The Bijuu Wars

Baby Blues part 1

Neokenshin:...(he's off somewhere laughing maniacally)

Naruto: Any idea why Kenshin's laughing like that?

Hinata: Dunno. Supposedly this is gonna be a funny chapter or something?

Akane: Oh I know what it is...and I can't wait to see this one go through!

Mikoto: I'm the same way! This is gonna be fun for us!

Kasumi: Uh, just what is going on here?

Akane: Read this! (Hands Kasumi the script for the chapter)

Kasumi: Hmm, hey this isn't so bad. Actually it's pretty funny. I like the part where...WHAT!

Sakura: Kasumi-chan, what is it! What is going...(Kasumi shows Sakura the script)...Oh no...OH NO! What are we gonna do!!!

Akane: Absolutely nothing while we have a blast! Remember everyone Naruto isn't owned by Neokenshin!!!

Kasumi: This is really gonna suck for us!!!Chapter 10: Baby Blues Part 1

It was another day in Konoha. Things were normal as missions were being done, people were bustling about. But for one person, today just didn't feel like a good day. Tsunade was walking around in her office looking at the village.

"To see all the energy the people have, it's so wonderful. The future generation is so young and full of life." she sighed. Tsunade picked up a mirror on her desk and took a good look at herself. She knew the person she saw in the mirror, the young woman that looked not a day over 25 was a lie. "If only I truly was that age again." She knew that her age was starting to catch up to her. She didn't want to admit it, but time was not her ally. People were getting older, wiser, and she wasn't the shinobi she used to be...even if she was one of the Legendary Sannin.

"Tsunade-sama, you're next team is here for their mission request." said Shizune as she, Kasumi, Hinata, and Tenten walked into her office.

"Hmm, I see. Well then girls, here's your mission. Sorry it's not much." Tsunade said. She gave the girls the mission info and quickly sent them on their way. After that she turned back to her window and started staring out again.

Outside her office...

"Shizune, is something wrong with Tsunade-sama? She seems really depressed." asked Hinata as the group was on their way out of the tower.

"Yeah, something must be wrong, considering she gave us a mission to go to the academy and do a ninjutsu demonstration." Kasumi said as she looked over the mission requirements. "It was the same mission we did yesterday! There's the completion seal on it too."

"Lately, Tsunade-sama's been feeling like she's getting older. You all know how she keeps up a henge to make her look young, but as you say, she hasn't been feeling like she looks." Shizune replied. "I wish there was something I could do to cheer her up."

"So she's telling herself that she's getting old? Why would she even do that? She's the most powerful kunoichi in the village! Even if she's not as young as we are, she could probably take on all of us and still kick our butts!" Tenten said.

"Hmm, you know something; I think I might have an idea." Kasumi got a gleam as a light bulb clicked on in her head. "Remember what Oka-san did for Naruto when he started his training as Natsumi a long time ago? Well, what if we use Kitsune Alchemy to synthesize something like that for Tsunade-sama! I'm sure there's something like an age reducing formula or something like that."

"Yeah! She'd love that! Then she wouldn't have to keep up a henge all the time!" Shizune said in excitement. "But how would you do something like that?"

"We have all of Oka-san's books on alchemy, so I'm sure we can find something there. Shizune, can you get us a blood sample from Tsunade-sama?" asked Kasumi as she started formulating her idea.

"Well yeah, I have full access in the medical center, so it would be no problem to get a small sample." Shizune was quite excited, to think that the girls could come up with something like this for Tsunade. "Where should I bring the sample to?"

"Actually, we'll come by the medical center. Oka-san has a lab set up for us so we can work there." Kasumi said. "I'll have Ino and Haku come to give us a hand. Come on Hina-chan, Ten-chan, let's go get set up and get to work."

"Right with you Kasumi-chan." Hinata and Tenten said in agreement.After getting Haku, (Ino was on a mission with Chouji and Shikamaru, so Sakura came to help instead), the girls set up in the medical center. Hinata had some of Akane's Alchemy books and scrolls, while Kasumi was preparing the mixing table. Since Sakura, Haku, and Tenten had no idea what was going on, they just listened to orders so they wouldn't screw things up.

