The Bijuu Wars

The Destruction of Konoha Part 1

The entire cast of the Bijuu Wars has gone completely silent for a few minutes until finally...

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Chapter 33: The Destruction of Konoha Part 1

Chaos erupted everywhere as Pein, Akatsuki's 2nd in command unleashed a fury upon Konoha. Thanks to Madara's influence, there were no longer six paths as he normally used in battle. Due to Kasumi's capture, Madara was able to extract bits of all 10 elements of Illumina Power and channel it into the new Ten Paths of Pein. Strengthened by the newly revealed Yaksani Jewel, once known as the Shikon Jewel, Madara made sure that Pein would be unstoppable.

Tsunade was sitting in her office, overlooking the beginning of the destruction. She immediately deployed every available shinobi to stop this threat and protect the village. Unfortunately things would not go smoothly this day.

"Tsunade-shishou! We've just gotten reports that the eastern district has just come under attack!" Shizune burst into the office with additional reports. "Who's causing all of this?"

Tsunade took the reports and began to overlook them. "It's the worst possible choice Shizune. It's Pein. Madara's really taking things to the next level. He wants the Bijuu and he's serious about getting them, so he's brought the fight to us."

Shizune went pale, "Pein? Isn't that the one that Konan said had the Rinnegan?"

Tsunade sighed, "Yes. He's 2nd in command of Akatsuki, and there's no telling just what he can do. Right now…we're facing destruction on a whole new scale."

Nervousness shook the medical assistant, "So what are we going to do?"

Tsunade cracked a smile, "What else…we show him the full force of Konoha's ultimate weapon. Now summon Yugao and Tenzo, I'll need them at my side. For now…" She reached in her desk and pulled out a small transmitter. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have an announcement to make." She flipped the switch which opened a communication channel to all of Konoha. "Attention people of Konoha…"

All over the village, everyone instantly began receiving the transmission. Choji and Ino had been enjoying breakfast at Ino's when it came in.

"As of right now our village has come under attack by a hostile force…" Tsunade began.

Akemi, Hanabi, Hoshiko were doing some training drills with Hinata.

"Akatsuki has infiltrated Konoha. The one known as Pein, 2nd in command has begun an assault…"

Kiba and Kimiko were finishing helping out Hana at the veterinary offices.

"As of right now all Jounin and High Chuunin level shinobi are to engage this threat immediately. All Low Chuunin and Genin level shinobi will assist with the evacuation of civilians immediately…."

Tenten, Neji, and Sasuke were leaving the training facility at the time.

"In addition, all members of Team Illumina are named proxy commanders for this battle. Any shinobi of Konoha should heed their orders as if they were coming from me."

Sakura was on her way to the hospital as she heard the transmission.

"Finally, to all members of Team Illumina. You are to attack Pein at maximum power! That is not a request but an order! Now eliminate this virus from our home!"

"Well, you heard the woman." Arashi was just about to leave the house as the transmission came in. "Time to take out the trash."

"You know tou-san, I really wasn't intending to do any dirty work today. Oh well. Come on Shiori-chan, let's get into our work clothes." Akane had given Kasumi her Hoshi no Tama and was ready for this. She noticed that all of the other Bijuu had vanished as they were summoned to their respective knights, with the exception of Hiroshi, due to Naruto and Natsumi still on Mount Myoboku.

"Akane, don't worry. I'll take care of the kids. Go out there and do what you need." Kagome stepped up and took the twins from her in-law. "Just be careful ok."

"Sure think Kagome-chan. Thank you." Akane kissed her two kits one last time before heading to the door. Arashi was already geared up with his cloak flowing. "Alright Kasumi-chan, let's have some mother-daughter bonding time."

"Looks like I finally get my ninth tail too." Kasumi chuckled.

"That and my newly minted red hair. Ya know, after seeing and hearing about all those other Kushinas in other worlds, I guess having natural red hair isn't so bad at all." Akane smiled as she pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. "Looks like I won't be buying any more hair coloring."

"I always told you I liked your natural hair, but would you ever listen to me?" Arashi mildly complained. "Noooo, never listen to the guy that complimented you."

"Oh be quiet you silly boy." Akane gave him a quick kiss before getting back over with Kasumi. "Now shall we dance my darling daughter?"

