The Bijuu Wars

There’s a lotta “NEW” going on in Konoha

The entire studio is fairly quiet. Apparently....


(hidden in a dark closet at the other end of the studio, everyone is whispering)

Naruto: Who was it? It wasn't me. I'm not that stupid.

Kasumi: Well don't look at me. I haven't been near the fridge since she went hormonal.

Neokenshin: Well someone's gotta get out there and do something or we're all dead!

Naruto: Why don't you go?

Neokenshin: Smart move. Send the writer out so he gets killed by a rampaging demon with a severe case of the munchies! Then who's gonna finish the story?

Naruto: Ok bad idea. But seriously, who ate the last one? And why are we in the hidden pantry?

Kasumi: I don't know but I'm gonna find out. (turns on a light and notices a note where the extra pickles were) Hmm, what's this?

The note read...Um, ate the last of the pickles. Sorry bout that. RasenganFin. Oh yeah P.S. That's for chasing me with that RYNO-whatever it is!

Naruto and Kasumi: Can we please kill him?

Neokenshin: That's if we don't die our...(door opens to reveal Akane staring at them)

Akane(In a very demonic voice):Pickles...NOW!

Neokenshin: Oh and Kishi owns Naruto. See you next chapter....maybe! (takes off like a bat out of hell out of the closet)

Chapter 30: There's a lotta "NEW" going on in Konoha.

With the end of the holidays, things seem to settle back into the norm…ok scratch that. There was NO normal going on in Konoha right now. The entire Uzumaki house was in a complete uproar considering Akane's new deliveries were due very soon. Actually…it was about a day from now, and that had one person wishing he wasn't there right now!

Apparently Arashi had long forgotten what it was like to have a pregnant wife in the house. He didn't know how Akane did it, but somehow she kept all that pent up hormonal emotion in check for five months and two weeks. The last two weeks though…well, let's just fast forward and show what's been going on.

"ARASHI!!!!" said Yondaime cringed at the shriek of his wife. "WHERE'S MY TERIYAKI, PEANUTBUTTER, PICKLES, AND MARSHMALLOW SANDWICHES!!" That got a major groan, and a few hurls out of everyone else in the house. They were right when they said Akane was definitely a demon, and a hormonal one at that.

"Naruto?" Arashi asked as he nervously held the plate full of sandwiches.

"Yeah Otou-san?" replied his son.

"Just know that you're now ready to take over as the patriarch of the Uzumaki. I know you will lead the clan into prosperity." Arashi sighed as if he was reading his last will and testament. "As for me, I'll make sure to slap Jiraiya-sensei when I see him."

"She's that bad in there, huh?" Naruto could see the fear in his father's eyes. He knew Akane could be scary, but this was off the charts! "Makes me kinda wonder how Hina-chan is gonna be?" He then remembered the one small fact that she was a Hyuuga. That instantly put a chill down his spine. "Yeesh, that gives me chills just thinking about it."

"You aren't kidding. Seriously, when you were born, she wasn't this bad!" Arashi said. "I think it's the fact that 17 years of being a demon has finally started to show. Well, time to get this over…"

"Arashi, we need Tsunade-sama NOW!" Mikoto came running in frantically. "And I don't mean five minutes from now, I mean five minutes ago now!"

"Mikoto-sama, what's the matter? What's the major problem?" Naruto hoped he could get some answers when the absolute worst thing could possibly happen. The huge chakra spike that was released was felt all over Konoha. "What the hell was that?"

Mikoto knew exactly what it was. It was the beginning of the end. "Akane's water just broke." Those four words turned Arashi white as a sheet! Then…it put him on the floor.

"Whoa, what was that?" Kasumi was over in the Training Facility when she felt the chakra spike. "Hey doc, any ideas?"

Dr. Sakurano looked over all of his instruments and gauges. "I'm not sure, but that chakra was immense! It must be Akane-chan having another mood swing."

Kasumi set down the basket of rice balls and tea she brought and prepared the tea. Ever since they returned home, they all noticed Dr. Sakurano spending more and more time in the lab, racking his brains. "Well, tomorrow can't get here soon enough. It'll finally be good to see the babies." She handed him a cup and some rice balls. "But something's been bothering me. Why have you been locked in here so much? You look like you haven't slept for days."

