The Bijuu Wars

Who Let The Dogs Out!

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Chapter 16: Who let the dogs out!!!

After about a week of roaming through Lightning Country, we happen to find our heroes Neji, Chouji, Ino, Tenten, and Kiba...lost in a jungle.

"I always knew dogs didn't have a sense of direction!" Tenten said in grief.

"You know you're only saying that because you're half cat. And are you sure it was a good idea for you to come to a village of dogs? You'd be lucky they don't rip you in half!" Kiba replied.

"You've never met a pissed off nekomata, have you?" Tenten sent a sharp glare towards the Inuzuka. "Especially one that's very dangerous around sharp objects."

"Oh brother, look can we just get out of this place! I'm doing my best to communicate with the trees but for some reason I can't get anything out of them." Ino snapped at the both of them. "And how come you two can't pick up any scents? I mean you do have advanced smell, right?"

"You know I'm getting a bad feeling about this?" Chouji said nervously. "Not only that but I'm out of snacks!"

"Alright I'm officially calling this troupe mentally insaaaaaaaaaaane!!!" Ino said as she and the rest of the group unseeingly got snared in traps. What's worse is that now they were even surrounded by a horde of wild dogs.

"Kiba, do something! Say something to them!" Ino whined. "And get me down from here!"

"Ok ok! Ahem." Kiba cleared his voice but Akamaru had already started growling. Unfortunately the other dogs somehow got very mad at that.

"Kiba, what the heck! Why are they worse!" Neji asked.

"Well they said Akamaru was a wuss for hanging around a cat, and he said their mothers were a bunch of old mutts." Kiba translated. "So now they're saying...we're dog food."

"Ok that's it, I'm not going to hang around and be kibble for a bunch of mangy mutts!" Ino snarled. "No offense Akamaru, you're still wonderful. Let's transform and get the...YAA!!!" Somehow lightning shot through the ropes the group has bound in and sent a few thousand volts through the group, dropping them instantly. Even Neji who had slowly built up a slight resistance was taken out as well.

About an hour later...

"Why is it that something bad has to happen?" Ino said in a groggy voice. "Hey, what's the deal! Why are we tied up?"

"Ino, will you shut up!" Tenten was starting to come around as well, only to find herself face to face with a dog...a big dog...a very big, snarling dog that looked like it hadn't eaten in weeks! "Uh...nice boy? You don't wanna eat me ok."

"Tenten, any way you can transform?" Ino asked while she struggled with her ropes. "And what's the deal with these ropes? It's like they're lightning charged." She kept struggling and soon enough everyone else came around. Though Akamaru was missing for some reason.

"Guys, any idea what we're going to do here?" asked Kiba. "And where's Akamaru?"

"You're one to talk dog boy! Can't you say something to them? Tell them we're not kibble!" Tenten screamed.

"I can't! Unless I have a chance to synchronize with their chakra, I can't communicate with them. And when dogs are like this, you can't get through to them!" Kiba said while he continued to struggle as well.

"This is just great, we're gonna end up as dog food!" Ino cried out.

"Food, where? I'm starving!" Chouji said out of the blue.

"We're captured and about to be eaten, and he still thinks with his stomach...great." Neji sighed as things went from bad to worse. They were now surrounded by a troupe of shinobi as well as the snarling dogs. "You know it's times like this when Naruto would come in handy."

"What do you mean by that Neji?" asked Ino.

"He'd end up doing something absolutely stupid that would get us out of this predicament." Neji replied. "You know he would."

"Yeah he would. So guys...guess this is the end, huh?" Ino let out a slight chuckle.

"It will be the end when I say it is." said an unfamiliar voice. Amidst the shinobi, a single warrior wearing what looked to be a tribal mask walked forward. As the warrior entered, all the shinobi and the dogs immediately bowed in respect, showing that this person must have a lot of power.

"Hey, she's a dog hanyou!" Tenten said as soon as she picked up the scent.

"Huh? How did you know what I am?" the warrior removed her mask to reveal her face. What was most noticeable were the white puppy dog ears on the top of her head. She also revealed the two white tails behind her. When Kiba saw this, he became entranced!

"She's...absolutely beautiful." Kiba thought to himself. Now normally he'd be a guy that would act like a total male pig around cute girls...most likely some part of Jiraiya wore off on him over the years. But when he looked at her, he didn't see some other girl, he saw a goddess.

"Princess Kimiko, you shouldn't address these intruders." said one of the shinobi guarding the Konoha team. "We don't know their intentions."

"Know your place! I will interrogate them however I want!" Kimiko growled back, causing the shinobi guard to back down. "Now as I was saying, how did you know what I am?"

"I could smell you. It was easy to tell you were a girl considering that perfume you wear, even if it is a small amount." Tenten replied. "With all these males here, how could I not notice? Plus it seems like it's mixed with traces of blood, so that's definitely obvious you're a girl trying to cover you know what up."

"Damn, this stuff Mom gave me didn't work! Oh man I hope no one else knows about that! Now I really hate being a girl!" Kimiko thought to herself while feeling a little self conscious of herself. She looked back at the bound group and wondered just what she was dealing with, when she saw Kiba looking all starry eyed at her. "Uh, what's the deal with your friend over there?"

"Oh no, Kiba, down boy!" Ino said, immediately knowing what was wrong. "Crap, if I could only move my hands! Listen, Kimiko or whatever your name is, just go over and slap the hell out of him!"

"Uh, alright...if you say so." Kimiko immediately thought something was weird here, but she was like, eh. So she went over to Kiba and let him have it.

