The Bijuu Wars

The Dark Illumina Saga: Part 4

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Chapter 24: The Dark Illumina Saga Part 4

While the battles were continuing on, Kiba, Kimiko, and Akamaru made it back to the training facility in the hopes of getting Kiba some medical attention after the battle with Kimiko. They were also hoping to get more info on just what was going on in this village.

"So how's that injury? You holding up ok?" asked Kimiko as she put her arm around Kiba to support him.

"Well I gotta say love hurts, but not like this." Kiba let out a light chuckle to keep the mood positive. "So how do you think everyone else is doing out there?"

"I'm hoping that they're all doing well. Hopefully they'll be able to handle the enhancements that everyone has." Kimiko replied, when she was met by Mai and Akane.

"Kimiko-chan, Kiba-kun, are you two ok?" Akane immediately went to work checking over the two teens for injury.

"I'm a little banged up Aunt Akane. But you might have to give this old mutt a few shots. I told him if he wasn't good I'd have him put down." Kimiko laughed.

"You see what I gotta put up with now? I gotta deal with tomboy cracks!" Kiba replied.

Mai and Akane looked a little confused. Were these two bickering…but enjoying it? "Ok, just what happened out there you two? Normally you're ready to snap each others' neck or something." Akane asked.

"Long story Aunt Akane…a VERY long story." Kimiko answered. "But do you really think you can get Kiba-kun patched up? I didn't have anything heavy duty to patch up that sword wound."

"Alright Kimiko-chan. Kiba, come with me and we'll get those wounds properly dressed. Mai-chan, you and Kimiko-chan head back to the control room with Daisuke-kun." Akane ordered while she led Kiba to the medical bay. "We'll be back in a bit."

"No prob Moonie." Mai said. "Alright doggie-girl, spill it. What did you do to him?"

"If you really want to know Aunt Mai, I issued him a challenge…and he won it." Kimiko said as she and Mai headed to the control room. "Out of every guy that I've given that challenge to, Kiba is the first one to ever win."

"Challenge…wait a minute! Kagome was telling me about that! Kimiko, you did not just bag yourself a boyfriend!!!" Mai said in shock.

"If you want to call it that Aunt Mai." Kimiko said with a smile as she went up ahead, leaving Mai to stand there and think.

"Ok what the hell is it with the women in this family? How can they all bag boyfriends, but I still haven't been able to go on one date yet with that cutie Iruka!!!" she said in frustration.

Hinata was on the ground, shaking off the violent strike that Naruto just let her have that sent her flying through the forest. It looked like things were going to get much worse now that he had apparently gotten serious.

"Man, what a creep! I knew Naru-chan had a bad side, but this jerk takes the cake." She said as she got back to her feet. "I gotta find a way to completely disable him so Natsu-chan can merge with him again and we can try the purification."

"Purification? I don't think it will be that easy." Naruto said as he used Hiraishin to get right behind Hinata. Before she could move he already had his arms wrapped around her. "Lavender Dreams, a one of a kind fragrance made only for you. It has always been my favorite." He had his head right beside hers and deeply inhaled her perfume.

"Yeah it has always Naru-chan's favorite." Hinata replied with a hint of anger in her voice. "I don't know why it would be yours since you obviously aren't my Naru-chan."

"Now, now, Hinata-chan. You know that it doesn't have to be this way. Considering that you're one of the most powerful kunoichi in Konoha, you're the beautiful and deadly heir to the Hyuuga Clan, and you're even my lovely betrothed. Do you know how much power the two of us alone hold?" Naruto asked.

"Power is nothing when used the wrong way, Naruto." She answered back.

"Oh really? What would happen if you were to get rid of that pompous father of yours? You would now command the largest clan in all of Konoha. They would answer only to you. Once I get rid of my father, and capture the Kyuubi, I'll take all of her power as my own, and become the new Kyuubi myself. Then the two of us could decimate these lands and reform them in our image." Naruto said persuasively. "We would rule as Naruto and Hinata Uzumaki, King and Queen of the Kitsune, Emperor and Empress of the Elemental Lands."

Was Naruto actually being serious? He wanted to overthrow his own family and take over and rule the world? Hinata decided it would be best if she played along with his farce while she thought of a new plan. "Naruto, are…are you serious?"

"Of course. All you have to do is join me Hinata. Fight by my side again and soon you will rule by my side. There would be none that could oppose our power." Naruto looked into her eyes and could see her mind was in thought.

"Well…I have missed having servants ever since we did implement that stupid seal in the clan. And if I was Empress, then they would all serve me and obey my every order." Hinata said. "And those elegant kimonos, I could wear one for you every day. You always said I looked beautiful in them."

