The Next Ace of Aces

Chapter 13

New Year, New Chapter! New things happening with our spunky Ninja-mages as well. Hope you enjoy the chapter! You guys know the disclaimer deal.

Chapter 13

Orochimaru, a man of genius. One of the Legendary Sannin, his insight and intuition were unparalleled in the ninja world. He was also a man of talent. He formed his own hidden village and was a frontrunner in ninja techniques. His greatest marvels were the Edo Tensei jutsu and Living Corpse Reincarnation, two jutsu designed to give him power over life and death itself.

In past years he has also discovered many ancient artifacts of the old world, such as uncovering the three Dark Devices of Luciferon, Vulnificus, and Yersinia Kreuz. He has also come into possession of AMF or Anti-Magic Field technology and has molded it to his own whim, making him nearly unbeatable. Now he has taken on a new challenge…the molding of three new warriors in his own image.

"Is this all you have? Pathetic!" Sasuke looked down at another slain Oto ninja, shaking the blood from his arm. "I thought you were supposed to be giving me worthy opponents to test my strength!"

"I agree." Neji had just slammed his palm into the head of another ninja, shattering his skull. "These lowly maggots are not worth our time."

"Now now boys, to achieve great power, you must temper through the weak times." Orochimaru licked his lips. "I have only given you a drop of the great power you will soon supp from." He looked at his two new protégés with delight. "Plus think of fair Lady Sakura. I know that she too desires to drink from the same cup of power that you do. It's a shame she must temper with poor Kabuto. But for her to become your strongest support, this will be for the best."

"Then bring more victims! I will not rest until the still beating heart of my brother is in my hands." Lightning started arcing from Sasuke's arm as his hate began to consume him more.

"Yes Sasuke! And you Neji, what fuels your fire? Whose blood do you wish to spill!" Orochimaru could taste the aura of vengeance and rage in the air.

"That pathetic Hinata. She is nothing but weakness! I will relish ripping her eyes from her skull before I send her straight to hell!" The veins around Neji's eyes tensed and became thicker than normal. His soul was blacker than it had ever been. Just like Sasuke, he had succumbed to the hatred and lust of revenge.

"Excellent. These two will become perfect warriors in my image. To have both the Sharingan and Byakugan at my disposal will be perfect. I shall groom them both into the ultimate shinobi. And with that girl Sakura, I can use her to help me breed a new shinobi with both the Sharingan and Byakugan combined…and he will be loyal only to me. And I will consume him and become even more powerful than ever! But why stop there? I'll use the three to breed a new Hyuuga Clan and a new Uchiha clan that will serve me as well!" Orochimaru was elated with the things he had acquired, and he knew it was only a start of his ambitious dream of conquest.

"Why in the world is this so difficult!" Tenten screamed as she, Naruto, and Hinata were flying full speed towards the desert. "And for Kami's sake, slow down!" She was still trying to keep herself leveled out but still hadn't gotten used to it.

"Oh lighten up! This is absolutely fun!" Naruto didn't care. Even if he was upside down, he was having too much fun. "Don't slow down either! Go faster!"

"Hinataaaaa! Do something!" Tenten looked over and saw that Hinata didn't look like she was having problems. "Hinata!"

"Just relax Ten-chan. Raising Heart said she'd take care of everything so I just let her go. See." Hinata gracefully took to the air like she had wings of her own. She even did a little bit of sky dancing in the air, doing some loops and spins too. "Naruto-kun was right. This is fun!"

Tenten just sighed to herself. "My brother's still an idiot and my best friend is crazy." She really couldn't do anything else for the rest of the flight. Luckily flying took less time than they thought. In about 15 hours, they had just made it to the desert border, a trip that normally took two and a half days. From their vantage point, the village of Suna was just in the distance. "Hey Naruto, you think this Gaara guy will wanna go through with the extraction? I mean he was pretty psycho when we fought him."

"It's not his fault Tenten." Naruto knew full well of the pain Gaara went through. "He didn't ask to be made into a Jinchuuriki. He didn't ask to be hated by everyone. He didn't ask to be forced to be alone and miserable."

"You really understand him, don't you?" Tenten saw Naruto nod in agreement.

