The Bijuu Wars

A Girl's Heart is Forever

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It had been a week since Mai arrived in Konoha. Having her there not only made things much better for Team Illumina since they could keep watch over two Bijuu, but the chaos in the Uzumaki household couldn't have been worse! The kids all enjoyed the stories from when Akane was a teenager, and about how much trouble she got herself into. Of course it had here completely embarrassed and she hid in her room for most of the time. But it didn't mean she couldn't come up with retaliation of her own. When Akane lashed back with stories about Mai, oh…it got hot…REAL hot in the Uzumaki house. Let's just say poor Hinata was on cleanup since Haku had left with Sakura and Tenten on their mission to the Nekomata Village.

With Itachi headed back to Ame for more undercover work, the team decided to focus on analyzing Naruto and Sasuke's new Overdrive Forms, in the hopes of learning much more about the new abilities. Having moved testing equipment out to Training Ground 3, Dr. Sakurano had the boys hooked up to a monitor in order to record their chakra and Illumina Power levels.

"Alright boys, you're good to go. Hopefully we can get some very good data about the Overdrive Form and maximize its potential in battle." Dr. Sakurano said as he pulled up a program on his laptop. "For right now take it slow and we'll see how things are."

"Gotcha Doc." Naruto said with a thumbs up. "Ready Sasuke?"

"Ready here." Sasuke replied.

"Alright, simply channel your Illumina Power for now. Don't enter Bankai until I tell you." Dr. Sakurano instructed. The boys began to channel their power while the monitor recorded the data. "Ok now enter Bankai."

"BANKAI!" Naruto and Sasuke said, releasing their limiters. The rush of energy flooded the equipment, causing some spikes, but still recording lots of data.

"That's good boys. We're getting some really good information here." Dr. Sakurano replied, noting some points. "Alright, now enter Overdrive Form."

"This is gonna be fun." Naruto said with a smile. "WIND OVERDRIVE!"

"FIRE OVERDRIVE!" Sasuke added, as the two exploded in a rage of power. Dr. Sakurano's systems were able to log about 5 seconds of data before the system started to feel the strain.

"Ok boys, we're doing really well here!" Dr. Sakurano screamed over the waves of energy. "Now finish up with your Overdrive Attacks!"

"I love this part!" Naruto said, gathering all of his Overdrive Energy. "OMEGA CYCLONE!!!"

"It doesn't get any better than this! PHOENIX MAGMA BAZOOKA!!!" Sasuke screamed. The duo unleashed their attacks and the moment it happened, it caused a serious backlash of energy, shorting out Dr. Sakurano's systems. It also left the duo completely drained.

"Unbelievable! The sheer amount of power is immense." Dr. Sakurano said, dusting himself off. "You boys ok?"

"Yeah…we'll…be fine." Naruto panted.

"Just…give us a…few hours." Sasuke added as the two were trying to catch their breath. "Ok…make that a day…or so."

"Looks like they took that pretty hard," said Ino as she walked out with some energy treats for the boys. "Did we get any good information about the Overdrive Form?"

"More than you can imagine. I can now analyze how the Bijuu chakra reacts to your own Illumina Power. The only downside is that once you enter Overdrive, the moment you use your Overdrive Attack, you suffer massive energy loss." Dr. Sakurano explained. "Somehow we need to come up with a way to counteract that. Especially if any of you have a run in with a Bijuu that Akatsuki controls."

"But wasn't Naruto able to hold up against Yonbi?" asked Ino. "If he could do that, then I'm sure it would be no problem for the rest of us."

"Unfortunately that's where the problem lies. Remember how Akane said that the Bijuu were ranked in levels of power? Well Yonbi was at the bottom of the list. Considering that Akatsuki now has Ichibi, That's a level much higher than Yonbi was." Dr. Sakurano explained. "Until more of you can achieve Overdrive, we're just going to have to work with what we've got."

"I can tell we're in for a ride." Ino said as the two boys finally dropped into unconsciousness. "Oh great, now they're out cold!"As for the other members of the team, it was back to standard missions. Some even involved working with the new rookie Genin teams as well for lower level missions to test the Chuunin on their leadership skills. One mission in particular was quite a unique one thought up by Mai for the group.


"Ninja War Games?" asked Tsunade, when she heard of the idea.

"Of course. It's a very useful training tool in the Phoenix Village. Our Genin teams are paired up with a Chuunin and placed in warlike situations. It's like the Chuunin Exams, but not to a high degree, and it gives more hands on field experience." Mai explained. "Some of the tasks include Information Retrieval, Captive Rescue, Infiltration, and then the fun event…the all out Shinobi Paint War!"

