The Bijuu Wars

Training Day

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Chapter 27: Training Day

A new day dawned on Konoha. Many new things were in store for the legendary knights that defended their village each day. The biggest was the final test needed for the last Illumina Knight to take her place as the true leader of the team.

"So you're changing up the speculations of my Overdrive Test?" Kasumi just finished a rep of training exercises when Akane approached her.

"Actually yes. Having you without the use of Bijuu enhancements and Overdrives will hinder you. Instead you'll face me in what I call the Nine Tails of Light." Akane explained as she got a towel for her daughter.

"Nine Tails of Light? What do you mean?" asked Kasumi while she wiped some sweat from her brow.

"Yes. The rules have now changed. Instead of you having all of Team Illumina together at once, it will only be you and Akemi starting out. However I will only be restricted to zero tails of power." Akane explained as she went and got some water. "Since you don't have Overdrive, you will need to find a way to overtake me. That is why you'll need to find Yugito, Inuyasha, Shinja, or Tsukune's team to help you. Due to my power as the Light Guardian, I can temporarily shift my element to any one of my siblings."

"Well that doesn't seem too bad." Kasumi replied. "But why are you weakening yourself?"

"Already underestimating me, are you? Well you'll see that when I Element Shift, the only way you'll be able to stay ahead of me is to find the team with the opposing element." Akane continued. "The teams will also be bound by a special elemental lock that you have to find a way to break."

"Ok…so now it does seem a little bad." Kasumi looked at Akane and could tell she was only getting started.

"There's more. Each time you free a team…I gain one more tail of power. So the more allies you gain, the harder your battle will become." Akane said.

"That means if I free the entire team, we'll be facing you at full power. So that means I need to defeat you as fast as possible?" Kasumi said, realizing what she was getting into.

"You can…if you only want 1/10 of your Overdrive's true power." Akane said, twisting a nerve in Kasumi.

"WHAT! So in order for me to gain the full power of my Overdrive, I have to face you at your maximum?" Kasumi couldn't believe what she just heard. It really seems that she was destined to fight Akane at full power and had no choice.

"I told you Kasumi…I'm not making this easy for you. If you want to truly take your place as the Leader of the Illumina Knights, you have to succeed. And trust me Kasumi…" Akane's eyes went feral as she released a massive amount of killing intent. "I plan to have you begging me to kill you if you don't fight with everything you have."

Kasumi was on her knees, literally begging for air. "You…you're serious!"

Akane's killing intent backed off and she helped Kasumi to her feet. "I am. It's the only way to make sure you're truly ready to take on the power of the Light Overdrive. Not only that but haven't you felt a little different when you use your powers?"

"Yeah I have. It's like I'm not in perfect sync with my gem. To be honest last week during team training, the weirdest thing happened." Kasumi said. "I tried to access my power, but I couldn't."

"I thought as much. You still have traces of Dark Kasumi's corruption and that is disrupting your powers." Akane knew something was wrong and her idea was right. "That's why you need to complete this task."

"Oka-san, does that mean she has a chance of coming back!" Kasumi was now terrified over having to face her dark doppelganger.

"If Madara had his way…then yes." Kasumi went white as the tip of her tails when she heard that. "But don't think she'd get very far. I doubt Shiori-chan would even let her lay a finger on you."

"I guess you're right." Kasumi let out a slight chuckle, but was still uneasy knowing that she wasn't rid of Dark Kasumi completely.

"Don't let it distract you Kasumi-chan . You'll do fine. Now I gotta go sit through a boring council meeting. Arashi-kun lucked out and didn't have to go, so I gotta suffer through it." Akane sighed. She always did hate going to council meetings.

"How did he get out of it?" Kasumi figured that Tsunade would have had Arashi there all the time as a former Hokage and current Uzumaki clan head.

"ANBU war games. Ever since Mai-chan showed off her village's paint weapons, the ANBU have wanted to train more and more, now that they can actually perform more lethal techniques without actually killing." Akane explained. "Pretty much those dorks are all out there having a blast!"

"Wow, didn't think they'd do that." Kasumi thought to herself as she resumed her training.

Of course training always proved difficult, especially for one little Kame hanyou.

"You have to concentrate more. Keep your chakra flowing evenly so you maintain balance." Daisuke kept a stern eye over his daughter as she worked on her water walking.

