The Bijuu Wars

The Dark Illumina Saga: Part 1

Neokenshin enters the studio as everyone is staring, mouths wide open at the result of the last chapter.

Neokenshin: I take it you guys didn't see that one coming.

Sasuke: Now I've seen evil...yes...but and Evil Kasumi and Evil Naruto!!!

Kasumi: Hey I think it's gonna be fun playing the bad girl for a while.

Naruto: She's got a point. I've always wanted to see what it's like to ride on the Dark Side.

Neokenshin: Yeah whatever. You guys will get to have fun and all, but just remember you are coming back to the good side. Oh yeah before I forget...I didn't know this happened but it seems that the last chapter had a lot of intensity for one of my readers. So in the future, I'll add warnings when there's gonna be a death of one of the characters, just to give heads up.

Kasumi: So let the brand new saga begin! As always Kishimoto-san owns Naruto!

Chapter 21: The Dark Illumina saga: Part 1

Three days had passed and everyone had re-assembled back in Konoha. Arashi took helm preparing to make the hardest speech known to the group.

"Alright team, what I'm about to tell you is not good at all. As you may know, a week ago we sent out Naruto, Kimiko, Hinata, Sakura, and Sasuke on a mission to retrieve Kasumi, who had been captured by Akatsuki. Well they made contact and were able to meet her in Ame." Arashi began. "Unfortunately we didn't expect Madara to already make his move. From what I was told, Itachi placed a very powerful mental barrier on Kasumi, to hopefully protect her from a mental scan from Madara. That apparently didn't work."

"So, where's Kasumi now?" asked Haku.

"She was placed under mind control by Madara. Because of this, when she met up with the group, she was originally planning to fire a diversion shot at Pein, who was in battle with Jiraiya-sensei at the time. From what I can guess, Pein saw this and activated the mental control over her. Kasumi then fired her attack and killed Jiraiya-sensei." Arashi explained.

"What! Kasumi would never go traitor! That's a lie!" Kiba lashed out.

"Calm down Kiba. We know she wouldn't. But it's something we have to live with for now. To continue, due to Kasumi's skills in the Miko Arts, she used what Hinata explained was a Dark Miko technique." Arashi continued. "The technique was known as Konpaku Kairan, or Soul Corruption. She was successful in using the skill on Kimiko, who was one of her intended targets."

"Dammit, so Kimiko's now on Naraku's side as well!" Inuyasha spat out. "If he lays one finger on my daughter..."

"If he lays one finger on her, I'll personally rip his throat out and feed it to the most rabid dogs I can find!" Everyone turned to see Kiba nearly going feral over all this. As much as he and Kimiko bickered and nitpicked each other all the time, you'd think that it wouldn't have this much of an effect on him. "Inuyasha-sama, Kagome-sama, I swear this on the blood of the Inuzuka clan...I will bring her back!"

"Don't think you're going alone pup. I'll be right by your side with my Dogs of War." Lightning crackled through Inuyasha's hands as he cracked his knuckles, going just as feral as Kiba.

"Inuyasha, Sit boy!" Kagome commanded, causing Inuyasha to face plant into the ground. "Now Kiba-kun, it's nice that you care so much for Kimiko, but for now let's keep listening. Don't you agree Inuyasha?"

"Yeah yeah." Inuyasha let out a muffled grunt from the ground.

" I was saying, Kimiko has now become corrupted and has teamed up with Kasumi. Obviously she was targeted due to her natural Miko abilities. As for Kasumi's second target, it was to be Hinata for the same reason. However Naruto reacted and took the strike for Hinata." Arashi said. "In doing so, while the corruption was spreading, Naruto used the Kitsune Rei Wakedori to separate himself from Natsumi. Apparently doing this forced all of Naruto's Yang chakra into Natsumi, while he retained all of the Yin chakra."

"Otou-san, what's Yin and Yang chakra?" asked Akemi. "They never taught us about this in the Academy."