"Ok, let's see we go. Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion, this is what we want." Hinata said as she found the correct formula in one of the books. "Wow, this one is a complicated one. Ok, we're going to need the following reagents."

"Haku, can you get me that beaker? It's the one with the green liquid." Kasumi said while she turned on a burner. "I'll also need one gram of powdered brown root."

"I'll handle that Kasumi." Sakura said, as she started weighing out the root powder. "Need anything else weighed out?"

"Not right now. Ten-chan, can you get me the some dewdrop oil from the cooler?" asked Kasumi. "It should be a blue substance in a test tube."

Tenten went to the cooler, but saw a variety of test tubes being cooled. She looked around and tried to find the right reagent, but was still unsure, so she grabbed what looked to be blue, but she couldn't say a yes or no to it. "This what you need Kasumi-chan?"

Kasumi took a quick glance and went back to the scrolls. "Yeah, just pour all of that into that large beaker on the burner. Hey Hinata, how's things looking on your end?"

"I think I have the rest of the formula down. Once your half is done, we'll combine them with the blood sample, and then it should be ready." Hinata replied as she prepared some other reagents. The girls spent the next hour toiling in the lab preparing the special surprise for Tsunade. After everything was said and done, the final result produced a large beaker of a pale green liquid.

"So...what do we do with this stuff?" Sakura said with a disgusted look. "It doesn't look like much of anything."

"Well, it's supposed to be a rejuvenation potion, so we need to test it on something old." Hinata said as she looked for something to test. "Hey, we can use that plant! It looks like it's about had it." She went over to the window and got a small plant that looked like it was withering from age. "Ok, I think all we add is a few drops, and it should work."

"Well here goes something." Kasumi took a dropper and siphoned some of the liquid, then poured it on the plant. It started to glow a strange green...then did nothing. "You gotta be kidding me! We followed the formula perfectly!"

"Think it needs something to jumpstart it?" Tenten asked, thinking some extra chakra could give it a boost.

"I guess that might work." said Kasumi doubtfully. "But maybe again, that might work." The five girls all looked around and were in agreement. "Ok we'll focus our chakra into the formula and test it again." All of them placed a glowing blue hand around the large beaker, flooding it with chakra. The potion began to bubble as it looked like it was boiling.

"Hey it looks like it's starting to do something? Maybe this is what it needed." Haku noticed the potion continue to bubble more, but it looked like it was becoming more violent. "Um, hold on is it supposed to do that?"

"Maybe. Just keep it up." Kasumi said while she focused more chakra.

Meanwhile, Naruto, Sasuke, Kyoji, and Neji had just finished up a morning workout when the four decided they'd ask the girls to lunch. Kasumi had told Sasuke that they'd be in the medical center all morning so he should come meet them there. They met up with Akane, who was taking the boys to the reserved lab for the girls.

"Oka-san, any idea on what the girls were working on?" Naruto asked while they walked down the hall.

"Not really. They said they needed the lab, and had a special project they were working on." Akane answered. "Probably something to help you guys out in the field more."

"At least those Kitsune Capsules are a good thing. I can say they've been a big help for..." Sasuke said before he was interrupted by a loud explosion. "What the heck was that!"

"It sounds like it came from the lab the girls were in! We better hurry and make sure they're ok!" Akane said with urgency. The five quickly ran to the lab where they saw an oozing green liquid sliding down the walls. There was no fire or anything else dangerous, but the girls were nowhere to be seen.

"Hey guys, where's the girls at? Do you think they're ok?" Naruto said as he frantically searched. He started walking around but soon tripped on the floor. "What the...hey why are Hinata's pants on the floor?" That was when he turned to see something laughing at him...namely a lavender eyed kitsune...that looked like Hinata, but only smaller...and naked. "Hey, you look like...HINATA!!!"

"Naruto, what in that Kasumi-chan?" Sasuke said in confusion when he saw another small kitsune with silver tails and reddish brown hair.

"It has to be if the one with the pink hair is Sakura, the one with the cat ears is Tenten, and the one with light blue tails is Haku." Neji commented. "But why are they..."

