The Bijuu Wars

2009 Holiday Crossover Part 1

K. Naruto(Staring at the already starting chaos): Now explain to me something? Just HOW Long have they been here and already their raiding the fridge?

Neokenshin: Why are you even asking me this? You KNOW this happens when they come to visit. Why do you think I hid all the good snacks in the other fridge!

RasenganFin: Don't think you can hide the snacks. We'll find 'em, won't we boys?

Naruto and Sasuke: You bet we will!!!

Neokenshin(sighs): Ok, so let me get this straight...Naruto, Sasuke, and RasenganFin have already bombarded the fridge...

K. Naruto: Yep.

Neokenshin: Keisei and Minato have already been yanked away by Akane and her sisters...

K. Naruto: 4 world record too.

Neokenshin: Hinata and Sakura are already with the other girls plotting more insanity, while falling into fangirl mode over Haru...

K. Naruto: Unfortunately...

Neokenshin: AND...

Himawari(tugs on Neokenshin's jacket): Um, Mr. Kenshin?

Neokenshin: Huh, what is it sweetie?

Himawari(points to the ransacked kitchen): They ate all the pineapple.

Neokenshin: No they didn't. That was the one thing I hid from those crazy guys. (Hands Himawari a bowl of pineapple) Here ya go. Have fun.

Himawari: Thanks Mr. Kenshin(goes off to munch on pineapple)

K. Naruto: Looks like it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, huh?

Neokenshin: Sure is. It wouldn't be if we didn't have this mass amount of insanity.

K. Naruto; Well you all know the drill people. Kishi owns all of us, and NK and Rasenganfin all own their respective characters. Happy holidays you guys!

RasenganFin: Hey Kenshin, the roasted pork loin is sweet man! So is smoked turkey!!

Neokenshin: Please don't tell me he found the secret fridge!

K. Naruto: Yeah...he found the secret fridge. Ugh, and we were saving that pork loin too!

Neokenshin: Wanna go grab a burger?

K. Naruto: Might as well. I'll go ahead and send a memo to catering too and let them know to bring the 'elephant size' buffet.

2009 Holiday Crossover special: The rise of a new legend Part 1

The holidays. A time for families to come together in harmony, share in the comfort of their loved ones, and enjoy massive amounts of food. More food than a normal Akimichi eats on any given day of course. And what would a holiday in Konoha be without one particular family…namely the Uzumaki clan. For some reason every year, the holidays seem to be more and more strange as ever. Whether it be saving Christmas from a crazy ninja, to insane karaoke parties, it always seems to be unusual to the normal person. And if you were looking for normal, then look in another village because you won't see it here in Konoha!!!

Now this year was different, considering that the Uzumaki house was chocked full of the nine Bijuu…ok it was Akane and her brothers and sisters, and their kids as well! It was about this time that Akane got a message from her twin sister Keisei, who happened to live in a parallel dimension.

"Yes!!! Christmas is gonna be a blast this year!!!" Akane cheered in excitement as she read over the message on her PDA.

"Well that is how it goes dear." Arashi replied, thinking she'd gone crazy…again.

"Not this time! With Keisei-chan around, it just means my brothers are going to be in for a holiday they'll never forget! Oh that's right! You've never seen a Bijuu family Christmas. Daisuke-kun has this wonderful egg nog recipe, and Shinja-chan's decorations are out of this world! And then of course there's always the traditional 'Dress Inuyasha like an elf' contest." Akane explained as she remembered her favorite holiday.

"WHAT!!" Inuyasha popped his head in the kitchen after hearing Akane. Considering the whole house pretty much had advanced hearing, it wasn't hard for something like this to get through. "Oh no, not this year Akane! I am NOT wearing that stupid red and green sweater again with those awful looking shoes!"

"Hey did someone mention dressing dog boy like an elf this year?" asked Hiroshi.

"Oh yeah, holiday tradition! So when do we start tying the bells on his tails?" Tsukune added, knowing that part was one of his favorites as well.

"Hey! I thought we'd gotten past that phase!" Inuyasha snapped back.

"Yeah right! As long as you're still the youngest boy, you're gonna be the elf every year, so live with it!" Hiroshi cracked back. "Hey has Daisuke started making the nog yet?"

"No, he's gone out to get the ingredients with Mako-chan. They should be back soon." Akane replied.

'Oh man, I can't wait! Daisuke's nog is the best! Arashi, you haven't lived till you've tasted his egg nog." Hiroshi commented. "For a geek, that is definitely one of his strong points."

"Oh well I happen to be quite a connoisseur of fine nog. I'll take you up on that." Arashi said. "You know I've noticed something…it's Christmas and we haven't heard anything out of the…" That was before he saw Kasumi run like a bat out of hell towards her room…and Shiori and the rest of the girls right behind her. "kids, as I was about to say."

"So, wonder what they have planned?" asked Tsukune. That was before he saw Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Chouji, Itachi, Shikamaru, Kyoji, Konohamaru, and Kiba walk in…covered in tree sap while they dragged in the Christmas tree. "Uh…"

"Don't EVEN ask!" Naruto grumbled in misery. "Because seriously, you don't want to even know."

"Can we just put up this stupid tree and figure out how we're gonna pull apart Itachi and Sasuke?" Neji said, trying to pull pine needles off his hands, with no luck.

"This is the last time we let them pick out the tree. Seriously!" Shikamaru added.

"You know, I'm going to be smelling like a pine tree for days! And I hate pine!" Kiba growled. "Ugh!!!"

"So can we officially proclaim the Uzumaki family Christmas open for season?" asked Arashi.

"WHATEVER!" all the guys said in unison as they focused on pulling apart Sasuke and Itachi.

Meanwhile in another dimension…

Naruto…yes Naruto…he's older in this world…with two kids as well…and married…well he was walking through Konoha on his way to the Hokage Tower. Apparently Tsunade had some news for him and needed him there immediately.

"So Sasuke, whadda ya think Baa-chan has planned?" he asked.

"Dunno. Think it has to do with the fact that you won't let her have any more of that sake flavored egg nog?" Sasuke replied.

