The Bijuu Wars

The Dark Illumina Saga: Part 2

Naruto: Yeesh, playing the bad guy is tough! Having to come up with a whole new personality is intense.

Haku: Hey I thought you were supposed to be over with the bad guys during all of this.

Kasumi: Well duh! Look while we're filming we're evil, but when it's behind the scenes we can relax. I mean come on, remember in the last story where Hinata and I got stuck in that sleep jutsu? We could still hang out during these segments.

Haku: Ok ok, so I gotta ask, you've always been the good girl Kasumi. So what's it feel like being the bad girl for a change.

Kasumi: I actually like it. I think I'm gonna ask Kenshin if he'll keep me evil for a while. Or maybe even give me a dark side in the future that causes me to go evil at random.

(Both Naruto and Haku stand there with a huge sweat drop on their heads)

Haku: Kasumi, did I mention you're insane sometimes.

Kasumi: Oh I am not. Oh hey, we got a newbie coming backstage! So Itachi, you finally decided to get Konan out of that cooped up trailer huh?

"Itachi: What was I supposed to do? She didn't have that many scenes for a while so she got to stay back and hang out on the Playstation while we were filming! Because of that, I can't even come close to beating her in Ultimate Ninja Storm now!

Konan: Yeah right. You're just letting me win, you big baby. Well since I'm finally here, what all goes on during these segments?

Kasumi: This is just the intro bit. We just do a little chatting about the previous chapter, sometimes the new Naruto Manga chapter or whatever. Then someone does the disclaimer and we kick off the chapter.

Haku: Yeah these bits are usually more funny during the holidays or when we do crossovers.

Naruto: But of course it gets blah sometimes so we just hurry up and do the disclaimer.

Konan: Oh you just tell them that Naruto isn't owned by Neokenshin? That doesn't seem to hard. Oh well, I guess I'll head back to the trailer since I don't get much time in this chapter.

Itachi: Don't worry about it too much Konan-chan. Neokenshin is cooking up some really good scenes for you and from what I've heard he's planning on giving you a lot more screentime.

Kasumi: Alright everyone, enjoy the next chapter!!Major Author's Note!!!! To give everyone a heads up, this chapter will finalize Kagome's Spiritual readings and two of the main characters WILL die in this chapter. I repeat, two of the main characters will die this chapter!

Chapter 22: The Dark Illumina Saga part 2

With the team receiving their newly upgraded Overdrive Transformers, all of them had been in complete focus on the task of rescuing Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko from Madara and the Akatsuki. Having to develop a brand new strategy was hard enough since Madara now knew every single ability and skill of the team. Well...that would have been the case...

"So they've gotten an upgrade?" Kasumi looked over the information that Sai had brought. "Thank you Sai, I'll see to it that Madara-sama gets this."

"I must contest...I feel..." Sai tried to say but was cut off.

"I SAID I'll handle it! Now return back to Konoha!" Kasumi demanded. "Or do you wish for this to be the last place you will ever see!"

"Forgive me Kasumi-sama. I shall return immediately." Sai vanished into the trees.

"And tell that old goat Danzo to get off his ass and get to work! We should be moving back into Konoha right now, not still living here!" Kasumi grumbled as she remembered the last notes that Danzo sent back. "I still don't know why Madara-jii-sama is keeping him alive." Just recently, Kasumi had gotten closer to Madara as not only one of his trusted shinobi, but he started to look upon her more as the grand-daughter he never had. He did this in the hopes that he could slowly mold her to his whim and eventually release the mind control, having her faithful to him of her own accord. She headed back and made her way to Madara's office where the Uchiha leader was going over battle plans. "Madara-jii-sama, I have the new information from Sai."

"Ah Kasumi-chan, come in. Bringing good news I see, that's what I like." Madara said with a calm demeanor. "So what did our spy get for us today?"

"It looks like Team Illumina has gotten a power upgrade. Apparently they now have new technology that will let them use more power, and even merge with their Bijuu." Kasumi replied as she handed over the information. "Like it will really help them. They still have no chance against us."

Madara took the information and studied it carefully, "Let me ask you my grand-daughter, do you feel as if you and your team can defeat them now?"

Kasumi felt a little uneasy. She didn't want to show any doubt because she knew it meant weakness, and she sure didn't want Madara to see that. " see...I've been thinking about this." Madara raised an eyebrow at her comment. "The thing is Madara-jii-sama, why do we have to kill my sisters...and your family? Couldn't we make them see that our goals are the right goals?"

"I had a feeling you had doubts Kasumi-chan." Madara rose from his desk and went around to the kitsune girl. "Come take a walk with me, I'll explain things on the way." He led her on a stroll through the halls of the base as he began his reasoning. "You see Kasumi-chan; long ago back when Konoha was still young, there were only two major clans."

"The Senju and Uchiha, right?" she replied.

"Your brightness precedes you. You're quite correct. And it was thus that the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju didn't see the potential of the Uchiha. Instead of leading Konoha as a team, he felt he could do better without my guidance. Thus is why we need the power of the Bijuu, to show Konoha that the Uchiha were born to lead their grand village." Madara explained.

"If that's true, then why is it that Mikoto, Itachi, Sasuke, and Shiori don't understand?" Kasumi asked.

"A state of mind is not that easy to change. However I believe that with your ability, you can defeat Team Illumina to show your family that we are the winning side, and they should join us." Madara said, reeling her even further from the truth. "I also had a feeling that being away from Sasuke and Shiori had an effect on your morale."

"Well, I do miss them...especially the way Sasuke-kun and I would watch the sunset, and Shiori-chan played with my tails." Kasumi let off a bit of emotion as she remembered her two loves.

"Yes, I can see. But I'm afraid if they won't see the light, it will only lead them down the path of darkness. And for that, there is no return." Madara told her. "That's why I'm afraid if they cannot see their wrongdoing, you will have to kill them."

"I really hope it doesn't come to that." she said to him. "Madara-jii-sama, if it came down to it that I couldn't get Sasuke-chan or Shiori-chan to join our side, is there any way they could live? I know it goes against everything we're working towards, but I just can't do it! I can't kill them!"

"They've had a stronger effect on you than I thought. They both must mean a great deal to you." Madara saw this and figured he could use it. "But what would happen if at a later time they still opposed us?"

"I…I don't know! I mean, what if it was that they fought against us for years, but then finally realized our side is the right side. I know it may cause a lot of bloodshed, but I'm willing to risk it for those two." Kasumi pleaded. "Look, I'll undergo more strict training, harder missions, whatever! Just please tell me they will be ok?" Kasumi looked at him with a dedicated stare as tears started to fall from her purple eyes. Madara definitely knew he could use this.

"Very well my dear. I shall make it known to all of Akatsuki that Sasuke and Shiori Uchiha are not to be harmed at all. Once we're done here I'll make a Blood Contract to show my seriousness. But I cannot make that promise for the rest of your friends and family." Madara said as he wiped away a few of the tears. "Honestly, what am I going to do with you sometimes?"

Kasumi wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly…a little too tightly due to her medic nin training, "Thank you so much Madara-jii-sama!" She continued walking with Madara, all the while the Uchiha leader kept thinking, "Perfect. Her molding is going quite well. Enough persuasion and soon she will be mine for good! Now I just have to remember never to let her hug me like that again. It felt like she was trying to snap me in half like a twig!"

"Shiori, you seem troubled my student." Makoto saw Shiori in meditation out on the patio at the Uzumaki mansion. She could feel the girl's aura and could sense her distress. "Tell me, what is your aura saying to you?"

"It's Kasumi-hime, sensei. Even though she's so far away from me, I can still sense her aura." Shiori replied as she sat near her teacher. "It feels that she's slipping further and further into darkness."

