The Bijuu Wars

Illumina Overdrive

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Chapter 6: Illumina Overdrive

Naruto was searching the skies for any trace of Deidara. He was already pissed enough for the fact that Gaara was dead, but it was Deidara that attacked Gaara and captured him. And if it wasn't for Deidara, Gaara wouldn't have been forced to suffer through the extraction of his Bijuu. So yeah, the Wind Knight was angry...very angry.

"Deidara, where are you! Show yourself!" screamed Naruto as he scanned the area. He still saw no trace of the rogue Rock nin, and was about to rush off to another spot when he got a little hint.

"Naruto-chan, calm down!" Inner Hinata (who was now older since Naruto had seen the real Hinata) said within his mind. "You need to think this out carefully."

"Why should I! That bastard killed Gaara! I will have his head!" roared Naruto. "Once I find him, he'll be begging for mercy!"

"I know Naru-chan, and that's ok. But listen, you won't find him by frantically searching around. If you calm down and focus, you have a better chance of finding him." she told him. "Take the time to observe your surroundings."

"What do you mean by that?" he asked.

Inner Hinata just shook her head, "Even after two years, you still have that loveable ignorance."

Naruto paused a bit to take that in, "Hey what's that supposed to mean!"

"Nothing Naru-chan!" chimed Inner Hinata. Of course Naruto was about to complain before Natsumi stepped in.

"Now tell me again how I'm related to this yahoo?" Natsumi said sarcastically.

"Look you can't say anything. You do wanna come out later, right?" Naruto replied, putting her in the proverbial 'rock and a hard place'.

"That's not fair! Why do you have to be so mean! Sasuke's not like this with Shiori-chan, so why do you have to be this way!" whined Natsumi. Of course Naruto just started laughing at the whole thing. "Hey what's so funny!"

"It's the way you overreact! That's what's funny." Naruto laughed. "And I thought I was uptight. But anyway, what is it that you meant Hina-chan?"

"Use your advanced senses Naru-chan. You didn't forget about that did you?" Hinata told him. Of course he did forget, but he didn't show it.

"Oh yeah! Thanks a ton Hina-chan! You know, I'm gonna make sure to treat the real you to a nice dinner when we get back. Maybe I'll try out one of those recipes I learned when Sasuke and I had to cook while Ero-sennin and Otou-san were drunk for like a week." Naruto said. "Thanks girls gotta go." With that he left his mind, and returned back to the real world. As for the girls...

"Now explain to me how we put up with him for two years without the real you around?" asked Natsumi.

"I dunno. Maybe you can explain how he didn't start getting wild fantasies about me after being forced to read those pages from that Icha Icha book, but you did?" Inner Hinata replied, crossing her arms at the same time.

"Uh, see,'s just that..." Natsumi stuttered, turning beet red from embarrassment. She soon started tapping her fingers together, hoping to cover her tracks. "M-maybe I g-g-got that s-s-side of him??"

"You're silly, you know that Natsu-chan." Inner Hinata giggled as she gave Naruto's female form a small kiss on the cheek. "But it's so cute when you are like that."

Back with Naruto...

"Ok, focus and use my senses to observe my surroundings." Naruto said, closing his eyes. Since my sense of smell and hearing are much stronger, maybe I can pick up their scents or something else." He began to block out everything around him, focusing only on the sounds and scents travelling in the wind. He could start to hear the rustle of the leaves, and pick up faint scents as the winds brought them to him. Slowly but surely he was able to pick up the faint sound of a chirping bird, and then another, and another, and even more. There was so much chirping that it sounded like a thousand birds at one time.

"Kakashi-sensei's Raikiri!" Naruto snapped alert, knowing exactly which direction to head. "Thanks for the heads up Kakashi-sensei. Now Deidara, time for you to get your butt handed to you!" With that he shot off, hoping to catch up to his friend and sensei.

Back with the girls...

Kasumi and Sakura were witnessing an intense puppet battle between Chiyo and Sasori. With Sasori wielding the Sandaime Kazekage human puppet, and Chiyo commanding the two regular puppets of Sasori's parents, the duo had taken puppet battling to a new high. However Sasori was growing tired of this farce, and was about to pull out a brand new trick...

"This is unreal! Those puppets were going at it like full fledged shinobi!" Sakura said, shocked at seeing the puppets.

"I know what you mean! I've never seen anything like this!" Kasumi added. "I think I have a newfound respect for ninja puppetry."

The puppets went at it for one final run when Sasori pulled his puppet back, "I have to say, for an old woman, you still happen to have some skill in you Chiyo-baa-san. Too bad that it won't save you from this." With that, the mouth of the puppet opened and black sand began to flow.

"That can't be! You even copied that!" Chiyo exclaimed in shock.

"Chiyo-baa-sama, what is it? What did he copy!" asked Kasumi.

"It's what made the Sandaime Kazekage so feared and well known. It's called Iron Sand." Chiyo replied.

"Iron Sand?" Sakura questioned. "What do you mean?"

"The Sandaime had the ability to control the metals in sand with his chakra. It's similar to Gaara, but his sand is much more dangerous!" Chiyo exclaimed.

"That is why you will now die and my art will become more alive!" Sasori screamed as he took control of the Iron Sand. "SATETSU SHIGURE! (Iron Sand Drizzle)" Within seconds thousands of Iron Sand bullets shot towards the trio in full force.

"We gotta run now!" Sakura cried out. "There's no way we can stop that sand!"

"Oh man, I really wish Tenten were here now!" Kasumi reacted by trying to fire Light bursts to stop the sand, but it easily reformed and kept coming back faster. "I can't do anything else!"

"Girls, get behind me now!" Chiyo commanded, as she moved the two puppets in front of her. Sakura and Kasumi quickly jumped behind her as the two puppets instantly threw out their arms in a fan shape. The Iron Sand quickly struck, though Chiyo's puppet shield easily gave them enough cover.

"Oh wow, that was heavy!" Sakura said as the smoke cleared around them. "I still can't believe we came out of that without a scratch."

"It's a good thing. Knowing Sasori, he has the sand poisoned as well." Chiyo warned the girls. "Therefore we must be even more careful."

"Great, just great. We now have a puppet wielding freak that can manipulate metal sand! Seriously, if Tenten were here, we'd easily take him down." Kasumi griped, not remembering what she had gotten before the trip to Suna.

"Kasumi-chan…she is here! Don't you remember?" Sakura said. Kasumi just looked confused, but she let Sakura continue. "You have Tenten's Gravity Power. Naruto took Lightning and Fire, while you took Earth and Gravity. We can turn the tides on him."

Kasumi looked at her transformer, and saw the black onyx light, "Oh yeah, let's see just how he likes some Gravity control. Chiyo-baa-sama, is do you think you can handle controlling Sakura and I again?"

"What did you have in mind Kasumi?" asked Chiyo, curious as to what the fox girl had in mind.