"Good question munchkin. Basically your Yin and Yang chakra is your personal light and dark chakras. Basically being a normal every day person means you have a steady balance in your Yin and Yang chakras, though you lean more to the Yang if you're a good person. Doing occasional mischievous things like pranks and stuff are the result of your Yang chakra." Arashi explained. "Since Natsumi hasn't undergone the Life Stream Seal like Shiori did, she's still a part of Naruto. Due to the separation, Natsumi is now a being of pure Yang chakra, while Naruto is now pure Yin."

"So...Natsumi is like the perfect little angel that can do no wrong, and Naruto is the devil incarnate?" Haku looked hard at Natsumi, wondering if that was all true.

"You got it Haku-chan. And the bad thing about this is Naruto no longer has any type of morality in him because of it. He'd kill someone just for smiling at him and take full pleasure in doing it!" Arashi said.

"This is just great. Can anything worse happen because of this?" Ino groaned as Arashi looked at her with more bad news.

"Yeah it gets worse Ino. Because Madara now has control of those three, he has come into possession of a lot of power. For starters, he now knows every single strength and weakness of Team Illumina due to Kasumi and Naruto. Because of this, we're gonna have to create a completely brand new set of battle tactics." Arashi said for starters. "Second, Kagome explained to me that he can now unseal the Shikon no Tama. This means that he can amplify demonic chakra, including that of Hiroshi and Tsukune. That means it may take all of you in Overdrive to even stand a chance of winning in battle."

"This really sucks! How could one capture tip the scales in their favor!" Haku complained. She looked over at Arashi and saw he had more to say. "Oh come on, there's more??"

"Still more. Right now due to Kasumi, we no longer have Itachi as our spy since his cover was blown. So he's completely out in the open to Akatsuki." Arashi continued. "Also, we have no idea of what will happen, but now Madara has what we think is an Ultimate Overdrive Knight. Since Naruto has his Overdrive, if Madara gives him Hiroshi's Hoshi no Tama, combining all that energy is going to make Naruto more dangerous than ever!"

"So we'll just have to fight fire with fire. We've got way more Bijuu and can fight back just as easy." Neji said, before Daisuke stepped in.

"Sorry Neji, but it doesn't work that way." Daisuke intervened. "You see, it takes an extreme amount of energy for us to remove our own Hoshi no Tama. If we were to remove them in order to transfer the energy to you, there wouldn't be enough time to have you absorb all the energy needed. You'd most likely end up weakening yourselves and putting yourself in worse trouble."

"Look is there any good news to all this?" asked Sakura. "We have to have something going in our favor?"

"Actually we do. Itachi managed to bring us a little prisoner, so to speak." Arashi said. "As all of you know, our very own Shadow Knight is currently dating the former 'Angel of Akatsuki'. He did get Konan safely to Konoha, and it's possible that she may have tons of information we can use against Madara."

"For now I have her at my home placed under a sleep genjutsu. I've spoken to Inoichi-sama and asked him to place mental suppression seals on her and Arashi-sama has sealed off all of her chakra for now. Since she is still under Pein and Madara's control, the seals will prevent her from taking orders. Unfortunately it also prevents her from being herself. I've asked him to help me in trying to find a way to shatter the control jutsu. That may be the key we need to free Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko as well." Itachi stated. "But for all purposes, please know that she was never on the side of Akatsuki, and I ask that you don't see her as an enemy shinobi."

"Hey your girl is ok Itachi. We'll keep an eye out for her." Kiba said.

"That being said, for now we should rest. We have a lot of planning to do, and we need to work as quickly as possible if we're gonna bring our family back." Arashi said. "Team Illumina is dismissed for now."

Of course this chaos didn't bode too well with Tsunade and boy were the elders ready to jump on this in a heartbeat!

"You can't be serious! You want the son and daughter of the Yondaime Hokage branded as missing nin?" Tsunade questioned the order on her desk. "Ok let me say this in words that will make it clear to your senile minds...KASUMI AND NARUTO ARE UNDER MADARA UCHIHA'S CONTROL! THEY DID NOT BETRAY THE VILLAGE!"

"But what of the proof that Kasumi killed the Sannin Jiraiya. Did she not do that of her own accord?" asked Danzo.

"No you idiot! What on earth would she even have to gain even if she did it on her own! Not a damn thing! Now bring this before me again, and you'll truly see me angry!" Tsunade said, ripping the order and incinerating it. "As a matter of fact, I'm doing this!"

