The Bijuu Wars

2009 Holiday Crossover Part 2

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2009 Holiday Crossover: The rise of a legend Part 2

Previously, Akane's sister Keisei and her family of Naruto, Hinata, Himawari and Minato, and their friends Sasuke, Sakura and Haru have come to visit for the holidays. Naruto had found out that he was set to become Hokage on Christmas Day. But the main thing was that Keisei would be spending her first Christmas with her brothers and sisters. However things weren't going as Naruto had planned. Upon seeing Himawari's first spar against her cousin Nabiki and seeing that her daughter was completely outclassed by the Kame Hanyou, Naruto knew there was only one thing left to make things right...

15 minutes later, Team Illumina arrived back for the showdown between Natsumi, Shiori, Naruto, and Sasuke.

"So, ready to get the worst beating ever?" asked Naruto.

"You ready to fight us as if you wanted to kill us?" Natsumi said as she tightened her hitai-ate. "Because if you're not, you better be ready to spend the holidays in a body cast."

"Ok what's got your panties in a bunch?" Naruto asked when Natsumi grabbed him by the collar.

"Do you think I'm playing around? When we get in there you said you wanted everything I have." Natsumi said with venom in her voice. "That means you better be ready to die in there because I WILL kill you."

Naruto looked at Natsumi like she had lost her mind. He just grabbed her hand, applied a little pressure and caused her to let go instantly. "I think you better watch what you say little fox girl. Push me too far and you won't see another day."

"That's fine with me." Natsumi replied as Naruto released her. "Let's go."

"Very well." Naruto opened the door and everyone walked in. Inside it looked like a small shrine as they walked down a long hall. "I have to warn you, it's not going to be very interesting."

"So other than the whole shrine motif, what's not interesting?" Kasumi asked when the group got to the other side. "Ok…now I get the part about not being interesting.

"Yeah talk about boring." Haku said as she looked around.

"Pretty much everything here is normal. It all changes once you step off onto the field here." Naruto said as he stepped off the temple and onto the barren land.

"Yeah like this is going to…whoa!" Natsumi instantly felt her entire body become heavy as she stepped onto the barren land. "Guess you weren't kidding."

"So are you having second thoughts?" Sasuke asked as he walked on with no problem.

"Not on your life. Come on Shiori-chan, let's do this." Shiori had a little bit of trouble, but kept her balance.

"So what do you plan to do to get ready?" Sasuke asked as he soon saw Natsumi and Shiori smile.

"Well for one thing, this gravity is nothing compared to what Aunt Yugito trains us in." Natsumi easily stood back up as if nothing bothered her. "Shiori-chan, you think we need to release our gravity seals?"

"Gravity seals! Since when the hell do you wear gravity seals?!" Naruto said in shock.

"Oh since Aunt Yugito told us that it would help our speed and abilities. All of Team Illumina has them, and we normally keep them at 10x regular gravity. And that's just for everyday life." Natsumi replied as she brushed off her haori. "So this stuff feels like nothing."

"She's right, when we train, we can go as far as 15x gravity, but only for a very limited time." Shiori said. "But you said you wanted us at our very best, so I guess we have to release them." Both Natsumi and Shiori activated a hand seal, and four glowing seals, one on each wrist and ankle began to glow before vanishing.

"So what. Some seals aren't going to save you." Naruto said when he saw he had a visitor.

"Yeah we said the same thing, but figured you wouldn't believe us." Natsumi said as she stood right beside him. The only thing was that Naruto was still staring at her standing by the temple entrance. "Oh and that's not a clone you're looking at. That's me. Yes I'm moving that fast. But I can't show it off too much because it burns a crapload of chakra, and I can only use it for about 30 seconds max. You could say it's my version of the Hiraishin"

"Natsumi-chan, we still have to merge with the boys!" Shiori said, causing Natsumi to snap out of her fun.

"Oh yeah, that's right. We gotta do that first." Natsumi sighed. "You know this is going to feel really weird since the boys are normally the ones out here."

"But we said we'd be at our best." Shiori replied as K. Naruto and K. Sasuke joined their female halves. "So you remember the seals right?"

"Yeah, do we look like morons?" K. Naruto asked. Natsumi simply stared at him with the answer 'yes'. "Ok, don't answer that."

"Come on, I want to get back to that batch of Oka-san's holiday cookies!" Natsumi whined as she set up for the jutsu. "Now let's just do this."

"KITSUNE REI YUUKAI (Fox Spirit Fusion)!" K. Naruto and K. Sasuke began to glow as they started merging with the girls, soon leaving only Natsumi and Shiori there alone.

"So this is what it feels like to go the other way around." Shiori said as she felt like she was itching. "It kinda tickles."

"Alright! Just go Overdrive so we can totally thrash you!" Naruto complained. "Yeesh!"

"Uh, Naruto…Overdrive isn't our most powerful level anymore." Natsumi said. "See this?" She held up a glowing green stone. Shiori did the same, but hers was red. "This is called a Hoshi no Tama. It contains well over half the energy of a Bijuu."

"Thanks to this, you're about to see something even more dangerous than Overdrive." Shiori said. "Naruto, ever thought about what would happen if you merged with Aunt Keisei? Well you're about to find out." Both Shiori and Natsumi inserted the Hoshi no Tama as Hiroshi and Mai joined them. "Time to show you the power of Excelion Drive!"

"Excelion Drive?" Naruto and Sasuke said as the girls initiated their fusion.

"Fear the force of the cutting wind, EXCELION DRIVE: WIND FUSION!"

"Fire ignite the skies and burn bright, EXCELION DRIVE: FIRE FUSION!"

Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata, Sakura, and Keisei all looked amazed at the sheer level of power that was radiating from the two girls as they completed their fusion. For the first time, Naruto and Sasuke actually felt slightly worried.

"Unbelievable! You mean they actually merged with a Bijuu?" asked Hinata as she overlooked the girls.

"Yep. Every single one of us can merge. You're pretty much looking at our most powerful forms." Kasumi explained. "The level of wind and fire control those two possess now is unparalleled. Not even the most powerful wind and fire shinobi can compete with those two."

"Wait Kasumi-chan, you said that those two at maximum power would be more powerful than all 10 knights combined?" Sakura asked, wondering what more was in store.

"I did say that, didn't I?" Kasumi replied. "Well I wasn't lying. Don't worry, you'll see everything soon enough."

Back to the battle…

Natsumi took a deep breath to look everything over and focus her mind. "The wind seems more calm and peaceful here. I can hear it singing."

