Naruto and the Secret Rings

Pirates vs Ninjas

Neokenshin: Well, just so people don't think I forgot, I started playing Sonic and the Secret Rings again, and got a few more ideas. But I didn't forget about Kasumi's Dream either. I'm gonna try to finish that one up too.

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Chapter 4: Pirates vs. Ninjas

About four days later, morning dawned on Naruto and his two female companions. Today would be the day they got the next World Ring in order to stop the Ifrit from destroying the pages of the Arabian Nights. Of course no good morning gets off to a good start without a bit of humor...

"NARUTO!!" Kyu screamed after getting hit with a splash of cold water.

"Morning Kyu-chan. Can't sleep in now, can you?" Naruto chuckled. "Now come on, breakfast will be ready soon. Hinata's already up and we're waiting for you."

"I should fry you for this!" grumbled Kyu as she moved her wet hair out of her face.

"You could, but you forget I still hold 95 percent of your chakra so, I'd probably heal too fast." Naruto replied as he walked up to her. "Now come on, it's another morning with you out here so you should enjoy it." He then started tickling her ears, easily causing her to change moods.

Kyu immediately started laughing since one of her weaknesses was when Naruto played with her ears. "Ok Naruto-kun, I'll be out in a minute! But...but...please keep doing that! It good!"

Naruto stopped and started heading out of the tent. "Maybe later Kyu-chan, I don't want Hinata to be offended that I'm in here with you. Plus I think you want some privacy in getting ready."

"Oh, alright." Kyu pouted.

"So how's Kyu-chan this morning?" asked the genie as she was watching the breakfast cook.

"She's fine. Just gave her a good wake up call. Easiest way to wake up a fox is to splash some water on it." Naruto replied.

"Really? So if I ever have to wake her up, should I do that?" wondered Hinata.

Naruto could see what would happen if Hinata did splash Kyu to wake her up one morning, and dealing with a drenched teenage fox girl in the morning wasn't a good idea! "No, no, you don't have to do that! She might get a little upset. The easiest way is to just nudge them."

Of course this just confused Hinata even more. If he said that splashing Kyu would make her upset, then why did he do it? "Uh ok, Naruto...if you say so."

"You know I never noticed, but she looks really cute when she's confused like that." Naruto thought to himself as he got the plates ready. As he was finishing up Kyu finally came out of the tent after getting dried off and dressed. What really got Naruto is that she completely changed up her look.

"So Naruto, what do you think?" Kyu asked as she came out of the tent.

"Think about wha..." Naruto spat out before he saw the kitsune vixen. Kyu had completely changed up her look, no longer wearing her red yukata, but she was now wearing a dark red sleeveless top with a sleeveless fishnet shirt underneath, easily showing off her midriff. She also wore a black skirt with tight black shorts underneath, a black pair of ninja sandals, a pair of crimson fingerless gloves with a kitsune on each. She kept her two red ribbons around her ears, but she did tie her hair back into a single long ponytail. She finished out her look with a crimson hitai-ate around her neck, also bearing the kitsune symbol. Of course this easily had Naruto do a double-take when he saw what she was wearing.

"W-w-wow! Um...uh, well..." stuttered Naruto as he tried to keep his composure.

"So I take it you like my new look Naruto-kun?" Kyu said with a hint of seduction.

"Wow Kyu-chan, that looks really cute!" Hinata said, noticing her new look.

"You think so Hina-chan?" Kyu replied while she brushed a strand of hair from her face. "I wanted to wear something that would help me fight easier if we had to, and I needed something else other than that yukata."

"Do you think I can wear something like that?" Hinata asked coyly.

"I wish you would!" Naruto whispered, not knowing that Hinata was able to hear his wish. Of course when she did hear it she started cheering in happiness, simply because she really liked Kyu's outfit and wanted one herself, but she didn't want to go against the Genie Code without a wish from her master.

"Your wish is my command, Naruto!" Hinata cheered as she snapped her fingers. In an instant her clothes changed to an exact copy of Kyu's new outfit, except she was now wearing a light shade of purple, and had a purple ribbon that tied her long hair back. "Thank you so much for giving me these new clothes!"

"'re welcome?" Naruto said, absolutely confused about what just happened, but he just decided to let it go anyway. "Why don't we go ahead and have breakfast, then get ready to search for the next World Ring."

"Naruto, if I didn't know better, I'd say you're a little embarrassed to see us looking like this?" Kyu asked, giving him a quick glance.

"No no, I'm just glad that both of you are comfortable. And like I said you both look very nice." Naruto stuttered. Of course he had a different idea in his head. "Yeah like I wouldn't be slightly embarrassed Kyu-chan. I mean yeesh you come out looking like that! Then you get Hinata wanting the same thing! But what can I say."

"You don't want me wearing this Naruto?" asked Hinata, feeling a little worried that her master would not approve of her new look.

"Hinata-chan it's ok. Both of you look absolutely wonderful. I like your new look. You really look like you could be a kunoichi from my village as well." replied Naruto. "As your Master I want you to feel happy that I approve so no feeling bad ok! Because I don't wanna have to make a wish in order for you to stop feeling worried."

Hinata felt relieved. Naruto really did approve of what she did, and that just made her happier. "Ok Naruto, no more worrying." said the genie.

"Naruto you big dork. If only you really knew what she was feeling. I just hope that when all of this is over, you'll make sure to take Hinata home with you, because she needs you do I." Kyu thought as the three were beginning to enjoy breakfast.

After about an hour, the three packed up, and set off on Hinata's carpet towards what looked to be an inhabited island. The big thing Naruto noticed was all the wrecked pirate ships, and the constant rain storm.

"Wow so this must be area that Sinbad is originally from?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, it's a place where pirates come and go as they sail the seas for adventure." commented Hinata. "Sinbad is considered the greatest of the pirate voyagers for his massive knowledge and skill in navigating the Seven Seas."

"Guess he wasn't kidding." Naruto replied. "But I do admit, when I read his story, I really liked it."

"Well you're gonna like it more now that you're gonna be living it Naruto-kun!" Kyu screamed when she saw a mass of cannonballs flying towards them.

"Hinata, quick get us out of here!" Naruto commanded.

"As you wish Naruto!" Hinata obeyed. "I have to keep him safe! Not just for me, but for Kyu-chan as well!" Hinata began to dodge and weave the flying cannonballs as best she could, but...