"Hmm, to sense an aura at this distance can foretell two things. Either your perception is highly acute, or your bond with Kasumi allows you to focus on her better than anyone else. Though I'm leaning towards the second choice." Makoto sat down as well as the two began conference.

"Do you think she can feel my aura as well?" asked the female Uchiha.

Makoto nodded, "I know she can. Due to the love you two share with each other, your auras have tuned to each other, allowing you to feel each other more perceptively. She can sense when you are in pain, as you can sense hers. I even believe that she feels your distress because she's under Madara's control."

"If only I was there…maybe I could have done something to stop this." Shiori felt even more troubled and Makoto could sense it. "I swore I would protect her, that's why I wanted to master Kyokugenryu."

"Shiori, there was nothing any of us could do. Even Itachi did all he could to shield her, and Madara broke through that." Makoto tried her best to calm Shiori, but she still felt the girl's aura becoming more unstable.

"It doesn't matter! What good is my training if I can't even use right!" Shiori was slamming herself more and more and Makoto had just about had enough.

"Ok then, if you want to believe that, then go ahead." Makoto stared hard into Shiori's eyes with a cold stare. "But I will not have a doubtful person who does not believe in their own power as my heir."

"Makoto-sensei...what are you…" Shiori tried to respond but Makoto's flaring aura left her paralyzed.

"What happened to the Shiori Uchiha I was training over 6 months ago…the one that would push herself to untold limits to become strong? Where is the Shiori Uchiha that said she would pour her soul into her training, all so she could stand beside the girl she loves? As far as I'm concerned, that girl is not standing before me. All I see is a blubbering pile of pity." Makoto's voice boomed in Shiori's ears, causing her to tremble even more. "To be honest, the girl I'm looking at…I don't even believe she can unleash that same power I saw on the day I left for Konoha. The girl I'm staring at is nothing but WEAK!" That was enough to pull Shiori out of her pity.

"No one…dares call me weak! I didn't shed blood, sweat, and tears just to be called that!" Makoto could soon feel Shiori's aura focus and become just as it was before. "If you want to see a weakling, then I'll show you a weakling!"

Makoto fell back into a fighting stance, "Then weakling, show this wolf just what you can do."

Shiori rushed in and began to unleash a fury of strikes as Makoto deftly avoided each one. This time she was going to show the Rokubi how serious she was about Kasumi. "Don't think you're going to dodge all of this! ZANRETSU KEN! (Momentary Violence Fist)" Shiori's striking speed accelerated to untold speeds as she threw strike after strike at Makoto, who seemed to block each and every punch.

"Never leave yourself open!" Makoto saw the opening and knocked Shiori's fist away. "KO'OH KEN! (Tiger Gleam Fist)" She threw a blast of flaming Ki Energy into Shiori's chest, knocking her back into the dirt. Shiori was able to catch her balance and roll back, getting back on her feet. "Not good enough Shiori!" Makoto bounced back and leapt into the air, "RAIOKEN! (Lightning Sparkle Fist)" This time Makoto changed it up, unleashing a burst of lightning Ki. She threw four more just to keep Shiori moving.

"GEN'EI KYAKU! (Phantom Kick)" Just like the Zanretsu Ken, Shiori unleashed a fury of kicks, knocking each Raioken out of the way. "Do you still think I'm weak now!"

"I'm still not impressed. HAOH SHOKO KEN! (Supreme King Flying Roaring Fist)" Makoto unleashed a massive Ki Fireball directly at Shiori, who was more than prepared to counter.

"I won't lose! I swear it! HAOH SHOKO KEN x 3!" Shiori countered the first blast, and then launched two more of her own, which Makoto easily blocked. "Ok this is stupid! I'll finish this in one final strike!" With that Shiori gathered every ounce of Ki Energy in her body, even pulling in all of her chakra. Makoto felt this spike and knew now was not the right time for this. "Don't ever call me weak again! MUGEN…" Shiori ran full speed ready to strike, but Makoto easily grabbed her fist.

"Shiori now is not the time. But remember how this rage feels. Do you sense how it fueled your aura?" Makoto said calmly as she released Shiori.

"Sensei…I…" Shiori felt Makoto place a hand on her shoulder.

"You'll get your princess back…I know you will. For now you must meditate on this. That's what Kasumi would want you to do in order to be at your best." Makoto then took her leave, letting Shiori soak in all of the wisdom she had been imparted with.

"Thank you…Aunt Makoto." Shiori bowed in respect as the Rokubi vanished in a flash of ice crystals. It was then she got a communication on her transformer.

"Shiori, it's Itachi. Come to the training center immediately." Itachi said over the speaker. "She's close!"

"Kasumi-hime!" Itachi was right. Shiori could feel Kasumi's aura getting stronger. "I'm on my way!"

She made it back to the training center where everyone was going crazy over the new readings. Shikamaru was doing his best to try and pinpoint the exact location that Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko were located.

"What's going on? Where's Kasumi-hime!" Shiori asked.

"Well to answer your question, we picked up on their signal about 15 miles outside Konoha. For some reason they're not moving very fast." Shikamaru replied. "For all we know it could be a trap."

"Look just relay me the coordinates. I'm going after her now!" Shiori was just about to leave when Arashi stopped her at the door. "Arashi-sama, you gotta let me go!"

"Just calm down Shiori-chan. Our princess isn't going anywhere just yet. Right now we need to be really careful because we don't know just what they have planned." Arashi felt the Uchiha girl's anxiety to get on the battlefield, but knew this was best.

"We need to take into consideration that Naruto may have Hiroshi's Hoshi no Tama, which is going to make him more dangerous than anything. Unfortunately because of this Chouji, you won't stand a chance against him." Shikamaru said. "Ino, you're going instead."

"Why me?" Ino asked before she saw a green gem hanging in front of her.

"Because you're the first one that's going to test out Bijuu Fusion." Akane held up Shinja's Hoshi no Tama in front of the Yamanaka girl. "As of right now, you're the most powerful Illumina Knight we have."

"Boy this is going to be fun." Ino took the gem and inserted it into her own transformer. "So do I have to summon Shinja-sama for it to work?"

"Yes. Since you have the Hoshi no Tama inserted, you'll now see your two options on your display, one for fusion and one for enhancement." Dr. Sakurano pointed out. "Just select fusion mode and you'll be ready to summon."

"As for the rest of the team, Hinata's going since she may have a chance to try and release the corruption in Naruto and Kimiko. If you can get Kimiko, that's going to help us big time." Shikamaru said as he went over the remaining roster.

"Got it. I have some extra purification talismans from Kagome-sensei, so I should be ok." Hinata said.

"What about the other thing." Akane asked, still remembering Kagome's reading.

"I have that too. If this is the time it happens, then hopefully it will only be one person…and not me." Hinata replied.

"Haku, you're with her as well. It's also looking like Shiori wants in on this too, so she'll be going with you." Shikamaru added.

"Sorry Sasuke, I know you wanted to bring her back, but this is something I gotta do. I have to at least see her." Shiori replied as she tightened her belt. Sasuke knew how she felt and nodded in agreement.

"Ok…well just in case, I'm also sending Neji as well." Shikamaru said. "Now hurry up and get going."

"Hey, they're not leaving without me." Konohamaru stated. "I'm the Boss' support and I have to get him back as well!"

"Maru-kun, it's way too dangerous! You know you're no match for Naruto right now!" Akemi said in worry.

"Look Kemi-chan, I would never forgive myself if I didn't try to help the Boss. Besides, the guys need a support member to back them up. I have Kage Bunshin and Rasengan in case anything goes wrong." Konohamaru gave one of Naruto's trademark smiles. "If I don't come back with the Boss, I'll at least knock something into him to jog his memory."

