Naruto's Change of Scenery


Naruto gets fed up with being ignored. But once he learns a valuable secret. he gets a new change of scenery.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Naruto: Hey a back in the day fic! Wow, forgot I was that crazy in the Anime

Neokenshin: Eh, just popped in the head so I figured I'd write it out. It's just a short One-shot.

Naruto:Well hope all enjoy. Kishi owns Naruto!

Another day passed as Naruto walked towards the training grounds for training. The Chuunin Exams had come and gone and it had been a month since he and Jiraiya returned with Tsunade. He looked on the bridge and watched as Sakura continued to fawn over Sasuke, and Sasuke continued to brush her off.

"I still don't see what's so damn special about Sasuke-teme. It's not like he's a Chuunin or anything." Naruto said nonchalantly.

"Shut it Naruto. You know Sasuke is ten times the shinobi you could ever be. I don't know why you even want to compare yourself to him." Sakura snipped angrily. "So Sasuke-kun, did you want to train together today?"

"Hmph" Sasuke took no heed to her words and simply blew her off. Naruto saw this as a chance to move in and maybe change the air of things.

"I'll train with you Sakura-chan! I learned a lot from Ero-sennin and Baa-chan while I was gone. Want me to show you?" Naruto hoped that he could show off the Rasengan to impress Sakura but it was futile. The only thing he got from his request was another fist to the face.

"I told you, leave me alone you idiot!" Sakura growled. "There's nothing you can show me that will make you better than Sasuke-kun! You've never been better than Sasuke-kun and you never will!"

"Sakura-chan, I…" Naruto tried to defend himself, but Sakura kept going.

"All you do is try this and try that to show you can be better than Sasuke-kun. When are you going to get it in your head that compared to him, you are WORTHLESS! You only got lucky when you passed the graduation exam, probably because you whined to Iruka-sensei,"

"I did not do…"

Sakura wasn't letting up, "Then you only got in the way in Wave and because of it, I thought Sasuke-kun was killed. Then you wouldn't help Sasuke-kun in the Chuunin exams and he got hurt by Orochimaru."

"That wasn't my fault!" Naruto retorted.

"Oh yeah, well let's see, you probably did something that got you an easy win against Neji, because let's face it, you are nowhere near his level. And then you have the audacity to cause Sasuke-kun to be put into a coma because some crazy ninjas were chasing after you. As far as I'm concerned, you've always been the weakest link in this team and honestly, Sasuke-kun and I would be better off without you." Sakura spat out. She was even going to add injury to insult as she brought her fist back. "And I have HAD IT with your incessant asking me to do anything with…" She was about to strike Naruto with everything she had when the unexpected happened.

Naruto caught her fist in mid air, and stared deep at Sakura. "You know something…you call me weak, you call me worthless, you say I'm the one that causes the problems with this team." He started constricting his grip on Sakura's fist, sending pain through her arm. "Well let me tell you something, Sakura…" Sakura stuttered at the fact that for the first time, Naruto didn't call her 'Sakura-chan'. "I passed my graduation test because I forced myself to learn a Jounin level jutsu in one day, because I WANTED to pass. Then I had to deal with being attacked by Mizuki-sensei, who I thought really wanted to help me."

"Naruto, stop this…you're really hurting me." She was now down on one knee as Naruto continued to squeeze her fist.

"Oh I am now…what about all those times you hurt me for no reason? Now where was I? Oh yeah, let's see, if it wasn't for my idea to team up with Sasuke, then Zabuza would have killed all of us in Wave country, including your weak self!" Naruto roared. Neither Sasuke nor Sakura ever saw him like this, and it started to make things interesting. "The Chuunin Exams…who was the one that fought off those Rain ninja for eight hours so you guys could rest? It sure as hell wasn't Sasuke."

"Naruto…please! This really hurts!" Sakura was now in tears from the crushing pain in her hand, but Naruto wasn't letting up.

"No Sakura, you're going to finally feel all the pain you've given me for being nice to you. As I was saying, in the Chuunin Exams…I had to go find my own help while your precious little Sasuke had everything handed to him on a silver platter. Oh now that I think about it, if Sasuke really cared about you, would he be standing over there watching you cry like this right now?" Naruto snapped as he forced Sakura to both knees now. "Guess he doesn't give a crap about you, does he?"