"Hinata, there's too many! They're still firing on us!" Kyu cried out when she saw another wave coming, this time from multiple directions.

"That's pirates for you. Shoot first and ask questions later!" Naruto said. "Hinata, see if you can get us over by that abandoned ship. There seems to be less fire there."

"Very well Naruto." Hinata replied. She started to steer the carpet in the direction Naruto ordered, but she suddenly noticed it was getting more difficult than normal. "What's going on? This has never happened before!"

"So you're trying to search for treasure in the land of the pirates?" said a voice the group didn't want to hear.

"Orochi Djinn! What's the meaning of this?" Naruto screamed. "Show yourself coward!"

"Now, now, I haven't the time for such games. I will say this; I applaud you Hinata for trying to steer clear of the attacks. But it is for nothing. Since you did not get the World Rings for me the last time we met, I feel as though you should be punished for your lack of effort." Orochi said. "I have used my magic in order to weaken your own magic, Genie of the Ring. Now see how well you can protect your master!"

"Hinata, is what he said true? Is your magic weakening?" wondered Kyu as the carpet seemed to get more sluggish.

"I...I don't know! It's getting harder for me to control the carpet, but that shouldn't be happening!" Hinata was getting frantic. She was trying everything she could to keep control but it was getting more and more difficult by the minute.

"Quick, take us down! We have a better chance of..." Naruto said before two cannonballs hit and exploded right underneath them, tossing them from the carpet. Kyu quickly shook off the explosion as they were falling, and saw Naruto and Hinata were unconscious.

"Naruto!! Wake up!!" she screamed. Luckily after a few times, Naruto shook it off and woke up.

"Kyu-chan...what the??" he said as he noticed they were falling.

"Naruto, Hinata's still unconscious! You have to save her!" Kyu cried out.

"What, but..." Naruto said, wondering just what was going on.

"Trust me! I'll be ok! Just save Hinata!" Kyu screamed as she fell further away from Naruto.

"Crap!" Naruto said to himself as he saw Hinata falling. Putting himself in a dive, he quickly swept up Hinata, and in a last ditch effort, grabbed a kunai and some ninja wire. He had to think fast or he might not get Kyu in time. "Kyu-chan, catch!" He quickly threw the kunai as hard as he could towards Kyu, but unfortunately it had hit a cannonball, thwarting his attempt to get to his kitsune friend.

"Naruto!!" Kyu cried as she fell further away.

"Kyu-chan!" Naruto screamed. He couldn't believe that he wasn't able to save Kyu as well. He soon noticed another problem. He was falling, Hinata was out cold, and Kyu was falling further away. The only thing he could do was brace himself as he was about to crash into the water. In order to make sure Hinata wasn't hurt any worse, he quickly pulled the genie in close and rotated himself so that he would hit the water first and take most of the force of the splash. As he waited to hit all that was running through his mind was, "Don't worry Hinata-chan, I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. I guess I was right. You're just like Kyu to me, and I'll never let anything happen to those I love...including you Hinata. As for you Kyu-chan, you better not die on me! Because if I find out you did in some odd way, I won't tickle your ears for a month! Just promise me you'll be ok!"

A few hours later...

"Uh, man my head hurts." said a groggy Kyu as she started to awaken. "Where the hell am I?" She soon noticed she was in a room, tied to a chair. "Why am I tied up as well?" That was when she noticed several slime djinns all around her keeping watch.

"Oh so you think this is going to hold me? Not likely! I'll just burn...what the?" Kyu said as she noticed her foxfire was having no effect on the ropes whatsoever. "Why can't my fire burn these ropes?" She tried increasing the intensity of the fire, but soon realized two things were stopping her. "Damn! I forgot! These ropes are probably enchanted like all the monsters, so normal things won't work. That and Naruto still has 95 percent of my power! I'm basically no stronger than that Ino girl Naruto knows!! Oh man, I hope Naruto is ok!"

Meanwhile in a deserted shack on the other side of the pirate island, a certain genie was having a very interesting dream...

Hinata was in pure heaven. Naruto helped her save the Arabian Nights and had defeated Orochi Djinn. What was even better was that after defeating Orochi, Naruto was able to use the power of the Seven World Rings to give her more power in her wishes. He then decided to make three final wishes; the first was to make sure the Arabian Nights would never be destroyed. The second was to free Kyu so that she could live in the real world with Naruto, and the third was to make Hinata a human girl so she could be with him forever as well. She couldn't be happier since she had returned home with Naruto.

"So Hina-chan, what are you making?" Naruto asked after he entered the small apartment that the trio lived in.

"Well, I think it's something. I'm not sure what it was, but the recipe book said it was supposed to be noodles or something?" Hinata said in confusion. "I'm sorry Naruto-kun, I guess I'm still not used to cooking."

"It's ok Hina-chan, you're still learning. You've only been human for about a month. I don't care if you mess up cooking. I only care that you're happy." said Naruto as he gave her a small kiss on the cheek.

"Oh so you come home, and she gets the first kiss? What about me?" Kyu asked, feeling a little let down.

"Kyu-chan, you're so silly." Naruto laughed as he began to tickle her ears.

"Naruto, big dork!" Kyu laughed. "You just...have to haha!" She knew that once Naruto started on her ears, she couldn't keep from laughing, but she loved every minute of it! She was free, and Naruto was alive, which meant she could be with the one she loved.

"You know something, I gotta say I must be the luckiest guy in the world, having the love of two of the most wonderful girls ever." said Naruto.

"Well, there's more than enough from each of us, Naruto-kun!" Hinata said, grabbing hold of him in a warm embrace. "Thank you for being so wonderful." Hinata said, before she started hearing Naruto's voice.

"Hina-chan, Hina-chan, wake up!" Naruto called out. "Come on Hina-chan, you gotta wake up!"

"N-n-naruto?" asked Hinata, as she slowly opened her eyes. "Where are we?

"It's an old shack I found on the island. We splashed down into the water after that explosion. You were unconscious so I tried to keep an eye on you." Naruto told her. "You've been out for about 8 hours. Whatever Orochi Djinn did, it really threw you for a loop!"

"So that was all a dream. Too bad it will never happen." Hinata thought. She started to look around and noticed that Kyu was nowhere to be seen. "Hey, where's Kyu-chan?"

