Naruto and the Secret Rings

Seven Rings in Hand

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Chapter 5: Seven Rings in Hand

After recovering the Water Blue ring, Naruto, Kyu, and Hinata were on their way back to the old factory. Since they now had the ability to control the storms as Sinbad explained, they now had a much better chance of taking out the Ifrit that Orochi Djinn summoned. After that it would be on to searching for the final three World Rings, defeating Orochi Djinn, and saving the Arabian Nights.

"Hey Naruto, you know with the three of us, we're like our own ninja team now." Kyu said as the group flew along on Hinata's magic carpet.

"We are? But I'm not a ninja." Hinata replied.

"I think what she means Hina-hime, is that based on our personalities and apparent skill types, we would make a good ninja team. You see a standard team consists of 3 ninja and one team leader." Naruto began his explanation. "In order for the team to be really effective, you have to have good teamwork and balance."

"I don't get it." Hinata looked even more confused.

"Hmm, how about I put it like this. With our group, we have a main attacker, a support attacker, and a healer." Naruto said, explaining each member. "I like to be up close in battle so I can do the most damage as quickly as possible. Kyu-chan is really good at range jutsu, and she even knows some healing and support jutsu as well. And you Hina-chan, you're the type that would be good to keep an eye out for both of us, and rush in to heal and support us if necessary."

"So I wouldn't be fighting by your side anymore?" asked the genie.

"No way! You'd still be fighting by my side, but you'd be like the most important part of the team." Naruto said, keeping Hinata's confidence up. "See any team can be full of attackers or heavy hitters, but if they don't have good support, then that team can easily fall."

"It's like this Hinata-chan, if you have three ninja that only specialize in attacking, then yes they can take out a lot of other enemy ninja. But what happens if one gets hurt? That team's effectiveness decreases because they lost an attacker since no one else knows healing. But now change one of the other attackers to a healer or support ninja, and if that attacker goes down, then the healer can help get that person back up."

"So I'm that important to you?" Hinata asked.

"You bet! That's why when we get back to Konoha, I want to see if Baa-chan can start training you. I really believe you would make a wonderful medic-nin."

Hard to believe for Hinata, but she knew Naruto was serious. She was in such high spirits because she now knew that she would be leaving the Arabian Nights and she would be a normal human girl that could spend her days with her wonderful boyfriend and her new best friend. Any other time she would be worried about what kind of greedy wish her master would be making, but Naruto completely changed that. Even though it had seemed like two weeks, her view on things had been completely changed.

"Naruto-kun, Kyu-chan, thank you both so much for doing all of this for me." Hinata said. "I really don't know what I'd do if I didn't find you when I did."

"Hinata-chan, what do you mean?" asked Naruto.

"What I mean is that any other time with any other master, I'd be afraid of having to grant so many greedy wishes and I'd be completely miserable right now." Hinata replied. "But with you Naruto, you've filled me with so much hope and confidence that my days as a genie will soon be over and I'll have a chance to enjoy a normal life. And you Kyu-chan, I've never had a best friend before, but you've told me so much about how things are in Naruto's world, and how a normal girl lives. Just thinking about it has me so excited when we finally stop Orochi Djinn and I'm able to leave this world."

"Look Hina-chan, like I said. Our whole Master/Genie relationship is no more. I never liked that in the first place. When I made the promise to take you back home and free you, I meant it." Naruto stated. "So enjoy the fact that you do have magic because once we get back to Konoha, it's gone."

"Not only that but you and I are going to do some serious shopping when we get back too. Even I'm excited to be able to hit all of the stores to get all kinds of new clothes!" Kyu said in excitement.

"Just hearing you two say all of that really makes me happy." Hinata said as a tear formed in her eye.

"Then let's hurry up so we can get the heck out of here!" Naruto ordered. "Hinata, full speed to the factory!"

"Your wish is my command Naruto!" Hinata said brightly.

The trio flew full speed heading over the jungles to the burning factory where the Ifrit was still there, thrashing about. However this time, things were going to be different.

"Ok, we need a plan. That liquid metal is not a good thing, so we gotta be careful. Naruto, do you think you can give me some more chakra?" asked Kyu as she checked out the area while the trio stayed hidden.

"Sure. I think I can give you another 20 percent. What did you have planned Kyu-chan?" Naruto said as he took her hand and started channeling her stored chakra into her.

"My idea is that if you can distract him long enough, I can hit him with Kitsune Kasen, a big one. Then you can finish him off with a Rasengan. If we add a little bit of Hinata's magic to your Rasengan that should put him out for good."

"Hmm, good point. Actually I do wish Hinata had some form of defensive magic as well that she could use to help us." Naruto said, forgetting that he made a wish.

"Your wish is granted Naruto." Hinata said with a snap of her fingers.

"What did I wish for?" asked the blonde.

"You said you wished I had a form of defensive magic that can help you. Well now I do." Hinata said as she waved her hand in front of both Naruto and Kyu, causing them to radiate in a sparkling aura. "I put up a Magic Shield on both of you. It will deflect any damage you take for a limited amount of time. If it falls, just get back to me and I'll put up a new shield for you."

"Hina-chan, did I ever tell you how awesome you are?" Naruto replied as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Oh so I don't get to be spoiled like that? That's not fair Naruto." Kyu whined when she didn't get a kiss.

"You're silly, you know that Kitsune-chan." Naruto said as he gave Kyu a quick tickling on her ears and then gave her a kiss as well. "Alright, let's do this guys."

Naruto stepped out first, holding the Water Blue ring. "Hey ugly! Take a shower! You stink!!!" He held up the ring, causing storm clouds to form. It soon started to rain, causing the Ifrit to scream in rage as the fiery aura around it soon dissipated. "That's right you freak, come and get me!!"

"Alright Naruto-kun, keep that monstrosity distracted." Kyu's hands began to glow red as she created a very large bow out of her chakra.

"Wow, that's a big bow. How can you hold it?" asked Hinata.

"It's easy. Once you start learning how to make your own chakra Hina-chan, I'll teach you how to do this." Kyu said as she began to pull in all of the extra chakra Naruto gave her. "Now we'll see how this freak likes my Kitsune Kasen!"

Naruto kept up his distraction act, managing to run up and land a few solid hits on the head of the Ifrit. He had to make sure that he stayed away from the molten iron, so he used Kage Bunshin to keep safe. He did return back to Hinata to have his Magic Shield fortified, but otherwise the battle was much easier than last time. When he saw that Kyu was ready, he made his final move by sending a clone to wait over by Hinata.

"Hey freak, see how you like an arrow through the head!" Naruto said as he ran over to his clone and started to form a Rasengan. "Go for it Kyu-chan!"

"With pleasure Naruto!" Kyu took aim and had the target in her sights. "I always liked being a sniper! Eat this ugly! KITSUNE KASEN! (Fox Fire Arrow)" Kyu fired her massive fire arrow directly at the Ifrit, causing it to pierce directly through the giant summon. The Ifrit's hands were now on the platform, giving Naruto easy access to its head. "Naruto he's weak! Finish him off!"

"You bet. Ok Hina-chan, I need you to start adding your magic to my Rasengan. Put in as much as you can, but don't hurt yourself ok." Naruto said as his clone finished the spiraling ball.

"Alright Naruto." Hinata placed her hands over the Rasengan, and began to push as much of her magic into the sphere as possible, causing it to start sparkling. She looked over at him and saw his determination to win, and knew that he would because of her. "I'm really doing it! I'm fighting by Naruto-kun's side! I'm not just his tool to make wishes! He really needs me! Naruto-kun, thank you! Thank you so much!" she thought to herself as she finished pushing her magic in. "It's ready Naruto."

