Naruto and the Secret Rings

Two More Rings and Something More

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Chapter 3: Two more rings…and something more.

"That was a nice nap. I didn't realize I was so drained." Hinata yawned. After Naruto made the wish that she took a two-hour nap, she somehow managed to continue sleeping and had slept for far longer. When she finally woke up she noticed she wasn't in her usual surroundings, and Naruto was nowhere to be found. "Wait, what is this warm cloth I was under? And what's this strange covering? And where's Naruto?" She looked around for a few more minutes before she found her way out of Naruto's tent, only to find him sitting in front of a small fire. Naruto had finally made it to the Dinosaur Jungle and found a small cave to set up camp. He had already unpacked his camping gear and got things set up while Hinata was still asleep. Then he finished off by moving her into his sleeping bag and decided to make some dinner while she still slept. "Naruto?"

Naruto looked over and saw his genie companion finally awake, "So did you sleep well?"

Hinata nodded, "I did. I don't think I've ever been that rested before after just two hours."

"Hinata-chan, you slept way longer than that. You've been sleep for almost a day." Naruto replied. "We've been here in the jungle for at least 24 hours."

Hinata became frantic. How could she have slept that long! Genies don't normally need sleep, and even then they only rest for small periods of time. "There…there's no way I could have done that!"

All Naruto could do was smile, "Yes you could. While you were napping, you started to stir, so I simply gave you another wish in your sleep. I just wished that you would rest for the remainder of the day, and you said it yourself that my wish was granted. I do have to say though, you're really cute while you sleep."

"I…you really think so?" Hinata said, slowly blushing.

"I know so. Now you're not feeling warm are you? Your face is turning red." Naruto said, feeling her forehead. "Gotta make sure you're not getting sick."

"Genies…genies don't get sick N-naruto." Hinata replied, blushing even more.

Naruto removed his hand from her forehead, but not before pushing a strand of her hair out from her eyes, "I know that. Now come on, dinner's ready."

"Dinner? What did you…wow that smells good!" Hinata noticed the aroma of the cooking pot on the fire.

"Well you could say when you live by yourself, you have to learn a few things. Plus I know some people that wouldn't let me get away with eating nothing but instant ramen, so I had to cook some other things." Naruto replied, taking hold of a bowl. He began to spoon the beef noodle stew out of the pot and prepared a bowl for Hinata, and then one for himself.

"What do you mean you live by yourself?" Hinata asked as she took the bowl from Naruto.

Naruto covered the pot then sat down beside her, "Well I never knew my parents at all. So I pretty much grew up with no family. It was even harder when the village I lived in didn't even care that I was alive." He slowly took a bite of his meal, trying hard not to break into tears.

"Naruto that's awful! How could anyone treat someone like that?" Hinata asked.

"Well when you have what I have, then it's not too hard. Because of something that happened, I had a special seal placed on me to contain something very powerful. I had been told long ago that the Yondaime, our Fourth Hokage had sealed a very powerful demon inside me." Naruto told her.

"What's a Yondaime? And how can you have a demon inside you?" questioned Hinata as she continued eating.

"Well, the Yondaime, or Fourth Hokage was the title given to the most powerful ninja in our village. He was our village leader and his goal was to always protect the village and it's people. That's my dream as well," said Naruto. "As for having a demon inside me, well, they tend to change size very easily, so it's not too difficult." Of course Kyu caught wind of that comment and didn't particularly like it.

"So is the demon mean inside you? And can it get out?" asked Hinata. She was full of more questions than a 5-year-old kid!

Naruto just laughed. "Oh she's mean alright! She likes to play pranks on me and pick on me while I'm asleep."

"Hey! I am not that bad!" Kyu fussed. "Since when have I done anything to pick at you!"

"I was just picking at you Kyu-chan." Naruto laughed.

"Well if I was out there, then you wouldn't be picking at me that much." Kyu replied with a 'Hmph'.

"She's that mean? And the demon's a girl?" wondered Hinata.

"No, she's not mean. In fact, she's one of my closest friends. Only problem is if I release her, I'll die." Naruto said. "So I normally talk to her in my sleep."

Hinata just stared at him wide eyed, "That is amazing! So what kind of demon is she?"

"She's a Kitsune, a nine tailed fox." Naruto replied. "Her name is Kyu."

"If she's nice, I wonder if I could meet her someday," asked Hinata.

"Maybe…if she's good and I figure out a way to release her without dying." Naruto said, as he finished the last of his meal. "So how do you like the stew?"

"It's really good! And we genies don't normally need to eat, but this is just wonderful!" Hinata replied as she quickly finished. "Is there any more?"

Naruto chuckled. "Sure. More than enough around." He fixed her another bowl and she just ate it almost twice as fast. For a magical girl that lives in a ring…she definitely had a big appetite. "Well after this, we should probably stay here in the cave for the evening. On our way here I saw some really bad storm clouds. We should be able to keep warm and dry in here tonight. Besides…I think I'm going to need a nap soon."

"But Naruto, even when it rains, there still might be some dangerous animals outside in the jungle." Hinata replied. "If you're asleep and I can't help you, then…"

Naruto had just finished putting up the dishes in a scroll, "It's ok. Remember that jutsu I did that made copies of myself? Well I can easily make two copies to keep watch tonight. This way I can get a good nap, and still keep you company at the same time."

"Well…I guess…but maybe I should stay inside the ring for now. I'll know if something happens to you as well." Hinata said.

"If you want." Naruto replied, quickly making two clones. He sent one clone to the entrance of the cave, while the other sat down beside the fireplace. "Guess I'll see you in a few hours Hinata-chan." With that he went into his tent.