"That's right Hinata, we would have the world's most talented designers make your dresses and kimonos. I wouldn't have anything less than the best accenting those elegant tails and ears of yours." Naruto said, falling deeper into her trap.

"But wait, if we had servants, then I wouldn't be able to make that ramen you like so much." Hinata pouted.

"Nonsense. You know I'd take your cooking over theirs any day of the week." Naruto replied. "So what do you say? Let's end this stupid fighting and start killing that which stands in our way of conquest."

Hinata looked at Naruto with a smile, letting him think he had won. "Naruto…you're such a visionary. Of course I'll join you…when hell freezes over!! ZANRETSU KEN! (Momentary Violence Fist)" Naruto was caught off guard as Hinata unleashed a barrage of chakra powered strikes into him. "Not only is that the stupidest thing you've ever said, but I would never stand by your side even if you were the last man on this planet! You're not my Naruto and you never will be!"

"You stupid girl! I gave you the chance to have everything! You'd rather waste your pathetic life on that loser you called a boyfriend!" Naruto said as he stumbled back. "Get it in your head, that Naruto is never coming back!"

"I'll see it when I believe it." Hinata readied herself for another attack. "I guess this time you're going to force me to use this."

"You won't even have the chance!" Naruto screamed as he tapped into every ounce of the Wind Hoshi no Tama's power. "Die! ULTIMATE WIND OVERDRIVE!"

Hinata looked on as Naruto was now enshrouded in a green aura, though it was different than Ino's aura. It didn't take on the shape of a one tail cloak. "Oh great I'm gonna have to move fast!" Hinata was about to rush in when Naruto threw a focused cyclone directly at her, forcing her to jump out of the way. The tornado continued on its path, slicing through everything in its wake.

"Do you get it now? I'm not going to lose to a useless girl like you." Naruto's voice was full of malice and killer intent. Hinata could see in his eyes that he was really out to not only kill her, but everyone in his path.

"Naruto, I'm so sorry I have to do this. But if it's the only way to bring you home, I'll do it." Hinata instantly went Overdrive and channeled nearly all of her regular chakra, Ki energy, Illumina Power, and kitsune chakra into her hands. "This ends now Naruto! JUHO SOSHIKEN! (Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists)" All of the chakra and energy started to change into two large lions as Hinata rushed in with immense speed and started to attack.

"I told you to stay down!" Naruto was about to counter, but Hinata had the slight edge as her attack began. The moment her first strike hit, it was like two lions going on assault against a gazelle in the jungle, pouncing and slashing from all sides. Hinata continued the attack until her body was at its near limit, causing Naruto to spin back and forth as he was attacked from all sides. Hinata then finished her attack with one last twin palm strike, forcing the last bit of chakra energy into Naruto. She could have easily killed him with that last strike, but she moved her hands slightly to have her chakra go around his heart, putting stress on it, rather than going through and destroying it.

"This time…you stay down!" Hinata fell to her knees in exhaustion. After using so much energy, she knew that she couldn't do something like that again. "Ok Natsu-chan, go for it!"

"I'm on it Hina-chan." Natsumi jumped from her standby point and charged for Naruto as she started making hand seals. "Time we got back together Naruto." However, just as she was about to finish her seals, Naruto went ballistic!

"Get back together with me? I don't think so!" Before Natsumi could blink, Naruto had her in a choke hold off the ground. "I told you, I don't need worthless space like you."

"Naruto, you don't understand!" Natsumi struggled to free herself. "We have to merge back together!"

"I have more power without you! So why would I need trash like you!" Naruto then flung Natsumi into Hinata like she was a rag doll. "As a matter of fact, I need to take the trash out right now!"

Hinata was able to catch Natsumi, but not before being thrown back herself. "Naruto, you have to stop this! This isn't you!"

"Shut it!" Naruto's wind energy was flaring more than ever. "I'm going to make sure you two are ripped completely to shreds! OMEGA CYCLONE!" At point blank range, Hinata and Natsumi had no chance of moving out of the way of Naruto's massive cyclone.

"I have to say, these new extraction seals definitely worked very well." Deidara chuckled while Sakura and Temari were tending to Yugito, Kyoji, and Tenten. "So what do you want to do? Let me have the Hoshi no Tama, or risk getting blown up trying to get it back!"

"Deidara, you bastard! Don't think we're going to let you win this!" Yugito was breathing heavy after she got hit with the new extraction seal that Akatsuki was using. Somehow Madara perfected the seals to forcefully remove the Hoshi no Tama from the Bijuu.

