The Bijuu Wars

Finally Reunited

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Chapter 26: Finally Reunited

Nine days had passed since the battle that took place in Konoha. On that day, Konoha was witness to battles that should have never even existed, as two friends battled for the first time, long time sweethearts faced each other in combat, and a girl from another world was driven to the brink of death in order to escape the darkness. However on that day, the light was able to shine once again as friends were brought back, families reunited, and two couples could once again hold each other in their arms.

"Hina-chan, I don't know if I'm still ready to do this just yet." Naruto stood outside the medical room pacing back and forth. "I mean I thought this would be enough time, but maybe I was wrong."

Hinata tried her best to calm him down, "Naru-chan, it's gonna be ok. I told you, no matter what happens, I'll be by your side no matter what."

Naruto sighed in defeat, knowing he had to get this over with. "Alright, here goes nothing." He opened the door to find Konohamaru taking care of Akemi while she was in recovery from the battle, and the two were watching TV.

"Hi you two. How are you feeling today?" Hinata said with a cheerful smile.

"A lot better Hinata-chan. Oka-san says I should be out in three days, and she said when Kasumi-nee-chan gets better, she's going to make me a new power crystal for my armor." Akemi replied while she munched on an apple.

"And how about you Konohamaru-kun? How do you like your new changes?"

"Well, it feels a little weird with the tails and all this new power, but I like it. Mai-sama even said she's going to be helping me get used to my phoenix abilities and even teach me how to fly as well." Konohamaru replied as Naruto walked in the room. Everything suddenly got quiet as Naruto faced one of his most difficult trials yet. "Oh…it's you."

"Hey guys. I…I just wanted to see how you were both doing." Naruto asked as he felt the glares from both Konohamaru and Akemi.

"We're fine Naruto." Akemi said with a bit of coldness.

"Look, I…well that is…I really wanna say I'm sorry for what I did. But you have to believe I wasn't myself! I'd never do something like that to either of you!" Naruto apologized, but Akemi acted like she didn't want to hear it.

"Shut it Naruto! How could you!" Akemi snapped at him. "Maru-kun means the world to me and what did you do!"

"I know, I know! Look is there anything I can do to make this up to you?" Naruto pleaded. Akemi ordered him to come close and he did.

"You really want to know?" Akemi asked. Naruto nodded as she slugged him right in the gut! "Just do my chores for the next month and I'm ok."

"Oh...ok...extra month of chores it is." He doubled over a bit but got back to his feet when Akemi jumped into his arms and nearly hugged the life out of him.

"I'm just glad you're back nii-san. And you actually helped make Maru-kun stronger. Thank you." She kissed him on the cheek and then jumped back into bed.

"Well guess that wasn't as bad as I thought. So Konohamaru, l...well that is..." Naruto tried to find the right words, but really couldn't.

"Boss, it's fine. To be honest, I'm glad things came out this way." Konohamaru replied. "See when I was a normal human, I wanted to get strong enough to make sure I could always protect Akemi-chan, but I doubted myself sometimes since I didn't have the strength of a demon like you. But now that I've been reborn, I know I'll be able to face anything head on."

Naruto took those words to heart and held out his hand, "Those are words spoken like a true shinobi. I have no doubts about you now."

Konohamaru took his hand in a firm shake, "Thanks Boss."

"No, not boss. It's Naruto now." Naruto said.

"Ok then...Thanks Naruto." Konohamaru replied back when Kiba rushed in the room out of nowhere.

"Kiba, what the hell man?" asked Naruto.

"Look if Kimiko comes around, you haven't seen a thing! Got it!" Kiba was already patrolling around in the hopes of somehow evading the Inu princess.

"Just what did you do?" Hinata wondered.

"All you need to know is it involved some hair removal cream, a bag of cat treats, and the ribbon on Tenten's tail! That's it!" Kiba had just about gone paranoid.

" uh..." Naruto started just as Kimiko burst into the room.

'There you are you pesky mutt! I'm going to skin you alive!" Kimiko said in rage.

"Oh crap!" Kiba took the first exit he could and leaped out the window. Luckily they were on the first floor, so he hit the ground and took off running.

"You're not getting away that easily, mutt boy!" Kimiko was already in hot pursuit, leaving everyone staring out the window.

"Talk about a love/hate relationship." Konohamaru said.

"Agreed." Naruto, Hinata, and Akemi agreed.

While Kiba was obviously running for his life...or better yet flirting with his girlfriend, another couple was finally spending some well deserved quality time together.

"So does it hurt anywhere else Kasumi-hime?" Shiori had her hand on Kasumi's forehead checking her temperature.

"No, it doesn't Shiori-chan. I'm ok now. Oka-san says I need to stay in for a few more days and Inoichi-sama has been helping me with my mental recovery." Kasumi tried her best to get Shiori to stop being overprotective, but it wasn't working.

"I don't care. I should be the one taking care of you. Honestly, they need to give you a bigger bed, and more pillows. And these sheets don't feel soft enough. Also are your jammies comfy enough?" Shiori continued bombarding her with questions.

"Hey, it's ok, I promise!" Kasumi kept trying to calm Shiori down. "But there is one has been kinda lonely around here after you go home every day."

"Lonely, well why didn't you..." Shiori suddenly remembered the scroll Kasumi gave her. "Then I have just what you need Kasumi-hime." She took out the scroll and released the seal, pulling out the plush doll that Kasumi originally gave her. "I know you wanted me to give this back to you, but I thought I should make my own changes."

"What did you change?" Kasumi looked as Shiori held out the newly modified Shiori plushy that Kasumi originally had made. This time, it was wearing a pure white dress, had seven white tails and ears, and a set of white angel wings. It even had a small halo on top of it. "Shiori-chan...she's absolutely beautiful!"

"I got it like this...because I wanted you to know that I will always be your angel watching over you." Shiori started tearing up. "The past weeks have just been so awful without you and I…I…"

"Shiori, you know you're a big crybaby sometimes?" Kasumi said with a smile.

"I AM NOT! I was really worried!" Shiori cried back as Kasumi pulled her close.

"I know. And I can't thank you enough for bringing me back. I knew if there was one person that could bring me out of the darkness…it was either you or Sasuke-chan." Kasumi held Shiori there and just took luxury in her embrace. "I really thought there were times that I was going to never come back. I even believed Dark Kasumi's words when she told me I was weak."

"No! Don't ever say that!" Shiori pulled back. "Never say you're weak! You're the strongest person I know!"

"In your eyes maybe…but for a time, I sure didn't believe myself. Every day she would torment me and torture me, forcing me to look at false memories of losing you and Sasuke and everyone else. I got lucky when I was able to make a comeback on that day we were supposed to battle, but she eventually won." Kasumi said. "Ever since that day, it has never been the same for me."

