The Next Ace of Aces

Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

In the snowy cold of Kiri, the village hidden in the Mist, a small girl was running quickly through the alleyways of the village. She kept looking back to see if the mob of people were still behind her and quickly ducked into an abandoned building to catch her breath. If one were to look at said girl, they would see that she was severely injured with her clothing torn and in tatters. Her long brown/orange hair was covered in mud and dried blood from the countless attacks she suffered day in and day out.

She hid in a corner, shivering in the cold of the day, doing her best to keep herself warm. Having to make sure she didn't say anything as to alert the mob, she did her best to keep quiet.

"That creature's somewhere around here! Search everywhere!" The girl heard a deep voice yell out to the unruly mob. She could hear everyone run off and waited until she didn't hear anything. Figuring it was safe, she slowly creeped out of the building she was hiding in. Seeing that it was ok, she made haste as best she could to a small shack on the far side of town. As she entered the shack, everything was completely in shambles…just as she left it earlier in the day.

"Well…home sweet home." Her voice trembled in sadness as she went to her makeshift bedroom. "Why does everyone want to hurt me? If I did something wrong, then why can't I tell them I'm sorry."

The girl began her evening regimen of trying to clean her wounds with leftover water from melted snow, then change into whatever clothes she had that wasn't damaged, torn, dirty, blood stained or ripped. Then she'd eat whatever leftover food she scavenged up during the day and cry herself to sleep under a few ripped blankets, usually shivering from the cold every night. She pretty much felt her life was nothing but today she'd get just a small bit of sunshine in her life.

Underneath the tattered blankets was a package. She was suspicious but noticed a small emblem in the corner. It was an emblem that only one other person new about, so she knew it was safe. Opening the package, she found a scroll and a letter that she began to read.

Dear Asuna-chan,

If you are reading this letter then luckily this package was not destroyed. There are some good supplies in here for you. I've left you a sealing scroll with some new changes of clothes and even a new set of pajamas. There's also a tent, a new sleeping bag with an extra blanket, and a nice fluffy pillow. I've even sealed some food away for you as well with some cooking supplies and a good supply of fire tags so you won't burn yourself. There are instructions on how to use the tags so it won't be difficult. Don't worry about the food going bad. These are ninja rations that will last a long time and I tried to make sure they taste good for you. There's even a medical kit with everything needed to take care of your wounds and a backpack so you can put all of your things inside. I've also included a map for you to a secluded location for you to stay for a few days. Make sure you go there tonight when everyone else is asleep. Chojuro and Ao will check up on you periodically to make sure no one finds you. When you get there, just open the scroll and everything will be unsealed for you.

I have contacted some people who will be able to get you out of the village and take you someplace where you won't be treated the way you are. Those people might even be able to help you with the mean turtle inside of you, and maybe even help him see that you are really a nice little girl. They should be arriving in the village within a few days. I know you might not be happy that you have to leave, but it's for the best. A pretty little girl like you doesn't deserve to be treated the way you are.

Just remember that what happened to you was never your fault. I'm still searching to the people that took your Mama and Papa away from you, and when I find them, I promise you they will be brought to justice.

You may not hear this very often Asuna-chan, but you are NOT a monster or a creature or a demon. You are Asuna Terumi, a bright girl who will become a wonderful kunoichi when she gets older. You are the child of Kiri's two greatest sword wielders, The Black Swordsman and the Lightning Flash, and if you want to, you can become even greater then both of them. You were given your beloved mother's name and both of them loved you with everything in their being.

Asuna-chan, I wish there was more I could do for you. This village became so corrupt under Yagura's rule and it's been so difficult to try and turn them away from the 'Bloody Mist' persona. Maybe one day you'll be able to come back home and become a true Mist ninja like your Mama and Papa.

I promise that once you get to your new safe place, I'll come and visit. The leader of the place you're going to is a very good doctor and she'll make sure you're good and healthy. If she has to give you a shot then don't be afraid. She's made a promise to me that she will take good care of you.

Always remember my snow angel, that I love you so much and if I truly had my way, you'd be sleeping in a nice warm bed every night, and always have yummy food to eat, and no one would treat you the way they do because I would always be there to protect you.

Be safe sweetie and I'll see you as soon as I can.

Love you so much!

Aunt Mei

The girl known as Asuna took the scroll and put it in her pocket. She took two pictures from a small table and left the shack she had called home for so long. Moving slowly and quietly through the night, she followed the map to a secluded area in the village. When she arrived, Asuna found a small cottage surrounded by trees. What she didn't know was that as she entered the cottage, a genjutsu activated, causing the house to disappear behind the illusion. She noticed the cottage was small enough for just one person. There was a small bathroom, a sink, and a bed. Taking the scroll, she opened it, causing all of the sealed items to be revealed.

The first thing Asuna did was place all of her food and cooking supplies neatly by the sink. She laid out the sleeping bag, blanket and pillow on the bed and set her two pictures beside it. She decided to put her clothes in her backpack except for her pajamas and went in to the bathroom to wash up. Finally she cleaned and dressed her wounds before changing into her pajamas and getting into her sleeping bag. As she read the letter addressed to her once more, tears began to fall down her face.

"Thank you Aunt Mei. I love you too." She set the letter beside her and lay down as she cried herself to sleep like she did every night. However tonight was the first night that the tears she shed were not tears of pain and sadness, but tears of happiness.

"Lady Mizukage, the genjutsu has been set." A tall shinobi with an eye patch felt a pulse of chakra.

The Mizukage, known as Mei Terumi, looked out at her village covered in the snow. "Excellent. Make sure she has a warm breakfast waiting for her in the morning Ao."

"Of course. Lady Mizukage, do you really think Asuna will be safe in the hands of those Konoha ninja?" asked Ao.

Mei took a deep breath and sighed, "I've been speaking with Tsunade about this. She informed me that their own Jinchuuriki suffered through a similar situation. It wasn't as bad as Asuna-chan's because of the Third Hokage, but it was still bad. Somehow that Jinchuuriki overcame the hatred and has moved on to better things. Asuna-chan needs someone like that to help her." She walked over to her desk and began to look over some paperwork she didn't want to deal with. "Ao, you don't know how much I want to kill the people who constantly hurt my snow angel. I can't even imagine the things that were done to her, all because these fools still followed Yagura's bloody ideals. But if I'm to change Kiri and get it away from the 'Bloody Mist' persona, I can't take out my rage on them."

Ao understood clearly how she felt. There were times when he'd mess up in what he said and she'd whisper to him to shut up or she'd kill him as she released a hint of killer intent, but she never went through with the threats. However when it came to Asuna, she'd go through with it in a heartbeat. Asuna meant the world to her and after she returned back to Kiri a few years ago and found out what kind of abuse and mistreatment befell the girl, she worked tirelessly to get Asuna under her protection and care. Due to loads of excessive 'crap' going on with the village council, Mei has had the worst time trying to get Asuna under her custody. It didn't matter that the two were family, the council was adamant at trying to weaponize the girl since they had failed with the other Jinchuuriki, Utakata. "Lady Mizukage, forgive me for doubting your decision."

Mei looked back at Ao, "The only thing I'm happy about right now is that Kazuto and Asuna aren't seeing how their daughter is being treated. If those two were still alive there wouldn't be anyone that would last 5 minutes against them." She opened her desk and took a vial of blood out of it. "I'm hoping that Tsunade can analyze this and find out why Asuna died the way she did. She was in perfect health while she was pregnant."