"Damn! He's got us right where he wants us!" Temari said as she realized they were on a losing end of a fight. "Those Ice bombs and his chakra shield are stopping everything we have!"

"Temari, we can't let him take Yugito-sama! We have to keep him from getting the Hoshi no Tama!" Sakura replied. "Look maybe…uh well…"

"Well what?" asked Temari.

"I got nothing!" Sakura said in defeat.

"You know I really wish Shika-kun was here right now." Temari sighed in defeat.

"That lazy bum you call a fiancé? You know I still don't fully approve of him," said a voice from the shadows.

"That voice…there's no way! I killed you!" Deidara said as he turned to see sand…and lots of it!

"You did, and you know something? That really ticked me off!" Everyone saw a face that was definitely welcome!

"Uh Deidara, I think you better be careful, because you now have to deal with a very powerful figure? Namely the Kazekage!" Temari said as she saw her brother Gaara standing there with sand ready.

"I come to visit my sister and friends, and this is what I have to deal with?" Gaara said as the sand began to swirl around. "And what's this I hear about you trying to take something that isn't yours?"

"Don't think that just because you're alive you can beat me. Or did you forget I ripped the Ichibi from your body and you couldn't even beat me with him!" Deidara smirked back.

"True, but I happened to learn something from a very persistent kitsune. True power comes from within, naturally. Not by some sealed demon, but from your own strength." The sand began to swirl around Gaara as it started to form a high density suit of body armor. He then created a large spear, similar to his Spear of Shukaku's Claw, but the sand began to fall as it revealed a glass spear.

"Glass? I'll shatter that with no problem." Deidara sent a wave of his explosive spiders towards Gaara, but the Kazekage had other plans.

"Shatter this!" Gaara swung his spear, causing thousands of shards of glass to fly from it, shredding the clay explosives into thousands of smaller pieces. "This time, you're going to die Akatsuki!"

"This guy really takes the cake! And I thought Naraku was annoying!" Inuyasha panted as he tried to catch his breath. "What's it take to drop this freak!"

"I'm not sure, but we gotta do something fast!" Neji kept up his evasion of the multiple masked beasts that Kakuzu kept sending out. "If we don't then we're gonna be really screwed!"

"Well what did you have in mind? He has all of the main elements of Ninjutsu and it's countering everything we throw at him!" Hanabi said while she evaded another attack. "Unless we can hit him hard, we're finished!"

"Look, is there any way you guys can set us up for a combination attack?" asked Haku. "I liked Hanabi's idea of having me, Moegi-chan, and Aunt Makoto combining everything we've got."

"It's a long shot. Hey Inuyasha, think you and Neji can hold that freak off long enough for us?" Makoto asked as she moved over towards Haku and Moegi.

"Don't worry Sis, we're not giving up yet." Inuyasha said as he slashed away at another one of Kakuzu's attacks.

"I wouldn't try anything Bijuu. You might as well give up because you don't have much of a choice in the matter!" Kakuzu commanded his earth masked beast to send out a blast of mud towards the group, but it was interrupted by what looked to be a sound wave.

"Ok, what the hell was that!" Inuyasha had his hands covering his ears due to the intense noise.

"Yeah that really hurt!" Haku cringed in pain from the noise.

"So I got a big mouth, yeesh!" Everyone turned to see two girls…a black haired girl and a fiery red head. "You know, you could be happier to see us here?"

"Tayuya-chan, anytime you're around is a good thing!" Haku said when she saw the former Sound Nins. "But seriously, did you have to be so loud!"

"Well duh! Had to get my point across to that blasted Akatsuki over there." Tayuya chuckled as she and Kin went over to help the group. "So sis, wanna show them some new stuff from the Tsuchi family bloodline?"

"Bloodline!!" Haku said in shock. "Since when did you have a Bloodline!"

"Oh since a few months ago. Turns out during our training it happened to kick in. So we did some research and found out that the Tsuchi Clan specialized in Sonic Manipulation." Kin explained. "I happened to get healing and support skills, while Tayu-chan got the attacking skills."

"Like this!" Tayuya turned towards Kakuzu's earth beast. "Haku, Hanabi, cover your ears!"

"Oh boy!" Kin said as she covered her own ears.

"SONIKKUTON: SONIKKUBUMU! (Sonic Release: Sonic Boom!)" Tayuya slammed her hands together, creating a massive clap that ripped the sound barrier, sending a powerful sound wave ripping through the air. When it hit Kakuzu's earth creature, it instantly shattered the mask, destroying the beast instantly.

