only one who could possibly have any idea as to what he could do about Shiori. Luckily he saw her leaving the store and caught up to her.

"Natsumi, hold on for a second, I need to talk to you." Sasuke said as he jumped down beside her.

"Oh hey Sasuke, what's up?" asked Natsumi. "You ok? You don't look so good."

"I'm fine. It's Shiori that I'm worried about." Sasuke said as he caught his breath.

"Is she ok? Nothing bad happened to her, right?" Natsumi said in a concerned voice.

"No not yet. Listen; let's head over to Ichiraku's where we can talk alone. And you have to promise me, whatever we talk about, Naruto can't know a thing." Sasuke said. Natsumi had never seen him this serious outside of combat so she had a hunch it was pretty big.

"Ok, if you say so." Natsumi replied as the two headed to their hangout.

When they got there, the two headed to a secluded booth where Sasuke told Natsumi the whole story. And needless to say, she was shocked herself.

"No way! She actually said that to you?" Natsumi said over the news.

"Yeah, even I couldn't believe it. She would go as far as to kill me just so she could be with Kasumi-chan." Sasuke replied. "And the fact that she actually proposed! None of us even knew what to expect!"

"Oh man, how is Kasumi-chan taking this?" asked the Kitsune girl.

"I don't know. I left right after Shiori took off running. Knowing Kasumi, she's probably got a million things going on in her head." Sasuke stated. "But the real reason I told you this is because I want to know something. Have you gotten that far with your relationship with Hinata?"

"Uh, well...I mean I do love her, and I know she loves me too. But I don't think I could ever see myself fighting Naruto just to be with her." Natsumi explained. "I mean to be honest, I only want to make her happy, and if she wanted to only be with Naruto, then that's fine with me."

"So if Hinata told you she wanted you to undergo the Life Stream Seal so you could live your own life, you'd do it just for her to be happy?" asked Sasuke.

"Yeah, I mean that's all I really want for Hina-chan, is just for her to be happy in life. And if that meant I never saw her again, I'd be ok with it." Natsumi replied.

"I see, and what if something happened to Naruto that meant you had to stay merged with him permanently. Would you be ok if you could never feel Hinata's touch ever again?" Sasuke asked again.

"I guess I'd be really bummed out, but like I said as long as Hinata's happy, that's all that matters." Natsumi told him. "Look, I don't know what's going through Shiori's head right now, but it really seems that since she originated from you, she has the same devotion to Kasumi as you do. And your devotion to her is very strong, isn't it?"

"Yeah it is. I see what you mean." Sasuke noted.

"Look, Shiori and I can't thank you and Naruto enough for even giving us the chance to live like we are now. I know we drive you two nuts sometimes, but that's because we're you in a sense. All I can say is, just picture what she's going through right now." Natsumi said. "It may be the key you need to solve all of this."

"What she's going through...thanks Natsumi. I've still got a lot to think about for now." Sasuke said. "Before all this is over, you mind if we talk again?"

"Of course. That's what I'm here for. And I'll keep it secret from Naruto until you want him to know. Luckily we just split apart so we don't have to merge again for a while." Natsumi replied. "Though I do gotta say, it would be nice if I didn't have to merge back with him. At least then I could really keep some girl secrets from him."

"Natsumi, the dork has two girls living in his head from time to time and he'll still never understand girl secrets even if you explained it to him." Sasuke said, causing a laugh out of the kitsune girl.

"But Sasuke, just give Shiori some time. She's probably very mixed up right now and doesn't know what to do. But I know you and Kasumi will make the right choice for her." Natsumi said."So what's this I hear about Shiori wanting to undergo a separation process?" asked Mikoto when Sasuke and Kasumi asked to speak with her.

"A few hours ago Shiori gave me a very interesting proposal." Kasumi said as she took out the ring and showed it to Mikoto.

"She proposed to you? Why would she do something like that?" Mikoto was a little unsure as to what was going on.

"Apparently, Shiori has been developing a lot more than any of us thought. She's started thinking a lot more for her own, and even keeping secrets from me. Somehow she learned how to hide things when we're merged." Sasuke said after taking a seat on the sofa. "I had no clue she was even planning this."

"That's nothing Mikoto-sama. Shiori-chan even said she'd go as far as killing Sasuke just so she could be with me." Kasumi said, definitely getting a turned eye from Mikoto. "Right now I have a feeling she's in a world of confusion!"

"Have you two decided on what you're going to do about it? I mean this does concern your relationship as well." Mikoto asked. She got a nod from both of them. "Figured as much."

"Well, we have to do something. It's not fair she has to be like this?" Kasumi said. "What if she goes out and does something stupid?"

"You know Kasumi, you really sound worried about her." Mikoto said, getting a confused look out of the kitsune girl.

"Well yeah, how can I not be worried about a girl I love? I'd be the same way about Sasuke!" Kasumi replied.

"That says a lot Kasumi-chan. Looks like you two have a big decision to make." Mikoto said. "Whatever it is, know that you have my full support." She left the room, leaving the couple to ponder the situation.

"Sasuke-chan, what are we going to do?" Kasumi asked as she looked at the ring. "Shiori doesn't deserve to be unhappy, but…"

"Kasumi-chan let me ask you something. If something happened to me and I had to be the one to merge with Shiori permanently, would you still love me and want to be with me, even though you would never see my face or feel my touch ever again?" Sasuke asked.

"Sasuke, what are you saying?" Kasumi was unsure what he meant.

"I'm just saying, if I was sealed into Shiori in order to survive, would you still love her?" Sasuke asked again.

"Sasuke-chan, I couldn't turn my back on you just because you wouldn't be here. I know Shiori would do everything she could for my happiness because you were gone." Kasumi answered. "I'd do the same for her as well."

"Then we have nothing further to discuss." Sasuke said, leaving Kasumi all alone in the living room.

"What do you mean?" Kasumi was still wondering about what he said. She kept looking at the ring and didn't know what was left to say.About two days had passed and no one had seen Shiori at all. Even Mikoto started to worry about her. Since Sasuke said that it was almost time for the two to merge again, Akane was becoming very wary. If Shiori didn't merge back in time, it could cause some serious spiritual damage to her.

