The Next Ace of Aces

Chapter 16

I am not dead! I swear! Just being married and working on a youtube channel...not to mention being an expectant dad is hard enough! But at least I managed to squeak this one out. Hope you guys enjoy it and you know all the disclaimer's 2013 anyway.

Chapter 16

"Fate-chan?" Nanoha was in straight shock. After finding a variety of Devices that belonged to many of her closest friends, she discovered one more Unison Device that had been secured as well, but this device…looked exactly like her beloved. "But…how? I was told you died! You can't be alive!"

"Nanoha-chan…I am alive. And I'm also something more…I'm your Unison Device." Device Fate sat up and stretched out. "That was a long sleep. How long have we been asleep?"

Nanoha was still in mass confusion over what she's seeing. "No, this is…I don't see how in the world this is even possible! Unless…" She took her time to think things over. "Hmm…well if things like the DCS and the Regeneration Chamber were created, then it's obvious that this could have happened."

Device Fate looked over at Nanoha and knew she was being doubtful, "Nanoha-chan, what if I could prove that I'm the real Fate. What if I told you the one thing that only Nanoha knew and no one else knew?"

"Ok…one chance. What did Fate do the day I told her my true feelings about her." Nanoha knew that only one person would know this answer.

"That day, when we were both 14 years old, and you confessed your love to me…" Device Fate said as if it were an instant memory. "I pulled out Bardiche because I was about to run off due to the shock, but instead of running, I stopped. I then turned back, placed my hand on your cheek, looked you in the eyes, pushed your hair out of your face, and gave you your first kiss. I then said the following words to you…'I promise to always be your prince if you promise to always be my princess for eternity."

Nanoha stood still and slowly, tears began to form in her eyes. "Fate-chan…you don't know how much I've missed you!" She quickly grabbed her love-converted-device and embraced her with everything she had.

"Nanoha-chan…it might be easier if I do something first." Fate pulled herself out of Nanoha's grip and got some distance. "It's going to take a lot of energy but…" Fate began to glow in a golden hue as she started increasing her size. It took a few seconds but soon Nanoha looked upon the girl she loved as she was back in her original size. "There we go."

"Fate-chan! You're real! You're alive!" Nanoha ran full speed into Fate's arms and began crying intensely. "You're really alive!"

"I know. For a while though I wasn't." Fate explained. "Now let's find out how this all happened ok." She let go of Nanoha and took the cartridge out of the case. Looking around in the bunker, she found the console and found a slot to insert the cartridge. After entering a command on the panel, a video began to play.

Hello Nanoha and Fate. Looks like you two have finally been reunited.

"Shario had something to do with this?" Nanoha asked. "What all did she work on?"

"We'll soon know." Fate responded.

Nanoha, you're probably wondering just what is going on. Well this is another project we had been working on for a long time. As you can see, Fate is alive, but she's not what she used to be. After she was mortally injured in battle, we did everything possible to save her life but her injuries put her at the point of no return. It was at that point we decided to try something very risky. We had been working on a way to convert a human consciousness into a device AI. We only had three subjects in mind to try this process…you, Fate, and Vivio. Unfortunately we lost Vivio too soon before we could try the process on her, but with Fate, we had a small window of opportunity.

The day you were told that Fate died…was a lie. She was still alive but in a comatose state on life support. We tried to wait to the very last minute in hopes that you would live in your final battle, but we waited too long. After you had been placed in the Regeneration Capsule, we didn't want you to be truly alone. So to give you some kind of help, we took the risk.

Luckily due to Fate being an artificial human, transferring her consciousness went easier than we planned. A Unison Device body was built for her using her own DNA as a base and your DNA as a link. The transfer worked and Fate became the first human to become a Device. Because your DNA was used as well, she is permanently bonded to you. This also means she cannot be used against you as well.

Fate, since the process was successful, you'll now notice a few new upgrades. Unlike Agito and Rein, you can shift from Device size to Adult size. You'll notice that you actually are a unique type of Unison Device. You are able to stay in full size human form for about 12 hours before needing to return to Device Form. Also you retain the master code to allow any Unison Device to change size, though it wouldn't be full adult size like you. In addition, you have the ability to merge with anyone you want as long as it's on your own terms, otherwise due to your bond with Nanoha, you can't be forced to merge. We also transplanted your Linker Core, so you do retain all of your basic spells that you knew without Bardiche's help. So effectively, you're now what we call a Master Unison Device. Unfortunately we broke the machine so there's no way to replicate the process.

