The Bijuu Wars

Back to Action

Naruto: Oh man, it is SO good to be back on the scene! I tell you being gone from Hina-chan for two years was killer!

Haku(grumbling from the past night): Oh shut up Naruto.

Naruto: Yeesh, what's got you all grouchy! Did someone step on your tails or something.

Haku: No! You didn't have to try to make the house frozen for our estranged parents! I'm gonna need psychological counseling after that!

Kasumi: Oh don't feel bad Haku-chan, I got you a new outfit for having to suffer through all that. I forgot how much fun it is having Otou-san's credit card.

Neokenshin: Uh-ok, well how about we just go ahead and get into the next chapter.

Haku: I don't have to make any more ice, do I?

Neokenshin: Nope, you get time to recover.

Haku: Whew! Well since that's said and done, Naruto isn't owned by Neokenshin, and Akemi is used with permission from Dragon Man 180.

Chapter 2: Back to Action.

Three days later…yeah that's how long it took for the entire group to get over the insanity that is passionate romance between Arashi and Akane after the two hadn't seen each other in two years. Haku was still undergoing mild psychiatric treatment to get the bad images out of her head, and Kasumi couldn't have been happier with everything she got for her new wardrobe. Everyone else just took the time to cool down and get back into the swing of things as well. First order of business was to see just how two years affected Team 7.

"So you want us to do the bell test again?" asked Kasumi. "But we already know how to work well as a team."

"She's right baa-chan, we were the top rookie team when we graduated." Naruto said, swiftly dodging a punch from Tsunade.

"I know that, but I think it will be good to see your new teamwork and skills. I'm really interested in seeing what you four have learned anyway. Actually I think all of us want to know just what you four are capable of." Tsunade said. "Besides, then Jounin exams are starting much later this year and maybe you four will be in the next class. I think Neji's getting lonely being the only one in the group anyway."

"Neji's a jounin? Since when!" Naruto said, shocked that Neji was now ranked higher than he was.

"He took the exams last year and passed. A jounin at 16, I have to say it was quite exemplary. And everyone else has passed and now become Chuunin as well. I even hear that Ebisu and Momoko are planning on entering their teams in the Chuunin Exams this year as well." Tsunade said. "You four had a lot of influence on everyone you know."

"So Akemi's team and Konohamaru's team are going to enter the exams? They're younger than we were when we did it." Sasuke said.

"Like I said, you four have inspired a lot of people, and it's brought the best out in them. Konohamaru was this year's top shinobi and Akemi was top kunoichi. They said the reason they worked so hard is because they wanted to be like their heroes." Tsunade smiled. "Now if your proctor will hurry up and get here, then we can head over and get this little test started."

"Tsunade-sama, if our proctor is who I think it is, you should know he's never on time." Hinata said. "Unless he's suddenly learned the meaning of the word promptness."

"That's true, but I figure I should make an exception this time." Kakashi said as he appeared in a puff of smoke. "Been a while hasn't it."

"Actually it has Kakashi-sensei." Naruto replied as he took a small package from his pocket. "Oh yeah this is for you."

"Well thanks Naruto. Nice to see you're so…" Kakashi said as he unwrapped the package to see a book. His uncovered eye was as big as a dinner plate when he saw the title. "This is…Naruto, where did you get this!!"

"Ero-sennin said to give it to you when I saw you. Honestly I don't know why? He had me proofread ten pages and I thought it was absolutely boring!" Naruto said.

"Boring! This is the first book in the new Icha Icha Tactics series! It's not even supposed to be released for another 8 months! And it's even signed by Jiraiya-sama himself!" Kakashi said in excitement. "I can't wait to read it!"

"Naruto, you actually read that stuff!" Hinata said in shock.

"Unfortunately yeah. Ero-sennin said it was supposed to help my relationship with you Hina-chan." Naruto said nonchalantly. "I kept telling him everything was fine, but he wouldn't stop pestering me until I read at least ten pages of it! So I said fine, and read it, told him it was blah, and he left me alone."