"Hey what was that for! Yeesh, I thought you were supposed to be a girl!" Kiba snapped after getting hit.

"Don't blame me, you mangy mutt. You're the one that looked like you were in a daze or something." Kimiko yelled back. "And who do you think you are yelling at me like that when you're the intruder in my village!"

"Intruder! You must be brain dead!" Kiba argued back.

"You dare speak to me like that! I should..." Kimiko was about to go off again when...

"KIMIKO KAGOME SHIDEN!! What are you doing!" yelled an older woman dressed in what looked to be priestess robes. She was walking in holding a baby boy that also had the same ears and tail as Kimiko.

"Uh, I wasn't doing anything wrong Mom! There were intruders we captured and I was just trying to get information!" Kimiko whimpered.

"Well that's no excuse for not acting like a lady. Honestly you're just as bad as your father Inuyasha. I don't expect you to be perfect, but I do wish you'd show a little more control of your temper." replied the priestess lady. "Now here, take your brother Shippo and go put him down for a nap."

"Oh alright." Kimiko took the baby from the lady and wasn't too happy.

"Hey wait, you said her father's name was Inuyasha? You mean she's the daughter of the Gobi no Inu!" Ino asked.

"Yes. I happen to be her mother Kagome Higurashi-Shiden. Inuyasha is my husband." Kagome replied.

"That means you're Kasumi's aunt that trained her and Hinata on how to use Light Chakra!" Tenten said.

"You're Kasumi and Hinata's friends?" asked Kagome.

"You bet we are! And Neji is Hinata's cousin and wielder of the Lightning Illumina Gem!" Ino said. "We're here to find Inuyasha-sama before Akatsuki does. We also have something for him from Akane-sama."

"Akane-chan! Do you know if she sent any of her Triad Teriyaki?" Kagome said in haste. "I don't know what she puts in it, but that's the most delicious dish I've ever had!"

"Uh, we're not sure about that Kagome-sama." Neji replied back.

"Oh well. Guards, free them immediately. They are allies and honored guests of our village." Kagome commanded. The guards took note and immediately released the Knights.

"Whew, it feels good to be free again. Hey has anyone even seen Akamaru this whole time?" Ino asked. "He's been gone since we've gotten here." Of course Akamaru ended up getting taken to a very nice dog spa where he was given a regal treatment. Guess they really appreciate dogs in the village.

"I wouldn't worry about him. He's just lucky he didn't get slugged by crazy girl over there." Kiba mumbled. "And here I thought she was actually cute."

"SO I'M A BIT TOMBOYISH!" Kimiko blasted back. "At least I don't smell like a sweat rag!"

"I'd rather smell like a sweat rag than smell like I had a bottle of perfume doused all over me! You probably smell worse than I do!" Kiba retorted. "And here I thought girls were supposed to be all about staying clean!"

"You can't be serious! I happen to be an Inu Princess and you speak to me like that? I was right, you are a mangy mutt!" Kimiko sent another shot back.

"Loudmouth tomboy!" Kiba said.

"Smelly mutt boy!" Kimiko replied.

The two kept that up for a good minute while everyone else looked on, completely dumbfounded.

"Looks like my Kimiko has her first crush." Kagome said with a smile.

"MOM!!! I do not have a crush!!" Kimiko screamed out in a burst of red blush. She then turned and stormed back to her house.

"She was just like me when I met her father." Kagome remembered what it was like for her and Inuyasha. "Well, let's get you settled in. I want to hear all about how things are going with Akane-chan." She then led the Konoha Knights to the place they would be staying. Although Kiba didn't particularly like the walk back.

"So, she has a crush on you. Are you gonna show off that ruggish hound dog charm?" Chouji taunted.

"Yeah Kiba, are you gonna be her 'Ladies Man'?" Neji continued the taunting.

"Whatever! Why would I want to do anything for a stuck up tomboy like her!" Kiba replied back. "I could care less about what she wants!"

Neji and Chouji looked at him and knew he was lying. "Kiba, can you be any more full of it?" asked Chouji.

"He's right. You are crazy for that girl, and you just don't want to admit it." Neji added. "Oh man, where are Naruto and Sasuke right now when you really need them!"

"Buncha idiots." mumbled Kiba as the group made their way back to Kagome's home.Kagome took the five to the main home of the Inu Village. It was a very modest home, nothing to be excessively flashy. It had extra rooms for guests and for all purposes, looked like an everyday home.

"Wow, this is just like Yugito-sama's home." Tenten took note of the cozy motif.

"Flashy and huge isn't my style. Even if I am the wife of 'The Great Dog Demon' as he's been proclaimed in these lands, I never liked any of that. I just want to be a normal High Priestess and raise my two children." Kagome said as she motioned for one of the maids to fetch some refreshments. "So I take it you're on a mission from Akane-chan. What brings you here?"

"Well, we're here to make sure that nothing has happened to Inuyasha-sama. Currently we're at war with a group known as Akatsuki, led by Madara Uchiha. They have been trying to locate and capture all of the Bijuu for some unknown purpose." Ino began. "They currently have three of the Bijuu, Inuyasha-sama's sister Shinja-sama, and his brothers Hiroshi-sama and Tsukune-sama. As of now his other siblings, Daisuke-sama, Mai-sama, and Yugito-sama are safe in Konoha with Akane-sama."

"In addition we also seek him to allow me to unlock my Lightning Illumina Powers even further to combat Akatsuki. We need his Lightning Chakra so that I can achieve my Overdrive form, and that we can even create the Lightning Elemental Armor for a member of our Support Team." Neji explained.