"I'm sorry Papa. I'll try harder." Nabiki slowly pulled herself out of the pool and caught her breath. Even though she loved being in the water, keeping her training up proved to be quite intense. "Ok, once more." She took a breath and walked back onto the pool for another run. While she kept it up, Makoto took the time to step in on her training.

"So Daisuke, how is she doing?" asked the Rokubi.

"She's progressing." Daisuke commented. "Makoto, is it right for me to expect so much from her at this age?"

"As in you want perfection from her, yet a part of you only wants her to do her best, even if she fails?" Makoto seemed to know exactly what her brother was talking about.

"How did you decipher that?" Daisuke looked quite shocked that his sister figured him out so easily.

"I am a martial arts master, I could sense it in your aura." Makoto said as she kept watching the little Kame hanyou train. "I feel the same way about all of my students. I want them to be flawless and perfect in their training, and would even chastise them for failure. That's me as the master of Kyokugenryu. Though the part of me that is a friend to all my students only wishes them the best, even if they do fail. That's the side of me that is a teacher and friend."

"So it's ok to show her some compassion in her training when she fails?" asked the Sanbi.

"Daisuke-kun, from what I've learned is that allowing a student to make mistakes and encourage them to learn from it will make them much more powerful." Makoto commented. "Also, I know she is young, but have you found out what path she wishes to take as a kunoichi? Considering we have so many branches here in Konoha, there might be something that really suits her."

"Well I hoped she would become a researcher like myself. But I guess now is as good a time as any to find out." Daisuke replied. "Nabiki-chan, can you come here for a minute?" When she heard her father, it broke her concentration, causing her to fall into the pool yet again.

"I'm sorry Papa, I messed up again." Nabiki quickly got back to the surface and climbed out where Daisuke wrapped her up in a towel to dry her off.

"It's ok my little turtle, you didn't mess up. But I need to ask you something important right now." He said while he was drying her off. "Tell me, what kind of kunoichi would you want to be when you get older?"

"What kind?" asked Nabiki, slightly confused.

"What he means is what do you want to specialize in? Would you want to be a weapons expert like Tenten-chan and Aunt Yugito? Maybe an alchemist and medic like Aunt Akane? Or maybe a pure fighter like me." Makoto asked.

Nabiki sat there and thought about it for a few minutes. "Well…I really wanted to be a doctor when I grow up, but I still wanna be a strong fighter like my daddy."

"Hmm, so a Battle Medic…I think we have something to work with." Makoto said. "Daisuke, I'll go and speak with Tsunade-sama to see what we can start working with. Also I have felt her aura and can tell she is more of a defense oriented fighter. I have a special training regimen I'd like to start her on as well."

"I see. Very well then, I look forward to your plan my sister." Daisuke replied.

"Yep, we're gonna have you be one strong kunoichi, Nabiki-chan." Makoto smiled as she took her leave.

"Okay! Bye Aunt Makoto!" Nabiki waved. "So Papa, do you want me to keep practicing?"

"Actually my little turtle, I have something better in mind." Daisuke took the towel and put it off to the side. He then quickly shed his own robe to reveal his turtle print swim trunks. "How about you and I just have fun like we used to? I think you've done enough training for today."

"You bet!" Nabiki said as Daisuke picked her up and jumped in the pool.

"Look at those two. I seriously never thought Daisuke would have a daughter like her." Mai sighed as she watched from the command room.

"I know what you mean. When he first showed me her picture, I thought she was the cutest thing ever." Shinja added. "Makes me wonder why I had to be so stubborn and not form a clan when we all took over our guardianship of these lands."

"Well, creating the clan wasn't too bad. It's just finding the right man to help you lead. Honestly what I wouldn't give to have my own little chicks at home." Mai sighed. "For the love of Kami, why the heck won't that hottie Iruka go out with me!!!"

"Last time I checked Mai…he kinda got freaked out when you went teenage mental." Yugito commented. "Now come on you dorks, we still need to keep testing the Excelion Drive system."

"Ugh, alright. Seriously this is getting really tiring. I didn't think fusing with Shiori so much could wear me out." Mai groaned. "But whatever. Anything that will give our group an edge over Madara is well worth it."