"Doing what?" Danzo saw Tsunade pull out a scroll as if she was about to write a decree.

"I, Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konoha do hereby pardon ANY member of Team Illumina of all crimes committed until the threat of Akatsuki is ended! They are also now established as a separate unit, only to report directly to the Godaime Hokage of Konoha!" Tsunade ordered.

"You can't be serious! The council will not stand for this!" Danzo said in shock.

"Oh, I'm not done." she replied with an evil grin. "I, Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konoha decree that if I am unable to act as commander-in-chief of Team Illumina, Arashi Uzumaki, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha shall take on the role in my place." Tsunade said as she finished writing the second of her new decrees.

"That is preposterous! You have no right to order such an act!" Danzo said in fury. "I demand these be revoked immediately."

"Hmm, you're not the one whose face is carved on the mountain back there, are you? That means you have no say." Tsunade said as she wrote her third decree. "And you know something; technically we are at war here with Akatsuki. So therefore I think we need to do a balancing of the budget. That nice little stipend of yours...kiss it goodbye."

"The council will not approve of this! You know they won't!" Danzo was furious over hearing all of this.

"Actually, they will since I have a special communication channel to all of the members of the council, and they've been listening in the whole time. See, I had a feeling you or those two old goats would try something this stupid. That's why I have implemented these decrees. Oh and as for my third decree...I, Tsunade Senju, Godaime Hokage of Konoha order that the Council Leisure Fund immediately be transferred to Team Illumina as wartime funds to be used however fit." Tsunade took out her stamp and placed the official seal on the document, making it fully binding. "Now get out of my office you old war hawk! I have enough stress on my plate wondering if two of my own shinobi and their cousin are safe!"

"There will be retributions for this Tsunade, I guarantee it." Danzo said as he strolled out of the office.

"Whatever!" Tsunade simply waved as he left.

As if Konoha wasn't having it bad enough, the Akatsuki base got something they didn't expect at all...two newly converted evil teenage girls with fashion sense and a bad case of PMS having to now move into a bachelor pad!!

"You call this fabric decent! This stuff is more pathetic than toilet paper!" Kasumi screamed at the top of her lungs. "I said I wanted high quality fabric to make my curtains and you go out and get me this crap!"

"Look kid, it was the closest thing I could find! Just be happy and..." Kisame said before a Starburst Beam shot right past his head.

"Either go back and get the right kind or deal with my brother!" The look in her eyes was enough to make any grown man tremble in fear. "And I don't care if you have to go all across the Elemental Lands, I said I wanted high quality satin in silver color, and I expect it NOW!"

"Alright! Yeesh!" Kisame took off like a shark as he ran full speed out of the base.

"Ugh, if it wasn't bad enough this place looks like a total pig sty!" she said in grief. "What is it with you idiot boys? Don't you know the meaning of the word 'cleaning'?"

As Kasumi was fuming over the bad fabric, Kimiko had Zetsu going even worse!

"Let's get one thing straight you freaky plant. When I say I wanted strawberry pocky flavored ice cream, I didn't say go get strawberry, or to get pocky." Kimiko had Zetsu in a pretty tough strangle hold in the Akatsuki kitchen. "Right now I'm feeling VERY cramped and pissed off, and when I want strawberry pocky flavor, I GET STRAWBERRY POCKY FLAVOR!" The way she looked at him literally made him wish Deidara was still alive, just so he could get a load of explosives and blow himself up! "Ugh, why do I even bother?" Kimiko just threw Zetsu back into the wall and he took off running in pain. "There has to be something in here a girl can eat! HEY LOSERS! What the hell do you freaks eat around here!"

Amidst all the chaos, Pein and Madara sat in the main office, just wondering what the hell they got themselves into.

"Pein, tell me something…just what the hell is wrong with those two? We're the two most powerful members of Akatsuki and we can't handle two teenage girls that I put a mind control jutsu over??" Madara asked as he gripped his head in frustration.