"They didn't! I can't believe this!" Akane was surprised when she looked over the open alchemy book to see what the girls were working on. "Now I know what they were doing!"

"Well, care to explain Aunt Akane?" asked Kyoji.

"It looks like the girls were making a Kitsune Rejuvenation Potion, but for why, I'll never know. Apparently, it seems to have backfired." Akane said with a slight chuckle.

"So our girlfriends are babies now?" questioned Neji.

"I'm afraid so boys." Akane said with a sigh.

Neji, Kyoji, Naruto, and Sasuke all shot a look at each other, knowing exactly what to say. "See ya!" They all turned to run to the door when Akane blocked it.

"Not this time boys. It's time you four get a lesson in babysitting." Akane smiled with an evil grin. "And Sasuke...I think you might have a little extra to do, since you happen to have one of your former fan club members to handle."

The boys looked at the infantile girls, and then looked back at Akane, "We're not getting out of this in any way, are we?" asked Naruto.

"Not one bit. So come on boys, your first lesson, giving them all a bath! They need to be cleaned up." Akane said. "Plus and be quick, because we don't want any of them to catch cold."

"So now whose fault is this?" Neji asked as he picked up Haku, who just stared at him while her bushy tails were swirling about.

"I'd say she was the culprit, but seriously, how can I blame her when she looks like this?" Sasuke said while he picked up Kasumi and Sakura. "So, you guys have any ideas about what we're supposed to do?"

"Uh, well what about that thing we did when the other Naruto was here with his kid?" Naruto asked while holding a bouncing Hinata. "I mean, it can't be that bad, can it?"

Of course Neji, Naruto, and Sasuke suddenly remembered that episode and knew just how bad it was!

"Uh guys? What's the matter? You look like you seen a ghost or something?" Kyoji was having trouble of his own keeping Tenten still.

"We are so screwed." replied the other three.

"Are you lazy boys gonna get up here or do I have to drag you up here myself!" Akane yelled. "I wanna see some hustle from you boys!"And hustle they did. Akane took the boys up to the nursery area where they all had a very interesting time...bath time. Needless to say the girls all got clean, but so did the boys. Next order of business...diaper changing!

"You want us to WHAT!" Naruto screamed at the thought of having to change diapers.

"Naruto, keep it down! Now this is essential. You don't want them getting their clothes dirty now, do you?" Akane said in a motherly voice. "Now watch me carefully and I want you to do the same thing." She used Sakura as her demonstration, first applying baby oil to all the tender areas, making sure it was rubbed into the skin. She then gently applied some talcum powder to help keep the skin moisturized, then taped Sakura up in a fresh diaper, while tickling the pink haired girl's belly to get a giggle out of her. "Ok, your turn." Akane would have thought the boys would have at least made an attempt but they stood there frozen solid. "Uh, something wrong?"

"Oka-san, you realize that we're staring at our girlfriends...and their naked. And you want us to do THAT!" Naruto exclaimed, getting a laugh out of Hinata.

"That's just not right! I mean, it's just...well...still!" Neji sputtered out. "Are you sure you can't do it?"

"You can't be serious! You're actually embarrassed to do something like that for the girls?" Akane looked surprised, but was laughing her heart out inside. "Boys, they have absolutely NO idea what you're doing. Besides, you do have perfect embarrassment material for when you get in trouble."

The four boys looked at each other and realized she was right! The girls were literally at their whim!

"Gimme that baby oil!" Naruto screamed frantically.

"Don't bet on it bro! I'm gonna be the first one!" Sasuke said, fighting over the bottle.

"I don't think so! I'll be the first one!" Kyoji said, clawing his way to try and get a hold of the bottle of oil.

Akane just stood back and couldn't believe just how dense four teenage boys could be when it came to babies. "You know, Arashi-chan was the same way when we were younger. But it did make him an absolutely amazing father in the end."

So the to speak went flying! After somehow ending up with multiple diapers on the girls, and a diaper on Naruto's head, Akane figured that trying to have them do this by themselves was trouble enough. So she walked each one through, noticing they were all still bright red from embarrassment, and finally saw four well diapered up baby girls.

