The Bijuu Wars

Anything Goes Snow Fighting

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Chapter 17: Anything Goes...Snow Fighting??

Since we last left off, Hinata, Haku, Kasumi, Temari, and Shiori had left Konoha in search of the Mistress of Ice, Makoto the Rokubi. After being geared with brand new snow gear, they set off to the misty mountains of Water Country. They didn't know that Kisame had already made his move and was one step ahead of them. The trip wasn't without its ups and downs however…..

"Can it get any worse out here!!" Temari screamed as the wind continued to blow. Ever since the five girl group arrived in the mountains of Water Country, they had been trudging through a brutal snowstorm. "I hate to say it, but I think my hair actually froze!"

"It's not that bad Temari. Actually I happen to like this kind of weather." Haku said, breathing in the frigid mountain air.

"And this coming from the blasted Ice Princess!" Temari replied while the group continued trudging through the mountainous terrain. "Look it's getting dark, we should find a place and set up camp for the night."

"Temari's got the right idea. Besides, I just checked up on Shiori-chan and she needs to rest." Kasumi said. Since Shiori was still adjusting to her new chakra system, she couldn't go as long as the others.

"No, don't stop because of me. We need to keep going if we're going to find Aunt Makoto." Shiori took a deep breath and tried to keep pushing through the snow, but soon fell to her knees again.

"Kasumi's right, you need to be at the top of your game as well as the rest of us." Hinata said, helping Shiori back to her feet. "I looked around and saw an empty cave just up ahead. We can set up camp there. It may be good for us to stay there for at least an extra day because it looks like this storm is going to get worse."

"Oh alright then." Haku sighed as the group pressed onward.

Hinata led the way to the cave she saw and the group got in as fast as possible out of the storm. Since the entrance was wide open, she and Haku combined their Illumina Power to seal off the entrance in a large wall of ice, though they did keep some holes open to allow air to flow through. Luckily the cave they found was dry and it even looked like it had a large basin that could be made into a makeshift hotspring.

"Well, it's not bad, but for camping, hey I'll take it." Temari said while she set her gear down.

"We'll get the sleeping gear set up, and you start dinner for us." Haku said. "And it looks like Hinata and Shiori have the bath covered for tonight."

"One hotspring away from home, coming up." Hinata said as she filled the basin with water, while Shiori was able to get it nice and hot. "No sense in being cold out here."

"Sometimes you gotta love being shinobi." Haku said. "We turn camping into a hotel suite."

So the girls got their gear all set out, with Hinata getting the extra blankets for added warmth. Shiori had the fire going while Kasumi set up the dinner they had packed. While everything was cooking, the girls decided to hit the bath.

"I don't know how you did it Hinata, but this is amazing. Climbing those mountains was rough." Temari said while she let the hot water loosen her muscles. "I don't see how any of you guys can handle this."

"That's because you're used to that desert life for so long." Kasumi said while Shiori was giving her a heated back rub. "Not too much heat Shiori-chan."

"Oh, I'm sorry princess. There is that better?" Shiori decided to use bathtime as her chakra practice, so she turned her chakra into heat and kept it steady on Kasumi's back.

"Oh yeah, that is perfect!" Kasumi was in heated bliss. The hike so far was strenuous, so she was taking every advantage of this relaxation. "What can't you do Shiori-chan?"

"Um, well...I...could think of some things." Shiori replied shyly. "But everyone might get mad at me."

"That's it, it's too hot for me!" Haku said, but Shiori stopped her.

"Wait Haku-chan, I didn't mean it that way! I'm sorry, I'm trying to be as normal as possible." she said in apology.

"I know you are. Just calm down. Did you think that because you're engaged to my sister, I'd treat you any differently?" asked the Ice Princess.

"Well I thought you would all think I'm weird because I'm in love with a girl." Shiori replied.

"Ok, first of all you're weird anyway, since you practically spawned from Sasuke." Haku said. "Second, you're weird because you like Kasumi. I mean come on, why that big nerd?"

"I am not a nerd! I just studied a lot in the academy, that's all." Kasumi said in her defense.

"Yeah yeah, we know." Haku replied when she noticed Shiori moving over towards her. "Shiori, what are you doing?"

"Um if it's ok with you, do you mind if I rub your shoulders down too? You did seem fairly stressed like Kasumi-hime." Shiori asked.

"You want to what?" Haku jumped back a bit. "I don't know...I mean...Kasumi, do something!"

"Haku-chan lighten up! Just let her do whatever." Kasumi wasn't really paying attention because she had almost fallen half asleep in the water.

" gentle ok." Haku said as she let Shiori move into position.

"Don't worry Haku-chan, I will." Shiori replied as she began to channel her chakra. Three minutes later...

"Oh god, Shiori-chan please don't stop!!! That's it...oh YES!!!!" Haku screamed in pure delight.

"Are you sure Haku-chan? I don't wanna hurt you or anything." asked Shiori.

"Shiori, can I marry you instead? I have NEVER had a back massage like that ever! It's like you knew just how to relax each pressure point. I feel way better!" Haku stretched out and felt like a brand new girl.

"Back off sis, she's my princess." Kasumi said in defense.

"How did you get that good?" Haku wanted to know, probably because she wanted Shiori to continue.

"Well, a few days ago I was talking to Tsunade-sama about what I should specialize as a shinobi. Since Ino and Sakura were doing medicine, Kasumi-hime and Hinata were doing alchemy, Temari was in diplomacy, you were a hunter nin, and Tenten was doing weapon research, I wanted to do something that could really help everyone." Shiori admitted. "So she gave me a book on physical therapy. It showed me how to do certain massage techniques in order to help invigorate muscles and to help in recovery."

"But how did you learn so fast?" Haku asked back. "Something like that should take months to learn."

"I scanned the book with my Sharingan. That helped me get the motions right, and since I need to do chakra building exercises, I thought I could work that in as well." Shiori replied. "I didn't do anything wrong, did I?"

"No way! Now if I go lay down over on the sleeping bags, do you think you could do my lower back and my legs too?" Haku said in excitement.

"Hey! Don't try to get free massages out of my fiancée! Yeesh! Maybe you need to be the one to go back outside and sit in the snow for a while!" Kasumi sounded pretty upset.

"Um, Kasumi-hime, I don't mind. Maybe later I can try a special one I saw just for you." Shiori asked bashfully.

"Oh, ok. If you want to Shiori-chan." Kasumi didn't know what was going on. "I can stay dressed when you do that, right?"