"But of course dear mother…" Kasumi held up her transformer as the two chanted, "Power of Light, Shine Brightly! EXCELION DRIVE, LIGHT FUSION!"

"Konan-chan, are you going to be ok?" Itachi saw that his girlfriend had loaded extra paper in her supply pouch.

"I have no choice Itachi-kun. I'm the only one that can talk some sense into Nagato. If I can find him, there's a chance I can break his concentration and stop the other Peins." Konan sighed at the fact that she had to face the person who was like a brother to her. "Otherwise there's no telling what kind of destruction he'll be capable of."

"Itachi, don't worry. She's not going alone." Mikoto came from the parlor in full Jounin gear. "Right now you focus on stopping Pein in the village, and we'll take care of this problem."

"Very well." Itachi walked over and embraced both of them together. "Mother, Tenshi-chan, be safe and successful."

"You too Itachi-kun." Mikoto replied.

After words were said, the three left the Uchiha compound with hopes of all returning to the place they call home.

Choji and Ino were running full speed from the flower shop, examining the devastation that had already been unleashed. Most of the buildings were in ruin as other shinobi were helping the injured to the medical center. Pein's destruction knew no limit as there were already lifeless bodies on the ground.

"Choji-kun, this is horrible." Ino continued to survey the area as there were burning buildings, rubble, and destruction all around.

"That freak's gonna pay for wrecking our home." Choji clenched his fists in rage. "Let's get…"

Ino quickly interrupted, "Wait Choji!" She carefully listened to the wind and picked up some subtle cries for help due to her enhanced hearing in Excelion Drive form. "There are people in trouble over there." She pointed to the eastern direction. "They need our help."

"Then lead the way Ino-chan." Choji followed behind as Ino led the way. Upon arriving to another part of town, the two saw a mother and her child in fear as two of the Peins were trying to extract information.

"Give us the location of the Bijuu at once, lest you wish to meet Kami." Threatened one of the Peins.

"I swear...I don't know where they are!" the woman was trembling in fear as she tried to comfort her scared child.

"Your loyalty to your village is strong, but it will be your death." The same Pein began to glow a dark green as a giant Venus Fly Trap was summoned from the ground. "Death shall come swiftly to you." The plant was about to attack when it was incinerated from a beam of sunlight.

"Neji was right. You do have a part of my power." Ino threw another ball of sunlight at the two Peins, causing them to scatter. Choji quickly went in to check on the woman and her child.

"Are you two ok?" he could see they only were shaken up and not heavily injured.

"We're ok. Thank you!" The woman was grateful at her saviors.

"Get to one of the evacuation shelters. Any Genin will help you there." He turned to face the two Peins in order to give the woman some cover." She picked up her child and quickly ran from the area, giving her thanks once again. "Now for you two freaks, it's time you get your asses handed to you!"

"The Wood and Earth knights. You shall make our job easier." Said one of the Peins. "You face your own reflection this day as Wood and Earth Pein shall silence you and take your Bijuu."

"Then bring it on!" Choji cracked his oversize knuckles, ready for battle."

Sakura just made it to the medical center where everything was in chaos. There were more people being brought in by the minute and the other nurses didn't know how to handle things. People were complaining that they needed medical attention and it made things more confusing.

"This is madness." She couldn't believe just how bad it was.

"Sakura-sama, thank goodness you're here! We don't know what to do!" One of the nurses quickly ran up and tried to explain the situation. "We have more injured coming in by the minute."

"Don't worry I'll handle this." She used a bit of her chakra to enhance her voice. "LISTEN UP!" Everyone immediately went silent when they heard her roar. "Right now Tsunade-sama, nor Akane-sama can be here, so I am assuming command of this medical operation. We will do our best to ensure everyone gets medical treatment." There was a slight sigh of relief in the air. "All nurses will first assess your injuries and then assign a rank. All critical injuries will be high priority rank and will be treated first. In addition all elderly, pregnant, and injured children will be treated first. Then all major injuries that are not life threatening will be treated. Finally all minor injuries will be treated. Once you are assigned a rank per your injury via colored ribbon, you will move to the appropriate location. This will ensure you receive treatment as quickly as possible." Things were still uneasy, but began to calm down some. People weren't as frantic now that someone had come in to take charge. Sakura knew the other nurses and aides could handle things so she went to work on the more difficult injuries. "Alright, I want full assessments of all critical injuries, a status of our blood pack levels, and constant updates of treatments. We may be in a major crisis here, but I don't intend to lose anyone today, is that clear?"