"Paint War? Mai-chan, when did you come up with that idea?" Akane wondered, since she'd never heard of a thing.

"Well if you had kept in touch, you would have known, Moonie!" Mai said, emphasizing Akane's hidden nickname.

"Ugh, don't call me that! I always hated when Kami called me that!" Akane griped.

"But that's what you were! You were his little Moonlight Flower." Mai teased. "And you were called Moonie to the rest of us!"

"Whatever." Akane grumbled as she sunk back into her seat.

"Now this is what we use for Shinobi Paint War." Mai said, unsealing a scroll with an array of various ninja tools. "The kunai and shuriken are specially made so that they do not cut or scratch, but burst with paint on contact. See watch." Mai took a shuriken and threw it full speed, nailing Akane right in the chest, causing pink paint to splatter all over her…and the wall behind her.

"MAI-CHAN!!!!" Akane screamed as she dripped with paint.

"Looks like you got a little dirty there, eh nee-chan?" Mai laughed. "You might wanna clean up before you get paint all over Tsunade-sama's floor."

"I'm gonna get you back…you'll see. And the first things to go are those tail feathers!" Akane threatened as she walked out of Tsunade's office.

"I don't know who's worse? Naruto and Kasumi, or you two!" Tsunade sighed to herself. "But I will say, I like these ideas. I'll try it as a demonstration first, then we'll see how it works, and I have two perfect teams for this."

(End Flashback)

"Alright, do you have sight of the target Akemi-chan?" Hanabi asked, as she stared at a wooden stake. Tied to it was Chouji, who seemed to be out cold.

"Yeah, as of right now, I can't detect any other shinobi. It looks like we have a clear shot to the target. We need to move in quickly." Akemi replied, taking notice of the sounds and smells of her surroundings.

"Wait, what if they have traps set up? It could be possible that they're expecting us to make a direct move?" asked Hoshiko, as she kept watch from the trees. "We have to take into account that we're dealing with someone who's very good with traps."

"Hoshi-chan is right. Udon's very good at trap setting. Plus they also have their team leader who is really good at planning too." Hanabi added. "It's times like this when I wish we had Kasumi-chan as our team leader."

"Not me. I'm ready to finally show Kasumi-chan just what I can do." Akemi said with a smile of determination. "She's not the only girl that knows some Uzumaki trademark jutsu!"

"Akemi-chan what do you mean?" asked Hanabi, until she saw a very familiar hand sign. "You know that jutsu!"

"You bet I do. I learned it just so I could show Kasumi-chan how much I've gotten better! Now get ready to make your move." Akemi said, focusing her chakra. "KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" In a puff of smoke she formed two more clones of herself, easily surprising her team. After whispering some quick direction, she got ready to set her team's plan in action. "Alright Team Kitsune, let's move!"

Quickly emerging from the cover of the forest, the kitsune shinobi moved quickly to their target. Akemi sent her two clones ahead to activate any potential traps ahead while Hanabi and Hoshiko kept scanning the area with their Byakugan. Everything was going well a smoke bomb detonated.

"What's this?" Akemi coughed through the smoke. "I thought we got past those…"

"I don't know! But it's making it hard for me to see!" Hanabi coughed. She had turned off her Byakugan to hopefully keep the smoke out of her eyes. "Can you hear…yaa!!!!"

"Hanabi-chan! What happened!" Akemi screamed out, hoping her teammate was ok. "Hoshi-chan, do you see Hanabi-chan anywhere?"

"No, the smoke is too…" Hoshiko responded before she was suddenly silenced.

"Hoshi-chan? Hoshi-chan!! What happened!" Akemi said frantically. "Ok, gotta think. How would Kasumi-chan get out of this? Can't lose my focus." She began to slowly calm herself, focusing on all of her surroundings. "Right now I can't see due to the smoke, and that's even throwing off my sense of smell. Oka-san said that if you focus clearly when one sense it rendered incapacitated, you can strengthen your other skills." With that her ears started twitching. "I need to concentrate on the sounds and find Chouji-kun." Relying on her hearing alone, she slowly made her way out of the smoke and into the clearing where Chouji was. Unfortunately…she was in bigger trouble than before.

"Glad to see you made it Akemi-chan." Konohamaru said, coming from behind the post.

"Konohamaru-kun, how did you…" Akemi said in shock.

"It was easy. We knew you would try a frontal strike, and I figured you had a trick up your sleeve with the Kage Bunshin. So we set up that extra smoke trap to throw you off." Konohamaru said coolly as he pulled out a kunai. Placing it to Chouji's neck, he knew he had the upper hand. "Now, since your target is my hostage, why don't you surrender?"