"It's the same with the heat in the area. I can sense all of it." Shiori said. "Ok enough of that peaceful stuff." In a flash, Natsumi and Shiori were already attacking Naruto and Sasuke full speed, barely giving the duo time to dodge.

"Did you really think you could stand a chance? You're practically taking on the Ichibi and Shichibi at the same time!" Natsumi screamed as she pummeled Naruto with kick after kick.

"You wanted us at our best, so stop playing around and get serious!" Shiori nailed Sasuke with a barrage of punches, before striking him to the ground.

Naruto and Sasuke took a minute to shake things off, remembering that things went like this last time.

"Naruto, we have to quit letting them get the first strike." Sasuke said as he shook his head clear.

"Actually I was saying the same thing." Natsumi was right in his face with a venomous smile. Sasuke didn't have time to blink before he got smashed in the face and knocked into the air. "So remember when you first came to our world and thought we were a bunch of weak Oto shinobi? So tell me, think we're the same weaklings?"

"Sasuke!" Naruto shouted before he was dealing with Shiori.

"Not this time Naruto. You're dealing with me now." Shiori stood fast as Naruto got to his feet.

"So you two finally brought it. Well then, I like this match." Naruto dusted himself off as he stared at the Fire Knight. "I have to say these Excelion Drive forms are something."

"Yes they are." Shiori replied. "But I don't intend to let you see much of it. You will fall to my Kyokugenryu long before that."

"Don't make me laugh." Naruto bragged.

"I won't." Shiori replied as she thrust her palms forward. "HAOH SHOKO KEN (Supreme King Flying Roaring Fist)!

"Fireball? Oh please. Like a fireball can hurt…" Naruto was hit with Shiori's Ki blast and sent careening into the ground. He tried shaking off that hit but Shiori was already standing over him.

"Who said anything about that being a fireball? That was pure Ki energy." Shiori commented as her fist was blue with Ki energy. "Now I think you need to try to catch your breath. TENCHI HAOH KEN (Heaven and Earth Supreme King Fist)!" Shiori slammed her fist into Naruto, forcing every ounce of air out of his body. She then picked him up with no problem and slung him back towards the temple area. Natsumi had done the same to Sasuke and sent both of them smashing into each other.

"So…wanna give up?" Kasumi asked curtly. "I told you, they're playing for keeps."

"Naruto, I think Kasumi-chan's right. They're way too powerful." Hinata said, fearing the worst.

"Yep, basically you two are fighting the Wind and Fire Bijuu right now. Natsumi and Shiori pretty much have all of Uncle Hiroshi and Aunt Mai's power, plus all of their own abilities." Kasumi explained. "I doubt you're gonna get very far with the way you two are slacking off."

"Slacking off! What are you…" Naruto said when Kasumi made things worse.

"I told you Naruto. If you don't start taking this fight seriously, then Hinata and Sakura are going to have to find those Dragon Ball thingies that you used to bring them back alive." Kasumi said sternly. "And don't think we plan on stopping them. You don't fight back…you die. That's it."

"Kasumi-chan, this can't go on. If this keeps up…" Hinata said nervously.

"Then looks like you're gonna be a single mom. Not to be mean at all, but Naruto and Sasuke got themselves into this, and now they have to get out of it." Kasumi replied. "So boys, what are you going to do now? Gonna fight back or do I have to watch my talented sister and beautiful princess-bride absolutely destroy you?"

Naruto wiped the small stream of blood from his mouth, "Looks like I'm going have to pull out the big weapons now." He looked over at Sasuke and knew that things were about to heat up…literally.

"Time to get cooking." Sasuke's hands began to generate a large amount of super heated chakra in his hands. "Naruto, let's go!"

Naruto and Sasuke bolted at Natsumi and Shiori, this time more serious. The girls could now see it in their eyes that finally they were getting serious.

"Ooh, now maybe we can have some fun Shiori-chan!" Natsumi started feeling better that now she was going to have a better fight.

"Yep. So it's time to go girl!" Shiori cracked her knuckles and was ready to take this fight higher.

The battle definitely increased heavily as Naruto and Sasuke finally unleashed their real potential. The two sped up exponentially, matching Natsumi and Shiori strike for strike. The girls tried to counter with Natsumi's Rasen-shuriken and Shiori's Mugen Kami Kyokuken, but somehow even that didn't work. Naruto and Sasuke started turning the tide, getting the advantage and leaving Natsumi and Shiori actually winded! That's when Naruto and Sasuke made their big moves…and the start of the end of the battle.

"Hey Natsumi, you said you wanted to play for keeps! Well it's time you learn not to test us like that!" Sasuke held in his hand a ball of white hot chakra, almost as hot as Mai's white flame. "Hope you like being a cindering pile of ash! KATON! KESSHOU FUREA (Fire Style: Plasma Flare)!" He unleashed the white flaming ball directly at Natsumi. Since the girl was still a little stunned, she had nearly no chance of evading.

"Kesshou Furea? What the hell is that?" asked Haku in shock.

"It's Sasuke-kun's strongest jutsu, even more powerful than the Raikiri. Sasuke has the ability to manipulate Plasma. That fireball is literally as hot at the sun itself! Natsumi's going to be incinerated to nothing!" Sakura explained.

"Naa, Shiori-chan will, but not Natsumi-chan." Kasumi said calmly. "Just look."

Sure enough Shiori caught sight of it and used everything she had to knock Natsumi out of the jutsu's path, taking the hit herself. At the moment of impact, the plasma ball exploded in a white pillar of flame, incinerating everything inside.

"SHIORI-CHAN!!!!" Natsumi screamed in fear. "Sasuke, you bastard! Why? Why did you…" She didn't even have a chance to continue as she was entangled in two green energy whips.

"Because you were the ones that ran your mouths saying you were out to kill us." Naruto replied as he held tight to his Kazekei (Wind Whip). "You put up a good fight, but looks like it wasn't good enough. So Natsumi, how do you think being sliced apart by pure wind will feel?" Natsumi tried struggling free but Naruto wasn't allowing it. "Oh you know, I don't really care. Tell that counterpart of mine, it's been real!" He made a hand sign to have the whip close in and slice directly through Natsumi, but things took a turn for the worst...for Naruto and Sasuke that is!

"Ok, Shiori-chan, we've played around enough. I think it's time we just get this over with." Naruto saw the whips around Natsumi just fall apart and dissolve. "Oh yeah Naruto, did you really think you could use wind against the Wind Bijuu? Your silly little whip was nothing."