"And did you read any of that material Sasuke?" Kasumi said with her arms crossed.

"Yeah right. Ero-sennin thinks he had me reading it, but I just kept him in the Tsukiyomi for a while." Sasuke replied.

"Whatever, can we go ahead and get this over with?" Naruto complained.

"Fine, let's head over to Training Ground 3. Everyone else should be there already." Tsunade said.

"Don't be late Kakashi-sensei." Naruto said as he placed his hand around Hinata. "We'll see you guys there." And in a bright flash of light, Naruto and Hinata vanished.

"What in the…you mean to tell me he knows that technique?" Tsunade said in shock.

"Sure does. Arashi-sama drilled it into him until he could do it in his sleep." Sasuke said. "It's going to get very interesting out there on the field."

"I say so." Tsunade said.

Tsunade, Kasumi, Sasuke, and Kakashi headed over to see the rest of Team Illumina all waiting at the training field. Unlike the first time they did the test, this time, Team 7 had a few new stipulations.

"Planning to record everything again Kasumi?" asked Kakashi while she set up her laptop.

"But of course. Always good to have something to fall back on for our training." Kasumi replied.

"Or more like something to embarrass Kakashi-sensei even more." Haku laughed.

"You don't have any hidden traps set up again do you?" Kakashi asked, wondering if they were going to pull the same thing as they did over 4 years ago.

"Not at all, but we do have a few things we need to do first." Kasumi said. "Ok you know what we're doing."

"Yeah, time for the real fun to begin." Naruto said as he took off his transformer. Sasuke and Hinata did the same thing, but they all wondered why Kasumi didn't take hers off. "Hey did Oka-san bring those special pills as well?"

"Right here Naruto. One for you, Hina-chan, and Sasuke-kun." Akane said, handing the three of them a red colored pill.

"Perfect." Naruto replied. The three took the pills, and in an instant their kitsune features all vanished.

"What's the deal? You're hiding your kitsune features?" Haku asked.

"Nope. We just had an idea that we'd end up doing this crazy test again. So we all decided we want to do it just like we did the first time." Sasuke said.

"That's right. Back then Kasumi-chan was the only one that was a kitsune and had Illumina Power, so she'll be the only one to have them again." Hinata added. "And actually we didn't hide our kitsune features."

"Then what did you do?" Sakura questioned.

"They simply sealed them temporarily. What I gave them were special sealing pills Kasumi and Hinata created with Kitsune Alchemy. It's designed to seal a specific type of chakra for a certain amount of time. When used properly it can even disable opponents before a battle even begins." Akane explained.

"They came up with that?" Ino said in wonder. "No way!"

"Oh there's much more to the girls than you know. Just watch and see what happens." Akane said.

"So you four know what you need to do? Two bells and this time, it will be much harder." Kakashi said, lifting his hitai-ate to reveal his Sharingan.

"Perfect! Time to take you down Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto said, rushing in to start attacking. However Kakashi easily evaded and pinned Naruto.

"Don't get too hyper Naruto. Gotta remember not to underestimate your opponent." Kakashi said. Too bad he didn't notice another Naruto right behind him…with a Rasengan ready at point blank range!

"Glad to see you're finally taking Kasumi-chan's words into consideration. Maybe this time you'll give us a better challenge?" Naruto asked.

"Oh I plan on it." Kakashi said, as Naruto's clone vanished, and Naruto moved back over to the team. "Alright Team 7, let the exercise begin!" With that, Team 7 vanished in a flash of smoke, leaving Kakashi thinking that he would be in for a bigger job than before. That was when Sasuke came out of nowhere making the first move.

"So Sasuke is my first opponent." Kakashi said, watching Sasuke unsheathe his twin nodachi. Kakashi took out his own kunai and readied himself.

"Heh a kunai isn't going to stop my blades Kakashi-sensei!" Sasuke said. "You're going to need a whole new strategy!"