"Heh, well that's only because she went overboard with it last year." Naruto replied. "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. We're headed to the other dimension for the holidays this year. Mom wanted me to let you know."

"Thanks. It'll be good to go back again. Haru's been wanting to see his grandmother again as well." Sasuke said as he remembered how fond his son was of the Uchiha matriarch. "That and I've been wanting to find out how he ended up in that picture with all those women!"

"Oh yeah, Mom told me about that. Seems he was the ring bearer in Kasumi and Shiori's wedding. The girls thought he was quite a hunk." Naruto replied.

This definitely shocked Sasuke for a second, "Wait, they're married? Ok hold on for a second!"

Naruto knew what he was going to ask, "Ok here's the thing. Apparently from what I was told, a few months ago Kasumi was captured and put under mind control by Madara, and forced to fight Shiori. Well Shiori apparently came up with a way to break her mind control and free her. The battle was so huge that it ravaged most of Konoha. Well Sasuke proposed to Aunt Akane that she let the two go ahead and get married under Kitsune law. Since Aunt Akane makes the rules for that, well there ya go."

"Wow, talk about crazy. But if it hadn't been for you and that dimension jutsu, we'd probably never have met them, would we?" Sasuke chuckled back.

"My fault!" Naruto snapped. "You're the idiot that splashed Hinata with that water! You knew she was wearing a white shirt that day! Honestly it's all YOUR fault!"

"You know you're just saying that because of the beatdown we got last year, right?" Sasuke reminded Naruto of what happened with the little game tournament they had with their dimensional counterparts.

"We said we'd never speak of that again!" Naruto quickly placed his hand over Sasuke's mouth to keep him quiet. "However this year…I think we do a little something different."

"What did you have in mind?" asked Sasuke after he could speak again.

"You know how we always have our 'friendly' little spar with our counterparts? This time I say we take them to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and we go full force. No limiters, no restrictions, no nothing! I say this year we finally end the rivalry and prove who's the better duo." Naruto said, getting a big smile out of Sasuke.

"You know it has been a VERY long time since I've gotten to do that. I like what you're thinking. And you know this time we can use the Fusion Spirit Bomb and totally obliterate them!" Sasuke said in excitement. "Oh I'm so gonna love this!"

"As am I bro, as am I!" Naruto said diabolically. "Those crazy Overdrives of theirs won't stand a chance this time!"

After Naruto and Sasuke's little 'plot scheme', the duo finally got to Tsunade's office to learn what was the big news.

"So Baa-chan, what's up." Naruto said nonchalantly, nearly getting his head taken off by a flying stapler.

"Naruto, how many times have I told you not to call me that!" Tsunade said angrily.

"Let's see, I think that makes number 587,264.36?" Naruto said with a dumb smile.

Tsunade shot a sharp glare at him, "You're still an immature brat, you know that."

"And that's just how you love me. So what's the big news?" Naruto replied.

Tsunade got up out of her chair and turned to look over the village, "Naruto, how many years has it been since you brought me back here?"

"About nine years or so. But what does that have to do with anything?" asked Naruto.

"In that time I've seen you change from the bratty little genin who didn't know when to keep his mouth shut, to a powerful Kage level ninja, a loving husband, and a devoted father. Honestly, you have become exactly like your father before you. Both Minato and Kushina would be proud of you right now." Tsunade explained. "That's why I kept thinking about how I wanted to do this."

"Uh, ok…now you're kinda freaking me out here. So what's your idea?" Naruto looked at her and saw that she seemed quiet saddened, yet happy at the same time.

"Naruto, there's still more to this village that needs to be done. I still want to make sure Konoha has a fully established medical school for promising medic-nin. But right now I feel that I cannot do that as Hokage." Tsunade said as she sat back down and stared hard at Naruto. "Naruto in one week, I will be stepping down as Hokage."

"WHAT! You can't be serious!" Naruto said in shock. "What about the village! These people need…"

"These people need a strong and powerful Hokage who will lead them into a new age of prosperity. What these people need is someone like Minato Namikaze. And right now there is only one person in the world that can do that." Tsunade replied with a warm smile. "Naruto, in one week you will officially be named Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha. Congratulations brat, you finally got your dream come true."

"I…you…" Naruto stood there, completely in shock over the news. Yes his dream was to become Hokage but he never expected it would happen so soon. "You're kidding!"

"Naruto, you are a person that has done more than any Hokage before you. You've helped rid the world of Orochimaru, you are a delegate of peace to who knows how many different worlds and dimensions, you helped break down the walls of segregation in one of the most powerful clans in Konoha, you even helped this village realize that the Kyuubi no Kitsune is not a ravaging demon, but a loving mother that wants to care and protect her family." Tsunade explained calmly. "And you even proved that you can get your butt kicked by a three year old hyperactive version of Hinata as well!"

"WHO TOLD YOU THAT!!" Naruto knew that only his friends from the other world remembered that, and that he promised to keep that quiet.

"Naruto, it means you are human, you have your strengths and flaws, and that you're not some dictator of power. Those are qualities that make a strong and noble leader, and that's why it is time for you to take your birthright. You carry inside you the Will of Fire that was created by my grandfather Hashirama, passed on by my Great Uncle Tobirama, refined by Sarutobi-sensei, and made to burn its brightest by Minato." Tsunade explained. "I have simply kept that fire alive in you, by doing what I can to help you grow stronger to reach this day."

"I…just don't know what to think right now. I mean it was always my dream to be Hokage, because I wanted people to know who I was. To know that I wasn't some outcast or dead last. But even though they may have shunned me, cursed me, or looked down on me, I still loved this village and its people no matter what." Naruto explained. "I guess it's finally time I take my place, huh?"

"You bet it is brother. And you know you have the support of your family and friends the whole way. We're all behind you on this." Sasuke replied with a pat on the back. "Plus you'll get to show it off to the other Naruto when we go see them in a few days. You know he's still got a while before he becomes Hokage."

Naruto realized this and knew he had another thing he could one-up his counterpart with. "Oh yeah!!! Alright then Baa-chan, I humbly accept your nomination and recommendation to become Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha."

"Like you had a choice!" Tsunade laughed. "So make sure you're here on Christmas Day. That's when the big event is going to happen."