"Thanks Hina-chan. You girls are awesome!" He complimented both of them on their hard work, easily putting a smile on both of their faces. "Now let's see if big ugly likes this!" Naruto charged up the arm of the Ifrit with his target locked. "Hope you like this little gift my girlfriend helped cook up! MAGICAL RASENGAN!" Naruto slammed the sparkling ball into the head of the Ifrit, causing it to explode in a brilliant show of sparkling light. As the Ifrit was sinking into the molten iron Naruto was able to jump back and rejoin his girlfriends.

"Oh yeah, that's how you do it!" Kyu cheered.

"We did it! We beat the Ifrit!" Hinata was just as happy.

"Yeah we did. And both of you did wonderful. There's no way I could have done it without either of you." Naruto pulled both girls into a hug.

"So what now? And what's up with that strange ticking?" Kyu asked as she saw a strange looking sphere fall at their feet.

"Um, what is that? It looks like something's gonna hatch from it." Naruto said.

"It sounds like it's getting louder." Hinata took notice of the ticking.

"Why would something hatching get…oh crap! It's a bomb!! Naruto we gotta get that thing out of here!" Kyu said.

"It took us long enough to get back through here! There's no way we can all make it out in time!" Naruto explained.

"Yes we can! Naruto if you use Speed Break, you can make it out fast enough. I'll use all of my magic to make sure you can get out in time." Hinata said.

"No can do Hinata. Using too much of your magic like that will tire you out." Naruto said when Kyu came up with an idea.

"Naruto, remember the last time you used Speed Break? You had me channel chakra into Hinata and she used my chakra. What if we did the same thing?" Kyu asked.

"Kyu-chan's right! When we did that I felt really strong and it was like my magic had been supercharged! Naruto-kun, we have to try." Hinata said as time was not on their side.

"Hmm alright. Hinata, jump on my back and hang on tight. Kyu-chan I'll summon you back once we get outside." Naruto said, sending Kyu back to his mindscape. When she got back she immediately went back and started focusing her chakra, directing it into Hinata.

"Naruto, is she getting the chakra?" Kyu asked from within his mind.

"Hina-chan, Kyu-chan wants to know if you're getting her chakra?" asked Naruto.

"I am. I'm focusing all of it and my magic right now. You're good to use Speed Break at any time." Hinata said.

"One final thing." Naruto reached in his pouch and took out a long roll of bandage. He wrapped it around his waist, making sure to wrap it around Hinata at the same time. "Don't want you to fall off now." He tied it tight to make sure she was secure and picked up the bomb. "Ok girls here we go! SPEED BREAK!" Naruto's ring began to glow as he bolted off like lightning through the factory. Last time it was fairly easy since he was just dodging palm trees and was in open space, but with all the turns in the factory, it was way more difficult. Within a minute, Naruto made it out of the factory. He looked on the bomb and noticed he had just seconds to spare, so he used all of his strength to throw the bomb as high as possible. "Wow that was close!" He said as the bomb detonated in a fiery explosion.

"Yeah, I didn't think we'd get out of there." Hinata said as Naruto undid the bandages and she was able to get off his back.

"You know something, I seriously need to think about keeping that ability when I get home. Man it is fun to run that fast!!" Naruto said as he summoned Kyu back.

"I dunno Naruto, I think I got a little motion sickness from that." Kyu said, feeling a little sick. "So where do we go now?"

"Actually…we…hey look at that!" Hinata said, pointing the last of the explosion. The group looked up to see a red ring in the air.

"It's another of the World Rings!" Kyu said as the ring lowered for Naruto to grab it.

"Oh man, I forgot this hurts!" Naruto cringed as he grabbed the ring.

"Naruto what do you feel?" asked Hinata.

"I feel rage…lots of rage. It's like these contain emotions or something. All this rage must have been inside the Ifrit." Naruto said as the ring vanished. "So how many do we have left?"

"I think we need two more and we're done." Hinata replied.

"Good, then we can get rid of this blasted arrow in my chest, finish off Orochi Djinn, and go home." Naruto said. "So where's the next stop?"

"I think we should go see King Solomon. He's very wise and may know how to stop Orochi Djinn." Hinata said as she summoned her carpet.

"Then lead the way." Naruto said.

The group left the factory area and headed for the snowy fields of the north. Luckily Kyu was able to use her chakra to create a dome of warmth to keep the group warm. Hinata brought the carpet down and the group started to explore the caves until they came to what looked to be a strange throne room…with a very large skull sitting on it.

"Man this place gives me the creeps." Kyu said as she rubbed her arms.

"I thought you were the mighty Kyuubi, not afraid of anything?" Naruto teased.

Kyu blew him a raspberry, "Yeah so what if I'm the Kyuubi. Right now I'm just a teenage kitsune girl, and I don't like creepy areas!"

"Yeah yeah, nothing's going to happen." Naruto brushed it off but didn't notice that the large skull behind him started to rise up in the air.

"N-n-n-n-n-n-n-naruto!!" Hinata said in fear.

"What is it Hina-chan? And why are you shaking?" Naruto asked.

"She's sh-sh-sh-shaking because of that!" Kyu said, grabbing hold of Naruto's arm while she pointed to the skull.

"Oh that, it's just a big floating skull." Naruto said, taking a minute to realize what he said. "A BIG FLOATING SKULL!!!"

"Yeah and you idiots woke me up!" said the skull.

"Ok now I know I've seen messed up, but this is just crazy!" Naruto said.

"So you're calling the great King Solomon crazy?" said the skull.

"King Solomon, what happened to you?" asked Hinata.

"Blame that maniac Orochi Djinn. Because of him I am now cursed like this." Said the king.

"Wow, so his influence has happened all the way out here? Unbelievable." Naruto said in awe.

"Yeah that foolish Genie of the Lamp is doing everything he can to make this world miserable."

"Genie!! You mean he's like Hinata!" Kyu exclaimed.

"Genie of the Lamp…like Aladdin's Lamp!" Naruto suddenly remembered about the story of Aladdin and his Magical Lamp. "So he's from that story?"

"Yes, because of him, many spirits in this world have been driven to madness. And that madness feeds Orochi's lust for power and makes his power nearly godlike." King Solomon explained.

"So because he's destroying the Arabian Nights, he's becoming stronger and stronger? What would happen if he did succeed?" Hinata asked.

"He would be free to run rampant in other worlds, feeding on the energy that sustains those worlds. Eventually his power will become too much and he will be unstoppable," said the king.

"That's awful! There's no way we can let him win." Kyu said.

"I know Kyu-chan, but we gotta realize, with his power, there has to be something that can stop him." Naruto said.

"Since he's the Genie of the Lamp, he has to have the lamp somewhere. If we had it, we could easily stop him." Hinata said. "Maybe he has it hidden at his palace or something."

"Doesn't hurt to try." Naruto said. "Come on, we need to find out where he's hiding and end this.

"Wait boy, I sense something in you." King Solomon said. "Yes, I see it now. You are the Legendary Hero that the stories speak of. I can see that in your eyes. I can even see the grim fate that befalls you."

"Oh you mean this stupid arrow? Heh, yeah I've had worse things try to kill me." Naruto replied.

"I see. Then let me impart you with some knowledge and a gift. I can see that you are searching for the World Rings. Take this as you continue your search." The King said, summoning a white ring.

"It's the White World Ring! That means we only need one more!" Kyu said in excitement.

"Now that I think about it…we're getting closer and closer, but we still don't know what Orochi wants with the rings. We need to be careful with finding the last ring." Naruto said as he grabbed the ring. "Wow this one feels like light. You know I wonder how something this small could cause so much trouble."

"What do you mean Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata.

"What I mean is that great power like this can cause one of two things, happiness or misfortune." Naruto explained. "Almost similar to what happened to Sasuke."

"Hmm, there are a lot of stories in the Arabian Nights that are like that." Hinata commented.

"Actually I feel something else in this ring. It feels like desire. You know something like that could mean aspiration, like Hinata's desire to be a human girl. Or it could be greed and ambition, like how Orochi Djinn wants to rule everything and destroy the Arabian Nights. Just what in the world does he want with these rings?"