"I actually haven't. I've been going over data, charts, information, etc. Ever since you unlocked your overdrive and have been practicing Excelion Drive with Akane, something just doesn't add up at all." He replied as he sipped his tea. "Kasumi-chan, I want you to look at something." He got back up and pulled up some information on the monitor. "Take a look at this."

Kasumi looked at the screen and couldn't really work anything out. "Um, what's different?"

Dr. Sakurano pressed a few buttons and changed the view. "This is a full readout of your current status, chakra levels, miko chakra for you, Hinata, and Kimiko, and Illumina Assimilation percentage."

Kasumi started picking things out, but what really caught her eye was the Illumina Assimilation percentage. "Wow, I'm already at 30 percent assimilation? So…what's that mean exactly?"

"It means that as of right now, you've already absorbed 30 percent of the Light Gem's power into your own chakra system. As of now you should be able to perform your first and second level Illumina abilities without the need to transform. Eventually once you reach 100 percent, you'll be able to access everything including Overdrive and Excelion Drive without the need to transform." Dr. Sakurano explained. "However that's not where the problem lies." He changed the display and showed another image. "Right now, for some reason that I haven't figured out yet, your Overdrive ability goes dormant when you merge into Excelion Drive. It just doesn't make sense."

"So, if we were able to use Overdrive at the same time as Excelion, we'd have more power?" asked Kasumi.

"Precisely. But right now, it seems there's no way to combine the two properly. That's been racking my brain more even more than the readings I got from the boys' test run." Dr. Sakurano rubbed his temples in the hopes of easing some pressure.

"Wait, what test run?" Kasumi looked even more confused, considering that she and the rest of the girls hadn't heard of any test run.

"It was a day when you girls were out of the village. But the boys have been working on a new combination attack, and I got some readings from it. Let's say that it makes you girls' Neo Sparkling Shockwave look like nothing." Dr. Sakurano replied. "Do you wanna see the results?"

"Yeah, might as well." Kasumi said as Dr. Sakurano pressed another button to pull up the recording. All this time Kasumi was thinking, "They came up with something more powerful than our Neo Sparkling Shockwave? I gotta see this!"

(Play video)

"Alright, there we go. I've got the test dummy set up, and our equipment is properly calibrated. Let's see if we can get a good measurement of your energy, so go full force boys." Dr. Sakurano gave the go for the boys to demonstrate their new tandem attack.

"Heh, finally. Remember when the girls showed their attack off? Didn't that just burn you up Sasuke?" asked Naruto as he cracked his knuckles.

"You're not kidding. But I think we'll make this demonstration a good one. Neji, Chouji, Itachi, you three ready?" Sasuke asked as he was going over the final preparations.

"We're all good here Sasuke." Neji agreed. "I did a quick sweep of everyone and our chakra and energies are flowing just fine."

"Perfect. Then let's do this." Naruto said as the demonstration began.

All five boys jumped back into position and Neji and Chouji started things off with a combined Gaia Crusher and Lightning Crusher on the target, creating a static field of energy.

"Sasuke, Naruto, you're up!"

"With pleasure!" Naruto ran full speed with a massive Rasen-shuriken towards the target. It was in perfect tandem with Sasuke, who was charging as well with a black flaming fireball in hand. "Sasuke, make 'em count! WIND RASEN-SHURIKEN!"

"Oh yeah! FLARE EXPLOSION!" Sasuke and Naruto slammed their two attacks into each other, creating a violent dome of flaming wind that engulfed the static field, drawing upon it's energy. Only one left was Itachi, who was looking down on the energy dome.

"Let the darkness chill the soul! BLACK STORM!" With all of his strength, Itachi threw a massive black energy ball, crackling with purple lightning into the mix, causing the energy to become more violent. He landed away from the blast and everyone knew it was the final part. They all moved into a pentagon formation around the violent energy and instantly went into Overdrive.

"The ultimate strike! BLAST CALAMITY!" all five said in unison as they unleashed their Overdrives at the same time, the target being the violent energy that was already in motion. As their attacks connected, the sheer power rose exponentially, incinerating everything in a 500-foot radius, and leaving a crater nearly 2000 feet deep. The power was so much, that it nearly caused an overload in Dr. Sakurano's equipment.

"Whew! Oh man, that was nuts! So how was that doc?" Naruto powered down and looked at the rubble. He looked back to see a shaken Dr. Sakurano by his equipment as well.

