A new life in a new land


This is my very first work of fanfiction dating from 2006! What happens when a girl from another dimension ends up meeting a blond haired ninja? Her life will never be the same!

Action / Adventure
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Where am I?

This is my very first fic. It may look kind of weird, but I'm doing the best I can. Also note that the first person paragraphs are my OC talking about her thoughts on events happening.

Disclaimer: Obviously I don't own Naruto….and if I did, I'd be insanely rich by now!!

Also I give credit to Dragon Man 180. His fic "Naruto The Kitsune Hanyou" inspired me for this work.

However I do own Kasumi and The Illumina Concept.

Chapter 1: Where am I??

Ok now this definitely had to be the weirdest thing I ever seen. Due to that massive explosion, I was somehow thrown into a new dimension, and had no clue what I was going to do. Oh, maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Kasumi Mitsumiko. I'm 15, and I'm also the chosen protector of the Illumina Gems. You see where I'm from, I, along with 5 of my friends had been chosen as the legendary Illumina Knights. Thanks to our gems, we possessed control over the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Shadow, and my own, Light. Thanks to us, we managed to protect the earth from a massive war…I only wish my parents had been alive to see me grow up into the person I am now. Since you now know who I am, I guess I should tell you how I got here.

Well, supposedly, after the Great War, I was given the task of guarding the Illumina Gems. The rest of my friends had gone off to live their own lives, and I continued to protect my home town from any trouble…it was all I had to do, since I was pretty much an orphan. My parents had been killed after I was born, and I ended up living in an orphanage till I was about 12. That's when I discovered I was a lot smarter than people my age. I had been skipped 3 grades, and was enrolled as a freshman in high school. The final give the orphanage gave me, was a top of the line laptop computer that I took with me everywhere. It was the most wonderful thing in the world…it had full scan capabilities, wi-fi, a huge hard drive for games, anime, and mp3s, it was the best thing I ever had. Only one problem…I soon found out it was a top-secret super computer that was capable of self-upgrading itself, and had the ability to hack into ANYTHING!! And when I mean anything, I mean this thing could hack into top of the line security systems from a pay phone!!

Well, I had gotten a tip about this computer, and it was supposedly a lead to my lost parents. There was no way I could turn this down!! If I could find anything out about my parents' death, I'd go for it! Unfortunately, the lead had been a trap, and I discovered that the last of the terrorists that started the Great War had been waiting for me. The next thing I know, I was in a heated battle to escape with my life…until the explosion occurred. It seems the gems reacted to the explosion, and the next thing I know…I wake up in some forest. Now I don't know if I'll ever get home! Too bad I didn't know…that I was at the place I'd soon call home, and I'd find the family I never had.

"Well it's been three months since I've been here." Kasumi said. "At least I haven't blown my cover and no one suspects that I'm not from here."

Yeah that's right…I've been in this forest for 3 months now. I noticed a very large village when I arrived. I made my way there to try to get some supplies to keep me going until I found a way back to my own world. The first thing I noticed about the entrance to the city was the large leaf shape emblem on the banner. I also noticed many of the people wore headbands with the same symbol, and that they were highly skilled in the ninja arts. I had to make sure I was really careful…I mean I was pretty good being a black belt in tae kwon do, but these guys…they were out of my league!! I figured since I had no money here, and the only things I had were my laptop, and the clothes on my back, so I found a place to sell my jewelry.

I had a gold chain I got for one birthday, and some diamond stud earrings, so I was able to get a nice amount of money for them. I found a clothes shop and saw that they had many similar styles from back at home. I mean the kimonos I saw were the most beautiful in the world! They had to be designer! I would have loved to see myself in one. Instead, I bought myself a larger backpack, three pairs of pants, a few shirts, some personal stuff, at least enough to make sure I wasn't wearing the same underwear two or three days in a row. Hey a girl has to take care of herself while still looking good you know. I then found a small market, where I could get some fruits, vegetables, and...oh my gosh!! They have the greatest thing in the world here!! INSTANT RAMEN!!! Oh man I love the stuff…well mainly because it's easy to make, and really cheap. And really good too. So I loaded up on that, and looked for a place where I could get some camping gear. I didn't know how cold it was going to be here, so I should at least be prepared. And since these guys were ninjas, I couldn't risk using the Illumina Gems. Especially since I can only control the Light gem. I mean I might have been able to start a fire with it, but if I tried with the fire gem, I could burn down the whole forest…then I'd really be dead. Well now you know my back story a little bit, so I guess it's time to speed things up a little bit.

"Where…where am I?" Kasumi said.