"Oh come on Aunt Mai, you had fun last time. Especially when we totally destroyed Dark Kasumi." Shiori said, causing Mai to pep up a bit more. "Oh I just thought of something. Dr. Sakurano, what are you going to do for Itachi-nii-kun? Since he doesn't have his Bijuu, he can't do Bijuu Fusion or Excelion Drive either."

"Good you asked that Shiori. I've done a lot of analysis with his powers. From what I've seen, due to Sheldon's connection with the Shadow Hoshi no Tama, and the fact that his lineage carries the chakra of the Tenbi, I can initiate a pseudo-Excelion Drive with the duo." Dr. Sakurano explained. "It won't be as strong as if he was truly fused with Ryukotsusei, but with the power amplifier I installed into his transformer, it should be more than enough to keep him at your level."

"That's great! Itachi-nii-kun will really love that!" Shiori said in excitement.

"Ok, we'll have more time for that later. Right now I want to do a new test." Dr. Sakurano showed off two new devices that matched the transformers for the Knights. "I've already upgraded the software of your transformers for the Excelion Drive system. Though with these devices, the Bijuu themselves should be able to sync better with you when you activate Link Overdrive or Excelion Drive Fusion."

"It just looks like a watch." Mai said as she took hers and overlooked it. "Doesn't look like it will do too much."

"Actually Mai-chan, I've installed communicators for all of you to keep in contact, and there is a tracking locator that will allow you to find each other. So if by chance you were to be separated from Sasuke, Shiori, or Hoshiko then each of you could find each other." Dr. Sakurano demonstrated when he activated the tracker, activating a very faint glow around a small part of the unit. "As you can see, the light is pointing in the direction of Shiori. If I make a small adjustment…" He then turned the outside rim of the watch, only to have the glow shift in a different direction. "This should show the location of Sasuke."

"Hmm, not bad. Especially knowing Madara is still out there trying to capture any of us, this will help immensely." Mai said as she put her watch on. "And you know…it actually goes well with my clothes."

"Fashionable, yet functional." Dr. Sakurano commented while he placed some probes on Ino and Shiori. "Alright, I've modified the voice commands to engage the Excelion Drive. The new command is 'Excelion Drive: Element Fusion' with 'Element' being your corresponding element. You'll say this in tandem with your Bijuu."

"Guess that will work," said Shinja as she and Mai summoned their Hoshi no Tama. "And I hate to admit it…but I kinda wanted to do something a little flashier than our standard Fusion."

Mai, Ino, and Shiori stared at Shinja like she was crazy. "Shinja-sama…say what?" asked Ino.

"Well come on, you guys get to do those cool looking transformations and stuff, and all we did when we fused with you was just say 'Bijuu Fusion' while we stood behind you." Shinja was right. That was pretty much all they did.

"You do have a point. It was getting a little boring." Mai commented. "Ok let's try this fusion thing again."

"Very well, energy levels are at peak. You're good to go." Dr. Sakurano kept a sharp eye on the monitors as the four started the fusion sequence.

"So Shiori, got a cool looking pose we can do?" asked Mai while Shiori inserted the Hoshi no Tama into her transformer.

"Uh…well…I was just gonna stick with the normal transformation pose, so we could do that?" Shiori was a little uneasy considering Mai wanted to do the same old motion she did just for their fusion, but she shrugged it off.

"Cool. Then let's do it!" Mai was definitely fired up now.

"You've been hanging around Naruto and Sasuke too much." Ino sighed as she and Shinja prepped.

"Well here goes something." Shiori said.

"Now…EXCELION DRIVE! FIRE FUSION!" Shiori and Mai said in unison.

"EXCELION DRIVE! WOOD FUSION!" Ino and Shinja followed in suit.

The two Bijuu changed from their human form to what looked like their natural element. They were then absorbed by the two knights and the fusion process began.

"Alright girls, we're looking good so far. Keep holding steady with the fusion process." Dr. Sakurano could see the energy levels rising as the fusion process continued.

"Hmm, so that's what the new fusion forms look like. Too bad Ten-chan will only get a second tail." Yugito said as she watched the fusion continue. Shiori still underwent the same transformation, having her tails become phoenix tails, and her ears becoming two small phoenix wings. The final part was the regular phoenix wings beginning to emerge. Ino's fusion was quite different. Considering she was still human, it was interesting to see her with eight rattlesnake tails emerging. The biggest change with Ino however, was that her hair shifted from blonde to dark forest green, and it looked like two small sunflowers bloomed from her head. "Hey Dr. Sakurano, are those changes supposed to happen?"

