The Bijuu Wars

The Dark Illumina Saga: The Final Fight

Naruto: Looks like this is it.

Hinata: It's the final chapter to one of the darkest moments in the lives of the Illumina Knights.

Naruto: Yeah the tension's so thick...ok forget the schtick! This is hands down Sasuke vs Kasumi in a never before seen battle! You know who owns us, now let's get going!

Chapter 25: The Dark Illumina Saga: The Final Fight

Akane was devastated. She just told Sasuke to do the absolute unthinkable…to kill the girl he loved with everything in his being…her own daughter. Right now she felt like the worst mother in the world.

"Akane, it's ok. You had no choice." Mai was already down comforting her sister. "Look, none of us want this to happen, but we can't let Madara get his hands back on Kasumi."

"I know that! But I just told Sasuke to kill my daughter if he couldn't bring her back. What mother tells someone to do that?" Akane said. "What mother tells someone to kill the person they love with everything in their being?"

Mai just sighed at the events that began to unfold. For Madara to go this far? The team wasn't up against someone who was trying to take over the world; they were truly up against a monster bent on nothing but complete destruction. "All we can do now is just hope that Sasuke will bring her home." That's what she said but in reality she was thinking, "Okay Tou-san, I know you don't want intervene in things like this, but seriously give Sasuke something! Don't let him have to kill Kasumi-chan!"

Naruto, Hinata, and Natsumi nearly went into shock over hearing that final message. Akane actually issued a termination order to Sasuke if he couldn't break Madara's control over her.

"I can't believe this. Oka-san actually told him to kill her?" Natsumi said.

"But did you hear her when she said it? Akane-sama sounded so hurt and in pain, like it was tearing her to pieces." Hinata commented. "Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she was sobbing her eyes out over all of this."

"Madara's taken this war to a new low. We're not dealing with some freak wanting to take over the world now. He's going way too far with this." Naruto said as he got to his feet. "Look we have to get over to where Sasuke is and so whatever it takes to help him. We can't let it go through to that final order! Even though that's what Kasumi-chan would want him to do if it came to it, it just can't happen."

"Naruto, that's good and all, but right now you don't have your Illumina Power and we can't activate the Wind Overdrive transformers without your half of the Wind Gem, since Kasumi has it now." Natsumi said. "So what do we do?"

"We may not be able to use the full power of the wind gem, but what's stopping us from using our full power as shinobi?" Naruto reminded her. "We may not have the ability to use Omega Cyclone, but we can still do something."

"Naruto, you're right! We can now use the Dual Rasengan again, and with all of us there, she can't take us all on! We still have a chance!" Natsumi said as her spirits perked up.

"Then let's get back to base and do a quick resupply. Then we'll find Sasuke and help him bring our sister home!" Naruto said.

"Oh yeah! I have missed this! It's time to rock and roll!" Natsumi screamed as she bolted towards the base. Hinata was right behind when Naruto stopped her for a second.

"Naru-chan, what's the matter?" Hinata asked when Naruto just pulled her close.

"Hina-chan…if something like this were to ever happen to me again, if I were to fall so deep into the darkness that I had no way to return," Naruto said softly.

"Naru-chan, I know what you're going to say. I won't do it. I would rather die than kill you by my hand." Hinata replied. "I don't believe in death as a last resort."

"So you would fight to the bitter end, even if it meant your own destruction?" asked Naruto as he felt Hinata tighten her grip on him.

"Naruto, I would fight the gods of hell itself for eternity if it would keep you in the light." Hinata replied. Naruto could see the tears from her eyes and felt her love radiating. "Naruto, you don't know how much I hurt while you were gone. Even though Natsumi-chan was here, it wasn't the same. You were so close to me, yet you were miles away from me. Every night I cried myself to sleep, waking up to think that you would be there the next day."

"Hina-chan…I'm so sorry I did this to you." He gently rubbed her ears in comfort, giving her the grace of his touch.

"But what hurt the most Naru-chan, was the thought of never getting you back. The thought of you falling eternally into the darkness tore me apart. Natsu-chan could only give me so much comfort, but it wasn't the same without you." Naruto could hear her sobs and felt the last of the pain leaving her. Madara had done the unthinkable to him, forcing him to fight the girl he loves, forcing her to endure this kind of pain.

"Hinata, I swear this…Madara Uchiha will pay for this. He attacks my family, my friends, and my home; he forces my brother to fight the love of his life; and he does the unthinkable by hurting you." Naruto's blood began to boil in rage over Madara's actions. "When we get Kasumi back, we're going to destroy him once and for all!" Naruto lifted up Hinata's head to look deep into her eyes. "And I swear it upon the Uzumaki name, and of the blood of the Kitsune Clan, he will pay for this."

"I know he will, and I swear it upon the name of the Hyuuga clan that we will fight together to stop him." Hinata added.

"Now I only have one last thing to ask Hina-chan." Naruto said as Hinata noticed a severe change in his voice. "I know that I can be steadfast and forthright in a lot of things, but…"

"You're worried about what's going to happen now with Konohamaru-kun and Akemi-chan, aren't you?" Hinata knew that he was still feeling remorse for killing Konohamaru, and that for him to face the person that looked up to him as a hero, rival, and mentor, it would be a painful experience. "Don't worry Naru-chan…I'll be there with you. No matter what the two will think, I'll still be by your side."

"Thanks Hina-chan. Now let's go get our sister back!" Naruto said as the two headed off.

Sasuke never thought in his entire life that he would be in a fight like this. He was the always called the second prodigy of the Uchiha Clan, the rookie of the year of his Genin class. Everyone looked up to him as the person who would surpass his brother after Itachi's faked death. But no one took into account that there was one person who slightly edged him out in the academy. No one knew the real secret that Kasumi had proven she was better. Sasuke always had top grades of all the boys while Kasumi was at the top of the kunoichi class, but in the overall, Kasumi was slightly higher than him. Normally one would think this would cause him to be bitter because he wasn't the best, but it wasn't the case. Kasumi had seen how people were with Sasuke and because of that, she gave up the top rank to Sasuke, just so people could keep their delusions. When Sasuke found out about this, it only solidified his view on Kasumi, as to what kind of person she truly was.

Then came the later months of being on a Genin team with her, from the training exercise with Kakashi, up to the point of becoming the Fire Knight, even the aftermath of the battle with Haku. All Kasumi wanted to do for him was to prove that she wasn't some fangirl, and that she truly loved him and would be with him. That led up to his true realization during the Chuunin Exams. He did love her just as she loved him, and he wanted her to be by his side. After having to witness her fall to Orochimaru's sleep jutsu, it only strengthened his resolve to bring back his princess and he would fight tooth and nail to rescue her.

That's when his nightmare began…the visions of seeing Kasumi die by his Chidori due to being taken over by the Cursed Seal. Sasuke never wanted to see such a horrific sight, but it haunted him. It haunted him all the way to the point of his fight with his brother Naruto. The darkness all but consumed him until the final strike where he lashed out a Chidori that Kasumi took in Naruto's place. That was the final move to help him return from the darkness, but he could see the blood of his beloved on his hands. Even though that blood has been washed off many years before, he can still smell it, feel it, and see it in his mind.

Now he stood before her, this time she had fallen into the darkness. Even though he wasn't psychic, he could sense her true self crying out to him. He could hear her pleas to rescue her from this hell that his grandfather placed her in. And he knew that if nothing could bring back his angel from the darkness…then he would have to do the unthinkable. He would have to send her to a place where only angels truly reside, never to have her smile grace the world. Sasuke knew that this fight would test him as a shinobi, as the Fire Knight, and…as her fiancé.

"Is that the best you've got Sasuke!" Kasumi ducked under one of his kicks. "I thought you could do more than that?"

"Cut the taunting Kasumi. I know for a fact that you're just toying around, so why should I be serious with you unless you're going to come at me full force!"

"Oh so you think I'm playing around huh?" Kasumi started to get a little ticked that Sasuke wasn't taking her seriously. "Have you forgotten who was really the rookie of the year in our genin class? Beating you is nothing!"

"Yeah right. You could never beat me in combat even if I let you!" Sasuke dodged some of Kasumi's shuriken while he sent another taunt. "I mean look at you, you still can't even use Overdrive yet!"

"Ok you're really ticking me off now! I swear you're going to beg me to kill you quickly!" Kasumi was definitely getting mad now. She rushed in to attack Sasuke, but he obviously showed his two year training had more to offer as he easily got behind her. "Hey, what are you doing! Let go of my tails!"

"Or you'll what? Did you forget about this little weakness?" Sasuke channeled a small bit of chakra in his finger. "Time for you to take a little break!" With that he touched the tip of her tail, instantly putting her on the ground.

"!! Please!!!! I swear I'll...kiiiiiiiiil you...." Kasumi was instantly hit with a wave of pure pleasure as Sasuke kept the chakra going through her tails.

"So are you going to give up this stupid fight and come home?" Sasuke asked. "I'll stop when you agree to end this."

"Ok ok! I promise I'll be a good girl again!" Kasumi replied while she was still feeling the rush of pleasure. "Just...please! Sasuke you know how this makes me!"

"Alright, I'll stop. Now you're absolutely sure you're done with Akatsuki?" Sasuke said as he released her tail.

