The Bijuu Wars

Release the Light: Part 1

Kasumi(pacing nervously): Oh man, I don't know if I can do this. Can we wait a little while longer?

Akane: Now come on Kasumi, you know you have to do this sooner or later. Why are you so afraid?

Kasumi: You're kidding right? This is another big first in this series. I mean, I'm fighting YOU! It's like putting a water gun up to a rocket launcher!

Akane: Hmm, never thought of it that way. But you'll do fine! You rehearsed it a ton in the studio. Let's just go out there and have fun.

Kasumi(sighs): Oh well. Everyone knows Naruto is owned by Masashi Kishimoto. Enjoy the new chapter you guys!

Chapter 28: Release the Light Part 1

Kasumi and Akemi made the trek from their house to the Uchiha Training Facility to start Kasumi's Nine Tails of Light trial. Although things definitely looked much different.

"Hey, where is everyone? It's like the entire village has been deserted." Akemi looked around to see anyone, and noticed that there was not a single soul in the village.

"I don't know. But this seems very strange. I'm sure that something has to be up for everyone to be gone." Kasumi started feeling for any trace of an aura, but felt nothing. "Ok something is wrong. I can't feel a single aura at all."

"That's because you won't feel anything." Kasumi and Akemi turned to see Sasuke behind them. What was noticeable was that his voice was now merged with Akane's voice.

"Well, good morning Oka-san, Sasuke-chan." Kasumi watched as Akane split off from Sasuke. "I take it you're getting used to the merger?"

"It felt a little weird at first." Sasuke replied as he greeted Kasumi with a kiss. "But Akane-sama did let me sample her maximum power…and I have to honestly say, Kasumi-chan you're gonna need EVERYTHING you got to take that on."

"That's what I was afraid of. But what I'm wondering, is where is everyone? I couldn't feel a single aura in the village." Kasumi asked. "It doesn't make sense."

"It was something your grandmother left for your test." Akane explained. "What you're actually in is a Time Ripple, as she calls it."

"Ok…now I'm lost." Both Kasumi and Akemi looked a little dumbfounded. "A Time WHAT?"

"From what Mom explained, the Time Ripple will create a temporary dimension looking exactly where it is used. The user can then allow certain people inside that dimension. What it also does is allow everything to be damaged without damaging the original area." Akane explained. "This is how we're going to do your test."

"Wow, talk about confusing." Akemi was scratching her ears in confusion. "And I thought meeting another Naruto in another dimension was crazy."

"I said the same thing to your grandmother, Akemi-chan." Akane could sense her daughter's confusion. "It even took me a long time to understand all of this. But enough about that. Time to explain your trial."

Kasumi knew this was it. There was no going back now. She was determined to come out of this with her Overdrive, or she wasn't coming out of it at all. "Ok, what do I have to do?"

"Your trial, the Nine Tails of Light is an all out battle against me. For this battle I will be taking the host of Sasuke Uchiha, in turn giving him complete access and control of all of my power as Kyuubi." Akane began to explain. "In this trial, your job as the Light Knight is to make me submit defeat. Upon my defeat I shall unlock your Overdrive ability. However there are many rules and stipulations that you and I both must adhere to."

"Ok, what's the rules so far?" asked Kasumi.

"The stipulations for you are as follows; you will have the assistance of every other member of the Illumina Knights. This consists of the Knight, the Support Knight, and their matching Bijuu. All of their power and abilities are at your command. As the Leader of the team, this is to test your ability to prove you are worthy to lead as the Light Knight. However, in order for you to be able to get the assistance of your team members, you must find them and find a way to free them. There will be one team however that will be released with no problem. That team is one of four; Gravity, Water, Lightning, or Wood. That is for you to discover on your own. Now each team is hidden somewhere in the village. So you will have to work to find each team while also taking me on. For right you shall face me with zero tails of power. With each team you release, my power will increase by one tail."

"And from what you've told me, if I am to get the full power of my Overdrive, I need to defeat you when you are at all nine tails of power, right?" Kasumi wanted to make sure she knew what she was required of.

"Yes. That means you have to keep me at bay, without overpowering me until you release everyone. Now as for your team's abilities, they are free to use everything, including Link Overdrive and they can even attempt Excelion Drive Fusion…if they dare to. But mind you even with all of their abilities, I will not be easy to defeat." Akane continued with her explanation. "Now as I have said, my power will be limited with each tail of release. I will know when you have freed a team because I was the one that set the seals. To begin, I will give you 30 minutes to try and find as many teams as possible before I begin my attack. At that moment, expect all hell to be unleashed, because I will try to find you…and beat you mercilessly."

Kasumi took in those words and nearly froze in her tracks. "I…I understand."

"Now then, since everything is set, you will have until sundown to complete this task. If you are unable to complete it, I will not be allowing you usage of your Overdrive, and as such I will also strip you of your Bankai ability until I see that you are ready to try the trial again." Akane said. "Also I will even seal your Kitsune ability for one year and you will lose all rights and privileges as First Princess of the Clan. So now are you sure you are ready for this?"

"So either I win and get Overdrive, or lose and be stripped of my Bankai, Kitsune ability, and rights…well I really have no choice." Kasumi replied. "It's now or never, and if I'm to make sure that I'm ready to prove I'm the leader of the Illumina Knights, then I have to be ready for anything. Also it's the only way I know I can fully purge Dark Kasumi from my mind."

"Then my daughter, I have one last thing for you." Akane walked over and pulled Kasumi in, wrapping all of her tails around her. "Kasumi-chan, I know you have the power to win. Dark Kasumi did a lot to you, but I know that you are stronger than she is. I raised you to be a strong woman, and that's what you are. But you will still always be my little girl, even if you were adopted."


