The Bijuu Wars

2009 Holiday Crossover Part 3

K. Hinata: Hey what's the matter with Naruto?

Hinata: He's still bummed about the last chapter. I think it's the whole 'losing' thing.

K. Hinata: Oh! Well you think he'll be happy when he gets to see the surprise we got for our bunch?

Hinata: Probably. Though from what I heard he, Sasuke, and RasenganFin might wanna steer clear. I heard Kenshin got his hands on something big.

Neokenshin(carrying a very LARGE weapon) Ok, where are they!

RasenganFin: Where are....WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!

Neokenshin: Oh this...this is for hours of headache while trying to write this everloving chapter! Say hello to the RYNO 5!

Everyone else: RYNO???

Neokenshin: Yeah it stands for Rip Ya a New One. And that's what I'm gonna do to laughing boy over there! Dance!!!! (Pulls trigger, firing an untold salvo of just about...well everything.)

K. Naruto: Is that thing playing the 1812 Overture?

K. Sasuke: is. Why do we do these crossovers again?

Kasumi: It's good for PR. Well everyone enjoy the last part of the cross. Hope you're enjoying the 2010 Fanfiction Season! And remember, All characters are owned by their respective authors.

2009 Holiday Crossover: The rise of a new legend Part 3

Another day passed and there had been no trace of Naruto. He never returned home and it had everyone worried about him. Hinata wasn't taking it too well either, simply because a part of her felt she needed to be by his side, and another part told her it that he deserved this. She knew she needed advice and figured…well father knows best.

"Hinata, what brings you here? You seem troubled?" Hiashi was in his study when Hinata entered. "Come, have a seat and talk for a while." He then motioned to one of the servants to bring tea.

"Otou-san…I'm in a real dilemma. It's about Naruto." Hinata began. "He's gone missing and no one knows where he is."

"Why has he disappeared?" asked Hiashi.

Hinata took a deep breath and began to explain, "It all started after he and Sasuke lost to Natsumi and Shiori. He's always had a superiority complex and every time we've gotten together with the others, he's always wanted to show off how strong he is." She took a sip of her tea to clear her throat before continuing. "This time he wanted to prove that he was stronger than Naruto and Sasuke by challenging them to a full power duel."

"Let me guess, he completely underestimated them." Hiashi guessed.

"Underestimated is just the beginning of it. I couldn't believe the sheer power that radiated from Natsumi and Shiori. There was no way he could even come close to their level of power. It only got worse by the fact that Hima-chan was badly defeated in her spar with Nabiki-chan."

Hiashi knew of Nabiki's training from Hanabi and Hoshiko, and knew the little Kame hanyou was very vigilant in her training. "I see. Well have you utilized the training guides I gave you?"

"Unfortunately Otou-san, we haven't. And I feel that we're not maximizing Hima-chan's potential." Hinata sighed. "Naruto said he wanted to be the one to train her, because he believed that his training would make sure she would be in the top of her academy class." She simply stared at the tealeaf in her cup, wondering about everything. "It only got worse after Akemi tried to talk to him."

"Tell me, was it successful?" Hiashi asked. Hinata nodded her head negatively. "I see, what was the outcome?"

"Apparently Naruto found out the hard way, but he learned just what everyone has been through. He even learned about what happened to Konohamaru, and he couldn't believe that things had gotten so bad." Hinata replied. "I didn't even know that K. Naruto was the one that killed him."

"Yes, that was a very dark time. My Hinata was so troubled that even with Natsumi-chan to comfort her, she felt it wasn't the same." Hiashi explained. "She missed the warmth and comfort that K. Naruto gave her. He was a source of strength for her, and to see him down the path of darkness and evil tore at her heart. It hurt her even more when she faced him by herself in battle."

"She fought him! How…I mean I don't understand how she could stare down K. Naruto like that!" Hinata said in shock. Even she didn't know that her counterpart went through that much pain.

"It was her will to bring him home. She even stood up to Arashi and the other Bijuu and said, and I quote, 'I don't care. I'm going to bring my fiancé home, and not one person in this room is going to stop me! And forgive me for saying this, but not even the Slug Sannin, the Yellow Flash, or the Bijuu themselves can stop me from doing this.' That's how dead set she was on bringing K. Naruto back to her." Hiashi said, noticing the look on his alternate daughter change.

"Unbelievable. Her strength through all of that must have been a difficult trial for her." Hinata said, when she felt Hiashi's hand on her shoulder.

"And you possess that same strength. Just because you have a different life than my Hinata doesn't mean you're any different from her. You haven't failed at all." Hiashi comforted her. "In fact if I didn't know any better, I'd think I was talking to Hikari-chan."