"Whoa! I gotta say, I like this girl!" Inuyasha said as he got to his feet. "She's as feisty as Kimiko!"

"I agree brother. Their auras show great harmony together. I feel the tides have turned in our favor." Makoto added.

"So you need a distraction huh? Well, I'll handle that. Kin-chan, get them powered up and ready!" Tayuya said as she drew her flute.

"Powered up, what does she mean by…" Inuyasha asked when he started feeling refreshed again.

"Wow her voice is so beautiful!" Hanabi said as she listened to the melody that Kin chanted. "I never knew she could sing like this."

"She's using Hikari no Senritsu, or Melody of Light. Its enchanting sounds are made to heal and bring blessings to those she sings it to." Tayuya explained. "But when you're ready, let this masked freak have it!"

"Hoshiko, are you ok?" Udon ran over to the kitsune girl after she took a brutal strike from Kisame. "His water jutsu are too strong for your fire attacks."

"I know that!" Hoshiko tried brushing off the damage she took. "But we have keep going! Shinja-sama said we can't let him get this Hoshi no Tama!"

"But what else do we have! He took no damage from my Shock Blade at all! With Chouji-kun helping Shinja-sama and Ino-chan out of commission, what else can we do?"

"You get ready to die, that's what you do!" Kisame brought down Samehada in a vicious strike, poised to cut down the two genin. Hoshiko and Udon took cover as they prepared for the worst, but luckily, the worst didn't happen!

"Back off!" Out of nowhere Lee came bursting in!" DYNAMIC ENTRY!!"

"What!" Kisame barely had a chance to react as Lee's flying kick sent him flying back.

"Lee-san!" Udon said. "Where did you come from?"

"There is no need for worry. I could tell that two of my friends and fellow shinobi needed another teammate." Lee said as he took his trademark ready pose. "Under no circumstances will I let anyone attack my home of Konoha."

"Heh, so you really think you can do more to save these little punks, eh?" Kisame replied as he got his footing back. "You may as well forget it after I take your chakra so you can't do any jutsu."

"Then you will still fail! For I can do neither Ninjutsu nor Genjutsu!" Lee stated as he rushed in to deliver a flurry of taijutsu strikes. "I guess no one told you about me. I studied under the greatest Taijutsu master of Konoha, Gai-sensei!"

"Wait, Lee-san can't do Ninjutsu or Genjutsu?" Hoshiko asked, not knowing about Lee's past.

"Yeah, Konohamaru told me. Lee was the first shinobi ever to graduate only by mastering Taijutsu. But the thing is, his Taijutsu skills are even better than Naruto and Sasuke! From what I even heard his Taijutsu mastery was on par with Neji-san's skill in Juuken!" Udon explained.

"He was as good as Neji-nii-san?" Hoshiko said to herself, thinking someone outside the Uzumaki and Uchiha clans were as good as Neji.

"I always knew Itachi was good, but I guess I underestimated him." Hidan was really on the ropes now as he faced an Overdrive powered Itachi Uchiha. The Uchiha prodigy had shown his skills before when he was a spy in Akatsuki, but no one really knew the extent of his abilities. To make matters worse, Hidan had to deal with both Shikamaru and Sheldon at the same time. To factor in Sheldon's skills in Kyokugenryu and Shikamaru's planning skills, for the first time Hidan actually had doubts of winning.

"So Hidan, was this how it felt when you dealt with Naruto?" Itachi stared hard at Hidan with cold glowing eyes as he shot a barrage of dark energy blasts at the immortal Akatsuki. "Do you think it will be easier now that Kakuzu isn't here to put you back together?"

"You talk a lot Itachi, you know that!" Hidan snapped back. "But I will say this, Madara will greatly be pleased when I bring your head back on the tip of my scythe!"

"Madara is a foolish old man that will be destroyed by his own lust for power." Itachi replied. "He may have thrown our mission off by capturing Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko, but that hasn't stopped us yet!"

"Then maybe I'll need to be the one to remedy…what the hell!" Hidan was about to make another move when he noticed he was stuck. "Not this crap again!"

"There's no playing around this time!" Shikamaru said as he completed his jutsu. "Normally I'd have planned out a lot more things to make you pay, but right now I don't want to wait at all. I just want to see you destroyed! Itachi, finish him!"

"This is a new side to you Shikamaru. Usually you're more laid back and carefree." Itachi said, a little confused at Shikamaru's attitude.

"Yeah and normally being any other way would be too troublesome. But considering that this guy killed Asuma, I just want him removed from existence!" Shikamaru said in cold blood. "So be as brutal as you want Itachi! Just get him out of my sight!"