"Well, looks like we're going to have a lot more people here. We're supposed to go to my aunt's for the holidays." Naruto explained.

"Oh, your friends from that other world. Well, let them know they are welcome to come." Tsunade said as she turned back to her paperwork.

"Alright. Thanks Tsunade-sama." Naruto said out of the blue.

"You idiot I said…wait…did you call me Tsunade-sama?" Tsunade asked with eyes wide.

"Yeah. I figure it doesn't hurt to throw one or two in. See ya Baa-chan." Naruto laughed as he and Sasuke ran full speed out of her office.

"You know…I'll make sure he has at least three full days of paperwork when he starts next week. Big goofball." Tsunade laughed to herself as she went back to her paperwork.

"Holy cow Sasuke, can you believe it! I finally did it! I'm finally gonna become Hokage!!" Naruto cheered as he hurried back to his house. "Oh man, Hinata is going to go crazy when she hears about this!"

"Well considering that's all you really said when you were growing up, I guess you finally deserve it. Now just don't let it go to your head, ok?" Sasuke replied sagely.

"Yeah yeah. Look, just go home and get packed. We're leaving out tonight! I so wanna tell Naruto and drive him insane!" Naruto said as he booked it back home.

"That dork." Sasuke sighed as he turned to head home himself.

Now in the other dimension…

"Sasuke, can I ask you something?" Itachi said as he finally got the last of the sap off him. "Why didn't Shiori-chan knock some more sense into that dark side of Kasumi-chan?"

"Why are you asking me?" replied Sasuke. "For all I know, she was plotting or something!"

"Well you know we have to get them back for this!" said Naruto as he paced around the room. "We have to make it big too. I mean REALLY big. I'm talking so big that they'd be cleaning stuff out of their hair for weeks!!!"

"Hey wait, isn't that other Naruto supposed to be coming to visit you guys or something?" asked Kiba. "Maybe he can come up with some stuff."

Naruto just paused as if he came up with an award winning idea. "Kiba, that is brilliant!!! With him on our side, plus all my uncles, there's no way the girls would ever see this coming!!!"

"So when do we start planning?" asked Kyoji. "And you got any more of that sap remover? This gunk is still stuck in my tail."

"Uh, I think Itachi still has it. But we start planning the moment they get here! Oh yes, the girls won't know what hit them!" Naruto said with an evil laugh.

Now with the girls…

"You know, it really was a good idea to put that spy microphone in Naruto's room for the holidays." Kasumi said as they listened to Naruto's apparent plotting. "So they want to get the other Naruto and Sasuke in on their prank."

"Boys, what can you do with them? Oh well, at least we'll have the other Hinata and Sakura to help us out this year." Haku said.

"So let me get this straight, there's another Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, and Sakura coming with Aunt Keisei?" asked Kimiko.

"Yeah, those are Himawari and Haru's parents." Kasumi explained. "In that world apparently Naruto didn't have it too easily because Aunt Keisei was sealed into him by their 4th Hokage accidentally. It was basically Orochimaru's fault for the whole thing."

"OK. Kasumi-chan, have I ever told you that our family is completely weird?" Kimiko commented.

"Many. So what's next up on the holiday prank list? I heard that Aunt Yugito has some more of Oka-san's Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion and she plans to spike the eggnog with it this year." Haku said. "Think our uncles will enjoy being a bunch of kids again?"

"Dunno. There's also the 'Dress Uncle Inuyasha like an elf' contest they're holding. Makes me wonder how that got started." Hinata said. "Even I wonder what our aunts are coming up with."

"Well whatever it is, it's gonna be funny. But on the serious note, what's everyone got for their boyfriends this year?" asked Kasumi. "And sorry Shiori-chan, but I'm still not telling you what I got for you, so don't ask."

"Aw nuts." Shiori said in defeat.

"Well, even though he'd probably say it's troublesome, I did get Shikamaru those brand new engraved trench knives." Said Temari. "I can picture it now, 'How troublesome…but thanks anyway'"

"As if that wasn't obvious. Well Chouji did have his eyes on some new battle armor. But since we've been kinda slow on missions, he hasn't had enough to save up for it. So I got it for him." Ino said.

"Wait, if we've been slow on missions, then how did you get the money?" asked Haku.

"Uh, flower shop?" Ino replied.

Haku then realized she looked like an idiot, "Oh yeah. Well you know Neji. Always wanting more training. Train this, train that. So I got him some new training clothes. Aunt Yugito showed me how to make chakra gravity seals so they'll increase in weight as he's training and help build his chakra reserves even higher. I think he'd like it. What about you catgirl?"

"Take a look at this." Tenten pulled out a scroll to reveal a design for a new sword she was working on. "It's chakra enhanced, sharp enough to slice through a rock like it was butter, and near indestructible. Plus its light as a feather so it will go well with Kyoji-kun's fighting style."

"Anyone wonder what is it with boys and training or weapons?" Temari asked.

"I dunno, maybe it was something in their genes I guess." Tenten replied. "Ok who's next…hey I say we interrogate half pint over here."

"Why do I get called half pint! I'm almost 13, can't you pass that on to Hanabi or something? She's younger than I am!" Akemi whined.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. So what's our phoenix boy getting this year?" probed Haku. "You had to have gotten him something good, considering you have been on a few B and A ranks."

"Well…I know it's a lot, but he really wanted a PlayServer Portable, so I got him one of those. Since he's kinda on his own now, he really can't get a lot of nice stuff for himself." Akemi said bashfully.

"Aw that's so sweet! He'll really like that Akemi-chan." Kasumi replied. "Ok now here's the fun one. What's dog boy getting Kimiko-chan?"

"He's getting a whack on the head with a newspaper and a new chew toy!" Kimiko snapped out her reply. "And I got Akamaru a new designer collar that I think he'd look good in."

"You're kidding about Kiba right?" asked Hinata.

"Ok…I got him a new jacket he saw at the mall one day. I thought it would look really nice on him." Kimiko sighed. "But don't tell him I said that, ok?"

"Ok then, let's see, what's the new girl got. Come on Konan-chan, spill it." Sakura asked.