"J-j-j-just fine N-n-naruto!" Dr. Sakurano stuttered out as he spat out a small cloud of smoke as well.

(End Video)

Kasumi stood there dumbstruck. The boys actually did come up with something a lot stronger. "Wow, guess they've been practicing."

Dr. Sakurano went back to his tea, "You aren't kidding. I wonder if I should start getting hazard pay for trying to get all of this data. You kids are dangerous!" Kasumi started chuckling at his words.

"Well, I should get back. Oka-san is probably demanding another strange food combination." Kasumi said as she took her leave. "Last time it was ketchup covered strawberries, and tacoyaki with chicken gravy! I hope I'm not going to be getting cravings like that when I get pregnant." She was about to head out when Haku rushed.

"Kasumi, we gotta go NOW!!" Haku looked frantic, like there was a major emergency.

"Haku-chan, what's going on? Where's the fire?" asked the Light Princess.

"It's time!" Those two words caused Kasumi's eyes to go wide.

"You mean that's what that huge burst of chakra was?" Kasumi asked as she and Haku rushed out of the training facility.

"Yeah, and it's only getting worse! See what I mean?" Haku pointed up in the sky to see her uncle Tsukune flying across town.

"Whoa, she threw him that hard? And I thought chickens couldn't fly very far. Hey Haku, think we'll be this bad when we have kids?" asked Kasumi.

"I hope not. Neji-kun couldn't take it. But you know we're gonna be dead tired when this is over." Haku replied as the girls were running full speed to the hospital.


"Alright, so the plans for the proposed Kage Summit are in order. We will be sending members of Team Illumina along with a prospective Bijuu to Kiri, Kumo, and Iwa to speak with each Kage. Kazekage-sama has been informed by our Suna Delegate Temari, and has agreed to the meeting." Tsunade said as she read over the last of the propositions in the council meeting. "The plan is to meet in approximately two months in the Land of Iron."

"You know, this is gonna be quite a job. I hear both the Raikage and Tsuchikage are quite stubborn. They still hold a grudge from the Third Ninja War and that night when the Kumo representative was killed." Shikaku suggested. "Should we try to bring peace offerings to show our seriousness of the proposition?"

Tsunade was already one step ahead. "We're already on that. The plan is that each Kage will take their sacred stone." She turned the focus to a small leaf shaped ruby, that looked as if there as a flame inside it. "As you all know, the Flaming Leaf Ruby is the living embodiment of the Will of Fire that each of us uphold. It is a true symbol of our strength, determination, and living will."

"Tsunade-sama, is it wise to have the sacred charm out like this?" asked Danzo. "Such a priceless artifact is not to be exposed."

"That is why I've stationed 10 of my best ANBU around this office, and in this office as well. As you know, only the Hokages have access to the sealed chamber where the ruby stays. The seals are so complex that not even an Uchiha could copy them." Tsunade explained. "Now, we shall send out our representatives in one week. Any objections?" The council gave no objection. "Excellent. This meeting is concluded." The remaining council took their leave however Shikaku stayed behind at Tsunade's order.

"You wished to see me, Tsunade-sama?" asked the Nara head.

"Shikaku, something has been troubling me greatly. Danzo has been becoming more and more a pain in trying to get control of Team Illumina. Ever since Kasumi, Naruto, and Kimiko returned, he's been doubling his efforts. I want you to keep a sharp eye on him. He's hiding something, and I want to know what it is." Tsunade said as she took out a small bottle of sake.

"Of course Tsunade-sama. But forgive me for asking, why are you already drinking sake? It's only 10AM?" Shikaku wondered why she was already hitting the booze. The meeting wasn't that bad.

"Because I'm about to enter a warzone." Tsunade replied.


"Yes. I'm about to go deliver Akane's twins." Tsunade said, causing Shikaku to wonder if things were that bad. "And trust me, if delivering a the child of a kunoichi was bad, try delivering the kids of the Kyuubi herself!"

"Was Naruto that bad? Asked Shikaku. "You didn't seem too troubled back then."

"Back then, Akane and the Kyuubi had just merged, so the Kyuubi was concentrating on healing Akane. That nullified a huge majority of the labor pains, so Naruto was born effortlessly. This time the demon is in full force and she's got two kids to push out!" Tsunade said as she left the council room. "I've already had five extra large bottles of sake shipped in from the Land of Tea just for this."