"You believe she may have been poisoned?" asked Ao.

"I know she was. Her death was too fast. I'm also worried that Asuna-chan may have been poisoned as well and it's the Three Tails that's keeping her alive." Mei said in a serious tone.

Ao was shocked at the news, "How is that possible? There's no way a poison would stay in a person's bloodstream for this long."

"This one would. I tested a drop of this sample and it still has the poison in it even after 7 years." Mei replied. "There has been a lot of foul play, and I plan to get to the very bottom of this. For now, just keep an eye on Asuna-chan."

"As you wish." Ao took his leave and left Mei to herself. The only thing on her mind was her niece.

"You're getting out of this hellhole Asuna-chan. That I can guarantee." That was the last thought that went through her mind as she decided to head home for the night.

"Talk about cold. Good thing we were told to bring warmer clothes." Tenten rubbed her arms to try and warm herself from a chill.

"I don't think the cold is from the weather." Naruto commented. Everyone was surprised that he didn't wear as many layers as everyone else. "I think I know where the cold is coming from."

Nanoha, Ino, Hinata, and Tenten knew what he was talking about. He had spent the last three days doing everything and anything to keep his rage in check. "Naruto-kun, it's ok. We're not going to fail this mission."

Naruto had the worst time keeping himself in check. All he could think of was the fact that Asuna went through a worse hell than he did. Who knows what could be happening with this girl. "This just isn't fair. I mean she's just a little kid and she has family that can't even take care of her because of a bunch of stupid old people!"

Nanoha moved over and placed her hand on his shoulder, "You're right Naruto, it isn't fair at all. But that's where you come in. You have the power to make it fair. No one else has the ability to reach her like you can."

"She's right Naruto-kun. If there's anyone Asuna-chan will need, it's you. Help bring her out of the darkness like you did for Gaara." Hinata comforted him more as she knew he would need it.

Naruto could understand that he had a lot of support even though he was quite angry with the village he was headed to. "Thanks everyone. That helps a lot."

"Good. Since it seems we're about an hour away, we need to go over the plan again." Nanoha said as they continued to walk to the Mist Village. "So after our meeting with the Mizukage, we'll get situated with lodging. Kyu-chan will then try to get a fix on Asuna-chan, and we'll send Fate-chan and Bardiche out to explore the area. Once we have Asuna-chan's location, Naruto, Hinata, Tenten, and Kyu will go in and try to convince her to come back to the hotel. We'll try to get her into the DCS and get the Three Tails converted, then have one of the flyers sneak her out while Naruto uses a transformed Shadow Clone to make it look like we still have all of our team."

"That's pretty elaborate, but it should work. It's a good thing that exhibition is going on. Speaking of which, should we use our Devices while in the match?" Tenten asked, knowing their devices might bring some unusual attention.

"Actually yes. Remember what Hinata did during her match with Naruto? She disguised her device activation with an alternate code. Make everyone think you're using a jutsu, and then switch to your devices. The Mizukage did say she wanted you to all be at your best." Nanoha responded calmly. "Ino even though you're not in the exhibition match, you should do the same as well in case of an emergency. It will keep down suspicion."

The four all nodded in agreement and began to change their activation codes temporarily. Within the hour the group arrived at the gates of Kiri and received clearance to enter. They were directed through the village to the Mizukage's office where they had to wait for a while due to her being in meetings.

"Come in, welcome to Kiri." Mei welcomed them warmly as she took a seat behind her desk. "You must be the team that Tsunade sent as part of our alliance rebuilding project."

"Of course. I'd like to introduce you to our team. This is Naruto Uzumaki, Tenten Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, and Ino Yamanaka. I'm their Jounin instructor Nanoha Takamachi." Nanoha said with a polite bow. The other genin also bowed in respect as well. "With the exhibition match, Naruto, Tenten, and Hinata will be competing. Ino was sent as their medical support as she is a medic-nin in training."

"I see. Tsunade has planned well for her team. Let's get down to discussing what will happen during the match. Tsunade and I have an agreement about strategies, so I don't want you to worry about your secrets getting out." Mei went over to her office door and activated a privacy seal. Going back to her desk, her mask instantly changed. "Alright, here's the status. Right now I had Asuna-chan relocated to a secluded part of the village. She's been there for the past three days with my two guards Ao and Chojuro constantly checking on her. This is a map to her location." She took out a small parchment and handed it to Nanoha. "I had Ao place a genjutsu up in order to keep her hidden."

"Does she know we're coming?" asked Tenten. "We want to make sure she doesn't think we're there to hurt her like everyone else."

Mei nodded in response, "Yes. I let her know that she was going to be hidden for a few days until you arrive and that you would be taking her out of the village to someplace safe. Right now I've sent her messages to keep her updated on your arrival. I'll send a message to her tonight to let her know you're here." She then took out a file from her desk and gave it to Nanoha. "Also here is the information about Utakata, our other Jinchuuriki. Right now his location is unknown, but this will give you some kind of background on him."

"Hmm, so he has the Six Tails. Hopefully he hasn't had any run ins with Akatsuki." Nanoha looked over all the information carefully. "Getting to him might be more difficult. We may have to broaden our search for him."

"Understood. For now though, I'd like a little more information about what you are doing and what you're planning to do to Asuna-chan." Mei asked calmly. "I understand you have some sort of ability to remove a Bijuu safely from its host?"

"We do. Naruto, I think you should let Kyu out now." Nanoha asked. Naruto nodded and unzipped his backpack where Kyu had been sleep for the past few hours.

"Hey Kyu, wake up." He shook his device, getting her to stir around.

Kyu sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes, "Are we here yet?" She could feel Naruto taking her out of his pack and got her bearings. "Oh, who is this?"

"Lady Mizukage, please meet Kyu Vixen, Naruto's partner and the former Kyuubi no Kitsune." Nanoha introduced Kyu while getting a slight rise out of Mei. "You see, Naruto was the former Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi before it was removed and converted into what you see here."

Mei looked over Kyu carefully and was amazed, "She's like a doll."

"That's nothing. Kyu, show her what else you can do." Naruto asked. Kyu nodded and jumped out of his palm into the air. She concentrated hard and assumed her pre-teen form again.

"This does actually feel pretty good when you need to stretch out." Kyu did a few stretches and loosened her arms and legs before extending a hand of gratitude to Mei. "Lady Mizukage it's nice to meet you."

Mei had to make sure she wasn't seeing things. "How…you look just like her! You look just like Kushi-chan!"

"You mean Kushina Uzumaki? You knew her?" Naruto asked in excitement.

Mei nodded, "Yes. See back before the Third Great Ninja War, I was on a mission in Grass Country when I had a run in with her. I had been separated from my team and was severely injured. I was slowly trying to make it to my camp, but I had lost a lot of blood and lost direction as well. While I was wandering through the forest, I had gotten to a point where I really thought I was going to die. That's when Kushina found me and helped my injuries."

"Kiri and Konoha were allied at the time?" Tenten was surprised that there wasn't a continuing alliance.

"It wasn't really an alliance, more like a mutual truce. But she had helped get me back on my feet. We did a lot of talking and forged a friendship. Afterwards we continued to keep in touch with each other. Both of us said we'd become the first female Kage of our village and get married and have kids." Mei chuckled at the memories she had. "So how is she?"

Naruto took a deep breath to reveal the info he didn't want to speak, "She…died. It was October 10, almost 13 years ago. The same day that the Kyuubi attacked Konoha."