"Yes Sakura-sama!" all the nurses and aides replied clearly.

"Shizune, I want you to get to the medical center. Right now neither I, nor Akane-chan can be there. There will probably be a lot of people that need help. Do what you can to save every single life possible." Tsunade ordered as the two ANBU she requested arrived.

"Of course Tsunade-shishou." Shizune took off as quickly as she could.

"You requested us Hokage-sama?" asked the female ANBU.

"Yes Yugao. You and Tenzo may remove your masks, no need to be under guise." Tsunade ordered. Both Yugao and Tenzo removed their masks and stood back at attention. "The reason I have called you here is because I am going to need you at my side for what I am about to do. I will be completely vulnerable so you are to use any means necessary to keep me safe."

Neither questioned Tsunade, as they knew she had her reasons. "Yes Hokage-sama." Both replied and prepared to move with her when things went from bad to annoying.

"Tsunade, what is the meaning of this!" Danzo, Koharu, and Homura arrived to get an assessment on the situation.

"I don't have time for this Danzo. Now get out of my way." Tsunade was on her way out the door when Danzo grabbed her arm.

"No, you will explain this immediately." Danzo said with a hint of arrogance. "How is it that you allowed Pein to attack us?"

Tsunade was doing her very best to keep from ripping Danzo's arm from his body at that instant. "I'm only going to say this one time. Unhand me or I will rip your arm from your body and beat you within an inch of death myself." The sheer venom coming from her voice actually made Danzo back off. "Don't you dare think that I am going to sit back and allow my village to be attacked. Now get out of my way. I have my villagers to take care of." Danzo said nothing as he got out of Tsunade's way. "Oh and Danzo, one more thing…"

"What is it?" He sneered back at the Hokage.

"Once this is over…you are going to wish you never interrupted me." Tsunade stared hard and cold at the old war hawk. "Now you have two options…get to safety or get out there and fight. Be grateful that I'm doing that." With that, she and her two ANBU headed to the roof, leaving the three elders stupefied.

"Such arrogance!" Koharu replied. "Just who does she think she is?"

"She is nothing but a pawn in our plan. She says that she will deal with me? That foolish woman has no clue what she's dealing with." Danzo said with a dark smile. Just behind him a black cloaked figure appeared from a swirling vortex. "Isn't that right Madara-sama?"

"You cease to amaze me Danzo." Madara said proudly. The three elders turned and kneeled in respect. "Our plan is going accordingly. After today the Bijuu will be mine, and Konoha will be yours."

"Thank you Madara-sama." Danzo replied.

"For now continue to play your roles and await my orders." Madara replied, vanishing again into a swirling vortex.

On the roof, Tsunade and her two ANBU overlooked the chaos happening in Konoha. She knew that Pein was a major problem, and that she needed to do what she could to minimize casualties. "Tenzo, Yugao, make sure no one lays a finger on me, understood?"

"Yes Hokage-sama!" Both readied themselves for any imminent attack.

"Good." Tsunade then took a scroll from her pouch, unrolled it, bit her thumb and quickly swiped some blood on it, then quickly rolled it back up. "Time to get to work. KUCHYOSE NO JUTSU! (Summoning Jutsu)" She threw the scroll over the roof, instantly summoning Katsuyu, Queen of Slugs.

"You have called me Tsunade-sama?" asked the massive slug.

"Yes Katsuyu. Separate and attach yourself to every Konoha shinobi. You shall be a channel as I transmit healing chakra to them for this battle. Do what you can to keep our people healed and protected" Tsunade said as she prepared to enter a meditative pose.

Katsuyu knew about this technique and knew Tsunade only used it in a very dire situation. She even knew that it could have serious damage to her master if she overdid it. "Very well Tsunade-sama. Please be careful."