"They make the greatest sake in the world? This must be major if she ordered five bottles of it." Shikaku thought to himself. "Well, good luck, I guess."

"Oh I'm not the one that's going to need it. It's the entire Uzumaki family that's going to need it." Tsunade replied.

She took her leave and made her way to the hospital where everyone else was nervously waiting in the waiting area. All of Team Illumina and the other Bijuu had been pacing over the event. As for the others…they were in Akane's room…and well…

"How much longer have we got to keep this up!" Natsumi screamed as she was forcing more chakra into the barrier around Akane's bed. Due to the sheer intensity of chakra that Akane would be releasing, she had a special barrier placed around the room. However it could only be charged by members of the Uzumaki clan. Considering there was a lot of chakra going crazy, that barrier had to be heavily reinforced.

"Don't ask me!" Haku cringed in pain. "Just be glad you're not those two!" Haku nudged her head where Naruto and Arashi were doing their best to try and siphon off as much chakra as possible…by holding Akane's hands!

Needless to say Naruto and Arashi had it worse. The moment they got Akane situated she grabbed a hand each and instantly put them in a death grip.

"Who's stupid idea was this!" Naruto was pounding the ground in pain as his hand was under the death vice grip. "Come on Oka-san, loosen up!"

"He's right dear…you're holding on a little…TOO tight!" Arashi was doing all he can to suppress the pain, but it wasn't working.

"Arashi, I'm telling you right now! If you EVER do this to me again I will rip out every single one of your tails and shove them down your throat!" Akane roared as another wave of chakra was released. "And Naruto, deal with it! It builds character!"

"I…love you too dear." Arashi replied with another cringe.

"Look if character means having crushed hands, I don't want any more!!!!" Naruto whined in more pain. "Where's Madara when you need him?"

"Naruto, why would you want Madara Uchiha here?" screamed Natsumi.

"Why else? Make him suffer through this death grip!" Naruto screamed back as he tried freeing his hand. Unfortunately Akane had another contraction and only tightened the grip, and cracking a few bones. "Please! Stab me with a thousand kunai; let Hina-chan use me as a target dummy, whatever! Anything is better than this torture!"

"Well well, I see everything is going well here." Tsunade came in looking calm. Of course everyone else looked at her like she was insane.

"Are you mad woman?" Naruto asked. "Do you see what my mother is doing to me? She's gone mad!"

"He's got a point Tsunade-sama! Akane looks like she could chew through a steel girder with no problem." Arashi added. "And right now those steel girders happen to be our hands!"

Tsunade just rolled her eyes as the comments, "Men. They think this is pain?" She walked around to get a better view of everyone, "So how are the contractions Akane-chan?"

"Tsunade, get these kids out of me NOW!!!!" Akane let loose another roar of terror.

"Wow, so let's see what we're working with. Sakura, go ahead and prepare for the delivery. Shizune, keep an eye on the girls to make sure they don't wear out. Take high priority for Akemi-chan since she has the lowest chakra supply."

"Yes Tsunade-sensei." Sakura and Shizune both nodded as they prepared for the delivery.

"Now, let's see what we've got here." Tsunade had just finished dressing and was about to check over Akane. "Alright girls, release the barrier."

"Are you sure about this Tsunade-baa-chan?" Akemi looked quite scared over having to drop the barrier. It was hard enough to get it up when they first got Akane in.

"She's right you know, this isn't easy!" Kasumi added.

"I'll be fine. Now go ahead." Tsunade instructed. The other girls nodded and dropped the barrier. The moment they did, all four of them including Tsunade, Sakura, and Shizune were flung backwards into the walls. "Ok now that was not a good idea."

"What's taking so long Tsunade!!!" Akane bellowed out.

Tsunade got back to her feet and shook off the shock. "You really are going to make this a hard one aren't you Akane?" She pushed her way through the chakra and got close enough for the girls to struggle to get the barrier back up. "Ok, well that's over, now let's proceed shall we? Sakura, check the dilation ratio."

"Ok. Akane-sama, just try to relax if you can, and please don't kill me!" Sakura said, ducking under a wave of chakra. "This won't take long." She got the information she needed and quickly moved back. "10 cm, Tsunade-sensei. She's ready."

