The Bijuu Wars

The Dark Illumina Saga: Part 3

Neokenshin: Here it is, the long awaited part 3 of the Dark Illumina Saga!

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Chapter 23: The Dark Illumina Saga: Part 3

Everyone watched as the altar where Konohamaru lay erupted in a pillar of white flame. To think that Mai would say there was a 1 in a billion chance that the jutsu would work wasn't just an understatement. It left everyone in shock.

"Hinata, Neji, can you see anything in that pillar?" asked Akane as the heat continued to rise. "Tell me you see something in there!"

"It's nothing but pure energy. I can't see through it." Hinata replied. Neji said the same thing as the light increased.

"Daisuke-kun, Mako-chan, can't you two do something!" Yugito asked.

"Do what? That heat is way too intense! Anything we throw at it will evaporate in seconds!" Daisuke replied. "We just have to wait."

So everyone kept watching the flame burn for another 5 minutes until it finally died off. The only thing left of the altar was a massive pile of ash, with no sight of Konohamaru or Mai.

"They…they didn't make it." Akane said when she saw the ash. "How could she have done something so stupid?"

"Look we had no other choice. It was the only chance we had to save Konohamaru." Shinja said. "There was nothing else we could do?"

"So it was your fault for all this Snakey! I knew we shouldn't have listened to you! This was just like the time you ended up getting all of splashed with that tonic and we all had hairy legs for a year!" Akane snapped back, causing all of the other girls to freak out.

"My fault! Oh don't get me started, Miss 'let's pull a prank that ended up with me covered in chocolate pudding!' You're the stupid one in all this!" Shinja snapped back.

"Hey Daisuke, remember that? That was fun." Inuyasha snickered while his sisters argued.

"Oh yeah, that was a good day." Daisuke replied.

While the arguing continued, the pile of ash started rustling. "Hey will you two shut up! Yeesh!" Mai actually survived the jutsu and was now digging herself out of all the ash. "And someone please tell me there's a shower nearby!"

"Mai-chan! You're ok!" Akane ran over and glomped her sister. "I swear if you ever do something that stupid again, I'll knock you out myself."

"Whatever! Now get off me you crazy furball!" Mai said as Akane helped her up. "Well, guess that one in a billion chance worked. Never thought it would work on a human."

"So that means Konohamaru's alive! Quick, someone go get Akemi-chan so she can see this!" Hanabi said. Everyone was still staring at the fact that the jutsu actually worked, so no one heard her. "HEY DORKS!" That got everyone's attention. "Like I said, go get Akemi-chan! This is her boyfriend we're talking about!"

"You're a little late on that Hanabi-chan." Arashi said as he was standing right behind her with Akemi on his back. After giving up so much of her own blood to help the jutsu, it left her extremely weak.

"Otou-san…I'm still tired. I wanna go back to bed." She said in a groggy tone.

"Sorry munchkin, but you gotta be here for this." Arashi replied. "So we gonna dig him out? I doubt he wants to keep inhaling ash."

"Makes sense." Haku said as everyone jumped in to start brushing away the ash. It took a good two minutes to dig down far enough to find the young Sarutobi, and when they found him…

"He's…he's…" Ino said in shock.

"He's my new heir to the Phoenix Clan. I now present you Konohamaru Sarutobi, Head of the Sarutobi clan and Future Shichibi no Houou." Mai said as she brushed some more dust from her face.

"So you turned him into a hanyou?" asked Akane. "I gotta say, that's pretty interesting."

"He's actually 80 percent demon. It was the only way I knew to be able to bring him back. Plus I figured Akemi-chan would want it this way." Mai replied. "Well sweetie, how does he look?"

Akemi was able to focus her vision long enough to get a good look at her resurrected boyfriend, and she couldn't be happier. "He's perfect Auntie Mai. Thank you so…much."

"Guess she's still weak. I'll get her back to bed." Arashi said, taking his smallest back to the medical ward.

"Unreal, to think he's now a Phoenix himself." Sasuke said as he looked over Konohamaru. The Sarutobi now had some definitely new traits. His hair was now flaming red and orange, with streaks of gold, and he now had three flaming feathered tails. He also grew about 4 inches and even gained a bit of muscle mass. There was also a pair of flaming red wings that sunk into his back out of sight.

"For now he's going to be out cold as his body adjusts to its new form. I'd say he'll be asleep for a week or so." Mai stated as she picked up the boy from the ash. "So I guess all of Kagome-chan's readings have come to pass now."

"Yeah it looks like it." Akane replied. "Now we just need to find a way to free Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko."

"Naruto you IDIOT!" Kasumi lashed out and struck Naruto with a sharp punch, sending him to the ground. "What the hell were you thinking? You go out and kill an 11 year old kid!"

"He was weak! He didn't deserve to live. All he was doing was taking up worthless space." Naruto replied after wiping his mouth.

"I don't care. The purpose of this mission was to try and get Hinata to our side, or to try and only have her use the Tenrai Seirei Souki jutsu and put pressure on them!" Kasumi snapped back. "Because of this, you threw everything completely out of order!"

"Oh I have huh? I'll show you out of order!" Naruto got back to his feet and immediately started his attack on Kasumi.

"Bring it on Baby Brother!" Kasumi definitely hit a nerve there, causing Naruto to go ballistic.

Of course Kimiko had finally come to and learned everything, so she just stood there and watched as Pein walked in to see the siblings go at it.

"So…what happened now?" asked Pein.

"Well, apparently from what Kasumi-chan told me, after she killed her sister Haku, she found out that her baby sister's boyfriend was part of the team to try and bring us back. Well instead of attacking him, Kasumi told him that it wasn't his time to die and that he needed to go back and train more. Mind you the kid has only been a Genin for like a year and he's only 11 years old."

"Ok, but I still don't see why those two are fighting." Pein said as the battle continued.

"Thing is, Kasumi-chan said she never intended to even hurt the kid, all because that's just plain wrong. So she ordered Naruto to back off after she told this kid to take good care of her little sister and give her a big kiss. Well Naruto pulled the 'overprotective big brother' thing and went totally out of control. He shoved a Rasengan in the kid's chest and practically destroyed him." Said Kimiko as she continued.

"Hmm, I see nothing wrong though. Did this child oppose our vision?" asked Pein.

"I doubt it. The kid was probably just trying to help get us back, and when he realized that he was overpowered, he probably backed down. My guess is that Kasumi-chan didn't think that it would even be an honorable fight in that condition." Kimiko replied. "So we get home and they go at it."

"Sibling rivalry…something I know of far too well." Pein thought to himself. Over the past weeks that the Konoha Nin had been with Akatsuki, he started noticing some things in his own past.

"Pein-sama, are you ok?" asked Kimiko.

"It is nothing Kimiko. For now we should let those two vent and prepare for the oncoming battle." Pein turned and walked off, still in thought about events himself.

An hour later, Naruto and Kasumi finally got all the rage out of their system. Afterwards Madara had them in his office to prepare for what could be Konoha's biggest battle yet.

"So there was a small hitch in the plan?" asked Madara as the three teens stood before him.

"Yeah if it hadn't been for Naruto's idiot move." Kasumi sighed. "But right now we know that Hinata has used the jutsu, so that's to our advantage. Who she used it on...well I just hope Akemi-chan will be ok at losing her boyfriend."