"Thank you for your concern Katsuyu. Now go forth!" Tsunade thanked the giant slug for her concern and began to tap into the massive reserve of chakra on her forehead. Katsuyu exploded into thousands of smaller slugs and rushed into the village, while one slug moved and rested on her master's shoulder. "Please be safe my people. I will do all I can to help protect you." Strange black marks appeared on her face as she activated her Healing Chakra Transmission, a technique she developed to send her own healing chakra into someone else via her summons.

Ino and Choji were in probably one of the worst fights ever. The earth and wood forms of Pein matched them move for move in combat.

"Choji, this isn't working! How are they keeping up with us like this?" Ino was dodging vine after vine that was thrown at her, trying to counter with her own. She was even trying to mix in some of her flowers to spread paralysis or blinding pollen in hopes of debilitating the Pein clones.

"I know! I'm trying to think of something!" Choji was having his own problems. Even though a good strike from his earthen war hammer could put a hurt on his enemy, the Pein clone had one thing he didn't…more speed. "Seriously, did this guy know what to use against us?"

"He kinda did Choji. Remember, Madara stole a lot of our secrets when he put Kasumi-chan under mind control." Ino griped back. "This guy is no joke."

Choji growled as he struggled to come up with some kind of plan to deal with this. "Wait…maybe if they have our strengths, they also have our weaknesses as well!"

"That's good and all but remember, Naruto's not here and Neji's probably got his hands full with his own enemy clone." Ino replied. "We're in for the worst fight of our lives here."

"Then maybe you should have a little help. RAIKIRI!" Ino turned and saw Kakashi rush in and deliver a powerful Raikiri strike into the chest of Wood Pein, creating enough of a distraction for Choji to slam his hammer into Earth Pein. "The gloves are off this time."

"Kakashi-sensei, where did you come from?" Ino was thankful they now had the Copy Ninja with them.

"Oh you know, just walking the path of life." Kakashi said with a smile. He turned his focus back to the opposition, with his Mangekyo Sharingan blazing. "Now let's see how these freaks like an unfair fight!"

"Kakashi-sensei, that's not like you at all." Ino knew Kakashi was a very honorable ninja, and knew that when the stakes are this high he would put everything on the line.

"I like your playful humor Ino. But when faced against something that threatens your very home, the rules say you have full permission to cheat and fight dirty." Kakashi knew she was trying to keep a positive attitude through all of this. "So shall we?"

"We shall!" Ino and Choji responded together.

"Ok, that's the last of the civilians here. This area is secure." Akemi met back up with her team and Hinata after helping to secure part of the eastern district of the village. They ran into Konohamaru who gave a little more support as well. "Any sight of Pein?"

"No. He's got to be in another part of the village." Hinata was already scanning the area along with Hanabi and Hoshiko. "The best thing we can do now is stay together and help as many people to the shelters."

"You don't think Madara gave the copies a way to be hidden from our Byakugan, do you?" Hoshiko was a little worried when it came to Madara.

"I hope that's not the case Hoshi-chan." Hinata knew she may very well be right. "Let's just do what we can and when we face Pein, we give him everything we've got."

Akemi kept skimming the area, unsure of what to expect. "Guys, I need to go find Kasumi-chan. I have this bad feeling that she's going to need me in this fight."

"Akemi-chan, I don't think…" Hanabi tried to stop her best friend but Konohamaru interrupted her.

"No, this is something she has to do. She's Kasumi-sama's support knight and Kasumi-sama is going to need her."

"Konohamaru, do you know what you're saying? That's your girlfriend! You're going to let her go out there alone? What if she runs into one of those Pein copies? She could be killed!" Hanabi retorted back in anger.

"Hanabi-chan, right now none of us know if we're going to survive this fight." Hinata replied seriously. "This may very well be the last battle we ever have. We don't know what Madara has done to boost the power of those clones and we don't know what abilities they have."

"That's why I have to go." Akemi felt a strong sense of determination in herself. "I know that if I were to die, I'd want to do it beside my sister and my mother. If this is my final battle, I want to stand by them doing so."

"You're sure about this?" Hoshiko asked.

Akemi nodded. "Yeah. Look, I'm going to try and stay positive. I know we're in for a tough fight, but let's promise one thing." She stuck her hand out as she looked at her boyfriend and teammates. "After all of this is over, no matter where we end up, let's all promise to meet at the ice cream shop."