"That's impossible. I'm one of the most powerful wind ninja in Konoha!" Naruto snapped back, before he soon felt his arm cringe in pain. "What the hell is this?"

"Oh that, well see, you're a powerful wind ninja, but I am the Kami of wind ninja. Just by talking to you, I was sending out tiny blades of wind that shot through your arm, piercing the very cells in your body. It's the same principle as the Wind Rasen-shuriken…only I don't have to do the jutsu." Natsumi explained as she turned to the pile of ash. "Shiori-chan, did you have a good nap?"

"Well, it was short, but it felt good." Shiori emerged from the ashes as if she woke up from a relaxing nap. "Sasuke-kun, thanks. I was feeling a little tired after using the Mugen Kami Kyokuken so I needed a good power nap."

"Ok, what the hell is going on? She should have been incinerated to ash! We all saw it!" Sasuke said furiously.

"I was incinerated. But there's one important thing you forgot. Aunt Mai is a Phoenix, and right now…so am I. Did you know the story of the Phoenix Sasuke-kun?" Shiori asked. "It's said that a Phoenix can carry great burdens with no problem. Their tears have magnificent healing powers that can help cure even the deadliest of poisons. And there's also one more thing…"

"When a phoenix dies…it is reborn from the ashes!" Sasuke's eyes now trembled in fear.

"That means if you try to kill me by fire, I will always be reborn!" Shiori replied.

"You know, for being two of the strongest ninja in your village, you're not that smart." Natsumi said as she twirled her hair. "So when are you gonna do that whole fusion thingie and get really mad at us?"

"You want fusion…we'll show you fusion!" Naruto screamed as he moved next to Sasuke.

"That's right Sasuke-kun! Bring out the big gun!" Sakura screamed like a fangirl for her husband.

"Actually that's the worst possible thing they could do right now." Keisei said grimly.

"Keisei-sama, why is that?" asked Sakura.

"Because this is going to fuel their anger and cause them to be less rational. Plus if they use the Spirit Bomb, there's no telling if it will work." Keisei replied.

"That's their strongest ability in fusion. They've never lost using that technique." Hinata said, noticing Keisei still had her grim look on her face.

Keisei looked even more grim, "Exactly Hinata. And what do they need for it to work? They need energy from all living things around them. Plants, trees, water, all elements of nature. Even the people on the planet can fuel that. But look where they are? There is nothing here. It's all a void. The only people he could get energy from are you, me, and Sakura."

"But what about the…" Sakura was about to say 'other Bijuu' when she turned and saw all of them disappear. "They were Kage Bunshin?"

"Yep. Natsumi-chan created them before we even came in here." Kasumi said. "And I know what you're thinking Aunt Keisei, you could smell them and their scents were all normal."

"How did you know?" Keisei asked, wondering how Kasumi knew her question.

"Natsumi-chan has the ability to make true doppelgangers, not just clones. Once she has the image and scent of someone, she can make an exact doppelganger, right down to the scent. Her clones are so perfect that the only person who would know is Hina-chan in Illumina Form." Kasumi explained. "Only her Byakugan in that form could tell the chakra difference. Other than that, she's the perfect spy."

"But if all the Bijuu were Kage Bunshin, then where are the real ones?" Hinata asked.

"They're on the field fighting with Natsumi-chan and Shiori-chan. We forgot to tell you something." Kasumi said. "Right now, those two girls are only fighting at ten percent of their total power."

"THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!" Hinata and Sakura screamed.

"Nope. When Naruto and Sasuke wanted our duo to be at their most powerful form, it wasn't Excelion Drive for them." K. Hinata explained. "Our Naruto and Sasuke actually achieved a more powerful form once before…namely Illumina Fusion form."

"During the battle with Shadow Sasuke 3 years ago, our Kasumi-chan was able to fuse nine of our ten elements together. However because she was so wounded from the battle, and she was weak from her developing Kitsune Pox virus, she couldn't contain all the energy herself." Haku said. "So she did a transfer of all that energy to Naruto and Sasuke. That gave those two complete access to every single ability we had, and it was amplified exponentially. They could even do our dual and triple attacks as well."

"However, even though the duo had that much power, they could not use the full force of the Illumina energy, simply due to not having my Shadow power." Itachi continued the explanation. "But now since we are all united…"

"You're about to bear witness to the most powerful ability of the Illumina Knights…the Illumina Force Wave." Kasumi said. "When I said Naruto and Sasuke were not going to win against Natsumi and Shiori, I meant it."

"But does that mean…Naruto and Sasuke…" Hinata quivered, fearing she was just about to lose the love of her life.

"Those two are about to get the rudest awakening of their lives, BUT…Natsumi and Shiori aren't going to kill them. The plan was to never kill Naruto and Sasuke, just prove that they aren't as superior as they always think." Kasumi explained as she formed a single seal. "So let the final stage begin. ILLUMINA POWER SEAL: RELEASE!"

Natsumi and Shiori stood calm as Naruto and Sasuke fused into their combined form Saruto. The girls could feel the energy radiating as the fused warrior was brimming with rage. The two heard Kasumi's voice and knew that it was time to end this match for good.

"So girls…think your little tricks will win now?" Saruto said with cold in his voice. "This time I'll make you stay down for good!" He was hovering in the air, gathering energy for his most powerful ability…the Spirit Bomb.

"Well, we do have to say it has been a fun battle. I mean you really pushed us pretty hard." Natsumi said with a smile.

"Yeah too bad we've kept a lot of stuff hidden in this battle. We didn't want to just win it instantly." Shiori replied.

"What are you two even talking about?" asked Saruto in a confused tone.

"See, we gotta be honest. We've hidden a LOT of stuff this battle. Oh and we'll explain why Kasumi said you had a snowball's chance in hell of winning." Natsumi began. "First, we're not still connected to our Naruto and Sasuke. We split off from them a long time ago, so we're actually two different people than our Naruto and Sasuke."

"When we fused with them, it didn't complete our power, it doubled it. Second, you've heard the saying 'I'm my own worst enemy' before, right?" Shiori asked, getting a nod from the fusion warrior. "Well, that was proven today. K. Naruto and K. Sasuke knew just how they are in a battle when they get in a losing position. They get ticked off and lose their cool, forgetting a lot of things and sometimes they barely come out of a fight with a win. Since we're originally those two, we knew all of that, and we played that to our advantage."

"Third…you've only seen ten percent of our true power. Our most powerful forms aren't our Excelion Drive forms." Natsumi said in a darker tone.

"Ten percent! You're lying!" Saruto refused to believe the girls were that strong.