"Let's just hope no one decided to hurt Temari when you're around." Itachi said as black energy began to gather around his palm. "Well Hidan, this is farewell. May you burn in hell for eternity!"

"You're not going to win Itachi! Madara will stop you! Jashin will be praised!" Hidan spat out.

"You know what, remember when you were talking about my imouto-chan…well here's something she'd probably say…DROP DEAD FREAK!" Itachi screamed as the energy in his hand shot out and hit Hidan, enlarging into a large black dome of energy. "SHADOW OVERDRIVE! BLACK STORM!!!"

"Itachi, what's going on in there?" Sheldon asked as he kept up his attack.

"He's staring down a storm of shadow energy bombarding him left and right." Itachi said as he kept up his attack. "I'll make sure there's nothing left of him to even exist."

"Ok so…uh…" The trio turned to see Kankuro armed and ready with his three puppets. "What the heck is going on here?"

"Just a little bit of Akatsuki elimination. What are you doing here Kankuro?" asked Shikamaru.

"Uh, we all came for a visit. However Gaara noticed the wrecked buildings and figured something was going on, so he had us all split up." Kankuro explained as he surveyed the area. "So what the hell has been going on?"

"One hell of a story…that's what." Shikamaru said as he began the explanation.

Hinata was not having much luck. Since Naruto had now tapped into all of the power of the Wind Hoshi no Tama and the Shikon no Tama at the same time, his power had gone over the edge! At this point in time, he was nothing but a blood thirsty killer, intent on destroying everything in his wake. Even Hinata's Juho Soshiken couldn't finish him off, and she was left with only one thing.

"Natsu-chan, are you ok?" Hinata struggled to get to her feet after she and Natsumi took the full force of Naruto's Omega Cyclone.

"I didn't think that could hurt so badly." Natsumi winced as she got her bearings. "What can we do?"

"There's only one thing I can think of." Hinata stared down at Naruto, knowing that her last attack may very well be her last one. "Look, whatever happens Natsu-chan, you have to make sure you get the Life Stream Seal if you survive this."

"Hina-chan, what are you saying!" Natsumi looked at Hinata and could tell she was trembling in fear. "No, you are NOT going to pull the sacrificial stunt!"

"Then what else is there! Natsu-chan, he's just too powerful! Even I hate to say it, but I don't think that I can win against him." Hinata said in defeat.

"Look, Naruto has never given up on any of us, and we can't do that to him at all. There has to be something." Natsumi tried thinking of anything possible that could work. "If only there was a way to turn his chakra and power against himself, that might cause us to win."

"Turn his…Natsu-chan, that's it! We're going to have to turn his own energy back against him!" Hinata said, realizing that there was one last chance to save her fiancé. "I just hope it's enough to keep from killing him."

"How are you going to do it?" asked Natsumi.

"Easy. You know how you are when it comes to someone else using the Rasengan, right?" Hinata said, causing Natsumi to look confused. "Natsu-chan, you and Naru-chan always love proving how strong the Rasengan is, right?"

"But Hina-chan, I still don't understand how you're going to turn that back against him?" Natsumi was still confused at what Hinata was planning.

"Leave that to me. Just be ready to merge with him the moment he goes down." Hinata said, turning back to her man. "Alright Naruto, it's time you pay for all this evil crap! I'm sick of it and I want it to end now!"Naruto just looked at Hinata like she was crazy. Did she really believe he would stop? He had enough power to kill her without thinking and yet toying with her seemed to interest him even more. "Pathetic girl, you really think you can do anything? I could have killed you anytime I wanted, but it was more fun to toy around with you and make you suffer!"

"Oh really? Well there's one thing I know you can't do. See even though you have all this power, you still can't do Naruto's ultimate attack." Hinata said, knowing that without Natsumi, he couldn't do the Dual Rasengan. "You have to be merged with Natsumi to pull it off, and as far as I'm concerned, even my Rasengan is stronger than yours."

"You really want to die, don't you?" Naruto said. "Fine then! I'll blast you to oblivion with the Rasengan, then kill that worthless excuse of a female side of mine!"

"Alright Naru-chan, bring it on." Hinata held her hand back and started pulling in the very last of her chakra into a spiraling ball. She added in her Water element and created a spinning orb of water. "My Aqua Rasengan is going to take you down!"

"That's it! You're dead, pathetic fox girl!" Naruto exploded in rage as someone actually told him that his Rasengan wasn't the best there was. "Burn in hell Hinata!!!" Naruto took off full speed with a Wind Rasen-shuriken in his hand, ready to destroy Hinata.