Finally Nanoha, depending on when you woke up, all of us figured you would need a lot of help. Hopefully you found Raising Heart or another Device for your own protection, but if you hadn't, then we sealed away the access codes to Fortress in the crystal you saw Fate holding. It was too risky to try and not seal it, in the event that someone could find a way to access its immense power. The rest of Fortress was sealed away in Sacred Heart after he went offline. With both keys you now have your firepower back, but hopefully you'll never have to use it.

None of us knows what the future holds, but hopefully the two of you will be able to survive it. All of us miss you and wish we could have done more. Hopefully the future has gotten brighter where you are. Godspeed and Good Luck!

The video shut off as Fate looked down at the crystal in her hands. "I guess you'll need this Nanoha-chan. You probably found Raising Heart and Sacred Heart, right?"

Nanoha couldn't believe what she was going to tell her girlfriend. "Fate-chan, you will not believe what I'm going to tell you. Maybe it's best that I show you. Oh I guess I should do this as well. Since you're now here…and my device…I think I should run a diagnostic on you. I just got this Diagnostic and Repair system online and I need to make sure it works."

"Oh ok. If you say so Nanoha-chan." Fate gave the key crystal to Fortress to Nanoha and returned to her Unison Device form. Nanoha pointed to where the Diagnostic Device was and led Fate to it. "Well, this will be my first time. I guess I should get undressed for my first checkup."

As Fate was undressing, Nanoha immediately had all kinds of thoughts running through her head…namely images of a naked Fate. Her face turned bright red…brighter than Kyu's red hair! "Uh…yeah…that's fine."

"Oh Nanoha-chan, you cute little ecchi." Fate smiled coyly as she finished undressing and stepped into the diagnostic capsule. "Don't worry, we'll have more time to play later."

"Fate-chan! Why do you torment me like that?" Nanoha whined. If there was one thing Fate loved to do, it was drive Nanoha crazy with her seductive charm. "I'm going to dunk you in the hot springs for that." Nanoha entered a code on the console and the capsule immediately began to go into a scanning mode. Two energy rings began to scan Fate and information popped up on the screen. "Well, at least the capsule works. It says here that you're at 100 percent. This will be good since there are a lot of other devices I need to check on."

"There are more devices active? Which ones?" Fate asked out of curiosity.

"Well Bardiche is one…and you'll be surprised when you see him." Nanoha giggled as the capsule shut down. Fate exited and got dressed, then returned back to her human size. "I guess I should also say that you've been reinstated back to active duty Lieutenant Colonel Harlaown."

"The TSAB is ok?" Fate asked in surprise.

"Well sort of. We're really small but we are active." Nanoha said as she locked the case with the other devices. "I should take these to the commander as well. Hopefully some of them will go online."

"You're hiding something from me, aren't you Nanoha?" Fate sounded quite suspicious.

"Whatever do you mean, my dear prince?" Nanoha shot a sly look as she took the case with the devices and powered down the bunker. "Maybe I am…maybe I'm not."

"Lady Tsunade, I'm done with my mission for the day." Ino slowly walked into Tsunade's office with the paperwork she had to hand in. "Is there anything else I can do for today?"

Tsunade had started wondering about the blonde. Ever since Sasuke defected, Tsunade had been concerned about her well-being. "Ino, I want to know something. You haven't really been yourself and it's because of Sasuke defecting, isn't it?"

Ino was pretty surprised that she'd get a response from Tsunade like that. "Lady Tsunade…I…well…"

"Ino just be honest. This isn't an interrogation. I'm very concerned about you. I see a lot of potential in you that looks like it's going to waste and I want to keep that from happening." Tsunade sat back in her chair with a concerned look.

"Ino felt slightly more comfortable and decided to confide, "It's not Sasuke that bothered me. It was Sakura. I still don't understand what would have led her to leave like she did. I thought she was smarter than that."