"Why on earth would you need Dad's Lightning Chakra? You really don't look like you have much to offer?" Kimiko looked at the group and figured if they could be trapped that easily, then what could they do to help her father.

"Oh you think we can't do anything? I'll have you know that our group could easily take out a Bijuu at full power if we wanted to! You're the tomboy that can't do anything!" Kiba retorted back.

"Kiba, calm down!" Tenten hoped to seethe his anger. "Listen, you want a demonstration of our skills, then we'd be glad to show you."

"Well Inuyasha and his team are set to return this evening. I think a demonstration would be good." Kagome said. "Kimiko does need to learn a thing or two about humility."

"Gee, thanks mom." Kimiko gave a sarcastic look as she and everyone else headed to one of the larger training fields. Luckily Kiba was reunited with Akamaru so he could show off his skills."Ok little girl, you wanna see just what we can do?" Kiba boasted, now that he was with his partner. "I hope you like eating your words."

"I'd like to see it to believe it." Kimiko brushed off his boast.

"You better be ready Kimiko. You may just have to eat those words like Kiba said." Kagome told her daughter as the team went into high gear.

"Well looks like I'll lead us off." Ino said as the group lined up. "Ready?"

"Ready!" said the other knights as they summoned their transformers.

"Then let's do it! WOOD PRISM ACTIVATION!" Ino started off.



"EARTH PRISM ACTIVATION!" Chouji followed suit.

"EARTH ARMOR ACTIVATION!" Kiba finished out the transformation sequence. "So you think we don't have anything to show off?"

"Yawn! You're boring me now." Kimiko showed she didn't really care and that really irked Kiba.

"Ok then, she wants to play hardball, well I can do just that." Kiba started burning in rage. "Hey Chouji, wanna see just how strong your Gaia Colossus is?"

"Oh you wanna tango with the Meat Tank? Bring it!!!" Chouji said, happy that he got to show off his new Overdrive again. "Ino-chan, Tenten, Neji, you might wanna back up for this."

"Don't have to tell us twice!" Ino and Tenten ran back over to where Kimiko and Kagome were.

"So why did you two come back?" Kimiko asked.

"Let's just say, watch for flying debris." Neji simply replied.

"I'm busting out the hulk hands!! EARTH OVERDRIVE!!" Chouji screamed as he exploded in a wave of energy. Everyone else looked on but Kimiko felt that and started having second thoughts. "Chubbies Rule!!!!"

"Oh yeah, let's do this Akamaru!" Kiba said, as he jumped on his partner's back. "FUSION JUTSU: TENSOU DOROUGA! (Fusion Jutsu: Earth Wolf Transmission Fang)" Kiba and Akamaru started drilling into the ground and soon burst out as a giant rock drill that shot straight into the air.

"Heh, I like this part!" The earth started shaking as it swirled around Chouji. "GAIA COLOSSUS!" The earth around him started building up, lifting him higher in the sky before he was consumed by the rock and earth, forming a giant earthen gigas. Kiba and Akamaru crashed full speed into him, creating a massive standoff of rock.

"Wow, he's pretty big, don't you think so Kimiko?" Kagome asked while she looked upon the demonstration. Kimiko didn't show it, but she was impressed...a little.

"That gigas form is ok…and that rock drill attack of Kiba's, I guess I like it…a little." Kimiko thought to herself.

"Well Ten-chan, looks like we better get ready for part two." Ino reached up and tightened her flower tie in her hair.

"Guess so." Tenten said as the two moved back out to the field. "Hey Kiba, Chouji, we're ready!"

The duo heard and got set for the next segment of their demonstration. Kiba and Akamaru backed off while all of the earth around Chouji came together in a MASSIVE boulder that he held over his head. This was all for Ino's part.

"Here we go. WOOD OVERDRIVE!" Ino screamed as her body exploded in a blast of sunlight.

"GRAVITY OVERDRIVE!" Tenten unlocked her final form once more causing the air around her to become even heavier.

Kimiko looked on at the girls, "Ok so maybe they are a little better." she thought to herself as she kept watching. "Now that I think about it, Kiba does look really cool with that armor on, and that jutsu of his was something. I wonder if I could learn that."

Kagome was quietly watching, noticing how her daughter's perception changed. "Looks like she's noticing things are not as they seem." thought the high priestess.

"You're going airborne!" Tenten used her Gravity Mastery to fling Ino skyward where she was exposed to the rays of the sun. With no clouds she absorbed massive amounts of sunlight.

"Ok Chouji, let it fly!" Chouji threw the huge boulder directly at Ino. "Time to carve the turkey! SUNSTORM BLAZER!" All she solar energy Ino collected was released as a huge piercing beam, but that wasn't the rest of it. Thousands of smaller beams of sunlight rained from the heavens, constantly striking the boulder as it chipped away rock by rock. Ino did leave enough for Tenten to try and finish up.

"Oh I like this part." Tenten said, causing the gravity to become denser around her. All the pieces of the giant boulder that had been chipped away were held in place as Tenten was about to turn a massive boulder into a little rock..."GRAVITY CRUSH!" With a clenched fist, she compressed the space around the boulder into a massive area of intense gravity. With as much gravity as she used, that massive boulder was compressed down to a fairly small one.

"Looks like I'm going to finish things." Neji calmly walked to the field "Now then...BANKAI!"

"It's all yours Neji!" Tenten said as she plopped to the ground, exhausted.

"To end this...LIGHTNING RAIN!" Neji called forth thousands of bolts of Lightning that fused into a giant bolt, crashing into the boulder and reducing it to ash. "It is finished."Kagome was very enlightened by the demonstration. As for Kimiko...