"Ok, since that's done. Maybe now you should get them dressed so they can at least go outside." Akane said, causing all four boys to crash to the ground.

"There's more!!!" whined Naruto. "Just how much more do we have to do?"

"Naruto, taking care of a baby isn't just giving them a bath and changing them. Right now the girls are in a state of complete vulnerability. They can't do anything at all for themselves and they need you more than ever. You have to take care of them, nurture them, and protect them. Isn't that what you'd normally do?" Akane asked while she tried to clean up.

"Actually, she's right. Guys, when we fell in love with these girls, we made a promise to always be there for them and to protect them with our very lives. You know if it was us in their position, they'd do the same for us." Sasuke said, realizing the truth of Akane's words.

"I know it seems like a lot of trouble, but in all seriousness, when I find a way to reverse this, the girls will thank you." Akane replied. For now I have some clothes for the girls. Get them dressed up and then head home. They'll be in your care until I can find a cure. But you might want to make sure to tell their parents. I'm sure they'll want to know."

So the boys did as told and got the girls dressed in some clothes Akane happened to have at the nursery. Once that was done, they took their leave, now armed with a fully loaded diaper bag…two for Sasuke, each heading to their respective houses, heading to Tenten's, Sakura's, and Hinata's house first..At the Hyuuga household...

" bad do you think Hiashi-sama is gonna flip?" asked Naruto in a nervous tone.

"At what? The fact that I'm taking care of a baby Haku, or the fact that his oldest daughter is now a baby in your care?" replied Neji.

"Both!" said Naruto as they entered the compound.

"Look, let's just get this over with. Besides Naruto, while you're here, you might as well go to Hinata's room and get something that will keep her occupied." Sasuke said, taking the lead.

"This is not gonna be good at all." Naruto thought to himself.

They arrived at Hiashi's office, where he was having a chat with Hanabi about her last mission. "Hiashi-sama, can we come in?" asked Neji.

"Neji, of course you can come in. What's on your mind son?" Hiashi asked, though his look turned a little strange when he saw Naruto, Sasuke, and Kyoji all entering...and with babies as well. "Neji, do you mind explaining?"

"Uh...well...Naruto, he's your future father-in-law and you are the one holding his daughter! You go first!" Neji replied, stepping behind Naruto.

"Gee thanks Neji." Naruto said sarcastically. "Well Hiashi-sama, apparently there was a mishap at the medical center. It seems the girls were working on some kind of potion and it backfired."

"So what does this have to do with you four holding five baby girls? Naruto is there something you'd like to tell me?" Hiashi said sternly.

"Yeah...say hi to your heir of the Hyuuga clan???" he replied, holding Hinata out in front.

"Naruto, you cannot expect me to believe that you're holding in your hands..." Hiashi said before Hanabi burst out in excitement.

"It really is Hinata! I know those eyes and that kitsune scent anywhere!" Hanabi screamed. "Oh this is so good! I have to get my camera! Blackmail city, here I come!!!" She was about to run outside to her room when Hiashi stopped her.

"Hanabi, get back here!" Hiashi commanded, stopping his youngest in her tracks. "Ok so you're saying that my oldest daughter, my nephew's girlfriend, and their friends are now babies due to a potion backfiring?"

"Yeah, apparently due to some mishap. They were making some kind of Kitsune Rejuvenation potion or something like that." Sasuke explained while trying to keep Kasumi and Sakura occupied. "Akane-sama said she's looking for a way to reverse this, but for now…"

"You four are playing proud dads huh?" Hanabi was hysterical. She could not believe just how hilarious all of this was. The fact that her older cousin was stuck babysitting, or the fact that her older sister was now years younger than she was! It was all too hilarious. "So Naruto, can I hold her?"

"Well I guess so. But be careful, she's kinda delicate you know." Naruto said nervously before handing Hinata over to Hanabi.

"Naruto, I'm a girl. I think I can handle my new 'baby sister' so to speak." Hanabi said as she cradled Hinata. Hinata just looked up at her younger sister and definitely did something out of nowhere…she spit up on Hanabi. "Ok now that is just plain WRONG!!!!! Eww! She's drooling all over me! Naruto, take her!!"