"I guess I'll…" Hinata said, before she turned and looked at Naruto's clone. For some reason, she couldn't help but think, "I know I said I'd go in my ring, but Naruto…I have to find out more about him. That and he was nice enough to make sure I got a lot of rest, and that meal he made was wonderful, so I guess I can keep him company." She then floated over and sat beside Naruto's clone, hoping to find some more info about her master.

"Guess you didn't want to go back so fast?" asked the clone.

"Well, maybe you can grant me a wish…it's just a small one?" said Hinata.

The clone looked at the genie, wondering what she was planning, "Ok then, what wish can I grant for you, O Genie of the Ring?"

"Can you tell me more about yourself? I really want to know more about you, about how you grew up, how you became a ninja, everything." Hinata said.

"That's a wish I'll be glad to grant, Hinata-chan," said the clone. "Guess I should start with the days in the orphanage…"

As Hinata and Naruto's clone began to talk, Naruto himself drifted off to sleep. Of course he had someone waiting for him when he got back to his mindscape.

"Naruto-kun, I've missed you!" Kyu said as she quickly pounced on top of him.

"Yeesh, you pretty much live inside me and you still miss me? I mean we talked yesterday, you know?" Naruto replied as he gently lifted the fox girl off him. "So like what I've done to the place?"

Kyu nodded, "Well yeah. Though I wish you could get better channels. It really gets boring watching all your old memories over and over...especially the sad ones."

Naruto ruffled her hair and smiled, "Just be glad I even decorated the place for you." Instead of the dark and dank sewer, Naruto was able to change his mindscape into a similar version of his own apartment, but a little nicer. The furniture always looked brand new, and even had a stocked kitchen as well. He even created a bedroom for Kyu to sleep in so she wouldn't always have to be in a cage. Normally as his body slept, his mind was usually awake going over things he had studied, or things Kyu had taught him. That was actually how he learned a few of his Kitsune Jutsu. Kyu had taught him and he practiced in his mind, and when he was awake it was much easier for him to perform the jutsu. "So what have you been up to Kyu-chan?"

"I've been watching you act like a lovesick fool! 'Be nice and comfortable riding on my back so you don't have to walk.' Yeesh Naruto!" Kyu nitpicked. "Can you be any more sappy?"

"How was I being sappy? Hinata used up a lot of her magic and really made herself tired. Besides, she would have kept pushing herself harder and would have worn herself out if I didn't make that wish for her to go to sleep." Naruto replied.

"I think you secretly like her." Kyu replied slyly as she and Naruto sat down on the couch.

"Kyu-chan, I..." Naruto stuttered. "I don't secretly like her! She's just my friend! Besides I've only known her for a day."

Kyu continued to probe at the opening she found. "Well yeah but you even admitted she reminds you of Hitomi, and remember how you felt when you found out about her? You felt so bad that you kept going after that airhead Sakura. Even then Sakura wasn't good enough for you! She kept rejecting you all because she was head over heels in love with that emo kid Sasuke."

"I know but..." Naruto replied, trying to defend himself.

"But what? Naruto you had someone there for you and you never even noticed her! And what about me huh? Don't I mean anything to you?" Kyu cried.

"Kyu-chan, you do mean something to me. But you know we could never be together. Even if I found a way to free you, it may kill me. Then what would you do?" Naruto said.

"I'd kill myself to be with you Naruto! You may not understand but I love you!" whimpered Kyu. Naruto could see she was serious about her feelings, since her ears always laid flat when she felt bad.

"Look Kyu-chan," Naruto said as he began to rub her ears. "You've been with me for the longest time. Honestly I'd have to say you were my best friend. But you know you can't die if I unseal you, and people will be afraid of you as well. You'd be all alone again, and I don't want that to happen to you. Plus you'd be in more danger with Akatsuki out there."

"But Naruto-kun, it really hurts me to know I can't be there for you, to be by your side in battle. To stay by your side when you're home. I want to be there to help you celebrate your victories, and be there to comfort you when you fall." Kyu said, trying to hold back her tears. "I just...I..."

"I know Kyu-chan, I know. And trust me, if I ever find a way to get you out of here, I promise to treat you to the best day you will ever have ok?" Naruto replied as he wiped away her tears. "Now promise you'll stop crying ok?"

Kyu just looked at him...all she saw was a person that actually proved a demon and a human could co-exist. This person she looked at was someone who had literally stolen her heart. Even though she was imprisoned in him, she wanted to do anything to be with him, to protect love him. "Naruto, tell me, do you love me?" asked Kyu. "Not just as a friend, but do you really love me?"

"Kyu, I...well..." Naruto stuttered. "That is..."

"So you don't love me? What if I made myself look like Hinata, then would you love me? What if I just completely changed my appearance and made myself more pretty, would you love me then?" she cried.

"Kyu-chan, I want you to listen to me, and listen carefully ok." Naruto said. "I do love you, and that's because of everything you have done for me ever since I knew you were sealed inside of me. You were there for me when I was in pain, you helped me learn so much, and I can't thank you enough for all of it. But I can't be in love with you. It wouldn't be fair to you at all, knowing the only time we can be together is in my mindscape." When Kyu heard this it felt like she had a kunai stabbed into her heart. All she could do was bury her face in his chest and cry her eyes out.

"Naruto, please! You have to do something to help me. I don't like this pain I'm feeling! Why does it hurt so bad?" Naruto knew what she was feeling. She was feeling heartbreak because she knew that it was impossible for her to physically be with him.