"But…but I…" Akemi stuttered. Even though she was good in a lot of areas, she was still lacking on her critical thinking.

"Akemi-chan, you do know that if you surrender, I promise that you won't end up like your friends." Konohamaru said, pointing to the area where the smoke was. When it cleared Akemi could see Hanabi and Hoshiko on the ground, covered in paint. "All you need to say is that you will join our team."

"No…I…I can't! That would be turning against my own friends! I could never do that!" Akemi said, forcing herself to make the right choice. "I…I won't surrender!"

"Not even if I took you out for ice cream? I'd even get your favorite flavor…raspberry cheesecake." Konohamaru said, taunting her even more. Once he mentioned that flavor, he knew it had hit her in the right spot.

"W-w-with extra….sprinkles??" Akemi said, starting to tremble. She knew Konohamaru hit one of her biggest weaknesses, and as much as she tried to overcome it, that was one of her most difficult problems.

"You mean the ones as cute as you, Akemi-chan?" Konohamaru replied nonchalantly. By now Akemi was sweating bullets! Not only was Konohamaru cornering her with her all time favorite flavor of ice cream, he was even flirting with her! That made it even worse considering she really did like the Sarutobi, and had even started hanging out with him more often.

She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as hard as she could, "Even….even if you…you added extra syrup…I still won't surrender and…betray my friends!"

Konohamaru could see she was fighting every advance he put on. After being instructed by Kasumi to test her this way, he could tell that she was doing a good job. Now it was time he went in for the kill. "That's too bad Akemi-chan. See not only was I going to make it a triple scoop, with extra syrup, double sprinkles, and even whipped cream…" He walked up to the kitsune girl and stood face to face with her. Even this was difficult for him because he knew that what he was going to do would change the relationship between him and Akemi forever! "I was even going to add this Akemi-chan." That was when he struck, landing a kiss directly on Akemi's lips! It was intense enough that it was both their first kiss, but the fact that Akemi had so much tension built up from the temptation, only to have the boy she liked kiss her! She was out faster than Hinata ever was!

"That felt weird!" Konohamaru said, rubbing his lips after the kiss. "Kasumi-sama, is it supposed to feel this way?"

Kasumi came out of the clearing and headed over to her group, "Yeah it is, but I didn't think it would have this kind of an effect on her!" She took note and looked at Akemi who was lying face up with a huge grin on her bright red face. "And I never thought she'd pass out that quickly! I think she even beat Hinata's record!"

"So how did we do, Kasumi-chan? Did we pass?" asked Hanabi as she got off the ground.

"Well, I would have to rely on my teammate. Hinata-chan, how do you think they did?"

"Honestly I liked their planning skills. They worked well in coming up with plans and analyzing the situation carefully. Plus I do give Akemi-chan bonus points for staying firm to her mission and her team. That level of dedication is amazing." Hinata commented. "All of you did a great job. We'll be sure to give Tsunade-sama a very good recommendation for all of you."

"For now let's just get home. I think Hanabi-chan and Hoshi-chan want to get cleaned up." Kasumi said. "As for Akemi-chan, do you think you could carry her home Konohamaru-kun?"

"Sure thing Kasumi-sama!" Konohamaru said, picking up the kitsune girl. In his two years of training, he had become quite strong, hoping to follow in Naruto's footsteps. "I'll meet up with you guys later ok."

"Alright. See you later Konohamaru!" Moegi said as she and Udon headed back into town.

"So Hanabi-chan, how do you feel now that Akemi-chan got Konohamaru?" Hinata teased.

"Hey! I already told you, he and I are really good friends! Everyone knew that Akemi-chan was the one that liked him the most!" Hanabi replied. "But…maybe I'm a little jealous."

"You sure Hanabi-chan? I mean I don't want to stop being your friend." Konohamaru said. "We can still hang out together you know! Plus I still don't know a whole lot about the whole boyfriend thing, and I still don't know if she'll say yes! Besides, I'm only 10 years old you know."

"That's all? Wow Naru-chan had you beat. He was already flirting with me when we were 8 years old." Hinata said, causing Konohamaru to blush even more.

"Looks like you gotta get to work, playboy!" Kasumi laughed.

"But you already knew the boss a lot longer!!" Konohamaru replied in his defense. All Kasumi and Hinata did was just laugh.A few hours later…

"What a really good dream." Akemi said as she finally awoke, not knowing she was now in her own bedroom. "Hey, how did I get back here?"

"Finally up, half pint?" Kasumi asked as she saw her little sister stretch out. "I didn't think one training exercise could have you out for so long."