Tsunade moved into position with Sakura at her side. "Alright everyone, it's going to get pretty crazy in here. Akane, on the count of 3, I want you to push as hard as possible. We've got some Uzumaki Twins to greet. Now…1…2…"

"Geez! Yugito, was it that bad when you had your kids?" Mai asked when she heard a bloodcurdling scream.

Yugito quickly shook the ringing out of her ears, "Not at all. I mean there was some pain, but nothing like that."

"I was just doped up on painkillers when Shippo was born. I guess they didn't have anything strong enough for Akane." Kagome added as she kept Shippo occupied.

"Well just be glad we weren't Tsukune. Ol' chicken butt got thrown like a shot put!" Inuyasha laughed as Tsukune dragged himself in. "Speak of the devil. So how'd you like flying?"

Tsukune shot a glare at his brother, "Just shut up."

"Why? I thought chickens couldn't fly?" Inuyasha kept up the cracks. "Oh wait, you didn't go flying, you got launched!"

"Inuyasha…" Inuyasha turned to see a grim look in Kagome's eyes. "Do I have to say it?"

"I'll be good." Inuyasha let out a whimper for fear of that word.

"Well guess all we can do now is just wait for the news." Daisuke said. "Hopefully things will go smoothly."

Fifteen hours later…

"What in the hell! Are those kids wanting to stay in Akane THAT badly?" Mai was pacing all around while most everyone else had fallen asleep. "I mean if having kids is that bad, then I think I'll just adopt!"

"Now Mai, we just have to give it…" Daisuke was soon cut off.

"You said that the last five hundred times! Give it time, Daisuke, we've given it over fifteen hours!" Mai snapped back. "For all we know Akane could be in there fighting a war or something!" Just then the door opened and a near destroyed Tsunade walked out.

"Ok…I'm gonna need a year's worth of sake after that one!" Tsunade wiped her forehead as she came out. "Honestly…we should have let Akane get captured by Madara before having those kids!"


"Achoo!" Madara sneezed, wondering who could be talking about him.

"Madara-sama, is everything ok?" asked Pein.

"It is. Although I had a very bad chill…almost as if I was facing something worse than death itself, or someone had apparently stepped on my grave. Pay no heed." Madara replied.

Back to Konoha…

"Ok, Shizune, I want you to have Naruto and Arashi checked in for crushed hands, and the girls checked in for extreme chakra exhaustion. Oh and make sure Sakura gets checked out for that minor concussion." Tsunade said. "I'm going to go drink myself completely stupid."

"Can I come with you?" Shizune begged. "I think I'll need it as well! What happened in there was something that should have been locked in the lower realms of hell!"

"So can we go in and see them?" asked Mai. "I mean we do want to know about our potential nieces and nephews!

"Go ahead, whatever. The kids are in perfect health and Akane is fine." Tsunade said. The entire waiting room charged in to greet the two newest members of the Uzumaki clan.

As for the Uzumaki family themselves…

"Otou-san, next time, please tell me to learn how to make my hands into something harder than steel!" Naruto sat there, trying not to concentrate on the sheer pain in his hands, which were now crushed. "Because all I feel now is sheer pain!"

"Hey, gotta admit. It was well worth it. Although, did you really have to go and try to rip out one of my tails dear?" Arashi said as he saw everyone come in. "Well everyone, come say hi."

"Ok Arashi, what do we…oh my Kami they are absolutely beautiful!" Mai said as she saw the two new bundles in Akane's arms, and everyone else sprawled out on the floor in pain or exhaustion. "And what the hell happened to everyone else?"

"Everyone, say hello to the newest members of the clan, Minato Naruto Uzumaki, Third Prince of the Kitsune Clan and Kushina Kasumi Uzumaki, Ninth Princess of the Kitsune Clan." Akane showed off the new twins. Minato had dark brown hair, just like Akane's with dark brown eyes, and a reddish brown tail with a white tip. His ears were also the same color. Kushina had bright blue eyes, and blonde hair just like Naruto and Arashi. However instead of blonde ears and tail, she actually had silver ears and tail just like Kasumi. "Oh and Arashi and the kids helped out with moral support through the delivery."

"Oka-san…you, named them after…" Kasumi couldn't believe their names.

