The Bijuu Wars

Release the Light: Part 2

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Chapter 29: Release the Light part 2

Kasumi's day seemed to go from good…to nearly destroyed! In the quest to free Tenten, her group's trek to the old foundry was laced with more explosives than before, obviously leaving her tails slightly charred on the tips. After that her next rescue was to get Chouji's team, but this time Kyuubi Sasuke upped the ante by keeping them on the move, barely giving Kasumi's team of Neji, Moegi, Yugito, and Hinata the job of dealing with a clone of himself. Luckily Kasumi was able to use her Indignation attack from her StarLightning form to get the upper hand. It only got worse as they went for Itachi's team, since it had to be all of the Bijuu and Chouji as the ones to go. Ino's team drove more of a push into Kasumi due to having only Itachi, all of the Support Knights, and all of the Hoshi no Tama to release the Wood Team. However things did have a small ray of light in getting Naruto's team. Shikamaru was able to help Kasumi formulate a plan using all of the team together to break free. That had the team nearly at the end of the trial as it passed into the afternoon. That's when Kasumi found out the absolute worst thing ever. As of right now they were in the Uchiha Training Facility, having fortified it with the energy from the Bijuu to keep a defensive barrier up.

"She wasn't kidding when she said she was going to push me to my limits." Kasumi looked over the next key scroll. "I mean she really had to put this in front of me."

"Well, it is a trial Kasumi. It is designed to test your limits." Daisuke explained. "But this is even a first for Akane."

"So have you figured out how you're going to do this?" asked Naruto.

"I don't really know. And I have to figure something with it getting into the late afternoon." Kasumi replied. She read over the final key scroll once again…


You've done well in coming this far. However time to play my trump card. By now you've freed everyone but the Fire Team. All the other times you've needed the help of the Bijuu, the Knights, and the Support Knights. However, they cannot help you this time. You are the only one that can break the barrier on the Fire Team. And this time, you must use both sides of the same coin to proceed. Good luck!


"How in the world am I supposed to get the Fire Gem! That's basic suicide now that she's in Eight Tail form!" Kasumi was in mental anguish over her final trial. In order to free Hoshiko, Mai, and Shiori, Kasumi had to get the Fire Gem from Kyuubi Sasuke in order to use her StarFire form. "I mean we have enough firepower here to almost take her down, but if we do, it may cause her to submit before she goes Nine Tail."

"What if there was a way to freeze Kyuubi Sasuke into place long enough for you to get the Fire Gem?" asked Sakura. "I mean couldn't the Ice team do that?"

"Not at her level of power. Because she's merged with Sasuke, she's now channeling Mai's chakra as well. Even though we have nine Overdrive Knights, it's not enough to beat her." Makoto replied. "I've felt her aura as well. It's radiating with immense power. Brute force may not be enough."

"What about attacking her enough to get Kasumi in to get the Fire Gem? You think hitting her with all of our Overdrives could be enough to shake her up?" asked Naruto.

"The only thing I can think of right now is to have every team use a full power Link Overdrive. The moment it hits, I can run in and take the Fire Gem, and make a break to Shiori-chan. The moment I grab the Fire Gem, I want Hinata, Ino, and Sakura on healing. Force every ounce of healing chakra and healing Illumina energy into Sasuke as you can." Kasumi stated her plan, realizing it was the only thing she had left.

"Kasumi-chan, do you really think it will work?" Shinja asked. "You know Akane is out for blood right now. This plan is an all or nothing shot."

"I know, but it's all I've got left. Right now the way I feel, I don't even know if I'll be able to even pass this trial." Kasumi started to have doubts about herself, knowing full well what was on the line. "Alright, let's go over the setup of what we're going to do."

For the next few minutes, Kasumi set her final plan into motion. She would have all of the teams positioned in a circle around the hot springs area where the Fire Team was held. She made sure that the healers would have a free passage to get to Kyuubi Sasuke. After everything was set, the teams moved outside to get ready for the biggest attack they had yet to pull off. Kasumi herself went to where Kyuubi Sasuke was waiting…

"So you've come this far Kasumi-chan?" Kyuubi Sasuke sat beside the sleeping forms of Mai, Hoshiko, and Shiori. Of course he took great care to make sure that Shiori looked her best while in the stasis. "You do realize that this is possibly the hardest part of your trial to date?"

"Yeah I know. But I've handled every trial so far. I won't stop until you're at all nine tails of power and then I'll demolish you!"

Kyuubi Sasuke could feel Kasumi's burning intent to win. The intensity was nothing ever felt before. "Hmm, yes. Your intent, your desire, your passion…it burns as hot as the sun itself. But I also sense doubt, fear, and uncertainty in you as well."

"I'm not afraid of you! I will beat you and end this!" Kasumi replied. Though that caused Kyuubi Sasuke to change the position of things as he instantly had her in a neck vice, his eyes now blood red with rage.

"Oh really now. Well I will make you see fear little girl!" Kasumi could see Sasuke's eyes shifting into its Mangekyo Sharingan form. No one noticed it, but in less than a split second Kyuubi Sasuke had already used Tsukiyomi. Not even Itachi could see what was going on either. "So are you still afraid?"

"No…because…I have…this!" Kasumi slowly got her communicator up to her face. "Illumina Knights…ATTACK!"

"You can't be…" Kyuubi Sasuke looked to see everyone around all in Link Overdrive.

"Sometimes a leader must make sacrifices to keep their team safe. But I'm not that stupid!" In a puff of smoke there was a log where Kasumi used to be and a barrage of attacks on its way.

"Hey Sasuke! This is really gonna hurt!" Naruto screamed. "Sucks for you dude! Let him have it!"

"Target locked!" Tenten had Sasuke in sight from the Gravity Gatling Cannon. "Alright Gravity Team, we're up first!"

"GRAVITY GATLING: MILLION BLADE CHAOS!" screamed the Gravity team as a wave of Kunai shot towards Sasuke.

"Team Wood, good to go!" The Wood Team was basking in a wave of sunlight as thousands of flowers were blooming, aimed directly at the target. "WOOD BARRAGE: DEATH BLOSSOM!" All the flowers opened up and shot a massive barrage of seeds, pollen, sunbeams, and vines. It was definitely a deadly beauty.