"Don't say anything child. You took a critical blow out there against that Cloud Nin." One of the nurses said." Try to save your strength. We've got the best trying to save you."

"Cloud Nin? I…don't…underst…" Kasumi said, blacking out.

"We've got to get her in stat! She's lost a large amount of blood!" another nurse said. "Quick get a sample and get it to Akane-sama immediately!"

Even though I was unconscious, I could still feel the prick of the needle taking a sample of my blood. I remember fighting that guy, trying to keep him from capturing that small girl, but even with my Illumina power, he seemed to overpower me! I mean how on earth was he able to fire lightning bolts like that! I mean I remember that Kari could control lightning when she had the Wind Gem, but this guy did it like it was nothing! Oh man I hope I survive this! I just hope that little girl was ok.

"Akane-sama! You're here!" said a nurse. "We have to hurry! She'll die if she doesn't get a transfusion!"

"I know. There's only one problem. There's no one in this whole town that comes close to her blood type!" Akane said. "In fact, I've never seen this blood type anywhere! Just who is she!"

"We don't know. She had nothing to identify her. All she had at the time of the attack was a backpack with a computer , a small case with 5 gemstones, and two changes of clothes. That was all." Replied the nurse.

"What about a hitai-ate? Do we know what village she was from, or what country she came from?" Akane asked.

"No, Akane-sama. She did have this device around her wrists. It had a gemstone in it similar to the ones in her backpack." Said the nurse. "Also from what we heard from the ANBU that saw the final minutes of the fight, she was using an unusual form of chakra. It seemed that her chakra emitted pure light energy instead of the normal 5 elements!"

"What! So this girl took on and killed the Cloud Village's best Jounin, and we don't even know if she's even a ninja! Is it possible to be a new bloodline limit has arisen?" Akane said.

"That we don't know Akane-sama. All we know is that she's fading fast." Replied the nurse.

"Well then, contact my husband and get him down here now. If she needs a transfusion, then I'm just going to have to use myself to help her." Akane said.

"But Akane-sama! What will happen when your youkai blood mixes with hers? It may kill her!" replied the nurse.

"Or it may save her life. You forget, I happen to be the Queen of the Kitsune. If I can't save her, then nothing can.." Akane said.

"Very well Akane-sama. We shall prepare for the transfusion." Replied the nurse.

Well isn't that just dandy. Here I am in some strange world, trying to find my way home, and what happens? Some crazy ninja guy tries to kidnap a helpless little girl, and being the person I am, I'm lying at my deathbed just because I was nice. Oh well…I wouldn't have traded that for the world. That's just who I am.. Now what's up with all this red light I'm seeing? And why does it feel like I'm shrinking or something? And why is it suddenly getting hotter in here!!

"Oka-san, look! She's waking up." Said a small boy.

"I guess she finally is. We should be quiet and let her wake by herself." Another voice said.

"Oh…where am I?" Kasumi said, as her vision slowly returned. "And…who are you kid?"

"Yup. She's awake. I guess this means we can play with her now, right Oka-san?" the boy said.

"No dear. She was hurt very badly and she needs to rest and get her strength back." The woman said.

"Wha…who are you people?" Kasumi asked. "And why…do you have whiskers kid?"

"Well first off, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, not kid." Naruto said. "And second, I've always had these. My Oka-san says they're birthmarks."

"Ok, that answers that question." Kasumi said, as she looked to the woman. "So I take it you're his Oka-san?"

"Yes I am. I am Akane Uzumaki, Naruto's mother, and one of the top medical researchers here." Akane said.

"Oh, ok. Wait? Am I still asleep, or did I just see you had ears on the top of your head?" Kasumi asked.

"Oh no, they're real. You see, I'm not a human. I'm a Kitsune. A fox demon, so to speak." Akane replied.

"Yeah, Oka-san is the strongest of the Kitsune!! And guess what! You're one too!!" Naruto said.

"Huh? What do you mean? I'm just an ordinary teenage girl?" Kasumi said, as she began to feel her head. "I mean…I'm still an ordinary teenage…."

"Before you feel shocked…I'll tell you how you became like you are now." Akane said. "It might be hard for you to believe, but trust me, it's all true. Plus it may give us a chance to find out about you."

"Well after everything I've seen…I guess it can't hurt." Kasumi said. "Go for it."

"Very well. Oh before I start, I still haven't learned your name yet." Akane asked.

"Oh I'm sorry! Please forgive my rudeness. My name's Kasumi Mitsumiko." Kasumi replied.