"Madara-sama, I believe the two are going through what medical scrolls describe as their period. Apparently it caused their hormones to become quite unstable and can trigger very strange mood swings, such as intense violence or sorrow. I think it is even causing a very uneasy reaction with the control jutsu as well." Pein said, trying to describe everything. "I've heard symptoms include cramping in the abdomen region, changes in body temperature, and a strange craving for large amounts of ice cream."

"How come we never had to deal with Konan like this?" asked the Uchiha leader. "Didn't she deal with something like this before?"

"From what I remember, when this time happened to Konan, she always took sick leave and locked herself in her bedroom." Pein stated.

"Ok, but how long do we have to deal with this? Those two are worse than Deidara was on a day he went trigger happy with explosives!" Madara asked.

"It seems that this will pass in around 3-7 days. But will occur once again in one month's time." Pein said, causing Madara to slam his head on the table.

"Wonderful. I finally get a new secret weapon and it turns out to be two hormonal teenage girls, and a teenage guy that would rip anyone to pieces just for smiling at them!" Madara screamed in frustration.

"Madara-sama, I don't quite understand about that last part." Pein asked. "Or do I really want to know?"

"Tell me, have you happened to see Hidan around?" Pein shook his head no. "Well the reason is because he walked up to Naruto and gave one of his jackass smiles."

"Ok…so he vanished because of a smile?" Pein said as Kakuzu and Hidan…well Hidan's head walked past.

"No you asshole! I vanished because that crazy blonde ripped off both my arms and proceeded to beat the living hell out of me with my own two arms! If that doesn't add insult to injury, he rips off my legs, slices my torso in half, then cuts off my damn head!" Hidan screamed. "And mind you this hurts like a bitch!"

Pein just stared at Hidan's head and knew it was going to be a long week. "I think I'm going to take a few days off." That was before he heard quite a roar coming from the girls' room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HIDAN'S LEG DOING IN MY SHOWER!!!" Kasumi roared. It was loud enough to even be heard throughout Ame.

"I think I'll join you Pein. Hidan, Kakuzu, you're in charge." Madara said as he threw a smoke capsule and vanished with Pein.

"Son of a…" Hidan said before he heard Kasumi stomping through carrying his leg. "Uh Kakuzu…run."

"Not even all the money in the world would keep me around her now!" Kakuzu replied as he and Hidan sprinted off through the base.

A week later…

"Ahem, well nice to see you two girls are back up to par." Madara said as he had all of Akatsuki in the meeting room. "Now, let us begin our planning for the attacks on Konoha."

"For now our first objective is the unsealing of the Shikon No Tama. I take it that we should have no problem with that, correct?" Pein asked as he looked at the two hanyou girls.

"Of course Pein-sama. I know the reversal spell from my mom, so it should be easy to remove that seal." Kimiko said.

"Excellent. After the unsealing is done, we can begin work on using its energy to amplify the Bijuu Chakra." Pein continued. "It would be…"

"Forgive me for interrupting Pein-sama, but wouldn't it be better to then strategize over all the new information that you now have access to?" asked Kasumi. "Considering you not only have the Leader of the Illumina Knights, plus one of the more powerful Knights here who happen to know every single combination of the group, well if it were me, I'd be wanting to learn everything."

"She's right Pein. To know the skills of your friends is an asset, but to know the skills of your enemies can win the battle." Madara nodded in agreement. "I'd like to hear more of Kasumi's information afterwards."

"Very well, after the unsealing we shall begin planning of tactics." Pein resumed from his notes. "Then I think…"

"I think we should finally give Naruto the edge he deserves after that." Kimiko interrupted in. "Don't we have the Wind Bijuu under capture? Why not let him go ahead and take control of it?"

"Good idea Kimiko-chan! Since he can't use all of his abilities because of that freak Natsumi separating from him, he's gonna need a big boost!" Kasumi agreed. "Plus we can test some things out. I have an idea as well!"

"But…" Pein tried to interrupt, but the girls just kept going.

"So what did you have in mind Kasumi-chan?" asked Kimiko.

"Well, what if Naruto is still able to access his Illumina Power by using the Wind Hoshi no Tama? If he can do that, I can use his Wind Gem to access my StarWind Gem Fusion. That's gonna give us an even bigger edge over everyone else!" Kasumi said with a smile.