"Let's get Sasori to use that Iron Sand again. This time, you can control me into moving the sand and setting it up so Sakura can slam it right back at him and that puppet. That should distract him enough for Sakura and me to really let him have it." Kasumi explained.

"Ooh he's in trouble now!" Sakura had an evil grin on her face as the plan came out. "Say do you have any more of those Kitsune Capsules left? I think mine already wore off."

"Yeah, I have one last one. I never took my Capsule No. 1 so you can have it. Just be ready, I'll try to hit him with a Starburst Cannon, and if you see him move out of the way, go straight for the puppet." Kasumi said, tossing Sakura a red capsule, which she quickly consumed. "Let's just hope this works."

"Kasumi, since when has a plan of yours never worked?" asked Sakura with a hint of sarcasm.

"Since the time I was stupid enough to run after Shadow Sasuke by myself and nearly get everyone killed 2 years ago?" Kasumi replied while moving into position.

"Whatever Kasumi." Sakura said. "Hey Sasori, you wanna try that stupid little sand trick again? I bet it won't work this time."

"This foolish girl must be craving death?" Sasori thought to himself while Sakura taunted him. "Whatever, I shall entertain her wish." He began to mold the sand into a large spike.

"Perfect. He has no idea just what he's getting into." Sakura thought. "Bring it on you puppet wielding freak."

"I hope you like this art!" Sasori threw the spike at full speed towards the group, noticing neither of the girls moving an inch.

"Hope you like surprises!" Kasumi quickly pushed the black onyx button on her transformer, engulfing her in a black aura. "Next time you'll think to mess with someone who has connections to the person that controls metal and gravity!" Focusing all her energy, she concentrated on the spike, causing it to slow and eventually stop. "Hehe, now for part two."

"How did you stop my sand? No one else has the magnetic chakra of the Sandaime!" Sasori reacted in shock.

"Oh yeah, well you've never met Tenten Ishida, the Gravity Knight! She could wipe the floor with him!" Kasumi replied as she used everything she has to rotate the large spike towards Sasori. "How about I add a little twist to your present Sasori!" Kasumi then began to cause the spike to rotate until it was now a spinning cone of destruction. "Hey Sakura, wanna send this thing back! We can't keep it you know."

"Way ahead of ya Kasumi-chan! Hope you like your gift Sasori!" Sakura replied as she slammed her fist into the rotating spike, sending it full speed.

Sasori instantly created a wall of Iron Sand to stop the spike, but the girls were still one step ahead of him. "Hmm, these two look like they can be trouble."

"Oh we're more that trouble, we're gonna be a complete pain in your butt!" Kasumi screamed. "STARBURST CANNON!" If having a spinning metal sand spike of doom coming toward you wasn't bad enough, it got worse seeing a white energy beam behind it.

"Damn, they aren't giving me any room." Sasori said, barely moving out of the way. He moved his puppet to safety, only to have Sakura there waiting.

"And I thought Akatsuki was supposed to be S-class. This is nothing!" Sakura said, seconds from slamming her chakra enhanced fist into the puppet. Just before she struck, Sasori made a quick hand sign.

"S-class, oh, they'll see what an S-class shinobi can do." Sasori thought to himself. "I just can't believe I have to resort to that tactic so quickly."

Sakura landed her strike, instantly destroying the Sandaime Kazekage puppet. However, their problems were just about to get worse.

"Sakura, Kasumi, look out!" Chiyo screamed when she saw the rain of Iron Sand just about to hit. Sasori had a failsafe plan, causing the sand to strike as a last resort.

"What the!" Sakura said, looking at the falling sand.

"Oh crap!" Kasumi said, as she felt herself being pulled back by Chiyo.

The two girls were pulled out of the way of the sand, but not without taking serious damage. As the dust cleared from the sand impaction, Kasumi and Sakura were down, breathing heavily.

"Oh man, that really hurt!" Kasumi cringed as she felt the blood run down her leg.

"You're not kidding. Guess he really is an S-class shinobi." Sakura said, holding her injured arm.

"So do you wish to even attempt to continue? Or will you give me the pleasure of watching you slowly die to my poison?" asked Sasori with a sick look.

"So you did lace that black sand with poison. Figures as much." Kasumi said, as she held a green palm over her injured leg. "Though I have to say, it really packs a punch. I'm already feeling kind of queasy."

"I don't think it was the poison Kasumi-chan. I just think you had too much to eat before we got here." Sakura laughed, while she healed her own arm.

"You're probably right. Guess I've been hanging around Naruto too much." Kasumi chuckled as she got to her feet.

"How are you two even standing? That contained some of my strongest poison!" Sasori, needless to say was pretty angry. How could two girls have withstood the damage from one of his strongest puppets, and even stood up to one of his strongest poisons.

"Oh that, well it's kinda hard to explain." Sakura began. "You see Kasumi-chan here has a little bit of an advantage against poisons. She's half kitsune, and well that means she's half demon. So demonic blood is very resistant to normal poison."

"Second, Sakura was able to synthesize a very powerful antidote to the poison you used on Kankuro. She was even able to concentrate it, making it able to handle even stronger poisons just in case." Kasumi added, while showing off an empty syringe. "Just before we were hit, the two of us took the antidote."

"Finally, if you happen to notice the nice little dark green aura around us, well that's because we have a nifty little ability from a friend of ours. You see her name is Ino Yamanaka, and she's known as the Wood Illumina Knight. One thing she can do with her power is neutralize any type of poison in the body, plus she's studying to become a very good herbologist and poison specialist." Sakura continued.

"Not only that, but our transformers give us one more nifty little ability. And that's the ability to share the enhancement abilities from the other Illumina Knights. So since we copied her ability, right now the two of us are completely immune to your poison. All you did was scratch us up pretty well, but that's about it." Kasumi said. "Now how about the two of us kill you, and then we go watch a pissed off Naruto rip that Deidara freak to shreds."

"You really think you can kill me? I haven't even used my best puppet yet. It would be no fun if I didn't show it to you." Sasori laughed as he threw off his cloak.

"What the hell is he!" Sakura exclaimed, noticing Sasori definitely wasn't human...or was, but not really.

"It's official, this guy is insane!" Kasumi said, shocked at the sight.

"You actually went and did it, Sasori. You foolish boy, how could you!" Chiyo scolded. "How could you go and turn yourself into a puppet."

"He's a puppet!" Sakura and Kasumi said. "There's no way!"

"Yes, not only have I preserved my youth, but as a puppet myself I am more dangerous that you can fathom!" Sasori laughed. "And now I can show you just how I was able to decimate an entire country by myself!!"

"Girls you've done enough. Take time to heal, and let me finish my foolish grandson." Chiyo said.

"Ok, but here." Sakura said, taking out one last syringe and injecting a green substance into Chiyo's arm. "This is the last bit of antidote I brought. If you get attacked, then you'll be ok from his poison."