"Kasumi, I want you to give me everything you have and don't quit until the very end. Remember your friends are here and they will support you through it all. Never forget that." Akane released her embrace with a warm smile, knowing that it was all about to get a lot worse! Sasuke then stepped in to give his remarks before everything began.

"So…I guess it's a kiss for good luck?" asked Kasumi.

"No, I don't give kisses for good luck." Sasuke bluntly said. He then pulled Kasumi close and delivered a very passionate kiss. "I only give kisses for a successful victory. I know you will win Kasumi-chan. This time, there's no tricks. No 'grabbing the tail' or anything like that. We've all crossed that bridge, and now this is your time to shine. Show us all why you are our Light."

"Thank you Sasuke-chan. Even though I'm scared to death right now…I know I can do this." Kasumi took a deep breath and realized that this was it. No turning back.

"Oh yeah before I forget…I already have your victory gift planned out. Apparently there was this wild memory of yours seeing me in some very tight black shorts, no shirt, and a black bow tie serving you sandwiches or something." Sasuke said, causing Kasumi to go blood red.

"HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!!!!!" Kasumi couldn't believe Sasuke found out one of her wild fantasies about seeing him as a sexy butler for a day.

"Well…it was something that happened with the whole Dark Kasumi thing. Apparently the merged Tsukiyomi kinda pulled it out." Sasuke laughed as he poked Kasumi in the nose. "But I gotta say…I'm surprised you didn't have me in a thong."

"Uh…well…that is to say…um…I…" Kasumi started stuttering because she was already picturing it.

"Because I was thinking something silver…and sandwiches is blah. I was thinking full body massage…with a little bit of that tail action you like." Sasuke shot a wink to her, and it definitely made an impact.

"If you're doing that, then it's a deal! I'm sorry Oka-san, but for something like that, I'll beat the living daylights out of you for this trial!" Yes, Kasumi was definitely fired up now.

"Kasumi-chan, if I was in your shoes and Arashi-kun was gonna do something like that, I would have said the same thing." Akane chuckled. "Well, see you in 30 minutes. Good luck!" Akane and Sasuke vanished, leaving Kasumi and Akemi there to begin the trial.

"Well Kasumi-chan, where should we start?" asked Akemi.

"Trying to search all of Konoha on foot is gonna be tough. But it is a good thing we know a nifty little jutsu. Guess that little stunt I pulled a few years ago is gonna help." Kasumi said, forming a cross seal.

"Oh yeah! I know exactly what you mean now!" Akemi replied, forming the same seal.

"Then let's get to work."

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Both Akemi and Kasumi summoned 30 clones and dispersed them throughout the village. The clones immediately set out to find their targets while the real Kasumi and Akemi started planning.

"Ok so from what Oka-san told us, we know that either Tenten, Ino, Hinata, or Neji will be easy to release. The only question is who." Kasumi started to think about the situation.

"Hmm, I know this sounds crazy, but why would Oka-san have said that Hinata-chan would be one of the easy ones to free? Wouldn't Uncle Daisuke be stronger than her if he was on our side this early?" asked Akemi.

"I don't know. It doesn't make any sense either. Why would she want me to have someone as powerful as…" Kasumi kept thinking of the possibilities when it hit her. "It's part of the test!"

"It is?" Akemi wondered what she could be thinking, but figured it was best to go along with it.

"Yeah! Remember, Oka-san said one of the requirements for getting my Overdrive was to defeat her in battle. But the thing is, if I beat her without her being in her Nine Tail form, then I don't get the full power of my Overdrive. If I were to release Tenten, Ino, or Neji's team, then Oka-san would have one level of power, meaning it would be an even battle so to speak." Kasumi explained. "There wouldn't be a way to get a fast victory, especially since Oka-san can temporarily change her element."

"But I still don't understand why she would want you to win fast?" Akemi questioned.

"It's to test my leadership skills. See if Hinata and Uncle Daisuke are freed, then they have the best chance of stopping Oka-san in a One Tail form. But if I simply had them hold off Oka-san while I figure out a way to free the others to strengthen my team, it can tip the scales in my favor!" Kasumi said. "Not only that, but with a Primary Element wielder on the team so early, it gives me more time to figure out how to free the others. I'm sure that she didn't make it easy, so there's gotta be something I need to do."

"Wow Kasumi-chan, everyone was right." Akemi said, getting a question out of her sister. "You really are a nerd!"

"Akemi-chan!! I am not a nerd! So I liked school a lot!" Kasumi whined in her defense.

"Yeah yeah, I know. That was just the little sister way of saying you're really smart." Akemi replied. "So when do we kick this plan into action?"

"For now, we'll wait until we get some info from the clones. Then we can sketch up a plan. Since Oka-san said this is practically Konoha with everything fair game, we should set up a base of operations." Kasumi took out a scroll and started jotting down things they would need. "I would say we should use the Uchiha Training Facility, but Oka-san could level that place in no time, meaning we wouldn't have access to any of the supplies."

"What about the Academy? That might be a good spot?" Akemi asked. Kasumi nodded negatively. "Then what about Ichiraku's?"

"Ichiraku's? Why would…" Kasumi thought about what Akemi said, and realized it was a good idea. "Did I tell you how much I love having you as my support knight?"

"You know I get it from you, right?" Akemi replied.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." Kasumi replied when she felt the first of her clones dispel. "Alright, we have some locations."