"Y-yeah, you don't have to be undressed for it! It's not that kind of massage!!" Shiori squeaked out, already turning a bright red. Haku and Temari shot her a look that said 'yeah right' while Hinata was too busy laughing. "I'm serious!! I'm not like that at all!!!" Haku and Temari just kept staring and it ended up getting poor Shiori upset. "Kasumi-hime, please tell them I'm not like that!!!"

"Guys, lay off ok! She said it wasn't that bad." Kasumi said to try and get everyone to quit picking on Shiori.

"Kasumi, you do realize we have just proven that Shiori is now NOTHING like Sasuke!" Haku said as she got out of the spring.

"Haku-chan's right, I think she's a little more like I used to be." Hinata giggled. She then walked over and poked Shiori in the nose. "I think it's cute."

"Yeah, that Life Stream Seal really did a job. You almost couldn't tell she was a part of Sasuke." Temari added. "Guess that means you really are your own girl Shiori."

"Oh, uh thank you." Shiori said in thanks. Kasumi however looked fairly shocked.

"My friends...are total weirdoes." Kasumi said as she got out of the spring.

So after the bath, the group ended up sitting around the small campfire roasting marshmallows, though Shiori was brushing Kasumi's hair.

"So Kasumi-hime, do you like the new ribbon I put in my hair?" asked Shiori.

"Uh, yeah it's ok Shiori-chan." Kasumi said while she was still getting her hair brushed. "You know, now that you're a real girl, you don't have to be completely girly all the time."

"I don't? But isn't that how I'm supposed to act since I'm your girl?" replied the Uchiha girl.

"Shiori, I think what Kasumi-chan means is that, you can still be the same person you were before you underwent the Life Stream Seal. But I do have a feeling as to what is going on with you." Hinata said. "My guess is that since you were originally a part of Sasuke, you maintained a large part of his body chemistry. The composition was female, but that's also probably how you started developing your feelings for Kasumi."

"Really? So am I sick or something?" Shiori asked.

"Not at all. See my guess is that when you got the Life Stream Seal and it severed your spiritual connection with Sasuke, it also severed the chemical connection too." Hinata said. "Basically your female body is now trying to adjust so you're chemical composition is a lot more intense. Give it a little time and you should be back to exactly what you were."

"I see. So I'm not messed up or anything?" Shiori asked. Hinata nodded no and gave her a little ease.

"But…there is one thing. That ribbon…eww." Hinata said as she moved Kasumi out of the way and plopped Shiori down. "You have to work on things that compliment your features now."

"Well Kasumi-hime said it was cute." Shiori said in a down tone.

"Now that I think about it, Hinata's right. I mean the way your hair is, it just doesn't work." Kasumi said, noting Shiori's darker hair color. "As crazy as this sounds…a traditional color just doesn't seem to fit you anymore."

"And the hair over the eye thing…that's too Ino." Haku admitted. "I mean come on, even though she's dating Chouji, she still has that fangirl gene."

"Tenten had the panda look, but thank Kami she ditched that!" Temari added. "As if we'd give that to you."

"Then, what are you gonna do to me?" Shiori nervously asked.

"First of all you need a color to compliment mine. Red is ok, but we need to find that perfect blend." Kasumi said. "And I know the perfect color."

"What is that?" Shiori was a little terrified at her surprise makeover.

Kasumi, Haku, Hinata, and Temari all looked at each other in agreement. "Crystal Purple."

Needless to say, even on missions a kunoichi tries to look her best just in case she needs to go undercover. So they all took out their makeup and got to work, first dealing with Shiori's hair. It was decided that she looked way better with a short flat cut, then they added the dye, changing her from a dark black to a combination purple, blue, and light red, just enough to make the purple look like it was reflecting light as if it was crystal. To finish it off, the strand that normally covered her eye was held back with a special kitsune shaped hairclip of Kasumi's. Since her headband wouldn't look good Sakura style, and wearing it the normal way was just meh, she ended up wearing it around her neck. To finish it off, they added a thin braid in the front and dyed it silver so it would blend with the purple.

"Well Kasumi-chan, it was tough, but I gotta say we did a good job." Hinata said, wiping her brow.

"That we did. I gotta say, it's definitely befitting of my fiancée." Kasumi said in agreement. "But do you think we made her a little too cute?"

"Is it that bad?" Shiori asked. "I wanna see."

"Hold on a minute! We gotta make sure everything is just right." Haku did one final look. She did see one loose strand of hair and lopped it off.

"Ok, can I see now?" Shiori whined.

Kasumi, Hinata, Haku, and Temari just looked at Shiori. All of them did the head tilt thing and still looked like something wasn't right. "I still say something is just not right." Temari just wasn't satisfied.

"What about that part on the side. It just seems to want to stick up." Haku said, pointing to something that obviously wasn't there.

"Fix it!! I wanna see it!" Shiori was getting way too impatient.

"Alright you big baby!" Haku said. "Close your eyes and we'll have it done in a minute." Shiori did just that, but she didn't realize what she was in for, considering the other four girls all got their pillows. "Well sis, it was tough and there were times when I thought it just really wouldn't work."

"But we did push through and have finally completed our greatest project." Temari added.

"Too bad it really sucked and now we gotta start all over." Hinata said, causing Shiori to snap her eyes open.

"HUH!" Shiori said when she noticed the other girls were armed and ready.

"Let's get to work girls!" Kasumi screamed, unleashing the first pillow strike. So the girls proceeded to beat the living daylights out of each other since they were going to be weathering out the storm.

"Master Makoto, you seem troubled?" asked a robed martial artist. "Might I ask what you sense?"

"I sense a battle in the future. There are two factions, one that seeks my power for greed and evil. The other seeks me for knowledge and the will to become stronger." Makoto lifted her head out of mediation. "It also seems that there is one who is worthy of my vast skills. Toshiro, remain vigilant and be wary."

"Yes Master Makoto." Toshiro bowed in respect to the Six-tailed wolf, Makoto Shimo, the master of ice and of the Kyokugenryu style of Martial Arts. He took his leave and left Makoto to meditate again.

"Akane, I sense that you have something to do with this. Well don't worry, I'll test your team well, and maybe the one you've sent will be able to master the full aspect of the Kyokugenryu style." Makoto said to herself. As time passed, she soon found she had a visitor at her temple.

Kisame arrived at the temple, though instead of taking the normal approach of busting in and just capturing the Bijuu, he decided to do a little manipulation. While he was planning his capture, he did catch sight of the Konoha Girls team and knew they were on the same mission. Instead, why not have them be the bad guys this time?

