The Next Ace of Aces

Chapter 6

This chapter's a little bit longer and it will reveal a lot more in this chapter. So enjoy things and don't flip out ok! Plus you may catch on to a few of my later ideas from this chapter, or figure some things out early! As always you know who owns who!

Chapter 6

About three weeks passed since the attack on Konoha. It had been a dark time as the village lost many including the life of their beloved Hokage due to the attack by the Sand and Sound. For now the village had been run by the elders, but there was still the need to find a new Hokage. Jiraiya of the Sannin had been asked to take the job, but immediately turned it down. He did however recommend the other Sannin still loyal to Konoha, Tsunade Senju, also known as the Slug Princess. Jiraiya stated that he would locate Tsunade and bring her back in order to fill the role. However he also had plans of training Naruto as well, so he was allowed to take the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki with him. Though he did have some final preparations to make before leaving.

As for Naruto, he spent his time with Hinata and Tenten after Hinata had fully recovered from her chakra burns. Seems after the Chuunin finals, he asked the two to spar with him more often, and wanted them sparring while using the 'Barrier Jacket Jutsu'. Tenten figured he was a glutton for punishment, but she realized that training with him actually helped her as well.

Speaking of training, on days when Naruto wasn't around Hinata and Tenten would be training with Hanabi to get her accustomed to her Device. Today was another day that the two sisters were going at it.

"Come on Hina-chan, quit going easy on me!" Hanabi whined as she easily avoided one of Hinata's strikes. "I have my Barrier Jacket on so I can take a lot more you know!" Blitz Caliber outfitted her with a fitting purple bodysuit and a short sleeve white jacket. She had her Revolver Knuckle on the left hand and like Hinata, had roller blades as well, though hers were white. She quickly retaliated and went on the attack.

"I promise I'm not going easy on you." Hinata had parried each strike easily.

Hanabi was getting more frustrated, "I know you're lying. And I'm gonna prove it! Come on Blitz, let's show her what we can do!"

"You got it Hanabi!" Blitz Caliber replied as a cartridge loaded on her Revolver Knuckle.

"Eat this sis! Knuckle Bunker!" The wheels on Hanabi's Revolver Knuckle spun rapidly as a purple glow encased her gauntlet. She then struck with every bit of force she had…

…only to be blocked by "Protection!" Hinata quickly threw up a defensive shield and watched as Hanabi pushed as hard as she could to break through. As much as Hanabi tried, she couldn't even make a dent in Hinata's shield and soon tired out very quickly. The only downside to her having a Device is that her chakra reserves were still small due to her age, so she couldn't keep her Barrier Jacket up or use spells as much as Hinata.

"This…sucks!" Hanabi flopped down on the ground as Blitz Caliber returned to standby.

"You know Hinata you really are going easy on her. You're way better than that." Tenten had overlooked the training and could tell Hinata was holding back.

"Hina-chan, why do you keep going easy on me? I told you I can't get better unless you go at me full force. I don't care if I get hurt as long as I know you're going all out." Hanabi sat up to catch her breath as Hinata tossed her a bottle of water.

"Sorry Hanabi-chan. It's just that I don't want to seriously hurt you. I still don't know just how much power I have with Mach Caliber, and now that I've started learning mother's fighting style, I don't know what will happen if I were to go all out." Hinata sighed as she sat beside her sister.

"Are you really that afraid of hurting me?" Hanabi saw Hinata nod. "Look it's ok. I mean come on I'm the strongest girl in my academy class. I can take whatever you can dish out. So please don't go easy on me anymore."

Hinata could see the plea in her sister's eyes, "Alright Hanabi-chan, I'll do better next time."

"Good, because next time you go easy on me, I'll go get your diary and read it to Naruto." Hanabi taunted and stuck her tongue out at Hinata.

"No! Please don't do that!" That was one thing Hinata definitely didn't want.

"Maybe I should tell him about the wedding dream. That one was a juicy one!" Hanabi continued her taunt, turning Hinata bright red.

"You read that one! Hanabi!" Hinata couldn't believe her sister had read that much into her diary.

"Read what?" Everyone turned around to see Naruto walking up through the field. "Did I miss something?"

"N-n-n-nothing! Everything's fine!" Hinata peeped out.

"Don't worry Naruto, Hinata's little sister was just having some fun with her." Tenten chuckled. "So what brings you here?"

"I wanted to let you guys know that I'm going on a journey with Ero-sennin to find some Tsunade person." Naruto replied.

"You're going to find Tsunade the Sannin!" Tenten's eyes went wide as saucers. "She is my idol! She's one of the strongest kunoichi in the world!"

"Yeah apparently she may be able to help Bushy Brows with his recovery. Ero-sennin said she was a really good medic." Naruto said nonchalantly. "He also told me that I should bring two people with me. Since Sasuke's still in the hospital apparently, and Sakura's still drooling over him, I wasn't sure who to ask."

"Take those two." Hanabi pointed to both Tenten and Hinata. "Besides, I know my sister would love to go on a mission with you Naruto."

"HANABI!" Hinata knew exactly what Hanabi was hinting at.

"Hey why didn't I think of that? You two would make awesome teammates!" Naruto said excitedly. "Yeah, I'll go tell Ero-sennin, and we'll be good to go!" He took off running back into town to tell Jiraiya he had found a team.

"Naruto-kun wait…" Hinata's words were futile as Naruto was long gone. "Sigh…there's no way I can go. Father would never let me leave like this."

"Oh please. Father's not that hard to handle. Just tell him you were invited to train with one of the Sannin." Hanabi replied casually. "That will have all the elders and stuff giving their stoic approvals that 'the heir is finally receiving training from one of the Honorable Sannin' and junk."

"Well if you say so." Hinata felt doubtful, but she trusted her sister.