Hoshiko showed no hesitation placing her hand on top of Akemi's. "I hope you know I plan to get an extra scoop of mint chocolate chip this time."

Konohamaru followed suit. "Don't worry Kemi-chan, if I get there first, I'll make sure they have a bowl of your favorite flavor waiting for you."

Hanabi was the last one and was slightly hesitant. But she knew this was their destiny. She knew that this was possibly the final time she would see her best friend. "I'm telling you right now Akemi Uzumaki…that purple shirt in your closet that you have…you know the one I'm talking about. You don't come back and that thing is mine, got it? I know how much you like it so if you want to keep it, I better see you at the ice cream shop!"

Hinata followed in and tried to keep things positive. "Just know that I like a scoop of cinnamon roll in a waffle cone, ok?"

They gave each other a good pep cheer and Akemi gave her final hugs and kisses. "Good luck everyone. See you soon!" With that she took off into the village to find her Kasumi, hoping that she didn't say goodbye for the last time.

"Ok, Hoshi-chan, it's best if you go meet up with Sasuke and Shiori. Konohamaru, have you gotten better with your flying?" Hinata knew things were about to get more serious.

"Yeah. Mai-sama's been a real help." Konohamaru replied.

"Good, then since Naru-chan isn't here, you're our best bet for air support. Has Mai-sama taught you any fire type jutsu?" Hinata hoped he knew at least one since his Wind Illumina power could boost a fire jutsu.

"She taught me the Phoenix Flower Jutsu. That's all I know so far." He hoped that was enough.

"Alright. You may have to deal with Wind Pein if he shows up anywhere since he doesn't have Naru-chan to fight. If you run into him, use whatever speed you have to keep him busy, and mix up your fire jutsu with your Wind power. That might help you stall him enough. If you need any help, just call us and hopefully someone can give you backup. I think a message got sent to Naru-chan, so hopefully he'll be here soon with Natsumi-chan." Hinata hoped to get final preparations done. "Both of you be careful."

"You do the same Hinata-chan." Konohamaru took to the skies. Hoshiko did one last thing before she left.

"I know things have changed and all but…" She immediately bowed before Hinata and Hanabi. "Hinata-sama, Hanabi-sama, it was an honor to serve you as a former Branch House member. I promise I will fight with everything I have to honor the prestige of the great Hyuuga clan." She then ran up to both of them and hugged them tightly. "Please be safe my dear cousins."

"The same to you Hoshi-chan." Hinata replied as Hoshiko released her. She then took off into the village to meet up with her Knights, leaving the Water team alone.

"Well Hanabi-chan, you ready?" Hinata asked her sister.

Hanabi nodded in agreement as she activated her Byakugan once more. "I sure am."

The two turned to a set of trees as their opponent approached. "You can quit stalking us. You think you can take on the power of Water? Well, you're definitely mistaken!" Hinata shouted towards their enemy, the revealed Pein of Water.

"You obviously know what I am looking for." Water Pein asked. "It is best you surrender it to me and submit yourselves to death."

"Not on your life! If anyone's going to die, it's you!" Hanabi called out. "Get ready to face the power of the Hyuuga clan and the power of Water!"

"What is going on?" Dr. Sakurano was going crazy trying to check up on all of the alarms and warning systems going off in the Training Center. Shikamaru and Temari had already been at the Training Center analyzing data when the attack happened. "These energy readings are severely abnormal."

Shikamaru turned from the main screen. "It's obvious Madara had some influence in this. He must have used the Yaksani Jewel to amplify the power of these Pein clones." After Kimiko and Kiba had returned, Shikamaru learned the true name of the Shikon Jewel, learning it was part of the Three Sacred Treasures of the Gods. "This is not good."

"You think? The power these freaks are radiating seems like they're at Bijuu level." Temari went back to the screen to see where everyone was. "The only problem is whose level are they at?"

Dr. Sakurano immediately went to inputting commands on the console to try and pull up measured energy readings. "Well so far here's what we have." He switched a screen to show another readout. "Right now Ino and Choji have engaged two of the clones and their energy levels are near equal."

"Aren't those two in Excelion Drive form now? You mean those clones are at that level of power?" Temari could tell things went from bad to worse.

