The Bijuu Wars

Chilling Receptions

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Chapter 31: Chilling receptions.

Haku looked upon the snow covered gates of Kiri, the Village of the Mist. "I still hate the fact that I'm back in this hell hole. Things used to be so much more beautiful back then."

"Still uneasy about coming back Haku-chan?" asked Konan. "I don't blame you. If I were in your shoes, I'd feel the same."

Haku sighed as her team trudged through the snow. With their travel visas, they were able to get in the village with no problem to meet up with the Mizukage. "Well…it still doesn't excuse the fact that I'm here. Look, I have something I need to do. Let's meet up at the Mizukage's office in a few hours. If you need me, just contact me." She quickly vanished in the falling snow.

"Haku wait…" Itachi tried to stop her, but it was futile.

"Let her go Itachi. Her aura tells me that she has many demons she wishes to confront here. It will be hard, but she is strong." Itachi heard the words from Makoto and simply took them in.

"Very well." Itachi sighed. "Let's get something warm and then plan our meeting with the Mizukage."

On the far side of the village, Haku appeared in front of a large abandoned house. "Never thought I'd see this place again…but I guess when you come home, you never know what to expect." She entered the building to see leftover furniture and dust. The living areas showed no sign of heavy dilapidation, but it was still worn down. "Might as well see what's left. Figured this place would have been ransacked all those years ago." She took her time walking up the stairs, noticing the rooms were empty. She entered one room with tattered blue wallpaper and minimal furniture. "Hard to believe my room is ok. I wonder…" She went to the empty closet and looked inside. There was a hidden compartment in the floor board that she knew of. It was the place she would keep her prized possessions. When she opened it, she noticed it was empty. "Wow, so much for memories." She figured that since the house had been abandoned, it was most likely looted by thieves over the years. She left the room and headed outside.

"Tenshi, are you still worried about Haku?" Itachi noticed Konan looking a little down as they walked through the village.

Konan nodded, "I bet she feels miserable being back here. This is where all of the pain and problems happened for her when she was young started. I'd feel the same way if we were back in Ame." She looked up at the falling snow. "Why did this place have to have that stupid bloodline purge anyway?"

"It was because of Yagura, the Yondaime Mizukage. He was obsessed with some sort of 'genetic cleaning' of the village, and felt that bloodlines made people weak because it meant that people didn't rely on their own strength. I'm sure you know of the reason why this village was called 'The Bloody Mist' village, correct?" Daisuke explained. He saw the others nod. "It was that very mindset that pushed this village into dark times. Many times I would see refugees seeking solace in the Kame village because of the purge."

"It's a shame that Haku's mother wasn't able to escape. Who knows what her life might have been like if she got away in time." Konan replied.

"For all we know, she could have grown up and been a shinobi of the Kame village, or even have moved to Konoha. Her family was very good friends with my family." Itachi said.

"Then why didn't your family come get her Itachi-kun? Why did you leave her here?" Konan said in rebuttal.

"Itachi, maybe it's best you explain what your mother said to Haku that one holiday." Makoto nudged Itachi along. "That will give her more insight."

"That's right; she wasn't there when Oka-san explained everything." Itachi remembered the revelation from Mikoto. "You see Tenshi-chan, Arashi-sama had major problems with diplomatic relationships from Yagura. Because of this, Konoha shinobi were prohibited from entering Kiri unless it was to escort prisoners for extradition. When Oka-san and Otou-san heard about the Bloodline Purge, it was also around the time of the Uchiha revolt and massacre."

"So your family did have plans to try and get Haku out of Kiri?" asked the blue haired shinobi.

"Yes. But because of the diplomatic problems and the revolt, there was no way any of us could get here. That also led us to believe that Haku was killed. Unfortunately for any of us, that wasn't the case."

"She ended up killing her own father after witnessing the death of her mother. After that, she came in contact with Zabuza Momochi. From what I learned, he trained her in the ninja arts, and she self taught herself herbology and the listing of pressure points." Makoto said. "By the time she met Kasumi, she had given up all hope of ever being a normal shinobi and only saw herself as a weapon to Zabuza. Luckily things changed and she was given a second chance."

"I see. That's why this village is so painful for her. I hope she'll be ok." Konan said in worry.

"We all do Tenshi-chan, we all do." Itachi said as he comforted his angel. "For now we should find someplace warm to get information on how to reach the Mizukage."

Haku walked outside the back of her old house, "Yeah still not much of a back yard." She noticed three large snow mounds when she walked through to look around. Brushing away the snow, she saw three headstones. What really got her was the third stone, "Who would do this?" She noticed that the third stone was for her. It read, 'Haku, beloved son, noble nephew, our snow angel.' "That's strange. Who would think I was a boy?" She paid it no heed and looked at the second stone, the one belonging to her mother. She created a bouquet of ice roses and placed them in front of the stone, "Hello Mother. It's been a very long time. I hope you are well. You know, this is the first time I've been back home in almost 12 years. I want you to know that…that I have a new family now. They've been caring for me for the past 5 years. You would really love to meet them. I mean, I'm the daughter of a Hokage, a princess, and I even have a wonderful fiancé too. My brothers and sisters are all really nice when they want to be, but that's what you get when you're the oldest of the bunch. Oh and Min-kun and Kushi-chan, you would love seeing them. They are absolutely adorable!" She let out a small laugh. "Yeah I wasn't always this bubbly. I blame it on hanging around Kasumi and Hinata all the time." She then turned to the last stone…the one for her father. Her demeanor changed and she felt her anger rising. What she didn't notice was someone else entering the back yard.

"There's just so much…so many things I want to say." She looked hard at the cold stone. "I could be mad or angry at you, but I'm not. Father, it's taken me a lot of years to bring myself to forgive you for taking Mother away from me. Why would you do it? She loved you so much. And why try to kill me? Wasn't I always a good girl for you? I always tried to do my best. I thought I was your little snow angel!" Tears began to stream from her face in the cold. In a moment of blind rage, she even threw a spear of ice at the headstone, but it went to the side. "Why! Why! How could you destroy our family like that?" She fell to her knees in tears as the pent up emotions were finally emerging. "I just don't know what to think anymore. I thought a dad was supposed to protect his little girl, not try to kill her."

"So you came to visit them too?" Haku turned to see an auburn haired woman with a long strand covering her right eye. She was wearing a blue dress, and Haku wondered how she wasn't affected by the cold weather. "I didn't know that anyone knew of Maki-chan."