"That was so cool!!!" She was as wide eyed as a kid in a candy store! "Oh man, the way Kiba was like...and Chouji was massive! And those solar beams from Ino...and the gravity...and the lightning...Mom did you see how cool that was!!!!"

"So what happened to not being impressed?" Kagome asked, getting a major change of attitude form Kimiko.

"How could you not be impressed! Those guys were way cool! Oh man I wish I could pull off some of those moves!" Kimiko was all hyped up after the demonstration.

"Then you see we are serious in our mission." Neji calmly said. "We possess great power and we plan to use it to protect those closest to us."

"So you think we're playing around?" Kiba was ready to strut his ego.

"Meh, you were ok...though you need some work." Kimiko brushed off his boast once again.

"What the...why you....ARGH!!!" Kiba was ready to rip his hair out in frustration. Ino and Tenten knew exactly what those two were doing.

"They are so flirting with each other." the girls said together when they both felt an extremely huge chakra in the area.

"What in the world is that?" Chouji asked.

Neji activated his Byakugan and scanned the area, due to his Illumina Form, he now had extended range and could see much further. He did notice a chakra level of massive proportion, followed by another though not as strong, but definitely demonic. There were two more as well, but he noticed those were human. "It seems we may be meeting our host very soon."

"Looks like it. Kimiko, your father's home." Kagome said with a smile.

"Father?" Kiba snapped up. "Oh great, the big dog is here."

And the big dog did make his entrance. Bursting through the entrance gates was the great Gobi himself, with his five tails lashing and long white hair flowing, it was easy to know of Inuyasha's presence. He was dressed in a solid red battle kimono and carried only a sword at his side. However said sword was unsheathed to reveal a massive blade of great power.

"What the hell is going on here! There was a massive surge of energy that disturbed my village?" Inuyasha roared as he was out for blood.

"Uh daddy, it was them." Kimiko pointed to the Konoha nin. She knew when her father was mad...well she didn't want to get into that.

"Oh really? Well I'll enjoy killing them nice and slowly!" Inuyasha cracked his knuckles as lightning began to arc around his blade.

"Inuyasha, SIT!" Kagome shouted, causing Inuyasha to crash face first into the ground.

"Damn Kagome, what did you do that for!" Inuyasha snarled from the ground. "You're just gonna let them sit here and wreck the village!"

"Of course not! Akane-chan sent them." Kagome replied. "They came to meet with you."

"Why would they need to meet with me? And what does my older sister have to do with this?" Inuyasha asked as he picked himself up off the ground and sheathed his sword.

"Do the words 'Illumina Gems' mean anything?" Ino asked, definitely getting the attention of the Gobi.

"My conference chambers, now." That was all Inuyasha needed to say after hearing those words.After some lengthy introductions, including Inuyasha introducing his best friend and brother in arms Sesshoumaru, fellow demon huntress Sango, and her betrothed and village monk Miroku, Inuyasha came to find out the story behind everything.

"So these Akatsuki bastards have my brothers and sister? They'll be damned for toying with my family." Inuyasha said in anger.

"That's why we have been asked to seek you out Inuyasha-sama. Having you on your side only increases our chances to finally end this war and stop Akatsuki for good." Tenten replied. "That and I think Daisuke-sama is a little worried now that he has to handle three of his five sisters."

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that. And why did it have to be Akane, Mai, and Yugito?" Inuyasha could remember the chaos that use to come from those three together, and now that they were back in action...yeah Daisuke was in a mess of trouble.

"So that's why we request you to come to Konoha with us. The more Bijuu we have together, the stronger we are against Akatsuki." Ino replied. "Not only that but we also need you to unlock Neji's Overdrive Form."

"To think a fighter like you would control the Lightning Illumina, I'm impressed." Inuyasha said. "And you Kiba, the way you fight with Akamaru is amazing."

"Well, the Inuzuka clan does specialize with fighting alongside dogs. We do take great pride in our kennels and all of the pups we raise." Kiba said in respect.

"You know something, I bet you'd make a fine husband for Kimiko. A guy like you could definitely father some strong pups in the future." Inuyasha said, taking a liking to Kiba. "Ya hear that Kimiko, you're engaged now!"

"She's WHAT!" everyone in the room yelled.

"I'm WHAT!" Kimiko screamed when she burst into the conference room. "Daddy, there is NO way I am gonna marry that worthless mutt! I don't even like him!"

"You know, you're feisty just like your mother was. I think you two would get a long perfectly fine." Inuyasha replied as everyone else groaned in misery. "Besides, we already signed the contract years ago."

"Contract…what contract!" Kimiko asked.

"The one with the Inuzuka clan. You and Kiba have been engaged from the day you were born!" Inuyasha laughed. Of course when Kiba heard this…he fainted.

"Oh god I think I'm gonna be sick!" Kimiko said as she ran full speed to the bathroom.

"Inuyasha, how could you! And when were you planning on telling me all of this?" Kagome asked.

"About right now when I tell you it was all a joke." Inuyasha laughed, causing the rest of the room to hit the floor. "You saw the way those two were bickering! It's obvious they like each other."

"So you make them think they're engaged and they'll start getting along?" Kagome really thought her husband was crazy before, but now she knew he was mental.

"Why not? Give them a few days and we'll see how things go." Inuyasha said casually. Kagome simply sighed in grief at just how crazy her husband was.