"Listen Kyu-chan, I'm going to do everything I can to free you. I want you to be by my side, but even if I can't make that possible, I'll always be here for you ok. But until the day I can free you so the two of us can be together, I can't officially be in love with you." replied Naruto as he continued to gently rub her ears. "I know it's going to be painful, but I promise I'll do everything I can to help ease that pain."

"I know Naruto-kun, I know." Kyu whimpered.

Normally one would think that all would fear the most powerful tailed beast in existence, but Naruto was the one person that saw her true nature. Kyu was just like any normal teenage girl who happened to be in love with someone, but had no way to truly be with him. And for the rest of the night, she stayed in Naruto's arms while she fell asleep, hoping someday she would be able to hear him say he was in love with her.

Morning came quickly and Naruto awoke, feeling much better than before. It was the first time he had a chance to sleep since coming to the world of the Arabian Nights, and he wasn't sure just how many nights he would be able to rest like he did. What was interesting was the fact that he could smell a nice aroma coming from the cave. When he left his tent, he saw something definitely not expected.

"Ok, now this is not what I thought I'd see this morning?" Naruto said as he saw some meat cooking over the campfire. As that was cooking, he noticed Hinata performing hand seals. His clone was actually teaching her, a genie, ninja hand seals. "I guess you decided you want to be a ninja now instead of a genie?"

"Oh, Naruto, uh well, it's not that, it's just that I..." Hinata said as Naruto's clone vanished.

"It's ok Hinata-chan. I know all about what you did last night. So did you learn a lot?" he asked.

Hinata smiled at her master, proud to tell him she did learn something, "I did! I learned all about ninjas, and your hometown, and ramen too! I even got to throw a shuriken! Not only that but look! I can do a few hand seals as well!" She did the Rabbit, Ox, Tiger, Dragon, and Snake seals with ease, while still trying to learn the others.

"Then I guess you also learned how to do some cooking too. That meat smells good." Naruto replied. "Now did you do that with or without magic?"

"Naruto I can't do that with magic unless you wish for me to do it." Hinata whined. "I really did make it on my own! You even showed me!"

"I know I did Hinata-chan, and I must say you did a really good job." Naruto asked. "Besides, you're terrible at lying. Remember you granted my wish to help me out whenever you want with your stronger magic? So you can do a little more than normal."

"Oh, um well…I guess I can't hide that from you." Hinata replied.

"Nope. Now as for breakfast, is it almost done?" asked Naruto.

"Actually I think it is." Hinata said. She reached down to take hold of the roasting spit, but forgot to realize it was extremely hot. "Ow!! That's really hot!!" Naruto saw her cringe in pain as she grabbed her other hand.

"I could have told you that silly. You have to be careful so you don't burn yourself." Naruto said, taking hold of a cloth beside his cooking tools. He placed the spit in the ground so that the meat would cool properly and be easier to handle. "Now come here so I can look at your hand. And here I thought genies can't get hurt."

"It's not my fault! Even though genies are immortal, for some reason I can still feel pain." Hinata replied. "Now what are you going to do, you're not going to make it worse are you?"

Naruto just laughed at her, surprised she would be so defensive. "Of course not. Now let me look at it and see what I can do."

"Oh, ok." she said, slowly placing her injured hand into Naruto's. He opened up her palm to see it was red from where she grabbed the roasting spit. There was already a blister forming from where the skin was burned as well.

"Ok, what I'm gonna do is open the blister to drain out the fluid. Then I'll disinfect it and put some burn ointment on it." Naruto told her. He took a scroll from his pouch and used it to summon a small first aid kit. "Looks like all that time I spent around Sakura and Baa-chan paid off." He took out some alcohol wipes, a sterile knife, some gauze pads, and a cloth wrap. He also had some burn ointment that Tsunade had made for him specially since Kyu was teaching him fire jutsu, and a kitsune's fire is more potent than normal fire. "Alright, first I'll cut away the burned skin, then we'll sterilize the area."

"No! Please don't cut me Naruto! You said you weren't going to hurt me!" Hinata cried. He could feel her trembling and knew she was actually scared he would hurt her. That's when Naruto did something very interesting, he placed his other hand on top of hers and soon she felt a little different.

"Hinata-chan, I could easily wish for you not to be nervous or even for your hand to be healed instantly, but that doesn't build trust between friends. I am giving you my word Hinata that I won't hurt you. I never do that to my friends." he assured her. "All I need to do is to make sure we get your injury clean and bandaged properly so it will heal faster naturally. You have my word that if I hurt you, I will grant you one wish within my own ability."

"Naruto..." Hinata replied. She looked into his eyes and saw he was being honest. For some reason anytime she looked into his eyes, she felt safe, and knew she could always trust him...not like the same eyes of someone else in her life. "There he goes again. He's willing to take care of me instead of me taking care of him. And what's this body feels warm when he's like this to me...almost like the same feeling I had I falling for my master? I've only known him for a day, yet I feel like I've known him forever. Am I allowed to do something like that?" she thought to herself.

"Ok now we'll try again, and I'll go slow ok?" Naruto said, getting a nod from Hinata. "Now first we'll take away all the burned skin." He gently used the cutting knife to cut away the burned skin, draining out the fluid from the blister. Then he sterilized the area with an alcohol pad, causing Hinata to let out a high-pitched yelp from the disinfectant. After that he quickly applied the ointment, instantly feeling Hinata's hand relax as the ointment began to cool the area. Naruto then finished up by putting a small gauze pad on the blister, then wrapping it carefully so she could still move her hand freely. "Here we go, all done. Now was that so bad?"

Hinata looked at her hand and could feel the pain going away. Naruto had once again been honest with her; he didn't hurt her at all. "He was right...the way he moved was so calming and gentle. I guess I can completely eliminate any doubt about him," she thought to herself.