Kyu lowered her head in shame, "It was also the day that Naruto was born. Basically a day that I love and hate. I love it because it's his birthday, but I hate it because it's the day I took his parents away from him." She swallowed a hard lump in her throat in the hopes that she wouldn't start crying.

Mei pieced everything together from both Naruto and Kyu's reactions, "Naruto…you're Kushina's son aren't you? And Kyu…you used to be sealed inside her. She was a Jinchuuriki, wasn't she?" The two nodded. "I see. Well, guess I beat her out on something. But I think I envy her more of what she got, even if it was only for a few hours." Mei rose from her desk and went over to Naruto, placing her hands on his shoulders. "Tsunade really did a great thing. I have no doubt now that you'll be able to help Asuna-chan, Naruto. I bet you have your mother's fire inside of you."

"Oh he got something from his mom!" Tenten said, remembering that Kushina was revealed to be a master prankster and that trait easily passed down to Naruto.

"Just wait till we get home sister dear! I'll have to cook something up on the way." Naruto slyly replied.

Mei let out a slight laugh. "Asuna-chan will definitely love you all. But for now I need to give you the passcode so she'll know that you are there to get her. I've instructed her to stay locked inside her shelter for now and only open the door when a certain sequence is said and done."

"Passcode sequence…like a promise chant!" Hinata figured something like that would be appealing to a seven year old girl. "I do that all the time with my little sister! We have chants that we do that only the two of us know."

"Perfect. Then I'll be teaching it to you. It's Asuna-chan's favorite chant and she knows I am the only other person who knows it." Mei went back to her desk and began writing. "If possible, I want you to get to her tonight at least to meet her. Then we'll work on extracting her within the next few days."

"Sounds like a plan. It's a good thing that you had planned carefully. We were planning to use Kyu and her abilities to try and locate Asuna while the exhibition was going on." Nanoha commented on the fact that Mei had made their job much easier. "Ok then, we'll get settled in then make a move. Hinata, you, Ino, and Kyu will go see her first and introduce yourselves. Ino, try to get a diagnostic on any injuries she might have and see what you can do to help. The first thing is building a bridge of trust with her."

"Once again, I thank all of you for what you're doing. That eases a lot of pain from my heart to know that she'll be in safe hands." Mei replied as she released the privacy seal. The Konoha group thanked her and took their leave to their lodging. After getting Fate, Bardiche, and Maki up and going, the group waited until late evening when Ino, Hinata, and Kyu headed out to Asuna's location.

"Alright, this is the place. I can definitely tell there's a genjutsu here." Ino surveyed the area and saw nothing but a thick brush of trees. "It's a good thing Lady Mizukage showed us how to release and reactivate it. Are you two ready?" Kyu and Hinata both nodded. "Ok here goes." Ino formed a chain of seals and sent a pulse of chakra, causing the genjutsu to drop temporarily to reveal a small cottage. "Alright Hinata, you're on."

Hinata walked up to the door and knocked on the door in a timed sequence as she was instructed. After a few seconds she heard Asuna's voice.

"Why does the turtle hide from the rain?" Asuna asked.

Hinata knew this was what Asuna was told to ask, "It doesn't want her friends to think she is crying, so she hides in her shell to keep her head dry."

"Can the fox be friends with the turtle?" That was Asuna's second part of the code she had been given.

"No, the fox will never be friends with the turtle. It is because the fox will be best friends with the turtle for all time." Hinata gave her response. After a few seconds the door slowly opened. Asuna stuck her head outside and just stared quietly. Hinata knew this would happen and started the chant that Mei gave her.

"Star Sparkle, Star Sparkle, falling from the sky…" Hinata began. Asuna followed suit.

"Star Sparkle, Star Sparkle, twinkles in your eye…" She moved her hand and pointed to her eye, prompting Hinata to continue.

"Star Sparkle, Star Sparkle, brightly shines for you…" Hinata kneeled down and pointed at Asuna's heart. Asuna then knew exactly what to say and said the final part with Hinata.

"Star Sparkle, Star Sparkle, I love you!" The two girls finished with a smile at each other. Asuna then opened the door and allowed the three to enter. Ino quickly reset the genjutsu then closed the door behind her. After getting in she took notice of just how small the space was that Asuna had been living in.

Asuna herself had to take some time to look over the three girls. Normally she did this to try and see if she was going to be around people who would hurt her or who would be nice to her, but she remembered the information she got from Mei about who she would be meeting. There was awkward silence, but Hinata decided to break the ice.

"Asuna-chan, it's very nice to meet you. My name is Hinata Hyuuga. These are my friends Ino Yamanaka and Kyu Vixen. How are you today?" She held her hand out warmly to let Asuna know that she was in no danger.

"I'm ok. My name is Asuna Terumi." Asuna slowly placed her hand in Hinata's, feeling Hinata close her hand and shake gently. "You are the people that my Aunt Mei sent, right? She said there would be three pretty girls, one with very pretty lavender eyes, one with pretty red hair, and one with pretty blue eyes."

"We are the ones here for you. Though there are more of us here to help you." Hinata took a picture from her pocket and gave it to Asuna. It was a picture that was done before they left so Asuna could see who all she'd be with. "These are our friends. The two tall ladies are Miss Nanoha and Miss Fate. The girl with the buns in her hair is Tenten. The girl with blue hair is Maki. The boy in the black uniform is Bardiche. Then the boy in the orange is Naruto. All of them have come with us to help get you to your new safe home."

"The place you're taking me…people won't call me a monster or a demon or a creature?" Asuna was still slightly worried over where she'd be taken.

"No one will call you that. Do you know why? Because you're not a monster or a demon or a creature. All we see here is a very pretty little girl. Well that's what I see. What do you see Ino?" Hinata asked, shifting the conversation.

"Me? Well if you ask me, I think I see a future medical ninja. Yep, I bet Asuna-chan has what it takes to be a top notch medic and she'd be able to help all kinds of people. What about you Kyu?" Ino said, causing Asuna to smile a bit.

"Well I don't see a pretty girl and I don't see a medic nin." Kyu said plainly. "What I see is the next Mizukage. I see the person that will follow in her Aunt Mei's footsteps and become a great leader, that's who I see." She then looked at Asuna and gave her a wink and a smile.

"What we see is a lot of things Asuna-chan, but we don't see any of that bad stuff that people called you." Hinata said comfortingly.

"But the big mean turtle says I can't be any of that. He says I am a monster." Asuna dropped her head in shame. "I still don't know what I did to make all those people mad at me in the first place."

"Oh really. Well, I might be able to give that big meanie a stern talking to if you'll let me." Kyu asked kindly. "Asuna-chan, do you happen to have any seals on you that might be keeping him inside?"

Asuna shook her head. "I do. It's a weird looking mark on my tummy." She lifted up her shirt to reveal a strange seal. "He lives in here."

"Ok that's good." Hinata said in a reassuring tone. "Now Asuna-chan, we have some things to talk about for now. We have about two hours before we have to go back with our friends ok. We're going to talk about how we're going to get you out of the village, and we're going to talk about how we're going to get that big mean turtle out of you."

"Also Asuna-chan, I'm studying to be a medic. I'd like to give you a simple checkup and see if you have any injuries ok. This way I can let my teacher know and when we get to your safe home, she'll be able to give you a full checkup and help you get better." Ino added, helping to build trust. "She's one of the best doctors in the world and she'll take really good care of you."