"I just got some too. Who did you find?" asked Akemi.

"Well, it seems that Naruto is coincidentally at Ichiraku's. Like that wasn't obvious." Kasumi sighed. "And Ino's at her family's flower shop."

"I found Shiori-chan, Haku-chan, and Neji-kun." Akemi said as Kasumi was ready to write the information down. "Shiori-chan's at the hot springs, Haku-chan is by Training Ground 3, and Neji-kun is back at the Hyuuga Dojo."

"Ok, that's a good start. Right now we need to concentrate on finding Hinata-chan and getting her freed so we'll have a better chance. But if she was going to be the easiest one to release, you know she's going to be the hardest to find." Kasumi rolled up the scroll and got ready for the search.

"But where would be the hardest place to look?" Akemi tried thinking of all the places that Hinata could be held, but couldn't come up with anything.

"Well, considering we have 20 minutes left we…20 minutes?" It suddenly hit her. "She's in a place that would take nearly more than 20 minutes to get to! Hinata's on top of the Hokage Monument!"

"Even if we ran there at full speed, we might not make it to the top in time!" Akemi said as the two took off through the village.

"I know, but we gotta try! Otherwise, things are gonna get ugly and fast!" Kasumi was running just as fast as the two leaped from roof to roof.

While Kasumi and Akemi were running full speed towards the Hokage Monument in the hopes of freeing Hinata before Akane started her attack, the other clones were able to find the locations of everyone else. Tenten was located at the old metal forge on the other side of the village, Chouji was out near the western dining district, and Itachi was in Tsunade's office. Though time wasn't on Kasumi's side as the countdown ended just as they made it to the Hokage Monument. She and Akemi looked over the village to see a column of light appear, obviously being Kyuubi Sasuke.

"Oh crap, we gotta hurry! Akemi, do you see any sight of Hinata at all!" Kasumi was looking over everything on top of the monument in the hopes of finding her best friend.

"Nothing! If there was a way I could track their scent, it might be easier." Akemi was just as frantic as they knew the battle was minutes away from beginning.

"Come on, think…both Hinata and Hanabi have something that can lead us to them." Kasumi was trying to think as fast as she could. "Ugh, it's times like this when I had the Byakugan…Byakugan! That's it!"

"What, what is it!" Akemi quickly asked.

"What better way to hide someone than with a genjutsu! And make it so it can only be seen by Hyuuga eyes!" Kasumi replied. "Well guess what Oka-san, you forgot! Akemi and I are both part Hyuuga!"

"How! We don't have the Byakugan?" Akemi questioned her sister's reasoning.

"No we don't, but when we took our blood oaths with Hinata and Hanabi, we got something else. We got enhanced chakra vision! Focus some chakra in your eyes quickly!" Kasumi started to focus chakra and started noticing that things were becoming more clear.

"Ok, but I don't know…hey I see something?" Akemi started seeing things better as well. She even saw a weird blue aura. "I think they're over there!" She pointed to a small cove that was hidden under a genjutsu.

"Perfect! RELEASE!" Kasumi saw where Akemi was pointing and dispelled the genjutsu, revealing Hanabi, Hinata, and Daisuke placed under a stasis jutsu. "Ok we found them, now how do we free them?"

"I don't think we have to. The jutsu is dispelling." Akemi saw that the blue stasis aura began to dissolve and the Water team started to come to.

"Ugh, talk about a headache." Hinata was rubbing her head to ease the pain. "Hey, where are we?"

"Yeah, this definitely doesn't look like the Training Facility." Hanabi was looking around to see what was going on."

"Well, to be honest it's hard to explain." Kasumi said as she helped the group to her feet. She took another quick glance over the monument to try and see if she could find Kyuubi Sasuke, considering that he was now up to One Tail. "Ok, you're gonna have to listen carefully because I can only explain this once, and I gotta do it fast. Right now we're undergoing my Overdrive Trial. We're in an alternate dimension that Grandma Kouin created for this purpose. As of right now the only ones here is Team Illumina, no one else. What I have to do is find each member of the team and free them from a stasis jutsu that you guys were under. However each time I do that, Oka-san and Sasuke get one tail stronger. I can't defeat them early or I won't get the full power of my Overdrive."

"Ok that makes sense. No wonder why we're already in Illumina Form." Hinata was taking in everything as fast as possible.

"Since I've released you guys, I can now try to free another team to boost our forces. Since Hanabi is freed, we have a better chance of getting to the next team." Kasumi said in haste. "Only problem is who the next team to release would be."

"Kasumi, look at this! I found something!" Akemi handed Kasumi a small scroll from where the Water Team had been sitting.

"Hmm, must be a clue to the next team." Daisuke said. "Akane-chan was always crafty when it came to clues."

"Ok, here we go." Kasumi opened the scroll and began to read.

Dear Kasumi-chan,

You've done well to release the first team. This means you're off to a good start. However time is not on your side as you must move quickly if you wish to succeed. Now it's time to up the ante. From here on, only you will be able to free other teams. You can't send any of the other Knights or Support Team. But that's not the only stipulation. The key to freeing the other teams will change each time. Sometimes you may need to take a certain Knight, Support Knight, Bijuu, or combination of the three. And don't think it will be easy. When you think that you are strong enough to force me into a stalemate, you may be required to take your strongest players to help rescue another team, weakening your defense.

As for your next objective, you have to know that a cold shower of the purest water can really wake you up in the morning, especially when it's used to prank someone. This will be a mission for only you.

Love Akane

"She is definitely not making this easy at all." Kasumi grumbled. "So now I have to be the one to free everyone else, and I have to have certain team members at certain times as well. Just great."