"Yes, the loss in war can be great, but it is needed if we are to achieve our goals of peace." Madara said. "That is why we must end this now." He opened his desk and took out a box with three improved amulets, and some special talisman seals. "We have finally finished the extraction seals, and I have also created 3 stronger amulets to enhance your demonic power."

"It is a shame that it has to come to this, but if we have no other choice…" Kasumi said as she put on the new amulet.

"Yes, it is a shame." Madara quickly formed a seal to trigger a surge of energy through the trio. However this time, the effect was different. "But I think that with your new abilities…and my enhanced control, Konoha will fall." When Madara triggered his seal, it not only caused the three teens' demonic energy to amplify, but it placed all three in a state of complete control.

"Of course Madara-sama. We won't fail this time." Kasumi now looked at him with glowing pink eyes as the energy of the Shikon no Tama coursed through her body.

"Excellent. All three of you go on standby. We shall deploy within the next day." Madara ordered. The three left his office as he contemplated the next move. "With those three now, and the power of the Shikon no Tama, Konoha will soon bow at my feet!"

"No…this cannot be happening!" Kagome suddenly came to after another reading. She had been in the Uzumaki meditation room when it hit her. "This is not good at all!"

"Kagome, what's the matter? You look as if you've seen a horde of demons." Asked her husband as he entered the room.

"Inuyasha, this is bad. Akatsuki is planning to attack soon. What's worse is that after this battle, there will only be three Bijuu left on our side." Kagome told him. "Not only that, but Kasumi will be pushed to the brink of death!"

"Kagome, do you know who Akatsuki will capture? Do you know when the attack will happen?" asked Inuyasha with a sense of distress. "You have to have seen something else!"

"No, that's all I saw. I'm sorry Inuyasha." Kagome apologized. "We need to let the others know about all of this!"

"You're right. Let's go," Inuyasha said.

The two went and met up with the other Bijuu to relay the information. After learning of this, Arashi called everyone back to the training center to start planning.

"Alright everyone, this may be the big one. Kagome just had another reading that said Akatsuki is planning to attack. This time, we put an end to this and bring back Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko." Arashi said.

"What about everyone else? We're going to have to make sure all the civilians are ok as well. Not only that, but since they have two Bijuu, they can summon both to attack." Ino said. "How are we going to counter that?"

"Well, we know that Naruto will be using the Wind Bijuu Power as his own, so Ino you're going to…" Arashi said before he was cut off.

"Arashi-sama, I'm going to fight Naruto." Hinata said which caused everyone to wonder what she was thinking.

"Hinata, there's no way you can think to take him on by yourself! He's strong enough as is, and if Madara has used the Shikon no Tama to enhance his power, you'd stand no chance!" Arashi replied.

"I don't care. I'm going to bring my fiancé home, and not one person in this room is going to stop me!" Hinata screamed back. "And forgive me for saying this, but not even the Slug Sannin, the Yellow Flash, or the Bijuu themselves can stop me from doing this." That put a shock on everyone's face.

"Hinata, you're dead serious on this, aren't you?" asked Akane. Hinata stayed firm with her decision and wasn't backing down. "Alright, he's all yours. But there's one thing you're gonna need."

"Actually it's two things." Natsumi said. "First off, she's gonna need me."

"Second, she's gonna need this." Kagome said as she gave Hinata a small charm. "This is a Miko Focusing Charm. I created it to help Kimiko in her miko training. This should help strengthen your own Miko Energy and Light Chakra. That should be enough to begin his purification."

"Ok, but I still don't see why Natsumi-chan is gonna come. She still can't merge back with him." Hinata asked.

"That's not true now. See Oka-san put a special seal on me that will now let me reverse the jutsu. Once I'm able to merge with him, you can begin to purify him." Natsumi replied. "If it works, I'll be able to overpower his Yin Chakra and bring him back to normal."

"Ok we have Naruto down. What about Kimiko and Kasumi?" Haku asked. "I mean I still wanna get a small bit of payback on Kasumi, even if it helps bring her back."

"I'll handle Kimiko." Kiba stepped forward.

"Kiba, why are you trying to play the hero all of a sudden?" Tenten questioned him.

"Look, I think I have the best chance of getting through to her. Just give me something that can purify her and I'll use it or whatever." Kiba snapped back, causing everyone to really know his intentions.

"He so has a crush on her." Mai whispered to Yugito.

"I know. Isn't it cute?" Yugito replied.

"Ok ok, we have two down." Arashi said as he turned to Sasuke. "Guess we know what you're planning Sasuke. My guess is that Shiori is going to help you too." Sasuke just nodded his response. "Very well, we won't stop either of you."

"Hard to believe this is all a bunch of battles of true love. Just like a romance novel." Mai said as she grabbed Sasuke's wrist. "Guess ya can't really do much about it." As she said that, she was pushing more of her chakra into Sasuke's gem.

"Mai-sama, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Giving you something that will help you get your princess back." Mai said. "I've given you the ability to access Phoenix Wings. If Kasumi is in StarWind mode, she probably has the ability to fly also, so you're gonna need the same thing. I'll give it to Shiori as well once she gets here."

"Thanks Mai-sama." Sasuke replied. "I appreciate that."

"Guess that means everyone else will be on village defense and civilian protection. There's also a chance that all of Akatsuki is coming, so we're gonna have to deal with the remaining members." Arashi said. "Itachi, do you have any idea how they would move?"

"Not anymore. But the only one to really be wary of is Pein. If he brought all Six Paths, then Konoha is gonna be in some serious trouble." Itachi replied.

"Ok, then here's the setup. Chouji, Ino, Hoshiko, and Udon will cover the western end of the village. Temari, Kyoji, Tenten, and Sakura will cover the east side. Hanabi, Moegi, Haku, and Neji will take care of the South. Itachi, Sheldon, and Shikamaru will handle the north. Since we know that Kagome said only three Bijuu will be left after this battle, then…" Arashi said as he turned to the seven Bijuu.

"It's best to make sure Akane, Mai, and Daisuke stay out of this. We can't afford Akatsuki to get you three." Inuyasha said.

"Inuyasha, what are you talking about! Don't be stupid!" Akane replied after what he said. "You can't be serious about giving yourself to the enemy!"

"Moonie-chan, it's gonna be ok. The team already has 8 Overdrive Knights, more than enough to handle any of us even if we're enhanced with the Shikon no Tama. Plus we already have one that can do Bijuu Fusion, and that is an asset to our side." Yugito said. "You know what will happen if Madara gets his hands on you three."

"We're staging a full assault to get you back after this, you know that right?" Mai said. "I'm not gonna have my little brothers and sisters held by a madman for long."

"Alright then. Inuyasha and Makoto will go with Neji's team, Yugito will go with Tenten's team, and Shinja is with Ino's team." Arashi said.

"Let's just hope things won't be worse. Hopefully everyone will live through this to see another day. For now, I think we should all rest and prepare. We're in for some dark times ahead." Akane said.

Everyone dispersed and went back to rest in preparation for the battle ahead. Most were all back at home hoping things would be for the best, though one of the Knights had a lot on his mind. Kiba was outside sitting on the roof of his house, looking at the stars with Akamaru.

"You know boy, this may be one of the biggest fights we've ever had. Do you really think we can bring Kimiko back?" he asked his canine partner. Akamaru let out a whimper as Kiba rubbed his back. "Yeah you're right. Even though she is a loudmouth tomboy, she's stubborn, she nitpicks us, and drives us crazy…she is pretty nice when she wants to be."