"I decided to name them after your other parents Kasumi-chan. As for their middle names, you and Naruto were the ones that helped our family grow so much, so it is only fitting that they share a bond with their older brother and sister." Akane explained. "And they also take after their brother and sister as well. Min-kun is a full kitsune, almost what Naruto could have been, and Kushi-chan is a half kitsune like her sister."

"Guess this puts the final nail in the coffin, huh Kasumi-chan?" Haku teased. "Knew you were true Uzumaki."

"Yeah, it sure does." Kasumi replied. "Sucks that I can't hold either one of them right now because I'm so freaking exhausted."

"Well, all I have to say is that I'm not changing the first diaper! Naruto can do that." Akemi said as Konohamaru was at her side, helping her up.

"Naru-chan will do a wonderful job." Hinata said as she picked up little Minato. "He'll be the best big brother to you, that's right."

"Well that aside…just what in the world was going on? Did these two little angels really not want to show themselves?" asked Mai while she was holding Kushina. "Now I know this gorgeous one was no trouble at all."

"Are you kidding? She was the one that put Sakura-chan out of commission." Akane said with a laugh. "Min-kun was the easy one."

"Well, at least everything went well." Kagome said as she pulled out a small vial of water. "Oh Hina-chan, can you bring Minato over here please?"

"Sure, but what do you have planned?" Hinata asked as she brought Minato over to her and Kushina.

"Only this. I'm placing a blessing charm on the both of them. It's tradition to apply this charm on a newborn to promote healthy growth, happiness, and good fortune." Kagome placed a few drops of water on her fingers and gently touched the twins' foreheads. She then channeled some Miko Chakra and drew a circle around the two, activating the charm. "May Kami shine his eternal blessing on these two angels." Just as she put her vial away, she noticed something on Minato's forehead. "Hey, what's this?"

"Kagome, what is it?" asked Akane.

"Well, it looks like Minato took a little bit more from his sister than his brother. Even though he's a full kitsune, he has Miko chakra. Normally pure humans or half humans can only use Miko chakra, but this is amazing. Because he was born with it, he'll be able to naturally use the chakra with no harm to his body." Kagome explained. "This is absolutely amazing. Looks like you're going to be doing a lot of training when he gets older Kimiko-chan."

"Did you notice any type of bloodlines that may be dormant?" asked Mikoto.

"No, we won't know about that until they're around 10 days old. Even though they're newborns, their chakra systems are developing much faster than a normal human. After that we'll be able to check their chakra natures and see if there are any innate bloodlines. For now though…I think the entire family could use a good night's sleep." Akane said. "And no that does not mean you five get to take off with Min-kun and Kushi-chan."

Mai, Shinja, Makoto, Yugito, and Kagome were already at the door with the twins in hand. "Who said we were going anywhere Moonie-chan? It was your crazy brothers that had the messed up ideas." Mai replied.

"Just bring my babies back here." Akane laughed.

The rest of the night was busy taking in visitors to see the new twins. Just about everyone in Konoha came to see them and give their blessings to the Uzumaki clan. Though most of the time Akane's sisters were the ones around the most, constantly playing with the kids. The rest of the clan was moved to different rooms so they could recover from the chakra exhaustion, or in Naruto and Arashi's case, crushed hands.

"So how are your hands doing Naru-chan?" Hinata came into Naruto's room where he was busy fumbling the remote due to his hands being in casts.

"Hina-chan, do you think I'll have to suffer through this when you have our first kid?" asked Naruto, hoping she'd say no.

"Not really. I'll just destroy your chakra system in your hands, then crush them." Hinata replied, causing Naruto to groan. "I'm just kidding Naru-chan. But I have to say, those two are absolutely beautiful. It really makes me wonder what's going to happen when I do have my first child."

"Well all I know is that kid will have the world's greatest mother." Naruto replied. "But seeing Minato and Kushina-chan, it made me wonder about something."

Hinata sat down on the bed beside Naruto and got comfortable. "What's that Naru-chan?"

"It made me think of just how important it is for us to win the Bijuu Wars. I could never forgive myself if those two, or even you had to suffer at Madara's hands." Naruto said.

"Naruto, you know that none of us would ever want that to happen, and we're all going to fight to the bitter end to win this. You, me, Kasumi, Haku, Ino, Chouji, Neji, Sasuke, Tenten, and Itachi, we've been given this power for a reason. That reason is to ensure our home, and this world is safe from monsters like Madara." Hinata said. "I think…no, I know that each of us would stare death in the face to ensure the safety of those we care about."