"Tenten…remind me to tell Kasumi…her family is absolutely insane." Ino said without even batting an eye.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Tenten replied.As the week progressed Neji upped his training with Inuyasha to master Lightning Chakra and incorporate it into his fighting style. After a few sparring sessions, Inuyasha unlocked his Overdrive, now allowing Neji to use the powerful Lightning Sword. With Lightning Sword, Neji channels pure lightning into a blade of immeasurable size that obliterates anything in its path. Kiba even learned more from the trainers of the war dogs that Inuyasha kept to aid him in battle. That allowed him to learn some new collaboration jutsu with Akamaru, while he wasn't arguing with Kimiko or being chased by her while she shot arrows at him.

Ino spent her time with Kagome, learning the secrets of herbology from the High Priestess. Even though she didn't possess Light Chakra like Kasumi and Hinata, Kagome showed her how to use simple purification skills with her own chakra to aid her poison studies. Tenten was introduced to Inuyasha's personal forge Totosai. When she saw that he forged the blades that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru wield in battle, she became entranced at learning some new abilities with her own weaponry making. What was surprising is when Totosai got a hold of her Masamune…and one of her cat fangs. Of course Tenten was ready to turn the old coot into a pin cushion, but when she learned that he would be infusing her fang into Masamune, she first thought he was crazy. But after he explained that having her fang in the blade allowed her to now channel her Nekomata energy to make her blade more powerful, she went full speed ahead.

There was one thing however that still didn't bode well…

"I still don't see why I have to marry that stupid mutt!" Kimiko was at the archery range practicing with her bow. Being the daughter of a High Priestess, she naturally possessed Light Chakra or Miko Energy as it was also known. Kagome had trained her personally in the art or purification and demon sealing. Her ability wasn't as strong as Kagome's, but it could be formidable. The thing she did hate was archery. Kagome noticed that Kimiko always wanted to get up close in combat during training as opposed to staying back and attacking at a range. Every day in archery training, Kagome would sometimes see Kimiko using her bow as a melee weapon. "I mean it's bad enough he has to try and show me up with his stupid jutsu." She shot an arrow and hit the bottom of the target. "Then he has the nerve to suck up to daddy by talking about his dogs back home." She shot another arrow and hit the other end of the target. Her anger was beginning to consume her and it was causing her to lose focus. "Now this stupid marriage thing! I'm only 15, I don't want to be engaged!" This time she was so out of focus that when she shot the arrow, she completely missed the target…and nearly took out Tenten in the process!

"Don't shoot!" Tenten quickly ducked for cover…and fear for her life of stray arrows. "I know I'm a cat but cats and dogs can get along, right?"

"Oh, sorry Tenten. I had a lot on my mind." Kimiko greeted the nekomata. "I didn't mean to try and hit you."

"Hey it's no big deal. I do have to say I like your skill." Tenten took a look at her bow and was pleased with the craftsmanship. "This bow looks very high quality."

"Yeah my mom had it specially made for me. It's supposed to help me with my Light Chakra." Kimiko said as she took a seat on the ground. "But it's kinda boring if you ask me. Attacking from the backline, please! Everyone knows the real battle is in the front."

"So you're a melee warrior, pretty nice." Tenten replied. "Any particular weapons you like to use?"

"Well, I was never any good with a sword…or any bladed weapon for that matter. I do like hand to hand combat, and I'm fairly good with a staff." Kimiko said, when Tenten threw one at her. "Hey what's this for?"

"I'm a weapons mistress in Konoha. I wanna see what you got." Tenten took another one and began to twirl it around. "Besides, I've wanted to find someone good with weapons to practice against."

"Really, well I promise you that I won't disappoint you." Kimiko said, taking up an unusual stance. "You have first move."

"With pleasure." Tenten began the spar with the Inu Princess. She began with some swift thrusts but Kimiko seemed to read every single move. What surprised Tenten was when Kimiko went on the offensive.

"Hey, where did you learn that move?" Tenten backed away as Kimiko performed a cartwheel kick while twirling the staff in the opposite direction…with her tails!

"Oh this, Uncle Miroku showed me how. I just got bored with the regular style and tried using my tails instead." Kimiko got to her feet and seamlessly transitioned the staff from her tails to her hands, easily sweeping Tenten off her feet…or so she thought.

"Not bad!" Tenten was able to roll and flip off her hands to land back on her feet. In one quick motion, she grabbed her staff and was able to pin Kimiko's staff to the ground. "I gotta say you are good. I know you could probably learn some really good skills from Akane-sama."

"You think so?" Kimiko relaxed and handed Tenten the staff back. "I didn't know Aunt Akane was that good."

"Are you kidding?" Tenten replied after sealing the two staffs. "She's like one of the best I've fought."

"I'll have to take you up on that since we're leaving for Konoha in a week." Kimiko sighed. "And boy is that going to be a fun trip. Stuck with dog boy for who knows how long."

"Who Kiba? Oh please. Look he's too much of a dork and you're too much of a tomboy." Tenten chuckled.

"Oh and like you can talk? I could smell you were a tomboy the moment I met you!" Kimiko replied. "But at least you can understand me better than anyone else. Daddy wants me to be his hardcore fighter, while Mom thinks I should be a lady."

"So, why can't you be both?" Tenten asked. "I mean you can still be a kick ass fighter, and still have a girly side. I learned how to do that."

"Yeah right." Kimiko replied, but Tenten had a look that said she was serious. "You're not joking are you?"

"Kimiko, you don't know just how big a tomboy I am. All the other girls had boyfriend before they were 13. I didn't get my first one until I was 14, and he only lasted a week!" Tenten said. "Look, stick with me ok. We seem to have that connection, ya know."