Hinata had a quick thought and realized that it was this world's version of her mother Hinode. "You really believe so?"

"Hinata, I know you are just like her. You have a caring yet strong spirit. You've learned much not only as a woman, but also as a loving mother and devoted wife as well. And I can tell you have that forsaken mischief gene in all Hyuuga women!" Hiashi said, getting Hinata to laugh a little. "Just take some time to reflect on everything. Naruto will come around when he is ready and you need to be there to be his pillar. The two of you draw strength from each other, and he will need you more than ever."

Hinata completely understood his words and felt renewed. "Thank you Otou-san." She said with a warm embrace. "I really needed this talk."

"A father's love and wisdom is always available for his little girl." Hiashi replied. "Any time you need that comfort, you can always come home."

Two more days had passed and it was Christmas Day. Everyone was going crazy over the massive load of gifts gotten, and of course there was the traditional 'Christmas Frenzy' at the Uzumaki house. But considering that this year, they had to take on the Goddess of Time herself…everyone just decided to give Kouin the first slice of holiday cake because they knew there was no way they could beat her. Then there was the shock from all the boys…well all of them except for Arashi when they found out about Kasumi and K. Hinata's surprise.

"Uh, you know you can close your mouths and stop drooling now." Natsumi said as all the boys were now staring at the newly completed Team Illumina residence.

"That…that…that…that…that…." K. Naruto kept stuttering. He tried his hardest to get out his words, but he was so in shock he couldn't say anything else!

"You mean to tell me…this place…is OURS?????" K. Sasuke blurted out. "How in the WORLD…"

"Sasuke-chan, a girl never reveals her secrets." Kasumi chuckled as she tickled his chin. "Now if you think this is insane, wait till you see what's inside." She led them all inside and that's when things went from good to crazy! "So what do you think?"

The boys could not believe what they saw. The kitchen was massive and stocked with every type of food they loved. K. Hinata even said she had a special gift added just for K. Naruto and Natsumi.

"Hina-chan, did I ever tell you just how much I love you." K. Naruto said as he stared at the new Ichiraku Ramen delivery system. K. Hinata had Dr. Sakurano help her install a vacuum tube system that went directly to Ichiraku's. There was a monitor with the entire menu, and even a special custom menu that would let K. Naruto and Natsumi make whatever ramen they wanted. All they had to do was choose and in no time, their order was delivered.

"I didn't think it was possible. This…this is like the heavens have opened up and have graced us with every divine blessing known!" Natsumi was in tears of joy knowing that she could get ramen, and ANY type of ramen, any day of the week at just the push of her fingers. She was crying her eyes out on K. Hinata's shoulder because she was so happy. "Hina-chan, you didn't have to do this at all!!!"

"I know Natsu-chan, but I wanted to make sure my special girl had the best gift ever." K. Hinata said as she rubbed her girlfriend's back.

"Oh that's nothing. Come check this out." Kasumi said as she led them into the living room. She took a remote from the wall and prepared to watch the new show. "Now you're probably wondering there is that massive wall, right? Well…boys I present to you…" She pushed a button on the remote and sure enough, the boys had eyes the size of dinner plates.

"Sasuke…are we dead or something?" K. Naruto asked as he stared at the massive screen.

"We have to be. You would only find something this awesome in Heaven itself!" K. Sasuke replied. "Kasumi-chan, just how big is this screen?"

"Oh this…um, well last time we measured it was 200 inches." Every boy in the room hit the floor the instant she said that. "But that's not the best part. Go ahead and sit down, and trust me, you'll want to wear the sunglasses."

"Ok if you say so." K. Naruto, K. Sasuke, Sasuke, and Itachi all went and sat down on the chairs, which were extremely comfortable, took a pair of sunglasses and stared at the screen. "So what next?"

"Oh, you'll see." Kasumi grabbed a remote off the wall and closed the door. She pressed a button and just stood there. A few minutes passed and everyone was still wondering what was going on.

"Kasumi-chan, what was that button you pushed?" asked Konan as she saw the four boys walk out. What was surprising is that their hair was all spiked backwards, and for some reason K. Naruto's eyes were as large as plates.

"Kasumi, what did you do to get the sound like that?" K. Naruto said in a bland voice.

"I pressed this button. Why, was it too much?" Kasumi said as K. Naruto took the remote.

"No, not at all." K. Naruto replied as he and the other boys went back in the room and closed the door.

"Ok I gotta find out just what is going on in there." Haku said, as she was about to open the door.

"Haku, no!" Kasumi and K. Hinata tried to stop her but it was too late. The moment she opened the door, all the girls were slammed back full speed into the foyer from the sheer force of wind.