Konan just paused before she pulled out a scroll containing a hand made robe, "See Itachi-kun never did get to have a nice house robe while he was back at the Akatsuki base, so I figured he'd like this."

"Wow, that's some nice fabric! Where did you get it?" asked Sakura.

"Shinja-sama helped me pick it out. Besides, I kinda think I know what Itachi's getting me anyway." Konan replied with a huge smile. "I heard it through the ANBU that he may be proposing to me!!!!!"

Every single girl in the room squealed in delight over the news. "That is wonderful Konan-chan! So if he does, who's the maid of honor?" asked Sakura.

"Well…since I don't really have any siblings at all, so…Shiori-chan, would you do me the honors?" Konan asked timidly.

"Me? Are you sure?" Shiori looked a little shocked. "I mean I don't know what to say!"

"Just say you'll do it silly! You're practically sisters anyway." Kasumi whispered with a nudge.

"Well, mkay. I'll do it!" Shiori said with a smile.

"Eee!! You are so cool Shiori-chan!" Konan put her in a death hug and nearly had her red in the face.

"Can't…breathe!" Shiori squeaked out. Konan quickly saw this and released her.

"Oh, uh, sorry about that Shiori-chan." Konan apologized. "Ok, now here's the big one. What's Naruto and Sasuke getting?"

Hinata and Kasumi looked at each other and figured they might as well spill it. "Well it cost us nearly everything we had, but…" Kasumi began.

"We got this!" Hinata said, showing off a brand new designed mini-home? "This is a full scale recreation room that is gonna be built behind the house. It's basically large enough that it's a house on its own."

"Five king size bedrooms, hot springs style bath, indoor pool and hot tub, two pool tables, mega gaming room, huge kitchen, den with the very first…200 inch projection screen TV!!!!" Kasumi said in excitement. Every girl in the room was wide eyed. "That's nothing. There's also a built in movie theater as well! The boys are going to absolutely love this!" Hinata continued.

"That is amazing! How did you come up with that!" Tenten asked. "I mean this is just…wow."

"Well, this is really more along the lines of a gift for all you guys. I mean we've really been going hardcore with this whole war, and everyone really needs a fun place. So…Merry Christmas guys." Kasumi said with a smile. "Besides when it's done, we're all moving in anyway. And I mean ALL of us. This is now the official home of the Illumina Knights and Support Knights."

"This is just plain awesome. Kasumi-chan, you and Hina-chan totally rock!" Sakura said. "So we all get to decorate the place, right?"

"Yep, when it's finished, we'll all get to add our own special touch." Kasumi said with a big smile. "Otou-san got us the best carpenters in Wave country to do the project."

"Wave country? Who's from Wave country?" asked Haku.

"Forgot already Haku-chan? It's Tazuna-san and Inari-kun." Kasumi replied. "I found out that Inari-kun is following in his family's footsteps and becoming a carpenter. Ever since we stopped Gato back on our very first mission, Wave has really started booming."

"And since we specially requested this, we told them we weren't skimping on any expense. We wanted the best, and Tazuna-san said we'd get the best." Hinata added.

"Wow, who would have thought something good would have come out of Wave country." Haku commented.

"Yeah because it seems we got the bad part out of Wave country when we came home." Kasumi chuckled a she ducked under a flying pillow.

"Kasumi, you better be glad I love you or I'd kill you. You know that right?" Haku sent an icy glare at Kasumi, but knew it was all in good fun.

"Whatever Ice Princess." All the girls just started laughing at the whole thing.

A few hours later…(A/N Here's where the two groups meet so the 'K.' prefix will now be put into play.)

"Knock knock! Where's the holiday party at!" Naruto said as he entered the Uzumaki Mansion with his family. "I know there's a horde of fangirls in here that want to see two certain guys!"

"Naruto you big goof! Get in here!" Arashi said in cheer as he greeted his son/nephew. "How have you been!"

"Just great Arashi-sama. Just great. But there's no way I couldn't show up without some family here!" Naruto said as Hinata, Himawari, and Minato came in. "You know that's just not the Uzumaki style."

"My boy, you've learned well." Arashi laughed as he reached down to pick up Himawari. "Now who is this beautiful little lady! Look at you!"

"Hi Great Uncle 'Rashi." Himawari said with a huge grin and a big hug.

"Well I can see that Fox Flu sure didn't keep you down." Akane said as Himawari leaped from Arashi's arms into her own. "How's my girl doing?"

"Way better Great Auntie 'Kane! Thanks for taking care of us." Himawari replied with a kiss on the cheek.

"That's what I wanted to hear. You're just so full of energy!" Akane said.

"More energy than we know. It's like she's been going full speed after she got better." Hinata said. "I don't know how you did it, but those remedies really worked Aunt Akane."

"Ahh, a mother's job is never done." Akane said in a harmonious tone. "But enough about that. Hey girls, get out here!!!"

"Akane, are they here?" Mai popped her head out of the kitchen to see what's going on. "Keisei-chan!!!!"

"Mai-chan!" Keisei squealed as she greeted her sister. "How has it been going!"

"What do you think? I'm still trying to bag myself a man, going mentally insane over it, and wondering why my crazy nieces haven't given me any advice!" Mai replied. "Oh and there's still the occasional torment of Mew-mew-chan, but hey, that's normal."

"Don't get me started Mai!" Yugito said as she, Shinja, and Makoto entered. "Keisei-nee-chan, don't even worry about bird brain here. You know she was never right in the head."

"I could probably tell. So, start filling me in here. What's this about a Bijuu Family Christmas I've heard about from Akane?" Keisei asked, causing all five girls to show off a massive grin.

"We're gonna have to discuss this one over a big pot of tea. Come on Akane, we might as well get Kagome in on this too." Mai said as she and the other Bijuu Sisters headed to the kitchen. "Oh and Hinata, we're sorry, but we're now confiscating little Minato. Hope you don't mind."

"Like I had any say in that." Hinata laughed as she gave Minato over to Mai. "For some reason he still loves all this attention he's getting. Probably gets it from his dad."

"Well he's gonna get all the attention in the world!" Mai said as she tickled Minato, getting a laugh out of the little baby. "Isn't that right, oh yes that is!"