"I'm afraid so. And this is only the first of our worries." Dr. Sakurano changed up the scan display. "We still don't know what Pein's real abilities are. We're just looking at the tip of the iceberg."

"Ok we gotta get out there. Come on Shika…" Temari was about to run out to battle when Shikamaru grabbed her hand. "Shika, what's the deal?"

"Our place isn't out there Temari. You and I are the best strategists we have for the team. Plus Link Overdrive isn't enough to take on these guys. We need to stay here and give strategy and direction to the team." He had a plan and now was the time to use it. "Remember how we were told by Itachi that Pein has the Rinnegan? Well I've been doing some research to learn as much as I could about that doujutsu." Shikamaru pulled Temari over to another console. "So far this is what I have. If there's a shinobi that has never been defeated, and has six "paths" as he calls it, then obviously each path does something to protect the other five. I couldn't pinpoint it for the longest but now I have an idea."

"Shika, what are you talking about?" Temari was confused over the whole issue, but she knew as cryptic as Shikamaru was sometimes, it meant he had a lot of knowledge about a subject.

"I'm talking about the properties of the Rinnegan. My guess is that the unlike the Sharingan that can copy techniques, and the Byakugan that can see through anything, the Rinnegan gives a different form of vision…multiple perspective." Shikamaru had Temari looking at a demonstration. "See, I figure each path has the same eyes. If they were all facing the same target from one direction, it would not be easy to know if the target has something hidden behind them."

"Yeah, so?" Temari still didn't get what was going on.

"So, this time spread the view out and look at what you have." Shikamaru changed up the display to show a different view. "You have six different viewpoints all looking at the same thing. Combine that with the supposed hive mind mentality these clones possess and what do you get?"

Temari looked and it clicked. "You get a shinobi that cannot be defeated because no matter which way you move, someone's going to notice it!"

"Right. For all we know, Pein could be shifting his paths to each battle, meaning whoever's fighting may be at an even bigger disadvantage." Shikamaru replied. "So what do we do? We try to get as much data relayed back and send it out to everyone else."

"I got ya." Temari sat down beside Shikamaru at another console and immediately began to set up a data compiler. "Alright, I have the communication channels open to the team. I hope this plan works."

"If it doesn't then may Kami help us all." Shikamaru sighed as he hoped his plan would work.

Choji, Ino, and Kakashi were putting up a pretty tough fight. The Wood and Earth Peins were not going easy at all. Even with Kakashi's help, the two Knights had been pushed to a new limit.

"Choji, this isn't working. They're matching us skill for skill. What are we going to do?" Ino was breathing heavy after the ruthless attacks.

"I don't know. Kakashi-sensei, please tell me you have any ideas?" Choji was just as winded.

Kakashi shook his head. Even he was stymied at the tactics used by the two Peins. "Something is up with these two. Have you noticed their reaction times are much faster than normal? It's as if they have an extra pair of eyes helping them." Kakashi was keeping a sharp eye on their every move with his Mangekyo Sharingan.

"Plus it doesn't help that each time we're hit by that Wood Pein, he's draining our chakra." Choji added. "Ino, you have to find a way to stop him."

"I'm trying Choji-kun, I'm trying. I don't know what else to do. Even Shinja-sama is stumped on this too." Ino shook her head. "This isn't good."

"Of course it isn't. You are a hindrance to our goals." The two Peins continued their assault, putting more pressure on the trio. Choji immediately went on the defensive, placing rock walls all over the place to cause distractions, while Ino kept sending waves of thorn vines to attack. Kakashi added waves of jutsu to try and add more to the attack.

"There has to be something to stop these two!" Ino dodged another strike from Wood Pein.

"I don't know…maybe." Choji knew things were about to get critical. "Guys, hold these two off for just a minute!"

Kakashi wondered what Choji had planned but knew it wasn't good. He quickly added some reinforcements by summoning his hounds. "Pakkun, I'm going to need your help."

"Doesn't look good does it Kakashi?" Pakkun replied back. "So what's the plan?"

"Follow Choji's lead. He seems to have an idea." Kakashi instructed. Help keep these two off him for the time being."

"Got it." Pakkun and the hounds went on the attack, giving Choji the time he needed to strike.