"What the hell is going on!!!" Haku asked as she was trying to break herself from one of the walls.

"They're listening to the sound demo!!!! Ever heard 'Ride of the Valkyries' at full blast? From a big enough speaker, the wind it creates is insane!" Kasumi screamed back. "Because the speakers in there are so huge, we had to soundproof the room!"

"Well you coulda told me!" Haku snapped back.

"We did you idiot!!" Kasumi and K. Hinata replied.

Needless to say the boys spent a good two hours of the day just from the rush of the sound demo. When the girls finally broke them free of the wall they had been slammed into, and also wiped the crazy smiles off their faces because they were enjoying the rush so much, they all ended up in the other dimension for the new Hokage coronation ceremony. They also hoped that they could find Naruto and hopefully bring him to his senses.Speaking of Naruto…

"Hard to believe Baa-chan asked me to be Hokage of this village. If someone like me were to lead, I'd end up getting everyone killed." Naruto sighed as he overlooked the village from the Hokage Mountain. "Well whoever they get for Hokage will be a good choice, way better than I could ever be."

Naruto figured it would be better to avoid the coronation area and thought he could take a walk through town to clear his mind. Anything could be better than today. He walked through Konoha, looking at the decorations and sights of the village as everyone was in celebration of the holidays and saw how happy people were. It gave him small flashbacks of how things used to be for him until his rude awakening. He just sighed and went back home, hoping to just let the day pass.

"Guess no one's here." Naruto sighed as he entered his home. "Oh well, it's probably for the better any…" He was knocked out of his thoughts from a stray pillow. That and the rampant running of four kitsune in the house.

"Kohaku, get back here!" Kohaku was running full speed and jumped over Naruto, not even knowing he was there. Apparently he snuck into Kimiko's room and tied her tails together as her present. "I swear I'm gonna kill you for that!"

"Oh come on sis! You know you loved it!" Kohaku replied as he dodged another flying pillow, only to get hit in the back of the head by a swing from Karin.

"Did you really think you'd get away that easy?" Karin said with a sneaky smile. "Hey Kimiko, free hits!"

Kimiko wasn't one to pass up an opportunity. She was all over Kohaku like a Lion on a Gazelle! "Oh, it's gonna be a Merry Christmas now!"

"Kimiko wait!" Kitoichi was running in to try and keep his sister from turning Kohaku into a…well…let's say it was really bad. However he wasn't watching where he was going and tripped over Naruto. "Ugh…I knew this would be a bad ide…e…e…e…eeeeeeeeee!!"

"Kitoichi what's your…oh crap!" Karin saw Naruto face first on the ground after he had gotten hit. "Naruto, are you ok?"

"It was Kohaku's fault, I swear!" Kimiko jumped off him and was doing everything she could to keep from feeling the wrath of Naruto. "Look, I told him that he shouldn't try to dip into the ramen stash, but he wouldn't listen."

"What are you blaming me for? You're the one that said 'Hey look, Naruto's gone so let's get the good stuff!' Don't even try to pin it on me sister!" Kohaku retaliated in his defense.

"It's ok guys. Feel free to have as much as you want." Naruto said as he got to his feet. "I mean it's Christmas. Besides, who says you four can't have some fun while I'm gone. I mean technically you guys are way older than me, and can probably even show me a thing or two." That caused the four kitsune to just stare and wonder who they were talking to.

"Who are you and what did you do to Naruto?" asked Kohaku.

Naruto just gave a false smile, "It's me Kohaku. Who else keeps it hidden from Hinata that you like to sneak one of her cinnamon rolls from time to time."

"Ok so you're Naruto, but what the heck is wrong with you?" Karin asked, noting his change in attitude. "Normally you'd get totally ticked if we touched your ramen, let alone have a pillow war in the house."

"I guess I'm trying to say…I'm sorry I took you guys for granted." Naruto actually bowed to the four, causing some horrific effects.

"Karin-chan, I'm scared!" Kimiko shot behind Karin, trembling in fear over Naruto's apology. "He…he…hide me!"

"Ok that settles it! You can't be Naruto. He'd never swallow his blasted pride and say something like that to us. All we ever get is 'Thanks for babysitting and helping with the chores' and crud like that." Kohaku replied. "Since when has Naruto ever taken appreciation for our skills? He probably has no clue just what we can do."

"You're right. I don't know what you can do. I was too stuck up on my own pride about training Hima-chan that I didn't realize what you four could do. And that's why I'm sorry for taking you for granted." Naruto replied. "That's why I'm now entrusting her training to you four. You're the only ones that can truly make her into a strong kunoichi."