"Looks like the holidays are already in full speed." Naruto said. "So dear, planning on finding your girls and start plotting the annual prank fest?"

"Maybe later. I think I'm going to head over to the Hyuuga Compound and visit Otou-san." Hinata said. "Hima-chan, you wanna come with me?"

"Ok mommy." Himawari said as she was about to head out with her mom.

"Oh Naruto, I forgot, did Sasuke and Sakura come with you this year?" asked Arashi.

"Of course. They headed on over to the Uchiha residence first. Sasuke figured that Haru would want to see Mikoto-sama first." Naruto replied.

"Guess he loves his grandma." Arashi laughed as a certain Kame hanyou entered the room.

"Uncle Arashi, Papa says he needs you to try out some more eggnog." Nabiki said when she saw the older Naruto and Hinata. "Uh…what happened to Naruto's ears and tails?"

"Ah Nabiki-chan, come on over and meet your cousins. This is actually another Naruto and Hinata from a different dimension, like your cousin Kasumi." Arashi explained.

"Oh." Nabiki still looked a little confused, but decided to go with it. "Hello then, my name is Nabiki Enyou. Nice to meet you." She politely bowed and greeted them.

"Well nice to meet you Nabiki-chan." Hinata replied with a bow as well. "And I'd like to introduce you to my daughter Himawari."

"Hi there! My name's Himawari Uzumaki. Good to meet you Nabiki-chan!" Himawari said with a huge smile.

Nabiki was a little shocked at all the energy brimming, but knew she shouldn't jump to conclusions about anything. "H-hi there Himawari-san."

Himawari soon noticed that Nabiki's scent was way different than what she had smelled before. Normally when she was here, she always smelled the scent of Kitsune. "Hey, you're not a fox are you? You smell like a turtle?"

"Oh, I'm not a Kitsune. I am a Kame Hanyou." Nabiki replied.

"Kame? What's a Kame?" Himawari looked a little confused. "And what's a hanyou?"

"A Kame is another word for turtle, Hima-chan. As for a hanyou, it means half-demon. That's what both you and Nabiki-chan are." Arashi explained. "She's half human, half turtle demon, and you're half human, half fox demon."

Himawari stood there still looking confused, but didn't really care too much. "Ok. So ya wanna play some later Nabiki-chan?"

"That would be nice Himawari-san." Nabiki said softly.

"Hey, call me Hima-chan. All my friends do, and so does Haru-kun." Himawari replied.

"Oh, ok Hima-chan." Nabiki said.

"Well we're headed out. We'll see you in a little while." Hinata said as she and Himawari left to the Hyuuga household.

"Nabiki-chan, tell Daisuke that I'm on my way." Arashi said. "And tell him not to put that extra shot of sake in it this time."

"I will Uncle Arashi. Nice to meet you Naruto." Nabiki said as she headed back to the lounge where Daisuke was.

"So who's daughter is she?" asked Naruto.

"She's Daisuke's little girl. That's Mai's twin brother, the Sanbi." Arashi said. "But you'll get to know them a lot better. Now my boy, some eggnog to celebrate!"

"But of course. It runs in the Namikaze/Uzumaki blood!" Naruto said in celebration.

At the Uchiha residence…

"Can't…breathe…Grammy!!!!" Haru was doing his best to get some air, but he couldn't escape the death grip from Mikoto.

"Oh you know you love every little bit of it! You're an Uchiha, you love getting spoiled like this!" Mikoto said as she tightened her hug. "So now how's my growing boy? Still driving your dad crazy?"

"When he gets the chance, he does." Sakura laughed. "So how have you been Kaa-san?"

"Well if you don't count this crazy war, then it's been good. I've been doing a lot of work with Shiori-chan, helping her with her cooking skills. Even though she's a battle ready fighter, she is still trying her hardest to be a good wife and homemaker." Mikoto replied. "Luckily Konan-chan has been a big help with that."

"Konan? As in blue-haired, paper using, Akatsuki Konan?" Sasuke said in shock.

"Well I've never really been described as that per se, but it does fit the bill." Konan said as she came from the parlor. "And trust me Sasuke-kun, I'm not going to try to steal Christmas like that bad girl version of me in your world."

Sasuke simply paused to try to take in all of this information, "I always knew hanging out with Naruto would have me going mentally insane. It flipped me out enough when I saw a 'good' Itachi, but a 'good' Konan too? And they're dating???"

"Oh don't forget about Shiori-chan being married to Kasumi-chan too." Sakura added.

"That's right, I forgot about that." Sasuke replied. "So that's where that picture of Haru got taken?"

"Yep, it's the first time the entire Haru Uchiha fan club was there, and we wanted to make sure everyone knew how much we love Haru-kun." Konan said as she made a paper crown for Haru. "He's our special little guy and we love him!"

"Aw, I'm not that special Auntie Konan." Haru tried his best to stay humble, but hearing those words made Konan go starry eyed!

Konan squealed like a true fangirl, "That's it! I so wanna keep you, or hope I get a nephew just like you! Hey Shiori-chan! Hurry up and turn 18 so you can get started on giving me a nephew!!!"

"What! Konan-nee-chan! What's that supposed to mean!?" asked Shiori when she heard all of that.

"You heard me. I want an adorable nephew just like Haru-kun. So you better have a boy as your first kid, got it." Konan demanded.

"Uh…I'll uh…let Kasumi-chan know, ok." Shiori said with a sarcastic look, causing Sasuke and Sakura to start cracking up laughing.

About an hour passed and everyone finally got back home for the second gathering…well…the kids all got back home.

"Alright, let's just get this over with and kick your butts back home." K. Naruto said when he met his cousin and counterpart.

"Yeah whatever! Last time you got lucky. But this time it won't be so easy." Naruto said playfully.

"Oh yeah, what do you have planned this time?" K. Naruto replied.

Naruto looked at Sasuke, then back at K. Naruto, "Two words."

K. Naruto looked at K. Sasuke and knew exactly what he meant. "When and where?"

"I happen to have a nifty little place called the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In there, time moves at a very reduced rate. One year in the time chamber is equal to one day of normal time." Naruto explained. "Other than that, it's practically nothing but pure, unchained fun…if you can take the extra gravity in there."