"You…you knew Maki Kosaka? Were you good friends with her?" asked Haku as she dried her face.

"Friends…Maki-chan was my half sister. She was born here while I had been born in Rock Country. That probably explains why our Kekkei Genkai were different." Said the woman. "Oh forgive me, my name is Mei, Mei Terumi."

"Haku. Nice to meet you." Haku said courteously. "Unbelievable. She's really my aunt? But I never knew that Mother had a sibling."

"So you're named after my nephew. It's a real shame that I never got to meet him. Maki would tell me everything Haku would do in her letters before they stopped coming. She also told me how she was afraid of the Hyoton showing up during the Bloodline Purge. I guess things didn't play out how they should have." Mei said as she set some flowers by Haku's roses.

"Actually…I could tell you about Haku if you'd like." Haku stood up as she looked at the graves. "You might find this weird, but Haku wasn't a boy…she was a girl."

"You mean my nephew was really my niece!" Mei was shocked to find out the news. "How do you know? You must give me any information! Is she still alive? When did you meet my niece!"

"Well, there are three things you need to know. The first is that Haku was a girl, not a boy." Haku explained. "Second…she went on the run with the missing nin Zabuza Momochi. That was how she learned her skills as a ninja. However things changed for her when she was in Wave country. She ran into some Genin from Konoha, and one of them helped open her eyes to a lot of things."

"So she's in Konoha now? I'll have to contact the Hokage then to see if I can locate her." Mei said when Haku cut her off.

"Actually…Haku was only in Konoha for three months…before she died at 13. Haku Kosaka no longer is a part of this world." Haku turned and removed her hood, showing off her kitsune ears. "The reason why is because Haku was adopted into the Uzumaki clan, and underwent a ritual to become a kitsune. Haku Kosaka is no longer here because I, Haku Uzumaki, have taken her place." To prove herself, she removed her glove and began to show off her Hyoton Bloodline. "What you see is real…I am the last surviving line to the Hyoton Bloodline."

Mei was speechless. She honestly could not believe that she was standing face to face with her niece! All she did was flash a smile…with a huge wave of killer intent. "You know if you weren't my long lost niece, I'd probably kill you. But I do that to everyone that surprises me like that." She grabbed Haku and pulled her into a tight embrace. "I thought you were dead sweetie! But look at you. So the ears…that's the kitsune thing, right?"

"Yeah…well actually…I'm not just a regular kitsune. I'm a kitsune princess. My adopted mother happens to be the Kyuubi no Kitsune." Haku said with a hint of blush. "But I can tell you that later. Aunt Mei, can you help me with something?"

"Here we are, only meeting for three minutes and you're already calling me Aunt Mei." Mei chuckled. "So what can I do for you?"

"The real reason I'm here is to meet with the Mizukage. Is there any way you can set up a talk with me and my friends?" asked Haku.

"Heh, I guess surprises run in our family." Mei thought to herself. "Sure thing. How many other friends did you bring?"

"I brought two more shinobi and then I brought two of the Bijuu, the Ice and Water Bijuu." Haku replied, getting a bigger shock from Mei.

"Wait, Sanbi-sama and Rokubi-sama are with you? For Kami's sake, what the hell are we waiting around for! Let's get you to the Mizukage!" Mei said, grabbing Haku's arm and quickly running through the snow.

The others had been in a small teahouse awaiting Haku. Hopefully they would be able to finish things quickly and get back home.

"Ok now I'm starting to get worried. Haku hasn't contacted us yet." Itachi slowly sipped his tea while he watched the falling snow. "Maybe we should head out and find her."

"You're probably right. Plus this snow seems to be falling harder. We should also find a place to stay tonight too." Konan quickly rubbed her arms to warm herself.

"Alright, let's split up and search the village. If we don't find her within a…" Itachi was soon cut off by communication.

"Itachi, this is Haku. Where are you guys?"

"We're at a small teahouse on the eastern part of the village. Where are you?" asked the Uchiha. "Where are you?"

"Well, apparently I'm headed towards the northern part of the village. That's the location of the Mizukage's office. Meet me there in 10 minutes." Haku explained as she cut off communication.

"Looks like we found our girl. Let's go everyone." Itachi said as the four took their leave.

Just a few miles outside of the village…

"Heh, homecoming is always the same every time. At least this time I'll be able to kill off a few traitors." Kismet lifted his hat to look upon the snow. "Itachi, you'll wish you never betrayed Madara." He felt the pulsing waves of energy released from Samehada, "Calm my friend; you'll be able to feast soon."

Itachi, Konan, Makoto, and Daisuke quickly met up with Haku and Mei at the entrance to the Mizukage's office. They were surprised to see Haku already had a contact in the village.

"Wait…she's your aunt? When did this happen?" asked Konan.

"Would you believe about half an hour ago at my house? I mean come on; she thought I was a boy for who knows how long." Haku chuckled.

"Whatever. But I do have to say, who is this? Haku-chan you never told me you had such a cute friend?" Mei said flirtatiously to Itachi. The elder Uchiha soon felt a chill down his spine.

"Ugh, is this what Sasuke felt when he was chased by fangirls?" Itachi thought to himself. "Uh, it's nice to meet you, but unfortunately…"

"He's TAKEN!" Konan quickly wrapped her arms around Itachi and sent a sharp glare at Mei.

"Why is it that all the good ones are?" Mei sighed.

"Ok be honest, who's worse, Mei or Mai?" Makoto whispered to Daisuke.

"I dunno, it looks like it might be a tie." Daisuke whispered back.

"Whatever, well…you all needed to meet the Mizukage, correct? Follow me and I'll introduce you." Mei said as she led them inside. After getting inside and into the Mizukage's office, things took a different turn. "Alright, now what is it you wanted to ask me?"

"Wait, huh?" Haku seemed stunned as she saw Mei walk behind the large desk and sit down.

"You said you needed to meet with the Mizukage, so what can I help you with?" Mei asked again with a smile.

"Ok, you have GOT to be kidding me? You are the Mizukage?" Haku asked.

"Of course. After Yagura was killed, I was selected as the best choice. It's a tough job, but I can do a lot of good for the village." Mei replied. "So while we're here, why not explain your mission and also why you brought two of Kiri's very important people here."

"Who's important?" Konan was confused.