"Naruto, what's wrong. Why the sudden change? Did something happen in Kyuubi-kouhi's world?" Karin asked, hoping to find out what the problem was.

Naruto shook his head and turned back to the door, "Nothing at all happened. I just realized how bad I messed up." He walked out the door, leaving the four kitsune completely stunned.

The four just looked at each other and knew there was a major problem. If Naruto was suddenly apologizing for something like this, then who knows just what happened. It was enough to cause the four to start investigating immediately. "Guys, get changed. Something's not right and we need to find out what." Karin said. "Keisei-kouhi said she would be returning today, so we need to find her and let her know what's going on."

Meanwhile, the alternate Uzumaki and Uchiha bunch arrived in Keisei's world in front of the Uzumaki home, hoping to get a lead on Naruto and possibly to see the coronation.

"Sasuke, any luck on finding Naruto?" asked K. Naruto. Sasuke was already scanning the area, hoping to establish his mental link.

Sasuke replied negatively, "Nothing. He must have completely shut off his link. I have no clue where he could be."

"He's been here. But I have no clue where he went. He used Kage Bunshin to disperse his scent so we couldn't track him." Keisei said as she sniffed the air. "Come on, maybe the kits have seen him." She was about run inside when the door opened and Karin ran full speed into her.

"Hey watch where you…uh who are you?" Karin asked as she got her bearings.

"Karin-chan…that's Keisei. She just decided to have a little bit of fun as a teenager this holiday." Akane replied with a smile, causing Karin to immediately bow in respect.

"S-s-sorry Keisei-kouhi! Kyuubi-kouhi, it's an honor to be in the presence of the Royal family again!" Karin stuttered, though Akane made her rise.

"Karin-chan, I've already said, you need not be so formal with us." Akane replied. "Anyway, that's not why we're here. By chance have you seen Naruto?"

"Naruto? Yeah, the big guy was here about an hour ago. No clue where he went though." Kohaku replied. "But he's really not himself."

"Kohaku's right. We were having a pillow fight in the house and he got hit with a stray pillow. What really scared us is that he didn't care that it happened. He even told us to get into his ramen stash as well." Kimiko added. "But that's not the kicker. He actually apologized to us."

Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, and Keisei all looked at each other and knew things weren't right, "He's in deep. Naruto has never been one to let anyone get into his personal ramen stash." Hinata said. "Do you four have any idea where he might have gone?"

"Not at all Hinata. All he did was walk out with a smile and that's the last we saw of him." Karin replied. "We were on our way to go look for him when you arrived."

"Alright, we're going to have to split up. It's the best chance we've got to find him." Keisei set up a plan of action. "Kasumi, Natsumi, Karin and Kimiko, take the west side. Kohaku, Kitoichi, K. Naruto, and Akemi take the east side. K. Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata take the north. Sasuke, Shiori, Itachi, and Konan take the south."

"What about you Keisei-kouhi?" asked Kitoichi.

"Akane-chan, Arashi-kun, Mikoto-chan, and I will head to see Tsunade. She might have some leads on him." Keisei replied. "Don't worry about hiding your kitsune features. The village will know that if they see you, you're associated with me. It took a long time, but they've finally come to accept having the Kyuubi here."

"Ok that works, but what about…hey where's Himawari?" Hinata looked around but couldn't see her daughter anywhere. "Haru-kun, what happened to her?"

"She ran off, but wouldn't say." Haru replied.

"Probably went off to look for Naruto herself. No matter, she'll be ok. If she gets into any trouble, one of us will be summoned to her immediately." Kohaku replied. "Let's just get going."

"Very well. Since we have Illumina team members with each group, just call each other if you find him. Hopefully he's ok." Mikoto said. "Come on Haru-kun, you'll stick with us."

The four groups dispersed in the hopes of finding Naruto. Himawari however had her own agenda. She knew there was once place that Naruto would go to. It was near the outskirts of the village. She had found it about a year ago after her training went bad one day. She felt bad so she snuck off and tried to run away because she felt she disappointed Naruto.


"So…care to tell me why you're not at home in bed young lady?" asked Naruto when he saw his daughter sitting on a log crying.

"Be-because I messed up training. You told me to make you proud daddy, and I didn't." Himawari said in tears. Naruto on the other hand just started laughing as he sat beside her.

"I swear you are just as bad as your mother. Seriously, are you secretly a Hyuuga or something?" Naruto chuckled.

"What's so funny daddy?" she sniffed and wiped her face.

"Hima-chan let me tell you something. You know how we ended up in Auntie Kasumi's world? Well I learned that there's a lot more worlds like that. And in one world, your mom didn't have it so easy growing up." Naruto said as he pulled her onto his lap. "I learned that in one world, she had it very difficult when she was little, and was even thought of as a failure by Hiashi."