"Well, whatever it is, he's not gonna be taking over any world as long as we're around, right Naruto?" Kyu said boldly.

"Got that right." Naruto said. "So what's this knowledge you have for us as well?"

"Orochi Djinn's palace is located high in the sky. You'll need the power of the White Ring to open the gateway. Simply hold up the ring and the path will open." King Solomon said. "Now hero, show me that your part of this legend will come true."

"Oh I'll show you. The Arabian Nights will remember the one that save it, and his name is Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto proudly said. He and the girls then took their leave of King Solomon's cave.

"Then go quickly, for I see death approaching." King Solomon said.

Naruto, Kyu, and Hinata headed out of the cave and began to fly over the lands, looking for the place where Orochi Djinn's castle would be. They passed over the Sand Palace, Dinosaur Jungle, even the flying Ruins where they rescued Sinbad. They passed back over the stormy seas where pirates roam, and soon came to a cliff overlooking a black void.

"Whoa this is freaky. This must be where the palace is." Kyu said as she surveyed the area.

"What makes you say that Kyu-chan?" asked Hinata.

"Well, it's kinda obvious. We've passed everywhere else we've been in our journey, and this is the one place left. Now all we gotta do is go in there and…" Kyu tried explaining when she saw Naruto fall to his knees and grab his chest in pain. "Naruto, are you ok?"

"I'm fine…just a little pain. It's nothing I can't handle." Naruto said, showing that the Arrow of Flame had gone very dim.

"The Arrow of Flame! Oh Naruto, I'm so sorry! It's my fault that you're hurting like this." Hinata said, trying to comfort him.

"Hinata, didn't I already scold you for all of this?" Naruto said with a warming smile. "You have nothing to be sorry for. Orochi Djinn is to blame for all of this. And you know something, I want to thank him for putting me through all of this hell. Because of him I get sucked through a book while I'm trying to rest. I get a judgment arrow stuck in my chest, I get attacked by a giant five-eyed scorpion, a weird looking pirate hat with horns, had a run in with a giant skull, get cannonballs shot at, and have these ugly looking djinn things attacking me all the time!"

"Naruto…" Kyu said as he continued.

"But I really need to thank him for trying to destroy this place. Because of that I get stuck…with the most beautiful genie I've ever met, and one I've fallen in love with. And because of her I get to hold the other precious girl in my life in my arms. So yeah I'm definitely gonna thank him…right after I kill him for all of this!" Naruto said, building a thick air of confidence around himself.

"We're behind you all the way Naruto." Kyu said.

"You're wrong Kyu-chan…we're not behind him. We're beside him all the way." Hinata corrected the fox girl. "And I for one will stand by him forever."

"You're absolutely right. We do stand by him." Kyu said as she helped up Naruto. "Now let's go end this story so we can all go home."

"Boy the guys are gonna be so jealous of me when I get back." Naruto said, holding up the White Ring. The light from the ring began to resonate over the area, causing the cloak from the palace to vanish. "Looks like that's our last stop ladies."

"Then we should hurry." Hinata already had her carpet summoned.

"Hinata, full speed to the palace!" Naruto commanded.

"Master, your wish is my command!" Hinata sent the carpet full speed into the palace.

The group arrived in the palace, taking note of the exquisite décor, the marble flooring, and basically…everything.

"Ok now this guy has really overdone it." Kyu said as she noticed everything. "I mean what kinda flake would want to live here?" She turned back to see Naruto and Hinata both looking down, tapping their fingers at the same time. "I…uh…hey look when we get home, we can just have Hinata wish us a nice house ok! I mean your apartment isn't bad Naruto."

"Yeah, but it would be nice to live in a mansion like Hitomi-chan did. I guess I'll have that someday when I become Hokage." Naruto said as he brought himself to. "Doesn't matter anyway. I promise I'll have both of you living in a wonderful house."

"Then let's hurry up and get done! I wanna get out of here!" Kyu said as the group continued their trek into the palace.

The palace was very large upon entering the main hall. The trio continued through, looking for any possible entrance to Orochi Djinn's chamber. They did ending up going through some weird portals that took them to rooms much different than before.

"Wow, this is trippy now. We're standing on transparent floor panels, and the whole place is full of stars." Kyu said.

"It looks like something out of a dream." Hinata replied.

"Speaking of that, Hinata I wanna ask something. This has been bugging me ever since you brought me here." Naruto asked.

"Um, what is it Naruto?" Hinata answered.

"Just how do you know Orochi Djinn anyway?" asked Naruto, causing Hinata to immediately start stuttering.

"W-well you s-see…" Hinata spat out.

"Hinata, it's ok. If it's really bothering you, then it's ok. I won't force you to say anything."

Hinata took a deep breath and knew it was time to finally explain everything. "It's that Orochi Djinn was the person who taught me everything about being a Genie. He was my mentor, so to speak. Over time I became more fond of him…and I eventually started liking him more than just my mentor."

"You had a crush on him! Hinata, come on! Why him of all people!" Kyu said in disgust.

"Love between Genies wasn't considered a bad thing. But it all changed when he became corrupt with power. He wanted to rule the Arabian Nights and because of it he was sealed away in his lamp, forced to grant the wishes of one thousand people. Unfortunately that servitude renewed his hatred for humans, and he longed for revenge. It was sad that his cursed fate came from the story he was written into." Hinata explained.

"Look Hinata, it doesn't matter what happened in the past. You're future is how you want to make it. You said it yourself, you chose me, and I plan to make sure your future is a bright one." Naruto said.

"Thank you Naruto. Even though he now sees me as the Genie of the Ring, I still feel as his former student, I have to stop him." Hinata replied. As she said that, the final World Ring appeared before the group.

"No way! It was here all along?" Kyu said as Naruto took hold of the ring.

"Sadness…hard to believe it could be sealed in this ring." Naruto said as he felt the shock go through him. "But with all seven rings, we can now confront Orochi and end this story. Let's go girls."

"Got it Naruto." Kyu said as Naruto ran off. "Hinata-chan, you coming?"

"I'll be right there!" Hinata said. "Naruto I know you said you want to grant my wish of becoming a human girl, but I also have one more wish…to truly return the stories of the Arabian Nights to what they once were."

The trio ran further into the palace where they arrived at a very large door.

"So how do we open this thing?" Kyu asked.

"Let me try something. Open Sesame!" Naruto said, getting no response. "Ok so that doesn't always work."

"Wait, look at the door!" Hinata took notice of seven ring shaped slots. "We need to use the World Rings to get inside."

"When the seven rings that control the worlds are gathered, the portal between worlds shall open. Hinata you're a genius!" Naruto said, calling upon the World Rings. Each one began to glow as it filled a slot. When all seven rings were in place, the large door opened to reveal a portal. "Well girls, ready for the final battle?"

"You bet Naruto. Let's go kick this Orochi's butt and go home and make out." Kyu said.

"Hey I wanna do that too!" Hinata whined in as well.

"Then let's end this now." Naruto said as he and the girls entered the portal. The rings disappear from the door and it closes behind the trio. As they enter the other side, the room is a large throne room where Orochi Djinn is sitting in wait.

"So you've arrived, and you've brought me all seven World Rings." Orochi said as he stood up.

"Yeah, you know we're really good friends and all, so why not." Naruto said sarcastically.

"And I see you used him to get them for you Hinata. I've trained you well." Orochi said, getting Naruto riled up.

"You didn't use her at all! Hinata has nothing else to do with you anymore Orochi! And what about your end of the deal! We got the rings, so you get rid of this flame!" Naruto snapped back as he pointed at the flame.

"You are of no use anymore. Now come Hinata, bring me the rings and we shall rule the worlds together." Orochi held out his hand to call for Hinata. As he did so, she grabbed her head in pain as she walked towards him with the seven rings.

"Hinata, what are you doing! You can't be serious!" Kyu said as she continued walking.

