The Next Ace of Aces

Chapter 5

5th Chapter up. Sorry it took a little bit. Real life kinda hit me since I ended up proposing to my girlfriend...which she happened to say yes! So initial wedding plans were taking up time. But I still squeaked this one out. Hope ya like! You know who owns who!

Chapter 5

With Hinata back in the infirmary resting, Tenten and Hanabi both returned to continue to watch the matches. Instead of going back to the spectator area, Tenten hung around where the contestants were. However she figured it might not be easy to do so because the officials wouldn't normally let non-contestants in, so she decided to use her own little magic, namely the Optic Hide illusion spell. Thanks to Cross Mirage, she could walk in past the guards completely unnoticed since the spell not only masked any sounds she made, but it also masked her heat signature, scent, and chakra, rendering her completely invisible and undetectable. The only downside is she had to move slowly and sometimes stay perfectly still to hold this form. Cross Mirage did tell her that as she strengthened her chakra reserves and trained, she would eventually be able to use the spell while running at full speed and could use it for extended periods of time, or use it on multiple people.

Hanabi made her way back to her family's booth where her father had already returned. Of course the elders were already talking about the exams saying how Hinata's failure ruined her chance at Chuunin and how Neji would have been a much better choice. The comments made her sick because she knew Hinata was better than she let on. It even reconfirmed her suspicions that Hinata did go easy on her in training sessions.

"Hanabi, where have you been?" Hiashi asked as she sat down.

"I simply went to check on Hinata, father. That is all." Hanabi said calmly.

"Lady Hanabi, you need not worry about your sister. She is beneath you. You should focus on your own training and improvements." Hanabi heard one of the elders comment. "Do not worry, in time you shall become the heiress and bring honor to our clan."

"You foolish old goat. You really think I want anything to do with you after the way you talk about my sister? I can't wait until she takes all of those negative words and shoves them straight down your throats!" Hanabi thought to herself. "You are right. I need to be observant of the matches today and learn from them so I may continue to improve."

Hiashi saw the glare in her eyes and knew that Hanabi wasn't happy with the comments. "Maybe Hanabi knows that her sister was going easy on her. Looks like her eyes are just as clear as Hinata's." He let out a sigh of relief. "We have the strongest eyes in Konoha, and yet only my two daughters can truly see things for what they are." Attention turned back to the match as the crowd went into an uproar over Kankuro forfeiting to Shino for no reason.

Everyone stood in wait as Konoha's precious Uchiha arrived in a flash of leaves. Some people like Tenten thought he should have been disqualified for showing up late, but what could she do? The village pretty much kissed his butt just for being alive. What surprised her was his look. Instead of his normal blue shirt and white shorts, he now wore a black shirt/short combo. He also wore a long black coat and one hand in a metal glove and the other in a black glove. On the black glove there was a yellow triangle, and on his back looked like an axe or halberd. "What's up with his outfit? And I've never seen a weapon like that before. Hey Cross Mirage, do you see this?"

The image was transferred to her Device, and he started processing the information. "That person has a device my Mistress…and it's one of the Legendary Three!"

"What? Sasuke has a Device? Well do you know which one it is? And what's up with this Legendary Three"

"The Legendary Three are three Devices used by three mages who were considered the most powerful mages ever. They are Raising Heart, used by the Ace of Aces Nanoha Takamachi, Bardiche, used by the great Enforcer Fate Testarossa Harlaown, and Reinforce, used by the powerful Hayate Yagami. These three mages before their death reached the pinnacle of a mage. They all reached SSS rank, being the only three to do so." Cross Mirage recalled the information he had stored in his memory. "Because of their sheer power and skill, their devices had to be reinforced and upgraded to support their power. The one you talk about has somehow activated Bardiche!"

"Uh is that a bad thing?" asked Tenten

"It can be if he's not careful!"

"Just great. Of all people why did HE have to get a Device?" Tenten sighed as she started watching the match. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she'd have to get in contact with Sasuke and let him know that Hinata, Hanabi, and she all had Devices as well. For now she'd see what he was capable of and wait until after the match.

Sasuke actually showed out by unleashing his new speed that made him just as fast as Rock Lee without his weights, if not even faster. Gaara was having a hard time keeping up with his attacks. Eventually Gaara's insanity started taking over as a huge dome of sand as Sasuke pounded him with punch after punch. However things would get bad for Gaara, and worse for everyone else.

"So you want to hide and talk about your mother, huh?" Sasuke made some room between him and the dome. "Well I hope you understand that the reaper shall come for you and your mother! Bardiche, Haken Form!" Sasuke grabbed the long polearm from his back as the head flipped up becoming perpendicular to the staff. A yellow blade of lightning extended, giving the appearance of a scythe.