"Besides, it'll be good to get out of the village. Neji's been kind of a jerk lately. I was almost inclined to activate Cross Mirage and put a chakra bullet in his arrogant forehead a few days ago for the stuff he said about you Hinata." Tenten remembered how things were in the last training session. Since it was only her and Neji, they had to spar and Neji seemed much more aggressive than normal. She figured it was due to the fact that she had become best friends with Hinata.

"Tenten's right. Neji's really got a problem with you sis. He just won't get over the whole family thing. I mean I don't see why he should be angry anymore. At least he got to be with Uncle Hizashi. I never even got to meet him." Hanabi added.

"He still blames me for Uncle Hizashi's death. I don't know what else to do for him." Hinata sighed in defeat.

"Don't worry about it. Let's just get packed up." Tenten reassured her.

Surely enough, Hinata was allowed to go on the mission, even though she did get a few remarks that it was with the 'Demon Brat'. Hiashi knew she had a good opportunity so he allowed her to take it, he just kept up his cover and still told her not to be a burden, but Hinata could see underneath that. Neji still felt it an insult that Hinata was allowed to travel with a Sannin, still spewing his 'weakness' banter. Hinata did frustrate him a little when she made the handsign to activate his seal, and Hiashi secretly gave him a jolt.

On the day of departure, Tenten met up with her at the Hyuuga complex and would walk with her to the gates. Hinata said her goodbyes and Hanabi wished her good luck. She told her sister to remember to train with Blitz Caliber in secret. She and Tenten made their way to the gates where Naruto was waiting with an older man, who they figured was Jiraiya.

"Hey you two. Glad you made it." Naruto welcomed the two girls upon their arrival.

"These are the two you picked to go with us Naruto?" asked Jiraiya.

"Yeah. They're both really good ninja. Plus Hinata has her Byakugan and that can probably help us a lot." Naruto said, causing Hinata to slightly blush and Jiraiya to notice.

"So the rumors are true. This girl does have a crush on that idiot. Looks like I'm gonna have some fun with this." Jiraiya thought to himself. "Ok and what about the other girl?"

"Tenten? Oh she's great with long range weapons. Plus both of them know this really strong jutsu called the Barrier Jacket Jutsu." Naruto added.

"I see." Jiraiya replied with a hint of suspicion, especially after he noticed both girls' devices around their necks. "Looks like you made a good choice then. Since Naruto forgot to introduce me, I am the Toad Sage of Myoboku, Jiraiya of the Sannin!"

"Oh, and he's also an Ero-sennin too." Naruto added, causing Jiraiya to sweat.

"I told you not to call me that Naruto!" Jiraiya snapped back and knocked Naruto in the head. "Whatever, let's get going. We already have a lead on Tsunade."

Hinata and Tenten didn't say much, as they kept their communication telepathically.

"So Hinata, do you think we should tell Naruto the truth about our Devices?" asked Tenten

"I want to tell him. But do you think he'll believe me? I don't want to disappoint him because I'm using a high tech device to make me a better shinobi." Hinata replied downheartedly.

"Hinata, for one, you're not a shinobi anymore. You and I are only part shinobi. We're also mages as well. He won't be mad at you because you're working to master all of your abilities, both shinobi and mage. We'll tell him soon and I'm sure he'll understand you clearly." Tenten replied. "For now we should focus on our mission and do our best to help Naruto."

Hinata nodded in agreement as Naruto turned back to the two girls, "Everything ok? You two are really quiet."

"It's nothing Naruto. Just a girl thing." Tenten said while Hinata blushed.

"Girl thing? Oh, uh ok I guess." Naruto just scratched his head and kept walking. The group continued their trek for most of the day, finding nothing eventful. They pulled over to a small clearing in the forest and set up camp. The girls had gotten water while Jiraiya was still surveying the area. Naruto had gone out to get firewood.

"This forest is pretty crazy at night. " He said to himself as he walked around looking for more wood. "Makes you wonder just what's out here." Of course he wasn't paying attention and tripped over a root, dropping all of his firewood. It also caused him to tumble a bit before he slammed into a dirt wall. "Oh man, that smarts!" Naruto pulled himself up by grabbing onto the dirt, but as he pulled himself up, the dirt started breaking away. "Hey, what's this?" Figuring he found something, he started digging more, clearing away more dirt until he found a staircase. "Ok this is definitely strange! I better tell everyone." Naruto quickly headed back to camp where Hinata and Tenten were preparing to start dinner.

"Naruto, where's the firewood? We can't make dinner without it." Tenten asked.

Naruto pointed back in the direction he came, "I found some strange entrance. It looks like it goes to a bunker or something. You should check it out." Both Tenten and Hinata looked at each other before following Naruto back to where he found the entrance.

"Whoa, this is creepy." Tenten grabbed three of the sticks Naruto dropped and took three tags out of her pouch. She placed the tags on the ends of the sticks and said "Ignite", causing the three to light up into makeshift torches. "Let's check this place out."

The three descended the stairs into a long corridor. Naruto noticed the walls were metallic, like they were reinforcement for a bunker. "This place has to be a bunker or something. Hinata, think you can see up ahead?"

"Sure." She handed Naruto her torch, "Byakugan!" Instantly activating her doujutsu, she tried to scan the area, but the result she wanted was not expected. "I…I can't see anything! It's like the walls are blocking my Byakugan. All I could see was a door up ahead."

"That's even more strange. Come on, let's keep going." Tenten took point and led the trio through the corridor until they came to a sealed door. "This thing looks like it's sealed shut."

"Any way to break through it?" asked Naruto.

"It doesn't look like it." Tenten checked over the door one last time. "Guess we're not…" Before she could finish the door started opening. "Getting in here?" What in the world?"

The door completely opened to reveal what looked like a laboratory. It shocked the trio more when lights started coming on and things started up. The biggest shocker was a voice that the three heard.

"Stars 3, Stars 4, welcome."

"Who said that?" Naruto started looking around in paranoia. "Someone's gotta be in here."