"I…I…I can't control myself! He's forcing…me to bring him the rings!" Hinata struggled to resist, but couldn't. "I'm sorry…I have no choice!"

"You always have a choice Hinata!" Naruto said as he rubbed his ring. "Now Hinata, Genie of the Ring, as your Master I command you, do what you know is the right choice!"

"Your…wish…your wish….yaa!!!" Hinata fell to her knees, holding her head in pain as the rings arrive at Orochi. Naruto's wish also caused the final bracelet on Hinata's wrist to break and disappear.

"Hina-chan, are you ok? Tell me please?" Naruto asked as he checked on his girlfriend.

"I am Naruto. I really tried resisting him, but he was too powerful." Hinata said in tears.

"It's not your fault. It never was your fault." Naruto said, pulling the genie girl closer to himself.

"Ah the seven world rings that bind the pages together. Prayers, Sadness, Rage, Hatred, Joy, Pleasure, Wishes…with these I will be unstoppable!"

"You're not gonna get away with this Orochi." Kyu said, but Orochi paid it no heed.

"Foolish fox girl, you do not know of the power you see before you. For you see, the life of the collector of the rings must be sacrificed for the key to that control!" Orochi said as he drew his large razor sword. "And now boy, I offer your life in sacrifice!"

"What!" Naruto said as he saw the blade coming down.

Naruto almost thought he was truly finished, but he saw one of the worst possible things in the world. Hinata moved just enough to push him out of the way, taking the fatal strike in his place. The shock alone even caused the weird brain shaped object that Hinata gave Naruto to fall out of his pouch as well.

"Hina-chan, no!" Kyu said in shock.

"HINATA!!!!" Naruto screamed as he saw his girl dying before him.

"Naruto…I'm really…sorry. I knew…all about this…and I still dragged…you into this." Hinata weakly said.

"Please Hinata, you have to stay alive!" Naruto cried in pain. "You know it wasn't your fault!"

"I know…but did I…keep my promise to change…for you?" she said in a soft voice.

"Yes…you definitely changed! Now please grant me a wish? I wish for you to go back to the way you were!" Naruto pleaded, but Hinata was fading quickly.

"Naruto…master…I'm sorry but I cannot…grant…" Those were Hinata's final words as her eyes closed and she died in Naruto's arms. She then began to fade away into magical dust. Naruto's ring also happened to break as well.

"Orochi…you bastard!" Naruto gripped Hinata's ring in his fist and began brewing with rage.

"Such weakness of the Genie of the Ring." Orochi said as the seven rings entered his body and he underwent a massive transformation. "Eyaaaaaa!!!"

"Naruto, please, you have to do something! We have to…" Kyu fell to the ground in pain as Naruto's rage was going over. He was tapping into her chakra and she could feel that he was drawing upon at least 6 tails of power. It was enough to cause her to return to Naruto's mindscape where she saw the entire room in chaos.

"Orochi!!!!" Naruto had already gone into his six-tail transformation. "I'LL KILL YOU!!"

"You weak fool! I am Alf Layla wa Layla! I AM the Arabian Nights! I will forge this world and make it in my own image!" Orochi, now known as Alf Layla bellowed. He now looked like a giant six armed mutated genie with a snake for a head. His power continued to rise but soon three of the world rings shot out of his body. The three rings instead entered Naruto's body, causing his power to shoot through the roof! Kyu could now see inside his mindscape the three Rings were now radiating their power throughout and she could easily control the energy for Naruto.

"Naruto, can you hear me? Three of the World Rings have entered your body! They're giving us the power to stop Orochi! I can now give you all nine tails of my chakra in addition to the Ring Energy!" Kyu said as she unleashed everything in her being to power Naruto up. "Alright Naruto, time to go Nine Tail and kick this guy's ass…do it for Hinata-chan!"

"I will Kyu…chan!" Naruto exploded in a wave of energy. He now stood before Alf Layla not as a raging feral creature. He retained his human form, except now he radiated in a golden aura, having nine gold tails flowing behind him. His clothes were now gold as well, and his eye color changed to gold also. There were even two gold ears on top of his head. The same thing even happened to Kyu in his mindscape!

"Hey Naruto, I'm dying my hair color, my tails, and definitely getting contacts when we get home! Seriously, I love this color!!!" Kyu screamed out. "Let's end this now, Golden Kyuubi Naruto!"

Naruto stared at Alf Layla, his eyes burning with a rage never before seen. "Orochi…Alf Layla…whatever you are! I swear I will stop you!" He looked in his palm and saw Hinata's broken ring. The only thing he could do was make one last wish in the hopes that she would hear. "Hinata, I ask my final wish." He closed his hand over the ring, gripping it tightly. "Hinata, wherever you are, please lend me your power!!!"

A/N Yeah for added effect, you'll want to be listening to "Seven Rings in Hand", the main theme from Sonic and the Secret Rings. You can probably find it on YouTube, anywhere online, or if you have Super Smash Bros Brawl and have Sonic unlocked, you've probably unlocked this song as well.

Golden Kyuubi Naruto took a good look at the area. Alf Layla had now changed the entire world into a black dimension of chaos. The palace completely vanished as it was now only him and the monstrosity.

"Do you see foolish boy! I am the creator! This world and its stories are now mine!" Alf Layla roared.

"This sorry world? You can have it. Because I plan to make sure you spend eternity in here for what you did to Hinata!!" Naruto roared. "There's no way I would ever let you ruin these stories for everyone else!"

"Try what you can foolish boy! You shall fail!" Alf Layla laughed.

Naruto looked at the broken ring in his hand and knew what he was fighting for. He was going to make Hinata's wish come true and nothing was going to stop him.

"Naruto-kun…" He thought he had heard Hinata's voice but he wasn't sure.

"Hinata-chan?" Naruto said to himself.

"Naruto, I will always be with you. The very last of my magic is now yours. Use Speed Break and Time Break to put an end to Orochi for good!" Hinata's voice faded as the ring vanished.

"Hinata-chan…thank you…for everything." Naruto said to himself. "Hey Kyu-chan, you ready to have some fun?"

"Naruto-kun, I've been waiting to do something like this for a very long time!" Kyu said as she easily kept all the energy in his body under control. "Make that freak suffer for taking my best friend from me!"

"With pleasure!" Naruto said as he flew off at full speed towards Alf Layla.

What puzzled Naruto was that as he flew towards Alf Layla, it seemed that the monstrosity was always far away, no matter how fast he was going. Alf Layla began his attack by launching a volley of dark blasts of energy. Due to the rings power, the blasts were so fast, Naruto barely had any time to evade them.

"Ok that's too close, I gotta find a way to avoid those…Time Break! Next time he does that I can slow time and easily evade them!" Naruto said as he saw the next wave of blasts coming. "Ok, here we go! TIME BREAK!"

Time began to slow as Naruto saw the blasts more clearly. This time he was able to nimbly evade with no problem at all. However Alf Layla wasn't about to let him get any further.

"Not even that genie's power will help you boy!" Alf Layla roared as he began to slash his arms. Naruto wondered why he was simply slashing and nothing was happening.

"You're getting deluded you freak! That's just like any other power hungry…" Naruto was cut off as he now saw what the slashing was doing! It created delayed shockwaves that he had to start weaving through. Alf Layla even made it harder when he started throwing in the dark blasts again, barely giving Naruto any room. Naruto ended up getting bombarded, but it didn't even scratch him. "Hmm, I guess in this form…I'm practically invincible. That's gotta be all of Kyu's power combined with the World Rings and the last of Hinata's Magic doing it."

Naruto shook off the hit and started looking around to see what he could do. "Hmm, ok I know I can Time Break to avoid those shots, but I need to find a way to get in and really let him have it." He kept trying to think of anything when he saw Alf Layla create a giant ball of destructive energy. "What in the hell!"

"Meet your demise boy!" Alf Layla screamed as he threw his energy ball at Naruto.