"Grampa was like that?" Himawari asked.

"Uh huh. But you know something, even though she had it hard, she slowly realized that she wasn't a failure after she met me. I learned that my nindo of never giving up and always trying to be your best helped inspire her. I even learned in one world, she risked her very life for me in a battle with the Akatsuki." Naruto said as he wiped away the last of her tears. "So that means that just because you mess up, you didn't disappoint me. You're not going to be the best right off the bat."

"You sure daddy?" Himawari looked at him with quivering eyes.

"Sure am. Now come on, your mom is worried about you." Naruto said as he picked her up. "We'll get a good night's sleep and tomorrow we'll try again, ok?"

"Alright." She said as she leaned her head on his shoulder and slowly went to sleep.

(End Flashback)

"Daddy's gotta be there, I know it." Himawari said to herself as she ran as fast as she could to the outskirts of town. That night she found an area near the end of the forest with a large stream flowing through. It overlooked a valley of flowers that Himawari thought was quite beautiful. For months, she and Naruto would sneak off there and play in the flowers, keeping it a secret from everyone else. It was their 'Daddy/Daughter' spot, just for them.

Even though he didn't know it, Himawari was right that he would go here. Naruto sat on a log, skipping rocks into the stream. He sighed as the rocks were bouncing, thinking about everything that had been going on.

"Crazy…I've been obliterated in battle, watched my daughter get beaten badly, and even beat up by a 12 year old girl. I wonder if this is karma or something." Naruto said to himself as he kept skipping rocks. "Doesn't matter anymore." He was about to throw another rock when he heard Himawari's voice.

"Daddy!!!!" Himawari yelled as she tried to catch her breath. Even though she was a hanyou with enhanced stamina, she still got tired from running so hard.

"Hima-chan, what are you doing here?" He said as he went over to her. "If you're here then everyone else must be here too."

"Yup. We're all looking for you Daddy." Himawari replied. "Why'd you leave?"

"It's nothing princess." He said as he picked her up and went back over to the logs. "I just had some things on my mind."

"It's not cause I lost to cousin Nabiki-chan, is it?" Himawari asked. "I'm sorry if I let you down Daddy."

"Sweetie, you didn't let me down at all. In fact, I've never seen you do so well. Nabiki just had more training than you did." Naruto said, remembering that spar. "She has all your aunts and uncles training her, so it's only normal that she'd be a little stronger."

"Then is it because you didn't beat Auntie Natsumi and Auntie Shiori?" Naruto cringed as Himawari hit the nail on the coffin.

"When did you find out about that?" asked Naruto. He knew that she was out with Nabiki and Haru and didn't see his defeat.

"Auntie Natsumi told me about it." Himawari replied. "She said that you weren't happy."

"Well…that's not really something I want to remember." Naruto tried to keep the image of his own Spirit Bomb flying back in his face but it wasn't easy. "Hima-chan, do you think I've messed up?"

"Messed up at what Daddy?" asked the little kitsune.

"Well, we both lost. You lost because I didn't have the other kitsune help you with your training, and I lost because I was so caught up in my stupid rivalry. I'm not the best anymore." Naruto replied as he ruffled her hair. "I really let you, your mom and your brother down."

Himawari could see Naruto was really upset. All she did was jump in his lap and hug him. "You'll always be the best to me Daddy. You taught me to never give up, and I'm not gonna do that to you."

"Hima-chan…" As simple as her words were, Naruto started looking back at a lot of the things that brought him here. He remembered the day that he and Hinata found Himawari, and saw she was on the verge of death. He remembered the day that she was turned into a kitsune and felt so happy that she received such an honorable blessing. Then there was the day he finally came face to face with his parents Minato and Kushina, thinking that there was no chance he'd ever see them in person. He remembered all the trials of his training, the hardships of losing Hinata, only to have her brought back to life. Then there was the day that his son Minato was born. That day when he got to hold his son for the first time…it wasn't about pride or rivalries then. The only thing he could think of was how he was going to make sure that his son and daughter grew up to be the strongest they could be. He vowed to make sure that both of his children would find happiness and if anyone tried to hurt them, he would take on Kami himself to protect them. He then thought that taking on Kami would be pretty messed up since in some strange way Kami is Himawari's great-grandfather, but whatever.

"Hima-chan, did I ever tell you just how bright you are?" Naruto said, causing his daughter to wonder what was going on. "I should have known that the greatest advice comes when you least expect it."

"What do you mean Daddy?" asked Himawari.

