The Next Ace of Aces

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

In a forest just southwest of Konoha, near the border to River Country, a green haired kunoichi was running with much haste. She was being pursued by two shinobi she never wanted to run into.

"Of all days, why did I have to run into this crazy lady!" the kunoichi kept running as her thoughts raced through her mind.

"Come on Fuu, you can't stop. If what you told me is right, that person is from Akatsuki." A voice spoke out.

"I know that Chomei-kun. I just don't know how much longer I can keep up running. I've been going for hours. Maybe you were right about stopping in Konoha." Fuu continued running as fast as possible. "With my chakra running low, I don't know if I can keep using Scale Powder."

"Well you have to try. If we can get to the border, we might have a chance." Chomei spoke to his host. "Besides, you may have some of my luck rub off on you. I am 'Lucky Seven Chomei' you know!"

"You're right. Guess we have no choice." Fuu tried to remain positive as she was still being pursued. As for her pursuer…

"Itachi-kun, she's headed in the direction of the border. We have to try to catch her before she gets away." Konan was flying full speed, keeping pace on Fuu.

"I know. Don't worry, I'll be waiting for her. If we did it right, things will go just as we planned." Itachi had already sped ahead and was lying in wait for the female Jinchuuriki.

Over the skies of River Country, the three shinobi-mages were flying on their way home after successfully helping Gaara and getting his new partner Rose settled in. Things had gotten slightly easier with flying…well for Hinata at least.

"Come on, why is this still so dang difficult! Bardiche, level out ok!" Tenten whined as she was still struggling to stay balanced.

"Sorry my lady. I will try harder." Bardiche replied from his pocket dimension.

"Come on sis, it's not that bad at all. Hey Kyu, can you go faster?" Naruto flew up beside Tenten…albeit upside down again. "Trust me, just let it go and it'll come naturally.

Right Naruto. That's why you're flying upside down! That's perfectly normal to you!" Kyu griped as she tried to help level her partner out.

"Nanoha said this always happens to rookies." Raising Heart added her two cents to the conversation. "You really did get lucky Hinata. Flying was always so natural for Nanoha and me."

"That's nice to know Raising Heart, but I think when we get home, we should help our friends get used to flying like us." Hinata chuckled. "So, any idea on what might be on that cartridge we found? Or even what was in that container?"

"Not a clue." Tenten said as she slowly leveled out. "Right now Nanoha's our only chance of solving some of these mysteries. But hopefully it will be something good. We need everything we can get if we're going to try and complete this huge mission."

Hinata took those words in, knowing full well that it wasn't just about converting the Bijuu anymore. It was now more as retrieving Sasuke, Sakura, and Neji were on the list as well. "Neji-nii-san…"

"Still worried about Neji?" Naruto had flown over closer to Hinata. She nodded her head. "I figured. Look Hinata, we're going to get them back, even if we have to drag them by their toes. I know you don't want to think about the last resort with those three…"

"It's ok Naruto-kun. I'm going to do everything possible for them, but I know if there's no chance of saving them, I understand I may have to make the ultimate choice." Hinata sighed heavily. "But that will be my absolute last resort when I've used every possible move there is. I still think I can bring him home."

Tenten sighed but knew Hinata's resolve, "Just don't let that consume you. You still have a lot more to accomplish."

"You're right. So what should we…" Hinata was cut off as she heard a beeping noise. Looking over to Raising Heart on her hand, she saw the device flashing red. "What is it Raising Heart?"

"There are two devices near by. I'm not sure of any IDs but I know they're close." Raising Heart replied to her master.

"Hold on a sec." Naruto was on the move as he had Kerykeion try to get an identification of the two devices. "Got it. Kerykeion says the two devices are identified as Seiran and Asclepius."

"Asclepius? Lutecia's device is active?" Raising Heart wondered who could be in possession of said device.