"Does that mean we'll get to do more destruction and kill all of them?" Kimiko said with stars in her eyes. "Even that creep Kiba?"

"Yep, even him! And I'll make sure you get the first shot on that dog boy!" Kasumi replied. "After that we can capture your overprotective dad, my nagging mother, and all the rest of our insane aunts and uncles, and then we can finally win this stupid war!"

"That's awesome! Oh wait, we can't go out looking like this! Kasumi-chan, we need new outfits if we're going to kill them all. Something dark and evil." Kimiko said, trying to think of something.

"You're right! Hey I have extra fabric left over! I think I can put together some really good outfits for us!" Kasumi replied. "Come on, we got work to do people! No sense in sitting around like a bunch of lazy freaks!" With that, she and Kimiko ran out of the meeting room to start their preparations, leaving everyone else confused as hell.

"Did we just have our meeting or something?" asked Kisame.

"Apparently we did." Kakuzu said.

"Ok so what do we do now?" asked Hidan as he cracked his neck…after having his head reattached.

"Got me. Hey Naruto, they're your sister and cousin. You got any idea what they're gonna do next?" asked Madara.

"Like I care what they do. Just give me the Wind Hoshi no Tama and control over my worthless uncle and let me go kill some more." Naruto just brushed off most of the conversation as he left himself, leaving the rest of Akatsuki quite stunned.

"Teenagers…Yeesh!" said the five Akatsuki.

"Hmm, you know I've been wondering something?" Sasuke was sitting in his living room watching TV. "If Naruto was in Illumina Form when he separated from Natsumi, shouldn't she have been in Illumina Form as well?"

"You know...that does make some sense." replied Shiori as she came from the kitchen with some tea. "Here you go Sasuke-nii-san."

"Thanks Shiori...hey wait a minute. Why did you call me that?" Sasuke reacted when he heard Shiori call him her brother, when in reality they were...or used to be the same person.

"I'm not a part of you anymore Sasuke, and also I am considered your twin sister in some ways now." Shiori replied as she sat down beside Sasuke. "Even though Oka-san said technically I'm just some orphaned Uchiha girl that survived the Massacre, I still get to be her daughter. That's not gonna be a problem is it?"

"No, no. It was just kinda weird hearing you say that, considering you used to be a part of me for so long." Sasuke said while he sipped his tea. "It's just a little strange that for so long I was by myself and now look at me. I'm sitting here at home with my mother and older brother who I thought were both dead, and a new sister that I created myself."

"Well, just be glad I'm not the type of sister that's going to go spilling all your hidden secrets since I knew nearly all of them." Shiori giggled, but that soon changed when she saw her stuffed Kasumi Plushy sitting on one of the chairs.

"I bet I know what you're thinking." Sasuke said when he saw the same thing.

"I already miss her. I don't even know if she's ok, if she's being held prisoner, or how they're even treating her." Shiori said to him. "What if they're mentally torturing her or using her as their slave?"

"Shiori-chan, if there's one thing I know, Kasumi-chan isn't accepting this willingly. I know somewhere in her mind, she's doing everything she can to fight Madara's control over her." Sasuke placed his arm around her in comfort. "Our princess isn't one to back down and she won't go down without a fight. Besides, knowing her, she's probably got them on the ropes now since Itachi brought Konan home."

"Why is that?" asked Shiori. Sasuke just looked at her like 'you're kidding right?'.

"Ok, from what Itachi told me, that place wasn't the neatest of bases, considering Konan was the only girl there and she couldn't do too much. So when you have that many guys there, the place is bound to become pretty messy. And if there's one thing I know, Kasumi HATES being in a messy place."

"Oh yeah!" Shiori suddenly remembered from the past memories of Sasuke leaving his clothes around and Kasumi getting mad at him for it.

"Considering she's now gone dark side, she's most likely ripped into all of them about living in a pig sty." Sasuke laughed. "Madara's probably thinking he got himself in more trouble than he wanted!"

"Yeah, Kasumi-hime can be a handful." Shiori suddenly felt a little better. "I just wish she were here now."