"Geez Naruto, quit freaking out." Tenten started looking over things to see what was up with the place. It looked like a lot of computer systems with a table in the middle. Hinata had been looking on her own as well when she noticed something twinkle in her eye.

"Oh this is so pretty." She looked at a pedestal with a strange red colored pearl. Picking it up, she noticed how smooth and refined it was.

"Hey Hinata, come here and check this out." Tenten called out to her. Not paying any attention, Hinata ended up putting the red gem into her pocket. She went over to Tenten who was looking at a screen and a strange console. "Check this out."

Hinata looked at the console and saw what looked to be indentations for something. Then it hit her. "Tenten, look at those indentions! It looks like Cross Mirage and Mach Caliber fit in those."

Tenten looked again and saw what she meant. "Guess we have to put our Devices in there. And it looks like Naruto will find out what we're going to find out as well."

"What are you two…" Naruto saw Tenten and Hinata take the devices off their neck and place it into the glowing slots. The screen in front of them immediately lit up and started playing back a video.

To any surviving members of Riot Force 6 or anyone who finds the Devices of said members,

My name is Shario Finieno. At the time of this transmission, the Great Mage War has come to a climax. Right now the best defense we have is unleashing everything possible against the Lost Logia known as the Ten Tail. We've done extensive research on this Lost Logia and have deduced that it is an artifact of insane power. It has been the cause of countless worlds being destroyed and right now it's staging its final attack on our home Mid-Childa."

"Mid-Childa? Where is that?" asked Naruto.

"Shh! I wanna keep listening." Tenten silenced the orange ninja and kept watching.

"Through our research, we've come to understand that the Ten Tail is really a combination of nine exceptionally powerful Lost Logia that have fused into one unified Lost Logia. Each separate Lost Logia took on the shape of nine different animal forms before fusing into one massive weapon of destruction."

The video displayed the images of the Ten Tail and its nine component Lost Logia. What shocked everyone were two of the creatures.

"No way! That's the Kyuubi and that crazy creature Gaara turned into! You mean those huge beasts are what attacked Konoha!" Tenten flipped out at the revelation of the Bijuu being Lost Logia.

"The Kyuubi…is some kind of ancient artifact? That's what's caused everyone to hate me?" Naruto thought to himself as he unconsciously touched his seal.

The video continued, "During the Great Mage War, we managed to create new weapons to combat the Ten Tail threat. We were able to upgrade the Belkan Cartridge System with an auto-replenish feature to continually keep Mages on the field as needed, plus incorporated it into the Strike Cannon system. We've also augmented the Devices of Riot Force 6 with power augmenters and mana conversion systems in order to give our teams an advantage. We've also augmented the Devices of Stars and Lightning Teams with the Blaster System mk. II. Our final and greatest weapon we created…was the Device Conversion System. This will allow us to completely reprogram and reconfigure the nine Lost Logia into a Device. However we were only able to program it to work up to 10 times. If we fail to convert all nine Lost Logia, then our world will be gone as we know it.

Naruto, Tenten, and Hinata heard a set of doors open to reveal a large containment unit. There was also a portable device that looked like it could fire some kind of beam as well.

"We've set the DCS to work in stationary and portable mode. It is stored in a Device that can only be activated by anyone left in Riot Force 6 or anyone that can re-activate Raising Heart that is stored in this facility. Unfortunately my time is short. To anyone that gets this transmission…you are the only hope that Mid-Childa has."

The transmission went silent as Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten all looked at each other. All three of them were shocked and confused at everything they heard.

"Whoa, that was pretty crazy." Naruto said as he walked towards the newly revealed DCS system. "Do you guys really believe any of that was true?"

"Actually, I believe it. Don't you Hinata?" Tenten asked. Hinata nodded in agreement. "Look Naruto, there's something you need to know."

"Huh? What is…" not paying attention, Naruto stepped into the containment area of the DCS unit. Due to the fact that both Cross Mirage and Mach Caliber were present, the machine immediately went online. "Hey what the heck is this!"

Tenten and Hinata saw the system go active, sealing Naruto away from the two. "Naruto-kun!" Hinata immediately went to the door Naruto went in and tried to start opening it. "Tenten, we gotta get him out of there!"

Tenten jumped in to help try and pull the door open when they saw Naruto restrained by a bind spell, "Hinata, he's in a bind spell. We're going to have to use our Devices if we want to save him. We were going to tell him anyway."

Hinata took a deep breath and knew Tenten was right. "You're right. We don't have a choice. Mach Caliber: Set up!"

"Cross Mirage: Set up!" Both Tenten and Hinata immediately activated their Barrier Jackets in front of Naruto, not caring what he would think. They were just about to attack when they heard a voice come from the active system, "Lost Logia detected. Scanning…Scanning complete. Lost Logia number nine, codename Kyuubi no Yoko has been located. Lost Logia is currently sealed by use of advanced Mid-Childan sealing magics. Seals will be broken and Lost Logia will be properly extracted and Device Conversion will begin. Precautions to any sealing host will be placed in effect."

"Wait a minute…did that thing say one of those Lost Logia was located?" Tenten said in response to the system.

"It said Lost Logia number nine…Naruto-kun had the Kyuubi sealed in him!" Hinata realized what was the cause of Naruto not being liked by anyone, and having to suffer as much as he did. She immediately ran up to the glass and started banging on it, yelling at Naruto, "Naruto-kun, I'm so sorry!"

Naruto continued to struggle from the bind as he saw the laser device move toward his stomach. He could see Hinata banging on the door screaming, but couldn't hear her. "Great. This thing is gonna yank the Kyuubi out of me. Why did Hinata and Tenten have to find out? Ugh…if I end up surviving this, then they'll probably both hate me. But maybe I'll get lucky and die." He couldn't tell that Hinata was telling him that she was sorry over and over. All he could do as the laser device charged up was close his eyes and hold his head down.