"You really are just like Tsunade-hime, Sakura. Your master has taught you well." Chiyo said, as she pulled out a scroll from her robe. "I had hoped to never use this technique ever again, but it seems I must."

"Shall we begin, Chiyo-baa-san?" asked Sasori, as he opened up the left side of his chest cavity, causing a mass of chakra strings to shoot out. Using the long rope in his lower chest, he used it to take a scroll from his back, opening it to have the chakra strings begin to pull out a huge array of puppets. "AKA HIGI: HYAKKI NO SOEN! (Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets)"

"Very well, this will be the end for you Sasori." Chiyo said, as she opened her scroll. With it, ten strange seals began to rise up. "SHIRO HIGI: JIKKI CHIKAMATSU NO SHU! (White Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu). From the seals came ten white robed puppets appeared.

"So it is true. You do possess the legendary puppets of Monzaemon." Sasori said, somewhat impressed. "I never thought I would see them in action myself".

"Monzaemon, who was that?" asked Sakura.

"Monzaemon Chikamatsu, the creator of ninja puppetry. It is said that his puppets were the greatest puppets ever made. He could make puppets that could use chakra like human puppets, but they possess no trace of human flesh inside. His puppets were pure perfection." Sasori said, basking in the radiance of the puppets. "It is a shame that I must destroy such magnificence, especially with my final puppets."

"Ok scratch that, No way Chiyo-baa-sama gets to have all the fun." Sakura said, taking note of the battalion of puppets.

"That is true Sakura. You know Oka-san always said we had to help our elders whenever possible, even if they are teenagers at heart." Kasumi added, getting a nice smile from Chiyo. "Besides, I haven't even had time to play with my Bankai power that much."

"Oh really? Does this mean I get to watch that nifty little Diamond Storm ability you used against Shadow Sasuke?" asked Sakura.

"Maybe. If Sasori makes me mad enough." Kasumi said.

"Enough, let us finish this!" Sasori commanded, as he sent his 100 puppets into the fray.

"Alright girls, it's time to party!" Sakura said, as she charged head on into the fray.

"Naruto is gonna be so jealous that we're having this much fun!" Kasumi said, firing light blasts at as many puppets as she could.

The battle picked up as Kasumi and Sakura did all they could to lend support to Chiyo and her puppets. One by one did the puppets fall, even a mass going down to Chiyo's Sanbo Kyukai (Three Buddhist Treasures Vacuum Destruction). But Sasori wasn't one to give up so easily, he countered Chiyo by sending in a mass of puppets to clog her attack, and was slowly whittling away at her 10 puppets. Kasumi and Sakura were feeling the burn as well as attrition kicked in and it was now a true fight for survival.

"How many of these things are left!" Kasumi was breathing heavily after using up most of her Illumina Power. "I've pulled out Diamond Storm, and even my Starburst Shotgun wasn't enough."

"I know what you mean. The fact that my armor is nearly destroyed really shows just how insane it is. Plus I think Ino's Wood energy is wearing off." Sakura said, noticing their green auras starting to fade. "We'd better end this as soon as possible or we're really screwed."

"Chiyo-baa-sama, are you ok over there?" Kasumi asked, as she saw the old puppet master at work.

"I'm fine. Just get Sasori!" Chiyo commanded, as her four remaining puppets were keeping busy. "Use this and finish it." A small compartment on one of her puppets opened up to reveal a small object. "This will seal his chakra for good." The puppet threw the object, with Kasumi catching it.

"Alright Sakura, how should we do this?" asked Kasumi. "He still has enough puppets to cover him, so what can we do?"

"We do it Ultimate Frisbee style. Remember the game we were playing when the other Naruto first came to our world? If you can set me up, I'll hit him with that thing so hard he won't know what hit him. Then you put everything you got into one last Starburst Cannon." Sakura said with an evil smile. "He wants to mess with the Illumina Knights, well he's bit off more than he can chew."

"Gotta love when the Kitsune Sisters pull another one out of the hat." Kasumi said, eyeing her target. "Ok, I'll clear the road, you go for the goal." She then charged a good amount of energy, beginning the final rush. "Fire in the hole!" Launching a Starburst Grenade, she easily cleared a direct path to Sasori. "Sakura go!"

"I'm on it!" Sakura charged full speed, dodging every possible attack coming at her. Sasori made one last move to guard himself with his puppets, but Sakura knew the plan. She pushed herself off one puppet into the air as Kasumi had the chakra seal ready. "Kasumi, now!"

It was now or never. Kasumi turned to see the last of Chiyo's puppets destroyed by Sasori's own. She put up one hell of a fight but it was attrition that set in. "Sakura catch!" she said as she threw the chakra seal as hard as she could. "And now for Sasori…" With that she began to summon the very last of her Illumina Power.

"Got it Kasumi!" Sakura said, catching the seal. "Alright you freak of nature, try this on for size!" Using everything she had, Sakura launched the chakra seal with insane power. As it flew, it was released from its small shell and increased in size, taking the shape of a head with numerous teeth. Sasori's eyes grew wide as the head slammed into him, imbedding into a wall.

"Kasumi, finish him now!" Chiyo screamed.

"I love this part. STARBURST CANNON!!" Kasumi unleashed everything she had left in her in one final shot aimed directly at Sasori. His body was motionless from the seal as Kasumi's beam of light bombarded him, completely eradicating his body into nothingness. As Sasori was undergoing the intense incineration, his puppets began to fall from the sky, motionless. "Got him!"

As the smoke cleared from Kasumi's attack, the battlefield was left ravaged. What was once a cave was now an open pit scattered with rock and puppet pieces. Even though the destruction was vast, there was one benefit…one of Akatsuki had been eliminated.

"We got him! We really took out one of Akatsuki!" Sakura cheered as she went back to the group. "See this is why I like being teamed up with you Kasumi-chan. You have the coolest way to finish someone off."

"Why does everyone think that? It's not that good." Kasumi replied, trying to stay humble.

"You girls are something. I haven't seen anything like that in my entire life." Chiyo coughed. Her body was worn from the battle and seemed to be suffering an after effect of the strike she took. Even though the blade was poisoned, Sakura's antidote was still in effect, so the poison wasn't fatal.

"Chiyo-baa-sama, are you ok?" Sakura asked as she began to examine the puppet master.

"I'll be fine. I just need some rest." Chiyo answered as she caught her breath.

"We could all use some. I just hope the boys are…" Kasumi said, suddenly feeling the sharpness of cold steel run through her side.

"Sasori! But how!" Chiyo said, shocked to see her grandson still alive.

"That does not matter. But I see this kitsune is taking to my poison very well. If I'm correct, those antidotes you used have worn off by now. You should start feeling the effects very soon." Sasori said, pushing the sword further into Kasumi. "Plus this batch of poison is special. It's designed to even work on demons."