"I am. I'm sorry Sasuke. I didn't mean to be so bad." Kasumi said as she got off the ground. "Do you forgive me?"

"How could I not forgive you Kasumi-chan? Now come on let's go home." Sasuke replied while she brushed herself off.

"Ok. Oh and Sasuke, one more thing..." Kasumi said with a deceptive grin.

"What is it Kasumi..." Sasuke turned around only to get hit with Kasumi's Ko'oh Ken, sending him smashing into the wall of the monument.

"If you EVER grab my tail again, I will personally rip all eight of yours out and shove them down your throat!" Kasumi screamed as she had another energy blast ready in her palm. "You don't know how much I hate you for that!"

"Note to self, don't think Kasumi's a good girl until you can be absolutely sure Sasuke." Sasuke shook his head as he climbed out of the crater from the impact. He got his bearings only to see Kasumi ready with another attack. "Oh crap!"

"DIE SASUKE! STARBURST BEAM!" Kasumi shot her attack full speed at Sasuke, barely giving him time to move. She decided to turn up the pressure by firing rapid blasts in succession. "That's right, dance fox boy!"

"Ok, if she gets over this, I'm gonna need a serious make out session after all this!" Sasuke was bounding left and right trying to avoid all the blasts coming at him. "Ugh, I didn't want to do this already, but I don't have much of a choice! I gotta take her out now!"

"Don't think you're going to win Sasuke! I know all of your moves! You can't win!" Kasumi laughed as she kept up her assault.

"You know, you do know my moves. But have you seen this one! FIRE OVERDRIVE!" Sasuke immediately went full power and went on the attack. "I've been working on this one for a while. Just try to stop it! PHOENIX AMATERASU BAZOOKA!"

"What in the..." Kasumi saw Sasuke unleash a wave of black magma directly at her. She took to the air as Sasuke kept up the attack. "How did he combine his Bloodline with his Overdrive?"

"Give it up Kasumi! You can't keep running!" Sasuke continued his assault as he kept trying to nail Kasumi. "All you have to do is surrender and it's all over!"

"Not on your life! I plan to destroy this place and take the Bijuu back with me!" Kasumi kept up her dodging, but didn't know Sasuke had more planned. "I'd rather die than surrender."

"I'm hoping it doesn't come to that." Sasuke said to himself. "Alright, see if you can stop this! Get her now!"

Kasumi turned around to see a clone of Sasuke with a pair of lightning charged hands. "When did you create a clone!" She knew she was in trouble. The clone was ready to nail her with a Chidori and the real one had a super powered Overdrive coming right at her. "Ok this is really pissing me off! STARWIND OVERDRIVE!" Just before Sasuke's clone hit, Kasumi unleashed the full power of her fusion form, instantly destroying the clone and deflecting Sasuke's Overdrive attack. "Alright Sasuke, you've pushed me too far!"

"Great, now things just got worse!" Sasuke thought to himself.

Naruto, Hinata, and Natsumi had just arrived back at the training facility in the hopes of getting more info on what was going on with Sasuke and Kasumi's fight. Hopefully they would be able to get out in the field and help stop her once and for all.

"Hey what's going on here?" Naruto asked as they all got to the control room.

"Naruto, you're ok!" Akane rushed over and put him in a death hug. "Oh sweetie, I'm so glad you're back."

"I'm...fine Oka-san!" Naruto said as she released him. "So what's the status of everything?"

"Well all we know is that Sasuke is going full force against Kasumi. As for the other teams, it seems that our allies from Suna have arrived to help out." Mai told the three. "Kimiko's in the infirmary with Kiba right now, and that's about it."

"How are Konohamaru and Akemi doing right now?" asked Hinata when she got a grim look from Mai.

"Konohamaru's still sleep, but Akemi is on her way to Sasuke and Kasumi's fight. What's worse is that she took the Light Overdrive Transformer." Mai replied. "From what we know, she's planning on using it to try and help stop Kasumi."

"But how! There's no way she can activate it without the Light Gem." Naruto said. "I mean...I am right, aren't I?"

"She's going to use her power crystal from her own transformer. Since it has traces of the Light Gem's energy, it can still possibly activate it, but if she uses it, she's risking killing herself from the unstable level of power." Akane said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "I tried stopping her, but she was dead set on trying to get Kasumi back."

"Just great, so now we have a double rescue mission on our hands! Ok, Hina-chan, Natsumi-chan, we need to get back out there now!" Naruto said as he grabbed his new transformer. "Hopefully I can get my Wind Gem back from Kasumi."

"Naruto, before you go…" Akane called out. "Look, I know I issued that termination order to Sasuke, but listen..."

"Oka-san, I'm not going out there to help kill my sister. I'm going out there to help bring her out of the darkness." Naruto said with a smile. "We're going to make the light shine again just like it used to."

"Don't think you're doing this alone." Naruto turned to see Kiba walking out of the infirmary.

"Kiba, you need to be back in bed." Akane tried to get him back to the infirmary, but Kimiko stopped her.

"Not this time Aunt Akane. If bringing Kasumi back means we have to shed a little blood, then so be it." Kimiko helped Kiba back onto Akamaru. "Like Naruto said, we're gonna make sure that light shines brighter than ever."

"Then what are we waiting for! Time to bring our girl back home!" Naruto said, causing everyone else to get even more fired up.

Akemi was having the trial of her life, trying to get to the top of the Hokage Monument. At first when she activated the Light Transformer, she could feel the complete difference in power than what her own armor had. But she did feel the consequences of her actions. The power was having too much of a strain on her.

"Next time…I really…gotta listen to Oka-san." She continued her trek through one of the mountain tunnels. "But how could Oka-san say that to Sasuke. She couldn't be serious about killing Kasumi-nee-chan, could she?" It was hard for her to even comprehend that statement, considering all of the things that she had been through with Kasumi. From the day she woke up in the hospital after Kasumi rescued her nearly 4 years ago, to the time she came home from her two year training trip, Kasumi had always been her hero. "I refuse to believe that Kasumi-nee-chan can't be rescued. I…I…ugh!" Akemi fell to one knee, clutching her chest in pain. "Kasumi-nee-chan…please…you have to come back!"

Gaara had his own hands full with the newly demon enhanced Deidara. Even his chakra enhanced armor and glass spear had been shattered and he was hurting.

"Just like last time. You failed to defeat me and my art, and you ended up dead because of it." Deidara laughed as his demon tendrils danced in the air. "Looks like without your precious Bijuu enhancement, you don't have anything you can do."

"You underestimate me yet again Deidara. My plan wasn't to defeat you." Gaara said as he was breathing heavily. He smiled as the Explosion Akatsuki questioned him.

"Yeah right. What were you some kind of a distraction?" Deidara replied. He looked on and knew that he was in control, considering that Yugito, Tenten, and Kyoji were weakened due to his ice bombs, Temari's fan had been destroyed and both she and Sakura were surrounded by thousands of his explosive clay spiders.

"That's exactly what he was." Deidara turned to see Tenten now back on her feet, looking a lot more angry.

"How did you…" Deidara looked at her and saw traces of sand starting to fall off her body.

"Armor of Sand. It was just thin enough to create a layer of insulation for her so she could warm up." Gaara said, causing Deidara to become even more shocked.

"Right now you might as well turn tail, because I'm going send you right back to hell where you came from!" Tenten held up her Overdrive Transformer and opened the secondary slot. "And this time…you're NOT coming back!"

"I should have blown you up last time! Kiss your friends goodbye!" Deidara turned to detonate the bombs around Temari and Sakura, only to see them all have sand dissolving off them to reveal each bomb was now crystallized in glass.

"They won't detonate. Since you use clay, it contains traces of sand. I simply changed all of the sand inside into glass and caused it to spread." Gaara smiled again as he one-upped the Akatsuki.

"You worthless fools! You ruined my art yet again!" Deidara was needless to say…pissed. "I'll make sure you're blown to so many pieces that it will take years just to find a toenail!"

"Hmph. You Akatsuki are all the same." Tenten simply shook her head in disappointment." That's why I'm going to love erasing you for good. This time Madara won't be able to use any pathetic jutsu to bring you back." She channeled her gravity energy and pulled Yugito's extracted Hoshi no Tama to her. "Hmm, you know, I do remember that you really made Yugito-sama mad when I got hit with Hellfire, and really mad when you burned Riyu-nee-chan's ear."

"Oh really, and what's it to you!" Deidara smirked until he saw Tenten's true intention.

"It's just…she's itching for more payback. And luckily I have just the thing for her." Tenten slammed the Hoshi no Tama into her own transformer and took the game to a new level. "Bijuu Fusion isn't even worth using on you! Temari-chan, Yugito-sama, time to do this!" Instead of selecting Fusion, she shifted to Enhancement mode. "GRAVITY LINK OVERDRIVE!"

"Link Overdrive?" Sakura looked on as Tenten revealed the newest mode of attack for the Illumina Knight team. "Unreal!"

And unreal it was. When Tenten activated the Link Overdrive, instead of having Yugito fuse with her, all of Yugito's power was now being channeled through all three of them, now engulfing them in a light gray aura.

