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2009 Chirstmas Omake Special

Neokenshin: Hi all. This is just a small short for the holidays.

Kasumi: And this is also us wishing each and every one of our readers a safe and happy Christmas holiday.

Neokenshin: Enjoy everyone!

Omake special: The Perfect Christmas Gift

(A/N: This is a special holiday short that happens somewhere in between Part 2 and 3 of the Christmas Crossover, meaning RasenganFin's bunch is still here as well.)

Shiori sighed as she looked over books and magazines, trying to figure out just what to give Kasumi for Christmas. Since it was technically her first Christmas as a true girl and not part of K. Sasuke, she wanted to make it truly special. Unfortunately she was about to blow a fuse in her brain from thinking so hard.

"Why is this so blasted difficult!!!" She slammed her head on the coffee table as she kept thinking of something. "Jewelry is so overused, clothes are blah, money and gift cards say 'I couldn't think of anything', plushies are too…well I dunno!"

"Shiori-chan, is everything OK?" Mikoto overheard the pounding from the kitchen and went to check and see what was happening.

"Oka-san, why does picking out a gift have to be this hard?" Shiori grumbled. "Everything I see, somehow Kasumi-hime has something like it."

"Hmm, well let's see? What about making her something? You know, like some earmuffs or something like that?" asked Mikoto. Shiori shook her head in defeat. "Already did something like that?"

"Yeah remember the book of coupons I gave her after she got out of the hospital? I gave her those and she loved them. But I can't do that again!" Shiori cried as she put her head back on the table.

"Hmm, ok then, what about something from Konoha's Secrets? You know she loves that cranberry apple body spray." Mikoto hinted, but was soon shot down again.

"I got her that mega size bottle with lifetime refill last year." Shiori replied.

"Maybe some lingerie? I saw some really cute stuff there a few days ago." Mikoto asked.

"To be honest I'd rather see her out of her lingerie than in it." Shiori grumbled, suddenly realizing what she just said. "Wait…I mean, well that is…"

"Shiori Uchiha…I didn't think you had a little bit of a pervy side in you." Mikoto saw her daughter was beet red. She just went over and rubbed her ears to calm her down. "Cute, just like your kitsune queen. Why not go and ask around. You can probably get a ton of ideas from everyone else? And who knows, maybe just walking around town will help you come up with something."

"I guess you're right." Shiori sighed in defeat. "Ok then, I'll be back later Oka-san." Shiori got up and headed out into town. Just as she left Mikoto got a phone call.

"Uchiha Residence." She answered. "Hi Kasumi-chan...Shiori-chan just left…Oh yeah she was going crazy about what to get you…yeah I think she'll like that…you know you are such a wonderful daughter-in-law…knowing her she'll be going mental in a few hours…yeah spring it on her tonight and she'll love it…ok bye Kasumi-chan."

Shiori walked through the village, checking all of the shops to see what she could even come close to finding. But for some reason nothing stood out at all.

"Weapons…yeah why would a girl that fires blasts of light need weapons." Shiori said to herself as she walked past the Armory. "She's already got enough dresses and kimonos, plus that Kaoru Kinamori original that she got a few months back. Already did the 'naked girlfriend' thing when she was feeling miserable back before I got my seal. She doesn't need shoes…wait, did I just say a girl doesn't need shoes? Ok I gotta be going insane here." She just sighed and kept walking through town. Eventually she got so bored that she finally just went to Ichiraku's where most of the bunch was.

"Hey Shiori-chan, why so glum?" asked Konan as Shiori sat down in their booth.

"I still don't know what to get Kasumi-hime for Christmas. I've thought of just about everything and nothing comes to mind." Shiori sighed as Ayame brought her a glass of water.

"Did you try shoes?" asked Hinata.

"Yep. I actually said she didn't need them!" Shiori replied.

"Clothes?" Konan asked.


"Weapons?" Konan continued.

"Thought of that too."

"What about the 'naked girlfriend' thing?" Konan figured that one had to work!

"More than once."

Hinata and Konan looked befuddled. Everything they mentioned was definitely something they'd all go for…well except for the naked girlfriend thing because they'd rather have their men. So there had to be something Shiori could do.

"Ok, you got me fox girl. I always thought you'd try to give her one of those kitsune potions and make her your love slave for one night. I mean you guys are married." Konan said, causing Shiori to go red in the face again.

"Nee-chan!!!! I can't do that! Kasumi-hime and I promised we'd wait until I was 18. Though it does kinda suck that she'll be 18 next month and I won't be for another year." Shiori sighed. "This really sucks. I have to get her the perfect gift!"

"Try not to think too much about it. I'm sure you'll find just the right gift." Hinata replied as their meal arrived.

"I hope you're right Hinata-chan, I hope you're right." Shiori replied as she slowly ate her ramen.

After they ate, Shiori walked around town some more and even went to the mall to look for a gift. She still had no luck and practically felt miserable that she couldn't find anything. It was starting to get dark so she went back home. She had called Mikoto earlier and told her she wanted to stay with Kasumi tonight because it might help her get some ideas. After she picked up some clothes, she headed over to the Uzumaki household for the night.

Shiori had been lying on the bed, flipping channels while Kasumi was in the shower. She still kept thinking of what would be a good gift, and still had nothing in her head. She just decided to crawl under the blankets and go on to sleep. What she didn't know is…

"Shiori-chan…wake up princess."

"Kasumi-hime…what's the matter?" Shiori felt a little groggy, but noticed that the lights had been dimmed. She soon noticed Kasumi standing by her bedroom door…and definitely not wearing her normal pajamas.

"A little fox told me that you've been having a hard time finding my Christmas present." Kasumi slowly took her time walking up to Shiori. Instead of her regular pajamas, Kasumi was only laced in a red and white bra and panty set, with a red Santa hat on. "I don't know why you had to think so hard. But it's nice you gave me my present early.

Shiori was still trying to get her bearings when she noticed she was stripped down to her own underwear and now wearing a bright red ribbon, "Uh…Kasumi-hime?"

Kasumi sat down beside Shiori and started pulling the ribbon apart. "I don't know why you think you need to get me something. I have one of the best gifts ever…you silly." Kasumi pulled the ribbon off and already had Shiori pinned to the bed. "And I think I've been a very good girl this year so I wanna play with my gift early."

Shiori saw the huge smile on Kasumi's face, but suddenly remembered, "What about our promise Kasumi-hime! We both promised Akane-oka-san we'd wait until I turned 18."

"Oh I know. But she told us we couldn't go all the way. That means we can at least make it to Third Base." Kasumi was already going full speed, kissing on Shiori's neck. "And Shiori-chan…"

"What is it Kasumi-hime?" asked the Uchiha kitsune girl.

"Thank you for the perfect Christmas gift. Early Merry Christmas my sweet princess." Kasumi said, locking lips once again.

In the heat of all the making out going on, Shiori understood what Kasumi meant. She did find the perfect Christmas gift for her and she planned to be one of Kasumi's favorite gifts for a long time.

Yeah it's small, but it's for all the wonderful readers that have stayed with my cast over the past 3 years. So from myself and the entire cast of The Bijuu Wars, we want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See ya in 2010!!!

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