Asuna was surprised at all of the warmth she felt. She felt no anger, hostility, rage, or threat coming from Ino, Kyu, and Hinata. For the first time in a long time, she truly felt safe. "Aunt Mei said there would be good people coming to help me, and all of you really are good people. Thank you."

Hinata pulled Asuna close to her and the other girls came in close as well. "You don't have to thank us at all Asuna-chan. But what you do have to do is accept our group hug!"

For the next two hours Hinata explained everything that was going to happen to Asuna. With Kyu's help, she explained just what the Three Tails was and what will happen once it was removed from her. She talked about the village and let Asuna know just what she would be doing once she got to Konoha. She also planned to introduce her to Hanabi as well, and told her that she would be living with her, Tenten, Naruto, and Nanoha as well.

Ino went ahead and did a small checkup to see if there was any significant injury to the girl. Since she had just started her training, she was simply looking for visual cues and did minor first aid to any wounds. She had taken lots of notes to be given to Tsunade so that it would make things easier during Asuna's full examination.

Kyu on the other hand explained just who and what she was. Asuna was a little surprised when Kyu changed into her Device form, but Kyu took the time to carefully explain what she was and even what she used to be. She let Asuna know that once the Three Tails was removed, it would be converted into a device like her and it would then become her friend and help take care of her. Asuna was a little doubtful, but after Kyu showed her some of the things she could do, the girl felt better. Kyu even promised to try to form a link with her so that if she was in any need of help, Kyu could Unison with her to help out if it was possible.

Time came and the trio took their leave, not before making sure Asuna was set for the night. Hinata said she would be back the next day with two different people for Asuna to meet so she could soon meet everyone. She also left a small radio for Asuna to call her in case she needed anything. Nanoha had programmed it to link directly with the devices so no one could intercept the communication. Asuna didn't want the three to leave as she actually enjoyed having nice company for once. Hinata assured her that she would be back every single night until it was time to go. Reluctantly, Asuna bid her new friends farewell and decided to get some sleep. Usually when she slept, she would be brought face to face with the Three Tails sealed inside her. Tonight was just the same…

"So the worthless little human is back again." The Three Tails bellowed sarcastically as it stared at Asuna. It was bound by multiple chains from the seal and was immobile. "So are you going to come crying to me again, you worthless little maggot!"

Normally Asuna couldn't do anything but take the verbal abuse from the Bijuu, but this time was different. She was done taking the abuse and wasn't going to take it anymore. "I'm not afraid of you anymore, you big mean turtle! My new friends said you can't hurt me anymore!"

The Three Tails rolled its eye, "Oh really now. So the little pipsqueak has gotten bold. Doesn't mean anything. You're still a piece of trash that no one loves and no one cares about."

The words continued to attack Asuna, but all she could hear was the uplifting words that Hinata, Kyu, and Ino gave to her before she went to bed. She kept hearing 'You are a wonderful little girl who can do anything!' and 'I see the next Mizukage right there, taking after her Aunt Mei' and 'You will never be alone ever again, because we'll always be your friends!' She gave a stern stare at the giant beast and stood her ground, "I told you, I'm not listening to you anymore! I have people who care about me now! I'm not a monster or a demon. I am Asuna Terumi, that's who I am and you won't bully me anymore!"

The Three Tails just laughed at what he thought was a lame attempt of the girl trying to be bold and confident, "We'll just see about that!"

Over the next three days Hinata returned just as she promised. Asuna was more than happy to see her and to finally meet everyone else. She felt like she made a lot of friends, but when it came to Naruto, things were different. He explained that he had gone exactly through the same misery that she had, and that definitely sparked some questions.

"Naruto, why do people want to treat us so badly?" Asuna looked somewhat down as she talked to Naruto. "I didn't want to be a Jinchu…Jinchuuur…Jinchuuriki."

"I didn't want to be one either. But the problem didn't come from Kyu-chan being sealed in me. I mean, my mom and dad still loved me unconditionally and even said I should be a hero for keeping Kyu-chan locked up. Honestly, I believe that's what your Mama and Papa wanted for you as well." Naruto kept thinking back on all the bad times he went through. He had to even dive into some good memories to keep himself from getting depressed. "See the problem was never you or me, it was a lot of the older people. They were afraid that if a giant monster had been sealed in a baby, that child would become the new giant monster."

Naruto could tell Asuna was becoming unhappy, "Those kinds of people really aren't nice." She said in frustration.

"I know they aren't. But that's where you have to stand up and not be bullied. You also have to believe in yourself and be confident. Finally you need to have people in your life that you are willing to fight for. You need precious people that will help fill that void of emptiness. Those people will let you know that you aren't a monster, and that you aren't alone." Naruto had a big grin on his face. "I can tell you right now that my precious people are some of the greatest people I know."

"I have to be strong and confident." Asuna said to herself. "And I need someone I would fight for. I think I know who that is."

Naruto was a little surprised to see her already making such a declaration. "I think I might know who it is then."

Asuna shook her head negatively. "Not this time Naruto. It's not my Aunt Mei. It's Hinata-chan."

Both Naruto and Hinata looked at each other and then back at Asuna, "Why is it me Asuna-chan?" Hinata was very interested in what she had to say about this issue.

"It's because you were my very first friend. Every single night you've come to visit me and told me so many stories about your home. You've told me about how you're trying to be the best ninja you can and how you want to change your clan." Asuna said with a newfound hope in her eyes. "You've told me how you want to help your cousin out of his darkness and about how much you care for your little sister. That's why I want to prove to everyone that I'm not a monster or a demon, just like you Naruto. And I want the world to know that I will fight to help Hinata-chan reach her dreams as well."

Hinata went over and put her arms around Asuna in a warm embrace, "You'll definitely do that. And I'll be there to help you all the way. I know you only have your Aunt Mei as family, but I want you to know you can think of me as a big sister. That's a promise of a lifetime."

Naruto just smiled to himself. "Grandma's gonna be surprised. I know she wanted me to try and help Asuna since I know what she went through, but Hinata-chan did way more than I could. She really is a great person. I really was pretty stupid not noticing her. Oh well, if Asuna has a big sister, then I'll take over as big brother." He made sure not to transmit his thoughts, though if anyone did hear them, they would probably agree. Hinata really took control of things and showed she truly cared for Asuna the same way she cares for Hanabi.

Nanoha had been the other person that came with Hinata and Naruto, and noticed how strong of a bond that Hinata created with Asuna. It reminded her so much of how she used to be when she was a child. Giving her flashbacks of the memories of her friends, it only proved to Nanoha that Hinata was destined to accomplish a lot of great things in her lifetime.

"So, when am I going to have the big turtle taken out of me like Kyu-chan was?" Asuna hoped that her extraction would be fairly soon as she was ready to get rid of the negative influence inside of her.

"Well Asuna-chan, we were going to try to have the Three Tails extracted tonight, but based on some information we got from your Aunt Mei and from what Ino told us about your checkup, it may be better to keep the Three Tails inside you until we have Lady Tsunade examine you." Nanoha replied, knowing that the young Jinchuuriki would be down. "See we have reason to believe that someone poisoned you without you knowing it, and the Three Tails is keeping you alive. We're afraid that without him, you might die."

"Poisoned? Why…why would someone do that to me?" Asuna felt utterly destroyed that someone wanted her to die so badly, they'd poison her.

Hinata did her best to soothe the small Jinchuuriki, "It's ok Asuna-chan. Right now you're ok. That's what's important. As soon as we get you to Lady Tsunade, she'll do everything possible to take care of you. She's the best medic in the world and for someone as sweet as you, she'll work extra hard."