"I believe it's Daisuke-sama and Makoto-sama. They are the Bijuu of Water and Ice, and this is their native country." Itachi replied.

"Well, here's most of what's going on. I'll fill in the rest as needed." Haku handed over the scroll from Tsunade and began to explain things about the war. Mei did have a lot of questions concerning things and carefully looked over all of the information.

"Honestly, I didn't think Madara Uchiha was still alive. It was always led to believe that he was killed during the fight with the Shodaime Hokage. But honestly I can't see anything wrong with this proposal." Mei said as she finished looking over everything. "This village has been dubbed 'Bloody Mist' for far too long."

"So does that mean you're going to ally us?" Haku was hopeful that her aunt would agree to the terms.

"Why should I not? In reality I've wanted to establish diplomatic relations with Konoha not just for military strength, but for economic trade as well." Mei took out a brush and ink. "I think that allying Konoha and Suna will be a grand asset to all of us." She signed her name and applied an official seal to the contract. "Plus I think it's time Madara learns not to mess with my family. I've got two bloodlines that will put him in serious pain."

"Two? How is that possible?" Itachi asked. "Normally people are born with one at the most in a particular lineage."

"I was a special case. See my elements are Fire, Water, and Earth. Because of this I possess the Yoton and Futton styles." Mei explained.

"Lava release and Boil release…interesting." Daisuke commented. "Especially for the Mizukage."

"Well enough of that. I know all of you are tired from your journey. It's best that you rest. Chances are Madara may try something while you are travelling. From what you've told me, Kisame Hoshigaki may be the one to try and ambush you."

"He was your old partner, wasn't he Itachi?" Makoto asked. Itachi nodded in agreement.

"Yes. When I was undercover, I was paired with him. I know full well of how dangerous he is. His chakra capacity is immense. So much that he was named 'The Bijuu without a Tail'. Coupled with Samehada means he'll be a dangerous opponent. There's also no idea if Madara has done anything to enhance his abilities." Itachi replied. "We'd better be ready to go all out on him. Haku-chan, do you and Makoto-sama think you'll need to use Excelion Drive?"

"There's no telling until we face him. Though I feel we will be in for a very difficult battle." Makoto replied. "However, Mizukage-sama is correct. We should rest and heal for now."

"It will be good to filet that shark. Samehada has been missing from the village for far too long." Mei said. "It was only recently that we acquired Kubikiri Hocho and Rai Roga."

"Kubikiri…that was Zabuza's sword." Haku replied. "I thought I left that at Zabuza's grave in Wave country."

"One of our shinobi passed through and noticed the sword. Upon speaking with some of the villagers, they learned of the heavy sacrifice Zabuza paid to eliminate Gato. I sent a memoriam in place of the sword that should still be there." Mei replied. "But I have been trying to get the Seven Swords of Kiri back and reform the Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū."

"The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, the greatest Blade wielders of Kiri." Makoto said. "It is said that when the Seven are assembled, they alone are a force to be reckoned with. However each one considered themselves so powerful that it led them all on a path of destruction as missing nin."

"True, although one has stayed here and is very loyal. Sometimes I think he's a little naïve but that's just how Chojiro is." Mei smiled. "But enough about that. Why don't I show you to some nice warm beds for the night?"

"That'll definitely hit the spot. I could use a good night's sleep." Haku yawned. "At least it's better than having to babysit at home." Strangely enough everyone back in Konoha sneezed for some reason.

"Oh come on Haku-chan, you know good and well you like playing with Min-kun. Or maybe you want Neji-kun to baby you a little more?" Konan teased, causing Haku to go white as snow.

"Konan-chan, PLEASE don't remind me about that episode. It was bad enough once!" Haku quickly tried to change the subject around Mei. "However…Neji-kun can baby me anytime he wants. And he did say I was cute when I sucked my thumb while I slept. But that's our little secret."

Mei led the group to her home, a sizeable residence but nothing extravagant. There were more than enough rooms for everyone to relax and get some good rest. However Haku just continued to watch the snow fall.

"You're still up Haku-chan?" Konan asked with a sleepy yawn. "It's late."

"I know. But being here in Aunt Mei's home, looking at the snow…it just reminds me of how things were when I was little. I loved coming outside during the winter to build a snowman the first chance I had. And this was before I knew about my Hyoton. My parents would always come help me, and we'd try to build the biggest one we could." Haku sighed at the memory.

"You know, I feel the same way. Before my family was killed, playing in the rain was my favorite thing to do when I was little. Every time I'd go outside and dance in the rain, splash in the puddles and have a blast." Konan said. "Then I'd go inside and my mother would wrap me up in a big towel to dry me off, and give me some warm tea to make sure I didn't get sick. But I guess having things like that all the time are non-existent in this world."

Haku understood what she meant. As a ninja, you never knew what would happen in the future, and you never knew when you would meet death. "That makes me wonder…will Min-kun and Kushi-chan have to suffer and grow up like we did? I know this war is tough, but what if…what if it does happen?"

"You mean if Madara wins? Knowing him, he wouldn't hesitate to completely eliminate anyone close to us. It makes me sick even knowing right now that he still has control of my brother." Konan felt a hint of anger in her. This led Haku to wonder.

"You have a brother? I didn't know that." Haku saw a small smile on Konan's face, but she shook her head.

"Well, he's not my brother by blood. I met him after my parents were killed and I was orphaned. His name is Nagato. He and my other adopted brother Yahiko were my only family for the longest time. We were all orphans due to the war so we banded together to survive." Konan sighed. "For a while, we didn't know if we were even going to survive. Luckily we had Jiraiya-sensei show up and he took care of us for a few years, even trained us to become shinobi."

"So what happened to Yahiko? Does Madara have him as well?" asked Haku.

"No, Yahiko was killed long ago. Actually he sacrificed himself to save both myself and Nagato." Konan's voice fell as she spoke of the incident. "We had tried going up against some ninja during the war and I was taken hostage in the heat of battle. The one that had me captured told Nagato to kill Yahiko or I would die." She wiped a forming tear from her eye. "Nagato refused to do such a thing, but Yahiko didn't care. He wanted to protect us and wanted us to live happily, so he thrust himself on Nagato's kunai."

"Konan-chan, I'm so sorry." Haku knew of the pain felt when she saw Zabuza die herself.