"I gotta counter that…wait! It's just like a jutsu! If you hit it with enough force, you can reverse it back!" Naruto said, remembering Tsunade's words. "Alright, see how you like this! SPEED BREAK!" Naruto bolted at nearly light speed directly into Alf Layla's blast, pushing back on it as hard as he could. Alf Layla tried to force it even more, but due to the speed that Naruto flew in, it was enough to overpower it and knock it back into Alf Layla, stunning the monstrosity. "Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about!"

"Naruto look at his head! That looks like a weak spot! See if you can hit him!" Kyu said when she saw the spot.

"Gotcha Kyu-chan!" Naruto began to focus his new energy in his hand for the Kitsune Kasen, and noticed it was way more powerful than before. "Alright, time to use a move out of my girlfriend's playbook! SUPER KITSUNE KASEN!!" Naruto launched a golden arrow directly at the weak spot on Alf Layla, causing the beast to start thrashing in pain. He also saw two of the world rings shoot out of his body. "Hey Kyu, it worked!"

"Pathetic boy! You will not win!" Alf Layla screamed as he flew back to his safe spot. "This world will be mine!"

"Didn't I tell you, freaks like you always spit that stuff out and you never win!" Naruto said as he started dodging more of Alf Layla's dark blasts.

"Then try to defeat this!" Alf Layla changed up his tactic by throwing more concentrated dark energy blasts, this time with a new effect.

"Hey what in the…those things are trying to draw me in!" Naruto took note and had to push himself harder to avoid those blasts. Though Alf Layla made it even harder by adding more of the delayed slashes and extra dark blasts. "Damn, I guess I really pissed him off!"

"Naruto, I think I have an idea. Try using Speed Break to get through most of that junk and try to trick him into throwing another mega blast. If we can distract him again, I have a new trick for you to use." Kyu said.

"Got it Kyu." Naruto took her advice and started speeding through the blasts. "Hey Alf whatever! Think you can miss me with that mega blast again!"

Alf Layla roared at Naruto's taunt and threw another blast. Naruto remembered what happened last time, and easily countered, stunning the beast once again.

"Alright Kyu-chan, you're in control!" Naruto said.

"Thanks Naruto-kun! Now see how he likes this! KITSUNE BLITZ RUSH!" Kyu screamed as she took control of Naruto, sending him in to unleash an unbelievable barrage of punches and kicks on Alf Layla's weak spot. Due to the power of the World Rings, she was able to control Naruto's Speed Break and from the way it looked, one could only think that it was Naruto using the Hiraishin no Jutsu from the famed Yondaime Hokage.

"You little worm! Where did you get this power? I cannot be beaten! I AM the creator!!" Alf Layla said as he regained his composure. The final two rings shot out of his body, causing him to go unstable.

"You know I am sick and damn tired of hearing your stupid 'I am the creator' bull!" Naruto said as he started forming his signature jutsu. "All you want is to destroy something perfectly good, and mind you I like these stories very much! And if I don't get to finish them, then you know it would REALLY piss me off!"

"You cannot win." Alf Layla said in desperation.

"Just shut up." Naruto said as his Rasengan began to spin faster and grew larger. It now shined in a radiant golden color and even sparkled as well. "You see this? This attack is not only my power, but that of my girlfriend Kyu, the World Rings, and…Hinata, the girl you took from me! SUCK ON THIS! MAGIC RING FLARE RASENGAN!" Naruto let all hell loose when he slammed the Rasengan into Alf Layla's weak spot, causing the energy to go berserk.

"No…this is not…I can't lose!!!" Alf Layla screamed in pain as his body exploded in a fury of energy. It also looked like there were streams of letters shooting out of him, most likely the pages of the Arabian Nights that he had absorbed to increase his power.

"Hey Orochi, your story's done. Next time, try writing a better one because yours sucked!" Naruto said as the explosion continued.

The black void of chaos dissipated and returned back to the throne room of Orochi's palace. Naruto landed back on his feet and was able to dispel his Golden Kyuubi form, also releasing Kyu at the same time. Orochi Djinn had also returned back to his normal form as well.

"That jerk is still alive? What the hell?" Kyu said. She also caught a glimpse of Naruto and saw that the Arrow of Flame was gone as well. "Hey Naruto, that Arrow of Flame is gone!"

"Looks like when I went Golden Kyuubi, it got rid of it." Naruto said. "So you liked having the gold ears, tails, hair color, and eyes huh? We'll see what we can do when we get home."

"Naruto you rock!" Kyu said with a hug. "So what do we do with this freak?"

"Foolish whelps. I cannot be defeated! If you do, I shall simply return again and again!" Orochi said as he picked up his razor sword from the ground. "I am immortal! Nothing can vanquish me!"

"Oh save it you freak!" Naruto said as he now held a strange looking lamp.

"What! Where did you get…that's not possible!" Orochi said, now terrified at what Naruto held in his hands.

"Naruto, what is that?" Kyu asked when she saw the lamp.

"It was what I wished for right as Hinata-chan died. Remember that weird looking object she gave me? Turns out it was just a plain old lamp." Naruto said. "A plain old lamp that happens to be the one that Orochi Djinn hates!"

"You mean that's his lamp!" Kyu said, realizing that Naruto now controlled everything!

"You bet it is. And if I remember correctly, the Genie of the Lamp is supposed three wishes to its master right?" Naruto said as he went and sat in the throne.

"As if I would ever grant any of your wishes, stupid boy!" Orochi spat out.

"You know what? You don't have any choice!" Naruto snapped back. "My first wish! Bring Hinata back to life!" Naruto pointed the lamp at the genie and it shot a ball of flame out, piercing Orochi.

"I…I…no!" Orochi screamed as he granted Naruto's first wish. A swirl of light engulfed Naruto's finger as Hinata's ring was restored. He looked to his side to see two swirling lights completely restoring his fallen girlfriend.

"What…what happened?" Hinata said as she checked over herself.

"Hinata-chan!" Kyu cheered as she embraced her best friend. "You're really back!"

"How? What happened? The last thing I remember was taking that strike from Orochi Djinn." Hinata said as she returned the embrace.

"Oh that, well I dealt with that problem myself." Naruto said. "I don't like it when my precious people are taken from me, and trust me, I'll fight tooth and nail to get them back."

"So Naruto-kun, what's your second wish going to be?" Kyu asked.

"Oh that's easy. I think I remember a little genie telling me that her wish was to save the Arabian Nights." Naruto replied as he looked at Hinata. She knew what he was talking about and could only smile as he made his wish. "My second wish, return the Arabian Nights to the way they were, so that everyone now and in the future can enjoy the wonderful stories again AND you will make it that no one can EVER destroy the Arabian Nights!"

"No…you…can't!!" Orochi screamed as the second wish was granted. Energy began to swirl all around his body in lettering as the pages he absorbed completely flew out of his body, restoring the Arabian Nights back to what it should be. "How…how could you!"

"See Hinata-chan, I told you I would grant your wish." Naruto said with a smile.

"Naruto-kun, thank you so much!" Hinata ran up and kissed Naruto. "Now everyone can be happy again!"

"Got that right." Naruto turned his gaze back to Orochi. "So girls, what do you think my final wish should be? Think I should strip Orochi of his power as a genie? Think I should make him an ordinary human?"

"He's not worth it Naruto. Do what you want to him." Kyu said.

"This time…I agree with Kyu-chan. Evil like his shouldn't be allowed in the Arabian Nights." Hinata added.

"Wow, who would have thought Hina-chan had a little bit of a dark side." Kyu said in surprise.

"He hurt Naruto-kun, and no one hurts Naruto-kun." Hinata said as she tightened her embrace.

"Well you heard the ladies. Orochi Djinn, my final wish, and yours as well!" Naruto stood and pointed the lamp at the genie. "You will be forever banished to your lamp, never to be summoned again, and once you are sealed, your lamp will be cast into the bottom of the molten iron pits in the Foundry! Never again shall your presence exist in the Arabian Nights!" A final fireball shot out of the lamp and pierced Orochi Djinn.