Dr. Sakurano took note of the transformations. "Yes. Unlike the previous fusion form, this is a complete hybridization." He kept a keen eye on the monitors and watched as the girls' power levels began to rise exponentially. "This is good! The fusion process seems to be working nicely!"

"Everything was going good until Yugito noticed something strange. She pointed to "Uh, is this supposed to be normal?"

Dr. Sakurano took note and saw that the power was increasing way too fast. "That's too much energy! Girls, break off the fusion!"

Within seconds, Ino and Shiori split off from their Bijuu. "Whoa, that was a rush!" Ino was breathing quit heavily after separating.

"Yeah, but something felt way different. It didn't feel the same as the last time we fused Aunt Mai." Shiori commented on her fusion as well.

"You're right. Last time it felt as if the power was even. This time it felt like it was overflowing." Mai added her comments as well.

"Do you think it could have been the fact that Shiori was really pissed off last time?" Ino asked.

Dr. Sakurano thought about that and did have an idea. "Ino, you may be right. Last time Shiori was emotion driven, and that's what activated the Excelion Drive unconsciously."

"So we'd need to be enraged for it to work?" Shiori wondered. "I don't know if that will work. I mean…there's not a lot that can really get me as mad as I was at Dark Kasumi."

"Hmm, you have a point there." Dr. Sakurano went back and looked over the data. "For now we'll keep working with the Excelion Drive and keep monitoring your emotion patterns as well. Hopefully that will hit a breakthrough we need to successfully complete the Excelion Drive."

"Yeah because when we perfect it, Madara won't know what hit him! If he wants to capture us, then he's gonna have to deal with one hell of a fight to get us." Mai said.

Back at the Hokage Tower…

"Ok now the final order of business." Tsunade was in meeting with the members of her council over current events. "We have one final request from Councilman Danzo."

"Oh brother, what is this? Another stupid request to get our kids into ROOT?" Shikaku Nara whispered to his former teammate.

"Naa, I heard this one is supposed to have us all cracking up on the floor." Replied Chouza Akimichi. "But apparently Tsunade-sama wants us to listen to it."

"Well it can't be any worse than the other lame propositions and requests he's had." Said the Yamanaka Head Inoichi Yamanaka.

"As you all know, due to recent events, we have had to work to rebuild Konoha from the attack of Madara Uchiha. It has come to my attention that the one responsible for leading the team of Akatsuki was none other than our very own Kasumi Uzumaki. As you know she is currently reinstated back to her former rank and duty, and was not charged with anything." Tsunade said calmly. "Though it has come to pass that while she was serving under Madara Uchiha, she did release information about Team Illumina, lead the attack that caused large amounts of destruction to our home, and was even responsible for the death of the Sannin Jiraiya, and the death of her sister Haku Uzumaki." This caused murmurs to pass within the council. "It is by the request of Councilman Danzo that Kasumi Uzumaki be executed for the crimes against her. I took his request in and stated that I would place it before the council for a vote."

"Hokage-sama, do we have concurrent proof of these accusations?" asked Inuzuka head Tsume Inuzuka.

"Yes. Numerous members of Team Illumina were there when all these actions occurred. Naruto, Sasuke, Shiori, Natsumi, Hinata, Kimiko, and Itachi were present at Jiraiya's death. Hinata herself witnessed Haku's death as well so there is concurrent proof." Tsunade replied. "Now I ask you council members, those who wish for the execution of Kasumi Uzumaki please raise your hand." Of course Danzo raised his hand, as did his two associates Koharu and Homura. "I see. Now those opposed to this request, please laugh your heads off at just how stupid this whole thing is." With that, every other member of the council was cracking up.

"What is this! Why are you laughing at such a serious matter?" Danzo said angrily. "We have a traitor to Konoha running free! She should be executed on the spot!"

"Danzo, are you really that stupid?" Shikaku replied. "Every single one of us knew she was under Madara's mind control!"

"Seriously, we've known Kasumi-chan since she was 6 years old! She has been nothing but loyal to Konoha." Tsume said. "Honestly her loyalty to this village even surpasses that of the Inuzuka."