"Have you guys had any luck?" Sasuke asked as Kiba and Akamaru walked in from the rain.

"No way. This rain is making it impossible to track her. We can't pick up a scent anywhere." Kiba said as he dried off Akamaru. "What about Hinata and Neji?"

"No luck. Neji's nearly scanned the entire village for her chakra signature and Hinata's had no luck in finding a detailed signature. We really don't know where she is." Sasuke replied. "What's worse is that if we don't find her soon, she's in serious danger?"

"What do you mean Sasuke?" Kiba asked.

"She needs to return so we can merge again. Akane-sama said if she doesn't return she runs the risk of spiritual breakdown." Sasuke said. "Basically she's gonna start dying."

"Ok now that's bad!" Kiba said as he put his coat back on. "Come on Akamaru, rain or not we gotta keep searching." The large ninken barked in agreement as the two headed back out into the storm.

"Sasuke-chan, any luck?" asked Kasumi as she checked in with Sasuke.

"Not a thing." Sasuke replied.

"I almost feel this is all my fault. I couldn't give her a straight answer right then. She must be emotionally shattered right now." Kasumi said as Sasuke pulled her close to him.

"Look, right now everyone's doing what they can to find her. We just have to believe ok." Sasuke said.

"Alright, but I'm going out there to search too. I can't have her out there with her life in danger." Kasumi said as she grabbed her raincoat. "If you hear anything, send me a communication."

"Be careful. That storm is really bad and it looks like it's getting worse." Sasuke took note of the rain pouring harder.

"I'll be back as fast as I can." Kasumi gave Sasuke a quick kiss and ran out into the storm.

"I just hope Shiori will accept the decision Kasumi and I came up with." Sasuke said to himself.The storm went from bad to worse. The winds were picking up even more than ever and it was nearly impossible to stay grounded without using chakra. Naruto met back up with Neji and Hinata to try and get more information about the missing Uchiha.

"Naru-chan, we need to get out of this storm! If we stay out here any longer it's gonna get ten times worse!" Hinata said over the howling wind.

"I know, but we can't stop looking. We have to find Shiori for Kasumi and Sasuke!" Naruto replied.

"Naruto's right Hinata. If we don't find her tonight, we may not have another chance!" Neji added. "I'll contact Haku and see if she's..." Neji was soon cut off as a massive bolt of lightning crashed near them.

"Ok this is getting way too dangerous! We better go Illumina now!" Naruto yelled.

"Naru-chan, we better hurry! There's a tornado that just dropped! It's going to rip through the village!" Hinata said when she saw the funnel cloud drop.

"Then what are we waiting for! Let's go!" Naruto commanded. "WIND PRISM ACTIVATION!"

"WATER PRISM ACTIVATION!" Hinata followed suit.

"LIGHTNING PRISM ACTIVATION!" Neji was right behind as all three assumed their Knight Forms.

"Hinata, do what you can to make sure there's no injuries in that area." Naruto said. "Neji, try to get to the top of the Hokage Tower and see if you can keep that lightning from hitting the ground!"

"What about you?" Neji asked.

"I'm going tornado dancing! BANKAI!" Naruto screamed, as he unleashed his limiter. "Good luck guys!" With that he took to the skies to stop the funnel from causing any more destruction.Meanwhile in an old abandoned building, a lone Uchiha had been taking shelter.

"I should have known things would end up like this." Shiori was huddled up in a corner trying to keep warm. The windows were open so the cold air from the storm rushed through. She tried keeping a fire going but it kept blowing out. Plus she was due to merge back with Sasuke so her chakra started becoming weaker, and she had even caught a cold. "Kasumi-chan's going to reject me, I can't even show my face at home anymore, and I have a stupid cold." The thunder roared more as she huddled into a corner as best she could. "You know maybe I should just go ahead and die now. At least I don't have to worry about messing up like I did again." The Uchiha girl was beginning to drift in and out of consciousness as the storm kept up. What she didn't know was that Kasumi was right outside the building calling out for her. "Oh great. Now I'm hearing things."

As for Kasumi, she kept up her search and figured she'd take shelter for a bit since the rain picked up. She headed into the building Shiori was in and took the time to catch her breath.

"Whoa, it is intense out there. Honestly where is that girl! I'm going to knock her senseless when I find her." Kasumi said to herself while she wrung some water out of her tails. "That's the one thing I hate about the rain, you can't smell a thing!" She went over to some old boxes and took a look around. Maybe Shiori was in one of these buildings to keep dry. Kasumi was hoping she was keeping warm as well. "I really hope she's ok in this storm. I don't know why she wouldn't come back home and talk to me a little more." That's when Kasumi heard a faint noise. Someone, or something was in the same building and Kasumi was going to find it. "Alright whatever you are, show yourself!" She had a kunai drawn and she was ready to strike. Whatever it was made the noise again, but Kasumi realized it sounded like a sneeze. "Ok, whoever you are, if you're not hostile I won't attack." She slowly went to the upper levels and could definitely tell a person was there, since the sneezing was becoming more frequent. When she made it to the top floor she noticed some boxes and what looked to be a small fire pit. She even found the person sneezing!

"Shiori-chan! For the love of Kami where have you been?" Kasumi said as she ran over to the kitsune girl.

"Kasumi-chan?" Shiori said weakly. "What are you...?"

"Do you honestly know just how worried you had us? We've been searching for you for days!" Kasumi took her jacket off and placed it around Shiori to try and warm her up. "What were you thinking running off like that?"

"It's not like it matters anyway. I know you were hesitant about me." Shiori said.

"Is this all about your proposal? Look you sprung that on me so fast, I never had time to really think about it." Kasumi explained. "You should have given me some time and let me talk things out with you."

"Why, so you could say no and completely shatter my heart." Shiori spat out while she continued to shiver.