Akemi, against her better judgment decided to let him go. He was the top shinobi rookie in their class anyway. "You better come back or I swear I'll kill you myself you big dork." With that she firmly planted a kiss on his lips, causing everyone else to woo over it.

"Ok ok save it for the after party. Just get going." Shikamaru ordered.

"On it. Let's move guys." Shiori said as the six headed out.

"Kasumi-chan, why are we waiting here?" asked Kimiko as she unzipped the collar on her cloak. "Shouldn't we be attacking already?"

"Nope. We're only here to do two things. If I'm right they're sending a group to confront us. My guess is that Hinata will be in that group since she's the only other one with purification ability. Our job is to try and corrupt her so she'll join us. In doing so, that will make it easier for the second thing." Kasumi explained as she sat down on a stump. The three turned shinobi were on their way to Konoha to try to cause a little bit of trouble for their former friends.

"And what would that be?" questioned Kimiko.

"Once we get Hinata on her side, we start corrupting and killing. Since Hinata has a jutsu that will let her revive one person from the dead, we have to make sure she doesn't use it. Hopefully they sent Natsumi to try and merge back with Naruto. If we kill her, then Naruto doesn't have to worry about going good ever again since corruption may be too much with her being pure good." Kasumi continued with her explanation. "But if we get bored, we may be able to corrupt more of the Knights and turn them to our side."

"Nice plan. To think, we used to be on the losing side. You know we have to get something for Madara-sama to thank him for getting us on track." Kimiko said as she was throwing needles made of Miko Energy at random insects. "So how long you think it'll be before they get here."

"Not too long I hope. I'm ready to destroy those worthless pests." Naruto cracked his knuckles, ready for battle.

"I think they should be arriving…" Kasumi was about to finish her statement when she felt it. There was only one person right now tuned into her aura.

"Kasumi-chan?" Kimiko saw Kasumi freeze and wondered if she was ok.

"I'm fine. You and Naruto just hide out for a while. There's someone that wants to speak with me alone." Kasumi said, knowing just what was going to happen.

"She knows I'm coming." Shiori replied when she felt the spike in her aura.

"You're in tune with her aura, aren't you Shiori-chan?" Hinata asked when she felt traces of Kasumi's aura as well.

"Aura, what's that?" asked Konohamaru.

"It's pretty complicated. You might wanna ask Aunt Makoto when we get home kid." Haku replied. "Just know that you have an aura as well, and it's pretty intense for your age."

"Uh ok. So any idea on how we're gonna free the boss?" Konohamaru asked. "Do we blast him or something?"

"If we're lucky, I can catch all three of them off guard and use my Touketsu Hasai to freeze them pretty good." Haku said. "Then we take them home, make them normal, and kick Madara's ass for all this!"

"Just hold back for a second. Let me go ahead. If things get crazy, come after me ok." Shiori said as she took off faster into the forest.

"Shiori wait…ok that didn't work." Ino said to herself.

"Glad you could make it Shiori-chan. I've missed you." Kasumi felt Shiori enter the clearing and turned to see her love in a whole new way. She got up from the stump and walked up and embraced Shiori. "I gotta say, you look really cute in your new Illumina Outfit."

"Thanks Kasumi-hime. I'm still dreaming of when I can see you in yours." She replied as Kasumi released the hug. "So how are you? Are they treating you well?"

"You'd probably be better off asking all of the boys how they're doing. Guess trying to handle a Kitsune Princess was a little too much for them, especially when I started cramping again." Kasumi said with a little chuckle. "So how are things back home? Everyone's probably going crazy, aren't they?"

"Well yeah, what would you expect? Sasuke and I can barely sleep at night, Hinata's been having nightmares with Naruto gone, and Kiba's been on some kind of avenger trip or something. I think it was after he made that vow on his family name to bring Kimiko back." Shiori said, getting a small shock out of Kasumi.

"Dog boy actually said that! I knew that big dork liked her!" Kasumi replied. "Too bad Kimiko-chan doesn't want anything to do with him at all. So why are you here by yourself anyway?"

"Well considering you probably sensed everyone else's aura by now, you know we're here to try to bring you back home, hopefully with little force." Shiori said. "Kasumi-chan I know this isn't the real you! My Kasumi-hime would never let anything like this control her! What happened to the girl that gave me so much strength and inspiration?"

"Shiori-chan, that girl is no longer here. You don't understand what's really at stake! Madara-sama explained that he wants to use the power of the Bijuu to end this war and bring peace! If that happens, then we could live together in happiness. Just you, me, and Sasuke. I know I'd be the happiest girl ever, being with the man I love, and the girl I love forever." Kasumi said as she walked around the area.

"But is that what you feel in your heart? Can't you sense it in my aura that this is causing more pain than you know?" Shiori pleaded. "I know you can because of our bond! You've felt it when I've cried at night because I couldn't hold your hand as I went through town. You could feel my heart being stabbed over and over as I knew you were so far away! I could even feel it in you, not being able to see Sasuke or me. You've even had doubts about fighting me as well, haven't you?"

"Shiori-chan…I…I don't know what to say." Kasumi could feel the emotion, not only in Shiori's words, but in her aura as well.

"What about Sasuke? How do you think he feels? Didn't you go through the same pain when he was taken by Orochimaru's shinobi?" Shiori continued her plea. "And Akemi-chan, her concentration as a kunoichi isn't what it was because her sister, her hero, isn't there to show her support! It's even worse because she is your Support Knight!"

Kasumi took all of it in, but knew it was useless. "Shiori-hime…I'm sorry. I really am. But this is who I am now. I can feel it in your aura that you're not giving up on me, but you have to face it. The Kasumi you knew is gone. I know that right now I could use the Konpaku Kairan on you to corrupt your soul and turn you to our side so we could be together forever, but deep down…that's not how I would want it. I wouldn't want to see you in pain just so I could be with you."

"Kasumi-hime…why are you saying all of this!" Shiori started to cry as she took in all of Kasumi's words. "Don't you know how much this hurts right now, seeing you standing here, knowing that you're so close yet so far away?"

"Listen, I did a lot of pleading with Madara-sama. He's given me a blood contract that says neither you nor Sasuke will be targeted by Akatsuki. So if you run into any of them, they have orders to not even engage you in combat. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to anyone else." Kasumi explained to her as she saw the tears continuing to fall.

"Why! What makes me so special that you'd do this! You know I don't deserve it! Why are you making me go through this Kasumi-hime?" Shiori felt as if her heart was being crushed right before her eyes.

"It's because I want you to do something for me. If you really believe in your heart that you can bring the old me back, the Kasumi you pledged your undying love to, then go and find out how to do it." Kasumi walked over and pulled Shiori close to her. "I will never fight you Shiori-chan, because I love you with all my heart. So please, leave here and go back to Konoha. I don't want you to see this battle."

"Kasumi-hime…" Shiori was cut off as Kasumi placed a passionate kiss upon her lips. Kasumi held the kiss as long as possible, only to allow Shiori to feel as much love from her as possible.

"You know, I missed seeing that cute face so much. I even missed feeling the warmth of your breath, feeling the soft fur on the tips of your ears, even those dark eyes of yours." Kasumi wiped away a few of the tears in Shiori's eyes. Kasumi then took a small scroll from her cloak and gave it to Shiori. "Always know that I love you princess. And I miss you every single day we're apart."

"I love you too princess! I promise I'll save you!" Shiori turned and ran full speed back into the forest in tears.