"Uh Hinata? Are you ok?" Naruto asked after resealing his med kit.

"Oh I'm fine Naruto. I was just thinking about some things." Hinata said.

"That's fine. Now let's go ahead and eat this tasty meal you made us." Naruto said, slicing up the meat that had just cooled down.

The duo ate breakfast with Naruto easily devouring the rest of the roast meat after Hinata had her share. He thought it was some of the best meat he had ever tasted. Of course Hinata simply blushed at his compliment. After packing up, the duo was about to head out when things suddenly started shaking up.

"Wh-wh-what in the world is that!" Naruto screamed.

"It's the volcano! There's one here in the jungle and it just erupted! We're probably very close!" Hinata replied. "But we should probably be careful!"

Naruto saw the fact that even though they were in a cave, it wasn't that safe, and he could even see some rocks start to fall. "Hinata, I wish for you to make a protective barrier over us until the volcano stops."

"Your wish is my command Naruto." Hinata said, sensing her master was in danger. With a sweep of her hand, she created a golden dome of magic over herself and Naruto that easily kept any rocks from falling on them. "This time I can protect you Naruto."

Naruto saw Hinata in action and was once again surprised at her abilities. Maybe Kyu was right...maybe she did remind her of Hitomi Hyuuga. "Hinata you are just so awesome!" he whispered to himself. "I wish you could have been a real person in my world and not a genie. You would be an awesome shinobi!"

Hinata overheard his wish, but felt bad that she couldn't grant it. Unfortunately she didn't have the power to grant a wish of that magnitude on herself. " don't know how long I've waited for someone to make a wish like that. I'm sorry I don't have the power to grant that level of a wish, but you would be the one person I'd love to be around if I were a real person."

The eruption died off and the rocks in the cave slowly stopped falling. As the dust cleared, Naruto and Hinata were left with a very unique surprise.

"That was insane. Remind me never to go camping in the jungles again." Naruto said, dusting himself off.

"Naruto, look over there!" Hinata said, pointing to a weird green light coming from the rocks.

"What do you think it is?" asked Naruto as he approached the light.

"It must be something important." Hinata said while Naruto moved the rocks away.

"It sure is! Check it out!" Naruto said looking at the green object.

"That's one of the Seven World Rings!" Hinata cheered. "Looks like we have two now!"

"I guess so." Naruto replied as he picked up the ring. Upon touching it there was more sparks coming from the ring as well. "Man I hate this."

"Sorry I can't do anything for you Naruto." Hinata said downheartedly.

"Well that's ok. But speaking of which, you think you can do me a favor?" asked Naruto. "Think you can get rid of this arrow in my chest?"

Hinata nodded in defeat. "That I can't do. Even though my magic is strong, it is nothing compared to Orochi Djinn's. If I could remove the Arrow of Flame I would."

"Aw no worries. Besides, what kind of adventure would this be if it wasn't easy?" Naruto replied. "Though it would have been nice if your magic did work, but hey, can't have everything in life for free. Well since we got the second ring, let's go head out and see if we can find that King Sharyar dude."

"Sure thing Naruto." Hinata said, feeling a little better for her master.

The duo left the cave, now with two of the World Rings in hand, making their way thought the dense jungle. Of course when Naruto said that the adventure wasn't easy…he was right! After getting past the giant tyrannosaurus and the rampaging triceratops, he was sure it couldn't get any crazier! That was until…

"Well so much for trying to find our missing king." Naruto told Hinata after seeing King Sharyar hanging from a tree branch.

"Get me down from here!" screamed the king.

"Yeesh, hold on. We'll have you down in a minute." Naruto replied. "So Hinata-chan, should I do this the easy way or the hard way?"

Hinata was a little confused, but decided to ask anyway, "What do you mean?"

"Ah never mind. We'll just do it the easy way." Naruto said. He took out a kunai and threw it, cutting the king's cape and dropping him to the ground.

"Do you have to be so rude? I am the king after all!" King Sharyar replied.

"Sorry, figured you'd want to be taken out of that tree as fast as possible." Naruto answered.

"Your highness, what happened to that pterodactyl spirit?" asked Hinata.

"Apparently it's gone towards that castle in the west. There have also been more headed in that direction. My guess is that there is something being assembled there," replied King Sharyar.

Naruto of course was semi-confused, "Castle? What castle?"

"There's a large castle fortress near this jungle. It used to be a relic from an ancient kingdom. Orochi Djinn must be using it for his own purposes." Hinata said. "Naruto we have to stop him from doing any more harm to the Arabian Nights."

"Don't have to tell me twice. Let's go Hinata-chan!" Naruto said, taking off into the trees.

"Right behind you Naruto!" Hinata followed.

After the two had made some good distance, King Sharyar suddenly realized something, "What about me! Don't just leave me here!!"

The duo made quick time and arrived at the castle. It looked more like a strange factory instead. Naruto also noticed the air was slightly warmer than usual as well.

"Man this place is strange. And what's the deal with the heat?" wondered Naruto.

"Maybe we'll find more inside?" Hinata directed.

Naruto agreed. It was better than standing around outside. "Yeah, you might be right. Let's go."

Naruto and Hinata made their way inside the castle. They saw numerous tapestries and relics from a strange civilization. As they entered further, it looked like they entered a factory, as pools of molten metal were being refined. There were numerous creatures handling metal and steel as if something were being created.

"What is going on here?" asked Naruto. "I thought this was supposed to be some kind of old relic?"

"No one really knows about the ancient kingdom that existed here." Hinata answered. "It was said to have been more advanced than any kingdom in the Arabian Nights."