"I see, well then maybe I should take one of the three basic steps and see how you do?" Kakashi said. "Maybe a genjutsu this time."

"Genjutsu is perfect! Only this time, I'm the one using it!" Sasuke replied as his eyes went from black to blue.

"Wait, Sasuke has a blue Sharingan?" Sakura asked. "But I thought the Sharingan was red!"

"It is Sakura-chan…except when they use the true form of the Sharingan." Mikoto replied.

"True form?" Sakura thought to herself. "There's an even more powerful form than the Mangekyo Sharingan?"

"A blue Sharingan? You know that won't work at all Sasuke." Kakashi said.

"You're right, because I haven't done this! SHINSEI MANGEKYO SHARINGAN! TSUKIYOMI NO SEIREI! (True Mangekyo Sharingan: Spirit Tsukiyomi)" Sasuke said, creating a blue dome of energy that expanded from himself and engulfed Kakashi at the same time. "Now let's see how those kunai fare against my new skill." Suddenly Sasuke's blades were now engulfed in a black flame, namely the Amaterasu Flame!

"He channeled Amaterasu into his weapons? But how?" Tsunade asked in amazement.

"Oh this is only the first part of the Shinsei Mangekyo. I have a feeling Sasuke is going to do a lot more." Mikoto smiled in amazement.

"So this time you're not going to go easy, eh Kakashi-sensei?" Sasuke said while constantly slashing his blades. Kakashi was literally kept on his toes avoiding the flaming blades, since they were now engulfed in one of the hottest flames in existence. "Well I can say I'm definitely not going to go easy. Shiori, get him now!"

"Gotcha Sasuke!" Shiori said as she somehow jumped from out of the ground right in front of Kakashi. She quickly formed some seals and, "KATON: GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU! (Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu)" Kakashi literally had a split second to think before he was roasted by a huge fireball.

"Where did she come from!" Haku said.

"Where did who come from?" Shiori asked as she and Natsumi joined the group.

"Shiori-chan, where? I thought you were over there with Sasuke?" Haku asked.

"Nope. We've been separated from Sasuke and Naruto ever since we got back home." Natsumi said. "Actually it's been a while since we've been fully complete."

"So you mean Sasuke and Naruto are only fighting at half strength?" Ino questioned. "That's impossible!"

"Not really. We could probably fight just as well too. See one of the things Naruto and Sasuke did was separate from us, and train in a weakened state. Since we contain half of their full potential, their training was much more intense." Natsumi said while she watched the fight.

"Also we did a lot of training on our own, and because of that, it actually made us a lot stronger too. We can now stay separated from the boys for a much longer period of time." Shiori added.

"How much longer?" Akane said, wondering how the girls could exist for so long. "I designed the Kitsune Rei Wakedori to only last for limited amounts of time before it has a serious side effect on the body and spirit."

"We know you did Oka-san. Naruto and Sasuke found that out after one of our training days. As we all trained, they noticed we could be out for much longer, and saw that the more they trained, the longer we could last. As of right now, we can actually stay separated from the boys for about a full month before any bad effects begin." Natsumi said. "Then we merge with the boys for about a week to rest and then they let us back out."

"If they're only and half power…just what can those boys do when they're at full power?" Tsunade asked.

"So Kakashi-sensei, I know that wasn't your best shot. Ready to get serious?" asked Sasuke.

"Well, I guess you're right. I was holding back a little." Kakashi said, grabbing hold of Sasuke's leg. In one swift motion he yanked him underground, leaving him buried from the neck down. "Looks like you jumped the gun just like Naruto did."

"Yeah that looks like it." Sasuke said as he stood beside Kakashi, looking down at himself. "You know I should work on that, right Kakashi-sensei?"

"Sasuke, but…" Kakashi jumped back at seeing another Sasuke beside him.

"I think I've had my fun, so I need to let someone else play. Kasumi-chan, Hinata-chan, he's all yours!" Sasuke said, as he released the Tsukiyomi no Seirei. The buried Sasuke and illusion Shiori vanished but the moment they did, Kakashi instantly took a double strike from Kasumi and Hinata. Of course he got out of the way just in time with a Kawarimi.