"Thanks a lot Tenten. I really appreciate that." Kimiko replied with a smile. "At least I know there really is one person like me."

"Well I do have some better points, like my boyfriend Kyoji." Tenten said. "Hey you know I thought of something!"

"Thought of what?" asked the Inu Princess.

"I bet I can make some awesome weapons for you! I've been studying with Yugito-sama on how to use Metal Chakra, and I'm sure Totosai will show me how to start making demonic style weapons!" Tenten replied in excitement. "Not only that, but if I call Dr. Sakurano up, I bet he can even show me how to use a little Illumina Tech too!"

"Uh, what did you have in mind?" Kimiko looked a little freaked at her new friend, but obviously something good was gonna come from it.

"I'm thinking we make you a pair of gloves that can focus your Light Energy, and use your Inu Chakra to amplify it. With it, you can concentrate the chakra into a bow so you don't have to carry one, and you can mold it into a staff for up close fighting!" Tenten said. "This is gonna be awesome! I bet I can even make some additional armor for you following the same principles too."

"Really? That would be pretty helpful. Might do something for these fingernails too." Kimiko said when she looked at her hands.

"Alright I may be a tomboy as well, but those nails gotta go." Tenten replied. "Oh I just need one more thing." Using a little bit of gravity chakra, Tenten yanked out the two fangs in Kimiko's mouth, causing the Inu girl to howl pretty badly in pain.

"What's the deal!!! You just yank out my fangs??" Kimiko held her mouth closed to try to deaden the pain.

"Totosai did it to me a few days ago. Don't worry, they grow back. But I need them for your gloves." Tenten said after she sealed the fangs in a small scroll. She then picked up what sounded like some screams. "Hey do you hear that?"

"Yeah, it's coming from the eastern side of the village!" Kimiko looked in the direction and knew it was really bad. "No…not him!"

"Who is it?" Tenten wanted to know what was so bad.

"It's my father's nemesis…Naraku!" Kimiko said with a hint of fear in her voice.On the other side of town Inuyasha was going full force against a black demon known as Naraku. For hundreds of years he had been in combat, doing all he could to finally kill the demon that continued to plague his village.

"Why is it that you always want to show your ugly face in my village Naraku?" Inuyasha jumped out of the way of another strike from Naraku's tentacle.

"You know what I want. For too long have you protected the Demon's Tear, the jewel to make any demon ten times stronger." Naraku said. "Give me the Shikon no Tama and I'll be sure to level this village quickly."

"You'll get that jewel over my dead body!" Inuyasha screamed. He readied his blade, Tetsusaiga for another strike. "Know the wrath of the Bijuu! RAI NO KIZU! (Lightning Scar: A/N It's basically the Wind Scar, but with Lightning)"

"Still just as foolish, Inuyasha!" Naraku swiftly avoided the attack and began to go on the offensive. "Even as a Bijuu you are still weak!" The great demon began to unleash strike after strike with his tentacles, keeping the Gobi on his toes. To make matters worse, each strike released a poisonous miasma that slowly began to spread through the town.

"Damn, miasma!" Inuyasha remembered that Naraku's miasma was one of the most dangerous poisons in existence. Even though the people of his village had a better resistance to poisons, the miasma would still cause severe damage. "And Kagome is out with Ino right now. I have to do something!" Luckily he did get a little bit of help in the form of a purification arrow.

"Daddy, are you ok?" Kimiko rushed up to find out what the deal was. "I heard the villagers."

"That was good timing Kimiko. Your arrow helped, but we have a lot to deal with." Inuyasha said as the miasma slowly dissipated. "Do you think you have enough chakra to purify all this miasma?"

"Daddy, this is a high level poison. I don't know if I can, but I'll try." Kimiko was about to draw another arrow, when Tenten stopped her and gave her something.

"Listen, you won't be able to shoot arrows fast enough." Tenten said, handing her a pre-loaded repeater crossbow. "Just focus all of your Light Chakra through this and shoot like crazy. Be careful though, it has a lot of power." She also assumed her Knight Form and drew her upgraded Masamune. "Until we get reinforcements, I'm gonna stay here and help Inuyasha-sama."

"Tenten you can't! Naraku's too dangerous!" Kimiko warned.

"Kimiko's right, this is my fight." Inuyasha added. "Akane wouldn't forgive me if any of her fighters were injured."

"Inuyasha-sama, thanks for the warning, but I've dealt with high level demons before. Besides, if this freak throws anything at me, he'll get it right back at double the power." Tenten said as she channeled a purple energy into her blade which soon caused it to be surrounded by Lightning.

"Since when do you know Lightning manipulation?" Inuyasha questioned the weapons mistress.

"It's my Illumina Power. I'm using Neji's Lightning Element in my blade. So wanna give this freak a double dose of Lightning?" Tenten let out a smile.

"With pleasure." Inuyasha said when Tenten just tossed her sword to him out of the blue.

"You hit him high and I'll hit him low!" Tenten showed off the blue and purple energy charged in her fist. "Kimiko, go for it! As for you...MAGNETIC SHOCKWAVE!!!" With a sharp slam, Tenten let the energy wave ripple through the ground at Naraku.

"Hmm, so you think that will work do you? My barrier won't even be penetrated." Naraku chuckled as a purple shield surrounded him.

"Naraku, don't forget you're dealing with me also!" Inuyasha was about to come down and deal a swift double blade strike, but Naraku blocked it off with his tentacles.

"Inuyasha, not even two blades of lightning will defeat me. Just bow down now and I'll make your death painless and swift." Naraku said while continuing to block Inuyasha's attack.