"Halt intruder, who are you and what do you seek?" Kisame was stopped by two guards.

"I come in search of the one called Rokubi. I seek their wisdom and come to warn them of a group seeking to capture your master." Kisame lied. "Allow me to speak with your master."

"And why should we? No one dares attack Master Makoto." Said one of the guards as Makoto entered the main hall.

"Stand down." Makoto commanded. "You are one I have sensed to arrive at my temple. I am Makoto Shimo, master of these sacred walls. Why do you seek me?"

"Master Makoto, I come to warn you of a great danger. There are five shinobi set on capturing you. My name is Kisame Hoshigaki, and I come from my group known as Akatsuki. We are searching the wise and powerful Bijuu to allow them to seek sanctuary from this group known as the Illumina Knights." Kisame said. "My group received news long ago that one of the members has stormed these hallowed halls and has tried to obtain your power."

Makoto stared hard at Kisame, carefully analyzing his aura. "So this is the one that seeks my power out of greed. To think he could trick me into saying someone with Illumina would use it for evil. I've sensed the one wielding my Ice Illumina already. Very well, I'll go along with his farce for now," she thought to herself.

"Great Master, I ask of you to be wary, for this group seeks to destroy all that is great in this world." Kisame continued his lie.

"Well Kisame, I am surprised that someone would seek to capture me and try to use my power." Makoto played his bluff. "I have sensed the ones you spoke of as well, and I know they are close to arriving. If they try anything, I will deal with them personally." She motioned over to one of her students to take Kisame to the relaxation chamber for refreshment. "Until our other guests arrive, please enjoy some tea. My students will lead the way."

"Thank you Master Rokubi, you are most honorable." Kisame said in a blatant lie. He was really thinking, "That's right you pathetic creature, I'll have you get rid of those Illumina Knights and you'll soon be mine."

The storm finally passed and the girls were geared up and ready. They headed back into the mountains since the storm had cleared an easier hiking path. Luckily they were soon to arrive at their destination.

"So any ideas on which way to go?" asked Temari. "You'd think if we kept heading north, we might find this so called temple."

"I dunno. Shikamaru said he found Aunt Makoto's temple to be around the eastern mountain range." Haku said.

"Haku-chan, wait…I think we should head around that mountain." Shiori pointed to the west. "I really feel it's the right way."

"This sounds crazy, but I believe you." Haku agreed. "Shiori-chan, you seem to have the strong feeling so you lead the way."

Within a few hours the five kunoichi discovered their destination. Although it was freezing outside, the moment they entered the walls of the temple, the temperature seemed to get warmer.

"I guess this is Aunt Makoto's chakra affecting the temperature." Kasumi took note. "We should hurry and meet with her. We don't know if Akatsuki has found this place."

The girls entered into the main hall where a group of fighters were already in training. The same guards that stopped Kisame appeared before the group as well.

"More approach the temple? What is your reason for being in this sacred place?" questioned the guards.

All five girls stepped back and bowed in respect. "We come seeking the Rokubi. We are the Princesses of the Kitsune Clan, daughters of her sister the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Kasumi began the introduction as they all sealed their winter gear and went back into their normal clothes. "We have journeyed with our friend to warn Rokubi-sama of a crisis."

"In addition I have come, seeking her help in unlocking my abilities. I know that she is a master of Ice, and without her we cannot complete our mission." Haku added. "Please we must see her."

"So I have more visitors to my temple." Makoto said from the center of the main hall where she looked upon the training. "And you say you know of my sister, the Kyuubi?"

"Yes, we're her daughters by way of the Kitsune Clan." Kasumi said as she started to introduce the group. "I am Kasumi Uzumaki, First Princess and Heir of the Clan, and also the Light Illumina Knight. To my right is Hinata Hyuuga, Heiress to the clan of Hyuuga, Second Princess of the Kitsune, and the Water Illumina Knight."

"Hmm you possess the powers of Illumina? I see. Continue with your introductions." Makoto said as she continued to examine the team.

"Yes, I am Haku Uzumaki, Third Princess of the Kitsune Clan, and wielder of your power, the Ice Illumina." Haku said with a bow. "Next to me is Shiori Uchiha, Eighth Princess of the Kitsune Clan, Illumina Knight of Fire, and the betrothed to Kasumi." That put Makoto in a little bind, considering her niece was engaged to a girl. "Finally this is Temari Sabaku, Gravity Support Knight and Diplomat of the Illumina Knights."

"Makoto-sama, we present this scroll from the Kyuubi herself. She requests you to please return with us in this time of need." Shiori handed the scroll to Makoto. "We also bring gifts as well. We have learned you take pride in weapons of martial arts. Our friend Tenten, along with your sisters Mai-sama and Yugito-sama had these forged for you." After receiving the second scroll, Makoto started to read over things and make her assessments.

"Well well, these are the five Kisame told me about. I must say for Akane's daughters, they are quite strong. I can also feel that Haku has come far in her Ice Illumina training, and can even sense she possesses a Kekkei Genkai. Now as for Shiori, it feels like she is fighting herself for a stronger cause. Haku said she was the betrothed to Kasumi, so there must be something going on there." Makoto thought to herself while she overlooked Akane's scroll. "And these are pictures of Kasumi, Haku, and Hinata. I gotta say Haku seems like she had the same attitude I did as a kid. Well it looks like it's time to get these five started on their training and get that lousy shark out of my temple."

"Makoto-sama, we take it that you have had time to reflect on our wish?" asked Temari.

"I have, and for now I won't be leaving my temple just yet." She motioned to one of her guard students. "Please bring our other guest so that I may make my decisions." The student nodded and went to fetch Kisame. "Now I need to know, Haku, is it? Why should I lend you my power when you already possess the Illumina of Ice?"

"You see, we are currently at war with a group known as Akatsuki. They've captured Aunt Shinja, Uncle Tsukune, and Uncle Hiroshi." Haku said, getting a slight eye when she addressed Makoto's siblings so casually. "With your power, I'll be able to ascend to my most powerful form in order to combat Akatsuki and rescue our family."

"Really now? See I've been told a completely different story by my friend here." Makoto said as Kisame entered the room.

"Kisame! What the hell are you doing here!" Shiori screamed, remembering the battle with him in the Phoenix Village.

"I come here with the same intentions, to take the Rokubi to safety." Kisame craftily lied.

"Not if we have anything to say about it. Girls, time to change clothes!" Kasumi said. However before the girls could change, Makoto stopped them.