Kasumi watched as Shiori left in tears. "Shiori-hime…if there's anyone that can save me…it's you and Sasuke-chan. Promise me you'll never give up on me." Those were her thoughts as she felt Shiori's aura move further away.

"Alright everyone, might as well get this over with. So get out here now." Kasumi said, getting everyone else to come out. "So it looks like the family is almost complete. Guess they didn't want to send Akemi-chan."

"Cut the small talk Kasumi, you know we're here to stop this farce and bring you home." Haku said. "So…so just give up so we don't have to kick your butt! Naruto's a different story, but you get the drift."

Kimiko started snickering while Naruto started getting pretty miffed. "Oh you think that's funny! I'll show you funny!" Naruto was about to start attacking when Kasumi held him back.

"Calm down Naruto, it's just some sibling humor. I would have said the same thing anyway." She turned back to the group. "But I'm sorry to say Haku-chan, that I won't be going back."

"Then why did you tell Shiori to leave! What makes her so special?" asked Haku.

"Shiori and I…we share a special bond. But that's not important now. What is important is that Hinata comes with us, and the rest of you decide if you want to live or die." Kasumi replied. "So what's it going to be?"

"Do you really have to ask? Alright guys, take 'em out!" Haku said, causing things to really heat up.

"Oh well. Naruto, I'll let you handle this one." Kasumi stepped back to let Naruto take center stage.

"This will be perfect!" Naruto held up his wrist to show his transformer without his gem. "Time to make things a little windy around here." He then took out the Wind Hoshi no Tama and inserted it into his transformer, instantly assuming his Knight Form. "Hey Haku, remember a few years back when you told everyone about my transformation pills, after you promised you wouldn't say anything?"

"What about it? I said I was sorry for that." Haku asked, seeing a furious bloodlust in Naruto's eyes.

"I never got to finish my payback!" Naruto roared as he exploded in a wave of energy. "ULTIMATE WIND OVERDRIVE!!"

"Sorry Naruto, but you're not going to win this time!" Ino stepped forward as she pressed a button on her transformer. "Here we go! Hachibi, I summon you!" She quickly bit her thumb and swiped it over her palm, slamming it to the ground. "BIJUU KUCHYOSE NO JUTSU! (Sacred Beast Summoning Art)"

"You called?" Shinja appeared in a flash of smoke before the group. "So, looks like Naruto's having a little tantrum, huh?"

"You could say that Shinja-sama. So, ready to be the first to test out Bijuu Fusion?" asked Ino. "We're gonna need it to deal with Naruto."

"Oh you bet Ino. If it will knock some sense back into my nephew, it's worth it. Let's do this!" Shinja stepped behind Ino and placed her hands on Ino's shoulders.

"Now, Power of Wood Unite! BIJUU FUSION!" said Ino and her Bijuu. Shinja began to glow in a deep green light as her entire body became energy. It almost looked as if she was being absorbed by Ino. The energy engulfed her as she now had a cloak of pure energy covering her. The energy cloak now had eight green tails swishing behind her as well. (A/N Basically think One Tail Naruto, except with eight tails in a forest green color. Since Shinja is a serpent Bijuu, the cloak doesn't have ears like the Kyuubi cloak would. There will be similar attributes to each of the other knights from their matching Bijuu.)

"Wow, that's pretty intense." Kimiko said as she felt the wave of energy rush over.

"I'll kill her before she even has a chance to…" Naruto said before he was hit head on with a giant tree, knocking him clear across the other side of the clearing.

"Hinata-chan, it is ok that I knock some sense into your fiancé, right?" Ino asked. Hinata just nodded. "Well I have her permission. Here I come Naruto!" Ino's speed had improved immensely as she now had the full force of her Bijuu and the absolute control over the power of Wood.

"Ok, looks like Naruto's gonna be busy for a while." Kasumi sighed. "And I have a feeling you all know what I'm about to do."

"Why do you think we're the ones that are going to take you on?" Hinata asked as Kasumi revealed the second transformer on her other arm.

"Guess you'll be playing with the boys Kimiko. I have work to do. GEM FUSION: STARWIND ACTIVATION!" Kasumi combined her transformers to reveal her new StarWind form. "So be honest, do I look better in StarFire form or StarWind form?"

"I kinda like the StarWind form. Green seems to go well with your eye color." Kimiko said as she looked over Kasumi.

Haku just stood there and could not believe that one of her best friends, and her now turned evil sister and cousin were discussing fashion advice! "You have got to be kidding me? Kasumi's evil and she'll still ask for fashion advice?? Either she's been hanging out with Ino too much, or Madara really messed her head up," She thought to herself.

"Actually I dunno. I think the StarFire form really brought out the color in her ears and tails." Hinata looked at the StarWind form more closely. "That color of green…it just doesn't do you justice Kasumi-chan. Now maybe Ino's color of green…I think we can go with that." That definitely caused a snap in Haku. If Kasumi wasn't bad enough, having Hinata join in made it just worse!

"HINATA!!! What the heck are you talking about! We're supposed to be stopping…" Haku said before she got cut off by a sharp kick from Kasumi.

"Guess fashion really wasn't her strong point." Kasumi said as she stood right next to Hinata with a smile. "Oh well, gotta start somewhere." Before Hinata could react, Kasumi grabbed her and slammed her full force into the ground. "Let's dance."

Kasumi was about to follow up when Hinata rolled out of the way and got back to her feet. "Didn't think I was getting a third match. I thought the two we had a few years ago was intense enough!" Hinata dusted herself off as Haku shook the ringing from her ears.

"Ok sister or not, I'm kicking your butt for that Kasumi!" Haku wiped a small trace of blood from her mouth and focused on target. "Good thing I won't get grounded for this either, because I plan to make sure you're stuck in the hospital for at least a week!"

As Kasumi, Hinata, and Haku got into their sibling brawl, Neji and Konohamaru just stared at Kimiko.

"So…um…I know she's like Akemi-chan's cousin, but I'm not gonna get in trouble for hitting her, am I?" asked Konohamaru.

"I don't think so Konohamaru." Neji replied. "But I think we should make this battle quick."

"Or what? I'm going to have to deal with my crazy father and that smelly mutt Kiba?" Kimiko said as she flipped a strand of hair out of her face. "Please, like you can do anything."

"Kiba! That's it!" Konohamaru moved up to face Kimiko directly. "Everyone's been saying that you like him, and I'm gonna prove it! This is sure to knock you out so we can bring you back."

"Yeah whatever. I already said I don't like him!" Kimiko replied.

"We'll see about that! KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Konohamaru formed a clone and prepared his second jutsu. "It's a good thing the Boss taught me this. Best distraction jutsu in the world!"

"The Kage Bunshin? Ok kid, you are really out of it." Kimiko said when she saw him making more seals.

"That's not it. This is the jutsu." Konohamaru finished his seals and when Neji realized what was going on…

"Keep the Byakugan off, keep the Byakugan off!" Neji was saying to himself as he held his hands over his eyes.

"SEXY NO JUTSU: KIBA AND AKAMARU DOUBLE KNOCKOUT!" In a burst of smoke Konohamaru and his clone transformed into Kiba and Akamaru, only this time…

"Oh…my…I…I…" Kimiko suddenly felt herself hit with a surge of heat as she now stood before a naked Kiba…that was extremely well ripped in the chest area, and nicely endowed below the belt! Akamaru's coat happened to be extremely glossy as if he were a pure pedigree, and Kimiko even saw his lower endowments as well…and let's say being half human and half dog…

"So Kimiko, I've been wondering how you've been." The illusion Kiba happened to have a bottle of water that he started pouring over his head. "Gotta say this heat isn't good." When that water started falling across the clone, Kimiko's legs turned to butter!