"Kasumi-chan, do you ever feel that you'd fall back into that darkness?" asked Shiori as she wiped her tears.

"To be honest, right now I do. I know that I'm not who I used to be, that I've crossed that line. I still have that image of me nearly destroying Akemi-chan in my head and it scares me to think I could have been so heartless to my family." Kasumi sighed. "Honestly I don't know what to think anymore." She just laid her head on Shiori's shoulder while the Uchiha girl started caressing her ears. "Shiori-chan…am I a bad person?"

"You're not Kasumi-hime. You've never been a bad person, ever." Shiori said, hoping to calm Kasumi. "And you'll never be a bad person. This was just a roadblock that all of us had to overcome, and we all grew stronger from it. Even you grew from this as well and I know you won't let something like this beat you ever."

"I hope you're right Shiori-chan, I really hope you're right." Kasumi decided to cuddle up to Shiori and get comfortable in the hopes of trying to feel better. "Thanks so much for being there."

Shiori simply smiled and tightened her grip on Kasumi, letting her hold the plushy close. "Anytime Kasumi-hime, anytime."

The two just sat there and dozed off without a care in the world. In doing so time seemed to fly by as Akane came by with Sasuke to pick up Shiori.

"So Kasumi-chan should be ready to go home in about four days?" he asked.

"Yes. Madara's mind control did a lot of damage to her, and Inoichi said she needs to have very little stress so she doesn't hurt herself." Akane said as she looked over a chart. "Physically she's healing fine and should be good in a day or so."

"That's good to know. I think she had it the worst out of anyone. I just…Akane-sama?" Sasuke noticed Akane had her arms around him.

"Sasuke…when I issued that termination order, it made me feel like the worst mother in the world. But when you called in and said she was alive…you lifted a weight I never thought I'd get rid of Sasuke." Akane said to him. "That's why I'm giving you this." Akane pricked her finger on her fang and drew a seal on Sasuke's hand in her blood. "This is a Kitsune Gratitude Token. If there is ANYTHING you desire Sasuke, as long as it is within my power, I will grant it to you."

"Akane-sama, I can't accept this. I wasn't doing this for a reward." Sasuke replied.

"But Sasuke, you…" Akane tried to get her words out but Sasuke stopped her.

"The reason why I cannot accept this token is because you have already given me what I desire." Sasuke replied as the mark vanished. "You gave me Kasumi, and she's all I could ever want. To me, she's worth more than 10,000 of the necklace that Naruto wears. In fact, I couldn't even put a price on Kasumi."

"Sasuke, she really is in wonderful hands." Akane sighed. "But are you sure there's nothing else you'd want? I want to reward you and Shiori properly."

"Well…since you are the queen…what would you say to an early kitsune wedding?" asked Sasuke, causing Akane's mood to go through the roof.

"Sasuke, what are you saying? You just turned 17. You and Kasumi still have another year at least, and Shiori still has a year and a half to go." Akane explained.

"That's true, but I asked if you'd like a Kitsune wedding…you know, one where you set the age limit?" Sasuke replied with a wink.

"Sasuke, you've been hanging around Kasumi for too long, you know that." Akane replied.

"I know…but it was for the best, wasn't it Oka-san? But of course it's not for me…it's for Shiori. She's earned it." Sasuke said.

"It was for the best Sasuke. They're going to love this! Well I need to get planning!!! So much to do, so much to do!!" Akane instantly went into motherhood mode over the announcement. "Oh Miki-chan is gonna go nuts!!! Sasuke, don't forget about Shiori-chan, ok?"

"I won't. See you in the morning." Sasuke waved as Akane took off down the hall. "Guess I should get Shiori and get home." He opened the door to Kasumi's room and saw the duo out cold. Chances are Kasumi was out due to the medicine she got so it would be easy to get Shiori up.

"Mmhm, let me sleep a little more kaa-san." Shiori said as she rubbed her eyes after Sasuke woke her.

"No can do. Akane-sama says it's time to get home and let Kasumi-chan sleep. We can come back tomorrow." Sasuke answered her as he helped free her from Kasumi's grasp. "Besides, we got stuff to do anyway."

"Ugh, alright." Shiori shook herself awake and stood by Sasuke as they looked down at the sleeping Kasumi. "I still say they need to let me stay here."

"No need. Kasumi-chan already has her angel with her tonight." Sasuke pointed to the plush doll Kasumi held tight. "But I think she needs a little more." He had a bag with him as he walked in and he took out a newly created Sasuke Uchiha plushy, decorated in knight armor with a sword and shield. He took it and placed it beside her, and since his scent was on it, Kasumi instinctively took hold of it. "Now she has her Knight in Shining Armor to guard her as well."

"You're right Sasuke…she is in good hands tonight." Shiori gave one more look and smiled at her beloved girlfriend. "Sleep well princess."

"She will. And tomorrow she'll wake up smiling…just like we've always known her to." Sasuke said as he led her out.

After another week of rest in the hospital, everyone had now been given a clean bill of health and things were back to normal…well…um….

"Ugh, why didn't we let Madara keep the girls?" Inuyasha sighed in grief. "I mean it would at least be a little quieter around here."

"Sorry little bro. But that's what happens when things like this come around." Hiroshi patted Inuyasha on the shoulder. Since the team now had all the Hoshi no Tama, Hiroshi, Tsukune, and Shinja could all be easily summoned at will until they physically released them from Madara's seal in Ame. "It was bad when we were kids, and now it's worse when we're grown up."

"But why did I have to be the one to end up with ribbons tied to my ears and my tails braided for some odd reason!" Inuyasha snapped back. It seems that in the past few days…the Bijuu Sisters shook off the rust of their pranking skills…greatly.

"Hey just be lucky you weren't chicken boy. They actually shaved his Mohawk! And I still don't know what the heck this stuff is they put around my eyes, but I've been trying to wash it off for days!" Hiroshi pointed to the black rings around his eyes. "And let's not even get started about what they did to Daisuke-kun."

"Do I want to know?" asked Inuyasha, when his brother shook his head. "Ugh, poor guy."

"It's even worse now because they got ALL the girls in on it. Just two days ago Naruto woke up to find all of his boxer shorts were dyed pink and had stars drawn over them. Kiba woke up to find Akamaru completely shaven! He looked like a huge naked well…whatever a big shaven dog looks like. Kyoji ended up tied to his bed and he was going mentally insane because they left a huge batch of catnip hovering right over his face!" Hiroshi explained.

"What about Neji and Chouji?" Inuyasha inquired.