"Great, my whole body is going numb." Kasumi thought to herself. Sakura could see that the kitsune girl was shaking from the poison. "If I could only get this…sword out. Maybe…I can use my Light Chakra." As she tried to keep her cool, Kasumi began to focus what little chakra she had left. Her hands began to glow a bright pink as she took hold of the sword.

"Kasumi-chan, what are you doing!" asked Sakura. "How can you even grab a hold of that sword?"

"I'm…trying to use…what little Light Chakra I have left. Hopefully…I can weaken…this poison." Kasumi was struggling as hard as possible. Her body began to feel hot from the poison, and the sweat was noticeable. "If I can just…" She tried another push before she felt a sharp prick in her leg. Looking down surprise both of the girls.

"Chiyo-baa-sama, but how? I thought we were out of antidote!" Sakura questioned. "I'm sure I only made three or four doses."

"You might have run out of antidote, but I didn't." Chiyo said, as Kasumi started adding some force into pushing the sword out. "Looks like you don't have us just yet Sasori."

"Stupid woman!" Sasori pulled apart his arm to reveal a hidden blade. He stepped back, ready to make one final lunge. "I'll kill you!" Just before he made his last move, some quick finger work from Chiyo, and Sasori was now impaled. The round core in his chest had been impaled by two of his own poisoned blades, held by the puppets of his own parents.

"You got careless Sasori, especially since I found out just how you managed to live so long. All you are is just a core, full of chakra and memories. It is that core that sustained your life for so long." Chiyo said. "Otherwise you are nothing left."

"So this is how it ends. Like it means anything." Sasori spat out. He soon got a sharp punch in the face from Sakura. "Please don't do that. This body feels no pain. You'll only end up hurting your hand."

"How can you just not care? You're facing death right now, and it means nothing to you?" questioned Sakura. "You really are a monster!"

"Instead of arguing with me, why aren't you tending to your friend? I'm sure that antidote only did so much." Sasori said. "You're a medical ninja, aren't you? Just go and heal her."

"Why you sick little…" Sakura said, feeling her blood begin to boil.

"Sakura, do not worry, I'll handle Kasumi." Chiyo said, feeding in a green chakra into Kasumi's wound.

"Let me help. If you're using Mystical Palm, then I can…" Sakura said, before she was cut off.

"No, I'm not giving Kasumi chakra. I am using my own Life Force to heal her." Chiyo explained. "That's right Sasori, this jutsu even had the ability to give life to a puppet. It was developed just for you."

"It doesn't matter. I care less about this world anyway." Sasori said, not a care in the world. "You know before I die, I think I will do something unexpected as well."

"And just what would that be?" asked Sakura. "Is it another stupid rant?"

"You would think that." Sasori chuckled as he coughed up some poison. "Though that is not my information. I believe you are searching for the Bijuu just as we are."

"And what if we were?" asked Sakura. "Besides, why should we listen to you?"

"As you say, I have nothing to lose. But to let you know, Akatsuki's next targets are the Shichibi and the Nibi. Other than that, I have nothing more to say." Sasori said, finally drifting into death.

"What! Keep talking freak!" Sakura threatened to strike him again, but Sasori was motionless.

"All he wanted…was to be in his parent's embrace." Chiyo said, taking note of the pose Sasori was in. "Come now Sakura, we should meet with your friends. Kasumi will be ok."

"Ugh, I feel…" Before she could finish, Kasumi was already throwing up, possibly some extra poison that got into her stomach. "I don't know what's worse, this or Hell Week!"

"Trust me Kasumi, it's probably a tie. Just be lucky this will only last a little while." Sakura said, helping Kasumi up to her feet. She got near Chiyo and got her other hand around her shoulder, helping the two out of the collapsed cave.

"Goodbye my grandson." Chiyo thought to herself as the three were leaving. "At least you're with your parents again."

While all that was going on...

"Shino are you ok? Any injuries." asked Kakashi, avoiding another explosion.

"I am fine. I have suffered minimal injury. Only one slight laceration on my hand." Shino replied, simply stating that he had a scratch on his hand from some flying debris. "His defense is formidable. We should find another way to attack him."

"As much as that's a good idea, as long as he's using the chakra of the Yonbi, it's not going to be easy. If there was only a way I had enough time to prepare, then we might stand some kind of a chance." Kakashi said, taking cover from Deidara's explosion. "Damn, he's not giving us any room to breathe!"

"It would be most advantageous if we had reinforcements. However I do not know if the other members of our team will be able to aid us." Shino stated. "From what my kikai have told me, Kasumi-san, Sakura-san, and Chiyo-sama are locked in battle with Sasori, and he is not an easy opponent."

"Yeah, and Naruto was still out cold from being exposed to that stream of chakra. We'd have a better fighting chance with him here." Kakashi said.

"So, you wanted to see my art? Then how about I make sure you see it up close!" Deidara laughed as he showered the area with another set of clay bombs. Due to Yonbi's chakra, his clay became more refined, causing his explosions to be more intense. Deidara was quite surprised at the effect of the Earth Bijuu's chakra. If it strengthened his C-1 explosions by such a degree, then his C-3 and C-4 explosions would have him reacting like a madman. "Yes, this is magnificent! This is ART!!"

"It looks more like careless destruction if you ask me!" Naruto said, flying in at full speed. "Well guess what, you're the one that's about to feel an explosion right now!"

Deidara brought his fist back as it was now encased in stone once again, "Did you really think that you could pull the same move twice? I broke you last time and I'll do it again!"

"That's what you think! See how you like it when I add a little Neji Hyuuga to the mix!" Naruto said, pressing the purple button on his transformer. Lightning soon shot out, surrounding his body. "I might not have been fast enough last time, but now you're really gonna see why I'm called the Second Flash!" He pulled out another kunai and threw it directly at Deidara. The Rock Nin dodged, but that's what Naruto wanted. "Gotcha now! HIRAISHIN NO JUTSU!" In the blink of an eye Naruto warped to his kunai behind Deidara. There was one thing different this time…

"You call that fast! Don't boast when your art is pathetic!" Deidara said as he lunged out to strike Naruto in front of him. However, his punch went straight through Naruto, almost as if he was a ghost.

"Who said I was boasting. I was just telling you the truth." Naruto said, hovering behind Deidara. "Do you really think you can stop the next evolution of the Yellow Flash?"

"Of course I can, and I will!" Deidara replied, throwing a spray of clay in the shape of birds towards Naruto. Unfortunately again, his attack went right through Naruto.

"You missed! Hey is that thing around your eye supposed to help you see better? Because I think it's broken." Naruto laughed from the right. Deidara turned to attack again only to fail and hear another taunt from Naruto, this time coming from his left.

"What the hell is he doing? I should be able to hit him!" Deidara was beginning to get frustrated. How could this kid that he easily swatted earlier be able to now outmaneuver him. "I guess I'll really have to get serious." From inside his cloak he pulled out a yellow and brown pendant. "Alright kid, you want to play? Then I'll play."

"That's the Hoshi no Tama!" Kakashi exclaimed. "Looks like Deidara's not too happy."