Asuna tightened her embrace around Hinata, "I hope so. I don't want to die."

"That won't happen Asuna-chan. I'll see to it." Hinata just let the girl cry in her arms.

For the last night before the exhibition match, Hinata decided to stay with Asuna to give her some extra comfort. The next day had the three in the arena facing off against three Mist genin. Nanoha and Ino stayed near the back while Naruto, Tenten, and Hinata were preparing. The Devices had gone into human form as if they had been a secondary team that arrived to observe the match.

As the match began, Naruto took point with straight forward combat while Hinata acted as a sweeper to shift from close range to protecting Tenten. The weapon mistress herself stayed behind to give long range weapon support. The trio easily kept the Mist ninja on their toes and didn't even have to shift into their Barrier Jackets. Just as the Konoha Team was about to win, things got a lot tougher as Nanoha immediately felt a huge surge of chakra headed toward the team.

"Naruto, Hinata, Tenten, look out!" Nanoha yelled out, causing the three to look towards the sky. When they noticed the large shot of chakra coming, the three immediately went into Barrier Jacket mode and Hinata threw up a Wide Area Protection spell.

"Guess you got a little faster, didn't you?" The Konoha shinobi looked past the barrier to lay eyes upon their former comrades Sasuke, Sakura, and Neji. "Too bad you won't be fast enough to deal with us."

"What are you three doing here?" Tenten still wasn't too happy with the group, especially after what Sasuke and Sakura did to Naruto.

"We got word of a brat with a turtle in her. Hand her over and we might not kill too many people." Sakura cackled as she gave her demands. "On second thought, just hand the brat over and we'll still kill who we want, right Lord Sasuke?"

"I swear you just know the right things to say." Sasuke was infatuated with Sakura and her dark persona. The more she spoke of destruction, death, and chaos, the more he wanted her. "Hey Neji, ready to break that cousin of yours in half again? I know that blond haired loser has nothing against me."

Neji cracked his knuckles as he stared hard at Hinata, "This is going to be delightful!"

The Konoha shinobi saw the entire stadium in an uproar. They knew that keeping Asuna safe was top priority, and doing what they could to help the people of Kiri was just as important.

"Ino, can you, Nanoha, and Fate get Asuna, and get her out of here. If you guys can make it to the teahouse outside the village, we'll handle these guys and meet you as soon as possible." Tenten took charge to get the plan rolling. They were in crunch time now and everything they had worked for was now in jeopardy.

"Sure thing. I'm on it." Ino took off into the village amidst the chaos.

"Nanoha-chan, we need to let Lady Mei know we're starting the operation. Afterwards let's try to help as many as we can. Ino should be ok for a bit until we meet up with her. Also if things get crazy, we'll unison." Fate just looked at her love and knew that things were serious. Nanoha didn't need to answer as the two immediately left to meet Mei and help anyone they could. As for the three Unison Devices, they shifted back into Device form and flew over to their masters to help.

"Good, glad you three could join us." Naruto took note of the three and knew it was about to get serious. "Hinata-chan, do you have your special gift in case things get ugly?"

Hinata knew Naruto was talking about Sacred Heart and Fortress. She had the armament device sealed and ready, but hoped she didn't need it. "I do. Hopefully I won't need it. I'll do my best to hold of Neji."

Naruto nodded in agreement. "Good. Tenten, I know you're probably still pissed at Sasuke for what he did to Bardiche, but this time I think you should let the men handle business. You and Sakura go have some girl time.

Tenten looked Naruto and wondered just what he was thinking when he said that. However she did catch on and knew that he had a bone to pick with the guy that put a hole in his chest. "Alright. I guess I can be a red head for a while. I mean it looks good on Kyu-chan, so maybe it'll work for me."

"Then let's rock and roll! Kerykeion, Second Mode! Bardiche, Unison Set!"

"Mach Caliber, Unison Set!"

"Kyu Vixen, Unison Set!"

Hinata's Unison was just the same as before when they travelled to Suna, though Naruto and Tenten definitely changed up. Since Kyu now unisoned with Tenten, her Barrier Jacket changed from white and blue to red with orange trim. Her hair color was now red like Kyu's and her eye color shifted from brown to red. Naruto's gear now changed up much differently. His normal orange and blue jumpsuit changed to black with orange trim. His Barrier Jacked became black as well with gold trim at the bottom. On his right arm, a silver gauntlet appeared around Kerykeion and on his back was Bardiche's weapon device form. Finally his eyes changed from blue to gold.

"How in the hell do you have Bardiche? I destroyed that worthless piece of crap!" Sasuke screamed in anger. "Answer me Naruto!"

Naruto took hold of Bardiche and stared at Sasuke. "Bardiche, let's show him just what your true power is and just what he missed out on. Zanber form! Kerykeion, sync up with Bardiche and help him optimize energy usage."

"Yes sir! I'll give you my best Master Naruto!" Bardiche never felt better being in sync with Naruto. It wasn't as perfect as it was when he synced with Tenten, but it felt much better than syncing with Sasuke. He immediately shifted into Zanber form with no problem. Since it was the first time he assumed this form since his upgrade, his Zanber blade now was stronger than ever.

"Of course Naruto! Begin sync with Bardiche!" Kerykeion was just as supportive and would give all for her master.

"Do you see this Sasuke? Had you stayed with us, you would have known how to bring out Bardiche's full power. I didn't even have to ask him to go into Full Drive, and yet his new Zanber form is just as strong as his previous Riot Blade form." Naruto swung the Zanber around a bit just to get used to it. He was surprised that he had such great control over the blade, but figured it was Bardiche lending his power and control. "Oh before I forget, I wanted to give you something. This is for that damn Chidori you shoved in my chest! Plasma Smasher!" He swung Bardiche hard towards Sasuke, launching a beam of lightning energy directly at his rival. Sasuke immediately went on defensive to counter but Naruto wasn't going to let up. He took off into the air to continue attacking Sasuke and Vulnificus. Sasuke saw the two coming and shifted Vulnificus into Braver form, the equivalent to Zanber. Sasuke countered and blocked another slash from Naruto, leaving the two locked in a blade duel.

"What is it with you trying to surpass me, loser?" Sasuke grimaced as he tried to force Naruto back off of him. "I told you, I am elite. The blood of the Uchiha runs through me and it means that everyone is beneath me!"

Naruto grimaced as he tried to break the lock with Sasuke. "That's a load of crap and you know it! You just had everything handed to your ass on a silver platter! Just get over yourself and come home and we'll deal with your brother together!"

"You can go to hell before that happens!" Sasuke managed to throw Naruto back before clashing blades again.

While Naruto, Tenten, and Hinata were busy taking on their former comrades, Ino made her way back to Asuna's cottage to get her ready for the extraction. Asuna wondered what the explosion she heard was so Ino took the time to fill her in.

"Right now Asuna-chan, three of our former teammates who defected are after you. Somehow they want to take control of the Three Tails inside you." Ino had helped Asuna finish packing her backpack and sealed everything else away in the scroll she originally used.

"Will I be ok?" Asuna sounded more worried now that there was someone after her.