"Girls no need. You see, I could sense all of you arriving, and I knew that you would be on opposite sides." Makoto calmly said as she walked around. "I felt your aura and could tell what you would be doing when you arrived."

"But you don't understand! That creep's not here to help you!" Haku said, hoping Makoto wouldn't side against her.

"Really?" Makoto said calmly as she approached Kisame. "It's a shame though, maybe a little more proof and I would have believed you!" In the blink of an eye, she dealt the Akatsuki a sharp blow to the stomach, knocking him back towards the temple gates. "Did you really think you could fool me, insolent whelp!"

"How…how could you know?" Kisame readied Samehada for a battle, but possibly knew he was outmatched.

"As I said, I could sense your aura. When you approached me, I sensed darkness, evil, deceit, and greed. Also when you said that Haku had come to take my power, I knew that was a lie as well because this is the first time I've met my niece!" Makoto said as she started focusing her spiritual energy. "And do you really play me, the Bijuu of Ice for a fool?"

"So much for the easy way. I'll just have to cut you down like the rest of these whelps and take what's mine!" Kisame said as Samehada was now out and absorbing chakra. "Just try and use your precious chakra!"

"You really believe that. Fine then." Makoto moved with immeasurable swiftness, almost as if she snapped to Kisame. "HOU'OU HITEN KYAKU! (Flying Phoenix Heavenly Kick)" Makoto delivered an extremely powerful kick to Kisame, only to follow through and slam him to the ground. "To think you would disgrace my temple with your evil. I know exactly what to do with you…TENCHI HAOU KEN! (Heaven and Earth Supreme King Fist)" Makoto continued her combo with a devastating strike into Kisame's chest that literally forced the air out of him.

"Wow, she's just like Tsunade-sama with that kind of strength!" Haku said in surprise.

"She even moved like she knew the Hiraishin as well! Aunt Mai was right when she said that Aunt Makoto was one hell of a martial artist." Kasumi said in agreement.

"I have to learn those moves! If I can, I'll be able to protect Kasumi-hime even better!" Shiori thought to herself while she watched the demonstration.

Makoto reached down and picked up the weak Akatsuki. "Pathetic. And here you brag about absorbing my chakra. Too bad I never used an ounce of it." Makoto set him directly in the path of the entrance to her temple. She was about to take out the trash. "All I have to say is leave my temple and never return. And if I find you have messed with my family, I will find you…and kill you." Her energy was flaring as she unleashed one of her strongest techniques. "HAOH SHIKOU KEN! (Supreme King Final Limit Fist)" In a fluid motion, Makoto delivered three sharp punches to leave Kisame wobbling, then nailed him with three massive fireballs, the third which sent him flying full speed out of the temple and off the mountain. "I never liked sharks anyway."

"Aunt Makoto, you have to teach me that! Please!" Shiori pleaded after seeing the technique.

"Aunt Makoto? Since when have I allowed you to address me as such?" Makoto snapped back, causing Shiori to freeze in place. "For now follow me to my chambers. We will talk there."

Everyone else followed but Shiori was still stunned. "Kasumi-hime…did I upset her?"

"I don't know princess. Maybe we should stay with the formalities for the time being." Kasumi said as the two caught up.

"Hard to believe my siblings are caught up in this war." Makoto said after reading over Akane's scroll again. "And this Akatsuki? They really believe they have the strength to control the Bijuu?"

"Unfortunately Makoto-sama…" Hinata began.

"It's Aunt Makoto, get it right." Makoto said while she was drinking her tea.

"Forgive me, Aunt Makoto. As I was saying, they have the ability to control you. As long as they get your Hoshi no Tama, they can do anything they want." Hinata continued with her explanation. "We can't afford to have any of you captured."

"That's why we came to find you Aunt Makoto. That and you seem like the one girl of the bunch that had the calmest demeanor when it came to the pranks." Kasumi added.

"And how did you deduce that?" asked the Rokubi.

"Aunt Mai said it was because you were a tomboy." Kasumi replied, causing Makoto to spit out her tea.

"Oh DID she now? That airheaded birdbrain." Makoto replied.

"Please don't remind us! We had to deal with her as a teenager last week!" Haku sighed in grief.

"Least you didn't have to fight her. Freaky girl was insane!" Kasumi said as she remembered the burns she got from that battle.

"So things are going that crazy now. Well then, it seems I'll be leaving the temple for the first time in a long while." Makoto said.

"Awesome! We can leave tomorrow!" Temari said, hoping to get back home out of the cold.

"We're not leaving until I say so, and as far as I'm concerned, you five have a lot of work to prove you're ready for me to return with you." Makoto said as she got to her feet.

"What do you mean Aunt Makoto?" Hinata asked. "What do we have to prove?"

"I have sensed your aura, and I can tell you all possess great fighting talent. Though I know you mostly rely on your chakra to battle. You need to learn to use your true fighting skill." Makoto said. "Until you learn to master Ki energy, we're staying here to train. As of right now you five are all students of my school."

"But we're Chuunin level shinobi, and Temari's a Jounin! What more do we need to do?" Haku asked.

"I'll decide that. For now, put these on." Makoto took five pairs of wristbands from a special cabinet in her room. "You'll wear these while you're here."

"These are nice. Thanks Aunt Makoto." Kasumi replied.

"Oh don't thank me until you've shown me to use Ki energy." Makoto made a quick sign after the girls had placed the wristbands on, causing them to glow. In an instant, the wristbands faded, leaving some strange seals around the girls' wrists.

"What's the…why does it feel like my chakra is being drained!" Haku cringed in pain as the seals began to glow.

"Those seals are designed to seal any type of energy, be it chakra, demonic energy, or even Illumina Power." Makoto said as she watched the kitsune girls enter a human state. "As of right now you five have been stripped of everything. The only energy you're allowed to draw on is your Ki energy."

"Aunt Makoto, that's not fair! Why are you doing this to us?" Kasumi pleaded in pain.

"Girls, I want you to listen to me. When I felt your aura, I could feel that all of you have a very important destiny in this war. The fact that you're dealing with a group that can seal Bijuu chakra, you stand at a very huge disadvantage if you lose that ability. Not only that, but Illumina Power can only go so far." Makoto explained. "By tapping into your own natural source of energy, your Ki energy, you can not only unleash the force you saw me use against Kisame, but when you combine it with your chakras and Illumina Power, you will become an even greater force for good."

"So what we saw out there was you using your Ki and chakra?" asked Shiori.

"No, that was only my Ki energy, and I barely tapped into one tenth of it." That had the girls completely wide eyed.

"That much power…I have to learn it! I have to be strong enough to always protect Kasumi-hime!" Shiori thought to herself.