"Ok, Yeesh!" Naruto said, taking a towel out of his bag. "Oka-san said if this happens to wipe it all off." He wiped up Hinata and made sure she wasn't drooling again, and took her back into his arms. "Uh, sorry about your outfit Hanabi."

"I bet she's gonna remember every last bit of this. I swear I'll get her back for this!" Hanabi stormed off to her room to change.

"Well it looks like an interesting learning experience boys. Neji, I think Hinata's old crib is in storage. I'll have someone bring it up to your room since it looks like Haku will be staying with you for the time being." Hiashi said, jotting down some quick notes. "Do you happen to have any other plans for today?"

"Not really. We have to let Tenten's parents and Sakura's parents know about this, and then we're stuck with these kids for the rest of the day." Naruto replied. "Chances are we'll be at my house for most of the time being."

"Very well. I wish you the best boys." Hiashi said as the group took their leave. "Oh Naruto, one more word of advice."

"Yes Hiashi-sama?" Naruto turned to find out what advice Hiashi had left.

"Hinata absolutely hates soybeans. They make her very gassy." Hiashi said with a smile.

"Uh, thanks…I guess?" Naruto said, taking his leave. Hiashi went back to his desk and opened a hidden compartment, containing a framed picture of himself, his late wife Hikaru, and of Hinata taken when she was born.

"Naruto, you have no idea just what kind of trouble my princess put me through. She'll have you going absolutely insane…but it will make you love her that much more." He just laughed as he knew of the chaos Naruto was about to endure. "Hikaru my dear, I only wish you were alive to see this day. Even you would be laughing at how funny all of this is."Well the boys left and made their rounds to Sakura's and Tenten's house. Well, Sakura's mother couldn't believe just how funny all this was, so she made sure to load up Sasuke with all of Sakura's old baby clothes. Tenten's family was a little more understanding, but when you release a baby nekomata that absolutely loves weapons into a weapon shop…well, Kyoji left her house fairly cut up. Now there was just one thing left to do…and none of them knew exactly what it was!

"OK, I don't know about you, but what is it with these girls! It's like they have a limitless supply of energy!" Sasuke said while the group walked through town. With two kids, he kept Sakura in a carrier on his back, while Kasumi was in one hanging around his chest. He also had to deal with Sakura constantly grabbing at his ears, and Kasumi yanking his hair. "I swear, where's the rest of the girls when you need them!"

"Sasuke, at least you have Itachi at home! What do you think the rest of us have?" Naruto argued. "BOTH of my sisters are babies and Akemi's out on a mission with Momoko!"

"Look you have Aunt Mai and Aunt Yugito there! Knowing my luck, Oka-san will be saying how sweet it is that I'm showing a paternal side!" Sasuke retorted. "Yeah you're the lucky one! I mean…ow! Sakura, don't do that!" Sakura just giggled as she kept grabbing at his ears. "I swear, didn't your mom give me something to keep you occupied?" He began to rustle through the extra bag Sakura's mother gave him. Luckily he found a stuffed bear that Sakura became wide eyed over. "Here take this and hopefully you'll calm down." Sakura grabbed the bear quickly and snuggled up to it. Only problem now…

"Uh Sasuke, I think you have another problem on your hands?" Kyoji said when he noticed a whimpering Kasumi. Apparently seeing Sakura get a toy didn't bode too well for the little kitsune.

"Aw, not you Kasumi-chan!" Sasuke tried to get her to stop whimpering, but Kasumi was on the verge of tears. "Oh man….this isn't good. Naruto, what the heck do I do???"

"She's your girl! You figure out something!" Naruto replied. "I have my hands full already!"

"Ok ok, Kasumi-chan, don't cry ok. If you don't cry, I promise I'll get you something special too." Sasuke pleaded. Apparently his words got through and her tears stopped. "Whew! That was close. Look guys, I'm gonna head home. Hopefully Oka-san can give me a hand with these two."

"Yeah, Sasuke's got the right idea. Let's meet up tomorrow and see if Oka-san has any idea for a cure for these guys." Naruto agreed. "Just come by my house."