"You know, I don't think so just yet. I'm going to a family reunion here very soon, and they'd need me in one piece. That and I don't think that girl back there would like you killing me before I saw my family." Inuyasha pointed back to the nekomata girl who just flung a very large scroll over Naraku.

"Eat this ugly! SOURYUU TENSAKAI! (Double Dragon Scattering Destruction)" Tenten screamed as her scroll released thousands of weapons that rained down on Naraku. The demon once again summoned his barrier, but Tenten had a trick up her sleeve.

"How are your weapons weakening my barrier!" Naraku said in rage as he saw his barrier starting to fade.

"It's called draining your energy, you freak! That barrier works with demonic energy, and luckily my Wood Element now lets me drain that from my enemies!" Tenten said as the weapon rain kept up. She was doing major damage, but she soon realized it was worse than she thought. "Even though I'm draining the energy from his barrier, it doesn't feel like I'm getting very much back! I hope it isn't this miasma weakening me." she thought to herself.As Inuyasha and Tenten kept up the fight against Naraku, Kimiko was rushing all over the village doing her best to purify the miasma. As strong as it was, she was forced to use more Light Chakra than normal, and with that repeater crossbow, it did take a lot out of her. As she was trying to make sure everyone was ok, a small village boy ran up to her crying.

"Hey, what's the matter? Why are you crying?" she asked the boy.

"My friend is hurt. She smelled that strange purple smoke and got really sick," the boy cried. "I think she might die and it's all my fault."

"Hey now, don't say that. Why don't you take me to her and I'll see what I can do to help ok." Kimiko replied with a gentle smile. The boy nodded and led her to a small shack where his friend was lying on a small cot. She looked to be struggling to breathe, most likely from the poison miasma.

"Here she is, can you help her?" the boy was frantic over his hurt friend.

"I'll see what I can do, ok." Kimiko said. She did notice there was some miasma lurking around, so she took a few arrows and channeled her chakra through them. Afterwards she set them all around the shack to dispel any miasma and keep it out. "While we're in this circle, that miasma won't get through, so you're safe for now." The boy felt a little comfort but he still wasn't sure about his friend. Kimiko decided to get a little more info while she was assessing the situation. "Hey, what's you and your friend's names?"

"Mine? It's Renji," he replied. "And her name is Ruki."

"Ok Renji, I'll do my best to make Ruki feel better, but why did you say it was your fault that she got sick?" Kimiko asked.

"We had an argument. I messed up while we were playing a game and I made her mad. I didn't mean to." Renji said. "But I got so mad that I told I didn't care if she got hurt or anything."

"I see." Kimiko replied, when she was suddenly hit with a flashback of what happened to her and Kiba a few days ago. They were training and he caused a minor screw up. Kimiko let her temper get the best of her and ended up firing up an argument before she stormed off. Later that night she went on a late night training run and was nearly injured in the process, though Kiba and Akamaru found her before she was seriously hurt. "Maybe Kiba's not that bad." She thought to herself, nearly spacing out for a minute. She got her focus back and got back to the task at hand.

"Renji, do you know if she inhaled a lot of the miasma or not?" asked Kimiko.

"I don't know. She just came back and collapsed." Renji said in a scared tone. "Please say she'll be ok."

"Don't worry, she will." Kimiko said. "I'll have her better for you and we'll get you someplace safe too." Kimiko moved over to the struggling girl and placed her hands on her forehead and on top of her chest. Renji soon saw a glowing pink energy from Kimiko's hands flow into his friend.

"What are you doing to her?" he asked.

"I'm purifying the poison as much as I can. I don't know if I can get rid of all of it, but I can at least get enough out so we can get her to my mom." Kimiko explained. "Then we'll make sure she's well." Kimiko kept up the purification as much as she could with the little Light Chakra she had left. It finally took its toll, but she was successful to say the least. "Wow, that was pretty tough. Looks like it did work."

Kimiko looked to see Ruki slowly open her eyes and speak again. Renji was already at her side, happy to know she was at least ok.

"Ruki, are you ok?" he asked.

"Renji, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run off like that." She let off a weak smile to thank him.

"It was my fault. I didn't mean to make you angry. Are we still friends?" Renji asked.

"Yeah, we are." Ruki told him, which made him a lot happier.

"Hey, thanks for helping Ruki, whoever you are." Renji said to Kimiko.

"My name is Kimiko, and I'm glad I could help." Kimiko said.

"Kimiko…you mean Princess Kimiko?" Ruki asked. Often times Kimiko was out in the village as a normal girl so people often saw her as just that and not as the village princess."

"You're Princess Kimiko?? Oh wow, thank you so much!!" Renji immediately bowed in respect.

"Renji, you don't have to bow, and you don't have to call me Princess Kimiko. Just call me Kimiko, ok." Kimiko ruffled his hair with a smile. She then let out a very high pitched whistle that summoned a large dog to her in seconds.

"My lady, you've called?" asked the large dog.

"Yosho, take these two children to my mom and quickly. Ruki still has some miasma poisoning and she needs to see my mom for purification. I've weakened the poison so she'll be ok." Kimiko helped Ruki up on the large dog, and then helped Renji up. "Be swift my friend."

"Yes Lady Kimiko." Replied Yosho.

"Ruki, Renji, I'll see you soon ok. You'll be safe with my mom." Kimiko said as she got back to her feet.

"Thank you Princess Kimiko. You're really nice." Ruki said before she drifted back to sleep.