"It's ok. I don't let it get me down. Yahiko gave all of his strength to me and Nagato, and wanted us to carry on. That's how things were until Madara showed up. He used Yahiko's death to manipulate Nagato and he placed me under mind control. Until Itachi-kun came, I was just a drone to Madara." Konan felt her resolve coming back.

"He really does need to die. What else will Madara stoop to?" asked Haku.

"No one really knows. But we shouldn't think about it now. I'm going back to bed. You coming?" Konan yawned again.

"Sure. I'll be right behind…" She was cut off as she heard a rather large explosion from outside the house. "What the hell was that?"

"Hey what's the deal with the noise?" The two saw Makoto come out of her room to investigate. Daisuke and Itachi were right behind.

"I'm not sure. Hey where's Aunt Mei?" Haku looked around and saw that the Mizukage was nowhere to be found.

"She didn't go out, did she?" Itachi asked.

"I'm afraid she did. And it seems we have another guest…namely a shark." Makoto could feel the strong auras of battle from the area.

"Kisame? He's here?" Konan said in surprise.

"This is just great. Ok, that's it. It's time to put that fish on ice once and for all." Haku slammed her fist into her palm in anger. "We don't know just what he's done or if he has reinforcements. For now, let me take him on. Uncle Daisuke, can you go with Itachi-kun and Konan-chan and make sure there's no one hurt in the village?"

"That is reasonable. You do have the highest chance of success since Makoto is with you." Daisuke commented. "Very well. Itachi, Konan, let's go."

"Be careful Haku-chan. You know Neji-kun will be worried if you get hurt." Konan gave a quick hug for luck to the Ice princess.

"Haku, Makoto-sama, make sure to watch out for Samehada. There's no telling what Madara has done to make his sword stronger. But if you need backup, just call us." Itachi commented.

Haku nodded, "Thanks guys. Well Aunt Makoto…shall we go get some sushi?"

Makoto looked quite intrigued, "You know, I also have a craving for shark fin soup. I hear it's quite a delicacy."

Haku and Makoto rushed to where most of the destruction was taking place, only to see Mei in full combat against Kisame.

"Damn, you should have been melted alive from my chakra. What the hell is going on?" Mei was already pressured by the Akatsuki.

"Yagura's replacement…I knew this village was going to hell after he was wiped out, but this is ridiculous." Kisame laughed as another of Mei's jutsu dissolved before coming in contact with him. "You honestly believe you can come close to defeating me?"

"She may not, but I know I can, shark ass!" Kisame turned to see Haku and Makoto standing in the snow.

"So, a noisy fox and the stupid wolf that threw me off a mountain? Tell me, what about those traitors? Shouldn't they be with you?" Kisame looked around for Itachi and Konan, but they were nowhere to be found.

"Your fight is with me." Haku commanded to the shark. "It's best that you just give up and let me kill you quickly so I don't get fish guts on my hands."

"So the little ice girl thinks she can stop me? What makes you think you have a chance if your worthless mother died to a plain old civilian?" Kisame immediately hit a nerve in Haku, but how did he know about her mother?

"What do you know about her? Answer me dammit!" Haku demanded. "Just who told you about her?"

"Wasn't that hard. Madara's got lots of sources." Kisame said as he scratched his head. "Come to think of it, he did tell me that he preferred you being alive. Said something finishing the job he started 12 years ago after your sister told us about your Hyoton Bloodline." He tapped Samehada to the ground to dust off any loose snow. "He told me something about a woman who could control ice for his plans. Since he had ol' Yagura under his command, he could use that Bloodline Purge to find the strongest bloodlines for himself and kill off the rest."

Haku froze solid. Madara was the one behind the Bloodline Purge, behind her mother's death…behind all of her grief and pain? "It…it was Madara all this time? He's the one that caused my mother's death? He's the one that caused me to kill my own father?"

"You did that? You definitely are a kid of the Bloody Mist. You'd have easily been made a Genin after doing something like that!" Kisame laughed heartedly. "But yeah, now that I think about it, you're the only one I can't kill. Just gotta beat you senseless so Madara can use your bloodline."

Hearing Kisame laugh quickly pushed Haku to the edge. Makoto could feel Haku's aura beginning to spike, knowing that said ice kitsune was becoming very enraged. "You think it's funny…the fact that the man you work for used my sister, my father, and my mother for his own greed is funny?" Her eyes began to glow bright ice blue, "I'll show you funny when I turn you into a glacier! ICE OVERDRIVE!" Haku didn't even bother transforming. Her rage immediately put her in Illumina Form and pushed her into Overdrive Form as well.

"Haku-chan, just what are you?" Mei had a chance to regroup with Makoto as Haku began to go on her offensive. "Rokubi-sama, what's happening to my niece?"

"What you are seeing is another source of her power…her Illumina power. In this form, her Ice abilities are taken to an entirely new level." Makoto said. "But this is just a part of her full power."

"You know…Maki-chan would be really proud to see her. She's come a long way."

Back with Kisame, he could already feel the temperature drop from Haku's form release. To a normal human, it would feel as if the temperature dropped around 50 degrees below 0. "Wow, you really know how to give a guy the cold shoulder."

"Cold shoulder…I'll show you cold! FENRIR!" She slammed her hand to the ground, summoning a giant blue wolf. "Fenrir, strike now!" The wolf understood and leapt into combat, swinging its' paw to slash at the shark.

"Oh ho… I get to play with an oversize dog, sounds like fun." Kisame nimbly avoided the slash as Fenrir took to the offensive. Slash after slash kept Kisame moving, but not once did he get hit. He could see Haku becoming more angered, but decided to keep his hand hidden for now.

"So you want to be a jumping bean, huh? Then try this on for size! Fenrir, ICE ROAR!" Haku commanded. The giant wolf let out a massive roar that ripped through the village, shaking it and sending a chill of the cold ice from its breath. Kisame saw this coming and easily jumped out of the way.

"You're going to have to do more than that little girl." However Haku was one step ahead of him, or in this case, above him.

"Oh I intend to." Haku's glowing eyes began to change from ice blue to a pale rainbow aurora. She had in her hands a concentrated orb of frozen aurora as well, "When I said I was going to freeze you, I meant it! Just block this! AURORA WAVE!" The orb condensed quickly as Haku thrust it forward, sending the energy in a frozen aurora beam directly at Kisame. To the untrained, Kisame was hit head on, but the surprises were about to begin. "Now chill out for good!" Haku forced the energy with all her might back into the ground. Fenrir knew instinctively what to do and let out another frozen roar to fortify the ice. Haku landed back on Fenrir's head and the glow left her eyes, yet she still remained in her Overdrive state. "Aunt Makoto, something isn't right."