"She got separated from us. She told me to make sure you were ok first. Crazy girl. I swear she's gonna get herself in big trouble one of these days." Naruto told her.

"Kyu-chan wanted Naruto to protect me?" Hinata thought to herself. The next thing Naruto knew, she had started crying her eyes out.

"Hina-chan, what's wrong? Why are you so upset?" asked Naruto.

"It's because I'm nothing but a failure to you! Ever since you've been here, you've done nothing but protect me, and make sure I was ok. I'm supposed to be the one that does it for you! Never should a master be placed in constant danger or have to always save their genie." Hinata cried. "I couldn't even keep us from getting separated as well."

"Hinata, you..." Naruto tried to say before she kept going.

"Not only that but because of me, you're now faced with potentially losing your life due to the Arrow of Flame and I can't do anything to remove it!" she whined.

"Hinata..." Naruto said, starting to get upset.

"And now Kyu-chan is missing and I can't do anything! Not only that but what kind of genie falls in love with their master! It's just not proper!" Hinata continued.

Of course that last part really shocked Naruto, but he didn't care. He was going to give her a piece of his mind whether she liked it or not. "Alright Hinata, are you done, or are you gonna keep whining all day!"

"Naruto, I..." Hinata said, wiping her eyes.

"Now you listen to me, and you listen well. And I know you have some magic left in you, so right now I wish you would not say anything until I tell you I'm done talking and can tell you to speak again, understand me!" Naruto said angrily. Hinata could tell her master was not happy and decided it was best to obey him. "I have officially had it with all this 'Oh I'm supposed to protect you master' and 'I'm sorry Naruto that I can't do more', I've had it! Every time you messed up, you always felt bad. Every time I made sure you were ok, you felt down. Well you know something, get over it Hinata!" This easily shocked Hinata, simply because she never thought Naruto would be this angry with her.

"Oh I'm not done! You see, I do what I do because that's what I want! Did I ever get upset with you if you couldn't grant a wish, or if you failed at something, NO! Did I ever feel bad that I took care of you instead of you protecting me? Never! Why? Because that's not in my nindo! I do the things I do to protect the people I care about the most and the people I love, and that means you too! I know you can understand me, so listen again, I LOVE YOU AS WELL HINATA!" Naruto continued.

Now this really had Hinata shocked. "He...loves me as well! But I thought he..." she thought to herself.

Naruto kept his chewing out going, "You mean just as much to me as Kyu does, and as all the people who love me back at home. For those people I'd die in battle 1000 times for them, and I'd do it without hesitation! I don't give a damn that you're a genie, I don't give a damn that you use magic, and I don't give a damn that I'm your master! I told you this and now you had better get it in that head of yours, I am your friend first and your master second!" In his anger he quickly pulled off the ring off his finger and threw it down in front of Hinata. "Now I'm going to give you one chance, so you better make this decision count! If you want me as your master, you better decide right here and right now. You better decide that you want a master that doesn't care about risking his own life for you when you're in trouble. You better decide that you want a master that respects you, and wants you for who you are, not what you are. You better want a master that doesn't mind making wishes that will make you feel happy and comfortable, and wishes that will benefit you as well, and the occasional stupid wish for about 30 bowls of ramen. And finally you better want a master that doesn't care about the stupid law of genies, one who doesn't care if you fall in love with him, because he's still unsure if it's fair for him to be in love with two girls that love him back! Because that's what you're gonna get out of me, got it!" Hinata saw his expression change, and knew he was serious. He really didn't care about everything else. He cared about her, and she was what was important. "Now I'm finished talking, so you should be able to talk now. And I have one more wish for you before you say anything. I wish for you to make your own choice this time."

Hinata was shocked. Never in her entire existence did she ever have a master that spoke to her the way Naruto did. He always kept saying how he wanted to be her friend first, and how he would protect her, but he literally forced it into her this time. He was dead serious on what he said, and Hinata finally realized it. Just then every single memory of him had run through her mind, from the time she met him, to the time he carried her on his back so she could sleep, to the time he took care of her injured hand. She knew what she had to do and what she wanted, and Naruto was literally giving it all to her.

"Naruto..." she said quietly, "Ever since I've been who I am, I've spent years with so many masters, forced to grant their every wish and forced to protect them. When you came along, at first I was a little worried that you would be like so many masters before, but from the time you told me to think of you as my friend first, and my master second, I didn't know what to think. I was afraid you were going to suddenly change after being so nice and I was afraid that you would become like my other masters. But you just kept being different. You kept looking out for me, and making sure I was ok. You kept making me feel like I was important."

"Well yeah, because it sucks to have people think you're worthless. No one should feel that way. I should know, I've dealt with it all my life." Naruto told her.

"I know. But you want to know what really got me? I soon learned that I really was falling in love with you, because of who you were and what you had done for me. No one has ever asked me to fight alongside them in battle. No one ever took care of me when I was exhausted. But didn't care if I couldn't instantly stop any one of Orochi's monsters. All you cared was that I tried to do what I could, and that was good enough. But what really did it for me...was when you made the wish that I was a human in your world and not a genie here. Naruto, I've waited for millennia for someone to grant that wish, but I felt so awful that I couldn't give you that wish. More than anything I'd love to be a normal human, and I'd love to be the human girl for you Naruto. But I know that right now I could never fulfill that wish." Hinata told him. She picked up her ring off the ground and just looked at it. "Naruto, you said I had to make a choice. You said I had to decide on what kind of master I wanted. For the first time, I think I can truly say I can grant your wish Naruto, even though you didn't have the ring on when you made your wish."

"Ok, well what wish was that Hinata?" Naruto said, before she took a hold of his hand.

"The wish that I make my own choice. And I choose you Naruto. I want you to be my master. But first I want you to be more than that. I want you to be my friend...and someone I can be in love with first." she told him as she slid the ring back on his finger. "And I know you said you're confused because you may think you have to choose between me and Kyu-chan, but you need to's ok. I know about how she feels for you, and she knows my feelings as well. And we both agreed that you mean more than anything to us, and we want to be there for you for eternity Naruto. We want to make sure your nights are never lonely again, and you never have to worry about not being loved."

"Well Hinata, I want to say that I will be your master...only until I find away to destroy that bond, because I do not want to have that title. I will only be your master until the day I find a way to make you human Hinata. I promise that. And I will also do the same for Kyu-chan as well. Now that I know I have another mission, I'll do everything I can to accomplish it." Naruto replied to her.