Tenten saw Hinata's reaction and even saw Naruto. It was hard for her to believe that Naruto had such a dangerous thing sealed inside of him. But all she saw was just Naruto. She never saw the Kyuubi, just Naruto. Acting on impulse, she ran up to the glass as well, "Naruto if you can hear me, you're still our friend! We don't hate you Naruto!"

Naruto kept looking, wondering what the girls were yelling about. It didn't matter to him anymore as the DCS proceeded into the next phase, firing a laser right at his seal. He instantly felt the seal twisting and turning, coming undone. In his mind it was worse as he saw the caged bars that held the Kyuubi in place.

"WHAT IS THIS! RELEASE ME THIS INSTANT!" The Kyuubi roared in rage as strange pink tendrils grabbed it and started cocooning around it. The tendrils began to sap its chakra, shrinking it to a smaller form.

Naruto felt like something was burning his stomach. He was able to look down and saw the pink mass of energy being extracted from his seal. "Oh great. I'm gonna die! This sucks! I'm sorry Hinata. I wish you didn't have to see this."

All Tenten and Hinata could do was watch on as the Lost Logia was finally extracted from Naruto, existing as a large pink ball of energy. That's when the system went into the second phase. "Lost Logia extraction complete. Scanning host for injury…scan complete. Host is uninjured. Begin device conversion and reprogramming sequence. Suitable device form selected."

"Did that thing say host is uninjured? That means Naruto's ok!" Tenten said, causing Hinata to fall to her knees in tears.

"He's alive…thank Kami he's alive!" Hinata couldn't even speak as the DCS continued its work. The two girls looked on as the pink mass shrunk further, almost to the size of a doll. It began to reshape itself until it formed a full human shape. The energy started flowing off when the two noticed the Lost Logia had been converted into a mini human with long red hair. It had two red ears and nine fox shaped tails. It was wearing a sleeveless red dress, belt, red boots, and short fingerless red gloves. The look was finished off as a small gold hairclip appeared in its hair.

"Device conversion complete. Lost Logia has been converted to Unison Device status. Device synchronization has begun with former host. Please assign a name to finalize Device conversion." The DCS system powered down as Naruto was released from his bindings. The door opened and Hinata ran in immediately to check on him.

"Naruto-kun, wake up! Please wake up!" Hinata was shaking him violently to get him to wake up. She looked at him as he slowly opened his eyes.

"Hinata? What…what happened?" Naruto felt extremely strange after what happened to him. "Why do I feel so weak?"

"Come on Naruto-kun, let's get you out of here." She helped him to his feet, slowly walking out of the chamber. "Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah…I'm fine. I just feel like…like something big was lifted off my shoulders." He started stretching out to regain some movement. He was looking around to get his bearings when he saw the strange floating…tiny girl in mid air. "Uh…Hinata…what is that?"

"Naruto…there's something we tried to tell you. Apparently from what this computer says…that thing is your Device." Tenten said as she read off some status information. "That video transmission was more real than any of us thought."

"I still don't have a clue what's going on. Will someone please explain this to me?" Naruto was in complete confusion before things went from weird to weirder!

"Geez will you keep it down! Ugh! As if being sealed in you was bad enough of a torment." Everyone turned to see the newly transformed Device speaking. "Ok why are you people staring at me?"

"Naruto? I know this is kind of a shocker to us all, but you somehow had the Kyuubi sealed into you right?" Tenten stared eyes wide open. Naruto just nodded in agreement. "Ok…well, this strange system pulled it out of you…and turned it into her!"

Naruto stared even harder at the newly transformed Kyuubi. "That was the damn fox? You mean that big loudmouth furball that never learned to shut his trap and drove me insane…is really a girl, and a small one at that?"

"Small? Who are you calling…" Kyuubi caught a reflection from the walls and saw just what her new form was…before she let out a blood curdling scream. "What happened to me!"

Tenten, Naruto, and Hinata all looked at each other in confusion, "You really don't know? Do you remember being sealed inside Naruto-kun?" Hinata figured staying calm would help things.

"All I know is that I was in a dark sewer that stunk, and I was bigger than this, and I was still male! Then some strange pink tendrils started wrapping around me and draining my energy, and then I wake up like this!" It was definitely a strange sight to see the once fearsome Kyuubi…freaking out. It was even stranger to see her…crying.

"Ok now you can't be the Kyuubi! That thing would never cry!" Naruto was definitely weirded out. "Just what are you?"

"She is like us Lord Naruto." Naruto started looking around to see who said that to him.

"Naruto, he said it." Tenten pointed to her gun. "Listen Naruto, what we were trying to tell you before all of this happened is that, Hinata and I are not using some kind of jutsu."

"Then what's the deal?" asked Naruto.

Hinata, doing her best to comfort the Kyuubi started explaining, "Naruto, what Tenten and I are using are items called Devices. They are a form of ancient magical technology created over 10,000 years ago."

Tenten continued the explanation, "It seems that these devices sync up to certain people, allowing us boosted abilities and skills. So those weird weapons Sasuke was using back when we fought Gaara…that was from a Device too. Look, why don't we explain everything from the beginning."

Tenten and Hinata took the time to thoroughly explain everything. Even Mach Caliber and Cross Mirage added their input as well to help lower any confusion he had. The two even talked to him telepathically to show just what they meant.

"This…this is kinda heavy. All this time the thing sealed in me was really an ancient magical artifact?" Naruto was still processing the information. "But why did I get picked for it."

Kyuubi, having finally calmed down added her own comments, "The reason why Naruto…is because you were to become my jailor and stop me from destroying Konoha. That's what your parents wanted."

"My parents! You know about my parents!" Naruto's attitude completely changed. "You have to tell me what you know! And…why are you suddenly talking nice to me?"

"Well, my reprogramming fixed it so that I'm now nice to you instead of a raging beast. As for your parents, I can't tell you…but they can." Kyuubi started glowing a light red aura before a projection beam shot from her eyes, showing two people. The man was instantly recognized, while Hinata noticed the female looked just like the Kyuubi.