"Oh crud, he moved." Kasumi snapped her fingers in disappointment. "Hina-chan, see where he went?"

"Not sure. He's out of range of my Byakugan. I think we need a little boost, don't you?" Hinata asked.

"Number 3?" Kasumi said, taking out a small capsule from her pouch.

"Number 3." Hinata replied, taking the same capsule out herself. The two quickly downed the capsules and began to survey the area once again.

"Hmm, if Kakashi-sensei isn't in front of us, or to the left, or the right…" Kasumi said, as her hand glowed in a pink chakra.

"He can't be behind us, or above us, so that leaves only one place left…" Hinata added as her hand did the same.

"He's hidden below us!" the two said together, slamming their fists into the ground, creating a massive shockwave that ripped through the earth. Kakashi was left staring at the two girls, wondering how those two got as strong as they did.

"Akane, how in the world did those two learn that high level of chakra control?" Tsunade exclaimed in shock. The only other person beside herself that had that level of control was thought to be Sakura, but now these two had it?

"Yeah, I thought I was the only other one that could do that!" Sakura added.

"Actually, you know those capsules they both took? That was Kitsune Capsule No. 3." Akane began to explain. "It's designed to amplify a person's chakra control by 10 times. See the girls don't have your level of control Sakura-chan, but after taking those capsules, they do for a limited amount of time. Those two created two more capsules as well, Kitsune Capsule No. 1 and 2."

"Just what do those do?" Tsunade asked.

"Using Kitsune Alchemy, Kitsune Capsule No.1 has the ability to exponentially amplify chakra, somewhere around the level that Chouji got when he consumes his family's jutsu pills. Kitsune Capsule No.2 causes a person's chakra system to accelerate the production of chakra, basically making it limitless!" Akane said. "And what's even more interesting is that the capsules can be used on anyone without any dangerous side effects to the chakra network."

"So you mean if they took all three of those capsules at one time…" Sakura asked.

"They would literally be a 'Super Tsunade' for a limited amount of time." Akane said. "And that's not all, you should see what they can do with their Light Chakra."

"Found you Kakashi-sensei!" Kasumi said with a smile.

"You know you can get quite dirty down there." Hinata just chuckled at the shock on his face.

"So want us to show you what else we can do?" Kasumi asked as she ran in to try and grab the bells.

"If running in like that is all you have, then I don't think I want to see it." Kakashi said from the air, when he saw Hinata holding a pink bow and arrow…made of chakra??

"Oh you want to see this Kakashi-sensei!" Hinata said, letting her arrow fly. It narrowly missed Kakashi, but he could feel the effects in his shoulder where it grazed him.

"What kind of arrow was that?" asked Kakashi when he landed to the ground. Before he had a chance to think, Kasumi was already on him, attacking with a pink staff made of the same chakra.

"It's a purification arrow. It's designed only to do damage to things that are impure." Kasumi said, thrusting her staff at Kakashi's chest. "I guess you were having a little impure thought for a minute?" With another quick strike, she took Kakashi to the ground, leaving him a little winded. What surprised him next was how the girls molded the pink chakra, changing the shape of their weapons into what looked to be gauntlets. The two began to then form some interesting hand signs.

"You'll like this jutsu Kakashi-sensei!" Kasumi said when she finished the signs.

"Yeah Itachi-kun helped us perfect this one." Hinata added.

"What…" Kakashi said, as the jutsu began.

"HIKARITON: HIKARI SHURIKEN NO JUTSU! (Light Release: Light Shuriken Jutsu)" said the duo as they thrust their palms forward and shot a spray of pink shuriken at Kakashi. (A/N Picture them doing the move Swift from Pokemon)

Kakashi quickly jumped out of the way only to see the girls were staying on him relentlessly. No matter what speed he moved at, they always seemed to be able to keep up with him. "These girls have definitely improved! With both of them as strong as Hokage-sama, they sure aren't making this easy."