"For now you'll live here in my temple. I plan to have you ready in 6 month's time, so we won't slack off. As of now you five are my personal students, and you will address me as Makoto-sensei." Makoto ordered. "But for now girls, we shall eat and rest. Training will begin tomorrow."

"Kasumi, what have we gotten ourselves into now?" asked Haku as the sealing finished.

"I dunno, but I'm gonna go crazy without my ears and tails for six months!" Kasumi sighed.

"Oh one more thing, I hope you're not a picky eater Kasumi-chan." Makoto said with a wink.

So after a good night's sleep, it was training day all over again. The girls now each wore a standard ice blue karate gi with a white belt to symbolize their rank. There were normally classes going on all the time, however the girls would be training in Makoto's personal facility. Day one was probably the worst day for them ever.

"Alright you five. As far as I'm concerned, everything fighting skill you've learned means nothing. I plan to teach you the skills of the Kyokugenryu style, and plan to have you as black belts by the time I'm done. Your training will be harsh, I will assure you that. However I am not a tyrant in training. I do allow you one solid day of rest, not meditating all day, but regular rest as normal girls. You'll have all your abilities unsealed that day so if you wish to train those abilities, you can." Makoto explained. "As for the bloodline users, don't even count on that to help you. Even if you were to have them unsealed, it would only be a crutch to you. You must learn to master your skills without the need for enhanced abilities. Now before we begin, I want to assess your fighting skill. Hinata, you're up first."

"Uh, if you say so Makoto-sensei." Hinata replied as she stepped up to the mat. She bowed in respect, and then slipped into her custom Juuken stance.

"Hmm, modified Serpent Crane, developed only by the Hyuuga." Makoto said. "A very powerful form of hand to hand combat. Allows the user to be very fluid in motion with each strike. Very well, come at me with full force."

"Makoto-sensei, I'm not sure if it will be very effective. See we have to use our Byakugan to apply the full affect of striking chakra points." Hinata said as Makoto walked up to her. "I...don't want to disappoint you if anything is wrong."

"Hmm, so you strike the tenketsu points with chakra and disable them, kind of like this?" Makoto then hit Hinata in the shoulder with a palm strike, sending her to the ground. Hinata grabbed her arm in pain as she soon found out her entire arm was disabled.

"You took out every tenketsu in my whole arm with that strike!" Hinata said in astonishment. "Can you see the chakra network?"

"No, I cannot. I could sense it. See using Ki energy allows you to use true perception. By sensing your opponent's aura, it creates a map of them, showing their weak points and strong points, tenketsu points, and even allows you to see things beyond any doujutsu." Makoto said as she hit Hinata's arm again to release her tenketsu. "That's how I sensed your intentions and knew you searched me not for greed."

"Unbelievable! That's almost like a psychic sense." Shiori said.

"Not quite. Aura is a force that all living things are attuned to. Anything that lives and breathes has an aura. Most people cannot sense it because they have not trained themselves to feel it. But once you can feel an aura, you can learn so much about a person." Makoto explained. "Now Hinata come at me again!"

So one by one each girl came at Makoto with their own style of melee combat. Makoto was quite surprised to see Hinata's flexible movements, Kasumi's straight forward Tae Kwon Do, Haku's speed strikes, and Temari's hybrid style. However Shiori was a completely different story.

"Her style is so random! No fluidity, no focus. It's like she's fighting in pure instinct alone." Makoto was assessing Shiori in a spar. "If she were to keep fighting like this, she would be destroyed against a taijutsu expert. It also seems her strength level isn't as high as the others, but she's just as old as the others. Though her aura is immense! I need to study more about her in order to unlock her real potential, but I believe she is the one I've been looking for." Makoto moved back and ordered Shiori to stand down. "Thank you Shiori, I've seen enough."

"I'm sorry Makoto-sensei. I know my fighting style isn't as good as the others." Shiori replied in defeat. She bowed then returned to the others to await Makoto's comments.

"Well after seeing each of you, I now know what I'll be working with. Hinata, your use of the Juuken makes you very deadly when your strikes hit. However you lack speed and that can hinder you in battle. You shall focus on increasing your striking and movement speed while merging that with your Juuken, therefore you shall study Zanretsu Ken, or Momentary Violence Fist Style. Using Ki Energy, you could achieve immense speed with your strikes, that of which you could never obtain with chakra alone." Makoto began. "Kasumi, you call your style Tae Kwon Do. You wield strong kicks, and that also improves your agility. Though if your legs are weakened or disabled, you need to add more punches to balance. I'll have you working on Ko'oh Ken, or the Tiger Gleam Fist principle. This way you'll be able to combine your Ki energy into your strikes and release them as fireballs, as you saw earlier. It will also increase your punch strength and your striking power."

Shiori was busy listening, however she seemed extremely nervous because she felt that her skill wasn't as good as the others. "Makoto-sensei is probably going to think I can't do any of this! Why didn't I start learning something else while I was still connected with Sasuke!"

"Haku, I admire your natural speed of movement, though you lack raw power. However I think that training with the Gen'ei Kyaku, or Phantom Kick style will prove beneficial to you. In addition, I will also be working with you and your Ice Overdrive power." Makoto said, getting a fist pump from Haku since she'd be getting her Overdrive. "As for Temari, you seem to blend all types of styles into your fighting, therefore you shall train in a more fluid style, known as the Raioh style, learning techniques such as the Raioken, or Lightning Sparkle Fist, and the Hien Hou'ou Kyaku, or Flying Phoenix Kick. All four of you will also learn to master the powerful Haoh Shoko Ken, also known as the Supreme King Flying Roaring Fist. That technique will allow you to release your Ki energy into a massive burst as you saw when I used my Haoh Shikou Ken."

All of them looked pleased, but wondered what Shiori would be studying since Makoto saved her for last. Shiori however wasn't feeling too happy since she was the last one. She was afraid that since she hadn't developed a style of fighting, she wouldn't get to learn Makoto's techniques.

"Makoto-sensei, what about Shiori-chan? You said you were going to train her as well?" Hinata asked.

Makoto sent a cold look at the Uchiha girl, not letting her know what she was in for. "In all honest reasoning, I shouldn't even bide my time with her. Her fighting skill is unfocused and wild. Her strength, speed, and stamina are atrocious. Honestly without her Sharingan, I don't think she could learn a single technique."

"Ok that's not fair at all Aunt Makoto and you know it!" Kasumi objected back. "You mean you're not even going to give her a chance?"