"Ok now I know you're crazy because you're burning up with a fever, and you're probably running very low on chakra." Kasumi said as she tried to help Shiori up. "Listen, we'll go back home and let you rest. Then we'll talk ok. Now come on, we gotta..." Kasumi was interrupted as a large crate crashed through the building. Luckily she was fast enough to move out of the way and transform into Illumina Form for extra protection. Too bad things were about to go from bad to worse! "Uh there any possibility of you actually being able to run?" She looked down and saw Shiori was out of it. As weak as she was, there would be no way she could make it out on her own. "I'll take that as a no. Sasuke, Naruto, anyone, come in! This is Kasumi, come in quick!" she said over her communicator. "I've got Shiori, but I'm in serious trouble!"

"Kasumi-chan, where are you!" Sasuke said over the communicator.

"We're in an old building on the east side of town. I'm ok but Shiori is in serious trouble! She's burning up with a fever and she's really low on chakra!" Kasumi replied. "I'm gonna need some help getting her back home!"

"East side, Kasumi you gotta get out of there fast! Naruto said there's already a tornado headed through that area!" Sasuke said with urgency.

"Great! Look, I'll do what I can but I'm gonna need...Uh Sasuke...get Naruto here FAST!!" Kasumi said as she saw a tornado approaching very quickly.

"Kasumi-chan, I'm on my way. Do what you can to hold out, ok!" Naruto heard the conversation while he was dealing with another tornado. "Alright, Bankai's not gonna work. I gotta get these storms calm now!" He only had one option, and hopefully it was going to work in this storm. "WIND OVERDRIVE!" Naruto burst into a green aura as he went to his final form. "Oh boy that tornado is huge! It's going to rip through a huge chunk of the village!" He took off as fast as he could to try and stop the giant cyclone that headed for Kasumi and Shiori."Shiori-chan, come on, you have to stay awake." Kasumi kept trying to pep up Shiori in the hopes of getting her to safety. "Stay with me now ok."

"Kasumi-chan…I'm so…sorry." Shiori cried softly. "Just go on...please."

"Will you shut up? I told you, I'm not leaving you ok! Why would I let someone I love wait for death without trying to save them, huh?" Kasumi said crossly. "You've known me for how long and you know I don't abandon people!" Kasumi pulled Shiori to her feet and had her lean on her shoulder. Shiori was doing her best to stay awake but as weak as she was, it was fairly difficult. However there was a glint of light that caught her eye.

"Since when has Kasumi worn Oka-san's engagement ring on her left hand?" Shiori thought to herself. "I always knew she wore it on her right hand." She took no mind of it and blacked out again.

"You know Shiori; you really are just like Sasuke sometimes. Even though you're a girl, you still have some of his pig-headed qualities, and you still stress me out just like he does." Kasumi said to the unconscious Uchiha. "Well you'll know everything soon enough." Kasumi did her best to get Shiori down the stairs, but the storm was getting worse. And considering the tornado had reached an F-5 category, she was racing against the clock to get to safety. Kasumi and Shiori nearly made it out when the storm caused a large amount of debris to crash down, blocking them in.

"Ok this is bad. I can't risk using my powers here or it could make the whole building crash!" Kasumi tried finding anything she could to escape but there was nothing! When she turned to look out the window she saw the tornado was less than 50 feet away! "NARUTO!!!!"

"Need some help?" Naruto was outside using his Overdrive power to try and force back the tornado, but it was putting up a serious fight. He was able to blow away the debris and clear the way for Shiori and Kasumi.

"Oh man, am I glad to see you!" Kasumi said in surprise.

"Get as far away as possible! I'm gonna use Omega Cyclone to send this tornado packing!" Naruto kept up the struggle and it was really wearing on him. "Don't worry, Hinata's on her way! Just get Shiori someplace safe!"

"Thanks Naruto!" Kasumi gave him a thumbs up and slowly helped Shiori as far away as possible. Luckily she met up with Hinata while Naruto ripped the tornado in half with his Omega Cyclone. However time was not on their side as they all rushed as fast as they could back home."Geez Sasuke, I knew she was just as bad as you when it came to sleeping." Kasumi said as Shiori stirred around. "Honestly it's gonna be trouble keeping tabs on her now."

"So she got some of my bad habits. Give me a break!" Sasuke replied when Shiori finally came conscious.

"Hey, don't be so loud." Shiori tried pulling a pillow over her head but Kasumi stopped her as she put another compress down.

"Actually I should be really loud since you did something that stupid." Kasumi said. "But I can't really do much now, can I?"

"It doesn't matter anyway." Shiori mumbled. "So what did you wanna tell me back in the building?"

"Take it easy! You gotta learn some patience, you know that?" Kasumi chuckled a bit. "Besides, Mikoto-sama wanted to talk to you as well about something."

"What, is she going to get mad at me too?" Shiori griped as Mikoto and Akane came in.

"Not really, but I am gonna say I'm surprised at you Shiori Uchiha. You've really outdone yourself in this time." Mikoto scolded. "To think this is what I have to put up with in the future."

"I'm sorry Oka-san. Look can I just go merge with Sasuke and not come out for a month as punishment?" Shiori asked.

"Sorry Shiori, but that's not possible. And I don't know why you're calling me your mother anymore. As far as I'm concerned you should be addressing me as Mikoto-sama. I am head of the Uchiha clan if you forgot." That caused Shiori to turn head.

"Ok my fever must be getting worse. Did you say you're disowning me as your daughter?" asked Shiori.

"No, I'm not. I'm saying you never were my daughter in the first place." Mikoto replied. "That's what it says on your birth certificate, you know."

"But I…" Shiori was either delirious from her fever, or just plain confused. That was when she noticed a small fox tattoo on her hand.

"You said you wanted to have the Life Stream Seal applied right?" Kasumi said as she took hold of Shiori's hand. "Sasuke decided it would be too much trouble to have you merge with him anymore, so he said you needed to get ready to do some chakra exercises when you're better."

"Great, he threw me out of the last place I could go." Shiori was still confused from everything. "Figures as much, considering what happened."

"Shiori, I didn't 'throw you out' as you seem to think." Sasuke replied, getting a strange look. "Just listen and you'll understand everything."

"Shiori, Kasumi and Sasuke told me everything. Honestly you've done things that shouldn't have even happened in this world. You were simply a manifestation that Sasuke created, and you've developed enough to show you're not him anymore." Mikoto stated. "You deserve a chance at happiness just as much as anyone else."