"Naruto…that's…that's the Yondaime Hokage!" Tenten immediately knew who he was based on pictures she had seen.

"Naruto? My baby boy Naruto? Minato, it's him! It's really him!" The woman in the projection looked up and was almost in tears at seeing Naruto."

"It is Kushina. Although I'm surprised as to why we're looking at him now. It's too soon." Minato said, wondering what happened.

"I can explain." The two holograms looked at the Device projecting them. "Apparently I was released from Naruto's seal early and converted into a new form. Because your chakra was sealed into Naruto to be used to help him, it had been drawn out with me. That is why I'm able to project you as such."

"Mom? Dad? Are you real?" Naruto was still in shock.

"About as real as this is sweetie." Kushina smiled warmly at her son. She soon saw him tear up as if he had a million questions for her.

"Why! Why me! Why did you leave me?" Naruto cried out. "What did I do to deserve that?"

"Son, please understand something. When the Kyuubi attacked our home, there was no way we could contain it. Your mother was willing to sacrifice herself to reseal the demon, but she was so weak from having you and having the Kyuubi removed from her, that I couldn't let her do it." Minato explained carefully. "Yes son, your mother was a Jinchuuriki just like you."

"Naruto, your father could not in good conscience ask any other parent to make the ultimate sacrifice." Kushina said with a solemn tone. "Sweetie, ask yourself, if you were in his shoes, would you do what he did?"

Naruto took those words to heart and truly understood them. He wasn't sacrificed to be a scapegoat. He was originally made to be a hero.

"Naruto-kun, they wanted you to be a hero." Hinata gently placed her hand on his back. "And I want you to know…is that I have always seen you as one."

"You…you never hated me?" Naruto felt unsure of her words, but saw sincerity in her eyes.

"Never one day. You're an inspiration to me Naruto-kun." Hinata replied.

"I've never seen you as anything but Naruto." Tenten added in. "So what if you had a demon fox sealed in you. You're still a loud and goofy kid!"

"And we never stopped loving you, even after our last breaths Naruto." Kushina said warmly.

"Naruto, you are by far my greatest achievement in life. Not even becoming Hokage can compare to becoming your father." Minato said confidently. "Be proud of who you are, a hero of Konoha."

"Wow…so I wasn't some unloved freak. I really had two parents that loved me." Naruto happily wiped the tears from his face.

"Naruto, you don't know how sorry we are for putting you through this. If we could change the past, we would do it in a heartbeat!" Kushina apologized. She had her head lowered to Naruto begging for forgiveness.

"Mom, please don't bow your head. Someone with beautiful hair as yours should never do that." Naruto said, causing Kushina to look at him with a bigger smile.

"You really are like your father. He said the same thing about my hair. And you know I have three words for the men that compliment my hair like that." Kushina said happily. "I love you!"

"Look, I can't blame either of you for anything. I never knew what it feels like to be loved by parents, but today changed that." Naruto said. "So I'm really happy. And I seem to be pretty lucky with friends like Tenten and Hinata." He soon noticed the hologram starting to flicker. "Hey what's going on?"

"It seems like our time is short Naruto. But from what brought us here, it looks like Kyuubi will be helping you from now on." Minato explained. "Also it seems that because our chakra was transferred to her, she may have one or two of our special jutsu to help you."

"And Naruto, don't feel bad. You'll always see us anytime. Just look at her when you want to see me, and look in the mirror…your father will always be there." Kushina was in tears because she didn't want to leave her son. "Naruto…thank you…thank you for letting us be your parents! Thank you for being our wonderful son!"

As the hologram of his parents faded, Naruto felt better than he ever had in his life. "Thank you…for loving me." The hologram disappeared and Kyuubi lost her glow.

"Wow, who would have thought you had two awesome parents Naruto." Tenten complimented him. "Plus being the son of one of the greatest Hokage's ever…that's just plain cool!"

"Yeah. Well, I guess we're partners now." He looked at Kyuubi who had slightly composed herself. "So what do we do first?"

"Well…" Kyuubi slightly blushed at her new Lord. "You have to give me a new name for me to truly become your Device partner."

"New name huh?" Naruto tried to think hard at what he could call his new Device.

"Why not call her Vixen. She retained some of her features as a fox, and that's what a female fox is called." Hinata threw in her idea. "But you could also give her a nickname if you wanted, like call her Kyu or something."

"Hmm…would Kyu Vixen work for her name? I can still call her Kyu for short." Naruto said. He saw Kyuubi actually smile. "You like it?"

"I do Naruto." Kyuubi replied.

"Alright then, your new name is Kyu Vixen." Naruto said. The computer console lit up and began to take in the information.

"Name registration complete. Device Conversion finished. Nine conversion charges remaining." The console finished the process and finally shut off. The machine condensed back into the storage form.

"Well since that's done, I guess the next question is what you can do?" asked Naruto.

"Well Naruto, unlike Mach Caliber and Cross Mirage, I am a Unison Device. Not only can I fully function on my own and use my own spells and abilities, but I am a special type of Unison Device. See when I was extracted from you, I took all of the chakra and energy that had been sealed in you. So now when I do this…" Kyu explained as she flew right into Naruto, disappearing into his body. He soon felt himself overwhelmed with immense power, and even changed as his hair went from blonde to near tan. His outfit darkened to a shade of red-orange, and he was now encased in a cloak of red energy. "I can merge with you and start transferring back the chakra so that you'll begin to assimilate it as your own. See I was the problem of you not being able to properly control chakra, but now I can help you handle it properly."

"That's not bad Naruto. It looks like you two will work together really well. What does it feel like? I mean having her combined with you." Asked Tenten.

"Um…it does feel like I'm stronger than ever." Naruto started overlooking himself. "Um Kyu, one question. Do I get one of those Barrier Jackets or whatever?"