"You know she got a few of those traits from her mother." Kiba turned to see Inuyasha standing behind him. "Kagome used to be just like that from time to time."

"Inuyasha-sama, how did you…" Kiba asked, wondering how the great dog demon got past his advanced senses.

"You Inuzukas may have advances smell, but we Bijuu can easily suppress our scent." Inuyasha replied. "But to hear you of all people talking about my daughter, now that's unexpected."

"Well, it's just not been the same around here without her. I didn't want to admit it to everyone, but I do like her…sort of?" Kiba said as he looked skyward. "To be honest the first time I saw her, I thought I was looking at a goddess."

"Then her notorious attitude kicked in, didn't it?" Inuyasha laughed as Kiba remembered what happened that day. "That's something that not even I understand about her. But I've noticed a big change in her since the two of you met."

"What's that Inuyasha-sama?" Kiba asked.

"I've noticed slight changes in her scent from time to time when you two were together. That either means she's pissed off, or she's smitten." Inuyasha said. "My guess is that since she's half demon, she's using her demonic suppression to keep you from detecting that.""Knowing my luck she was probably pissed off at me for something." Kiba said.

"I wouldn't doubt yourself Kiba. A few of those times she actually looked to be in a pleasant mood." Inuyasha replied. "See Kimiko has been very picky about boys. All the ones back home are either too stuck up, brash, or idiotic and only try to impress her because of who she is."

"Hmm, that does make some sense." Kiba nodded in agreement.

"As for you, well I think you've given her what she wants…a challenge. You're not trying to show you're an alpha, nor do you try to be brash or stuck up. You don't flaunt your clan heritage, nor do you swoon over her because of her lineage." Inuyasha said. "I think what she's doing is trying to get you to become that type of person she can turn down in an instant. But because you're not doing that, it's pushing her harder and harder to try and get you to slip up. And that's why I believe she does have some kind of feelings for you."

"I never thought about that." Kiba was somewhat confused at that statement. Kimiko actually liked him, but just didn't show it because she was testing him?

"Here boy, take these." Inuyasha took out a scroll and unsealed what looked to be a pair of gloves. "I've already learned that your natural element is Earth, but there's nothing to say you can't start learning lightning attacks. Combine this with Akamaru and you two will be something."

"Inuyasha-sama, thank you. And I will keep my promise. On the name of the Inuzuka I will bring Kimiko back." Kiba said in respect.

"I know Kiba, and that's why you have my blessing. You're the only boy I approve of to date my Kimiko…because I know you're the one destined to give her eternal happiness. You don't know how proud it would make me if she had a strong man like you in her life." Inuyasha put his hand on Kiba's shoulder and looked at him with a bold glare, not of fear but of respect. "Take good care of my little girl. I'm counting on you."

"I will Inuyasha-sama." Kiba said, feeling a stronger sense of determination.

"Shiori-chan, you need to get to bed. You won't be rested enough if the battle were to start tomorrow." Mikoto walked into the main library of the Uchiha home to see her daughter racking her brain over numerous books and scrolls.

"Sorry Oka-san, but there has to be something in all of this. I've studied every single scroll we have on the Sharingan to see if there's something I can use to save Kasumi-hime." Shiori clutched her head in pain. "But there's nothing here! What is it about the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan that's causing this?"

"Hmm, well with the Eternal Mangekyo, the strength of both Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu are greatly enhanced. Since it is what you call the dark version of our bloodline, it focuses on power and overtaking your opponent." Mikoto explained. "It could be possible that he's using Tsukiyomi to control her."

"But if that were the case, then any of us could use that jutsu for mind control. But what I don't get is why she still showed feelings of compassion and love towards me and even Konohamaru-kun. Remember what Hinata-chan said? Kasumi-chan tried to keep Konohamaru-kun out of the battle, just like she did for me." Shiori questioned. "There has to be more to this and I have to find out just what it is."

"Well one thing I know is that when the Tsukiyomi is activated, the one it's used on is pulled into a world at the complete control of the user. That can be as simple as inflicting bodily harm to full personality change." Mikoto said. "Pretty much, if you're stuck in the Tsukiyomi, anything and just about everything can happen to you."

"Personality…I gotta find Sakura!" Shiori quickly rolled up the scrolls and bolted out of the room. "Oka-san, thanks!!"

"Uh what did I say?" Mikoto wondered what Shiori came up with and figured it was best to let her go.

Shiori bolted out of the Uchiha mansion at full speed for Sakura's house. If her theory was right, then she just might have figured out the way to save Kasumi. She got to the door and started banging, only to see a half sleep Sakura.

"Shiori-chan, what is it?" Sakura said half asleep.

"I need your help! I think I might have found the way to bring back Kasumi-hime and Konan-chan from Madara's control!" Shiori ran inside as Sakura was still trying to get herself awake.

"What are you talking about?" Sakura asked as she rubbed her eyes.

"What I'm talking about is your inner persona." Shiori said as she threw the scrolls on the table. "That may be the key to helping me."

"Uh, ok. But Inner Sakura hasn't been around for about a year. It's a trait of all Harunos that reach their 15th birthday. The inner persona becomes one with their mind again and we never have it anymore." Sakura said. "I don't think I can help you that much."

"No, you just helped me even more." Shiori said as she activated her Shinsei Mangekyo Sharingan. "TSUKIYOMI!"

"Shiori…" Unfortunately Sakura wasn't fast enough as she was taken inside the world created in her mind that Shiori now had absolute control over.

(Tsukiyomi World)

"Shiori, what the hell are we doing here?" asked an angry Sakura.

"Oka-san helped me come up with an idea. You know how Madara is controlling Kasumi? Well there was no information about a Sharingan user having mind control abilities. Those are only known traits of the Yamanaka." Shiori said as she began to mold the world into a more suitable test area. "What I found out was that this world created by the Tsukiyomi gives me absolute control. That means I'm practically Kami here."

"Yeah, and what about it?" Sakura asked.

"Just think about it. Watch what happens when I do this." Shiori walked up and delivered a sharp strike on Sakura's arm. "Now tell me what you feel?"

"Damn Shiori! That really hurt!" Sakura said in pain.

"Now how much you want to bet once I release the Tsukiyomi, you're still gonna feel that." Shiori said. "It's because this is the secret of the Uchiha's ultimate genjutsu!"

"Ok, but I still don't see why you need me." Sakura replied as she nursed her injured arm.

"It's because of this!" Shiori closed her eyes and focused on Sakura. The next thing the pink haired kunoichi knew, she felt herself being pulled apart.

"Hey, this…what are you…" Sakura said as she could feel a separate entity splitting from her.

"I'm doing this! Sakura, say hello to Inner Sakura once more." Shiori said when she finished what she was doing. Sakura turned and low and behold, she now stood beside her inner persona once again.

"Holy crap! You mean you actually separated her from me?" Sakura was in awe of seeing her inner persona.

"Yeah, what's the deal? I thought I had merged back into your mind?" Inner Sakura replied.

"You did. But see here's the thing I figured out. In this world, Sakura is the physical manifestation of her own mind!" Shiori said. "Now watch what happens when I do this." Shiori then turned her focus to Inner Sakura and channeled her chakra. Sakura then saw her inner persona clutch her head as if she was in pain.