"Yes sir!" The Device known as Bardiche immediately went active. "Haken Form, Engage. Prepare Haken Saber!"

"Excellent. You serve your master well. Now bring me victory!" Sasuke charged full speed towards the dome with his new scythe in hand. The crowd was really going now that their favorite Uchiha had taken things to a new level.

Tenten was in shock at Sasuke. "He's using that weapon like he's had it for years! Just how long has he had his Device?"

Sasuke ran full speed toward the dome of sand as his scythe carved through the ground. In one solid slash, he cut through the sand dome, slashing across Gaara's chest. "Heh, I didn't even need Chidori for that at all. This is the best they can throw at me? Pathetic!"

"Wow he's full of himself. He's just as bad as Neji is. Cross Mirage, was Bardiche's other master like that?" Tenten could see the arrogance and pride Sasuke was showing off. It was just as bad, if not worse than Neji.

"No my Mistress. Lady Fate was most kind and loyal to her friends. She had a very loving heart for her family. I do not think that Bardiche is able to truly work in unison with his new master and unleash his full potential. It seems there is much anger and vengeance in him and it is preventing the proper synchronization between Device and Master."

"Wait, you devices can't go full power if you're not in harmony with your Master?"

"That is true. For an Intelligent or Unison Device, we must be in perfect sync and harmony with our Masters. That strong bond allows the Device to maximize the potential of the Master and allows us to function at optimum capacity." Cross Mirage explained clearly. "However if a Device like that is forced to function or has not properly synched with their Master, it can cause many problems and can even damage or destroy the Device."

"That's heavy! Let's hope it doesn't get to that." Tenten was still watching the match as the dome of sand fell and Gaara was holding his chest in pain. She could feel a very ominous and dark killing intent coming from the field. "That doesn't look good. What's going on with him?"

"I do not know my Mistress. This energy is strong, almost the same as the energy that your friend Naruto released when he faced Lady Hinata. But it feels different. It feels darker, and more evil."

"Come on, we better go try and let someone know. I have a really bad feeling about this." Tenten was on her way out of the contender's area when she noticed she suddenly felt sleepy. "What's going on? Why am I so sleepy?"

Cross Mirage noticed that her drowsiness wasn't natural, it was being influenced. He could sense the chakra influencing her, "My Mistress, there is excess chakra being distributed. It is causing your drowsiness!"

"Chakra…genjutsu! I better think quickly!" Tenten quickly formed a seal and dispelled the genjutsu. She turned her eyes back to the match where Sasuke was about to strike again, but noticed that Temari and Kankuro had joined him on the field…in addition to a few Sand Shinobi. "What the hell is going on?" She then heard a loud explosion and looked to see the smoke coming from the Hokage's Box. She then saw more shinobi appear in the stands where people were unconscious. "This is not good at all! Cross Mirage, we have to do something. Our home is under attack!"

"I am ready my Mistress. I shall give you full support!"

"No sense in getting Hinata involved. She still needs to recover from her fight." Since everyone else in the contender box was under the genjutsu and asleep, she felt no need to keep her Optic Hide up. She quickly released it and activated her device, summoning her Barrier Jacket. "Alright Cross Mirage, time to clean up some trash!"

Sasuke had been down on the field as the invasion began. "What do you two think you're doing?" He questioned Temari and Kankuro for interrupting his match.

"Doesn't concern you. Come on, we have to get Gaara out of here!" Temari ignored Sasuke's comment and grabbed hold of her injured brother. She and Kankuro quickly took off under the cover of the other Sand shinobi.

"Get back here!" Before Sasuke had a chance to move, more shinobi had entered the field. "I don't have time for you! Bardiche, engage Riot Blade and Sonic Form now!"

"Riot Blade Full Drive unable to be accessed. Energy levels are not at required minimum. Attempt to access Riot Blade at this time will cause system instability and possible injury." Bardiche responded.

"Do not question my authority Bardiche! I command you to engage Riot Blade NOW!" Sasuke screamed in anger.

"Yes Sir. Initiate Riot Blade Full Drive. Engage Barrier Jacket Sonic Form." Bardiche activated the systems as commanded, despite the warnings he gave to Sasuke. The scythe that Sasuke wielded shrunk in size and shifted to a hilt, then splitting apart as two long energy blades of lightning extended forth. His trench coat dispelled as well and his metal gauntlet became a black glove that matched the hand that Bardiche was on. "Sir I advise minimal usage of this form. The risk of damage is high and you have not properly trained yourself to handle this level."