"Damn, he's pulling that out now? Well it looks like I have to get serious as well." Naruto said.

"Serious, you won't even have time! Forget the small stuff, I'm just going to blow you to oblivion!" Deidara laughed, as he forced the dark chakra into his flying bird. "Hope you like shrapnel!"

"What the...?" Naruto questioned as Deidara jumped off the bird, encasing himself in rock. "The moment he hit the ground, the bird exploded. "HOLY SH…"

"Gotta move! MANGEKYO SHARINGAN: KAMUI! (Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye: God's Majesty)" The tomoe on Kakashi's Sharingan instantly merged, forming a circular star shape. His focused chakra caused the space around Naruto to distort, instantly pulling him into the rip. In less than a blink, Naruto was standing right beside Kakashi and Shino, safely out of the blast.

"Holy crap! Wait, what in the hell happened!" Naruto was looking around to see he was now on the ground, but he knew he didn't use the Hiraishin. He turned to see a winded Kakashi, already down on one knee. "Kakashi-sensei, what in the world just happened here?" That was when he noticed the Mangekyo Sharingan. "And when in the world did you get a Mangekyo Sharingan?"

"You're not the only who learned some new tricks." Kakashi said. "This just happens to be my special ability of the Mangekyo."

"But what the heck was it!" asked Naruto, still confused about the situation.

"I believe the technique used is called Kamui. It seems to have the ability to distort special rends, transporting things to another location or even dimension." Shino commented. "I believe it is very powerful, but quite taxing on Kakashi-sensei's chakra."

"Well it's a good thing that worked or I'd have been blown to bits." Naruto said, looking at the remnants of the explosion. "But what am I gonna do about this guy! Even with Neji's Lightning enhancement, he's still one upped me."

"I would assist, but my kikai cannot penetrate his rocks, and his explosions are repelling my attack." Shino said. "It seems you must defeat him on your own."

"Great. The only thing I can think of to really lay into him is to use the Dual Rasen-shuriken." Naruto said. "If I could only use it without needing to be merged with Natsumi, I could have her out here helping me."

"Naruto, listen. I'll keep the chakra going as much as possible. You just try to get in close and nail him. If there's any way you can plant a kunai on him that will give you the advantage you need." Natsumi said from inside his mind.

"Alright Natsumi-chan, just make sure you're ready." Naruto replied. He saw Deidara standing in a clear patch with a smile on his face, not knowing that Naruto didn't get blown up. Naruto only had a split second chance to make his move, so he had to be perfect. "Here goes something." He threw a kunai towards Deidara, waiting until just the right moment… "Alright, here goes! HIRAISHIN NO JUTSU!"

"Shame that idiot got himself blown up. He doesn't know how to appreciate art." Deidara said, just before he got a sharp smash in his face.

"Oh I do like art, it's just that yours sucks!" Naruto screamed. "Now stay down! AIR BLADE!"

"So resorting to your Illumina Power. You should know that Wind and Earth are complete opposites. Unless you can overpower me, your wind will do nothing!" Deidara said, with a flick of his wrist. Instantly a column of pure rock shot up, shielding him from Naruto's attack. "And from what I know, you haven't even begun to tap into the full force of your own power!"

"We'll just see about that! See if you can block a full on storm! VORTEX STORM!" Naruto's tornado began to tear through the ground, causing the winds to snap branches and even causing trees to bend. "I'll make you pay for what you did to Gaara, you ugly excuse for a girl wannabe!"

That easily ticked Deidara off. If there was one thing that upset him, it was people confusing him for a girl. So he was the youngest member of Akatsuki, it didn't mean that he had to listen to the taunting that they occasionally gave him…especially Hidan. "No one and I mean NO ONE calls me a girl!! I am a male dammit!!" In his rage, Deidara threw a flurry of clay bombs at Naruto, causing all of them to detonate and dispel Naruto's vortex. Naruto however used this as the perfect distraction.

"You may be a male, but your art still sucks." Naruto said, using Hiraishin to get behind the enraged Akatsuki. As Deidara turned around, he could hear the swirling winds in Naruto's hands. All he got a glimpse of, was two green swirling orbs. "Die ugly! DUAL RASEN-SHURIKEN!!" Naruto slammed his Bankai and his newly combined elemental jutsu into Deidara, causing the orbs to explode in a sphere of slicing wind. Naruto quickly jumped back as the wind kept slashing Deidara, but he wasn't finished. He quickly formed another Rasengan, except this one didn't turn into a shuriken shape. "Now to add the accelerator!" His gem began to glow even more as his Illumina Energy and the rest of his chakra into the Rasengan.

"Naruto, make sure not to overdo it this time. You remember what happened last time!" Natsumi said, hoping Naruto wouldn't end up comatose for two weeks.

"Overdo it…oh I'll do more than that. I'll turn this freak into shredded clay." Naruto said, forcing the Rasengan into the sphere. "Let's see how he likes this!" The sphere of slicing wind began to spin even more intensely when it started to split in two. Naruto kept the rotation going as the dome continued to divide, almost like a cell. The divisions kept up exponentially until the entire sphere now consisted of thousands of smaller spheres, all rotating and slashing away.

"Phenomenal. Naruto has taken the Rasengan to a completely new level." Kakashi said to himself. "There's nothing that could have survived that."

"Heh, that's for Gaara, you sick freak." Naruto said, falling to his knees. He soon felt a sharp pain in his arm as well.

"Naruto you idiot!" Natsumi said as she fell to the ground inside his mind. "I told you not to overdo it! Now even I'm exhausted!"

"Sorry Natsu-chan. I'll make it up to ya when we get back to Konoha. How about an all day spa treatment for you and Hina-chan." Naruto replied.

"Well, ok. But I want the works!" Natsumi pouted. "I am a kitsune princess, so I want to be treated like one!"

"Don't worry Natsu-chan, you'll be well taken care of." Naruto said, getting back to reality. "Crap, I forgot how much that hurts the arm."

"Naruto, I must say I'm surprised at your level of skill. You've taken your father's jutsu to brand new levels." Kakashi said as Shino helped him over. "I'm proud of you Naruto."

"You're not thinking you actually won are you?" Naruto, Kakashi, and Shino turned to see a bruised and battered Deidara standing there laughing. There were pieces of rock falling off of him, but the fact was…he survived Naruto's attack.

"How in the hell did you survive! Nothing is supposed to survive that attack!" Naruto screamed.

"You idiot. I told you, unless your wind energy was strong enough to defeat Yonbi's chakra, you can't do anything!" Deidara laughed. "But I will say this, I'm still pissed at that little comment you made earlier, and you know what. I have a friend that will love to destroy you!" Deidara's hand began to glow a bright yellow/brown color as the energy from the Hoshi no Tama flowed in his body. "Prepare to meet your ultimate demise! Come forth Yonbi, Bijuu of Earth, I summon you!" He slammed his hand to the ground to initiate the summoning, and in a huge puff of smoke, Naruto, Kakashi, and Shino stood before the one thing that Akane warned them of.