"Uh you haven't had to deal with a training session with Aunt Yugito. Some lame change in gravity isn't going to do anything." K. Sasuke said. "You better just be ready to finally admit defeat because this time, we're going to beat you senseless!"

"Then how about we settle this right now! You know you want to!" Naruto was starting to get hyped up at the battle. "Because when you stare down a fully powered Spirit Bomb, you'll be begging Hinata and Kasumi to baby you for months!"

"Yeah right, like that's going to happen." K. Naruto said in confidence. "Besides, this year, we're changing the rules."

"That's right boys, this time…you face us." Natsumi said as she pointed to herself and Shiori. "Naruto and Sasuke got to have the fun last time, but this time we plan to make our victory so much sweeter."

"Especially when you go crawling back after getting beaten by a pair of girls." Shiori added. "But just so we're clear, you want us at maximum power, correct?"

"We want you at your most powerful forms. That means full power Overdrive or whatever it is." Naruto said, figuring he and Sasuke had an edge.

"Our most powerful forms…everyone did hear him right? He said our most powerful forms?" Natsumi asked.

"Yes Natsu-chan, he said your most powerful forms." Kasumi sighed as she walked up and put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "You're going to wish you never said that."

"You know, since we're on the subject of sparring, I think it's time we had a little exhibition." Akane proposed. "And it's time our Seventh Princess was finally tested."

"Tested? For what?" Hinata asked all of a sudden.

"You see Hinata, Kitsune Tradition calls that every prince or princess of the clan begins training at age 2, so they may uphold the prestige of the clan. By age 5 they must show skill in basic taijutsu, chakra control, and physical fitness. Otherwise they're stripped of any title as a royal kitsune." Akane said.

"It is true Hinata dear. It's time we see just what our little Hima-chan can do." Keisei added.

"But who would she spar with? Everyone else here is way too strong." Asked Hinata.

"Oh that's easy. She'll face off with Nabiki-chan." Akane said. "As a matter of fact, she'll be facing her in 30 minutes."

"But…but she…she can't fight!" Hinata said, fearing something bad would happen.

"Do you doubt her ability Hinata? She has been training under you and Naruto for the time being." Keisei asked. "I for one wish to see my granddaughter's skill in training."

"So you wanna see me show you what daddy taught me?" Himawari asked. "Ok, I'll do it!"

"Just like her father. Well then, we'll head over to the Training Facility. Our Sakura and Tsunade-sama are already over there so they'll be on hand if anything happens." Akane said.

"Don't worry, Hima-chan is gonna just fine. I bet she'll win this fight in no time." Naruto said proudly. "Come on Hima-chan!"

"Ok daddy!" Himawari jumped on his shoulders as they all ran to the facility, leaving Akane and Keisei as the last ones.

"I have a feeling that he's going to be getting a very rude awakening soon." Keisei said, having an idea as to what would happen.

"Why say that Keisei-chan?" asked Akane.

"Well, he still goes a little easy on her in training. Plus they haven't used the training seals and Juuken manual that Hiashi gave them, plus they haven't been using Karin and the Trio to help either. I mean Hima-chan has good chakra control for her age. She can at least run on top of water, and her endurance is high as well." Keisei said in worry. "But I feel Naruto is barely tapping into her full potential."

"I could sense that in you when I was visiting. Well, I think this year is going to be extremely interesting. And Kasumi-chan was right…he should have never said he wanted Shiori and Natsumi in their most powerful forms." Akane replied, causing Keisei to wonder just what she meant.

"Why is that?" Keisei asked.

"Because if I know those two, they're planning on testing out the very weapon they'll be using against Madara Uchiha, and it's NOT going to be pretty." Akane said with seriousness in her voice.

The entire bunch made it to the training center where Daisuke was watching Nabiki practice her chakra control, mostly by her doing backflips and back handsprings across the pool.

"Wow, she can do backflips on the pool?" Himawari was a little wide eyed at the sight of her cousin on the water.

"Yeah that is amazing, but you're just as amazing too." Naruto said to build his daughter's confidence.

"That's right daddy!" Himawari said.

"So looks like the entire group is here. Nabiki-chan, can you come in for a minute?" asked Daisuke.

Nabiki overheard and quickly rushed to her father. "What is it papa?"

"You're going to have a small spar with your cousin, is that ok?" asked Daisuke. "It's just to see how you are with your training."

"That's fine papa. Should I use those moves as well? I'm still having trouble with one of them." Nabiki said as she scratched her head.

"Is it the family jutsu?" Daisuke asked. Nabiki nodded in agreement. "Well don't worry, just give it your best shot. You'll do fine."

"So are we ready to get this little spar started?" Naruto asked. "I have to warn you, Hima-chan's no pushover."

"Neither is Nabiki-chan." Daisuke said.

"Then I'll go ahead and officiate. The combat area is the field and the pool. There will be no use of weapons. Jutsu are allowed." Akane said as Nabiki and Himawari stood apart from each other. "Now girls, I want both of you to give it your all and do your best. Either way we're all proud of you because we just want to see how your skills are."

"Ok Aunt Akane. I'll do my best." Nabiki said with a bow.

"Me too Great Auntie 'Kane!" Himawari said in excitement. "Ready to go Nabiki-chan?"

"I'm ready." Nabiki said, moving into a special stance developed for her.

"Very well. This match between Nabiki Enyou and Himawari Uzumaki will now begin!" Akane signaled.

While the girls started up their spar, something had struck a note in Naruto.

"Something isn't right. Why would Aunt Akane tell the girls that jutsu are allowed?" Naruto knew that Himawari only knew basic chakra control and that she wouldn't start using jutsu until she was at least 7 years old.

"Because they are allowed Naruto. Deception is one of the basics of being a shinobi. You haven't forgotten have you?" Keisei reminded him, causing him to wonder what was going on.

"So you mean Nabiki knows jutsu?" Naruto said, realizing he may have just put his foot in his mouth. "How many?"

"She knows two water jutsu, and the transformation jutsu." Daisuke explained. "Oh and she just perfected water walking."