"Shut up! You will do as I say and speak when I tell you!" Sasuke snapped back in rage. "Now let's settle things." He was about to rush in and slash away at the Sand ninja when he saw they all fell to the ground after taking hits. He turned to see Tenten firing away, taking out the enemy opposition.

"Hey Sasuke, figured I'd give you some backup." She jumped down to the stadium and ran up to him. "Plus I wanna check out your new weapons."

"Back off. I don't need a weak loser getting in my way." Sasuke arrogantly turned his back and took off after the Sand trio.

"Man, what a jerk! I don't know who's worse, him or Neji?" Tenten scratched her head as she was joined by Naruto and Shikamaru.

"You ok Tenten? Hey what's with the outfit?" Naruto looked her over. "It almost looks like Hinata's when she used that jutsu."

"Oh…uh…well the person she learned it from taught it to me as well. Hey if you're lucky you might get to learn it." Tenten lied to keep her cover. "Come on, we gotta go after Sasuke. He's in big trouble if he tries to take on that Gaara guy."

"Can this be any more of a drag?" Shikamaru sighed as he, Naruto, and Tenten took off into the forest. The three quickly tried to catch up but Sasuke had a good lead on them. It didn't help that there were Sound ninja trailing them as well. Shikamaru stayed behind to give Naruto and Tenten a chance to keep going.

Hinata slowly stirred around. She had finally fallen asleep, only to be woken up by the sound of explosions. "What's going on?"

"Hinata, I sense a lot of chakra being released into the area. It may not be safe for you to stay here." Mach Caliber quickly tried to assess the situation for Hinata.

"I figured the same thing. At least I just had some minor burns. I hope everyone's ok." Hinata replied to her Device. "Just in case though, I better see what's going on. Hanabi-chan, are you there?" Hinata received no response. "Hanabi-chan? Hanabi, answer me!" She was getting seriously worried now. Something had to have happened to her sister. "Ok I'll try Tenten. Hey Tenten, are you there?"

Tenten got the mental transmission while still in pursuit, "Hinata, you're awake?"

"Yes. What's going on? I heard some explosions in the village and I can't get in contact with Hanabi-chan for some reason." Hinata hoped to get some kind of clear answer.

"Hinata, try and find someplace safe ok! The village is under attack by Sound and Sand ninja. They put some kind of genjutsu up on the stadium and it put people to sleep. Hanabi probably got hit with it and couldn't dispel it in time." Tenten replied.

Hinata became more worried, "Is Naruto-kun ok?"

"He's fine. He's with me right now. We're trying to catch up to Sasuke. He's after Gaara and his siblings." Tenten commented back. "That's not the crazy thing! Apparently he has a Device as well and Cross Mirage said it was one of those Legendary Three Devices. But it looks like it made him a real jerk."

"Listen, I'm on my way to help you and Naruto-kun." Hinata had already activated her Barrier Jacket and rushed out of the infirmary. She had even cut off the telepathic link as well.

"Hinata, no! You're not at full strength yet. You'll get hurt worse! Hinata? Hinata!" Tenten's transmission didn't get through. All she could do now is hope Hinata wouldn't hurt herself worse. "Ugh great. Why did this have to happen?"

"What happened Tenten?" she completely forgot that Naruto was right beside her.

"It's Hinata. I'm worried she may go out and try to fight. She's still not healed up yet." Tenten answered in worry. "She could get herself killed."

"Naa, she won't let that happen." Naruto said with confidence. "Call me crazy, but it's a feeling I have."

"I hope you're right Naruto, I really do." Tenten still seemed worried of the fact that Hinata was racing into the battlefield in her condition.

"Just one question, who taught you and Hinata that cool jutsu? Do you think they would really teach me?" Naruto figured now was a good time as ever to try to find out more.

"Well…I can't say anything right now. The one who taught us wanted to stay secret because if the wrong people learn the jutsu, it can make things really bad." Tenten sighed.

"Then why did Sasuke…oh wait. He gets to learn EVERYTHING. Stupid jerk." Naruto grumbled. Tenten could definitely sympathize with him because even she couldn't believe a jerk like Sasuke had a Device…and a legendary one at that!

"Well, let's just get going. I don't wanna see what more that freak can do!" Tenten was definitely worried. When Cross Mirage told her that the energy Gaara was producing was similar to Naruto's, but darker, something was definitely not right. She hoped things wouldn't go from bad to worse!

Hinata was having a difficult time herself. She found herself trying to weave through the constant battles going on in the village. It didn't help that a massive three headed snake was tearing the place apart and she was still feeling some pain from her burns.

"I really wish I had more time to rest. Mach Caliber, will I be ok without cartridges?" she asked her Device.