"Oh yeah? Then see how you like taking on the force of all ten Bijuu at once!" Natsumi screamed as she and Shiori initiated the ending stage of the battle.

"FORCE OF ILLUMINA: UNLEASH!" the two girls pulled out everything. In a blinding light, they now stood before Saruto completely changed. Natsumi was now shimmering in a gold aura. Her clothes were now white with gold trim. Her ears changed back to her Kitsune ears as well. Shiori underwent the same, but she was in silver trim. Her hair changed to a silver color and she had her silver Kitsune ears as well. The biggest thing was that both girls now had ten tails, one for each Bijuu.

"This Saruto, is our most powerful form. See, when we took on Shadow Sasuke, we reached this form in order to defeat him. However we didn't have the power of the Shadow element." Natsumi explained.

"But now with all ten elements, you're about to bear witness to the ability that will rid this world of Madara Uchiha once and for all!" Shiori added.

Saruto refused to believe that he was going to lose. These two girls were not going to show him up. "Say what you want! You're both finished! SPIRIT BOMB!" Saruto threw the bomb at full speed towards the girls, but neither moved. Instead they both held up a hand, keeping the large energy bomb at bay.

"This is your most powerful attack? Wow, not a lot behind it." Natsumi said calmly.

"We're sorry guys, but this is for your own good." Shiori replied. "Let's send it back with a bonus!"

The two girls pulled back their other fists, channeling every element at once. Everyone could feel the sheer power being radiated as they were about to unleash the most devastating attack known.

"ILLUMINA FINAL ATTACK: ILLUMINA FORCE WAVE!" The two girls punched the giant Spirit Bomb, forcing all of their power into it. The strike sent the large energy ball back, this time as a giant rainbow bomb with more power and speed than before.

"This isn't…YAAA!!!!" Those were Saruto's last words as the giant bomb hit, detonating in a column of rainbow energy. Everyone watched in awe at the sheer force that had been unleashed. The energy ripped Saruto back into Naruto and Sasuke and left them on the ground, bloody, battered, and pretty much near death. The energy dissipated and left the two on the ground, nearly motionless. Everyone rushed over as Natsumi and Shiori released their forms and de-fused from the Bijuu, K. Naruto, and K. Sasuke. Natsumi however had one last thing she needed to do.

"Alright, you're not leaving here until you say it!" Natsumi picked up Naruto by his tattered collar. "Now let everyone hear it!"

Naruto barely opened his eyes, vision blurry. He could feel that Natsumi was holding him up, and could barely hear the words she was saying. But he knew what had happened. He had just suffered the most crushing and humiliating defeat in his entire life. He was just glad that his daughter wasn't there to see it. But he could slowly start to hear what Natsumi was screaming at him.

"Answer me Naruto! I want to hear you say it!" she said angrily.

"You…you…" Naruto barely spat out.

"We what? Say it, NOW!" Natsumi screamed directly in his face. "Say it or I finish you off once and for all!"

"You…win. The rivalry…is over. You…win." Naruto choked out.

Natsumi's face instantly changed. She wasn't angry or anything. In fact she was actually quite happy. She laid Naruto back down and took out a handkerchief. What surprised everyone was that she was trying to wipe away some of the blood on Naruto's face in a delicate fashion. "Now was that so hard, Naruto?" Those were the last words he heard before he blacked out.

An hour later…

"You're finally up." Naruto slowly awoke to see Hinata over his face, placing a cold compress on his head.

"What…happened?" he asked, causing Hinata to question him.

"You don't remember? You had your little spar with Natsumi and Shiori." Hinata replied as she patted his head down.

"Oh." He said quietly. "I remember now. We…won, didn't we?"

Hinata shook her head. "No Naruto. You didn't. In reality we learned that you and Sasuke never had a chance."

"I know. I just didn't…didn't want to admit it." Naruto sighed in defeat. "Today has…"

"Listen to me Naruto Uzumaki, if you think that just because you lost a sparring match and you're any less of who you are, then you're wrong." Hinata said sternly.

"Hinata, it's not that. Everything I know was thrown back in my face today. In Hima-chan's sparring match, she was so outclassed out there." Naruto said. "Everything I taught her was nothing compared to what Nabiki knew."

"Look, she just has a different training style than Hima-chan. I will admit we haven't really used everything we have for her training, but…" Hinata said before Naruto cut her off.

"But what Hinata? How can I go back home and stand before Konoha as Hokage, knowing that my own daughter was defeated with ease and I was absolutely destroyed in battle?" Naruto replied back. Hinata just paused at his words, but couldn't believe it.

"Hokage…since when did you…" Hinata was stunned. Were her husband's words true?

"It was this morning. Baa-chan told me that in a week I would be taking over as Hokage. But how can I do that now, knowing that I suffered a humiliating defeat like that." Naruto's voice was trembling in pain. Hinata knew that her husband always liked showing he was the best, and always dreamed of being Hokage, but this was like he lost the will to go on.

"Naruto sweetie, it was just one loss." Hinata tried to console him, but it wasn't working. "Look, next time, you'll…"

"There is no next time. Those two outsmarted us, out battled us, and out powered us." Naruto admitted in defeat. "It's over. Sasuke and I got overconfident and we had it shoved back into our faces."

"Well, I'll let you rest. Your wounds should heal quickly thanks to a serum Aunt Akane made." Hinata said as she took the compress off. "Also Otou-san wants us to come over tomorrow for afternoon tea. Now cheer up."

"Alright…if you say so." Naruto laid his head back down and turned over to go back to sleep.

"Oh Naruto…" Hinata sighed as she left the room.

Hinata went back downstairs where the rest of the bunch was still recovering after that intense battle. She wasn't sure what to think now that Naruto was feeling so defeated.

"So how is he?" asked K. Naruto.

Hinata looked at her husband's teenage counterpart with sorrow. "He's taking it really hard. Honestly I've never seen him like this ever."

"You know, I have to say, I think it's pretty good that he gets a taste of what it feels like to be completely defeated." Natsumi replied while she sipped her tea. "He's an awesome person, but his superiority complex was just too much."

"Wait, you knew about that as well?" Hinata looked confused.

"Yep. We all knew. We even know that he's set to become Hokage next week." K. Naruto replied, leaving Hinata to wonder why he wasn't acting jealous. "Aunt Keisei filled us in way before you guys got here."

"I don't understand any of this." Hinata was definitely more confused. "You actually did this to help him?"