"I sense it too. His aura is still massive. He must be planning something. Be wary and remember to use all of your senses." Makoto could feel Kisame's aura quaking as he was trying to force himself out of the ice prison.

"Alright you oversize flounder…time for you to realize that when a wolves and foxes crave meat, they become very vicious…and this fox is craving sushi!" Haku growled to herself as she felt herself becoming more feral. Makoto could feel this and noticed the change…it was her eighth tail appearing.

Back in Konoha…

"So tell me again…what did I do to end up with you right now?" Sasuke sighed as he was holding little Kushina in his arms, feeding her. "Oh well, I do have to say, you seem a little more tame than your sister. At least you didn't unleash a burp from the underworld like she did."

"I heard that Sasuke!" Kasumi screamed from the kitchen.

"Ok with that, I think we should go out for a while." Sasuke went and got a blanket and wrapped it around the little kitsune hanyou. Minato had been ported off by Shiori and Hinata, so Sasuke was left with Kasumi while the others were out. "Hey Kasumi-chan, I'm gonna take Kushina out for a little bit of air. Be back in a little while."

"Sasuke-chan, make sure you have everything she needs. Don't forget the diaper bag, bottles, a blanket, and…" Kasumi was rattling on about everything before Sasuke cut her off.

"Uh Kasumi-chan…remember who was changing your diapers about a year or so ago? I think I'll Kushi-chan will be just fine." Sasuke already had Kushina in the shoulder carried and had her diaper bag to the side. The little kitsune was bundled up to stay warm, and she had just finished her bottle so she was already dozing in and out. "Besides, all I'm doing is heading to the training center for a bit and then I'll be right back, miss rosy cheeks."

Kasumi's face went red as Sasuke's tails after that comment, "SASUKE-CHAN! You promised you wouldn't pick on me for that!"

"Why not? You did have the cutest little cheeks around. Oh and just so you know…that doesn't count for my free 'getting to see Kasumi naked' ticket." Sasuke laughed as he walked out of the house.

"Oh Kami you're still going to hold me to that?" Kasumi sighed in grief. Sasuke nodded as he left, leaving her there to think. "Seriously what am I going to do when we're finally married? At least it's easier with Shiori-chan. We can just go jump in the hot springs for that."

Sasuke took his time with the sleeping Kushina and made his way to the training facility. The village finally had a small amount of downtime with the three teams out for the diplomatic missions, Naruto and Natsumi in Sage Training, and Madara keeping quiet. Everyone knew they needed to be on their tails in the event that Madara made his move, but with only a few of his followers left, things seemed to tip in the favor of Team Illumina.

"Sasuke, what brings you here?" Dr. Sakurano commented as he saw Sasuke and Kushina walk into his office. "And I see you brought little Kasumi with you too?"

"Ha ha, very funny Doc." Sasuke laughed sarcastically. Every time people saw him with Kushina, they would poke fun at him and remind him about the episode when Kasumi was a baby, and it only made things more funny since Kushina's middle name was Kasumi and she took a lot of traits from her older sister.

"So what brings you here?" asked the Dr. as he went back to his lab table.

"Just out. Also thought I'd see if there was any update on Madara's activity." Sasuke replied.

Dr. Sakurano shook his head, "We've got nothing so far. After losing Itachi as our spy, we have no clue what Madara's planning. Not only that, but we have no idea what he can do with all of the information he got from Kasumi when she was under his control." The Dr. took his glasses off and wiped his brow. "For all we know, he could be planning to exploit every single one of your weaknesses as we speak."

"That makes things just better. Do we have anything we can use to get a possible advantage?" asked Sasuke.

Dr. Sakurano felt Sasuke might mention something so he directed him to his newest project, "Actually I am working on a brand new enhancement for the team. As you know, you technically have two forms for your higher level Illumina power, the Overdrive and the Excelion Drive." The Dr. pressed a few buttons on his console and pulled up an analysis chart. "The main thing that has puzzled me is why you're unable to access Overdrive when you are fused with your Bijuu and vice versa. Though I think I might have come up with something." Sasuke looked confused but figured the doctor knew what he was talking about. "Sasuke, what I've noticed about Overdrive is that it is like a limit break."

"A limit break? Something like releasing the Celestial Gates, right?" asked the Uchiha.

"In a sense." Dr. Sakurano replied after changing the display. "You see after a long analysis, I've noticed that Overdrive takes the Bijuu chakra you were all initially exposed to and uses it in a certain way. See your body has already begun its harmonization and assimilation with your Illumina Power to the point where you will be able to access all of your powers without the need of a transformer or your Gem. What Overdrive essentially does is use the Bijuu chakra you were all exposed to and it pushes your body to the point of where you would have fully assimilated your Illumina Power." He changed the display again. "This in turn grants you unparalleled power at the cost of severe energy drain and exhaustion. Also the Overdrive taps into one more source of energy, your own Life energy. Each time you use Overdrive, you're using a part of your own life to fuel it. That's why at most you can only use two Overdrive attacks before you're wiped out. Anymore and you'd be burning your own life away."

Sasuke's jaw dropped, "Whoa, that's pretty heavy Doc."

"I know." Dr. Sakurano changed the display again. "It's because of this limit break that makes it so you can't exceed your ability while in Excelion Drive. This is because the Excelion Drive puts you in a state of true harmony with your Bijuu, using the natural chakra of your Bijuu to push you to that maximum. Because you've already reached a state of equilibrium, there's no need to go higher."

"But what if Madara figures out a way to exceed our Excelion Drive? He already has the Shikon no Tama and who knows what else he may have." Sasuke was quite concerned about the situation.

"This is where my plan hopefully comes in. Right now I'm trying to figure out a way to allow you to break the Excelion Drive limiter. This would essentially be known as the Excelion Overdrive." Dr. Sakurano continued his explanation. "The only problem is figuring out what is needed to break the Excelion Limiter, and push you into that extremity state. That's what's been racking my brain for months."

"Well…I'm sure you'll get it eventually." Sasuke replied. "My question is this, since we'd be entering a so-called Overdrive state while in Excelion Drive, how many times would we essentially be able to use our power at its maximum?"