"Alright, later Naruto. And one word of advice guys." Neji said before he took his leave. "Good luck. We'll need it!"Now here's where things really went downhill!!!!!!

At Sasuke's house…

"Oka-san! Itachi! You guys here?" Sasuke screamed when he entered the house. He looked around before going in the kitchen to see a note left from Mikoto, telling him that she would be in late. "Just great. Well I better do something to keep you two occupied." He took the girls up to his room and set both of them on his bed. Sakura was still content holding her teddy bear, but Kasumi was getting very jealous. Next thing Sasuke knew, he had a tug of war going on as Kasumi was fighting Sakura for the bear. "Hey now, come on, don't fight over it!" That wasn't working. Kasumi and Sakura were still at it, and somehow Sakura inherently tapped into her own advanced strength and yanked the bear right out of Kasumi's hands. This only meant one thing…

"WAAAAAA!" Kasumi screamed at the top of her lungs. Sasuke thought she was bad as a teenager when she was mad, but as a baby…that girl had a wail like a banshee! So needless to say Sasuke's advanced hearing picked up every bit of it.

"Kasumi!!! Stop crying!!!!" Sasuke was in some serious trouble. If he didn't find a way to calm Kasumi down, she'd make him go deaf! Luckily due to some confiscation of some 'Sasuke Uchiha Fan Club' material he got from Ino and Sakura two years ago, he had the perfect thing. "Here, take this and lay off the vocals!" Reaching into a hidden compartment in his desk, he pulled out a Sasuke Uchiha plushy and gave it to Kasumi. "See I told you I'd get you something if you didn't cry!" Kasumi saw it and was instantly in heaven! "I swear Kasumi Uzumaki, you so owe me for this." He plopped down into his chair and just stared at the two content girls, wondering how those two could have become the teens they were just a few hours ago.

"Sasuke-kun, I just came home. I thought was going to be late but my plans changed. Though I did hear some screaming, what's going…" Mikoto said when she opened his door. "Sasuke, what are you doing with two babies on your bed?"

"What would you do if I said that was Kasumi-chan and Sakura-chan?" Sasuke replied.

"Well any other time, I'd probably flip out and say how cute they were, but from the way it looks, you've had a hard enough time with them. Why don't we take them to the living room and I'll make some tea. You can tell me everything while we keep an eye on them." Mikoto said as she picked up Sakura. "Come on now, Grammy Mikoto will make a special treat for her little girls."

"I shoulda seen that coming." Sasuke said to himself.

With Neji…

"Hey Hanabi, come here!" Neji yelled out while he had Haku sitting in Hinata's old crib.

"Neji, what is it?" asked Hanabi as she entered his room.

"Listen I have a list of things I need to pick up for Haku. Can you stay here and watch her for me?" Neji said as he picked up a list that Akane gave him.

"You're kidding me right? Like I'm gonna babysit your girlfriend for you." Hanabi was about to leave when Neji hit her with an interesting deal.

"I'll get snapshots of Hinata for you." Neji said, regretting what he just did.

"Deal! Here's my camera!" Hanabi handed Neji her camera and quickly shooed him out of the room. "I want a lot of shots now!" After Neji left, Hanabi began her blackmail plotting. This was a perfect opportunity for her, and she planned to take every advantage she had! "That's right dear sister…I plan to get so much payback for every ounce of secret torment you inflicted on me when no one was around to see it!" As she let out a somewhat evil laugh, she turned to see Haku was actually trembling in fear. Somehow Haku felt Hanabi's intent and it had her backed into a corner, scared to death. When Hanabi saw this, she immediately backed off. "Oh I'm sorry Haku-chan, I didn't mean to scare you. Here, why don't we get you out of that crib and let you go play. I have some toys in my room that you'd like." She picked up Haku and started to calm the little kitsune down. "Feel better?" Haku looked content as Hanabi started bouncing the little girl in the air. That was when her kitsune hearing picked up a rumbling from Haku. "Hey you really gotta be hungry. Let's get you something to eat first." With that, she headed down to the kitchen, completely forgetting about her plans for blackmail on Hinata.