"Me too Shiori-chan, me too." Sasuke replied as Mikoto, Itachi, and Konan walked in.

"So what are you two up to?" Mikoto asked as she was bringing in some bags from the store.

"Nothing much. Just thinking about stuff." Shiori replied as she went over to help Mikoto.

"Hey Itachi, how did things go in town?" Sasuke asked, since he knew Itachi was trying to help Konan adjust to life in Konoha.

"It's ok. Feels a little weird walking around like this now." Itachi replied. "But I think it's going to help Konan-chan a lot here."

"Itachi-nii-kun, just give her some time." Shiori said as she grabbed Konan's hand. "Come on Konan-chan, you can help me out in the kitchen."

"Oh, ok." Konan said quietly as she was pulled into the kitchen.

"You miss her too, don't you bro?" asked Sasuke.

"She's just not the same as she is in the Tsukiyomi. Looking at her now...her eyes seem cold and lifeless, and she doesn't even smile. If we released the seals, she'd still be under Pein and Madara's control." Itachi sighed.

"Hey, she's waiting for you. You'll get her back man, trust me on this." Sasuke said to his brother. "I can guarantee that."

"Sasuke, thank you my brother. But I do have to wonder...what's going to happen to this place when both Kasumi-chan and Konan-chan are back to normal?" Itachi suddenly realized just what exactly could happen.

"When that happens Itachi...let's hope we're both on a mission." Sasuke sighed while Mikoto started laughing.

While all of this was going on, Sheldon had been doing some training with Akane.

"Alright Sheldon, I know from Mako-chan that you are of the Dragon Lineage. What puzzles me is that there hasn't been a Dragon Clan at all since my brother never decided on a clan." Akane said to herself. "Tell me, what brand of dragons did your family hail its lineage from?"

"We came from the Shadow Dragon lineage, Akane-sama." replied the martial artist.

"Shadow Dragon...he couldn't have!" Akane said as she quickly took out a scroll. "Sheldon, I want you to look at this." She opened the summoning scroll and summoned a small box. Upon opening it, there was a dark purple and black crystal.

"What is it?" Sheldon looked at the brilliance of the crystal as its black light sparkled through the gem.

"This is the Hoshi no Tama of my brother Ryukotsusei, the Tenbi no Ryu. If I'm correct, you may have some kind of connection to him through your lineage." Akane said as she handed him the gemstone. It did nothing for a minute, but soon started resonating with a bright pulse of energy. "I was right!"

"Right about what Akane-sama?" Sheldon inquired.

"See, when we all came down to begin our work as protectors of the Elemental Lands, Ryukotsusei was too focused on trying to maintain order to create a clan. Or that's what he told us. My guess is that he secretly had a clan to carry on his lineage, namely your family." Akane said, getting a strange look from the boy. "What I'm saying is that you may be the key to Itachi's Overdrive."

"Are you sure? I mean my family was just a small clan that upheld the ways of the Dragon." Sheldon replied.

"And that's exactly why you're vital to this operation. Because of your heritage, we may now have an additional boost to our side. Makoto was right in bringing you with her, and I see why she sees much potential in you." Akane said. "For now I want you to do some meditation exercises. Focus on feeling that chakra and try to draw it out as much as you can. I will work with you a little each day on this to be sure."

"Yes Akane-sama, I shall begin this training at once." Sheldon bowed in respect and took his leave.

"Ryu-kun you big dork, and here we thought you hated clans. If only you hadn't become so drunk and corrupted with power." Akane thought to herself.

About a month had passed with both sides at a stalemate. However Team Illumina had a new breakthrough to give their side a potential edge.

"They're done! And I gotta say, this was definitely some tough work." Dr. Sakurano wiped his brow as he revealed 21 brand new transformers to the team. "Everyone I now present to you with the newest evolution of your Illumina gear. Say hello to the brand new Overdrive Transformers. These will now boost your Overdrive Power by enabling you to now use your Overdrive attack twice before running out of energy. It will also allow you to link with your corresponding support member, and you now each have a brand new ability when linked as well."

"Ok this is just awesome!" Kiba said as he strapped on his new transformer. Everyone looked at him like he was a little crazy though. "What, Naruto's not here, so someone had to say it."