"From my analysis, you would only be able to hold the Excelion Overdrive for a maximum of 5 minutes. Anything after that and you'll be burning your life energy so fast that you'd shave years off your life in mere seconds. And in the case of the hanyou, we're talking 300-400 years in a matter of seconds."

Sasuke nearly jumped out of his own skin after hearing that, "You mean we can live that long!"

"All of you possess traces of blood from a pure Bijuu. That's why your lives will be so long. Honestly I estimate that all of you kitsune will live well over two or three millennia, at the minimum. And you'll all look like you're 18-19 years old for at least 800-900 years. You probably won't look old until about 2500 years from now." Dr. Sakurano said. "I mean look at me, I look like what, 35-40? In actuality, I'm over 7000 years old."

"Well come on…you're an elf! Don't they live like who knows how long? I mean what about those three…uh; I swear I know who they are." Sasuke sighed in grief.

"You mean Hitomi, Sakuya, and Asuka? Yeah you have a point. But you have to understand, you're no longer a normal human. You're an advanced human due to your hybridization into a kitsune." Dr. Sakurano said. "But that's beside the point. The fact is, if the Excelion Overdrive is successful, it's an all or nothing shot. I don't know if you'd be able to handle the sheer amount of stress that will be placed upon your body, let alone your Bijuu and your Support Partner."

"How would this affect the Support Team?" asked the Uchiha.

"Since their power crystals were created from the energy of you and your matching Bijuu, it created a bonding link. Everytime you go into Overdrive or Excelion Drive, some of your power is channeled to them. That's why they gain an increase. With this level of an increase, the stress will be unreal. In addition, the bonding link may transfer more energy than you think. It may push them to possibly the level of power you have in your Bankai state. Without a Power Gem to control that much energy, it could be fatal." Dr. Sakurano said as he sat back at his desk. "But I'm afraid that if we don't risk this, we may have nothing left against Madara."

"Well, when you're in a war, sometimes you have to take things to the extremes. Unfortunately I think that's just how Madara wants it." Sasuke felt things would be getting bad soon. He didn't know just how right he was.

Haku could feel her blood beginning to boil. After hearing that Madara was the true cause of her parents' death from Kisame, she was ready to rip him to shreds.

"Alright fish boy, quit playing around." She stared at the block of ice that Kisame was in after she dispelled Fenrir. "I know good and well you're just playing around. " She saw that the ice started to melt quickly.

"So you saw through my guise. Seems the fox is more clever than I thought." The ice began to melt faster as Haku noticed Samehada growing. "Well now, I think it's time the shark goes on the hunt." Within seconds, Kisame was attacking Haku viciously. Somehow he had become faster than ever, barely giving her enough time to dodge. "I thought that sister of yours said you were the fastest of your team? You seem pretty slow to me!"

"What the hell is going on? Just how did he get this fast?" Haku was doing her best to avoid Kisame's attacks but nothing was working. She knew something was weird but just couldn't put her foot on it.

"Are you starting to feel the pressure? Well you should, considering all the chakra you've been giving me!" Haku froze for a split second, more than enough time for Kisame to deliver a brutal slash on her arm. The slash threw her back enough for her to regain composure, but things started getting worse for the kitsune girl.

"How…what did you do?" Haku held her shoulder, pushing what healing chakra she could into her arm. However she noticed that she was feeling worn and she hadn't done much. "And why does it feel like I've lost a lot more chakra?"

"You finally realize your folly." Kisame laughed as the bandage fell from his blade, revealing a vicious mouth of teeth. "Thanks to Madara, Samehada has been heavily fortified and enhanced. He can now siphon chakra from even further away, and he's even been enhanced to drain that energy you call ki energy."

"How did you know about ki energy? And how did you know I have it?" Haku said in shock. That was one of her trump cards if things ever got bad, and now Kisame knew about it.

"Thank your sister. We got lots of information out of that head of hers. Madara was even smart enough to use her to extract some of that elemental Illumina Power and put it in Samehada…namely of the Gravity Element!" Kisame laughed even more as he knew Haku was now at a bigger disadvantage.

"Haku-chan, fall back! You can't beat him like this." Makoto screamed to her niece. "If we fuse into Excelion Drive, we can stop him!"

"Aunt Makoto's right. Even now I can feel my chakra leaving and that sword of his is nowhere near me." Haku checked all around to see what she could do to make a break for it.

"Samehada hasn't finished eating yet. You're not going anywhere." Just like before Kisame moved quickly and caught Haku off guard, spitting out a massive wave of water. The surge caught Haku and started to quickly form into a massive sphere.

"Damn! Whatever Madara did to this guy is seriously making things worse for me!" Haku tried to swim out of the water sphere but it seemed that no matter which way she moved, she wasn't getting closer to getting out. "What's going on? The water can't be…" She turned back to see Kisame laughing out loud.

"Did you really think you could escape my water sphere? No matter which way you move, the sphere will move with you!" Kisame easily had the upper hand. She noticed that he started to change his form, becoming more acquiesced. His upper body was more shark-like and a long fin had grown from his head. He also had two fins from his arms and his teeth looked sharper. "Now since Samehada and I have merged, I shall feast upon a fox today!" He jumped into the sphere and swiftly swam towards Haku.

"This isn't good at all!" Makoto was trying her best to assess the situation. "Haku's in serious trouble and we have no way to get to her."

"What about Sanbi-sama? Where is he at?" asked Mei. "Shouldn't he be able to do something about this water?"

"He's on the other side of the village, making sure that there was no injured from Kisame's attack. Daisuke's always been like that." Makoto replied. "Right now the only way our niece has a chance is if I can fuse with her. But with all that water, there's no way I could reach her in time."

"Wait, what if she could freeze the water around her. Ice is less dense than water, so it's possible she could float out of the sphere. Not only that, but I may be able to use my Boil Release, to make that water more acidic. Not even Kisame could handle that." Mei recommended. "It's the only thing I've got right now."

"That may work. But I don't know if she can hear us in there…wait!" Makoto suddenly remembered that she was given a special communicator that would transmit directly to Haku. It was also set specifically for her or Udon to hear in the event of being in enemy territory. Looking at the watch on her wrist, she made the proper adjustment, "Haku-chan, it's Aunt Makoto. Turn and look at me if you can hear me!"