"Hinata, we all know that Naruto is one of the only people that would risk everything to protect his home, family, friends, everything precious to him. But even you know that he gets very cocky because he thinks he can't be beat most of the time." Keisei said. "And after Akane-chan came to take care of us, I knew that when we came to see them, the rivalry would kick back in."

"So you knew that Naruto and Sasuke would want to do an all out challenge this time?" asked Hinata as she sat down on the sofa.

"I had a hunch. After the last time, things ended in a draw. But none of you heard Naruto say that if he had used the Spirit Bomb back then, he would have won." Keisei continued her explanation. "I knew that if he had the chance, he'd try it again."

"But that Spirit Bomb was weak. Shiori-chan and I barely felt anything when we were holding it back." Natsumi explained.

"That's because there was no power behind it at all. The Spirit Bomb draws energy from all living things in nature, and it can draw energy from people if they wish to give it. Only problem for Naruto is that in the Time Chamber, there's nothing to draw the energy from." Keisei continued. "And before you say anything, based on your abilities girls…unless he was able to draw energy from every point in the universe, he would have still lost to you. At best he could have tied."

"I guess we really have been very lax in our training. Naruto was even upset over Hima-chan's spar today." Hinata sighed. "He felt that everything he had been teaching her was thrown right back into his face when Nabiki completely outclassed Hima-chan."

"Well, you do know she has three high Jounin and one high Chuunin level ninja to train her, right?" Akane asked, causing Hinata to do a double take. "Karin and the Kitsune Trio aren't just ordinary kitsune."

"Ok, now I'm even more confused." Hinata replied, thinking that a 15 year old kitsune girl and 3 11 year old looking kitsune kids couldn't be that strong.

"Karin was trained from birth in the art of Kitsune medicine and healing. She may not have Tsunade's strength, but she has nearly all of her knowledge when it comes to medicine. That's why I asked if you would have her study under Tsunade to refine her skills." Akane said. "As for the Trio, well they're in a completely different league."

"How so?" Hinata asked.

"The three were raised to be royal guards. They had to undergo the harshest training known in order to be ready. When we finished Hima-chan's ritual, they had just finished training and at that point, they were classified as mid Jounin level shinobi. They may look like kids, but they're better than Gai, Kurenai, and Kakashi combined." Akane said, causing Hinata's jaw to hit the floor. "Kitoichi's genjutsu are almost as powerful as the Kurama Clan's jutsu, Kimiko's seal making speed exceeds that of Kakashi, and she knows well over 1500 jutsu, and Kohaku's taijutsu makes Gai look like a genin. Those three can be considered the Sannin Guard of the Kitsune Clan."

Hinata soon felt like she hit a major low point after hearing all of that. "Naruto's really not going to like this at all. He's only been using the Trio as babysitters and chore helpers around the house." Everyone grumbled in misery over hearing that.

"Ok I'm going up there and knock some more sense into that idiot." Natsumi was already rolling up her sleeves, but Haku stopped her from going any further.

"Don't kill him yet. At least wait till after Christmas so we can see what he gets. THEN we'll kill him and divide the loot." Haku said, getting a nod from Natsumi. "So what are we gonna do?"

"Unfortunately this isn't something we can do. Naruto himself has to overcome this." Akane explained. "He has to realize that defeat is a part of life, and that he can't win or be the best at everything."

"Hmm, you know something? How did Sasuke fare in all of this?" asked Natsumi.

Speaking of Sasuke…

"Sakura…why am I friends with that idiot again?" Sasuke groaned as Sakura tended to his wounds.

"Maybe because you're just as pig-headed as he is sometimes?" Sakura finished setting one of his broken bones. "Sasuke, you do realize that every time you and Naruto get into something, there's a building that gets destroyed or somebody gets a concussion, or you two get the sense knocked into you. Why did you two go along with this stupid rivalry in the first place?"

"I guess it was just to prove how strong we really are." Sasuke chuckled, but soon cringed in pain as Sakura set another broken bone in his leg. "I guess this was a big wakeup call. Looks like we really have been slacking off in our training."

"Slacking nothing! You two have practically put it off completely!" Sakura sighed at her husband's words. "Well at least you're taking it fairly well. Now get some rest. Dinner will be ready in about two hours. Shiori-chan is cooking tonight."

"Hmm sounds delicious. Speaking of which, where's Haru? Haven't heard from him in a while."

"So what's this cold stuff again?" Haru stood there looking at a cone of chocolate ice cream.

"You mean you don't know what ice cream is?" asked Nabiki as she paid for the three cones. Himawari and Haru shook their head negatively.

"No one's ever told us about it before. We've had snow cones because Mika-chan can make them, but that's it." Himawari said as she licked her cone of pineapple chunk ice cream. "Hey this is really good!"

"So do you bite it?" Haru still looked confused.

"No silly. You lick it. Because it's warm, it will start to melt so you have to lick it to keep it from melting." Nabiki demonstrated. "Once you finish the ice cream, then you can eat the cone."

Haru just looked over the cone a few more times before taking his first lick. "Hima-chan's right. This stuff is good."

"That's nothing. They have all kinds of ice cream dishes. See, look at those!" Nabiki pointed out the ice cream cakes, sundaes, parfaits, and banana splits. "You can put all kinds of toppings on it, like nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and whipped cream."

"You know Mika-chan's gonna be mad when we tell her we got to try ice cream." Himawari explained.

"Yeah, she'll want some too. You know we'll have to ask our mommies and daddies to bring some of this stuff home." Haru replied. "Thanks for taking us Nabiki-chan."

"Don't mention it. I come here with Akemi-chan and Riyu-chan all the time." Nabiki said as the three walked down the street.

The three kids just enjoyed the rest of the day with Nabiki taking them to all the spots that she went to with Akemi. After the ice cream parlor, they went to the candy shop where they got some free samples, and then they got to try some tacoyaki as well. They even went past the Yamanaka Flower shop where Ino did a quick five minute makeover, putting a braid in each girl's hair and decorating it with some flowers. Afterwards they were headed back to the Uzumaki Residence after taking Haru back to the Uchiha Mansion when Himawari had an interesting question.

"Nabiki-chan, can I ask you something?" asked the kitsune girl.

"Hmm? What is it?" Nabiki looked over while she was munching on some pocky.

"Earlier when Haru-kun said you were cute, how come you didn't get those crazy stars in your eyes and start squeezing him?" Himawari asked, wondering why Nabiki wasn't hit with the fangirl gene.

"Oh well, um…I don't really know. I mean it was nice that he said it, but it was nothing big." Nabiki replied while she kept munching on her pocky.