"It means it's time to see your Daddy become Hokage! Let's go princess and find everyone." Naruto said with newfound strength.

"Ok Daddy!" Himawari cheered as she and Naruto started to walk to the village. However Naruto had one final trial before he would complete his journey to Hokage. Word had gotten out about the Hokage Coronation and a platoon of Iwa Shinobi had taken the opportunity to sneak in under the commotion. Their plan was to try and assassinate the new Hokage, but there was a side plan to take out Naruto as well. The group figured if they killed the son of the Yellow Flash, they'd be welcome back as heroes. Luckily they had a bargaining chip.

"Let her go you stone bastards!" Naruto had been surrounded, as one of the shinobi was able to swoop in and grab Himawari, pinning a kunai to her neck. He could see Himawari shaking in fear.

"Daddy I'm scared!!" Himawari cried in fear.

"It's ok princess, Daddy's gonna get you free." Naruto tried his best to calm her. "Ok you Iwa scum, what do you want?"

"Isn't it obvious? We want you dead Naruto Uzumaki." Said one of the shinobi. "It's obvious you're the son of our most hated enemy, and it's time you join him in hell!"

Naruto was about to make a move when he saw the ninja holding Himawari pull the kunai closer to her neck. "Damn, I can't do anything while they have her."

"So I take it this abomination is your daughter? What monster did you sleep with to make this thing?" The Iwa ninja all began to laugh as Naruto's rage started to brew.

"If you so much as hurt one hair on her, I swear I will make all of you wish you were facing my father!" Naruto growled.

"Idle threats boy. Now I think you'd best surrender if you know what's good for you." The Iwa Shinobi started laughing more as Naruto was at their mercy. He couldn't afford to have anything happen to Himawari. The only thing he could do was surrender.

"Just let her go and I'll surrender." Naruto got down on his knees and had submitted defeat. "Please, she's just a little girl. Let her go so she can be with her family."

The shinobi with the kunai couldn't stop laughing. "Hmm, I would do that, but you know something? Abominations like this need to be exterminated from this world." He was about to deliver the fatal blow when he was kicked in the back. It caused him to throw Himawari in the air, the kunai didn't slash her neck, but instead caused a deep gash in her arm. Though before she could even hit the ground, she was already in the arms of a familiar face.

"Are you ok Himawari-hime?" Himawari looked up and saw she was in Karin's arms.

"My arm hurts!" Himawari was crying in pain over her slashed arm.

"Then we'll have to fix that." Karin quickly pulled her medical kit out and was already fast at work on her arm. In just minutes, she had stitched up the wound, cleaned away the blood and used a special kitsune salve to sterilize and reduce pain. "There we go, give that about two days or so and it'll be all healed." She finished tying off the bandage and quickly put away her medkit.

"Karin how did you…" Naruto was surprised to see just how fast she moved. Not even Sakura had ever moved that fast on the field.

"I'm a kitsune medic. It's my job. Besides, the trio isn't the only ones summoned to her if she's in trouble." Karin said as she pointed to the other three. Needless to say, the trio was pissed.

"What's this about exterminating the Seventh Princess?" Kohaku had his foot on the back of the head of the ninja that was holding Himawari. "Buddy, you just made a big mistake."

"Hey Naruto, are you ok?" Kimiko went over and quickly checked on him to make sure he was ok.

"Yeah I'm fine. How is Hima-chan?" Naruto got back to his feet and went to check on his daughter.

"She's gonna be ok. It was a bad cut, but I got it cleaned, stitched, and covered. Give it about two days and she'll be good as new." Karin said, handing Himawari over to Naruto.

"Karin…thank you." Naruto pulled Himawari close. "Everything will be ok princess, Daddy's here now."

"Daddy, I was so scared!" Himawari was crying full force into his shoulder.

Naruto rubbed his hand on her back to try and calm her, "It's ok. Daddy's here and he's not gonna let anything happen to you."

"Hey Naruto, want us to handle these jerks?" asked Kohaku as he cracked his knuckles.

"No I…" Naruto said. He was about to step in when he remembered what Kohaku said to him earlier. "Actually…I wanna see just what you three can do."

"Never thought you'd ask." Kohaku's grin turned dark. He turned to the shinobi as Kitoichi and Kimiko joined him at his sides. "You know, they say it's only formal for you to know the names of your killers before you die."

"And you think you can do anything boy? You're an abomination like that girl over there." The Iwa Shinobi didn't stand down, knowing they had the trio outnumbered.

"Oh really. Well that abomination as you call it happens to be the Seventh Princess of the Kitsune clan." Kitoichi's demeanor was completely different. He wasn't the usual worry wort as he always is. This time you could look into his eyes and think that you were staring at the pits of hell itself.