"You can still use your abilities, but they will be much weaker and will use your natural chakra. You need to be careful so you don't tire yourself out." Mach Caliber replied.

"Too bad I can't convert gathered excess chakra into cartridges. That would help so much." She worried that she wouldn't be as effective and wouldn't be able to help as much. "Mach Caliber, what would happen if I use Starlight Breaker again? Would it work this time?"

"I can't say it would. You don't have cartridges and that much chakra may be too much for you to handle."

"So I guess it's try it and see what happens." Hinata sighed as she took cover in an empty building. She could see more fighting going on but the attention was away from her at the moment. She kept her Byakugan activation to a minimum to try and conserve chakra. "Mach Caliber, you said that a mage can customize a Barrier Jacket in order to increase their defense or speed right?"

"Yes. Would you like to change your style? You are currently using Stars Style." Asked the sentient device.

"Yes. What can I do to make my jacket lighter so I can move faster? Something like Tenten's? That looks light."

"Actually Cross Mirage's Stars Style was heavier than what Tenten is currently using. I shall make appropriate changes for you."

"Thank you, but…can you keep it modest?"

"Of course." Mach Caliber began the customization of Hinata's Barrier Jacket based on her own thoughts. The waist cape vanished as the shorts she wore became a little longer, going just above her mid thigh, and becoming a thinner material. They were still form fitting, almost like short capri pants. Her top extended down, no longer showing off her midriff, and the long sleeve mini coat became sleeveless and extended down to her waist. It was made of the same light material as her shorts. The back of her jacket had a red spiral appear in the middle, the same symbol that all Konoha Ninja have on their flak jackets, while her own clan symbol formed on the right breast pocket. The jacket was also a little more form fitting, but since she didn't keep it closed, it didn't show off too much. "Customization complete. Defensive protection decreased by 41 percent, speed increased by 39 percent. Please give this configuration a new name."

"A new name?" Hinata thought hard about what she wanted to call her new style and finally decided, "I want to call this Exceed Form. I know it sounds silly, but I want this form to let Naruto-kun know that I will exceed any expectation he has of me. Even though he says I'm good when I'm really not that good, I'll make sure to exceed that."

"He truly means that much to you. Very well, registering name. Would you like to make this a default setting or retain Stars Style as the default?"

"I want this as default Mach Caliber. Thank you."

"Very well. Default Barrier Jacket is now Exceed Form. Please take extra caution. You may be faster, but you have less protection and strong attacks can cause severe injury."

"Ok, now let's get out of here and get to Naruto-kun and Tenten." Hinata took off from her cover with a new burst of speed. She could tell the difference as it did feel like she was carrying less weight. "You were right Mach Caliber, this is faster!"

"As you become stronger, you will be able to adjust the jacket as needed and set different customizations for different situations. As this is a lighter jacket, it will use less chakra."

"So more defense uses more chakra? Then I guess I'm going to have to train hard in case I need a defensive jacket." Hinata said to herself. "Ok, do you know what direction we should go to try and find Naruto-kun and Tenten?"

"I am picking up trace readings of two very strong sources of chakra. One feels similar to what your friend Naruto was using in your match."

Hinata activated her Byakugan and started scanning as she tried keeping up. Even though she was moving faster, it wasn't what she could have reached had she been at full strength.

As for Tenten and Naruto, the two finally caught up with Sasuke. Shikamaru fell back due to some Sand Ninja trailing them and decided to buy time for the duo. When they caught up with Sasuke, he was already fighting it out with Gaara, who looked as if he had transformed into half of a sand creature. Temari had taken cover as she knew what kind of beast Gaara became upon transforming. He was easily holding off Sasuke who was having problems of his own.

"Bardiche, add more power to Riot Blade! I order you now!" Sasuke screamed at his Device. His anger was clearly disrupting the balance with his device.

"Unable to do so Sir. All cartridges are currently expended. Time needed for restock is approximately 12 hours. Once again, deactivation of Full Drive and Sonic Form Barrier Jacket is strongly recommended." Bardiche replied to his master, but the words of the Device went unheeded.

"I will tell you when to release Full Drive, do you hear me! Now put more power into Riot Blade and don't question me again!" Sasuke screamed. Reluctantly, the Device did as ordered and transferred what energy it could into the two blades. He then went back on the attack while Naruto and Tenten watched.

"You know, I really feel sorry for Bardiche. The fact that he has to deal with a jerk like Sasuke is really messed up. I hope I never become like that to you Cross Mirage" Tenten said to her device.