"Shiori, what are you doing to her?" Sakura looked over and soon saw Inner Sakura get up as if she was being controlled.

"I'm doing exactly what Madara did to Kasumi and Konan! Now Inner Sakura, restrain Sakura!" Shiori ordered.

Inner Sakura quickly got behind the real Sakura and restrained her. "What do you wish me to do with her Shiori-sama?"

"I want you to let her go." Shiori sent another command and caused the inner persona to release Sakura. "Now I want you to return to normal."

"Hey, what happened to me? Sakura, what's going on?" asked Inner Sakura as she got her bearings back.

"Apparently you were under Shiori's control." Sakura explained. "But Shiori-chan, how did you do that to her? I'm still confused as to how you even brought her here in the first place!"

"It was as I said before. In the Tsukiyomi, the user has absolute control over everything here! My guess is that when Madara used his, he created a darker persona of Kasumi-hime, and was controlling her. That's also got to be what he did to Konan-chan. Somehow he created the persona and it merged back with the real Konan, apparently staying in control. But Itachi-nii-san somehow found a way to release that persona's control on Konan temporarily." Shiori said. "My guess is that due to the strength of Madara's Sharingan, he wasn't able to fully extract the controlling persona."

"So you're saying if you can pull apart that controlling persona from Kasumi-chan, then manipulate it, you can break the mind control on her?" Sakura asked.

"Exactly! But see it may be possible that Madara used the Shikon no Tama to strengthen that darker persona in her, meaning manipulation won't work. I'm going to have to destroy that persona." Shiori said as she released the Tsukiyomi

(End Tsukiyomi World)

"Whoa, that was crazy. And why does my arm still hurt?" Sakura asked as she began to heal herself.

"Remember, I hit you in the Tsukiyomi. It transferred back to you once I released the jutsu." Shiori said when she noticed something different about Sakura. "Hey Sakura, why is one of your eyes blue?"

"Blue? My eyes are green." Sakura went over to her mirror and now saw she had one blue eye and one green eye. "Ok, this is FREAKY!!!"

"Not at all Sakura. Thanks to Shiori, I'm now back and can now travel freely through your mind. Let's just say because of this you can now learn and master jutsu much faster." Inner Sakura said. "Not only that, but try this. Perform a summoning jutsu, but add 'Sakura' before it."

"Hmm, ok." Sakura bit her thumb, tapped each of her fingers and placed her hand on the ground. "SAKURA KUCHOYSE NO JUTSU!" And in a burst of smoke…

"Yep it worked!" Inner Sakura said, now standing before her true counterpart. "Thanks to Shiori, you can now summon me to fight beside you. And the best thing…I have everything you have, including your Wood Armor!"

"And since she's a summon, she won't disappear like a Kage Bunshin when she takes a hit!" Shiori said. "Plus I think we now have a better fighting chance!"

"I hope you're right Shiori-chan, this battle is not going to be easy at all." Sakura replied.

About two days passed when Team Illumina found out Akatsuki was on their way. Once they caught sight of the cloaked shinobi, everyone moved quickly to get the village to safety. This was going to be the day where they would bring back their three friends, although it be at the cost of the Bijuu.

"So Naruto, ready to make a big entrance?" Kasumi looked over with a dark grin.

"As long as it means I get to kill more, then I'm all for it." Naruto replied darkly.

"Alright, you know Madara-sama's orders. We go in, capture the Bijuu, reclaim Konan, and kill the Illumina Knights." Kasumi said as she went over the plan. "Oh and feel free to torch anything in your way boys." Kisame, Kakuzu, and Hidan looked over at the three with sickly smiles. "Oh and you, the newbie, look I know you like to go crazy, but don't overdo it ok."

"Oh I won't overdo it that much!" Deidara looked at the kitsune girl as he was rolling a ball of clay in his hand. "That crazy catgirl will die for what she did to me!"

"Seriously Deidara, take it easy. Madara-sama said it wasn't easy to find any trace of your body after how it was brutally destroyed. Though I'm surprised he used that Edo Tensei to bring you of all people back." Kisame said. "I would have thought he would have brought Sasori back instead."

"Shut up fish boy before I turn you into blown up tuna." Deidara snapped back.

"Alright boys, let's go in and have fun." Kasumi said. "Naruto, now."

"Perfect!" Naruto and Kasumi stood outside the large gates and began to focus their energy. "Let the destruction begin."

"ULTIMATE OVERDRIVE: CELESTIAL CYCLONE!" said the duo as they unleashed the biggest wind storm in history! The winds were so powerful it blew off massive doors and sliced them to splinters.

"Akatsuki…ATTACK!" Kasumi yelled her orders as they all rushed into the village, only to be met by three people.

"Took you long enough to get here." Kiba said with a smirk.

"So you want to be the first to die? Fine, I'll kill you all quickly!" Naruto roared in rage.

"Naruto, I don't think you'll be doing that. Not if she has anything to say about this." Sasuke pointed over to Hinata who was radiating in chakra in her Awakened form. "And I have to say I think she's rather pissed off at you for being this stupid."

"It doesn't matter! You can't beat us!" Kimiko replied, when Kiba made the first move.

"Really, well I could beat a tomboy like you any day of the week!" Kiba taunted her, getting her blood boiling.

"Alright Kasumi, screw this. I'm killing that mutt here and now!" Kimiko was enraged by Kiba's taunt.

"That's if you can catch me, tomboy!" Kiba jumped on Akamaru and began to take off into the village.

"Get back here!" Kimiko said as she gave chase.

"Hope she kills him quickly. But as for you two…" Kasumi said, before Hinata made her move.

"Sorry Kasumi, I have my own plans!" Hinata rushed in with unreal speed and grabbed a hold of Naruto. "We end this sick joke NOW!" Hinata then held up a paper seal and really shocked everyone with her next move. "HIRAISHIN NO JUTSU!"

"Hiraishin! There's no way you know that…" Kasumi said before Hinata and Naruto vanished in a flash of light.

"Heh, guess we know who the smarter one is now, huh Kasumi-chan." Sasuke replied.

"You know Sasuke…I had it set that no one from Akatsuki would attack you, no matter how much you opposed us. But this time, I'm changing that." Kasumi said. "Hidan, attack the north, Kakuzu, the South, Deidara, the East, and Kisame, the West. Your orders are to get the Bijuu ONLY! The moment you capture one, use the recall jutsu and get out of here."

"Understood." Kisame said as the four went their separate ways.

"You know you can't beat me Kasumi-chan. Not only am I stronger as a shinobi, but also as a Kitsune, and as an Illumina Knight. Even your StarWind power won't be enough to defeat me." Sasuke said, getting Kasumi riled up.

"We'll see about that Sasuke-chan! Follow me if you can." Kasumi then blasted off the ground into the air and flew off towards her destination.

"Actually, I can." Sasuke pressed a button on his transformer to activate Phoenix Wings. On his back appeared six red flaming wings. "Time to bring you home princess. I just hope you figured something out Shiori-chan."

Kiba and Akamaru were running full speed through Konoha, leading Kimiko to a fairly deserted area of the village. Hopefully it would be enough to stop her and break her from the corruption.