"And come on man? Inoichi did a full mental evaluation of her, and even saw the memories of Madara placing her under the mind control! Are you really going to doubt his word, when he happens to be the top mental evaluator in all of Fire Country?" Chouza added. "You know good and well she couldn't stop herself from attacking Jiraiya or Haku. If she could, do you think she would have been in the hospital for two weeks after what she went through?"

"Plus, if you happen to forget, there was even the evaluation on Itachi's girlfriend Konan, who was under the same condition as Kasumi. Plus her memories even showed Madara explaining his plan to place Kasumi under mind control." Inoichi said. "Are you really planning to doubt me on that?"

"No, but what I am saying…" Danzo tried to get his point across, but it was futile.

"What you're saying is that because you can't get them into your little ROOT group, you want to break them as much as possible." Mikoto stated. "You've been trying to get them into ROOT ever since they destroyed Shadow Sasuke, all so you could try to overthrow Tsunade and become Hokage!"

"Those are blatant lies and you know it!" Danzo retorted in his defense.

"Danzo, the fact lies in this. Kasumi Uzumaki is one of Konoha's most powerful kunoichi. She has proven time and time again from her service that her loyalty only lies with this village. She has dedicated herself to protecting and serving this village without question." Everyone was shocked to hear the Aburame head Shibi Aburame speak. "It would be in your best interest that you cease any more requests that would try to break their unity."

"Is that a threat Shibi!" asked Danzo. Of course the Aburame Head stayed completely calm.

"No it is not. However, you must know. Should anything bad happen to any member of Team Illumina, with you being the cause," Shibi slightly lowered his glasses, letting Danzo peer into his black eyes. "Then I fear you would face the wrath of every major clan in Konoha."

"He is quite right Danzo. I can state for a fact that 200 very pissed off Hyuuga is not a good thing, considering that Kasumi is actually part Hyuuga…and coincidentally a potential candidate for head of the clan." Hiashi said calmly.

"That is a blatant lie! That girl possesses no traits of a Hyuuga." Danzo replied.

"Oh really now? You see, that is where you are wrong. Kasumi Uzumaki became a member of the Main Branch of the Hyuuga Clan one day after becoming a Genin when she took an official blood oath with my daughter and heiress Hinata!" Hiashi said quite sternly. "In the event that Hinata, Hanabi, AND Neji all decided to pass up the title of head of the clan, Kasumi herself would be eligible! So to even think of doing something to disrespect her would be disrespecting the Hyuuga Clan!"

"Also Danzo, there is the fact that you've been trying to persuade both Itachi and Sasuke into ROOT all so you have the chance to use them for your own personal breeding tools, just so you can get an army of Sharingan users for your cause." Mikoto started becoming quite furious over this whole fiasco. "Considering you now want my daughter-in-law and future headmistress executed now places you on the hit list of the Uchiha!"

"Danzo, I told you they wouldn't like this. It's best right now if you cease any and all future attempts on Team Illumina's destruction. You already know what I've stated will happen if you try anything else." Tsunade said, her voice dripping with venom. "And when I meant by personal execution…I meant she'll be able to do it in front of all of Konoha."

"Tsunade, we have heard of no such decree upon Danzo." Homura countered. "Unless it comes before us elders…"

"Elders nothing! I know of the Nidaime's rule stating that within the first year, the Elder Council or previous Hokage is to aid the current Hokage in decision making and running the village until they deem it necessary to pass the torch." Tsunade said, knowing she had the elders backed against a wall. "Have you forgotten? I came to Konoha and took over around the time…hmm…I think Naruto just turned 13. Last I checked, he's now 17. Can you old guys add that?"

"I figured that would be something you'd crack about something like that Shikaku." Chouza was still laughing over all of this.

"Naa, too troublesome." Shikaku replied with a standard Nara reply.

Tsunade was still going with everything she had to try to finally silence Danzo once and for all, "Oh did I also forget to mention…the previous Hokage thing…yeah Arashi definitely was a good choice over you three. I really liked the fact that he gave me the idea for the Kage Bunshin to handle all that damn paperwork."

"That still means nothing Tsunade. We are the elder council and we will be…" Koharu tried her mettle in the argument.

"Elder council whatever! You three have been nothing but thorns in my side ever since I came back. It was your big mouths that stopped me from starting a true medic-nin corps, you're the one that also made it so that there were no medic-nin classes in the academy because it was all about the precious bloodlines."