"Training…oh man! I gotta find out from Hanabi and Hoshiko if we finished!" Akemi replied frantically. Before she got to her feet, Kasumi had her held down to calm her.

"Akemi-chan it's ok. You guys are done for the day." Kasumi said, getting a sigh of relief from the younger Uzumaki. "Actually your team did really well."

"We did? But what happened! I remember the smoke bomb going off, and then it felt like I was in some kind of genjutsu." Akemi said, scratching her ears.

"Oh really?" Kasumi asked, knowing exactly what happened. "Why don't you tell your big sister?"

Akemi slid back on her bed so Kasumi could sit down and get comfortable. "Well I remembered Oka-san's advice about when one or more of your senses are hindered, you focus on another one. Since I couldn't see or get a good scent, I focused on my hearing. When I got out of the smoke to rescue Chouji-kun, Konohamaru-kun was there waiting for me."

Kasumi decided to go along and looked more intrigued, "So what happened next?"

"Somehow he was waiting for my team, and had placed me in a bad situation. He forced me to surrender and betray my team." Akemi explained. "He said that if I gave up and joined his team, then I wouldn't get attacked like Hanabi-chan and Hoshiko-chan."

"Well, what did you do?" Kasumi asked, wanting to hear more.

"I told him I couldn't betray my friends like that. I mean what kind of shinobi would I be if I did something like that." Akemi said, getting a nod from her sister. "That's when it got worse. Konohamaru-kun attacked my weakness."

"Weakness? Since when do we Uzumaki girls have a weakness?" Kasumi said playfully.

"Kasumi-chan! I'm serious! Doesn't Sasuke-kun ever do something to you that just makes you feel really weak?" Akemi said with a hint of concern.

"Well, yeah. For some reason whenever he gets a hold of my tails, if he touches the very tip a certain way, it makes my whole body feel like melted butter." Kasumi replied. "I mean I absolutely LOVE it when he does, but sometimes I think he uses it against me to get something he wants."

"That's exactly what Konohamaru-kun did! He knows that raspberry cheesecake ice cream is my all time favorite flavor in the world! Especially when there's sprinkles and whipped cream on top!" Akemi cried. "And he knows that I would do just about anything to get some! I don't know what it is, if it's the flavor, the smell, whatever! But when I'm around it, I feel like I'm in pure paradise!"

"Then what did he do?" Kasumi said as the story got more intense.

"First he taunted me with it. Then he started saying that he would have sprinkles put on it…and that they were the cute ones just like me!" Akemi replied.

"Whoa, he was flirting with you!" Kasumi said in shock. "That's some serious weaponry right there!"

"I guess. But whatever he did, it had me burning up! It was hard, but I forced myself not to surrender." Akemi said. "Then the big thing happened."

"I gotta know! What happened?" Kasumi said in excitement.

"After saying he'd get me a bigger bowl of ice cream, with sprinkles and whipped cream, he did the one thing I never expected…" Akemi said, seeing her sister on pins and needles.

"Ooh!!! What did he do Akemi-chan!!" Kasumi squealed. She knew Akemi was really feeling embarrassed because she had her hands covering her face.

"He kissed me…and it was on the lips too!" Akemi said. "Konohamaru-kun gave me my first kiss!"

"NO WAY!" Kasumi replied. "You can't be serious!"

"I am! When it happened, the next thing I knew I was out cold, and then I woke up here!" Akemi said. "Kasumi-chan I'm really confused!"

Kasumi decided to go ahead and reveal everything, "Akemi-chan…that wasn't a dream."

Akemi heard that and instantly froze, "What do you…"

"Ever since I came back, I've done a little bit of investigation. I found out that Konohamaru-kun really does like you, and I know you like him, a lot! So when Tsunade-sama asked us to do these missions, I chose Konohamaru-kun's team for a reason." Kasumi said. "When I found out that we were setting up a trap for your team, I knew that if I could get you two in a one on one situation, he'd finally be able to show you how he felt."

"You mean…the ice…and that…the…" Akemi sputtered, trying to take in all of the information.

"Yep. I was the one that told him to kiss you. Plus he wanted you to have this when you woke up." Kasumi said, handing her a folded piece of paper.

Akemi quickly took the paper and opened it, to find a written note to her. "It's from Konohamaru-kun."

"Well what's it say?" asked Kasumi.

"It says…" Akemi said as she started to read.

Dear Akemi-chan,

I know this may seem really weird but I want to tell you that I really like you. You're a really nice and cute girl and I like spending time with you at the ice cream shop. I wanted to know if you'd like to be my girlfriend. If not, that's ok. I'm still really glad that you're my friend.