"Hey boy, think we have much of a chance?" he asked of his canine companion. Akamaru just let out a small whimper. "Yeah I know what you mean buddy. But I need you to promise me something, let me fight her by myself." Akamaru growled back in discontent. "I know, I know, it sounds stupid…but I think…it's the only way I can hopefully tell her."

"Tell me what?" Kiba turned his attention and saw that Kimiko was already ahead of him with an arrow loaded. He looked into her cold eyes and only saw bloodlust and destruction. "That you're ready to die?"

"Kimiko, how did you…" Kiba said before he barely missed the arrow she fired.

"You forget, I am more than a pathetic human. Unlike you, the blood of the mightiest demon dogs runs through me, and thus Madara-sama has empowered me with the strength of the Shikon no Tama." Kimiko had another arrow ready. "Did you actually think that you'd stand a chance against me?"

"Kimiko, listen to me! This isn't you! You're under mind control!" Kiba pleaded as Kimiko began her arrow assault. He had to move fast as her arrows were now much stronger and faster than before. "What happened to that arrogant tomboy that didn't take any crap from anyone?"

"Arrogant tomboy?" Kimiko's blood began to boil with rage. "This arrogant tomboy is about to put you down for good, you worthless mutt!" With that, she charged at him full speed, transforming her chakra bow into a chakra staff.

"This is it. Time to make good on my vow to Inuyasha-sama." Kiba thought to himself as he prepared for one hell of a fight.

On the other side of the village Hinata and Naruto appeared in one of the training forests after Hinata's apparent use of the Hiraishin, with Hinata throwing Naruto back.

"How…there's no way you know the Hiraishin?" Naruto growled as Hinata kept a cold stare at him.

"I don't. I had a little bit of help." Hinata replied as Arashi appeared behind her.

"Sorry Naruto, but this is the only way we're getting you back. Not only that but you really made Hinata mad with that little stunt on Konohamaru, and trust me she's NOT happy at all." Arashi said.

"Like it matters. I'll kill both of you and then I'll kill everyone else in this pathetic village." Naruto roared as his energy flared.

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you. Just let me give you one last bit of fatherly advice." Arashi said as he formed the seal for his Hiraishin. "Remember, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, see you back at home." After those words Arashi vanished in a flash.

"Words are meaningless. I'll take those words and…" Naruto said before he suddenly felt his arm go limp. "What the hell!"

"You didn't forget did you? Right now it's Naruto/Hinata time, and I have a lot planned for us Naru-chan." Hinata said after she threw a directed shot of chakra into his arm. "First I plan for us to do a little bit of dancing, then talk about how things have been going, and then…"

"And then what?" Naruto said as he started using his energy to re-open his tenketsu. "I kill you?"

"No…" Hinata said as Naruto noticed her channeling a blue energy in her hands. "I GET MY NARUTO BACK! HAOH SHOKO KEN! (Supreme King Roaring Fist)" She threw a massive blast of Ki Energy at Naruto, sending him crashing into a few trees. She was already on the move before Naruto even came to a stop, unleashing strike after strike upon him. After a few hits Naruto caught on and moved out of the way, beginning his own retaliation as the two entered a fierce taijutsu battle. Hinata knew that if she didn't stop him here and now, she'd never get him back. While all of this was going on, Natsumi was watching from her standpoint, preparing herself for the right moment.

"Alright Hina-chan, it's all up to you. I know you can do this." She said to herself as the battle began.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Tenten looked completely dumbfounded over the return of Deidara. "It's completely impossible! I killed you myself!"

"Oh yeah, that thing. I meant to tell you that hurt like hell, you worthless feline!" Deidara snapped back. "But luckily I got a second chance…and this time I'm better than ever!"

"Wait, is he really serious? He's in a 5 on 1 battle and he really thinks he's got a chance?" Temari asked.

"Actually that's six." Sakura said as she summoned Inner Sakura.

"Ok, 6 on 1, but still. We've got the full Gravity element line here, and Tenten alone was able to handle this guy before. I say we toast him and get back to helping everyone else." Temari said.

"Oh you'd like that wouldn't you?" Deidara said with a smirk as the team noticed a pink aura forming around him. What surprised the group even more were two strange looking arms with mouths that formed out of Deidara's back. "This time you won't get the chance to do anything." Deidara's two demonic mouths shot out several globs of clay that exploded on contact, spraying a dark blue cloud of gas in the air.

"What the hell is this crap?" Kyoji started coughing as he noticed it started getting colder for some reason.

"It's simple. Thanks to your little foxy friend, I know what counters your Gravity Power…ICE!!!!" Deidara cackled as he shot off more bombs. "She told me that adding liquid nitrogen to my explosives would turn them into ice bombs, perfect for making a wild kitty cat like you chill out!"

"Liquid…Temari, you gotta blow all this gas away with your fan!" Sakura noticed that Yugito, Tenten, and Kyoji were on their knees coughing and becoming more sluggish. "Apparently nekomata can't take cold temperatures!!"

"Alright, just hold…" Temari drew her fan, only to now notice it was laced with the same clay spiders that she had been told was used against Gaara. "Oh crap!" With all her strength, she threw her fan away from the group just as Deidara detonated it.

"We can't have that now, can we?" Deidara smirked as he prepared another batch of explosives. "This time, I'm taking that mangy cat with me, and you're not going to stop me!!"

"Things just got a whole lot worse Sakura-chan." Temari said as she realized it was not going to be easy.

"Oh come on, why did we have to get stuck with the freak with five masks!" Hanabi jumped out of the way of a lightning shot from Kakuzu's yellow mask. "Neji, can't you do something about that lightning?"

"Not really! He's combining his Earth element with his Water and Fire Elements. Inuyasha-sama and I can't pierce that wood defense!" Neji replied back as he and Inuyasha were trying to get in to strike with lightning.

"The Metal Guard isn't working either! Not even my Sode no Shiraiyuki could cut it! And how he blocked Aunt Makoto's skills…" Haku said as she tried catching her breath. "There has to be something to stop this guy!"

"His aura is in too many places. Not only that but it feels demonic somehow. He's not human at all." Makoto was busy enough dealing with the beast that was combined from the Earth and Fire masks.

"Wait, is there a way you might be able to combine all of your ice energy? I mean with Moegi-chan here, you have your Bijuu and your Support Knight." Hanabi asked. "I can try to give you some defense while you set up, and Neji-nii-san could attack with Inuyasha-sama?"

"It may be the only chance we've got." Haku said.

"Too bad that chance will fail!" Kakuzu started another attack, not giving the team much time to make their move.

"You again? If it wasn't bad enough smelling your fish breath the first time." Shinja complained when she saw that the team was up against Kisame."

"A snake shouldn't try to snap at a shark. You'll only get eaten faster." Kisame laughed.

"Don't think you're gonna get Shinja-sama that easy. You're dealing with her matching Knight and we happen to know how to really bring the pain!" Ino replied. "Also I don't think you wanna try anything since Udon-kun here happens to be the Lightning Support Knight."

"Heh, grilled fish…I'm already getting hungry." Chouji rubbed his belly in delight.

"Is he always like this?" asked Shinja.

"No, he's worse." Ino sighed. "But how should we cook him? I think Hoshi-chan could roast him pretty well."

"That wimpy little girl? Like she could…" Kisame smirked before he felt a blast of heat shoot past his face.

"Next time, my Flare Shot won't miss." Hoshiko replied. "And I happen to not only be a kitsune, but a Hyuuga as well, trained by Hiashi-sama himself!"