"I am not worried Mistress. You are just as Mistress Teana and I am happy to be your Device. I will do all I can to support you and protect you." Cross Mirage replied back. Even though his first master was gone, he felt truly happy with Tenten.

"Thanks Cross Mirage." She felt happy that Cross Mirage accepted her as such, and knew that he was an important part of her now. "Hey Naruto, come here for a bit."

"What is it?" Naruto watched as she pulled out her two handguns.

"Sasuke's gonna get his butt kicked out there, I know he is." She lightly clicked the triggers to load cartridges in. "When that happens, we gotta move to take that guy out."

"What did you have in mind?" He scratched his head in confusion.

"That you hit him with a ton of clones at once and distract him, and I'll nail him with a long range shot and take him out." Tenten had a devilish smile on her face. "And trust me; you'll like it when I hit him with my special jutsu."

Naruto definitely liked her plan, "You got it. So wait till Sasuke gets creamed, right?"

Tenten nodded, "You got it. You know how to use clones to communicate right?"

"What? What are you talking about?" Naruto thought she was out of her mind.

"A Shadow Clone is different than a normal one. Have you ever wondered why you can know things that a clone knew? It's because when a Shadow Clone dispels, it sends all of its memories to the original. So if you keep one here with me, I can dispel him and you'll know when I attack without me yelling it out." Tenten explained. "It's one of the best spy techniques ever!"

"Why didn't anyone ever tell me that!" Naruto groaned in grief.

"Uh…that's basic knowledge you can find at the library, dude. Where have you…" Tenten paused after taking a second to think about the situation. The way Naruto reacted when she told him about Sasuke having a Device opened up the fact that he really wasn't getting as much attention to his training as Sasuke. "Sorry Naruto. But after all this is over, I can help you learn more with your jutsu. There's a lot of information at the library and I can help you go over it. Hinata would love to help too."

"Ok, I guess." Naruto scratched his head and went along with it. "So just leave a clone here and you'll handle the rest?"

Tenten kept her eye on Sasuke and Gaara, "Yep. Get ready to move on my command." She took aim and focused on her target while Naruto moved in. Sasuke on the other hand was about to get a rude awakening.

"Bardiche, what's going on!" Sasuke noticed that the glow from his blades were starting to fade out. "I said put more power into Riot Blade!"

"System has reached critical level. Full Drive must be terminated to prevent major damage. Sir, you risk severe injury at this rate." Bardiche was doing all he could to get Sasuke to power down. Sasuke however would not back down at all.

"I am an Uchiha, you hear me! I don't back down from anything at all!" Sasuke screamed as he went in for another attack on Gaara. However this time, the consequences of his actions would be revealed. As he tried to strike Gaara, the Jinchuuriki caught his blades with ease. "What the hell is this? Release my weapon now!"

"You wish to shed blood…then let it be yours that is shed!" Gaara spoke in a dark tone as he snapped Sasuke's swords in two. Sasuke was left stunned that he no longer had the advantage.

"Bardiche, what is this! Restore the blades NOW!" He screamed at his Device in panic.

"Unable to comply Sir. Damage has exceeded critical limits. System must be shut down to prevent further Device damage! Please Sir, you cannot continue at this rate."

"Useless!" Sasuke was at his end with his Device. "Doesn't matter, I'll still…"

"DIE!" Gaara took advantage of the situation and nailed Sasuke hard with his sand covered claw. Because Sasuke's Sonic Form Barrier Jacket was set to be a pure speed configuration, he had virtually no defense at all and took full force from Gaara's attack. It sent him careening through trees until he came to a stop. In addition it caused Bardiche to shut down and dispel his Barrier Jacket.

"That's my cue!" Naruto immediately took advantage of the time and sent a wave of clones at Gaara, attacking him from all sides. "Hey buddy, where do you get off attacking my village like that!"

"You…the one who is like me. Come, I look forward to giving Mother your blood!" Gaara was bloodthirsty as he shifted his focus to Naruto now.

"Uh yeah, like I'm gonna let you do that. Let him have it guys!" Naruto commanded his clones to go into an all out assault, striking from every possible angle. Meanwhile Tenten was in preparation to put the next stage of her plan in motion.

"Good. He'll keep that freak busy while we get ready to blast him into oblivion." She double clicked her guns to load what cartridges she had left.

"Tenten, what exactly are you doing? And what are those things you're using anyway?" asked Naruto's clone.

"Do you remember the metal gauntlet looking device on Hinata's arm when you fought her? Well it's a special weapon she got from the person that taught us how to use the Barrier Jacket Jutsu. These handguns are what I got." Tenten did her best to keep the Device's cover secret. "And yes Naruto, we did say there's a chance you might get to learn this, and it's possible you may get some kind of new weapon too."