"Well let's get going. If we're lucky we'll get two new allies." Naruto sped off in the direction of the two other devices with Hinata and Tenten fast behind.

Fuu continued running as fast as she could, not knowing there was a trap set for her. Itachi had moved into place and had set a genjutsu up so that she would be caught in an endless loop. He contacted Konan to make sure she knew the plan.

"Perfect. So Naruto and his team are on the way. Good." Itachi had his Sharingan active as he saw Fuu enter the trap placed for her.

"Brilliant plan Itachi-kun. At least this way another Jinchuuriki will be in safe hands and another Bijuu will get safely converted into a Device. Though I still don't like that we have to be like this. Kerykeion's going to be so sad." Konan sighed. She knew from Asclepius that the two devices had bonded and were given AI upgrades just like Mach Caliber and Blitz Caliber, so they were called the second pair of sister devices, with Asclepius being the 'older' device.

"It's ok Milady. It will only be like this until we can be sure the other Jinchuuriki are safe. Also, I can tell…Kerykeion is in wonderful care. She will be sad, but she'll grow stronger for it." Asclepius replied, knowing what was going to happen.

She's lucky to have a sister device like you Asclepius. Itachi-kun and I will do everything we can to make sure the two of you are reunited. Well, ready to put on your best 'bad girl' act?" Konan and Asclepius knew this was going to be difficult and hard on Kerykeion, but they knew it had to be done.

"Ready as I'll ever be Milady." Asclepius began to change up her programming just for this scenario.

"Alright Itachi-kun, we're ready." Konan gave the go that she was in position.

Itachi got himself into position and knew that Naruto's team would be here any minute. "Alright Seiran, let's see just what Lord Minato's son can do."

Naruto got another communication from Kerykeion, "Guys we're close. Kerykeion says the two devices are just down there in that part of the forest."

Hinata and Tenten nodded. "Alright, let's see what we can find." Tenten took point as the three descended to look around. Hinata immediately activated her Byakugan and knew there was a problem.

"Genjutsu! Be careful everyone, there's a genjutsu in this area." Hinata began to closely look around through the illusion and saw someone standing still. "There's a girl caught in this illusion!"

"Hina-chan, can you break it?" Tenten hoped they weren't too late and got caught themselves.

"I can try…wait…it's dispelling by itself. Someone else is here." Hinata saw the illusion fading and the group soon saw the girl she saw before. "This isn't good. Whoever is releasing this illusion is keeping themselves cloaked."

"Well let's check on that girl first." Tenten, Naruto, and Hinata immediately went over to check on the girl in the illusion. "She doesn't look hurt, just dazed from that genjutsu."

"I'll try to break her out of it." Hinata placed her hand on the girl's back and sent a pulse of chakra through it. Within seconds the girl snapped out of the genjutsu and was brought back to reality.

"Huh, what's going on? My head feels weird." The girl looked around to check her surroundings when she saw the trio. "Who are you three?"

"We could ask the same thing. You were stuck in a pretty strong genjutsu." Hinata said calmly. "It doesn't look like you're hurt anywhere."

"I'm fine. Thanks for the assist. Now I gotta go. Sorry to be in a hurry." The girl said. As she was about to leave, two cloaked figures appeared.

"I don't believe you will be going anywhere else but with us Fuu. So please do not resist and come quietly." The taller cloaked figure stated.

"Akatsuki! What the hell are you doing here!" Naruto growled in anger. He remembered the cloaks from when he had his run in at Tanzaku Town.

"If they're here then that means…Naruto, we gotta protect this girl! She's one of them!" Tenten immediately knew that they were now standing next to a Jinchuuriki.

"That's great. Makes our mission a lot easier." Naruto said with a smile. "Alright Kerykeion, you ready to put the hurt on these guys?"

"Sure thing…wait…this isn't right." Kerykeion immediately felt a strange signal. "Naruto, those two people…they're the ones with Seiran and Asclepius!"