"As for us, well…we're known as the Kitsune Densetsu no Sannin, trained since birth to be the official Elite Royal Guards of the Kitsune Royal Family." Kimiko said. "Each of us has been trained in the three arts, and we are not to be underestimated."

"However in the past few years we've taken on a new family name. Our names are Kimiko, Kohaku, and Kitoichi Uzumaki, the Kitsune Trio." Kohaku said. "And you guys…well…you're dead!"

The Iwa ninja never had a chance to blink as the trio vanished, only to unleash a relentless assault. One group instantly went to the ground as they all fell into Kitoichi's genjutsu. The Kitsune sent them through hours of torture by fire, making the ninja think they were being burned alive. Even though he did no ninjutsu, Kitoichi's genjutsu actually left physical damage as small burn marks started appearing on the clothes of the ninja. Kohaku's group felt pain like none other as he broke through every ounce of defense without flaw. The sheer force of his strikes shattered bones and left the group whimpering like dogs. Kimiko however really showed why she was one of the most powerful ninjutsu ninja ever. She unleashed jutsu after jutsu, unleashing a wave of confusion as no one could see her making hand signs. Needless to say, Naruto was more than impressed.

"Hima-chan, remember how I said that bad people should never make mommy angry?" Himawari just nodded as she watched her three guardians unleash their royal beatdown. "Well here's another one to add. Never upset those three."

The three quickly finished up without breaking a sweat as the rest of the group arrived. Needless to say, they were all speechless, except for Akane.

"Knew you three were the best of the best." Akane said as she looked over everything. "Hmm, Iwa Shinobi? I think we should send them home with a nice parting gift."

"What could be worse than getting defeated by three abominations!" The Iwa shinobi struggled to their feet, only to meet the face of death itself.

"That would be me." Arashi stepped forward, twirling one of his three-prong kunai. He hid his Kitsune features just for the time being, and needless to say, it put every single Iwa shinobi in complete paralysis. "I think you need to go back and tell the Tsuchikage to never, and I mean NEVER try to attack my son, or my grand-daughter ever again. Otherwise there might be a lot of yellow in that old rocky village." He threw the kunai at the foot of the Iwa shinobi, causing all of them to immediately turn and run for their lives. None of them looked back as they ran full speed back to Iwa. "So Naruto, think they had a good meeting with the Yellow Flash?"

"I'd say they did." Naruto replied as Hinata grabbed hold of him and Himawari. "Hey there, miss me?"

"You idiot! Do you know just how worried we've been? Where have you been for the past three days?" asked Hinata. "And what did you do to my little girl?"

"Well, I came back here and stayed out of sight. As for Hima-chan, it's not what I did to her, it what she did to me." Naruto replied. "If it wasn't for her, I'd probably still be wallowing in misery right now. And I want to say, I'm sorry to all of you. I guess I really let my stupid pride cloud my judgment."

Everyone heard this and nearly hit the floor. Hearing Naruto apologize for his pig-headed thoughts was nearly unheard of.

"Ok, since we're all royally freaked out, why don't we just go ahead and call it a day and you go be Hokage, alright?" K. Naruto said, shaking off the mild freak out. "Then you can brag and yadda yadda."

So things fell back to a normal groove. Tsunade stepped down and passed her title onto Naruto, who was quite surprised when he found out that she was one of the masterminds behind everything. She explained to Naruto that in order for him to be a great Hokage, he needed to learn that he can't be the best at everything, and that his pride should never cloud his judgment. Naruto did see the point in that, and took the knowledge to heart. Of course he still considered himself on vacation, so before Tsunade could even do anything, he bolted back to the other world faster than…well…the Yellow Flash himself!

Upon returning (The Kitsune Trio and Karin stayed back at home), the group decided to throw both Hinatas a birthday bash to remember, which somehow caused Hinata ending up dancing with Kiba of all people…due to some really strong sake. Kiba didn't care one bit…until he was running for his life from Kimiko. He just said life is short and Kimiko was going to prove him right! However that wasn't the biggest shocker of the end of the holidays.

"Ok someone get Sasuke off the floor! And Sakura you need to get off your feet!" Mikoto was running full speed around the house after she found out that Sakura was pregnant. Needless to say Sasuke hit the floor just like Naruto did when he found out Hinata was pregnant with Minato, but for some reason, he was out a lot longer."

"Oka-san, I'm ok. I am a medic-nin, so I'll be able to take good care of myself." Sakura said, trying to get Mikoto to calm down. "And don't worry, when the baby comes, I'll ask Keisei-sama to come get you, ok?"