"As you can see, the design has been radically improved. The support team has the design of your Star Prism transformers, while the main team has a new design. If you notice, it's completely digital. It gives you a full real time readout of all your chakra levels, incorporates the weather gear and the best part." Dr. Sakurano said as he took the Light Transformer. He pressed a small button on the side to cause the black display to slide open. "If you notice, you already have a slot for your Illumina Gem, but now you'll see that you have a slot for the Hoshi no Tama of your respective Bijuu. (A/N The Knights Transformers are now designed like the Time Force Morphers.)"

"So eventually we're going to be able to use the full power of our matching Bijuu?" asked Sasuke.

"Yes. As of right now with Akatsuki able to amplify demonic chakra using the Hoshi no Tama, we need to have you prepared in the event that he somehow captures Akane-chan, Mai-chan or myself, since we pose the most danger to you." Daisuke stated. "Once you've inserted your proper Hoshi no Tama, you will have two options…enhancement and fusion."

"Ok, you've lost us now. We're not only able to link with our support, but we can fuse with our Bijuu?" Tenten asked.

"Of course. Akane-chan was able to place a modified Life Stream seal in your transformers. That will allow you to fully merge with us, enhancing your Overdrive by 10 times. Enough to combat any of the younger Bijuu that had been enhanced by the Shikon no Tama. This puts you in a state we call Bijuu Fusion Form." explained Daisuke.

"There is also a special ability that if Kasumi has your respective gem and is in Gem Fusion mode, she will be able to perform and extremely powerful ability if you are in Bijuu Fusion mode." Dr. Sakurano continued. "So for example, if Kasumi is in StarAqua form, and Hinata has fused with Daisuke to enter Bijuu Fusion, the two can combine their power to unleash the powerful ability known as Celestial Maelstrom, a water attack of untold magnitude."

"Absolutely unreal!" said Haku in awe. "But here's a question. I don't know if this is even possible, but what happens if all of us were in Bijuu Fusion, even Itachi."

"Haku-chan, you know he can't do that! Remember, his Bijuu was sealed away?" Ino replied.

"No no, she makes a valid point. Unfortunately…I have absolutely no clue as to what would happen. That much power would be on an epic scale. You would most likely be twice as powerful in Bijuu Fusion, and who knows what would happen if Kasumi were to use Illumina Fusion with all 10 of you." Dr. Sakurano explained. "But for now I say we let you test them all out."

"Uh Dr. Sakurano I have a question?" asked Natsumi as she held out her own Transformer. "Since my gem is technically split from the original Wind Gem, will I still be able to use my Overdrive Transformer?"

"Unfortunately Natsumi, until you merge back with Naruto, the Wind Transformer cannot be active. You would need your own Wind Gem created by Hiroshi to use your transformer, similar to Shiori's Fire Gem." Dr. Sakurano replied, causing the kitsune girl to feel down.

"Oh, I see. I understand though." Natsumi said, feeling hurt that she couldn't help.

"Don't feel bad. I've designed a special amplifier for your transformer for now. That will boost your Wind Energy to help you until you can bring Naruto back." Dr. Sakurano took a small capsule and opened up Natsumi's transformer. After installing it, she did notice a surge in power.

"So for now you should take some time to get used to your upgraded abilities." Daisuke said. "In order to activate your new forms, you now have a new activation code. You now say your element followed by 'Illumina Overdrive' to go to your new forms. The activation code is the same for the support team."

"Ok then, time to try these bad boys out." Sasuke and everyone lined up. "Everyone, let's do this!"

"FIRE/WATER/ICE/LIGHTNING/EARTH/GRAVITY/WOOD/SHADOW ILLUMINA OVERDRIVE!" called out the 9 Knights. After their transformation, everyone saw them in a brand new light.