"So 'Little Sister'…you're finally awake." Asclepius said coldly. "Lady Konan, you should have no problem with her. She is weak."

"I see Asclepius. Well Itachi, shall we dispose of these two and claim our Jinchuuriki?" Konan said in a calm tone.

"Of course. Naruto, we met once before and did not continue our battle. But now I believe you should not resist as well. Both you and Fuu will come with us." Itachi said without moving so much as a muscle.

Tenten immediately moved forward with Cross Mirage armed and ready. "Make so much as one move and I'll make it your last. You're not getting my brother or this girl!"

Naruto moved beside his sister confidently, "Thanks sis. But they have a lot of work if they're going to take me down. Come on Kerykeion, we can take 'em!" Naruto was ready to attack but noticed something wrong with his device. "Kerykeion, what's the matter?"

"I…I…I can't fight her! Please Naruto…please don't make me fight her! She's not bad!" Kerykeion pleaded to not fight. "She and I are just like Maki and Blitz Caliber!"

"You're sister devices?" Hinata couldn't believe it. There was another pair of sister type devices active. Even she could see how troubled Kerykeion was.

Naruto knew that Kerykeion couldn't perform at her best when she was like this. Not even he was cold enough to force her to fight when she couldn't. "It's ok. I won't fight." He turned back to the two Akatsuki. "Itachi, listen to me. You should surrender those devices. I won't fight you but there's nothing stopping my friends. Right now if they went full power, you two wouldn't stand a chance."

Itachi decided to play Naruto's bluff. "Really Naruto? Just what could those two girls do?"

Naruto simply looked up and pointed to the sky. "Ever been on the other side of a Starlight Breaker?

"Starlight…" Itachi looked up and immediately saw a massive ball of chakra being gathered. "Konan, do you see this?"

"I do Itachi-kun! That Hinata girl must have created a clone while we were distracted and had the clone gather up all the excess chakra from your genjutsu! You were right, those kids are something! It will be nice when we can finally reveal Lord Minato's wishes and join their side." Konan glanced up with a subtle motion. "Itachi, this does not bode well. Asclepius has told me that ball contains a massive amount of chakra."

"Once again you win this time Naruto Uzumaki. However your luck may soon run out. Watch your back." Itachi did nothing but open his hand to drop a smoke pellet, giving himself and Konan time to escape.

"Oh no you don't! Hinata do you see where they went?" Naruto immediately went on the move to try and get the two Akatsuki.

"No Naruto-kun, they got away." Her clone dispelled and she deactivated her Byakugan. "He was right, we got lucky."

"Well, thanks for getting rid of those guys for me." Fuu said gratefully. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get out of here."

"Wait! Fuu, right?" Tenten grabbed her arm to stop her from leaving. "Please don't leave. We can help you."

"Yeah right." Fuu shook her arm free. "Look I don't need any help from anyone else."

"You might not but the Nanabi does need help." Naruto said, causing the green haired girl to stop in her tracks. "Yeah that's right…I said the Nanabi."

"How…" Fuu was about to question him when she saw him hold up his hands showing off nine fingers.

"Kyu, dispel unison." He dispelled his barrier jacked and broke off his Unison. Kyu came out and sat back on his shoulder. "Meet the Kyuubi, Kyu Vixen."

"Fuu, whatever this boy is talking about…he's not lying. I remember part of that energy signature. Whatever that is sitting on his shoulder has some trace of the Kyuubi!" Chomei said. "Maybe we should listen to him."

Fuu took heed of Chomei's words and decided to find out more information. "Alright I'm listening kid. Say what you need to."

"First off the name's Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto began. "Second, what would you say if I told you there was a way to remove your Bijuu safely and make it so that the two of you can become way stronger than you are now. Plus I'll throw in the fact that Akatsuki won't come after you as much since you won't have a Bijuu inside you."