"Lightning Team, prepare to unleash the dogs of war!" Lightning arced around Neji, Udon, and Inuyasha as all three were holding blades of lightning. "LIGHTNING CHARGE: PLASMA BUSTER!" With a swift slash from all three, thousands of bolts of purple lightning surged at the target.

"Let's cool this freak off!" Makoto, Haku, and Moegi were in a state of calm as ice swirled all around, chilling the building they stood on. "Now…CHILLING ICE: BLIZZARD STRIKE!" The trio unleashed wave after wave of snow, cold, and ice, leaving a trail of sparkling crystals in its wake.

"Come on guys, we can't let them show us up!" The Earth Team had now been adorned in armor of diamond, the ground beginning to tremble around them. "EARTH SHAKER: GAIA METEOR!" Earth and mud began to swarm into a massive mountain, aimed directly at Sasuke, giving him no chance to escape.

"Ok, time to cut loose!" The wind began to rage and roar around Naruto and his team. Anything that got within five feet of the wind was shredded into nothing. "Feel the wrath of the cutting wind! WIND TWISTER: CYCLONE SLASH!" The spinning air turned horizontal and shot out as a wave of spiraling wind, boring thought anything in its path.

"We shall not be underestimated. Girls, show the rage of the gentle waters!" Daisuke commanded. Water began to swirl all around as the Water team prepared to unleash the force of water! "WATER SURGE! AQUA SPIRAL!" The water shot forward in a triple helix of water, smashing through everything in its wake.

"Now, feel the cold of darkness." A chilling cold surrounded the Shadow Team, instilling an air of fear to all that looked on. "SHADOW FALL: DARK ETERNAL!" The team shot out a large black ball of energy, crackling with black lightning, carrying the fear of the eternal night with it.

"Oh how you think you've won. Alas not…" Kyuubi Sasuke was about to place a barrier around himself when he felt a sharp pain in his back.

"I told you…I'm not losing this!" Kasumi stood back from the attack range, her hand slightly smoking from the burst of light she shot.

"Kasumi…you…" Kyuubi Sasuke's words were cut off as he was bombarded by the eight Link Overdrive attacks. Kasumi herself knew that she was in serious danger running in, but she had no other choice.

"BANKAI!" Going into her 4th level, Kasumi knew only one ability could protect her. "POLARITY SHIELD!" She channeled every single element into her shield at maximum power, knowing this was it. As she now was surrounded by a rainbow colored shield, she walked into the blinding light of the attacks, to the center and her target. "Ok, this is the last time I do this!" Slowly but surely, she reached Kyuubi Sasuke who was cringing in pure pain from the attacks. His wrist was exposed so she did what she had left to do. "Sorry Sasuke, but I need this more than you do!" She used all her strength to rip the gem out of Sasuke's transformer, falling back out of the blast radius. As quickly as she could, she got on her communicator and called the rest of the team. "Alright, I got the gem! Hinata, Sakura, Ino, MOVE IT!"

Upon order everyone cut off their attacks and the three girls charged full speed to begin healing Kyuubi Sasuke, who was now on the ground nearly motionless. She looked down with a cold stare as he tried to say something.

"Kasumi…I…submi…" he couldn't get out any more as a blast of light shot past his head.

"You say those words Sasuke, and I swear I will kill you right here and right now. I know for a fact you're not ready to admit defeat so I don't want to hear that crap!" Kasumi's eyes were cold as she had another light blast ready to fire. She didn't have to though as Hinata, Ino, and Sakura were already beginning the healing process.

"Heh, guess you don't piss off Kasumi when she really wants to succeed, huh?" Sakura already had green palms over Kyuubi Sasuke, flooding him with healing chakra.

"Yeah, Akane-sama says she got a little bit from her. That and she told me not to ever get on her bad side when we're married. If I did, I may never have kids!" Kyuubi Sasuke chuckled as they all watched Kasumi enter StarFire form.

"Alright, time to finish this! CORONA BURST!" With a flick of her finger, Kasumi threw a white flame at the stasis barrier. Only problem…

"Why did it only free Hoshi-chan?" Hinata looked on as Hoshiko came to her senses. "I thought that she needed to be in StarFire form to break the stasis!"

"Hmm, I guess I need to use more power. Hoshi-chan, move out of the way." Hoshiko quickly got out of the way as Kasumi began to glow in a sparkling red and white aura. "This better work! STARFIRE BUSTER!" The barrier was bombarded by a salvo of sparkling fireballs that chipped away bit by bit. Though Akane had the edge on her again. "You have to be kidding me! You really want to push me to the edge aren't you!"

"Of course. So, what's your next move Kasumi-chan?" asked Kyuubi Sasuke while he was still being healed.

After Kasumi used the StarFire Buster, it only freed Mai from the stasis, still leaving Shiori sealed. Kasumi kept thinking of what else was left. "I don't get it! I got the Fire Gem, and it said I needed StarFire form in order to free the Fire Team. But what is left!"

"Yeah speaking of that, what the hell is going on anyway?" Mai asked. "Why is Sasuke on the ground looking like he got his tails handed to him, and why is Shiori in that crazy stasis field?"

"It's for Kasumi's Overdrive trial Mai-sama." Sakura replied. "You were the last team she had to release before we face off against Akane-sama."

"Akane? That's right! That stupid fox told me we were going shopping this morning! Where is she anyway?" Mai started looking around until Sasuke spoke up.

"I'm in here Birdybird." Kyuubi Sasuke replied. "I merged with Sasuke-kun for the trial. Now let's hope Kasumi-chan can figure out just what is left to do. Otherwise…" A gleam shot through his eye as he soon overpowered Hinata, Sakura, and Ino. "I may just have to kill her before she gets the chance to win!"

"How in the…" Kasumi saw Sasuke back on his feet and knew things were now critical. After everyone had used their Link Overdrive, it did tire them for using so much energy. But she had to free Shiori or it was all over. "Alright everyone, attack Sasuke full force! I have to get Shiori-chan free. Just keep him away from me at all costs!"

"Getting frantic now, are we Kasumi-chan?" Kyuubi Sasuke saw another wave of attacks coming in and this time was able to block them away. "Now now, can't have those friends making things hard." Kasumi was left there with Mai and Hoshiko as Kyuubi Sasuke went off to start attacking everyone else.