Tsunade understood and had her own speculations as well. "I see. Well you're not the only one that has concerns about Sakura. I've had speculations myself that she wasn't in the right state of mind." She had been thinking that something having to do with Yersinia Kreuz caused Sakura's change as well. "Ino, the reason why I'm asking is because I feel like it's time for you to make a change in your life."

"What kind of change?" Ino hoped that her depressive attitude hadn't reflected on her negatively.

"This kind of change." Tsunade took Klarwind off her fingers and placed them in front of Ino. "You're going to become my new apprentice and you're also going to be joining Hinata's team as their full time support. To do so you'll need this."

"Lady Tsunade, what is…" Ino didn't understand until she heard something.

"Ist das mein neuer partner?" (Is this my new partner?) asked Klarwind.

"Yes Klarwind. You will be working with her now." Tsunade replied as Ino still looked stunned. "You heard her correct? Well it's time I let you in on some classified information Ino." She made a seal to soundproof the room. "Take a seat. We have a lot to talk about."

"Finally, time for some down time!" Naruto leaped over the sofa in the home he shared with Tenten, Hinata, and Nanoha. "All I know is that Ichiraku is calling and I'll have to go and close the place."

"Naruto are you sure you want to do that?" Tenten asked as she followed him in. "I thought I heard that Hinata was going to cook another one of your mom's recipes."

Naruto's head clicked upon hearing that. "Ichiraku can wait! I'll take Hinata-chan's cooking any day!"

Hinata just chuckled as she put her backpack down and headed toward the kitchen. "Alright, just give me some time. Kyu-chan, would you and Maki-chan help me out?"

"Of course. Come on Maki-chan." Kyu grabbed Maki's arm and flew towards the kitchen with her.

Tenten took a seat in the recliner and stretched out. "Well I guess the saying is right. The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

"What's that mean?" Naruto looked confused at what she said.

"Don't worry about it. Well, since we have some time off, does anyone have an idea of what we can do? I mean isn't there supposed to be a festival or something soon?" Tenten asked.

"Got me." Naruto said as he turned on the TV in hopes of finding something to watch. As the three were getting comfortable, Nanoha had just returned home with her new guest.

"So what was really funny was when both Hinata and Tenten backed away from each other after the kiss! I swear they were both redder than cooked lobsters!" Nanoha was laughing as she was telling Fate all about 'The Kiss'.

"Oh Nanoha-chan. You can be so silly." Fate chuckled as she entered as well. "Oh it seems we have guests."

"Guests…oh hey! You guys are back home? I thought you were going out to Ichiraku's or something." Nanoha said.

"Not really. Who's that with you?" Tenten asked as she went to greet the two. However she did notice something about Bardiche. "Uh Bardiche…are you ok? You look like you've seen a ghost?"

Bardiche couldn't say a word at what he saw. "I…it…I…"

Fate walked over to Bardiche and took a good look at him, now that he had been upgraded. "My noble Bardiche. It's been a long time hasn't it?"

Tenten took a minute to think about this. "Wait…how does she know Bardiche and why is he acting like that?"

Nanoha knew her answer would raise a few eyebrows. "That's because it's been a while since he saw his former master. Basically he's having the same reaction that Raising Heart did when I woke up."

"Wait…that's Fate Testarossa Harlaown, the second Legendary Mage? But I thought you said she died! How in the world is she alive?" Tenten had to try to compose herself before freaking out. "Hinata, get in here, you gotta see this!"

"What is it Ten-chan? Oh hi Nanoha, I didn't know we'd be having a guest." Hinata said kindly as she came out the kitchen.

"Oh it's more like a permanent resident. Tenten already figured out who she was, but let me introduce you to my beloved, Fate." Nanoha said with a smile, causing Fate to blush.

"I take it there's a story behind all of this, isn't there?" Tenten knew something had to be up.

"Oh there is. And it's pretty interesting as well." Nanoha said as she placed the case with the extra devices down on the table. "Before I get started, I'll get some tea made."

After getting tea for everyone, Nanoha explained how the case the team brought back contained more devices that belonged to people she knew. She also showed the containment unit that Fate had been in, and explained the video of what happened. After retrieving Sacred Heart from her room, she even showed Hinata that she now had access to her AEC Armament as well. Needless to say, everyone was quite surprised.

"So she's a Unison Device…that has the ability to shift into human form?" Naruto was pretty excited over what he heard. "That has to be cool."