"You can remove a Bijuu without killing me?" Fuu definitely didn't believe his words. "You're just a kid younger than I am. Like you have that kind of capability."

"Oh he definitely has it." Kyu floated over in front of Fuu's face. "Trust me, it happened to me and we just did it to the person containing Shukaku the One Tail."

"Look, you may doubt us now, but come to Konoha with us and we'll explain everything." Hinata replied calmly. "You have our word that as of right now, you are under a protected status until we speak with our Hokage. You won't be imprisoned and you will be given safe asylum."

Fuu wasn't sure what to do. She knew that ninja were undoubtedly deceptive, but she'd rather take asylum over capture any day of the week. "Fine. I'll go with you. But I still don't believe you."

"Fine with us." Tenten said in agreement. "Well guys, looks like flying home is out of the question. Guess we're walking. Good thing the village is about two hours away. Cross Mirage, power down. Bardiche, release unison."

"Maki, Raising Heart, the same goes for you. Both of you did great." Hinata thanked her two devices as her Barrier Jacket dispelled and Maki released the unison.

"It was my pleasure Hinata! Now the problem we have is with Kerykeion. Is she ok?" Raising Heart showed her concern, knowing that Kerykeion didn't have a good experience.

"Kerykeion, you ok?" Naruto looked at his wrist as he talked to his device. She didn't reply at all. "Kyu, can you see what's wrong with her?"

Kyu flew over and landed on his arm beside Kerykeion. "Yeah gimme a sec." She placed her hand on Kerykeion to link up and knew immediately. "Naruto, she's crying!"

"It must be due to meeting Asclepius like that. That has to be really painful." Tenten said with concern.

"I think I know how she feels. I'd be the same way if something happened to Hanabi like that." Hinata's concern was even stronger. "Naruto-kun, if it's ok, could I have Kerykeion link with me on the way home? Maybe Maki and I can help her."

Naruto knew Hinata would sincerely try to help his device. Removing her from his wrist, he placed Kerykeion in Hinata's hands. "Thanks Hinata-chan. I really appreciate that."

Hinata would do everything she could for his partner. She placed Kerykeion on her wrist and asked Maki to go back into Unison so the three could link up. "I'll do my best Naruto-kun."

While she was on the job of taking care of Kerykeion, Naruto and Tenten decided to get a little more information from Fuu while they were headed home. "So…your name's Fuu right? Has your Bijuu been giving you any problems?"

Fuu was surprised he was so casual. "Uh…not really. Look can we just get going? I don't want those Akatsuki guys to come back."

"Alright. Let's go." Naruto took point as the quartet headed back to Konoha. However they were not noticed by the eyes of the two Akatsuki they ran into.

"Your plan was a success Itachi-kun." Konan said with a smile, knowing the mission was successful. "So with Fuu in safe hands, what do we do now?"

"For now we head back to base to see if we can figure out a way to get the Yonbi and Gobi to Konoha for conversion." Itachi motioned to Konan for departure. "Also we need to make sure that any other parts of Reinforce haven't been found by Pein."

"Alright. I just hope Kerykeion will be ok. How do you feel Asclepius?" Konan asked of her device.

"Honestly, I feel awful for making her cry like that. But she'll get stronger because of it. She has great friends and a wonderful Master that cares for her. I know they will make sure she will be ok." Asclepius expressed her concern for her sister device.

"You're right. We have a lot to do so we can't worry too much." Konan agreed with her device as she and Itachi left to return to base.

(Inside Hinata's linked mind space)

"Where are we?" Hinata looked around, noticing she was in what looked like some kind of void.

"It's a linked mind space inside your mind. It's where you can better communicate with your Device." Hinata turned around to see Nanoha standing before her. "And before you jump to conclusions, I'm not Nanoha. I just look like her."

"Raising Heart? How…I don't understand?" Hinata was seriously confused why her Device looked like its former master.