"And what would that be Naruto?" the genie asked.

"My mission is to make sure the two of you will always be happy with me." Naruto said.

"Thank you so much Naruto. You really don't know how much this means to me. But can I just ask one request of you? I know it's never formal for a genie to ask their master for a request, but once again, you're no ordinary master." Hinata asked.

Naruto looked a little puzzled but figured, why not. "Ok Hinata-chan, what would you like me to do?"

"Kyu-chan said that after I told you my true feelings for you, I should ask you to kiss me." Hinata said. "But I'm not sure what that means!"

"Oh she did?" Naruto questioned. "I swear I'm gonna make her stay in fox form, and keep her locked up for a week!" He looked back at Hinata and knew...she had earned her request. And he probably wasn't going to get hit like he always did from Sakura. "Very well Hinata, I will grant your request." He soon saw Hinata with a gleaming smile, most likely because it was probably her first kiss.

"Ok Naruto what do I do?" the genie girl asked.

"Just close your eyes and I'll do the rest ok." Naruto told her. Hinata did as she was told and stood there, eyes close. What really got Naruto was the fact that she really did look like Hitomi Hyuuga, the girl that had loved him before. "Hitomi-chan, I finally know just how you really felt. I only wish I could have let you tell me face to face. I'm sorry you never had the chance. But I will say this, the resemblance between you and Hinata is uncanny. I guess your spirit lives on in her. That's probably why the two of us met. And I have a feeling you had something to do with it." He just looked at the girl, only knowing her for a few days, but those few days felt like years to Naruto. He moved his head closer to hers, feeling the warmth of her breath. Pulling her close, he quickly whispered one thing in her ear, "And yes Hinata...I've fallen in love with you just as I have with Kyu. You'll always be safe with me Hinata-hime." And with that he placed his lips upon the genie girl, letting her feel the heat of his own. For Hinata, the sensation was unparalleled. Never before had she been kissed, and with Naruto being her first, she wanted to cherish every moment of it. She simply let herself go in his arms as the two stayed locked in the embrace.

" it's supposed to feel?" Hinata asked as a slight blush appeared on her face when the two released the kiss.

"Yeah it is. I remember when Kyu-chan kissed me the first time. I was kinda shocked, but it felt good." Naruto told her as he released her from his grip. "But that kiss will always let you know that I will be here for you Hinata-chan. No matter where you are I will always find you and be by your side if you need me."

"You called me Hinata-hime before you kissed me...what does that mean?" Hinata wondered.

"It means princess." Naruto replied to her. "Often times it is used when a guy talks about the girl he really loves."

"So I can be your princess?" she asked him.

"Only if you want to be. And you can be my princess any time you want. You never need to ask me." Naruto smiled.

"Thank you Naruto. You're the greatest master a genie could ever have." Hinata said as she buried her head in his chest.

"And you Hinata-chan, you're one of the greatest treasures I could ever have. Just like Kyu-chan." Naruto thought to himself. "Now come on, we need to try and find Kyu-chan so we can get the next ring and get the heck out of here. Do you think your magic is strong enough for me to wish her back here?"

"I...I don't know. I can try." Hinata told him.

"Then I wish that Kyu was here with us right now." Naruto wished.

"Very well." Hinata began to concentrate as hard as she could, but due to Orochi's influence, she found out her magical power had been reduced severely. "I'm sorry, Naruto. I can't bring her here. Due to Orochi Djinn, my magic is very weak. Plus she may be bound by something enchanted as well."

"That's ok Hinata, you did what you could. That's all I ask for." Naruto told her, reinforcing what he had said earlier. "We're going to have to go out there and try to find her normally. Chances are she may be in that abandoned ship we were going to go for."

Hinata felt a little worried. If she couldn't do her magic, then what could she do to help Naruto. "M-maybe I should go back into the ring. That way you won't have to worry about me getting in trouble without my magic."

"No can do Hinata. I'm going to need your help out there more than ever. And I think it's time you get your very first ninja lesson. You're going to learn a very basic ninja technique. However we only have an hour for you to get it right. Do you think you can do it?" Naruto asked her.

"But Naruto, I'm a genie! I can't be a ninja like you?" Hinata stuttered out.

"Well from what I can see, there's no genie in front of me. There's a future Konoha Kunoichi in front of me, and she's going to learn her very first technique." Naruto said with a proud smile. This obviously boosted Hinata's confidence, since he was referring to her as if she was human. "You're going to learn the transformation jutsu that I showed you a few days ago. You already know the Snake seal, and that's all you need. I'm also guessing that since you've been in contact with Kyu's chakra, I may be able to give some to you since I still have most of it sealed inside me. I'll give you just enough to work with ok."

"Naruto, are you sure? What if something happens and..." Hinata said, before Naruto interrupted her.

"You don't trust me Hinata-chan?" he questioned her.

She simply paused to think, remembering back to what Naruto had just chewed her out about. "I do trust you Naruto...I trust you with my very being. Go ahead and do what you need to do."

"Very well, I want you to tell me if you start feeling a strain on your body. If you do, I'll stop ok." Naruto said as he began to channel Kyu's Chakra. His body began glowing red as the chakra started flowing. Taking hold of Hinata's hand, he started channeling the chakra into her. "How does that feel?"

"A little strange, like last time." Hinata told her as she began to accept the red chakra. "But it's not hurting me or anything. Keep going."

Naruto kept up the transfer for about a minute, and was sure he had given Hinata enough chakra. "Ok that should be enough Hinata-chan, now it's time you learn your first lesson."

"Ok Naruto, teach me what I need to do?" Hinata said, excited that she was actually going to learn her very first ninja skill.

For the next hour, Naruto had drilled Hinata on the transformation jutsu. She quickly caught on, but like any new student, she still didn't have it down perfect. She did come close, but it still wasn't enough.

"Why can't I get this right? I have to succeed for Naruto. I have to!" Hinata thought to herself as she tried the jutsu again.

Naruto continued to watch her try over and over. She had been doing her hardest to get the transformation down correctly, but he could see the frustration in her face. With five minutes left before they were to head out in search of Kyu, he actually tried something that Hinata would have never expected.

"Hinata..." Naruto thought to himself while he secretly rubbed the ring on his finger. "I wish that you will be able to complete the jutsu. I know the spirit of Hitomi lives on in you, and I know she will help you do it. Just don't think you need to do it to please me. I'm already proud of you."