Naruto knew her words were true, and knew that he'd risk his life without hesitation for his family, his friends, and his home. "You're right. Because who knows, if Minato takes after me, then I guess Konohamaru is gonna have a lot of trouble on his hands when he's challenged for the Shichidaime Hokage spot."

Hinata just laughed at him, "Actually, I don't think it will be Min-kun, I think it'll be Kushi-chan that challenges him. She's got those eyes that says 'I'm the Shichidaime, got it!' and she'd probably be the one to back it up."

"Now that is something I can't wait to see." Naruto replied. "So, you know we're probably gonna be stuck on babysitting duty sometime. Think you can handle those two?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, do you doubt my ability?" Hinata asked with her arms crossed. "I'll have you know I was raised better than that."

"I should know, I was the one that had to do it." Naruto laughed. Hinata just brushed it off and laughed with him.

A week had passed after the welcoming of the twins and everyone returned home, only to learn that training doesn't stop even for a new family.

"We're going WHERE?" asked Naruto and Natsumi.

"You'll be going to train on Mount Myobokuzan to learn the Sage arts." Arashi said as he summoned the Toad Contract. "You were actually recommended by both Jiraiya-sensei and Gamabunta-san to partake in this training."

"But what exactly is this Sage stuff anyway?" questioned Natsumi. "Seems boring."

"So learning how to control the natural energy around you, in order to amplify your own abilities to new levels is boring?" Arashi said, catching the eye of both blondes.

"When do we leave?" the two replied. Arashi just laughed as he summoned a smaller toad, with a beard…and a cane…and old looking at that.

"You leave as soon as you get packed. Fukasaku-sama here will take you to Myobokuzan when you're ready." Arashi explained.

The old toad looked over the blondes to make his first assessment, "So these are the brats, eh? Heard they were good with Wind, but this may make them start crying if it's too hard."

"Naa, they can handle it. Going easy on them would be an insult." Arashi replied. "Now head on up and get packed. You're going to be gone for a minimum of two months."

"Sweet, oh wait. How come we're the only ones going? Shouldn't everyone else get this training too? I mean Madara's not gonna be a pushover." Naruto asked, as he was about to run upstairs.

"Won't work for them boy. You gotta be in really good with the toads if ya wanna learn our secrets." Croaked Fukasaku. "Now we ain't got all day. Get a move on."

"Alright ya old toad, yeesh." Naruto turned around to go upstairs, but before he could take a step, he was clobbered in the head. "Hey what was that for!"

"I ain't that old, ya tadpole." Fukasaku replied. "I happen to be well over 800 years young."

"Ok…" Naruto just paid no heed and headed upstairs to pack.

As for the others…

"So you have your missions. We need to get the other Kages together in the hopes of creating the Gokage alliance. Gaara's good to go, so we're fine with Suna." Tsunade explained to the three teams in her office. "Chouji, your team is not going to be an easy one. Iwa still harbors ill feelings from the Third Ninja War and having a bunch of Konoha shinobi come in may make it difficult to convince him, even with Tsukune-sama with you."

"Eh, it's no problem. He's never met a guy that can level a mountain, then create it back." Chouji said as he munched on some chips. "Plus I got Ino-chan, Shinja-sama, and Sakura-chan with me. We'll be in great shape."

"I like your confidence." Tsunade replied as she handed him a set of scrolls. "I can't say the same for your team either Neji. After that incident with Hinata's capture, Kumo is still antsy about any alliance with us. They lost their best ninja that day to Kasumi, and luckily Arashi was able to cover it up by saying she was killed. However you should tread lightly with the Raikage."

"Agreed. We shall proceed with caution." Neji replied as he took the scrolls.

"And good choice of a team to accompany you with Inuyasha-sama. Having Tenten, Kyoji, and Yugito will definitely move things in your favor." Tsunade said as she overlooked the Kumo team. "Temari would have been good, but she's still in Suna right now. Well time for the easy part of the job."

"I still don't like this. Having to go back there just puts a bad taste in my mouth." Haku replied as she took her scrolls.

"I understand Haku-chan. Having to go back to the very place where you witnessed your own mother's death isn't something most would do. But remember, I felt the same way about coming back to Konoha." Tsunade said in comfort. "Plus they've recently inducted a new Mizukage, and I hear this one is against the Bloodline prejudice. You also have Daisuke-sama and Makoto-sama with you. Plus having Itachi and Konan will be good backup for you."