"Besides, Sasuke's got a brother anyway. He doesn't need a twin sister. It makes things too complicated anyway and I have a hard enough time dealing with those two." Kasumi added. "That and I doubt having a pair of twins fight over the love of the First Princess of the Kitsune Clan would look good on the Uchiha Clan."

"Well, thanks. But it doesn't matter anyway. You have Sasuke, so I guess I should be happy for you." Shiori simply turned over and pulled the blankets over her head.

"Yep, she did get your traits Sasuke." Kasumi sighed. "Guess she didn't bother to look on her other hand."

"Ok so I'm impatient! At least I don't burp louder than Chouji on a good day." Sasuke threw in that little bit, knowing it would irk Kasumi. "But yeah Shiori, check your other hand."

"Why, what's on my other…hand?" Shiori sat back up to see a gold ring on her finger.

"You wanted my answer to your proposal right? Well, Sasuke gets the right hand." Kasumi showed off Mikoto's engagement ring and then she held up her left hand as well. "And you Shiori Uchiha, get the left hand." She saw Shiori's eyes slowly start to beam as she flashed the diamond ring Shiori gave her. "Now you gotta listen to all the technical crap."

"Kasumi-chan, why are you making us do this?" griped Mikoto.

"Hey I'm not the one that said she wanted to do this. You're the Uchiha head!" replied the kitsune heir.

"But can't you take over for five minutes?" Mikoto whined back. Kasumi shook her head no and Mikoto dropped hers in defeat. "Oh well. Alright Shiori, as of now, you no longer hold any ties to the main family of the Uchiha. All you are is just a girl that survived the Uchiha Massacre, that's it. There's no record of you ever being my daughter or Sasuke's twin sister." Mikoto said. "It's all documented in black and white in our archives now. Tsunade-sama has officially stamped any and all documents, so it is set in stone. Now, because of your newly forming chakra system, you've been instated as a Genin until you can get back up to par, when you'll be promoted to Chuunin if you prove you can handle it. You've also been instated as an official member of Team Illumina and as the substitute Fire Knight in the event anything ever happens to Sasuke, under our strict supervision."

"As for your kitsune side, you are still a royal kitsune due to possessing the royal bloodline. However you cannot be established as a true Kitsune Princess until you show mastery of kitsune jutsu. You'll also need to begin a specialization in the kitsune arts, whether it be Kitsune illusionary techniques, Kitsune healing, or Kitsune Alchemy." Akane added. "You will still be able to be called a Kitsune Princess, but you won't officially hold the title of Princess of the Kitsune Clan until you are officially wed to Kasumi." Akane stated.

"Also, you have to know, once you are wed to Kasumi, you shall only be joined with her in kitsune matrimony. You'll hold no ties of marriage through Uchiha standards, so you won't be entitled to any rights of the Uchiha." Mikoto added, causing Shiori to think that she might have made the worst decision of her life.

"In addition, you will only be known as Kasumi's handmaiden under Uchiha standards, and you will be referred to as Kasumi's princess under Kitsune Law. She will also be known as your Queen, meaning there will be no equality. She shall be head between the two of you." Akane continued. "You'll have no say in any decisions, and she will decide everything for you."

"So basically Shiori, you got yourself into all this trouble because of your selfishness, and now you have to live with it." Mikoto finished with all the technicalities. After hearing everything Shiori was literally in tears after realizing her selfishness. "I hope you're happy with all of this."

"I…it's just…I'm…I'm so sorry!" Shiori cried, not knowing that she was still a little delirious from her fever.

"Ok ok, you did the whole 'technical' thing." Kasumi said as she sat down to her new fiancée. "Now explain all of that in normal terms that she actually understands."

"You know Miki-chan, we're really good when it comes to being totally evil about stuff." Akane said with a slight chuckle. Mikoto was also giggling as well.

"Why are you laughing?" Shiori couldn't understand why they'd be happy when she just found out how miserable her decision would make her.

"As Kasumi put it, here's everything Miki-chan and I just said in the easier to understand version …number one, you're Kasumi's fiancée and when you both are wed you can call each other whatever you want, wife, princess, Lady Cutie Fox, whatever! And you're completely equal in everything, no matter what you do. You have just as much say over things as Kasumi-chan does." Akane started. "Number two, you currently and will continue share the title of Eight Princess of the Kitsune Clan with Natsumi, so yes you still keep your official royal title and all the wonderful benefits that come with it, because I'm the Queen and I said so."

"Third, you're still a Chuunin because Tsunade-sama doesn't give a flying flip about that new chakra system stuff. She basically says you're on medical leave because of a severe chakra related injury and you need time to get back to normal. You're not and Illumina Knight, you're THE Fire Knight, just like Sasuke. That crap about being supervised, whatever!" Mikoto continued with the 'normal version' of the explanation.

"Fourth, you still get all the royalties of the Uchiha Main House, including the ability to drive Sasuke nuts whenever you feel like it, and…" Akane set up Mikoto for the finisher.

"You're still and always will be my daughter Shiori, and I'll continue to love you as such." Mikoto said, quickly changing Shiori's complete mood. "And as long as you're doing things that will lead to your eternal happiness, I'll be there to support you the entire way. So what if you're in love with a girl. The fact is, you're in love, and she loves you back. Big whoop! What's Kami going to do anyway? You're his freaking grandkids, in some very odd and strange way that Akane has STILL never explained to me."

"All that technical stuff was for the uptight fatcats that like to have it all in paperwork, but you know how we do things? Since when have we EVER done things by the book?" Akane asked. "We're the freaking Uzumaki and Uchiha clans, half of the most powerful clan alliance in the village! What are those old goats gonna do, whine about stuff?"

"That's what you gotta love about this family sometimes." Sasuke said as he left the girls alone.

"So both of you are ok…with me and Kasumi?" Shiori wanted to be completely sure of everything.