Ino did her best to try and calm the girl, knowing that Hinata was probably the one who would do the most good, "Yes you will. I won't let anything happen to you. Neither will Naruto, Hinata, Tenten, Kyu, Bardiche, Maki, Nanoha, Fate, or Lady Mei. All of us will make sure you're ok." She knew that Asuna was scared to death and needed as much support as possible. Hoping to add some extra comfort, she held her hand out for the girl, "Asuna-chan, do you trust me? I know I'm not Hinata, but I give you my word that I will protect you."

Asuna could tell that Ino was serious. She took her hand firmly, "I do trust you. But before we go, will I get to see Aunt Mei?"

"I don't know. She may be out trying to keep everyone else safe from the attack." Ino replied. "But we'll try to see her before you go." Before she got to the door, she knew that there was a chance Sasuke, Sakura, or Neji could get away from the battle and come after Asuna. "I'm going to need a better outfit to keep you safe Asuna-chan. Mind if I change clothes?"

"What are you going to change into?" Asuna was confused as to why Ino would want to change clothes now.

"I'm going to put something on that gives me a few special perks. Plus you might get something this cool as well." Ino said with a wink. "Klarwind, Set Up!" The air seemed to swirl around Ino as her device went into active mode and summoned her Barrier Jacket. She made one small change from the default that Klarwind's former master Shamal had set, so she was now clad in a purple and white dress with a purple waist cape, purple jacket, and a white hat with purple trim. "Green definitely wasn't my color. Purple is so much better. What do you think Klarwind?"

"It suits you Mistress Ino." Klarwind replied, no longer in her German default language.

"Thankfully Nanoha and Fate showed me how to change your default language. That other was kind of difficult." Ino said as she dusted her dress. "So, ready to go Asuna-chan?"

Asuna's eyes went wide in surprise. "That was amazing! Your dress is really pretty too!"

Ino smiled at the compliment. "Thank you, but it's not a dress. It's actually called a Barrier Jacket. It will give me extra defensive protection and thanks to my friend Klarwind, I can now use shield and bind spells to help. I would use the Mirror of Travels spell to get us out of here fast, but I haven't mastered it yet. So for now just stay right next to me. If you can do everything possible to keep holding my hand." Asuna nodded and the two left the shack into the midst of the chaos.

While Naruto had his hands full with Sasuke, Tenten was having just as much frustration dealing with Sakura. Yersinia Kreuz spared no expense arming Sakura with a plethora of spells. A plethora of spells that said girl seemingly went out of control using.

"I've got to stop this chick and fast! She'll end up destroying the whole village." Tenten continued to dodge and shield what she could. "Kyu-chan, any ideas?"

"I've got one. It's a technique I came up with a while ago, but never had any way to use it. It's a longshot but it will do some serious damage to Sakura and maybe weaken her enough to where we can get a hold of Yersinia Kreuz." Kyu hoped her idea would work but she knew it would be best to explain it all first. "The technique is called Trillion Drive. See it's supposed to be a multiple bombardment spell that will slam your opponent with multiple daggers of light, but I'm having trouble controlling all of the daggers."

Tenten thought it over as Kyu sent her a mental image of how the spell was supposed to work. "Hmm…wait a minute! Kyu, if you can handle the energy control, I can guide the daggers. It looks like you initially cast a spell circle behind you to summon 12 daggers, and then launch them through your opponent twice to build up extra energy and momentum while the spell circle shifts over the target. After that, you call the daggers back and then unleash all the built up energy in a barrage of multiple strikes. That's pretty intense!"

"Yeah it is. Hopefully bombarding Sakura with all that magical damage will knock her out but not physically hurt her." Kyu added.

Tenten thought it over real quick and knew what else she could add to put the icing on the cake, "Oh we'll knock her out alright. With all the spells she's throwing around, there's so much excess chakra here that we'd be foolish not to try and nail her with a Starlight Breaker. By the way, thanks for letting me know about that spell. So here's my idea. I'll do my best to keep on my toes while she still goes nuts. Hopefully I can minimize the damage she's causing. Cross Mirage, can you work on gathering all of the excess chakra that she fires out? I know it may seem difficult to try and hide something like that, but we're working with what we got."

"Of course my Mistress. I'll do my best." Cross Mirage replied. "It may be wise for me to shift into Blaster 1 status. I can remotely control the Blaster Bit to gather the energy. You may also want to go into Full Drive just in case. With all of the energy that Miss Kyu is giving, I will have no problem maintaining that form."

"Both of you are great. I'm happy to have such great partners. You know Kyu-chan, I might have to steal you away from Naruto. I mean we girls have to stick together. It's a shame Cross Mirage isn't a female AI. Then we'd have some serious girl power." Tenten laughed to herself. She felt Kyu laugh as well and could sense that Cross Mirage experienced a slight bit of bashfulness from his AI. "OK Pinkie, you wanna get serious, well you messed with the wrong girl! Blazer Form, Engage Drive! Blaster 1!" Cross Mirage shifted into his sleeker Full Drive while summoning a blaster bit that Sakura paid no attention to.

Sakura looked on with a sadistic smile as she kept launching her Yersinia Dagger spell at Tenten. "Going Full Drive already? You still have nothing that can beat me! I'll destroy you for Lord Sasuke!" She kept up her barrage, not caring that she continued to damage everything around her. Tenten kept on the move as she forced Sakura to continue to fill the area with excess chakra that Cross Mirage's blaster bit was absorbing.

"We'll see about that when you're on the bad end of a Starlight Breaker and Kyu's new Trillion Drive spell!" Tenten knew she had to be patient, but time wasn't on her side. She was going to have to shift her plan into motion soon.

Hinata hadn't been so lucky with her fight with Neji. Whatever he had been doing since defecting to Orochimaru had pushed him to new levels. His rage and anger were more intense than ever and she was his prime target for releasing all of it.

She and Raising Heart had quickly gone on the offensive, trying to keep Neji at bay with Axel Shooters and melee combat. One thing she didn't want to do was to go ahead and unleash her trump card Fortress until it was absolutely critical. She wanted to prove to Neji that she wasn't trying to overpower him and that he was free of his curse now. All she wanted was for him to come home. Though his sight was clouded.

Neji's only goal was to kill Hinata at all costs. He constantly saw his defeat at her hands in the Chuunin Exams. Even the so called humiliation of her activating his former curse seal (which he still never found out that she wasn't the one to activate it) still burned in his mind. All he wanted was to humiliate her in front of her friends, then rip her eyes from her head. With Luciferon at his command, he felt that dream would become a reality…if Hinata hadn't kept up a fight.

"Is that all you have? What happened to that power you showed off in that fluke of a victory against me?" Hinata was doing her best to push Neji back as he unleashed a salvo of Blast Fire spells at her. Even with Maki boosting Raising Heart's shields, Neji just seemed to keep getting stronger with each attack. "Come on Lady Hinata, show me your power!"

"Raising Heart, what's happening? How is he getting stronger with each spell?" Hinata grimaced at another blocked spell. She finally saw an opening after a deflected fireball, and went back on the attack.

"It's Luciferon. Neji's sheer anger and rage toward you is fueling Luciferon. I never thought anyone could be so full of hate. Honestly I bet Kyu's negative emotion sensing is driving her crazy right now." Raising Heart commented. "I don't know what we can do to hold those two back. Fortress may be our only option."

"As much as I don't want to use it, I may have no choice." Hinata assessed the situation on the fly as she continued her counterattack on Neji. "I definitely don't want him to know about the Blaster system either. For now let's just use Excelion Buster, and try to follow up with Starlight Breaker. There's a lot of chakra in the air from all the spells that have been used."