Akemi just paused as she read the note two more times to make sure she saw exactly what it said. "He…he wants me…"

"What does he want Akemi-chan?" Kasumi asked.

"He wants me to be his girlfriend. I…I don't know what I should do!" Akemi said, unsure of herself.

"Well, let me see that letter." Kasumi said as Akemi handed her the piece of paper. "Hmm, so he really likes you, and likes spending time with you. He also doesn't seem to matter if you do say yes or no."

"But what should I do? I really like him, but what about Hanabi-chan! I know she likes him too!" Akemi said, worried that she'd make Hanabi mad.

"From what I saw on our way home earlier, Hanabi said that she didn't mind. So my guess is that even she wants you to say yes." Kasumi said with a smile.

"But…I don't even know the first thing about being a girlfriend!" Akemi said with a slight blush. "Kasumi-chan, do you…do you…"

"Do I what?" asked Kasumi.

"Do you think you could help me out?" Akemi asked, feeling a little bad that she had to rely on her big sister for something like this.

"What, me not help my baby sister be a good girlfriend to her first love?" Kasumi replied. "Of course I'll help you out!" She quickly reached over and pulled the small kitsune into a hug. "I just can't believe my baby sister has a boyfriend!" The moment she said that, four figures were at her door faster than a flash of lightning!

"BOYFRIEND!!!" Naruto and Arashi said in shock.

"My little girl is growing up so fast!!!" Akane said with hearts in her eyes.

"That is so sweet! So who's the lucky boy?" Mai said with a wink.

"Oh no. Kasumi-chan, what do I do??" Akemi pleaded.

"When it comes to the rest of the family…there's not much you can do kiddo. Especially when you're an Uzumaki. Just be warned…your first date is probably gonna be spied on." Kasumi said, as Akane and Mai kept going on about how sweet it was that Akemi now had a boyfriend, Arashi kept saying he was going to get a squad of ANBU to track the boy, while Naruto said something about having him pass some kind of test to get approval to date Akemi."Whoa, this is the Nekomata Village?" said Tenten in awe. After three days of travelling, she, Sakura, and Haku arrived in Lightning Country. Apparently the Nekomata Village had been located hidden inside a mountain from the reports they got from Dr. Sakurano. The big shock was seeing how industrial the place looked.

"I guess this is due to Aunt Yugito, since she is the Bijuu of Metal and Gravity." Haku replied as she looked at the buildings. All the buildings were made of high grade steel, and looked extremely reinforced. The entire village looked more like a factory with all the steel. "But I gotta say, with this much metal, they must have some really strong armor."

"You're not kidding Haku-chan. I also wonder if they're this good with metal, how is their medical technology?" Sakura said.

"Well, we'll find out soon enough." Haku replied as they entered the village. "Let's see if we can meet with Aunt Yugito."

The three headed deeper into the industrial village, taking note of the sounds of metalwork all over. The scent of molten metal could even be detected, and it had put Tenten in a state of euphoria. Considering she grew up in a weapons shop, a forge was like home to her. Of course Sakura and Haku looked at her like she was crazy.

The group managed to find the head offices of the village, hoping to get an audience with Yugito. Luckily one of the secretaries told the Konoha team that she was in, and that they could see her. Just before they entered her office, Haku was able to pick up a conversation on the inside. However it quickly finished up and out stormed a teenage nekomata, similar in age to the group. What really got Tenten however...was how he looked!

"No way! It can't be...could it?" Tenten said, taking a good look at the white haired boy. "There's no way! I remember that night clearly!"

"Hey Tenten, wake up! We don't wanna keep our host waiting." Sakura said, snapping Tenten out of her daze.

"Oh sorry." Tenten said rushing in.

The three entered to see a very young, and stressed out two tailed nekomata.

"What am I going to do with that boy? I swear, he's going to run me up the wall!" Yugito said to herself, not noticing the Konoha shinobi.

"Um, Yugito-sama?" asked Sakura, hoping not to upset the Nibi.

"Yeah, what is...oh, I'm sorry, who are you?" Yugito inquired of the trio.

"We're shinobi from Konoha. We've come here on behalf of the Kyuubi no Kitsune to ask you about forging an alliance with us?" Haku said, handing her a scroll. "We're here to discuss the pending threat to the Bijuu from Akatsuki."

"Hmm, Akatsuki. I've heard of them." Yugito said, opening the scroll. "But you never answered my question."