"Shiori, I've got the freaking scroll that says you have both of our blessings! If Akane-chan wanted to, she can write up an official document and declare both of you married under Kitsune Law right now if you wanted! Like I said, we don't give a flying pig's butt over all this technical and legal mumbo jumbo! Matter of fact it can kiss every single one of our tailed and non tailed butts for all I care!" Mikoto went over and just kissed Shiori on the forehead. "So my daughter's not following the traditional female role of liking a guy. It's the blasted 21st century, big freaking whoop! She's happy, Kasumi's happy, the world's happy! Let's just call it quits because I'm getting a headache from all this."

"Since all that is over, can you two go now? I'd like to spend a little bit of time taking care of my future bride, ok?" Kasumi said while she escorted everyone out of the room. "She's still sick and she needs her rest."

"Alright Kasumi-chan. Just make sure to give her these and let her get some sleep." Akane said as she handed Kasumi two small capsules. "And one last thing Shiori-chan…"

"What is it?" Shiori asked while she wiped some tears from her eyes.

"Happy Sweet 16th birthday!!" Akane and Mikoto said together before Kasumi closed the door.

"Finally! I thought they'd never leave." Kasumi said when she sat back down on the bed. "So, I remember a few days ago that you hoped I would grant your wish, right?"

"You're serious about all of this, aren't you?" asked Shiori. "About you and me…forever?"

"Shiori-chan, everyone deserves happiness, even you." Kasumi told her while she ran her hand across Shiori's face. "I wasn't about to deny you the chance to have true happiness like the rest of us." She wiped the remaining tears from Shiori's eyes and parted the hair on her face. "That's why Sasuke and I decided on this. And just so you know, you're having my first kid, not the other way around, and don't ask how. Kitsune alchemists are also very skilled in DNA manipulation, or so I've heard. Also when we do get married, it's going to be Uzumaki Queen and Uchiha Princess, got it!"

"Kasumi-chan…you don't know just how happy I am!" Shiori said as she started crying again. "I've waited for this moment for so long. I don't care if you even told me you never wanted to go any further than kissing with me, I'd still be happy with it."

"Yeah yeah, I know you big baby. Now I gotta give you your medicine like Oka-san said so you can get better." Kasumi then surprised Shiori by putting the two capsules in her own mouth.

"Hey wasn't I supposed to take that?" Shiori then saw Kasumi move on top of her and look her straight in the eyes.

"I told you, I have to give you your medicine." Kasumi said with a seductive look. "Now be a good girl and take it, no complaining."

"Yes ma'am!" Shiori gladly took her medicine as Kasumi locked lips with her, easily turning a medicine dosage into a kissing session. "So are you gonna stay with me while I get some sleep?"

"Actually I planned on going a little further, ok a lot further, but you're sick and you need to get better. Oh and yeah we're not married yet, but Oka-san did give me a few hints on how to have some heated fun without going over the edge. She said it's a hidden secret of the Kitsune females." Kasumi said as she ran her hand down Shiori's back and reached a little lower to grab something soft just below her tails. "I'll be honest with you, I don't know when I'll ever be ready to go all the way with you, but there's nothing that says I can't make it somewhere between Second Base and Home Plate."

"Kasumi-chan, I have to admit something. I kinda feel the same way as you do. I mean I know that I'm now a real girl, but there's still a lot I need to learn about myself and this brand new body." Shiori said very shyly. "So if it ever came down to it that we never made it past Third Base, would you be unhappy with me?"

"Are you kidding? Look I'm technically over 25, and even I have a lot to learn about being with another girl. But we'll take our time and do things when we're good and ready, together. As long as you promise you'll do the same thing." Kasumi asked. This was a brand new chapter in her life and she knew it was going to be a big one, but she knew she wasn't going it alone.

"I will princess. I hope you know I love you." Shiori said with a smile.

"I love you too princess. And this just means that I may not have to deal with Hell Week alone anymore. I swear I don't know what it is with those blasted cramps! But trust me, the only thing good about that week is the ice cream. But just know that I can be a royal bitch sometimes if I'm really cranky." Kasumi replied.

"Wow, thanks for the warning." Shiori gave a sarcastic reply.

"Ok now I have one final thing to do." Kasumi moved around and began to caress a soft spot on Shiori's neck before she sank her two kitsune fangs into the Uchiha's neck. Shiori let out a whimper as Kasumi drew a small hint of blood before she drew back. Kasumi licked over the wound before it healed almost instantly. "Now everyone will know just who you belong to."

"What did you do to me Kasumi-chan?" Shiori asked as she rubbed her neck.

"I placed my mark upon you. Oka-san said that by doing this it will mark you with my kitsune scent, making sure that any demon or hanyou will know that you belong to me." Kasumi then took her finger and pricked it on one of Shiori's fangs, causing some blood to fall upon Shiori's lips. Shiori sensed this and quickly licked Kasumi's wounded finger. "And now I've placed your mark upon me. I'm the only girl that will ever belong to you, and I can be very jealous too, so don't go running off with some other girl, you hear me?"

"I belong to you…I really like hearing those words." Shiori said with another smile as Kasumi reached down and grabbed one of her tails. "Hey, what the…!"

"And I'll enjoy hearing you scream my name! Remember those tricks Oka-san told me about? Well it's time I show you my dominance as the First Princess of the Kitsune Clan." Kasumi was even more seductive as the tip of her finger began to glow with a red chakra. "I plan to sweat that cold out of you one way or another, so it's time to turn up the heat!! And so you know, you're still in trouble for running away so you're staying in those pajamas young lady!" Kasumi locked lips with Shiori once more as she placed her glowing finger on the tip of Shiori's tail.

"KASUMI-CHAAAAAN!!!!!!!" Shiori screamed in pure pleasure.

Meanwhile downstairs…

"What in the world!" Naruto said after hearing Shiori's scream. "Just what the hell is going on up there?"

"Naruto, your sister is just trying to help her fiancée get over her cold, that's all." Akane said. "They'll be done in a minute."

"Ok...wait a minute! Sasuke's right here! What do you mean Kasumi's fiancée?" Naruto replied in shock.

"Well, Shiori's now a real girl and Kasumi's now engaged to her as well." Akane just walked past everyone into the kitchen. "Hey Miki-chan, wanna make a birthday cake for Shiori-chan?"