"So, ready to really see what the big guns are?" Tenten said sadistically. "I think you're going to like this a lot Deidara."

"This is enhancement…I think I like this." Temari said as she felt the huge rush of power flowing through her. "So Tenten, what did you have in mind?"

"It's easy. We show him what it feels like to stare down a huge mass of metal!" Tenten threw her hands out and began to draw in every bit of metal around her, from the ground and the destroyed buildings. "Temari-chan, you stand in front and Yugito-sama, stand behind me." Both nodded and moved in position. Tenten then began to mold all of the metal into a large mass as it reformed into what looked like…

"That is one BIG Gatling cannon!" Sakura saw the reformed metal and saw that it formed a ten barreled repeater Gatling Cannon that Tenten looked to be able to easily hold up. Temari had kneeled down and was supporting the barrel easily, while Yugito stood behind.

"Say hello to the ultimate Metal Weapon, Deidara." Tenten was looking through a viewscope directly at the demonic detonator. "I hope you like becoming Swiss cheese."

"I'll blow you up before you get the chance!" Deidara already ripped his cloak off to try his C4 last resort, but the Gravity Trio wasn't about to let him.

"Naa, not this time." Tenten said. "Alright Temari, Gatling barrel to full speed!"

"We are good to go Ten-chan!" Temari gave the ok as the barrel started spinning faster.

"Yugito-sama, are we good on the kunai?" she asked the Neko Bijuu.

"We have more than enough kitten, and we got them with all ten elements!" Yugito said as she kept the cannon steady.

"Then Deidara…ok you know what, the slow and subtle approach isn't worth it this time." Tenten said. "EAT HOT KUNAI YOU FREAK!"

"GRAVITY GATLING: MILLION BLADE CHAOS!" screamed Tenten, Yugito, and Temari. The barrel on the cannon sped up as a massive barrage of kunai shot through Deidara, putting more holes in him than a mountain of swiss cheese! The girls kept up the kunai barrage so much that when it finally died down, the only thing left was a puddle of blood and flesh.

"Think we overdid it?" asked Temari as Tenten dispersed the mass of metal back into the ground.

"Well if getting rid of that freak Deidara a second time is overdoing it…naa, we didn't." Tenten said as she dropped to one knee and the Hoshi no Tama fell out of her transformer. "But I gotta say, Enhancement Mode is definitely a rush!

"You aren't kidding. I knew our link ability would be strong, but that's just wild!" Temari was also catching her breath as well.

"Well guys, as much as I'd like to stay here and rest, we should probably get to the Hokage Monument and help Sasuke." Yugito said as she helped Kyoji off the ground. "We should hurry before…" Yugito's voice was cut short as she soon felt a sharp object pierce her in the back.

"Kaa-san, are you ok?" Kyoji took note as Yugito fell to her knees. Everyone saw a strange looking kunai sticking out of her back that started to spread a strange looking crystal. Yugito said nothing as her entire body was consumed into a crystal, which then condensed to smaller size. "Kaa-san!!!"

"Kyoji-kun, what happened to…" Tenten tried getting over to Kyoji and Yugito when she was kicked hard in her wrist, causing Yugito's Hoshi no Tama to fall out of her hand after she picked it back up."

"Tobi get pesky cat. Leader be pleased with Tobi." The group looked on to see the orange masked Akatsuki holding the Hoshi no Tama and a captured Yugito. "But where is Deidara-sempai?"

"Hey give Yugito-sama back!" demanded Tenten. She tried to make a move but Tobi was already locked onto his next target and had already fled the area. "Damn! Akatsuki's already making a move in all this chaos!"

"For now we should get to the Hokage Monument. Let's warn the other teams to keep an eye out for that masked freak." Sakura proposed as the group got back in order.

"Alright, we've only one shot of clearance. We gotta take out that freak now." Haku was poised and ready with Sode no Shiraiyuki. "Tayuya, hold out a little bit longer!"

"I'm doing the best I can here!" Tayuya was able to barely evade another attack from one of Kakuzu's beasts. "You know Hanabi and I aren't as lucky as you to have Illumina Power."

"You know I really missed you snapping at her like that sometimes Tayu-chan." Hanabi stepped in to counter with her Aqua Wall defense. "You guys gotta come home more often."

"I think we can work on something there kiddo." Tayuya send out a wink. "Ok, do it now!"

"Let's chill this place out!" Haku thrust her sword forward. "Now put em together!"

Moegi stood by her with her twin Ice Daggers while Makoto had a ball of frozen energy in her gauntlets Hyorouga (Ice Wolf Fang). The three unleashed their combined ice energy in one frozen blast.

"White Ripple Dance, Frost Nova, and Glacier Wave combine! ABSOLUTE ZERO!" the three ice users sent out massive amounts of ice shards, waves, and a beam of ice energy. Kakuzu stood firm as the ice slammed into his Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire masks, completely encasing them in ice. "Little brother, you're up next." Makoto said as the next phase started.

"Then we'll end this! Neji, let's go!" Inuyasha brandished his blade as lightning sparked around it.

"Of course Inuyasha-sama." Neji was already in Overdrive with lightning arcing all around him. "Die Akatsuki! LIGHTNING SWORD!"

"RAI KONGOSOHA! (Lightning Diamond Wave Spear)" Inuyasha's blade now shined in pure diamond as he unleashed a wave of lightning charged diamond shards. With the combined force of Neji's Lightning Sword, Kakuzu's frozen masks were instantly vaporized.

Kakuzu felt the recoil of having his four masks destroyed, "You shattered four of my hearts!" He pulled the last one, the lightning mask back and had it rejoin with himself. "Then I guess I'll need to take your hearts to replenish my supply."

"Is this guy serious? Ok, let's kill him now and get to the Hokage Monument to help Sasuke." Tayuya said as various smoke bombs began to detonate around the area.

"What the hell is this? No one called in for smoke bombs!" Inuyasha coughed.

"Hey can someone clean the place out? It's getting a bit hard to breathe!" Haku sputtered through the smoke.

While the group was caught in the smoke screen, Tobi appeared in front of Kakuzu holding two kunai. "Money monster looks like he was beaten by too many Bijuu."

"What's it to you Tobi?" Kakuzu snapped out.

"Oh nothing. Tobi is just going to make leader pleased." The mask wearing Akatsuki walked into the smokescreen with ease and within minutes, walked out holding two more crystals, similar to the one Yugito was trapped in.

"Tobi…how did…" Kakuzu looked a little surprised, and wondered how Tobi easily got two Bijuu.

Tobi's voice instantly changed to a darker voice, "You would be best to retreat Kakuzu, lest you wish to die here." Kakuzu could see the black circle suddenly become red on Tobi's mask. Of course Kakuzu didn't need to think twice.

"Very well. I shall evacuate."And with that Kakuzu vanished, leaving Tobi alone with the rest of Team Illumina.

"And now time to claim two more Hoshi no Tama for my collection." Tobi said to himself as he attached the crystals to a sash under his cloak. He then took his leave, allowing the Knights to regroup.

"Hey, is everyone ok?" Haku coughed out.

"Yeah except this stupid smoke it harsh." Tayuya was trying herself to keep from inhaling too much smoke.

"Inuyasha-sama, Makoto-sama, are you two ok?" Neji had his Byakugan active and was scanning through the smoke. "Damn, there's something laced in this smoke that's scrambling my Byakugan. Hanabi, can you see anything?"

Hanabi was just as unlucky. "Nothing Neji-nii-san. Whoever made this smoke was good. Aunt Makoto, are you ok?" When she heard no response, she thought it was just due to the smoke.

"We gotta get rid of this smoke!"

"Hope this works. KAITEN!" Neji began his rotation, creating a mild wind to blow the smoke away. "Is everyone ok?"

"Yeah but we're missing some people, namely Aunt Makoto and Uncle Inuyasha!" Haku pointed out. "Plus that freak Kakuzu high tailed it out of here!"

"Let's not worry about him. We need to get back and help save Kasumi-chan!" Hanabi said, getting the group in gear.

"Lee-san, are you ok?" Hoshiko was already at his side healing a wound he suffered from Kisame's Samehada.

"I'm ok. That is nothing but a small injury. I shall still be able to fight." Lee replied as he wiped the blood from his mouth. "This Akatsuki may be strong, but I will overcome his ability."

"Pathetic. Is this the best Konoha can produce?" Kisame laughed at his opposition. "It's not even worth using Yonbi on you."

"Oh yeah, well if you didn't have to use Tsukune-sama, you wouldn't stand a chance!" Hoshiko snapped back. "Honestly you probably don't have any skill of your own!"

"Big words for a small fox." Kisame readied Samehada again for another attack. "This time I'll shred you till there's nothing left!" He ran towards Lee and Hoshiko, only to be stopped in his tracks by a burst of sunlight.

"Back off, fish boy!" Ino had gotten back to her feet after being knocked out by Tsukune earlier. "You know, I've always wanted to know what sun dried shark tastes like." Ino was completely battered from taking the full force of a Bijuu strike, so much that she was using vines from the ground to support herself. "Hoshiko, Udon, are you two ok?"

"We're fine Ino-chan." Hoshiko ran over and started to work on healing Ino as well. "Just a little bruised but we're better. Lee-san came and helped us out."