"A Barrier Jacket? Sorry Naruto, I can't create one for you. I only have my personal one. But if you find another Device that can sync with you, then you'll be able to have one." Kyu explained as she separated from Naruto. "But that's about all I can do right now. The DCS set me with limiters to keep my power from harming you. But as you continue to get stronger and incorporate more of my chakra as your own, those limiters will naturally release until you can use all of my power…or should I say all of your power." She then flew over to Hinata and Tenten and pointed at their Devices. All three started glowing slightly, then returned to normal.

"Kyu, what did you just do?" Tenten asked.

"I did a system link update with Mach Caliber and Cross Mirage. See I'm a pure Ancient Belkan style Device, unlike Mach Caliber who is a Modern Belkan, and Cross Mirage who is Mid-Childan. What I did was download any data that Mach Caliber and Cross Mirage can use to help the two of you, while they essentially transferred the same to me." Kyu said as she returned to Naruto's shoulder. "And actually I like what I can now help Naruto use."

"Kyu is correct. She has given us very useful spells." Cross Mirage spoke up. "Like for you my Mistress, I can now use the Physical Heal spell that Kyu knew, and can even use the Chain Bind and Struggle Bind capture spells."

"As for me Hinata, I can also use Physical Heal, and Protection has been upgraded to Wide Area Protection." Mach Caliber said.

"So what did I get from them?" asked Naruto.

"I only took two spells, Starlight Breaker and Optic Hide. I also copied the data for the Blaster System mk. II in case you get another Device. I can't use it, but I can program it into another Device for you." Kyu explained. "Speaking of the Blaster System, maybe the consoles have information on how to access it." She flew over to the computer and began to interface with it, searching for any data she could find.

"She's really good. Think we can get you upgraded to a Unison Device Cross Mirage?" Tenten was surprised the little Unison Device could do so much.

"Forgive me Mistress. I am unable to be upgraded as such." Cross Mirage answered back.

"Silly, I wouldn't change you for anything in the world. You're perfect to me." Tenten let her Device know she was just joking with him.

"Thank you my Mistress." Even though Cross Mirage was an Intelligent Device, he was able to take a joke from time to time.

"Ok, let's see what we have here. Basic magic knowledge…active devices…ah here we are! Blaster System mk. II." Kyu found the data she was looking for and began to relay it to everyone. "It says here that the new Blaster System is based on the first system that was originally installed into Raising Heart. It was designed to increase Nanoha's raw power exponentially depending on the number of Blaster Bits she summoned. However the downside is that it put a massive strain on her own body with each use."

"Nanoha? Didn't you mention that name Cross Mirage? You said she was one of those super powerful mages or something." Tenten tried to remember where she heard the name from.

"He's correct. Nanoha Takamachi was one of the three legendary SSS class mages. She was apparently from a low class planet called Earth or something but she had immense magical talent. She received the nickname "The White Devil" apparently because her immense firepower made her seem like a demon on the battlefield." Kyu read from the databanks. "It says she was immensely powerful, but she was a very kind hearted person who would fight to the bitter end for her loved ones."

"Seems like you'd be just like this Nanoha person Hinata." Naruto commented, causing Hinata to blush.

"I…I…I'm not that good. She'd still be a lot better than me." Hinata was too embarrassed to comment herself. "Plus we need to know how to use the Blaster System."

"Here we go. The Blaster System has three levels of power. Blaster 1 will summon a Blaster Bit that will double your current power level and attacks. Blaster 2 will quadruple your power output even further and summon a second Blaster Bit." Kyu explained.

"That's 8 times our base chakra levels! Then what's the final level?" asked Tenten in amazement.

"The final level, Blaster 3 will summon a maximum of four Blaster Bits. Your power output will then be boosted by 10 times the amount of power you're using in Blaster 2 mode. However there are a lot of precautions to this mode. Because Blaster 3 still carries the extreme risk of critically injuring you or possibly killing you, Blaster 3 is only able to be activated while in Full Drive mode and can only stay active for a maximum of 5 minutes before it's immediately shut down." Kyu read the description and details of the final Blaster level. "If the situation is critical however, an override code can be activated to extend the time limit, but only if the Device agrees to it. This is to prevent any type of critical or potentially fatal injury to the mage."

Hinata and Tenten both looked at their Devices, amazed at just what they could do now. "I guess they get to decide that so we wouldn't end up seriously hurt." Tenten said.

"I don't think they would let us hurt ourselves or push ourselves over the edge. But they'd be willing to let us do it, if it meant we would be saving a lot of people." Hinata added. "So how do we activate these systems Kyu-chan?"

Kyu slightly blushed at hearing the honorific with her name. "Um…it says to initially activate it, you would call the name of your device and the level you want. If you wanted to engage Blaster 3, you would need to activate your Device's Full Drive program, and then activate the Blaster system."

"So I'd say something like 'Cross Mirage: Blaster 1' to activate Blaster 1." Tenten figured she had the right command down.

"Yes. That's all you need to do." Kyu reassured her.

"Kyu-chan, earlier you said the system had information on active devices. Can you check and see which ones have gone online?" Hinata figured it may give some clues to help in their mission.

"Sure thing Hinata. Let me take a look." Kyu went back to interfacing with the console for the information. "Ok let's see, active devices…Cross Mirage, Mach Caliber, Blitz Caliber, Bardiche…wait a minute!"

"What did you see Kyu?" asked Naruto.

"It says that Klarwind and Kerykeion are both active. Klarwind's location is approximately 60 miles southeast of here…and Kerykeion is less than a mile from here!" Kyu responded.

"Klarwind's in Tanzaku Town?" Tenten said. "Kyu, what do those two devices do?"

