The Next Ace of Aces


A shy girl told she was nothing but a failure comes in contact with a rare piece of ancient technology. The past meets the future as she becomes something new...a shinobi mage!

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Well, this is a new idea I had been thinking of for a long time. Sort of a side project I started while working on Bijuu Wars and Change of Scenery. Plus after watching the entire Nanoha series seemed like an interesting piece of work. But it's not going to be your typical story...

So to begin, Naruto and all its elements are owned by Masashi Kishimoto, while all Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha elemens are owned by Masaki Tsuzuki. Hope you enjoy!

The world as everyone knew it was in utter devastation. The Grand Mage War had taken its toll on Mid-Childa, causing utter annihilation of everything. Homes, families, civilians…the Time-Space Administration Bureau had done everything possible to protect this and many other worlds, but it was all a failure. One by one, worlds fell until the final standoff happened on the main homeworld of Mid-Childa.

The war also caused the loss of many great mages, including renowned aces and strikers Hayate Yagami and her knights of the Wolkenritter, Subaru Nakajima, Teana Lanster, Erio Mondial, and Caro Ru Lushe. Not even the powerful Fate T. Harlaown was able to survive this war. Only one mage remained as a final battle engaged with an unknown Lost Logia that caused the utter destruction of thousands of worlds.

Nanoha Takamachi stood battered and beaten as the final Lost Logia was finally destroyed. The war claimed everything she held dear…her best friend, her team members, and even her daughter Vivio. The great Ace of Aces had reached her limit and knew there was no turning back. She completed her final mission and knew that she would be joining her family and friends soon.

"My Master, it is finished."

"Yes…it is Raising Heart." Nanoha collapsed by some rubble. She looked at her partner device Raising Heart, noticing the severe damage from the frame. "And the same is for me as well."

"Master, I understand. Do you have a final order?"

Nanoha smiled as she released her barrier jacket, returning to her normal TSAB uniform, which was heavily battered. "Command code 1…4…2…1, merger release."

"Command code registered. Is there anything else?" asked the sentient device.

"Yes. Guide your new master to a beautiful future. Goodbye Raising Heart." Nanoha only smiled as she closed her eyes in eternal sleep.

"Good Night…Nanoha."

With that, Raising Heart fell silent into a long hibernation, only to wait for a new master.

Over 10,000 years passed since the utter destruction of Mid-Childa and the loss of the advanced magical technology. But humanity never stops moving and began to rebuild the world from the ashes of destruction. Like a phoenix, the cycle of life would continue. Over time, the term magic slowly faded from existence. Humanity focused more on learning to control this internal magical energy without the need for devices. Soon the world knew of magic as another word…chakra. It could be manipulated in harmony with the elements to create new forms of magic that people would call jutsu, used by what is now known as shinobi.

Since chakra now had multiple elements, various lands were attuned to these elements, giving stronger affinity and proficiency to the shinobi of that land. In addition, certain types of chakra were known to have bonded with different lines of blood, creating what the world called bloodlines. These bloodlines were known to give family lines special abilities, from body manipulation, to eye manipulation.

However, the lost power of mages would soon surface again in the world of shinobi. And one shinobi would be that key.

Hinata Hyuuga was clutching her arm in pain. It was the preliminary matches of the Chuunin Exams and she was drawn to face her own cousin Neji. Neji was easily able to infiltrate her mind and slowly break her down, bit by bit. If it wasn't for the words of Naruto cheering her on, she might have not gotten the confidence to try and even to fight back. However she was fighting on pure will alone. Neji had all but destroyed her.

"Now do you see the difference between us? No matter what wall you put up to protect yourself, you will not stop me." Neji's voice was cold and black. "You have proven you are nothing but a failure Hinata, for that is how your destiny was decided."

"He-he's wrong. Naruto-kun believes in me. He says I can do it." Hinata was breathing heavily as she stared down her cousin. She could easily stay on the ground and just give up, but now that Naruto was watching her, she wasn't about to back down at all. Even if she lost, she would lose knowing that she fought with everything she had and endured to the bitter end. "I think…you're wrong Neji-nii-san. I don't believe my…destiny is decided yet. You say…I'm in pain…but it's really you…that's in pain."

Those words changed Neji's calm demeanor to rage. He always resented the Main House for everything in his life. He was called a true Hyuuga prodigy, but many said his potential would be untapped because of his family line. Because of Hinata's attempted capture when she was 3 years old, he lost his father as a willing sacrifice. "I've had enough of this!" Neji ran full speed in a blinded rage towards Hinata, ready to deliver a final strike that would kill her once and for all.

