The Bijuu Wars

Omake: Mai's Mother's Day Surprise

Neokenshin: This goes out to all the Moms out there. For all the time your kids have made you proud or driven you craze, we all want you to know just how much we love you.

Naruto, Natsumi, Kasumi, Haku, and Akemi to Akane: This is why we love everything you do for us

Sasuke, Itachi, and Shiori to Mikoto: And why we thank you for looking after us

Kyoji and Riyu to Yugito: And for not killing us when we drove you mad

Kimiko to Kagome: And for cheering us up when we were sad

Hinata and Hanabi to their late mother Hikari: We thank you for everything and all we really want to say...

All the kids of the Bijuu Wars and Neokenshin to their wonderful mothers: We love you with all our heart on this wonderful Mother's Day.

Neokenshin: So everyone, tell your mom how much you love them today. Even if you're miles away, letting them know you love them will put the biggest smile on a mom's face.

Omake: Mai's Mother's Day Surprise

(A/N If this was in place during the main storyline, it would take place in between the girls returning with Makoto and Kasumi's capture. So they're all at home right now.)

The streets of Konoha were rampant as one of the most well honored holidays approached, Mother's Day. A day to celebrate all the wonderful mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and so on to tell each of them how special they are. The Yamanaka flower shop was bustling with orders as people had numerous flower bouquets, arrangements, and even single flowers ordered to give to their special woman. For one woman however…that was a dream for another year.

Mai walked through the streets as people were rushing into shopping centers to make their purchases. She tried to be happy as everyone was preparing, but deep down she felt a certain emptiness. Having no children of her own, she didn't know what it was like to be called mom, or mother, or mommy. Each day she envied her sisters Akane and Yugito, watching the two with their own children. Even Makoto, who didn't have her own kids as well, was considered a mother figure by Sheldon, who had trained with her for so long.

"Why is it that things just don't want to go my way? How come I can't be a mom like everyone else?" Mai sighed as she saw a father and son leave the Yamanaka shop with a large bunch of roses. "Knowing my luck, I probably ticked off Kami some way, so that's why he's not letting me have any kids." Feeling more depressed, she walked back to the mansion in defeat.

Things were a little different at the Uzumaki household. Everyone was running around, planning what they would be doing for the mothers of the house. Riyu had been finishing up a metal necklace for Yugito, while Kyoji and Tenten had crafted a metal ornament stand. The Uzumaki kids were in full force as Haku finished her ice sculpture of Akane, Naruto and Natsumi finished up with their menu for Akane's Mother's Day Brunch, and Hinata and Kasumi had finished up the kimono the two made for her. Of course since Hinata's mother Hikari passed away many years ago, Akane had been more than a mother figure for Hinata, so she felt it was only right to honor her as such. Even Akemi and Hanabi had help in making a video for Akane as well. It was all cheers as Mai walked in. She did her best to hide her depression so it wouldn't bring everyone else down.

"Mai-chan, come here real quick!" Akane whispered and ushered her into one of the back rooms.

"What is it Moonie?" asked the Shichibi.

"I think I might know what Arashi got me for Mother's day!!! I've heard around that he's going to surprise me with a brand new diamond bracelet! Isn't that amazing?" Akane was all squeals as she couldn't contain her excitement.

"Oh, uh…yeah that's nice Akane-chan. I'm sure you'll like it." Mai said depressingly. "Look, I'm feeling kinda tired. You, Mako-chan, and Mew-Mew go have some fun or something." Mai then left the room and headed into her own room, locking the door behind her.

"Ok, what's her deal?" Akane stood dumbfounded over Mai's reaction.

"Something wrong Akane?" Makoto asked when she saw her sister simply standing there.

"Yeah, it's Mai. I told her my surprise, but she acted like she was all depressed." Akane scratched the tip of her ears in thought.

"Akane-chan, you do know that she has no one to celebrate Mother's Day with." Makoto stated the obvious.

"Well duh, and neither do you." Akane replied.