"Oh really?" She turned to see her fellow teammate. "You know it is good to see you again Lee-kun."

"Always a pleasure Ino-san." Lee replied with a smile. "Now I believe that we must deal with this problem in our home."

"Actually I don't think you'll be doing anything of the sort." Kisame replied as he pulled out…the Wood Hoshi no Tama???

"How did you…there's no way you could have gotten that! I had it the whole time!" Hoshiko immediately checked her pockets, only to find that Kisame did in fact have the Hoshi no Tama. "No! Shinja-sama asked me to protect that with my very life!"

"Look like the tides have turned! Now Hachibi will serve me!" Kisame laughed as he held up both Hoshi no Tama…only to have them swiped away.

"Fishie will leave village now. Leader's command says so." Tobi looked back now holding the two Hoshi no Tama. "Leader has big plans soon."

"Ugh, whatever. Fine." Kisame quickly withdrew as Tobi melted into the ground.

"Crap! What are we gonna do now?" Hoshiko cried over failing her task. "They now have Shinja-sama back!"

"It's ok Hoshi-chan, we can figure that out later. For now, Kasumi needs us more than ever." Ino said. "Let's get to the Hokage Monument and help put a stop to all of this."

"Alright. I just hope Shinja-sama can forgive me for this." Hoshiko replied.

"Well Sasuke, think your pathetic overdrive will have any effect now?" Kasumi hovered over in a sparkling green aura, now that she had gone into her StarWind Overdrive mode. "Still as pathetic as ever, aren't you?"

"Kasumi, listen to yourself! This isn't you! Seriously, why are you letting yourself be controlled by a madman?" questioned Sasuke. "Madara's just using you!"

"Shut up! You don't know what Madara-sama's doing! He's going to save the world from this endless destruction!" Kasumi snapped back. "With the power of the Bijuu, there will be a new age under Akatsuki!"

"So you really want to put your family through that? You plan to make your aunts and uncles, and even your own mother suffer through what he plans to do?" Sasuke tried yet again to reason with Kasumi, but it just wasn't working.

"To bring peace to many, some must suffer. And you'll be one of them!" Kasumi screamed as she unleashed her attack. "Now stay down and die Sasuke! STARWIND TWISTER!"

"Damn! I only have one more use of my Phoenix Magma Bazooka, and if that doesn't finish her off, then I'm screwed!" Sasuke thought to himself as he tried to figure a way to get out of Kasumi's attack. "And there's no way I can use that attack…it would literally kill her and I'm saving it for Madara. Oh well, if I can't use Kirin, then I might as well try the Double Chidori Quake. Plus I gotta thank Hinata for giving me one more set of Kitsune Capsules." He quickly downed the three capsules and braced himself for the impact.

"You're just going to stand there! Oh well, it's your funeral!" Kasumi pushed more energy into her attack, intent on destroying Sasuke. Her attack hit and began to slash away at Sasuke. "What is he doing? I know him better than that and I know he wouldn't willingly take an attack head on!" Kasumi kept up the attack but felt that for some reason, something wasn't right. When her attack finished, Sasuke was standing there battered, but almost unharmed. She did take note that he started channeling lightning chakra in both of his hands.

"Gotta say, those Kitsune capsules come in handy in the clutch." Sasuke showed off a sheepish grin. "But I wanna say I'm sorry that this is going to hurt so badly princess."

"Sasuke, there's no way!" Kasumi now stood in a stupor seeing Sasuke. "You should have died from that attack!"

"And you should die from this one, but I'm going to make sure it only stings really badly and doesn't kill you ok." Sasuke bolted straight at Kasumi with lightning in hand and landed a sharp punch right in her stomach, sending the lightning coursing through her body. "This is really hurting me more than it is you Kasumi-chan, but I promise it's not fatal. CHIDORI!" Sasuke increased the lightning and continued moving, almost as if he was leaping off invisible walls in the air. At the speed he was moving, there was a trail of lightning created in the air, almost as if the lightning had traveled a path from where he started. He got about 50 feet in the air when he released Kasumi, letting her float there for a few seconds. "Only a little more Kasumi-chan and I promise we'll get you better! DOUBLE CHIDORI QUAKE!" Sasuke finished his attack by striking Kasumi with the other lightning filled hand, cutting through the lightning he created and slamming Kasumi into the ground with force. As the dust cleared, he looked down and saw her, heavily battered from his attack. "I never wanted you of all people to be the first one to fall victim to this jutsu." The force was strong enough that it actually caused Kasumi to fall out of StarWind Fusion and return back to her normal self.

"Sasuke…chan." Kasumi started coughing up dust as she started to come to.

"Kasumi-chan? Kasumi-chan, are you finally back?" he was already at her side, hoping his jutsu didn't do too much damage.

"Sasuke-chan…I have a really…sharp pain…in my chest." Kasumi said softly. "What…happened?"

"You're really back…this time it's for real, right?" asked Sasuke as he held her up.

"Yeah…and I'm hoping…you and I can go out on a date soon." She replied warmly. "Thank you…for…for…" All of a sudden she grabbed her chest and cringed in pain. "Sasuke!!"

"Kasumi-chan, what is it?" Sasuke became frantic, wondering what was harming Kasumi.

"It's her…she's…she's taking…help me Sasuke!" Kasumi screamed as she started pulsing in a dark aura.

"Damn! What the hell is going on!" Sasuke asked himself as he got some well deserved reinforcements.

"Sasuke, what's going on?" asked Naruto as his team got to the monument.

"It's Kasumi-chan! For a second, she was fine. But now she's saying something about someone taking something." Sasuke explained the situation.

Hinata was already over trying to find out what was going on. Even Kimiko was doing her best to use her purification skills to try and slow down whatever was trying to corrupt Kasumi even more. "Kimiko, what's the deal? I've never seen an aura so evil!" asked Hinata.

"It has to be something from Madara. He must have put a failsafe in Kasumi in the event she was freed from the mind control." Kimiko kept up her purification. "Even with Mom's charms, my power isn't enough."

"Then what the hell are we supposed to so? She's seriously hurting here." Naruto said as he took back his gem, now activating his transformer. "Come on, think of something!"

"Naruto!! Hey Naruto!!" Naruto turned to see Haku and the others all heading his way. "Hey what's going on?"

"Haku, good thing you're here. It's Kasumi-chan. Sasuke managed to somehow break her from Madara's control, but the next thing we knew, she's screaming in pain and has some freaky dark aura." Naruto commented.

"Yeah I can feel that. Her aura is screaming in rage and pain." Haku could sense the darkness brewing in Kasumi. "What's worse is that it's getting out of control!"

"WHAT! Well can't you do anything?" Naruto asked. "I mean there has to be something?"

"Naruto we're doing the best we can, but whatever Madara did…well he did one hell of a job!" Kimiko was sweating bullets as she kept forcing Light Chakra into Kasumi.

Kasumi kept shaking and cringing in pain from the darkness starting to overtake her. "Everyone…please…kill…me!"

"No! I refuse! Come on Kasumi-chan, you have to fight this!" Sasuke was already down coaching her on. "What was your nindo when we were genin? Never underestimate you!"

"But…Sasuke…" She was in tears over the immense pain she was going through. "It…hurts…she's…she's making…making it worse!"

"Kasumi, tell me, who are you talking about? Who is 'she'?" asked Hinata.

"Maybe I can explain that to you." The entire group turned to see the orange masked Akatsuki standing before them. "You see, Kasumi's spirit was not to my liking."

"Alright Tobi, explain all of this! What's going on with Kasumi?" Naruto demanded.

"Naruto, who is that?" asked Haku. "Another one of Madara's lackeys?"

"Actually…" Tobi removed his mask, unleashing a wave of killer intent that dropped the entire team to their knees. "I happen to be none other than Madara Uchiha himself!"

"No way…it…it can't be!" Sasuke trembled in fear over seeing his grandfather for the first time. The malice and evil spawning from Madara's Sharingan left him quaking.

"Well well, I see you're surprised grandson." Madara said calmly. "Now as I was saying, Kasumi's spirit and personality wasn't to my liking, so I made a little change. As a matter of fact, I'd like for you to see what I've done." He made a single seal, causing Kasumi to scream even louder in more pain. "That's right my dear, it is time for you to truly awaken!"

"Kasumi-chan, fight this!!!" Sasuke turned to see the dark aura completely overtaking his beloved. He tried everything to get to her, but Madara had taken her over the limit.

"What's to fight Sasuke?" Kasumi's voice was completely changed. It was now darker than normal. "Your precious Kasumi is gone now."

"No! I refuse to believe that! Kasumi-chan's still there!" Sasuke screamed.

"She was truly weak if she fell to me." Kasumi now called Dark Kasumi stated. "You can just call me Dark Kasumi now."

"Ahh, now that's much better. See she's so much livelier like this. Especially with the enhancement from the Shikon no Tama I gave her." Madara chuckled. "As such, I'll leave her to destroy you all while I finish taking the rest of the Bijuu." Madara opened his cloak to reveal the Hoshi no Tama and captured Bijuu. "Farewell Illumina Knights!" He threw a smoke bomb and vanished without a trace.