"Well from what I hear Chouji has been locked in his room shaking in fear because apparently every store in Konoha no longer sells his favorite potato chips…which was a complete lie since the girls talked every shop owner in town to put up fake signs. And Neji apparently screamed louder than any girl in the world when he woke up with some strange looking mark on his head. I think it was something he hated from a long time ago." Hiroshi continued. "But yeah…they got us big time."

"Ugh, it's times like this when I really wish Ryu-kun didn't go power hungry. He was the master when it came to getting payback on the girls." Inuyasha sighed. "Oh well, I guess we should meet up with everyone else. Apparently there's some big announcement going on." Inuyasha said as he and his brother took their leave to the Uchiha Training center.

Yes the Bijuu Sisters had been very busy since all the girls were back together. Now that they had their own little mini army consisting of all the girls on Team Illumina, their pranking potential had skyrocketed. Every single guy was now paranoid over the fact that something off the wall would happen to them. But that wasn't the big thing going on in Konoha.

"Ok someone tell me just how Sasuke and Itachi managed to get out of all this grief?" Naruto grumbled as everyone assembled in the command room.

"Um, well…we're not sure about Sasuke, but apparently Itachi has been in one hell of a make out session for the past three days with Konan." Neji replied. "Still say he's one lucky freak."

"Yeah yeah, so what do you think the big announcement is gonna be?" asked Naruto.

"Probably has something to do with our powers or something. You know ever since Shiori went to that new fusion level with Mai-sama, Dr. Sakurano has been going insane trying to research it. Could be something new that's gonna help us finish off Madara once and for all." Haku commented. "Oh and Neji, how's the tattoo?"

"You're lucky this is gonna wear off in a day or so." Neji growled back. "I still can't believe you put that on my head."

"I know, but we were having some harmless fun." Haku laughed as she remembered they put a fake Caged Bird seal on his head. It was actually some special paint that would wear off after a few days. "All I gotta say is what I have planned today is gonna feel really good!"

"And what is that?" Naruto wondered what his sister had in mind.

"Oh, you'll see." Haku said with an evil grin.

The team finally assembled and needless to say it was a sight. For the first time The Illumina Knights, their support team, and The Nine Bijuu had been assembled together. It was going to be a pinnacle turning point now that the Dark Illumina nightmare had ended.

"Finally good to have everyone back. First off to begin this assembly, it's great to now have Kimiko, Kasumi, and Naruto back, and all three have fully recovered from Madara's corruption." Tsunade began as everyone applauded. "That point put us all through a lot of misery and grief, but we all made it through."

"It's definitely good, but there's one last thing that needs to be done. If I may Tsunade-sama?" Haku asked. Tsunade nodded and Haku walked over to Kasumi…and slammed her with one hell of a punch!

"Haku, what the hell was that for!" Naruto said in shock.

"That was for killing me! Yeesh Kasumi, did you have to make that hurt so damn badly!" Haku screamed. "That sword of yours really stings, you know that!"

"Heh, I guess I had that one coming. Sorry Haku-chan, but I wasn't myself you know." Kasumi apologized while she rubbed her face.

"Yeah yeah, whatever." Haku helped up Kasumi and hugged her anyway. "But you're doing my chores for a week to pay me back, got it?"

"Ok, that's not too hard." Kasumi replied.

"I feel better now. Ok Tsunade-sama, you can continue." Haku said.

"Well…that was unexpected. But anyway, we've had a lot of changes in the past few months. But now we have an update to the Akatsuki thread." Tsunade continued her explanation. "From what we know, Akatsuki only has 5 members left…Madara, Pein, Kakuzu, Kisame, and Zetsu. Thanks to the help of the Gravity Knight team, and the Shadow Knight team, the revived Deidara and Hidan were destroyed in the Dark Illumina Battle."

"This puts us at a serious advantage as well. Thanks to the brilliant plan by our own Shiori Uchiha, we happen to have one of Akatsuki's greatest assets with us. We found out that Madara locked away a lot of his major plans in Itachi's girlfriend Konan. Luckily Inoichi has been working with her daily to try and decipher a lot of those memories." Arashi commented. "Well…whenever she's been around for it."

"Sorry! I'm trying to make up for lost time with Itachi-kun!" Konan whined.

"We know! Seriously you two are just as bad as Arashi and Akane!" Mai interjected.

"To get back to the point, we now know that one of his plans was to try and gain control of four of the Five Great Nations for his plans. So our next mission will be to make our move before he has the chance." Arashi continued. "We also need to work on uniting the other Bijuu clans as well."

"So with that, we're going to be sending teams to Iwa, Kiri, and Kumo. We already have the alliance with Suna, so there's no problem there."

"We'll even be sending one Bijuu with each of the three teams as a mediator as well. Tsukune will head to Iwa, Inuyasha to Kumo, and Daisuke to Kiri." Akane stated. "As for the rest of you, during the time they are away, we're going to be working on some very extreme training."

"So what would that be Oka-san?" asked Naruto.

"Kasumi will be undergoing some very harsh training in order to prepare for her test to receive her Overdrive. This means she's going to need every one of you to help her if she's to even stand a chance to get it. Because the only way she's going to be able to receive her Overdrive from me…is to defeat Sasuke in a rematch fight." Akane explained. "But this time…I will personally fuse with Sasuke using my Life Stream Seal giving him complete access to all my Kitsune and Light ability."

"You can't be serious! I have to defeat both you and Sasuke together! But you're the most powerful Bijuu! It would take at least 8 knights in full overdrive to stop you!" Kasumi said in shock. "There's…there's no way I can win!"

"I wasn't finished with the stipulations. You will have the remaining members of Team Illumina at your disposal with one limitation…they don't get to use Overdrive or Bijuu Enhancements." Akane finished her stipulations and of course everyone was still in shock.

"Ok. And I thought an evil Kasumi was bad." Naruto said. "So basically we get to help Kasumi kick Sasuke's butt?"

"Needless to say…in a nutshell…yes Naruto." Akane sighed.

Naruto, Neji, Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, Kyoji, Konohamaru, Udon, and Itachi all looked at each other for a sec, before all of them got a sneaky grin on their face. "So, when's the butt kicking begin?" asked Naruto.

"Having a little too fun with this Naruto?" Sasuke said.

"Naa, I'm just glad I get a free pass to kick your butt." Naruto replied.

"Well we know Naruto's happy. But on to other news." Arashi continued the briefing. "It seems that Shiori did something none of us expected in her battle with Dark Kasumi."