"I'm coming Naru-chan!!!" Hinata took off, knowing that she had one shot left to bring back her beloved. If her plan didn't work, then she knew Naruto would be lost forever.

Time seemed to slow down as Naruto and Hinata ran at each other. Natsumi could only watch as her girlfriend and her creator headed into the most vicious collision ever! The only thing she could do was pray that both of them would come out alive. Hinata however had one last thing to do. Taking the final dose of her Ki Energy, she channeled all of it into her feet to give herself just enough of an edge.

"Let go of me!!! I said let go now!" Naruto was struggling as Hinata grabbed hold of him. She was able to get one final dash and immediately took hold of him, Rasengan in hand.

"Naruto…please! Come home to me! That's all I ask." Hinata said as she placed her lips upon his own. While he was distracted, she combined her Aqua Rasengan with Naruto's Wind Rasen-shuriken. The two jutsu merged, creating a violent condensed storm in their palms.

"Hinata…" Naruto was slightly shocked, but then saw what she did.

"I love you Naruto Uzumaki. TYPHOON RASENGAN!" Hinata grabbed Naruto's hand, forcing the combined Rasengan into his chest. On contact, the newly formed Typhoon Rasengan started to shred Naruto's uniform, but then exploded in a wave of wind and water, sending him surging into the trees behind him. "Natsu-chan, you have to do it now!"

"Time to get back together Naruto!" Natsumi ran full speed, creating numerous seals. "KITSUNE REI YUUKAI! (Fox Spirit Fusion)" Her body began to glow red with chakra as she slammed into Naruto, causing him to scream in pain. Hinata was already following up with a set of seals.

"HIKARITON: KONPAKU KIYOMARU! (Light Release: Soul Cleansing)" Hinata slammed her hands on Naruto's chest, causing him to scream even louder. "Come on Naruto, fight it! Fight the corruption! Don't let it take you!!"

Naruto grabbed his head in pain as the purification process began. "Get…off me!" He thrashed around, throwing Hinata off. "What did…you do…to me!!!"

"Naru-chan, can you hear me in there! Please, answer me!" Hinata pleaded. "You have to beat this!"

"Hi-Hinata?" Naruto struggled to keep his balance as he was trying to overcome the corruption. "Please…help…me!"

"Naruto, I'm right here! Focus on my voice! You have to stay focused!" Hinata was already at his side, doing all she could to help him. "You're not evil! You never have been!"

"Hinata…I…I…will kill…no!" Naruto writhed in even more pain. "I…love Hinata…with…"

Hinata was at her limit. She was already out of Light Chakra, Kitsune Chakra, Ki Energy, and normal chakra. With Naruto in so much agony, she had nothing left to give him. "What else can I do? He's so confused right now that he doesn't know…" As Hinata looked at the ground, the one obvious thing popped in her head. Even though she definitely didn't want to do this…it was the only thing she could think of to hopefully have any chance of saving Naruto. With one stare at the sky, "Ero-sennin, I hope Kami-jii-sama knocks you out for this!"

"Hinata…what…are…" Naruto struggled out when he got a glance at his girl. Hinata had tossed off her tattered haori to reveal her kosode top. In a more shocking move, Hinata actually loosened the cloth of her kosode to reveal more of her ample cleavage. Even with Naruto in total confusion, it was enough to shock some kind of sense into him.

"Alright, only one Naruto gets this, and if he wants to get the whole thing, he better get out here now!" With her face as red as Sasuke's tails, Hinata grabbed Naruto and shoved his face right in between her chest. "I'm tired of waiting Naruto, get out here NOW!"

Struggle as he could, Naruto couldn't do anything considering Hinata now had him in a death grip between her chest. Well, lucky for him…his hormones kicked in and boy it was enough to put him over the edge! Hinata watched as the dark purple energy shot out of his body, causing him to slump to the ground in her arms.

"Mmpfh mmgg mmgppsh" Naruto said in a muffled voice.

"Naru-chan?" Hinata asked as she pulled his head up.

"WHOA!!! I swear I thought I was gonna suffocate…" Naruto said as he opened his eyes to stare right at Hinata…and her open cleavage. Well after seeing that he went from his shade of green to a very bright shade of red…and even had a stream of red fall from his nose too.

"Naru-chan!" Hinata jumped back, immediately closing up her kosode.

"I…I…I didn't see anything! I swear!" Naruto already had his hands over his eyes, hoping she wasn't going to do anything worse to him.