"Pretty bold, eh princess?" Makoto sent another cold glare, freezing Kasumi in her place. "Now to finish what I was saying, right now in terms of anything Shiori is at the most basic level with no fighting talent at all. I don't even know how she's a Chuunin Level shinobi as you say. However the Kyokugenryu Style upholds one powerful principle; In weakness, there is untapped potential; Potential leads to knowledge; Knowledge is the key that opens the door to honor; Honor is the path of True Power." Makoto looked hard at Shiori, only with a stare of determination and confidence. "Shiori's aura is none like I've ever seen. No student who has ever come to this temple has had her potential. This is why I believe she is the chosen one to learn the most dangerous and most powerful style of Kyokugenryu, Shikou Ken, or Final Limit Fist."

"I have that potential?" Shiori asked with a sense of hope.

"You do. I have felt it in your aura. As of right now there is only one person in this entire temple that has knows Shikou Ken, and that is me. No one else has come close to being able to learn it." Makoto said. "You're going to have to train harder than anyone else here Shiori, and because of it I plan to make your life a living hell. You have to show me that you're willing to stake your very life on learning this style in the time needed. Upon mastering Shikou Ken, you will have also mastered Zanretsu Ken, Ko'oh Ken, Gen'ei Kyaku, and Raioh. It will be then that I will teach you the ultimate technique of Kyokugenryu."

"Makoto-sama, please tell me! What is that ultimate technique?" Shiori asked.

"Follow me into the main hall, and I will show you." Makoto said as she led her students to another demonstration. Upon entering, she signaled to the advanced students to prepare for demonstration.

"Master Makoto, the blocks are ready." Toshiro told his master.

"Excellent. You have prepared 100 blocks, correct?" asked the Rokubi.

"Yes, 100 blocks constructed out of demonic ice." Toshiro replied.

"You've done well, my student. Your aura was right in telling me about you." Makoto said. "I made a wise decision about you."

"No need for flattery Master Makoto. You've helped me enough already." Toshiro bowed and moved out of the way for the demonstration.

"Very well, girls what you see before you is Demonic Ice. This is ice so cold and hard, it is only found in the deepest, darkest, blackest depths of Hell itself. I have set the standard, for anyone to be accepted as my student to learn Shikou Ken, they must break 5 blocks of ice with one strike." Makoto stated.

"What's the most anyone has broken?" Kasumi asked, when Makoto pointed to a small pedestal.

"That chunk is the largest piece ever broken off by any student here." She said, leaving the girls stunned.

"You can't be serious! That's how hard the ice is?" Temari said in shock. When Makoto pointed to the ice chunk, she pointed to a piece barely bigger than a grapefruit.

"You'll understand why I have set that rule in place for someone to learn Shikou Ken, and this is why." Makoto took up a stance behind the pedestal of ice blocks. She began to focus her Ki and her aura became more intense by the second. Although the girls couldn't feel it, they could tell by everyone else that Makoto was gathering an immense amount of Ki energy.

"Her power…it's unreal!" Hinata said in awe.

"She really is the most powerful martial artist ever!" Haku added.

Shiori stayed in pure focus as she wanted to know just what she could expect. "This power…I have the potential for this power."

"Now, the ultimate technique of the Kyokugenryu School of Martial Arts! MUGEN KAMI KYOKUKEN!!(Infinite God Extremity Fist)" Makoto focused every ounce of Ki energy in her body and slammed her fist into the first block of ice, completely shattering it. The resulting force shot through every single block and left the 100 blocks of Demonic Ice in nothing but shards. Though after she used it, she dropped to her knees, completely exhausted.

"To become that strong…I'll gladly stake my life to learn the Kyokugenryu style! If not for anyone else…" Shiori felt a strong sensation to push herself to the absolute limit. She turned her gaze at the one person she would go all out for. "I promise Kasumi-hime, I'll get stronger and show you that I can protect you."

"Absolutely unbelievable! She did that with her Ki energy alone?" Haku stood there with her mouth wide open.

"That had more force than Chouji's Gaia Crusher and one of Tsunade-sama's chakra punches combined!" Hinata added to the shock.

"If she would have used her full demon power with that, then what would have happened?" Kasumi asked.

"If I went with everything I had, I would have leveled this entire temple, plus 75 percent of this mountain range." Makoto slowly caught her breath. "This is why I only teach those who prove themselves worthy to wield this power. Now, who's ready for some pain!"

"Dirty stinking mutt!" Kimiko screamed at the dog shinobi. The group finally got back to Konoha, and the whole trip ended up being Kimiko and Kiba argue…flirting with each other the whole time.

"Loudmouth tomboy!" Kiba argued back.

"Thank Kami we're back in Konoha!" Ino grumbled. "Come on Chouji, let's go eat. For once I'll pay for barbecue!"

"Barbecue…I'm there!" Chouji heard that magic word and grabbed his girlfriend bridal style. Next thing everyone saw was him bolting through Konoha like a madman.

"Now, explain to me how someone that big can move that fast?" Kagome said in confusion.

"You don't want to know." Tenten replied while she was opening a communication channel. "Hey Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura? You guys here?"

"Naruto here. What you got Tenten?" Naruto replied over the com.

"Your crazy relatives, and Kiba's new girlfriend too." Tenten said, getting an "I AM NOT!" from Kimiko. "We're on our way to your house."

"Uh, ok. I'll let…" Naruto said before Akane interrupted him.

"Ten-chan! Where's Kagome-chan! Put her on now!" Akane screamed over the communicator.

"Hi Akane-chan, how are you?" asked the High Priestess.

"Cut the small talk, get Shippo in here now, and get ready for the spa!! Mai, Yugito, Mikoto, let's go!" Akane yelled. "Oh and hiiiiiii baby brother!!!!!!"

"Akane, I said not to call me that!" Inuyasha replied. "Yugito's younger than me, remember!"

"So what! You're the youngest of the boys!" Yugito said. "And you're still outnumbered even with Daisuke here!"

"Please don't remind me." Inuyasha grumbled.

"Heh, well we'll see you in a bit. Naruto out." Naruto closed off communication.

"Well then, I'm out. Come on Akamaru, we gotta get home. Later everyone…and loudmouth tomboy." Kiba hopped on his partner and took off into the village.

"DIRTY STINKING MUTT!!!" Kimiko yelled back, but Kiba was already gone. "Man I really don't like him!"

"Yeah right!" Inuyasha whispered to Kagome.

"I heard that Daddy!" Kimiko growled back.