"When my AI was upgraded I modeled myself to look like Nanoha. Though whenever she and I talked, I changed my hair color or hair style so she wouldn't be confused." Raising Heart said as she did a little manipulation to change Hinata's mind space to something more comfortable for talking. "Maki, you can join us now."

"Ok." A column of light appeared as Maki entered the mindscape. Hinata was surprised that Maki was now taller than she was. "Surprised to see me?"

"How are you taller than I am…oh wait, you copied your former master Subaru." Hinata figured as much from Raising Heart's description.

"I did. So where's our problem girl?" Maki asked as she took a seat on one of the chairs Raising Heart created.

"Right here." Raising Heart touched Hinata's wrist where Kerykeion was still in standby form. Her wrist began to glow until a light shot forth only to appear as what looked to be a 12-year-old girl. "Don't want Hinata to feel like she's the youngest of all of us now. So I figure having her look like Caro when she was that age is just fine."

"What…why am I here? Where's Naruto?" Kerykeion rubbed some tears from her eyes as she looked around. "Lady Hinata? Miss Raising Heart? Why are you here?"

"We're here to see what's got you so stressed out." Raising Heart led Kerykeion down to sit between her and Hinata. "You've never just backed down like that."

"It was Asclepius. I can't believe that she's working with our enemy. She's never been bad at all!" Kerykeion started crying again. "She's always been so supportive to me. Why would she call me weak?"

"Maybe it was due to the influence of her Master. We all know you're not weak." Hinata tried her best to comfort the device, but it wasn't really working.

"No I am weak. I couldn't keep fighting with Naruto. He probably thinks the same of me too." Kerykeion said in tears as she sunk more into self-depression.

"Do you really believe that?" Raising Heart couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Do you really think he sees you as weak. You've been synced with him for how long now?"

"Raising Heart's right. Naruto is the last person that would say you are weak. It was just a bad meeting." Maki added to try to help boost Kerykeion's confidence.

"Listen Kerykeion, if there is anyone who knows what it feels like to be called weak, it's me." Hinata said. "I've been called a failure, a disgrace, a weakling, and so much more."

"Why would anyone call you that? You're teamed up with two of the strongest Devices I know." Kerykeion wiped a few tears from her eyes.

"You don't know what it was like before Maki came into my life. I had to deal with so much pressure from my family to excel because I was the clan heir." Hinata told her story. "I had to be cold and callous, superior to everyone else because of who I was. I had to be the exact opposite of who I am. I was even told that I had to be superior to my sister Hanabi and that she was to be beneath me."

"Why would anyone tell someone that?" Kerykeion questioned.

"It was all about status. All because I was my clan's heiress, I had to prove my status. But honestly, it sucked. I hated every moment of it. I hated looking down on people." Hinata said in anger. "I hated thinking I was better than everyone. I hated the name that my clan had made and I hated everything they stood for." She took a deep breath to try and calm herself. "I felt that being more like my mother was better for the clan. I felt that kindness and respect would be better, but I was berated for it constantly."

"Is that how you ended up putting yourself in a shell?" Raising Heart asked of her Master.

"You could say that. But I guess what really pushed it over the edge was the fact that I was forced to fight Hanabi all the time to prove I was superior. I just couldn't do it. My role wasn't to defeat her, but to protect her and guide her since my mother was gone." Hinata sighed heavily. "Luckily she saw that and realized that I wasn't out to put her beneath me."

"So you really believe I'm not weak? I'm just really worried for Asclepius?" Kerykeion asked calmly.

"Pretty much. From what I can tell, you seem to be the 'younger sister' of the two, but even so, there's nothing that says you can't care more for her." Hinata said confidently. "We'll get her back to our side. That's a promise. Sisters should never be against each other, but you need to understand something."

"What's that?" Kerykeion looked more curious than depressed now.