"Ok so a cold shower of the purest water…and only you can go alone." Hinata thought about the riddle. "There's just one problem, in terms of Illumina Power, the only water ability you have is Aqua Ball when you're in Bankai."

"So what Water ability do…Hinata, give me your power gem!" Kasumi said when she figured out the riddle. "I have to do this in StarAqua form."

"I see now. With Kasumi in her StarAqua form, she gains the combination of pure light and pure water. That alone has a similar effect to my pure water." Daisuke understood the reasoning behind the riddle as well. "Now that we know what Kasumi needs, who does she use it on?"

"Hmm…cold shower…used to prank someone…hey didn't one year Haku pranked Naruto with a cold shower on his birthday?" Akemi asked.

"Yeah she did. Ok, I'm headed to Training Ground 3. Uncle Daisuke, can you give Hinata your Hoshi no Tama so she'll still be able to fight?" Kasumi asked as she placed Hinata's power gem in her second transformer.

"What's your plan Kasumi-chan?" asked Daisuke while he summoned his Hoshi no Tama.

"Since the premise is to keep Oka-san at bay, I want you four just to give her some exercise. Hold her off long enough until you see her go Two Tail. Once that happens I'll message you and let you know what needs to happen after I free Haku's team. If it gets crazy, Hinata give back the Hoshi no Tama so Uncle Daisuke can be at full power and just work on healing everyone. Even go as far as to heal Oka-san and Sasuke if they get hurt. Just make sure that they keep fighting at all costs!" Kasumi explained her plan carefully to make sure that she could keep going in battle.

"Very well. Kasumi-chan, be careful. Knowing Akane, she may have set up traps along the way to slow your progress." Daisuke explained. "She may go as far as to make the traps quite deadly as well."

"I'll be careful Uncle Daisuke." Kasumi said, just as their special guest arrived.

"So, am I late for the party?" the group looked at the monument entrance to see the newly released One Tail Kyuubi Sasuke looking on. "I was on my way here and strangely enough had a sudden change of clothes. Had to figure out what to do with this tail."

"Well, it's nice you could make it. Sorry I gotta run. Got things to do, people to see." Kasumi replied with a calm smile. "Oh guess I should change really quick as well. GEM FUSION: STARAQUA ACTIVATION!"

"So, she figured out the first riddle. Good job Kasumi-chan." Akane thought from inside Sasuke's mind.

"Alright guys, best of luck!" Kasumi wished her team well as she started running toward the exit and Kyuubi Sasuke. "Oh, before I forget…AQUA PULSE!" Kasumi shot a large burst of water, blasting Kyuubi Sasuke out of her way. She then ran up and kissed him on the cheek before she left. "Sorry I can't stay. Be good now and don't get hurt too badly." As she left, Hinata was already over using her Healing Shower on Kyuubi Sasuke.

"Healing me so I won't submit defeat? Kasumi-chan thought well about this." Kyuubi Sasuke said as the shower healed his wounds.

"I'm thinking this is just the beginning of what she's gonna show us." Hinata finished up and ran back to the others. "So are you ready to take us on?

"A warm up would be nice." Kyuubi Sasuke got back to his feet and stretched his arms. "So who's up first?"

"No need for Hinata-chan to get worn out. And since our job is to hold you off, we'll be the ones you face." Hanabi stepped forward, activating her Byakugan.

"That's right. Since we're Support Knights, our Illumina abilities aren't as strong as the actual Knights, so that means we can go full power! Ready to show off what we can do?" Akemi cracked her knuckles in preparation.

"Hmm, this is going to be fun. Ok girls, show me what you got!" Akane was already smiling, because she wanted to see just what Kasumi and Hinata's protégés could do.

"Well, girls? Bring it on." Kyuubi Sasuke motioned for the girls to attack.

"Then let's not upset him. STARBURST RAY!" Akemi started off first while Hanabi ran in tandem with the Starburst Ray to do melee damage.

Kasumi was getting close to her target. With Haku's team released, it would boost their chances considerably due to Makoto's superior martial arts ability. But she kept thinking about what other things she would have to do to free the others. If she had to free a team later on when Kyuubi Sasuke was up to four or five tails and she had to take all the Bijuu, that could put her friends in serious danger.

"Great, I'm already flipping out a bit and this thing has only just begun." Kasumi said to herself. "Honestly I wish she didn't have to take control of Sasuke-chan, that or make it so Shiori-chan was the first one released. I really wish I could have one of those two with me right now."

She kept up her trek through the village, not noticing the chakra sensor Akane set up. But the traps became obvious when the first one detonated.

"What the hell!" Kasumi barely jumped out of the way of an explosion. "Oh great, she's set up chakra mines!" She didn't have much time to stop and think as the mines kept exploding, forcing her to move quickly. "If I pass this stupid test, I'm gonna demand a fully paid for spa treatment!"

Kasumi doubled her running speed to get through the trap mess as quickly as possible, but not without some battle damage. She made it to Training Ground 3 and quickly located her target by the Memoriam Stone.

"Alright, time to see if this works. Might as well go full power with this." Kasumi drew in all the moisture she could into her hands, creating a massive ball of water. "You know, I still remember when Hinata-chan and I did this attack on Orochimaru. Who would have thought I get to use it again. AQUA STAR EXPLOSION!" She threw the massive water ball at the Ice team, engulfing them in a surge of sparkling water. "Come on, that's gotta work!" She looked on as the water drained away, melting the stasis aura at the same time.