Hinata was starting to feel worn down from using Kyu's Chakra. However she was determined not to give up. Not after Naruto told her that he would never do that. "Ok, this is it! I can do this! HENGE!" she said, forming the Snake seal once again. She put everything she had into that one transformation and in a huge burst of smoke... "Naruto, did I do it?"

"Do what?" Naruto asked, as the smoke cleared. "Uh, hey when did I summon a Kage Bunshin? And where's Hinata?" Hinata had done it! She finally completed her very first jutsu all due to Naruto's help. "Well I guess I better dispel you and get going." Naruto tried to dispel his Kage Bunshin that he didn't know he made. (He knew it was Hinata. He was just boosting her confidence even more by acting like he didn't know.) However he was in for quite a shock when the supposed clone didn't vanish.

"Sorry Naruto, but I'm not one of your clones." Hinata said as she released the jutsu as Naruto taught her. "But I did it! I really did it!"

"You sure did Hinata-chan. I'm very proud of you too." Naruto told her. "Now come on, let's get out of here and find Kyu-chan."

The two left the old shack and headed out into the island if the constant storm wasn't bad enough, they had to navigate through a massive swarm of djinns that Orochi Djinn had summoned. What made it even worse, is that these djinns seemed to be able to create electricity at will. Luckily the duo was able to disguise themselves and move through the mass of blobs. After about another hour, the two found the large abandoned pirate ship they were headed for.

"Boy this place is like a haunted house or something. You'd think something would jump out at any time." Naruto said, taking notice of the creaking wood.

"I d-d-don't like it here. Naruto are you sure I can't s-s-s-stay in the ring?" Hinata was trembling in fear, possibly scared of the area.

"Are you scared Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked slyly.

"No." Hinata replied meekly. She didn't notice that Naruto had vanished either. "N-n-naruto?" She looked around and saw him nowhere, and started becoming very worried. Her body became cold from the fear slowly consuming her. As the floorboards creaked, the tension around Hinata was rising. Somehow Naruto disappeared and she was alone, with nearly no magic to protect herself either. "M-m-maybe I can use t-t-the transformation jutsu again."

"I don't think that would be a good idea." said an eerie voice from behind her. The next thing she knew there was a hand...a very bony hand sitting on her shoulder. Hinata felt the hand and could feel the detail of the bones. Her body began shaking more violently as she turned around to see what looked to be a pirate...a skeleton pirate!!

"N-N-N-N-N-N-NARUTO!!" Hinata screamed, before she immediately passed out. The pirate skeleton vanished in a flash of smoke only to see Naruto wondering just how she could have gotten so scared.

"Ok, if I knew she was going to pass out, I wouldn't have been so scary." Naruto said as he kneeled down to the genie girl. "Come on Hinata, wake up." He slowly shook her until she snapped back to reality.

"N-n-naruto?" she said, slowly focusing her vision. When she saw the blonde ninja, she quickly pulled herself into his chest, glad that he was here. "Where were you? You suddenly disappeared and there was this skeleton, and I was really scared!"

"Ok, no more scaring Hinata-chan until I get her back to my world." Naruto thought to himself while he rubbed Hinata's back to hopefully calm her down. "It's ok Hina-chan, I'm here. You'll be safe now ok."

"You sure?" asked the genie. She looked at him and Naruto could see the tears streaming down her face. "I really don't want to lose you!"

"You won't lose me. You have my word." Naruto assured her as he dried her tears. "I guess I really am that important to her." He then moved her so she could face him. "I also want to say I'm sorry. That wasn't a real skeleton. I used my ninja skills to try and scare you, but I see how bad it affected you. Can you forgive me?"

"That was just a trick?" Hinata rubbed her eyes to try and get the rest of the tears out. "You mean you didn't really leave me?"

"No. See, I've always been a prankster type, and I thought I'd prank you. But it really upset you, and for that I'm really sorry." Naruto apologized. "I promise I won't upset you like that again."

"He admitted it was a prank, and then he's asking me to forgive him. This proves that everything he said back to me at that shack was true. He really does love me as well." Hinata thought as she got to her feet. "Ok Naruto, I forgive you."

"Great." Naruto said with a smile. "Now I only wish I knew where you were ticklish, so I could try to make you laugh."

"I'm ticklish on my back!!" Hinata blurted out. She soon covered her mouth and looked at Naruto as a sneaky grin appeared on his face.

"Wow that was easier than expected. It took me a while to figure out Kyu's ticklish behind her ears." Naruto said. "Now come here you!"

"Eep!" Hinata squeaked before Naruto got her and started tickling her back. "Naruto...haha...what doing!"

"Making you laugh. I made you sad earlier, so I had to make it up. And this is how." Naruto said, continuing the tickle assault. "Feel better now?"

"Ok...ok...I give up!" Hinata laughed, trying to catch her breath as Naruto stopped. "And I do feel better. Thank you Naruto."

"Don't mention it. Now let's go find Kyu-chan." Naruto said.

The duo made their way through the empty ship, taking their time to avoid any slime djinns from catching them. They soon found the room where Kyu was, bound by some glowing gold magical ropes. There was a slime djinn, but Naruto quickly dispatched it.

"Naruto, is she ok?" Hinata asked when she saw Kyu unconscious.

"I think so. She's probably just exhausted. It might also be that she's been away from all her chakra for so long." Naruto said, using his enchanted kunai to cut through Kyu's ropes.

"Should I get some water to wake her up?" wondered Hinata. "That might work like it did this morning."

"As much as I'd want to do that, it wouldn't be nice to her." Naruto said, setting the kitsune girl to the ground. "Come on Kyu-chan, snap out of it."

Kyu started stirring around as Naruto kept waking her. "I don't feel so good."

"I was right, she's going through chakra deprivation. Whatever had her bound must have been draining her remaining chakra as well." Naruto said as he looked over the kitsune. "Hinata, keep an eye out for any trouble ok. I'm going to send Kyu back to my mindscape and take a look at her."

"Ok Naruto, be careful. And tell Kyu-chan to get better, ok." Hinata said with concern.

"Gotcha. Be back soon." Naruto said, causing Kyu to vanish in a puff of smoke. He then went into a meditative state as he entered his mind.

"Naruto...what's going on?" Kyu said weakly.

