The Bijuu Wars

Darkness Unleashed

Naruto: Yo Kenshin, why the long face man?

Neokenshin: Well...this is it.

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Chapter 20: Darkness Unleashed

"Kasumi's been captured!" Naruto screamed when he heard the news. "Then what the hell are we standing around here for! We need to get her back now! Get the full team together and let's go!""Naruto calm down. We're not just dealing with anyone. Madara Uchiha is obviously the most dangerous shinobi you've ever faced…probably even more dangerous than Orochimaru." Tsunade said. "To simply rush in without a very thorough plan could not only get Kasumi killed, but the rest of you killed as well."

"Tsunade-sama's right. As of right now with his Eternal Mangekyo, none of us stand a chance at stopping him." Mikoto added. "Until we can get the Susanoo scroll from him, for now we have to play very carefully. Besides, Itachi is there and will make sure that she's ok."

"For right now let's just get an idea of what we're running into. If Madara's like any other power hungry maniac, he's planning on using Kasumi as a bargaining chip, most likely for the return of Shinja's Hoshi no Tama, and the other Bijuu." Shikamaru said. "If we play it right, we may be able to get her out of there with little problem."

"Alright Shikamaru, let's get to work planning." Tsunade ordered.

"You've done well once again Itachi. With this information we're sure to make a large advancement in the war." Pein read over some notes from Itachi's undercover work.

"Yes, it seems that Orochimaru was working on a way to focus Bijuu chakra to intensify it." Itachi stated. "Though without focusing control from the Illumina Gems, he'll have no way to succeed."

"It seems that way, but we may prevail where he fails." Pein said, getting a hint of interest from Itachi.

"What do you mean?" asked Itachi.

"Madara-sama has gone out on a fox hunt. If I am correct he should be returning with the silver tailed fox, I believe her name is Kasumi." Pein said. "She is the one betrothed to your brother, if I am correct."

"Madara captured Kasumi? Ok this is not good!" Itachi thought to himself. "I have to make sure he doesn't do anything to her."

"Itachi are you ok? You seem distraught." Asked Pein.

"No, I was just thinking back to your question. But yes she is the one betrothed to my foolish brother." Itachi replied.

"Then she will make an excellent bargaining chip." Pein stated. "Itachi, if it's not a bother, I'd like for you to interrogate her thoroughly. Feel free to completely shatter her mind if you see fit. But be subtle about it. I know you like to use finesse in your work."

"Of course Pein-sama. I plan to take my time. I'll go for 5 seconds in the Tsukiyomi." Itachi coldly stated. "Also allow Konan to aid me in the interrogation. I believe she may add a bit of effectiveness to my work."

"Itachi you never seem to amaze me. I wonder if setting you up as her partner would improve teamwork. I'll allow her to aid you." Pein replied. "Itachi, I have a question. I've noticed a change in Konan's overall attitude when you are present. She seems more focused in her tasks at hand, and has a better overall morale. I believe she seems to have taken a fondness to you."

"Really? I haven't noticed. I do find working with her to be quite relaxing, even in the most intense of situations." Itachi stated. "I should request to work with her more often."

"Very well then. We need to prepare for the arrival of our guest." Pein said as he headed back to his chambers, leaving Itachi on his own.

"Damn, this is not good. I have to be very careful in trying to get Kasumi out of here. Hopefully I can also put up a strong enough mind block on her in case Madara tries anything." Itachi thought to himself. "But why would he want her anyway?"

"Itachi-san, some tea for you?" Konan entered with a cup of green tea and placed it down in front of him. "You seem distraught."

"It's nothing Konan. I am merely fatigued from my last mission." Itachi said, rubbing his temples.

"Would you prefer meditation? I have read that it is good for relaxation." Konan stated.

"Hmm, she has never requested to meditate with me. Is Madara's control starting to wear off on her?" Itachi thought to himself. But he wasn't one to turn down a chance to spend with his girlfriend. "Of course, thank you Konan. Do you care to join me?"

"Pein-sama says it is good for cohesive teamwork. I shall join you Itachi." Konan said as the two left for Itachi's meditation room.

(Tsukiyomi Mindscape)

After getting fully settled and releasing the mind lock on Konan, Itachi was greeted by a huge glomp tackle from his blue haired angel.

"You know I enjoy that every time it happens." Itachi replied after Konan released the kiss the two were in.

"And I'll never get tired of doing it. Oh I missed you Itachi-kun." Konan tightened her grip on the Uchiha. "Why were you gone for so long this time?"

"They had me doing more extended undercover work with Orochimaru. But right now we have more pressing matters my Tenshi." Itachi said, bringing attention to Konan. "Madara's captured Kasumi!"

"Oh no! Is she ok? He hasn't done anything to her yet, has he?" asked the blue haired tenshi.

"No, Pein said that she hasn't been brought back to the base yet. He did say that he wanted me to interrogate her once she was brought in. No telling what Madara has planned." Itachi said.

"You don't think he may try to use her against the team, do you?" Konan feared the worst. She hoped that it wouldn't come down to that.

"I hope not. What I plan to do is place a mental barrier around her once I begin interrogations. Hopefully it will be enough to keep Madara out of her mind." Itachi said with a hint of distress in his voice. "I can't believe he's gone this far!"