Hinata couldn't move as she knew the oncoming strike was in motion. Her body was too injured to do anything and all she could do was wait for death to come. Even though she wouldn't survive, she was happy that Naruto got to see the real her. "Thank you Naruto-kun. I got to show you the real me before I said goodbye. I still remember the day you gave me that special treasure." Her thoughts went to a blue sapphire around her neck. It was a strange shaped stone, but it was the first gift Naruto ever gave her when she was little. It was a gift to her on the first day they met each other in the park. Since that day, Hinata had always admired Naruto for his hard work, his determination, and his will to never give up. "I hope you reach your dream Naruto-kun" She was prepared for her final seconds when she heard a strange voice in her head.


Just before Neji could strike and the Jounins could stop him, a glowing blue wall appeared between him and Hinata. "What is this!" As he was thrown back, he saw a strange glowing blue pulse around Hinata's neck. "How can she use a jutsu in her condition?"

The blue wall faded as the blue light began to shine even brighter. "System recalibration complete. Binding parameters set. DNA encoding registered."

Hinata's mind was adrift in half consciousness. She could hear the voice clearly, but her body couldn't understand what was going on. "What's happening?"

"Do not worry master. I shall ensure your safety. Engaging barrier jacket." The voice in her head seemed to be in control. Hinata wasn't sure what she could do at this point. She soon felt herself engulfed in a warm energy from the crystal around her neck.

In the stands, everyone watched as Neji was thrown back, and what was going on with Hinata. "What in the world is going on?" asked Sakura.

"I don't know, this is pretty crazy!" Naruto was just as shocked. "But did you see how she knocked Neji back? That was amazing!"

"Naruto you idiot. There's no way she could have done anything like that. She's really hurt out there." Sakura scolded. "But even I'm amazed at what jutsu she's doing."

"I don't believe it's a jutsu." The two genin turned to see Hinata's sensei Kurenai. "This is something that even has me confused."

"Kurenai's right. That's no jutsu Hinata is using. But something is going on down there." Kakashi added.

"Will she be ok Kakashi-sensei?" asked Naruto.

"We'll just have to see how things play out." Kakashi replied.

Back on the field, Neji watched as the strange light around Hinata faded. She was no longer dressed in her normal attire, but now wearing a form fitting black and blue top with blue denim shorts, a short white jacket with long sleeves and blue cuffs, a white cape around her waist, a white headband tied into a large bow in the back, and what looked to be dark blue/black armored shoes. What he really noticed was the metallic gauntlet on her right hand. It had two round pieces of metal that seemed to rotate easily. "Hinata, I hope you do not believe that a simple transformation will aid you at this time. You need to submit this match before you die."

Hinata said nothing as she was half conscious. She did feel her right arm move on its own, as if something or someone was controlling her. "Why…why is my arm moving? What's happening to me?"

"Do not worry master. Now running defense parameter. Counter with Revolver Shoot." The voice spoke to her again as Hinata could slightly feel the last of her chakra being channeled into her right arm. Everyone noticed the rings on her arm begin to rotate at high speed as chakra was being concentrated.

Neji looked on with his Byakugan, wanting to know more about what was going on. "This is strange. She is using a transformation, yet I cannot see her chakra system again. Is this some trick of the Main House?" His thoughts were scattered as he tried to find out what she was doing, and why she was under this strange transformation. Unfortunately his thoughts were cut short…

"Re…volver…Shoot…" Hinata said unconsciously, sending a heavily concentrated burst of chakra directly at Neji. The elder Hyuuga barely had a second to think as he was bombarded with the chakra, sending him careening into the wall.

Up in the stands, everyone was in shock. What was going on with Hinata?

"What the hell was that? She just blasted Neji out of nowhere!" Naruto was really amazed. Just how cool was Hinata?

"That had to be a concentrated burst of chakra, but for it to be that precise and concentrated?" Kakashi thought about the situation. "Not only that, but how was she able to draw from it after Neji had sealed her tenketsu? Kurenai, does Hinata have some unknown talents with her Byakugan or her blood heritage?"

"Nothing I've ever seen Kakashi. I only know of her Kekkei Genkai and her skill in Juuken, but that's all. I've never seen any type of transformation or chakra control like this?" Kurenai was just as surprised at the situation.

Meanwhile in all the confusion, Hiruzen Sarutobi looked on at the young Genin. He had studied the ancient texts and histories of Konoha, but was amazed that something like this was finally shown. "Hmm, it seems that Hinata has in her possession one of the ancient artifacts of lore…a Device. It was said those artifacts were lost over 10,000 years ago, but how did she come into possession of one?"