"Yeah. When you're a Jinchuuriki, you really see the ugly in people and it makes you look deep into their souls. It also helps you really see who your true friends and family are." He thought back to all the times when he was attacked, mistreated, hated, harmed, and looked down upon. "Without those people who really care for you, all you have is darkness. But I want Gaara to know that he doesn't have to feel that way anymore."

Tenten just looked at Naruto, thinking to herself. She knew how it felt to be alone because she was an orphan herself, but never to the point of how it felt for him. To be hated just because something was sealed inside of him…it really wasn't fair. And it made her realize just how lucky she was…and how thankful she is now. "Naruto, you really are one of the strongest people ever. If I was in your shoes, I don't know if I could do it at all. But I'm glad you're helping me gain a clear understanding of how the world works. Only more of a reason to become stronger so I can support you at your side. Just like Hinata, I'll see to it that you reach your dream my brother."

The group flew on for another three hours before beginning their descent into the desert. Instead of landing right in the village, they landed a good distance away and set their devices back to standby, while the Unison Devices went into their backpacks. Tenten took out the travel documentation that Tsunade had given her in order to give them safe passage into the village. Luckily the one they were meant to find was closer than they thought.

"Gaara? What are you doing here?" Naruto saw Gaara and his siblings speaking to the guards.

"Naruto Uzumaki? What brings you to the desert?" Gaara's tone was somber and calm. Naruto had read some of Gaara's letters and saw that the redhead was quite looking forward to conversing again, this time in a more peaceful atmosphere. "We are returning from a mission."

"Well that's cool. I got your letters and heard you wanted me to come visit, so I did. Hope you don't mind I brought my friends." Naruto said with a huge grin on his face. Tenten let out a slight growl towards Temari, only due to the fact that it was said blonde that caused her defeat in the Chuunin Prelims. Temari saw this and just smirked herself. Of course Kankuro stood there thinking he was gonna get to see two girls fight it out again!

"Temari, be nice. Kankuro, don't provoke them." Gaara said, causing both of his siblings' demeanors to change. "Let us escort you into the village to our home Naruto Uzumaki."

"Just call me Naruto. No need to be so formal." Naruto walked up and put his arm around Gaara casually. "So what places do you have to get some good food around here?"

Temari was surprised. She knew that Gaara started changing himself ever since the failed invasion, but to be so relaxed like this? It was a first for her. And he figured he would be nice and not stir up memories of the Chuunin Exams. "Well Gaara did say to be nice. So there has to be something that brings you here other than his letters."

"It's a long, and I do mean long story." Tenten showed their travel documentation to the guard who allowed them into the village. The others followed behind Naruto and Gaara who were busy chatting on their own. What surprised them was some of the looks they got just walking through. It was just as Naruto said. There were looks of hate and malice, looks of fear and terror, and even some looks of calm. Tenten was surprised that things were just like Konoha.

"So you notice." Temari saw the look on Tenten's face and knew exactly what she was thinking. "It just started changing. People have been afraid of Gaara for the longest time all because of what's sealed inside him. Most people find it a complete shock that he's doing what he can to change his image."

"I don't see how anyone could live with all of that anger and hate directed toward them. It still confuses me on how Naruto could live through it." Tenten felt that no one should be able to survive, let alone still be sane after living with so much malice and hatred toward them. "It's bad because people used to call him the dead last student in our academy, and yet he pushes through all of it."

"Really now? Well looks like he's got a talent for working with people. This is the first time Gaara's ever been so relaxed and talkative. He's tried on his own, but still stays quiet a lot of the time." Temari remembered that ever since the failed Konoha Invasion, Gaara has been doing more than he could to become friendlier and calmer towards people. "It's like he and blondie have been friends for years."

They continued walking through the desert village to the Sand siblings' home. Of course since they were the children of the Kazekage, the house was quite large to accommodate for diplomats and other high class people.

"Make yourselves comfortable. I'll go prepare some tea." Temari placed her large fan by the door and made her way to the kitchen. Kankuro headed off to store his puppets. Everyone else took a seat in the den area.

"Gotta say you have a nice house. This place is huge!" Naruto was looking all over at things that were on the shelves. The pictures, trinkets, and artifacts that had been long collected decorated the entire area.

"When the Kazekage is your father, you tend to have a nice collection. Now I sense that your journey here has more purpose." Gaara could tell that Naruto didn't just come because of his letters. There was something more to his arrival. By then Temari had finished with the tea and Kankuro returned, getting quite a look since he had removed his war paint.