"So you're not going to try to squeeze him and stuff?" asked Himawari. Seems even at 5 years old, the kitsune girl was already starting to get suspicions about people liking her Haru.

Nabiki just paused to think for a bit and went on as normal, "Nope. Besides you're only gonna be here for like a week. I don't know if I'd get to see him again. But he is a really nice person. Thanks for introducing me to him."

Himawari couldn't believe it. Every single time she had seen another girl her age around Haru, they always got starry eyes and started fighting over him whenever he said they were cute. Somehow she still remembered when she fought over him with Hinata and Sakura once, but this was all brand new! She quickly ran in front of Nabiki and started staring her down.

"Uh…is there something on my face?" Nabiki asked as Himawari was profiling her.

Himawari did a good look one more time and backed off. "Nope, everything is ok."

"Ok, if you say so." Nabiki replied, thinking her cousin was a little weird. The two continued on to the house when they were greeted by Kimiko.

"Hey Nabiki-chan, where ya been?" asked the Inu hanyou. "And who's your friend?"

"I took Hima-chan and Haru-kun out for ice cream." Nabiki replied. "Oh yeah, Hima-chan, this is Kimiko-chan."

"Hmm…" Himawari was getting a good whiff of the air. "She smells like a puppy. Are you a puppy han…hanyu…hanyou?"

"Well actually, you could say that. My dad is the Great Dog Demon. So you're Himawari, I've heard a lot about you from Kasumi-chan." Kimiko replied. "Come on, dinner's probably ready and everyone's been wondering where you guys were."

The three hanyou girls entered only to find out that the holiday chaos just kicked into full force. The first of course was Inuyasha running for his life, wearing a red sweater and an ugly looking green hat.

"Kimiko, you gotta hide me! Your mother has gone insane!" Inuyasha ran behind his daughter, shaking in fear.

"Daddy, what is the matter with you?" Kimiko sighed when Kagome came down with some red ribbon.

"Kimiko-chan, hold your father down! I'm almost done with my design for the elf contest!" Kagome said as she approached even closer with the ribbon. "Now come on Inuyasha, I want that holiday cake of Akane's!"

"No way! I told you I'm not dressing like a stupid elf!" Inuyasha turned to make a break for it, but was soon halted by one little word.

"SIT!" Kagome commanded, forcing Inuyasha face first into the ground. She then grabbed him by the foot and dragged him back upstairs. "I need to remember I can always use that."

"Kimiko, please! Help me! Save me!!!" Inuyasha cried as he was dragged back upstairs. Kimiko could hear her uncles say things like "Thought you could get away, huh Dog Boy?" and "Let's see, we gotta go with something really tacky this year!"

"I swear this family is seriously weird." Kimiko sighed as Himawari and Nabiki just looked on. "We coulda gone to Grandma's but NOOOOO! We had to get stuck here with all of my insane aunts and uncles!"

So the week progressed on. Naruto was still in a slump over his defeat, even with everyone trying to tell him it wasn't as bad as he thought. He was still so out of it that he was completely oblivious to the holiday prank the boys had planned…which coincidentally backfired, leaving all of the guys, including Naruto and Sasuke covered in popcorn, caramel, and whipped cream. The Bijuu boys weren't having much luck either. Somehow they all forgot that wool plus a Lightning Bijuu equals a wall blown out of the lounge. They ended up having Inuyasha in some corny green and red wool getup that had him so itchy, he couldn't help but start scratching like a madman. And that in turn caused so much electricity to build up that it blew a hole in Arashi's lounge…taking three bottles of the good sake with it!

Now to say the girls were getting away with everything scot free was an understatement. Their mother Kouin managed to take a small vacation to get away and finally come visit, causing Keisei to squeal like a little girl…literally. Seems Yugito's plan to spike the eggnog with a dose of the Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion for her brothers to drink backfired big time. Daisuke caught her spiking it and he switched it with a different batch. Of course at the holiday toast all the guys were basically staring at every single girl in the house (minus Akemi, Riyu, Nabiki, and Himawari) as kids between the ages of 6-14! Now Sasuke, K. Naruto, and K. Sasuke could not help but crack up at this. Especially after K. Naruto went crazy and gave noogies to a trio of 9-year olds by the names of Haku, Natsumi, and Kasumi! Then there was the part with Itachi stuck somewhere between being depressed and strangely confused because he was staring at a 10-year old version of his blue haired girlfriend. Kouin on the other hand…well…

"MOM!!!!" Makoto screamed at the top of her lungs. "I said I hate wearing a stupid dress!!!!" Seems she was reliving one of her worst nightmares…being put in a dress!

"Oh come now Mako-chan. I said you only have to wear it for a little bit while I get enough pictures to take back to your father!" Kouin figured that Makoto would be the one to struggle the most during the girls' family picture, since that little trip back in time brought out all of the wonderful traits that her daughters had…which meant Akane was getting frustrated over having to be the responsible one, Mai was the airhead ditz that tried to flirt with any guy she could meet…well for a 13 year old anyway. Too bad Konohamaru was now her prime target and she ended up in a heated staring contest with Akemi this time! Shinja…well, she was back to her stuck up, snooty, princess self…and mind you an 8 year old Hachibi princess is NOT a good thing to anger. And then there was Yugito…no one could figure it out, but somehow this 7-year old version of her took her pranking to an untold level! They couldn't figure it out but in the time-span of just four minutes, she managed to cause every ounce of eggnog to be poured down the drain, Inuyasha was now a purple haired…well he was still being put in tacky elf costumes, and every single person with a tail over the age of 8 somehow had their tails completely shaved bald!

"So…Uncle Daisuke? Were the holidays this insane when you were a kid?" asked K. Naruto as he and Daisuke stood watching the insanity…well Yugito and the other girls tormenting everyone else in the house.

"Yep. Brings back memories. Naruto, I tell you, nothing beats a good family Christmas." Daisuke answered. "These are the memories you'll treasure for a lifetime."

"Lifetime my foot! Now are you gonna think up something Daisuke!" Akane whined as she was chasing after Yugito…again. "This crazy cat is not making things good!"

"Hmm…naa, I'll let you handle it sis. Mother always said you're the responsible one, remember?" Daisuke laughed.

Akane just burned with anger, "I said it once…and I'll say it again…I HATE BEING THE OLDEST GIRL!!!"

K. Naruto and Daisuke just stood there as she stormed off back into the living room to try and cage her insane sister. "You know, the holidays really do bring families closer together." K. Naruto said.