"Now how should I begin?" Dark Kasumi looked around at all her new potential targets. Even though she no longer had her StarWind form, the enhancement from the Shikon no Tama was enough to push her power much higher than anyone else. "Hmm, Haku, you didn't seem to stay dead last time I killed you. Maybe I should kill you again?"

"Let go of my sister you creep!" Dark Kasumi turned to see a wobbly Akemi standing at the entrance of the Monument. "I don't know who you are…but you aren't my sister!"

"Akemi-chan! What's she doing here?" Sakura remembered that Akemi had been seriously weakened from losing so much blood for Konohamaru's revival.

"Look at her! Since when did she have access to Kasumi's powers?" Ino said, noticing that Akemi now wore the same outfit as she did.

"Well well, little sister. So you've brought me a gift I see." Dark Kasumi smiled over knowing that she would soon have her Overdrive Transformer.

"Yeah I brought you…a gift." Akemi was still feeling the stress from using the Light Transformer. "My big sister showed me this and I…I always wanted to do it for real!" She put her hands together and started pulling in what energy her body could hold.

"What's she planning?" Hanabi asked when Hinata realized the situation.

"She's gonna use the Starburst Cannon!" Hinata remembered that was Kasumi's trademark attack and knew Akemi would do the same, but considering Akemi was in critical condition, she might end up killing herself. "Akemi, don't do it!"

"Actually, I'd like to see what she can do." Dark Kasumi moved her hand and released a wave of black energy, putting a stasis hold on everyone else. "This should keep you from moving for now."

"Let us go Kasumi! Come on, get over this already! We know you're not evil!" Haku pleaded.

"Shut it Haku! I told you Kasumi is gone for good!" Dark Kasumi snapped back. "Now little sister, show me just what you can do."

"You want it…you'll get it!" Akemi continued to grimace in pain as she held the gathered energy. "Now give me back my sister!!!"

"Your sister is gone, and you're going to join her!" screamed Dark Kasumi as she did the same as Akemi.

Everyone took note of the look in Akemi's eyes. As she stared at her sister, her hero, they could all feel the pain in her heart as she was about to attack the one person she looked up to more than anything. They could all see Akemi wanted Kasumi back, even if it meant losing her own life as well.

"STARBURST CANNON!" Both Akemi and Kasumi unleashed the trademark Light attack and locked in a brutal beam duel.

"Come on Akemi-chan, you can do it! Don't give it!" Hanabi did her best to cheer on her best friend.

"Hanabi-chan, what are you doing? Don't you know she may kill herself with that?" said Natsumi as they all watched on.

"So what! If I was in her place and it was Hina-chan I was facing, I'd do the same thing! Right now Akemi-chan had to suffer nearly losing her boyfriend, her brother, and her sister." Hanabi cried back. "I'll cheer her on even if it means she dies in the end!"

"Hanabi's right. We have to believe something will happen!" Tayuya added. "Come on kid! Show that Kasumi wannabe just how a redhead kicks butt!"

"You can do it Akemi-chan!" Hoshiko and Moegi added their cheers as well.

Dark Kasumi looked on and heard the cheers, thinking that they were all useless. "Pathetic. Do those fools really think that their little friend has a chance to win against me?"

"Do you hear that? They all know you're still in there Kasumi-chan! You have to come back!" Akemi could feel the pressure as she kept up her Starburst Cannon as best she could. Without the full energy from the Light Gem, she was using everything she had to fuel the attack, even going as far as to tap into her own chakra.

"They're all fools. Besides it's time they see you killed by the one you called a hero!" Dark Kasumi quickly turned the tides by forcing more energy into her attack, pushing back Akemi's beam easily. "Did you really believe that you could use my own power against me? You're a fool just like the rest of them! Now DIE!"

"I…I won't…yaa!!!" Akemi did everything she could, but couldn't hold up to the full force of Dark Kasumi's power and took her Starburst Cannon head on.

"AKEMI-CHAN!!!!" Hanabi screamed as she saw Akemi slam full force into the wall of the monument, taking the bombardment of Dark Kasumi's attack.

"Just pathetic." Dark Kasumi released her attack and walked over to claim her spoils. "But I do have to say, I want to thank you little sister for the new clothes you got me." She reached down and took the Light Overdrive Transformer off Akemi's wrist, causing the young kitsune to power out of the Illumina form. "Hmm, this little crystal is getting in the way. Guess I should get rid of it." She took out Akemi's power crystal and shattered it, while placing her own power gem in place. Upon doing so, Dark Kasumi now upgraded herself to her new Overdrive Knight form for the first time. "You know I could kill you right here, but I think I will get you back to your friends so you can all die together!" She picked up Akemi by her tails and flung her into the group where she was barely breathing.

"How could you! She was your little sister! She looked up to you!" Hanabi cried over seeing her injured friend.

"That's her problem." Dark Kasumi said with a smirk. With that she freed Sasuke from the stasis as to continue her fight. "Now Sasuke, I believe we haven't finished our fight yet?"

"Yeah we haven't finished. But you're not fighting me alone this time." Sasuke pointed up to the sky where everyone could see a winged figure descending. "If you thought I was tough, wait till you deal with her!"

"Great more worthless trash to deal with!" Dark Kasumi sneered.

"Oh I'll show you worthless!" Shiori landed and dispelled her Phoenix Wings. "I'm sick of all this! I'm done with the pain, the torment, and the tears!"

Dark Kasumi just stood there like she didn't have a care in the world. She might have heard Shiori's words but it meant nothing to her. "Yawn…so little fox girl, do you have anything better to add before our fight?"

Shiori knew it was now or never. If her plan didn't work then there was literally nothing left to try. "I do." She turned and whispered something in Sasuke's ear, getting a reaction out of her former counterpart.

"You sure that's going to work?" Sasuke sounded nervous over hearing Shiori's plan.

"It's all we have left Sasuke. But you have to promise me, that once it happens, you leave the rest all to me." Shiori took a deep breath to prepare for her plan.

"So what was this you had to bring, hmm?" Dark Kasumi taunted the duo some more. "I'm waiting."

"Oh I was just thinking…thinking of how it's going to be when I finally erase you from existence! Sasuke, do it now!" Shiori activated her Sharingan to the maximum, as did Sasuke.

"Tsukiyomi? Please. Like that will have any…"



What happened next had everyone in confusion. Sasuke and Shiori activated both versions of the Uchiha ultimate Genjutsu at the same time, actually merging the two together. The result was that the entire Hokage Monument was now engulfed in a blue sphere of chakra, while inside everyone saw the blood red moon of the normal Tsukiyomi.

"Looks like it worked." Shiori said as she took the next step in her plan.

"What the hell happened? Hey Shiori, where are we!" Naruto asked in all the confusion.

"We're all in Kasumi-hime's mindscape, brought out to the real world. When Sasuke used Tsukiyomi to enter her mind, I used Tsukiyomi no Seirei to pull that entire world outside." Shiori replied. "See I figured out how Madara took control of Kasumi-hime when I was practicing with Sakura-chan. And I'll show you just what I mean."

"Oh really, and what do you…ugh! What are you doing…to me!" Dark Kasumi started feeling herself being ripped in half. "No…you can't do…I'm the one…in control!"

"Not this time bitch! Technically Sasuke and I are Kami in this world. We control everything! Now let my Kasumi-hime go once and for all!" Shiori used her control to start the separation. Everyone looked on as Dark Kasumi had another being separated from herself.

"You…worthless scum!!" Dark Kasumi screamed in rage as the separation was complete. Beside her now stood the real Kasumi.

"Hey…what's going on?" Kasumi tried clearing her head to see what all was going on. "Where is this place?"

"Kasumi-chan? Is that the real you?" asked Sasuke.

"Well, yeah I'd know if it was. But what's going on? And who…" Kasumi turned to see her dark persona nearby and started shaking in fear. "What…what is she doing here!"

"Hello Kasumi. It's been a while since we've seen each other, hasn't it?" Dark Kasumi got back to her feet only to stare down Kasumi with a dark glare. "I think the last time was when Madara-sama utterly crushed you and left you as a blithering pile of pure weakness. I especially liked it how he tortured you by making you watch your precious Sasuke and Shiori be brutally maimed and killed slowly for a solid year!"

"What! That's just barbaric!" Sasuke screamed. "How could anyone be so cruel!"

"Oh it was fun hearing her scream. Honestly I want to hear her scream like that again, but it doesn't look like I'll have time to enjoy that." Dark Kasumi took no aim and fired a blast of light at Kasumi, sending her crashing back into Sasuke. "Oh and Shiori dear, you may claim to be Kami in this world, but see, Madara-sama wanted to make sure that if anything like this happened, I'd be well prepared to deal with you."

"Madara has nothing he can give you that will stop me from killing you!" Shiori replied when her words were suddenly thrown back at her.

"Oh he doesn't now?" Dark Kasumi closed her eyes only to open them and reveal something greatly unexpected. "Tell me, do you like the nice little star shape in my eyes?"

"SHE HAS THE MANGEKYO SHARINGAN!!!!" Everyone couldn't believe this! Just what did Madara give this dark persona of Kasumi's?