"Kasumi, we gotta stop this. Akane will seriously hurt them if you don't stop her!" Mai tried shaking Kasumi out of her confusion, but wasn't having an easy time.

"I…I know Aunt Mai. But what else can I do? I need more power to free Shiori-hime! The StarFire Buster was my last shot. If I just had more…" Kasumi soon ran through everything she had been taught during the day. She remembered Daisuke's words about her Gem Fusion ability. "More power? The Bankai Overdrive!"

"Bankai Overdrive? Kasumi-chan, what the hell are you talking about?" Mai now looked confused, wondering what the fox girl was talking about.

"Uncle Daisuke told me, one thing about my Gem Fusion ability is that if I am with the respective Bijuu of my chosen element, I can channel the chakra of that Bijuu to use what is called the Bankai Overdrive. It's more powerful than the normal Gem Fusion Overdrive, but what happens is I power out of Gem Fusion after using it, and I can't do another Gem Fusion for 24 hours." Kasumi explained, suddenly realizing that Akane planned for her not to be able to use that ability in the end. "Oka-san planned this. She wanted to make sure that I wouldn't have one of my strongest abilities in the final fight."

"Akane-chan is like that. Ok, let's get your sweetheart free. I know she hasn't seen you all day, and you know how she gets Kasumi-chan." Mai winked as she prepared to help Kasumi for her final move.

"I just hope this works. It's the first time I've used this ability and I don't know what the heck is gonna happen." Kasumi closed her eyes and started to focus on all the energy in her body. Using the Fire Gem, she slowly started to feel a small connection to Mai and her chakra. "Ok Aunt Mai, I'm gonna start drawing on your chakra. Feel free to send me as much as you want."

"Alright Kasumi-chan." Mai could feel the connection and started pushing more and more of her chakra into Kasumi. "How is that?"

"Perfect. Alright, here goes something! Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Hoshiko, clear out of here fast!" The four kunoichi didn't have to think twice as they all moved back as far as possible. "Now…BANKAI OVERDRIVE: STARFIRE EXPLOSION!" Mai looked on as it seemed Kasumi detonated herself like a bomb, releasing a dome of sparkling white flame all around. Everyone looked on at the sight, watching as Kasumi laid waste to everything in a 100 foot radius. One person however knew that the time had come.

"Good job Kasumi-chan. Now comes the final phase. I hope you remember your grandmother's words. That is the only thing that can help you win now." Kyuubi Sasuke said to himself.

As the fire cleared and the explosion died down, the hot spring was now leveled to rubble. Kasumi dropped to her knees to catch her breath as she instantly powered out of StarFire form and the Fire Gem was released from her Fusion Transformer. "Ok…that is extreme! If that was strong without the power of my own Overdrive, I wonder what it will be like when I get it."

"Well, maybe we'll know soon enough Kasumi-hime." Kasumi looked up to see that Shiori was finally freed from the stasis. She barely had time to think as her kitsune princess grabbed hold of her and nearly choked the rest of the life out of her. "The last thing I remember was being at the training facility with everyone and then it all went black."

"Yeah, well trust me, it hasn't been a cake walk." Kasumi replied as everyone met back up with her. "Well, looks like I finally got the last team free. Guess it's time for the last stage to kick into effect."

"What stage?" asked Shiori.

"Well, considering we're fighting Oka-san merged into Sasuke right now for my Overdrive trial, freeing your team means those two will now go into Nine Tail form." Kasumi explained. "Only problem now…is figuring out how to beat her."

"Will this help?" Shiori held the final key scroll in her hands. "Akane-kaa-san gave it to me before I was placed in that sleep or something. I don't know what it means."

"The final key scroll. Well, this has the secret to winning this fiasco." Kasumi said as she opened the last scroll.

Dear Kasumi-chan

I knew you could do it. By reading this scroll means you have now mastered more of your Gem Fusion power and learned the ultimate Bankai Overdrive ability, you've learned to work in tandem with the other Knights and use your own powers to enhance their own, and you've also shown your leadership abilities by learning to think outside the box. You've also learned that the easy way never leads to the right ending.

As of right now by reading this scroll, I am giving you 10 minutes to prepare yourself. For what you are about to go through hasn't been seen by anyone for nearly 17 years. Your only hope is to stop yourself from losing and use the 10 Overdrives. Otherwise…I hope you're ready to die, because if you are not…then this will be the last thing you ever read.

Love you always


Everyone was frozen in time after hearing those words. All of the Bijuu knew just how strong Akane was but none of them had seen her full demonic power. This was something that even terrified the eight of them.

"Ok. What the hell was she thinking! Akane's taking this too far!" Shinja said in fury. "She knows that releasing all her power can level this place, and she expects Kasumi to stop her?"

"I don't have a choice. If I want to be at my strongest when we face off against Madara, I have to do this. But what I don't understand is why she said I need to stop myself from losing and use the 10 Overdrives. We only have 9 and I'm still trying to get mine." Kasumi said. "I mean if we had Natsumi here, we'd have 10, but what does she mean?" That's when things went from bad to catastrophic.

"She means you have to beat me!" Kasumi looked around and wondered what was going on when she heard another voice.

"Hey who said that? Who are you?" she grabbed her head as it started throbbing in pain.

"What's going on? Why is she going mental?" asked Naruto. "It's like she's talking to someone in her head."

"Hold on, I'll check." Everyone knew what Ino was planning. "MIND TRANSFER JUTSU!" Within an instant, she transported herself into Kasumi's mind, meeting up with her mental persona.

(Kasumi's mind)

"Ino, what are you doing here?" Kasumi was surprised that Ino came into her mind, not knowing what was going on.

"That's what I came to find out. You grabbed your head in pain, saying you heard someone." Ino replied as she looked around Kasumi's mind. "Well I see dad did a good job around here, helping you get everything back to normal."

"True, but he didn't do a good enough job." Both Ino and Kasumi turned around, only to be greeted by someone that should have been destroyed. "Guess I'll have to destroy the place."

"How…I…Shiori destroyed you!" There stood none other than Dark Kasumi, brought back to life. "You shouldn't even be here!"