"Guess that works." Naruto said, when he noticed a familiar visitor. "What the…why is he here?"

"Orochi Djinn's calling more spirits!" Hinata replied.

"Spirits? What the heck?" questioned Naruto as he heard Orochi chanting.

"Ifalas zaras I e zaraq! Ifalas zaras I e zaraq!" chanted Orochi. "Come forth from the fiery depths of Jahannam, ye condemed by Iblis! Iz Afrit!" As he finished his chant, a large flaming robot began to emerge from a pool of molten liquid.

"Hinata, what in the world is that!" screamed Naruto. "That can't be normal!"

"It's a djinn called an Ifrit! It has the ability to control fire!" Hinata said in fear.

"Oh great, as if things couldn't get any better!" Naruto said.

"So you worthless fools have come. Looks like you can witness my glorious creature begin its terror." Orochi said. "It will be especially delightful since I have already carved up half of the pages that create this world."

"If you've done that, then why the need to summon that creature, Orochi Djinn?" asked Hinata.

"A great and powerful ruler always has his minions under control. I will let the Ifrit burn the rest of the pages in this world. As for you, foolish boy…" Orochi said. "Have you brought me all seven World Rings?"

"I don't know? I'm still thinking about it." Naruto replied.

"Well it looks like you need to hurry up. That flame won't last for long. You've already expended half of your life force." Orochi laughed.

"What? It's only been one day! Was it that battle I had against that sand scorpion?" Naruto thought to himself.

"Oh well, I'll leave you to have fun with Ifrit. Hopefully you'll survive long enough to bring me the rings." Orochi said as he vanished in a purple smoke.

"Orochi, get back here!" Naruto screamed before Ifrit swung a fist at him. He got hit, but easily used a Kawarimi to move to safety.

"Naruto, don't risk fighting him! Remember your life is tied to that flame! If you fight too much, then you'll…" Hinata said.

"Look Hinata-chan, I told you, I'm not leaving until I help you save the Arabian Nights." Naruto said. "Plus he's never faced me when I have some help."

"Looks like you need me, Naruto-kun?" Kyu asked.

"Of course Kyu-chan. You know you're always a big help to me in battle." Naruto replied. "Go ahead and send me into One-Tail. That should be enough."

"Ok Naruto-kun, just be careful alright. You know how I feel if something wrong happens to you." Kyu replied as her body began to glow bright red.

"I know Kyu-chan. I'll be careful." Naruto told her.

Hinata saw Naruto's body start to glow red as Kyu's chakra began to envelop him. "Naruto, what's happening to you?"

"Remember when I said I had help? Well Kyu is giving me some of her power. Now we'll see just what that Ifrit has." Naruto told her as the One Tail cloak formed around him.

"Naruto, don't do this! I…I…" Hinata said nervously.

"You know, Kyu was the same way. She didn't want me to fight this thing because I might get hurt. But if I don't do something then the ones I love won't be the only ones in pain." Naruto said, as he charged towards the Ifrit.

"Ones he…loves? But he can't…can he?" Hinata blushed as she saw Naruto take off into battle.

Naruto rushed head first towards the flaming mechanical nightmare, knowing that he had one hell of a fight in front of him. He knew he had to win, but were the risks high enough for him to actually take?

"Ok time to hit this freak hard and fast!" Naruto said, as he held a glowing orange ball of chakra. "See how you like this you this! OKIBI RASENGAN (Blazing Fire Rasengan)!"

The countered Naruto's attack with a sharp flaming punch, easily forcing a stalemate. If a One Tail Rasengan wasn't enough to even put a dent in this thing, then what was he going to do? He could as Kyu to send him another tail of power, but with the level of risk, she could accidentally force him to Four Tail, and the last time that happened, he suffered an immense amount of physical harm. He was lucky Yamato had been there to suppress her power or Naruto could have been hurt worse.

"Damn, this isn't looking good. He even countered my Rasengan." Naruto said, trying to assess the situation.

"Naruto, there's no way you can fight it! Trying to fight fire with fire is pointless!" Hinata told him.

"Hinata you're right. There has to be something…wait! Hinata, you can help me!" Naruto said.

"But Naruto, my magic isn't strong enough to defeat the Ifrit." Hinata replied. "Even with a wish, I can't do anything."

"Wish…that's it! Hinata I wish you would lend me some of your power! Fight by my side so we can figure something out together."

"Naruto…" Hinata said, not noticing the second bracelet on her wrist had shattered. "Your wish is granted!" She snapped her fingers to grant his wish, and soon the ring on his finger began to glow intensely.

"What did you do?" Naruto asked.

"I gave you two new abilities! Simply rub the ring and say 'Time Break', then we can get out of here to think of something new." Hinata said.

"Here goes." Naruto replied. He took hold of Hinata's hand, rubbed the ring and… "TIME BREAK!" Instantly the entire world began to slow down. The Ifrit, who had begun to attack again, slowed in speed, coming to a crawl.

"Whoa, this is awesome! I think I could like this. Come on Hinata, let's get out of here!" Naruto said, as he and Hinata took their leave.

Outside the fortress, the Time Break effect had worn off and the two were now catching their breath after the interesting experience.

"Hinata, that was amazing! I didn't know you could give me abilities like that." Naruto said. "But you said I had two special abilities? What's the other one?"

"Well, the first one is called Time Break. It will allow you to slow time, making everything around you move more slowly while you move at normal speed. That's how we were able to escape so easily." Hinata said. "The second ability you have is called Speed Break. By using it, you will be able to move great distances at an unbelievable speed."

"That one almost sounds like the Yondaime's legendary Hiraishin Jutsu. They didn't call him the Yellow Flash for nothing." Naruto said, noticing Hinata was breathing heavier than normal. "Hinata-chan, are you ok?"