"That's completely impossible. Is Madara's Sharingan that strong that it could give you a Mangekyo as well?" Shiori was befuddled. Did Madara really plan to make sure that he would win at all costs?"

"You forget, he's the most powerful Uchiha in existence. His Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can do anything." Dark Kasumi flipped her hair back and gave a smug look. "So how about we finish this so I can kill everyone else here."

Shiori cracked her knuckles as she now stood where Sasuke once did. However unlike Sasuke, she was facing the true enemy. Her plan had worked so far, and now all that was left was to destroy the darkness and end this nightmare once and for all. "You know something…everyone here overheard when Akane-sama issued a termination order on Kasumi-hime. Looks like I can tell her that I carried out that order!" With that Shiori began the final battle to decide the fate of Kasumi.

"So Danzo does have his uses after all. To think that those other three Bijuu could hide from me." Madara now stood before the Uchiha Training Facility, his final target for capturing Akane, Mai, and Daisuke. "Once I have the final three Bijuu, I can finally begin my ultimate plan to ascend and become a god!" He walked up to the main door, only to hear the main console ask for identification. "Such simple tactics." He saw the main door and simply focused some chakra in it, causing it to open. "Do those fools not realize that I was the one who commissioned the building of this facility?" Madara strolled right in, taking note of all the improvements done since he had last seen the facility. With ease he made his way through the facility and was on his way to the command room, where he had a nice little family reunion.

"Never thought I'd see you here…Father!" Mikoto saw him heading to the command room and knew she had to intervene.

"My sweet little Mikoto-chan. I see you've grown." Madara said calmly.

"Oh can it. What are you doing here anyway?" Mikoto already had her Sharingan active as she stared down her father.

"I got wind that three of my Bijuu were hidden here, and I've come to take them home." Madara showed off the other Bijuu he had captured. "Why not save me the trouble and show me where they are like a good little girl?"

Mikoto shook off his jest, "Like I'd ever help a madman like you. You deserted Konoha and the Uchiha! You even killed my own mother just because she wouldn't see your vision!"

"Oh yes, Sayuki was quite a fighter. I actually loved torturing her to death in her own mind." Madara laughed sadistically. "I'd do it again if I had the chance."

"Well I don't intend to give you that chance!" Mikoto pulled out a pair of Kunai and was ready to strike down Madara when Akane, Mai, and Daisuke saw her.

"Miki-chan who…you!!!" Akane's eyes went feral over seeing the Uchiha patriarch. "You dare show your face here after what you did!"

"Akane-chan, who is that?" asked Mai.

"He's the source of all our problems! If it wasn't for him, I never would have attacked Konoha 16 years ago!" Akane said in rage. "I learned from Itachi that it wasn't Orochimaru that put me under that genjutsu!"

"Well well, if it isn't the Kyuubi. Seems 16 years has done a job on you. Last time you were ready to rip me to shreds." Madara replied. "Has motherhood taken you out of your prime? Because it seems Kasumi had more fight than you did."

"Leave my daughter out of this Madara. You've already hurt her enough!" Akane lashed back.

"Oh really? Well it seems that everyone else will be doing that now." Madara boasted proudly. "I actually enjoyed seeing everyone in shock when I forced her to awaken."

"What are you talking about?" asked Akane. "What did you do to her!"

"Actually what I should have done to you. I simply created a persona of her in my own image and now it has complete control over her. With the amount of energy I've given her from the Shikon no Tama, she should be leaving the rest of her friends in a bloody mess." Madara had pretty much gone psycho. "Now it's time you join your brethren Kyuubi."

"Akane, stay back. I'll deal with him." Mikoto ordered. "We can't risk you three being captured anyway."

"Then show me the result of your training, daughter!" Madara said.

"Stand still and let me hit you!" Dark Kasumi struck at Shiori, but missed yet again. Shiori seemed to have the upper hand in their battle due to her more in depth Kyokugenryu training. No matter what she threw at Shiori, the Uchiha girl was able to easily counter and evade.

"You're getting sloppy. Didn't Aunt Makoto teach you better than that?" Shiori easily evaded another strike. "Oh wait I forgot, you only learned one style. Here let me show you something new! HIEN HOU'OU KYAKU! (Flying Phoenix Kick)" Dark Kasumi barely had a chance to react when Shiori was bombarding her with a barrage of kicks. "Oh I'm not done! RAIOKEN! (Lightning Sparkle Fist)" After Shiori finished her kick assault, she threw a lightning charged Ki burst into Dark Kasumi, knocking her back and stunning her for a second. "Here's something else new! TRIPLE HAOH SHOKO KEN! (Triple Supreme King Roaring Fist)" Shiori finished her attack with three massive Ki blasts that did some heavy damage to Dark Kasumi.

With Shiori showing just how skilled she was in Kyokugenryu since she came back, everyone was surprised how in just 7 months she went from not knowing what she was going to do with her new life, to becoming a refined shinobi fighter. But Shiori wasn't done yet. She planned to make Dark Kasumi suffer for everything she inflicted on Kasumi and everyone else.

"So how should I beat the crap out of you some more?" Shiori saw Dark Kasumi slowly getting up off the ground after her attack. "Maybe this time I need to go all the way?"

"Just like an Uchiha…cocky as ever." Dark Kasumi wiped a small amount of blood from her mouth. "Madara-sama was right about you. That's why this is going to be so much easier."

"Just what are you…" Shiori barely had enough time to react when she saw the oncoming black flames.

"That's right little girl, start dancing!" Dark Kasumi kept up her Amaterasu assault, forcing Shiori into a corner. "I'm gonna burn that smile off your face!"

Shiori went into full evasion, avoiding the bursts of black fire as best she could, but thanks to Madara's little enhancement, Dark Kasumi's aim was deadlier than ever. She barely avoided having her arm burned had she not turned at the last minute. "Damn, Madara just made her worse than ever! I can't use regular jutsu anymore."

"So have you had enough? Or should I make things hotter for you?" asked Dark Kasumi as she played with a ball of Amaterasu Flame.

"You're asking me if I want things hotter?" Shiori's eyes began to glow red with energy. "I'll teach you what it means to turn up the heat! FIRE OVERDRIVE!" Shiori exploded not in a red flame like Sasuke, but in a white flame. Unlike Sasuke, she didn't create magma filled footsteps when she walked, but instead she had a white corona-like aura around her. "If you thought Sasuke was bad…well you only saw one side of the Fire Overdrive."

"One side…does this mean that I may have a different Overdrive than Naruto?" Natsumi thought to herself as she overlooked Shiori. "Maybe it's a secondary effect from the Life Stream Seal."

"Oh I'm so scared! I don't have my overdrive and now I'm going to be beaten." Dark Kasumi taunted as her eyes shifted from the Sharingan red to a solid white glow. "Like that's going to scare me. Did you forget whose mind this is? Thanks to Madara-sama's gift, I figured I'd give myself a little present while I was in here. Something that loser Kasumi could never have unlike the rest of you!"

Sasuke looked down at the weakened Kasumi and realized what her Dark counterpart was talking about. The thing Dark Kasumi was talking about was possible in her mind, simply because she could easily create it any time until she got it in the real world. "Oh hell, this is not good!"

Naruto looked over and saw Sasuke's distress. "Bro, what the hell is she talking about?"

"Take a guess dork! What do all of us have except for Kasumi-chan! It's the one thing that she's wanted ever since you tapped into that power!" Sasuke snapped back. "Dark Kasumi knows the…"

"LIGHT OVERDRIVE!" she erupted in a pillar of pure white light that could pierce the infinite darkness. Everyone had hoped it would have been the real Kasumi to say those words, but now they were looking upon her Dark counterpart, wielding her ultimate power.

"This is impossible! There's no way you can have Overdrive without Akane-sama unlocking it for you!" Shiori screamed.

"Idiot! I told you this is Kasumi's mind, which I still have partial control over! In her mind I can will things like this to be a reality!" Dark Kasumi replied as she summoned four large spheres of light that began to circle her. "Face it, your little Kasumi-hime was nothing but weak."

Shiori's blood began to boil even hotter than the aura she was radiating. If there was one thing she didn't tolerate, it was anyone calling Kasumi weak. "Don't you EVER call Kasumi-hime weak!" With a lash of her wrist, Shiori sent a wave of burning hot magma directly at Dark Kasumi.

"Still with the same old attacks! Give it up!" Dark Kasumi shot a Starburst Beam at the magma wave, and in tandem each of the 4 light orbs unleashed a rapid fire of Starburst Beams along with it, easily piercing the attack.

Everyone watched as the combat continued, amazed at the sheer ability of Dark Kasumi in overdrive.

"So the Light Overdrive simply amplifies Kasumi-chan's attacks by the usage of those orbs." Haku observed as the duo continued to unleash blow after blow. "Do you guys really think this is her real overdrive?"

"Couldn't say, but this is getting serious. Shiori's gotta finish off Dark Kasumi soon or our Kasumi-chan is gonna be in some real pain." Temari stated. "I can still feel Kasumi's aura and with every blow that Dark Kasumi takes, our Kasumi gets hurt."

"How so? That's just a crazy persona of our Kasumi-chan!" asked Naruto.