"Oh yeah I remember that meeting. A total bore!" Arashi whispered to Hiashi.

"Yeah I kept saying I'd rather have Hikari scream at me about her morning sickness when she was pregnant with Hinata than listen to those fossils." Hiashi replied, getting a ruse out of his best friend.

"So let me put this in terms that you three can understand…ok?" Tsunade said loud and clear. "I am the damn Hokage GOT IT! You three…just plain old council members that are outnumbered by say…." Tsunade took a little pause to add a short amount of thought. "Hmm, let's see Inuzuka, Yamanaka, Haruno, Uchiha, Hyuuga, Uzumaki…oh yeah can't forget Kitsune, Akimichi, Nara, Ishida, Aburame, hmm…anyone I'm forgetting?"

"Uh you forgot the Senju clan Tsunade-sama." Mikoto added.

"I knew I was forgetting someone. Thank you Mikoto. At least someone paid attention during training when they were genin." Tsunade replied. That hit a nerve with Akane considering that her human side was a bit of a prankster when she was a genin, while Mikoto was the one that always paid attention. She sent a small growl at Mikoto and simply got Mikoto sticking her tongue out in return.

"Suck up." Akane whispered.

"Nya, you only say that because she liked me more." Mikoto added to the insult by blowing a raspberry.

"If you weren't my in-law and best friend, I'd kill you, you know that," grumbled Akane. "Oh wait, so what if she liked you more. I got Arashi-kun!"

"Akane! That's low!" Mikoto knew Akane hit a major nerve considering both she and Akane were hardcore rivals when it came to Arashi back in their kid years.

"Are you two done yet?" Tsunade looked at her two former students with a death glare and shut both of them up instantly. "I still wonder if you two ever recovered from that Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion or whatever. But like I said, I'm the boss here, I have the majority, and I mean a BIG majority of the council on my side, and there's nothing you three can do about it! So since we have no other business, I declare this meeting adjourned."

After the meeting, Danzo and his two associates were meeting back at ROOT headquarters.

"This is preposterous. If it wasn't for that cursed Shiori Uchiha, Madara-sama's plan would have worked perfectly!" Danzo cursed as he paced around his office. "I don't know how she did it! How could she have broken Madara-sama's control on Kasumi!"

"Things are definitely not in our favor. We need to do something to make our move. Our best bet is when the teams separate to meet with the Raikage, Tsuchikage, and Mizukage. It may be possible to have the remainder of Akatsuki strike then. With Konoha's defense down, we should have a better chance." Homura commented. "But there is no way all of them would leave on missions like this. At most they would take one Bijuu and 4-5 Knights and their support."

"For now it may be best that we hold our position. Once we have more information on their plans and their new abilities, we shall inform Madara-sama and make our move." Koharu said, calming the two males. "Danzo, it would be best if we keep Sai in Team Illumina as our spy. For now they don't seem to know what our plan is."

"You are right Koharu. We shall bide our time. Madara-sama's plan will come to fruition and things will work towards our side.

"Seriously, dealing with those old goats is driving me insane! I may end up retiring early and just have Naruto take over." Tsunade crashed into her chair back in her office and sighed. "Damn, Shizune! Where's my good sake!"

"I think she went out pig walking, last I saw." Makoto entered and could feel the stress in Tsunade's aura. "And honestly it feels as if you could do the same to relax."

"Master Makoto, what brings you here?" she asked of the wolf Bijuu.

"No need for formalities. I am merely a guest in your village Tsunade-sama." Makoto bowed in respect. "I've simply come to discuss training for Daisuke's daughter Nabiki."

"Hmm, really. Well now that's something I don't mind discussing." Tsunade couldn't find her sake, so she simply opted for some water out of her private fridge. "So what's that cute little turtle getting into?"

"Obviously being spoiled by her father. Daisuke was always a big softie. But while he was working with her water walking, we did a little investigation." Makoto took a seat and began to converse. "It seems our little turtle has big dreams to be a battle medic."

"Battle Medic? Now that's something you don't see every day." Tsunade commented. "Sakura could come close, but she's a little more medical oriented than battle."

"Yes I could sense that. But Nabiki-chan has her eyes set on becoming a doctor when she's older. Seems to me she's already learned of the Slug Sannin at quite a young age." Makoto said. "But she even said she wants to be a powerful fighter as well."