"From what I analyzed in Shiori's transformer, it seems that she was able to push the Bijuu Fusion to a completely new level." Dr. Sakurano explained as he pulled up a display. "I have here the energy readings from when Ino first fused with Shinja and the readings from Shiori and Mai. If you notice the power levels from Shiori's fusion was nearly triple that of Ino's fusion."

"Does that also explain why Shiori didn't have the energy cloak that I did?" asked Ino.

"Yes Ino it does. You see what I've discovered is that Shiori and Mai did a perfect fusion. That's also possibly why she took on some of Mai's Phoenix features and also why they spoke as one." Dr. Sakurano said. "That also possibly explains the intensity of her Excelion ability."

"Excelion ability? What in the heck are you talking about Doc?" Naruto questioned.

"I've classified this new level of ability as the Excelion Drive form. For now I'm continuously researching how you can all access this level. I'll be periodically working with each of you and your Bijuu to get as much data as possible." Dr. Sakurano said as he turned off the view screen.

"Man do things look like they're just gonna get worse for Madara or what!" Naruto laughed in excitement. "He's gonna be seriously hurting now!"

"I'm glad you see it that way Naruto. Now on to other matters. We've already set the date for the memoriam for Jiraiya and as such we have chosen who shall lead the procession." Tsunade said, causing the air to change for the worst…especially for Kasumi.

"Tsunade-sama, look I…" Kasumi wanted to apologize but she didn't have the chance.

"Kasumi, if you think that anyone here holds any ill feeling, then don't. You had no choice due to Madara's mind control." Tsunade said comfortingly. "So if anyone is to blame, it's Madara."

"Told you it was ok Kasumi-hime." Shiori whispered over to Kasumi to help reassure her.

"Besides, I had a good tear session about a day after the news, so no harm done." Tsunade said calmly. "As such, Naruto, Sasuke, Arashi, and Itachi will be the main ones leading the procession. Since this is pretty important, dress will be in your Illumina Forms. He would want that anyway. Ok but enough of that now. We're on a happy streak here so we need to keep the mood good. We have all of our Bijuu allies with us now, and we still have our guests from Suna, so what say we enjoy the rest of the day. I've taken all of Team Illumina off the active roster for at least a month to let them all fully recover. So be happy you all get a one month vacation!"

"I guess that's better than nothing." Haku said with everyone agreeing.

"Plus what's this I hear about a girls' initiation or something?" Konan asked. "Because I'll have you know when I was growing up in Ame, I could throw a mean sleepover party."

Every single girl in the room stared at her like she was crazy. "Wait…are you trying to say you can outdo the Sleepover Princess here?" asked Tenten. "Look as long as we've know her, there has been NO one that can top one of Kasumi's sleepovers."

"Oh I beg to differ…especially when I tell you that the one I throw…isn't a sleepover…it's a bachelorette party!" Konan literally caused all the girls to start screaming like mad.

"So you and Itachi are going to…no way!!!" Sakura said in excitement.

Konan looked at her like she was nuts, "Oh please! I'm not getting married. Are you crazy!"

"Then who's the one?" Ino asked when Arashi, Akane, and Mikoto all got up to address everyone.

"We can answer that Ino." Akane said. "It is our pleasure to announce that in two weeks, all of you are cordially invited to one of the biggest weddings in Konoha."

"We'd like announce the formal union of our daughter Kasumi Uzumaki…" said Arashi.

"And my daughter Shiori Uchiha…" Mikoto added.

"In Kitsune Matrimony!" All three said, causing all eyes to turn directly on Kasumi and Shiori.

"WHAT!" Kasumi and Shiori both said before they both blacked out.

Ten minutes later…

"I seriously need to quit eating chocolate covered teriyaki…uh what is everyone doing staring like that?" Kasumi said as she was helped off the ground.

"No reason, now what colors do you want? Because I was thinking you go with pink and white with your flowers being cherry blossoms." Sakura said.

"Forget that! She wants purple and gold and she wants lilies!" Ino argued back.

"Whatever Ino-pig! How could you know what she wants! I'm the one coordinating all of this!" Sakura retorted.

"Oh please, you couldn't do a flower arrangement to save your life! Did you forget you nearly flunked that in the academy?" Ino snapped back.

"Ino, Sakura, why are you asking me this?" Kasumi said with a confused look.

"Because you're getting married silly!" they both said together.

"So that wasn't a dream…wait, I can't get married! I'm just 17!" Kasumi said.

"That's why we handled everything sweetie. It's not just a normal wedding you know. It's a Kitsune Wedding. Besides I make the rules so I say if you're old enough to survive what you've been through then you're old enough to get married. Plus it was Sasuke's idea anyway."

"Wait, you came up with all this Sasuke!" Naruto asked.

"Yup. Shiori's been going mental without Kasumi-chan around anyway, and you know if it wasn't for her, well we all wouldn't be standing here like this now, would we?" Sasuke explained as he helped Shiori up. "I mean you did want to eventually do this sometime next year, right?"

"Yeah, but this is just…well I mean…I'm actually getting married!" It all hit at once and Kasumi squealed at the top of her lungs. "But there's just so much to do in two weeks! I mean we have to…wait a minute!""What is it Kasumi-chan?" Akane asked.

"If she's the bride, then what am I?" Kasumi did bring an interesting question, but when you're around this crazed bunch of people…

"Does it really matter, you dork!" Haku said. "Look, have Shiori have all the bridesmaids, and you have all the guys on your side ok! You get to do it the right way anyway when you and Sasuke get married so just go with it! Plus you're going with light blue and purple, and you're getting snow daisies as your flower, right?"

"Like hell she is! I said pink and white!" And thus the feud started up again, this time with Haku in the mix.

"Akane-sama, are you ok with all this? I mean, we've only been together officially for just a few months." Shiori asked, hoping to get a solid answer.

"Shiori-chan, when you woke up after Akane gave you the Life Stream Seal, we meant every word about you and Kasumi. And if it wasn't for you, then she wouldn't be here at all right now. You almost lost her, and we both know that it would absolutely destroy you if that happened." Mikoto explained.

"So after Sasuke came up with the idea, I talked to Miki-chan, and she was more than happy to go through with it. But this is only through the Kitsune clan that you'll be wed. In normal terms you and Kasumi will still be on the dating status until you are both 18, so no consummating the marriage just yet." Akane said, causing a blush to hit Shiori. "You really shined out there Shiori, and you deserve all of this."

"Besides, we all know that you wanted red and silver as your colors and roses as your flowers right?" Mikoto asked. "Now we just need to figure out if you want an eastern style dress or western style, and you still have to pick your Maid of Honor as well."

"Maid of Honor!" All the other girls knew that was the next big thing.