"Oh what a beautiful name." Akane said, clearing her throat. "Now where do I begin. Ah yes, well you see Kasumi, the reason why you're here is because you suffered some major life threatening injuries fighting that Cloud Nin."

"Cloud Nin?" Kasumi asked.

"Yes, or Cloud Ninja to be more precise. The hail from the Hidden Cloud Village in the Lightning Country. The ninja you fought happened to be here on a diplomatic mission, because our village had signed a peace treaty with them." Akane said.

"Ok, so where are we?' said Kasumi.

"This is the Village hidden in the Leaves, Konoha. We are in the Fire Country." Akane said.

"Least I know where I am now." Kasumi replied.

"Now, if I'm right, do you remember the little girl that ninja had?" Akane asked.

"I think so. She looked unconscious, so I had to do something to help her.' Kasumi replied.

"Well it's a good thing you did. She happens to be the daughter and heir to one of the most powerful clans in Konoha. If you didn't step in when you did, she may not have survived, and a potential war could have broken out!" Akane said.

"Good thing I did step in…I've been in enough war in my life." Kasumi said. "But that still doesn't explain my ears, or everything else?"

"Don't worry, I'll get to that part. Now to continue, that ninja you fought was a Jounin level ninja, a ninja of exceptional skill. Actually he was the Cloud Village's best Jounin. It seems they captured Hinata for the purpose of her Bloodline Limit, the Byakugan." Akane said.

"Bloodline limit? Jounin?" Kasumi said, puzzled.

"I'll explain those later. Now if I'm right, you took on this Jounin by yourself. The ANBU guards noticed you used some very impressive and unusual chakra to finish him off." Akane said. "However before you finished him off, he struck you with a deadly blow that caused you to lose a mass amount of blood. When the ANBU noticed this, they rushed you here as fast as possible. We took a sample of your blood and analyzed it, only to notice that it matched nothing we have here in Konoha. In fact, you could say your blood type was one of a kind."

"Then, if my blood was one of a kind, how am I still here if you couldn't find a donor?" Kasumi asked.

"That's where I come in…and will explain your new traits. You see, we couldn't let you die after what you did, and chakra healing wouldn't replenish your lost blood, so I donated my own blood to you in order to save you." Akane said. "After the transfusion, we started noticing some changes in you while you slept. The first is obviously your ears."

"Is that all that happened?" Kasumi said.

"No. You'll notice that you also have a two fox tails, and…you've seemed to regressed in age." Akane said. "Right now we estimate you to be around the age of my son here, around 6 years old."

"So, I shrunk, grew ears and a tail, and still have no idea of what's going on. Just great!" Kasumi said. "Is there anything else that happened to me?"

"Well, you are now no longer human. You are a hanyou, or half-human, half-demon. And the demon blood you now possess happened to come from the queen of the Kitsune." Akane said.

"So I'm some kind of royalty now??" Kasumi asked.

"If you choose to be. You don't have to though." Akane said. "Now, since I have given you information, would you care to share about yourself?"

"It is only fair. Now how do I begin…" Kasumi said.

For the next hour, I told Akane and Naruto everything about me. I told them about growing up as an orphan, to becoming an Illumina Knight, to stopping the Great War that would have destroyed earth, to me three months in the forest when I arrived here. When I finished, Akane was speechless, but Naruto had only one thing to say.

"COOL!!!!! You helped save your world from destruction? But it seems like your powers were simple jutsu." Naruto said.

"Nope. When I transformed I gained full control over the element of Light. I could use it for all kinds of things, from attack to defense to stealth. I could even use it for some mild healing. You know, I can even show you if you want. I just need my…my transformers!!! Oh no!!! I couldn't have!!!" Kasumi said frantically.

"Don't worry Kasumi-chan. All of your belongings are safe with me. I'll make sure you have them back when you get discharged. But right now you've had an extremely rough time. You should rest. I'll be back to check on you later." Akane said. "Come on Naruto, we should let her rest."

"Ok, oka-san. Feel better soon Kasumi-chan!" Naruto said.

"I will Naruto-kun. And Akane-sama….thank you for saving my life." Kasumi said, as a tear formed in her eye.

"Oh don't worry about it little one, you just rest." Akane said.

Just then, there was a knock at my door. Naruto ran to open it to reveal a very tall and dignified man. Behind him was a small girl that seemed to be the same age and Naruto and…myself now. They looked normal…except for one thing. Their eyes were….solid!! There were no pupils, no marks of what would look like an eye, it was just solid! It was a wonderful shade of lavender though.

"I hope we aren't interrupting anything, Akane-sama." The man said.