"That is awesome! Oh man, I really hope I do get to learn that cool jutsu!" the clone was just as ecstatic as the real Naruto.

"Just like the real Naruto. But I hope he does get a Device. It'll make him one kick ass ninja if he does. And he'd probably respect his more than Sasuke ever would. But that's for another time. Cross Mirage, I'm going to need as much power as possible to make this work. Do you think I can use Full Drive?" She figured now was a good of time as ever to try out her Device's most powerful form. Even though she'd only had him for a month, she had to ask.

"Using Full Drive right now is extremely risky. At most you would only have one shot and that still runs the risk of damage to my frame and to you. I would not feel acceptable inflicting any type of harm on you Mistress."

"Cross Mirage, you're sweet. But I understand the risk. We can't let Gaara continue rampaging like he is. A lot of people could be hurt or killed if he keeps going. I'd rather be the one hurt if it prevents more people from being hurt. But I want to apologize to you first if any damage happens to you." Tenten didn't want Cross Mirage to feel like he was being used, unlike how Bardiche was. Cross Mirage however knew that she was sincere, and that she had literally given him the choice of activating Full Drive.

"As I said, I will always support you my Mistress. We shall continue to fight together. Blazer Form, Engage Drive!" Cross Mirage activated the Full Drive program and released all system limiters. His form became sleeker as his barrel extended into a longer revolver barrel. Tenten could immediately feel the increase in power and draw of chakra upon her.

"Whoa, what did you do to is?" asked Naruto's clone as he saw the change.

"Naruto, I'm putting everything I have into one shot to take out Gaara. It'll probably knock me out because it's the first time I've tried this. Just make sure to finish him off if I don't ok." Tenten could already feel the heavy strain pulling against her.

"Hey wait, you're not gonna kill yourself or something, are you?" the clone started freaking out over what was going on.

"Of course not! I just said it'll knock me out because this is gonna take up all my chakra in one attack. Yeesh. Just move out of the way now!" She moved her hand and it looked as if she was going to backhand the clone.

"Uh right. Wait you're attacking…" the clone never finished as it took a sharp hit to the head, immediately dispelling. Tenten shifted her gaze back to Gaara and locked onto him.

"Alright freak, this is what you get for attacking our home! Phantom Blazer!" She discharged everything into one massive sniper shot. The shot flew full speed at Gaara, but Tenten didn't account for the massive recoil and was thrown back into a tree before she fell and hit the ground and blacked out, her Barrier Jacket dispelling at the same time.

Naruto felt his clone dispel and quickly turned back to where Tenten was. He didn't see her, but he saw the large orange ball of energy coming fast. "There's my cue. Later freak!" Quickly he jumped out of the way, leaving Gaara to try and pursue, but the moment Gaara made a move, Tenten's shot hit him hard. "Wow, Tenten wasn't kidding. She's got skills just like Hinata does. Whoever taught them that jutsu is good!" Naruto could see Gaara being bombarded and figured that had to finish him off. However…things were not going to go that route.

"Insolent whelps!" Naruto now saw Gaara covered in more of the strange sand, almost completely. "You simply feed my desire to kill you!"

"What the hell does it take to bring you down?" Naruto screamed at the other Jinchuuriki.

"I'll show you what it means to be brought down! DIE WHELP!" Gaara roared as the sand around him began to expand, completely engulfing him. It continued to expand and grow until he now stood before Naruto in his full Bijuu form as Shukaku the Ichibi.

"Oh boy…this isn't good!" Naruto couldn't believe just what he was facing. "That thing's as big as Chief Toad! I gotta do something fast!"

Hinata kept moving as quickly as she could. She knew she could be faster if she had more chakra, but she had to work with what she had. She could feel the rumble of battle as she saw a massive…raccoon dog in the distance. It got stranger for her when she saw a…giant toad as well! "Is that Naruto-kun? He looks like he's in trouble." She kept going into the forest and closer to the battle. When she got there, she saw Tenten out cold on the ground. "Tenten are you ok?" She checked for a pulse and luckily found one. Hinata then took out some smelling salt from her pack and broke the ampoule, releasing the intense smell. With a few waves under Tenten's nose, it was enough to wake her instantly."

"Ugh, what is that smell!" Tenten shook her head to try and get her bearings. "Man my head is killing me. This is the worst headache I've ever had."

"At least it's a headache." Tenten saw Hinata smiling beside her. "Are you injured or anything?"

"No…just the headache." Tenten had help from Hinata getting to her feet. "I think it was that tree that did it." She pointed to where the impact was after she used Phantom Blazer.