"Wait...didn't you say that Kasumi-chan had miko abilities or Light chakra or something?" Konan brought up a good point, considering Madara could have a use for that ability.

"Yeah she...The Shikon no Tama! He's planning to use Kasumi to unseal the Shikon no Tama!" Itachi suddenly realized the trouble everyone would be in. Luckily due to being one of Madara's trusted shinobi, he was able to learn of the background of the sacred jewel. "If he gets control of the power of that gem, he can amplify any of the Bijuu chakra! Considering Kasumi and I don't have Overdrive, we would be in serious trouble!"

"Itachi-kun, what are we going to do? You have to get her out of this base! If Madara somehow is able to scan her mind and learn everything, not only will it put her in danger, but it will blow your cover since he could use me against you." Konan stated.

"This is not good at all." Itachi said. "Is there anything more my twisted grandfather can do?"

"I'm also afraid that he may try to now scan my mind for all the information that you've given me. Itachi-kun this is serious trouble!" Konan said, worried more that she was now a risk to Itachi's true mission.

"I know Tenshi-chan, I know. The only other choice I have when I get Kasumi out of here is to take you captive until we find a way to release Madara's mind control." Itachi said. "It probably won't be too nice since everyone else still finds it hard to believe you're my girlfriend."

"Would you still come see me in my cell even if I told you to do it?" she looked at him with her sapphire eyes. Itachi could see the sadness in them at the current situation, but he knew it was the only chance they had.

"I would be there every single day until you were a free angel Tenshi-chan." Itachi wrapped his arms around his angel and pulled her close. "I promise I will set you free."

"I know Itachi-kun, I know." Konan stayed in Itachi's arms for as long as she possibly could, knowing this might be the last moments of before things got really bad.

(End Tsukiyomi World)

Two days later...

"Itachi my boy, I see you have returned from your mission? I take it went well?" asked Madara as he entered the base.

Itachi bowed in respect, "It was Madara-sama. I have already relayed the information to Pein-sama."

Madara gave him a firm handshake in respect, "You have yet to fail me, my grandson. I was right in welcoming you to Akatsuki. Now then, I have a job for you."

"Pein-sama has briefed me on the details. I take it you wish for me to interrogate the captive you have brought?" Itachi said as he and Madara walked into the base.

"Perceptive as ever. Make sure to do a thorough job." Madara said as Naraku entered with an unconscious Kasumi wrapped up in one of his tentacles.

"Very well Madara-sama." Itachi took the fox girl and headed to a sealed interrogation chamber where Konan was waiting. After taking Kasumi to the secure room, Itachi placed some seals on Kasumi's wrists to seal her chakra, and bound her so she couldn't move. Though he secretly kept the chains loose, and made sure the seals didn't seal all of her chakra, also he took some strips of silk from one of his older robes and used them between the chains. "Heh look at me, I'm trying to play the part of the bad guy and I'm still spoiling her like she's my little sister." He thought to himself while he finished and waited for her to awaken. Before she woke up, he checked her vitals and could tell by her temperature that she was suffering from a venom fever. While Konan wasn't watching, he gave her an anti-venom capsule to ward off any effects of venom in her system. After a few minutes she started stirring around.

"Ugh…that's the last time I eat chocolate covered teriyaki before bed." Kasumi said in a groggy voice. As she got her bearings she noticed that she was bound. "Hey, where am I?" Kasumi looked around to see that she was face to face with a member of Akatsuki. But since her vision hadn't cleared yet, she couldn't tell who it was. When Konan entered the room, Itachi said some things very silently, knowing Kasumi's hearing would pick it up.

"Kasumi-chan, it's Itachi. Right now I want you to play along with everything and just trust me. You've been captured by Madara and are now in the Akatsuki base." Itachi said, causing Kasumi's ears to slightly twitch. "They plan to have me interrogate you, so I will be placing you under Tsukiyomi. For now just think of me as a traitor to Konoha, and be angry with me. I'm going to do my best to get you out of here." As Kasumi's vision cleared, she saw Itachi shoot a wink at her. That's when Kasumi started to go along with everything.

"Let me go you Akatsuki scum!" Kasumi started fighting the binds but it was futile. With her chakra sealed she was all but defenseless, save her Ki energy.

"I see my foolish brother chose a feisty one. Hard to believe you'll be my future sister-in-law…that is if you survive." Itachi said with venom in his voice.

"Wait…you…you're supposed to be dead! Sasuke saw you killed that night!" Itachi could hear the fear in her voice and thought she was doing quite well for an on the fly actress. "How can you even be alive Itachi?"

"I have my ways. But you need not concern yourself with that. For now you should be worried that your secrets will soon belong to Akatsuki." Itachi activated his Mangekyo and looked Kasumi in the eyes. "I will take great pleasure in torturing you."

"I'll never tell you anything you worthless traitor!" Kasumi snapped back. "I'd rather die than tell you anything."

"Then torturing you will be much more satisfying. You probably already know from my weak brother that our most powerful genjutsu will make you feel 3 days of torture in only a second. I plan to make you suffer for 10 seconds." Itachi said with a cold stare. "One month should be enough to break you."

"Wait…you can't do this!" Kasumi pleaded in the hopes of repelling the genjutsu.

"It is of no recourse. With your chakra sealed, you are helpless." Itachi took note of Konan in the interrogation chamber and began. "Excellent. We shall now begin the interrogation."