"Looks like we have him on the run. Think Naruto should finish this off?" Kasumi asked.

"Yep. Hey Naru-chan, he's all yours!" Hinata said as a trademark three-prong kunai came flying out into the air.

"Alright Kakashi-sensei, time to show you some real speed!" Naruto said, appearing at the kunai. He also had what looked to be a large green ball in his hand as well. He took hold of the kunai, then threw it to the ground, directly at Kakashi's feet, and what came next was three words everyone was shocked to hear…"HIRAISHIN NO JUTSU! (Flying Thunder God Jutsu)"

"WHOA! He actually learned it! Naruto's now the new Yellow Flash!" Chouji said in excitement.

"More like the Second Flash. Watch him carefully. You'll see that as he does the jutsu, he'll leave behind two yellow flashes. One of them is an afterimage of himself that he uses to confuse enemies. They think he's still in place after he does the jutsu, so it distracts them, and they never see him coming." Arashi said. "Honestly he's done a wonderful job learning that jutsu. He's even done some new things to the Rasengan as well. I'm very proud of him."

"Just what has he done to the Rasengan?" Akane asked.

"He's started merging elemental chakra with it. And you know what happened…" Arashi said.

"I get to show you this! See how you like the new Rasengan!" Naruto said as he appeared in front of Kakashi. "FUUTON: RASEN-SHURIKEN! (Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken)"

"That's his Bankai attack! But I have his transformer right here! There's no way he's started to assimilate his Illumina Power yet!" Akane was shocked to see that her son had pulled off such an attack.

"That's just it. When Naruto started working with his elemental chakra, he noticed that his Bankai and the Rasengan were very similar. Once he figured out how to combine his natural wind chakra with the Rasengan, you see what was born. Not only that, but now with the help of a few Kage Bunshin, he can pull off the Dual Rasen-shuriken. It's even more insane!" Arashi said in excitement.

"And he can do this while he's at this so-called half strength level?" Sakura asked.

"No, I have to merge with him in order to do the Dual Rasen-shuriken. Otherwise he won't have enough chakra to pull it off. There is one downside though, it uses an insane amount of chakra and the last time he did it, he was suffering from exhaustion for two weeks." Natsumi said. "So even though it's insanely powerful, it has a very bad side effect."

"This is just crazy! And just think, right now they aren't even fighting at their maximum. If all four of them were at full power with their Illumina Power then…" Haku said, still shocked at the battle.

"Kakashi would have literally been obliterated in no time." Arashi said. "He's good, but against those four…well you're looking at possibly the next group of legendary shinobi. They may even become more well known than the Sannin!"

"Wow Naru-chan, I said you could have some fun, but you didn't have to blow him up you know?" Hinata said as the massive wind from Naruto's jutsu began to die down.

"I guess I still get carried away sometimes." Naruto said, scratching his head. "But I have to say I liked that nifty little shuriken move."

"Oh please! When those two caused the mini earthquake, now that was nice." Sasuke said. "How did you two do that?"

"A little Kitsune Alchemy. I'll have to show you some of the new tricks I learned as well." Kasumi replied with a smile. "Well since the wind died down, why don't we go get those bells and get this test over with?"

"You could do that, but I don't think I want to let you just yet." Kakashi said as the smoke cleared. When they saw him, he looked like he hadn't even taken a scratch.

"NO WAY! You cannot tell me he came out of that without a scratch!" Naruto was completely shocked at the fact that Kakashi had survived a point blank Rasen-shuriken.

"I just wanted to see what I was up against. Now I guess I need to get serious, right?" Kakashi had a small smile on his face, leaving his former genin team stunned.

"Get serious! You were playing around with us that whole…" Naruto said before Kakashi instantly slammed him to the ground.

"How could you move that fast! I almost didn't catch you with my Sharingan?" Sasuke wondered, what was Kakashi hiding?