"Why not. Have fun kids." Mikoto said as she skipped into the kitchen with Akane.

Everyone just looked at the two and went back to their own business…until it finally hit all of them…

"SHIORI AND KASUMI ARE WHAT!!!!!!!!!" Everyone screamed.About three days later after everyone finally found out about Shiori, things calmed down, with the exception of the fur and tail feathers slowly growing back on Akane, Haku, and Mai. However there were more important things now that Itachi had finally returned.

"Look at you, my dorky twin brother." Mai simply stared with her arms crossed. "How is it that you'd get captured and you're the brains of the bunch?"

"Yeah I'm glad to see you too Mai." Daisuke said after getting the life squeezed out of him by Akane and Yugito. "Ok ok! I don't wanna have to go back in my shell!"

"Look it's a small family reunion so deal with it Daisuke-kun." Akane told her younger brother. "Plus it means I can now have a decent intelligent conversation. Mai was too boring and Yugito…well we all know about her."

"I resent that!" Yugito snapped back.

"But enough about that. It's good to have you on our side. Thank goodness Itachi was able to get you out safely." Akane said. "Having you and Mai together now makes us even stronger."

"I know. And I take it Hinata's ready to receive her Overdrive form as well." Daisuke said, causing the Hyuuga Princess to definitely get excited.

"Don't forget about Chouji and Ino either. Having six Overdrive Knights is going to put Akatsuki in serious trouble." Itachi said as he took the three scrolls containing the chakra from Shinja, Tsukune, and Hiroshi. "Also I believe we're going to be gearing up six more members of the Support Team in their new Elemental Armor as well."

"Alright! This is really gonna rock now! Akatsuki is in for a world of pain!" Naruto cheered in excitement. "Oh man, if my Dual Overdrive with Sasuke was insane, just think of what it's gonna be like when we use our Dual Overdrive together Hina-chan!"

"Actually Naruto, now that the elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire have achieved Overdrive, you can perform an extremely powerful ability." Daisuke stated as he pushed his glasses back up.

"Oh boy, time for the boys to get as hyper as kids in a candy store." Ino said.

"You four now have the ability to use Tetra Vortex. It is an extremely powerful attack that fuses the primary elements together, amplifying the power tenfold." Daisuke explained. "It is also the same for the Ice, Metal, Wood, and Lightning Knights as well. However you run high risk of using the attack, so you'll need to use it only as a last resort."

"Guess you and Neji better get to work." Naruto said to his sister. "You two have been slacking."

"Oh shut up Naruto." Haku replied.

"Actually Naruto, they'll have the chance. We've located the final two Bijuu." Dr. Sakurano said. "We now know that Inuyasha is located on the far side of Lightning Country near the coastline, and Makoto is in a temple in the mountains of Water Country."

"This is awesome! If we can get Uncle Inuyasha and Aunt Makoto, there's no way Akatsuki could stop us!" Naruto said.

"Then once we free Aunt Shinja, Uncle Tsukune, and Uncle Hiroshi…" Hinata said.

"The Bijuu Wars will finally be over!" Sasuke added, causing everyone to get hyped up.

"Ok, this is major. We need to get those two and fast. Neji, Kiba, Chouji, Ino and Tenten will head to Lightning Country. Kiba, you'll now be outfitted with your Earth Armor so that's going to make things better for you." Shikamaru set out the gameplan. "With Ino, Chouji, and Tenten there, we already know that Akatsuki couldn't use Hiroshi-sama against us, and with Neji getting his Overdrive, that's going to solidify things."

"Now with the snow team, Haku, Hinata, Temari, Kasumi, and Shiori will take this run. For now Shiori will use Sasuke's Fire Gem. We need to get her back up to speed and the fastest way to do that is to get her in the field." Akane said. "Also Temari is going to be geared with her new Gravity Armor."

"Sasuke, Itachi, Sakura, Naruto, you four will stay here. Sasuke, don't worry about your Fire Ability. With Mai here, she can give you what energy you need to transform again. Plus we're going to need you four to start working with Hanabi, Hoshiko, and Konohamaru with their new armor as well. Sakura will also be working with her new armor also." Shikamaru said. "We're about to make a big move here, and it's time we take advantage of it. We're about to turn the Bijuu Wars in our favor."

"Also, I have some more news…and it's big. I found out, Pein isn't the leader of Akatsuki." Itachi said, about to reveal one of the biggest shockers yet.

"Itachi, who's leading it then?" asked Mikoto.

"Oka-san, who was the one person to ever get a Sharingan equal to the Shinsei Mangekyo?" asked Itachi.

"The only person I know was…oh no!" Mikoto's eyes went wide when she realized who the mastermind behind the Bijuu Wars was.

"Miki-chan?" Akane asked. "What is it?"

"The mastermind behind Akatsuki…is my father…Madara Uchiha!" Mikoto said grimly. "The only man to ever unlock the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is our enemy!"

"That's impossible! He was one of the founders of Konoha! I mean he worked side by side with the Shodaime!" Arashi stated. "There is no way he could still be alive!"

"Arashi, he is. And it's his Sharingan that's doing it." Mikoto replied. "You all know that the Mangekyo Sharingan has two paths, a Dark path and a Virtuous path. The final forms are the Shinsei Mangekyo and the Eternal Mangekyo."

"Ok, so we're up against another Sharingan user. There's four of us against him and we all know the Shinsei Mangekyo. He wouldn't stand a chance against us." Shiori said. "We'd take him down in an instant!"

"That's where you're wrong Shiori-chan. Because the Eternal Mangekyo feeds off the darkness and hatred in the soul of an Uchiha, one of the abilities it bestows upon its wielder makes them extremely dangerous." Mikoto said, causing the morale to seriously drop. "The user…gains immortality."

"You mean we can't kill him! What in the hell!" Naruto said in shock. "Then what are we supposed do!"

"This is the balance of the two Sharingan. You see the Eternal makes a user immortal, however the ancient Uchiha scrolls say that a master of the Shinsei can make use of the greatest sealing ability known…Susanoo. With it, the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan could be sealed, destroying the Dark Uchiha. However there's a risk." Mikoto continued her explanation. "The person using Susanoo runs the high risk of extreme chakra depletion. It's so bad that it could literally kill the user. Right now the only two Uchiha who even stand a chance of wielding it are Sasuke and Shiori."