"No!!!!" Kasumi screamed when she soon felt herself inside the world with the blood red sky.

(Tsukiyomi World)

Itachi once again entered his illusion world along with Konan and a weakened Kasumi. After releasing Konan's seal, the two immediately went to work on Kasumi.

"Itachi-nii-san…did I do ok? She said weakly. After enduring Madara's Tsukiyomi, then being placed in another put her mind under heavy strain.

"You'll be fine Kasumi-chan. We have a full 30 days here for you to recover. Though I must say you made quite an actress." Itachi said as he changed the mindscape to the living room of the Uchiha Mansion. He helped Kasumi up onto the sofa and let her stretch out. "Tell me do you remember anything that happened with Madara?"

"All I know is that he tried to force his way into the deeper parts of my mind." Kasumi was trying to catch her breath from the mental strain. "It took everything I had to fight him off and resist him."

"That's what I'm worried about. With you in a weakened mental state, he may try to probe again. That's why I need to set up a mental barrier to protect you." Itachi said as Konan came in with a cold compress. "Thanks Tenshi-chan."

"Don't mention it Itachi-kun. So how are you feeling Kasumi-chan?" Konan asked with a smile.

"I've felt better. But it's finally nice to meet you Konan-chan. Itachi-nii-san has told us a lot about you." Kasumi replied while Itachi placed the compress on her head. "It's still hard to believe he kept a girlfriend hidden from us for so long."

"Yeah well, when you're stuck under a lame jutsu, it really makes things hard to be myself." Konan said as she took a seat near the two. "But don't think I don't know about you. I heard about that little baby escapade you went through."

"Oh yeah…that." Kasumi let off a slight chuckle. "Well it was fun."

"Since we got time, I say we get to know each other better. I might as well be prepared for when I can finally go to Konoha on my own." Konan said. "Itachi-kun, feel free to get started on her mental barrier. I'll stay here and keep watch over her for you."

"Thank you Tenshi-chan." Itachi gave her a quick kiss and went off to prepare.

"Hehe, Itachi's got a girlfriend!" Kasumi gave a quick taunt as Itachi was leaving.

"And so does Kasumi!" Itachi chimed back, definitely getting a blush out of Kasumi and causing Konan to become more intrigued.

"Oh really? I wanna hear about this." Konan pulled her chair closer to hear all the details."

"Well…" Kasumi began as she continued to rest.

"So Naruto, do you really think we'll make it in time?" asked Kimiko as the group continued to leap through the treetops.

"I hope so. Who knows what that nutcase is planning on doing to her?" Naruto replied. "At least we know Itachi is there to stall long enough for us to get there."

Sasuke was seething. To find out that his own traitorous blood relative would capture the love of his life, "If Madara so much as harms one hair on even one of her tails…so help me Kami I will rip him to shreds!"

"Sasuke, calm down dude. You know getting angry won't help the situation." Sakura asked calmly. "Besides, once we meet up with Ero-sennin, we should be able to make our way through and get to Kasumi even faster."

"Hope you're right Sakura-chan. I hope you're right." Naruto replied. Since hearing about Kasumi's capture, the team of Naruto, Hinata, Kimiko, Sasuke, and Sakura were sent out to infiltrate Ame and rescue her. They were ordered to use full force, while trying to keep Itachi's cover safe as well. In a day, their backup team of Tenten, Kyoji, Temari, Neji, and Chouji would move out behind them. Haku was staying back with the rest of the support team as an area scout team in the event there was still more Akatsuki lurking around.

"Why do you think he captured her anyway? I mean what is so special about Kasumi-chan that would interest Madara?" asked Hinata.

"I may have an idea." Kimiko said. "Remember that she has miko abilities just like you and me. My guess is that she wants to use Kasumi-chan to remove the barrier seal my mom placed on the Shikon no Tama."

"Would that work? I mean, Kasumi's abilities are strong, but I've seen yours in action Kimiko-chan, and you definitely outdo her." Sakura said.

"Well yeah, I've been trained in the miko arts since I was a small pup. But as for Kasumi, she could remove the seal on the gem, but it would take a very long time. Kasumi-chan would take at least 10 days to remove the seal on it. So why would she be the one captured?"

"You don't think that Madara wanted Kasumi for her Illumina Power, do you? Considering she doesn't have Overdrive, I don't see why he wouldn't have gone after Hina-chan." Naruto asked.

"I think it's because my Byakugan makes me immune to the Tsukiyomi. As long as I have it active I can't be affected by genjutsu." Hinata replied, "But hey have you guys noticed a weird scent? It seems like we've been following it for the last few hours."

"Yeah I've noticed it too. It smells really it was some kind of tracking odor." Kimiko said, taking note of the scent.

"Hey let's hold up here for a bit and check the area. This might give us a lead on finding Kasumi-chan." Naruto and the group jumped down to the ground and started scouting the area in the hopes of finding a few clues.

"Sakura, come here for a second." Sasuke called out when he saw a strange looking flower on the ground.

"What is it Sasuke-kun?" asked the pink haired ninja.

"Look at this? I know you have a little bit of plant knowledge from Ino, so any idea on this flower?" Sasuke hoped to get a little bit of light shed on this.