"I'm fine Naruto. It's just that using Time Break and Speed Break really wear me out." Hinata said.

"How can it…oh yeah, it's part of your own power! Then I have to be really careful so I don't hurt you." Naruto said. "So any ideas on what we should do to gather more information on how to beat that thing?"

"What about Ali Baba? Maybe he knows something?" Hinata said.

"You might be right. But it will take us a good day to get back to the city on foot." Naruto replied. "And to use a Magic Carpet might tire you out more."

"It's ok Naruto. If you use Speed Break, we'll get there in about an hour." Hinata said, struggling to stand up.

"Hinata-chan, I refuse to let you do that to yourself. If Speed Break drew upon my own chakra instead of your energy, it might be different." Naruto said.

"Actually Naruto, it might be possible to give her my chakra." Kyu told him. "With my limitless supply, she should have enough energy to get us there."

"Kyu-chan, do you even know what you're doing? I mean she's a genie and you're a demon. How will giving her your chakra work?" asked Naruto.

"I have a feeling it will work. Just trust me ok. Besides…I think she'll appreciate my help too." Kyu said.

"Ok, but you better not hurt her." Naruto replied.

"I promise I won't. If my female intuition is right…she cares about you just as much as I do, and the fact that she wants to protect you is ok in my book. I just wish there was a way I could meet her face to face." Kyu said.

"I'll see what I can do. Now what do I need to do to give her your chakra?" Naruto asked.

"As long as you're in physical contact with her, you can send the chakra into her body. First give her a little so she can see what it feels like, then we'll give her more." Kyu said.

"Ok, that sounds like a plan." Naruto said. "Hinata, I have an idea. What I'm going to do is give you some chakra. I want you to see how it feels, and maybe then we'll try the Speed Break."

"You're giving me…your chakra?" Hinata asked.

"Well not mine exactly. It's more like Kyu's chakra. See, her chakra is unbelievably powerful, and she has a near infinite supply of it, so she can give me as much as she wants. What she told me is to channel it into you in order to see how you hold up." Naruto said. "She did promise that she wouldn't hurt you either."

"Oh, um ok. What do I need to do?" Hinata wondered.

"We need to be in physical contact for me to give you the chakra." Naruto said, taking her hand. He could feel Hinata's nervousness, but soon noticed it leave as he held her hand. "Now I want you to relax, and just let the chakra flow into you ok."

"I will Naruto, I trust you." Hinata said. Naruto, with Kyu's help, began to focus the chakra into his hand. He then allowed it to flow into Hinata's hand and into her body. "Naruto…it feels…so warm."

"How do you feel Hinata? Are you in pain?" Naruto asked.

"No, it actually feels strong. I feel like my magic is coming back and is even getting stronger." Hinata said with a smile.

"Then we're in good shape." Naruto said, as he picked up Hinata bridal style. "Just continue to use Kyu's chakra and not rely on your own magic ok."

"Don't worry Naruto, I'll be fine now." Hinata said. "Thank you for your help."

"It wasn't my idea, it was actually Kyu's. You know she said she really wants to meet you sometime." Naruto told her. "Oh well, let's get back to the city. SPEED BREAK!" Naruto gave the ring a quick rub, and in a flash, he took off like a bolt of lighting. At the rate of speed he was moving, you would think he had become Konoha's new Yellow Flash. It was easily enough to match or even surpass the speed of the Yondaime. Though he did take extra care to keep a tight hold on Hinata, since she was the one giving him the power to do all of this.

"Naruto, what is it about you? You're the only master I've ever had that has wanted me by his side. In battle you didn't command me to use my power, instead you asked me to lend me your power and fight with you…you even cared enough to find a way for me to use my power to help you without weakening myself. You just show so much care and concern for me." Hinata thought to herself while the duo had just gotten to the edge of the jungle and back into the desert. "From the first time I met you, all you've done is worry about me, and my problems, never caring about your own. Naruto, I don't know if you'll ever know this…but I, I know I really am falling in love with you." She slowly moved her head closer to Naruto, causing the blonde shinobi to wonder what she was doing. He soon felt a slight warmth come over him, not knowing that he had actually blushed for a second.

"Wait, why did I just feel like that? Was Kyu-chan right? Do I secretly like Hinata? But she's just a genie? I…what about Kyu? She even told me herself that she loves me…and I told her I loved her too, but I couldn't be in love with her. This can't be right? I can't have feelings for Hinata-chan and Kyu-chan at the same time!" Naruto thought. "No, this can't be right…can it?"

Within an hour, the duo made their way back to the Desert Palace City and met up with Ali Baba. After explaining everything that had been going on, Ali Baba was surprised to hear about everything.

"I see, so you're trying to figure out a way to take out that Ifrit?" Ali Baba asked.

"Yeah, any ideas?" Naruto wondered.

"I don't have any right now, but my friend Sinbad could easily share his worldly knowledge with you. Only problem is, I heard he was captured by the Rukh while fighting some pirates," replied Ali Baba.

"Rukh? What in the world is that?" Naruto said.

"Well some call it a giant bird, but it's not really a bird. It's more like a giant living fossil. It normally flocks in the skies to the west." Ali Baba said, pointing to the western sky.

"Looks like we're taking the carpet again Hinata." Naruto said.

"That's easy!" Hinata said, easily summoning her magic carpet. "Shall we go?"

Naruto climbed on the carpet, and helped Hinata on. "Come on Ali, we can use your help too."

Ali Baba looked perplexed, but didn't decline the offer for his help. "Ok," he said as he climbed on the carpet.