"Back off everyone! Don't even THINK of taking my job!" Natsumi said. "Shiori and I have basically been sisters ever since we were both created, so I'm the Maid of Honor, got it?" Everyone agreed and decided it was best not to interrupt. "Anyway Shiori-chan, we do have to stick together you know…and maybe you can give me a few pointers to adjusting to being real."

"So you…" Natsumi held up her right hand to show off the same fox tattoo that Shiori had as well.

"It was good and all Naruto, but it was time that I moved out, you know. We had a lot of fun, and I am gonna miss Inner Hinata as well." Natsumi said with a smile.

"No worries Natsumi-chan, no worries at all." Naruto said.

"Well if I get the guys for my side…would you do the honors for me Sasuke-chan?" asked Kasumi.

"Best Man in my own fiancée's wedding…wouldn't have it any other way." Sasuke accepted the invitation.

"Then what are we waiting for! We got a wedding to plan! Let's get to it!" Konan cheered which caused everyone else to cheer in excitement. In seconds all of them shot out of the meeting room ready to plan everything while Shiori, Sasuke, and Kasumi were left standing there.

"Sasuke…I really don't know what to say." Shiori thanked him. "All of this…just for us?"

"Shiori, if you want to know what to say…it's just two words in two weeks. That's all." Sasuke smiled as he left the two there.

"Thank you so much Sasuke…for everything." Shiori thought to herself.

"So, do you think one of us should wear an eastern style dress and a western style?" asked Kasumi.

"Actually Kasumi-hime…I like western styles. And I think I want mine sleeveless, if that's ok with you?" Shiori replied.

Kasumi took her hand and had not a care in the world, "I think that would be perfect." Thus the two skipped off to prepare for their big day.

News spread like wildfire throughout Konoha as the official betrothal of the Kitsune First Princess and Eight Princess would be happening soon. Ino had already gotten the flowers taken care of, while Chouji went to work on the dinner at the reception. Kagome was busy making special charms of good fortune for the couple, while Tenten was working on the archway for the ceremony. Akane even had one more special plan in motion and luckily it worked out.

"Yes! We have our ring bearer and final flower girl!" she said in excitement as she put up her tablet.

"You're not talking about who I think you're talking about, are you Akane-chan?" asked Mai.

"Well she is busy babysitting for a month, since everyone's on missions, so why not?" Akane said. "Plus it will be the first time she's gotten to meet all her brothers."

"Akane, who is this you speak of? We only have five sisters." Daisuke commented.

"Not since last Christmas nerd boy. We found out Akane here has a twin." Mai replied.

"You mean there's two of her?" Inuyasha sighed in defeat.

"Not really. Mew-mew and I like her better than Akane." Mai said while getting a swift punch from Akane.

"Zip it Birdybird. Now on to other things. Tsukune-kun, did you and Yugi-chan get the rings crafted?" Akane went through her checklist to make sure everything was going well.

"Here you go. These rings are worth at least 4 mountains and every single diamond mine below them." Tsukune displayed two solid gold wedding rings made of the purest gold. The stones inside were diamonds of absolute brilliance, cut so precise that not even a master jeweler could create something of such scale."

"Damn! Those are some nice rocks!" Mai's eyes were already wide in amazement.

Akane took note of the craftsmanship and was just as surprised. "Those are nice! The girls will love those. Now as for the dresses, how are they looking Shinja-chan?"

"Oh you mean these?" Shinja displayed several pictures she came up with for the dresses. "Looks like all those days of playing a stuck up princess came in handy, didn't it?"

"You're still stuck up, but whatever. They look wonderful Shinja-chan. What material are you using?" asked Akane.

"Only the finest silk and natural crafted satin. Since Shiori wanted a sleeveless dress, I made the modifications here to the bodice area, and for Kasumi, I lengthened the tail area. Also the bowtie was a little bit of an accent for Kasumi, and here's the design for the veil for Shiori." Shinja went over all the details. "I also made sure to get the right design for the bridesmaids and the flower girl, and made that special design for Natsumi's dress as well."

"Perfect! Arashi-kun is taking care of all the tuxes for the guys and our ring bearer. Now onto the weather…think it's gonna be much of a problem?" Akane asked.

"Not at all. I have already checked all meteorological charts and it shows that there will be clear skies." Daisuke explained.

"Yeah even if it did try to rain, we'd just make sure the weather has a bit of a change." Hiroshi added.

"Then everyone…this wedding is in full swing! I'm just glad we were able to come this far to make sure all of you were here for it." Akane said in joy. "I mean with this war and everything going on, it's nice to know we can take a small bit of time to spend with family."

"Akane, if this happened and we weren't here, you'd be in worse trouble!" Mai and all the other Bijuu just laughed.

The two weeks passed and it was the night before the big day. True to her nature, Konan had thrown the biggest bachelorette sleepover party that literally put Kasumi's work to shame, and needless to say the First Princess was asking for pointers for the future. Speaking of Kasumi, she was still trying to take in everything that had happened, considering the next day would change her life forever.

"Hey nee-chan, you got a minute?" Akemi opened Kasumi's door to see her sister pacing.

"Oh, hey Akemi-chan, what's up?" Kasumi welcomed in her sister and decided to chat.

"Not much. You just look like you're ready to run through a wall or something." Akemi replied as she sat down on Kasumi's bed. "Something on your mind?"

"Yeah, so much. I mean look at me. At one point in my life I'd have thought that I would have kept going to high school, entered college, found a good job and married a nice guy. Then it turns out that the place where I had all those dreams wasn't my real home, and when I come back, I get turned into a kitsune, a ninja, help destroy a demon terror, and now this war." Kasumi said. "It's just a lot to take in you know."

"So. You've been doing well all these years. What's stopping you from keeping your dreams going?" asked Akemi.

"Nothing really. Oh yeah, I wanted to say sorry about the whole Starburst Cannon thing. I heard it from Hinata-chan. So how did it feel to finally become the Light Knight for real?" Kasumi said.

Akemi laid back on Kasumi's bed and stared at the ceiling, "You really want to know? It was painful as who knows what! Oka-san was right in saying I would need the real Light Gem. But you do know that it was your fault I took the transformer in the first place."

"Yeah I guess I rubbed off on you a little too much, huh?" Kasumi laid back and stared with her sister.

"But honestly Kasumi, I wouldn't have it any other way. When you talk about how your life might have been different, I can say the same thing. If you never found me that day, I might not have even been here." Akemi said. "Hey you wanna know why I consider you my hero nee-chan?" Kasumi looked at her in question. "It's because when I look at you, I see a person who's overcome so much in her life. I see a person with real strength and power, and a person who will go far in the future with all her friends. To me that's a person I would love to be any day of the week."