"It…it's ok…I just…wait!" Hinata suddenly realized that her Naruto would act like that if he saw more than he was supposed to! Just seeing him nervously shake like that meant that she did it! "NARU-CHAN!!!" Hinata immediately dove at him and landed in his arms as he turned back around.

"Hey Hina-chan, what did I miss? And why are you hurt so badly? You look like you've been in one hell of a fight." Naruto asked as he cradled his love.

"Naru-chan, I just had the worst fight with my boyfriend ever, and I never want to have another one again!" Hinata cried in his arms. "But he's back! I have him back!"

"Fight with…" Naruto pushed Hinata back to question her. "Hina-chan, what did I do? Did I do this to you?"

"It wasn't really you Naruto. When you got hit with Kasumi-chan's corruption jutsu, you forced all your good into Natsumi-chan and you became pure evil. When that happened, my Naruto ceased to exist." Hinata explained in tears. "But I knew that you weren't gone forever. I knew you were fighting the darkness."

"Wait…I remember now. All the times I brutally attacked Hidan and Kakuzu in the Akatsuki base…the battle with Ino…and…" Naruto suddenly remembered everything he did while he was evil, and the worst thing just hit him. "I…killed Konohamaru!"

"It's ok Naru-chan, he survived! Aunt Mai saved his life!" Hinata said. "You don't have to worry about anything."

"But how can I face him and Akemi-chan now?" Naruto thought to himself as he felt his body separating again as Natsumi split from him.

"Whew! Finally feels good not to be a perfect little angel anymore! I can actually cause some trouble now!" Natsumi said as she stretched out.

"Hey, how did you get out? I'm the one that has to start the jutsu?" asked Naruto.

"Oh that, well Oka-san put a special locking seal on me for the time being while you were gone. That helped keep me alive for so long without going through spiritual breakdown. Also we never really fused back because you never cancelled the Kitsune Rei Wakedori." Natsumi explained. "So there ya have it. Though I have to say…I'm not too happy with you right now."

"Uh, why is that?" asked Naruto.

"Because you don't know how much pain you put us all through, you idiot!" Natsumi snapped. "But it doesn't matter. Let's just get back to the base. I wanna start using my Overdrive Transformer!"

"Heh good point. Plus with the…hey where'd it go!" Naruto looked at his transformer to see that the Wind Hoshi no Tama was gone. "Oh no! How did I lose the Hoshi no Tama!"

"That's because Tobi was a good boy and got green gem for Leader!" Naruto, Hinata, and Natsumi turned to see the orange masked Akatsuki holding the green crystal.

"Tobi you moron! Give me that gem back!" Naruto ordered.

"Fox boy not bad anymore. Gem not his to have. Bye now!" Tobi chuckled as he melted into the ground.

"Dammit! That little weasel!" Naruto cursed as Tobi got away. "I swear he's still annoying!"

"It doesn't matter. All that's matters is that you're home Naru-chan." Hinata said. "I guess we need to check on Kiba and Sasuke."

"Why, what's up with those two?" asked Naruto.

"Well, Kiba's probably trying to get himself a girlfriend, and Sasuke's trying to get Kasumi back." Natsumi replied.

"Kiba…with a girlfriend? Yeah right! Kimiko wouldn't give him the time of day!" Naruto chuckled.

"I wouldn't say that cousin!" Kimiko said over the communicator. Unknown to Naruto, Natsumi had set up a communication channel with everyone."

"Kimiko! How on earth did you…?" Naruto said in shock until he saw Natsumi laughing. "Natsumi you dork!"

"Yep that proves it…you're back for good." Natsumi replied. "So Kimiko how's things with you?"

"Well, other than dealing with an injured dog," Kimiko said as Kiba yelled in the background. "I'm fine. My head was really cloudy for a bit, but it's cool."

"Hey Kimiko, have you heard of anything else from the other attack groups?" asked Hinata.

"Nothing yet. Right now I'm here with Aunt Akane, Aunt Mai, and Uncle Daisuke. Since we got back, we haven't heard of any other communications." Kimiko responded.

"Anything from Sasuke yet?" Naruto wanted to know.

"Nothing. And to be honest, he's probably going to have it worse than any of us." Kimiko replied. "Knowing our luck, Madara probably upped the amount of energy from the Shikon no Tama for Kasumi, making her more powerful than either of us."

"Yeah and since Kasumi-chan was placed under mind control, purifying her won't bring her back." Hinata commented. "The only thing we can do is hope that Shiori-chan figured something out to counter Madara's control."

"So on top of the Hokage Monument. Never thought you would be one to go big Kasumi-chan." Sasuke descended from the chase he gave Kasumi and saw her standing across from him.

