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Naruto and the Secret Rings

By Neokenshin

Adventure / Fantasy

A Ninja and a Genie

Neokenshin: Hi everyone. NK here. Figure while i'm in the process of working on my other stories, I'd do a little side venture.

Kasumi: Hey, this one seems a whole lot different.

Naruto: Yeah, i'm not a kitsune in this one.

Neokenshin: Nope. Instead I did something different. I combined a video game with your story Naruto. It was quite a good one in fact.

Naruto: Hmm, can't wait to see it. Oh well, Naruto isn't owned by Neokenshin, and the concept of the Secret Rings is owned by Sega.

Chapter 1: A ninja and a genie

It was another rainy night in Konoha. Of course most of the teams were either out on missions, or doing other things, however for our resident hyperactive ninja, he was suffering through another trial…

"Great. It's bad enough baa-chan has me stuck here on mission hiatus, but she could have let me go get some more ramen before the storm tonight." Naruto said to himself as he looked at the falling rain. With the rise of activity of Akatsuki, Tsunade placed Naruto on hiatus from missions to keep him away from Akatsuki. Of course this meant the only person he really had to keep him company was Kyuubi, but she never really talked to him much on rainy days. The nine-tailed vixen usually stayed asleep in his mindscape on nights like this, meaning he spent the time alone. "Oh well, I guess I can read some more of that book Ero-sennin gave me. I'm still surprised he actually gave me a decent book."

The book on his coffee table was quite unique. Jiraiya said he had gotten it on one of his journeys to the west. It was entitled "The Arabian Nights". Inside contained many different stories, all of which had caught Naruto's eye. He had read a few of them and actually loved the stories. After he lit the fire in his fireplace, he went back to the couch and began to read.

"Hmm…Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. I think I might like this one." Naruto said as he began reading. He started into the first chapter but slowly dozed off before he even got started.

About an hour passed and Naruto was still asleep. Though for some reason he thought he heard voices, but knowing him, it was probably nothing.

"Hey wake up!" said a strange voice.

Naruto snapped out of his slumber, wondering how long he had been asleep. He reached over onto his coffee table to grab the small clock to see what time it was, but instead grabbed what looked to be a ring of some sort.

"Oh man, how long have I been out? Just what time is it?" he asked himself. He then noticed the ring he was holding. "What is this?" As he tried to focus his vision he noticed something…or more like someone appear in his living room.

"So you're finally awake?" said the mysterious figure.

"Huh, wait, who are you?" Naruto asked, as he now saw a beautiful teenage girl dressed in a strapless top and silk pants. Her dark hair was tied into a ponytail, and he noticed she had pointed ears as well. But her most unique feature was her eyes. There was no pupil, but her color was the most beautiful shade of lavender he had ever seen.

"Oh, forgive me. My name is Hinata. I am the Genie of the Ring." Hinata replied with a smile.

Naruto was a little confused. Did this girl just say she was a genie? "Genie? Wait, like the one in this book?" He held up his book and she just nodded.

"Yes. I was sent here to retrieve you." Hinata said, as she took the book. "I need your help."

"For what? I mean what do you need me for?" Naruto questioned.

"Look inside the book, and you'll see." Hinata said as she opened the book for Naruto.

"The pages…wait, why aren't the pages there?" Naruto asked.

"It's because my world…the Arabian Nights…are vanishing." Hinata said grimly. "My world is being destroyed."

"What the hell! How could…I mean…" Naruto said frantically.

"It's because of an evil spirit…known only as Orochi Djinn." Hinata said.

"Orochi…Djinn? Sounds like that snake bastard Orochimaru." Naruto replied.

"He's decided that he wants more power, and is therefore absorbing the words of the Arabian Nights, becoming stronger by the day," said Hinata.

"That just doesn't make any sense!" wondered Naruto. "I mean how can someone do that!"

"I don't know, but it is happening. And he succeeds in fully absorbing all the power of the book, not only will our world vanish forever, and the stories be silenced for eternity. But he will even have enough power to escape the boundaries of the book, coming forth into your world. With his power, he could even destroy your own world!" Hinata replied.

Naruto just though about that and knew that was bad. "So what can I do? I'm just a shinobi?"

Hinata cast her gaze upon Naruto, her eyes quivering in nervousness. "I want you to stop Orochi Djinn. You have to keep him from destroying the Arabian Nights!"

Naruto cracked his knuckles, knowing he was soon going to see some action. "Heh sounds like my kind of fun. Only thing though, you said this is all in your world. It seems like it just came out of a story or something. So how exactly am I supposed to get to your world in the first place?"

"Oh that part is really easy. See since you called me from the ring, you're my master." Hinata smiled. "I can grant you wishes now. So taking you to my world is a cinch!" She puts her hands together, and with a nod, she vanishes in a puff of smoke.

"Wait, so you can take me in the book?" Naruto asked as a small golden ring appeared in his hand.