"Yeah right. Did you really think that worthless Uchiha could destroy me? I was empowered by Madara himself, the most powerful Uchiha in existence!" Dark Kasumi laughed as the real Kasumi was trembling in fear. "Oh, right now I want some alone time with you. So beat it blondie!" With a flick of her wrist, Dark Kasumi immediately cast Ino out and back into the real world. "Now, time we had a little family reunion. And this time, that annoying Shiori won't be here to ruin things!"

(End Kasumi's Mind)

"Ino, are you ok?" asked Shikamaru when he saw Ino snap awake.

"Yeah, but Kasumi-chan's in deep trouble! Dark Kasumi's back!" Ino said, causing everyone to react in shock.

"How! I destroyed her with the Phoenix Inferno! There's no way she should even have a trace left inside Kasumi-hime's mind!" Shiori replied. "Well, we gotta stop this! Itachi-nii-san, we have to use the combined Tsukiyomi and Tsukiyomi no Seirei so we can help her."

"Not this time." Kyuubi Sasuke walked up to the group, this time all nine tails swirling behind him. "I'm afraid you have to deal with me now."

"Akane, what are you doing! Can't you see Kasumi-chan is in pain! You have to stop this stupid trail at once!" Mai said, getting no response out of Sasuke. "Are you just going to stand there?"

"She knew the risks when she agreed to the trial. She knows what's at stake. If she can't win, then she doesn't deserve to be the Light Knight or the First Princess of the Kitsune Clan." Kyuubi Sasuke retorted back. "So now…you get to play with me until she joins the party, or until Dark Kasumi destroys her."

To hear those words out of Akane meant she was dead serious. There was no emotion at all in her words and she was ready for a serious fight.

"So you want to play hardball, eh?" Naruto stared down his mother-controlled-brother, ready for a battle. "Alright, Kasumi may not be here, but we know she's going to win. As for you…"

"As for me, I'll get into something more comfortable." Kyuubi Sasuke radiated with a bright silver glow as his body transformed into a massive nine tail kitsune, with tails lashing everywhere as Akane now took control. "So my son, what do you think of your mother's true form?"

"True form nothing! You still have to deal with us Akane!" growled Inuyasha. "There's no way you can handle the eight of us!"

"Oh foolish Inuyasha. I hope you know that even though I'm in this form, I still have all of Sasuke's strength and ability. That means it now pushes my power even further…to the point where you would need 10 fully powered Overdrive Knights to stop me!" Akane roared, leveling the buildings in front of her. "And from what I can see, you don't have that do you!"

"No! We have something better!" Naruto replied as he turned back to the group. "Alright, Kasumi-chan is out of commission right now so I'm taking charge as her second in command. Temari, you and Shikamaru are in charge of the Support Team. All of you keep Kasumi-chan safe and do whatever it takes to help her win, understood?"

"Got it Naruto. Alright Support Knights, you heard him!" Temari barked out the order, getting agreement from everyone else.

"As for us, if Oka-san thinks she's got us beat, then it's time we break out the heavy artillery." Naruto replied as he opened the slot on his transformer. "As of right now Kasumi-chan has risked so much for us, it's time we take a big one ourselves. We go Excelion Drive all the way."

"Naruto, those forms haven't been perfected yet! That's too big of a risk to take!" Daisuke said in urgency. "We should stick with regular fusion and do what we can to stop Akane."

"Sorry Uncle Daisuke, but that's a no can do." Naruto replied. "It's a risk we have to take. We need all the power we can get to stop her and we have no other choice!"

"Naruto's right. Kasumi-hime would have done the same for us if she was in our shoes. This time, there's no question about this." Shiori said. Makoto could see her aura and felt it burn hotter than ever.

"Daisuke, she's right. All of them are determined to do this." Makoto said calmly as she summoned her Hoshi no Tama. "I have never felt their auras burning with this much intensity. If this is what they want, then I believe they have the power to complete the fusion properly."

"Well, considering our older sister is out there ready to unleash all hell upon us, and as the eldest sibling right now…even if only by a minute, I have to ask. Are all of you in agreement with this? The risks right now are higher than we've ever had, and we cannot be sure of the outcome." Daisuke asked with seriousness. As he looked at his brothers and sisters, not one showed any signs of backing down. Even Sheldon, as keeper of the Shadow Hoshi no Tama, was even in agreement. "Very well. Besides, how many times do any of us get to beat up on our oldest sibling?"

"Not many at all! Come on Shiori-chan, time for you to get your wings again!" Mai already had her Hoshi no Tama out, ready to go. Each of the other Bijuu followed suit and knew it was time.

"Man, it sucks that Kasumi-chan would only get two more tails in her Excelion Drive form. But I bet ours are gonna rock!" Naruto said. "Time to take this thing past Overdrive!" He and Hiroshi started things off. "Fear the force of the cutting wind, EXCELION DRIVE: WIND FUSION!"

Tenten and Yugito went next, everyone sensing the pattern. "Feel the crush of the force of gravity, EXCELION DRIVE: GRAVITY FUSION!"

Hinata and Daisuke were up next, "Peaceful waters, unleash your might fury, EXCELION DRIVE: WATER FUSION!"

"Ground, quake asunder, EXCELION DRIVE: EARTH FUSION!" Chouji and Tsukune boomed over the group as they began the fusion.

"With perfect calm and clarity, EXCELION DRIVE: ICE FUSION!" Haku and Makoto looked like they were meditating as their fusion began.

"Lightning strike and unleash the dogs of war, EXCELION DRIVE: LIGHTNING FUSION!" Both Neji and Inuyasha had lightning arcing all about.

"Fire ignite the skies and burn bright, EXCELION DRIVE: FIRE FUSION!" This time Mai and Shiori felt more in tune and harmony as they fused.

"Nature sing and sunlight shine, EXCELION DRIVE: WOOD FUSION!" Ino and Shinja this time felt one with the plants, trees, and sun, merging their power.

"Shadows envelop my enemies in the eternal darkness, EXCELION DRIVE: SHADOW FUSION!" Itachi and Sheldon almost became black as night as the duo was engulfed in the shadows below.

Akane in her full demon form and the support team looked on as the knights entered into their most powerful forms yet. "Time for them to prove just what the Excelion Drive form can do."