"Sasuke-kun, please make him stop this." Sakura whined, but Sasuke didn't move. It wasn't his problem so why should he get involved.

"Now where was I Sakura, oh yeah, I was the one that saved your worthless ass from Gaara, not Sasuke. He couldn't even make a dent, let alone take on Gaara when he summoned that Shukaku thing! In fact, Sasuke doesn't even know how to summon ANYTHING! Then the coma thing…if it wasn't for me, Baa-chan wouldn't have even taken a second look at your precious little boyfriend!" Naruto put more force into his grip, slowly causing some bones to start breaking in Sakura's hand. "So where were we now…yeah comparing me to Sasuke. Hmm, well where do I start?"

"You comparing yourself to me again, dobe? Doesn't matter what you know. You're still beneath me." Sasuke smirked when he saw no change in Naruto's demeanor.

"Oh really now. Let's see here, I asked around and found some things out. That Chidori of yours…it's a B-rank ninjutsu." He already created a clone and started creating the Rasengan in his free hand. "You see this? The Rasengan belonged to the Yondaime himself! I was told that not only is it an A-rank jutsu, but it's not even complete! That means it's only at half power!"

"You lie! There's no way you can know an A-rank jutsu! I should be the one that knows it!" Sasuke was furious that Naruto was actually showing off.

"Oh it's true." He dispelled the Rasengan but tightened his grip some more on Sakura, breaking more bones in her hand. "And there's one more thing Sasuke…you can't even summon a thing while I was able to summon the Toad Boss not once, but twice! That shows just how far behind you are."

"That's it. You and me, right here, right now!" Sasuke was royally pissed now. He was ready to take on Naruto full speed when Kakashi finally arrived.

"Hey what's…Naruto, what are you doing to Sakura?" His happy demeanor changed when he saw Sakura in severe pain.

"You really want to know?" Naruto threw Sakura's hand down, watching as she grabbed it in tears. "I was about to go see Baa-chan and put in my resignation from this pathetic team! I'm sick of being treated like worthless crap when I go out and try to kill myself for you people!"

"Naruto, what are you even talking about?" Kakashi asked as he checked on Sakura. "Now maybe you should apologize to Sakura for this. She's seriously hurt."

"Good! Serves her right for all the times she's hurt me! She's so stuck on that loser you call a favorite that she's probably the most worthless kunoichi in this village!" Naruto yelled back. "And YOU! You have to be the most useless excuse of a teacher ever! Even Kurenai-sensei and Asuma-sensei have done way more than you!"

"Naruto, that's enough." Kakashi said sternly.

"No it's not! You go off and treat Sasuke like he's a crown prince, while you haven't taught us anything! I found out that both Teams 8 and 10 knew how to do both tree walking, water walking, and they knew their elemental affinities by the end of the Chuunin Exams!" Naruto was totally enraged now. "And what did you teach us? NOTHING! But you'd go teach Sasuke everything when he doesn't deserve a damn thing! He's never had to earn anything since he became a genin! Well you know something; I don't want to be taught like that! I'd rather go off and try to learn things by myself than be with this team. I have a better chance of becoming a Chuunin on my own than deal with you people. Goodbye!" He turned off and headed to the Hokage tower as fast as he could.

"Naruto…" Kakashi tried to stop him but Naruto was already gone.

"Good, maybe now I can get some decent training in. We going now?" Sasuke was ready to head out when Sakura said something.

"Sasuke-kun, he hurt me and you're not going to do anything? Why?" she cried in tears as Kakashi tended to her hand.

"If you got hurt that easily, than you probably deserved it. Shows just how weak and useless you are to this team." At that point, Sakura felt like her world shattered. She had never heard Sasuke be so cold to her. It was like he rammed his fist into her chest and ripped out her heart. "Whatever. If you're going to stand around, I'm going to train on my own. Later." With that he took off into the forest to train, leaving Sakura and Kakashi alone.