"Understood Hinata." Raising Heart began preparing for Hinata's plan. The device went ahead and shifted into Excelion form, causing Hinata's gauntlet to shift into what looked to be a triangle with wings. At the tip was a long pink spear.

"Going to a new level I see. It still won't help." Neji didn't hesitate and went in for another attack.

(Author's Note. It gets really horrible right here. Hopefully not enough to shift the story to an M Rating, but just know this is where it got really difficult for me emotionally. But it has to be done for story development.)

Ino and Asuna were doing the best they could to avoid the mass chaos of people trying to get to safety. For now they kept to alleys in the hopes that they wouldn't be seen. Ino continuously worried for Asuna's safety and hoped that she'd be able to keep the Jinchuuriki safe.

"Ino-chan, are we going to be ok?" Asuna stayed close to Ino as people kept running by.

"Yeah we will." Ino kept an eye out for a chance to make a break and when she thought she was in the clear, she and Asuna took off running. Unfortunately they had been followed and things were about to get much worse. Ino barely had a chance to react when she saw a few kunai land before her feet. "Oh no!" She looked around and noticed a few Mist ninja on the tops of the buildings, armed and ready to attack.

"I don't know who you are demon lover, but you're not going any further!" one of the shinobi yelled out. "Everyone, the demon is here and has a demon lover with it!"

Asuna immediately heard the harsh words and froze up in fear. "I'm…I'm not a demon!" She couldn't move as all the people who had been trying to escape turned and saw her.

"Asuna-chan, don't listen to them! Come on!" Ino tried to shake Asuna out of her fear but before they could run off, Ino was tackled from behind, separating her from Asuna.

"Ino-chan!" Asuna screamed as she saw her friend being restrained. Before she could turn and move, she was kicked in the face and knocked to the ground as a group immediately surrounded her.

"Look at what we have here? Trying to make an escape huh? Not this time!" A man came forward and stomped hard on Asuna's chest. He continued his assault until a faint crack was heard, obviously meaning one of her ribs were damaged.

"Leave her alone! She's just a little kid!" Ino screamed as she continued to struggle for release. Even as much as she struggled, she ended up taking a sharp fist to the face from a member of the mob.

"Shut up you demon lover!" The man who had stomped on Asuna turned back to the injured girl on the ground and looked at her with a sick smile. Asuna had her arms across her chest and was crying in pain over her injured ribs. "Oh you're hurting now? Well guess what demon, we're just getting started!" Said man seemed to be the leader of the mob attacking. He grabbed Asuna's foot and twisted it with excessive force, instantly breaking her ankle. "Now you won't be going anywhere!" He didn't care as Asuna cried in sheer pain.

"STOP IT!" Ino tried her hardest to persuade the group to quit, but her screams were unanswered.

Another two men came out and picked Asuna up by her arms. Tears were streaming down her face as she began to endure another onslaught of vicious punches, kicks, cuts, and kunai stabs. Ino was terrified at the horror that these people would inflict on a little girl that had done nothing wrong at all. "Is this what Naruto had to endure for so many years? He was treated this badly when he did nothing at all…and the way all of us treated him as well. No…he never was a demon. We were the demons for looking down on him." She thought to herself as she saw Asuna slammed on the ground hard. She could faintly hear Asuna's whimpers for help and felt powerless as she couldn't break the grip of the Jounin ninja that restrained her.

"Why are you doing this? How can you enjoy attacking a little girl!" Ino herself started to cry in pain. She may not have felt any of the violence, but to see it firsthand ripped at her very soul.

"We told you, this is no girl. It's a demon creature." One of the men picked up Asuna and slammed her to the ground onto her chest, causing her to scream once again. "So what do we do to her this time?"

Another man came forth with what looked to be a rusted kunai. "She ain't worth screwin' this time. I say we finally mark her so people will know just what the hell she is…a worthless demon from hell!"

Ino heard this and her eyes went wide in terror. She thought Naruto had it bad, but now realized that he got lucky due to being a boy. Asuna had been through sheer hell, and now hearing that she had possibly been raped in the past just crushed her. "What are you doing?!" She noticed that the group had ripped Asuna's shirt, exposing her bruised back. Before anyone said anything, Ino immediately saw what was going to happen. The man with the rusted kunai was going to carve something into Asuna's back!

"So what should we write?" The man with the kunai began the utter torture as he pushed the rusted kunai into Asuna's back, drawing blood. As he started carving out letters, Asuna's scream was blood curdling.

"Who cares what you write. This acid will make sure the writing sticks!" Another man took a jar of clear liquid from his pouch. "But we'll have to go easy. Gotta make sure it burns in properly."

Ino had reached her limit. Even though she was a kunoichi, the violence she was watching was unbearable. She had to get help and she had to get it fast. "Anyone, come in! This is Ino, please anyone! If you can hear me, I need your help! Asuna-chan's being attacked and I can't get to her! Please HELP!"

The transmission went through telepathically to the others, causing them all to hope the worst hasn't happened.

"Ino, this is Nanoha. What's going on?" Nanoha and Fate had met up with Mei and her guards Ao and Chojuro, and were working on making sure people were safe. Mei noticed Nanoha freeze and wondered what was going on.

"What's happening to Nanoha?" Mei knew something wasn't right.

"It's Ino. We got a message from her telling us that Asuna-chan is under attack right now." Fate replied as she continued to listen to Ino's message. "I'll tell you more when I get the info."

Mei waited as Nanoha started to communicate back. "Ino, tell me, what's wrong?"

"Nanoha, it's Asuna-chan! We tried to escape the village but we were followed and she was separated from me. Right now a group of Mist shinobi are holding me down while an angry mob is brutally attacking her." Ino was doing her best to relay the message but she was so choked up, she could barely speak. "They're trying to kill her! They broke her ribs, broke her ankle, her arm, and have just been savagely beating her. And now…they said…"

"Ino, you have to tell me, what else is happening!" Nanoha could tell Ino was in serious trouble and under serious stress.

"They're carving something in her back with a rusty kunai, and then they plan to use acid on her! Please, you have to help her!" Ino cried out in pain, hoping that help would come soon.

Fate couldn't believe what she just heard. She looked over at Nanoha and saw that her love looked like she was ready to kill. "Lady Mei, we are in serious trouble. A mob caught Ino and Asuna-chan as they were escaping. Ino is being held by some Mist shinobi and an angry mob has been brutally attacking Asuna-chan. Right now the poor girl has been beaten so badly, she can't even move and that's not the worst part."

Mei was in sheer disgust at what her villagers were doing. She was doing her best to keep her anger in check. "I want to know now."

Fate took a deep breath, "Ino said they are carving some kind of words into her back with a rusty kunai knife. Ino also said they were planning to use some kind of acid on her. We have to do something fast!"

Hearing that, Mei snapped. This had gone too far. Her niece was a sweet girl that did nothing wrong and due to things she couldn't control, Asuna-chan had to suffer for no reason. "Chojuro, go to my office immediately and get the scroll. There is a letter beside it. Seal it into the scroll for me." Chojuro said nothing and took off like lightning. "Ao, find the group. I'm going to end this now. Those villagers think they are going to get away with this…I think not." As Ao began to search, Mei knew she would have to do something she didn't want to, and hoped that Asuna would understand why it had to be the way it is. "Asuna-chan, just wait. Aunt Mei's coming! And I hope you don't think for a minute that I'm serious at what I have to do. My job is to get you out of this hell! Please understand that what I do will hurt me so much more than it will you."