"Sure, but first you need to put this ring on your finger." Hinata said from inside the ring.

"Uh ok. I guess I can do that," replied Naruto as he slid the ring on his finger. After he put it on, there was a shock as sparks emerged from the ring. "Hey, that hurts!"

"I am sorry Master, but it was vital for the sealing of the contract." Hinata replied.

"What contract! Since when did I sign a contract! I mean will this do something to the one I have with the toads?" Naruto questioned.

"No, no. Everything is ok. You see the contract is that I am now bound to protect you. Now rub the ring." Hinata said.

"Like this?" Naruto said, as he rubbed the ring on his finger. In a puff of smoke Hinata re-appeared.

"O Master of the Ring, what is thy wish?" Hinata said with a bow.

"Uh ok, well uh…how about getting me some instant ramen that doesn't have a three minute wait?" Naruto asked.

"Granted!" Hinata said, snapping her fingers. In a flash, a cup of instant ramen appeared on Naruto's table. He went over and opened it up, noticing that it was already hot and ready to eat.

"No way! It really worked! Oh man, I'm set for life now!" Naruto said, as he woofed down the ramen instantly. "Yeah, that really hit the spot!"

"Um, since that's done, can we go now?" Hinata asked.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that." Naruto said, quickly getting his shoes and tools. After he put those on, he got his hitai-ate and tied it, showing he was ready to go. "Ok, Hinata, take me to the world of the Arabian Nights."

"Your wish is my command, Master." Hinata nodded, and in a flash, a magic carpet appeared.

"Oh man, this is gonna be fun!" Naruto said as he climbed onto the carpet. "Before we go, I have one rule."

"What is it Master?" Hinata questioned.

"Don't EVER call me that. Just call me Naruto," he said with a grin.

"Ok then, Naruto. I will abide by your wish." Hinata flew up and sat down on the carpet beside Naruto. "Now, to the Arabian Nights!"

"Wahoo!!!" Naruto yelled as the two entered into the book.

Unknown to the two, a white haired shinobi had been watching everything from outside Naruto's apartment. He quickly took his leave and headed back to the Hokage Tower to inform Tsunade of everything that happened.

"So how did it go?" Tsunade asked.

"Looks like that old woman back in the west was correct. Naruto was the one that could summon the girl from that book." Jiraiya replied.

"So he's gone into the book, has he?" Tsunade nodded. "I have a feeling when he gets back, he'll have much more than he left with."

"Do you really think he can break the spell and release her?" questioned Jiraiya.

Tsunade smiled for once at her old teammate. "Actually I do. Naruto needs someone by his side, and I think that if he can free Hinata and the Arabian Nights, then he'll finally have someone other than you and me. I've seen him and love hasn't been a very good thing for him. After seeing the countless rejections from Sakura, I don't think he can take any more heartbreak. I mean Kyuubi is doing all she can to cheer him up, but he needs someone that will express his feelings of love back to him. And I believe that Hinata is the one for him."

"Naruto really is unique. But how would we explain this one? A kid with a demon sealed inside him ends up falling in love with a genie from a storybook world." Jiraiya laughed.

"There are some things in this world that can't be explained." Tsunade replied.

Naruto and Hinata flew through what looked to be lots of pages swirled around them. This was probably just the entrance to the worlds, but it looked quite amazing.

"So Hinata, just who am I taking on again?" Naruto asked. "You know, the one trying to wreck the place?"

"You mean Orochi Djinn?" replied Hinata.

"Yeah him. Can you go ahead and take me to him so I can kick his butt!" Naruto said, as some strange purple lights began to appear around the two.

"I don't think we have to do that!" Hinata said.

Naruto looked at her and wondered, "Why not?"

Turning towards him, Hinata simply said, "He's already here!"

From the lights, a large brutish figure appeared, holding a large sword. The figure tried to slash at Naruto, but he simply vanished with a Kawarimi, before landing on the ground.

"Hey what the, since when have I ever needed a shave!" Naruto said, as he pulled out a kunai.

"Naruto, that's him! That's Orochi Djinn!!" Hinata cried out. "He's the one responsible for all the damage and destruction."

"And wouldn't you know it, he looks just like that bastard Orochimaru!" Naruto growled. He looked upon Orochi Djinn, noting all the similar features that resembled Orochimaru. The face looked just like his, but his head was bald, lest one dark pony tail was on his head. He wore no shirt to show off his muscles, and wore similar pants to Hinata. His eyes though had an eerie red glow.

"So this is the pathetic runt that was just added to the story." Orochi gruffly said.

Naruto easily took offense to this, and retorted, "Freak, who are you calling a freak!"

Orochi simply laughed, "It matters not. I am Orochi Djinn. I shall carve these pages and remake them in my image."

"Yeah right. Well at least let a guy finish the book first!" Naruto replied.

"Naruto…" Hinata said.

"Just kidding Hinata. There's no way I'm going to let this freak destroy a good book. But I was serious about wanting to finish it. I liked a lot of the stories."