"If you say so." Haku sighed.

"Tsunade-sama, pardon me for asking, but what of the others who will remain here?" asked Daisuke.

"Well, Naruto and Natsumi are actually headed out for some special training. So they're out. Kiba and Kimiko are being sent on an artifact mission. We've gotten word that Madara is apparently looking for some strange artifacts. Not sure as to why though. As for Sasuke, Shiori, Kasumi, Hinata, and the Genin teams…well…" Tsunade explained.

Flash to the Uzumaki mansion…

"Holy geez! Akemi-chan, your brother sounds like he could shatter a diamond with that scream!" Konohamaru was covering his ears, hoping he didn't lose his hearing. "Now I'm starting to wish I didn't have demon hearing."

"You're right about that!" Akemi had her hands over her ears, trying to save her hearing as well. "But what's he upset about? He's been changed! What else is it?"

Kasumi came running through with a bottle and threw it to her sister. "Here, give him this. He's hungry."

"Uh…Kasumi-hime?" Shiori came walking out of the nursery completely covered in baby powder. "Uh…how do you change Kushi-chan again?"

"Wait…you're kidding right?" Kasumi stood there wondering just HOW a girl didn't know how to change a diaper. "Oh wait, never mind. Come on, I'll show you how."'

As for Akane…

"Are you sure you'll be ok Akane-sama?" Akane was in bed trying to recover from all of the chakra she lost. Hinata was there checking up on her.

"It's ok Hina-chan. I didn't think I'd feel this weak after coming home. It's a good thing we have all you kids around to help with Minato and Kushina." Akane said weakly. "Just to make sure, I have a lot of extra milk stored in the freezer for the kids. If you have to take them outside, please make sure you bundle them well. Also remember that Minato likes his milk slightly warmer than normal, while Kushina likes hers colder."

"Ok, but please try to rest Akane-sama." Hinata said as she laid a cold compress on her head.

"You know, Naruto did do a good job of raising you." Akane said with a slight laugh.

"Well when you grow up again with a second dad…you learn a lot." Hinata replied.

Back to Tsunade's office.

"Wow…yeah they get the worst job. Ok then, I don't know about you guys, but I'm out!" Haku said, quickly taking her leave before she might have gotten stuck on diaper detail.

"She's got the right idea. Best of luck to all of you and safe journey. You're dismissed." Tsunade said, sending off the three teams.

Within the hour the three Kage teams had set out and were well on their way. Naruto and Natsumi were also gone, as they had been reverse summoned to the hidden Mount Myobokuzan. However, there must be balance. Not all good can happen without something to contradict it.

"Excellent work Zetsu. Maintain your position and keep an eye on Konoha for now." Madara said to the astral projection of the grass ninja. "Kisame, you need to take a trip back home. Go get some fishing done, enjoy the brisk weather, and kill a fox, a turtle, a wolf, and a pair of traitors for me as well."

"With this nice little boost to Samehada, how can I not refuse?" Kisame licked his lips as he set out for his homeland.

"And Kakuzu, I heard of an old saying from somewhere…there's gold in them there hills." Madara spoke of the mountains of Iwa. "Time for you to go stake a claim and get rid of a pesky snake and rooster too."

"Love the sound of money in the morning." Kakuzu chuckled as he vanished in a puff of smoke.

"And what of the Kumo team Madara-sama?" asked Pein. "Shall we try to hinder them?"

"Send the Wood Path. But only to test them. I want you to maintain the search for the artifacts I request. I will need the Totsuka Sword and Yata Mirror if I am to seal victory." Madara instructed.

"As you wish." Pein took his leave and prepared for his mission.

Madara walked over and looked out at the falling rain. He had a feeling that now was his time to make a move, and the pieces were starting to fall into his favor. "That's right, just try your little uniting of the Kages. By the time you even get them to agree, Konoha will be in ruins and the Five Sacred Stones will be mine. Only then will I show you the true powers of a GOD!"And thus many new things begin. Naruto and Natsumi are beginning their Sage training, preparations for the Kage Summit are in order, and Konoha's got a brand new pair of twins to deal with. Madara's plan is also moving more and more into plan. Only time will tell what will happen next!

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