"Gee, thanks Akemi-chan. I mean I knew you saw me as your hero, but I didn't know you saw me like that." Kasumi replied.

"I do. That's why I went so far to try and get you back. It's just not the same around here without you nee-chan." Akemi said.

Kasumi felt touched at her words. But of course there was still the big sister aspect, "You're a twerp you know that." She grabbed one of her pillows and whacked Akemi.

"Yeah and you're a big dork!" Akemi quickly retaliated and the two were in full pillow fight mode before being joined by another unexpected visitor that tackled Kasumi full force.

"Hima-chan, when did you get here!" Kasumi was back on her bed staring straight into the face of the legendary Sunflower Princess.

"Just now. Grammy said you and Auntie Shiori are getting married and I was your flower girl." Himawari said with a big smile. "She and Haru-kun are downstairs."

"Guess Oka-san has been busy as well. Wait…how did you know it was me and Shiori and not me and Sasuke?" Kasumi asked.

"Do you even have to ask? She is the Seventh Princess you know. She's got our smarts." Akemi replied.

"Shoulda seen that one coming." Kasumi and Akemi started laughing.

"So what's a flower girl do Auntie Sumi?" asked Himawari.

"Well Hima-chan, you get to wear a pretty dress so everyone can see how cute you are, and you get to smile a lot." Kasumi explained. "There's some other mumbo jumbo about sprinkling flower petals on the aisle, but no one really pays attention to that."

"Mkay. So will I get to show mommy when I get home?" Hima asked while Kasumi played with her ears.

"Yup. There's gonna be lots of pictures. And you're gonna have to get one with Haru-kun too." Akemi said. "But it's gonna be lots of fun tomorrow."

"Yeah…a lot of things are gonna change too. But I think it'll be good." Kasumi said as she continued to tickle Himawari.

Thus the big day rolled around and the entire Uzumaki mansion was going crazy. The whole back yard had been set up for the entire wedding and all the guests were in place. Since there wasn't really a "Family and Friends of the Bride and Groom" there was no need to really separate the place. Even though she was mother of one of the brides, Akane had to officiate as Queen. She asked Tsunade and Gaara to stand behind her as Hokage and Kazekage. Both agreed and were already at the podium beside her in their full robes.

"Ready to do this?" Sasuke asked as he helped Kasumi straighten her tiara. He was dressed in a black tuxedo with a red vest and silver tie.

"I am Sasuke-chan. I just hope ours will be just as exciting." Kasumi replied with a kiss. She wore a solid white dress that had transparent satin sleeves, a white bow on the back, and she also wore a white bow tie for accent. She also had her gold tiara as First Princess, and accented it with some specially crafted diamond earrings made by Tsukune. "Let's do it." The two entered the yard and took their place by Akane.

"You look beautiful Kasumi-chan. I hope you know we're all happy for you and Shiori-chan." Akane commented.

"Thanks Oka-san. But tell me…am I supposed to be this nervous?" Akane could see the nervousness in Kasumi, but assured her it was ok.

"A little. Arashi was the same way, but it goes by really fast." Akane told her daughter.

The processional began and everyone made their way out with Haru being the first one carrying the rings. He looked a little tense, probably from his tux, but he seemed to walk out very dignified. The next ones were the first of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, Naruto and Hinata, Chouji and Ino, Shikamaru and Temari, Kyoji and Tenten, Kiba and Kimiko, Konohamaru and Akemi, Udon and Hanabi, Lee and Sakura, and finally Konan who came by herself, then Natsumi as the Maid of Honor. Afterwards the three flower girls, Hoshiko, Moegi, and Himawari adorned the walkway with rose petals. The music soon changed as Shiori walked in, with Itachi in arm to give her away.

"You know, father would have loved to be here to do this for you Shiori-chan. Even though you were never born an Uchiha, you are still and will always be our little sister." Itachi said in confidence.

"Thanks Itachi-kun. This means a lot to me." Shiori replied. She was wearing a strapless white dress with a full skirt, adorned with ribbons. Mai had even used her chakra to create a small pair of white feathered wings on her back, and Akane was able to use her chakra to change the color of Shiori's ears and tails to solid white for the occasion. Her veil was made of satin and was connected to her silver tiara. "Right now…I truly feel like Kasumi-hime's princess."

Everyone rose to greet the bride as Itachi slowly led her down the aisle. Kasumi couldn't believe just how magnificent Shiori looked right now. Even in this time of war, the chance to experience such peace and beauty was outstanding. Itachi arrived with Shiori as Akane began the ceremony.

"Dear friends and family, we are gathered here in the eyes of Kami to witness the union between the First Princess of the Kitsune Clan, and the sole daughter of the Uchiha clan. In the eyes of Kami, who gives this girl away to be wed?" Akane stated.

Itachi led Shiori in front of Kasumi and placed their hands together, "I, Itachi Uchiha, eldest son of the Uchiha Clan give my sister to be wed." Akane acknowledged it as he moved to his position with the other guys.

"Very well." Akane turned to the two betrothed. "To enter marriage is to create a sacred bond of love, forge it with trust, and strengthen it with kindness and friendship. Are you, Kasumi and Shiori, ready to create that bond that will last you for eternity?"

Kasumi and Shiori looked at each other with smiles, and turned back to Akane with their unified answer, "We are."

"Understood. To symbolize this union, you shall drink of the ceremonial sake. Take each smaller cup and pour it into the larger, to symbolize the creation of the union." The two did as instructed and Akane continued. "Now before I continue, be there anyone, man, woman, or demon alike that opposes the union of these two? Speak now or forever hold your peace?" Not a word was said, giving Akane the full go. "It is at this time that the two shall give their vows to each other. Kasumi, you shall speak first."

Kasumi turned to look at Shiori through her veil, and could see tears forming in her eyes as she began, "Shiori, never would I have thought that I would be standing here this day. If it were not for you, I would have been eternally lost in darkness. You are my light, my joy, my princess. Just like with Sasuke, every day I'm with you, I feel nothing but happiness. I promise that I will always be there for you, in times of joy and in pain, and even in battle I will fight to the bitter end for you. I love you, now and forever."

"And Shiori, your words?" Akane asked.

Shiori wiped a few tears from her face before beginning, "Ever since I was created by Sasuke, I've known nothing but love for you Kasumi-hime. I always knew that I would be there for you just like Sasuke, but over time I started to develop my own feelings aside from his. I wanted to become an extension of you, someone that would always be there by your side when no one else could be there. There is no other for me, and I am devoted only to you. You are my heart, my strength, my will, and with you in my heart I know that I will accomplish anything. Not even death itself will separate you from me, and that is for eternity."