"It is. As a matter of fact, I can show you." Fate replied as she turned and looked at Bardiche. "Bardiche will you come here a minute."

He floated over to the coffee table and kneeled before her. "Yes Lady Fate, what is it you ask of me?"

Tenten was a little surprised, "Look at him. Still a nobleman even to his former master. That sweetheart."

Fate shifted back into her Device form and flew beside Bardiche. "Rise my noble knight. You fought many hard battles and did so much to protect me. However it is time that I release you. You have become more than what you were when you were with me." She kneeled down and lifted his head. "And I want to reward you for all you did and ask one request of you."

"What is it My Lady?" Bardiche asked.

"Protect your new friends as you did me." Fate gave him a small kiss on the cheek. "You truly are a noble knight and now I wish that you look at me as an equal, not a superior." With that she shifted back into her human form and sat back down.

"Lady Fate…forgive me but I cannot look at you that way." Bardiche stood and bowed. "Even if Lady Tenten is my Master now, I will still do what I can to serve you."

"Bardiche, as nice as that sounds, as your Master I order you to do as she says." Tenten had a serious look on her face, but she knew it was just to get him to lighten up.

"Lady Tenten, is that wise?" Bardiche asked. When he did, Tenten gave him a sharper glare. "Very well Lady Tenten, I shall abide by Lady Fate's wish."

"Always a gentleman." Fate smiled warmly at her former device.

"So now with Fate-chan here and with a working Device Diagnostic system, it'll be a little easier to help keep all of you repaired and help with your training." Nanoha said. "Tomorrow I'll be giving all of your devices a checkup to make sure they're all in working order. In addition we can hopefully see if any of these others will awaken and maybe see if their Masters can be found."

"That's good and all…but you said checkup, right?" Kyu looked a little pale after asking her question.

"Why yes Kyu-chan, that's not a problem, is it?" Nanoha could immediately tell that Kyu was pretty nervous.

"No." Kyu said quietly. "Um if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go take a nap." As she flew off to her room everyone could hear her mumble, "Why does it have to be a checkup! That just sounds really creepy! And I hope she doesn't use any needles!"

"Looks like Kyu took a little more after you Naruto. I know how much you hate the doctor as well." Tenten said, seeing Naruto grumble.

"Don't remind me. Ugh!" Kyu yelled from the back room.

"Kyu, wait! Before you go, I need to give you something." Fate called out, causing Kyu to come back. In fact I think it will be something all three of you will like."

"As long as it has nothing to do with a checkup, then I'm fine." Kyu came back and hoped it was good.

"I don't think an upgrade has to do with a checkup." Kyu's eyes went wide after hearing that from Fate. "So I need for you three to line up in front of me." Kyu, Bardiche and Maki all lined up as asked and noticed Fate's hand beginning to glow blue. "Alright, time to put my Master Control to use."

"Master…" Bardiche barely had time to talk before he, Kyu, and Maki started glowing in the same blue aura that was around Fate's hand.

"There we go. Download and upgrade complete." Fate noticed the three looking at each other, wondering just what happened.

"Um, what just happened?" Kyu asked. She was trying to scan her memory banks for the upgrade but couldn't find anything.

"We'll let you know soon. Come on you three, we should go introduce Fate-chan to Lady Tsunade." Nanoha said as she headed to the door. "I got a message from her that she had something important."

Since the three had nothing else to do, they all headed back to Tsunade's office only to notice Ino was there as well.

"Ino, what are you doing here?" Tenten was surprised to see her there without her team. That was when she noticed what was on her fingers. "Wait…what's going on here?"

"Well Tenten, I've decided on a few changes." Tsunade said as everyone got comfortable and the room was sealed. "First off since we're all here, I'd like to say it's finally nice to meet you Fate."

"The pleasure is all mine Lady Tsunade." Fate bowed respectfully.

"Likewise Lt. Colonel. It's great to have you on board the TSAB, Now as I was saying, there are some things changing. As you can see Miss Yamanaka has joined us. I have decided to take her on as an apprentice. In addition she has now been assigned to a new team…namely yours." Tsunade said as she moved some papers on her desk. "I have passed Klarwind to her and she will now be your full time support."