"That is one really BIG chicken!!" Naruto said, shuttering in fear. He had faced a Bijuu before, but now, it had gone to a whole new level.

"I told you, I will kill all of you!!" Deidara laughed as he stood atop the massive Bijuu. Yonbi was a large rooster with blood red eyes, and his four tails were covered in pure rock. "Yonbi, drown them in mud!!"

The massive rooster squawked as it reared back its head. The Konoha shinobi saw mud begin to bubble from the beak of the beast.

"Crap, I'm all out! Dammit, why did he have to go do that now!" Naruto said. "Kakashi-sensei, do you think you can use that Kamui or whatever again?"

"No, but I can do this! DOTON: IWA TATE! (Earth Release: Rock Shield)" Kakashi said, creating a dome partial dome of rock to cover the three. As Yonbi released the wave of mud, the three were safe for now, but they had to figure out a way to escape or they were as good as dead.

"What are we gonna do! We're face to face with a ten ton chicken that spits mud!" Naruto said. "There's no way in hell I can take that thing on!"

"What about the kitsune capsules Kasumi gave you? Don't you have any left?" asked Kakashi.

"No, I took them as soon as I left to find you guys. After using all that chakra and energy in the Dual Rasen-shuriken, I had nothing left!" Naruto replied. "And you'd think that all that time I spent having Shukaku's chakra running through me, I would have absorbed some of it."

"Well we should make haste. This will become our tomb if we stay too long." Shino commented as the mud started flowing off.

"You guys go. I'm going to stay and take care of Deidara." Naruto said, thinking he might have a plan.

"Naruto that's suicide! You said it yourself that you're out of chakra and Illumina Power. What more do you have left?" Kakashi questioned as his student looked at him with a grin.

"Did you forget Kakashi-sensei? I'm half demon. I have one last source of energy…my demonic energy." Naruto said. "I just hope I can use it again. It's been almost two years since I used it."

"That's crazy. How can you be sure you can use that?" Kakashi asked, not knowing Deidara overheard the conversation.

"He can't because he'll be dead! Crush them Yonbi!" Deidara laughed.

With another loud squawk Yonbi slammed its massive feet into the ground, causing all the earth to spike up around. This massive rock spike threw Naruto, Kakashi, and Shino flying, heavily injuring all of them in the process. With another stomp, rocks began to fly towards the three, crashing into them, nearly rendering all of them unconscious.

"Ok…now I'm screwed." Naruto said, struggling to pull himself off the ground. "There has to be something I can do. Otherwise we're all dead."

"It's time you stop sitting on your butt and show this chicken what the power of Wind really is!" said a commanding voice.

"Huh, who said that?" asked Naruto. He thought he was delirious, but the voice continued.

"I said it, the one that gave you your powers in the first place!" said the voice again. "Now get out there and show him what it means to control the power of Illumina!"

"Shukaku? But I thought…I thought you were sealed? How are you even talking to me?" asked Naruto.

"You idiot. Did you ever think what would happen if an Illumina Knight came in contact with the chakra of the Bijuu that created their gem?" Shukaku said. "When you were flung into my chakra that instantly created a bond with me, allowing me to contact you."

"Ok, but what do you want? If you hadn't noticed, I'm staring down an earth wielding chicken." Naruto replied.

"Yonbi, meh! That bird had rocks for brains. Just a stupid chicken. I used to smack him up and down the heavens millennia ago." Shukaku laughed. "He never could beat me in a fight."

"Yeesh, you sound like he was your little brother or something." Naruto said, feeling slightly confused.

"More like twins. But I was first, so I was the older one. But that's not the point." Shukaku said. "What you need to do now is use my chakra and push your Illumina Power to a new level." Shukaku said.

"Yeah, like I can go higher than Bankai. Oka-san herself said that we haven't come close to matching the Bijuu level of power." Naruto explained.

"Kyuubi-chan, she always was the protective one. I swear sometimes she worried too much. But when she's the oldest of the nine of us, what can you do." Shukaku said. "And if you were thinking that, yes I would somewhat be your uncle, since Kyuubi-chan is somewhat my sister."

"Ok now I am officially freaked out. My uncle is a giant wind wielding raccoon dog." Naruto said to himself. "Boy is Kasumi-chan gonna flip when she hears this."

"Do you want to beat this guy or not?" Shukaku asked sternly.

"Alright, what do I have to do?" asked Naruto.

"The chakra is already in your gem. Begin to draw on it, and push yourself to a new level. You are the future Wind Master, so now it's time you get a feel of what your full power is really like." Shukaku said. "How is it you kids say…take the fight into overdrive?"

"Yeah, I like that. Thanks Shukaku." Naruto replied.

"Just go kick that chicken's butt, so I can kick his butt later when he gets back!" Shukaku said, as his voice faded.

Naruto moved out as much rubble as possible and sent a glare directly at Deidara and Yonbi. It was crazy enough finding out he had a connection to Shukaku and that they were somewhat family, but to know he could now go a level higher than Bankai was just what he needed.

"Alright Deidara, you really think you've won?" Naruto said, as he started drawing on the chakra in his gem.

"You're still alive? You just want to keep ruining my art!" Deidara was furious. How could some kid have withstood a direct attack from the Yonbi itself? "I'll make sure to bury you under a mile of rock!"

"No you won't, because I'm about to take this fight into overdrive!" Naruto said, as the chakra began flowing even more. His entire body began glowing in a bright green aura as the wind around him started picking up.

Chiyo, Sakura, Kasumi, and the lifeless Gaara had just made it out of the rubble and were trying to get to the others as quickly as possible when they saw the wind get violent as well.

"What's going on?" asked Sakura. "There's no sign of a storm?"

"I don't know, but do you see that over there! That's the Yonbi!!" Kasumi exclaimed as she saw the Bijuu. "Deidara summoned it!"

"This is not good! We have to get Naruto, Shino, and Kakashi-sensei out of there or we're all dead!" Sakura said with concern.

"I know, but we're not at full strength ourselves. What more can…hey what's that?" Kasumi said, as she noticed a bright green light.

"You don't think…" Sakura said, possibly drawing a conclusion.

"Naruto!" both girls said together.

"We gotta hurry!" Kasumi said, as they tried to speed up and rush to the battle.

"Deidara, remember when you said that you would win over me if my wind wasn't strong enough?" asked Naruto, as the aura increased in intensity. Soon his eyes were now glowing bright green as well. "Well tell me something, what would you do if my wind was stronger than your earth? Would you be scared?"

"Nonsense! You're delusional kid. Just face the fact that you're about to die!" Deidara retorted, thinking the argument was futile.