"You just got a little bit of exhaustion. I forgot you haven't been out in the real world for 16 years, plus those bindings were somehow draining your chakra." Naruto said, as he tucked Kyu into her bed.

"How did I get back here?" she asked.

"I sent you back here. There was no way I was going to have you running around as weak as you were." Naruto told her.

"I'm not weak you big dummy. I'm the most powerful..." Kyu struggled to sit up, but Naruto forced her back down.

"Right now you're just my simple teenage kitsune girlfriend that's really exhausted." Naruto said, causing Kyu to blush at the word 'girlfriend'. "You know, you really have some nerve by telling Hinata-chan to ask me to kiss her after she told me how she felt."

"Well, it worked didn't it?" Kyu replied.

"Yeah, after I chewed her out big time for feeling sorry for herself." Naruto said, getting a small chuckle from Kyu. "Listen Kyu-chan, I know things might get complicated with you and her. I really care about both of you a lot, and I don't want either of you to get hurt. And I want to know, if I found a way to free you and made sure you had a chance to live as a normal girl, would you still be there for me?"

"Naruto-kun, I love you with everything in my being. Even if I was stripped of all my power as the Kyuubi and was nothing but a normal human, I'd still be there wanting you to hold me in your arms. I don't care if Hinata loves you as well, I could tell that she really had an effect on you. That's how your precious people are to you." Kyu said, trying to somehow rest. "Naruto, she told me that she loves you because of how you treated her, respected her, and even went above and beyond to protect her. She even told me when you had made that wish that she was human. If I were in her shoes Naruto, I'd feel the exact same way."

"But are you sure you're not going to be..." Naruto said before Kyu silenced him.

"Naruto, Hinata and I came to the conclusion that, either you deal with having two girlfriends or none at all." Kyu smirked. "So what's your choice?"

"Looks like I have no say in this matter." Naruto replied. "You know, all the guys are really gonna be jealous of me when we get back to Konoha."

"Let them! I want my boyfriend to show off!" Kyu said. "Now I know Hinata-chan is waiting for you. I'll be ok but she needs to get to safety."

"Don't worry Kyu, you just rest ok." Naruto said, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. I'll come back and check on you later Kitsune-chan." With that he quickly took his leave from his mindscape.

"Thank you Naruto-kun. You've really made me happy now." Kyu said, slowly drifting off to sleep.

"Whew, it's always a rush to come out of that." Naruto said, coming out of his meditation.

"Is everything ok Naruto?" Hinata asked. "Is Kyu-chan going to be ok?"

"She is. She just needs to rest. But she did tell me I had to get my other girlfriend to safety and make sure she's ok." Naruto answered, shooting a smile at Hinata.

"You're...other girlfriend?" Hinata said, flustered to hear she had now gotten the title from Naruto, her master.

"That's right Hinata. As of right now, even though I can't formally renounce the title, I'm no longer your master, nor your friend. I'm your boyfriend. And you're not my genie, you're my girlfriend." Naruto told her. "Now we need to get out of here and find that ring so we can stop that Ifrit."

"Ok Naruto...-kun, is it?" Hinata said, trying to make sure she got her wording correctly. "I'll do everything I can to help you."

"Good, because right now I think we're getting bombarded by cannonballs again!" Naruto said, as he saw a cannonball fall through the floor. The two ran out of the pirate ship as fast as possible, avoiding all the holes that the cannonballs created in the abandoned ship. However their luck would soon run out.

"Oh man, that was heavy!" Naruto said, catching his breath. "I didn't think it would be this insane!"

"I know. And it feels weird, but I feel a little winded myself." Hinata added.

"Do you normally not feel tired?" Naruto asked.

"No, only if I use my magic excessively do I ever feel tired. But I guess that since I haven't had access with Orochi Djinn's magic weakening my own, maybe it's just the feeling of not having it." Hinata answered.

"Or maybe it's the fact that somehow, you're slowly becoming human. I don't know how I'll do it Hinata, but I promise, the last wish you'll ever grant me is for you to become a human girl." Naruto thought to himself. "Well just take a little time to catch your breath, and then we'll see if we can't find the next ring."

"Uh…Naruto, I don't think we have time to rest!" Hinata said, pointing to the large monstrous behemoth behind them.

"What the hell is that thing!" Naruto exclaimed in shock. Behind them was a weird looking…creature that was somehow wearing a large pirate captain hat, and had three large horns on the top of its head. It also had one smaller one on the middle of his head. "It looks like…well I don't know, but it's really ugly!"

"Naruto, is there anything we can do against that monster?" Hinata asked in worry.

"Don't worry Hinata-hime. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. I still have to save the Arabian Nights, and then take you home. I did promise you that." Naruto said with a smile, before charging towards the creature.

"When did you promise to take me home? I live in the ring." Hinata said to herself, not knowing the true meaning behind Naruto's words.

"Guess this is the second of our problems. Too bad Kyu is trying to get better. I could really use her help right now." Naruto said to himself. "Guess I'll have to go solo on this one. TAJUU KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" Summoning 10 clones, he began his battle.

The creature roared as it began to spit out large pulses of water, trying to drown Naruto. It took out two of his clones before Naruto was able to get in and land a slash on the creature's face.

"What? It didn't even make a scratch!" Naruto said as one of the creature's claws slashed at him and his clones. He and three of his clones got out of the way, but the rest were caught in the slash and soon disappeared. "This guy uses water so if I knew a Lightning Jutsu, that could really do some damage to him. Too bad I'm Wind natured, and only know Fire Jutsu from Kyu's chakra." Naruto was stumped. The last creature he destroyed made it obvious of its weakness, its eyes. But this thing was on a whole new level. "Grr, I wish I knew what this freak's weakness was!"

Hinata, overhearing his wish, immediately summoned what magic she had left. "Ok, I don't have much, but maybe this can help!" She focused everything she had and soon the answer came to her. "Naruto! Your wish is granted!"

"Hinata, what do you mean! I thought you were out of magic!" Naruto asked.

"No, my magic was weak, but I still had it! I know that creature's weakness! It's his horns! You have to pull out his horns, and then you can finish him!" Hinata told him. "Be careful, it will start going crazy if you grab a hold of his horns."

"Really, well it looks like I'm in for a wild ride!" Naruto said while he tightened his hitai-ate. "You don't know just how much that helped Hinata-hime. Thank you."