"Hiashi-sama, come in. I was just checking up on our newest patient, and hero." Akane said. "This is Kasumi, the one who saved little Hinata there."

"Ahh so I see. Well Kasumi-san, I would personally like to thank you for saving my daughter's life." Hiashi said. "There's someone else who would like to share their thanks as well…right Hinata?"

"Y-yes Otou-san." Hinata said, coming from behind her father's leg. "T-thank you f-for rescuing m-me."

"You're welcome. I'm just glad I could be of help." Kasumi said.

"It's ok Hinata-chan. Kasumi-chan is really nice. You can come over here and meet her" Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata said, blushing at her crush. "Ok, I g-guess I c-can come closer."

"Hi, my name is Hinata Hyuuga. It is a pleasure to meet you Kasumi-san." Hinata said.

"No need for formalities, Hinata. I'm just glad I was able to help you. And I must say…your kimono really compliments your eyes. I just love that shade of lavender!" Kasumi said.

"R-really! T-thank you! Kasumi-san." Hinata replied.

"Hinata, Hinata, if we're gonna be friends I'm gonna have to insist on no more formalities, ok?" Kasumi asked.

"Ok, Kasumi-sa…-chan. N-no more formalities." Hinata replied.

"And when I get out of here, we gotta help you get rid of that stutter. You got a wonderful voice, so you should be proud of it." Kasumi said.

"See Hinata-chan, I told you she was really nice. Now we have another good friend!" Naruto said.

"Alright you two, Kasumi-chan needs her rest if she's to get better so she can play with you two. Let's let her sleep." Akane said.

"Ok, oka-san. Bye Kasumi-chan, we'll see you later. Come on Hinata, lets go play some." Naruto said.

"O-ok Naruto-kun." Hinata replied.

Hiashi, Hinata, and Naruto all left my room, except Akane stayed back for a bit, probably to tell me something else.

"Akane-sama, is there something wrong?" Kasumi asked.

"No, little one…I was just looking at you to make sure you were ok. I have some other patients to check on, but I'll be back in a while. You just try to rest ok?" Akane said.

"Before you go, could I ask you something? Why isn't Naruto like you? I mean you are his mother right?" Kasumi asked.

"You're quite observant. Well, in reality this is just the body of Naruto's human mother. You see, my true form is that of a nine-tailed fox, aptly known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune. I first met Naruto's father, Arashi Uzumaki and mother long ago in the forest. I had been placed under a powerful trap and could not escape. Arashi had helped me out of the trap, and his mother helped me heal my wounds. I made a vow that day to repay their kindness by protecting them." Akane said. "Many times would they return to the forest to visit me, and we would have many wonderful times together. I even learned of his first child that was soon to be born. Everything was set to be a wonderful day until a man called Orochimaru approached me. He had hated Arashi because is former teacher appointed Arashi as Hokage, not Orochimaru. Because of that, Orochimaru was set on destroying Konoha, and he was going to use me to do it. I was under a powerful genjutsu, or illusion by Orochimaru. Because of it, I had actually attacked Konoha and would have destroyed it, if not for Arashi. I had also learned that it was cause of me that Naruto's mother was mortally wounded before she gave birth. When Arashi and Naruto's mother had saved my life once again, I rushed him to his wife, only to notice she was fading fast. If she were to die, Naruto would have died as well. I then chose to repay Arashi and his family for the kindness they had shown me, and for the times he saved my life."

"What did you do Akane-sama?" Kasumi asked.

"I decided to become one with Arashi's wife. In essence, our souls merged and became one soul. I gained a human form, while she gained the essence of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. This way she would live, and so would Naruto." Akane said.

"How did Arashi-sama take it?" Kasumi asked.

"Arashi knew that this was the work of Orochimaru, not me. He then told me that even though the soul of his wife had become one with my own soul, we were still the same person that had been with him. He has still been the same devoted man that we met so long ago."

"That's so beautiful!!" Kasumi said.

"As for Naruto, when I merged with his mother, some of my chakra was channeled to him. So that's why he has the whiskers on his face. He is still human though."

"Ok, that makes more sense. Thank you Akane-sama." Kasumi said.

"You're welcome little one. Now get some rest. I'll be back later to check on you." Akane said, leaving my room.

I laid my head back on my pillow to think about all the things I just heard. Now it seems I'm a half-fox, half-human. I'm now 6 years old instead of 15, and I'm somewhat of a hero. And for the first time…I've felt safe by myself. I mean I had my friends before, but Akane-sama seems like the person I wished could have been my mom. And seeing Naruto and Hinata…Naruto's so outgoing, and Hinata's so shy. But Naruto didn't hesitate to become my friend. Maybe I should hold off on trying to get back home for now.