"Oh, forgive me! I'm really sorry. First off, this is Sakura Haruno, apprentice to the Sannin Tsunade. To my left is Tenten Ishida, Illumina Knight of Gravity, and my name is Haku Uzumaki, Illumina Knight of Ice...and your niece." Haku explained.

" mean you're Kyuubi-nee-chan's daughter!" Yugito said, shocked at the news.

"Yeah, I'm the Third Princess of the Kitsune Clan." Haku replied. "And please forgive me but I also have another message."

"And that would be?" Yugito inquired.

"Do you promise not to be mad at me? I really didn't want to get in the middle of this." Haku said, slightly trembling because she had to say something really bad to a Bijuu.

"Haku, what is it?" Yugito said with arms crossed.

"Ok, Oka-san and Aunt Mai wanted me to tell you that you're still a spoiled brat and will always be one, but they love their Mew-Mew-Chan so much...but you're still spoiled." Haku said, suddenly hiding behind Sakura for fear of getting attacked. Of course Tenten and Sakura had never seen Haku like this, but considering she just told her own aunt something like that....well...

"Why those no good, loud mouthed, air headed, fur heads! Ooh, they are so lucky I'm not there! You know what, they wanna play like that, well I can do one better!!! Haku, where are both of those two!" Yugito said as she quickly summoned a small white cat.

"Both Akane-sama and Mai-sama are in Konoha right now." Tenten said as she saw the Nibi quickly write something on a scroll. After she sealed it, she tied it to the cat and had it speed out of the room.

"Let's see what those two say now! They'll know better than to pick on me!" Yugito replied with a smirk. Of course she quickly regained her composure and walked over to the girls. "Now Haku, come here."

"Y-y-yes Yugito-s-s-sama?" Haku said. She was still shaking because she feared that she was going to be in serious trouble for what she said. But of course that wasn't the case.

"I'm sorry you had to deal with my idiot sisters like that." Yugito replied with a calm embrace. "Just because I had to be the baby of the bunch, it meant they got to have a field day with me. Well, hopefully Moonie and Birdybird will think twice about picking at me again."

"Moonie?" Haku said, suddenly perking up.

"Birdybird!" Tenten and Sakura said.

"Yeah that was their nicknames. But I can tell you more about that later. Right now I want to hear about this Akatsuki and an alliance of some sort. Also I need to know about how you have Illumina Power, especially this kitten over here who seems to have my element." Yugito said, looking straight at Tenten. She went back to her desk, and called for some tea to be sent to her office. "Now girls have a seat. We have much to discuss."

Over the next two hours Tenten, Haku, and Sakura explained everything to Yugito, from how Akatsuki is planning to capture and use the Bijuu for their own plans. This of course already had Yugito quite ticked off and she readily signed the alliance agreement. Next thing came the subject of Tenten and her Gravity Power. Tenten had explained that originally all she could do was the Metal side of her power, but after the battle with Sakon and Ukon 2 years ago, she somehow tapped into the Gravity aspect. She also gave a demonstration of her swordand weapon skills easily impressing the Nibi.

"So I take it you're probably a third level Blade Master by now?" Yugito asked while sipping some tea.

"I am. I've been training to test up to fourth level, but trying to balance that with my Illumina training is pretty tough." Tenten replied.

"I see. I must say you've trained very well with your Metal and Gravity powers. I'm also intrigued by your Masamune. Where did you get this blade again?" Yugito inquired as Tenten sheathed her sword.

"Actually there was another Naruto from another world that came to our world. He gave me a blade called Zangetsu, and somehow it fused with my Illumina Sword." Tenten explained. "Since then my blade power has rivaled that of the Sword of Kusanagi."

"If only my lazy tomcat of a son had your focus. He'd probably be a fifth level Blade Master by now." Yugito sighed. "But what can I do."

"Your son? Who's that Aunt Yugito?" Haku asked.

"My son Kyoji. He's also next in line to become the next Nibi and leader of this village when I step down, but right now he doesn't want to accept his heritage. He said that he just wants to be a normal shinobi, and let Riyu-chan be the heir." Yugito replied as she looked out her window. "Honestly I don't know what to do with him."

"Riyu-chan?" Sakura asked.

"My daughter. She's about three years younger than Akemi-chan, and just as cute. Not only that but she's also very nosy!" Yugito said, using her Gravity chakra to lift up a small plant and drop it on the ground, causing it to burst in a cloud of smoke to reveal a small one-tailed nekomata girl.

"Ow!! Oka-san that hurt!!" Riyu cried as she rubbed her tail.

"I swear you and your brother are just trouble!" Yugito said, picking up the little girl. "Now come here kitten and say hi to your cousin Haku."