"Not only that, but I happened to be trained by both the Lightning Knight and Lightning Bijuu as well." Udon used his new armor to summon a set of twin Lightning Swords. "If she doesn't get you with her Flare Shot, then my Shock Blade will."

"I see, then Samehada will have a feast on all the chakra today." Kisame pulled out his sword and shoved it into the ground, causing it to start draining all of the chakra in the area. "Also, I happen to have a gift. Namely a bit of a family reunion, and he's got some brand new tricks!!"

"He's...wait, if you're planning on summoning my brother, then it's not going to work. He's as strong as I am, and both Ino and Chouji could stop him." Shinja replied.

"Oh really? Well since he received this new upgrade, it seems his power level has gone higher." Kisame pulled out a brown crystal, revealing the Earth Hoshi no Tama. "And I think right now he's going to be able to beat the snot out of his little sister!"

"Can this really suck any worse!" Shinja whined as her brother Tsukune was summoned. "So chicken-butt, we gotta fight you, huh?"

"Looks like it. And you know this is really getting kinda old." Tsukune replied.

"Alright, Chouji, Hoshiko, and Udon, you three deal with shark boy over there." Shinja said. "Ino, looks like we have to deal with my brother, and it's not going to be easy."

"Sorry Snakey, but this time, I can't let that happen." Tsukune said as he rushed in and delivered a sharp strike to Ino, sending her careening through the village with blinding speed. The force was strong enough to even knock the Wood Hoshi no Tama out of Ino's Transformer. "And trust me I don't want this to happen, but I don't have much of a choice."

"You've never been this…the Shikon no Tama!" Shinja suddenly realized her brother had been exposed to the gem and was now way stronger. "Ok change of plans, Chouji, you're with me. Hoshiko, Udon, keep my Hoshi no Tama away from that fish boy! Do whatever you have to do to stop him!"

"Alright Shinja-sama. Come on Udon-kun!" Hoshiko put the gem in her pocket and got ready for her first major fight.

"All too easy." Kisame smirked.

"To think I'd see your worthless face again. Normally I'd say this was troublesome, but right now the only thing going through my mind is how to make you painfully suffer a slow death." Shikamaru looked on as he, Sheldon, and Itachi now stood before Hidan. "I hope you know I've been waiting for months to finally avenge my teacher."

"So that bearded loser did die after all? I'll have to make sure I send praise to Jashin for that." Hidan laughed. "But really, do you think even having Itachi here will help you?"

"Always the cocky one, weren't you Hidan?" Itachi said. "It's no wonder they paired you with Kakuzu. As reckless as you are, you'd end up killing everyone you work with."

"Meaningless words coming from a worthless spy like you. How Madara-sama even considered you family, I'll never know. He had more loyalty out of Kasumi than he ever got out of you." Hidan replied back, striking a nerve in Itachi. "When he told us how he went in and completely tortured her in order to turn her to our side…it brought me tears of joy."

"Don't you ever speak of my imouto-chan like that," growled Itachi.

"Itachi, it seems that we need to pacify this infidel swiftly." Sheldon said calmly. "And it's high time you show him the full force of the Shadow Illumina."

"Wait a minute…where did you…" Shikamaru asked when he saw Sheldon pull out a dark purple crystal.

"Call it a gift from Akane-sama." Sheldon tapped into the chakra of the Hoshi no Tama, and focused it into Itachi and Shikamaru's transformers. "This time Shikamaru, you're revenge will be worthwhile."

"Hey, what the hell are you doing over there?" asked Hidan as he saw the trio engulfed in a dark purple aura.

"I guess we should tell you Hidan. You see it seems that our friend here has access to the chakra of the sealed Tenbi no Ryu…which happens to be my guardian Bijuu." Itachi stared at Hidan with his Sharingan flaring. "Since I've now been exposed to that pure Bijuu chakra…"

"We've heard from a letter that Kasumi-chan sent to Shiori-chan that you hated facing Naruto in Overdrive when you made him mad." Shikamaru said. "It's a shame that you've just made Itachi mad with that little thing you said about Kasumi."

"So Itachi, would you like to finally do the honors?" Sheldon asked as the aura died down.

"With pleasure. SHADOW OVERDRIVE!" Itachi screamed, exploding in a wave of blackness.

"Don't think that so called immortality of yours will save you this time." Shikamaru was just as focused as his aura increased as well. "I'll make sure you suffer for a thousand lifetimes for what you did to Asuma!"

Hidan simply took his scythe and twirled it, prepping himself. "I welcome your death and Jashin will reward me greatly."

"Has there been any news on the battle out there?" asked Akane as she paced back and forth in the command room of the training facility.

"Not as far as I can tell Akane-chan." Daisuke replied after overlooking the monitors. "It seems that everything has just gotten started, although it's not good with some of these readings I'm pulling up."

"What readings?" Mai asked when Daisuke showed her one of the screens.

"Apparently there's way more demonic aura out there. Not only that, but Tsukune's also in battle as well." Daisuke replied. "We can only hope that he hasn't been exposed to the Shikon no Tama, otherwise Ino and Shinja are gonna have their hands full."

"Damn! Why aren't we out there! The three of us alone could handle all of this!" Mai struck her fist in rage. "We don't need to be holed up in here waiting for this battle to end!"

"Mai-chan, you know we can't go out there. Madara knows our elemental weaknesses, and thanks to his control over Kasumi-chan, he's probably got a way to disable us faster than anything." Akane said, hoping to calm her sister. "Besides, if he got a hold of any of us three, there's no telling how much damage he could inflict."

"I guess you're right. I just hope that Kiba, Hinata, and Sasuke can save those three. Konoha's just not the same without them." Mai sighed in defeat.

"You're right. I hate to say it, but I do kinda miss the bickering fest that you and Kasumi-chan had back when you were a teenager." Akane chuckled. "But it would have been funnier if she had gotten pranked by Yugito and Akemi as well."

"Speaking of Akemi, we should go check on her and Konohamaru." Daisuke said as Shizune rushed into the command room, looking like she ran a marathon.

"Shizune, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost or something." Akane asked.

"Akane-sama, I just got back from checking on Akemi and Konohamaru." Shizune said while catching her breath.

"Oh we were on our way in there. How are the two?" Akane asked.

"Akemi's gone!" Shizune said, causing the three Bijuu to snap to.

"Why would she be gone? She's still not fully healed after all that blood loss!" Mai asked when a beep went off on one of the monitors. "What in the world is that?"

"I don't know." Daisuke went over and started checking the monitors and definitely didn't see something good. "This isn't possible!"

"Daisuke-kun, what is it?" Akane and Mai both looked worried, knowing the battle was going on.

"It's the Light Overdrive Transformer…it's gone online!" Daisuke replied.

"There's no possible way! Kasumi-chan doesn't have…" Akane said before it finally hit her. "Akemi has the transformer!"

"What good is it in her hands? She already has her own for her Light Armor." Mai said. "You don't think she's planning on giving it to Kasumi, do you?"

Akane thought for a minute and tried to figure out what Akemi would possibly have a reason for using the Light Overdrive Transformer, "I think I might have an idea and it's not good!"

"Oh boy, any time you say something isn't good, then it isn't good!" Daisuke said.