"Hmm, if I'm right, Ino called it a Fire Lilly. You can tell from the eight red petals. But what about it?" Sakura wondered.

"Well, that strange scent we've been following...I've noticed it coming from this plant as well." Sasuke replied. "I wonder if it's used for any type of tracking?"

"Hold on I'll ask Ino." Sakura said, opening communication."Hey Ino, Sakura here. Need your advice on something."

"This is Ino. Shoot forehead girl."

"We found a Fire Lilly on our search for Kasumi because we noticed a strange smell. Do you know if it's used for any type of tracking or something like that?" asked Sakura.

"Fire Lilly? Yeah, its pollen creates a very strong sent that will make it easier for ninja hounds to track. Even the tiniest speck can keep a scent going for days." Ino replied.

"Awesome! Thanks a ton Ino! Sakura out." Sakura closed off communication. "There's your answer Sasuke-kun. Looks like we may have a trail."

"Then let's follow it and see if it leads us to Kasumi-chan." Naruto said as they all got back on the move. "Maybe it's just what we need to get a lead!"

In the sewer depths of Ame, Jiraiya made his way through the village, making sure to mask his chakra. He used this chance to get a lead on Pein and figure out a way to possibly put a stop to him.

"Hmm, looks like I can get some fairly good information out of him." He noticed a lone guard patrolling an entryway to the outside. "A little toad magic and we're all set." Jiraiya quickly flashed some seals and placed his hand on the ground, summoning a special toad. The toad opened his mouth to massive proportion and Jiraiya walked in normally. After he was inside, the toad shrunk down to the size of a regular toad and hopped its way to the guard.

"Hey, what's a toad doing down here? Eh it's nothing; this place is a sewer anyway." The guard resumed his patrol when the toad let out a loud croak. "Hey toad, get out of here and leave me alone." The toad simply stared at the guard without moving. "Ok you're really pissing me off now!" He pulled a kunai out to strike the toad, however the toad lashed its tongue out and completely wrapped up the guard. "What in the hell!!" Before the guard could blink he saw the toad's mouth open up to massive proportion and swallow him completely.

"So subtlety isn't my strong point." Jiraiya paced around as the guard awoke. "Well now, it looks like we can have a good conversation here."

"What…where in the hell am I?" The guard looked around to see that he was no longer at his post, but now bound…to the fleshy muscle of the inside of a toad!

"Moving won't help that much, so it's best to speak quickly. I also forgot to add that my friend here hasn't eaten in a while and he is quite hungry." Jiraiya said as small drops of acid began to trickle onto the guard's uniform, burning it in some places.

"I…I don't know anything!" The guard stuttered out, trying to keep himself from becoming a meal.

Jiraiya took his time in pacing around in front of the guard. "You know, I think you know more than you're letting on. I need information, namely about Pein."

"Why do you want to know about him?" The guard replied nervously.

"I want to know how he works. I have information saying that he has never lost a single battle ever. What is it that gives him such an advantage?" asked the Sannin.

"I…I swear I don't know!" Jiraiya made one seal and the acid started increasing. "You have to believe me!!!"

"Hmm, I'm not sure. A guard of Ame not knowing about one of their most powerful shinobi? Doesn't make much sense." Jiraiya watched as the acid increased, burning off the sleeves of the guard's fatigues. A small drop trickled onto his arm and he began to scream in pain.

"OK! There's rumors that Pein-sama uses some kind of jutsu that makes him appear in more than one place at the same time. Some say it's the Kage Bunshin, but this is way more powerful than that." Jiraiya looked at the guard with a smile, accomplished at the information he got.

"I see. Well then, you've betrayed your master well. I'll see you're properly rewarded." Jiraiya turned and walked through the soft belly of the toad and left the guard.

"Wait, you're not going to leave me here are you!" screamed the guard.

"Of course not. I would take you with me, but toads don't like it when their meal is taken from them." Jiraiya said with a smile as he vanished in a puff of smoke. After he left, the acid started increasing more and more, causing the guard to scream in terror.

"Excellent work Gamayotsu. Take him back to Konoha and let Ibiki handle him for a while." Jiraiya was now standing outside of the toad he summoned. The toad nodded and turned to hop off to its destination. "So Pein is using some form of clone jutsu. Well, we'll just have to see what he's doing to get his edge."

(Tsukiyomi World)

"There, it's done. This barrier should be strong enough to protect you from Madara." Itachi wiped off the sweat from his forehead. "I even reinforced it with my Shadow Illumina energy and parts of your own kitsune chakra, so unless he has something I don't know about; you should be in good shape."

"Thanks…Itachi-nii-san. Hopefully this will all be over soon." Kasumi herself was quite winded since Itachi needed her absolute concentration to set the mind barrier. Also since she was the one placed under the Tsukiyomi, it still took a toll on her even with Itachi keeping it active to help her.

"Alright, I'm going to get in touch with the rest of the team. From what I know, there's already a rescue team on their way to get you. When they're close, I'm busting you and Tenshi-chan out of here." Itachi said.

"But will she be ok? If she's still under Pein's control, everyone will see her as an enemy!" Kasumi replied.

Itachi just held Konan close, "I know. But I'll relay ahead to Tsunade-sama and have her placed under special custody for the time being. If I'm right, it may be possible for Inoichi-sama to place some mental suppression seals on her for now."