"Actually there is a big reason we're here, and it concerns you Gaara-san." Hinata stated, though Gaara shook his head.

"No need to be so formal Lady Hinata." Gaara replied. He did notice a slight blush on her face though.

"Likewise to you. Now our purpose for being here concerns you, and your Tailed Beast." Hinata continued. "Do you have a lot of knowledge of the creature sealed within you?"

"Only that it is a rampaging beast of destruction. Because of it, I can barely sleep, lest I hear its screams in my mind." Gaara rubbed his forehead slightly. "The creature has done nothing but haunt me for as long as I know."

"I see. What if you found out that your Tailed Beast was really an ancient artifact from more than 10,000 years ago?" Hinata saw the confusion on the faces of the trio. "Naruto-kun, maybe you need to continue this."

"Yeah, and I'm probably going to need some help too." Naruto unzipped his backpack. "Kyu, you can come out now."

Kyu stuck her head out of Naruto's backpack and took a huge breath. "Naruto I'm serious, if you don't quit taking all of that ramen I'm going to move into Hinata's backpack from now on when we travel!" She looked around and saw that she was now talking to the trio as well. "So…where are we?"

"Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, I want you to meet Kyu Vixen, formerly known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, my Tailed Beast." Naruto gave a brief introduction of his partner, though only Gaara seemed to believe him.

"You're kidding. You mean that little…whatever she is, is the former Kyuubi?" Temari seriously doubted Naruto's words.

"I kid you not. Even I was shocked when I found out who she was. You see, she's no longer a Tailed Beast. She's now known as a Device." Naruto then showed his wrist and showed off Kerykeion as well. "This so called bracelet on my wrist…same thing. Her name is Kerykeion." At that time Hinata and Tenten brought out Maki and Bardiche as well.

"I know this is all strange, but we've learned a lot of information about the history of our own world and it ties in directly everything we know about life itself. This will sound extremely confusing but please hear us out." Tenten began to explain everything they knew about Devices, the Great Mage War, the Tailed Beasts, everything. Even their Devices added in their own knowledge as well. When they finished there were definitely many questions to be answered.

"So our world was once known as Mid-Childa, a technologically advanced society that even traveled to other worlds? And what we know as chakra was really called mana?" Temari hoped to get more clarification.

"Yes. Even the Tailed Beasts themselves are really ancient artifacts called Lost Logia. It's strange, I know, but it's all real." Tenten reassured her. "And even the basis of our mission is real as well. We have to find and convert all of the Tailed Beasts so that their power cannot be used for destruction ever again. And from the information we have, we know that Akatsuki is on the move to capture the Tailed Beasts for their own purpose."

"Gaara, if what happened to me is any sort of a sign, you are also a target for Akatsuki. But I think that if they believe you no longer have the One Tail sealed inside you, it will ensure your life is safe."

"So Akatsuki has a way to remove these creatures at the cost of the life of the Jinchuuriki. That's absurd!" Kankuro said in frustration.

"Yeah it is. Two Jinchuuriki have already died because of it. We can't let any more die." Tenten then pulled out the scroll containing the DCS System. "So now the final question is yours Gaara. Do you trust us enough to help you remove and convert your Tailed Beast?"

Gaara thought long and hard. From all he knew his greatest ability came from the Tailed Beast, but then there was also the fact that his life was in more danger due to Akatsuki. "I will do it. I can see from the bond that Naruto shares with Kyu that it is a strong bond of trust and friendship. Ever since our battle Naruto, you've been so full of intrigue and mystery. I wonder how you stayed strong through the dark times in life and how you've overcome the hatred. Even now I see that you held no ill will towards Kyu for all of the pain she placed you through in the past."

"That's because it was the Kyuubi that made me miserable, not Kyu. The only thing Kyu has done to drive me crazy is complain that my backpack smells like too much ramen!" Naruto started laughing while Kyu had a frustrated look on her face.

"Well, it's true." Kyu answered honestly. She really did wish he'd stop taking so much ramen. "And last week you used up the shampoo that Hinata-chan gave me!"

Temari was surprised to see Naruto and Kyu fussing like this. "Are they always like that?" she whispered over to Hinata.

"Sure are. Just like brother and sister." Hinata answered back.