"WHAT!" Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, and Sakura all looked at him in shock.

"But she's only five years old! She's already mastered water walking?" Hinata asked. "That's crazy! How long does she train?"

"Nabiki-chan trains for three hours a day, six days a week. She spends one hour with me, working on her water jutsu and chakra control. She spends one hour with Mako-chan, learning more about her ki energy and practicing her new defensive style, and she spends one hour with Tsunade-sama, working to improve her chakra." Daisuke said. "She said she wants to be a battle medic, so Mako-chan and Tsunade-sama have been working on a specialized training program for her. Once she gets older, the intensity will increase."

"In other words, Nabiki-chan is a future Tsunade/Sakura in the works. With what she's been learning from Tsunade-sama, she's worked her way up to be able to do one chakra enhanced punch a week." Makoto explained. "Oh and she hasn't used her one punch yet." That caused everyone to wonder, what did this little hanyou girl have in store?

Back with the girls…

"Come on! You gotta fight back Nabiki-chan!" Himawari threw another kick that Nabiki stood fast and blocked. For the first few minutes, the spar seemed one sided as Himawari was on the attack and Nabiki was on defense. Himawari threw several more punches, but each one was blocked with ease. Nabiki knew that her training with Makoto was special training in defensive techniques.

"Oh, like this?" Nabiki saw Himawari's next punch coming and used her own momentum against her. She followed through by turning with Himawari, and throwing her over her shoulder on to the ground. Nabiki then did a few backflips onto the pool and stood in perfect calm on the water. "Here comes my next ability Hima-chan!"

"Ugh, that was a little rough." Himawari got to her feet to shake off the throw. "Hey where'd you go?"

"Hima-chan, on the pool!" Naruto yelled out, causing Himawari to turn and see her cousin standing there perfectly.

"You're not the only one that can stay on the water?" Himawari ran full speed onto the pool. The moment she set a few steps on, Nabiki made her next move.

"SUITON: SHABONAMI (Water Style: Bubble Wave)! " Nabiki made three seals and took a big breath. In one release, she spat out a wave of bubbles towards Himawari. The kitsune girl barely had time to react when she quickly stopped herself, but remembered what happens when she stops on water. She fell in.

"Um, Hima-chan, you're kinda all wet." Nabiki giggled as Himawari swam to the surface. "How come you can run on water, but not stand on it?"

"I dunno, I haven't learned that yet." Himawari said as she swam to the edge and climbed out." When she got out, she wrung the water from her tail and her hair, then shook herself dry. "But what was that bubble thingy?"

"That's my Shabonami jutsu. I can spit out a bunch of bubbles at my opponent. And they're not ordinary bubbles, they can hurt." Nabiki explained.

Himawari was wide eyed in excitement, "Hey do you think I could learn that?"

"I don't know. Papa says the reason I could learn it is because I'm a Water type. I think you have to be one too in order to use it."

Himawari looked a little downhearted because she didn't know anything about chakra types. "Oh, I don't know what type I am."

"Well, we still have a spar going on. Wanna try to get me?" Nabiki taunted from the water.

"But…ugh! Daddy, I can't go on the water without running!" Himawari whined.

"Then get a running start! When you get close, you can get her!" Naruto instructed.

"Ok, my daddy said I can get you if I run, so look out!" Himawari got a little distance and started sprinting at full speed. She hit the water and knew she had to make this count. Nabiki on the other hand was carefully watching and planning her next move.

"Alright, papa said to feel the water as my friend. Call upon it and use it to push my opponent back." She pulled her hands together which caused Naruto and Sasuke to really get nervous, especially when they saw water starting to swirl in her palms.

"Wait, she what is that jutsu she's doing?" Naruto asked.

"It's the family jutsu." Daisuke said. "Now watch and learn."

Himawari was almost to Nabiki, feeling sure that she could win. "I got you now Nabiki-chan!"

Nabiki knew this was the time she was waiting for. She took the water in her hands and thrust it forward as hard as she could. "No way Hima-chan! SUITON: KAMEHAMEHA (Water Style: Turtle Destruction Wave)!" Upon impact, the water shot out in a burst, causing Himawari to feel the impact and fly back off the pool, tumbling over and over until she crashed into everyone else. Nabiki wasn't on the lucky end as she lost her footing and fell in the pool as well.

Naruto couldn't believe it. This girl…this five year old girl not only defeated his daughter, but she literally outshined her! And to use a Kamehameha…but not a Kamehameha? "There's no way!"

"Naruto dear, Nabiki-chan has just trained harder. It just means we need to work more on Hima-chan's training." Keisei said. "But for her first spar, she did really good."

"She sure did. But, she still lost. As such I proclaim the winner of the spar, Nabiki Enyou!" Akane said as she helped Nabiki up out of the pool. "Good job sweetie."

"Thanks Aunt Akane." Nabiki said as she started drying off.

"And you did really good too Hima-chan. You're getting really strong." Akane commented.

"But I lost Great Auntie 'Kane." Himawari felt a little down when Akane picked her up in a large towel.

"No you didn't. The real match was to see just how strong you are. The spar was just a little something on the side." Akane said as she helped dry Himawari's tail. "And to show just how proud of you I am, I have holiday cookies and milk made for you, Nabiki-chan, and Haru-kun."

"Ok Great Auntie 'Kane!" Himawari said, feeling much better now as Nabiki came over to congratulate her cousin.

"Hey Hima-chan, you're really strong. My hands are a little sore from those punches you were throwing." Nabiki commented. "You must train really hard."

"You think I'm strong? Well, my daddy says I am." Himawari replied. "But you're really good too."

"Hey you wanna see something I've learned from Aunt Makoto and Tsunade-sama?" asked Nabiki. "It's something they have me do to test my chakra."

"What's that?" Himawari said as she finished drying off.

"It's my super punch. I'll show you how strong it is." Nabiki led Himawari over to a practice wall. "What I do is punch the wall as hard as I can. I then try to see how far I can make the cracks go."

"But doesn't that hurt?" Himawari looked a little confused as to why her cousin would punch a wall.