"But what would those do to her?" asked Kasumi.

"Well she'd probably sit in her cell being completely quiet. But it should suppress any type of command from Pein, or weaken them greatly. Besides, I plan to visit her every day until I can break his control over her." Itachi said. "To some it may seem harsh, but it's better than leaving her here."

"Anyway I don't mind sleeping all day and doing nothing. Every time Itachi-kun comes, we always get at least 3 days together." Konan said. "So I'm ok with it."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. I do want you to initiate her properly once we get her back to normal Kasumi-chan. So you better cook up a good one for her." Itachi said, causing Konan to wonder what he meant.

"I think I can plan a good one. The last sleepover had Naruto, Sasuke, and Otou-san completely covered in gunk! I think this one could top even that!" Kasumi replied with a laugh.

"I still don't get it? Why do I have to go through an initiation?" Konan was quite confused over not knowing about the Kitsune Sisters ritual.

"It's a girl thing we have with our bunch. We have a huge sleepover at our house and Oka-san does a big ritual where all of us are in mysterious robes. For any of the new girls joining the group, we make up a friendship ritual story, and reveal we're all kitsune. Then we have a small ritual where we all take a sip of some special fruit punch that Oka-san makes, put a little chakra into a special crystal she has, and she uses it to place a Kitsune Disguise jutsu on the new girls. Then we party for the rest of the night." Kasumi carefully explained everything. "Konan-chan, you'd love it."

"Then Kasumi-chan, I look forward to my initiation." Konan said. "Well Itachi-kun, we should probably go. You need to rest as well."

"Alright. Kasumi-chan, rest up as much as you can. If Madara tries anything, use everything you have to fight him off." Itachi said as he prepared to activate the locking seal on Konan once more.

"I will, and thanks Itachi-nii-san." Kasumi said before she almost dozed off.

"Oh yeah, before I forget." Konan took out a slip of paper and with a bit of chakra, she molded it into a paper rose blossom. "See ya soon Kasumi-nee-chan." She placed the rose in Kasumi's hair and gave her a hug of confidence.

"Thanks…Konan-nee-chan." With that Kasumi drifted off to sleep.

"Let's go Tenshi-chan." Itachi finished the seals to re-apply the lock, and ended the Tsukiyomi.

(End Tsukiyomi World)

Itachi and Konan immediately fell to their knees, trying to catch their breath. Kasumi had already gone unconscious from the jutsu and was out cold.

"Konan-san, are you alright?" Itachi checked over her to make sure she didn't suffer any residual damage.

"I…am fine Itachi-san." Konan struggled to her feet and was very shaky. "I…I'm just a little…dizzy."

"I am sorry. Normally I don't hold the Tsukiyomi that long. For now we should both rest to shake off any ill effects." Itachi took hold of Konan and slowly helped her out of the interrogation room.

"Yes…that would…suffice." Konan placed her hand on her head and felt the pain shoot through it.

"Itachi, Konan, you both seem fatigued? Is there any problem?" Pein saw the two leave the interrogation room and decided to investigate.

"I held my genjutsu for far too long in the interrogation. Neither of us is injured, but we are quite drained Pein-sama. Allow us to rest and I shall present my findings to Madara-sama later." Itachi said calmly.

"Very well." Pein seemed a little uneasy at seeing Itachi like this. Holding a genjutsu caused him this much mental stress? Either Kasumi was seriously fighting off his genjutsu or something else was going on. "I'll speak with Madara-sama and inform him you will return with your news."

"Thank you Pein-sama." Itachi slowly led Konan to her room to rest, then proceeded to his own room.

"Yes, Madara-sama will definitely need to hear about this." Pein said to himself. He soon felt a pulse of chakra in one of the piercings in his left ear. "It also seems I have a guest to tend to as well."

A few hours later…

"Ugh, I forgot how much that hurts!" Kasumi started to clear her head to remember that she was still contained in the interrogation room that Itachi left her in. "I guess I was out for a few hours."

"I know. I was wondering when you would awaken." Kasumi looked over to see the same orange spiral mask of her captor. "For a fox, you sleep a very long time."

"Look I don't know what you want with me, but my friends are sure to come rescue me. So just give it up you Akatsuki freak." Kasumi snapped out.

"But you see, I can't let that happen. I have great plans for you and your friends." After removing the mask, Kasumi now stared into the face of the patriarch of the Uchiha clan. Madara then released an immense killing intent that left Kasumi frozen in fear.

"You…you…" were the only words Kasumi could even get out.

"Yes, I am the mastermind behind all of this. You may have heard of me…for I am Madara Uchiha, one of the founders of Konoha and Patriarch of the Uchiha Clan." Madara sent a sharp glare into her eyes, causing her to tremble even more. "Now my dear, let's see just what Itachi couldn't get out of you." Kasumi saw his eyes form the red Sharingan, but she soon saw a different pattern than before. "Unlike Itachi, my Eternal Mangekyo will get what I need."

As each room in the base had special soundproofing seals to allow each Akatsuki member to rest in peace, no one heard the bloodcurdling scream that Kasumi released as Madara began his own personal interrogation.

"Hmm, I must be getting close. That definitely sounded like a chakra enhanced scream." Jiraiya stood outside the walls of Ame as the rain poured down. "I need to get a move on."