"Hmm, why do I get the feeling you're wanting me to take in an apprentice already? Isn't she too young to even consider starting medical training?" Tsunade said. "I normally don't start students in basics of medical ninjutsu until they are at least eight years old. In addition, each applicant is screened based on their level of chakra control."

"I do see you have a good point. However I don't think starting her on medical techniques would be good either. But nothing says she can't start training in more focused chakra control." Makoto said in rebuttal. "With her as a hanyou, her chakra coils are much more developed, and she has more chakra than an ordinary five year old. Plus the fact that she is starting to get the hang of water walking already is quite an advancement."

"So what exactly are you proposing Makoto?" Tsunade was now intrigued at the Rokubi's words.

"I myself plan to train her in a special style of Kyokugenryu. I could tell by her aura that she has a lot of defensive capabilities. However I believe complimenting them with your advanced strength would improve her to new levels, making her very formidable once she becomes a genin." Makoto said, definitely turning an eye on Tsunade.

"I see your point. The same is happening for Yugito's daughter Riyu. She's been at the Ishida forge so much that she's even started weapons training with the Ishida family. Yugito even wants to go ahead and enroll her in our academy while here in Konoha." Tsunade contemplated the idea and figured it would be in Nabiki's best interest. "Alright Makoto, I like your idea. So what did you have planned out? Not only that, but I believe we should discuss incorporating your Kyokugenryu into the standard Taijutsu curriculum. Our current style needs a great improvement."

"Well Tsunade-sama, I'd be happy to explain." Makoto began going over her plans for Nabiki's training, and even started discussing possible plans of incorporating Kyokugenryu into the academy taijutsu.

Training kept up for everyone for another two weeks as the day finally dawned. Today was the day that decided Kasumi's fate. Would she retire to bed at the end of the day, wielding her full Light Powers, or would she fall in battle to her mother and be denied her ultimate ability. Only time would tell what would happen.

"Calm down nee-chan. You're gonna do ok!" Akemi tried her best to calm down her sister. "Look, you have me backing you up. Oka-san's not gonna win today."

Kasumi felt a little better with her sister's re-assurance, but was still very uneasy. "Thanks Akemi-chan. I know there's a lot riding on this battle today. But it's just really weird, knowing that I have to face both Oka-san AND Sasuke-chan at the same time. I mean this will be the first time that I actually fight Sasuke, knowing that the battle will mean something."

"So that fight you had with him before didn't count?" asked the Fourth Princess.

"Heck no! That was technically Dark Kasumi fighting him…and a small part of her will be fighting today as well. But I plan to finally destroy every last trace of her for good today." Kasumi's chakra started flaring a small bit, but she stayed calm. "I just hope that I don't let everyone down."

"Kasumi-chan, you're not letting any of us down. We're gonna be with you all the way. Once we get done, Oka-san will have no choice but to give you access to your Overdrive." Akemi said, giving Kasumi another confidence boost.

"Alright then. It's time I show them just what the power of Light can do!" Kasumi said as she summoned her transformer.

"Oh yeah! We're totally gonna rock this!" Akemi followed suit and summoned her own. "So…shall the Sisters of Light get into their good clothes?"

"I like how you think Akemi-chan." Kasumi smiled. "LIGHT ILLUMINA OVERDRIVE!"

"LIGHT ARMOR ACTIVATION!" Both Akemi and Kasumi transformed and prepared for one of the biggest challenges ever.

"I'm counting on you as my Support Knight, Akemi-chan. We're gonna have to use every single technique we've got to win today." Kasumi said as she and Akemi walked out of the house.

"Don't worry Kasumi-chan. I'll see to it that you get your Overdrive today." Akemi said in confidence. "I promise Kasumi-chan. I'll fight to the very death if I have to in order to help you beat Oka-san. You've gone through too much and you deserve your full power. She won't win today…I swear it!"Looks like things are going well for Team Illumina...or are they? What's up Danzo's sleeve now that it seems his plans are starting to go downhill? And what does Makoto have planned for little Nabiki? But the big questions is...will Kasumi finally achieve her ultimate power as the Light Knight? Will her victory finally remove every last trace of Dark Kasumi's essence, or will she once again walk down the path of darkness? Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter...Release the Light!

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