"Ok, why am I getting a second shower today?" Haku started shaking off any excess water from her tails. "And why am I here at the training grounds?"

"Well, it's a really long story, but I'll give you the abridged version." Kasumi explained. "You're in an alternate dimension created by Grandma Kouin for my Overdrive Trial. Oka-san put you in a stasis jutsu so that I had to free you."

"So that was Akane-chan's plan all along. Quite crafty." Makoto used her own Ki to dry herself and helped Moegi out since she didn't have any demonic chakra to aid her.

"Yeah and right now, she probably just went Two Tail since you were released. That most likely means things are gonna get a little more difficult for Hinata, Hanabi, Akemi, and Uncle Daisuke." Kasumi replied as she opened a communication channel. "Hey guys, how are you holding up?"

"It was going ok until Sasuke got that second tail! We actually had him getting winded!" Akemi screamed over the com. "Now hurry up and get back here! Hinata had to fuse with Uncle Daisuke due to Sasuke's power boost!"

"This is just great. Plus I gotta figure out who the next team is I have to free, and what I have to do to free them." Kasumi griped.

Moegi took a scroll out and handed it to Kasumi, "This might have a clue. Akane-sama said I should hold on to this for some reason, but I didn't know what it was for."

"Thanks Moegi-chan, this is probably just what I need." Kasumi quickly opened the scroll and began reading.

Dear Kasumi-chan

You're making a good start with this scroll. Two teams down, seven to go. I hope you don't seem shocked that things are going to get harder, especially considering that a woman's touch won't help you this time. Take care!


"Woman's touch? What does she mean by that?" Haku asked.

"One of the keys to releasing a team is that I need to have certain people or abilities with me. Like to free you, I had to be in StarAqua form. This time, who do I need?" Kasumi started thinking as hard as possible. "And what team has to be freed?"

"Think carefully Kasumi-chan. The answer is right in front of you. Look back to the past and let it guide you to the future." Makoto said, getting the girl to focus more.

" part says a woman's touch won't work. Since I'm female, I need a male to help me break the next seal. That means I need Uncle Daisuke's help, since he's the only one free right now!" Kasumi said.

"Correct. Now what team do you need to go after? Knowing Akane's riddle, the answer lies hidden in the words." Makoto commented."Read carefully and look underneath the underneath."

Kasumi read over the scroll again, looking at every word twice. She took each word into consideration and thought hard but was still stumped.

"I got it! You're going after the Lightning Team!" Haku said with confidence.

"Haku-chan, how do you know?" Kasumi wanted to know just what lead to that conclusion.

"It's easy. This one word said it all." Haku said as she pointed to the right word.

", talk about being dense." Kasumi sighed. "Ok, well we need to get moving. You guys go meet up with Hinata, Hanabi, and Akemi. I'll take Uncle Daisuke with me to the Hyuuga Dojo."

"Kasumi, wait. You should probably take Hanabi or Hinata with you. Since it is the Hyuuga Dojo, there may be something hidden there that only they can see." Haku commented. "Neji's team may be hidden under a genjutsu that only the Byakugan can see through."

Kasumi knew Haku was right. In the Hyuuga compound, anything could be hidden and only visible to the Byakugan. "Alright, we'll do that." She opened up her com channel again. "Akemi-chan, come in."

"Kasumi-chan, are you on your way?" asked Akemi.

"No, I'm headed to the Hyuuga Dojo to free Neji's team. Listen, I want you and Hinata to lead Sasuke away from the Monument. I'm sending you Haku, Moegi, and Aunt Makoto as your backup. Hanabi, I need you and Uncle Daisuke to head to your house!" Kasumi ordered. "Haku-chan thinks that Neji's team may be hidden somewhere that only your Byakugan can reveal."

"Ok, we're on it. Akemi out." Akemi cut off the communication.

"Alright guys, things are starting to really kick in. It's gonna get ugly, but whatever you do, just make sure that Sasuke still keeps fighting. We have to make sure that he gets to the Nine Tail stage before we finish this or I won't get the full power of my Overdrive." Kasumi said. "So..."

"Don't worry. I will not use my full ability. Though I can disable him for you to give you more time if you need Kasumi-chan." Makoto knew if she were to use her full martial arts ability, she could probably end this already.

"Thanks. Be careful guys!" Kasumi took off to the Hyuuga compound at full speed while the Ice team went to meet up with Hinata's group.

Back with Hinata's group.

"Hina-chan! You have to break off your fusion!" Akemi yelled to the Water Knight.

Hinata looked back, wondering what was going on. Since entering standard fusion with Daisuke, she was now encased in a blue cloak of chakra with a turtle shell on the back and three chakra tails engulfing her own kitsune tails. "Why!"

"Kasumi-chan needs Uncle Daisuke to help her free Neji's team! She's on her way to your house right now!" Akemi replied.

"Oh well. Guess I'll finish up and get ready to go." Since entering fusion, Hinata's power increased exponentially, more than enough to handle Two Tail Sasuke. He came in to attack, but she countered with a fierce kick that slammed him into the ground, leaving him heavily winded. She then broke off the fusion and started tending to his injuries. "Sorry Sasuke. We're gonna have to change up the fight plans."

"Heh, I guess Kasumi-chan's making her move to the next team. She's doing well." Kyuubi Sasuke commented on her progress. "She'd better enjoy it now, because it will only get more difficult. So who do I get to play with now?"

"You'll just have to follow me and Akemi-chan. Catch us if you can!" Hinata and Akemi took off running off the Monument as Kyuubi Sasuke began his chase. Hanabi and Daisuke had other plans.