"I…I…oh my Kami you are one nicely cut piece of beef! Hey can someone PLEASE turn on an air conditioner or something! It's getting way too hot!" She screamed as she ripped off her Akatsuki cloak to hopefully cool herself off. In all the intensity, her tails were furiously slapping the ground. "They're just so….and it's so…wow!"

"So I take it you like what you see Kimiko-chan?" The illusion Kiba began to stretch his arms, allowing everything from his chest to his…well use your imagination…to show off. The water kept dripping down, creating a radiant gloss all over his body that had Kimiko completely paralyzed in heat.

"It's not…well I mean…is that a trait of all Inuzuka?" Kimiko asked as she pointed at the obvious.

"Oh this? Well they do say that the male heirs have to be strong alpha males to lead the pack. So I work out and take good care of myself. Akamaru does the same thing so he can show his dominance as alpha as well." Kiba said as he stretched again, causing Kimiko to weaken even further. The Akamaru clone turned and nodded at Kiba, signaling he had something to say. "Oh you have something to say boy? Well go ahead."

The Akamaru clone stood up on all fours in a majestic pose, allowing for everything to show. He let off a few growls that left everyone wondering what it meant, but Kimiko knew exactly what it meant, and it pushed her completely over the edge!

"That's it! Make me your alpha NOW!" Apparently Kimiko's hanyou side took over, sending her into a state of intense lust as she looked at the two. The only thing on her mind was crossing the line from girl to woman! Just as she was about to get to the duo, Neji stepped in.

"HAKKE KUSHO! (Eight Trigrams Air Palm)" Neji sent Kimiko flying back at full speed, slamming her into a tree. Using his own speed he quickly moved in and struck her tenketsu, disabling her chakra and leaving her in a weakened state.

"Wow, guess she liked him more than we thought?" Konohamaru said as he released his technique.

"I don't know what's worse, the fact that she went that crazy over seeing a naked Kiba, or the fact that Kiba's ego is probably going to go through the roof when we tell him that she did this." Neji sighed. "But I have to ask something, how on earth did you come up with a distraction jutsu THAT elaborate?"

"I found this old book with an orange cover as I was taking out the garbage. Kakashi-sensei was always reading one, so I asked him what was so good about it. He said it was a best seller or something." Konohamaru replied. "I think it was called Icha Icha-something."

"Oh brother." Neji grumbled as he immediately slapped his forehead.

Meanwhile, in the heavens…

"I told you it ran in the family! The Sarutobi has always been one to draw inspiration from my work!" laughed Jiraiya as he sat and watched the battle with Asuma and his teacher Hiruzen Sarutobi.

"You never cease to amaze any of us, did you Jiraiya?" asked Hiruzen as Asuma stood by and laughed.

"Not one bit. Like I said, my dream was to use my literature to find one worthy of my name…worthy of becoming a Super Pervert!!" Jiraiya stood proudly as explosions went off behind him. "Now to get more research. I hear Kami can't wait for my brand new series Icha Icha Dreams!"

"Another series?" Hiruzen asked. "You do know your old sensei gets the first copy, right?"

"Of course!" laughed Jiraiya.

Back down to earth…

Shiori had been running and just got back to the gates of Konoha. The whole time she was in tears and kept hearing Kasumi's words in her head. "If you really believe in your heart that you can bring the old me back, the Kasumi you pledged your undying love to, then go and find out how to do it. I will never fight you Shiori-chan, because I love you with all my heart."

"Kasumi-hime…why? Why couldn't I do anything?" As soon as she entered the gates, she was on her knees in tears. "How could I have been so weak?"

"Shiori! Are you ok!" Shiori turned her head to see Sasuke running to the gates.


"Shiori, what are you doing back? Where's everyone else?" asked Sasuke. "You're not hurt are you?"

"I couldn't do it Sasuke. She was right there and I couldn't bring her back." Shiori cried in his arms. "All she did was smile at me and hold me. I felt her touch, her loving embrace, and her warm kiss and for what?"

"Is she ok? They haven't harmed her or anything, have they?" Sasuke wanted to know just what was going on.

"No. She's fine." Shiori wiped her face and began to compose herself. "But she's probably fighting everyone else right now as we speak. I just don't know why I couldn't bring her with me."

Sasuke knew something wasn't right. If Kasumi was under Madara's control, why didn't she attack Shiori also? "Was there anything she did?"

"All she did was give me this scroll." Shiori took the scroll from her haori. "Kasumi-hime told me that if I still believed that the old her was still alive inside, I had to do everything I could to find a way to bring her back. That's also why she said Akatsuki will not attack you or me."

"That's probably because she believes that if Madara wins, eventually in the future you and I will side with him in order to be with her." Sasuke replied. "I think I know what he's doing. He's trying to manipulate her into thinking we're truly the enemy. He's not just controlling her, he's slowly brainwashing her."

"Do you think we can stop it?" asked Shiori.

"If there's a way, we'll find it. Now what was in the scroll?" he asked as she opened the scroll.

"There's something sealed inside." Shiori bit her thumb and swiped it across the seal, releasing the contents. There happened to be a letter and a stuffed plushy of herself. "Where did she get this?"

"Not sure. But what does the letter say?" asked Sasuke as Shiori opened the letter and started reading.

Dear Sasuke-chan and Shiori-hime,

How are both of you? I hope you're well. I'm doing ok myself here, though the living accommodations could be better. This place really needs more of a female's touch with all the guys living here. I don't think they let Konan do much of the design here, because it's all so drab. But that's not the point anyway. The point is I miss you guys. I really wish we could all see the same way about this war. I mean being able to finally bring peace to the world? I didn't think that Akatsuki stood for that. I always thought they were out just to take over the world. Looks like I was wrong, huh?

I know that I can't force either of you to switch sides or make a decision. I'll leave that up to you. I just hope that in the future everything will work out and we'll be together again. I want both of you to know how much I miss you, and that I love you both. My only wish is that I don't have to face either of you in battle. I couldn't bring myself to fight you.

Before I go, I did include something. Yeah Shiori-chan, I had one of the contacts in Konoha go and make this for me. When I saw her, I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world…just like you. But I think it would be more special if you were the one that gave her to me. So I want you to hold on to her until we are together again. Maybe someday there won't be any choosing of sides and it will all be over.

Until the next time…

Love you both forever

Kasumi-chan xoxoxo

"I can't believe this. There has to be something to save her!" Shiori took hold of the plushy and brought it into her chest, squeezing it tight.

"We're going to find it Shiori-chan, I promise. You and I are not going to give up without a fight, and even if it pushes us over the edge of death itself, we WILL bring our Kasumi-chan home." Sasuke's words struck hard in Shiori, giving her some solace. "Since Kasumi-chan said she didn't want you to see the fight, we'll stay in communication with the team. Later we'll get with Itachi and Oka-san to see what more we can do."

"Alright Sasuke-nii-san, thank you. I just hope she doesn't fall any further into this darkness. I don't want to lose her forever." Shiori got back to her feet and wiped away her tears. She stared hard at the plushy that Kasumi left her, hoping she would find the key to saving her. However it was at that moment that Shiori felt a sharp pain.

"Shiori, what's wrong?" Sasuke asked when she saw Shiori's blank stare.

"This is it…Kasumi-hime's going in for the kill. I felt it in her aura!" Shiori replied.

"Who is it?" Sasuke was hoping that Shiori was wrong.

"Sasuke…I don't know!" Shiori replied nervously.

Back to the battlefield…

"STARWIND TWISTER!" Kasumi was already airborne, unleashing a twin cyclone directly headed towards Haku and Hinata. Both girls knew that since Kasumi's attack had the force of a double Overdrive, it was now or never...