"It's the Tsukiyomi effect. Normally when you use it on a person and enter their mind, the version of that person is essentially a manifestation of their mind. Any physical damage they take in the Tsukiyomi world can be transferred back to them in the real world." Sasuke explained. "Since we practically brought Kasumi's mind out here…"

"Then you're holding both the real Kasumi and her mental manifestation at the same time?" asked Hinata in confusion.

"You got it. Since our Kasumi-chan had been merged with Dark Kasumi for so long, it did create a small link. Dark Kasumi is still a small fraction of the mental manifestation. That's why every time she gets hurt, our Kasumi feels it." Sasuke answered as he caressed Kasumi's ears while she winced in pain. "Madara was thorough with this. He literally wanted to make sure that if we broke his control over Kasumi, it would push her to the brink of death itself."

"Just what kind of monster is he"? Naruto wondered about the psychotic Uchiha.

"He's a monster that we have to erase from this world at all costs, my brother." Sasuke replied.

As for Madara, he was having too much fun toying with Mikoto as she tried to keep up with attacking him. She knew that she couldn't use the Tsukiyomi, and all her Amaterasu attacks weren't enough to even do considerable damage.

"Damn…what does it take to make you stay down for good?" Mikoto was breathing heavily from her assault.

"Oh you should know that little Miki-chan. Too bad you'll never live to see the Susanoo in action." Madara stood there unharmed. "Now how about I go ahead and kill you, and take those Bijuu with me and end this pathetic war?"

"I told you…I won't let you touch my friends!" Mikoto grimaced at her father.

"You don't have much of a choice do you?" Madara boasted smugly. "Instead of me killing you, why don't I make it more interesting…considering Itachi was foolish enough to leave her here?" He turned and pointed to the entrance way to reveal an entranced Konan. "So my Angel of Akatsuki has returned like the good little servant she is."

"Madara-sama, what is it you would like me to do?" Konan answered in a cold voice.

"Such loyalty…not like that foolish grandson Itachi." Madara said as Konan walked towards him. "Konan, we have a traitor before us that needs to be dealt with. Terminate my foolish daughter so that we may continue with our plans."

Konan kept up her slow pace and formed a few seals, causing sheets of paper to swirl around her until they formed a sword. Mikoto was frozen solid as she stared at Itachi's beloved, coming to deal the final strike.

"Konan-chan, you don't have to listen to him! What about Itachi! You know you are his Tenshi no Hikari! He promised to do everything he could to free you!" Mikoto pleaded to the Origami Kunoichi, but her words were futile.

"Itachi opposed the goals of our leader and he will be eliminated as a traitor." Konan's stare was cold and lifeless. Her only task was to eliminate anything in Madara's way.

"Once again, I have won." Madara laughed in victory.

Konan used her chakra to reform the blade into a more precise edge, designed to cut flawlessly. Her stare didn't change as she kept the blade pointed at Mikoto. "Farewell…"

Dark Kasumi had gotten the upper hand yet again. With her Light Overdrive, she could send one of her light orbs out, causing her attacks to come from different directions, putting even more pressure on Shiori. Things were getting worse as the battle kept up, since Kasumi was slowly taking more and more injury. Shiori could feel it in Kasumi's aura that the longer the battle went on, the worse off she would be, so she needed to finish this battle once and for all.

"Still haven't had enough have you?" Dark Kasumi said as she saw Shiori catching her breath. "I told you, I'm here to stay for good!"

"You know, why is it that people like you always want to make things complicated?" Shiori dusted herself off. "Doesn't matter, I've had enough of this crap." Her aura began to intensify and the heat rose to amazing temperatures. "You and me, one final Overdrive attack."

"Oh I'll take pleasure in that!" Dark Kasumi used her Light energy to fan out the orbs around her. "This time it all ends here."

"So it does!" Shiori pulled in all her Fire energy for her final attack. "Now get out of my Kasumi-hime!"

"I told you! She's mine now and forever!" snapped Dark Kasumi as she focused energy into her orbs.

"Burn in hell! PHOENIX ATOMIC BLAZER!" Shiori unleashed a massive flare of white fire at her target.

"Oh I've wanted to do this forever! ILLUMINA STARSTORM!" The four orbs each unleashed a massive blast of light as Dark Kasumi fired her own blast to collide with Shiori's mega flare. "Submit and I'll make your death quick and painless!"

"I've never given up on anything, and I won't give up on my Kasumi-hime!" Shiori kept up the struggle and put all she had into her attack.

Neither side was ready to back down from the immense onslaught of Illumina Energy. Both girls had their reasons for wanting victory; Shiori wanting to finally save Kasumi once and for all, and Dark Kasumi wanting to take full control and kill the other knights. The two were evenly matched until Dark Kasumi made what would be her biggest mistake ever.

"I told you I'm taking over and your Kasumi is dead!" Dark Kasumi changed the aim of one of her light orbs and pointed it directly at Sasuke and the real Kasumi. "Try to save your friends now!"

"Sasuke, look out!" Shiori was at a loss. If she released her attack, then Dark Kasumi could turn all of her power against everyone else, but there was no one to block for Sasuke and Kasumi. Sasuke did what he could and turned his back to the blast as to completely shield Kasumi, but the power was too much and the duo was caught in the bombardment attack.

"Oh was that a little too much? Maybe this will do you better!" Dark Kasumi then shifted the other orbs towards the rest of the knights, bombarding all of them with light energy. It was enough to break Shiori's focus and stop her attack, but the damage had been done.

"How…how could you!" Shiori looked on as all of her friends and family were on the ground, heavily battered and beaten. She looked over at Sasuke and saw him shaking as he barely held on to Kasumi, who looked even worse than before.

"Oh that, well it was nothing." Dark Kasumi walked over to Sasuke, kicking him in the head and causing him to drop Kasumi. She then picked up her real counterpart and held her in a choke hold. "So Shiori, tell me something?" Dark Kasumi created a blade of light around her hand and looked back with a sick smile. "How do you want to see Kasumi die?"

"Let her go!" Shiori pleaded, but her words were futile.

"Really? Well, I don't think I will just yet." Dark Kasumi thrust her hand into Kasumi's right shoulder, causing her to scream in terror. "That's right, scream like the weakling you are!"

"Stop this! Please don't do this to her!" Shiori was on her knees pleading, but it didn't do a thing.

Dark Kasumi kept up her torture by stabbing Kasumi's other shoulder, then slashing across her legs, leaving her a bloody mess. "You still don't get it do you? I told you I'm in control of this body, and I will be the one to have it." She added to the torture by changing the blade into a glove of energy and began to repeatedly punch Kasumi in the stomach and the face. "I will be the one to stand at Madara-sama's side, and I'll be the one to watch as those pathetic Bijuu are sealed for good!"

"Please…stop!" Shiori was in tears over witnessing the sheer brutality happening to her beloved. "Please!"

"And you want to know the best thing…you were too weak to save her in the first place!" Dark Kasumi finished her brutality with a sharp strike that sent Kasumi crashing over to Shiori. "I told you, this body is mine. Deal with it!"

Shiori had gone over and was already cradling Kasumi, trying to wipe off the blood from her face. She was devastated at the sheer site of seeing the girl she loved so brutally beaten. "Kasumi-hime…please, say something!"


"Come on hime, you have to say something?" Shiori looked down at her, tears streaming down her face.

"Thank…you so much." Kasumi barely opened her eyes and formed a small smile at Shiori. "I believe…in you."

Shiori pulled Kasumi closer to her and held her tight. "I thought I lost you for good Kasumi-hime. I really did."

"I knew…you'd save…me." Kasumi replied. "I…always believed."

"I'm not done yet, but I promise, when this is over, I'll be right there to make you all better." Shiori looked at Kasumi's weak smile and felt her resolve coming back. "Just stay here and I'll take you home soon."

"I…love…you…Shiori-chan." Kasumi answered weakly before she fell unconscious again.

"And I love you too Kasumi-hime." Shiori laid Kasumi down gently to let the girl attempt to rest and shifted her gaze back towards the dark embodiment. "You've pissed me off for the last time! You've hurt my friends, my family, my home, and that's something I can tolerate. But what you did to Kasumi-hime is unforgivable!"

"Oh really, then what are you planning on doing little girl?" taunted Dark Kasumi.

"I plan to make you feel the pain that you gave my Kasumi-hime over 1000 fold!" Shiori's rage pushed her over the edge, causing her Illumina gem to shine insanely.

"Gaa!!!" Mai was on her knees, holding her head in pain.

"Mai-chan, what's wrong!" Akane was at her side, trying to diagnose the problem.

Mai's body was trembling from the pain she felt, "It's Shiori! Her pain…sadness…rage!"

"What's wrong with her? What's going on?" Akane asked.

"She's…she's calling me!" In a burst of flame, Mai vanished.

"How is she…Akane, what's going on?" asked Daisuke with a confused look.

"I don't really know." Akane said as she turned back to Madara's battle with Mikoto.

"So Miki-chan, any last words before you die?" Madara said in a nonchalant voice.

"I won't even give you the time of day Madara!" Mikoto spat back.

Madara turned his back to her, not even giving a care to her eminent death, "Just like you to show weakness. Konan, finish this."