"I'm afraid not sensei." Jiraiya turned to see the flaming orange hair and black cloak of Pein, standing on a wall. "It's been a long time since we've met."

"That it has…Nagato." Jiraiya immediately knew from the round circles of the Rinnegan in Pein's eyes. "So tell me, how are Yahiko and Konan?"

"I'm afraid Yahiko is dead. As for Konan, she remains our Angel of Akatsuki." Pein leaped down and made his way towards the Toad Sannin. "I'll give her your wishes. She'll take solace in knowing you remembered her while on your deathbed."

"So that's how it is. Then I guess there's no time for words is there." Jiraiya sighed. "Nagato, why do this? You were to be the one the Prophecy foretold. With your Rinnegan you could bring the world into balance."

"That dream would have worked many years ago, but now…that is all an empty dream." Pein gave a cold stare to Jiraiya, unmoved by anything the Sannin could have said.

"Then I guess we have no choice. You could have done so much Nagato." Jiraiya simply sighed at his fallen student and prepared to engage in combat.

"So this is Ame, huh? Looks like we got here just in time." Naruto looked around in the pouring rain and noticed that the scent of the Fire Lilly was still present. "Alright, we need to bust in there and get Kasumi-chan out."

"Wait a second Naruto, right now we're dangerously in enemy territory. For all we know, we could be running into all of the remaining Akatsuki at once." Sasuke said. "Especially if we have to deal with Pein or Madara, we need to think this carefully."

"Naru-chan, he's right. Let me look around with my Byakugan and see what's going on." Hinata said as she activated her bloodline. She began to scan the area, noticing the continual fluctuating chakras and heat signatures.

"You see anything Hinata-chan?" asked Kimiko.

"I did notice four very large chakra signatures to the east side of the village. I'm not sure if they could be Akatsuki or not, but whoever it is right now is in combat." Hinata replied. "I'm thinking it might be a training ground."

"That means their base is close to that area. Ok, we're gonna head in as swiftly as possible. Don't be afraid to go full Overdrive for this one." Naruto tightened his headband and adjusted his scarf. "We're bringing our silver fox home people."

"Kasumi-chan, wake up." Itachi gently shook the kitsune girl to bring her back around.

"Ugh, Itachi-nii-san?" Kasumi was still groggy from being out. "My head hurts."

"Here, this will help." Itachi gave her a chakra pill and a soldier pill to give her a boost of energy. "We're making our break now." He went around and quickly released the suppression seals he placed on her earlier, and untied her bonds. "I've already placed Konan-chan under a special sleep genjutsu so she'll be ok."

"Are you sure this will work? What if someone can sense our chakra on the way out?" asked Kasumi, as Itachi removed his robe to reveal he had already assumed Knight Form.

"They won't sense anything while we're moving through the shadows." Itachi said with a grin. "Go ahead and go Knight Form just in case."

Kasumi quickly transformed and asked, "Ok so what now?"

"Just hold my hand." Itachi took her hand, getting a hint of blush from the fox girl. "Then I'll do the rest."

"Hey you said Konan-chan was still asleep, where is she?" Kasumi looked around but couldn't see the origami shinobi anywhere.

"I sealed her in this scroll. It's a special sealing scroll I made for the day I planned to take her out of here. She's sleeping comfortably now so you and I can move faster." Itachi replied. "Now to take to the shadows…CHAOS CONTROL!"

"Oh yeah…whoa, this is pretty crazy!" Kasumi looked and noticed that her entire body was becoming completely black, as if she was a shadow herself.

"As long as you are holding onto me, you will stay under the effects of my Chaos Control. To everyone else, you are just a shadow. They can't hear you, smell you, or sense your chakra." Itachi said as he walked into the shadow that had been cast from the door. "Time to go home Kasumi-chan."

"Right behind you." Kasumi did her best to keep up.

"Oh no…Ero-Sennin!" Naruto called out when he saw who the combatants of the battle Hinata pointed out were. "This isn't good, he didn't hear us!"

"Yeah and what's worse is that it had to be Pein he's fighting!" Sasuke said. "We gotta help him!"

"Then let's move people!" Naruto commanded. "Ero-sennin! Need some back up!"

Jiraiya turned to see the Knights behind him. "Perfect, this will definitely turn the tides."

"Oh so Sage Mode wasn't enough to do that, eh?" asked an old bearded toad on Jiraiya's right shoulder. "Doesn't matter, the more we have to kill this guy, the better."

"Oy Pa, give Jiraiya-chan a break. Friends are never a bad thing to have in battle." Replied an old female toad on Jiraiya's left shoulder.

"Hey Ero-sennin, how's things…uh what's with the look?" Naruto said after seeing Jiraiya almost look like he was a toad.

"It's Sage Mode kid. The pinnacle of my training with the toads. These two are the elders, Fukasaku and Shima. But more on that later, right now Pein has definitely been putting up a hell of a fight." Jiraiya said as he caught his breath. "And for some reason, he's got two more just like him, but they aren't clones. It's like if I attack one, the other two know that I'm attacking, even if I strike from behind."

"Then I guess we'll just have to hit him with a heavy dose of Illumina Power as well. Get him guys!" Naruto led the charge as the five knights ran in for an attack, though Pein repelled them with ease.