"Kasumi-chan…wake up little one." Said a familiar voice.

"Mmm…Akane-sama? Is that you?" Kasumi said.

"Yes little one. I've come to see how you're feeling." Akane said. "Also I brought someone else you should meet. This is my husband and Yondaime Hokage of Konoha, Arashi Uzumaki."

"So this is the bundle of fire that helped stop a major war. Well I'm glad to see she's ok." Arashi said.

"Oh…uh...Arashi-sama…" Kasumi said, in a rush to sit up and bow. "I…uh.."

"Take it easy! No need to be so formal." Arashi said. "Besides, you've had some rough times while you've been here."

"Yeah, you could say that." Kasumi said. "Being someplace new is pretty rough."

"And so is being alone as well. Akane told me about you. And I must say, when I heard about all of it, I was quite amazed." Arashi said.

"Really? I was just hoping I didn't scare anyone." Kasumi said.

"I assure you, you didn't. Now that we've cleared that, there is a serious matter we need to address." Arashi said. "It seems that due to your transfusion, you aren't as old as you once were, though I can tell you retained your knowledge from before."

"Um…ok." Kasumi said.

"Well, as Yondaime, I can't just let a 6 year old run around on her own. Especially since she has fox ears, and two fox tails." Arashi said.

"Does that mean you're going to put me in some orphanage or something?' Kasumi asked.

"Well that was one option…but it seems to me, that being in an orphanage would be unfitting of a hero." Arashi said.

"Which is why we've come to you with this proposition. We know you never grew up with a family, or a home…so we are offering you this. If you so choose we would like to adopt you as our own daughter. This way you would have a chance to grow up and have somewhat of a normal life." Akane said. "Also, I can help train you to disguise your fox features so you'd look like a normal girl, if you chose. Though you wouldn't have to worry about people looking down on you, since they know about me."

"As an added bonus, you are welcome to come live with us for as long as you choose. I heard you are searching for a way to get back to your own home, but in the even that cannot happen, you are more than welcome to be with us." Arashi added.

"So…what you're saying is that, you're giving me a place to live….and the option of having a family??" Kasumi asked.

"In a sense…yes." Akane said.

I can't believe this!! The very person who saved my life, has now offered me the chance of being her own daughter!! I mean I never even saw my own mother and father, I never even knew of my real family, and these people…these random people who are showing nothing but kindness and warmth to me…are willing to take me in as one of their own. I just don't know…I mean if I find a way to get home…how can I leave them? And why am I crying so badly!!

"There, there, just let it all out." Akane said. "I know it's a lot to take in, but be sure that everything we've said it true. You would have a loving family, and you would be safe. You would never have to worry about being alone in your life anymore."

"I…I don't know about all this...it's just so sudden!!" Kasumi said, wiping the tears from her eyes. "I just need some time to think on this."

"Very well, take as long as you need. Once you're cleared to leave, we will take you back to our house, and you will live there as long as you're here. So no more camping by yourself ok." Akane said. "Now lay down and get some more rest."

Kasumi, you idiot!! What are you thinking!! This is a chance of a lifetime! You actually find someone who wants to take care of you…who want to protect you…who want to love you!!! How can you not say yes!!! I know you miss things back at home…and I know they'd understand if you did find a way home, you'd be pressed with a tough decision…but this is your only chance!!!!!!!

As Arashi and Akane headed toward the door…"Arashi-sama, Akane-sama…I've made my choice." Kasumi said, wiping the last of her tears. "And I accept your offer!!!!!"

"I knew you would little one!" Akane said, wrapping her arms around Kasumi. "I knew you would."

"I've only known you for one day…and I feel like you've been waiting for me for forever!" Kasumi said, crying. "Thank you! Not only did you save my life, but you gave me something I always wanted!"

"Well, anyone that's been through your hardships…deserves a break." Arashi said. "Besides, Naruto really took a liking to you like he did with Hinata."

"Plus, being the only female in a house with two males is rough enough! It will be good to have some female companionship." Akane said.

"You really mean that Akane-sa…I mean Oka-san…if that's ok?" Kasumi asked.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, my little kit. I wouldn't have it any other way." Akane said.

"Oka-san!!!!" Kasumi said, burying her face into Akane's chest.

"That's right little one…let it all out." Akane replied.

Arashi just looked at his wife and his soon to be daughter, and he could not be happier. That was another accomplishment he could write in his personal book…for that day, he had given a lost, lonely, and afraid girl the greatest gift in the world…the gift of love.

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