"Even though she's adopted, Akemi is just like Kasumi. She's the type of person that won't be underestimated when it comes to anything. And in this case…" Akane said. "This case is rescuing her sister by any…Daisuke, open up communication to Akemi now!"

"On it sis." Daisuke immediately began working to open transmission.

"Akane, I don't like this at all. What's she going to do?" asked Mai.

"If I know her, she's going to attempt to use her power crystal for her armor in the Light Transformer! If she's not careful, that could possibly kill her!" Akane said.

As for Akemi...

"Kasumi-chan, don't worry…I'm coming." Even though she wasn't injured, she was still trying to recover all the blood she lost in Konohamaru's resurrection. It did slow her down greatly, but right now she wasn't about to let anything stop her from getting her sister back. She looked over at her right wrist where her normal armor transformer was, and looked at the Light Overdrive transformer on her left wrist. "You always told me to never give up and don't let anyone underestimate me…well this time I'll show you what your words mean Kasumi-chan."

"Akemi, come in! This is Akane, come in!" Akane said over her communicator. "Akemi Uzumaki what do you think you're doing!"

"I'm sorry Oka-san, but I have to do this. I have to prove that Kasumi-chan is still there, and that she really tried to save Maru-kun." Akemi said.

"You're not healed yet! Get back here now or you're grounded until you're 16!" Akane screamed over the communicator.

"I'm sorry Oka-san, I can't do that. I'm an Uzumaki, I never give up when I have a mission." Akemi said. "But if I make it out of this with Kasumi-chan, could I get at least one day to see Maru-kun?"

"Akemi-chan, listen to me. I know what you're planning and it is potential suicide! Your power crystal doesn't have the strength that the Light Illumina Gem has. If you try to use it in the Light Transformer, you could end up killing yourself!" Akane explained. "Look it's bad enough that Naruto and Kasumi's fates are up in the air right now, but I don't need to have you walking into certain death on my mind!"

Akemi could hear Akane start to cry over the communicator and knew this was hurting her. "I know Oka-san, but like I said, I'm really, really sorry. Wish me luck."

"Akemi, don't do…" Akemi cut off the communicator and knew she had one chance at this. She opened her own transformer to reveal a sparkling white crystal. "Guess it's now or never." As she took the crystal out, she felt the wind move as she saw Kasumi and Sasuke flying towards the Hokage Monument for their fight. With that final sight Akemi put her crystal into the Light Overdrive Transformer. "Kasumi-chan…you've given me guidance before. Please watch over me as I try to bring you back to us. LIGHT ILLUMINA OVERDRIVE!"

"Damn, Kimiko's not making this easy on me." Kiba hid in an empty building trying to catch his breath. Kimiko was definitely giving him a run for his money with her archery skills. Though he hadn't come out unscathed. "That arrow seriously hurt." He pulled out the arrow in his right shoulder and began to wrap his arm. "What am I gonna do? Talking to her isn't working, and fighting her head on hasn't worked either."

"Hey dog boy, don't think you can hide from me!" Kimiko yelled from the outside. "I hope you didn't forget that I can smell you!"

"Great, I gotta think of something fast!" Kiba looked around at his surroundings and found nothing. "Kami, what is up with this? I don't want to use the Lightning Claws on her right now, but if I don't take her out, she's gonna kill me."

"I think I'm just going to kill you now!" One of Kimiko's arrows shot through an empty window, landing right next to Kiba. Normally her arrows would begin to dissipate energy, but this one started blinking.

"Getting sloppy, aren't you? I always knew a tomboy like you couldn't hit me!" Kiba taunted.

"Oh, I wasn't aiming to hit you directly…yet. Detonator Arrows don't work like that." Kimiko said calmly.

"Detonator Arrow…oh SH..!" Kiba barely had a second to move as the arrow exploded. He jumped out of the building as it began to collapse from the explosive arrow. "Holy crap!"

"So the prey arrives. I always liked it when it was this easy." Kiba turned to see Kimiko with her bow loaded. "Completely useless aren't you."

"You're just lucky I'm not fighting with Akamaru, then this would be too easy." Kiba replied as he wiped a bit of blood from his mouth. "Now come on Kimiko, give up this stupid game."

"Game? Is that what you think this is? Just some petty game?" Kimiko was definitely starting to get angry. "I've moved up in the world. Thanks to Akatsuki, I'm stronger, faster, and better than ever! I have everything I want."

Kiba just stared at her with an unmoving eye. "So you have everything? I guess there was one challenge that was too hard for you, wasn't it?"

"What are you talking about?" asked Kimiko.

"I know from Inuyasha-sama that you were challenging me. You were trying to make me act like every other guy that has ever met you. You wanted me to slip up, and be just like any other guy that has tried to go out with you." Kiba replied, causing Kimiko to slightly think for a second. "But when you saw that I couldn't care less about that, it lit a fire in you."

"You're lying! I never challenged you to anything that stupid!" Kimiko snapped back as she lowered her bow.

"Yeah you did. Ever since I first called you a stupid tomboy, you just couldn't stop. You couldn't wait for the moment I acted just like all the others so you could shoot me down in flames." Kiba said. "But you know something, I could care less about your stupid challenge."

"Screw this! I'm killing you now!" Kimiko readied her bow, but this time Kiba could see. She was shaking. Maybe he hit the point that was going to change everything. "Don't even try to stop me!"

Kiba stood unmoved. If he didn't get through now, there was no chance of getting her back. "I'm not stopping you."

Kimiko continued to tremble as Kiba stood her down. Madara's control told her to strike him down in cold blood, but she began to doubt that order. "I…I…" She drew her bow even tighter to give the arrow maximum speed. In an instant she could end this, but a small part of her continued to resist and Kiba knew it was now or never.

"Looks like this is my last shot," he thought to himself. "I have to get this talisman on her somehow." He could feel the mystic item that Kagome had given him. It was the only thing that could purify Kimiko and remove any negative effects of the Shikon no Tama from her. "Alright… Time to end this Kimiko!"

"Kiba what are you…" Kimiko lowered her bow when she heard the one thing she never expected out of Kiba.

"Before you attack, I want you to know something. I don't hate you at all. The only reason I ever called you a tomboy was because I couldn't admit that I actually like you. When I first saw you, you looked like a goddess in my eyes and I didn't know how to react." Kiba confessed, sending a thought of confusion through Kimiko.

"No…no. You…you're lying! That's not true, you're just like all the others!" Kimiko replied back as she felt her head cringe in pain. "You don't care about me! You only care about who I am!"

"If I cared who you were, I would have tried to ask Kasumi out a long time ago. I'm serious Kimiko, I don't care that you're a Miko or that you're an Inu Princess. I don't care if you were the runt of the pack!" Kiba continued with his confession. "Meeting you taught me to get over my superficial views and start looking at the real person inside."

"Shut up! Quit lying to me! All you care about is my lineage, my powers, who my father is! You only say this for your own personal gain!" Kimiko screamed in pain.

"If I'm lying to you Kimiko, then kill me here and now." Kiba disabled his Earth Armor and returned to his normal gear. "I know you're stronger than what Madara has you under, and you know I'm right."

"No…no…NO!" Kimiko clutched her head in pain. She had never felt such a headache, almost as if her head was splitting in two.

"But when I said I like you, I was serious Kimiko. I want to give it a chance…you and me." Kiba said, causing Kimiko to go into a painful rage.