"Why us Oka-san?" asked Shiori.

"Because you both possess more than one chakra source. With kitsune chakra and demonic energy, that may be enough to use the sealing without destroying yourselves." Kasumi said.

"That's true Kasumi, but there's only one problem." Mikoto said, turning bad to worse. "I don't know the Susanoo myself, and there's only one copy of the technique."

"Well can't we find it and learn it so we can stop Madara?" Sasuke asked when he saw Mikoto look even worse.

"No, because Madara is the one that has the Susanoo scroll." Mikoto replied.

"I've been searching for it for months and haven't found a thing. Wherever Madara hid the scroll, he did a good job." Itachi replied. "I was lucky to place a search command into Konan-chan so she'd try to find any information possible and retain it for me."

"What the...what do you mean Konan-chan? Itachi, you're not siding with the enemy, are you?" Naruto retorted. "How do we know that you haven't sold us out!"

"Naruto, shut up!" Kasumi smacked him sharply on the head. "Konan is Itachi's girlfriend. She's under some kind of mind control by Pein!"

"Kasumi-chan is right. Konan-chan is under her control. I'm able to meet with her through the Tsukiyomi. But until I can find a way to release the control jutsu on her, I can't do much. Luckily due to my jutsu, she's able to take in everything she hears and lock it away for me. Even Madara seems to think I am his most trusted shinobi as well." Itachi said. "Our cover is safe for now, but each day I fear for her safety." After he said that, every girl went starry eyed.

"Itachi-kun, that's so sweet!!!" Ino said in a full romantic voice.

"The daring prince longs to rescue his captive princess. A perfect love story!" Sakura added.

"Ugh, great. They're in 'chick flick' mode again." Naruto grumbled.

"Yeah, why don't we leave them here and go get some food and watch a couple of hours of Jounin Battles Gone Nuts." Sasuke added.

"Agreed." said every other guy in the room.

"Wait, you're not going to leave me here with them, are you?" Itachi said frantically while the rest of the girls kept swooning.

"You're the one that made 'em this way. Have fun bro." Sasuke said as the guys all left.

"I hate them." Itachi grumbled as he kept being asked all kinds of questions concerning his relationship with Konan.A few days later...

"Thanks for the new transformer Dr. Sakurano. This is really going to help me out a lot." Shiori said as she inserted the Fire Gem. Dr. Sakurano took Sasuke's Star Prism transformer and modified it to help Shiori get adjusted to Illumina Power now that she was no longer connected to Sasuke anymore. "So I'll still be able to use Bankai and Overdrive, right?"

"Yes. It's also modified so that as you become more in tune with the Fire Gem, the power level will regulate so you'll soon be back to normal. Mai-chan is also going to be working with me to create a secondary Fire Gem, so that you and Sasuke will be able to work in tandem." Dr. Sakurano said. "For now you may want to go easy on your Illumina Form."

"Also Shiori, I want you working on your chakra exercises every day. You need to do at least one hour of regular chakra, and one hour of kitsune chakra each day. Kasumi, Hinata, Haku, I expect all three of you to help her, ok?" Akane instructed as she gave a scroll containing a detailed list of exercises to Kasumi.

"We'll take good care of her Oka-san." Kasumi replied. "I'll make sure she stays out of trouble."

"Before we go, do I have to deliver another nitpicky message to Aunt Makoto? It was bad enough when Aunt Yugito got mad the last time!" Haku whined. After the last time, she didn't want to get on any bad side of any Bijuu, even if it was her own.

"Not this time Haku-chan. Mako-chan might have been the biggest tomboy in the world, but she is one hell of a fighter. Akane, Daisuke, and I may be more powerful than she is, but her martial arts skill is unparalleled. Do your best to learn anything you can from her girls." Mai said, getting a nod from the five of them.

"One more thing girls, I've installed some snow gear for you in your transformers. You can now choose between your regular clothes and your winter wear by selecting it in the menu." Dr. Sakurano showed them the new features and showed each girl how to access their gear. Each one now had a specially designed white parka with a hood and matching snow pants, with tail warmers for the kitsune, special snow boots and gloves that enhanced chakra for better grip, plus special visors to reduce sun glare, and an insulated face cover to protect against frostbitten noses and chapped lips. The material was extremely light for maximum versatility and flexibility, but it was very insulated to make sure the girls all stayed warm

"These outfits are absolutely cute!!" Kasumi squealed in delight. "I wish I had one of these back in my old world!"

"You know, I bet you're going to look just like a snow angel Kasumi-chan." Shiori said with a slight blush on her face.

"Haku, it's a good thing you're coming. We're gonna need someone to cool her off." Temari said, getting a laugh out of the rest of the girls.

"Hey be nice to Shiori-chan." Kasumi replied back as she pulled Shiori close to her. "Besides, I don't mind being her snow angel."

"Alright you five, do you have everything else you need?" Akane asked as she did a final checklist.

"We've got extra medical supplies, items to prevent frostbite and hypothermia, camping gear and extra blankets as well." Hinata went through all their supplies. "All of us harmonized with Haku so we have her Ice Power to give extra protection against the cold, and we also took Naruto's Wind Power, and Chouji's Earth Power just in case. I've also had a chance to use Overdrive to get the feel for it, but I doubt I'll need it."

"I still say that is one sick Overdrive. To think you can create a typhoon out of simple water vapor? I have a feeling Uncle Daisuke gave you a little boost." Naruto said.

"Naru-chan, you know good and well you liked my Typhoon Wave. You were sitting there thinking of how to combine Omega Cyclone with it." Hinata replied.

"I have the letter from you for Aunt Makoto, and I also have the extra gifts from Aunt Yugito and Aunt Mai." Haku added.

"What gifts?" Akane questioned.

"You know Mako-chan loves combat, so we had Tenten make a few weapons for her. Daisuke-kun even included full detailed instructions on how to use all the weapons." Mai explained.