"Alright, that's going to help. Here we go." Choji made his way behind the two Peins and slammed his hands into the earth. He focused all of his power into the ground, pulling it apart as if he were opening a bag of chips. It was an amazing sight as he created a freshly made crevasse that had ran deep down to a live magma vein.

"That's his plan? Hey, whatever works." Kakashi was surprised to see the sheer amount of strength Choji exhibited.

"You wish to cast us into the river of fire. I'm afraid that is reserved for only you." Earth Pein saw this and started trying to close the crevasse.

"Not on your life!" Choji fought back with every bit of his Illumina Power to keep the crevasse open. Kakashi and his hounds used this opportunity to attack Earth Pein and distract him. Wood Pein however went in for another attack, this time something more debilitating than ever.

"Destruction of your chakra will cost you." Wood Pein had a green rod slide from his sleeve, ready to impale Choji, but Ino made her move to stop him…at too great a cost.

"Ino, NO!" Choji kept up his struggle to keep the crevasse open when he saw Ino impaled by Wood Pein.

"You were foolish, and now it will cost you." Wood Pein sent more chakra into Ino, causing her to scream in pain. Enough pain that it forced a de-fusion with her and Shinja.

"Ino! You bastard, what are you doing to her!" Shinja screamed in anger.

"Exactly what your power is meant for. Destruction of her chakra system. In the slim chance that she lives, she will never use chakra again." Wood Pein replied coldly.

"What!" Everyone was in sheer shock. Though Choji took it the hardest. His eyes began to burn red in rage.

"You made the biggest mistake of your life!" The Akimichi grew to an immense size, nearly 50 feet tall. He thrust his massive fist straight down towards the two Peins, slamming them into the ground with tremendous force. He continued this over and over, drilling the two deeper and deeper into the ground.

While Choji stayed on the attack, Shinja and Kakashi were immediately tending to Ino. Shinja was doing everything she could to draw out the modified poison that was now flowing through Ino's veins. "This isn't working!"

"Was that Pein correct when he said Ino would never use chakra again if she manages to live?" Kakashi asked, concerned about the blonde.

"Yes. As wood is considered one of the elements of life, my power can directly target the chakra system. Wood Pein injected her with some kind of venom that is immediately targeting her chakra system." Shinja had a hand over Ino's wound and was trying hard to continue to draw out the venom. "Normally Ino should be immune with as much as we've synchronized, but for some reason it's not working. If I don't stop this, she's done for."

"What…about your own…venom?" Ino was struggling in pain but managed to squeak out a few words. "Will…that work?"

"Your body has absorbed a lot of my chakra, so it's possible. I can try to modify it to work as an anti-venin. But I've never done it before." Shinja's options were limited. "Sometimes I curse myself for being anti-human for the longest time."

"At least give it a try. What would you have to do to make this work?" Kakashi asked.

Shinja took a deep breath and sighed, "I'd have to modify my body chemistry. But what else is there. Besides, I'd never forgive myself if I lost someone with as much fashion sense as me." Ino let out a slight chuckle to ease the mood. "Alright Ino, this is gonna sting…a lot. But do whatever you can to fight ok."

Ino nodded as she saw Shinja's fangs grow. She closed her eyes and winced as Shinja drove her two fangs deep into her neck. Ino let out a blood curdling scream in pain as Shinja sent a massive amount of modified venom into her.

"Alright Ino, it's up to you now. You have to fight this with everything you have!" Shinja said as she placed her hand on the ground to cause a small plant with large leaves to grow. She took one of the leaves and placed it on Ino's head. "This will help keep your head cool. You're probably going to start developing a very bad venom fever due to all of the poison in your system. But whatever you do, don't stop fighting the poison." Shinja was in pain after seeing Ino cringe, but she knew it was the only way to try and save her partner. "All we can do now is leave this up to her. I'll call Sakura and have her come to give us some kind of help."

"Now we just have to deal with the other problem." Kakashi turned the attention back to the other battle with Choji and the other two Peins. Wood Pein had been crushed from the sheer force of Choji's blows, but Earth Pein had been able to survive and had used the earth itself to make himself grow to equal size. The two were now duking it out as massive titans, leveling all in their wake.

"I have to end this or this freak will hurt more innocent people. Tsukune-sama, what can we do?" Choji was running out of options. "Plus I don't think I can hold this enlarged form for too much longer."