"You're mistaken. See you may have the Yonbi's chakra, its Hoshi no Tama, and the ability to summon the beast, but do you know what you're about to face?" Naruto said rising up into the air. As he was levitating, he didn't notice the girls arriving to the battle. "What you're about to see is a glimpse of my ultimate power as the most powerful Wind Shinobi in existence!"

"Kid, you're probably not even a Jounin. What makes you think you could be the most powerful Wind Shinobi?" Deidara laughed.

"This new power I just received from my Bijuu, Shukaku! Now you're about to see the true power of the Wind Illumina!" Naruto screamed. "WIND OVERDRIVE!!"

"Wind Overdrive? What in the world?" Kasumi thought to herself.

"Wind…" Deidara said as Naruto exploded with power. His entire body was shining in a green aura as the winds encircled him. It was almost as if Naruto had become a god!

"So you think the Wind has no ability against the Earth? The only person that can say that to me is Chouji!" Naruto screamed as he slashed the air in front of him, sending out a large green energy blade. It struck Yonbi, causing the chicken to roar in anger. "Oh did I make you mad? GOOD! See how you like this!" Naruto continued moving his hands, slashing and slicing, sending out massive blades of energy that continued to slash at Yonbi.

"No way! It's like Naruto is a Wind God or something! Just how can he be doing that!" Sakura was shocked to see that Naruto had become so powerful.

"It has to be that Wind Overdrive or whatever. I don't know what he did, but Naruto's gone to a level higher than Bankai!" Kasumi said as she looked on. While Naruto kept his attack up, she was thinking, "If he could do this, then it's possible that all of us may be able to reach this level."

"How did he get so powerful? Minutes ago he was down on the ground nearly dead, and now this?" Deidara thought to himself. "Alright Yonbi, time to really show this kid what you can do."

"Had enough Deidara! Or do you want more!" Naruto continued his assault with wind blades continuously striking until Deidara made his move.

"Oh this time I'll give you something! Yonbi, crush him!" Deidara commanded as the Yonbi slammed its tails into the ground, causing thousands of rocks to fly into the air. It then used the tails to smash into each rock, sending them flying at Naruto. "I told you, your wind is nothing!"

"You'll want to think about that…" Naruto said, drawing in every ounce of Shukaku's chakra. His aura became more intense as the wind around him became more violent. There were some rocks that got close to him, but with the wind speed, they were all slashed instantly. "Hey Deidara, wanna know something else I got besides this nifty new power level?"

"Something else! You can't have something else!" Deidara replied, starting to feel slightly worried.

"I do! And this is it!" Naruto screamed, as he summoned four large tornadoes around Deidara and the Yonbi. They were similar to his Vortex Storm, but the tornadoes were much more intense in wind speed as any type of debris would become dangerous. Naruto then began to manipulate the tornadoes to spin around Deidara as he also began to increase their size and intensity.

"What the…this can't be happening!" Deidara was now in trouble. He tried commanding Yonbi to retaliate, but the intensity of the wind even threw the giant chicken off balance.

"Goodbye Deidara! I hope you burn in hell!! OMEGA CYCLONE!!" Naruto screamed as he summoned one more tornado right in the middle of the group, causing it to merge with the four. What stood before the group was a cyclone of catastrophic proportion. Naruto had summoned an F-5 cyclone, and increased its power tenfold. With all the rock debris that Yonbi summoned, it was all being thrashed about in the cyclone, bombarding Deidara and Yonbi thousands of times over. Naruto descended to the ground as his aura faded, and he soon collapsed as the cyclone died down. The Yonbi was gone and Deidara was missing as well.

"Naruto!" Sakura cried out as she ran over to begin healing him. "Naruto, wake up."

"Sakura…chan?" his vision was blurry, but he could make out the distinct pink hair and the glowing green palms. "Where…"

"Don't say anything else. You just suffered an extreme case of chakra depletion. But how did you do that! I've never seen a cyclone that big in my entire life!" Sakura replied.

"She's right nii-san, how did you do it? I mean you literally went further than Bankai and stopped a Bijuu in its place!" Kasumi added. "But you do know Oka-san is probably gonna be upset."

"Why…because I kicked…her brother's butt??" Naruto said weakly.

"Brother? Since when did she have siblings?" asked Kasumi. "I've never heard of us having any uncles or aunts."

"I'll…tell you later." Naruto said, drifting back to sleep.

"To be honest, I think it would be best if we returned to Suna. We'll have a chance to rest and finish our mission." Kakashi advised, but Chiyo had one final thing left to do.

"You are wise, son of the White Fang. But I shall not be returning." Chiyo said. "Kasumi please lay Gaara down here."

"Chiyo-baa-sama, what do you intend to do?" asked Kasumi.

"It is time I repent for my transgression." Chiyo said, as she moved towards Gaara. "It was my fault that he suffered in the first place, but it was you. You kids made it possible for him to be happy in life, and to even find love in his life. I can see now why Konoha is so strong."

"But Chiyo-baa-sama, what do you mean? What can you...oh no! Stop, you can't do that!" Sakura cried out. "Don't risk your life like that!"

"Sakura, what's she planning?" Kasumi was a little confused as to what would have Sakura so upset.

"She's going to use the jutsu that she used on you. It's a Tensei Ninjutsu!" Sakura said, remembering how Chiyo transferred some of her own life energy into Kasumi after Sasori attacked her.

"Tensei Ninjutsu...Chiyo-baa-sama, don't do it! Look, I can call a friend here; we have a way of bringing Gaara back without the need to sacrifice yourself!" Kasumi said, knowing that Hinata was the one who could revive Gaara without losing her own life.

"You speak kind words, but my mind is made up." Chiyo said, placing her hands on Gaara's chest. "Besides, Sasori's poison would have killed me anyway."

"But didn't we give you the antidote??" Sakura exclaimed. "You should have been immune!"

"It wore off moments before Sasori struck me. Therefore I need to be swift, for my time is short." Chiyo said, as she started channeling a blue chakra in her palms. "I only hope that Gaara can forgive me." Chiyo continued pumping the blue chakra into Gaara, but there was no change in his condition.

"What's going on? I thought that was supposed to bring him back?" asked Sakura.

Chiyo was breathing hard, her body worn from the battle. "I don't have enough chakra. After I used part of the jutsu on Kasumi, it weakened me." That was when Kasumi walked over and placed her hand on top of Chiyo's.

"Then let me return your chakra. It's the least I can do. But are you sure this is what you really want?" asked Kasumi with a serious look. "You don't have to die!"

"You and Sakura, both stubborn like Tsunade-hime. That's why you'll both succeed." Chiyo replied, as she started channeling the chakra again.

"You know, even though we knew you for a short time, I will say that I'll miss you Chiyo-baa-sama." Sakura said, placing her own hand beside Kasumi's. "Just make sure…you don't miss us too much." Tears started falling as Sakura channeled her remaining chakra. The blue glow became more intense as it began to surround and pass through Gaara. After about a minute, Chiyo's jutsu was finished, and Gaara slowly awoke.