In one of the most intense explosions, the nine knights now stood there in their new fusion forms. Naruto no longer had his eight tails, but now had one solid raccoon tail, and his ears were now raccoon ears as well. (A/N Yes he straight up went and got himself a Super Leaf from Super Mario Bros. 3!!!). Tenten's tail split in two and now had two ribbons on it. The tips now were hellfire blue as were the tips of her ears as well. Her fingernails sharpened and now looked more like cat claws as well. Hinata's tails merged into three gray scaly turtle tails. Her fox ears changed into two small turtle shells, and she now had two shells on her shoulders as shoulder pads, and a shell on her back as well, but it looked more like she was wearing a small backpack shaped like a turtle shell. Her hair also changed from its normal dark blue to ocean blue. Chouji was now wearing heavy stone armor, with four feathered rooster tails behind him. The top of his hair also spiked up into a Mohawk shape, and was now bright red in color. Neji's hair changed from its black color to solid white, with two dog ears on top. He also had five white lashing dog tails, and now had Inuyasha's sword Tetsusaiga at his side as lightning arced all around him. Haku's tails changed to six ice blue wolf tails, with her ears doing the same. She no longer had Sode no Shiraiyuki, but now wore Makoto's Hyorouga Gauntlets. Her tails also sparkled as snowflake crystals fell from them. Shiori still had her same transformation, with her red/orange hair, phoenix tails, wings and phoenix wing ears, and Ino had her green, flower laced hair and serpent tails. Itachi's change was definitely not expected. He now had ten black dragon tails and a pair of black dragon wings on his head and a larger set of dragon wings on his back.

"Now this…I like this." Naruto could feel the absolute power of wind flowing through him. "I say it's time we take down that fox!"

"Naruto, this time I'm ready to have just as much fun as you are! Oka-san thinks she's all powerful now, but this time we're the ones taking charge!" Haku clashed her gauntlets together, releasing a wave of cold. "So what's the plan?"

"Well, from what it looks like, Shiori, Tenten, Itachi and I will hit her from the air." Naruto said, overlooking the team that had any chance of flight.

"Naruto, I can fly as well. I'll join you." Hinata said, definitely getting everyone's eye that a large turtle could fly.

"Alright, that works. Then the five of us will hit her from the air. Chouji, Neji, Ino, and Haku will take her on the ground." Naruto said. "If we hit her from all sides, there's no way she can take us."

"Then what are we waiting for! Kasumi-chan said it didn't matter if this place got destroyed, so let's cause some massive destruction!" Chouji was fired up big time, ready to level anything in his path.

"Then Illumina Overdrive…no we're not the Illumina Overdrive Knights now." Naruto said. "Illumina Excelion Knights...ATTACK!" With that, he, Hinata, Tenten, Shiori, and Itachi took to the skies while Chouji, Neji, Haku, and Ino were going full speed on land.

(Kasumi's mind)

Kasumi couldn't believe it. She was now face to face with a creature she never wanted to see again. After all the torment Dark Kasumi caused her, knowing that she had been destroyed by Shiori put her mind at ease. But for her to come back meant things were about to go critical.

"Boy you really did a number on this place? I work so hard to destroy it and reduce it to ash, and for what?" Dark Kasumi looked over the mindscape in disgust. "Doesn't matter anyway. I'll destroy this place and take what should have been mine anyway."

"Like I'll let you! The only reason you won last time was because you had Madara on your side." Kasumi snapped back. "He's not here so it's just you and me."

"Really now?" Dark Kasumi said calmly. "Well I guess I'll have to see what you can truly do." She fired a light blast instantly, barely giving Kasumi enough time to react.

"Do you really think someone as evil as you can wield the Light Illumina? Not likely." Kasumi went on the attack, throwing out a barrage of strikes.

Dark Kasumi looked unmoved as she easily dodged every strike thrown. "Is this all you have? No wonder why Madara broke you so easily. You really are nothing but a weakling." Dark Kasumi changed things up by quickly moving on the offensive, dealing strike after strike to Kasumi. "What did I tell you! You can't help your friends, you can't help your family, and you can't even help yourself!" She finished off by delivering a heavy spinning backfist, sending Kasumi crashing into the ground.

Kasumi herself was now hurting since Dark Kasumi went on the offensive. Last time Shiori and everyone else was there to save her, but this time she was on her own. "Ok…so I just have a little roadblock. That's nothing I can't handle." She got to her feet and looked around for her shadow doppelganger, but Dark Kasumi was one step ahead of her.

"Sorry little girl, this time I'm going to put you down for good." Dark Kasumi was right behind her with a Light Grenade pointed right into her back. "Enjoy hell!"

"Oh crap!" Kasumi barely had a second to blink before the grenade detonated in a burst of Light Energy.

(End Kasumi's mind)

Back in the real world…or the Time Ripple or whatever it is…

"Itachi, look out!" Naruto screamed out when he saw one of Akane's tails flying full speed towards the Shadow Knight. Even after the nine went into Excelion Fusion, Akane still seemed to have the upper hand.

"Ok, this is not something normal." Itachi kept trying to dodge as best he could, but being the first time he has ever flown didn't help much. "Hey Naruto, how did you get used to flying so easily?"

"You don't want to know." Naruto sighed in grief. He opened a communication channel to the ground team. "Neji, how are things down there?"

"Naruto, it's not good at all! Chouji, Ino, and Haku are doing everything they can to restrain Akane-sama from moving, but nothing's working! She's breaking through stone, ice and wood like it was nothing!" Neji replied. "We're going to have to try to do something different!"

"Ok then, let's mix it up. You hit her low, and we'll hit her high." Naruto replied, turning his focus back to the air team. "Alright, Tenten, Hinata, Shiori, you hit her first. Itachi and I will follow behind."

"Got it Naruto! Alright girls, Yugito-sama said we can go all out, so let's turn this fox into kitty litter," Tenten screamed out as she led the trio. "See how you like it when the baby of the bunch claws back!" She pulled out two scrolls from her pouch and used her Gravity control to cause them to spiral around as she focused her Gravity Bijuu chakra through them. "Eat this! RISING TWIN DRAGONS: MAGNET MISSILE BARRAGE!" Upon command she sent thousands of magnetically charged weapons spiraling towards the giant Kitsune on attack.