"How did you do that?" questioned the Hyuuga girl.

"I tried out Full Drive. Let me tell you, it has some serious kick to it!" Tenten shook her head again and grabbed the charm around her neck. "I guess it took a lot out of Cross Mirage as well. At least he wasn't damaged." She looked around the area again and saw the battle with Naruto and Gaara. "What the heck is that?"

"I think Naruto-kun's fighting out there." Hinata replied.

"My shot didn't finish off Gaara? That's not good at all." Tenten was going to move in to help again, but soon felt a recoil pain. "Ok…maybe jumping in is not a good idea right now."

"There has to be something we can do to help Naruto-kun." Hinata felt worried that there was nothing she could do to help.

"Hinata…you have to use Starlight Breaker again." Mach Caliber chimed in.

"That's crazy! When she used it against Naruto, it backfired! What's to say it won't do it again!" Tenten replied in frustration. "She can't use that spell, not now!"

"The reason it backfired is because I can't control the spell in my normal form. I forgot to mention that in the heat of battle against Naruto. But if I engage Gear Excelion, it will give me just enough control to help Hinata use the spell correctly." Mach Caliber replied, knowing that things were getting critical.

"Hinata, no. You can't use Full Drive. I tried it and it knocked me loopy, and I was in top shape. You haven't had a chance to fully rest after your match with Naruto!" Tenten was clearly adamant against Hinata using her Full Drive.

"Tenten, I know it's risky, but if it's my only chance to help Naruto-kun, then I have to take it." Hinata replied in resilience. "It's only one shot, but it may be just what he needs to win."

"Hinata, I will do my best to keep you from harm. I know it's a big risk, but I will try to channel as much recoil away from you as I can. You may even want to shift back to Stars Style as well."

"It's ok Mach Caliber. Let's just help Naruto-kun." Hinata was determined to help, no matter what the cost. "Alright, Gear Excelion, Engage Drive!"

"Full Drive program initiate! Release all limiters! Gear Excelion engage!" Mach Caliber activated the Full Drive program and began all sequences. Hinata could feel the surge of energy rush through her as her Full Drive went online. There weren't any major changes, except for two energy wings on each of her skates and the fact that it felt like her weight doubled.

"Why can't I move? Everything is so heavy!" Hinata struggled moving her feet but barely moved an inch.

"Gear Excelion will increase your weight, giving you added power to your physical strikes and making it harder for you to be knocked back. It was synchronized to Subaru's cyborg body, but with you being full human, I don't know what effects it may have."

"Don't worry about it. Let's just help Naruto-kun!' Hinata started concentrating on drawing in as much excess chakra as she could. Unlike her fight with Naruto, she felt there was exponentially more chakra than before, and it was extremely strong. "This chakra is so…dense! What's causing it?"

Tenten tried looking around at any type of chakra source when she saw Naruto and Gaara, "It has to be those two! Just what are they doing?" She kept watching the fight as Hinata continued to gather chakra. Tenten looked over and saw that the ball of chakra was now as big as she was! "Hinata, are you sure you can control that?"

Hinata was sweating bullets and struggling to keep the chakra under control. She had no cartridges to help augment the spell, so she was running all on her own. "I…I…I'm ok. It's nothing."

Tenten saw some dark spots on Hinata's arms from the chakra she was gathering, "Hinata, those look like bad burns. Maybe you should stop this! You're going to hurt yourself really badly."

Hinata couldn't turn back now. "I know. But I have to help Naruto-kun no matter what the cost." The massive ball of swirling red and green chakra continued to draw in more excess chakra from the area. "Mach Caliber, is this supposed to happen?"

"It has to be the chakra from that giant beast. There's also a mix of Naruto's chakra as well, the kind he used in his fight. Hinata, my systems are starting to overload. You have to use Starlight Breaker now!"

"I understand." She pulled back her Revolver Knuckle as it spun at insane speed. "This is for you Naruto-kun!" She took aim and locked directly onto Shukaku. "Starlight Breaker!" Using every ounce of strength she had, Hinata hit the ball of chakra with her Revolver Knuckle. Instead of exploding in her face, the chakra shot forward in a massive red and green beam. The recoil created a shockwave that threw both her and Tenten flying into the trees behind them.

"What the…" Naruto heard a roaring boom as he was still on Gamabunta fighting Shukaku. "Holy cow!" The beam clearly missed him and shot straight through the chest of Shukaku, leaving the giant beast with a gaping hole in his sandy body.

Shukaku roared in immense pain after the beam penetrated him. "Who…who dare attack me! I am the great demon Shukaku!" The force of the blast was enough to force Gaara to the top of his head. Naruto saw Gaara was still asleep and figured it was the perfect moment. He pushed off Gamabunta's head and flew right towards the Sand shinobi.