"It did in the beginning. But as I've been training, it doesn't hurt anymore." Nabiki took a small glove she had as her practice glove. "Now watch this." Nabiki calmed herself and felt her chakra in her arm. "YAAAAA!!!!" Nabiki slammed her fist as hard as she could into the target on the wall. Everyone could feel the wall shake slightly from Nabiki's punch. She then quickly drew it back and shook it.

"Are you ok Nabiki-chan?" asked Himawari. "You didn't get hurt, did you?"

"No, it just makes me feel really tired and it stings when I do that." Nabiki held her arm closer as Akane came over to look at her, and the wall.

"Hmm, well 4 ½ inches. That's a new best for you Nabiki-chan. Plus you even chipped the wall this time." Akane saw the board and saw Nabiki's progress. "You keep training like this and soon you'll be as strong as Tsunade-sama."

"I will Aunt Akane." Nabiki said as she felt her arm slowly stop tingling.

"That's good. Now you two go play ok." Akane said. "Or better yet, why don't you go show Hima-chan your transformation jutsu, and teach her how to do it."

"Sure thing Aunt Akane! Come on Hima-chan, you'll really like this jutsu." Nabiki grabbed hold of Himawari's arm and took her to another part of the training facility.

"That's just unbelievable. Five years old and she already knows basic genin level skills, hand signs, and the Transformation Jutsu. And she's already started studying under Baa-chan, and knows her chakra element as well? Hima-chan wasn't just beat, she was obliterated. Nabiki clearly outclassed her big time." Naruto thought to himself. He decided he'd have a small chat with Sasuke telepathically about everything. "Sasuke, just what the heck is up here? From the way that spar looked, Hima-chan was going all out and Nabiki was holding back! I mean what would have happened if she had used that chakra punch on Hima-chan?"

"I don't know Naruto. But there's something else bothering me. Remember earlier when Kasumi said we should have never wished for Natsumi and Shiori to be in their most powerful form? I get the feeling that there is a lot more we don't know." Sasuke said telepathically. "You don't think they have something else we don't know about? I mean they are basically in a war, and they have to train for it."

"Doesn't matter. War or not, we're the better pair. We've always been. So when they're staring down a massive Fusion Spirit Bomb, we'll prove we're the best. Naruto Uzumaki will not lose this match!" Naruto replied as he closed the link.

"So boys, why don't we go ahead and get this match over with. It's best to put all the rivalry behind us so we can enjoy the holidays the right way." Natsumi asked.

"Fine with us. I hope you're ready to suffer the most humiliating defeat ever." Naruto said. "Thanks to this, we'll be able to walk right into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with no problem." He pulled out what looked like a small capsule and clicked it, throwing it against a wall. In a flash of smoke it revealed a large door. "We can head in at any time."

"Perfect. We're going to go get our gear and make sure all the others are here to see this." Natsumi said, already sensing Naruto's overconfidence.

"Then meet back in 15 and the battle is on!" Naruto said as the Knights and Bijuu all left to get the others. Kasumi stayed back to give one last message.

"Naruto, we've known you for about four years, ever since you first came to our world. Back then you really had the jump on us, and last year I found out you held back your most powerful move." Kasumi said as her look changed to a look of seriousness. "I'm not going to sit here and make some kind of boast. I'm telling you right now…you will NOT defeat Natsumi and Shiori."

"And why is that Kasumi-chan?" asked Hinata, starting to feel a little nervous.

"Because Naruto made the one mistake of wanting to take them on in their most powerful forms. You see, when Naruto and Sasuke, or in this case Natsumi and Shiori ascend to their most powerful forms, their power will exceed that of all 10 knights. In addition, Shiori is a master of Kyokugenryu, one of the most powerful forms of martial arts known. If she pulls out her strongest ability…she can level two mountains if she puts everything she has into it." Kasumi explained. "And with Natsumi, she's taken her mastery of the Kage Bunshin to levels not even heard of. But the real thing is that Naruto…you and Sasuke will be facing the weapon we plan to use against Madara Uchiha himself."

"Kasumi-chan, you can't be serious! Sasuke, if what she says is true, there's no way you'll win." Sakura said.

"Doesn't matter. Our power in Fusion is nothing to laugh at. We'll just see how this weapon fares. Then when we defeat it, it will prove we're still the strongest pair." Naruto said, pepping Sasuke back up.

"Then all I have to say is…good luck. You're going to need every bit of it. Because if you don't fight them with the intent to kill them, you won't stand a snowball's chance in hell." Kasumi said as she vanished in a flash.

"I don't get it. Does she really think their Overdrive abilities are going to beat us? We held back last time." Sasuke said.

"Naruto, Sasuke, I hope you understand that they've spent the last year training while in a war. You boys may be facing something you've never seen before. I advise you to be very cautious, because you have no idea what you may be getting into." Keisei warned the duo.

"Naruto, maybe they're right. Maybe you're getting in over your head with this." Hinata said, starting to feel more doubtful.

"She's right. You boys have always shown how talented you are, but what Kasumi-chan said really worried me." Sakura added. "Can you two really go as far as to kill Natsumi and Shiori?"

"What's the point? We've trained in some of the harshest conditions known. We'll be fine." Naruto said nonchalantly.

"That's just it Naruto! You have done training like that. But what about the past year? You've been training, but not as intensely as you used to." Hinata replied. "We've actually been in a state of peace for the past year. They haven't! They're at war Naruto!"

"Hinata, it still doesn't matter. Nothing they can throw at us will stop us." Naruto said, still as confident as ever.

Naruto and Sasuke went over to talk strategy, leaving Hinata, Keisei, and Sakura alone.

"This isn't going to turn out good, is it?" asked Sakura.

"It's not. And I have a feeling…Naruto and Sasuke are about to get the worst awakening they've ever had." Keisei replied.So begins our annual Holiday shenanigans. Looks like Naruto's already gotten his first shocker after seeing his daughter completely outclassed by her cousin. And was Kasumi dead serious? Will Naruto and Sasuke even stand a chance against Natsumi and Shiori?? And can anyone figure out what's good to whack some sense into RasenganFin for eating all the roasted pork loin!!!!!!!!!

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