"Come on Hina-chan, let's show her the fusion of fire and water!" Shiori started glowing in a red aura as Hinata did the same, but in blue. She nodded back to signal she was ready.

"Fire and water merge as one!" Shiori and Hinata said together as the two were engulfed in a red and blue swirling dome. "ANTIPODE BOMB!" Combined with Tenten's Magnet Barrage, the three girls finally put a small dent in Akane's attack.

"Oh yeah, those girls are awesome!" Naruto felt that the tides were slowly turning in their favor. "Itachi, ready?"

"Right with ya Naruto!" Itachi started burning with a black flame swirling around his arm. "Go forth…DARKFIRE DRAGON!"

"I'll add mine to that Itachi! HURRICANE WAVE!" Naruto summoned 10 tornadoes that began to swirl around Itachi's dragon. "Hey Oka-san, you asked for it, you're gonna get it!

"You still underestimate your chances, son!" Akane roared as she spat out a wave of white flame, consuming the boys' attacks. She quickly used her tails to even swat away the three aerial girls as well. "So, what else do you have planned?"

Naruto and Itachi descended to regroup. "That's not what I had planned." Naruto took time to look everything over and see what could be done next. "Ok, we may need to hit her with something a lot harder."

"Harder? Naruto, she's holding off our Excelion Drive attacks, unless we unleash our maximum power, we may be in over our heads." Haku snapped at him. "How on earth is she this powerful?"

"Have you forgotten Haku-chan? You're inside the Time Ripple I set up. That means I control everything. As I have stated, the only way to defeat me is to use all 10 Overdrives. Your Excelion Drive ability is merely another way of delaying time." Akane said. "So you better hope Kasumi-chan wins, or you're all finished here!"

"WHAT! You can't be serious!" Chouji said in shock.

"Chouji, we may be in for more than what we bargained!" Ino said with a slight tremble in her voice.

"So what! That's how we do things around here, isn't it!" Naruto already cracked his knuckles, ready for another fight. "So I say we get in there and kick some fox tail!"

"I'll remember that was your uncle that said that." Akane replied while she scratched her ear with one of her tails. "So I'll have fun knocking some sense into you...and my brother out of you."

"Then bring it! Alright people, do whatever it takes to put that fox to the ground!" Naruto ordered.

(Kasumi's mindscape)

Kasumi was truly having a trial. Having to face herself in combat made things bad, but considering that Dark Kasumi knew all of her moves and how to counter them really pushed her to the limits.

"Have you had enough? Or do I need to break you some more!" Dark Kasumi slowly picked the real Kasumi off the ground, holding her by her throat. "Hmm, maybe I should break you, just like Madara did the first time."

Kasumi did her best to struggle and try to break free from the grip, but she was failing fast. "You really…think you've won, don't you? Last time…you had Madara…to help you."

"I didn't need him then, and I don't need him now!" Dark Kasumi threw her real counterpart to the ground in anger and began viciously punching her. "I'm more than just some stupid copy of you! I'm just as capable as you are! I deserve a chance to be in control! Why is it always you?"

Was Kasumi hearing this right? Through the constant beating, was Dark Kasumi actually upset over not being in control? Wasn't she just a manifestation that Madara created? Why did she say she was just more than a copy?

"You think that Madara just created me out of nothing! You're wrong! I'm not some evil copy of you! I'm your dark half! I'm the one that gets overshadowed by you, the one that no one cares about!" Dark Kasumi's anger started to change to sadness. "How come you always get to be the one that's happy?"

"What…do you mean?" asked Kasumi.

"Let me put it to you this way princess." Dark Kasumi said with a sour tone. "All the times that you do something good, or you succeed at something, who is it that gets the compliments? Who is it that gets all the praise? It's you! All the times spent with Sasuke-chan and Shiori-chan, that's you that gets to enjoy that love. All the times with the girls, the sleepovers, the pranks? I was the one that came up with all the prank ideas, but you were the one that got to enjoy the benefit from them!"

"But what's that…got to do with anything?" Kasumi asked, hoping to find the key to Dark Kasumi's problem.

"The problem is when I finally got a chance to express things, you saw me as a curse." Dark Kasumi replied as she moved back away from her battered other half. "When I got to take over, I wanted so much to make your life miserable for keeping me locked away for so long. You really want to know why you didn't attack Shiori that day after you were captured? It's because I finally had the chance to feel her warmth and love for the first time. Getting to hold her close, hear her voice, and feel her lips…it was pure paradise! Also the reason I didn't attack Konohamaru was because he was such a sweetheart that didn't need to be there in the first place. When Naruto killed him, it really ticked me off because it was really unnecessary. Everything was planned out, from who would be killed when we all met up, to how the whole battle would play out. But Madara was the one that used my anger and rage against me."

"So…it really was Madara that was the cause of everything?" Kasumi slowly started putting pieces together, but was still unsure of everything.

"Yeah it was him. But because of him, I got to enjoy so much for that little amount of time. But in that battle when Shiori-chan defeated me, that split second before she struck the final blow…it crushed me. I had everything and lost all of it in a second. But guess what…this time, I won't make that mistake! I'll use the Light Overdrive and finish you off for good!" Dark Kasumi screamed as she burst into Light Overdrive form.

"Light Overdrive…how is it that…" That's when it hit her. Everything she's known ever since she came to Konoha.

(Mega Flashbacks!)

"Remember Kasumi-chan, the key to winning is to look inside yourself" said Kouin

"So you have to be in contact with the chakra from your matching Bijuu to unlock overdrive?" asked Natsumi.

"What we're doing is making a blood channel." Akane said as she explained the purpose of Haku's ritual. "This will allow us to transfer our demon blood and chakra to Haku, without transferring bloodlines."

"So when Hina-chan took the blood oath with me, she was able to become a Kitsune because of your demon blood Oka-san?" asked Kasumi after Hinata had been transformed into a kitsune.

"There wasn't anyone with your blood type, so I used my own to save your life Kasumi-chan. Because of that it transformed you into a Kitsune hanyou." Akane explained as Kasumi was starting to take everything in after waking up.