Akane noted this and went and got the two rings from Haru, placing one in each girl's hands. "These two have stated their vows and have declared their love. Now at this time I will ask you to repeat these solemn vows as you place the rings on each other's fingers." She first turned to Kasumi. "Now do you, Kasumi Miyako Uzumaki, First Princess of the Kitsune Clan, take Shiori to be your princess in Kitsune Matrimony, to love her, cherish her, in sickness and in health, in war and in peace, through troubled times and good times, till death do you part?"

Kasumi gently placed the ring on Shiori's finger, "I, Kasumi Miyako Uzumaki, First Princess of the Kitsune Clan, take Shiori as my princess in matrimony, and will love her, cherish her, in sickness and in health, in war and in peace, through troubled times and good times, till death never part us."

"And do you, Shiori Ayeka Uchiha, take Kasumi to be your queen in Kitsune Matrimony, to love her, cherish her, in sickness and in health, in war and in peace, through troubled times and good times, till death do you part?" asked Akane.

Shiori did the same and placed the ring on Kasumi's finger, trying to hold back all of her tears, "I..." She paused slightly just to wipe her face once again. "Shiori Ayeka Uchiha, take Kasumi to be my queen in Kitsune Matrimony, to love her, cherish her, in sickness and in health, in war and in peace, through troubled times and good times, till death never part us."

That was all Akane needed to hear. "Well I don't know about you guys, but I heard everything I needed. It is with great pleasure as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Queen of the Kitsune clan to officially pronounce you wed under Kitsune Law. I now pronounce you Kasumi Uzumaki, First Princess of the Kitsune Clan, and Shiori Uchiha-Uzumaki, Eighth Princess of the Kitsune Clan." Everyone cheered in excitement over the announcement. "Now go ahead, you know exactly what you need to do."

"Oh you bet I do!" Kasumi lifted up Shiori's veil and just smiled at her new bride.

"Then Kasumi…you may now kiss your bride." Akane said with a smile.

"Come here princess!" Kasumi pulled Shiori close and planted a big one right on her lips, even dipping her for a bit of added accent.

"Ok, we go the hard part over, now let's party!" Akane proudly said as the new couple made their way down the aisle.

The reception turned out to be a party of untold scale. The food that Chouji's family prepared was a banquet feast that was normally reserved for Feudal Lords and Kages. Everyone had been seated and as Best Man, Sasuke kicked things off with a ceremonial toast.

"Well everyone, I have to say, this is just the beginning in the Kitsune family. To see these two here…well you know how we do things in our clan. We just gotta make it big, don't we?" Sasuke said as he held his glass up for the toast. "But you know, it's times like this that keep us going, even though we as ninja know that we may go at any time. However to know that you have the support of good friends behind you, and true love beside you is enough to give any shinobi the will to keep going. Thus is why I toast to Kasumi and Shiori, may this be the start of many wonderful memories to come."

"To Kasumi and Shiori!" Everyone toasted in cheers and the party began. There was the traditional "Bride dances with her father dance", with Itachi taking up that role...and of course Arashi and Kasumi were doing the same. Then you had all the couples dancing, and even Natsumi snuck in a dance with Hinata as well. Things really got crazy when Shiori threw the bouquet...which incidentally Konan caught, leaving all eyes on her and Itachi. As for the garter...well somehow in all the insanity it ended up in the hands of one little Uchiha...

"No way! The little guy caught it?" Naruto laughed.

"Um, what's this?" Haru just looked at the garter completely confused.

"That says you're the next one to get married dude." Naruto explained to him.

"Married? What's that?" Obviously in the mind of a 4 year old...marriage is well...not really understandable.

"Don't you worry about that Haru-kun. Now come here so we can show your dad just what you've been doing while he's been gone." Mikoto said as she kneeled beside him for a picture. "Alright girls, fan club shot!"

"Oh we gotta get in this one!" Akane said to her sisters. "Come on girls, let's really make this one a good one."

Needless to say, EVERY single one of the girls was lined up around Haru as the official "Haru Uchiha Fan Club". And it couldn't' be complete without the club president by his side.

"Ok now everyone smile and Hima-chan, give Haru a big kiss ok." Mikoto said as everyone got close. "Oh yeah, girls, give 'em some leg!" So when the picture was taken, there stood Haru in the center with Himawari planting a big kiss on his cheek, and just about all the older girls did exactly what Mikoto said...they all pulled up one corner of their dresses and showed off their right leg. Honestly the kid looked like he had the biggest harem in the world...well after he got bombarded with so many kisses that his face was red...and not from blushing but from all the lipstick on his face!

As for the Bijuu, one in particular had a very special plan.

"So we finally meet face to face for the first time." Hiroshi approached Gaara as the Kazekage was enjoying the reception with his girlfriend. "At least this time we are on a better ground to converse."

"So it is, for once." Gaara said slowly.

"Though I do have to apologize for the torment you were put through because of me. It seemed the seal that Chiyo person put on me drove me to mild insanity. I don't know if she meant to torment me or you." Hiroshi said with a laugh. "But that of course is in the past. Gaara, what I wish to propose to you is something of great importance, something that I wish to discuss with both you and Kin."

"Very well, I'd like to hear this." Gaara said, a little shaky, but willing to listen.

"As you know Gaara, you've seen my sisters Akane and Yugito, and know of the clans they have forged. What I'd like to propose to you is that you become my heir and allow me to start the Tanooki clan in Suna. I'd like to take up a home there as your Guardian Bijuu." Gaara looked surprised at Hiroshi's proposal, and could not believe that the demon that tormented him, wished to make him his heir, and become Suna's guardian.

"I...I don't know what to say? I mean, seeing how the people treated me..." Gaara said nervously.

"Panda-chan, the people see you as their hero now. You are the one to guide them and lead them, and to have to support of not only Hiroshi-sama, but even the rest of the Bijuu...that would solidify Suna as a true ally to Konoha." Kin said. Gaara even noticed she was slightly blushing. "And...I have dreamed of you with a cute pair of raccoon ears and a tail."

"You what! Kin, can't be serious!" Gaara was shocked. Did his girlfriend really picture him like that from time to time?

"Come on Panda-chan. Hiroshi-sama is the most powerful wind user there is. He could teach all of the shinobi in Suna so much about the Wind Arts. Not only that, but as a hanyou, we'd be much stronger, healthier, and live a lot longer. The longer the people have their Kazekage, the happier they are." Kin explained. "Anyway, I want a tail and ears like everyone else!"