In the water, Haku was doing her best to stay away from Kisame. His speed was intense as he kept up his attack. Second after second, she continued to lose chakra and ki energy, and now she had to worry about her dwindling air supply.

"I don't…know if I…can hold out…" She struggled as her movements became slower from the lack of oxygen. At most she had another 90 seconds before she needed to breathe again. "I…I…" Her thoughts became cloudy as she heard the words from Makoto in her head. "Aunt…Makoto?"

"Haku-chan, listen to me. The only way you're going to be able to get out of that water is to encase yourself in ice. Use whatever chakra you have and freeze yourself. You have to work quickly because Mei is going to try and make the water more acidic." Makoto said from outside the water bubble. "Nod to me if you can understand this."

Haku turned her head and saw her aunts outside the water bubble. If one of them had a plan to get her out, it had to work. She nodded her head and started forming hand seals. "HYOTON: TOUKETSU HASAI! (Ice Release: Cryogenic Crushing)" Using any chakra she could gather, she started creating ice all around her. As she did this, her body began to shoot toward the top of the water sphere.

"Trying to escape are you! I don't think so!" Kisame saw that his meal was prone for escape and began to use his chakra to try and keep the sphere moving in tune with Haku. However the second phase of freeing Haku was in motion.

"Not so fast Kisame! Back off of my niece now!" Mei was already in action. "That and give up Samehada before I melt you alive."

"And just how are you…" Kisame noticed just what was going on when he saw the water starting to change a different color. FUTTON KAISHUU: SUI NO SAN! (Acid Release Conversion: Water to Acid)" In one large breath, Mei spit out a stream of concentrated yellow liquid that began to mix with the water sphere. Due to her bloodline, the acid she created was just as strong as the acid created by Katsuyu, if not stronger. She knew that the water sphere would begin to dilute the acid, but it would take a lot for it to dilute it to a minor level. With the amount of water in Kisame's sphere, he'd still be dissolved alive.

Kisame saw this and knew he had to change things up. "Damn, this is going to complicate things…or so she thinks." He decided to withdraw, allowing Haku to escape the prison and the acid water mix to disperse, spreading all across the village. Mei saw what he was doing and knew he took the upper hand again.

"Rokubi-sama, that water is going to cause some major damage to the village with the acid in it." Mei commented as Makoto was releasing Haku from her ice encasement. "I'll try to neutralize it but since it has spread, it will take some time."

"It's ok…Aunt Mei." Haku was breathing heavily to recover her breath. "That shark doesn't know what he's about to get." Haku held up her wrist, pressing a button on her transformer. "It's time I put him on ice for good."

"Haku-chan, what do you have planned?" asked Mei.

"If you think me as a fox is trouble, wait till you see me go wolf!" Haku got back to her feet with Makoto behind her. "Ready to give me a hand Aunt Makoto?"

"Anytime Haku-chan. Let's do this for your parents." Makoto said as her chakra began to radiate intensely.

Both Haku and Makoto moved in perfect sync, "With perfect calm and clarity, EXCELION DRIVE: ICE FUSION!" Everything around the duo froze solid as they were united, Bijuu and Knight into one ultimate form. Mist and ice dispersed as Haku now stood, her fox features replaced with a pair of wolf ears and six wolf tails. She now wore the Hyorouga Gauntlets as well. Even as she walked on top of the water, she generated a cold so intense that it froze the water at her very step.

"Well well, seems I won't be having fox, but wolf cutlets for dinner." Kisame licked his lips in delight at what he was about to face. However Haku simply stared cold and hard at the shark.

"Chill out." With a simple wave of her hand, she instantly froze the water Kisame was in. Even with the acid, Kisame surprised everyone by showing he was not affected. Even after being frozen, he was able to break free with ease.

"You're going to have to do more to stop me!" Kisame was already up in Haku's face, slashing away with his claws. Haku countered strike after strike before going on her own offensive. However she could feel that even with her near infinite supply of energy, even it was decreasing at an intense rate due to Samehada. She had a plan, but it was an all or nothing shot now. "We can keep this up all night! The more you attack, the more you feed me!"

"Too bad you don't have Naruto's bottomless stomach then. If you did, then you could probably keep going." Haku flipped back out of the way and focused nearly all of her and Makoto's combined ki energy. "See if you can handle this! SHIN HAOH SHOKO KEN! (True Supreme King Roaring Fist)" The blast of energy was massive as it shot towards Kisame. He blocked, trying to absorb all of the energy but soon noticed that even that was too much for Samehada. The force was enough to separate the fusion and throw the shark and his sword back.

"Damn, where did that power come from?" After his separation, he could see the sword quiver and tremble as if it had become sick. "And what the hell did you do to my sword!"

"Not so tough without your sword huh? Well let me tell you something, you made your biggest mistake by telling me that Madara was behind the death of my parents." Haku was already at Kisame, gripping him in a vicious choke. "And now this time when I put you on ice, it will be for good!" Kisame could feel the air becoming colder than normal from Haku's grip as he saw her eyes go completely ice blue and her body radiate with energy. "And know that I do like my seafood on ice! ICE EXCELION: CRYSTAL FREEZE!" Haku discharged all of her Ice energy into one shot, freezing everything around her within a 500 foot radius. Luckily there was no one else around to be affected by the ice, and Mei moved away just in time. The entire area sparkled in blue and purple ice crystal as the snow continued to fall. At the center was a large ice block with Kisame's frozen body. The only thing unfrozen was his head.

"You stupid bitch! What did you do to me?" Kisame screamed. He struggled to free himself from the ice, but to no avail. "Release me!"

"The ice I put you in is nearly the equivalent to Demonic Ice, found only in the darkest level of Hell itself. Only the flame of the Phoenix could even come close to melting it away, and I know for a fact that Sasuke-kun and Shiori-chan wouldn't give you that pleasure." Haku said as she calmly backed away. "All that's left is to finish you and I know just how to do it." The entire area began to slightly shake as Haku started channeling every last bit of energy in her fist. Since merging with Makoto, she now had access to all of Makoto's techniques, including the ultimate technique of Kyokugenryu…the Mugen Kami Kyokuken. However things would be different when she unleashed her strike. While keeping the energy channeled, she propelled herself into the air. The moment she did, she split off from Makoto.