"Hop on Hanabi. I can get us to your house much faster." Daisuke transformed into a fairly large turtle that climbed into its shell. Hanabi was a little confused, but when she got on, she noticed blasts of water shooting out of the holes where the legs would be.

"Whoo! Turtle surfboard! I love this!" Hanabi screamed from her temporary ride.

"Hmm, looks like Hanabi is enjoying her ride. Figured Daisuke would be goofy like that." Makoto shook her head at seeing the younger Hyuuga enjoying a ride on the Sanbi. "But at least he knows how to stay calm through things like this."

"True there Aunt Makoto. So, what do you think Kasumi-chan's chances are for getting her Overdrive?" asked Haku as the trio rushed to their target.

"If she keeps up with this pace, she has a good chance. But to underestimate Akane is a mistake that should never be made." Makoto replied.

"You got that right little sister." The ice team turned around to see Kyuubi Sasuke standing on a tree branch. "So…guess I get to play with you now, huh?"

"What did you do to Akemi and Hinata!" Haku demanded, since Hinata and Akemi should have had a lead on Sasuke.

"They're fine! See, I just put them under a temporary stasis jutsu. You can break it with your Ice Element, but only if you can get past me. And remember, if you beat me completely, it's all over." Sasuke was prepping himself for another battle. "Gotta say, Hinata was really kicking my tails. Thought it might be different with you three. So, what do I have to look forward to this time?"

"Aunt Makoto…" Haku simply held up her transformer and opened the slot for the Hoshi no Tama.

"Moegi-chan…" Makoto summoned the Hoshi no Tama and gave it to Moegi.

"Haku-san…" Moegi finished off by inserting the Hoshi no Tama, and setting the menu option.

"Ooh this is gonna be fun!" Kyuubi Sasuke knew just what was coming. "Guess I should go Gravity with this one."

"ICE LINK OVERDRIVE!" The Ice Team exploded in a wave of ice shards and cold temperature, creating a perfect snow scene all around them.

"Hmm, quite beautiful. You know Haku-chan, after all this is over, you should have Neji take you to Snow Country for a week." Sasuke commented.

"I'll think about that." Haku had already drawn Sode no Shiraiyuki, its blade now more beautiful than before due to the Link Overdrive. "For now, we need to cool you off!" With a flurry of slashes, Haku was already on the offensive.

"Well that round of traps didn't go too well. And I hope Hina-chan is ok. She doesn't have her Illumina Power so, hopefully things will be better." Kasumi stood outside the Hyuuga compound, waiting for her two teammates. She turned to look around and saw Hanabi flying…on a turtle shell. "Ok so things are better."

"Oh wow! That was awesome! Seriously, I love being the Water Support Knight!" Hanabi got down from Daisuke as he changed back to his human form.

"Actually, Nabiki-chan loves that as well." Daisuke commented. "So Kasumi-chan, what is our plan?"

"Well, Neji's team is inside, and from what the last scroll said, I have to have a male help release the seal. Since you're the only one unsealed, then we don't have much of a choice." Kasumi replied. "As for Hanabi being here, well…it's your house."

"Hmm, I can already tell it's not gonna be too easy." Hanabi was already scanning the area. "There's chakra traps all over the place."

"Just great. And what's worse is that we can't see them. I know you've got good directions Hanabi-chan, but we'd all need the Byakugan to get through this place." Kasumi was already getting frustrated from the situation.

"Not exactly Kasumi-chan. Let's think about this from a different view." Daisuke said. "Now we both know an aspect of the Byakugan is x-ray vision. That's the key that allows them to see through objects. Now Hanabi, if I am correct, you can also see threads of chakra, am I right?"

"Yeah, it's not that hard. It's like a bunch of strings and stuff." Hanabi replied.

"There's also something else that does that. Kasumi-chan, can you remember from back in your old world…what was something similar to chakra strings that couldn't be seen? It was something perfect for traps." Daisuke looked at the girl and saw her thinking hard.

"Yeesh, it's been 12 years since I've been there. Honestly I don't know at all." Kasumi replied.

"Tell me, what would you use to see heat? Or better yet, what kind of light is similar to heat?" Daisuke asked, hoping she could answer this question.

"Heat? How is heat and light…infrared?" Kasumi was able to start putting two and two together. "Chakra strings are just like infrared lasers back in my other world! Since they can't be seen by the naked eye, that's what makes them so effective! And Hanabi's Byakugan has infrared viewing qualities!"

"Precisely. But since we don't have the Byakugan, we have to make our own way of seeing infrared light. And the best way to do that is with a fog." Daisuke said.

"Unreal. You know, even though you're super smart Uncle Daisuke, there's no way you're a nerd!" Kasumi replied. "So what do we do?"

"What's the best way to create a type of fog? Just mix fire and water." Daisuke held up a swirling stream of water and started channeling it around Kasumi's hands. "A little bit of Foxfire should do the trick."

"I get it now." Kasumi began to heat the water to a boil, creating a gust of steam. With Hanabi's help, the three moved the steam fog over the courtyard, revealing a mix of red streams of chakra that could detonate the traps. "Ok I thought this was gonna make things easy, but what's the deal with all those kunai and shuriken traps streamed above!"

"Akane anticipates that her enemies wouldn't look in all directions. But once again, she didn't think carefully." With a hand seal, Daisuke shifted into a semi demon form, now with a sturdy shell on his back and a turtle shell helmet. He even summoned two more for the kitsune girls. "Remember, slow and steady wins the race, but when you are pressed for time, make a run for it if you're well protected."