"Klarwind was known to be one of the most powerful healing Devices created. It belonged to Shamal, who was one of the Wolkenritter, a group of Belkan Knights that served Hayate Yagami, master of the Tome of the Night Sky. Shamal was known to be the strongest healer in Riot Force 6." Kyu said from the database. "As for Kerykeion, it is a Boost Device, given to Caro Ru Lushe. She was Riot Force 6's ground support and was also a dragon summoner. Kerykeion was specially designed for optimizing mana consumption, summoning, and boosting spells."

"Hey Naruto, there's a Device that would help you a ton. With as much energy as Kyu has, you'd be able to do a lot more with that." Tenten recommended. "Plus we may be able to get it soon since Kyu said it was close to us."

"You might be right. Guess it wouldn't hurt to see if we found this Device." Naruto replied. "Kyu, any more active?"

Kyu kept checking the system, "Yeah, two more are online…Luciferon and Vulnificus?"

"Luciferon and Vulnificus? Who did those Devices belong to?" asked Hinata.

"It says they belonged to a duo known as Stern the Destructor and Levi the Slasher. They were apparently evil clones of Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa that were created by the Book of Darkness. The two Devices were actually duplicates of Raising Heart and Bardiche. However it was said that those devices were supposed to have been destroyed due to the immense power they had." Kyu read from the console's notes. "Guess whoever was in charge of that didn't follow through. But from what I can see, the two are on the move…towards the location of Klarwind."

"Guess we have our lead then. Maybe the one who has Klarwind may have some kind of communication or information about Lady Tsunade." Tenten commented. "That's our best bet."

"What about those other devices? If they're really as dangerous as Kyu said, we need to get them before they fall in the wrong hands." Hinata expressed her own concern.

"There's also the fact that there's 8 more Lost Logia running around like Kyu used to. We know one is stuck in Gaara back in Suna. If those things got out of control, who knows what kind of destruction they could cause." Naruto still couldn't believe he held one of the greatest destructive forces in the known world, but knew that no one else should have to suffer for it. "Hey Hinata, what should we do?"

"Why m-m-me?" She felt nervous about being put on the spot.

"Well, you seem to have been with your device the longest…so you'd be the best choice as a leader in this situation." Tenten reminded her. "You agree Naruto?"

"Yep. I think she'll do great." Naruto said with a huge grin.

"We believe in you as well Hinata." Mach Caliber added her own words to the conversation.

She looked around at her friends and slowly felt their confidence washing over her. "You really all believe in me. Thank you everyone. I'll do my best for all of you." Hinata slowly teared up. "Well, if it's up to me, I think we should try to find Klarwind first. Like Tenten said, whoever has it may know some information about Lady Tsunade. While we're there, it's possible we can meet with whoever has Luciferon and Vulnificus." She wiped away her tears and continued. "After we return home, we should request to begin looking for the other Lost Logia. Since we're the only ones who can activate the DCS, we don't have much of an option."

"What about explaining this to Hanabi and Sasuke?" asked Tenten.

"Wait, your little sister has a Device too?" Naruto reacted quickly. "And do we have to tell that jerk Sasuke?"

"M-maybe we should hold off on that." Hinata replied. "At least until we get settled on things."

"Also, there may be more bunkers like this that may have more valuable information. There may also be some better technology for you three to use as well." Kyu added. "I downloaded the coordinates of some additional bunkers and we can search for them later."

"Then we're all set to go. Guess we should head to camp and…oh crap!" Naruto suddenly realized a big problem. "How the heck are we gonna explain Kyu?"

'Explain Kyu to…ohhh, yeah that is gonna be a problem. Well couldn't she stay unisoned with you the whole time?" Tenten suggested.

"I can't. If I stay unisoned to Naruto for an extended period of time, the pocket dimension that I go into could collapse and possibly keep me trapped forever. Also, if the pocket dimension collapses while we're unisoned, Naruto will die." Kyu explained carefully as she sat on Naruto's shoulder. "The longest I could stay in unison with him before things start to get seriously problematic is about 4 hours right now. However once all of my power is fully absorbed by him and I become a normal Unison Device, the longest we could stay in unison is about 8 hours."

"You said Naruto's absorbing your power? What do you mean by that?" Tenten asked.

"See, because I was sealed in Naruto in before my conversion, the seals used to bind me to him were created to slowly drain my mana, or chakra as you now call it, and all of my immense power and literally make it his own. Once he absorbed all of it, I would essentially vanish into nothing." Kyu looked depressed as she explained her situation. "But luckily due to being extracted and converted into a Unison Device, the seals that were created to drain my energy into Naruto are still there, but once the transfer is done, I'll still be his partner and I won't vanish. I won't be as strong on my own as I am now, but I'll still be able to hold my own if I need to."

Naruto finally asked, "Just how strong are you Kyu?"

"Well, mages ranked themselves from D to SSS rank. When I was created, I was to be the strongest of the nine Lost Logia that made the Ten Tail. I still remember fighting against Lady Fate long ago, and we ended up in a stalemate. That would put me at SSS Rank. But since half of my power was extracted when your father sealed me into you, it would rank me at probably S to S+ rank." Kyu said, causing both Mach Caliber and Cross Mirage to go crazy.

"You're ranked that high! Not even Reinforce Zwei was that powerful! She was only augmented and reached S- rank when the Great Mage war started!" Mach Caliber said in shock.

"Don't worry Mach Caliber, I have no intention of ever going back to my dark path." Kyu pulled herself closer to Naruto's head. "I'll die protecting Naruto before I ever hurt him again. Besides, after all of my power gets properly transferred to Naruto, he'll be near if not SS rank and I'll probably be a B+ to A rank mage."

"It's going to be a lot getting used to you now." Naruto sighed a little.

"Well yeah! Since I'm your partner now, I'll be living with you too. I mean I'm gonna need my own room, lots of clothes, my own bathroom, and time away from you also." Kyu was full smiles when she said all that, causing Naruto to hit the floor.

"Where the heck did all that come from?" Naruto snapped back.