"Actually that's not true. I happen to have received a very elegant set of swords and some chocolates from Sheldon. He told me that since he had no family, he looked up to me as his mother figure, even through all our training." Makoto replied. "I felt quite honored."

"Oh…OH!!! Yeah I understand now. Poor Mai-chan. Hmm, there's gotta be something good we can do for her." Akane stood there, thinking as hard as she could. "I got it! Get the kids to meet me in my office in 20 minutes."

"Uh…ok." Makoto looked at her sister and knew something was crazy…but she didn't know what.

20 minutes later…

"So you want us to do this for Aunt Mai?" asked Naruto. "I mean will it work?"

"I don't see why it wouldn't." Natsumi replied. "Anyway, Oka-san's right. Auntie Mai needs this to cheer her up."

"So you're all in agreement." asked Akane. "I want to make sure that none of you will freak out over this."

"We'll be fine Oka-san." Kasumi replied.

"Alright then, the plan starts in the morning." Akane said.

Mother's day was the next day and the entire group was in preparation for Mai's surprise. They were all putting the finishing touches on the last of their gifts.

"Uh Kasumi-hime, will I look alright in this dress?" Shiori questioned the dress she had on, not because she wasn't used to it, but because of the color.

"You'll look fine." Kasumi straightened the ribbon in Shiori's hair. "So is everyone ready to do this?"

"Guess it's time to see what's on the other side of the looking glass." Sasuke said as Akane came in with several vials in hand. She handed one to each of the kids, knowing they'd make Mai very happy.

"You know, I thought everything you did was a wonderful Mother's Day gift, but seeing all of you do this…you don't know how proud I am of all of you." Akane wiped a small tear from her eye. "

"It's ok Oka-san. She'd want us to do the same thing if you were in her position." Naruto said as he held up the vial. "Well guys, bottoms up." With that he, Sasuke, Natsumi, Kasumi, Shiori, Hinata, Akemi, Hanabi, and Haku all downed the contents of the vial.

Mai was still sleep when her day was suddenly started by a fanfare that she didn't expect.

"Hey, who...knock off the music." Mai said as she rubbed her eyes. When her vision cleared, she definitely didn't expect seeing this! "N-naruto? Sasuke? What are you two doing?"

"Come on kaa-san! You gotta get up! It's your special day, remember!" a now 6 year old Naruto ran over to pull Mai out of bed. "We gotta get you ready!"

"But...but I?" Mai wasn't sure what the heck was going on. Why was there a 6 year old Naruto and Sasuke in her room...and why were they calling her 'kaa-san'?

"He's right Oka-san. We're here as your official knights to escort you to your throne." Sasuke did a noble bow as he drew a toy sword. "Sir Naruto, come. We must escort Queen Kaa-san to her court!"

Naruto followed suit and pulled out a similar toy sword. "Yes, Sir Sasuke. The Phoenix Knights shall not fail!"

"Uh, ok Sir...Naruto and Sir...Sasuke. Lead the way." Each one took one of Mai's hands and led her down to the living room where a makeshift throne was set up.

As she was being led in by her 'knights', she saw a 6 year old Natsumi standing proudly holding a scroll.

"Hear ye, hear ye! Her royal majesty Queen Kaa-san of the Phoenix Kingdom has arrived!" Natsumi said. "All kneel in the presence of her highness!"

Mai looked over to see her sisters and brothers all bowing in nobility to her. "Ok I still don't get what's going on here, but I'll go with it." She was led to her 'throne' and took her seat while Naruto and Sasuke moved to each side.

"And now Queen Kaa-san will be presented with her special Mother's Day Crown and Scepter. This will be presented by the royal handmaidens!" Natsumi decreed as Kasumi and Shiori...also 6 years old now...came out with their part of the presentation.

"These are for you Queen Kaa-san. We made these for you." Shiori had a paper crown with plastic gems adorning it.

"We hope your reign will be a happy one today." Kasumi held the paper scepter and presented it to Mai, while Shiori went around and placed the crown on her head.