"Just be careful!" Hinata screamed.

"I will, you do the…oh crap!" Naruto said as he saw a large charge of lightning forming between the horns. "Since when could he do that!"

Naruto jumped out of the way just as the lightning ball struck. He knew the way to beat the creature, now it was just getting in close enough to take him out. "Ok, I gotta get in there and yank out those horns. But the moment I get close, he's gonna use that lightning attack again. If I had Kyu's chakra, then I could move fast enough to get behind him."

While he was thinking of a plan, Hinata saw the situation, "Naruto-kun is trying everything he can to stop that creature. But without Kyu-chan to help him, I don't know if he can do it." She thought to herself. "Wait, what am I saying? I believe in Naruto-kun and I know he can win. I wish I could help him in some way!" Unknown to Hinata, a small glint of light flashed off Naruto's ring. "Naruto said I could help him out anytime I wanted, and that he wants me to lend him my power to help him anytime, but what can I do!" She kept watching as Naruto was constantly dodging the creature when it finally hit her. "That's it! The Transformation Jutsu! Naruto said it can make anyone look like anything they want. If I can distract that creature long enough, Naruto can sneak up from behind and get the horns off of that thing!"

Naruto took cover behind a set of rocks to try to come up with another idea. Everything he had tried wasn't working, and he was getting desperate.

"Damn, this guy is persistent! I need to figure something out so I can end this." Naruto said. As he was thinking of a plan, he overheard himself. "Wait, what the…" He looked from behind the rocks to see one of his clones taunting the creature, causing it to give chase. "I didn't tell that clone to do anything." He tried dispelling it, only to find that it didn't work. "Why didn't that…Hinata!! She couldn't be!" Hinata was. She used the transformation jutsu to change into Naruto, causing the beast to go after her so Naruto would have more time to think. "Oh man, she's a genius! With that thing distracted, I can sneak up from behind and start yanking those horns." With that, he summoned six more clones. "Ok, I know this is really gonna hurt, but hopefully Kyu will wake up soon and she can heal me from it." With that, he commanded four of his clones to move into a ready position, while the other two began to help him form his ultimate attack.

"That's right you ugly freak, come and get me!" Hinata taunted, as she jumped out of the way of another burst of water. "You missed! Nya!" She soon ran behind some rocks, constantly appearing from each side. Her plan was working; the monster was becoming more and more confused by the minute. "That's right, come after me and Naruto-kun will have more time." She kept up the distraction when she noticed four Naruto clones ready to strike. "I hope this helped you Naruto-kun." She quickly ran and found cover as the clones attacked. Each one grabbing a horn, pulling as hard as possible.

The creature began to thrash about as Naruto's clones struggled to pull out the horns. Slowly but surely, each clone ripped out a horn, leaving the creature to thrash about. That was when the real Naruto made his final strike.

"See you later, freak! FUUTON: RASEN-SHURIKEN! (Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken)" He slammed the wind shuriken into the creature, causing it to explode in a dome of slicing wind, easily shredding the creature to pieces. However it did have the backlash effect by not only shredding the sleeve around Naruto's arm, but seriously damaging it as well. "Damn! I forgot how much this hurts!"

"Naruto, are you ok!" Hinata said, as she dispelled the transformation jutsu and ran over to him. "What did you do!"

"Oh hey Hinata-chan." Naruto replied, while holding his injured arm. "It's nothing. But thanks for that distraction. You helped me a ton."

"I was glad to help. But your arm, what happened to it? Was it that strange green sphere that did it?" asked Hinata as she examined his arm.

"Yeah, that jutsu I used was my ultimate jutsu, the Rasen-shuriken. It has unbelievable power, but there's a downside. Every time I use it, I seriously damage my arm. And if I end up using it too much, I could permanently destroy the chakra pathways in my body, ending my career as a ninja." Naruto explained. "But I only use it when things are really bad."

"Well is there anything I can do to heal you? I may have a little bit of magic left. You can just wish your arm better and I can try." Hinata said, trying to come up with any possible idea.

Naruto just smiled at the genie, "That's ok Hinata-hime. I'll be ok. Kyu-chan should be up in a little while, and then she can heal me." Hinata felt down that she couldn't do anything to help, but of course Naruto wouldn't let her stay that way. "You know, even though you aren't healing my arm, you are making sure something else does stay healed."

Hinata soon felt better, "Really? What is it?" Naruto used his other hand to take her hand and place it on his chest.

"You're keeping my heart healed. By letting me know that I'm not fighting alone, and that I have you by my side. That type of healing can't be beat." Naruto said, causing the genie to blush even more. "And you know something, I bet you'd make an awesome medic-nin."

"Medic-nin, what's that?" Hinata questioned.

"A medic-nin is short for medical ninja. They are really good with healing and help support their teammates on missions. Medic-nin are some of the most valuable ninja ever because of their healing skills. Not only that, but medic-nin even know how to identify plants that are edible and poisonous down to the finest detail, so if a ninja team is short on food supply, they will know what is safe to eat." Naruto explained. "My teammate Sakura is actually being trained by possibly the greatest medic-nin ever. She's really good at healing too."

"Was she able to heal your heart too?" asked Hinata.

Naruto just looked at her, thinking about all the rejection he had from Sakura whenever he asked her out, but then he knew that Sakura wasn't the one for him. "No, but she did make sure I stayed strong by being a really good friend. Honestly I couldn't ask for a better person to be friends with. But you Hinata-hime, your healing is one of a kind."

"Thank you Naruto. I really appreciate that." Hinata said, as a light blue ring slowly appeared by their side. "Hey is that the next ring?"

"Yeah, looks like it. Guess now we can waste that Ifrit." Naruto said, picking up the ring. Of course that still came with the shock going through his arm. "Ugh, forgot about that."

"So we have three rings now. But Naruto, you're not in any shape to fight the Ifrit." Hinata said, while helping him to his feet. "You need to rest first."

"Why don't we go back to the island where our camp was? After a few hours, I should be good to go. Too bad we have to walk though." Naruto said.

"Actually…we don't." Hinata replied, snapping her fingers. Instantly she summoned her magic carpet. "It seems that when you defeated that monster, my magic started getting stronger. Maybe that's what Orochi Djinn was using to weaken my magic."

"That works. Besides, it's always nice riding on the carpet with you." Naruto said while he climbed on the carpet.

"Then let's get back." Hinata said, sending the carpet into the sky.