"Oh man I think Akemi just lost her title as cutest kid in our family!" Haku said, hugging Riyu tightly. "You are an absolute cutie!!!"

"Uh huh. My Oka-san says I am too!" Riyu replied with a smile. "So you're my cousin, huh?"

"Yep. And I think I'm gonna have to take you to Konoha with me. Say do you like ice cream?" Haku asked.

"Oh yeah!" Riyu cheered.

"Then we're gonna get along just fine!" Haku said as she used her bloodline to create an instant snow cone.

"How did you do that! Oka-san, did you see that!!" Riyu said in awe. "That is so cool!"

"It's my bloodline. I can control water and ice." Haku replied, taking out a small syrup packet from her pouch. "This is a one of a kind ability."

"Aww, I wanted to learn it." Riyu said as Haku gave her the snow cone. "But thank you Haku-chan!"

"Why don't we get out of here. I figure you're all tired and need some rest." Yugito said, as she closed up her books for the day.

"Yeah I could use a good bath." Sakura replied, feeling her hair. "That trip was a workout."

"Then we'll go back to the house and rest. You'll like the baths here. I happen to have special magnetic rocks lining the bath so that it helps loosen muscles and increase blood circulation to ease tension." Yugito said. "Plus when you add in some nekomata herbs, you'll feel like you're in heaven."

"Then lead the way Aunt Yugito!" Haku said, hoisting Riyu up on her shoulders.The five girls made their way across the industrial village to the residential district. Upon arriving the three from Konoha noticed something a lot different about Yugito's residence.

"Wow, it's like a normal home, and not some huge mansion." Haku said, taking note that the house was much smaller than the Uzumaki mansion.

"Well, with just me, Kyoji, and Riyu-chan, we don't need a lot of space. But I do have extra rooms for guests. I may be the Nibi and Queen of the Nekomata, but I like to be an ordinary mom." Yugito said as she removed her shoes. "Riyu-chan, show the girls to the spare rooms so they can put their things away."

"Ok Oka-san. Is it ok if Haku-chan stays in my room?" Riyu asked, hoping she could spend more time with her new cousin.

"I don't know. I think Haku-chan would like her own room." Yugito replied, getting a sad face out of the small catgirl.

"Actually, I don't mind. It'll be fun having a roommate!" Haku said as Riyu jumped up and down cheering.

"Yay!! Sleepover!!!" Riyu cheered as she dragged Haku to her room.

"If she thinks this is a sleepover, then wait till she meets Kasumi-chan." Sakura said with a laugh.

"Yeah, there's no one that can top the Sleepover Princess." Tenten added. "Now if you'll excuse me, the bath is calling!"

And of course what could make a bunch of girls happy than a hot, relaxing bath. But when you add in a kitsune hanyou with an ice/water bloodline and her cousin who couldn't stop loving every moment, well…you get the picture. While the fun was going on Tenten decided to get out early. After tying her robe she was headed back to her room. Of course often you never saw her with her hair down, but after a bath she normally kept it down. Well with long hair means, lots more to dry…and when you have a towel over your face…

"Oof, oh, uh sorry about that." Tenten said, bumping into someone in the hall.

"It's ok, I wasn't watching where I was…" said the voice, which turned out to be Yugito's son Kyoji. When he turned around and saw Tenten remove the towel from her head to let her long hair flow, he was almost frozen in time.

Tenten stood there and stared into Kyoji's face. She truly couldn't believe it. He looked EXACTLY like her very first boyfriend Kazuki, the boy she fell in love with back in Ame. However due to a madman wanting to summon a time demon to destroy the world, Kazuki had to sacrifice himself in order to save her life. But she knew that he sealed himself in the void of time, so how could he be back!

"Kazuki???" Tenten stuttered. She was blinking her eyes thinking it was just an illusion, but it was still standing there.

"Close…my name is Kyoji. And who might you be?" Kyoji said, taking hold of her hand.

"Ten…ten…ten…ten…" Tenten spat out.

"You're name is forty?" Kyoji asked, causing her to blush slightly.

Quickly getting her head out of the clouds, "I mean my name is Tenten. Sorry about that."

"Tenten…that's a beautiful name." Kyoji replied. "So I take it you're a guest of my mom, huh?"

"Y-yeah, my two friends and I were sent here on a mission. Yugito-sama invited us to stay here." Tenten said, trying to keep her blush down.

"That's mom for you. Always the homely type." Kyoji said with a slight laugh. "But she is one of a kind."

"She is. So um…do you…uh live here too?" Tenten spat out. She suddenly realized what she said and was mentally kicking herself.