"My battle isn't with you just yet. For now you shall watch." Pein turned his gaze back to Jiraiya. "Now sensei, let us continue."

"Oh just perfect." Jiraiya said as he jumped back into the fray with Pain and his two doubles.

"So much for a battle of Illumina Power." Naruto dusted himself off as he got back to his feet. "What are we gonna do now?"

"I don't know, but we have to do something. It looks like Ero-sennin is really going all out, and Pein seems to still be matching him strike for strike." Hinata said. "Not only that but I still can't get a fix on Kasumi-chan's chakra."

"There's got to be…wait, what's up with this crazy blinking light on my transformer? Wait a minute, it's two lights." Naruto noticed two blinking lights on the small viewscreen and saw it was moving in the direction of the team. "You don't think…"

The group turned and looked down one of the alleys of the city to see two figures jump out of what looked to be a wall shadow. One shadow soon formed a human, while the other shadow hid in the newly cast shadow that the first person gave off.

"Kasumi-chan!" Sasuke said as he saw his love run full speed towards him.

"Hey guys!" Kasumi ran in and jumped full throttle into Sasuke's arms. "Oh man I missed all of you!"

"Kasumi-chan, are you ok? How did you escape?" Sakura immediately went to work doing a full diagnostic scan of any damage.

"I had a little brotherly help." Kasumi looked down at her shadow, knowing it was Itachi hiding there to protect his own cover.

"Thanks bro, I owe you one." Sasuke said in thanks. "Ok we've got our captive rescued, now let's get the hell out of here."

"Not yet. I'm gonna create a small distraction for Ero-sennin, and then we can all break out of here." Kasumi said, focusing an intense amount of energy in her hand. "Get ready to move when I say so!" Both Jiraiya and Pein saw her, and Jiraiya had an idea of what was planned.

"Guess I'll be saying goodbye Nagato. We'll have to finish this some other time." Jiraiya said as he clashed one last time.

"That we will Jiraiya-sensei that we will." Secretly Pein formed a seal just as Kasumi was ready to strike.

"Here we go!" Kasumi took aim and maintained her focus. A smile crept on her face as she locked onto her target. "Alright…get out of the way…Pein-sama!"

Everyone heard her last words and immediately froze in place! Did she just say Pein-sama?"

"STARBURST BEAM!" Kasumi fired her beam at full speed at her target…but it wasn't Pein! Time seemed to completely slow down as Kasumi's beam pierced right through Jiraiya's chest.

"Ero-sennin!" Naruto screamed. "Kasumi, what the hell is wrong with you!"

"Not a single thing." Kasumi released a huge burst of light energy, throwing everyone to the ground.

"How could you Kasumi-chan! You're one of us! Why did you help Pein!" asked Hinata.

"Oh that, let's just say I've had a nice little change of heart." Kasumi then turned and fired a Starburst Beam into her shadow, causing Itachi to leap to avoid getting himself hurt. "Oh and the farce is over Itachi. All of Akatsuki know you're a Konoha Spy."

"Damn! What did Madara do to you Kasumi-chan?" Itachi asked as he released his Chaos Control.

"Madara-sama let me find the real me. Guess I was born to be a bad girl. But I won't be the only one now. I have two more that are coming back with me." Kasumi channeled her Light Chakra in her hands, but Hinata and Kimiko soon realized that it was something worse when they saw it change from pink to purple. "Time to get this going!" She rushed in and landed one hit on Kimiko, but as she was going for Hinata, Naruto pushed her out of the way and took the hit in her place.

"Hmm, well I didn't get Hinata, but this is going to be so much more pleasing!" Kasumi formed some seals and activated a new jutsu.

"Kasumi-chan, don't use that jutsu!" Hinata immediately realized that she was using a Dark Miko technique.

"KAGETON: KONPAKU KAIRAN! (Shadow Release: Soul Corruption)" Kasumi's jutsu activated, immediately covering Naruto and Kimiko in the dark purple chakra. Kimiko screamed in pain as she felt her entire soul being consumed by the dark chakra. Naruto was doing his best to fight off the pain, but even he couldn't resist it.

"KITSUNE REI WAKEDORI! (Fox Spirit Division)" Naruto immediately separated himself from Natsumi, who didn't seem to be affected by the dark chakra.

"What in the world?" Natsumi looked around at the situation. "Naruto-kun!"

"It's too late for them; they belong to our side now." Kasumi laughed as the chakra burned off.

"So which one of these losers do I get to kill first?" Kimiko now had a dark smile on her face as she created a bow out of dark miko energy. "Come on Kasumi-chan, I say let me snipe that cutie Itachi."

"I think we need to wait for Naruto to join us. Oh and since he split off from Natsumi, that should make this all the better." Kasumi said as Naruto now stood before them in a dark aura. His eyes burned with the same aura as he underwent a worse fate.

"Naruto, snap out of it buddy! Come on, you gotta hear me in there!" Sasuke pleaded, but got nothing.

"Die." That was the only word from Naruto's mouth as he unleashed a massive cyclone, throwing everyone into the walls.

"Oh I guess I can now tell you. Since Naruto split off, he must have sent any remaining yang chakra into Natsumi. So she's all pure and good and sickening, while my wonderful brother Naruto is nothing but pure evil." Kasumi started laughing as the others realized they were now facing a problem worse than Akatsuki. "Oh yeah I guess we should also call ourselves something else. How about we call ourselves the Dark Illumina Knights?"