"What…happened?" asked Gaara as his vision cleared. He saw Kasumi, Sakura, and Chiyo standing over him, but noticed Chiyo beginning to falter.

"Let's just say you and Naruto now have a lot more in common Gaara." Sakura said.

"Speaking of Naruto, where is he?" wondered the Kazekage.

"Let's just say that the big dork is over there asleep. He wore himself out. And you know he really wanted to see you after all this time." Kasumi said as she started crying herself. "Plus I missed you myself."

"I missed you guys as well," replied Gaara. He then turned to Chiyo, who still had a smile on her face. "Chiyo-sama…"

"Kazekage-sama…I'm…sorry." Those were the final words that came from her mouth before death finally overtook her.

"Chiyo-sama!!" Gaara said, moving over to her lifeless body.

Two days had passed as the team returned to Suna. There were mixed emotions as the Kazekage was returned home safely, but there was also the loss of one of Suna's greatest shinobi. The funeral had come and gone, and the group was preparing for their trip home.

"I guess I finally know what Kasumi-san meant when she said you and I have a lot more in common Naruto." Gaara said. "It's too bad that we couldn't save Chiyo-sama."

"I know. But her memory will live on. I'm just glad we got you back. It wouldn't be the same without you around." Naruto replied.

"True, it would have been boring without Panda-chan. Besides, he still needs to propose to me sometime. Everyone else has gotten engaged but me!" Kin said, lightening the mood.

"Trust me Kin-chan, I'm still waiting before I make that move." Sakura replied with a chuckle. "I still have to figure out a way to get this one to lose the bowl cut!"

"But Sakura-chan, this is a sign of the eternal bond of youth that Gai-sensei and I will always share! It causes the fires of youth to burn bright inside me!" Lee said in his defense.

"And why am I going out with you again?" Sakura asked as she kissed him.

"Speaking of couples…I think you have a little bit of explaining to do Temari?" Kankuro said, while a newly repaired Karasu was dancing behind.

"He is right. What's this I hear about you being engaged?" Gaara added, drawing a little bit of sand around his sister.

"I…uh…well that is…come on! He's not that bad! So he's a little lazy sometimes!" Temari whined to her brothers. "Look, promise me you won't kill him ok!"

"Oh we won't kill him…just maim him for a while." Kankuro said with an evil look.

"That and maybe crush his legs…and his arms. I think I can keep him in a body cast for a few months." Gaara said, adding to the tension.

"See, I knew this was going to happen! My brothers find out I'm engaged to Shikamaru and they go insane! I really hate being the only girl!" Temari complained. "Kasumi-chan, can I switch families with you? I mean Naruto doesn't drive you nuts!"

"Oh don't get me started about him! At least your brothers aren't complete airheads when it comes to girls!" Kasumi replied in haste. "Knowing my brother, he'll make a stupid mood swing joke and I'll be ready to kill him then!"

"Kasumi, I want a piece of that ok. Seriously, he makes one crack and I'll knock him into next week." Sakura added to the conversation.

"Teenagers…sometimes you can never understand them." Kakashi said to himself. "Come on you four, time to go home."

"Take care you guys. And don't forget to come visit. You know you're always welcome." Naruto said, firmly shaking hands with Gaara.

"The same goes for you Naruto. I'll make sure to keep my ANBU on alert for any information about Akatsuki. If we find anything we'll let you know." Gaara replied. "Just make sure to take them out!"

"With pleasure!" Naruto said, turning to rejoin the group.

About a few miles into the trip, Kasumi decided to get some more answers out of Naruto. "Ok, I want to know something? What did it feel like when you entered that new Overdrive state?"

"Honestly, I had never felt so much power in my life! It was even more intense than when Sasuke and I took on Shadow Sasuke." Naruto replied. "It felt like I had absolute control over my Wind Powers as well."

"I do have to say, that new Omega Cyclone of yours is unreal." Sakura commented. "If you can do something like that, imagine what the others could do?"

"Hey you're right! Oh man, now I get to tell Sasuke I'm stronger than he is again!" Naruto chuckled. "He's gonna be so mad!"

"Oh brother. Ok second question, what's this about you saying something that Shukaku is related to us?" asked Kasumi. "I mean we're kitsune. How can we be related to a raccoon dog?"

"Actually I'm gonna ask Oka-san about that when we get home. Even I was confused about that." Naruto said. "But come on…us related to the Bijuu? That sounds a little crazy even for me."

Back in Konoha…

Akane was pacing all over Tsunade's office. Ever since she got the letter from the Phoenix Village, she wasn't feeling too happy.

"Hime, what's wrong? You've been pacing all day?" asked a concerned Arashi. "What's troubling you my vixen."

"I just got a letter from the Phoenix Village." Akane told him. "Of all people, it had to be her! Why did she have to reply like that?"

"Who? Was it the Shichibi?" Arashi wondered who it was.

"You mean Mai-chan? Yeah it was her. She's taking care of the group there, and she agreed to the alliance, but that's not the problem!" Akane said in distress.

"Ok, then what is?" Arashi was even more confused.

"Arashi-kun, do you know what happens when you haven't seen your little sister in almost 500 years, and you find out that she's absolutely jealous of you? She's already mad that I have so many kids, plus I'm married to you!" Akane told him. "She's never going to let me live this down!"

"Wait, you have a sister?" Arashi's confusion got worse.

"Arashi, I have four! And one is coming for a visit when the group returns home!" Akane whined. "I can just hear it now…'Why do you get all the cute guys, and how come you have so many kids and I don't! You're cheating somehow Kyuubi-nee-chan!' And knowing her, she'll probably spoil the kids rotten!"

"So you mean to tell me, my in-laws…are the Bijuu?" questioned Arashi. "What's so bad about that?"

"They know stuff from when I was a kid…and I know they'll embarrass the living daylights out of me." Akane said, feeling even more depressed. "Mai-chan is gonna have a field day with me!"

Arashi suddenly had a wave of humor come over him, "So…I get to find out just how much trouble you were as a kid! I think I'm going to like this."

"ARASHI!! You're not serious are you?" Akane was even more worried now that Arashi was planning on having fun with this. "Come on, do you know how bad it will be if Miki-chan hears any of that!"

"I dunno. I think I better go tell Haku and Akemi that their aunt will be coming for a visit." Arashi laughed. "See ya later vixen!" With that he vanished with a flash, leaving Akane wondering what she was going to do.

"Why did I have to nitpick Mai-chan?" Akane said to herself.

Looks like Naruto is the first one to achieve the brand new level of power...the Overdrive Form. However with great power comes an even greater risk. So what will happen when the other knights attempt to unlock the Overdrive. And what about Deidara? Did Naruto really finish him off? And what about Akane's problem! Arashi now knows that she's related to all the other bijuu! Let's just say it's gonna be chaos when Akane and Mai meet for the first time in 500 years!! Well, next time...the Phoenix Village Chapter!!

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