"I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" Kimiko exploded in a burst of confused rage. She changed her bow into a sword of miko energy and charged straight at Kiba. "MIKO ART! SHINTOU SHOUGEKIHA! (Sacred Light Shockwave)"

Kiba knew this was it, ether Kimiko came back, or she was gone forever. "KIMIKO!!!"

In just a split second, everything happened. Kiba and Kimiko stood still in time after Kimiko's attack. It had gotten so quiet, you could hear the leaves rustle in the wind.

"YAA!!!" Kimiko screamed as Kiba was able to place the purification talisman on her, causing the effects of the Konpaku Kairan and the Shikon No Tama to instantly leave her body. She fell to her knees in, glowing in a pink aura as her body was purified. However Kiba wasn't without damage himself.

"I…got you, stupid tomboy." He coughed out a large amount of blood as Kimiko's sword was impaled in the side of his stomach. "I told you…you wouldn't be…be…be…" He soon fell to the ground, struggling to stay awake. Though he could still look on as the pink aura faded from Kimiko.

"What in the world…what the hell is going on here?" Kimiko looked around to see herself in the destroyed part of the village. "Wait, where's Kasumi-chan!"

"She's…probably with Sasuke." Kiba coughed up some more blood as Kimiko turned to see him on the ground.

"Kiba, what the hell…who did this to you!" Kimiko asked when she saw the sword. "Oh no! Kiba!!!" She quickly ran over and dispelled the sword. "Kiba, I'm so sorry!"

"Hey, it's ok. I guess…I guess I kept my promise." Kiba said as Kimiko pulled out her first aid kit.

"What promise? What happened?" Kimiko was still confused, possibly from not remembering everything that happened.

"You were under Madara's control." Kiba spat out. "That and you gave me a really good butt whooping."

"Stupid mutt. I know what happened, and I heard everything." Kimiko said as she slowly dressed his wound. "I want to know why?"

"Why what?" Kiba looked confused from her question, but knew what she meant.

"Why me, you baka! Why do you see me the way you do?" she asked.

"I guess it's because you understand me the most. We're both wild and untamed, like the strongest of dogs. But in you, I see the same things that I see in my mom." Kiba said.

"Oh great, now I'm like your mother?" Kimiko said while she tied off a bandage.

"Yeah, you're strong. Not only physically, but headstrong, like a pack leader. Yet you can be nurturing and caring like a mother to her pups. You show loyalty to the pack and would be willing to fight tooth and nail for them." Kiba explained. "Mom always told me that I shouldn't look for a girl who's all looks, because that may be the only thing she has."

"So that's how you see me?" she asked. "You don't see me as the daughter of the most powerful High Priestess in this world, or as the daughter and princess of the Gobi no Inu?"

"Like I said, if that's what I cared about, then I would have gone after Kasumi a long time ago." Kiba chuckled. "Hey, you remember back when we first came to your village and you took a huge dose of that poison miasma? Well I thought you were just being stupid again, but Kagome-sama told me how you risked yourself just to save those two kids."

"Oh yeah, I remember that." Kimiko said as she helped Kiba up.

"That told me a lot about you, that you aren't all about looks and your lineage. I guess that's when I really started liking you." Kiba said as he clutched his stomach.

Kimiko took in his words, and even remembered the words he said earlier about how she was challenging him. To think he would be as sincere, considering all of the bickering and arguing they did. It literally brought her to tears. "You want to know something…you really are a stupid mutt."

"Wait, I…" Kiba was cut off as Kimiko turned and kissed him. She pulled herself close to him and just let things go.

"You're a stupid mutt…but that's what I like about you too, Kiba." Kimiko said as she released the kiss. She let off a loud whistle to call Akamaru. "Alright, I guess I need to get you to the vet."

"Whatever you say, tomboy." Kiba replied, before Kimiko slapped him on his wound, sending a severe pain through his body.

"Watch it mutt boy, or I'll put you down for good." Kimiko said with a small laugh as she helped him back through the village.

"Works for me…Kimiko-chan." Kiba replied as he turned on his communicator. "Kiba to base, this is Kiba to base."

"Daisuke here, Kiba are you ok?" asked Daisuke over the speaker.

"He's fine Uncle Daisuke. I put a sword through him, but he's a big boy and will get over it." Kimiko said.

"Looks like he did a good job then. Alright, head back to the training center and we'll get you taken care of. And Kimiko, welcome back." Daisuke said. "I'll let Kagome know."

"Alright. One more thing, where's my dad at?" Kimiko asked.

"He's in combat right now. It's best you get back and we'll explain everything to you." Daisuke replied. "We'll see you in a bit."

"Gotcha. Kiba and Kimiko out." Kiba said, closing transmission.

"Looks like we don't have much time." Kimiko said as Akamaru met up with the duo. He could tell Kiba was injured, but when he saw Kimiko, and noticed the change in her scent, he was glad the two were ok. "Don't worry Akamaru, I'm back for good this time."

"Arf!" Akamaru let out a proud bark.

"Come on boy, we gotta get back to the training center." Kiba got up on Akamaru's back, helping Kimiko up and sitting her in front of him. "Full speed!" Akamaru took note and dashed off through the village.

"Well well, looks like you've gotten a little more feisty Hinata." Naruto brushed off a strike and fell back into resting stance. "I like that in my women."

"Don't push your luck pretty boy." Hinata replied. "All you know is that I plan on beating the life out of you to get my Naruto back, not the creep I'm looking at now." Hinata had been at it pretty heavy herself, after going full force in her Awakened form. The last time she used it, she had made quick work of Mikoto, but this time it seemed that Naruto was giving her more of a run for her money. "Tell me something, what drove you to kill Konohamaru the way you did? I would have thought that someone like you would have tried to savor that kill a little more, instead of just going for an instant strike."

"Hinata, Hinata, why do you want to know? Has my killing lit a flame inside you?" Naruto said. "Or is it you understand that weakness will never be tolerated."

"Weak? Yeah right. Konohamaru was probably the strongest person in that fight that day. Considering he stared death in the face when Kasumi-chan walked up to him, I'd say he made you look weak." Hinata said while she caught her breath. "Considering who he learned everything from, I don't doubt his talents one bit."

"It doesn't matter to me anyway. All he is now is a rotting corpse." Naruto snickered. "And once I'm done with you, I'll make sure you join him."

"I hope you know that when I get finished with you, you're grounded from making out for a solid month." Hinata said. "Doesn't matter to me." Naruto said as he threw a kunai at Hinata's feet. "Now how about I show you that trick that brought us here."

"What the…" Hinata barely had time to react as Naruto used the Hiraishin to get right up next to her.

"Now learn your place stupid woman!" Due to the Shikon no Tama's energy, and the fact that he was now channeling the energy from the Wind Hoshi no Tama, Naruto hit Hinata with a strike that sent her crashing through the forest, easily strong enough to kill a normal human. "Let the real fun begin."Konohamaru's alive, Sakura has a new trick, Kimiko's back to the good side, Kiba's got a girlfriend and Konoha is under one hell of a battle. What's going to happen with Akatsuki attacking, now that they have all of the team's weaknesses on their side? And what's going to happen to Akemi, now that she's on an apparent suicide mission to get Kasumi back? And how is Shiori planning to use the Tsukiyomi to free Kasumi as well? It's all on the table as the battle goes full force! See you next chapter!

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