Daisuke patted his nephew on the back, "They sure do. Especially when your family should be locked in a mental institution and the keys should be melted into kunai. Come on, let's go get some holiday tea. Luckily Akane made some before the insanity."

"I'll drink to that!" K. Naruto agreed as they headed into the kitchen.

About an hour later…

"Whew! Finally got all those girls to settle down!" Kouin came into the kitchen where K. Naruto, K. Sasuke, Itachi, Daisuke, and Inuyasha were still enjoying the insanity. "I forgot how crazy it can be with those girls."

"Now Mother, it's just been a while since you've gotten to enjoy that." Daisuke handed a cup of tea to his mother. "Too bad Father isn't here to film it like he normally did."

"I'll say. But seeing my girls like that brings so much happiness to this old girl's heart." Kouin smiled as she sipped her tea. "And to see little Keisei-chan again, oh I wanted just squeeze the life out of her!! She grew up to be such a beautiful woman."

K. Naruto soon had an interesting question, "Grandma Kouin, why did you send Aunt Keisei to that other dimension? Wouldn't it have been better to leave her in our world?"

Kouin figured now might be the best time to explain things. "Actually Naruto, Akane and Keisei were a special case. It goes back to after we had cut ties with our former friend Yami." She noticed everyone looking quite confused, even Daisuke and Inuyasha as well. "You see, there are really Three Divine Gods that created everything, myself, Kami, and Yami, God of Reality."

"God of Reality?" asked Itachi.

"Yes. Kami is the God of Space and Dimension, I am the Goddess of Time, and Yami controls Reality. Long ago, after the three of us created everything, both Kami and Yami started vying for well…me. It was very difficult to choose between the two. It got so bad that the two of them started a cosmic war." Kouin explained. "In the end, Yami won by using underhanded tactics. I couldn't stand for that and banished him into a time prison, held by five keystones."

"Then why haven't any of us heard of him before?" asked Itachi. "I mean we all knew of Kami being the Creator, but why did we never hear about you or Yami?"

"Kami and I decided that we would keep all of that very secretive. If no one knew of me or Yami, it would help keep balance. Well that and I've never really been good at the whole 'pray to Kouin for blessings' type thing. Kami-kun was always the best at that." Kouin replied. "So he took over and I stayed behind the scenes."

"Ok, now how did that affect Akane-chan and Keisei-Chan?" Daisuke questioned.

"Just before I sealed away Yami, he placed a reality curse on me. It was a curse that would force me to send one of my children away to another dimension, isolated from their family for all eternity." Kouin continued her explanation. "When Ryu-kun was born, I thought it was going to be him, but that wasn't the case. I then had a future vision and it turned out the curse was placed on Akane and Keisei."

"Then why didn't both of them get sent to a different dimension?" Inuyasha questioned. "It just doesn't make sense."

"It's true Inu-kun, it doesn't make sense. But what Kami and I did was merge our powers in order to try and break the curse. We were successful in breaking the curse on Akane, but since I had just delivered the two girls, I was very weak and we were only half successful on Keisei. Because of that, technically Keisei-chan can only exist in this world for no more than 6 months at a time. If she goes beyond that, her body begins to break down and she could die in less than 24 hours." Kouin continued as she sipped her tea. "Because of this, Kami sent her to a parallel dimension he created. Since she was no longer in her own world, the curse would not affect her. She would grow up, not even knowing she was cursed at birth. She would be able to live her life and eventually become a spiritual guardian with the other tailed beasts of that world. He also implanted the secret of dimension travel in her, so that she could someday come back to this world. Luckily she passed that down to Naruto and they were able to come back."

"Too bad that wasn't the case. Seems in that world they treat the Bijuu as demonic monsters, and she was sealed into their Naruto because of it." Daisuke nodded his head in reply. "Mother, is there any way to fully break the curse?"

Kouin nodded her head. "At this point, there isn't any way for Kami and me to do it. We would have to destroy Yami and take his power for our own in order to accomplish that."

"Ok…so destroying a God is gonna be pretty difficult. Well, at least she can stay for about 6 months. That's still good enough. Hard to believe this was all due to a lover's quarrel." Inuyasha replied.

"Inu-kun, you've never seen a quarrel between Kami and Yami. Those two airheads took fighting for love to a new level!" Kouin replied. "Honestly it pained me so much not to be around her. But now…"

"Um…Oka-san?" 14-year-old Keisei entered the dining area and had a tray of snacks made. "I thought you might be hungry, so I made these for you."

"Oh Keisei-chan, you are so wonderful to your mother." Keisei said and she dined on the snacks. "These are wonderful! You know, I'm starting to wonder if the other girls would have been better off with you around. Maybe Shinja wouldn't have been so spoiled and Mako-chan would have been more of a girl instead of a tomboy."

"We heard that!!" snapped Shinja and Makoto. Akane just walked by with an evil look and said to Keisei, "You little suck up!"

Kouin simply sighed at her daughters. "Keisei-chan, what I wouldn't give to have seen you grow up. Hmm, you know I wonder…I think I can put a time stasis jutsu on you and let you stay 14 for a while."

"Well, that would be fun, but I don't know if Naruto would like seeing me this way. But I will stay this way for you while you're here." Keisei replied. "I mean it's not every day that we do get to spend time together."

"Then it's settled!" Kouin said as she grabbed hold of her lost daughter. "Oh I am going to have a ball with you Keisei-chan!"

"And thus…the insanity of a Bijuu Family Christmas." Daisuke said. "Boys, you can imagine just how messed up it's going to be when all of you have kids."

"Don't remind us!" K. Naruto, K. Sasuke, and Itachi said in unison.

Though not everyone was enjoying the holidays as much as they should. Naruto was still lost in thought over his defeat earlier in the week. Seems it hit him harder than anyone thought. He spent most of his time staring at the village on the balcony of the mansion, replaying the image in his head over and over again.

"How? How could I have been so blind? I set myself up and let them run right over me." He said to himself. "It's like they knew my strategy all along."

"Naruto you dork, are you still up here?" Akemi came up and saw him still moping around. "Geez, what is wrong with you?"

"Akemi-chan, uh, I was just…" Naruto tried to explain but Akemi knew.

"You were still moping over the fact that Natsumi-chan and Shiori-chan beat the living daylights out of you. Look I know how you types are." Akemi sighed. "If you don't have some form of superiority complex, you have an avenger complex. I've dealt with that plenty of times."

"Ok what is it with you and Kasumi? This feels like a crazy case of déjà-vu from 4 years ago." Naruto asked.