"Uh, yeah." Kyoji replied. "Say are you ok Tenten?"

"I'm fine. Just seeing you reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago." Tenten replied while she brushed some of her hair out of her face. "Oh forgive me. I'm standing out here in a bathrobe in your house. I should go change."

"Oh, it's ok. I'm used to seeing Oka-san and Riyu-chan in their robes after they get done in the bath. When you're the only guy, you get used to it." Kyoji said as he entered his room. "You know, if you're gonna be here for a few days, do you wanna train sometime?"

"I'd…I'd like that a lot Kyoji-san." Tenten said nervously.

"No need for formalities Tenten-chan. Well, see ya later." Kyoji said, closing his door.

Tenten stood there for a good minute before rushing into the room she and Sakura were sharing. Quickly grabbing her transformer she contacted one of the people she knew wouldn't believe what happened.

"Kasumi-chan you are NOT going to believe this!!!" Tenten screamed.

"Ten-chan, what is it? I was taking a nap!" Kasumi replied with a groggy voice.

"It's your cousin…he…he…I could have sworn it was Kazuki!!!!" Tenten said with excitement.

"Kazuki…Kazuki!" Kasumi replied, quickly becoming alert. "There's no way! We all saw him seal himself in the void of time with the Orechalkos!"

"I know that! But he has everything! His eyes, his face, his hair, even his voice was the same!!!" Tenten started getting frantic over what she saw. "Kasumi-chan what the heck do I do!"

"Well first off…wait did you say he was my cousin?" Kasumi asked.

"Uh yeah, he's Yugito-sama's son Kyoji." Tenten replied, causing Kasumi to pause for a minute.

"Oh…my…god! Tenten, do not tell me you have a crush on my cousin!!!!" Kasumi said, while slapping her forehead.

"Kasumi-chan I don't know! I mean two years ago after what happened to Kazuki, I tried to move on, but every once in a blue moon, I kept having dreams about him. It was like he was sending me a message from the end of time or something." Tenten said. "This is really confusing!"

"Ok Tenten, I'm gonna say this just once! Don't rush it!!! If you really think this is what you want, then ease into it!" Kasumi told her. "If you go to fast and it doesn't work out, then you're gonna end up depressing yourself like last time."

"Alright, I'll take it slow." Tenten replied. "But what should I do about my hair! He saw me with it down, and I don't know if I should…"

"Ten-chan, it's bad enough I gotta help Akemi-chan with her new boyfriend! Go easy on me ok!" Kasumi pleaded. "Look just wear it like normal, and when you get to know him more, ask him what he likes."

"Ok, I can do that. And wait…who's Akemi going out with?" Tenten asked, wondering just what has been going on while they left.

"She's dating Konohamaru. Make sure you tell Haku-chan, ok." Kasumi said with a yawn. "Now I'm going back to sleep. Tell Auntie Yugito I said hi."

"Ok Kasumi-chan. Thanks again." Tenten replied. Kasumi's hologram just waved and ended transmission. "Alright, he may look like Kazuki-kun, but I have to remember. Kazuki-kun is gone forever. I'll take my time and get to know Kyoji-kun."

"Tenten, why in the world are you talking to yourself?" Haku asked, while holding a bundled up Riyu. "You having another moment again?"

"No way! But I did have to ask Kasumi-chan a question. Oh yeah, she wanted me to tell you…you'll never guess who the new couple is in Konoha!" Tenten replied, leaving Haku guessing.

"Who is it? Aunt Mai and Iruka-sensei?" Haku took a swing.

"Nope. Akemi-chan and Konohamaru-kun! Not even I could believe it!" Tenten said.

Haku just looked dumbfounded. She could not believe her baby sister had a boyfriend now! "You have GOT to be kidding me!"

"If it came from Kasumi, then it's gotta be true." Tenten replied.

"I swear our family keeps getting weirder and weirder." Haku said as she left to go to Riyu's room.

Well, this is an interesting chapter. Mai and Akane show more of their sibiling rivalry, and now Yugito was thrown into the fray. Wonder what she wrote in that message to get her payback. Also how is Arashi going to take it knowing that his baby girl now has a boyfriend! And what about Akemi? Is the poor girl gonna have to suffer just like Kasumi did? Also has she lost her title as "Cutest kid in Konoha" now that Riyu is on the stage?

Now what about Tenten and Kyoji? Is it a coincidence that Kyoji looks just like Kazuki, the boy Tenten loved so long ago? But she saw it with her own eyes that Kazuki sealed himself in the void of time, never to return. Looks like things are going to get REALLY interesting! As always, send me lots of reviews!!!!

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