Meanwhile Orochimaru, disguised as the Jounin for the Sound Team observed as well. "Interesting. This girl may prove useful to my plans in the future. She may be as valuable to me as Sasuke-kun."

Neji felt as if his head was ringing from the burst of chakra he took. He felt as if all of his tenketsu had been sealed and shut down. He could barely keep conscious as he saw whatever transformation dispel around Hinata. What confused him was how she created such a jutsu that blocked even the Byakugan.

As for Hinata, the barrier jacket or whatever the voice in her head called it dispelled and she was now back in her normal clothes. She was breathing quite heavily, still unsure of what happened. She could barely see Neji knocked back, wondering what the situation of the match was. She struggled to keep to her feet, but her will had just run out. The burst of chakra that hit her heart had taken its toll and the stress kicked in as she coughed up blood and hit the ground.

"Hinata!" Kurenai was already down on the floor, followed by Naruto, Sakura, and Lee. "This isn't good."

"Kurenai-sensei, what's the matter?" asked Naruto.

"It was that final strike she took from Neji." Kurenai had unzipped Hinata's jacket, revealing her lithe and developed figure. She already had a hand over Hinata's chest, noticing the very unstable heartbeat. "That final strike was meant to be lethal! Hinata's already going into cardiac shock! Get a med team here now!"

In the commotion, Hinata was barely able to see as Naruto stood over her. "Naruto-kun…did you see me? Have I…changed?" She drifted off to sleep as the medics arrived and carted her away for medical help.

"Hmm, well I guess this is a unique twist. Even though Neji had control of most of the match, it seems Hinata's final jutsu or whatever it was turned the tides." Hayate commented. "As such, the winner of this match…Hinata Hyuuga."

"What!" Naruto said in shock. "No way! She won!"

"That's amazing!" Sakura added.

"Unbelieveable! I cannot believe that my teammate, the strongest Genin here has been defeated! It only proves that I must work even harder to now defeat the one who bested Neji!" Lee said in a burning fire of determination.

"I guess he got what he deserved for talking down to Hinata like that." Naruto said as he looked over at Neji being helped by the medical team. "Serves that jerk right!" He turned to Kurenai who was still in around. "Hey Kurenai-sensei, any idea what that jutsu was that Hinata used?"

"Unfortunately Naruto, not even I know." Kurenai replied as they walked back to allow the preliminaries to continue.

Hours after the preliminaries ended, everyone returned home while the heavily injured were sent to the hospital for treatment. Hinata was asleep after controlled treatment helped heal her injured heart. As she slept, the voice she heard spoke to her again.

"Master, have your injuries fully healed?"

"Who's calling me? Who are you?" Hinata replied in her sleep.

"I was awakened by you. You called me for support. I am glad I could help you, master."

"I don't understand. How did I call you? What's your name?" She felt even more confused by the fact that someone or something said she called them.

"I am your partner. My former master asked me to protect my new master. You were in danger and called out to me. As for my name, I am called Mach Caliber."

"Mach Caliber? That's a strange name? So what do you want with me?"

"I am here to help you grow stronger and become faster."

"But why me? I'm not very talented at all."

"You need not worry. I was made to help my first master become stronger. As my new master I will help you with the same."

Hinata felt as confused while talking to this voice. However she started to notice something, even though the voice seemed like it was monotone, the words felt warm and sincere. "You're different. You seem human."

"My former master said the same. She did not see me as a tool, but as her partner and friend."

"Your master was wise. I can see why you must have been so valuable. Well…Mach Caliber…I hope that I can live up to your expectations."

"You already have master."

Hinata drifted back to sleep as Mach Caliber's voice left her head. The only thing she had on her mind now was getting healed. She still had no clue that she won the match against Neji, or that she would be facing…

"This is ridiculous!" Sasuke stood outside the training ground in rage. He had learned the results of the final matches of the Chuunin exams and couldn't believe what he was told. "How could Neji Hyuuga have lost in a match?"

"Something bothering you Sasuke?" the Uchiha turned to see his teacher Kakashi pop up. "Hope the finals don't have you upset or nervous."

"There's nothing to worry about. Let's just get this training started." Sasuke walked towards the training posts for the start of his month long work. "Maybe I'll finally get some useful training for once. That and I can find out what's going on with this yellow thing that started blinking." He felt the triangular object in his pocket.

And so begins Hinata's new journey with her new partner Mach Caliber. How will things change for her now that she has this ancient artifact, and the fact that she beat Neji in the prelims. And who will she be facing in the finals? What about Sasuke? Does he have any idea what the strange object in his pocket is? Only the future will tell.

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