"Oh I love that. Now let me kill them!" Kimiko was more than happy to start attacking. Naruto simply stayed silent as the darkness burned through him.

"Now is not the time. We have other preparations to handle at this time." Pein walked up and stared down at the Konoha Shinobi. "Be grateful. Normally I do not let opponents, or traitors live. But there are things at work that you need not know. Farewell Illumina Knights." He took a small capsule and dropped it to the ground, creating a smoke screen.

"Later losers!" Kasumi said as she, Kimiko, and Naruto vanished from the area.

Itachi, Sasuke, Natsumi, Hinata, and Sakura just stood there in the falling rain, frozen in time. Akatsuki had made the biggest move ever, and had now tipped the scales in their favor. They now controlled 3 of the Illumina Knights, including two with the power to release the seal on the Shikon no Tama. How they were going to bounce back from this…was a whole new ballgame.

"Itachi to base, this is Itachi. Come in base." Itachi said as he opened up communication. This was going to be one of the absolute hardest transmissions he ever had to give.

"Akane here. Itachi how is everything. Is Kasumi-chan safe?" she asked over the speaker.

"No…we've taken some serious losses. Madara has made his move. He now controls Kasumi, and she was able to turn Kimiko and Naruto as well. He's planning on using Kimiko and Kasumi's miko abilities to release the seal on the Shikon no Tama." Itachi said as damage control was being done. "What's worse is that we also lost Jiraiya-sama due to Kasumi's Starburst Beam. We were ready to engage her in combat but Pein stopped it."

Akane stood there speechless. Kagome's reading was true. Jiraiya didn't survive the trip to Ame, and that could only mean…

"Itachi, I take it that your identity was compromised as well due to this. For now return home. We have a lot of damage assessment to do." Akane said. "Right now it's best that you return home."

"Will do Akane-sama. Itachi out." Itachi said, closing communication. "Alright everyone we need to get out of here. No sense in staying around. Sakura, use this on Jiraiya-sama." He pulled out a scroll and tossed it to her.

"What's this for Itachi?" she asked.

"We can't afford for Akatsuki to use Jiraiya-sama and learn his jutsu and abilities. We're taking him back to Konoha for a proper remembrance." Itachi said as he took control of the situation. "We also need to get back so Akane-sama can overlook Natsumi-chan. If Kasumi-chan was right about her, she is basically the Yang side of all of his chakra and spiritual energy."

"Itachi-san, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know!" Natsumi said in a bright attitude.

"Wait, so she's completely good? As in there's not one ounce of evil or impurity in her?" asked Sakura.

Hinata went over and created a scalpel out of her own Light Chakra and used it to make a special cut on Natsumi's arm. "Sakura you're right. I see no trace of spiritual impurity at all in her."

"But how did you tell?" Sakura asked when she saw the pink cut.

"Look closely." Hinata performed the same incision on Sakura. "If you see in your arm Sakura, there are tiny specks of purple energy. That's your Yin chakra, or dark side. Pretty much all the energy from having a mischievous side or occasional impure thoughts. This is normal for people. However Natsumi doesn't have that since she's contains only pure Yang chakra."

"Boy this is going to be fun. Well, let's get the hell out of here." Sasuke said as the group took their leave to return home.

Back in Konoha…

"It's all happening. I can't believe it, but it's all true." Akane was slowly pacing after receiving Itachi's transmission.

"Akane, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost or something." Arashi entered to see her pacing in worry.

"Arashi...Kagome's readings came true. We now know who the traitors are." Akane said, her face showing her uneasiness.

"Well who is it?" Arashi asked.

"It's...Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko." When Arashi heard this, he froze stiff. His own son and daughter were the ones that would turn against them?

"How in the world did this happen!" Arashi was just as confused.

"It was Madara. Somehow he took control of Kasumi-chan and made her do this. Arashi-kun, that's not all. Kagome's other reading came true." Akane said, causing Arashi to drop to his knees. "He's gone Arashi-kun."

"No...Sensei. Who was it that did it Akane-chan?" Arashi asked.

"It was...Kasumi-chan!" Akane was in tears over all of this.

"No, it wasn't Kasumi-chan. She's too much of a good kid to even think of something like this. It was Madara Uchiha that's behind this." Arashi said as he went over to the main console and opened a channel, taking heed to block out communication to Naruto, Kimiko, and Kasumi for safe measure. "Alright, all Illumina Knights and Support members report to the training facility immediately for debriefing. Once the rescue teams are in we will prepare. As of right now Akatsuki has pushed us to a new level in the Bijuu Wars and it's time we prepare to fight back!" He closed off the channel, seething with rage.

"Arashi-kun, what now?" asked Akane.

"What else...we get my princess and her court back!" Arashi said. "And this time, Madara's going to face the wrath of the Yellow Flash!"

There it is everyone. Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko are now part of Akatsuki due to Madara's influence. With those three, Madara has caused a serious shift in power to his favor. What will Team Illumina do to bring back those three? And will freeing Kasumi be the key Itachi needs to free Konan? Also, Kagome's readings have all come true...but what about the last part? Who are the knights that are going to die by Kasumi, Naruto, or Kimiko? Only time will tell.

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