"Now that's my secret. Maybe now I can give you a ninjutsu demonstration." Kakashi said as he formed seals at a blazing speed. "KATON: GOUKAKYUU NO JUTSU! (Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu)" After forming the lighting fast seals, he shot a fireball that was even bigger than Sasuke's right at the group. The heat was so intense that it even began to carve through the ground as well.

"Get out of the way now!" Kasumi screamed to try to get the others to safety. "Sasuke, can you block that?"

"If I had my Illumina Power I could, but that fireball is too big!" Sasuke replied.

"This has to work!" Hinata said, forming a few quick seals. "SUITON: AQUA BALL!"

"I forgot, she could use her Aqua Ball out of Illumina form!" Kasumi said, as Hinata launched a volley of water balls at the giant fireball. It started to slow, but it wasn't enough to stop it and Team 7 got out of the way just in time.

"So it's water you want to play with, well I can do that." Kakashi said, jumping back onto the river. He then ran through another set of seals, this time it was faster than the last…or maybe it was because he did more seals. "SUITON: SUIRYUUDAN NO JUTSU! (Water Release: Water Dragon Jutsu). The large water dragon formed behind Kakashi, much bigger than the group had seen before, and instantly crashed into the group, drenching them instantly.

"He went through that many seals, in that short amount of time? Just how good is he?" Kasumi thought as she pulled her wet bangs out of her face.

"Guess you need to dry off?" Kakashi said, forming another set of seals insanely fast. "This should help! FUUTON: DAITOPPA! (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)" He shot the massive wind bullet, blowing the team and sending them crashing into the forest. "I guess they shouldn't have given themselves a handicap. Now I can finally read this new little gem!" Kakashi said, as he pulled out the new book Naruto had given him.

Meanwhile in the forest…

"Ok so we know Kakashi-sensei is good…really good!" Naruto said as he crawled from some of the debris thrown on him.

"To go through that many seals so fast, it's almost like he could do a jutsu instantly. And with over 1000 in his arsenal, who knows what he can do." Hinata added.

"Hey guys, remember what happened last time? He got us in this situation, and we had to think on the fly." Kasumi said, bringing back the old memory.

"Yeah, and he still won even after all that! The only way we got the bells from him was for you to start crying to make him think he really hurt your feelings for all the hard work you did setting up the traps. That was when we hit him with the Icha Icha Sticky Bomb." Sasuke said. "I don't think he's going to fall for the same trick twice."

"Icha Icha…Sasuke, you're a genius!" Naruto said, thinking of a way the group could win. He quickly whispered his idea into Kasumi's ear and a huge smile instantly came over her face.

"Naruto-kun I can't believe it! You literally gave him the one thing that's going to give us the win!!" Kasumi said, coming up with a plan.

"He what now?" Sasuke wondered.

"Sasuke-chan, let me ask you, when you have your Sharingan active, what happens?" Kasumi asked.

Sasuke looked at her, wondering why she would ask a question she knows the answer to. "You know what it does, I can copy an opponents movement. Heck I could even read lips with pinpoint accuracy if I had to." Sasuke said.

"That's right. And tell me this, what's the one thing that people can't stand when they get a brand new book to read?" asked Kasumi.

"To have the ending spoiled? I know that's what I hate." Hinata replied.

"Precisely! And what does Kakashi-sensei have?" Kasumi said, slowly bringing her new plan into fruition.

"A new book…" Hinata said, as she looked at Naruto.

"That Naruto happens to know the ending of! I remember, those 10 pages you read…" Sasuke said, quickly catching on to the plan.

"They were the last pages in the book, and the one thing Kakashi-sensei doesn't want to know about." Naruto said.

"But what does the Sharingan have to do…I get it now!" Hinata said, figuring out the plan for herself.

"Right! Naruto can start telling Kakashi-sensei about the ending, and what will happen is Kakashi-sensei will cover his ears so he doesn't hear it. Only problem…he still has the Sharingan activated and can see Naruto's lips move. He'll see every word being said and with his hands out of commission, we grab the bells and end this!" Kasumi explained. "I knew those books of his would get him in trouble!"