"Great, I really screwed this one up." Kakashi said as he helped Sakura to her feet. "Come on Sakura, let's get you to the hospital to have that hand checked out."

Little did they know, Team 7 had been secretly watched by both Teams 8 and 10. Neither group could believe just how bad the team really was, let alone how Naruto felt. However just as Naruto left, a certain pale-eyed girl took off after him.

Hinata made it to the tower in record time and made her way to Tsunade's office. Naruto was already inside, pleading his case to Tsunade. She felt bad for eavesdropping, but she really wanted to make sure Naruto was ok. The door was slightly open so she stayed as quiet as possible and listened in…

"Naruto, you want to what?" Tsunade couldn't believe what she heard. "You actually want to quit Team 7?"

"I don't want anything more to do with those people. I'm sick of always being nice to them, only to be treated like I'm worthless, useless, and weak. Kakashi-sensei hasn't taught me anything since we learned tree walking. Sakura will hit me, punch me, kick me, slap me, or inflict any other type of bodily harm to me just because I treat her like she's royalty. And then there's Sasuke, oh sweet little Sasuke. All I am to him is just something to make him look good in front of everyone." Naruto pleaded. "Well, I don't want that life anymore. I'd rather go off and leave the village than be with those people again."

"Naruto, I advise you watch what you say." Tsunade said grimly.

"Why should I? As a matter of fact what has ANYONE in this whole damn village done for me, huh? Except for old man Ichiraku and Ayame-chan, and maybe Iruka-sensei, everyone treats me like I'm scum, like I'm a demon, all because of the damn fox!" Naruto lashed out. Hinata was suddenly shocked into what she heard. She had been told the Kyuubi was killed, but now she wasn't so sure. "And that's nothing! I go out and give my heart and soul for this pathetic village just to come home to threats, a destroyed apartment, assassination attempts…just this month alone I've had 40 assassination attempts on me while I was asleep!"

Tsunade was shocked about what she was hearing. It had only been the 5th of the month and this was how bad it was for Naruto? "It still doesn't matter. You're a shinobi of Konoha and you have a duty to uphold."

At this point Naruto didn't care at all; he was done with being walked on, stepped on, treated like crap, ignored, and hurt. He took off his hitai-ate and looked at it one last time before slamming it on Tsunade's desk. "Then I don't want to be a shinobi of Konoha anymore. I formally resign as a Konoha Shinobi and ask for permanent leave from this village. I'd rather go to a village that would at least treat me like a human than live here."

Tsunade knew that couldn't happen, not with Akatsuki out looking for him. "Naruto you are not leaving here! I will not let Minato's dream for you be destroyed like that!" In her haste she suddenly realized what she said, hoping she didn't reveal the biggest secret in Konoha.

"Minato's dream? Who in the world is this Minato and what dream did he have for me? Or are you going to be like everyone else in this world and tell me it's nothing." Naruto asked. He saw Tsunade's speechless response and knew he was right. "Guess this Minato guy was nothing but a loser anyway. I'm out of here."

Tsunade snapped when she heard those words. "You will not speak of the Yondaime like that!"

"Yondaime…the Yondaime's name is Minato? What did the Yondaime want with me? It's bad enough he put this stupid fox in me. I didn't ask for this!" Naruto said. "I didn't ask to be cursed for my entire life."

Hinata started thinking about what she'd over heard. Learning that the Yondaime actually sealed the Kyuubi in Naruto instead of killing it revealed a lot to her. "Naruto-kun's hated because of this? But why would the Yondaime do something like that?" It was then she looked upon the wall and saw the picture of the Yondaime, thinking about the events revealed.

"Listen kid, Minato had his reasons for doing what he did. Just be glad he chose you instead of someone else." Tsunade snapped back. "You should be honored for what you do for this village."

"Oh yeah, I should be honored for being the village's personal scapegoat! I really love being their personal punching bag." Naruto said with tears beginning to form in his eyes. "I love coming home in the past because things were so bad for me, that I'd end up drinking a full bottle of bleach just to try and kill myself. Why would anyone need to feel like that! As far as I'm concerned, the Yondaime made the stupidest mistake in choosing me to hold this damn fox!"