"Come on, I'll go introduce you to everyone. It'll be a while before you meet Kasumi, Haku, Hinata, Temari, and Shiori. They're all still on a mission right now." Tenten said as she led the way. "But they'll be back soon hopefully. At least Sakura's still here so we can at least go to the mall Kimiko-chan."

"At least there's one good thing here so far. Lead the way!" Kimiko said.

So Tenten did and took them all to their home away from home…The Uzumaki Residence. Needless to say the welcome was quite interesting...

"Hi everyone, I have…" Tenten said before she was nearly run over by four crazed women!

"YeahyeahHiTentenInuyashaKimikonicetoseeyouIvegotsnacksinthefridgeputyourstuffanywhereseeyoutonight!" Akane said in a massive rush as she, Mai, Yugito, and Mikoto bolted out of the house. Of course everyone soon saw that Kagome and little Shippo were now MIA as well.

"What in the world did she just say?" Inuyasha looked absolutely confused.

"I think she said, 'Yeah Yeah, Hi Tenten, Inuyasha, Kimiko, nice to see you. I've got snacks in the fridge, put your stuff anywhere, see you tonight.'" Arashi said as he welcomed his niece and brother-in-law. "So you must be Akane's younger brother Inuyasha."

"Pretty much. I take it you're her husband Arashi. Nice to finally meet you." Inuyasha replied with a firm handshake.

"Yeah, enough of the welcome. Daisuke's down in the lounge with Hiashi. Join us for a few drinks." Arashi said, leading the way. "And Kimiko, make yourself at home! Naruto and Natsumi are around here somewhere."

"Won't turn that offer down. Hey Kimiko, stay out of trouble ok?" Inuyasha said as he joined his brother-in-law.

"I've already said I'm gonna tell this to Kasumi, but…Kimiko, your family is weird." Tenten said.

"I say that to myself every day of the week." Kimiko sighed as she looked at the pictures in the living room. "So I take it this is the whole group?"

"Yeah you'll meet Kasumi and Haku later. But the blonde is Naruto, and the girl beside him is his female side Natsumi." Tenten explained, causing Kimiko to look at her like she was crazy.

"Female side? What are you talking about?" asked the Inu Princess.

"She means that I was created from one of Naruto's crazy jutsu." Natsumi said while coming down the stairs. "Hiya cousin, I'm Natsumi."

"Kimiko…nice to meet you?" Kimiko said as she and Natsumi gave each other a hug.

"Hey Natsu-chan, where's my lazy tomcat of a boyfriend?" Tenten asked.

"Last I heard he was out watching clouds with Shikamaru." Natsumi replied.

"I swear I'm going to skin him alive!" Tenten said in grief as she left to find her boyfriend.

"Ok, everyone here is completely weird." Kimiko said to herself.

"Yeah you learn to get used to it. HEY NARUTO GET IN HERE!" Natsumi screamed.

"WHAT!! Can't a guy make a sandwich!" Naruto yelled back after sticking his head out of the kitchen.

"No you idiot! Come in here and meet our cousin Kimiko!" Natsumi ordered.

"Alright! Yeesh!" Naruto came out of the kitchen, already munching on his sandwich. "Hey Kimiko, how's it going?"

"I'm good, and you?" Kimiko said reluctantly.

"Meh. Oh yeah, here's the house tour in like 10 seconds. Kitchen's over there, eat all you want. There's the big screen, if you're good at Jounin Clash: Generation Zero, bring it. Feel free to use any of Kasumi, Haku, Momoko, Natsumi, or Akemi's bath stuff, they don't care. And if you need to vent cuz Kiba's an idiot, dojo's over there." Naruto said while eating that sandwich. "So you wanna go to Ichiraku's for ramen?" Somehow when he said ramen, that hit a definite soft spot in Kimiko…considering she loved ramen just as much as her cousin Naruto.

"We talking 3 bowl minimum appetizer?" Kimiko asked, wondering if Naruto knew what she meant.

Naruto and Natsumi just stared at Kimiko like she was crazy. "Naruto, does this lightweight know who she's even talking to?" Natsumi asked.

"Obviously not, since you and I follow the 10 bowl minimum appetizer rule." Naruto said, getting a jaw dropping pose from Kimiko.

"10…10…10 bowls!" Kimiko said in surprise. Now she liked her ramen, but to find someone liked it more than she did?

"Come on cousin, it's time you got treated by the executive VIP of Ichiraku's Ramen." Naruto said, flashing his one of a kind, customized, gold Ramen Card. As much as he goes there for ramen, Teuchi finally gave in and gave him a special card. For every 100 bowls of ramen he eats, Naruto gets 10 bowls free. And since it had been a while, he had about 40 bowls saved up for special occasion. "Girls, ramen is on me."

"Naruto, you and I are going to have a VERY good relationship while I'm here." Kimiko said with a smile.

About one month later…

"She's up at the middle of the night still training?" Makoto looked on as she saw Shiori punching and kicking away at a training post. In the past month, the girls had taken quickly to their training, with Shiori devoting herself even more. On the day that Makoto gave them to all relax, the other girls would actually rest, but Shiori never stopped. She only gave herself a maximum of 5 hours of sleep per night, forcing herself to learn everything she could so she could prove herself worthy to learn Makoto's Shikou Ken style. They had all learned to sense aura, and were getting well into channeling their Ki energy in order to begin to focus in their respective arts.

"It's ok Makoto-sensei, I'll finish up and get to bed soon." Shiori said after sensing her master's aura.

"Already using your sensing ability? Very good Shiori." Makoto noted as she entered the training area. "I see you are taking this training very seriously." As she walked over to examine the training post, she picked up on the smell of blood. "Maybe a little too serious." She said when she saw the blood on the training post, and on Shiori's hands.

"I can't stop! I have to show you, and show everyone that I'm not weak! I have to prove I can create my style of fighting and become an even better shinobi!" Shiori said after striking the post again. She cringed deeply in pain, but she wasn't about to let that stop her. "I have to prove that I can protect Kasumi-hime!"

"Kasumi-hime…I've wondered about that for some time now." Makoto stopped Shiori from her training and released the seals on her wrists to allow her kitsune chakra to flow again. "I wish to converse with you for now. Plus your body needs to heal. You can't get stronger without healing."

"With all respect Makoto-sensei, please don't release the seals! I can't truly take control of my Ki unless I learn to rely only on it." Shiori pleaded, but Makoto wouldn't hear it.

"Shiori, for some time now, I've analyzed your aura. I can tell that as you train, you are focused, but every time you look at Kasumi while she trains, your focus becomes sharper and you become more determined." Makoto said as she sat down beside her student. "I've also wondered how you are her betrothed when you're both girls?"