"It was kind of a surprise finding everything out. Especially what happened to Sasuke, Sakura, and Neji. But hopefully I can be of some good use to you guys." Ino said with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

"So, we have Klarwind's healing with us full time? Sweet!" Naruto was pretty excited. "I mean we'll definitely be harder to take down now!"

"Yes you will be, especially since we have more devices ready to be paired up with new masters. Right now the logical choice is that the devices would be paired up with the rest of the rookies, but we'll wait and see once they all awaken." Tsunade replied. "For now the four of you will be getting ready for a new mission."

"Already? But we just got back home!" Naruto groaned in complaint.

"I know you did, but this is fairly serious. I've been in talks with the Mist Village and their new Mizukage." Tsunade took out a document with a picture of a young girl about the age of Hanabi. "This is Asuna Terumi, the latest Jinchuuriki of the Sanbi."

"She's a Jinchuuriki? Why in the world would Kiri make her a Jinchuuriki?" Asked Tenten.

Tsunade had a serious look on her face. "It's because she had the unfortunate lot of being placed in a similar situation as Naruto. About 7 years ago when she was born, the Sanbi was ripped out of the Fourth Mizukage, Yagura in the very same fashion that Kyu had been extracted from Naruto's mother Kushina."

"And because she was just born, her chakra coils hadn't developed and she was the only one capable of being able to contain a Bijuu." Naruto knew full well of the situation. "Tell me, did she suffer the same as I did?" He looked at the seriousness on Tsunade's face and instantly knew the answer. "I don't believe it."

"Well as you used to say, Believe it! The only family she had was told she was killed and had left the village for some time until recently. Her aunt had returned about two years ago and has been trying to change things. Unfortunately being Mizukage isn't enough." Tsunade responded. "So I've been sharing information and both the Mizukage and I believe it is in Asuna's best interest that she be extracted from Kiri."

"Ok, that's good and all, but you said the Mizukage was her aunt?" Tenten asked, wanting to know more.

Tsunade nodded, "Yes. Her aunt is Mei Terumi, current Mizukage. She and I have been working over the past month to try and mend the problems between Kiri and Konoha and she filled me in on the situation. But her council has been giving her similar problems that I've been getting and even though she's been doing her best for Asuna, the rest of the village has been nothing but callous."

"When do we leave?" Naruto's whole attitude did a complete change. He started growling in anger that someone else was subjected to the same hell as he had. It was even worse that it was a girl as well. "I want her out of there as soon as possible."

"I'd send you right now, but all of you need a little more rest and Nanoha still has to do diagnostics on your devices. So you'll leave in 48 hours. That will give you some downtime to try and give Ino pointers on flight." Tsunade commanded. "It will also give time for me to send a message to the Mizukage and let her know that we will be proceeding with Operation 'Shellshock'. But the main goal is for you all to go to Kiri and silently get her out of there. Your contact will be the Mizukage."

"I think having your devices as backup will help as well. Especially since the three of you can now get in much easier." Nanoha said as she looked at Fate.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Kyu.

"Well have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were Naruto's size Kyu? Try to imagine that." Fate gave a subtle hint that Tsunade easily caught but left everyone else wondering.

"Me as Naruto's size…well when in Konoha." Kyu started thinking what she would be like if she were bigger and felt a strange sensation. "What…what's happening to…" In a bright flash Kyu's size immediately changed. She was now the same height as Naruto. Her clothes had even changed as well. Instead of wearing the sleeveless blouse and dress that made her look like a mini-Adult Kushina, she was now wearing a kimono style blouse, black obi, black skirt and black stockings. Her tails and ears had also now vanished as well.

"I don't believe it. Kyu, in all seriousness…the way you look right now, you'd think it was a teenage Kushina Uzumaki standing here." Tsunade herself was shocked. So much that she reached for a scroll in her desk and unsealed it, taking out a picture. "And I do have to say, with you standing beside Naruto…well just have a look at this." She gave the picture to Naruto and Kyu and both couldn't believe the surprise.

"This was mom and dad?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. This was when they were about 12-13 years old, the same age as you Naruto. And with Kyu standing beside you, the two of you look just like Minato and Kushina at that age. My guess is that because the real Kushina's chakra transferred that outfit into you Kyu, it's now why you're wearing it. In fact, add this." She took out a headband and tossed it to Kyu.