"Minato did it because he wasn't willing to make any other parent make a sacrifice like that!" Tsunade snapped in anger. She quickly covered her mouth, hoping Naruto didn't realize that she revealed his greatest secret.

"Yeah so he picked some kid out of an orphanage to make miserable." Naruto retorted back. "That's just great that the greatest hero of this village felt glad that I should be the scapegoat."

Hinata took in Tsunade's words, thinking what she meant by Minato not willing to make any other parent make a sacrifice. As she stared hard at his picture, she started noticing a lot of similarities. The blonde hair, the smile, and finally…the blue eyes. As she pieced everything together, she came across the greatest secret in Konoha… "NARUTO-KUN'S THE SON OF THE YONDAIME!" The sheer shock was enough to put her on the floor, knocked out.

"What in the…" Tsunade overheard the outburst and Naruto just froze. If there was one thing that Naruto didn't need to hear, it was that. She had to go out and see just who caused it.

"I…I…that's…it's not true." He was trying to process all of this when Tsunade came in with a passed out Hinata. "Baa-chan, what she said…that's a lie!"

Tsunade sighed as she placed Hinata on the small sofa in her office. Taking precaution this time, she sealed the room and placed a soundproof barrier around it. "Naruto, as much as I don't want to do this, I have no choice now." She slowly awoke the passed out Hyuuga to hopefully get some answers out of her as well.

"Huh, what, where…Naruto-kun!" She looked around, getting her bearings and realizing she was now before the Godaime and her crush. "Hokage-sama, I…I.

"Hinata, I want you to listen. As of right now what is said in this room is not to be released by anyone. You have uncovered the greatest secret of Konoha, and by no means can you reveal it until the right time, do I make myself clear." The Hyuuga girl quickly nodded in understanding. "Alright then, since there is no hiding it…yes Naruto, Hinata is correct. You are the very son of Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha."

"This is, but…why? If that's all true, then why would he do this to me?" Naruto questioned in shock.

Tsunade sighed as she went to the Forbidden Scroll. She pressed a small button underneath to reveal a hidden compartment. "Naruto, this was to be given to you upon the time you become a Jounin or the day you turn 16. But that can't happen now." She handed over a scroll to the blonde. "This is the last words of Minato just before the attack of the Kyuubi. If you are unsure, have Hinata check the scroll. She can tell if it's authentic."

Naruto opened the scroll, unsure of what to expect. "Yeah I'll believe it when I see it." He looked over everything and began to read…

To my son Naruto,

I write this to you in the hopes that you would have become a strong and powerful shinobi. Right now the Kyuubi is fast approaching and I don't have much time. There is no way I can destroy a being of such power, so I must do the next thing, I have to seal it. I cannot ask any other parent to make this ultimate sacrifice to save the village, but my greatest dream is that you will be seen as a true hero. For it will be you that protects this village every single morning you wake up, every time you walk down the street, and every time you go to sleep. There is no one else I know that would have the strength to protect the millions of people in our home.

Your mother would have been so proud of you, not even a day old and you would be one of the greatest heroes since the Shodaime and Nidaime. Kushina always said you were destined for great things, and she's right. You will be destined for great things. I believe that someday, you will take up that mantle as Hokage like your father before you, and lead the village into a Golden Era of prosperity, loyalty, and justice.

I wish I could say more my son, but time grows nigh. Always know that you are without a doubt the greatest achievement of my life. I am so happy to call myself your father. I wish you the greatest of happiness in the future.

Love your father,

Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage of Konoha.

P.S. In the future, be wary of pink haired girls. They have this really bad fangirl gene that can drive a man nuts. Now those pale eyed Hyuuga girls…those are the really special ones. The only girl sweeter and nicer than them was your mother Kushina. Hey what's to say a dad can't give his son a little advice.

Naruto was stunned. He wasn't sure of what to believe from reading the scroll. However Hinata sealed the deal for him.

"N-Naruto-kun, it's a real scroll. It's laced with chakra to verify it authenticity." She told him.

"He wanted me…to be seen as a hero?" Naruto said quietly.