Gaara felt more confident seeing the interaction between Naruto and Kyu. He wanted to escape the mental torment that Shukaku has given him for so many years. Like Naruto, he wanted to prove that he is not a monster or demon, and that he has something precious to protect. "So what must we do to begin?"

Tenten had already set up the DCS System as per Kyu's previous instructions. Since they weren't trying to convert a free Tailed Beast, the system was set up similar to how it was in the bunker it was found. "Ok Gaara, just enter this chamber. Your arms and legs will be bound so you can't move, and then the extraction and conversion will begin."

"Don't worry either. I felt a little bit of burning pain when I went through it, and felt pretty tired afterward, but other than that I was ok." Naruto explained. "Also you'll have to give your Device a new name after the conversion, so depending on what form it takes you'll want to give it an appropriate one."

"Thank you Naruto." Gaara nodded as he entered the chamber. Tenten began the start sequence.

"Initializing scan of object…scan complete. Target host contains Lost Logia No. 01, codename Ichibi no Shukaku. Preparing extraction." The DCS went full speed into its extraction protocol. However Temari was a little worried.

"Didn't you say that if a Tailed Beast is extracted, it could kill the Jinchuuriki?" She was starting to have second thoughts about this.

"Yes. It's because the Tailed Beast is forcefully removed from the host. This system properly releases the seal and extracts it, ensuring safety to the host Jinchuuriki. If anything…Gaara will probably be out cold for a little while from the energy loss." Tenten explained while things were going on. Everyone watched as four pink rings appeared around his arms and legs to bind him and a light was targeting his seal on his forehead.

"But if Gaara falls asleep or loses consciousness in…" Temari was too late as the DCS went into the next stage.

"Seal scan complete. Preparing extraction." The DCS began the extraction as pink energy began to seep from Gaara's seal. It continued for a good five minutes until it was completely removed. "Extraction complete. Final scan of host shows major insomnia. Recommended diagnosis is extended sleep. No other harm or damage to host. Beginning final conversion of Lost Logia."

"See, told you he'd be ok. He just needs to get some sleep." Naruto commented. Both Temari and Kankuro were surprised and just what was going on. "Now let's see what his Device is going to look like."

The large pink mass began to condense and compress itself until it formed a small female humanoid, similar to Kyu. As the details began to show, Shukaku's new form now had shoulder length brown hair with a pair of unique looking raccoon ears on top. She wore a simple dark robe and had a yellow scarf around her neck. Finally the most noticeable feature was the single raccoon tail from behind.

"Conversion complete. Six conversions remaining. Please assign a new name for converted device." The DCS went into standby while it began to wait for Gaara to assign Shukaku's new name. Hinata went and got Shukaku while Gaara helped Naruto out of the conversion chamber.

"So how ya feeling buddy?" Naruto helped him over to the sofa so he could rest.

"A little weak…but I'm ok." Gaara slowly felt his forehead where his seal was. "A mild headache but I believe I will be fine."

Temari was the first to notice a change about him, namely his seal. "Gaara, your seal…it's gone?"

"Probably not. Most likely it's just hidden. Chances are Shukaku will also have a similar seal as well used to siphon off her chakra into Gaara." Naruto explained a bit about how his seal worked. "So she's waking up. Wonder what the DCS used to create her form."

Kankuro was the first to notice something about Shukaku. "Temari, doesn't Shukaku look somewhat familiar?"

Temari had it right at the tip of her tongue but couldn't figure it out until she looked at a picture on the mantle. "She looks like mom!"

"Ugh…my head. Why so loud?" Shukaku slowly sat up after Hinata laid her on the coffee table. "What's going…on?" Shukaku immediately went on the defensive before Kyu stepped in.

"Don't freak out ok. I did the same thing." Kyu went over and placed her hands on the newly converted device. "Ok the first thing you're wondering is why you're out here and not in that dark murky place inside Gaara. And you're also wondering why you're not a mass of pure terror." Shukaku said nothing and just nodded as she listened. "Ok first thing is yes, you were extracted from Gaara. He's right over there if you wanna see."

"Is he…ok?" Shukaku saw him exhausted and was slightly concerned.

"Ok now I know I've seen everything…Shukaku is actually concerned about him?" Temari was getting more uneasy by the minute.

"That's the second thing. See after she was extracted, she was reprogrammed. Now she'll do anything to help Gaara and to ensure his safety." Kyu stated. "I was the same way. I would rather turn Naruto into a demonic beast of terror, but after my reprogramming, I just want him to be happy in life and I'll do anything in my power to see that it happens."