"You need to understand that if she's fallen into the darkness, you will have to fight her to bring her back to the light. You may not like it, but if you succeed, then trust me, she'll appreciate it more than you'll ever know." Hinata was smiling, knowing that she'd do the same for her own sister if it happened. "Sometimes fighting the ones you care about is the only way to save them. It will be very hard, but with great friends by your side, you can do it."

"Thanks Hinata." Kerykeion wiped her eyes clean. "I feel a lot better now. Can I go back to apologize to Naruto?"

"Sure." Hinata could only smile at the device.

(End mindscape)

The group was about halfway back to Konoha when Naruto looked and saw that Hinata was somewhat spaced out. "Hey Hinata-chan, you ok?"

"Naruto-kun?" Hinata shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Oh, I'm fine. Here you go." She handed Kerykeion back to him.

"So, she's ok?" Naruto looked a little confused as he put his device back on his wrist.

"Just talk to her. She'll tell you everything. But yes, she is ok." Hinata replied.

Naruto just looked at his wrist with a smile. "Thanks Hinata-chan, you're the best."

Hinata just smiled back at Naruto as the group continued full speed back to Konoha. After about an hour they arrived back home and immediately went to check in with Tsunade to report on their mission success.

"So Gaara underwent extraction safely and now has his partner device Desert Rose?" Tsunade began reading over the mission report. "Has he had any negative side effects from the extraction?"

"Not at all Lady Tsunade. In fact the first night, he said he had the best sleep of his life." Tenten replied as she took a scroll from her pouch. "Rose has started bonding with him quite well. He should definitely be ok if Akatsuki tries to attack him and he said he would even send any information about them to us."

"I see." Tsunade continued reading the report. "I also see you found another bunker. Anything good come out of it?"

Tenten was already anticipating her question. "So far this is what we found." She opened the scroll seal and displayed the repair capsule, cartridge, and case they found. "We're not sure what's on the cartridge or in the case, but Kyu thinks this is a Device Diagnostic and Repair system."

"Nanoha's out with Hanabi at the bunker for now trying to search for more bunker locations. I'll contact her right away and have her go over all of this." Tsunade was impressed everything was going the way it was. "If this is indeed a repair system, then I'm sure all of the Devices will appreciate it. Now onto the more important matter at hand…your run in with Itachi Uchiha and his associate."

"That was pretty unexpected Lady Tsunade." Tenten answered back. "We had no idea they were even in the area or pursuing another Jinchuuriki."

"Speaking of Jinchuuriki, I'm still waiting to find out just what is going on? You promised me some answers if I came with you." Fuu was starting to get impatient at the lack of answers she was getting.

"Fuu-san is right. We promised her we would explain everything to her." Hinata said as she turned back to the green haired Jinchuuriki. "You will probably want to sit down because it is a very long story."

"For now wait a bit. I want Nanoha here as well. I'm sure all of you are tired and need to rest a bit. For now I'll have some food brought in until she arrives." Tsunade pressed a button on her desk, summoning a messenger ninja to go to Ichiraku for some food. She also sent a telepathic message to Nanoha as well. Within an hour Nanoha and Hanabi came back from the bunker in the Forest of Death.

With everyone now present, Tenten began the full explanation of everything that had happened so far, from the origin of the Bijuu Lost Logia to the Great Mage War. Nanoha reinforced everything said by also revealing that she was in fact from that era and explained more in detain. After all was said and done…

"This is heavy." Fuu rubbed her forehead in confusion. "Chomei is really an ancient artifact that helped cause mass destruction? But he's been nothing like that now."

"It's possible that too much time in a dormant state altered their internal AI. That or whatever type of sealing was used caused an alteration as well." Nanoha had some ideas but really couldn't be sure. "Until we can get more information we'll just have to go with what we know."

"So the real question is this Fuu. We've already performed an extraction on Naruto and Gaara, and both were unharmed. Do you want to have Chomei extracted and converted into a Device so that Akatsuki will be less of a threat to you?" Tsunade extended the invitation to the green haired girl. "Also as we've said, you have asylum here and do not have to worry about extradition back to Taki. In addition the invitation to become part of the Time-Space Administration Bureau is open as well."