"Wake up you freak!" Without anything stopping him, Naruto nailed Gaara with a massive haymaker that snapped him awake instantly. That instantly disrupted the control Shukaku had.

"NOOOO! I WILL NOT BE SENT BACK INTO THAT WRETCHED BOY! I AM SHUKAKUUUUUUUUU!" The giant demon roared as his body broke into pieces of sand. As the pieces crumbled Gaara fell to the ground, the demon now back inside of him. He saw Gamabunta disappear and Naruto land on the ground.

"So do you…plan to kill me?" Gaara was battered and broken and had no way to defend himself. All Naruto did was keep walking toward him until he was right near.

"Why would I kill someone who has felt the same pain as I have?" Gaara was surprised when Naruto held out his hand. "I know exactly how you feel, with the looks of hate and anger staring down at you and no one to tell you what you did wrong."

"How…how are you…" Gaara was unsure how Naruto knew his pain and suffering.

"I have the Kyuubi. So I know of the pain, the suffering, the misery caused by it. But I didn't let that stop me. I found friends and made myself better because of them." Naruto said as he helped Gaara to his feet. "Trust me, doing that will help you a lot. Plus I'm a little jealous of you. You have a brother and sister to help you out." At that point Temari and Kankuro jumped into the clearing and saw Naruto helping up Gaara. "He's hurt pretty bad, but he'll be ok."

Temari and Kankuro went over and supported Gaara on their shoulders. "I guess we should be thankful you didn't kill him." Kankuro said sarcastically.

"Be respectful Kankuro. He understands me." Gaara retorted as he turned back to Naruto. "Naruto Uzumaki, I'm sure we shall meet again someday."

"Sure thing. Take care." Naruto said with a smile.

"Naruto, is it? You may want to head over to the eastern clearing. I think two of your friends are there." Temari left him with that last bit of advice as the three took off to get Gaara medical attention.

Naruto took heed of Temari's words and headed to the clearing. He saw the trees had been broken by some kind of jutsu with a lot of force. Then he noticed Tenten and Hinata at the foot of the broken trees. "Hey are you two ok?" He quickly rushed over to check on the girls.

"Ugh…my head hurts!" Tenten was rubbing her head slowly to get her bearings. "Her vision was clearing up when she saw Naruto standing there. "Naruto? What are you doing here?"

"Finished off Gaara. Some crazy looking beam hit him and it helped me out." He helped Tenten to her feet and turned to Hinata. "What's Hinata doing here? I thought she was still in the infirmary?"

"She said she felt that you were in trouble. Something inside her gave her a bad feeling and she came out to help." Tenten said as Naruto gently shook Hinata to wake her. "Actually you should thank her. That beam you saw was her doing."

"What? No way!" Naruto saw Hinata slowly opening her eyes. "Hinata, was that really you that used that cool looking beam?"

"N-N-Naruto-kun?" She was still out of it from using such a powerful spell and her Full Drive. "You're ok."

"You bet I am. Tenten told me that you did that beam jutsu thing at Gaara." Naruto saw her nod her head in agreement. "Boy, you just keep getting more awesome by the day!"

Hinata heard his words and felt her heart beat faster. She managed to do two things to impress Naruto in the same day and couldn't be happier. "Naruto-kun…" Before she finished, she fell back asleep.

"Guess that took a lot out of her. Hey Tenten, do you know what jutsu she used?" Naruto asked as he kneeled down and gently picked up Hinata, hoisting her onto his back.

"Remember that jutsu she was going to use on you in your match? The one that backfired? Well, turns out, she was able to make it work against Gaara." Tenten explained. "It just took a whole lot out of her."

"That was what she was going to hit me with?" Naruto was shocked to hear that he could have been the target of her jutsu. "Guess I got lucky!"

"Maybe. But I think she might have gone a little easy on you. Guess we'll never know." Tenten chuckled as the two walked back to the village.

"And why not?" Naruto asked.

"Because a girl has to have some secrets Naruto." Tenten replied with a cute smile.

Naruto looked completely dumbfounded. "I don't get it."

"And you probably never will Naruto." Tenten looked over at Naruto carrying Hinata. "But someday we'll tell you everything. I know Hinata really wants to."

Well, Gaara's out of his rampaging frenzy, Hinata shows just how much power she has, and Sasuke is a complete ass to Bardiche. How are things going to go now that Sasuke's a Device user...and a pretty mean one at that? Looks like Hinata, Tenten, and Hanabi have a lot of work ahead of them! Find out what the future holds next time!

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