"Choji, throwing him into the magma stream may be the only way to finish him off." Tsukune said. "I don't see any other way."

"You're right. Too bad this plan isn't going to make a certain person happy." Choji said to himself. Tsukune immediately knew what he meant and tried to object immediately.

"Choji, that's suicide! I will not permit that!" Tsukune replied angrily.

"We don't have any other choice! You are the only other one that can close that magma vein." Choji didn't like it either, but this was all he had left. He had just come out of his enlarged form and was breathing heavily. Earth Pein did the same and stared coldly at his opponent. Even after the massive beating given, Wood Pein still somehow got up and survived, making everyone wonder just what it would take to destroy these clones.

"Madara really had no plans to make this easy." Shinja took assessment of the situation and knew it was bad…really bad.

"Shinja-sama how is Ino-chan?" Choji never took his look off the two Peins.

"She's in bad shape. If she can't fight off the debilitation that Wood Pein gave her, she may never be able to use chakra ever again." Shinja cringed at the notion that Ino's career would be over so soon.

"That's all I needed to hear." Choji took a deep breath. "Keep these guys busy. I'm going to finish this."

"Choji, what are you…" Shinja saw just how serious his eyes were. "No, don't do that! That will destroy Ino!"

"Shinja-sama, please! I know that!" Choji wasn't willing to look at anyone as he faced his choice. "Promise me this. Promise me you will do everything in your power to save her and make sure she lives a long and happy life." He then took out three colored pills from his pouch and downed all three.

"What did…" Shinja quickly covered her eyes as Choji exploded in a burst of chakra, forcing himself to defuse from Tsukune. She looked at him and now saw he was even leaner than before and saw two radiant butterfly shaped wings. What made things worse was when he removed his transformer from his wrist.

"Choji stop this! It's not worth it!" Tsukune tried himself to stop his partner but Choji took off in a flash of chakra. "Kakashi, stop him!"

Kakashi had been keeping an eye on Ino when he saw Choji running full speed toward the two Peins. When he saw the open crevasse and saw what was going on, he moved as fast as he could, but it wasn't enough to catch up.

"Time for you guys to burn in hell!" With his new speed and strength, Choji grabbed the two Peins and forced them into the magma vein. As he fell he yelled out "Tsukune-sama, seal it now!"

Tsukune hesitated but knew this is what had to happen. He quickly used his chakra to force the crevasse closed, sealing in the Wood and Earth Peins…but also sealing Choji's demise. Everyone couldn't speak over what just happened.

"He really did it?" Shinja was dumbstruck that Choji Akimichi, one of the nicest people she ever met had made the ultimate sacrifice for his village.

"This shouldn't have happened!" Tsukune stomped his foot on the ground, causing a pillar of rock to shoot straight up. "What do we do now?"

"What else?" Kakashi replied calmly. "We destroy the other Peins and prevent anyone else from having to make a sacrifice like this."

"You have a point. Look, you two go and help someone else. I'm going to stay here and keep an eye on Ino." Shinja went back over to her partner who was continuing to struggle from her poisoning. "Sakura's on her way here so maybe we can do something for her."

"Fine. Just be careful out here sis. Let's go Kakashi." Tsukune had removed his Hoshi no Tama from Choji's transformer and absorbed it back into himself while throwing the transformer to Shinja. "Keep this safe too."

Shinja caught it and went back over to Ino while her brother and Kakashi took off to offer other assistance. All she could think to herself was "Why did it have to happen like this? If we're not careful, Choji won't be the only one we'll lose this day."

There you have it! After I dunno HOW many years, you finally have an update! Now I just hope I can pop the rest of these chapters out as this is arguably the hardest saga I've had to work on. Now it's all gonna get heated. Two clones down, two Knights out of commission. It's 8 Clones vs 7 full Knight only gets harder from here.

And Rasengenfin...there you have it! You've been begging me to update this so you can finally write something in your own story, so there ya go!

Oh yeah, and one more thing. This new feature that did with being able to add pics to the title of your story...if anyone out there still reads this and could draw something cool for my 3 main ones(The Bijuu Wars, Change of Scenery, and The Next Ace of Aces), that would be friggin sweet! That's only because I cant draw worth a hill of beans!

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