With Madara's back turned, Konan made her final strike, not before sending Makoto a quick wink. "As you wish, Madara-sama!" She turned and stabbed her paper katana directly into Madara's shoulder. "Always glad to serve you Madara-sama!" In one swift motion, she pulled the katana through his shoulder, severing through the sash that held the other Bijuu.

"Traitor! How could…" he turned around only to see Mikoto holding her kunai engulfed in Amaterasu flame. "Mikoto!"

"Back off freak!" She stabbed the two kunai into his chest, causing him to stagger back.

Akane saw this as a moment to counterattack, "Daisuke, now's our chance! Hit him hard!"

"Already on it sister! SUINEJIKIRI!! (Water Screw Cutter)" Daisuke spit out an extremely fast jet of spiraling water that pounded and began to drill into Madara.

"This is for my little girl! SHIKOU KITSUNE HOUKA TAIHO! (Supreme Foxfire Cannon)" Akane's blast of fire connected, burning the Akatsuki leader in flame, but she knew it was too good to be true as there was nothing there when the attack ended.

"Damn, I knew he wouldn't be that easy to defeat!" Mikoto cursed. "But at least he's gone."

"Good thing too. I really didn't like him at all." Konan dispelled her paper sword and went over to pick up the sash. "Hmm, if I'm right, we have Yugito-sama, Shinja-sama, Makoto-sama, Inuyasha-sama, Hiroshi-sama, and Tsukune-sama all right here." She took off the three crystals that Makoto, Inuyasha, and Yugito were sealed in and shattered them, releasing the three Bijuu.

"Ugh, what the hell hit me?" Inuyasha rubbed his ears in relief.

"It's probably a long story, but I think we have a lot of time to talk about it." Konan said with a smile.

"Ok, now I must be crazy or something, but who are you and what happened to Konan-chan?" Mikoto asked. "Last time I saw Konan, she was a semi-quiet vegetable that was under a ton of suppression seals."

"Oh that, well Inoichi-sama removed my seals after Shiori-chan broke Madara's control over me." Konan helped up her future mother-in-law. "It's probably what she's doing to Kasumi-chan right now as well."

"So you're completely free from Madara's control?" Mikoto started beaming in hope.

"You bet I am! Oh before I forget, I didn't get to properly introduce myself." Konan stepped back and bowed in respect. "My name is Konan; it is an honor to meet you Mikoto-sama. I hope you will allow me your blessing to date your honorable son Itachi-san." She barely had a chance to stand up before Mikoto had her in a death hug.

"Screw that, when's my first grandkid coming!" Mikoto gripped tightly as the rest of the Bijuu stood back laughing. "Now I want a girl from you, a boy from Kasumi-chan, and I'll flip a coin to see what I want from Shiori-chan!"

"Uh ok…but that might need to wait a little while after Itachi and I get married, ya know." Konan replied.

"Wait, what is she doing here!" Dark Kasumi looked on as she saw Mai appear beside Shiori.

"She's going to help me kill you once and for all!" Shiori screamed as she held up her gem. "You've messed with the wrong girl for the last time!"

"Kasumi! What the hell?" Mai said as she saw Dark Kasumi. She then looked down and saw the real Kasumi beaten and battered. "Alright, what the hell did you do to my niece!"

"I should have killed her, that's what!" snapped Dark Kasumi.

Mai looked back at Shiori and knew why she was pissed off. "You know…that was the worst thing you could have ever said." She stepped behind Shiori and placed her hands on the girl's shoulders. "I hope you enjoy the painful death Shiori-chan is going to give you."

"She can try!" Dark Kasumi laughed.

"Oh she will. Alright Shiori, All my power is at your disposal!" Mai screamed.

"Thanks Aunt Mai!" Shiori replied as she started feeling all of Mai's strength beginning to seep into her body. "I end this battle now!"

"POWER OF FIRE UNITE! BIJUU FUSION!" The pillar of flame ignited around Mai and Shiori as the two united for the first time. Though unlike Ino's fusion, Shiori's fusion was much more different. Luckily everyone else started coming around to witness the unison after Shiori's transformation.

"Hey, what happened to Shiori?" Naruto asked as he was finally able to move again from Dark Kasumi's stasis hold.

"She must have somehow fused with Mai-sama, but how? She doesn't have her Hoshi no Tama." Temari answered.

"And look at her! The fusion is completely different than what Shinja-sama and I did!" Ino said.

Shiori now stood before everyone but this time she didn't have a red energy cloak. This time her seven kitsune tails were now seven phoenix tails and she now had two large feathered wings just like Mai did. Also her hair changed from purple to orange and red, and her kitsune ears were replaced with two smaller wings. The final change was that now Shiori and Mai's voice had merged and the two were speaking simultaneously.

"You just wouldn't stop, would you?" Shiori and Mai said together. "I pleaded with you to leave my friends alone, but you attacked them. I begged you not to harm my family, but you beat them. I even asked you to spare my beloved Kasumi-hime, yet you nearly killed her." She looked up and her eyes burned hotter than any flame ever known. "All you are is nothing but Madara's evil, and you will be removed for good."

"You keep spitting out the same trash over and over! I told you once and for all, I will kill Kasumi and take her body for my own!" Dark Kasumi shot another attack at Shiori, but it never got to the newly merged Fire Phoenix Knight as Shiori had charged through it and held Dark Kasumi by her neck.

"I wanted to make your death as painful as possible, but you're not even worth it." Shiori gripped harder as she began to choke the life out of Dark Kasumi.

"Shiori-chan, wait! Please, you don't have to do this! Look, I'm sorry I hurt Kasumi, I promise! Please, just let me go and we can all be together." Dark Kasumi pleaded as Shiori's grip tightened.

"Don't even speak to me." Shiori slammed Dark Kasumi to the ground and tightened her grip. Dark Kasumi could even feel the heat increasing as she knew death was close. "When I said get out of my Kasumi-hime, I meant it."

"Shiori, please don't do this!" Dark Kasumi pleaded one last time but it was futile.

"BURN BITCH!" Shiori screamed as she unleashed a never before seen attack. "FIRE EXCELION: PHOENIX INFERNO" The area all around Shiori and Dark Kasumi erupted in a column of white magma that burned hotter than the sun itself. The heat was almost unbearable as Haku and Hinata immediately reacted to try to keep everyone under a cool shield.

"Sasuke, what the hell did she do! How did she come up with that much power!" asked Naruto.

"You got me! But whatever she did, it's unreal!" Sasuke replied.

The magma pillar died down and all that remained was Shiori and Mai, having separated. "It's finally over." Shiori said as the Tsukiyomi dispelled, leaving the group back on the Hokage Monument.

"That was amazing! Shiori, I haven't even felt a power like that before. It was like all your emotions for Kasumi amplified my power to a whole new level." Mai said, but Shiori was already over to Kasumi's side.

Shiori looked down and lifted Kasumi's head, running her hands through her dirtied hair. "Kasumi-hime…please tell me you're home."

Kasumi heard Shiori's words as she woke up in more pain than she ever felt in her life. "Shiori-chan…I'm home...for good."

"She did it! Shiori did it! Kasumi's back!" Sakura screamed as everyone rushed over and immediately started tending to Kasumi. Naruto and Sasuke however stood back and watched on.

"Looks like this nightmare is finally over, eh bro?" Naruto asked as he held up Sasuke.

"It sure is." Sasuke replied while he opened up a communication channel. "Sasuke Uchiha calling home, this is Sasuke."

"Sasuke, it's Akane, we read you! What's your status?" Akane asked, hoping that he wouldn't utter the worst news possible.

"The princess…has come home to her palace. I repeat, the princess is back home." Sasuke said proudly. "She's back Akane-sama! Shiori did it!"

Akane stood there in silence for a minute, taking in the best new she heard since this whole war started. Before she could say anything, Mikoto jumped in. "Sasuke, get her back here now! You know we gotta get her all better for her dates with you and Shiori-chan, right?"

"She means double date Sasuke-kun! Itachi-kun and I are coming too!" Konan added.

"Hey who's that?" Naruto asked when he heard Konan.

"I think that's Itachi's girlfriend Konan. Looks like Shiori was working extra hard." Sasuke replied. "Alright, we're on our way back. Sasuke out."

Naruto and Sasuke looked on as everyone was in an uproar over the fact that their team was now back together again. "So Sasuke, any big plans?"

"Other than one insane date with all the couples here, and the girls having the biggest sleepover in the history of Konoha…none really." Sasuke smiled back. "Come on bro, time to head home."

"You said it Sasuke, and it will be good to get back home." Naruto answered as he and Sasuke walked over to their friends and family.

And this ends The Dark Illumina Saga. Kasumi has finally been freed from the dark control of Madara, and due to his overconfidence, Team Illumina now has all 10 Hoshi no Tama in their possession! But what was the new Fire Excelion attack that Shiori used, especially in her new fusion form with Mai? And is Kasumi ready to receive her true Overdrive from Akane? And what's going to happen to Itachi now that Konan has been freed from Madara's control as well? All will be revealed in the next chapter of the Bijuu Wars...Finally Reunited.

As always please read and review! Thankies! Especially since this chapter marks the 1 year anniversary of the story!...well maybe it's 3 days early, but who's counting.

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