"You're kidding. What does that picture look like?" Tenten got the picture from Naruto as Kyu tied on the headband. After she and Hinata looked it over, then looked at Naruto and Kyu, the resemblance was unreal. "Lady Tsunade is right! Naruto, you really look a lot like your dad at this age."

"It's like looking into the past." Hinata commented. "Lady Kushina was really pretty as well."

Naruto took one good look at Kyu, causing her to slightly blush. "Yeah, she sure was." Kyu saw it in his eyes that he was happy to see her like this, as it gave him another good memory of his mother.

"Well to get back on subject, as you can see from Kyu, both Bardiche and Maki now also have the ability to assume a form like this. Although it won't be as long as mine. You'll only be able to stay in this size for about 3-4 hours at a time." Fate explained carefully. "So if you use this to try to sneak around, make sure you're not in a place full of people when your time runs out."

"This makes it work as I'll be sending all of you in as a single Genin team that will be having an exhibition with one of Kiri's teams. Fate, Kyu, Bardiche, and Maki will stay in device form until you arrive. When the interim match starts, they can roam the town freely. Also with Ino there, she can use her Mind Transfer to try and locate Asuna as quickly as possible if she's not in Mei's care." Tsunade gave the mission plan to Nanoha. "If you can, try to use the DCS on her while there, then sneak her out. If not, then just do what you can to get her out of there."

"Uh Lady Tsunade…I think I'll have a better chance of finding Asuna." Kyu explained, getting the attention turned to her. "See, I've been trying to get a better understanding of all my abilities and one thing I've discovered is that I have the ability to sense negative emotion."

Everyone looked confused until Tsunade remembered something. "I completely forgot about that. I remember that when you were sealed in my Grandma Mito, it made her renowned for being able to sense emotion like that. Well that makes things a lot easier."

"Kyu, what do you mean by being able to sense negative emotion?" asked Naruto.

Kyu sighed, "Well it means I can feel when someone has feelings of negativity, like hate, anger, rage, revenge, or even pain, depression, sadness, fear, and grief. I can then locate that person based on their emotions.'

"If the people in Kiri are doing to Asuna what the people here did to Naruto, then all we have to do is try to find the most miserable person or find the biggest grouping of anger and we'll find her." Tenten commented, noticing Naruto start to get quite angry.

"Naruto, calm down! I know you're upset but you're making me feel uneasy." Kyu started shaking at the amount of anger boiling in Naruto. He was almost about to explode until Hinata put a hand on his shoulder to calm him.

"Sorry Kyu. I just…to think this is happening again. This is something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy." Naruto took the time to calm himself and not let his emotions get out of control.

"Well, you have your mission. Get geared up and head out tomorrow." Tsunade instructed.

"Understood. We'll be back with her as soon as possible." Tenten said as everyone took their leave. Tsunade however stopped Naruto before he got out of the door.

"Naruto, wait." The blonde turned back to see what she wanted to say. "I know you of all people understand the seriousness of this and know exactly what she's going through. I don't know what it is, but you seem to have a gift for reaching people who've suffered pain like that. It worked for Gaara, so maybe you can do something for Asuna as well. Just don't let your emotions get the best of you while you're there. I know full well you want to make everyone pay for treating Asuna this way, but you can't let those feelings come back to you."

Naruto fully understood what she meant. Because he overcame the negativity and hate and didn't let it bring him down, he was able to extend those feelings to Gaara, which helped change the Sand genin. Now someone else needed to overcome that darkness and he was the one who could help do it. "Don't worry Granny. I'll do everything I can to help her. I got a great friend and a sister to back me up on it as well." He gave a thumbs up before running out of the room.

Tsunade sat back and let a sigh of relief out as she started writing on a scroll, "You know something Naruto…I'm not going to worry because I know you'll stand by what you said. Looks like Grandma Mito's ideals didn't just go to Kushina…they were passed to you as well."

So Nanoha now has her beloved Fate back, Kyu, Bardiche, and Maki have now been upgraded, and the race is on to rescue Asuna Terumi, the new Jinchuuriki of the Three Tails. What will happen when the team arrives in Kiri and meets up with Mizukage Mei Terumi? Also how will things work for Ino and her new partner Klarwind? Only time will tell!

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