"And you're serious about this?" Gaara was still unsure, but he really was for the better. And it would make Kin happy too. "Well, honestly it would be for the better and Suna will have a chance to become as strong as Konoha. That and I do consider Naruto like a brother anyway, so I'll have to accept your offer Hiroshi-sama." Gaara held out his hand and Hiroshi took it, shaking to seal the deal.

"I promise you Gaara, Suna will become a true flower in the desert. Now my boy, I believe we have a lot of catching up to do." Hiroshi said as he led Gaara to the punch bowl for more conversation.

As for the other Bijuu...

"Tsukune...did Kami hate us or something?" Inuyasha grumbled as he stared directly at his oldest sister...and her twin. "Seriously, he just had to make two of her?"

"Oh Inuyasha-kun, don't be silly. I'm not as bad as you think." Keisei replied. "Now I have to say, I loved what you did for the dresses Shinja-chan. Himawari looked absolutely adorable in her dress!"

"Well, that was just a little something I cooked up. Nothing big at all." Shinja tried to stay modest, but that wasn't happening. "Now seriously Keisei-nee-chan, you have to let me set you up with some of my personal collection. After all this war business is over, I told Akane I'm starting up a full scale seamstress shop here."

"Great, it's just like when we were kids all over again." Makoto sighed over the fact that Shinja had gotten back in her groove.

"Oh whatever! As long as I don't have to smell you and your stinky dojo, everything is fine with me." Shinja stuck her tongue out in retaliation.

"Really now, you didn't hear?" Mai joined the group and Shinja immediately got worried. "Actually Mako-chan's moving her dojo to Konoha, and I've decided to create an embassy in Konoha as well, and I plan to run it."

"You mean…both of you…that's not fair!!!" Shinja whined over the fact that her sisters would be moving to Konoha as well.

"Seriously, this is amazing! Just to think of all the chaos that happened when you were all kids…oh I wish I could have lived through that." Keisei laughed at her new sisters.

Yugito came up behind her with a sly look, "I can make that happen you know? Akane didn't hide all of her Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion very well." That caused Mai to go as white as Shiori's dress!

"Uh…maybe…uh…Akane!!!!" Mai ran off in fear of another apparent teenage beatdown.

"Oh I'll get her when she least expects it. Gotta love being the baby of the bunch!" Yugito laughed. "You can run, but you can't hide Birdybird!"

"I gotta come back more often. Akane was right, you guys are insane!" Keisei laughed the whole time she was in the company of her younger siblings.

Sasuke and Kasumi finally got the chance to get in a dance together, since both of them were completely occupied the whole night.

"Sasuke-chan, you really outdid yourself with this." Kasumi said as she had her head on his shoulder while they danced. "Just about a month ago we were in a fight to the death, and now I'm here married."

"Honestly Kasumi-chan, I had to. You should have seen some of the nights at home. Shiori literally went paranoid some nights worried about you, and other nights she was about ready to destroy the place." Sasuke replied. "There was even one night where Itachi and I had to place her under a Tsukiyomi just to keep her from running after you."

"She was going to do that for me? Well, I know where she gets it from." Kasumi said while Sasuke twirled her. "And I couldn't be happier that she got it from such a person."

"Speaking of which…" The two stopped to see Shiori asking to take over.

"Mind if I take over Sasuke-nii-san?" Shiori held her hand to ask for the dance.

"But of course. Only fitting a princess should dance with her queen tonight." Sasuke was about to hand Kasumi over when Shiori quickly glomped him.

"Akane-kaa-san told me about everything. Sasuke, I can never repay you for this. Never in a million years." Shiori held on as tight as she could. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Shiori, even though we're no longer linked, you're still as much a part of me as I am a part of you. And we'll always be linked forever…by that one special girl right there." Sasuke said as they looked at Kasumi. "You were the one that brought her home, and it's only fitting that you get her back first. Now go have fun pipsqueak."

"Whatever Sasuke!" Shiori said as she and Kasumi went off to dance. Naruto, Natsumi, and Hinata decided to join him and watch the newlyweds.

"Looks like that's the first one, huh bro?" Naruto said with a pat on the back.

"Sure is. So have you figured out what you're going to do now that Natsumi's real?" asked the Uchiha heir.

"Yeah we did. Hina-chan and I decided we're gonna become permanent girlfriends. Like I told you and Naruto, my only wish is to see her happy. So I said she could marry Naruto instead of both of us." Natsumi explained. "Plus Oka-san is going to link us with a special seal to bond us permanently."

"And you're ok with all that Hinata?" Sasuke looked over at Hinata and saw she was happy with it.

"I am. I have the man of my dreams, and my perfect girlfriend. I couldn't ask for anything more." Hinata said with a smile and a kiss for both Naruto and Natsumi. "And to think…would any of this even have happened if it wasn't for Kasumi showing up so long ago?"

"I guess that's something we'll never need to worry about." Sasuke said as they kept watching the dancing.

And as for the newlyweds…

"Well Shiori-chan, have I made all your wishes come true?" asked Kasumi as she kept dancing.

"Actually…you have. And I'm so happy that you chose me." Shiori moved closer while they were still moving.

"Shiori-chan, even if you and I were to only stay best friends…I'd still be there for you no matter what. All of my friends and family are my precious people, and I'd give my life for any of them any day of the week." Kasumi felt Shiori tearing up again as she ran her fingers through the Uchiha girl's hair. "So never feel that you will ever lose me. We're bound forever."

"I'll never forget my queen…never. I love you Kasumi-hime." Kasumi wiped away some more of Shiori's tears of joy as she looked at the most beautiful girl in her eyes.

"I swear you're still a big crybaby. But…I wouldn't have you any other way. Always know that I love you forever Shiori-chan." With those words Kasumi sealed the night with a long kiss, while Shiori enjoyed the fact that her greatest dream had come true…she won the heart of the girl she loved with everything in her being.

Looks like a brand new chapter in the Bijuu Wars. The team will soon have access to their ultimate Exelion Drive forms, Kasumi will soon be working for her Overdrive, Keisei got to meet all of her siblings, Haru still proved that he gets more girls than a pimp on a good night, and Shiori finally got her greatest wish.

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I've started the Bijuu Wars, and almost 3 years since I began the Illumina Saga, and I gotta say...I'm having a blast writing each chapter for all of you, my readers. Hope you continue to read my stories and I hope they entertain you well into the future. And be sure to check out my newest work, Gunstar Shinobi Heroes. This time Naruto takes on the future as a Gunstar!

But from myself and the entire cast of the Bijuu Wars, we all want to say thank you for a wonderful year, and another wonderful one to come! Thanks a ton guys! We love ya!

NK, Kasumi, Naruto, and the rest of the bunch.

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