"Ok now what about Gaara's ability to control sand? If she's out here, will he be able to still use his sand?" Temari hoped that her brother hasn't lost his best ability.

"I'm sorry, but I never controlled his sand. There was always someone else doing that. It was actually Gaara's mother." Shukaku stated.

"That's probably how she got her form! The same thing happened to Kyu." Tenten caught on about a possible link with the Lost Logia and their Jinchuuriki.

"You took the form of Naruto's mother?" Gaara asked of the red haired device.

"Yes. It was due to her chakra that was added when I was sealed inside him." Kyu said, still remembering the day.

"So it was my mother that had always been talking to me." Gaara knew of all the times that he would say that it was his mother that made him crave blood.

"It was, but I twisted her words to you and it turned you into a monster. I'm sorry Gaara. I really am." Shukaku stood before him with her head down in apology. "It was also because of me that caused you to be born premature and caused her death." Tears started to slowly fall as Shukaku fell more and more into regret.

"Naruto, you said that the Kyuubi was a demon, yet Kyu is a brand new life who is pure." Gaara saw Naruto nod in agreement. He turned to back to Shukaku, "Raise your head. You need not apologize or feel remorse. You have done nothing wrong."

"Are…you sure?" Shukaku wiped her face as best she could.

"Yes. Now I believe that I am to name you, correct?" Gaara saw the device shake her head. "You who take the form of my beloved mother, who was as beautiful as a rare desert rose…that shall be your name, Desert Rose. But we shall call you Rose for short."

The DCS heard Gaara and finalized the conversion. "Name Registration Complete. Device Conversion Finished. Six Conversions Remaining." Tenten then sealed the DCS back into its storage device.

"So my new name is Desert Rose?" Rose, formerly Shukaku, took note and locked the name into memory. "It is very nice. Thank you Gaara."

"Now what all can you do?" Gaara was interested to learn of Rose's new abilities.

"Well if she's like me, she has her own arsenal of spells. I can find out in no time." Kyu took hold of Rose's hand and initiated a link. Within seconds she knew everything about the new One Tailed Device. "So she can use a few wind spells and it also seems that she has some psychic abilities. One being dream manipulation."

"Dream manipulation? That's why Gaara could never sleep. You gave him nightmares all the time!" Temari snapped furiously at the new Device.

"Temari, Shukaku gave me nightmares. Rose has done nothing to me." Gaara picked up Rose and placed her in his palm. "Please treat her with respect. She is now a part of this family."

"Gaara…" Temari was dumbfounded at Gaara's reaction. He didn't speak with conviction against her, but in a more welcoming and forgiving tone. He held the thing that tormented his entire life in his hands and showed no ill will toward it. "Ok Gaara. She will be welcome into the family."

"Good. Because I know nothing of what she will need and I expect you to help." Gaara said, causing Rose to slightly blush.

"It's ok Temari. Naruto was completely clueless when it came to Kyu. So Hinata took care of a lot of things." Tenten said, calming Temari. "But be happy. At least now you're not outnumbered by a bunch of guys."

"I see. Well, you must pardon me, I feel I should retire for now." Gaara yawned as he slowly walked to his room. "All of you are more than welcome to rest and make yourselves at home. Temari, I'm sure the ladies would like to refresh in the bath, and I'm sure Naruto is quite famished from the journey."

"Gaara wait." Rose flew over and before Gaara left, she kissed his forehead. It slightly glowed pink when she did. "Sleep well, ok."

"Thank you Rose." Gaara took his leave to finally get some good sleep.

"Rose, what did you do?" Kyu asked.

"I used my Dream Manipulation. When he goes to sleep, he'll get a surprise. One that he should have had many years ago." Rose replied. "I set up a meeting with his mother, Lady Karura."

"Heh so you really are different. Guess you guys were right." Temari had nothing to argue about so she just resolved herself to taking care of the guests. "Well I'll get started on dinner."

"Temari, can I help?" Rose hoped she could make a good impression by showing that she was more than willing to help the family and not be the monster she formerly was. "I may not know a lot but I'm willing to learn."

Temari paused for a bit before picking up Rose, "Sure, why not."