"How…could you!" Orochi said as a tornado began to swirl around him. "Hinata, please! You have to stop him from doing this!"

"I don't have to stop him at all!" Hinata replied.

"We can start all over! Just the two of us! Hinata!!" Orochi screamed as the tornado spun faster.

"I used to love you Orochi…but not anymore. My future is with Naruto-kun! Goodbye forever!" Hinata said, turning her back to the genie.

"I cannot be denied my destiny! I will not be beaten by this foolish boy!" Those were Orochi's last words as he was sucked into the lamp.

"Quit calling me a foolish boy! My name is Naruto Uzumaki, get it right!" Naruto said as Orochi was finally sealed in the lamp. He then blew out the flame as the lamp lifted into the air and flew full speed back to the Foundry where they fought the Ifrit. Orochi Djinn would never again be seen in the Arabian Nights.

"We did it…we really did it!" Hinata cheered. "The Arabian Nights are saved forever!"

"Didn't I tell you I'd keep my promise? Naruto Uzumaki always helps his precious people." Naruto said. "So girls, I guess since the Arabian Nights are now saved, and Orochi Djinn is no more, the story of the Legendary Hero is over."

"Looks like it. But how are we going to get home?" asked Kyu.

"I believe we can handle that for you." The trio turned to see the seven World Rings all glowing…but wait did the rings just talk!!

"Ok, tell me I'm not crazy, but did those rings just talk?" Kyu asked in confusion.

"Yes, we are the seven spirits that control the Arabian Nights," said the red ring. "Long have we searched for a hero to save this world."

"Ok, now I'm not as freaked." Kyu replied.

"Great rings, why did you call me to this land? I mean I was just an ordinary shinobi." Naruto questioned.

"You see, your mission was not to save the Arabian Nights, it was to break the curse on our Genie of the Ring." The white ring answered.

"Curse? I was cursed?" Hinata said, confused at what was happening.

"Yes. Originally Hinata, you were not of this world. When you were brought here, a curse was placed upon you. Your curse was that you had to find someone who would use your power not for their own gain, but for your freedom. Many masters have come and gone, and all have failed." Said the red ring. "But Naruto was the only one who passed the test. With his wishes, he shattered the curse and released you."

"But how? I don't understand?" Hinata was still confused until she looked at her wrist. "Hey what happened to my bracelet?"

"The three bracelets you wore symbolized the seals of the curse. Naruto needed to make three wishes that would affect you, and it had to be wishes of selflessness." Said the red ring.

"I know what they were!" Kyu said. "The first wish was after you fought that scorpion! You wished that Hinata could help you anytime she wanted! That means she didn't need you to wish for her help."

"Ok…yeah I remember that one." Naruto said, but what about the others.

"The second wish was when you were facing the Ifrit the first time. You wished that Hinata would fight together with you. You wanted her at your side, as opposed to just her powering you up. You showed that you valued her more than her abilities." Kyu said. "Then there was the finisher. The third wish was when Orochi was controlling Hinata to bring him the World Rings. Hinata said she didn't have a choice, but you said she always has one and wished that she would make the choice she knew was right."

"Because of your selfless acts Naruto, you have broken the curse and now Hinata is free to leave the Arabian Nights." Said the white ring.

"So I really can go home with Naruto…to his home!" Hinata was beaming with joy. "Naruto this is wonderful! My other wish will really come true now!"

"Then it is time." Said the red ring. The seven rings turned to face the sky, each firing a blast of light that opened a portal. "Your way home is through there."

"So I guess you should summon a carpet for us, huh?" Kyu asked.

"Actually, we prefer that you fly home by other means." Said the red ring as all seven rings entered Naruto. "We happen to like that golden fox look." Within seconds Naruto was back to Golden Kyuubi form. Since Kyu was linked to him by their seal, she instantly assumed the same form as well. Also due to Naruto's link with Hinata's ring…

"Ok Hinata is really making that look good!" Kyu said as she now saw Hinata in the same color clothes as her. It was even more amazing since Kyu still had the jutsu active on Hinata and the genie girl now had two golden tails and a pair of golden ears as well.

"I look good?" Hinata asked.

"Both of you look amazing." Naruto said as he held his hands out. Each girl took one and they turned towards the portal. "Let's all go home." With that, the three took off into the sky towards the portal.

"Tsunade-shishou, why are we all here anyway? And where's Naruto?" asked Sakura as she and the others of the Konoha 10 were assembled in Tsunade's office.

"Naruto should be back shortly." Tsunade said as she took a book and set it on the floor. Once she set it down it started shaking.

"Hey what's the deal with that crazy book?" Kiba wondered. "I thought books aren't supposed to move."

"Well this is actually a special book." Jiraiya said. "I found this one in my travels many years ago. Naruto's been reading it and he said it was actually good."

"What is it, another one of your pervy stories?" Sakura said in disgust.

"Not really. Have any of you ever heard of 'The Arabian Nights'? That's what the book is called. It consists of 1001 stories. There are all kinds of thing inside, pirates, heroes, villains, magic genies. It's a wonderful set of stories. I'd ask Naruto to read it when he gets back. Some of you might like them." Jiraiya responded as the book suddenly opened and a column of light shot out. "Oh look like Naruto's back."

Just as Jiraiya said, Naruto, Kyu, and Hinata shot out of the book now standing before everyone.

"Oh man that was fun! I seriously gotta figure out how to access this form more often." Naruto said as the book closed. He turned around to see that he wasn't in his apartment anymore, but now in Tsunade's office…with everyone else staring at him. "Uh hey guys."

"N-n-naruto! What in the world happened to you! And why do you look like that!" Sakura said. "And who are those two girls with you???"

"Wow Naruto-kun, you're right. Sakura can be annoying sometimes. Why did you go after her so much anyway?" Kyu asked. "Oh well, I guess I'll explain everything for you."

"Yeah there better be a good explanation for this! And who do you think you are calling me annoying?" Sakura snapped back.

"Well let's see, where to begin. Oh yeah, concerning Naruto, what you see is Naruto's Golden Kyuubi Form. He used my chakra, Hinata's magic, and the power of the World Rings to achieve this form. Pretty much he could utterly destroy anything and everything if he wanted." Kyu began. "But Naruto-kun's too sweet."

"Gotta say, it's not a bad look." Chouji said while he munched on chips.

"As for me, you're looking at the one and only Kyuubi no Kitsune…and one of Naruto's girlfriends." Kyu said as the trio returned back to their normal forms.

"The…Kyuubi!! No way!!" Ino shrieked in fear.

"That's impossible! The Kyuubi was a raging demon of destruction! There is no way you're her!" Kiba said. "And it's even more impossible that Naruto has a girlfriend! That idiot was too dense to see he had a girl loving him and he kept going after someone that wouldn't give him time of day!"

"Look dog boy, see the tails? They're all real. If Naruto let me loose I could destroy this village in a heartbeat! But I'm not that type of person. I was controlled anyway." Kyu replied. "So yes, I am the Kyuubi. You can all call me Kyu." Said the kitsune girl. "I mean it's hard enough when you have to sit back for 16 years and watch Naruto's bad memories all the time."

"Everyone you may not believe this, but she really is the Kyuubi. She was sealed into Naruto 16 years ago by the Yondaime Hokage. Naruto here discovered more about her and what you see is her true personality." Jiraiya explained. "Now who's this second girl?"

"Yeah and why does she look like Hitomi Hyuuga?" Neji asked.

"My name is Hinata. I'm Naruto-kun's genie…and his other girlfriend." Hinata said with a smile, causing everyone to fall flat on the floor.

"Ok now THAT's impossible! There is no way Naruto can have TWO girlfriends, and genies aren't real!" Sakura said.

"But I am a real genie. I can even grant wishes too." Hinata replied.

