The Reddest Rose In The Bouquet {BTS FanFiction}


🔞Warning🔞 Unfortunately terrible things happen to good people. Not everyone is blessed with the perfect story. In some cases you are tested beyond your abilities to prove your worthy. Even during these tough times loving someone who is of value in your life can affect the others, you also love. In the end everyone is fated to meet their destiny. Gabriela Arellanes Copyright. @2016 *Story Editing And Rewriting In 2020* {BTS Taehyung FanFiction}

Age Rating:


18+ Reader Content
Mature Audiences ONLY
Rated R
Strong Language
Sexual References

❗Hello Readers! I just want you all to know that there is smutt content in this book. There is vulgar language and vular imagery.

DO NOT read this if you aren't mature enough to handle this kind of content.

If you love BTS as much as me then you'll totally enjoy this book!

Please remember I did warn you! :) Thanks for reading! Remember to vote and tell your friends! :p

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