"Yes he did, but it was the council and villagers that saw differently. They saw you as the Kyuubi reborn and not as the jailer of the beast." Tsunade sighed as she took the scroll from him. "If Minato's wishes had been respected, then maybe your life would have been much different?"

"How? I'd have been treated as a crown prince? I'd have everything given to me on a silver platter? Yeah that's the life. Then I'd end up just as stuck up as Sasuke." Naruto retorted. "You know what, I respect what he did, and I have to say I'm honored. But this village doesn't deserve to have me around. Sorry Baa-chan, but I'm just going to leave and go where I know I could have a chance at being appreciated." He turned to walk to the door, but he was soon stopped.

"Y-you can't leave!" Naruto looked to see his hand in the grip of Hinata's hand. He could sense her trembling, almost as if she was scared.

"Why should I stay? I mean you're even shaking probably because you're afraid of me." Naruto said in a negative tone.

"Y-y-you're wrong N-Naruto-kun." The pale-eyed kunoichi was trying to summon every ounce of courage she had. "I'm n-n-not afraid of y-y-you. I'm afraid of w-w-what you're going to say."

"What I'm going to say?"

Hinata took the deepest breath she could in hopes of getting everything out, "I don't want you to leave because when you're around Naruto-kun, I have no reason to be afraid of anything. You're the reason that I didn't quit in the Chuunin Exams and it was you that inspired me to never give up even when things are bad. I learned to always give it everything I have because of you, and I've learned so much because of it. And the most important reason I don't want you to leave is because I love you Naruto-kun."

Naruto's eyes went wide upon hearing the confession from Hinata, "Why would you love someone like me? Is it because I'm the son of the Yondaime? I mean you're practically a princess here in Konoha, and you want someone like me?" He gently removed her hand from his arm. "Sorry Hinata, but I don't think you know what you're talking about. I'm glad I could do something nice, but there's no way you could love someone like me." Hinata then grabbed his arm again and pulled out a kunai, slashing his palm open, causing some of his blood to fall to the ground. "Hinata, what the hell…" He then saw something not expected. She reached down and placed her fingers in the fallen blood, just like he did at the Chuunin preliminaries.

"Kiba-kun told me what you did." Hinata said without stutter. "He said you swore on my own blood that you would defeat Neji, and you did. That's why I do this. I am swearing on your own blood that everything I told you is true."

Naruto was speechless and didn't know what to think, until Tsunade whispered in his ear, "I hope you read the last bit of that scroll. Didn't it say something about avoiding pink haired girls, and how Hyuuga girls are a lot nicer?"

"Naruto-kun, I d-don't care what people think about you, but I know that you are a hero. I'll always see you as a hero no matter what." She held her fist coated in his blood before him. "And like you said, I'm not going to run away and I never go back on my word. That is my nindo, my ninja way."

"You're really serious? I…I mean I…don't know what to think." Naruto was still confused over the whole thing. "Uh, Baa-chan, what the heck do I do now?"

Tsunade just sighed at the blonde idiot. "Naruto, you have to be the dumbest person in the world. A girl just told you she loves you and you ask me what you're supposed to do?"

"Well yeah, I mean this is kinda new you know!" Naruto started over-reacting but soon forgot Hinata was there.

"You idiot. Ok considering that you're tired of Sakura, why don't you ask Hinata a question you would have normally asked Sakura?" asked the Godaime. "Maybe this time you'll get a better response."

"Huh, oh yeah! Hey Hinata-chan, you wanna go to Ichiraku's with me?" Naruto asked with a cheesy grin.

Considering that Naruto had just asked Hinata out, her mind became flooded with thoughts as her face turned bright red. "Y-y-yes!" She screamed out before she passed out.

"Hey, Hinata-chan? You ok? You don't have a fever or anything do you?" He tried shaking her awake, but she just lay there out cold, but with a nice smile on her face.

Tsunade just took a bottle of sake from her desk and poured herself a drink, "I swear, he's dumber than Minato ever was. How Kushina ever fell for that blonde baka, I'll never know." She downed her shot quickly, "At least Hinata will be able to calm Naruto down…I hope."Just a little short of Naruto getting a new change of scenery.

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