"Yeah right. So if I were to wish my hair was as blonde as Naruto's you'd grant it." Sakura said with doubt.

"Hinata, I wish you would grant Sakura's wish." Naruto said as he rubbed the ring.

"Your wish is my command Naruto." Hinata snapped her fingers and instantly Sakura went from pink hair to blonde hair. That left everyone with jaws hitting the floor!

"Ok why are you all looking like that?" Sakura asked.

"Uh Sakura…" Ino took out a small mirror and held it up to Sakura, letting her see her new blonde look.

"WHAT THE HELL!!!" Sakura shrieked as she now saw her blonde look. "Ok this is just plain insanity!"

"Sakura, it's all real. Kyu is the Kyuubi, and Hinata is a genie. And both are my girlfriends." Naruto said calmly as the seven World Rings appeared from inside his body. "Oh and these rings are what is known as the World Rings. They're what helped me go into that golden nine tail form."

"Yes and now we must finish our mission. Naruto it is time for you to have Hinata grant your last three wishes…and her last three as well." Said the white ring.

"What do you mean her last three wishes? What's going to happen to her?" asked Naruto.

"After she grants the final wish…we do not know what will happen. That will be left up to you Naruto." Replied the red ring. "But your wishes can be anything you desire. We are bestowing our power upon Hinata so her magic power is now infinite. She can grant any wish you desire."

"Any wish? Naruto you could wish to be the richest person in the world!" Kiba said.

"Or wish for unlimited food!" Chouji added.

"You could even wish to bring people back to life if you wanted, or even get rid of people with that kind of power!" Tsunade said.

"Naruto…you could even wish to bring Sasuke back!" Sakura said, hoping Naruto would make that wish.

"Guess you got a lot on your plate, huh kid?" Jiraiya said, causing Naruto to think a little bit harder.

"I already know what my wishes are. I decided them a long time ago. I said I was going to free Kyu-chan from the seal, permanently seal the Kyuubi energy, and make both her and Hinata-chan into human girls." Naruto said. "That's what I originally had planned but I'm not going to do that now."

"Naruto what are you…" Kyu said as Naruto began his first wish.

"Hinata my first wish. I want you to completely unseal Kyu from me so that she may live in this world on her own again. She will have all of her chakra, power, and abilities, but when she's unsealed, I won't die." Naruto said.

"Naruto, you can't be serious! You're releasing the Kyuubi!" Kiba said. "What if she…"

"Ok when this is done, I'm kicking your butt first dog boy." Kyu said.

"Naruto, your wish is granted." Hinata said with a nod. Instantly a stream of red energy shot from Naruto's body into Kyu, completely restoring every ounce of chakra and power she had.

"So how do you feel Kyu-chan?" Naruto asked as she was getting adjusted.

"It's all back Naruto-kun. I have all of my power back." Kyu said. "So should I go full nine tail and let dog boy have it?"

"Naruto man, get your girl!" Kiba said with a tremble in his voice.

"Don't worry, she won't bite. Because I'm taking all of her power away from her anyway. Hinata my second wish." Naruto began.

"Naruto-kun, you can't!" Kyu pleaded but Naruto paid it no heed.

"My second wish is that you make me the new Kyuubi and make it that I can never be sealed, controlled, or captured ever! I want to be known as the new guardian of Konoha, so that I can always protect my home and my precious people, and I want the power of the Kyuubi to do it." Naruto said, causing everyone to really flip out.

"Naruto, what in the hell are you thinking!" Sakura asked. "This is insanity!"

"Naruto, your wish is granted." Hinata snapped her fingers and instantly Kyu started glowing.

"What's going…" Kyu said as a red beam of light shot out of her body and went back into Naruto. She could feel every ounce of her power draining as she lost her ability as Kyuubi. Within seconds everyone now saw her as a normal girl, while Naruto now had nine golden tails and a pair of golden ears. "It's all gone. I'm not the Kyuubi anymore."

"That's right. You're human now Kyu-chan. I said I was going to make you human didn't I?" Naruto said as his tails now swirled around. "Well Hinata-chan, are you ready for the last wish you'll ever grant?"

"I am Naruto-kun. And whatever your wish is, I'll make it come true." Hinata answered.

"Good, because I'm not making that wish to turn you into a human." Naruto said. "It just doesn't suit my needs anymore."

"Naruto, you can't be serious! You promised her that! What happened to you keeping your promises?" Kyu whined.

"Oh that. Well I'm Kyuubi now, and those promises…I'm changing them." Naruto replied. "Hinata, for the final wish!"

Everyone was on edge as to what Naruto was going to wish for. It could just about be anything from a lifetime supply of ramen, to total world domination!

"Hinata, I wish that both you and Kyu will become kitsune, and be permanently linked to me. You will both be able to draw upon my chakra as Kyuubi and the three of us will always be together till the end of time, because I love both of you with everything in my being. I want both of you to always be by my side, in battle and in peace, because you two are the most precious girls to me, and I wouldn't give you up for the world, because I'll need both of you to help me restore the Uzumaki clan in Konoha as the new guardians of this village." Naruto said, causing both Kyu and Hinata to start beaming in happiness.

"Naruto, I can't believe it! That's what you had planned!" Kyu said as she squeezed the life out of Naruto.

"Listen Kyu-chan, I know how much you loved your ears and tails. Plus Hinata was really happy with them as well. Also if you two were regular humans, you wouldn't live as long as I would. This way I'll always know you'll both be happy in life." Naruto said as he saw Hinata crying.

"Naruto…thank you so much. You don't know how much it means for me to hear a wish like that. This is why I can happily say…that Naruto, my master, your final wish is granted!" Hinata clapped her hands together, causing a wave of energy to shoot out. As she did that, both she and Kyu were now engulfed in a column of energy as they underwent their transformation. Everyone looked on at the sight and though they still couldn't believe it…it was all really happening. The columns soon vanished as everyone now looked upon two kitsune teenage girls. Kyu with 4 light red tails and ears, and Hinata with 4 light lavender tails ears.

"Wow, I can already feel the connection to Naruto's chakra." Kyu said. "This is more amazing than just being the Kyuubi!"

"So this is what having my own chakra feels like." Hinata said as she did a quick transformation into Kyu. "Naruto, look I can to the Transformation Jutsu all on my own! And it's much easier!"

"So are you girls happy?" Naruto asked as Hinata returned back to normal. Both girls ran up and put him in a bear hug.

"Naruto-kun, you've made us the happiest girls in the universe!" Kyu cried. "Never in a million years did I think I could be here with you like this."

"Naruto, you did so much for me. I'm so happy I met you. I'll never let you go, ever!" Hinata added.

"Then our mission is finished. Naruto, Kyu, Hinata, we wish you many years of happiness. The three of you are inseparable, and can achieve anything as you work together." Said the red ring as the other rings began to enter the book. "Before we go, we impart these gifts to you." As the ring said that, the three kitsune pulsed quickly with a golden aura, before it faded. "All three of you will now be able to access the Golden Kyuubi form in any battles you may have. Also Naruto, you now control Speed Break and Time Break as you wish. Kyu, we bestow upon you these gloves. They will enhance your range attacking capabilities by 1000 fold. And Hinata, what's to say you can't have a little bit of magic left in you. Farewell and enjoy your new lives." The ring entered the book and everything was now over.

"So that's it?" asked Ino.

"Yes, and everything you've seen was all real. Naruto now has two people to help him in life, and I think that with his abilities, nothing will stand in his way." Tsunade said as she went to her desk. "It's also time that you know about this Naruto." She handed him the scroll. "We've kept this secret from you for 16 years and you need to know this."

"This, it's just a letter from the Yondaime. But why is it…" Naruto said as he read the letter. "Wait, Baa-chan is all of this true?"

"Every last word. Those were the final words from your father, Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha." Tsunade said.

"NARUTO'S THE SON OF THE YONDAIME!!!!" everyone else screamed.