"Um…she is a girl you know. You have to take care of her differently now." Tenten replied. "Look, we'll help you with all of that when we get home Naruto.

"Uh ok I guess." Naruto said sheepishly.

"But since that's out of the way, I say we get going. We have a lot to do you know." Kyu said as she deactivated her own Barrier Jacket, revealing she was now dressed in the same dress that Kushina was wearing when Naruto saw her. "So…how do I look Naruto?"

Naruto saw her blushing and was surprised. His mother was right! Anytime he did want to see her, all he had to do was look at Kyu. "You look just like my mom!"

"I think she looks very pretty, just like Lady Kushina." Hinata easily remembered his mother's name, as she quite liked it herself.

"Th-thanks!" Kyu was still blushing as a small backpack appeared on her back. "Your mom kinda gave me the idea and even set me up with her ninja outfit from when she was active as well. Since part of her chakra was in me, it also transferred a few of her memories, and all of her recipes and cooking skills. Apparently she was an amazing cook."

"You mean I'll get to actually eat some of my mom's cooking!" Naruto was practically drooling. "Oh man, that's gonna be great!"

"Ok, ok, aside from that, how are we going to hide her?" Tenten tried to get back on subject.

"Hide her from who?" All three turned to see Jiraiya standing there, overhearing their whole conversation. "I knew something strange was going on."

"Ero-sennin, what in the world!" Naruto flipped out.

"Save it Naruto, I know a lot more than you think. Especially about that little lady on your shoulder that looks like Kushina." Jiraiya said as he moved closer to look at Kyu. "If I'm correct, you happen to be the newest incarnation of one Kyuubi no Yoko, am I right?" He saw the surprise on her face and confirmed it. "Knew I was right."

"Lord Jiraiya, how did you find us? Matter of fact how did you get in here?" Tenten was still shocked to see that he was actually in the lab area with them.

"Well, I had a toad keeping watch over you three while I was surveying the area. When he noticed Naruto come back and have you two follow him, he followed as well" Jiraiya explained. "After relaying the information to me and showing me this bunker, I decided to see just what you three were up to. Plus my friend here was able to let me in quite easily." He held up his fist showing he was wearing a black glove with a strange pinkish red orb in the center.

"That's Kerykeion!" Cross Mirage easily knew who the Device was.

"The computer was right! Kyu said Kerykeion was close, but that close!" Tenten exclaimed. "Does this mean you know everything?"

"Actually I've been doing research ever since Minato first showed me this Device." He took the two gloves off his hands, causing them to fade down into a small bracelet with two orbs on it and threw it to Naruto. "Well I was planning on giving this to you sometime, but I didn't know it would be this soon."

Naruto caught the bracelet and looked at it, noticing it pulse rapidly. "But wait, isn't this your Device?"

Jiraiya nodded his head negatively, "Nope. Minato was the one who originally activated it and had been using it for some time. The reason I had it was because I was to give it to you when you were old enough. But I need to check something. Raise your shirt Naruto and channel some of Kyuubi's chakra."

"It's Kyu now, not Kyuubi." Kyu replied with a frustrated look.

"Heh, I think she got more of Kushina than she expected." Jiraiya chuckled as Naruto did what he asked. He did notice that the seal that used to be on Naruto was still there, but it looked slightly different. "Well, it seems half of the seal was removed when Kyu was extracted from you. I don't know why it wouldn't remove all of it." Kyu immediately turned red and dashed and hid behind Hinata. "Ok what's with her?"

Kyu quickly whispered something in Hinata's ear and went back to hiding. "Lord Jiraiya, Kyu said that the reason the seal didn't disappear is because the part missing from Naruto is now on her." Hinata replied as Kyu whispered something else in her ear. "And she also says she doesn't want to show you where it is so just believe her that it's there."

Jiraiya had a sheepish grin on his face after hearing that, "Is that so? Well don't worry, I think I have a good idea already!" Both Hinata and Tenten went red in embarrassment, and even Mach Caliber somehow changed from blue to a purple hue for a bit. Kyu then came from behind Hinata and shot a red burst of energy right into Jiraiya, sending him crashing into one of the walls of the lab. Naruto just groaned in disappointment.

"Come on Ero-sennin, let's go." Naruto sighed as he grabbed the stunned Jiraiya by the foot and started dragging him back to camp. Tenten had picked up the portable DCS unit while Hinata was trying to calm Kyu down as she kept saying how embarrassed she was.

So Naruto now learns about Hinata and Tenten's connection with the devices, the trio find out the secret of the Bijuu, Naruto meets his parents, and finally gets his Devices. With Hinata elected as the new leader of their team, how will things fare for them as they not only try to find Tsunade, but also try to find the other Lost Logia Bijuu and convert them from rampant destructors to noble Devices, and what of the two Devices Luciferon and Vulnificus? Just who has those two dark Devices? Finally...what about that strange red gemstone Hinata put in her pocket? All will come to pass in due time!

And today we finally reveal another pair of Devices!

Device Name: Klarwind

Device type: Armed Device

Magic System: Ancient Belkan

Klarwind is the support device of Shamal, one of the four Wolkenritter knights that serve Hayate Yagami. Unlike most Armed Devices, Klarwind is specially designed for support, detection, transport, and healing magic. Klarwind is also capable of helping to create cartidges for users of the Belkan Cartridge system. Klarwind doesn't have the normal 2-3 forms and a Full Drive form, but can still summon a Barrier Jacket for its user.

Device Name: Kerykeion

Device Type: Boost Device

Magic System: Mid-Childan

Kerykeion is the Device of Lightning 4 member Caro Ru Lushe, the youngest member of the Riot Force 6 team. Designed to specially augment her own mana usage, Kerykeion is normally used to help support Caro's allies and to help her with her Dragon Summoning abilities. Kerykeion does have different modes that progressively improve and upgrade Caro's spells. In addition, in the Second Mode and Full Drive Third mode, shooting attack magic is available for Caro's usage.

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