"Guess Ero-sennin is good for something, eh?" Sasuke said.

"Right, now here's what we're going to do." Kasumi said, as the four got into a huddle and explained the plan. Everyone was in complete agreement, as they got ready to end this little session.

"Ok take these." Kasumi said, handing Sasuke two different capsules.

"What are these?" Sasuke asked.

"The red one is Kitsune Capsule No. 1 and the blue one is Kitsune Capsule No. 2. Capsule 1 has the ability to exponentially amplify your chakra, making your jutsu much more intense. Kitsune Capsule No. 2 will accelerate your chakra system and cause it to replenish your chakra at a much faster rate." Kasumi explained. "Basically Capsule 1 will give you some super powered jutsu, and Capsule 2 will give you near infinite chakra for a short period of time. I'd give you Capsule 3, but I need to make some more."

"That's the one that gave you two super strength, right?" asked Naruto.

"No Naru-chan. Capsule 3 amplifies a person's chakra control by 10 times. Basically it gives you the level of chakra control that Tsunade-sama has, so that's how we had our super strength. We were just fighting like Tsunade-sama." Hinata said. "But 1 and 2 should be enough for Sasuke. He and Kasumi-chan will work on drawing him out, then when we have him in the right position, you let him have it Naru-chan, and I'll get the bells."

"It was definitely a good thing getting back together. Now let's go show Kakashi-sensei what he's really up against." Kasumi said, taking the first step in the plan.

"Hmm, I wonder what's taking them so long?" Kakashi said to himself as he read the first few pages of his new book.

"We just had to talk about something." Kasumi said, moving out to the field. "Kakashi-sensei, can I ask you something?"

"And what would that be?" Kakashi wondered.

"Remember the last time we did this, and I started crying because you beat us? Do you think that would work against you again this time?" she asked with an innocent smile.

"Sorry Kasumi, but you had that childish innocence last time. It won't work this time." Kakashi replied.

"Oh well, I tried." Kasumi said, flicking her wrist. "Guess I have to do something else then. LIGHT PRISM ACTIVATION!"

"Already going Illumina Form? Are you going to try to trap me in that Starburst Cage of yours?" Kakashi asked.

"Nope." Kasumi replied. She crossed her arms, showing just what she was going to do. "I just figured I needed to change clothes before we start again. BANKAI!"

"Oh so you're getting more serious this time?" Kakashi said, putting his book away.

"Nope. I don't need to get serious, since I'm going to obliterate you from the face of the planet." She said, as she pulled her arms back, preparing for her trademark technique. "I just had to go into Bankai form so I could pull out all of my energy for this." The energy had started getting more intense, causing beams of light to be drawn into her energy sphere. "Oh yeah, and before I go, I do have one thing to say."

"And what would that be?" Kakashi said in disbelief.

"You fell for it all over again! STARBURST CANNON: MAXIMUM BLAST!" Kasumi screamed, unleashing a massive wave of light that charged full speed towards Kakashi. "Try to run from this!"

"Guess she's getting overconfident again." Kakashi said, as he jumped out of the way from Kasumi's beam. That was when Sasuke made his move.

"Here comes round 2! "KATON: KARYUUDAN NO JUTSU! (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Missile)" Sasuke said, unleashing his jutsu. Only this time, thanks to Kasumi's Kitsune Capsules, the jutsu was insanely intense, and Sasuke unleashed an insane barrage of fire missiles at Kakashi.

"Guess I have to finish this quick." Kakashi thought to himself as he summoned another water dragon to neutralize the fire. He then heard Kasumi scream something else, too bad he didn't know that would end the training.

"Naruto let him have it!" Kasumi screamed.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei! I wanted to tell you…" Naruto began.

"Tell me what?" Kakashi thought as he was descending to the ground.