"You too Ruki." Kimiko said as Yosho rushed out of the shack. "Maybe I should give Kiba another chance?" Kimiko soon felt that she used way too much of her Light Chakra when she was purifying the miasma, and after saving Ruki, she was completely drained. With her arrows weakened, the miasma began to enter and she soon fell unconscious."Hey look, she's coming around." Ino said as Kimiko slowly started stirring.

"Wha…where am I?" Kimiko tried sitting up in her bed but she was held back down.

"Stay down dear, you took in a large dose of miasma." Kagome said, handing Kimiko two specially made purification tablets. "Take these, it will help to remove the last of the poison."

"The last thing I remember was helping Renji's friend Ruki." Kimiko downed the two tablets and laid back down. "Are they ok?

"They're fine. Yosho got them to me in time and I made sure they were free of any poison. They're both safe with their families now." Kagome said while she applied a cold compress to her daughter's forehead. "You're very lucky you know. When we got the miasma cleared out no one knew where you were. But luckily Kiba and Akamaru picked up on your scent and got to you before any serious damage could be done."

"Great, I get saved by my so called fiancé. I guess I should be happy." Kimiko grumbled.

"Kimiko, don't listen to your father. He was just being himself. You and Kiba aren't engaged." Kagome explained. "He was letting his traditionalist ego fly for a bit."

"Wait, I'm not?" Kimiko was stunned. The whole thing was a ruse to her?

"Isn't that what you wanted?" asked Ino. "You did get pretty sick when you heard that."

"Well it was that or the cramps talking." Tenten added, which did get some embarrassment from Kimiko. "But I think it was the engagement thing."

"So he saved me again. Maybe he isn't that bad. I guess I can take the time to get to know him a little better." Kimiko thought to herself before the boys all came in.

"Hey, is she ok? That poison didn't do much damage did it?" Kiba asked as he barged in Kimiko's room.

"No, Kimiko's fine thanks to you." Kagome replied.

"Whew, thank goodness." Kiba sighed.

"Kiba, you were worried?" Ino asked, thinking something was wrong.

"What, I…no way! Who'd be worried about a tomboy like her!" Kiba replied, which definitely didn't settle well with Kimiko.

"And who said I needed your help, mutt boy! I woulda been just fine without you!" Kimiko yelled back.

"Yeah right! You couldn't save yourself out of a paper bag!" Kiba argued back. And thus things were back to normal…for the time being.

"And here I thought they were actually going to get along." Ino sighed.

"Ino, you really believed that?" Tenten said with a sarcastic look.

"Why don't we go get some tea and let those two bond for a while." Kagome said as she ushered everyone out of the room.Even though the village was safe, the battle didn't bode well. Naraku was able to use his miasma as a diversion while one of his incarnations was able to steal she Shikon no Tama. By the time the rest of Team Illumina arrived to help Tenten and Inuyasha, it was too late and Naraku escaped.

"So they got the jewel." Inuyasha said in anger. "Damn, I knew he would try something like this! But how could he have gotten through Kagome's barrier! The only thing we saw was pieces of paper!"

"Inuyasha, right now we have no knowledge of what he's planning. For now we should regroup and assess the situation." Miroku commented. "Because of the seal Kagome placed on the jewel itself, there's no way he can readily access its power."

"Miroku is right, brother. For now, leave Naraku to us. I believe you have a bigger responsibility that needs to be attended to." Sesshoumaru said. "You should join your other siblings for now."

"Don't worry Inuyasha, the village is in good hands with us. Besides, when's the last time you got to be with your family? You've been so busy protecting the people here. Take the time and go to Konoha." Sango added. "If anything happens, we'll be able to get in touch with you."

"Very well. But something tells me that Naraku is planning something more dangerous than I know. He didn't even cause much damage other than a miasma." The Gobi was quite disturbed about this and felt something wasn't right. "We may be in for more trouble than we know.""Glad to see you've returned, my friend. It's been a long time, Naraku." Madara was sitting in his meditation chambers when a set of dark eyes arose from the shadows.

"That it has Madara. Though I believe time has come for us to work as one again." Naraku rose from the shadows to greet the Akatsuki leader. "I do have to say those Illumina Knights you spoke of are quite fascinating. I actually felt like I had exercise while toying with them."

"I knew you would. For them to believe they had the power to combat a demon of your caliber, it makes me laugh to this day." Madara said as he gave a firm handshake to the demon. "And I even sense you have a new toy."

"Yes, the Shikon no Tama." Naraku held up the pink jewel in all its glory. "Such magnificence in this one little jewel. And that foolish priestess Kagome believes she can seal its power? To think that she could even have a barrier protect the jewel. I have to say Madara, that girl you sent was quite useful."

"I know. If only they knew the true potential of this jewel. As for Konan, her ability to manipulate paper, and the fact that her soul is pure made things easy. She is quite a valuable tool to me, and may be even more useful in the future. For now we shall celebrate this victory. But in time our plan will come to power and this world will be ours." Madara stared deep into the crystal, letting the light reflect onto his Eternal Mangekyo. "Naraku, I've been meaning to ask you…have you ever been, fox hunting?"

"I haven't but I believe it would be quite entertaining." Naraku gave off a sick grin.

"My friend, the hunt is but a glorious adventure…and soon we shall relish that glory." Madara started laughing, foretelling that he had a devastating plan in the works.Well everyone, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kimiko have now joined the cast, and it seems Team Illumina has taken a serious step ahead in the Bijuu Wars. But what's this about Naraku teaming up with Madara now? And why did he use Konan to get the Shikon no Tama? It looks like things are going to get very interesting. Not only that, there's one Bijuu left, and the five girls are in for a chilly reception! As always enjoy everyone! R&R!!!

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