"Hinata, do it now!" Haku said as she jumped back. "ICE OVERDRIVE!"

"WATER OVERDRIVE!" The two girls went full power and could feel the new levels of energy in their Overdrive forms. "Alright Kasumi-chan, time to take you down!" Haku immediately summoned Fenrir as she and Hinata jumped up on top. "Fenrir, strike now!

Fenrir let off a massive howl as a wave of Ice charged at Kasumi's attack. "I'm not stopping there! AURORA WAVE!" Haku leaped off and shot a bluish purple beam of ice energy that connected with Fenrir's ice, increasing the size of the Ice Wave.

"That's not all! Now feel the full force of the power of water! TYPHOON WAVE!" Hinata drew in water from everything, the plants, air, and ground and created a raging twister of water. As she combined it with Haku's Aurora Wave, the two overdrives merged, forming a chilling ice tornado.

"That's not going to...oh crap!" Kasumi saw that when her attack combined with Hinata and Haku's dual attack, the wind attribute of her StarWind Twister actually increased the power of Haku's Aurora Wave since it had mixed with Hinata's Typhoon Wave! This whole time she had actually been making them stronger!

"Gotcha now sis!" Haku said as the Ice tornado crashed into Kasumi, immediately freezing her and leaving her in a block of ice. "Now chill out!"

"Uh Haku, did you really need the ice joke at the end of that?" asked Hinata as Fenrir went back to the summoning realm and the two girls powered out of Overdrive. Since they had their new power, they no longer felt exhausted after using their Overdrive attacks just once.

"So what, it was just a simple..." Haku said before she immediately felt a sharp pain in her chest.

"Sorry Haku, but I'm afraid you're the one that will be chilling out...permanently." Kasumi stood back to back with Haku and had her Light Katana pierced right through Haku's back. "I really didn't want to do this you know."

" could you! She's your sister!" Hinata screamed as Kasumi's katana faded and Haku fell to the ground lifeless.

"Well Hinata-chan, the same choice has befallen you. Will you join us, or do I have to do the unthinkable and send you to see Kami-jii-sama?" Kasumi said in a cold voice.

"I'm not afraid to hurt you Kasumi-chan. And I won't let you kill anyone else!" Hinata stared hard at Kasumi with her Byakugan piercing through her.

"You know, Naruto's gonna be really bummed out that I had to kill you. I hope he won't be too angry." Kasumi formed her Light Katana once more and started walking towards Hinata. Before thinks picked up, Ino and Naruto came crashing back into the area. "Speaking of Naruto..."

"Die you worthless plant!" Naruto was throwing countless blades of wind in a blind rage as Ino seemed to have an edge on him.

"I told you Naruto, you're not going to beat me! Unlike you, I have truly bonded with my Bijuu instead of forcing the power. You'll never reach my level until you learn that!" Ino stood firm as she had a solar barrier deflecting each blast from Naruto. "And I'm sorry Naruto, but this will end now!" As Ino began to pull in more solar energy, she noticed Haku on the ground not moving and Konohamaru and Neji getting back to the scene with an unconscious Kimiko. "Oh no! Haku-chan!!"

Neji heard this and saw Haku motionless on the ground. In haste he placed Kimiko down and rushed over to his girlfriend. "Haku-chan, come on, wake up!" Placing two fingers on her neck, he could tell she had no pulse and her life had been taken. "Kasumi, explain yourself now!"

"I'm sorry Neji, but I had to kill her. If she had seen our view and joined us, then she would still be alive today." Kasumi said as she walked calmly over to Konohamaru and the unconscious Kimiko. "Hi Konohamaru-kun." She simply looked at him and smiled. Konohamaru held his hand up, ready to fight back, but she still smiled at him.

"Don't…don't come any closer! I promised Akemi-chan…that I'd bring you back!" Konohamaru was quaking. After he heard that it was Kasumi who killed Haku, and the fact that she was staring right at him…

"You know, you've taken very good care of my little sister. She needs a strong man like you." Kasumi checked over Kimiko and saw that she was just out cold from the excitement of Konohamaru's jutsu. "And you need someone like her in order to help you rebuild your clan. Being the last Sarutobi is tough, isn't it?"

"Well…yeah it kinda is. But why do you want to know?" Konohamaru still kept his palm ready for attack.

"No reason." Kasumi turned back to him with her smile and moved closer to him. Konohamaru was too nervous with fear to try and back up.

"I…I mean it…I'll hurt you if I have to…Ka-kasumi-sama!" Konohamaru stuttered more as she got closer. What surprised him next was that she knelt down and wrapped him in a hug.

"I know you're a strong genin, but now isn't your time. Go home and become stronger so that you can fight even harder to protect the ones you love. Become the strong warrior that will always be there to protect my little sister." Kasumi held him close as she said those words in his ear. As she released the hug, she kissed him on the forehead and backed away. "Naruto, get Kimiko and let's go. And Konohamaru, make sure you promise to take good care of Akemi-chan, and give her a big kiss when you get back."

Konohamaru was absolutely stunned. Here he was staring face to face with Kasumi, who had been turned to Akatsuki's side just after she killed Haku. Instead of meeting death himself, he got a hug, a kiss, and was told to become stronger. "Uh, ok Kasumi-sama."

Naruto heard his response and turned his focus away from Ino, "He's going to what! No one dares kiss my little sister." Even though he was now completely evil, it seemed that his older brother instinct was still active and now Konohamaru became his prime target. In a flash, everyone now saw Naruto holding Konohamaru up in the air by his neck.

"Boss…what are you…doing?" asked Konohamaru as he struggled to breathe.

"So, you think you're worthy enough to date Akemi, are you?" Naruto said as he tightened his grip. "Did I give you my approval to date her?"

"You…did Boss! You said…I was able…to prove myself…to you." Konohamaru's face started changing to red as he was having trouble breathing. "Boss…we need you…back home!"

"Naruto, release him! I told you we're taking Kimiko and going back to base!" Kasumi said sternly, but Naruto wasn't listening.

"Not this time Kasumi. You seemed to think he was strong, but all I see is a blubbering pile of weakness." Naruto held his grip as he formed a Rasengan in his other hand. "And I don't tolerate weakness in the family."

"Boss…please!" Konohamaru pleaded, but Naruto paid it no heed.

"Naru-chan, don't do this! Please, anything but this!" Hinata cried out as she was about to watch the unthinkable.

"Naruto, I said release him NOW!" Kasumi screamed, but Naruto could care less.

"I'll release him…straight to HELL!! RASENGAN!" Naruto slammed the Rasengan directly into Konohamaru's chest, causing it to bore deep into the boy. He held it there for added damage and released it, sending Konohamaru crashing full speed into some trees, now dead.

"Naruto you idiot! Our plan was to only kill one if needed and try to capture Hinata! There was nothing in the mission about a second kill!" Kasumi swiftly punched Naruto in the head. "Now get Kimiko and let's return to base like I said."

"Or you'll what?" Naruto replied when he felt a pink hand on his chest starting to burn into him.

"How about I flood you with a huge dose of Light Chakra!" Kasumi said, causing him to scream in pain. She released her palm and Naruto reached down to pick up his cousin. Kasumi turned back to see Hinata and Ino already at Konohamaru, hoping he was still alive. "Hinata, if he doesn't make it…tell Akemi I'm sorry."

Hinata felt both rage and sadness at Kasumi's words, especially having to watch her fiancé kill the one who looked up to him as a rival, a friend, a mentor, and a hero. "No Kasumi, why don't you tell her yourself? Let her look at the face of the one who killed her older sister, and the one who allowed the love of her life to die at the hands of his hero."