"Might as well let the whole village see what's going to happen." Kasumi replied. "It's going to be such pleasure, watching this place burn to the ground."

"Kasumi, stop this foolishness. This isn't the real you. Madara has warped and twisted your mind." Sasuke said. "You've never been one to be controlled by anyone! You're not that weak!"

"Weak? Sasuke, Madara-sama hasn't made me weak. He's given me more power than I could ever imagine. He plans to end this stupid conflict and bring harmony to the Elemental Lands." Kasumi just chuckled. "With the power of the Bijuu, it will bring a new age to the world."

"Yeah a new age of tyranny! Madara was a pathetic fool that only had lust for power and conquest." Sasuke snapped back. "All he cares about is rebuilding this world in his image."

"Don't act like you know what Madara-sama's plans are Sasuke!" Kasumi yelled. "You know, I even pleaded with him to spare your life, but now I take that back. I'll enjoy killing a traitor like you."

"Kasumi-chan…that's not going to happen. You know I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that I would give my life just to protect yours…and if it comes down to it today," Sasuke cracked his knuckles as his hands were engulfed in flame. "Then I'll go all the way to end this farce."

"Then come forth Sasuke. Show me just what the heir to the Uchiha can do!" Kasumi settled back into her stance to await Sasuke.

"I will…but I have one last thing to ask." Sasuke opened up a communication channel back to the base. "Akane-sama, are you there?"

"Sasuke, this is Akane. What's your status?" asked Akane over the speaker.

"Well, I'm about to get into the biggest fight I've ever had. But I want to know one thing…?" Sasuke asked. "It's going to take a lot to get Kasumi back, so…"

"Sasuke, turn up the volume on the communicator, I want Kasumi to hear this as well. I'm also opening communication to everyone else so they can hear this." Akane said, as Sasuke turned his volume up to maximum. Kasumi's communication channel was opened as well.

"Alright Akane-sama, we're good to go." Sasuke said.

Akane sighed and knew this was going to be the hardest thing she ever said. But she knew that the real Kasumi would also want this. "To all Illumina Knights, as of right now we have received communication that Kimiko and Naruto have been freed from the control of Akatsuki. Kiba and Hinata both succeeded in freeing them from the corruption jutsu they were placed under. As of right now, Sasuke is about to engage combat with Kasumi. However…"

Shiori was racing through Konoha when she heard the transmission. Hopefully what she had planned would be enough to bring Kasumi back without Sasuke having to resort to more drastic measures. "Oh man, I gotta hurry! I just hope it doesn't get bad!"

Akane took a deep breath as she continued her announcement. "However…it may be possible that Madara Uchiha has corrupted her to the point of no return. None of us are willing to accept that, but…in the absolute chance that it has happened and there is absolutely nothing we do can bring her back to us…"

Sasuke stared at the girl that meant the world to him. He knew what Akane was going to say, and in his heart, it was destroying him. But he had a mission, either he was going to bring Kasumi back home to her family and friends in Konoha…or she wasn't coming back at all.

"As of right now…Sasuke Uchiha, if it comes to that point…you are hereby ordered…"

"Kasumi-chan…I hope you know that I love you with everything in my being…and that only two people are allowed to claim you as their own…myself and Shiori-chan." Sasuke said as his Sharingan went active. "And neither of us will allow anyone else to take you. You're not going back to Akatsuki after this battle. The real you would never want to be controlled by anyone!"

"Oh, and just where am I going Sasuke?" Asked Kasumi as Akane finished her statement.

"Either you're coming home with me…or…" Sasuke said.

Akane was now in tears. She was about to utter the words that she would have never thought would come out of her mouth. To be honest, she felt like she was the one that should suffer this fate…not her own daughter. "Sasuke…you are ordered…to…"

"Or?" Kasumi asked as the tension increased.

"Terminate Kasumi." Akane said as she broke down in a complete wreck.

"You'll…die." Sasuke said in pain as he rushed into possibly the worst fight of his teenage life.And so...a battle that should have never happened will begin. The last time Kasumi had to watch as Naruto took on Sasuke in an attempt to free him from the Cursed Seal. Now Sasuke stands at that door, facing the person that kept him from the darkness. He stands before his strength, his joy, his passion. And he knows that if nothing can save Kasumi...he will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to free Kasumi from Madara's clutches. What will be the outcome to one of the worst battles in Konoha history? What's going to happen now that the Suna Team has jumped into the battles? And will Shiori's plan to try and use the Tsukiyomi to free Kasumi even work? All will be revealed in the final chapter of the Dark Illumina Saga...the Final Fight.

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