"And we did also include baby pictures as well, since we know you love giving those out." Haku said sarcastically.

"Speaking of which, you forgot this Kasumi-chan." Sasuke took out Kasumi's stuffed Sasuke plushy and put it in her backpack.

"I almost thought I left him!" Kasumi said, thankful that Sasuke averted a major crisis.

"Hey Shiori, I packed you something extra as well." Sasuke said to his former female side.

"Packed me…Sasuke, she's beautiful!" Shiori reached in her backpack to find a brand new stuffed Kasumi plushy, complete with silver ears and tails.

"Look you didn't undergo what Kasumi went through, but that will give you a little extra comfort knowing she's close." Sasuke replied.

"Sasuke, you've done more than enough for me. I should be thanking you more than anything." Shiori went up and nearly put him in a death hug. "I promise you I'll bring her home safely."

"She couldn't be in better hands Shiori." Sasuke threw a smile at Kasumi. "Make sure she stays warm up there."

"I will." Shiori replied.

"Oh and Haku-chan, your blanket is hanging out." Neji pointed out the baby blue blanket that was slightly sticking out of Haku's backpack.

"You...didn't see that, you know." Haku quickly stuffed it back in to avoid any extra embarrassment.

"Ok you dorks, get going and keep in touch." Ino said as her team was going through their final preparations.

"Whatever Ino-chan. But one thing, can you give a message to Aunt Kagome for us?" Kasumi asked. "Let her know that we're doing really well in our Light Chakra training."

"Sure, no prob." Ino replied. "Now Akane-sama, what was it that you wanted me to do?"

"Keep an eye on Kiba. Considering this is the Inu Clan village, he'd be in for a world of insanity." Akane said. "Knowing Inuyasha, it's all about pride with him."

"I'll keep him on a leash. If I have to I'll use my Sunstorm Blazer on him. That'll make sure he stays a good puppy." Ino said with an evil grin.

"Ino, how will bombarding him with thousands of solar rays keep him out of trouble?" asked Chouji while he continued to munch on a handful of potato chips.

"Ok then, you can use your Gaia Colossus on him! That's bound to keep him quiet." Ino snapped back.

"Ha ha, very funny. Can we just go now?" Kiba said as he gave Akamaru a dog biscuit.

"He's right, we have a lot of ground to cover. See you guys soon and good luck!" Tenten said as the two teams made their way out of the village."Hey Natsumi, got a minute?" Naruto asked his counterpart.

"I guess. What did you want?" Natsumi replied.

"Hina-chan and I had a chance to talk to Sasuke a few days ago. We found out what you told him about you and Hinata." Naruto told her. "Gotta say, you gave Sasuke some pretty good advice."

"I meant what I said to him, and I meant everything about Hinata too. It doesn't matter to me what we are, if we're friends or lovers. Just as long as Hina-chan is happy, that's the only thing important to me." Natsumi said. "I know she's in good hands with you, so what's to worry about."

"That's why she likes you Natsumi, and that's why she wanted you to have this." Naruto took a small necklace with a half heart charm on it. "Natsumi, Hinata and I think you should get the Life Stream Seal. You deserve the same chance as Shiori."

"Ok, but I don't get it. Why would you want me to do this?" Natsumi took the necklace and looked at it, wondering just what was going on.

"See the thing is, Hinata's not as sure of herself as Kasumi is. So she doesn't want to make the same commitment just yet. She did say that she would be ok if you were to just be her girlfriend." Naruto explained. "You still have the same relationship as you do now, but you'd be free to do whatever you want in life in the future."

"I see. Well, I guess I can't do much. As I did say, all that matters to me is Hina-chan's happiness." Natsumi took the necklace and put it around her own neck.

"Just so you know…she feels the same way about you as well." Naruto said. He then took a small letter from his back pocket. "She said for you to read this when you get the chance."

"I will. And Naruto, just because I undergo the Life Stream Seal doesn't mean you can slack off. I won't be there to make sure you don't do anything stupid, and Inner Hinata shouldn't have to overwork herself either." Natsumi pointed out. "If I find out you're making her miserable, you're in trouble."

"Ok, yeesh! Well later why don't we work on something for Hina-chan. Our anniversary is coming up soon." Naruto replied.

"Works for me Naruto, that works for me." Natsumi said with a smile. As she and Naruto were heading back home though, she did have a bad feeling, "I don't know what it is, but something tells me I need to wait on the Life Stream Seal. I'll ask Oka-san about that later." She thought to herself.In another part of Fire Country...

"Now how much money are you planning on getting off that corpse?" Hidan grumbled as he watched his partner drag a corpse from behind.

"This one was worth 30 million. Quite nice if I must say." Kakuzu laughed wholeheartedly. "And to think we have the chance to collect an even bigger bounty."

"So who are we going to have to tail now? I'm sick and tired of these damn chasing games!" Hidan said while he twirled his large scythe.

"I believe there are 4 ninja worth well over 50 million each. A nice catch if I must say so." Kakuzu threw down a folder containing the photos of Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, and Gai. "Not only that, but it is all part of Pein-sama's plan. We crush these four, and the strength of the Illumina Knights will crumble."

"Yeah yeah. Let's just find them and kill them." Hidan spat out.In Water Country, in a secluded area of the mountains...

"So there's where you've been hiding. Soon you will no longer be a free roaming wolf." Kisame said as he overlooked a hidden temple. "Prepare to be food for the sharks"

So...Kasumi is now engaged to both Sasuke AND Shiori. Looks like she truly is multi-talented. But they're relationship is only getting started. It's not gonna get Icha-Icha level until the next Story. But there's nothing that says you won't see a few tender moments between the two girls. Things are also looking up for Team Illumina, since they now have 6 of the 10 Overdrives, the top 3 Bijuu are now on their side, and it looks like everything is going good. But what's the deal with Hidan and Kakuzu? And what's gonna happen now that Kisame has found Makoto? Plus, what was in the letter that Hinata left for Natsumi?

In other news, now that the final two Bijuu have been found, there is going to be a brand new addition to the story. Another of Dragon Man 180's wonderful characters shall be joining the cast. Stay tuned to see who it is!!!

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