"Haku-chan, what are you doing! Why did you cancel the fusion?" Makoto asked. That's when she saw it. She saw that Haku kept the energy she channeled and it was being fueled as Haku's eighth tail finally emerged.

"This bastard is going to pay for what Madara did to me!" Getting a spring off one of the frozen buildings, Haku propelled herself towards Kisame at full speed. "Enjoy an eternity in hell, shark boy!"

"You think you've won? Madara will rise up and conquer this world. All of you will die at his hands!" Kisame's last words were moot to Haku. She only had one objective.

"Madara can bite me! I'll make sure he feels 1000 times the retribution that you're getting!" The glowing energy in Haku's fist started sparkling as her Hyoton Bloodline was channeled into it. "This is for my mother and father you freak! MUGEN HYOKAMI KYOKUEN! (Infinite Ice God Extremity Fist)" Haku slammed her fist into Kisame's face, releasing all of the energy. The sheer force of the energy exploded into a massive column, completely eradicating Kisame from existence. As the energy died down, it left a giant column of ice in its place. Just as the attack hit, Daisuke, Itachi, and Konan had regrouped with Makoto.

"Ok, what pissed her off?" asked Konan.

"A meddlesome shark. But that's been taken care of." Makoto said as she saw Haku walking back from the explosion. "And I think Haku has finally come to peace with things here in the village."

"She looks like she has." Mei finally joined the group as well. "Maki-chan can finally be at peace now."

"So Haku…how do you feel?" asked Itachi. Haku still had a cold look on her face before she grabbed her arm and broke down in pain.

"Holy Kami this hurts like hell!" Haku cried. "How come Shiori-chan didn't feel like this!"

Makoto kneeled down and struck some pressure points in her arm, "The reason why is because of the training. The Mugen Kami Kyokuken requires the power of Ko-oh Ken, the speed of Zanretsu Ken, the accuracy of Gen'ei Kyaku, and the balance of Raioh. You had everything down from being fused with me, but once you split apart your body didn't have the proper conditioning Haku-chan."

"So what's wrong with my arm? This pain is searing!" Haku cringed.

"Well I'm no medic, but it looks like you shattered the bones in your arm from the strike." Daisuke commented.

"Not only that but you're suffering a ki energy backlash. If you had Kasumi-chan's Ko-oh training, you wouldn't feel that effect." Makoto added. "However I sealed off the pressure points in your arm to keep the energy in place while it naturally dissipates. But I'm now starting to think I need to take your Kyokugenryu training to the next level. Maybe I should focus on teaching you another style."

"That would be nice I guess." Haku said. "But can I go inside? It's freezing out here! And where did this thing come from?" She looked and finally noticed her eighth tail.

"It showed up when you were in a dive bomb against Kisame." Makoto said as Itachi picked her up off the ground. "Looks good on you. Neji will like it."

"Speaking of Neji, he owes me some serious snuggle time after this injury. I think I might get some more of Oka-san's Rejuvenation Potion." Haku said.

"Speaking of potion, what's this story I heard about where you were apparently in diapers and sucking your thumb for about a week, Haku-chan?" asked Mei.

"I…uh well that is…you see…" Haku stuttered out while everyone started laughing.

"Tell me about it in the morning. For now, let's get you to bed young lady. You've had a rough night." Mei said as she picked up Samehada. After Kisame was killed, the sword became dormant. "As for this, Samehada can now be put in the right hands in time."

As the group walked back from the frozen battlefield, a lone figure watched from a distance before melting back into the trees.

"So Kisame has been exterminated and Samehada belongs to the Mizukage now." Madara said as he overlooked the rainy village of Ame from his base. "Any other news to report Zetsu?"

"None at this time Madara-sama. The groups to Kumo and Iwa are still in route and will arrive shortly. As for Kakozu and the Pein you sent, they are in route."

"Excellent. It's a shame that we lost Kisame. He was a good man. Tell me, what news do you have on the artifacts?" asked Madara.

"I am keeping a track on the Inu Princess and the Inuzuka. The information we received from Sai was correct in stating that they are searching for the artifacts as well." Zetsu replied. "With time they should lead us directly to the Totsuka Sword and the Yata Mirror."

"Very well. You are dismissed for now." Madara commanded as Zetsu melted into the ground. "Those fools. To think their ignorance is my benefit. If they only knew the Shikon no Tama is a cover up name for the legendary Yaksani Jewel."

"Things seem to be progressing nicely my friend." Naraku rose up from the ground. "There seems to be no hindrance in our plans."

"True my friend. Everything is going just how I want it. Once those fools get the proposed Gokage summit in motion, it will open the door for bigger things…namely the destruction of Konoha!" Madara cackled. "Not only that, but once those fools bring the five Sacred Gemstones together, Yami's release will be eminent. Then once I have the Three Treasures of Heaven, that power will be ours!"

"Planning of sheer brilliance. The screams of pain and destruction will be like a heavenly tune to our ears. Especially since we have recruited a new member." Naraku said as a black figure emerged from the shadows.

"It was difficult getting him here, and we could not fully summon him. But it was enough to get a powerful ally on our side…isn't that right Ryukotsusei-sama?" Madara said as he looked upon the most dangerous Bijuu in existence…the eldest of the family, creator of the Shadow Illumina, the Ten Tailed Dragon, Ryukotsusei.

"Of course Madara-sama. Your plan shall be victorious." Ryukotsusei kneeled in respect. "My brethren will not know what hit them."

Talk about making a comeback. Well Haku now has her eighth tail, she knows the real truth behind her parents' death, finds out the Mizukage is her aunt, and gets rid of an Akatsuki at the same time. As for Madara, what does he have planned now that he's somehow released Ryukotsusei and placed him under mind control! Dark times are looming over Konoha and things are about to go from bad to worse!

Now from the Author's corner, I do want to say I'm sorry for taking so long. A lot has happened in the past 7 months, from my laptop going kaput, losing my muse for writing this story, everyone else loving my other story, and me finally re-connecting with a friend I met 10 years ago. She was a girl I met my first year of college and after transferring schools, I thought I'd never see her again. Oh the joys of Facebook. Since then I've been talking to her daily, connecting again and it's been really good. So hopefully things will pick up, but I do want to say in NO way am I planning to abandon this story or any of my others. I appreciate each and every one of my readers and thank you for the continued reading support you've given me over the 3+ years I've been on . Thanks again to all of you for just reading and enjoying my work. Till the next chapter!


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