"Well, originally I was just a manifestation created by her other fiancé, Sasuke Uchiha. So in a sense you could say, I was his girl side he created. I slowly started to manifest into my own being, and thanks to a jutsu that Akane-sama taught him, I could separate and come into the real world." Shiori began to explain. "Since I was basically a female reflection of him, I had everything he did, his skills, abilities, and his love for Kasumi-hime."

"I see, but I don't understand something. If you were him in ability, why were you so weak when you fought me on the first day? If this Sasuke is as strong as he was explained, you should be the same way," asked Makoto.

"Technically we should. But 5 months ago when we met Aunt Mai, she told me about Akane-sama's Life Stream Seal." Shiori said.

"Hmm I'm familiar with that. Akane told us about how she used it when she came down to these lands." Makoto nodded in agreement.

"Well, when I found out about that, it started reminding me of everything that had happened over the two years we were away from Kasumi in training. It made me think that since I had started developing my own true feelings for her, and started becoming more and more my own person, I could use that seal to become real for her." Shiori said as she pulled her knees to her chest. "Then after the battle she had with Aunt Mai, I couldn't keep it to myself. I had to tell her just how I felt about her. And that's when I asked her to marry me."

"I could sense that in you." Makoto replied. "That fuels your determination."

"Because I was so scared of her rejection, I almost got myself killed in a storm. Next thing I know I wake up with the Life Stream Seal and as Kasumi-hime's fiancée." Shiori looked at the fox tattoo on her hand and could remember the events vividly.

"I understand now. Because of Akane's seal, you've started creating your own chakra system, and that's why you were so much weaker than the others." Makoto said. "I have to say, you have a unique story."

"Now you see why I have to train so hard? If I'm not able to protect Kasumi-hime, I could never live with myself!" Shiori cried. "I have to master the Shikou Ken and show that no one could ever stop me from making sure she's safe!"

"Shiori, many people learn the ways of the warrior for different reasons. Some learn for power, for strength, for greed, for honor, for respect." Makoto said as she got to her feet. "It is true that those people will eventually gain what they want, even if it may lead them down a path of darkness. However there are some that learn the ways for justice, for protection, and even for love."

"But what does that all mean?" asked Shiori. "I don't understand?"

"Your aura tells me that your main reason for fighting is your love and devotion of Kasumi. You're a person willing to face the darkest demons in your path to achieve your goal. You also show that you're trying to prove to her that you won't hinder her in life." Makoto explained. "But you need to know something. I've felt Kasumi's aura and it tells me that she feels distraught because you're doing all this for her only."

"She's feeling bad because of me?" Shiori suddenly felt like she had done wrong. Was she really training for the wrong reasons?

"Kasumi wants you to become strong, not for her, but for yourself. There's no one here that believes in you more than she does. It's good that she is your source of focus and determination, but don't let her be your primary source. Find that thing that makes you want to push further than you ever have." Makoto said. "Shiori, I want you to do something for me."

"What is it Makoto-sensei?" Shiori asked as Makoto led her over to one of the blocks of Demonic Ice.

"I want you to strike this block with everything you have. I know you've only been training a month and have just started learning the basics of the Kyokugenryu principles, but I need to see just how far you've come." Makoto said as she set up the block. "Find that focal point, and use it to channel your Ki. Then strike this block with everything you have." Makoto then reset the seal on her chakra so she'd only use her Ki again.

"Everything I have?" Shiori clenched her fist and closed her eyes to focus. She began to draw in everything she had, even though she was physically exhausted, battered, and bruised. She looked inside herself and saw Kasumi as her focal point. Though taking in Makoto's words, she began to see another point…she saw herself in a mirror. The person she looked at was a true master of Kyokugenryu; it was herself in the future.

"That's right Shiori, use that. Keep that focal point and strike!" Makoto said.

"Everything…I HAVE!!" Shiori screamed as she slammed her fist as hard as she could into the ice. The strike was intense and sent a massive wave of pain rippling through her arm as she pulled back. "Ok, maybe that was a little too much!"

Makoto looked at the block and saw the place where Shiori made contact. She pulled off a very small shard of ice and looked at it, and was very pleased. "Do you see this Shiori? This is what you've learned. Not many people can come so far in the time you have. Whatever you focused on, keep it and use it, combine it with your focus on Kasumi and let it take you even further."

"I will Makoto…" Before Shiori could finish, exhaustion finally took its toll on her and she collapsed.

"I know you will Shiori, I know you will." Makoto picked up her student and took Shiori to her room. Shiori might not have picked up on it, but Makoto knew she had someone watching her strike that ice. "And I know Kasumi-chan believes the same thing about you, my niece. You'll be a strong woman in the future. With you and Sasuke at her side, Kasumi-chan shouldn't have to worry about a thing."

Kasumi just watched in awe as she saw how much Shiori was pushing herself. She could tell that the girl was ready to beat herself to a pulp almost like Sasuke would have done. "Shiori-chan, I know you'll get stronger. But don't do it for me, do it for you. I'll still love you no matter what happens in the future." Kasumi thought to herself as she saw Makoto carry Shiori off. She kissed the diamond on the ring Shiori gave her and headed back to her own quarters for the night. "Sleep well my princess."

There you have it. All the Bijuu have now been revealed, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Kimiko have now arrived in Konoha, and the Snow team is now undergoing a brand new training style in the Kyokugenryu style of Martial Arts. Plus Shiori's been chosen to learn Makoto's most powerful style. Can she do it and stay true to her word to protect her love Kasumi?

Well in author's news, I have been pretty busy, pumping out I think 4 chapters in less than 3 weeks. I just ended up in major writing mode and needed to get all of it out. The next chapter will come soon, but might be a little longer since I'm getting ready for an anime convention in April. So if anyone's gonna be in the Nashville Tennessee area at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, I'll be there as part of the Fanfiction Panel! Make sure to come!!

Now as a special treat...I have something planned for my readers. My question is this...who knows where Makoto's style of Martial Arts came from? Also, her ultimate attack originated from somewhere else as well, and I wanna know if anyone can figure out how I created it. If you can and you're the first one to post it in your review, I'll let you create the next plotline for the second Bijuu Flashback chapter! So I hope you can figure it out!!! Also...Naruto fans around the world, keep hoping that the worst has not happened and we don't have to say goodbye to one of our favorite kunoichi. Though...if Kishimoto really did kill her...then arm yourselves for probably the biggest war in anime history.

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