Kasumi could see that Hinata's eyes burned with intensity, as if she wanted to begin her attack again. "I see. Well you should hurry with your decision. Haku only has about 2 minutes left before she's gone forever." She turned and began to walk back into the forest with Naruto. "Until we meet again. Be wary, the next battle may be the last for any of us." She then dropped a smoke capsule and the three Dark Knights vanished into the forest.

The group was silent after the departure of their three friends. Hinata however was left with a critical decision, she could only save the life of one person, but who would it be?

"Hinata-chan, what did Kasumi mean by your decision?" asked Neji as he cradled Haku's lifeless body.

"She means that only one of these two is going to live. I can't save both of them!" Hinata replied as she took out the one thing left…the scroll for the Tenrai Seirei Souki. "Right now either Haku or Konohamaru has a chance to survive, but I can't decide this! How can I stand by to save the life of one, only to lose the life of the other?"

"Tenrai Seirei…wait, isn't that the scroll Kasumi used to revive Naruto after the Sasuke Retrieval Mission?" asked Ino as she and Shinja separated.

"Yeah, during that whole scene, I was told that I had the ability to use the jutsu as well." Hinata said as both Haku and Konohamaru were placed side by side. "But what am I going to do guys? Neji-kun, I wouldn't feel right just letting you watch as the last chance to save Haku passes you by, and I don't even know how I could shatter Akemi-chan's heart by telling her I couldn't save Konohamaru."

"Hinata, do you think there would be a way for you to use the jutsu once we got back to Konoha? It's possible that Mai may have a way to revive the one you can't." asked Shinja. Hinata nodded in disagreement.

"That would work, but I only have a 5 minute window from the time a person is killed. There would be no way we could make it back to Konoha in time." Hinata said when she suddenly had an idea. "Ino, didn't Tsunade-sama say that when you put something on ice, it will slow the deterioration process?"

"Yeah, it's possible. That's how you can stop the nerves from becoming dead in a finger that had been severed, so it's able to be re-attached properly and the nerves connected properly." Ino said. "But what's that got to do with it? Haku's dead. We don't have any…I see where you're coming from!"

"Let's just hope it works!" Hinata bit her thumb and swiped it across the scroll. She then laid it across Haku's chest and placed her hands down on it. After flashing the correct seals, "TENRAI SEIREI SOUKI! (Divine Spirit Recall)" She pushed every ounce of chakra into her hands for the jutsu. Within seconds the sky went black as the group now looked upon the fearsome image of a demon Shinigami.

"Mortal! Who are you to summon the Shinigami!" asked the keeper of the dead.

"My name is Hinata Hyuuga, Second Princess of the Kitsune Clan, heir of the Hyuuga clan, and grand-daughter to Kami-sama himself! I ask that you restore the life of my fallen sister Haku Uzumaki!" Unlike the last time, the image immediately poofed into two human looking shinigami. However instead of seeing two girls, the group looked upon a girl and a guy with orange hair, and a white haori, similar to their own.

"Hinata!! It's you!!!" cried out the orange haired female. "Hey do you remember me? It's Orihime!"

"Hinata-chan, you know her?" asked Ino as she saw the shinigami girl.

"Well kinda, see she was the one that helped heal Kasumi-chan's wounds, and revive Naruto." Hinata explained.

"What's going on, you look like you're in some big trouble." asked Orihime.

"We are Orihime-san. See our friend Kasumi was placed under mind control of our enemy Madara Uchiha, and because of it, she killed Haku." Hinata explained. "Can you bring her back?"

"You bet. Hey Ichigo! Can you help me out with this?" Orihime called out to the other orange haired shinigami. "Oh yean, before I forget, this is Ichigo Kurosaki, captain of the 9th division."

"So, guess it was a rough battle." Ichigo looked over the casualties. "Well the girl should be fine. A simple mending of her soul chain and she'll be ready Orihime."

"Um Ichigo-sama, what about Konohamaru? Is there a way you can save him to? After all he's just a boy?" asked Ino.

"Sorry Ino, but we can only revive one person per use of the jutsu. And with Hinata being the last person, then no one else can use it anymore." Orihime said as she and Ichigo began work on Haku.

"Actually Orihime, you're not exactly right. I got some information from Ukitake about this particular summoning." Ichigo said as he finished mending Haku's soul chain. "It seems that Hinata and Kasumi's lineage carry the ability of the resurrection summoning."

"You mean Akemi and Hanabi can use it as well?" asked Hinata. "But how?"

"It seems that the spiritual bond you four share allowed you and Kasumi to transfer the ability to Akemi and Hanabi. And that will also carry down to every female descendant that the four of you will bear in the future." Ichigo said. "I would call it a family legacy that the two of you have created."

"There, she's all done." Orihime called back her Shun Shun Rikka as the fatal wound on Haku was now gone. "So did you have a nice nap sleepy head?"

Haku slowly awoke to see the shinigami looking down upon herself. "Didn't I see you before?"

"Yep, looks like this time you were on the end of the revival. But I think you don't have much time to rest. Your other friend is in trouble." Orihime explained as Konohamaru was slipping further away.

"She's right. Haku, we need you to freeze Konohamaru. It's possible we may be able to save him if we can get him back to Konoha." Neji said as he helped her up.

"I've already mended his soul chain back together. If you can find one that can revive him, he will live, but you need to hurry." Ichigo explained as Orihime sealed the fatal wound.

"Sorry we can't stay, but we gotta get back." Orihime said as Ichigo opened a door. "Oh and Haku, Rukia and Sode no Shiraiyuki said hi!" The two shinigami quickly made their exit as the shinobi were on borrowed time.

"That was still weird, but whatever." Haku said. "So now what am I doing again?"

"Shinja-sama thinks that if we get Konohamaru back to Mai-sama, we may be able to revive him." Ino said.

"But how did he die? It wasn't Kasumi-chan, was it?" asked Haku as she prepared her jutsu.

"No it was worse…it was Naruto." Hinata said, sending a shock through Haku. "Even Kasumi tried stopping Naruto, but it didn't work."

"Oh man, poor kid is going to be having nightmares for weeks. And Naruto is his hero too." Haku said as she finished her seals. "Alright, let's get him home and hopefully back to us. HYOTON: TOUKETSU HASAI! (Ice Release: Cryogenic Crushing)" Haku used her chakra to completely encase Konohamaru in a solid block of ice, placing his body in a cryogenic state. "That should be good enough to get him back with ample time."

"I hope you're right Haku-chan." Hinata said as she picked up one side of the ice.

Back in Konoha…

"Akemi-chan, why are you pacing like that?" Hanabi asked when she saw her friend walking back and forth.

"Yeah, it's not good to worry yourself." Moegi said. "Look Konohamaru's gonna be ok. He did promise he was going to come back, right?"

"I don't know. I just have this really bad feeling that something bad happened." Akemi had a grim look on her face. "I don't know why he even decided to go out there."

"Everything's gonna be fine Akemi-chan. I bet he was even able to help bring Naruto back too." Hoshiko added, trying to make Akemi feel better.

"Yeah, maybe you're…" Before Akemi could finish, Hinata and her team rushed in full speed.

"Akemi-chan, where's Aunt Mai. We need her badly!" asked Hinata.

"She's…KONOHAMARU-KUN!!!" Akemi saw Konohamaru inside the ice and rushed to him as fast as possible. "What happened to him?"

"Akemi-chan…Konohamaru was killed." Ino said quietly, causing Akemi to go white as a sheet.

"Who was it? Please don't say it was Kasumi-chan!" the little kitsune cried in the hopes that it wasn't her sister that caused this.