The duo returned to their camp. On the way Hinata used her magic to summon a jar of healing ointment she remembered seeing on one of her travels from long ago. After using it to stop the bleeding on Naruto's arm, he showed her how to bandage his arm so it would be easier for Kyu to heal. Once the two landed, Naruto retired to his tent for some rest, while Hinata went to search for some food.

"Oh wow, I really needed that. I guess getting back to all my chakra really helped me feel better." Kyu said while she stretched out. After Naruto got her back into his mindscape, she started taking in all of her chakra that Naruto kept inside. That was able to speed up her own natural demonic healing and fairly soon she was back to her spunky self. "I better check on Naruto-kun to make sure he's ok." She left her room to find Naruto inside the living room asleep on the couch. What really shocked her was his arm. "He didn't! Not that jutsu!" She rushed over and woke up her sleeping boyfriend. "Naruto, wake up. What happened to you!"

Naruto stirred around before he saw Kyu by his side. "You know, Hinata-chan did the same thing just a few hours ago. But yeah, we ran into a big problem, and I used the Rasen-shuriken."

"You big dummy, you know you can't use that jutsu unless I'm concentrating all my chakra into your arm so I can make sure you don't damage it." Kyu scolded. "Great, now I've gotta heal your arm so you can act crazy again. Ugh, what am I gonna do with you Naruto Uzumaki? You probably have poor Hinata-chan worried out there."

"Not really. But if I said I'll tickle your ears once I'm healed, will that mean I don't get any more scoldings?" asked Naruto. He added a little smile for extra effect.

"You're lucky I love you." Kyu replied as she began sending her chakra into his arm. "What is it about you that makes you so loveable anyway?"

"I dunno, I think it's all natural." Naruto said as he used his other arm to tickle Kyu's ears.

After a few hours, Kyu had Naruto's arm back to normal. After he woke up, he summoned her back so she wouldn't be cramped up.

"Kyu-chan, are you ok? You're still not feeling bad, are you?" asked Hinata with concern.

"I'm fine Hina-chan. All I needed was some rest, and to get exposed to my chakra again. After that I feel completely better. But thanks for looking after Naruto. I heard you were able to try and heal his arm a little." Kyu said as she sat down around the campfire.

"Well he showed me how to bandage it. I would have just used my magic if he wanted, but he never wished for it. He did say that I was keeping his heart healed though." Hinata told her. "So what is he doing now?"

"I think he wanted to go exercise for a little. It just means you and I get to have a little girl time." Kyu said. "So here's the first order of business, we need to set up times when one of us gets him all to ourselves."

"We do?" asked the genie girl.

"No. I'm just kidding. I don't think he'd want to be without either of us for very long." Kyu replied. "But to get to another subject, there is something I've been meaning to ask you Hinata."

"What's that?" Hinata said.

"Before Naruto made the wish to in order to summon me, I was able to look at one of his memories. Namely the one where he tended to your injured hand. What has me confused is that, if you're a magical being, how can you get hurt?" Kyu questioned.

"I really don't know myself. Actually there's a lot about me that not even I know. I don't even know how I got my powers or even how I became a genie. I'm not sure if I could have been something else before being a genie. All I remember is waking up one day inside the ring." Hinata explained. "So I guess my past is just a complete blank. The only things I remember are going from master to master, granting their every wish."

"So you never had a family?" asked the fox girl.

"I don't know. Maybe I did, but I can't be sure. And to be honest, this is the first time I've ever fallen in love too. I learned about it from my previous masters, but never thought I'd experience it myself." Hinata added. "I only wish I can make sure Naruto is happy, and be there when he needs me."

"Hinata-chan, I think you've already had your wish granted. If I know Naruto, he'll go to the ends of the world in order to make us both happy. I have a feeling that the last two wishes he'll have you grant are the ones that make us both human." Kyu said, as she threw a piece of wood on the fire. "But I do hope he finds a way to let me keep my ears and tails. I really like those."

"I wish I could get some of those. They do look really cute." Hinata said.

"Hinata-chan, this time I get to be your genie for once." Kyu said with a smile. "Your wish is granted." With that, she went over to Hinata, did a few hand signs and touched her head, causing a lavender pair of fox ears and two lavender fox tails to appear on the genie. "A little bit of Kitsune magic always works."

"You know magic too?" Hinata said, surprised that she now had the same features as Kyu.

"No, silly. I used a Kitsune jutsu on you. See, I'm the most powerful tailed demon in Naruto's world, so to do something like this was easy. So do you like them?" Kyu replied.

"I do! Thank you Kyu-chan!" Hinata said, quickly hugging the Kitsune girl. "I'm really glad we're friends."

Kyu was a little shocked, but realized that Hinata was something else she needed, a best friend. Now that she thought about it, Naruto wasn't the only one that found something in meeting Hinata. "No Hinata, we're not friends," she said.

"We're not? But then…" Hinata replied, worried that she did something wrong.

"We're best friends!" Kyu said, tightening the hug. "And it's because of you that I can be out here. If you had never asked Naruto to help save your world, he would have never made the wish to be able to summon me. So I should be thanking you Hinata-chan."

"Oh, ok. You're welcome?" Hinata replied in slight confusion.

"You know it really is gonna be a very unique relationship between us. But it's gonna be great." Kyu smiled. "Since Naruto's gone, I'll help you make dinner tonight. Then we can go after another ring. That Orochi Djinn guy has no idea what kind of trouble he's in for!"

"I can't believe it. We may actually be able to save the Arabian Nights. And now I also have a best friend too. Kyu-chan is really nice and she cares for Naruto just as much as I do. Not only that, but I may even have a chance of being free from the ring." Hinata thought to herself while Kyu was busy preparing some fruit. "I don't know if anyone could ever grant this wish, but for whoever can, I wish Naruto and Kyu will always be happy with me around. That's all I wish for right now."

Four rings down, Three to go. Naruto is now dating a genie and the most powerful bijuu in existence, and the two girls seem to be helping each other adjust as well. Now here's the big question, what will Naruto do since he still has to race against the Arrow of Flame to get the final four World Rings and save the Arabian Nights forever. And will Hinata's dream come true of becoming a human girl? And what about Kyu? What will happen if Naruto makes her human as well? How will that throw a kink in Akatsuki's plans? The answers to this...that's another story for another Arabian Night.

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