"As if I'd ever want to go back there." Fuu felt her harboring anger towards her previous village boil up. "I had nothing, left with nothing, so I'm fine not returning to nothing."

"I'm in full agreement with you Fuu. Besides, it might be fun to explore the outside world again. Plus I think things would be better here. Joining up with this Time-Space Administration Bureau seems interesting." Chomei gave his two cents in agreement.

"Well, Chomei agrees, and you did say that I do have the option of joining up with your Time-Space Administration Bureau as well." Fuu replied nonchalantly. "So we're in. What do I have to do?"

"First we'll get you situated with residence, registered into the ranks, have your skills assessed so you will be assigned rank, and then you'll undergo extraction." Nanoha gave a rundown of everything that would be happening. As Tsunade's de-facto second in command, she figured she should take the helm with this. "Speaking of which, Naruto, when you get the chance, can you write Gaara and ask if he would like to become part of the TSAB as well. We can establish him as a remote field agent so that wouldn't interfere with him being a Suna shinobi."

"Sure Nanoha. Anything else?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing else Naruto. All of you earned some time off. Head home to rest." Tsunade instructed as she filed away the report. "Nanoha and I will get Fuu situated and contact you when it's time for the extraction."

Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten all nodded and took their leave. Hinata gave a quick goodbye to Hanabi and told her she would talk to her later that evening via telepathy.

After getting things started and situated with Fuu, Nanoha finally had some time to examine what the team brought back. She did confirm that Kyu found a Device Diagnostic and Repair capsule, so she was able to get it up and working back at the bunker.

"Perfect. Now we'll be able to take care of all the Devices. Since everyone has time off, I'll give them all checkups. Guess I should see what's on this cartridge and in this case as well." Nanoha looked at the case and found the thumbprint scanner that was similar to the trunk that contained her things. With no surprise it opened, meaning it was meant for her. What she found however…

"Unbelievable! All of these were recovered safely?" She looked in and found a plethora of Devices. "Laevatein, Graf Eisen, Strada, Durandal, Star Saber, Brunzel, Solfege, and even Asteion? All of you are ok!" Nanoha couldn't believe that so many of the devices belonging to those close to her were safe. "All of you rest peacefully and wake up when you're ready. I promise we'll find you wonderful Masters who will care greatly for you."

As she was closing the case, she noticed the foam holding the devices was covering something. Carefully she lifted the foam up and found what looked to be a cartridge slot beside a covered panel. "It's not possible…is it?" Being wary of her suspicions, she insert the cartridge that was found into the slot. Immediately a small panel was revealed in the case. There was an LCD panel that said 'Standby' and with it there was a green button. With nothing left to do, Nanoha pressed the button. The panel changed from 'Standby' to 'Activate'.

"Activate…activate what?" Nanoha paid close attention as the LCD panel and button slid back out of the way to reveal a small capsule. Nanoha saw it was cloudy, but could make out that there was what looked to be a Unison Device inside. As the capsule began to clear and open, Nanoha was about to get the greatest shock in over 10,000 years. She saw the Device and saw that it also had something in it's hands. Though the first thing that happened was when the Device spoke for the first time and Nanoha couldn't believe the voice she heard.

"Good morning Nanoha-chan." The Device looked up at her and smiled. "I've missed you."

Nanoha was speechless as she looked down at this Device. Only one thing came out of her mouth. "Fate-chan?"

The team now has Fuu in safe custody and she's joining up with the TSAB. Also now that eight new Devices were found, who will be their new Masters? And what's with the device that sounded just like Nanoha's love Fate? Only time will tell what happens!

And on another note...hopefully it won't be too much time! I'll try to squeeze writing in while changing diapers! Till next time guys!

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