"It's because I try to take after her the most." Akemi replied. "Naruto, why are you letting this bother you so much? Sasuke-kun got over it in no time."

Naruto still wondered just what she was talking about, "It's just…"

"It's just that you were so sure of yourself that you'd win and prove you're still stronger." Akemi replied, shocking Naruto even more. "Ever since you won 4 years ago, and then tied last year, you wanted to put an end to this and prove your superiority."

"Are you secretly a Yamanaka or something? Because it seemed like you were just reading my mind or something." Naruto looked amazed that Akemi could know so much.

"Naruto, it's not that hard. My brother is the same way sometimes. But you gotta understand Naruto, we're not training just to be better ninja and become stronger. We're training to kill a maniac that's bent on complete destruction."

"Madara Uchiha…is he really that bad here?" asked Naruto.

"It was because of him that I took the full force of Kasumi-chan's Starburst Cannon in a straight duel. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy trying to use that attack when you don't have the Light Gem." Akemi explained. "And if you think losing Hinata once before was bad, you have no idea the pain I went through."

"But you're only 12? What could have happened?" Naruto could see she was starting to tear up.

"You didn't have to hear that your only brother…someone who made an eternal promise to always protect his little sister…" Akemi was barely able to talk due to her tears. "You didn't have to hear that your brother killed your boyfriend in cold blood!"

Naruto couldn't believe it. He had heard about how Kasumi was placed under mind control, but K. Naruto as well? "You're lying! There's no way Naruto would ever do that!"

"You don't get it! Right after Kasumi-chan killed Jiraiya-jii-san; she corrupted Naruto-nii-kun and Kimiko-chan!" Akemi screamed back. "Nii-kun was lucky to be able to split from Natsumi-chan, but it turned him pure evil when he did that! Even though I wasn't there, he told me just how bad it was. He said as much as he hated it…the corruption made him take pure pleasure in killing Konohamaru! So don't you even tell me you know how I feel!"

Naruto soon felt even worse than before, "Akemi-chan, I'm sorry. I didn't think that…"

"You're damn right you didn't think!" Akemi ripped into him once more. "We're not out to prove we're better than you! We're trying to show you that we're fighting for our lives, our homes, everything! Don't you get it! If we lose against Madara…we lose EVERYTHING!!"

"Look, I'm sorry! It was just that after seeing everything I took pride in, from Hima-chan's training to my own abilities…it was all thrown back in my face. I just didn't know what to think." Naruto replied. Unfortunately it only made Akemi even angrier.

"So it was about your stupid pride!" Naruto could see Akemi's aura burning. She was so furious that she immediately changed into her armor form. "Auntie Keisei was right! You deserved to lose like you did and so did Hima-chan!"

"Hey, hold on…" Naruto could barely finish as he ducked under Akemi's Starburst Ray.

"You idiot! You know why Hima-chan lost? Because you're the most pathetic teacher in existence! We gave you four of the best kitsune in our clan and for what! You use them for chores and babysitting? Kimiko herself could make Kakashi-san look like an academy student and you used her to do your dishes!" Naruto saw that her hand was glowing for another attack. "And what about Karin-chan? Why hasn't she been able to teach Hima-chan the basics of medical ninjutsu? Because your damn pride clouded your judgment, that's why!"

Naruto stood there speechless. He knew that Karin and the Trio were skilled kitsune, but he had no idea they were good enough to make Konoha's best Jounin look pathetic. He then thought back at how he was training Himawari. He only worked with her training 2-3 times a week and for maybe 2 hours at the most, when compared to Nabiki who was training 6 days a week, 3 hours straight. He even learned the little Kame hanyou would train on her own, working to get her skills better. Maybe he really was letting his own pride make things worse.

"Nothing to say? Well you know something; I have one last thing I want to say to you Naruto Uzumaki!" Akemi let out all her rage and slammed her fist into his stomach, bringing him to his knees. "See where your pathetic pride got you? A 12 year old girl brought you to your knees!" She was still so angry that she punched him in the face a few times, busting open his lip and even breaking his nose. And the black eye she gave him…was NOT pretty. Everyone else heard what was happening and ran up to see the two.

"What in the…Akemi, what's going on!" Arashi asked sternly.

"I thought I could come up here and help this loser, but apparently I can't." Her rage had once again changed to tears. "And Naruto, I'm so glad you're not my brother! At least he understands that pride isn't everything. It makes me sick to think that in some other world you're him." She took off and ran to her room full speed in tears. Everyone else ran over to check on Naruto.

"Naruto, what happened?" Hinata already had healing chakra going over his face. "What did you say to her?"

"I think it was a mistake…with the whole rivalry thing." Naruto struggled to his feet. "I thought losing to Natsumi was bad…but losing to Akemi was worse."

Arashi helped up Naruto, wanting to know what happened. "What did she say to you? Akemi-chan has never been this way."

"I learned just how bad I screwed up…not only as a ninja, but as a father and teacher as well." Naruto said in a down voice. "I deserved everything she gave me."

"Naruto, just take your time. Get some rest and in three days we'll…" Hinata said, but Naruto cut her off.

"In three days, I'm going back home…and I'm telling Baa-chan that I refuse the title of Hokage. This week proved I'm not worthy of that title." Naruto replied.

"Now that's not true Naruto! You've wanted this since you were a kid. This is your dream!" Arashi said, trying to cheer him up.

"It was my dream…but not anymore." Naruto said as he placed two fingers near his forehead. "Not anymore." In a flash he used his Instant Transmission and had vanished.

"Where'd he go?" asked Hinata. "Sasuke, do you know where he went?"

"I wish I did. He's closed off his telepathic link. I have no clue where he is now." Sasuke shook his head negatively.

Hinata just sighed at everything. "What am I going to do? I should be at his side, supporting him through this, but a small part of me is actually happy that he feels this way." She put her hands on her face and began to cry. "What kind of wife am I if I'm happy at my husband's misery?"

"You're a caring one…that's what." Akane pulled Hinata close and comforted her. "But this is something he needs to sort out himself. Naruto is the only one that can find the answers to this problem."So...Things went from bad to worse for Naruto. His daughter loses and then he suffers the worst defeat of his entire life. And now he doesn't want to be Hokage!!! How will his family help him pull out of his slump and return to his dream? And how is Keisei enjoying being 14 and spending time with Kouin again? And what does the rest of the Bijuu clan have in store for Inuyasha!!! Just how horrific is he going to look in this whole elf dressing competition!!! Stay tuned for the conclusion of the Bijuu Wars/Hinata's Guardian Crossover special!

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