"It matters not. One hundred of the One Thousand and One Nights have been destroyed, and I intend on having the rest destroyed as well. Each Night shall fall, one by one." Orochi said. "And then with the Seven World Rings…"

"What rings? What the hell are you talking about?" Naruto asked.

"I'm surprised. I thought you would have gathered the rings for me Hinata, dear." Orochi asked with a smirk.

"Why do you keep going on about those Orochi? Those rings don't even exist!" Hinata retorted. "Besides, I'd never give them to you even if I did have them!"

"Oh I beg to differ. I think you would." Orochi said. He looked at Hinata and she just remained quiet. "None the less, I believe a punishment is in order for failure." Orochi conjured up a flame and threw it at Hinata.

"Hinata, get out of the way!" Naruto screamed as he pushed the genie to the side. The flame struck Naruto in the chest, sending a shockwave through his body. "Yaa!!" This shock also happened to wake up a certain tenant as well.

"Naruto, are you ok!" Hinata asked, concerned for her master.

"I'm fine, just a little shaken up," said Naruto. He was trying to catch his breath as he noticed the flame was still on his chest. "Hey what's the deal with this thing?"

"So you have taken the Arrow of Flame in place of Hinata. That makes this all more interesting. Listen carefully boy, unless you bring me the Seven World Rings before the flame extinguishes, then…" Orochi said.

"Then what?" Naruto asked.

"Then your life will cease to exist. Now I believe I shall take my leave. I think King Sharyar deserves my presence. Farewell Hinata." Orochi laughed as he vanished in a puff of purple smoke.

"King Sharyar? Just who is that?" Naruto asked.

"He's the creator of the Arabian Nights! He is the great king that listened to the stories of Scherazade each night! You could say he's the main character of the story!" Hinata pleaded. "We have to make sure he's ok!"

"Don't worry Hinata, we'll get to him. I promise ok. Just lead the way to his castle." Naruto said, calming the mystic girl.

"Very well Master." Hinata said as she floated towards a portal.

"Hinata, have you forgotten already?" Naruto asked as he tapped his foot on the ground.

"Oh, um forgive me Naruto." Hinata said, slightly blushing. "It's rare for genies to be so casual around their masters."

"Look, everyone else can be formal. But get one thing straight, I'm your friend first, and your master second." Naruto said with a smile. "Come on, let's go."

"Ok Naruto." Hinata replied, as she quickly followed behind. As the two entered the portal, she could only think to herself, He said he's my friend first, and my master second. No one's ever been that nice to me. And he even took the Arrow of Flame for me. I have to make sure he survives.

Of course Naruto was also having another conversation secret from Hinata, one in his mind with a certain nine tailed tenant.

"Naruto, what in the world happened to you? And what's that weird arrow in your chest. I can't remove it." Kyuubi asked.

"Look Kyu-chan, it's called the Arrow of Flame. Supposedly if it goes out, I die." Naruto said to the large fox behind bars.

"Then take it out! You know what happens if you die!" Kyu cried.

"I know. But it seems like it's a magic arrow. That's why I can't remove it." Naruto said.

"Magic?" Kyu wondered as she shifted into her human form. She looked like a simple teenage girl, wearing a red yukata that let her nine tails flow behind her. Her ears sat atop her dark red hair, with a pair of ribbons on each side. She also wore what looked like a black choker that had the same symbol as the seal on her cage to allow her free movement in Naruto's mind.

"Yeah. See apparently I've been taken into the book of the Arabian Nights in order to save it from destruction." Naruto said. "It was thanks to Hinata that I'm here."

"Hinata? Who's that?" Kyu asked as she sat beside Naruto.

"This is her." Naruto said, pulling up the last image in his head. When Kyu saw Hinata, she simply smiled, knowing her container finally met a cute girl.

"Naruto, she's cute. So have you asked her out yet?" Kyu said coyly.

"Uh, well, hey wait! We just met today! Plus she's a genie! I'm just her friend and her master." Naruto replied nervously.

"So she can grant your wishes too! You should wish for her to give you lots of money and power." Kyu said.

"Uh, look I have a job to do ok. I have to help her save her world." Naruto answered.

Kyu stood up, feeling rejected, "Oh go ahead and help her."

Naruto tried to comfort his Kitsune friend, "Kyu-chan…"

"Just know, that I'm going to help you any way I can too. If I could I'd help you in person, but I'll do what I can in here. I'll even see if there's a way I can remove that arrow for you." Kyu said with a smile.

"Kyu-chan, thanks a lot." Naruto replied.

And there you have it. My newest story. If you've guessed, this is the storyline of Sonic and the Secret Rings. I just finished the game myself and I loved it. Then I got hit with the idea to see how it would work out with Naruto as Sonic and Hinata as Shahra. This story won't be as long as my others, but it will be something interesting as you see Naruto venture through the Arabian Nights. So have fun and enjoy everyone!
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