With Naruto and Kyoji…

"Ok that is completely cheating Kyoji!" Naruto was complaining since he had to chase after Hinata, who seemed to have a lot of speed on her for a baby, while Tenten was too busy playing with a small stuffed mouse. "Seriously, that is so wrong!"

"Hey is it my fault that Ten-chan loves playing with that catnip mouse? It's keeping her quiet you know. I say in about an hour or so, she'll be out cold. That's less I have to worry about."

"You really suck, you know that!" Naruto said as he went into the kitchen…only to find Hinata going through the pantry! "Hina-chan, not that!" Too late. Hinata had found a bag of flour and pulled it off a shelf, causing it to explode in a burst of white. Needless to say, both she and Naruto were completely covered in flour. "Ok, so much for that."

"Hey Naruto, having fun?" asked Natsumi as she and Arashi walked into the house.

"You know, I should make you do all of this Natsumi! You're the girl in all of this!" Naruto fussed as he wiped some more flour from his eyes. Hinata on the other hand couldn't be happier playing in the pile of flour on the floor.

"Yeah right! I heard the whole thing from Oka-san. You're stuck with baby duty. And just so you don't get any ideas, she put a special locking seal on me for a few days, so I can't merge back with you." Natsumi couldn't enjoy this anymore. Naruto was stuck with a job and she didn't have to deal with any of it! "But maybe if you're nice to me, I might help you out."

"I swear you're pure evil, you know that!" Naruto said, while he picked up Hinata. "I'm gonna go give her a bath. I could probably use one myself. Why don't you help me out and clean up this mess, ok?"

"Uh, I'm not the one that made it. Your little girl did!" Natsumi laughed.

"Natsumi-chan, make sure you clean up the kitchen before your mother gets home." Arashi said, suddenly changing her attitude. "You know she likes a clean kitchen."

"Alright Otou-san." Natsumi sighed as she got a broom.As Naruto took Hinata to the bathroom to get her cleaned up, he just looked at his son. "I remember when I had to do something like this Naruto. Trust me son, it will only make you a stronger man, and an even better father in the future."

"Well I guess I should get you clean first." Naruto said while he filled the bathtub. Hinata was sitting beside him and when she heard the water, she started moving away. "Hey now, no running! You're the one that got me in this mess!" Naruto looked at his love and saw she was upset. Just from the look in her eyes, he could tell that something about the bath was frightening her.

"Hina-chan, why are you doing this to me? I mean, I'm not a bad fiancé, am I?" Naruto thought to himself, taking a quick second to enter his mindscape. At least there, an older Hinata was waiting for him.

"Naruto-chan, you're not a bad fiancé. Listen, right now I'm just really scared about all of this." Inner Hinata told him.

"Hina-chan, how did you do that? I thought you didn't have a psychic link with your real self." Naruto asked.

"I don't, but I do have some idea as to what the real me is going through. Right now she really needs you more than ever. Even though she's just a baby, she still remembers that you are the most important thing to her. Basically, she's in a completely new world, and completely helpless." Inner Hinata explained as she sat next to Naruto. "She sees you as her sanctuary Naruto, a person who will make her feel like nothing can harm her."

"Wow, I never really thought that much about it. I know I love her with all my being, but for her to consider me a person that can do all of that?" Naruto thought to himself.

"Naruto, ask yourself something. What do you think would happen if that was you in her spot? And don't say you'd run all over the place hunting ramen, because that's obvious." Inner Hinata asked him. "If I know you, you'd want to have Hinata hold you so close to you and never let you go."

"You always do have the best advice, don't you Hina-chan?" Naruto smiled in thanks to his Inner Persona.

"I do. Oh and Otou-san forgot to tell you this, but when I was a baby, I never slept in a crib. I always slept next to him after he gave me a bottle of pineapple cranberry juice. He said it always knocked me out." Inner Hinata said as he was leaving his mind.

Naruto got back to the real world, only to see Hinata was still shaking about the bath. He knew what he needed to, so he took some of Akemi's bubble bath out and put it in the bathtub. He then filled the tub full and shut off the water, showing a mountain of bubbles on top. "Looks like both of us are going to get clean Hina-chan." Naruto undressed her and sat her beside the tub, while he got undressed himself. Afterwards, he picked her up and both of them got into the tub, buried under all the bubbles. Even though Hinata couldn't talk, she wanted to thank him for everything he's done today.