While Mei was giving instruction, Nanoha had to move fast. Hinata, Tenten, and Naruto all heard Ino's plea and needless to say, all three were not happy, especially Hinata. She was ready to take off full speed to get Asuna, but Nanoha knew she had a bigger problem.

"Hinata, Naruto, Tenten, I know you all heard that and I know you want to go help, but stay where you are and keep Sasuke, Sakura, and Neji at bay. Just trust me on this. I'm here with Lady Mei and I can tell she has a plan." Nanoha commanded to her team.

"What! Are you serious! Asuna-chan's out there getting killed and you want us here?" Naruto was enraged and felt as if he needed to eliminate some people.

"Yes. Look I know that you and Hinata bonded with Asuna-chan more than anyone else and I know that the two of you look at her as if she was your own little sister. But you have to remember, the three you are fighting are after her as well. If they aren't stopped, Asuna-chan may be in for an even worse fate. Please trust me on this. Keep those three at bay. Lady Mei, Fate-chan, and I will do what we can to help Ino and to get Asuna-chan out of this!" Nanoha knew things were serious. "Use all of that aggression and channel it towards your opponents. Use everything you have to stop them!"

The three shinobi mages had to grimace those words, but turned their aggression back to their opponents. Meanwhile Nanoha took the time to get updated on Mei's plan and relayed it to Ino. Luckily Ao found the group very quickly and took off with Mei while Fate stayed close behind in device form. Nanoha went back to getting people to safety.

Within less than a minute Mei appeared at the sight of the violent beating of her niece. She saw Ino restrained and knew that it was time for her to throw some power around. "What is the meaning of this?"

Everyone turned to see the Mizukage and her guards as Chojuro immediately appeared at her side. People began to split as only the group that was torturing Asuna stayed. "Lady Mizukage, what brings you here?"

"I could say the same to all of you. I want an explanation of this incident and I want it now." Mei walked with a dark aura of anger as she closed in on the problem.

"We found this demon lover trying to protect the demon." One of the Jounin guards dragged Ino toward Mei. "With your permission we will execute this person."

Mei looked at her shinobi with an ice cold glare. "Release this person immediately."

"But Lady Mizukage…." The guard had no time to finish as Mei had him by the neck.

"Question me again and I melt your head off with a nice hot glob of lava." Mei tightened her grip as the shinobi released Ino. Ino knew of the plan and knew what she had to do as Mei looked at her. "You girl, I ordered you to get this demon out of here."

Ino bowed in apology, "I'm sorry Lady Mizukage, I was doing my job before these people interrupted me."

The rest of the group moved out of the way as Mei looked upon her battered and broken niece. She saw the damage done as she looked upon the words "Worthless Hell Demon" that had been carved and burned into Asuna's back. Mei did everything she could to keep her rage in check, and knew that she was forced to play her trump card. Asuna continued to cry but turned her head slightly to see Mei looking down at her. "Aunt…Mei?" She squeaked out quietly.

"Don't speak to me demon. You are lucky I'm being merciful this day." Mei turned and looked back at Ino. "Girl, do your job and get this filth out of my village." Mei got the scroll from Chojuro and slammed it in Ino's hands. "Here is the measly amount of pay. I had it docked as you did not do what you were told properly. Now get out of here before I have you killed!"

Ino didn't think twice. She grabbed Asuna as gently as she could and ran full speed toward the gates of Kiri and out into the forest area. Mei turned back to her village in sheer disgust, "As for the rest of you, next time you will get information from me before you go off on your own. Now this village is under attack. I suggest you all get to safety, lest you wish to die."

The entire group of people took off, leaving Mei, Ao, and Chojuro. "Come on you two. We have to make sure everyone else is safe." Mei said nothing else as she turned to walk back into the village with tears in her eyes. "Asuna-chan, I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I only hope that Tsunade can heal your physical wounds and your friends can help heal your heart. I hated that I had to use that plan to get you out. Hopefully my letter will let you know how much it hurt me to say what I did. And Ino, please help my little snow angel as best you can."

Ino was running full speed through the forest to the scheduled rendezvous area. Originally they were going to stop at an inn on the way, but she was too much in distress to even think about that. She hated the fact that she currently held in her arms a girl who was severely beaten, battered, and ripped into by the most coward, callous, cruel excuses for human beings ever. Not thinking, she nearly collapsed in tears but luckily Fate had followed her out of the village and caught her.

"Ino, slow down! It's me, Fate. Come on, calm down." Fate saw just how torn Ino was. Her eyes were red from crying so hard. "Ino you have to calm down!"

"I…I…" Ino was choking on her own words.

Fate knew Ino was in shock over the whole ordeal and knew she needed as much support as Asuna did right now. "It's ok. Just breathe. We have Asuna-chan and she's alive. Let's get to the campsite and set up for now while we wait for Nanoha-chan and the others. You and Klarwind have to help Asuna-chan, but you can't do that if you're freaking out!"

Ino took a bit to calm herself and breathe deep. Not only was Fate helping to calm her but Klarwind was trying as well to get her to relax. "Oh…okay. I'm ok." She looked in her arms and saw Asuna's bloody face mixed with tears and pain. "Asuna-chan, can you hear me?"

Asuna tried her best to open her eyes and only managed to get one slightly open. "Ino…it hurts…it hurts." The pain she felt was overwhelming. Her whole body had practically been destroyed. Ino knew that Asuna's only hope at a full recovery was to get her to Tsunade as soon as possible.

Ino did what she could to comfort the little girl. "I know it does Asuna-chan. I'm so sorry that had to happen to you. I promise I will do anything I can to help you, and I promise that once I get you to my master, she'll make you feel brand new."

Even in pain, Asuna felt a small bit of comfort in Ino's arms. "Thank…you." That was all she could mutter before falling unconscious to the pain.

Fate knew that they had to do some kind of first aid on Asuna, even if it was just trying to bandage her wounds. "Come on Ino, let's find some water so we can try to clean out that wound. I have some supplies that might help deal with the acid burn as well."

Ino nodded her head and took off deeper into the forest with Fate. "Klarwind, I don't care what happens to me, but we have to give every ounce of chakra and energy we have into trying to heal Asuna-chan. Will you help me?"

"You are foolish to ask me such a question Mistress. I fully intend to help in any way I could with no questions asked. I will push myself into stasis lock if I have to." Klarwind replied. Ino was a bit surprised that her device had a slight bit of attitude. "And before you ask…I got that little bit of attitude from you. Hehe."

"Klarwind…you are something. But thank you. You truly are a wonderful partner and friend." Ino felt more confident that she would be able to help Asuna, but knew that time wasn't on her side. They had to get back to Konoha as soon as possible to ensure that Asuna would get the medical care she needed from Tsunade.

Thus reveals the Three Tails Jinchuuriki, young Asuna Terumi, niece to Mizukage Mei Terumi. How will this young girl pull through the most horrific event of her young life? How will she react now that her last family member supposedly turned on her? Will Ino and Klarwind be able to heal her injuries? What will happen when Hinata and Naruto see the damage to a girl they both look at as a little sister? Will her friends help her to recover and eventually start over in Konoha? And will Mei find out more information as to why Asuna's parents were killed and why the girl was forced to become a Jinchuuriki?

Outside of things, it should be EASY to guess one of the references I made! It may also give a little insight as to what the Three Tails will be after undergoing conversion. Add in your ideas to your reviews and let me know what you think! Till next time guys!

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