"Are these going to work Uncle Daisuke?" Hanabi was a little suspicious at the shells and couldn't be sure she'd be safe.

"My shell is almost as hard as Demonic Ice. You should know the traits of such an element Kasumi-chan." Daisuke replied as he helped the girls with their shells. "Now we should make haste."

"Alright, I'll lead the way." Kasumi made a bolt through the chakra strings, triggering the traps. Within seconds she was in a storm of raining kunai that all bounced right off her. "Hey they really work!"

"As a defensive specialist, I am quite used to protecting myself." Daisuke commented as the three made it through the courtyard in to the main foyer. "Good, we should now be out of the proverbial frying pan. Let's just hope we're not in the fire now."

"I think we were in the fire when we got here!" Kasumi turned to notice a wave of kunai coming in from all sides the moment they got into the foyer. "Oh crap!"

"Girls, get down!" Daisuke pulled the girls in and ducked for cover, letting the kunai bounce off his shell.

Hanabi looked through her Byakugan and could see Daisuke starting to grimace in pain. She noticed that with each hit of the kunai, it looked like his chakra was starting to diminish, even though it was an insane amount. "We gotta get out of here fast! Akane-sama laced those kunai with something to drain chakra."

"Wood element! She's using that to make things worse!" Kasumi said. "There has to be something…Uncle Daisuke, I know that I don't have all of Hinata's abilities, but is there a way I can try to channel more power from the Water Gem to get us out of this?"

"It is possible. Akane never told you, but if you are in one of your Gem Fusions with that matching Bijuu, you can perform the Bankai Overdrive." Daisuke started to explain. "As you know, once you fuse, you get a fusion attack and a fusion Overdrive, only to become stronger when you unlock your own Overdrive. However with the respective Bijuu, you can channel their chakra for a short time to boost the power of your overdrive even higher."

"Unreal! Talk about a serious advantage." Kasumi figured things were about to get better, but she was definitely wrong.

"Not exactly. By using the Bankai Overdrive, it forces too much chakra and Illumina energy into your body. You can only use it once, and when you do use it, you will be forced out of Gem Fusion." Daisuke cringed through the pain of the chakra kunai, but did his best to hold on. "In addition, to prevent any more damage to your body, you won't be able to use Gem Fusion for 24 hours."

"Hmm, I guess it's another part of my test. Learning when and where to use all my special abilities." Kasumi thought things over more, and tried to figure out the best plan of action. "Wow, Oka-san is really pushing me here."

"Well, think of something quick! Uncle Daisuke can't take much more!" Hanabi cried out.

"Ok, Hanabi, when I give the signal, put up as many Aqua Walls as you can. Put every ounce of chakra and energy you have into them. Uncle Daisuke, try to channel more of your chakra into her power crystal to keep her defense fortified. We're gonna barrel through this while I cover us from behind." Kasumi explained her plan and figured…they had to do something.

"Ok, Kasumi you are seriously crazy!" Hanabi replied.

"Nope, that's Naruto's middle name ya know. Mine is insane…well, not really. It's Miyako but no one really worries about that." Kasumi chuckled back. "Ok, on 3, we make a break. 1…2…3!"

"AQUA WALL!" Hanabi threw up four water walls in front of her, forcing everything she had into her defense. Daisuke was already on the move, channeling more chakra into her power crystal to keep her running."Let's move people! STARBURST SHOTGUN!" Kasumi was already on cover, shooting a spray of light blasts to counter all of the kunai flying at them.

"I hope you know this hurts like crazy Kasumi-chan!" Hanabi screamed as she kept her defense up. "But only you could come up with something like this!"

"Don't blame me! I think I got it from your crazy sister! You may not know it, but she definitely has a wild side! You shoulda seen her when we were away training! Oka-san and I switched her drink with a shot of sake one time…girl went nuts!!!" Kasumi replied back. "We're lucky Naruto wasn't there or she'd probably have done something even crazier!"

"Ok TMI!!!!! Yeesh!" Even though Hanabi looked up to Hinata, there were still some things about her sister that she didn't want to know about. "Hey, I can see Neji-nii-san through the wall! We found them!"

"Then let's pull an Inuyasha. CHARGE!" Daisuke barreled full speed through the wall Hanabi was looking through, breaking through the wall to reveal the Lightning Team in stasis. "You know I always wanted to do something like that again."

"What, since that cannonball you pulled at the pool that day?" Kasumi commented as she overlooked the Lightning team. "Hmm, well guess it's time to break these guys free. Since I can't do it, I guess it's up to you Uncle Daisuke."

"Well if it's Akane's work, then it should be something as simple as this." Daisuke simply touched the stasis field and it began to immediately dissolve.

"Ok, who's the freak that hit…Daisuke, what the hell is going on?" Inuyasha looked around and checked his surroundings. "Where are we?"

"We're at the Hyuuga Mansion, and in the middle of my Overdrive Trial." Kasumi explained as she helped everyone off the ground. "But we don't have much time. With your release, Sasuke just went Three Tail!"

"With the way Akane's power is, he'll easily be able to overpower Makoto even if she used all of her ability. Unless she and Haku have entered Excelion Drive, then we need to hurry back." Daisuke stated as the situation began to change.

"Ok, first thing's first. Time to find the next team, and get things going." Kasumi found the next key scroll and started to read.

Dear Kasumi-chan

Looks like things are starting to get a little more difficult now. However I will give you one hint this time. From now on you will be required to have a random combination of Bijuu, Knights, Support Knights, and Gem Fusion forms to free the remaining teams. You must also have one of every element you have released. The number of Bijuu, Knights, and Support Knights will change depending on the situation. As for your next team...Empower your defenses with all things of the world. You cannot see through your obstacle as easily, so you will need to look all around and sense the key to your true path. A prism will help you unlock the next path. Good luck.