"I'm…the son of the greatest Hokage that ever lived? No way!" Naruto said. "I don't believe it."

"It's all true. When Kyuubi attacked, he couldn't live with asking anyone else to make the sacrifice he did. That's why he chose you. Minato wanted you to be seen as a hero." Tsunade explained. "Though everyone's ignorance failed to see that."

"This is just heavy! I mean…I…whoa." Naruto said when he saw Kyu crying again. "Kyu-chan, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry Naruto. It's my fault you lost your father. I can't believe that I let myself do that to you." She was on her hands and knees begging for Naruto to forgive her.

"Eh don't worry about it. Now can we go get some food here? I haven't had a big bowl of ramen for like two weeks!" Naruto said.

"That's Naruto. He comes home, gets insane amounts of power, two girlfriends, finds out about his parents, and still craves ramen." Shikamaru sighed.

"Oh yeah, guess I should do this." Naruto snapped his fingers and instantly all of his, Kyu's, and Hinata's kitsune features vanished. "I think I'll ease into telling the village about all of this."

"Naruto, since you now have two very lovely girls living with you, I think they'll need to have some personal things. I doubt they'd want to wear the same clothes over and over again." Tsunade said, handing Naruto another scroll with a key. "Also you're not going back to your apartment. That place is too cramped."

"Ok well where are we going?" asked the blonde.

"That scroll is the title naming you successor to the Namikaze estate and accounts. You now have access to your inheritance, and mind you it's probably 50 times more than what the Hyuuga clan has. Your new mansion is over on the east side of the village." Tsunade said. "Plus your accounts are worth more than 10,000,000,000 ryou. That should be more than enough to help you in establishing your clan, Naruto Namikaze."

"Naruto…Namikaze. My dad would be proud." Naruto said. "Well, you girls wanna go shopping?"

"Naruto, you just said the magic words!" Kyu said in excitement.

"Hey Ino, Tenten, Sakura, you three think you could help my girlfriends out? I'm being nice so get something for yourselves as well." Naruto said.

"Naruto, you're kidding right?" Ino asked. Naruto just shook his head, solidifying his answer. "Well girls, I say we blow this place and go shopping!"

"Come on Hinata-chan, it's time to expose you to one of the best pastimes of a teenage girl…shopping sprees." Kyu said as she grabbed Hinata's hand.

"Alright. Bye Naruto-kun!" Hinata said as the girls bolted out of the Hokage's office.

"Bye Hinata-hime. Oh yeah, Baa-chan, can you do me a favor?" Naruto asked. "I'd like to have Hina-chan start training as a medic-nin. I think she'd really make a good one."

"Sure thing Naruto." Tsunade said. "Now get out of here before you drive me more crazy."

"Alright. Later." Naruto said as he and the others walked out of the office. Jiraiya went and picked up the book and started thumbing through it.

"Hard to believe he's come so far, huh?" asked the toad sage.

"Yeah. But I think he'll be better off now. He has his family estate, a brand new family, and Akatsuki is gonna be in for a lot of hell if they take him on." Tsunade said. "So that book…what kind of stories are in it anyway?"

"Actually some of the world's best stories." Jiraiya said, showing her the title of one of the stories. "And this one right here…I'm going to love reading."

"You know, I want to read that one too." Tsunade said as she saw the title of the story, 'Naruto and the Secret Rings'.


A year passed as Naruto got settled into his new home and life. All his friends knew his secret and eventually he'd tell the village, but he knew they weren't ready. Kyu was getting used to going shopping, mostly for ninja gear, but she did like the occasional department store trip. Hinata was undergoing the biggest change. Tsunade appointed her as an apprentice and began teaching her everything about medical ninjutsu, chakra control, and taijutsu. Within one year, she was appointed Special Chuunin along with Kyu, and Naruto had been promoted to Special Jounin. Hinata also started getting the hanging of cooking, and it went quite well. Naruto said one of her best recipes was what she called Genie's Ramen. Turns out that the World Rings gave her the ability to use magic for small things, like minor teleportation for supplies, healing, and even cooking. Guess genie magic makes a good ramen seasoning too.

But today was not a good day. Pein decided to finally make his attack on Konoha, searching for Naruto so that he could finally seal the Kyuubi. His Six Paths had already begun to decimate a part of Konoha, but he didn't expect to run into Naruto so soon.

"So I hear you're looking for me?" Naruto said as he stared down Pein's Deva Path.

"Naruto Uzumaki, finally we meet." Said Deva Path. "It is time you come with me."

"Naruto who??? Sorry but I'm not Naruto Uzumaki. You gotta be confused or something." Naruto said.

"Your ignorance will not save you." Deva Path spoke.

"Oh I wasn't being ignorant. My name is Naruto Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. See the jacket? It's a family thing." Naruto stated as he pointed to his white and gold cloak, similar to what Minato wore. The difference with Naruto's is that it had gold flames and a nine tailed fox on the back. "Now I don't know why you're here, but you're not getting the Kyuubi at all. Besides even if you did capture me, you can't extract something that isn't there anymore."

"What do you speak of Naruto Namikaze?" asked Deva Path.

"I unsealed the Kyuubi a year ago. Hey do you want to meet her? Yeah you do. Oh girls!!!" Naruto called out. Within a flash Kyu and Hinata appeared at his side. Both still had the same outfit that Kyu created in the Arabian Nights, but this time the two girls were now wearing Konoha hitai-ate, Kyu with hers around her forehead, and Hinata with hers around her neck.

"You called Naruto-kun?" asked Kyu.

"Yeah, Pein-dork down there wanted to meet you. He's here to apparently seal you away." Naruto said nonchalantly.

"Oh that, well he can try, but I doubt sealing me would give him the Kyuubi." Kyu said.

"Hear that Pein! Oh before I forget, let me introduce you to these girls. This lovely lady in red is Kyu Namikaze, one of my lovely kitsune wives and the FORMER Kyuubi." Naruto began his introduction. "As for this gorgeous girl in lavender, this is Hinata Namikaze, apprentice to Tsunade the Slug Sannin, and my other lovely kitsune wife!"

"Naruto-kun, did you give him your full introduction yet?" Hinata playfully asked.

"Was about to." Naruto replied as he tickled her chin. "Oh and I forgot Pein, I meant to say my name is Naruto Namikaze, Son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki! I'm also the Kyuubi no Kitsune, guardian of Konoha! That's right Pein, you want the Kyuubi, you gotta deal with me, and I know you're not going to win."

"We shall see Naruto Namikaze. You shall feel the Six Paths of Pein." Deva Path stated as he summoned the other paths.

"Sounds a lot like Orochi did huh." Kyu said with a shrug.

"Does this mean we get to go golden Naruto-kun?" asked Hinata.

"Sure does. Alright girls, Golden Kyuubi form!" Naruto screamed as he and his wives exploded into their Golden Kyuubi forms. "Still wanna dance Pein?"

"Your words are nothing, you will lose Naruto Namikaze." Pein said.

"WRONG! Girls, let's show him what happens to people that attack our home." Naruto said.

"Naruto, your wish is our command!" Kyu and Hinata said together as the three dashed into battle.

And thus ends Naruto's story. From ordinary ninja to the Kyuubi, Naruto achieved things he never thought possible.

As for the story, I did have a lot of fun writing this, and I still play Sonic and the Secret Rings from time to time. I haven't played Sonic and the Black Knight yet, but if I get the chance, I may write a story there...hmm Naruto and the Black Knight...wonder if people would love seeing Excalibur Naruto! Oh well, that's a story...for another Arabian Night.

Final Author's note: If anyone's wondering, Golden Kyuubi Naruto/Kyu/Hinata is the equivalent to Super Sonic. If you haven't played Sonic and the Secret Rings, the World Rings are the equivalent to the Chaos Emeralds, so that's how the Super Form is accessed. I thought about making them similar to Darkspine Sonic (Since that's Sonic's super form in the game), but the classic Super Sonic form just works much better.

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