(End flashbacks)

"It's you! You're the key to my Overdrive!" Kasumi hit it. She finally figured out the final clue to winning. She never needed to defeat Akane to get her Overdrive. In fact Kasumi was the first one that should have been able to use Overdrive! "I now understand everything."

"You don't understand anything! All you care about is destroying me and being free of your curse!" Dark Kasumi screamed in pain. "If that's what you want, then so be it!"

"NO! That's not what I want! This whole fiasco I've been going through today wasn't so I could destroy you. I understand that now." Kasumi said as she slowly got to her feet. "It was to make me understand that I wasn't embracing my true potential. You and I are truly yin and yang. We need each other to be our best!"

"It doesn't matter anymore! If I let you have your Overdrive, you'll just go back to being exactly how you used to be! I'll be banished to that dark corner of your mind and you'll get all the glory!" Dark Kasumi was still in pain, but this time she was ready to attack at a moment's notice.

"Not this time Dark Kasumi. This time…you'll be the hero. You'll be the one responsible for helping everyone. Listen, I'm sorry if I made you feel like this, and I'm sorry I called you a curse. I never truly understood myself until now. But it was everyone, everything that had happened that led up to this. Look, I may be the one that is out there fighting and being a hero, but you're the one in here, being one of the sources of power that hero uses. So how about we end this right now." Kasumi explained in hopes of calming her other side.

"How can I trust you! How can I make sure you're not lying!" Kasumi could see Dark Kasumi's personality changing. She was now becoming more afraid than anything.

"Because I'm not doing this for me anymore. I'm doing this for both of us. Madara made a big mistake when he brought you out, because he didn't know just what you were capable of. But if the two of us finally join together, we can totally rip him a new one for all the crap he's pulled…ESPECIALLY for all the times he's made Shiori-chan cry." Kasumi replied, knowing that would make things turn for the better.

Dark Kasumi took a few minutes to think. She did remember seeing Shiori cry that day, and even after she was sealed back, she could still see the pain in her eyes after causing so much pain to Kasumi. "You're right. It's not about me anymore. It's about them, Naruto, Sasuke-chan, Shiori-chan, Hina-chan, Akemi-chan, Oka-san, Otou-san, all of our family and friends and Konoha."

"That's why it's time we go out there and show just what the true power of the Light can do. You're not bad, just a different side. And don't worry, that victory kiss from Shiori-chan and Sasuke-kun will be all yours." Kasumi said, causing her dark counterpart to finally smile. "Because there's no more Kasumi and Dark Kasumi anymore. We're the same person, forever."

"Thanks Kasumi-chan." Dark Kasumi finally felt as peace as she hugged her other self, no longer feeling like she was a curse. "Now go show Oka-san just what the Light Overdrive can do!"

(End Kasumi's Mindscape)

"Hey what's going on with Kasumi-chan! Why is she…" Akemi took notice and saw Kasumi glowing in a white aura. She soon felt her own power increase significantly.

"Akemi-chan…time for you to see just what your Knight can do." Kasumi had a bright gleam in her eye as she got back to her feet and took note of the battle going on. "And this time, you're all about to see the full power of Illumina at its best."

"Kasumi, what are you saying?" Sakura was trying to make sure that Kasumi wasn't injured, but Kasumi was determined to end this battle.

"I'm saying something Naruto would say…I'm taking this fight into Overdrive." Kasumi replied as she opened her com channel. "Alright all Illumina Knights return back to me and cancel Excelion Drive."

Naruto heard this and wondered just what Kasumi had planned. Why would she tell them to back out of their most powerful form and come back to her? "Kasumi-chan, what are you talking about! If we back out of Excelion Drive, then we're gonna lose big time!"

"Naruto, did you forget that we need the 10 Overdrives to beat her? You can't use Overdrive when in Excelion Drive." Kasumi said, causing everyone to finally understand what she meant.

"You heard her guys! Back off and split!" Naruto ordered.

Kasumi herself finally took the time to stand before her Bijuu, her own mother. "So Oka-san, you force me to undergo all this to test my leadership ability, and to prepare me for the final moment of getting my Overdrive. But it wasn't about defeating you, because I had my Overdrive ever since I first came to Konoha."

"You figured it out finally didn't you Kasumi-chan? So what do you plan to do now?" asked Akane.

"Only this! It's finally time you and the world now see the power of the Light! The true form of my power! LIGHT OVERDRIVE!" Kasumi screamed as she burst into a rainbow aura. "Now witness just what my Light Overdrive can do!" Everyone watched as she split into 10 versions of herself, but what was different was the way each one looked.

"Hey look at her colors! It looks like she's wearing the uniforms of everyone else!" Konohamaru noticed that each one of the Kasumi clones were in the colors of all the other knights.

"That's because Konohamaru-kun, my Overdrive has two abilities. The first is the upgraded form of Rainbow Dance…called Rainbow Storm!! I can now use all the Level 3 abilities of all the other Knights!" Kasumi…or now Light Kasumi explained.

"Level 3…that means…" Naruto heard this as the rest of the knights regrouped and separated from their Bijuu.

"See how this feels Oka-san!" all 10 Kasumis said in unison.

"STARBURST CANNON!" Light Kasumi said as she fired off her trademark.

"VORTEX STORM!" Wind Kasumi said while unleashing Naruto's cyclone.

"HYDRO STORM!" Water Kasumi fired off a large spiraling burst of water.

"FIRE STORM!" Fire Kasumi said while sending out thousands of fireballs, fire dragons, and fire missiles.

"ARCTIC STORM!" Ice Kasumi said, unleashing a snow barrage.

"LIGHTNING CRUSHER!" Lightning Kasumi slammed her fist to the ground, sending out massive waves of lightning.

"MAGNETIC SHOCKWAVE!" Gravity Kasumi said, unleashing pillars of magnetic energy.

"ROCK WALL!" Earth Kasumi said, slamming her foot to the ground to cause a wave of rock pillars to fly forth to the target.

"SOLAR BLAST!" Wood Kasumi screamed as she threw a massive ball of solar energy into the fray.

"DARK FORCE CANNON!" Shadow Kasumi screamed as she unleashed a massive barrage of shadow energy balls.

