The Bijuu Wars

An important Author Update

Greetings from the Desk...or Keyboard...or whatever!

You're probably wondering what in the living world happened to me, considering I haven't done many updates in….what a year, two years? Well I do want all of you to know I'm not dead yet, nor am I even going to discontinue my stories at all.

Let's face it, real life just plain sucks. Well…my case was a little different. Back in October 2009, I re-connected with a friend from college that I hadn't seen in almost 10 years. (I'm not THAT old! I'm only 30…that means I better not get a single "old fart" joke out of you RasenganFin, because I know you're the type that would do it!). Well for those of you who had been with me from the start, I suffered a pretty bad emotional breakup and fanfiction helped take my mind off of the breakup for about 3 years. But enough of that part. Well meeting this friend again was a really good point in my life because she was a wonderful person to me and to meet back up after 10 years was pretty interesting. So I spent most of my time connecting back with her for a good year and in November 2010, we met up in person for the first time…and next thing you know we're dating. Well fast forward to August 2011….I proposed to her and she said yes. So the last 9 months have been spent going absolutely MAD prepping for the biggest event of this author's life…As of May 26, 2012 there will officially be a Mrs. Neokenshin at my side. Yep, it's crazy.

So I wanted to give all of you who have been with me since 2006 an update and let you know where my life is headed. In no way will I discontinue my three main stories. It just means updates will come pretty slow, but they'll still come. Plus they may look a little better because my fiancée is an English Teacher so that may help! But thank you all for reading my stories, favoriting them, and even adding me as one of your favorite authors. I hope to give you many more exciting chapters in the future!

Thanks again everyone!


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