"Akemi-chan, you better sit down for this one." Haku said, preparing to tell her sister the worst words in her life. "Kasumi wasn't the one…it was Naruto."

The moment she heard those words, her entire world was shattered. Naruto couldn't have done something like this. He was her strong older brother who always looked out for her, always made sure no one picked on her. To hear that he was the one that killed the one boy she loved with all her heart absolutely destroyed her. The only thing Akemi saw was blackness as she passed out.

"Akemi-chan!" Hanabi was already at her side trying to wake Akemi. "Haku-chan, you're not serious are you?"

"I'm dead serious Hanabi-chan. I was the one killed by Kasumi, while Konohamaru was killed by Naruto. If it wasn't for Hinata's jutsu, then I'd still be dead." Haku explained. "But we don't have time! We need Aunt Mai now!"

"What's so important about her?" asked Hanabi.

"She's the only one who has a chance at bringing Konohamaru back!" Shinja said. "Now get out there and find her!" Upon hearing those words, Hoshiko and Moegi rushed out of the training center while Hanabi stayed with Akemi and the others rushed to the medical wing. Luckily within minutes everyone had regrouped and started formulating a plan, only Mai wasn't too happy to hear all of this.

"Damn Shinja, why did you have to go and say I can do this?" Mai asked after hearing the speculated plan.

"Because you're the one with that revival ability. It was the only thing I could think of." Replied the Hachibi. "Look, right now what other choice do we have? They can't use that resurrection scroll that Hinata had and not even Mew-Mew's connection to the Shinigami can help."

"She does have a point Mai. Plus it's better than having someone use a Tensei class jutsu and sacrifice their own life." Makoto added. "Whatever it is that you do should work."

"You all don't understand. I use the Phoenix Rebirth in the event that I've been critically wounded in battle. Yes the process does restore my body completely, but afterwards I was with almost no power for 100 years." Mai explained. "And for me to even consider using it on a human? There's no guarantee that it will work."

"So, what happens if it doesn't work?" asked Shinja. "You just don't bring him back, that's all." Mai just stared at her. "That is all, right?"

"No. If it doesn't work, I end up completely incinerating him and his soul. I basically wipe him from existence!" Mai replied, getting a grim look from everyone else. "So now you understand why? Look, Akemi-chan is already traumatized enough over the fact that it was Naruto that killed him in the first place! Do you want me to just utterly destroy any last bit of peace she has?"

"Please do it." Mai turned to see Hanabi leading Akemi into the medical ward. "I don't care right now, just do what you can Auntie Mai."

Mai ran over to her niece just to confirm what she said, "Akemi-chan, are you absolutely sure? This is an all or nothing chance and once I begin, there's no turning back."

"I'll feel a little bit better…at least knowing someone tried." Akemi cried in pain. "Please do what you can."

Mai saw the tears of pain in the eyes of her niece and just held her close. "Alright sweetie, I'll do everything I can to bring him back."

"Thank you." Akemi replied as Arashi picked her up and consoled her.

"Ok people, this is gonna be a lot of work here if I'm going to do this. Snakey, I'm gonna need about ten tons of Sacred Wood, so you and Kagome will need to work together to purify it." Mai began to lay out her directions. "Akane, you're the alchemist, so I'll a vial full of Yggdrasil Dew. Mew-Mew, that altar is going to have to be able to withstand a phenomenal level of heat, so I'm gonna need you and Inuyasha to fortify it. Daisuke-kun, I'll need ten gallons of water at 500 times purity. Chouji, since Hiroshi isn't here, I'm going to need you to create 1 ton of crushed diamond that has been refined to its most pure form. Natsumi, I'm going to need you to get me a bag of the cleanest air. It may be difficult since you don't have your full Wind ability, but you have to try." Everyone nodded and set off for their tasks while Mai was finishing up. "As for you Mako-chan, I'm going to need a Snow Crystal of absolute brilliance. That is going to be the focusing emitter for the jutsu. Itachi, as the Shadow wielder, I will need you to corrupt 10 gallons of water with your shadow energy. And finally I need one last thing." She turned and looked at Akemi. "Akemi-chan, you're the closest person to Konohamaru. I need about 1 liter of your blood to act as a catalyst. Because he is human, we need a demonic bridge to prevent his soul from corruption."

"Ok Auntie Mai, just show me what to do." She jumped down from Arashi and followed Mai over to another area of the medical wing.

After an hour everything was finally prepared. The altar was built and fortified with the remaining reagents ready for Mai's jutsu. Everyone was at their limit as the items needed took everything they had to prepare.

"Alright, this is it people." Mai walked in with the large jar of the blood from Akemi. "Place Konohamaru onto the altar and release the ice jutsu." Neji, Kiba, Chouji, and Kyoji moved the fallen Sarutobi into place as Haku released her jutsu.

"He's ready Aunt Mai." Haku said as she moved back.

"Excellent. Now all of you stand back because it's about to get very hot around here." Mai released her wings and began the jutsu.

"Elements of Fire and Water, Earth and Wind create the gates from the path of the afterlife." She began. Everyone saw the water, crushed diamond, swirling wind, and Mai's own flame start to swirl around Mai and Konohamaru. "Unmelting Ice, Sparkling Lightning, Fortified Metal, and Wood of Purity, bond the soul of life to this empty vessel." The energy became more intense as Mai continued. Everyone could feel the heat radiating and it nearly had the genin on the ground. "Alright, now the final parts. Dew of Light and Essence of Darkness, create balance and open the gates of twilight!"

"Mai, are you sure this is going to work?" Akane screamed amidst the chaos.

"I don't really know but I'm going to do it anyway!" Mai took the last reagent, the blood from Akemi and poured it all across Konohamaru. "And with this lifeblood of eternal love, bestow life upon this vessel and return it from the darkness of death." Everything became even more intense now as all of the energy began to radiate violently. "This is it people! But there's one last thing I forgot to tell you!"

"What is it?" yelled Shinja.

"The chances of this jutsu working on a human are actually 1 in a billion! If this jutsu fails, not only will it erase Konohamaru from existence, but it will also mean you need to start looking for a new Shichibi!" Mai screamed as she entered the final phase.

"WHAT!!!" everyone screamed.

Mai used one of her fingernails to slash open her palm. She quickly placed it on Konohamaru's chest as she could see everyone hoping she would stop. "Well kiddo, let's hope I can bring you home. If this works, Akemi-chan is gonna be really happy. PHOENIX REBIRTH JUTSU!" With those final words Mai and the entire altar exploded in a pillar of white flame.

So it was Haku and Konohamaru that died at the hands of Kasumi and Naruto. What's going to happen now? Since Hinata now knows that Akemi and Hanabi can use the Tenrai Serei Souki, that gives them a small chance, but what of Konohamaru? He has a 1 in a Billion chance of making it back! Will he be back in Akemi's arms, or will the Sarutobi Clan be truly extinct? And what of Mai's final words? If the jutsu fails, then she'll be destroyed as well! Also, what is Shiori going to do? Will she find a way to save Kasumi and bring her back? Only time will tell....

On a side note, I know this saga may seem a little down for everyone, since a majority has everything going good for Team Illumina. Well I'm here to give you a little teaser at a future chapter. To help everyone recover from the downtime, I'll be releasing a special alternate universe chapter. For everyone that read the first story, you might have caught the Ranma 1/2 special. Well this time...Team Illumina is going to high school...namely Ouran Academy! That's right, get ready to see Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi, and all the rest of the gang as students at the prestigious Ouran Academy, where Naruto is King of the Host Club!! But who's going to be the group's Haruhi? Is it Kasumi? Hinata? Sakura? I'll leave that up to your imagination! Take care everyone!!! See ya next chapter!

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