"Ok other than the fact that both of you look absolutely adorable in those dresses, I thank you." Mai nodded in approval. She started to get the idea of what was going on and went with it. "Natsumi, what is next on the agenda?"

"Next, her royal majesty will receive the royal gifts. The first gift shall be given by a representative of the Hyuuga Kingdom." Natsumi said as Hinata walked out with a small box.

"T-t-this is for you, your m-m-majesty." Hinata, who was also 6 years old now, decided to play her shyness card for added effect. "W-we hope that you w-w-will like our gift and hope it will k-k-keep our two kingdoms together."

Mai took the box and opened it to reveal a handcrafted paper gem bracelet. She just smiled as she took it and put it on her wrist. "Tell Lord Hyuuga that our kingdoms shall be allied for a long time. Thank you Lady Hyuuga."

"You're w-welcome Queen Kaa-san." Hinata gave a polite bow and took her leave.

"And now the gift presentation from the Snow Kingdom!" Natsumi decreed as Haku walked in with a small ice figurine.

"Queen Kaa-san, as princess of the Snow Kingdom, I have brought a figurine of Ice to commemorate this joyous day for you. Our greatest magicians used their strongest spells to fortify this and create our Never-melting Ice, for we know that you lead a mighty kingdom of fire." Haku presented Mai with an ice figurine of herself with a Phoenix behind it. "May our kingdoms continue to share the prosperous wealth of peace."

"Ah Princess Haku of the Snow Kingdom. As always you and your people are welcome in the lands of the Phoenix Kingdom. Please thank Queen Makoto and your people for this wonderful gift." Mai nodded her head as Haku bowed in respect.

"And finally, her majesty Queen Kaa-san will be presented with the royal Mother's Day cake!" Natsumi said. "Bring forth the cake!"

Akemi and Hanabi walked out completely covered in flour and cake batter, carrying a large cupcake on a platter. "This is for you Queen Kaa-san." said Hanabi as she wiped a bit of flour off her face.

"We, the royal bakers, toiled tirelessly to make a cake worthy of her highness. We wish you a happy Mother's Day." Akemi said as they placed the cupcake on a small pedestal near Mai. She pulled a small part off and tasted it. It did taste a little funny, but because Akemi and Hanabi were pretending to be 4 year old kids who had NO idea how to even cook, it was absolutely perfect to her.

"Both of you have done an excellent job. I know of your bakery in the village, and I will send forth my personal recommendation to all who visit that they must try your wonderful desserts." Mai happily said.

"Thus ends the presentation of gifts!" Natsumi said. "And now we present the Queen with her royal welcome!" She ran over and was joined by all the other kids as they lined up in front of Mai.

"To our noble and wise Queen Kaa-san, we wish you a Happy Mother's Day!" they all bowed to her. "We hope this will be a joyous day for you."

Mai stood and overlooked everything. To think that her family would do all of this for her. "To all of you, I just want to say thank you so much for this." She tried her hardest to keep from crying. "To think that you would let me celebrate this day even though I don't have kids as wonderful as you to call my own."

"Mai-chan, it doesn't matter if you're their aunt, mom, whatever. All that matters is that you're family and we do love you." Akane said with a loving embrace. "And besides, there's one more thing that they haven't given you yet."

"This is for you Queen Kaa-san. We want you to enjoy a very special day today so this is our way of saying we all love you." Naruto handed a note to her.

"Well my noble knight, let's see what it says." Mai opened the note and read, "This is a special decree that says Queen Kaa-san shall be entreated to a day of pampering at the spa in the Konoha Kingdom. She will be treated along with her sisters Queen Akane, Queen Makoto, Queen Yugito, and Queen Kagome. Also Empress Tsunade of the Konoha Kingdom and Queen Mikoto of the Uchiha Kingdom will join them in her day of pampering."

"So Queen Mai, shall we head to our day of pampering?" asked Yugito.

"I wouldn't have it any other way Queen Yugito." Mai replied.Happy Mother's Day all you wonderful Moms out there.

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