"You better!" Mikoto replied. "Talk about an amazing start to the new year. Oh I so love the holidays."

Everyone was bustling as they were cheering for Sakura's announcement. However Akane knew she had something to say, and that it would change her family forever.

"Akane-chan, don't you think it's time you tell them?" Kouin asked as she saw her daughter nervously drinking a cup of tea.

"Mom, I know…but with the war and everything, I…" Akane never felt she had to hide anything, but this was a different situation. "You're right. They do need to know. Besides, there's only two weeks left anyway."

"That's my girl." Kouin said with a warm embrace as she and Akane went into the living room. She quickly got the attention of everyone as the room calmed down. "Everyone, we have a big announcement. Akane has something she needs to tell everyone."

"Dear, is everything alright?" asked Arashi.

"Everything is fine Arashi-kun. Well…what I wanted to say is that…well…Sakura's not the only one who's pregnant." Akane said, causing everyone to immediately wonder who else could be expecting. "And before you start getting all crazy…the one expecting is me."

"WHAT!!!" everyone in the entire room screamed in shock.

"Akane, there is NO way! Look at you, there is no sign that you're…" Mai said, before Akane cut her off.

"I've been hiding myself under a very powerful and untraceable genjutsu." Akane said, dispelling her genjutsu to now reveal her very large belly. "The reason why I haven't told any of you is because I didn't want you to worry about me during this stupid war."

"Wait a minute…what about all those times we did Excelion training? Shouldn't you have…" Kasumi asked before Akane stopped her.

"I used the Kitsune Rei Wakedori to separate myself. I can split off from my human side for about a day. She kept the babies safe and sound, while my demon side trained with you." Akane explained. "So I took a lot of precautions."

"Akane-chan, why would we worry? This is great! I mean, another Uzumaki in the house…this is wonderful!" Arashi was ecstatic over the news, unlike Sasuke.

"Uh Arashi-kun, there's a LOT more you need to know. See, it's not going to be one more Uzumaki in the house, it's going to be two. I'm having twins." Akane said, causing Arashi's big grin to change to a seriously confused look.

"T-t-t-twins?" Arashi said, starting to shake nervously. "I…uh…well…"

"Arashi-kun, there's a lot more." Akane said, causing everyone else to feel nervous. "There's something else. See…Kitsune don't have a normal pregnancy cycle as humans. Ours is two thirds the time of a normal pregnancy."

"So only six months? No wonder you're already so big." Mai replied. "But what's that got to do with anything."

"Well…it's been five and a half months already. The kids are going to be here in two weeks." Akane said, bracing herself for the shock of everyone.

"Two…" K. Naruto began

"Weeks?" Arashi finished.

"Yeah, so, anyone up for helping to build a nursery?" Akane asked as the entire family hit the floor. Everyone groaned over the news for a minute before getting back to normal.

"Ok, so…I'd say we've had enough of a shock today." Kasumi said as she got to her feet.

"Yeah we…aw crap!" Akemi smacked her forehead. "This is not right at all! Oka-san can't have the babies!"

"Akemi-chan, why not?" asked Mai.

"Because when those two get here I lose my title as baby of the bunch and all the royalties with it!" Akemi said with a sulking look.

"It happens Akemi-chan. Trust me, I was enjoying that title all too much until that annoying furball came along." Shinja said, referencing Yugito.

"Speaking of which, I need to get ready. I have a lot to teach my new apprentices." Yugito said with a smile on her face. "Oh this is going to be good! I gotta get going!"

Everyone turned to Yugito, realizing just what kind of damage could happen if she got to train the new kids. "Get back here Yugito!" All of the other Bijuu took off running full speed behind Yugito to prevent the next great natural disaster.

The rest of the kids just stood there in awe as the Bijuu pursuit kept up. "I think I'm gonna go back to the game room. You guys wanna go?" asked K. Naruto.

"Yeah, it's probably much better there anyway." Naruto replied. "And what's this about a sound demo you have in there?"

K. Naruto smiled in delight. "Dude, you ever heard of a song called 'Ride of the Valkyries'? played from a huge ass set of speakers? Kasumi-chan told me it's a classic."

And thus ends another crossover for another year. The next chapter will pick back up with the storyline as Madara goes further into his Moon's Eye Plan to revive Yami, Naruto and Natsumi will prepare for their toughest training ever...Sage Training, and the Uzumaki family will soon deal with a new pair of kits in the house!

Even though it's past, I wanna say Happy New Year everyone. Hope your Fanfiction year is a good one! Also be on the look out for another chapter of "Never eat chocolate covered teriyaki before bed". If you thought Kasumi and Sakura had some crazy dreams, just think of what's gonna happen to the others!

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