"Come on Hinata, a bath can wait! We can try out one of Lady Kushina's recipes." Kyu got up and started pulling on Hinata's jacket to get her to the kitchen as well.

"I guess we can, if Temari doesn't mind the help." Hinata replied politely, not wanting to overstep her welcome.

"The more the merrier." Temari said, causing Kyu and Hinata to head on into the kitchen.

Itachi and Kisame had just recently returned to their hideout in Ame to update and get new orders of their mission to secure the nine Tailed Beasts for their organization. Since the run in with Naruto in Tanzaku town, Itachi had stayed suspicious about what may be going on when Naruto said he no longer had the Kyuubi. He kept his thoughts to himself as he focused on what would be next on their agenda.

"Can you believe that yellow haired brat? Saying that floating doll was the Kyuubi? He got lucky Itachi." Kisame said as he took a seat in the lounge of the headquarters. "I still say you should have run him through and we wouldn't have had a problem."

"Sudden events were not as planned and we could not afford to make a mistake and risk unnecessary battle." Itachi stared out into the rain as it fell in the village. "For now we should calibrate and regroup with the others." He then left Kisame in the lounge and went to his own personal quarters. After a few minutes he had a visitor.

"I figured you might be thirsty." Konan entered with a cup of tea and set it on Itachi's desk. "Tough time out there?"

"Very. It seems capturing the Kyuubi may not be as easily as thought." Itachi took a slow sip of his tea. "And it seems that Naruto now knows what the Kyuubi really was."

"How so?" Konan was interested to know what he learned.

"One of his companions possessed a Device. I also sensed that Naruto himself has a Device. But that's not the interesting part." Itachi remembered the confrontation vividly. "It seems the Kyuubi has been extracted from him and changed into some kind of Device as well."

"So he's learned of things from the past. This is definitely going to be more difficult, especially if Nagato learns of it." Konan sighed as she felt trouble in the future. "So what do you think we need to do?"

"For now Konan, we need to just keep an eye on things. Now isn't the right time to reveal plans. I'm sure our partners would agree, right Seiran?" Itachi felt the long katana setting on his desk.

"Of course Itachi." Seiran replied. "You feel the same, do you not Asclepius?"

Konan's bracelet began to glow as it spoke, "Lord Itachi is right my Lady."

Konan sighed again. "Keeping secrets like this is difficult. Why Nagato is so fixed on getting the Tailed Beasts? If he really knew of their destructive power…I really feel things are going to become much worse Itachi."

Itachi nodded and placed his hand on her shoulder, "I understand Konan. But this is our path now. Plus we have to work on securing those final two pieces. I have my suspicions, but I think Nagato is being controlled from behind the scenes and whoever is doing it wants to use Small Lady's power for their own. We don't have the staff, but if we can find the books, we'll have a better chance of getting the staff back." He reached into his desk and took a scroll, unrolling it to show a storage seal. With a simple release, it revealed a doll sized girl with long purple hair, a white dress, long black stockings and knee high black boots. The girl said nothing as she was in a state of suspended animation. "I promised Lord Minato I would ensure she did not fall into the wrong hands. Whatever it takes we cannot allow anyone to abuse Reinforce's power at all. We have to find the Tome of the Night Sky, the Book of the Azure Sky, and get back Schwertzkreuz at all costs Konan."

So the 2nd Tailed Beast has now been converted, Gaara learns a little more about himself, and can now actually enjoy a good night's sleep. Orochimaru has taken full swing to Neji and Sasuke's training, planning to make them into two of the most dangerous ninja ever. Finally Itachi reveals his Device and his true mission given to him by Minato apparently before his death, and reveals that Konan is his accomplice. And Reinforce, the final of the three Legendary Devices has made her presence known. What does the future hold and how will this affect the Ninja-Mage trio? Only time will tell.

Now to give you an update about two new Devices. Seiran is a newly revealed Device from the Nanoha Vivid Manga. He belongs to Micaiah Chevelle, a teenage mage competing against one of Vivio's friends in the DSAA Inter-Middle Championships. Seiran's form is that of two Katana, but it is unknown about his standby form. As for Asclepius, she is a boost device belonging to Megane Alpine, then given to her daughter Lutecia Alpine. Asclepius is an equivalent Device to Kerykeion and had been tuned to specialize in summoning for Lutecia, but has since returned to the default tuning of boost and assist spells.

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