"The ending of Icha Icha Tactics goes like this!" Naruto said, instantly putting a look of dread on Kakashi's face.

"NO! I just got the book today! I can't have him spoil it for me!" Kakashi thought as he covered his ears. He thought he was safe, but he didn't count on Naruto to continue to talk.

"In the ending…" Naruto continued. That was when he saw Kakashi's eyes get wider.

"Oh no! I can read his lips from my Sharingan!!" Kakashi thought in fear. There was no way he could have this book ruined before he even had a chance to read it. But he couldn't cover his Sharingan, and if he pulled his hands from his ears, he'd hear the ending! Right now…he was royally screwed!

"Hina-chan, he's distracted! Go for it now!" Naruto said, seeing Hinata with her pink bow. However instead of a normal chakra arrow, there was one wrapped around one of Naruto's three-prong kunai.

"Looks like we win again Kakashi-sensei!" Hinata said, firing the arrow at Kakashi's belt. The arrow shot through, cutting the bells free and hooking them on to Naruto's kunai. With a simple Hiraishin, Naruto got the bells and returned to Hinata as Sasuke and Kasumi met up with them as well.

"Guess this time we got the bells." Naruto said, as he twirled the bells in his hand. "Kakashi-sensei, didn't we tell you all that perverted stuff will get you in trouble one of these days?"

"Hard to believe you pushed all of me to go that far." Kakashi said, covering his Sharingan. "I can honestly say, Team 7 has completed the exercise. Good job you four." As he finished, Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata had their kitsune features restored as the chakra blocker capsules just wore off.

"Well since that's over, I say we hit Ichiraku's! Besides, I gotta see if I can beat out Chouji. He's had two years to prepare, and I gotta make sure I can keep up with him." Naruto said, rubbing his stomach.

"Planning to close the place this time?" Chouji asked as he licked his chops.

"You got it. Chouji, there is one thing we must do to make this a good day." Naruto said, taking out an orange pair of chopsticks.

"I agree my friend, I agree." Chouji replied as he took out a pair of black chopsticks.

"WE FEAST!!" screamed the duo as they raced to Ichiraku's.

"Some things never change." Ino said, watching her boyfriend run off at full speed. "I'm still not sure how he runs that fast."

"Food is known to empower men with super human abilities. That's pretty much why." Kasumi said. "Come one everyone, let's go get a bite before those two close down the shop for a week."

Everyone left leaving Kakashi and Arashi at the field, still going over the intensity of the fight that just happened.

"Those four…I never thought they could reach new levels such as this. I haven't been pushed this hard in ages." Kakashi said as his teacher helped him up.

"Well Kakashi, I think it's their destiny to become the new leaders of this village. Naruto is well on his way to achieving his dream of Hokage, Sasuke has grown more sure of himself and his abilities, and now can fight with a more clear head. And the girls, well their knowledge of Kitsune Alchemy, and their planning and strategy makes them two of the very best kunoichi that Konoha have to offer." Arashi said. "I have to thank you for doing a wonderful job with them Kakashi."

"Well, thanks Arashi-sensei." Kakashi replied. "Well then I'll be off."

"Take care Kakashi, oh and one more thing…Chapter 5…you'll absolutely love that chapter!" Arashi said with a smile.

Guess some things never change for Team 7. Kakashi STILL fell for Team 7's trick. Maybe he needs to keep his nose out of all those Icha Icha books.

Now on another note, with this being a new story, that means the I can get a HUGE jump on potential ideas for the story. That's where all of you come in. My readers were a major part of helping me with the first story, and now ou once again have the opportunity to do the same. So send me those ideas, and if I can make them work, It's going in! Maybe there's some more unique battles you want to see, possibly involving more Akatsuki. Or maybe some new romance blooming...hey maybe Konan has a secret crush on our undercover Shadow Knight?? Maybe Tobi is gonna do something even more off the wall than being his estranged self. Well that's all for now! Until next chapter! Next time the real missions begin, and the search for the Bijuu is underway!

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