Kasumi stared at the scroll for a minute and was instantly stumped. "What in the world??? I now have to have at least 3 people with me minimum and one Gem Fusion form?"

"Looks like Akane just made the game a lot harder." Inuyasha commented. "So Kasumi, what's your plan?"

"Ugh, why did I think it was gonna be easy. So now I have to figure out what team to go after, what combination of knights to bring, and what Gem Fusion form to be in. This is absolutely insane!" Kasumi was cringing in frustration.

"Kasumi, it is not as hard as you believe, if you think outside of the box." Neji commented. "Just look at the clues given. Apply something that you know to each part and it will become more clear."

"What do you mean Neji?" Kasumi asked.

"Look at the first part. That tells you what team you need, and two of the elements you need already." Neji stated. "You will be going after Tenten's team now."

"He's right. See, where it says 'all things of the world', that's the key. You and Tenten are the only ones that can use all the elements at a given time, and since you're the one testing, she's the one to free." Hanabi commented. "Also, the second part narrows it down more. It says that the Byakugan won't help, so that means me, Neji-nii-san, and Hina-chan won't be with you this time. So that can narrow down your Water choices, either StarAqua form or having Uncle Daisuke."

"Since you can't have Hinata, Hanabi, and Neji, and the next part tells you to sense the key to your true path, that also tells you who can help you." Daisuke advised. "What other forms of sight do you know of?"

"Well there is the Sharingan, but Shiori-chan and Itachi-nii-kun are still sealed, and Sasuke-kun is out of the question. There is also…aura! Aunt Makoto said that using aura can sense things like chakra points! It can work in a similar fashion of the Byakugan!" Kasumi remembered the demonstration Makoto did when she first explained about aura. With Hinata not able to come with me, that means only myself, Haku, or Aunt Makoto has to go."

"So that narrows down things more. Also notice what it says about a prism being your key. Since you can't use diamonds or crystals as prisms, you can use Ice as a substitute." Udon pointed out.

"Ok, well here's what I have so far. I know that I'm going after Tenten's team. I can't take Neji, Hinata, or Hanabi. I need to have either Aunt Makoto or Haku with me. Based on the stipulations, I need to have at least one Bijuu, one Knight, one Support Knight, and one Gem Fusion form minimum. I need to have at least each element present. Ok so for Water, Uncle Daisuke will still come with me. That takes care of Water and Bijuu. For Ice, Haku will come with me. That handles Ice and Knight. For Light, Akemi-chan will be with me, and will cover the Support Knight. And for Lightning, I'll be in StarLightning form." Kasumi went over everything to make sure she had all her bases covered. "So, think it's a good plan?"

"Kasumi-chan, that is brilliant. With that setup you're more than ready to move forward." Daisuke said, proud of his niece. "We should…" He was cut off as there was an explosion right outside in the courtyard. "What in the world was that?"

Neji already had his Byakugan going, checking the area. "It seems we have guests."

Neji was right. The Ice team had taken their battle all the way back to the Hyuuga Dojo. Even after using the Blizzard Strike Link Overdrive, Kyuubi Sasuke proved to be more formidable due to the fact that he was copying Makoto's taijutsu with ease and turning it back on her at double the power now.

"Damn! Akane releases one more tail, and we start getting thrashed!" Makoto wiped a small trail of blood from her mouth. "Haku, Moegi, are you two ok?"

"Ugh, I'm seriously gonna kill Kasumi for this." Haku was doing her best to get her bearings as well when she saw the bunch nearby. "Oh, hey Neji-kun."

"Well, looks like little Inuyasha has come to play now." Kyuubi Sasuke said as he overlooked the group. "So have you figured out the next step Kasumi-chan?"

"Yeah, and it was a mind breaker too." Kasumi said as she removed the Water Gem from her Fusion transformer. "But don't worry, we'll have our battle soon enough. Good thing my team can keep you busy."

"Oh really? Well now, just what do you have planned?" asked Kyuubi Sasuke.

"Only this!" Kasumi threw the Water Gem to Hinata and put her plan into action. "Alright here's the plan. Hanabi, Hinata, Moegi, you three are on defense and support. Neji, give me your power gem and fuse with Uncle Inuyasha and go on attack with Aunt Makoto. Udon, make sure to keep an eye on the girls, and handle secondary attack. Akemi, Haku, Uncle Daisuke, you're with me."

"So…I see you've been working. Well Kasumi-chan, let's see your plan in action." Kyuubi Sasuke prepped himself for combat.

"Then you'll see it full force!" She already had the Lightning Gem inserted and was ready to make her move. "Now…GEM FUSION! STAR LIGHTNING ACTIVATION!" She now adorned the silver and purple scheme of the StarLightning form for the first time. "ILLUMINA KNIGHTS…ATTACK!"

Makoto had already cracked her knuckles for a second round and Neji, who now stood with a purple cloak with five tails, dog ears, and lightning arcing about, had a smile on his face. "Two forms of taijutsu…you shall not win."

"We've got your back Neji-nii-san!" Hanabi was already prepared as Neji and Makoto made their move.

"Then come forth." Kyuubi Sasuke taunted as entered into battle.So Kasumi's ultimate test has begun. She has three teams on her side and six left before she faces Akane in her ultimate form. The prize...the Light Overdrive. It all comes down to this. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion...Release the Light part 2!

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