The newly formed trio headed into the western sky, soaring high above the clouds. Within a few hours they came upon what looked to be a huge ruin floating in the sky. Near the top of one of the towers was a large mirror, and what looked to be a cage.

"Looks like that might be a good place to start looking for this Sinbad guy." Naruto said. "Go ahead and take us down there Hinata-chan."

"Ok Naruto." Hinata acknowledged. She guided the carpet down to the cage, only to find there was someone trapped into it…someone Naruto easily knew too well.

"You have to be kidding me? You mean to tell me after all this searching, you've been here all this time Sasuke?" Naruto asked. (A/N Yeah you probably guessed…)

"Sasuke, who is this Sasuke? I am Sinbad of the Seven Seas, the greatest adventurer of all time. Now my question is who the heck are you?" Sinbad asked.

"Sinbad, the great adventurer! We need your worldly wisdom!" Hinata asked. "Would you please share some with us?"

"Well sure Miss…uh…" Sinbad said.

"Hinata," said the genie.

"Hinata, I would give you my great wisdom, but unfortunately I'm stuck in here." Sinbad replied. "Actually you guys should be helping me."

"You're right. I do feel Orochi Djinn's magic here. There must be a way we can break the spell here and free you." Hinata said.

"That's thinking like an adventurer Hinata!" Sinbad replied.

"I don't know. Knowing him, he might go running after his brother again." Naruto said sarcastically.

"Look, I'll be honest with you. Life is a game of give and take. If you help me now, I can easily help you later. See, you give something for me to take, and I'll do the same for you." Sinbad replied.

"Wisdom…coming from Sasuke?" Naruto said, leaving Sinbad speechless. "Ah whatever. Ok we'll find the way to break the spell. Any ideas?"

"Those locks look like magic bands of light. Maybe we can do something with sunlight to break them." Ali Baba said, looking at his surroundings. He soon noticed there were more mirrors placed around the ruin. "If we can rotate those mirrors, maybe the sunlight will break the bands!"

"Leave that to me and Hinata-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto and Hinata got back onto the carpet and flew to each of the four other giant mirrors. It was fairly easy to rotate the mirrors with the lever near each one, and as they rotated one, they headed back to see that Ali Baba's plan was working. After breaking the final band, they were finally able to free Sinbad.

"Thanks a ton for the help. Now to repay you back with my wisdom. You say you're taking on an Ifrit? Well since he is made of fire, splash him with water." Sinbad said.

"You have got to be kidding me? That's your worldly wisdom?" Naruto replied.

"I don't see you coming up with a better idea." Sinbad said.

"He's right, that would work, but how do you get enough water?" Ali Baba asked.

"I was getting to that before I got interrupted. What you can use is the Water Blue Ring that I use to control storms. That can easily put out his flame." Sinbad replied.

Those three words instantly clicked in Naruto and Hinata's head.

"That's got to be…" Naruto said.

"Another one of the World Rings!" Hinata answered.

"Wow, the Arabian Nights really are full of endless adventures, aren't they?" Naruto said. "So I guess we're off to take on some pirates. Wonder which way we go?"

"Head to the stormy islands in the south. You'll easily be able to find it by the clouds." Sinbad said.

"Great. Then that's where we're…hey what is that?" Naruto said, when he saw a strange object falling from the sky.

"Naruto…it's another World Ring! Freeing Sinbad must have made it appear." Hinata said.

Naruto quickly grabbed the dark blue ring, feeling a shock run through him. "Whoa…that's still intense!"

"Naruto what happened?" Hinata asked.

"It felt like there was a huge whirlpool of emotions inside me. If just one of these rings is this intense then I can't imagine what would happen with all seven." Naruto said. "But I'm ok now. We gotta get going."

"Good luck you two!" Ali Baba said.

"Be careful around the islands. The storms there can get very dangerous!" Sinbad warned.

"Thanks guys! Take care!" Naruto said, as he and Hinata flew off into the southern sky.

About half an hour later…

"Naruto, take this." Hinata said, holding a small metal sphere.

"What is this?" asked Naruto as he looked at the weird object.

"It might be the only thing we have left to stop Orochi Djinn. If nothing else works, it's our last resort." Hinata said. "I'm giving it to you because I myself can't use it."

"Oh uh well…ok." Naruto said, putting the object in his pouch. "Hinata, I want to ask you something."

"What is it Naruto?" Hinata replied.

"When I make a wish, can it be a multi part wish?" Naruto asked.

"What do you mean?" Hinata said. "I've never heard of anyone doing a multi part wish before."

"What I mean is I ask for one thing…but it has a catch to it." Naruto said.

"Well what did you have in mind for this wish?" Hinata replied.

"I want you to allow me to give Kyu the ability to appear outside of my body. You know that she is sealed inside me, but I want her to have the ability to come out so she can see the world as I see it. Though only let her have 5 percent of her power because releasing all of it would kill me. Can you do that?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, I've never done anything like that before…but since she is so nice to you, and she was nice enough to help me out, I will do my best." Hinata replied.

"Naruto, you can't be…you mean you're really…" Kyu said in excitement.

"I am Kyu-chan. You said you wanted to meet her…so here's your chance." Naruto replied. "Ok Hinata here's my wish…I wish to have the ability for Kyu to appear outside my body, while keeping 95 percent of her chakra sealed in me so I don't die, but letting her keep 5 percent so she can still do jutsu out here in the real world."

Hinata concentrated as hard as she could, making sure she got the wish just right, "Your wish is granted Naruto." A quick flash of light surrounded Naruto, and yet he wondered what he needed to do.

"Ok that was weird…but where is Kyu?" Naruto asked.