"Ok…so we get some new clothes." Neji said as he overlooked himself. The guys were wearing a sleeveless kosode with regular pants, all in black with matching trim. Each wore a sash of matching color and also wore special arm bracers of the same color as well. The left bracer was embossed with the symbol of Konoha and the number from 1-10, while the right had their transformer merged into it. On the back of their kosode was their elemental symbol. They wore no hitai-ate since the Konoha Symbol was on their bracer. It was finished off with a sleeveless white haori that also had their elemental symbol on the back. As for the girls, they no longer wore skirts, but now wore a similar design as the boys. Instead, their kosode was backless, and they also wore a sleeveless haori, but the girls wore their belted sash around the haori as well. The trim around the bottom of everyone's haori now had a pattern matching their element. (The boys are similar to Kensei Muguruma in captain form, while the girls are like Soi Fon, but with a sleeveless haori. And instead of Hakama pants, they wear straight pants. As for the patterns, Sasuke/Shiori has flames, Haku has Snowflakes, Ino has flowers, etc)

"YES! No more skirts!!" Tenten said in joy. "I swear I hated that short skirt!"

"What? You said you liked it!" Haku replied after hearing Tenten once say the skirt wasn't too bad.

"Whatever! I'll take this look any day of the week!" Tenten replied as she twirled around in her new outfit.

"Alright, for now each of you should get used to linking up with your support member to get a feel for how things should be. Shikamaru will be up here monitoring your training progress." Dr. Sakurano said. "As for Akemi and Konohamaru, you'll be doing some extra training with Arashi for now until Naruto and Kasumi return."

"Team, we have a tough road ahead of us, and now is a chance we have to really make an impact. Akatsuki took something from us and we want it back." Arashi said, getting everyone pumped up. "Time to show Akatsuki just what happens when you mess with the new Illumina Overdrive Knights!"

"Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable." Madara looked on as he saw the brother/sister duo in action. After finding taking Kasumi's idea of giving Naruto the Wind Hoshi no Tama, the blonde shinobi ascended to a level of unreal power. What added the icing on the cake was how Kasumi used her StarWind form and combined her energy with him...of course it did leave Hidan as a nearly destroyed lump of flesh.

"So Madara-sama, when are we going to go destroy Konoha and take back those pathetic Bijuu?" Kasumi said as she powered out of her StarWind form.

"In time my dear, in time. We still need to finish the extraction talismans. With you and Kimiko, your knowledge of the Miko arts will aid our cause greatly." Madara said to her. He then turned his gaze to the brooding Naruto. "And Naruto my boy, I look at you and see death, sorrow and destruction."

"Oh really, well how about I show you death and destruction!" his chakra flared up again as he was poised to attack, but Madara calmed him.

"Naruto, if only my worthless family was as ruthless and bloodthirsty as you...oh wait, I forgot! Kasumi told me you took that blood oath with Sasuke! Excellent! You are a true heir to the Uchiha name!" Madara said proudly. "Now come forth, I have something to aid you in your future battles."

Madara led them back to his office where Kimiko met up with the two. As he sat at his desk, he pulled out a box.

"So what's the thing to help us out?" Kimiko asked while she twirled one of her tails.

"These amulets." Madara opened the case to reveal three small pink amulets. "Thanks to Naraku, I have been able to infuse the energy of the Shikon no Tama into these for you." The three hanyou each took one and put it on. Within seconds, the energy from the amulets caused their demonic chakra and energy to surge to a whole new level.

"This power...yes this power is amazing!" Kasumi said as she felt her own energy become even stronger. "Now we can finish those Illumina Knights and end this!

"For now we shall bide our time. Our moment of victory is fast approaching, and soon Akatsuki shall stand alone!" Madara let loose a dictatorial laugh that could put even the most pertinent villains to shame.

Looks like Team Illumina has a brand new weapon in the fight to save Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko. But Akatsuki also has the right mindset as Naruto now has accees to his most powerful form, and the trio now have enhanced abilities due to the Shikon no Tama. What will happen due to all of these changes, and what of Kagome's reading? Who is it that will die by the hands of their friends? What's gonna happen to Akatsuki now when Kasumi and Kimiko get hit with their periods again! And what's gonna happen when Hidan decided to piss off Naruto? Where's his limbs gonna end up this time, the fridge???????

A/N: And yeah Akatsuki does have three of the team, but did you guys really think I was gonna let them get away without some kind of repercussions? Heck no

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