"Alright, time to get you squeaky clean!" Naruto laughed as he played with Hinata in the mass of bubbles. She only laughed from how happy she was to be with Naruto. "Who's my special little princess? That's right, Hinata's my special little princess."Just outside, Arashi and Akane could hear the two inside the bathroom. It was hard to believe that earlier in the day, Naruto was scared out of his wits and now he was slowly becoming a natural.

"Just like his dad. He's learned from the best you know." Akane was overjoyed at the reaction from Naruto and this situation. "He's growing up so fast."

"That he is Akane-chan, that he is. Imagine his reaction when the two have their first child." Arashi said as he cradled his bride.

"Oh he'll hit the floor…just like you did." Akane chuckled. "Now I should call Mikoto and see how Sasuke's doing with Kasumi and Sakura. Oh before I forget, remind me to get some pictures of Kasumi and Haku."

"What for? You're not planning on using them against her, are you?" Arashi questioned.

"Arashi, of course not. We just don't have any baby pictures of those two and now's the perfect chance. Besides, when you see them, oh they are just so cute! Honestly I don't want the potion to wear off for at least another two weeks." Akane squealed in delight.

"There was no cure was there. It just needed to wear off." Arashi said. "Sometimes Akane, I wonder about you and the kids."

"No you don't. Now how about we go and act like teenagers and make out!" Akane giggled as she dragged him into their bedroom.

"Oh I love this part…BY THE HOKAGE, I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!!" Arashi said as the door slammed behind the two.After about an hour, Naruto and Hinata finished up in the bath, with Hinata completely bundled up in a towel. When they got to Naruto's room, there was a pair of lavender pajamas for Hinata and a special brush with a note beside it.


You've been doing a good job taking care of Hinata. I'm proud of you son. Call this a little gift from Grandma Akane. Also there's a special brush as well. Make sure to brush her hair so it won't be tangled in the morning.

Love you two!

"She's taking this way too far, isn't she Hina-chan." Naruto just shook his head as he made sure Hinata was dry before he got her ready for bed. "Well, looks like I'm going solo tonight. You don't mind, do you?" Hinata shook her head no, obviously not caring while Naruto got a fresh diaper on her. Afterwards he got her dressed in the pajamas Akane left, and sat her on the bed while he changed clothes himself. Next he sat down on his bed and placed Hinata on his lap while gently brushing her hair. Afterwards, he took Hinata downstairs to get her something to drink before bed.

"Pineapple Cranberry juice…I guess we have some of that in the fridge." Naruto said to Hinata when he saw her yawn. "Yep you're getting sleepy alright." That was when he saw Kyoji and Tenten both on the floor curled up next to each other, out cold! And what was scarier…the two of them were purring! "I don't know about you Hina-chan, but that's just plain freaky." Even though it was freaky, he took the extra blanket off the sofa and placed it on top of the two. "I swear, if he gave her a ball of yarn, she'd probably be set for life!" Afterward Naruto found an empty bottle in the kitchen and saw some leftover juice and it was exactly what he needed. After filling it up, he took Hinata back upstairs and climbed into bed with her beside him.

"You did tell me that Pineapple Cranberry juice helps you sleep, so here you go." Naruto said, holding the bottle so Hinata could start drinking. After she got about halfway done, he noticed she was drifting in and out of consciousness. No one noticed this, but he pulled something out of the blue that NO one would expect…he actually started humming to Hinata. Soon enough she was out cold. Naruto pulled her close and pulled the covers and drifted off himself.

"Don't worry Hina-chan…I'll keep you safe." He said as he fell asleep.I don't know how this one hit me...but I just HAD to do it! Originally it was going to be the guys getting doused by the potion, but then that would be no problem with the girls taking care of them. So this way everyone gets to see the 'Paternal Side' of Naruto, Neji, Sasuke, and Kyoji. Although they'll soon have some help from Ino and Temari. But how is Tsunade gonna react when she finds out five of her kunoichi are now infants! This is definitely a chapter you gotta review!

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