"Remember you asked for the ability to bring her into this world. You have to bring her here." Hinata said.

"I have to…wait! That's just like a summoning!" Naruto said, quickly biting his thumb. He swiped some blood on his palm and quickly placed it on the carpet. "KUCHYOSE NO JUTSU!" In a flash of smoke, Naruto and Hinata were now face to face with the young red haired, nine tailed teenage girl. "Looks like it worked."

"That's Kyu?" Hinata said, after looking at the girl. "I thought you said she was a fox demon?"

"I am Hinata. But this is my human form…well…near human form. I still like having the ears and tails show." Kyu said. "But as Naruto-kun told you, my name is Kyu."

"Well I'm Hinata, Genie of the Ring." Hinata replied with a smile.

"As for you Naruto-kun…" Kyu said, before grabbing him in a tight hug. "Thank you so much for doing this for me! You don't know how long I've waited to finally do this!"

"I said I'd figure something out. Besides, having three of us will make the adventure more fun." Naruto replied. "Plus Hinata was the one that made it all possible."

"But Naruto, you made a wish and I had to grant it." Hinata said.

"So what! I'm still happy he made it, and that you could grant it!" Kyu said, embracing the genie. "Plus you've helped take care of Naruto-kun, and that automatically makes us friends."

"Well you two can talk more when we set up camp for the night. It is getting late anyway." Naruto said, noticing the sunset. "Hinata, that looks like a good island down there. Why not land there for the night."

"Sure Naruto." Hinata said, as she took the carpet to their campsite for the night. When they arrived the trio saw there was lots of trees around plus an empty cave to set up camp in, in case of a storm. There was also lots of fruit on the trees so while Naruto set up the tent in the cave, the girls went out to collect some fruit. Of course he wondered how he was going to make both of the girls comfortable for the night with one tent and sleeping bag, so when Hinata returned, he wished for a second tent, and two more sleeping bags. After a small dinner, the three retired to their tents, Naruto in his own, with Hinata and Kyu sharing the second one. Naruto had fallen fast asleep, but the girls had more on their mind…

"So Hinata-chan, what do you really think about Naruto-kun?" Kyu asked.

"Um well…he's really nice, and he's been the nicest master I've ever had. All the wishes he's made, they've been either to help me or help someone else." She looked at her hand. It had finally healed and it reminded her of how Naruto took care of her earlier that day.

"So do you like him any?" Kyu wondered.

"Well, I…it's just…" Hinata stuttered.

"I'll be honest with you Hinata…I love him. Ever since I met Naruto, all the time I spent with him, keeping him safe, and helping him…from how he's treated me, I just fell in love with him. All he's tried to do is make things better for me because of what happened."

"You…love him?" Hinata said in defeat. "Oh…"

"And I have a feeling you love him too." Kyu answered. "It's ok. I'm not mad or anything. In fact I know you remind him of a girl that used to really love him back home. Though she never got to tell him because she died."

"Really?" Hinata questioned.

"Yeah. For some reason Naruto just had this effect on her. Whenever she saw him, she felt like she could accomplish so much, and be the best kunoichi she could be. I know she could have really made Naruto happy in life…but that never got to happen." Kyu said. "Sometimes I just hate seeing him feel so bad. He tries to hide it so no one will see it, and it really hurts."

"He never told me that." Hinata answered.

"Well when you're inside him for almost 16 years, you learn a lot about him." Kyu said. "But here's the big problem with Naruto. Right now he's got two girls that love him, but he's probably feeling really confused because he doesn't want to hurt either of us. He probably feels that if he chooses one over the other, it will get bad."

"I don't want to do that to Naruto!" Hinata said in shock.

"Don't worry, you won't be doing that Hinata-chan. Neither will I." Kyu replied. "Right now we're at a good point here. If we let him know that he doesn't have to choose, he'll be ok. But you have to tell him how you feel about him."

Hinata felt better, but she wasn't sure what exactly to say, "I…I can't tell him! He's my master, I'm not supposed to fall in love with him, but I just can't help it! I want to make sure he's always safe; I want him to be happy! I want to love him!"

"Then all you have to do is tell him. No one said a demon was supposed to fall in love with a human, so there's no rule that says a genie can't fall in love with her master." Kyu said. "When we tell him, we'll tell him together ok."

"Ok Kyu…chan. We'll tell him." Hinata said with a smile.

"Hinata-chan…you called me Kyu-chan?" Kyu wondered.

"Well you are very cute." Hinata replied. "I see why Naruto likes you.

"And you're the same." Kyu smiled back. "Now let's get some rest so we can protect Naruto."

"OK. Good night Kyu-chan." Hinata said, as she and her newfound friend drifted off to sleep.

So Naruto and Hinata have now found three of the Seven World Rings, Naruto's Arrow of Flame is nearing half way, and Kyu is now able to come into the world with Naruto. Plus Hinata has finally fallen for our blonde haired hero, but she hasn't told him yet. And what of Naruto's dilemma? He's now apparently developing feelings for Hinata as well, but can he really do that when there's also Kyu? Although the girls are ok with it, how will he take it? And what about that Ifrit? Will the three be able to get the Water Blue Ring that Sinbad spoke of? Stay tuned for the next chapter of Naruto's adventure into the Arabian Nights!

And yes, before all of you kill me, I am still working on the Movie Chapter for New Life. It's a lot harder than I thought so just bear with me. I promise I'll get it done soon. If not, then it will be released this summer as my big summer blockbuster! And I'm also working on finishing up the newest chapter of Kasumi's Dream as well, so expect to finally see everyone's Bankai. Hope everyone enjoys the chapter!


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