"Power of light unleash! RAINBOW STORM!" all 10 Kasumis screamed at once!

All the attacks hit, and for the first time, actually causing Akane to flinch at the amount of damage being taken. This caused the beginning of the end of Kasumi's trial.

"Holy crap! That is insane! She can use all of our third level attacks now! Unreal!" Naruto was now hyped up big time over the sight.

"This is amazing! Who would have thought her Overdrive could do this!" Haku said, feeling just as excited.

"That's my Kasumi-hime! You show her!" Shiori cheered as loud as she could.

"You hear that Oka-san? This is only the beginning. Now it's time I show off the other ability of my Overdrive. Rainbow Storm is what happens when I use the elements separately. This time I'm merging all of them together with the power of my Light!" Light Kasumi said as all her other clones moved into a different position. They were all paired up by opposing elements, Fire and Water, Wind and Earth, Ice and Gravity, Lightning and Wood and it looked as if they were creating some form of circular lens between them until the pairs had four lenses created. "Oh and before I forget…I needed to tell everyone something."

"Tell us what?" asked Hinata.

"You see Shadow Kasumi here…she's really Dark Kasumi…my other half. If it wasn't for her help I'd never have been able to use my Overdrive." Light Kasumi explained. "This is how my Overdrive truly works. She's the one that focuses the Wood, Ice, Gravity, and Lightning elements, while I focus Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire."

"And it only gets better once we merge Light and Shadow. Now let's show 'em what we're really gonna do!" Dark Kasumi now called Shadow Kasumi explained. "See how you like this."

"LIGHT OVERDRIVE FULL POWER! TWILIGHT BREAKER!" Both Light and Shadow Kasumi shot off a Starburst Cannon and Dark Force Cannon into the two lenses. The energy began to merge as it was focused over and over until it shot out of the final lens and a 10 helix rainbow beam that drilled into Akane with massive force. It was enough to make her drop to her knees and set up the final blow.

"Alright everyone let her have it…NOW!" Light Kasumi ordered as everyone else ascended into Overdrive form. "You wanted to feel the power of 10 Overdrives; well you got it Oka-san!"

"Oh I'm gonna love this!" Naruto said in excitement as the winds swirled around him.

"Too bad Sasuke's gonna miss this! You know he'd love it!" Chouji replied.

"Oh he'll get over it. He's a big boy." Itachi chuckled. "It's all on you Kasumi-chan!"

"Then I say this trial is over!" Light Kasumi and Shadow Kasumi merged back together into the real Kasumi as she now stood with shadow and light energy in her hands. "Illumina Knights…"

"ILLUMINA OVERDRIVE ASSAULT!" all 10 Knights screamed as they all unleashed their Overdrive attacks at maximum power. The sheer force of energy bombarded Akane with so much intensity that it not only returned her back to her human form, but forced her out of the merger with Sasuke, leaving both of them a destroyed mess. Kasumi then walked over and stood over Akane.

"So do you have anything you want to say to me Oka-san?" Kasumi asked as the residual wind flowed through her haori.

"Yes…I submit defeat Kasumi-chan. You have completed the Nine Tails of Light." Akane said weakly.

Kasumi just smiled as she hugged her mother, "That's just what I wanted to hear."

As for Sasuke, he looked up and saw all the other guys cracking up laughing at him, "Yeah yeah, so you finally got your free beatdown. Laugh it up."

"Sasuke you dork. You're lucky we're in a sporting mood or we'd have done worse." Naruto laughed as he helped him up.

"Whatever. But I gotta say…Akane-sama's got a lot of power. That was a major rush." Sasuke replied. "Now that Kasumi-chan has her Overdrive, I can just imagine what will happen when she enters Excelion Drive."

"Oh that's easy…Madara will be in one hell of a bad situation!" Naruto said.

Speaking of Madara…

Back in Ame, Madara was reviewing over what was to be his ultimate plan against the Illumina Knights and his plan to finally gain ultimate conquest.

"Tell me Pein, have you ever seen such a wonderful idea? The Moon's Eye Plan shall make me a living god!" Madara cackled as he looked over a scroll that was just delivered.

"It will make our goals truly succeed. But now that they have all of the Bijuu, just how will we bring this plan to fruition?" asked Pein.

"First I will have Danzo put the first part of my plan in motion. I already know that Konoha is trying to align the other villages. This is the perfect chance for them to bring the artifacts I need." Madara explained as he showed the text in the scroll. "With the Flaming Leaf Ruby, Mermaid Tear Sapphire, Desert Emerald, Thunder Spark Amethyst, and Crystal Rock Topaz, I'll finally be able to summon and control Yami, God of Reality! Once I seal him inside myself and become the ultimate Jinchuuriki, nothing will stop me from controlling this world!"

"But won't the Knights try to stop this plan? And what of the Bijuu? We now know they have the ability to push their power further than ever." Pein questioned Madara's plan, wanting to know if there would be a flaw.

"Not this time. See, I've now learned of a new way to use the Shikon no Tama. Yes it can be used to enhance demonic energy and chakra, but did you know it can also be used to drain it?" asked Madara. "Thanks to our little Kasumi-chan and the assault on Konoha, I now have residual samples of all 10 elements of the Bijuu. That is where this comes into play." Madara went to the wall behind his desk and slid it back to reveal a small altar with 10 colored crystals and the Shikon no Tama in the center. "Also you'll need to work on changing your name from the Six Paths of Pein, since you will have Ten Paths instead."

"As you wish Madara-sama." Pein bowed in respect.

"This time, my plan will succeed and I will rule this land." Madara said with a sinister look in his Mangekyo Sharingan.

And thus all 10 Knights have now achieved their Overdrive ability. But things are not seeming well with Madara's plan to release Yami. And even his plan to drain the chakra of the Bijuu using the Shikon no Tama seems even worse. How will all this play out? That is time for another chapter.

In other news, there won't be a new chapter up for a while in the main storyline until after Christmas. This will give me time to do my annual holiday crossover with author RasenganFin. Also for those who have been reading his story "Hinata's Guardian" he's got a special guest cameo with Akane joining the cast for a little while. But for those who are wondering...she technically went over there AFTER this chapter. But hope you all enjoy! See ya this Christmas!!!!

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